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Following is an alphabetical listing of prominent authors who regularly appear/appeared in the newsgroups mentioned above along with a brief description of their stories. It would be the labour of a lifetime to acknowledge each and every contributor to the groups. Reluctantly, this then, will be a listing of the more prolific and/or accomplished writers. Or the ones Ole Joe liked. Or the ones I know. If your favourite author was omitted, it might not have been intentional. If you will provide descriptive details and a story list, future revisions of this document will include that information.

The time demands to maintain this portion of the article may quickly grow to exceed the capacity to keep current. There may be, and likely are, additional stories extant for each author which are not listed. Additionally, there are many more authors than there are listed. If a listed author or somebody else is interested s/he can mail me about authors s/he would like to see in this list or inform me about other stories for each author which is listed, of course ever name at least one source where such a "new' story can be verified. This dpcument can *never* list all stories posted to the groups. For such purpose are existing Google, ASSTR, Nifty and other archive sites.

Ole Joe has added story ratings as posted in Celestial Reviews as a guide to potentially interested readers. He has tried to find a few reviews for each author cited. Not all authors have been reviewed. See a Celestial Review and FAQ to understand just what the ratings mean, otherwise, accept a 10-10-10 for what it sounds like. For updating Ole Joe's data I used John Dark's Celestial Reviews #1-309 Index by Authors A-Z and Celestial reviews #1-309 Index by Stories A-Z, posted to ASSM. Note that Celeste traditionally quoted low for stories featuring rape, bondage, D/S, humiliation and so on. Read her FAQ file.

Starting with version 3, Ole Joe started adding ratings from Lady Cyrrh's Annex Reviews. Her ratings run from A+ to D-, though I don't remember seeing one that low. Neither Ole Joe nor I collect(ed) gay fiction, and some of what she reviews falls in that category, so not all her story reviews will be listed in this document.

Notation and Abbreviations

(p) : a poem

(RP) : a repost

YW## : a file number at Dark Wanderer's site.

[flash fest], [summer rom fest], etc. : a story written for an ASSM festival or challenge.

CEL-146: 9-10-10 : Celeste gave these scores in Celestial Review #146

BillyG: 10-10-10 *Cel-146 : Guest reviewer BillyG, writing in Celestial Review #146

A rating Annex 11-6-97 : Lady's Cyrrh's rating in her Annex Review dated Nov-6-1997

CRIM-15: [9,10,6,7] : the Crimson Dragon gave this score in Crimson Review #15.

FAQs by Celeste, Lady Cyrrh or Crimson Dragon explain each reviewer's scoring and motives.


a. jones

(→ see also: planet_dweller)

A Week In The Life Of Will McBride Days 1-5 (106k)
Days Six & Seven (85k)
Angel's Adventures 1 (62k)
Blood In The Snow Of Raven Rock (26k)
Horizons Bespoken (44k)
Hospital Erotic Menstrual Encounter (10k)
Letter To A Friend About My Blood Fetishes (15k)
Playing Spin The Bottle With Mom, Part 1 (14k)
 Part 2 (25k)
 Part 3 (48k)
 Part 4 (97k)
Saturday Morning At George & Joan's
Sharon's Story (31k)
Sister's Blood Sacrifice (57k)
The Ad
The Bodyworker (25 parts)
Umstead Encounter (21k)
Vanessa and Rachel (25k)

a. kitten

 - mostly FM (sometimes other) bdsm stories
Recidivist (7k)
Selfishness (14k)
Uxorious  (9k)
Rabbit (10k)
Banner Year (13k)
For Kenny (13k)
In Blue (15k)
Landmarks (14k)
National Anthem (8k)
Occupation (11k)
Reconstruction (6k)
Slices (21k)
Welded Lust (3k) [flash fest]
You Wanted Excitement (9k)

aaron angst

As Luck Would Have It
The Chance

aceinthe hole

{since 2002 posting as Story Ace} has a facination for
exotic women and locations. He makes stories of extra-marital sex, as
lifelike as possible and not too long. He states: "I write them to get
turned on by, yet to evoke strong emotion as well."
A Letter From Bombay (18k)
Black Susan (32k)
 BillyG: CEL-352: 8-7-5
Breakfast At Sue's (8k)
Confession Of Mrs. Lee (8k)
Confessions Of A 14 Year Old Nymphomaniac (29k)
Confidential (20k)
Dinner At Sue's (21k)
Edna And The Old Chinaman (24k)
Emma Lou Steps Out (45k)
Experiments In Bondage - The Making Of A Pervert (23k)
Filipino Maid And The 15 Yo (21k)
I Share My Woman With My Brother (55k)
In 1977 I Was 15  (4k)
In The Hold Of Swingers (22k)
Is Windsurfing Better Than Sex? (14k)
John Was 17 (11k)
Looking Like Claudia Schiffer (64k)
Mother or daughter, Lucy or Sue?
My Affair With My Daughter's White Boyfriend (20k)
My Jungle Girl *assm-2003/40415 (70k)
My Little Indian Girl (16k)
My Stewardess Wife (22k)
My Travails With Anna And Bernadette 1 (25k)
 2 (14k)
My Young Black Hero (22k)
Privathi, My love (60k)
Roseanna (20k)
Saving Jessica (42k)
Screwed (42k) CEL-360: 7-7-7
Screwed Again (67k)
Screwed In Japan (73k)
She Wanted A Baby (27k)
Strict Chinese Landlady (23k)
Summer Break (7k)
The Elevator (29k)
The Handy Man And The Balarina (14k)
The Hungarian Girl (41k)
The Motorbike Girl (29k)
The Mover (23k)
The Trouble With Evelyn (42k)
The Trouble With Swapping... (20k)
Ugly; a Monster's Story (31k)

adrian hammersmith

Across the Street
A Little Father-Daughter Story
Peeping (at) Tom
Room Serviced
St. Adrian's
A Test of Patience
Willow Street Seven

adrian hunter

has been called the Dulcinea of the bondage community. That was by Lady Cyrrh, if anybody is taking notes. If you don't know Dulcinea, jump right below and find out about her. Adrian Hunter has been a long time contributor to the newsgroups, and he is still posting to ASSM, e.g. "Association" in 2002/2003. His stories are available at his website, as it is quickly becoming the norm, it seems. Go to, where you find some free stories, as well as you can order printed books featuring the stories he's writing with Chelsea Shepard.

Association *** FranzKafka favourite!!! 15 pts.
Ann's Wish
Claustrophobia CEL-245: 10-10-8
Clockwork CEL-286: 10-9-9
Dismaid 10-4-- *Cel-278
Distemporarily CRIM-9: [10,10,8,9]
His Favorite Holiday *A rating Annex Reviews 11-6-97
Induction of Isabel 98k
The Jennifer Series (3)
Liquidity *A rating Annex Reviews 5/30/02
Melrose Place Series (4)
O Carol (4k)
Out of Commission
Ready, Pet, Go
Silent Knight (3k)
Temporarily CEL-271: 7-9-7
The Box
The Bowsprit (2k) {Pirate}
The Rubbermaid Chronicles 73k
Upon Returning


A Femdom Reflection On Strap-On Play
Burning Inside
Crystal Tears
Chasing Decadence
Lelani's Curse
Pussy Collar
Rebuilding An Artist
Samantha's Drive
Simply Jas
So You Want To Be My Sissy?
The Cruel Shoes
The Lovers
The Third Way
The Undeniable Danger Of "Yes"
Training The Professor
The Palace A+ rating Annex Review 12-20-97

Lady Cyrrh said:

This was one of the most female-oriented BDSM stories I've read so far, and I enjoyed it immensely, with a big grin on my face.

Using His Mouth

al steiner

won an Golden Clit Author of the Year (2001).

Aftermath (2500 KB; 437,000 words)

When Comet Fenwell crashes into the Pacific Ocean one October day, it spells the end for most of humanity. Those that survive find themselves in a greatly changed world filled with different morals and the same old urges.

A Random Act of Violence (30k)
A Strange Encounter (21k) RP
An April Night *assm-2003/40475 (80k)
Aunt Jessica (40k)
Becky *assm-1999/19837 (70k) RP
Beyond New Year's Day (32k) RP
Blood Pressure Check (26k) RP
By the Dawn's Early Light (33k) 42333
D-Day (33k)
Destiny (37k) RP
Doing It All Over (1300k total) CEL-340: 9.5-10-10
Flirting with Death (35k) Cel-359, RP
God's Great Plan (30k) RP
 CEL-320: 7-7-7, Annex 3/5/99: A+
Going to Disneyland 82K CEL-359: 10-10-10
 3 parts, 1 & 2 posted to ASSM,
 part 3 posted to ASS only, complete
Going to the Shrink (34k) RP
Hypocrisy (47k)
I Remember Pearl Harbor (60k) 24814
It Happened One Night (43k) RP
Laura's Story (33k) CEL-351: 10-9.5-9
Light Duty (57k) 40379
Lizzie CEL-334: 10-8-7, (47k)
Nervepath (78k)
New Year's Eve (38k)
Night Flight (32k) RP
Pretend (49k) CEL-352: 8.5-10-10, RP
Random Act of Violence (30k)
Rough Revenge 1 (58k)
Stacey (71k) 40943
Strange Encounter (21k)
The Blood Pressure Check (25k)
The End of the Dryspell (117k) 37998
The Garden (18k)
The Missing Mail (119k) 39048
The Mommies (30k)  BillyG: CEL-326: 10-10-9
The Shaver (40k)
The Shaver II (30k)
The Teaser (41k) CEL-362: 9-10-10
Theresa the Elder (36k)  Nick: CEL-329: 10-10-9,
We Saw Fireworks (55k) 40254
Zero-G CEL-325: 9-10-10,

alan mathews

His only contribution to ASS* was the sadly unfinished "Watching Trilogy", a beautifully told, romantic story of two teenagers who fall in love with each other and face the world to fulfill their love. It's quite a poignant, tenderly sweet and extremely sensuous tale; one that arouses you, brings you to the brink of tears, makes you smile, laugh, hate ... I hope that someday Alan will finish it. -- Rui Jorge

See: Alan's homepage; The Watching Trilogy (Apuleius's Collection)

Golden Clitorides Award 2002 (Classical Clit) for "The Watching Trilogy"
 Watching 1 10-10-10 *Cel-137
 Watching 2 10-10-10 *Cel-152
  #31 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97

alan the penman

My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife

alessia gerini

is a member of the Sapphic Erotic Writers Guild. She started writing erotica in mid 2000. Her stories contain especially FF or FFF+F, rom, exhib, 1st time ff, D/s, FemDomF, bdsm. "Beach Encounter" was an entry for the "Sapphic Erotic Festival" on September 7th, 2002 (later on she did a re-writing which is on her site).

A Dreamy Night (14k)
Beach Encounter
Fantasy Fulfilment 1-15
Firsts For Two
Wagga Wagga
Loving April In Summer (31k)
Stare Date 1 (86k)
The Ashes: Sam's Revenge (33k)

alecia d

Debt Without Honor 1-3
Jake No More
Playing For Keeps,
 CRIM-15: [9,10,6,7]
Sex Monsters From Earth [easter],
 CRIM-26: [10,8,10,10] (repost)
Suite Swell of Success [naive nympho challenge]

alexis siefert

is a writer from Alaska. Most of her stories are rom- stories.

An Openly Transgressed Custom
Betsy's Finest Hour CRIM-1: [9,10,10,10],
 *A rating Annex Reviews 7/20/02
Betsy After The Fact CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
Better Than Chamomile
Blow Job
Color of Passion
Curtain Drawn (36k) CRIM-18: [10,10,10,10],
Dance With Me (3k) (RP),
 CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10]
Dinner and Dessert (3k)  CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10],
Flashing For Fun and Combat
Forward and Backward in White with Buckles (3k)
 CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10]
Free Time
Golden Ages (7k) (RP)
Hell Hath No Fury
I Taught Her That (31k)
In Good Taste (1k) [flash fest]
Lives Alone of Stone (27k)
Monsters (60k)
 CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10]
Not With A Fox
Resist Not Evil
The Fisherman's Wife
 (or The Salmon Widow)
The Server
The Two-Grand Orgasm (24k)
The View From Inside CRIM-8: [10,10,10,10]
White Stucco Walls (35k)

allene blake

a.k.a. ALLENE21335 is known as a writer of spanking
stories, meanly combined with incest. Most of them can by found on the
free-site or on I don't
know exactly how many stories she wrote, but at are now 73 full-length novelas and
novelettes (at Mr. Double's site are some more). Obviously Allene in
recent time was posting her stories on soc.sexuality.spanking though
her earlier stories were posted on In her own words
she writes spanking stories since she was 14 and is into submission.
If you're into spanking including explicite sex than Allene is a must.
A Visit to John 15K
Allene As a Pony Girl 19K
Allene's New Job  52K
Allene's Spanking 11K
Allene Gets Even!! 21K
Baby 167K
Barbie 21K
Bday Party 35K
Becky 176K
Beth 268K
Betty 105K
Birthday Surprise 19K
Bitch Mother 58K
Black Experience  56K
Bobbie 128K
Camp Spanking
Caned by Sir Richard
Carla 265K
Cathy 32K
Cherie 144K
Crystal 43K
Debbie 257K
Dee 173K
Deidre 43K
Dixie 194K
Doctor Joe 44K
Heather 228K
Honey 143K
Horse Punishment  8K
Indian Whipping 12K
Jan 127K
Jane 203K
Janet 123K
Janie 107K
Jill 122K
Joan 125K
Josie 64K
Joy 153K
Judy 18K
Julie 203K
Karen 72K
Kathy 203K
Kay 119K
Kim 136K
Kings and Queens 228K
Laura 118K
Lena 145K
Lisa 141K
Louise 144K
Lynn 101K
Marcie's Birthday 15K
Mona 98K
My Brother's Slave 64K
My Darling
My Mean Boss 113K
Old Buddy 19K
Rachel 122K
Sherry 136K
Slave's Revenge 61K
Slave girl 53K
Slut Reform 97K
Sons Get Even 95K
Spring Break 50K
Stepdad 77K
Sue 140K
Terry 131K
The Bush Law 95K
The Club  64K
The Compleat Serial Killer 116K
The Dance 17K
The Gymnast 45K
The In-Laws 116K
The Kidnapped 55K
The Stepchild 85K
The Ticket 9K
Visit from Marge and George 37K
White victim 129K

amity harris

Debbie's Gift 784k
Executive Pleasures 50k
Fall Festival 83k
Genesis 50k
Power Shopping 50k
The Auction 43k
The Manager 34k
The Trade Show 55k
Tiny Drops 37k
Training A Virgin 1-2 MID (
 MID (

amy brett

A Grey Skirt 250k
An Unusual Psychological Problem  93k
Living in a House Full of Girls 309k
My Days Being Forced 468k
The New Secretary 341k
Visiting Aunt Sue 279k
We Met in a Nice Bar 239k

anais ninja

is writing about different situations; gay, bi, and straight, incest, transgenderism, couples, threesomes, and orgies. Some of her stories are short vignettes while others are Steve-Jenson- style epics, mostly stroke pieces with just enough plot to justify the length of the story.

