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"I've never been into toes, particularly, but I am into customer service."

I don't write often, because I hope to produce good stories that are unlike anything else out there or, barring that, just good stories, and it takes a while. I think the best example of what I try to do is "Stealing Stephanie", the story of a normal guy who tries to seduce a woman away from a better-endowed boyfriend. Though I'm starting to come around on "Two for Texas" as the best so far. The highest compliment I've received was someone who said that one of my stories was a great piece of literature as well as a fine erotic story.

And perfect 10s from Celeste, that made me really happy. We need good reviewers.

I'd recommend the long stories over the short.


Year on the Hook is out, December 02. You want long seduction stories? We deliver. I haven't figured out a good one-line description yet, but it's pretty cool.

Stories to date, with brief summaries



Brief note on formatting: these are mostly straight text files, no line feeds. They're likely to look real bad in your browser. I recommend opening them with your word processor/text editor of choice, which hopefully will display it nicely. Hopefully I'll find the time to post a more browser-friendly set of text files soon.

I really do appreciate feedback, about what I've done well as well as what I need to work on. Feel free to email me at That's an underscore there.

Coming soon

Two new short ones. Though, if I hold to form, they'll come out in a year and be 16 pages each.

Random Questions I've been asked

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