Wanderings (An Autobiography)
 1 - Learning to Walk (42k)
 2 - Love and Loss (74k)
 3 - April's Fools (37k)
 4 - Julia (39k)
 5 - Boston Toy Party (91k)
 6 - Leaves of Grass (34k)
 7 - Only Breath (21k)
 8 - The Story of A (39k)
 9 - About a Boy (98k)
 10 - Homecoming (73k)
 11 - Babes in Toyland  (56k)
 12 - Insatiable (99k)
Exile (An Autobiography) A Preview (15k)
 1 - Memory Protect (32k)
 2 - Artists Only (41k)
 3 - Gimme Shelter (51k)
 4 - Sister, Brother (58k)
 5 - Bodies (58k)
 6 - Brothers in Arms (55k)
 7 - Discipline (64k)
 8 - Just a Girl (89k)
 9 - Let it Bleed (65k)
 10 - Girls on Film (105k)
 11 - Heart of Gold (59k)
 Epilogue - Rescue Me (43k)
Bloomsday (mF mast inc) 8k
Dreamtime (29k)
Family Frolic (170k)
Family Frolic (Revisited) (155k)
Fugue (14k) CRIM-19: [10,10,10,10],
Gander *assm-2003/43359 (102k)
Jimmy Bot and Me (MF humor) (27k)
Jolene (Mf mmf inc rp) (109k)
Law and Justice (13k)
Naturist Family
 1: Carl's Story (99k)
 2: Nadia's Story (102k)
 3: Caitlyn's Diary (82k)
Paul (mf inc rom) (23k)
Phoenix Rising
 1 - Eight Miles High (76k)
 2 - I Touch Myself (39k)
 3 - Roadrunner (60k)
 4 - Girls Talk (53k)
 5 - Tequila (42k)
 6 - Atomic Dog (88k)
 7 - Love In Vain) (75k)
 8 - Big Time (111k)
 9 - Desert Rose (43k)
 10 - Annie Get Your Gun (80k)
The Panty Salesman (Mf cons) (27k)
The Sociopath's Daughter  (86k) 43500
Zoe, Naked at Work - Monday (53k)

andrew roller

, luckily at the top of the list, is also one of the most
profilic writers found on a.s.s. His stories tend to be long, full of
detail, and very well done. They also tend to diverge into deviant
sexual activities, so stay away if you like vanilla stories. To give
you an idea as to just how much the author has written, file sizes are
indicated in those cases where Ole Joe had the complete story.
A Binding Commitment
A Gift of Pain
A Mansion for Masochists
A Martyr to Love
A Party for Perversion
A Taste for Torture
A Taste of Mortality
A Virgin's Last Hours
Alice Amore
All Life Needs Life to Live
Amsterdam Damsels 199k
At a Woman's Command
Baby Pussy 66k
Beach Western 64k
Between Yesterdays
Bikini Bots
Bikini Brigade (355k) 9.5-10-10 *Cel-243
Bodily Functions
Bondage Bliss
Bordello Girls 238k
Bosom Buddies
Bottoms in Bondage 320k
Bound for Pleasure
Bred to the Whip
Bush League 288k
Candyland Cunny 73k
Captive Cock 149k
Captive of the Queen
Chambers of Love 594k
Cherry Valley
Creatures of the Night
Cunt Castle
Dancing Diva
Death and Taxes
Desire Isle
Dis's Sojourn
Doctor Do
Dungeon of Desire 224k
Enslaved to Eros
Erotic Estate
Fevered Fall
Field of Desire 8-8-6 *Cel-113
Football Frolics
Girl Patrol
Gold Diggers
Grand Opening
Holland Hunnies 119k
Honey Haven (502k) *Cel-195
House of Fear
How to Win at Galactic Frontiers
I Win
Imus Test
Intimate Acts
Jack and Jill
Jupiter Rising
Kiddie Clitties 64k
Labors of Love 452k
Lady Fontaine 45k
Las Vegas Lust
Liquid Pleasures
London Dungeon
Love Child 924k
Love Lessons 39k
Lust's Lair 107k
Mansion for Masochists
New Boy
Night Games
Night Visitor
Nudie Nursery 271k
Office Slave
Oprah 6k
Party Pussies 288k
Passion's Playpen 681k
Permanent Perigee  8k
Pool Party
Private Places 522k
Punished for Pleasure 203k
Puppy Love 223k
Purpose Shall Be the Firmer
Pussy Pals 55k
Pussy Playland 220k
Pussy Valley 67k
Rare Dreamgirls - misc. writings
Resurrected God
Sarajevo Sexfest
Sex School
Sexy Exchange Student
Sexy Sacrifice
Sexy Souls
Sins of the Flesh 311k
Song of the Cane
Sultry Spring
Summer of Sin 0.5-10-9 *Cel-239
Temptress 236k
The Beach Western
The Fading Universe 168k
The First Temptation of Christ
The Fruits of Desire
The Kiss of the Whip
The Mating Season
The NND Sex Game
The Typing Masturbator
There and Not Back Again CEL-252: 10-8-8
Till Death Do Us Part
Torrid Tweens
Tortured Teen
Training Academy
Two Couples
Two Couples - Up the Ass
Unused Panty Add-In
Vegas Vixen
Wanton Winter
Watermelon Moon
Wed to the Whip
X-Rated X-Mas
Young Adonis
Comic Update - the zine
Fuck Decency - the zine 1-422
Naughty Naked Dreamgirls - the zine
The Man from T.O.I.L.E.T. - zine


My Phantom Lover
Sue's Visit
Threesome in the Pool

angela harte

Date for Sale
Legally Binding
The Boss

ann douglas

has written more than 130 stories, roughly half and half
about male-female and female-female sex. The content of her stories
changes between real-life and fan-fic. Try "The Arresting Officer," an
Ole-Joe-personal-favourite, for a representative sample. "Scarlett's
Cove" was #6 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996.
In 1998 she took a timeout, but since then she is writing a story once
or twice each month. In 2003 came out the sequel to "Adventure on
Flight 109" telling whether Barbara Logan went to dinner with Peggy
Oxenberg in the Airport Inn or not, and what they perhaps did to each
other ("Adventure on Flight 109" was written in 1994 and is a
A Dark and Stormy Night 10-10-10 *Cel-89
A Change In Perspective 9-9.5-9.5
A Lucky Charm
A Midsummer Night's Fantasy CRIM-3: [9,10,10,9]
A Once And Future Love CRIM-8: [8,8,8,8]
A Place To Call Home CEL-353: 9-10-9.5
A Ride In The Country
A Room With A View CEL-211: 9-10-10
A Study In Scarlett 9-5-10-10 *Cel-361
A Tale Of Two Slayers (52k)
A Visit to Grandmother's House CEL-335: 8-7-7
A Vulcan's Love
A Walk On The Wild Side CEL-378: 10-10-10
Adventures on Flight 109 CEL-51: 10 ***
After Hours CEL-354: 9-10-10
Ally McBeal Buried Pleasures
Arresting Officer #80 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; 9-10-10 *Cel-128
Awakenings CEL-300: 9-9-9
Backstage Pass CEL-343: 9-7-7
Basic Training *Cel-334
Batgirl and Robin
Before The Storm
Behind the Curtain CEL-347: 9-10-10
Beverly's Holodeck Fantasy
Beverly and Deanna CEL-44: 10
Bipartisanship - A West Wing Story
Black Cat Got Your Tongue? CEL-370: 8.5-10-9.5
Boston Private
Cabin Fever
Candid Camera
Cape and Cowl *Cel-187: 10-10-10
Celluloid Dreams
Centerfold CEL-341: 9.5-10-10
Change Of Life (81k)
Cheating Heart CEL-52: 10 ; B- Annex Review 8-22-97
Chocolate Candy CEL-246: 9-10-10
Clark And Diana
Class of `92
Community Service (46k)
Creative Interlude 10-9-9 *Cel-111
Crossing the Line #13 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 10-10-10 *Cel-102
Dear Prudence CEL-372: 9.5-10-10
Deja Vu #15 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 10-10-10 *Cel-134
Dress Rehearsal CEL-351: 9-10-10
Ebony and Ivory
Eyes Of The Tigress
Foreign Affair #57 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
 CEL-14: 10
Friday at the Movies
Ghosts Of Nights Past (65k)
Girls of Delta Theta Phi 9-10-10 *Cel-135
Good Samaritan
Grandmother Knows Best
Higher Learning
Highway Patrol 9-10-10 *Cel-81
His Best Friend's Secret
His Girlfriend's Mother CEL-234: 10-10-10
Home Again %assm-1997/4763.txt
 #26 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996 ; 10-10-10 *Cel-118
Home Improvement
 - Jill's Story CEL-18: 10
Hot Summer's Night 10-10-10 *Cel-95
Jennifer's Surprise
Johnny Reb CEL-377: 9.5-10-10
Just Following Orders
Just Her Luck
Just One Of The Guys 9.5-10-10 *Cel-233
Lightning In The Night CEL-374: 9-8-8
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Lisa's Dark Fantasy
Masks CEL-344: 9-10-10
Memories Of Flight 109 (63k)
Midnight At The Oasis
Mirror Of My Mind (44k)
Molly's Fortune (57k)
Morgan's Gold (76k) {Pirate}
Morning Ritual *A rating Annex Reviews 12/27/02
Mother and Son #27 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; *Cel-196: 10-10-10
Mrs. Claus's Cookies (62k)
One For All... CEL-328: 9-9-9
One Moment in Time CEL-216: 6-8-9
One Night Beyond Antaries
One Night In San Francisco
Pandora's Box (60k)
Payback CEL-355: 9-10-10
Prom Date CEL-211: 10-10-9
Prom Night
Queen Of The Road
Robin And The Catwoman CEL-213: 8-8-9
Robin on Patrol
Sandy 9.5-10-10 *Cel-136
Sarah and Sister Theresa 9.5-10-10 *Cel-107
Scarlett's Cove #6 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 10-10-10 *Cel-137
Sisters In Army Green (38k)
Snowbound CEL-242: 10-10-10
 #10 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Special Delivery *Cel-195: 10-10-10
Star CEL-211: 9-9-9
Summer Of `64
Summer Vacation CEL-255: 9.5-10-10
Tender Loving Care CEL-246: 9-10-10
The Adventures Of Lois Lane
The Adventures Of Ultra Woman And Mega Girl
The Arrangement BillyG: CEL-353: 9.5-10-10
The Babysitter 9.5-10-10 *Cel-96
The Ballad of Wrangler Jane 9-9-9 *Cel-137
The Bellboy
The CandyStore
The Classified Ad CEL-26: 10 ; %assm-1997/4758.txt %assm-1997/4761.txt
The Cleaning Lady
The Erotic Adventures Of Robin Hood CEL-345: 9.5-10-10
The Erotic Adventures Of Supergirl 9-10-10 *Cel-108
The Freshman
The Good Samaritan CEL-331: 9-9-9
The Girls of Delta Theta Phi 9-10-10 *Cel-135
The Interview 10-9-8 *Cel-98
The Love Boat
The Morning After Todd: CEL-353: 6-4-5
The One With More Than A Kiss - A Friends Story
The Other Side Of The Coin
The Price CEL-379: 10-8-8
The Prize 10-10-10 *Cel-131
The Professor CEL-246: 9-8-8
The Road Not Taken 9.5-9.5-CEL-144: 10
The Silk Scarf
The Sisterhood Of Mutants
The Speeding Ticket
The Teacher's Conference
The Tutor CEL-226: 8-6-6
The Tutoring Session
Through The Looking Glass Darkly
True To Life
True To Life II
Uhuru and Rand
Violet Rose
 #64 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995 ; CEL-6: 10
Wedding Dance
Wesley and Deanna
Wilma and Betty (Flintstones) CEL-16: 6
When Barry Met Sally
Yesterday Once More
You've Got Mail


A Change in Her
Motel Manager
Teacher *Cel-192: 10-10-10
 *A rating Annex Review 6-16-97
The Visit
Will She?

anna t.

posted one story to ASSM only:
Chicago Transit (16k)
 Golden Clit Best Short Story by a New Author (2001)

anne (anon747, anne747)

aka Anon747 nowadays a.k.a. Anne747. Ole Joe wrote:

We first met in an adversarial manner, but have managed to become civil at least. I like Anne as a person, as much as one can know from e-mail, and love her stories. If you must characterise, call her strongly opinionated, often adversarial, a rare poster, but a guest-reviewing, web-site owner. That suit, Anne? Also, please be advised that Anne takes a dim view of people posting her stories or using them on archival or commercial sites.

Her stories can be found at her site, as PDF-files only.

My Night
The Sauna
A Little Fun in the Shower
Out on a Call
My First Time
Happy Birthday
Watching from the Closet
The Storm
Vacation Fantasy
A Late Night Swim
A Hard Day at the Office
Helpful Neighbors
Hot Nights
Waiting for You
Dinner at My Place
Soaking Up Some Sun
Your Night
The Boat
A Quick Dip
Meeting at the Carpark
Anne Has Two Firsts Tonight
A Business Trip
The Drive Home
A Day at the Beach
Blues in the Night
Meeting the Neighbors
Brief Encounter
Mowing the Lawn
Cuban Rhythms
Bringing Home a Friend
An Evening at Home
Fantasy Island
Lunch with a Friend
The Wake-up Call
A Round of Golf
The Steam Room
A Blend of Fantasy and Reality
The Dinner Party
The Halloween Party
The Package
Financial Planning
A Day Trip
Illusions #1
Illusions #2
Illusions #3
An Interesting Saturday
The Legal Limit
Letter to a Lover
A Day in the Life
A Snow Day
The Blind Date
I Should Be Working
The Local Bar
Fantasy from a Friend
Would You Do What I Say?
What Would Happen If We Met?
Confessions of Lust
A Cut of the Cards
A Quickie at the Office
A Summer Day
The Watcher
The Watcher 2 Who's Watching
The Watcher 3 The Show
The Insatiable Flirt CEL-204: 10-10-10
The Watcher 4 Questions and Answers
How Many Drops?
I Worship at Your Feet
The Challenge
Letting Go
Hot & Wet Fantasy on anal sex
Spreading My Legs
Defining the Crime
Desperado (an excerpt)
Stroke of Midnight
Breaking the Addiction
Anticipation (2k) [flash fest]
Touch (2k) [flash fest]

anne arbor

wrote about ten stories, mostly MF, in 1998.

The gloriously graphic sex scenes in Anne Arbor's prose, as exciting and intense as any written anywhere, never fail to serve the story. With precision and passion Anne Arbor's stories plunge us into the intimate centres of characters coming to terms with themselves and their relationships, and the deft mix of plots and passion and people catches us up, squeezes us in ways both exciting and troubling. Everywhere are undercurrents of tension, promises of exquisite release. Her stories are like sex. Read them all at Anne Arbor's web site -- Mat Twassel

A View of Alcatraz Bear: CEL-292: 10-10-10
El Niño CEL-291: 9-8.5-8.5,
Evidence Of Betrayal CEL-260: 10-10-10
Hold Me CEL-270: 10-10-10,
Motel CEL-267: 10-10-10,
My Six Year Itch CEL-263: 10-10-10
Remembering When CEL-297: 10-10-10,
The Good Girl CEL-273: 10-10-10,
Vicarious Dragon: 10-10-10 ; *Cel-303

annie sprinkle

The Missing Eighteen Minutes CEL-378: 10-10-10

anon sacto

Some of my stories start with a real incident and then my imagination takes off from there. I want my stories to feel real but none are real. No SciFi, no mind control, no MM scenes, no BDSM.

A Blast from the Past (23k)
A Friendly Fuck (14k)
A Halloween Trick (13k)
A Passion for Chocolate (8k) [birthday]
A Surprising Date (36k)
A Texas Weddin' (15k)
A Visit in Spring (24k)
All Men Cheat (18k)
Another Round (25k)
Brianna (20k)
Brooke, Kayla and Me *assm-2002/36365 (85k)
Cousin Kara *assm-2003/43771 (33k)
Czech Mate Part *assm-2002/38383 (63k)
Daughters of Destiny (68k)
Droit De Seigneur (24k)
Emeralds from the Mall (16k)
First foursome (16k)
I Surprised my Stepdaughter 1-2 *assm-2003/43427 (62k)
La Zona Roja part *assm-2002/37045 (57k)
Marina (19k)
My Internet Pal (17k)
My New Family 1-5 *assm-2003/43279 (82k)
My Niece Taylor *assm-2003/41834 (125k)
Office Christmas Party (16k)
Remembrance of Things Present (15k)
Russian Massage (23k)
Santa Came Down the Chimney (6k)
Secret Admirer (19k)
Seducing Desdmona (26k)
Sparks Fly (46k)
Sylvia (23k)
Tammy (90k)
The Bargain (24k)
The Brothel Trip (22k)
The Landlord (24k)
The Lessons (26k)
The Magic Mountain (19k)
The Model (37k)
The Wanderer (37k)
Three's Company (22k)
Tryst (15k)
Two Dykes and a Dude (26k)
Vacation Sex School (133k)
Xandra (25k)
Yearning  (2k) [sapphic fest]


wrote Brandi Cole's Diary.


There were some stories posted to ASS* thru anonymous reposters, some without any alias used. I did not want to put them between unknown writers, and I am sure that Ole Joe in the old revisions of this guide has some of them put overthere, and one day I will fix that.

Cari {} {Pirate} (RP)


A Day @ ASSD (20k) [easter]
An Interview with an Erotic Writer (28k) (RP)
Another Day, Another ASS* (24k) [virago challenge]
B-Movie Baby 2.0 (PART 1/7) (24k) _THM_
Bernadette Unchained 1 (58k)
 A+ rating Annex reviews 2/27/00
Bernadette Unchained 2 (26k)
Bernadette Unchained 3 (12k)
Bitter Sweet Dreams (8k) (Rev RP)
Dah-PMS (4k)
Karen's Diary (13k)
Testamalogical, Antidisestablishmentaryism
 and Other Silly Words (20k)
The Longest Shot (34k) (P2C),
 CRIM-2: [8,8,10,10]
The Other Side of the Bathroom Mirror (8k)
The Writing Assignment (15k)

arc light

writes under a pseudonym, obviously, and takes the trouble
to have someone else publish his stories. They are all non-consensual,
interracial (BM/WF) stories with a dominance-submission theme.
Anna Belvoir
Barbie's First Journey
Basketball Star Scores
Black Boss 1-4 79k
Blair Crosses Her New Boss
Cindy and Jeff
Cold Winter Night
Dangerous Detour
DC - Master of Seduction
Gretchen Is Seduced
Hezron's First Breeding
Jackie Succumbs
Jodi Meets the Arkansas Black Snake
Karen1 - Karen's First Lesson
Karen2 - The Submission
Karen3-4 - The Cock Tail Party 1-3
Kathy's Submission
Leroy Tames the Teacher
Linda Goes to Prison
Miranda's Dark Journey
Mrs Brannan's Torment
Mrs Jennifer Gets White Creme
NBA Must Wait
Probation Officer
Randy Ballard's Domination
Saga of Joanne
Sandy's Day in Church
Shelly's First Six Months
Subjugation of Misty Bannister
Teacher's Submission 111k
Terror in the Country
The Cheating Wife
Trish Sagat

art west

Art west's stories combine all kind of encounters between men and
women, often with incest and pregnancy.
Descent Of Ruth 1-6 *assm-2002/37038 (23k)
Her Son's Sex Toy Part 1-3 (110k)40420,40421
Hot Wet Summer (31k)
Ted's Horny Girls (129k)
Teenage Kim 1-2 (31k)36076
Transforming Sarah I-III *assm-22003/45422 (117k)


A New Slave (10k) (RP)
Another Halloween Party (14k)
Beach Balls (46k)
Bellavia (6k)  CEL-345: 10-9-9, {GALAGO}
Birthday Surprise (32k)
Birthday Time (6k)
 Echo: CEL-321: 8-5-5
Caretaker CEL-372: 10-9-9, (59k)
Carpet Laid (1F) (12k)
Carpet Laid (1M) (10k)
Carried Away (7k)
Confessions of a Poodle Shaver (47k)
Contest Weekend (72k)
 Owl: CEL-325: 9-9-9
Drip, Drip, Drip (12k)
Easy (4k)
Eyes (8k)
Family Therapy (71k)
Fever Dreams (13k) CEL-341: 10-10-10, (RP)
First Aid (12k)
Fishing (21k)
Forever Yours – Night Flight Fiddler: (69k) CEL-339: 9.5-8-7,
Gift (53k)
Gotcha! (24k)
Halloween Party (34k)
Healing (49k)
His Taste (15k)  CEL-345: 10-10-10, (RP)
Hot Welcome CEL-339: 10-9-9
How to Write a Sex Story (15k)  CEL-324: 9-10-10,
Life Cycle of the Kaelen CEL-338: 10-9-9, Annex 2/29/00: A
 Prologue (29k)
 1 (38k)
 2 (68k)
 3 (73k)
 4 (55k)
 5 (30k)
Magic Dust Homer: CEL-331: 8-7-9
DocRock: CEL-339: 9-10-10
Mall Walkers (12k)
Model Release (20k) CEL-377: 10-9-9,
No Substitute (11k) CEL-371: 9.5-9-9
Party Time (18k) [summer rom fest]
Phoenix (16k) [summer rom fest]
Pillowtalk (9k)  CEL-376: 10-10-10,
Pleasure Cruise
 -- Believers (13k)
 -- Dessert (28k)
 -- Dueling Dommes (44k)
 -- Nitecap (12k)
 -- Predator (31k)
 -- Prey (21k)
 -- Toy (17k)
Plumbing (336 words) (4k)
Private Halloween Party (19k) CEL-375: 10-10-10,
Private Tasting CEL-372: 9.5-7-7, (35k)
Pumpernickel (28k)
Risk and Reward (64k) CEL-370: 10-10-9.5, (REV)
Road Trip (17k)
Sanctuary (39k)  Myers: 4 *Cel-330,
Saturday Night (2k)
Scene from a Writer at Work (18k) [summer rom fest]
Sensory Deprivation (7k)
Spiders Emily: 0, 2 (9k) *Cel-371,
Synergy CEL-330: 10-9.5-9.5
Tales of the Golden Mule BillyG: CEL-355: 10-8-7
 Prologue (5k)
 Intro  (5k)
 The Beginning 1-4 *assm-1999/21946 (138k) 21936
 Miss Yellow 1-4 *assm-1999/21994 (164k)
 Searching for Miss Brown 1-4 *assm-2000/22105 (169k)
 Finding a New Life 1-7 *assm-2000/22224 (353k)
Testing the Blade (24k)
 CRIM-5: [9,7,9,8]
The Case of Christine M (84k)
The Gift (with Dryad)
The Choice (22k)  CEL-321: 9.5-9.5-9.5
Tool (26k) CEL-371: 10-10-10,
Touch Control (45k)
 Homer: CEL-320: 9-7-10
User Centered Design (42k)
Waiting to Serve (12k)
Want 12KK,
World Domination (36k)  CEL-371: 10-10-10,
Yoga Is Life Iron Emperor (36k) CEL-322: 10-9-6,

ashley wright

Ash's Diary
Ashley's Audience
The Bodyguard
Coming Home
Coyote, Raven, and Jackrabbit
The Crimson and the Blue
A Few Good Men
Hormones Gone Wild
Junior vs. The Board of Education
Juvenile Justice
Nightmare Before Bedtime
Teacher's Pet


Joanie and Marie
My Lovely Roommate


A Memory MID (
Anita and Me MID (
Cesura's Story (How I Bound Me A+ rating Annex Reviews 4/19/99
 in the Closet and MID (330618b9.2932554
 Slurped a Vampire)
The Return of Cesura MID (
Eloise Gets to the Bottom of Things MID (
Gilmore Mandala Chrysler Gushola MID (
Helen MID (190303Z17091993
In the Pain Garden MID (1516901326@f26.n340.z1.ftn)
Shaved Splash MID (
The Taming of Eloise MID (
Topping Joker Message-ID: (


made many entries on Celeste's top twenty lists and deserved so. These works are Hot with a capital H. Backrub writes stories about group sex and makes it believable – desirable really. "Showing off Again" and "Skin on Skin on Skin" offer rare glimpses into male bisexuality within the context of good, solid, writing.

Backrub published between 1995 and 1996 and contact information no longer exists. Several stories are no longer available in the public archives. Filenames below are from Bitbard's Backrub archive. If you have one of the other, lost stories, please send a copy to

Across the Catty Corner #4 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-9: 10, across.html
All Aboard CEL-13: 10, aboard.html
Amy's Story amy.html
Annie After Hours
Backrub, Assrub, Clitrub, Cockrub 0-9-10 CR (with Tammy Ng)
Hot on the Trail: Who in the World is Celeste802 CEL-59: 10, hot.html
Lunch Hour CEL-374: 10-10-10,
Meeting Amanda #55 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 10-10-10 *Cel-130, amanda.html
Morning Orgasms: Spoons CEL-29: 8
Once You're Rubbed by Amy #85 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 *Cel-195: 10-10-10, rubbed.html
Showing Off Again showing.html
Showoffs #33 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-3: 10
Skin on Skin on Skin 10-10-10 *Cel-116, skin.html
Steven After Hours #67 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-26: 10, steven.html
Tammy in Trouble CEL-60: 9, tammy.html
The Study Cubicle CEL-3: 10, study.html
Wet Dreams #43 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 10-10-10 *Cel-130, wet.html
Xena: Calisto's Escape 9-8-8 *Cel-88, xena.html

bad michel

Dear Hustler
Lust Filled Nite
My Boyfriend's Brother
My First Black Experience
Tyler CEL-268: 9-6-5


A New Car for Ginny
Balinda's Supper
Black in Love Again
 1 MID (
 2 MID (
 3 MID (
 4 MID (
 5 MID (
 6 MID (
 7 MID (
 8 MID (
 9 MID (
 10 MID (
 11 MID (
 12 MID (
 13 MID (
Civil War Slut
 1 MID (
 2 MID (
 3 MID (
Charle's Black Tool MID (
Interracial Church Fuck MID (
Jake's Big Surprise
My Husband's Black Friend
 1 MID (
 2 MID (
My Wife's New Cowboy
 1 MID (
 3 MID (
 4 MID (
Noises in the Night CEL-246: 6-8-5
 1 MID (
 2 MID (
 3 MID (
 4 MID (
Private Dick for Hire
Synthetic Daughter
The Abortion (Interracial) MID (
The Big Surprise
The Kiss MID:
 1 6bn68c$2df$
 2 6boej2$aef$
The Perfect Tool

baron darkside

(There are supposed to be over 50 of these stories.) He
posted a list of stories which are (to be) published at Mr. Double's
site, about 180 stories. {Not updated since v.15}
A Hawaiian Tragedy
A Visitor in the Night
A Revisit by the Visitor
Another Lazy, Wasted Saturday Afternoon
Double the Fun
Keep It in the Family
Let Brother Love Continue
Mom Knows
Mother's Little Secret
Mother's Milk 1-2
Mother's New Found Lover
The Addiction 1-3
The Beach Party
The Fog
The Joining
The Monster Within
The Other Son
The Peeping Tom
The Stranger 1-2
The Train Ride, v 1-4

bea fischl

Bea's Bored CEL-202: 10-9-10
 MID (
Sherri *Cel-181: 10-7-8
 MID (
Susan CEL-203: 6-5-4
 MID (


is writing mind control stories.

Alimony and Revenge (20k)
And Pillage (15k)
Becoming a Winner, Part 1: Betty Found (37k)
 Part 2: Transformation (44k)
 Part 3: Betty's Trip (45k)
Betty the Spy #1: Spy Games (37k)
Betty the Spy #2: Belly Dancer (22k)
Betty the Spy #3: Harem Girl (31k)
Betty the Spy #4: Passion Slave (50k)
Bitch in Heat (32k)
Captain's Whore (12k)
Delta Screwa Uah (12k)
Doctor Betty & Hal (50k)
Fall from Grace, Part 1-7 _ongoing?_
Love the one you're with (62k)
Monkey Shines (107k)
Princess and the Mage, Part 1: The Shrew (38k)
 Part 2: The Lake (41k)
Science Project 1 (105k)
Science Project 2 / Epilogue (12k)
Sisterly Love (17k)
The Grand MC Tradition (53k)
The Little Fish (33k)
There's a Sucker Born Every Minute (19k)
Vanessa's Revenge (37k)


Hot for Hillary [Rodham Clinton] (80k) 8-7-7 *Cel-131 (6 parts)
Mother's Milk (Taboo VI) (63k) MID (
My Mom/My Slut (19k) MID (
Taboo 1 (13k) MID (, 10-9-9 *Cel-155

biff jones

is writing true or fictional stories, mainly starring his
wife Kelly. His stories obviously contain DP, creampie (often leading
to oral sex), smoking (smoking fetish), toys (focus on use of dildos),
and MF couple (husband and wife)
A Seduction Fantasy, Pt. 1-2
All Day Tease true
All Day Tease 2 fict
Anniversary Sex true
Discovering Kelly In Bed 1-4 fict
Ice Sweat fict
Giving Lauren More (66k)
Kelly After The Christmas Party true
Kelly's Binding Commitment true
Kelly's Ex-Boyfriend fict, (37k)
Kelly's Massage true
Kelly's Unexpected Discovery fict, (70k)
Stories, Screenplays and Reality fict (4 parts so far)
Kelly's Menage true
Melissa – Our Roommate Ch 1-10 fict
Mutual Masturbation true
My Surprise Present fict
Our First Time With a Large Toy true, (13k)
Our First Toy DP true
Our New Neighbors 1-5 fict
Pete and Corry fict, (18k)
Preparing For Love true
Pushing The Boundaries fict
Settling In fict, (48k)
The Video Camera true

big daddy

(Incest / slut wife)
A Nice Jog with Daddy
Amber Fields
Beyond Temptation
Brian's Mom
Brittany's Bachelorette Party
Captive Father
Caring Mother
Common Desires
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Daddy Pictures
Daddy's Baby
Dad's Weekend
Dear Dad
Doctor's Orders
Forbidden Love
Freudian Belief
Fucked by an Angel
Fuckin' Truckin'
Getting Daddy a Raise
Graduation Night
Happy Birthday, Daddy
Happy Endings
Heather 1 and 2
Holy Union
Home Leave
Invasion of Privacy
Justine's Gift
Kitchen Floor
Ladies Night Out
Little Soldier Boy
Mary's Black Lover
Mellisa's Brother
Mom's Romantic Weekend
Mother, May I?
Mother's Room
Mrs. Jones and the Prom Queen
My Dad, the Bragger
My Friend's Pregnant Wife
My Girl
My Husband's Nasty Friends
My Wife and Brother
Naughty Mother
Porno Mom
Preacher's Son
Rachel's Baby
Rachel's Birthday Orgy
Rebecca's Black Savior
Replacing Mom
Revelations 1-3
Reward for Dying
Romantic Moment
Shopping for Suzy
Sister, Sister
Taught by Mommy
Teaching Son
The Adventures of Alicia, Whore
The Master's Slave
The Sandman
Vegetable Dad

bill & ellen

Florida Heat 1-8
Reunion of Pleasure
Ride from Five Roses
The Game

bill green

The Reward 10-10-10 *Cel-138

bill lemieux

Shape Shifter

bill morgan

wrote "Kathy". A revision was posted in 2001 as well as
some newer stories, mostly in full-novella-length, to ASSM. His
stories are labelled MF / rom. In 2002, he posted `Barbara'.
Allison(1) (4 parts = 836k)
Barbara(1) (6 parts = 1320k)
 Barbara(2) Barbara(3)
Call Girls (2 parts) 547K %assm-2001/31959
Cynthia Martin (8 parts) 1654K
Jean and Jim (9 parts) 745K
Kathy (4 parts) 839K
Kathy Carlson (9 parts) 1969K
_Ali Clifford saga_
Kelly (4 parts) 839K
Six-Month Turnaround (2 parts) 516K
 Vance CEL-303: 8-3-3
 JayBird: %assm-2001/32045; CEL-307: 10-8-10
Susan Jennings 220K

bill smith

Exodus, the End of the Beginning 507k
Firefly, the Legacy 333k
Odin 414k


Billyg's legitimate writing has been limited to "dusty-dry academic stuff" of limited entertainment value, ranking in the negative numbers on the erotic scale. He considers himself a sentimentalist, a dug-in proponent for the values of love and tenderness. He abhors non- consensual violence and any degradation that reduces our humanness. Because, he explains, he writes about things he's experienced - people, places and things - his stories are "laced with factualisms sprinkled with a generous measure of fantasy." BillyG also was a guest reviewer for Celeste.

He takes some effort to introduce characters with substance and depth, "three dimension people ... not the cardboard protagonists of mindless pornography." He favours dialogue to show his characters' personalities coupled with the first-person reflections of the story teller. "It's about eroticism," he maintains. "Hell, often my characters don't quite get it on." His regard for tenderness and love is the characteristic of the BillyG stories.

Aunt Peg's Visit (32k)
 CEL-207: 10-10-10
BillyG and Linda
BillyG and Martina CEL-201: 10-10-10,
BillyG and Tookey
Buffy James and BB (57k)
 CEL-222: 10-8-9
Diana's First Anal Sex
Martina (19k)
Mrs. Fascione (15k)
Ms.--No, Dr. Bobbie Johnson CEL-345: 10-10-10
My Mother, Susan
My Sister Jean 1-20 (353k)
 CEL-21: 8 / CEL-218: 9-10-10
 #80 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Sandy – Watching a Woman Pee
Sister Mary Joseph (79k)
 #71 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-211,
Story for Susan
The Outhouse (7k)
The Professor's Wife (42k)
 CEL-281: 10-10-10
The Sisters, Sally and Gerry (22k)
The Term Paper (32k)
 10-10-10 *Cel-75
Tooky (14k)
 9.5-8-9 *Cel-205


(formerly Sandman) The stories with a HTML-filename are stored
at Bitbard's website:
Your Erotica (p) 9.5-8-5 *Cel-252
Aces CEL-282: 10-10-10
Bolero CEL-272: 10-10-10
Conversation 10-10-10 *Cel-113
Dick: Confessions of a Private Eye *Cel-190: 9-10-10
French Kisses CEL-285: 10-10-10
Friends and Lovers CEL-257: 10-10-10
Janey in Bloom
Judgment Day
Mickey Mouse Affair
Sorrow's End CEL-249: 10-10-10
Suzette's Passion
SW1: Double Blind CEL-279: 10-10-10
SW2: Starlight CEL-253: 10-10-10
SW3: Zero G CEL-258: 9-10-10, *zerog.html
SW4: Blindside
Table Talk CEL-264: 10-9-9
The Bedroom Window CEL-259: 10-10-10
The Case
The Choice, *choice.html
Three Wishes *Cel-187: 10-9-9
You Can Never Go Home CEL-254: 8-9-9

black demon

is a writer of stories about interracial sex, cuckolds, slut-wives and rape. Many of his stories are ending the slut-wife knocked up with a black bastard (political correctly: the cheating wife got pregnant with an African-American). In 2002 he wrote a new story about twice a month, there are more than 150 in total. At the moment he slowed down a little bit. Though in his oeuvre are some serials all his stories can be read as stand-alone events.

A Tormented Wife (20k)
Abducting the Bride (25k)
Air Force Wife in Trouble 1 (67k)
    2 (53k)
Asian Beauty Defiled 1 (33k)
   2 (51k)
Asian Beauty's Dark Desires
Asian Delight 1 (50k)
  2 (30k)
Beauty Blackmailed and Boffed (51k)
Betrayed Bride-To-Be 1 (50k)
Blackmailed Beauty 1 (35k)
   2 (53k)
   3 (51k)
   4 (37k)
Blackmailed Teacher (40k)
Boss' Pretty Wife (19k)
Boss Ogles the Newlywed (22k)
Captive Young Wife 1 (70k)
   2 (74k)
Classroom Conquest 1 (48k)
   2 (45k)
   3 (70k)
Con's Revenge 1 (13k)
  2 (27k)
  3 (35k)
  4 (27k)
  5 (61k)
  6 (41k)
  7 (56k)
Couple's Loving Marriage (36k)
Cruise Ship Captives (52k)
Cunning Car Cleaner 1
Cunning Car Cleaner 2 (44k)
Debauched Young Nurse (31k)
Deceived Newlyweds (58k)
Degraded Young Wife (27k)
Demented Boss 1 (19k)
  2 (21k)
  3 (31k)
  5 (43k)
  6 (60k)
  7 (57k)
Distressed Young Wife (45k)
Drugged Beauty (58k)
Entertainment for the Jocks
Entrapped Asian Beauty (59k)
Far East Exchange (79k)
Fiance's Father 1
  2 (50k)
Friend's Pretty Mother 1 (32k)
   2 (38k)
   3 (71k)
Gift for the Bride (37k)
Good Friend Indeed (75k)
Hell of a Honeymoon
Her Husband's Lusting Boss
High School Rape Club 1 (49k)
   2 (51k)
Honeymoon Horror 1 (18k)
   2 (50k)
   3 (52k)
   4 (56k)
   5 (36k)
Hoodwinked Husband 1 (29k)
   2 (37k)
Church of Evil 1 (19k)
  2 (24k)
  3 (42k)
  4 (31k)
  5 (34k)
Innocent Bride-To-Be (44k)
Innocent Wife Indeed (49k)
Innocent Young Wife (44k)
Kidnapped in the Country (42k)
Lady's Black Luv'n (39k)
Landlord's Lust (53k)
Loving Couple's Secret
Lust for the Librarian 1 (30k)
   2 (54k)
Lusting for Teacher (29k)
Lusty Father-in-Law 1 (24k)
   2 (29k)
Manhandled Stewardess (30k)
Manipulated Young Wife (54k)
Marriage Made in Hell (55k)
Mile High Club 1 (38k)
Naïve Navy Wife (30k)
Naïve Newlywed 1 (14k)
  3 (47k)
Naval Captain's Wife (32k)
Newscaster's Nightmare 1 (26k)
   2 (43k)
Nurse 1n Need (34k)
Olympic Ordeal
 1 - Ice Skating (35k)
 2 - Swimming (27k)
 3 - Downhill Skiing (44k)
Pop's Pretty Present (20k)
Pretty Pimped Prosecutor
Raped Young Beauty 1 (20k)
   2 (23k)
   3 (64k)
   4 (38k)
   5 (28k)
Ravished Nurse 1 (25k)
  2 (22k)
  3 (35k)
  4 (32k)
  5 (38k)
  6 (37k)
Recruiting a Star Player
Revenge is so Sweet
Seduced Sales Agent 1 (51k)
   2 (27k)
   3 (24k)
   4 (45k)
Set-up Stewardess (49k)
Social Worker's Agony 1 (58k)
Stalked Stewardess (43k)
Star Player 1 (16k)
Star Player 2 (12k)
Star Player 3 (22k)
Star Player 4 (29k)
Star Player 5
Star Player 6 (34k)
Star Player 7 (54k)
Star Player 8 (60k)
Student's Dream Cums True (48k)
Subdued Stewardess 1 (17k)
   2 (30k)
   3 (50k)
Tasty Asian Stew 1 (42k)
Teenage Stud 1 (24k)
  2 (46k)
  3 (39k)
  4 (38k)
  5 (50k)
  6 (39k)
  7 (49k)
  8 (37k)
Tempted Mother-in-Law (33k)
Terrified Teacher 1 (32k)
   2 (22k)
   3 (28k)
   4 (15k)
   5 (14k)
   6 (23k)
   7 (17k)
The Dental Appointment (35k)
Tormented Beauty (25k)
Trick or Treat
Twin's Twisted Thoughts (38k)
Unholy Desires 1 (38k)
  2 (21k)
  3 (32k)
Wanton Young Wife (35k)
Waylaid Wife (34k)
Well Earned Promotion (35k)
Wife's Uncontrolled Urges (33k)
Wife Under Pressure (30k)
Young Wife's Dilemma 1 (40k)
   2 (34k)
   3 (18k)
   4 (22k)


is no longer active, apparently, but a body of his work still floats about. For the most part, his stories employ elements of rape, incest, pedophilia, and violence.

Ashley MID (
Beer Party MID (
Best Friends MID (
Birthday Fantasy MID (
Bros Grim MID (
Faith 1 MID (
 2 MID (
Fantasy Park (1/2) MID (
Finally (Mf adult cons) MID (
Kidnapped Schoolgirls MID (
Monster MID (
Nightmare 1 MID (
Nightmare Vignette 1 MID (
   2-4 (OJC)
Obsession MID (
Robin 1 MID (
Robin 2 MID (
Sexy Boy MID (
Sisrape 322k
 1 MID (
 2 MID (
 3 MID (
 4 MID (
 5 MID (
 6 MID (
 7 MID (
 8 MID (
 9 MID (
 10 MID (
Slave MID (
Summer Sex Ed (OJC)
Unlucky Number 13 9-9-9 *Cel-95
 1 (OJC)
 2 MID (


writes about romance and cheating; the writer appeared to ASSM
in 2003 is active regularly. A little romance, some fantasy, maybe a
little historical fiction, stories about sex just off main street,
mostly between consenting adults.
A Walk in the Woods (4k)
Blow Job  (5k)
Homecoming (6k)
Last Chance (11k)
Longing (1k)
Love in the Sun (10k)
 CRIM-24: [6,7,6,6]
Loving Bondage (4k)
Morgana (12k)
Morgana and her lover (12k)
Mystery Lady (8k)
Possession (8k)
 CRIM-20: [8,10,9,10]
Possession Ch. 2 (15k)
Possession, Tables Turned (6k)
Sailor's Delight (10k)
Sex Service 1 (10k)
Special Exam (5k)
Sunny Submits (12k)
The Darkness (7k)
The Doctor?? (9k)
The Hotel Chapter 1 (11k)
The Hotel Chapter 2 (6k)
The Taste of You (p) (1k)
 CRIM-19: [10,10,--,10]
Thinking of you... (2k)
Three in one night (9k)
To Possess you (3k)
Who possess who?  (8k)

blue words

(a.k.a. David Wright) wrote as a guest-writer for
Leviticus' "Valley" series the 5th episode "To Catch a Smuggler". His
own stories are:
Block of Ideas (8k) CEL-346: 10-9-9, {GALAGO}
Clueless Wife (13k)
Coincidence (35k)
Down the Stairs (27k)
Fell On Black Days CEL-331: 8-7-7
First Story (11k)
How I Do What I Do (25k)
Chance Meeting (34k)
Novelty Store (22k)
Novelty Store - Ritual (12k)
Question (17k)
Relative (24k)
 {Writer's Swap 99}(with NL Soldier)
The Party (11k)
Tied Up Part 1-3 *assm-1998/15538.txt (33k)


is a writer of slut-wife-stories

A Day In The Life Of A Used Car Salesman (33k)
Cold Beer (15k)
Her Best Friend (20k) (RP)
Poor Janie (25k)
The Bath Attendant (26k) (RP)
The Burglars (24k)
The Elevator (19k) (RP)
The Hangover (24k)
The Hitchhiker (22k)
The Maid (27k) (RP)
The Office (14k)
The Plumber (20k)
The Policeman (22k)
The Prisoner (24k)
The Secretary (32k)
The Shoot (21k)
The Subway (20k) (RP)
The Video Girl (22k)
The Warehouse (22k)
The Woods (19k)
Yes, My Darling - Tonight (19k)


Baby Maker 1-3
Cheating on My Husband
Cheating Wife
Doing the Mother in Law
Lebuc's Wife
Moving Daze
My Wife the Whore
No Contest 1-2
Paying the Price 3-5-3 *Cel-93
Sex Slave
Slut Wife 1-5
Testing the Wife
The Picnic

bradley stoke

writes erotic fiction that is witty, weird and profound. He wrote four novels: "Alice", "Innocence Lost", "Emma" and "Escape from Buggery" and also erotic short stories. While the short stories cover almost every variation of the erotic theme, he characterises his novels as follows:

"Alice" and "Innocence Lost" are both set in a fantastic world where there are plenty of sexual fun and games. "Innocence Lost" is of particular interest to those fascinated by hermaphrodites and satire. "Emma" is more lyrical and much less fantastic (but still good fun). "Escape from Buggery" is a novel, where sadomasochism meets politics and tourism.

Alice 15 chapters on ASSM
 CRIM-15: [not rated (multi-part)]
Blessed by Nature (33k)
Color Bar (24k)
Devotion to Aphrodite (33k)
Dinner is Served (30k)
Divine Love (27k)
 CRIM-23: [10,10,9,10]
Doll (1k) [flash fest]
Emma 50 chapters on ASSM
Escape from Buggery 20 chapters on ASSM
Extracurricular Love (28k)
Fat Chance (30k)
Freedom in the New World (30k)
 CRIM-7: [10,8,10,10],
 *A rating Annex Reviews 9/10/02
Innocence Lost 36 parts on ASSM (ongoing)
Koochy (29k)
 CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]
Lonely As A Cloud (26k)
 CRIM-12: [10,10,10,10]
Naked Compromise (34k)
Naked on the Train (4,740 words) (32k) [sapphic fest],
 CRIM-9: [10,10,10,10]
Omega (20 chapters)
People Are Strange (17k)
 CRIM-15: [10,10,10,10]
Rhonda (31k)
Selection of the Fittest (23k)
Size Discrimination (30k)
The Coming of Age (35k)
The Price of Prejudice (31k)
 CRIM-18: [9,8,10,10]
The Shoebox (10k)
Virgin Gold (40k)
Virtual Seduction (6,779 words) (45k) [sapphic fest]

brandy dewinter

Bosom Bondage Buddies 10-10-10 *Cel-144
When It Blows, All Cats Are Gray

brenda ann smith

Kate & Emily series:
-- K&E - Meeting
-- K&E - Renewal
-- K&E - Return
-- K&E - Walk
-- K&E - Homecoming, Part One
-- K&E - Homecoming, Part Two
-- K&E - Homecoming, Part Three
-- K&E - Interlude
-- K&E - Decisions
-- K&E - October 26, 1996
-- K&E - Together
-- K&E - Sandcastles
Marisa and Nathaniel: Sanctuary series:
-- M&N - Bike Riding
-- M&N - The Trestle
-- M&N - Going to Church
-- M&N - Trying Again [for d.] MID (52u6o6$
In Memoriam
Lean In
Lessons From A Fag Hag [for h.]
Lost and Found MID (1.8~w/
Neat Nails MID (4v8qml$

brian colby

Black Nylons

bronwen sm

A young English woman who has graced us of late with her presence and very wonderful stories. New and imaginative, she is certainly welcomed to the group. "The Offering" is one of the best stories seen in 1998. Celeste liked "The Sad, Bad Man" better; it was #1 in 1997. "Stocking Filler" was #4. Not too shabby for someone who was new to the group.

See Bronwen's story site for story files.

A Bigger Man
Barley Legal Teens
Feeding the Fishes CEL-271: 10-9-9
Icecream Sundae *Cel-198: 10-10-10
Kim, Nice-but-Dim CEL-255: 10-10-10
Kim 1: "Sucker!"
Kim 2: "Oh, bugger!"
Kim 3: Revelations
La Charmeuse *A rating Annex Reviews 2/24/99
Mild-mannered Clark Kent
Mother's Day CEL-270: 10-10-10
My Trusted Friend *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Playing Pool *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Quiet, Mild-Mannered CEL-338: 10-10-10
Ripe #73 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-216
Sam 1: Sam's Bad Day *Cel-199: 10-10-10
 A+ rating Annex Review 7-20-97
Sam 2: Seeing is Believing
Sam 3: The House of Sin
Seeing Is Believing CEL-222: 10-9-9
Shagger *Cel-192: 10-8-8
Stocking Filler (35k) (RP) #4 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-245: 10-10-10
Sucker 1-3 #18 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 *Cel-193: 10-10-10,CEL-209
"Taxi!" (29k) (RP)
The House of Sin 9.5-10-10 *Cel-222
The Minimalist CEL-256: 10-8-6
The Offering 9.5-10-10 *Cel-188,
 A+ rating Annex Review 6-26-97
The Sad, Bad Man CEL-224: 10-10-10,
#1 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Well-Known Sayings CEL-261: 10-10-10

brother cadfael

Beneath the Bridge CEL-245: 9-9-9
Feed the Night CEL-234: 8-9-8
Growing Familiar
Heart *Cel-197: 10-10-10
Hush CEL-230: 9-8-8
In Walked Perfection CEL-220: 10-7-8
Lydia CEL-230: 10-7-7
Mass Transit CEL-235: 10-7-7
Spare Keys CEL-234: 10-10-10
The Friendship Clause CEL-281: 10-10-10
Valentine Jill CEL-261: 7-8-7
You Took Me CEL-260: 10-8-9

builder usa

Coach and My Friends
Freshman Haze
My 18th Birthday


100 7-9-9 *Cel-154
Fill It to the Rim
Gymnasts' Set
Bad Breath
Young Gymnasts Story


is the author of "The Climb to Contentment", but only the first parts have been posted to ASSM, due to low reaction level perhaps. The further postings are in ASS only and that's a pity, I think. Do not ignore the Celestial Blow-job-principle! The story is labelled (Dom/sub M/f incest bondage) in most chapters.

The Climb to Contentment:
 1-9 (157k)
 10-16 (173k)
 17-47 (so far) somewhere in ASS between the spam,
 can be found using Google

cactus juggler

writes perverted stories of humiliation, mind control, lesbianism and facesitting. All the stories are at his site at ASSTR.

An Awkward Position awkwardposition.html
Bad Therapy badtherapy.html
Boxing Hellene boxinghellene.html
Cathy Takes Control cathytakescontrol.html
Conrad's Secret conradssecret.html
Cristina's Story--The Confession Cristinasstory.html
Date Rapist Revenge daterapist.html
Erin and Crystal erincrystal.html
Eve's Enchanted Ass evesass.html
 A-/B+ rating Annex reviews 6/13/99
Fat Teen Smother Queen fatteen.html
Happy Girls happygirls.html
How I Became Miriam's Slave miriamsslave.html
Locker Room Domination lockerroom.html
My Big Mouth bigmouth.html
My Descent Into Lesbian Tit Slavery mydescent.html
My Friend Tanya friendtanya.html
My Sister's Tits 9.CEL-30: 5, sisterstits.html
Nicknames nicknames.html
Not Feeling Like Myself notmyself.html
Stanley's Peril stanleysperil.html
Sunbathing With Cheryl sunbathing.html
The Better Woman betterwoman.html
The Cycles of Ginny's Life ginnyslife.html
The Easy Induction easyinduction.html
The Power of Titnosis titnosis.html
The Voice of Magic voicemagic.html
Veronica's Slave veronicasslave.html


writes MMF slut wife / incest stories which (most) are
available by website; at
36,000 Feet mF, voy, mdom
A Quick Divorce
A Way of Life MF FF bd, (136k) 9.5-8-6 Cel-221
A Wife, A Husband,  and the Paperboy CEL-30 8
Afternoon With the Sisters ff, inc, sister, anal
Age Of X - Coming Home
Anything To Help Him
Are You Nuts bond, nc, mF, inc, mdom, mom, son
As Unbelievable As A Dream
Avenue Of My Submission
Blind Lust mF, nc, mdom
Boyfriend mF, voy, teen
Bun In The Oven mf, mdom, preg, bond, anal
Caen Objective hist, mf, rom
City Lights mdom, Mf, teen
Consciousness Revealed
Crook's Interlude CEL-360: 7-8-8, mf, rom
Devils Choice
Disabled Powers mf ff teen inc mc
Do Not Forget Me mF, inc, mom, son, cheat
Doctors Trust mf, ff, teen, nc, mdom, anal, spank
Dominant Break mf, mdom, bond, spank, cheat
Dont Worry We Have All Done It mF, cheat, anal, inc, teen
Dreams #1 CEL-142: 5-5-4
Dreams #2-6 Mf mf
E-Slave Fantasies
Letters to Marnie Mf bond
Easy Catch Almost Too Easy mF, mom, son, mdom, sm, anal, cheat
Forbidden Dominance mf Ff inc dom bond
Fugitive mf, nc, bond
Gaining Controlling Interest mF, mdom, bond, nc, mom, son, humil
Geisha House Mf, teen, voy, cheat
Gibraltar Awakening mf, rom, hist
Hardly Any Persuasion mF, mdom, mom, son, cheat
He Is Not The Son That Left mF, mom, son, mdom, nc, anal, cheat
Heaven or Hell Mf ff inc teen fant
 CEL-152: 8-10-10
How My Dominance Started fF, fdom, teen, inc, mF, nc, voy
Hunted mF inc
Chauffeur's Dirty Job CEL-143: 10-10-10, voy, mf, cheat
Chris mf, ff, voy, inc, cousin, group
I Did It All For You Dear
I Need You To Watch
International Sex (Smut) Codes humour
Is She The Slut I Told Her She Was mF, bond, inc, nc, mdom, ws, cheat
Jan mf nc, CR 141 9-8-8
Just Another Example mF, mdom, ff, anal, cheat, group
Just One Example mf, mdom, fF, inc, anal, cheat
Just One Kiss ff, teen, anal
Leave Him mF, inc, mom, son, mdom, cheat
Little Taste Of Me mc, mf, mdom, ff, inc, sister, anal
Lottery mf ff inc teen
Love's Eternal Circle mf, mdom, anal, humil,
 A+ rating, Annex reviews 1/12/99
Marnie's All Tied Up Mf bond
Marnie's Day on the Sandbar Mf
Marnie's Fitting Punishment Mf ds bond
Marnie's Master Loses Weight Mf
Marnie's Quickie Mf
Marnie Follows Instructions f voy dom
Marnie Goes Lingerie Shopping Mf, mdom
Meteor Phenomenon mc, mF, teen, inc, lact, anal,
My Clan Family
 - Defending Our Way Of Life mF, inc, mdom, teen, mom, son
 - First Wedding To A Slave mF, fF, teen, inc, bond, mdom,
 - My First Slave mF, inc, teen, mdom, sm, mom, son
 - Soccer Championship mF, inc, teen, mdom, mom, son
 - Time To Grow Up mF, fF, mdom, inc, bond, anal
My Cock, My Life mf inc teen
My Friend And His Wife mF, inc, voy, anal, group, cheat
My Gigolo Ways mf, rom
My House My Rules mF, mdom, anal
My Little Problem mF, inc, anal, spank, bond, mdom
My Night at the Sleeping Tyrant Inn mf, hist, rom
My Second Greatest Challenge mF, inc, grandma, son, mdom, anal
My Single Greatest Challenge mF, inc, mdom, nc, fF, anal, cheat
My Wife Is In Your Hands mF, mdom, nc, cheat, humil
Nancy mf, mdom, cousin, anal, inc, cheat
News Business MF, anal, mdom, cheat
Next Gig mF, inc, mom, son
Night That I Forgot Mf, inc, dad, daughter, cheat
Of Pain And Pleasure mf, rom
Older And Sexier mF, teen, inc, mdom, cheat
Once Around The Sun scifi, mF, teen, nc, bond, mdom
One For The Road mF, ff, inc, teen, voy, fdom, nc
Only The Beginning mF, Ff, inc, nc, bond, teen, mdom
Peer Pressure inc, mF, teen, voy, anal, cheat
Perfect Lapful mF, inc, cheat
Photo mf ff voy inc
Please Dont Leave Me mF, mdom, inc, humil, anal
Pleasures Of His Success mF, mdom, bond, inc, anal
Quick Divorce ff, voy, anal, cheat
Rejection Is But A Memory mF, teen, mdom, inc, mom, son
Roman Matron mF teen inc
Sailing We Will Go MF FF, CEL-8 6
Seduction Denial voy, Mf, inc, nc, bond, spank
She Always Wanted To Be A Movie Star mF, voy, fF, mc, inc, nc
She Is Mine And I Want Her Back mc, mF, inc, teen, mdom
Sinful Discovery
Slut Next Door mF, mdom, cheat, anal
Slut To Remember mF, inc, teen, mdom, anal, cheat
So You Want To Be A Member mF, mdom, inc, teen, ff, ws, humil
Soldier's Tale mf, nc, mdom, hist
Spanking Never So Deserving mF, inc, mdom, spank
Spicing Up Their Marriage mF, voy, cheat, teen, mdom, anal
Strap On Desire ff, fdom
Susan CEL-100 9.5-8-8, mf
Sweet Smell of Lust mf ff inc, 2016.txt
Sysop Meet mf, voy
Tami mf, ff, anal, cheat, group
Taste of My Kink mf, lact, anal
Tender Years ff, teen
The Doctor's Trust Mf ff teen nc
The Fugitive semi-nc, *Cel-189 8-9.5-8.5
 aka The Fugitive's Wive
The Maid mf ff teen inc
Their Own Thoughts mF, inc, teen, mdom, ws
They Call Me Ismail voy, mf, dom, bond, Ff, nc, inc
Those Lips Started It All mF, inc, teen, fF, nc, mdom, anal
Tim's Life Mf ff inc nc mc
Truth In Print mF, inc, mdom, teen, bond, anal
Vampire Slave mf, ff, gothic, cheat
View From My Window mc, mF, fF, inc, mdom
Way Of Life mc, voy, mf, ff, bond, mdom, anal
Way Out Of The Depression mF, inc, teen, cheat
Wet Dream CEL-38 5, f, voy, rom
Wet Sword mf, hist, rom
What About Love mF, inc, mdom, spank, bond
Wicked Mother-in-law Mf nc
 aka: Wicked Step-Mother
Wicked Wanda fF, teen, inc, nc, mc
Wife, A Husband and the Paperboy mF, teen, nc, spank, mdom
Win You Through This Gift mF, fF, teen, inc, fdom

caintigern o'niall

Falling Into Grace CEL-225: 10-10-10,
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-13-97
A Knight on the Road A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97
Knight Errant A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97,
 *Cel-198: 10-10-10
The Knight and His Squire A+ rating Annex Reviews 7-13-97


Adventures in Dishwashing
My Wife, Her Girlfriend, and a Strap-On Dildo
No Holes Barred - An Oral Adventure
Passenger 47
Rules Get Broken
Three Cakes and a Candle
To Make You Walk that Extra Mile CEL-59: 10
Workman's Compensation

candy kane

is a writer of lesbian erotica written mostly in 1998. All stories were been reposted in ASSM in 2002.

Eat A Peach 19K
Girl Crazy 17K
Girlfriends 16K
Girls Loving Girls 38K
Girls On Girls 32K
Heather And Sarah 15K
Kissing Cousins 25K
Kitty Kissing 23K
Lea And The High Priestess 22K
Let's Play Dare 21K
Lez Be Friends 44K
Lickety Split 34K
Love Lessons 22K
Pussy Cats 20K
Satin Sheets 37K
The Coven 16K
Woman2woman 16K

carlos malenkov

is a writer I became aware of in late 2003.
A Red Christmas (12k)
Bachelor Party (13k)
Four's a Crowd (41k)
Laplace Transform (15k)
Mones (9k)
The Consolation Prize (13k)
The Ice Maiden (9k)
Wild Change (8k)

carnal knowledge

(MMF wife)
Ex-Wife Wants to Come Back YW63
My Best Friend's Fiancee YW64
My Fiancee's Humiliation YW66
My Loving Wife and My Best Friend
Wife Has to Please ... or Ex-Wife Will YW65

carnal quill

Beth's Diary
Camp Eden Kids 1-2
Cherry Picker
Dialog of Discovery
Emily and the Twins
Home Improvement: Hot Tub Hijinks
Home Improvement: Molly's Muff
Seventh Heaven: One Stormy Night

carnage jackson

(mostly MF, Cons, Celeb) is a writer who's into
celebrities. In his "Journal of an agent" he describes sexual
encounters with celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Catherine Zeta-
Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz (and many
others). The journal describes his own life, but he is not a sexual
superman with outstanding abilities. Yes, of course it's only a
fantasy. Superstars do not act like horny cows (really?). At present
he's writing `Hollywood After Dark'.
Britney & the Photos
Encore, Encore!
Hollywood After Dark (8 chapters so far)
Journal of an Agent 996 K (30-part-story !)
Kirsten Dunst: American Girl
Mountain Air
Natalie Portman : Rave Girl
Shannon Elizabeth
 - Leaving on a jet plane
Survivor Stories: Elisabeth Filarski
The Outback Orgy

carol cobillard

writes more essays than stories, but she posts them
regularly to ASSM, and so she is on this list. Her themes are worth a
reading (and her writing also, I guess).
A Boy's Story (24k)
A New Paradigm for Childraising? (116k)
Early sex and the Children of God: my story (10k)
First sex, first philosophy (47k)
 CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]
Changing Partners: Jeremiah's account of commune life (213k)
Javier and Maria Luisa's Story (60k)
Mom's Story (16k)
My Story: Terrific Girl (78k)
On Oral Sex (27k)
On puberty (89k)
On virginity (27k)
Rev. Mary Gives New Life To Adolescent Sexual Freedom (50k)
Safer sex in my future and an orgasm while sleeping (18k)
Seducing a young boy on the boat (10k)
Sex and the Capital City (59k)
Sex in the College: our party, our shower (18k)
Some Further Reminiscences Of Parents And Children And Sex (167k)
Some thoughts on communal nudity and sex (54k)
The defloration party – why? (40k)
What I did on my vacation (104k)

carol collins

Alison Baker's Defilement
Christine's Enslavement
Cindy Gets Black Maled
Hail the Conquering Hero YW564
Halloween Party
Recombinant DNA
Revenge YW503
Suzie Q

caroline ashbee

posted her fine stories in glorious time of
rec.arts.erotica – I quote Moderator-/Ava-Review values.
Al fresco 8/8
Bridal 10/10
Evidence of survival -/-
Genetic Engineering 10/10
Hunting the Unicorn 4/5
Shower of Gold 8/8
The Chaining of Andromeda 10/10
The recurrent fall of Eve: 1952 10/10, Apuleius: CEL-313: 10-10-10
Tea in the afternoon 10/10


Billy's Hot Mom 165k
Cold Winter
Coming, Mother 155k
Mommy's Horny Urges 172k


First Kiss
Imagine: Dear Sir Stephen
Imagine: A Devilish Contraptioni
Imagine: A Different World
Imagine: Dungeon 1-3


A Family Matter
A Fooled Husband YW568
Accidents Will Happen
African Nightmare YW555
It's Hard Work Holding a Marriage Together YW567
My Brother Made Me a Cuckold
Saturday Night
Studies in Temptation


(Not the reviewer.)
A Woman's Touch
 ~~ Escort Service B-/C Annex Reviews
A Woman's Touch
 ~~ Hammock
A Woman's Touch
 ~~ Invisible Woman
A Woman's Touch
 ~~ Lisa's Stag Party
Trick and Treat: Halloween 1980 10-10-10 *Cel-372

celia bateau

is a hispano-american writer. Her stories are often a little bit mystical. She also writes erotic short-stories and poetry. In my opinion her erotic fiction is the most literally erotic writing available in Internet at present. Her website is a looker and a personal best of FranzKafka79.

Currents Erotic stories
Feels Like Hitting
lost loves
May Blossoms Reign
Momentos. 8 short pieces.
Olive Blossom
Spring Hopes Eternal: The Clearing
Spring Hopes Eternal: The Chase
Spring Hopes Eternal: The Thief
Submission 113 (9k)
 CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10]
The Catalyst
The Tree Of Life
The Whereabouts of Happiness
 - part one: onna no yume
Tongue of Frog CRIM-3: [10,10,10,10]
Under The Bed
White Noise
(p)bitter Poems
(p)burnt blind
(p)haikus of a messed up girl
(p)me quemas
(p)mir falling
(p)rotten fruit
(p)unspoken moment 81006288
braille Short Stories
fuiste polvo, polvo eres
Perils (2k) [flash fest]
(p)bad math Autobiographical
(p)let him do it
(p)split and swerve
(p)the other girl

cherisse van der lynn

Olivia's Secret 10-9-9 *Cel-105


writes about Father/Daughter incest. The Amy/Marie/Lisa series
of novels is in a high-tech espionage setting. These are well-written,
fun stories with lots of uninhibited teen sex and international
intrigue. Centaur's stories are available on Mr Double's web site, and
are highly recommended.
Jack Palmer's Journal
The Security Man
The Storm
While the Cat's Away


I Don't Think I Have Any Imagination Left *Cel-176: 10-10-10
Let's Play Beauty and the Priest

cheryl roberts

Abduction of the White Ranger 264k
Destruction of the Pink Ranger 371k
Seduction of the Blue Ranger 276k

chili peeler

has written seven (eight) stories with incest themes.
These are usually long stories which allow for good character
development and have a surprise twist. The author writes from both the
male and female perspective throughout the series. "HypnoWho" is about
a psychiatrist who returns from a hypnotism clinic to practice his new
skills on co-workers, patients, and family members. In "Manhattan
Madness" a brother visits his older sister in NYC only to learn that
she and her roommate are into rather kinky sex. You get the idea.
Heaven Sent
Home in a Horny State
HypnoWho (269k)
Manhattan Madness (252k)
Rachel Roundheels Ch. 11-21
Sordid Conception (176k) CEL-283: 9-10-10
Swing Man (244k) 7.5 *Cel-283
The Swing Man Cometh Again 118k

christopher leeson

Bobbi Mc Gee 72k
Noel 72k
The Crusader and the Slave Girl 46k
Prisoners of Tiresias 256k
Under the Moons of Eden (146k) CEL-284: 10-10-10

chuck williams

An Educational Experience in the Deep South
Carol Ann
Darla and Her Daughters
Life on the Road
My Cousin's Wife
Short Stories *Cel-199: 6-3-3
The Bosses Daughter
The Guest
The Summer of 1997
The Visit
Tom's Gift

cindy g

A Beastly Education for Abigal (42k)
A Sister's Love (29k)
A Sister's Needs (35k)
Arie and Ryo get Caught (31k)
Black Box (68k)
Cat and Canary 01 (18k)
Cat and Canary 02: Pollination (23k)
Cindy's Feline Sin (23k)
Egg Day (32k)
Fairytale 01-05 *assm-2003/41136 (23k)
Fun, Fun, Fun (54k)
Hunger (35k)
Photography Lesson (22k)
Playing The Game (28k)
The Hole in the Wall (16k)
The Secret Life of Yuriko Yomamata 01-03 (24k) 41138, 41139

clayton's children

Katy (Ch 1-6) 1,317k; Katy (2); Katy (3); Katy (4); Katy (5); Katy (6)

The Babysitter 454k

clint quinn

Clint and Martine CEL-53: 9
Exchange Program *Cel-194: 10-10-10
The Crystal 8-7-7 *Cel-70


Governor's Slave
The Dog Slave
Adam's Slaves
Neighbor's Shoe Closet
Secret Slave
Dominant Schoolgirl
Dominant Ex-Wife
Dominant Sister-in-Law


Hot Chocolate (6k) {Birthday},
 CRIM-22: [9,0,10,9]
How Much Are Them Boobies In The Email? (3k)
How Much Is That Musey In The Window? (3k)
My Mom's Fuzzy Heart (65k)
NanoVirus 1 (34k)
 Golden Clit Best Series/Serial (2002)
Pictures of Alley Baggett (2k) [flash fest]

cobalt jade

is a young woman writing to us from Seattle who makes her living doing computer art and Web graphics. Why do I write sex stories? I have too much imagination. I probably won't wind up on the Celestial 100 or whatever it is, but then, my stuff isn't very `nice.'" To the contrary, "Prize Pig" received a 1997 Cyrrheal Award. (...) I write smut. Most of which is based on present and past fantasies of mine. They range from tender to kinky to disturbing, sometimes all three at once...

Most of her stories are bondage and D/s, also a little bit mind control; fantasy and ASFR and statue fiction. But don't let this scare you off since she is also writing regular romantic erotica.

Amazon Armor (QF1)
Beauty Is Iron Emperor: CEL-301: 10-10-8
Box Office *Cel-173: 10-10-10,
Brent & Reed Dad's Going to KILL Us!
 Prize Pig
Dad's Going to Kill Us *Cel-177: 10-10-10,
Estranged Flesh (21k) {Pirate}
Kalani's First Outing
Painted Ponies CEL-219: 10-10-7,
Paragon vs. Plastica, 38442, 38443, 38445, 38446,
 %assm-2002/38467, 38469, 38470,
 %assm-2002/38471, 38460, 38461,
 %assm-2002/38462, 38463, 38464,
Prize Pig A+ Annex Reviews, CEL-207: 10-10-10
Secret Pastimes of the Queen
Ten Transformations Introduction: A Most
 Unfortunate Encounter
 with a Basilisk
 The First Tale:
 Let Them Eat Cake
 The Second Tale:
 Tomb Baiter
The Black Pearl of Pharazion Annex 11/10/99: A+
 Ch.1: Encounter on the Road
 Ch.2: Shadow
 Ch.3: The Rebels
 Ch.4: Wolfmoon
 Ch.5: The City of Carnality
 Ch.6: Syonhoddaz
 Ch.7: The Making of a Slave
 Ch.8: Secret Pastimes of the Queen
 Ch.9: The Procession
 Ch.10: The Duke's Pleasure
 Ch.11: A Narrow Escape
 Ch.12: The Temple of Tontaxir
 Ch.13: Two Sides of a Coin
 Ch.14: A Pyrotechnic Performance
 Ch.15: Reluctant Mistress
 Ch.16: The Crystal Shards
 Ch.17: Eight Beasts of Stone
 Ch.18: Spiders and Silkworms
 Ch.19: Shezrine's Judgement
 Ch.20: The Test
 Ch.21: Rurani Eschai
 Ch.22: Branded
 Ch.23: Prisoner of Brass
 Ch.24: The Mercy of Ylangaz
 Ch.25: Shattered
The Gorgon's Kiss
The Off Season *Cel-181: 10-8-8,
The Rift Chronicles Beauty is Iron
 Honor is Steel
The Tale of Lassok and Zairbhreena Ch.1: The Caliph's Son
 Ch.2: The Prince's Search
 Ch.3: Zairbhreena's Peril
 Ch.4: Peril on Peril
 Ch.5: Into the Desert
 Ch.6: The Sand Gorgon
 Ch.7: The Brass Dragon
 Ch.8: The Golden Virgin
 Ch.9: Fate Kind and Cruel
 Ch.10: Aurum Nirvana (Conclusion)
Titanium Kiss
Will Insurance Cover It? (QF2)
Yellow (QF3)

cody ann michaels

is an author with whom Ole Joe has corresponded, off and on, for over a year. Ole Joe:

I am no closer to understanding her than I was before we first spoke. She's the only self-professed masochist I've chanced to meet. Her stories, consequently, are a trip into the dark side of sex. Her personal fantasy is to star in a VP Viddler story. Read one, then come back and talk to me. Her recent work is more about current events, especially politics, than sex, though there is always a sexual subject.

Cody Wants It Bad
Old Friends
A Diamond as Big as Your Fist
Frosh 188k
Hell-lo Dolly
Knocking on Heaven's Gate
My Kind of Town
Only Sadists Need Apply
Suffer the Little Children
Until You 2r1
My Struggle 569k
The Go Between
Hey, Joe, I'm Sorry
Stand In

colt 45

(MMF wife) (on Dark Wanderer's site)
A Slut For a Wife YW427
A Slut for Black Cocks YW186
Again YW228
Amy YW216
Annie's Hot Night Out YW264
Beth's Story YW219
Bonus YW171
Carrol YW213
Cindy YW156
Cindy the Slut YW167
Diane YW236
Gigantic Greg YW161
Great Vacation YW212
Hubby's Gone YW206
Jenny and Sam YW164
Jule's Fantasy YW276
Karen's Ride YW182
Linda Cumming YW183
Lori's Story YW278
My Slut Wife YW217
Rita's Big Time YW142
The Party YW163
The Taking of My Wife YW193
Tina's Black YW192
Tina's Testament YW157
Tommy's Tale YW155
Vacation Fun YW223


Golden Gate Bridge
Tender Cousins
To Be Eighteen


Female POW I, II
The Taking of Troi (25k)
The Tank
Major Slut


(MMF wife)
Anne YW117
Eleanor YW121
Emma YW184
Gayle YW108
Husband Ray YW123
Jacqui YW185
Janine YW109
Jenny YW107
Marie YW104
Sarah YW110
Trish YW102
Unfaithful YW111

coogrr cat

Jean's Journey



courtney sweet

has a website, there might be more than 100 stories.
{The story site was not checked out by me since I do not post my
credit card number to the web under any circumstances – also if it is
only for checking age) and so the story list contains only the stories
which were (re-)posted to a.s.s.m since late 2001.} _More stories to
find thru Google (more than 100 stories)_
A Little Naughtiness (13k)
A Sigh In The Darkness (17k)
Alien Captive (14k)
Always Greener (19k)
Artificially Enhanced Life Form (12k)
Awakening To Darkness (10k)
Babysitter Temptress (10k)
Backstage Slut! (16k)
Bareback Like Horses (16k)
Beach Bang (16k)
Beach Bunny (15k)
Beach Cummer (15k)
Behind The Bike Shed 1 (9k)
Behind The Bike Shed 2 (9k)
Bird Of Prey (18k)
Blatent Underhanded Friendship (18k)
Blindfolded Surprise Birthday (17k)
Body Rub, 14 Jul 2001
Bride To Be (14k)
Buzzing It, 6 Aug 2001
Captured In Africa (14k)
Cassie And The Road Crew (13k)
Circus Ride (20k)
Cheap Ride (11k)
Chocolat A' Trios (10k)
Chrissie's Nightmare (14k)
Corn Field Frolic (11k)
Courtney's Deep Satisfaction (14k)
Courtney's Wet Dream (8k)
Coveted Lust (26k)
Culinary Master (7k)
Cum Dance With Me, 9 Jun 2002
Curing Candy (16k)
Daddy's Little Darling (7k)
Desire At First Sight Part 1 (11k)
Desire At First Sight Part 2 (18k)
Dreamy Distraction, 10 Oct 2001
Elevator Orgy (16k)
Erogeonous Destination (21k)
Female Frolic In The Sunshine (9k)
 CRIM-10: [6,8,4,4]
Foot Fetish (7k)
Foot Fucking Fun, 20 Jun 2001
Forbidden Fruit (9k)
Freshening Up (5k)
Garden With A View, 30 May 2002
Gino The Fruiterer, 16 Jul 2001
Glory Gets Sam's Attention (9k)
Hands Of A Masseur (10k)
Heavenly Moves (10k)
Her First Riding Lesson (15k)
Hidden Deceit (10k)
Holiday Romance (15k)
Impaled By An Imposter (13k)
Iniquity In Transit (10k)
Intergalactic Inseminators (13k)
Julia's Sexual Exploration (17k)
Junior Clerk Initiation
Katherine's Salad (5k)
Lady in Disdress  (9k)
Lady Tease (13k)
Little Girls Like To Play Too! (7k)
Man Of The Sea (11k)
Meg At 16 (22k)
Mechanical Mandy, 16 Aug 2001
Miss Stanton
 1 - The Football Team (13k)
 2 - The Football Captain (14k)
Movie Masturbation, 14 Aug 2001
My Teacher, Mr Jacobs (14k)
Night Creatures (12k)
Night Runner's Dream (9k)
Nurse Come Quick  (6k)
One by One (16k)
Outside Looking In (10k)
Photo Shoot Sell Out
Pool Table For Three (16k)
Position of Submission (13k)
Pre-Teen Masturbation Fantasy, 8 May 2002
Private Viewing (16k)
Questionable Preference (14k)
Reluctant Romance (29k)
Ripe for Raping (8k)
Roberotica (19k)
Sally And The Interview (7k)
School Boy's Fantasy Part 1 (15k)
School Boy's Fantasy Part 2 (18k)
Screen Slut (13k)
Seducing Sasha (19k)
Sex Shop Interview (15k)
Sex Therapist Temptation (11k)
She Wore No Panties! (11k)
Sheri and The Boys (13k)
Sheri's Boys (13k)
Sienna's Summer Awakening (15k)
Slave Auction - PT 1 (8k)
Slave Auction - PT 2 (9k)
Slave Auction - PT 3 (8k)
Slave For Hire, 26 Jun 2001
Snookered (16k)
Stealing Elaine (12k)
Stepmother? (8k)
Student Slut
Sweet Naïve Teen (16k)
Table For Three (9k)
Taxi Tales 01
 'A Fare To Remember' (11k)
Teacher's Petting (18k)
Teen Train Molestation (8k)
Teenage Drinking Spree (12k)
The Birthday Gig (14k)
The Draygar's Bounty (14k)
The Handyman (13k)
The Humiliation Of Yasmine (19k)
The Interview (15k)
The Lingerie Party (13k)
The Milkman's Eyes (16k)
The Pleasure Of Family Hiking, 5 Aug 2001
The School Locker Rooms (12k)
Timid Victim Part 01 (18k)
Timid Victim Part 02 (12k)
Trucker's Delight, 22 Oct 2001
Two's Company, Three's A Crowd (11k)
Very Good Bad Behavior (3k)
Virginal Seductress (24k)
Wanton Seduction (13k)
Wet Panties For Sale (19k)
Wet Panty Inc.
What Santa Got For Christmas... (5k)
Yes Mr Jacobs, Sir! (14k)


(a.k.a. cowgirl_stupid a.k.a. Jennifer a.k.a. jenny_stupid),
who describes herself as the illegitimate offspring of Parker and
Marlissa, is a relatively new contributor to a.s.s. Her stories deal
with semi-consensual sexual relations, usually told from the point of
view of the submissive personality. They are usually short and to the
point. And very effective. A statement in late 2003 said she will
retire from story writing.
Away Games (9k)
Baby Talk
Baby-Sitter's Worth (Part I)
Baby-Sitter's Worth (Part II)
Bring Your Daughter To Work Week 1 (16k)
 Week 2 (19k)
 Week 3 (18k)
 Week 4 (36k)
Cat Sand
Dripping Oil
For Ladies Only
Friends (12k)
Humiliating Porky
Jenbug (25k)
Jenny's E-Mail Humiliation 1-6
Jenny's Evil Niece
Little-Miss-Annie (22k)
Love Letters From An Emotional Cripple
Loyal Daughter (1-4)
Mother Finds Out!
Mrs. H's Humiliation (1-3)
Office Pumps 1 (40k)
Office Pumps 2 (51k)
Office Pumps 3 (64k)
Office Pumps 4 (84k)
Pet Shop Girl
Self Esteem (Cat Sand 2)
Skippy's Master
Skippy 2
Stacey's Little Sex Shirt
Stern And Associates – The Interview
The Boss's Daughters
The Shower
Two Lovely Black Eyes (20k)
Ugly Little Girl
Undercover Humiliation (1/10) (16k) (RP-RV)
Undercover Humiliation (2/10) (36k)
Undercover Humiliation (3/10)
Undercover Humiliation (4/10)
Undercover Humiliation (5/10)
Undercover Humiliation (6/10)
Undercover Humiliation (7/10)


writes mostly MMF wife-slut, or just MF slut stories. I was not
able to find any original posting by Craver, but Ole Joe reposted a
row in 1997 and 1998, which are retrievable at Google.
At the Movies YW90
At The Movies 2 YW92
Fun with Dick and Jane
I Dare You
Into the Abyss YW93
Lisa's Desire
Loving It
My Husband, My Lovers, and Me
My Wife the Porn Star
Sally YW96
The Slut YW95
The Young Wife YW89

creampie eater

Babydoll Creampie (28k)
Birthday Creampie (17k)
Blackmail Creampie (23k)
Bringing Home the Creampie (14k)
Bringing Home the New Year (22k)
Caren Creampie (14k)
Caren for Easter (17k)
Caught on Camera (37k)
Cleaning Up (19k)
Condompie (11k)
Creampie 3-way (27k)
Creampie Airman (29k)
Creampie Bondage 1-2 *assm-2000/28001 (36k)
Creampie Cabin (12k)
Creampie Conference (47k)
Creampie Cuckold  (7k)
Creampie Cum (13k)
Creampie Engagement (15k)
Creampie Fluffer (27k)  *A rating Annex 2/27/00,
Creampie Frustration (26k)
Creampie Geocaching (25k)
Creampie Helper (13k)
Creampie Hookup (18k)
Creampie Hypnosis (16k)
Creampie Illness (55k)
Creampie Junky (26k)
Creampie Juror (23k)
Creampie Leftovers (16k)
Creampie Massage 1-2 (55k) 27776
Creampie Mummy (9k)
Creampie Neighbor (7k)
Creampie Pet (24k)
Creampie Pony (15k)
Creampie Prom Date (20k)
Creampie Quickie  (8k)
Creampie Reluctance (52k)
Creampie Slutwife Dancer (19k)
Creampie Strap-On (14k)
Creampie Wedding (16k)
Creampied and Broken (27k)
Crossing the Line (18k)
Dog Canyon Creampie (23k)
Delayed Satisfaction (10k)
First Creampie (12k) CEL-338: 10-8-8
Forming a Habit (39k)
From Staid To Creampie Sexpot (63k)
Gangbang Gina (10k)
Hotel Creampie Pickup (36k)
Chasing James (112k)
Christmas Creampie (23k)
IMO Creampies Are Best (12k)
Jota and Her Hubby (19k)
Lesbian Strap-On (27k)
Make a Wish (18k)
Meeting a Fan (15k)
Miss Eggnog (11k)
Model Creampie (42k)
My 40th Birthday (13k)
My Boyfriend Used Me (34k)
My Friend Jota (12k)
My Friend Jota (revisited) (9k)
My Wife and the Lumberjack (12k)
Preggy Creampie Frustration (40k)
Safesex Gangbang Creampie (14k)
Taboo (15k)
The Babysitter (126k)
The Guaddess (29k)
The Making of an Amateur Strap-On Video (75k) (RP)
The Recording CRIM-3: [9,9,8,6]
The Salon Changed My Life! (57k)
Trick or Creampie (25k)
Two Real (15k)
Wish Come True (18k)
X10 Creampie (13k)

crimson dragon

( writes stories
which often got 10-10-10 by Celeste. Since summer 2002 the Dragon is
reviewing stories herself. While not all her stories contain sex, some
of the stories contain depictions of male/female and female/female
love and sexuality, exhibitionism, masturbation, bondage, and
sexuality outside of normal bedroom perimeters. All stories have
erotic content of some sort.
A Most Unusual Afternoon CEL-294: 10-10-10
Ash originally 1994
Autumn Equinox
California Dreaming CEL-323: 10-9-9
Cassandra CEL-306: 10-10-10
Colours of the Soul BillyG: CEL-320: 10-9-9.5
Coyotes Never Die
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
Dawn of Time 157-chapter-opus, 2003
Easter Tears CEL-281: 9.7-9-9.8
Four of a Kind
Four Seasons CEL-282: 9-8-6
 1 - Harvest Moon
 2 - Christmas Presents
 3 - Easter Tears
 4 - June Revelations
Harvest Moon CEL-277: 7.5-9-9
Heat originally 1994
Chosen CEL-293: 10-10-10
Love Unexpected Sapphic Festival
Keys (32k)
Magical Encounters
March Twenty-First CEL-267: 10-10-6
Melody (37k) CEL-286: 9-3-7, (RP)
No Tomorrow
Porch CEL-295: 10-10-10
Precious CEL-308: 10-10-10
Rain (FF bondage) CEL-265: 10-10-10
Snapshots 1 - 401 CEL-246: 10-8-8
Sunswept CEL-274: 10-9-8
Thunder Ridge CEL-298: 10-9-9, originally 1994
Thunder Struck 10-9.5-9.5 CR #317,
 B+ rating Annex review 3/16/99
Time Out of Time 1-13 10.97 MB !!!!
Trouble in Paradise 10-9-9 CR #298
Until It Hurts (49k) (RP),
 CEL-301: 10-10-10
War CEL-288: 10-8-6
When Angels Meet Angels Romance Festival

curt strap

stories were not intended by the author for general
publication. CalvinNHobbes obtained some from a BBS and posted several
of them a couple of years ago. They are an extremely graphic look at
torture and rape. They are definitely not for the faint at heart, but
if you like extreme violence, keep your eyes peeled for one of the
Nola stories. They are of uneven quality, so don't suppose for a
minute that they can't get better (or worse).
Ole Joe made contact with this author once and used to have a story
list. There are believed to be over a hundred titles. Not all story
files can be located in the web today. These are the ones known in a
file at
- Curt Strap's NOLA series as of Apr. 1996 contents (those on Ole
Joe's collection are marked with (OJC), if you have one of the others,
please report):
Nola 01 The Beginning (OJC)
Nola 02 The Police Chief
Nola 03 The Augustines
Nola 04 The Reverend
Nola 05 The Contract
Nola 06 The Children
Nola 07 The Rape Photographer (OJC)
Nola 08 The Porn Producers
Nola 09 The Nurse ZIP at Mr.Double, unfinished
Nola 10 The Children at Play (OJC)
Nola 11 The Game 211k (OJC)
Nola 12 The Doctor
Nola 13 The Farm (BBS user's special request)
Nola 14 The Model 146k (OJC)
Nola 15 Blackmailing Nola
Nola 16 Blackmailing Tashia
Nola 17 The Spy 99k (OJC)
Nola 18 The Tudor
Nola 19 The Inquisition (OJC)
Nola 20 The Cottage ZIP at Mr.Double
Nola 21 The Convent
Nola 22 The Cop (unfinished draft)
Nola 23 The Reporter (OJC)
Nola 24 The Musician
Nola 25 Nola & Tashia 70k
Nola 25A The Daughter (OJC)
Nola 25B The Son (The wonders search & replace)
Nola 26 The Matron (BBS user's special request)
Nola 27 The Complex
Nola 28 The Cruise 115k (OJC)
Nola 29 The Scout Troop (BBS user's special request)
Nola 30 The Big Brother (OJC)
Nola 31 The Exhibitionist
Nola 32 The Asylum (BBS user's request) (OJC)
Nola 33 The Cellar (OJC)
Nola 34 The Businesswoman
Nola 35 Un-named (unfinished draft)
Nola 36 The Troller
Nola 37 Un-named (unfinished draft)
Nola 38 The Cheerleaders (OJC)
Nola 39 The Terrorist (OJC)
Nola 40 The Indians
Nola 41 The Law (at OJC as Nola 49a)
Nola 42 The Freak Show
Nola 43 The Co-eds
Nola 44 The Thief
Nola 45 The Monastery
Nola 46 The Little Girls
Nola 47 The Boy
Nola 48 The Amusement Park
Nola 49 The Judge (OJC)
Nola 50 Un-named (unfinished draft)
Nola 51 The Motel (not finished)
Nola 52 The Pirates
Nola 53 The Gym Teacher
Nola 54 The Naughty Girls
Nola 55 The Cowgirl
Nola 56 The Cowboys
Nola 57 The Dwarfs
Nola 58 The Brothers (OJC)
Nola 59 The Locker Room
Nola 60 The Killer
Nola 61 The Girls School
Nola 62 The Paper Boy
Nola 63 The Predator
Nola 64 The Nun
Nola 65 The Hitchhikers
Nola 66 The Teasers
Nola 67 The Forest
Nola 68 The Spanking
Nola 69 The Psychiatrist
Nola 70 The Black Room
Nola 80 The Garage
Nola 81 The Motorhome
Nola 82 The Fiend
Nola 83 The Disciplinarian
Nola 84 The Drug Dealers
Nola 85 The Teacher's Pets
Nola 86 The Warehouse
Nola 87 The Set Up
Nola 88 The Girlfriends
Nola 89 The Trolls (OJC)
Nola 90 The Island (at OJC as Nola 05 and Nola 05-A)
Nola 91 The Conspiricy
Nola 98 The Dream
Nola 99 The Family
Nola 101 The Runaway
Nola 102 The Mexican Jail
Nola 103 The Babysitter
Nola 104 The Neighbour
Nola 105 The Tourist
Nola 106 The Teacher
Nola 107 The Cabin
Nola 108 The Sadist
Nola 109 The Hackers
Nola 110 The School Girls
Nola 111 The Sheriff (OJC)
Nola 112 The Bible Camp
Nola 113 The Gang
Nola 114 The Boys Club
Nola 115 The Boys Next Door
Nola 116 The Ordeal
Nola 117 The Vacation
Nola 118 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 119 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 120 The Party
Nola 121 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 122 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 123 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 124 Un-named (first draft)
Nola 125 The Birthday Party
Nola 126 The Interrogation
Nola 127 The Night Creatures
Nola 128 The Robbery
Nola 129 Un-named

cw cobblestone

Barfly YW461
Dear Ralphie YW338
Fourth Down 1-2 YW417 / YW457
Memories of Maria YW317
Obscure 1-7 YW284 / YW421 / YW456
Of Mud and Mist YW343
The Good Life YW314
Their World YW300


Avoiding Trouble (20k)
Debts Repaid (9k)
First Action (15k)
Our Needs *A rating Annex Reviews 10/26/02
Preparatory Meeting (11k)
Real Wants (7k)
Separate Ideas CRIM-24: [7,7,7,7]
Still Friends (29k)
Totally Crazy CRIM-11: [10,10,9,9]
Wicked Show (18k)

cyber sleuth

Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club I, II 600k+-


A Slippery Vacation
A Snowy Little Cabin
At Midnight
Campus Life
Just Business
Long Hours
The Bike Trip
The Christmas Gift
The Conference Cruise
The Damn Beeper
The Storm
What I Did on My Summer Vacation


See ASSTR_Collection/D_Abby. (Also available on Mr. Double's site)

Aunt Mable's Visit 1-12 231k
Friendly Neighbors 244k
Fun in the Trailer Camp 252k
Going Down on the Farm 252k
He Married a Family (249k)
Juvenile Casting Couch (244k) CEL-230: 9-7-5
Loving Step Parents 247k
Millionaire Orphan 319k
On Growing Up 1-4 72k
Saunders Family Saga 735k CEL-230: 9-7-4
She Caught Her Children 246k
She Loved Her Brothers 243k
She Made the Team 229k
Start 1
The Coach Loved Her Swimmers 244k
Their Parents' Sex Club 477k
Two Families (245k) CEL-286: 8-7-6

dafney c. dewitt

is a study. I wish someone with the intellectual capacity would try to figure out Dafney Dewitt, then Parker while you are at it. Marlissa, too? None of Dafney's stories are tender. Dafney C. Dewitt is the author of about 30 stories. She tries to write stories with twisted endings, and is not interested in the sexual content. A lot of her stories are about the adventures of her brother, Fuller. He was born with the best of everything. He has intelligence, good looks, and a strong libido. But he has weaknesses. All his relationships revolve around an obsession with power and control. Dafney's stories try to describe this problem. Fuller is a pathetic man. He has so much, but gains so little. Most of his relationships with women are disastrous.

A Call For Help
A Long Walk
A Wet Day posted by Jenny
Bad Touching 10-10-10 *Cel-128
Bosnian Babes In Rapeland
Castaways 10-10-10 *Cel-151,
Cobbler's Bench 10-10-10 *Cel-131,
Coffee Break
Disrobing Mother
 #70 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; CEL-61: 10
Dog Breath
 #66 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; 10-10-10 *Cel-129
Donna's Humiliation
Double Bang 10-9.5-9.CEL-105: 5,
Double Intensity
Getting Lucky #32 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 Celeste says, "This author's
 stories are invariably well
 written. Recently the author has
 posted several stories with a con
 game focus. This is by far the
 best of that series."
 *Cel-192: 10-10-10
Ginsu Memories 10-10-10 *Cel-129
Hard Candy *Cel-178: 10-10-10,
Homeward Bound 10-10-10 *Cel-126
Instant Romance *Cel-179: 9-8-8
Insurance Exam
Just A Bad Day
Midnight Intruder 9.5-10-10 *Cel-177
Morning Kisses
Perfect Match 10-9.5-9.CEL-152: 5
Redemption CEL-282: 10-9-9
Seven Rings
Spare Change CEL-51: 10
 #38 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Stolen Kisses
The Mulberry Bush
True Love 10-9-9 *Cel-130

da ignatius

"For those of you who suffer under the delusion that
women engineers can't possibly be sensual." That was her header and
remains a good introduction. She was a college kid who shared with us
while it was convenient in her life and we thank her for it. Her
several stories fall under my "romance" category, though don't think
they are tame or sickly-sweet.
Dark Nites 1 #40 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 CEL-56: 10
Dark Nites II CEL-56: 10
Dark Nites III 9-7-10 (Cel#66)
ECE Shop 10-6-10 *Cel-68
For You #88 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-70
Healing #91 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-72
Magic 10-10-10 *Cel-74
Mating Flight 10-8-5 *Cel-75
Midnight Symphony 10-10-10 *Cel-85
Old Friends #54 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 9-10-10 *Cel-77
One Night 9-9-9 *Cel-78
Proposition 8-5-5 *Cel-79
Reflection 10-8-10 *Cel-84
Storm 10-10-10 *Cel-81
Study Break 10-8-10 *Cel-84
Temptation 10-10-10 *Cel-83
The Trouble with Being Immortal


Description of Woman Masturbating CEL-215: 10-8-8
In the Middle of the Night CEL-61: 9
Old Friends CEL-215: 9-8-8
Rain 10-10-10 *Cel-73
Surprise CEL-1: 5
Three's Company CEL-215: 9-8-7

dana williams

(MF/F, bd, nc, slavery)
My Berlin Summer, Chapter 1 (25k)
 Chapter 2 (35k)
 Chapter 3 (42k)
 Chapter 4 (26k)
 Chapter 5 (34k)
 Chapter 6 (41k)
 Chapter 7 (34k)
 Chapter 8 (21k)
 Chapter 9 (27k)
 Chapter 10 (23k)
 Chapter 11 (31k)
 Epilogue (10k)
The First Day (40k)


A Lousy Weather Forecast (19k)
A Man's Opinion (31k)
Haircut Deluxe (24k)
Let Me In! (27k)
Need A Hand (10k)
Nightshift -Part 1 (19k)
Nightshift -Part 2 (28k)
Pit Stop (14k)
Running in the Rain (20k)
The Tennis Accident (19k)
Waiting for Jessica (10k)
Wicked Waitress (13k)

daniel steven reinker

(a.k.a. Lord Dementia). He said: "I think that
there is currently very little of sexual content in `Controlling
Jennifer'", which remained his only story and – unfinished.
Originally posted in 1993.
Controlling Jennifer 295k (12 parts)

daphne conrad

wrote "New Dawn". It is a story containing two seperate
story-telling-perspectives. One is about Dawn's adventures (or self-
finding), the other about a building-up three-some-relationship
between Phillip, Dawn and Lisa. Further stories are to be written.
New Dawn 1-4 (131k)
 5 (35k)
 6 (41k)
Making new connections (35k)
The Pub Game (29k)

daphne xu

was away a while, but in 2003 she started to post again. She
says, that she is still in the experimental phase of writing. She
writes stories of all catagories.
Gazing (3k) [flash fest]
It Came (4k)
Johns-Living-Nightmare 81k
Man-Sucking-Teen-Tampon 2k
Minister-and-Little-Girl  33k
1997 Teen Blow Job Tournament (12k)
 9.5-10-10 *Cel-225
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-15-97; Lady Cyrrh says:

"The story was reminiscent of those Twilight Zone pieces like Deirdre's or Seurat's in that an everyday situation suddenly becomes sexualized ...The narrator of this adventure is a Chinese exchange student unfamiliar with American customs, which gives the story a nice touch: a double dose of strangeness worthy of the best literary fantasy out there.

1998 Teen Cunnilingus Tournament (119k)
 Annex reviews 3/30/00: A+
 CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5
Tit-Torture-Free-Site 8k
Touched-by-an-Angel 55k
Virtual-Solstice-Party 7k
Iolanthe (A Fragment, posted to ASSTR)

dark dreamer

writes rape stories. They are well done, if that is your thing. Word is he posted in the past as Jame and as FROSTFLOWER, and now writes as John Argus. Several of these (marked OJC) are available in Old Joe's collection.

Dark Dreamer wrote stories for A.S.S. back in the early ninties and, unfortunately, hasn't been seen since. You'll find his classics such as 'Farm Girl' and 'The Junkyard Family' all over the internet, especially on any site that prides itself on violent fantasies ... which isn't to say DD only wrote such stories. When he did, however, he was able to make the victim's plight realistic, yet at the same time arousing. He wrote in a very crude, blunt manner but his stories were told well and never failed to satisfy. To all of us who still enjoy your writings to this day, Dark Dreamer, thanks! -- S. Bockman

African Drums 192K (OJC)
 -1 MID (
 -2 MID (
 -3 MID (
 -4 MID (
 -5 MID (
 -6 MID (
Boarding School Rapists Ff, 23K (OJC)
Bus Stop Rapist MID (
Coed's Slave Girl Fantasy 190K (OJC)
 -1 MID (
 -2 MID (
 -3 MID (
 -4 MID (
 -5 MID (
Computer Room Rape Mf inter, 77K (OJC)
 -1 MID (
 -2 MID (
Daddy Dearest Mf inc nc, 23K (OJC)
Drugged Babysitter 22K (OJC)
Elevator Rape 2-1-1 *Cel-132, 11K (OJC),
 MID (
Farm Girl 195 KB, (OJC)
Frosh Night
Garage Rape 20K (OJC)
Helpless 25K (OJC)
Island of Terror 163k (OJC)
Jeff's Family Harem (aka Mom & Sis in Chains) 190 KB, (OJC)
Kidnapped Sex Slaves 193k (OJC)
Marine Sex Slave 194K (OJC, 9 parts)
Lesbian Rape 23K (OJC)
Marines' Slut [1-3] ?
 [4] MID (
 [5] MID (
 [6] MID (
 [7] MID (
 [8] MID (
 [9] MID (
Parking Garage Rape MID (
 21K (OJC)
Perils of Stacie 194K (OJC, 8 parts)
Phone Booth Rape MID (
 16K (OJC)
Pirates! (40k) {Pirate} (RP)
 (OJC, 2 parts)
Rape at the Bus Stop 22K (OJC)
Rape in a Field MID (
 31K (OJC)
Rape in the Shower 56K (OJC)
Raping Little Suzy 51K (OJC)
Raping the Twins 42K (OJC)
 1 MID (
 2 MID (
Rough Date
Shower Room Rape CEL-332: 9-6-5,
 MID (
Sorority Sex Slave 189K (OJC)
 [1] MID (
 [2] MID (
 [3] MID (
 [4] MID (
 [6] MID (
 [7] MID (
 [8] MID (
The Cop Raper MID (
 Mf interr, 12K (OJC)
The Heat Inside Her MF FF bd.txt, 43K (OJC)
 [1] MID (
 [2] MID (
The Junkyard Family 186K (OJC),
The Plumber MID (
 17K (OJC)
The River
The Van Ride 58K (OJC, 2 parts)
_Complete Stories posted to ASSM as "Argus":_
Captive of the Revolution (191k) 33966
Kidnap Slave (185k) 45103
Peruvian Story 1 (109k)
The German Countess (189k) 34609
The Japanese Nightmare (171k) 34949
The Thailand Torture Toy *assm-2002/34646 (201k)
 Note: There is also a bunch of
 incomplete stories posted by
 Pentland to ASS regularly.

dark one

Hired Help 1-52

dark paladin

The Feel (mf, mF, mc, preg) (11 parts)
The Girls of 90210 MID (

dark pen

is the creator of stories containing various elements, all
contain elements of BDSM - from relativly mild to very extreme, no
snuff or mutilation, but he includes m/c, teen, blood, w/s and other
Dancer 1 (34k)
Dancer 2 (58k)
Dancer 3 (41k)
Dancer 4 (48k)
Dancer 5 (60k)
Hunger 1-3 (114k) 34156, 34747
Office Games (485k) (13 parts)
Sets (29k)
The Law 1-3 (75k) 40581, 40638
 4-5 (74k) 41114

dark side

A Cry for Attention
Controlling Josie
Hell Hath No Fury 202k
 #30 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Like a Good Neighbor
Open Communication
School Daze
Summer Vacation
The Chosen One
The Interview
Time with Brad

dark vision

Kathy Learns
Kathy Learns - The Next Day (168k)
Kathy Learns - Family Secrets
The Lottery _still ongoing_

dark wanderer

has written 118 short stories, all available on his web
site. He seems to prefer his (white) wife being fucked by (black) men,
preferably well hung, while he watches. If that is your dream, here it
is. Last time we looked he had about 1800 stories of similar vein by
other authors on his web page. See Annex B.
NW1 Efan
NW2 Oily
NW3 Boost for Youth
NW4 Satisfied Appetite
NW5 Hazel 1
NW6 Hazel 2
NW7 Contraception Catastrophe
NW8 Bobby Shafter
NW9 Cuckold's Confession
NW10 The Hired Help
NW11 Lusty Video
NW12 Boss
NW13 Cream for Pussy
NW14 Wonderful Wife
NW15 Picture of Excitement
NW16 King Curtis
NW17 Motel Mauling
NW18 Young Lover
NW19 Thrilling Threesome
NW20 Des Comes Round
NW21 Stationary Joyride
NW22 Sexy Belly
NW23 Game of Watching
NW24 Where There's Smoke
NW25 Outdoor Games
NW26 Black and White
NW27 A Changed Wife
NW28 Dark Desires
NW29 Gordon Blue
NW30 Innocents in Amsterdam
NW31 Strangers in the Night
NW32 Watching in the Wardrobe
NW33 The Watcher
NW34 Big Bill
NW35 A Model Wife
NW36 Arabian Nights
NW37 Short Stories
NW38 More Short Stories
NW39 Black Beauty 9-8-8 *Cel-126
NW40 French Undressing
NW41 The Big Surprise
NW42 Jessica's Joy
NW43 Drinking with Dee
NW44 Holiday Humiliation
NW45 Young, Gifted and Black
NW46 One Dark Night
NW47 Long Hot Summer
NW48 Never Neglect Your Wife
NW49 Relieving the Tedium
NW50 An Even Bigger Surprise
NW51 Foreign Parts
NW52 Loose Loos
NW53 Dribbling and Shooting
NW54 The Thirty Eight Steps
NW55 Loan Ranger
NW56 Big Fun
NW57 Angie Again
NW58 Postal Orders
NW59 Dancing Queen
NW60 Girl and Dean
NW61 Warm and Thick
NW62 Not Too Drunk
NW63 French Tickling
NW64 Two Into One Does Go
NW65 The Sheffield Swingers
NW66 Snap Happy
NW67 Video Scene Stealer
NW68 It Happened Again!
NW69 Staying in Contact
NW70 Flatshare with a Difference
NW71 Me and Pat and George
NW72 Roadside Assistance
NW73 Limo Dreaming
NW74 Early Coming
NW75 Foreign Parts
NW76 Takes of Dick and Mandy
NW77 Closet Voyeur
NW78 Jolly Roger
NW79 Dressed Like a Tart
NW80 Back to the Stud
NW81 Public Service
NW82 Turkish Delight
NW83 An Italian Job
NW84 Slaving Away
NW85 Bonking the Boss
NW86 A Sucker for a Chopper
NW87 Lipstick Red Labia
NW88 Jamaican Rum
NW89 Humbled Husband
NW90 Long Strong John
NW91 Slick Sable Shaft
NW92 Virile Vic
NW93 A Write Mess
NW94 The Movie Business
NW95 I Dream of Gene
NW96 Maid for Sharing
NW97 Lost in a World of Lust
NW98 Kong Dong
NW99 African Adventure
NW100 Danger in Bare Back Riding
NW101 Sexy Shindig
NW102 Love Being a Wimp
NW103 An Injection of Seed
NW104 Mick's Night Out
NW105 Patsy's Monster Bite
NW106 Sultans of Swing
NW107 I've Come Out of Hiding
NW108 She Poses to Perfection
NW109 It's Not Always Size Which Matters
NW110 My Photogenic Wife
NW111 We've Been Rejuvinated
NW112 Another Man Joins the Club
NW113 Greeting Him with Open Arms
NW114 Look, More Hans
NW115 A Regular Guest
NW116 Prick From A Rose
NW117 Full Of Seamen
NW118 Two's Company

dastardly dave

Crystal's Fantasy
Kristen 139k
Sam and Rhonda 187k
Sweet Marie 38k
Tonya 1 42k
Twin Trouble (89k) CEL-259: 8-8-7


A Helping Hand
Abandoned Women
And Mother Made Three
Family Traits
Forward Planning
Friend and Neighbour
Good Friends
Growing Closer
Happy Families
Help Please Daddy
I Promised Mom
It Was Cold Outside
Jack's Family Saga
Jenny's Surprise
Let Me Go
Lucky Guess
My Orphans
New Loving Family
Not Quite as it Seems
Please Daddy
Questions Answered
Rachel and her Family
Ruined Holiday
Sugar Daddy
The Fabulous Five
The Reluctant Father Figure
The Soccer Fixture
The Switch
The Tummy Rub
Wishes Do Come True

david lavenham

varies. He writes fantasies about any subject; incest,
paedophilia, straight, gay, SM, bestiality, bondage, also stories
based on requests from my fans.
A Rainy Day in Paris (12k)
Caught in K-Mart  (9k)
DP in the Gym (6k)
Fill my Hole (6k)
Internet Abuse (14k)
Internet Swingers (10k)
Office Affair (7k)
Porn Shop Orgy (8k)
Screwed (15k)
She Was Asking For It (6k)
Ski Trip Swing Story (16k)
The Experiment (8k)
The Hamilton Family (15k)
The Hamiltons – Home Video (8k)
The Hamiltons – My daughter the prostitute (7k)
The Hamiltons – Teaching our kids about sex (14k)
The Hamiltons – The Orgy (10k)
The Lady Loves to Pee (6k)
The Lady Loves to Pee Part 2 (8k)

david lawrence

An Exhibition
Autumn Sonata CEL-249: 9-10-9
Cyndi's Letter 9-7-6.5 *Cel-248
End of the Innocence CEL-243: 10-10-10
Intersection CEL-326: 10-10-10
Keith's Letter
Purple Tornado CEL-273: 9-10-10
Reckless 1-5 CEL-249: 8-9-10
Speechless CEL-280: 9-10-10
The Rules of the Game CEL-279: 10-10-10

david oberman

(TV and celeb sories with bond, tort, beast)
Anna Kournikova at Marineland 43K
Archies - Betty and Me 349K
Archies - Veronica Gets Her Turn 260K
Bo Derek Discovers the Beast 260K
Britney Spears - House and Dogs For Sale  48K
Charmed - Monkey Business 65K
Dr. Quinn - Colleen Gets Educated 221K
Full House - Motherly Advice 180K
JAG - Mac's Witching Hour 107K
Jillian Barberie - Adopt-A-Fucking-Pet 100K
Land of the Giants 143K
Picket Fences - Kidnapped 67K
Picket Fences - Maxine's Circus Investigation 80K
Salt and Pepper 80K
Serious Relationships 216K
Shania Twain, the Making of a Video 66K
Spring Breakdown  54K
Stargate - Legacy's Side Effect 71K
Survivor 2 - Alternate story of Amber 75K
Survivor 2 - Jerri Is A Real Bitch 93K
WKRP - Bailey's First Date with Johnny (55k) CEL-361: 6-6-6
Xena - Aphrodite's Revenge 73K

david shaw

A Yank In The Outhouse (64k)
Avoiding The Missionary Position (55k)
Baked 'n Shaked (25k)
Dr Watson And The Ravishing Raqueteer (137k)
Dr Watson's Wanton Wimbledon (137k)
Dragon Sweat - First Scroll (72k)
Dragon Sweat - Second Scroll (59k)
Dragon Sweat - Third Scroll (53k)
 _all 3 parts_ (182k)
Home Sweet Homeland (53k)
Hooked (47k)
 CRIM-7: [8,10,10,9]
Horsing Around (11k)
Laid Aloft (39k) CEL-351: 10-8-7
Manhattan Man Hunt (68k)
Oh, Jeeves! (51k)
Old Europe (24k)
Riding The Javelin (55k)
Some Helping Hands For Amy (5k)
 CRIM-20: [9,8,6,6]
Special Effects (43k)
The Boys From Belteguese (89k)
The Gunpowder Gals (104k)
The Hotel (4k)
The Hunt Girls (60k)
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 9/2/02
The Park Lark (54k)
The Snakepit (74k)
The Toilets Have Landed (44k)
The X Flights (16k)
Triked, Tricked, Trolloped (62k) CEL-321: 8.5-8-8
Trust Us, We're Salesmen (40k)
Vestal Virgin Spacelines (16k)

david the mild

Liz's Big Payday ***


Cary CEL-210: 10-10-10
Julia 10-9-9 *Cel-156
Susan *Cel-173: 7-8-8
Tricia *Cel-180: 10-10-10

day dreamer

BitBard wrote on his site, where these stories are stored:

Indication of greatness is that this author's works are here despite the fact that I'm not usually a fan of incest. I'm not a fan of terrorizing people either but I enjoy a good Steven King novel now and again. I guess what I'm a fan of is good writing and it doesn't matter what you think you like or dislike – a good writer can draw you into his world however briefly. Where good writing is concerned, there aren't many author's in Day Dreamer's league. Bitbard

Daydreamer's stories are collected at Bitbard's site. Links below are from the ASSM text archives.

A Girl Named Charlie CEL-237: 10-10-10
Back Home on the Farm
Cousins 122k ***, CEL-241: 10-10-10
Donny's Lessons from Mom 75k
Lennie's First Date 1-3 (incomplete)
Little Sister's Helping Hand
My Daughter's Roommate
Niccole's Cotton Panties *A rating Annex Review 12-14-97
Scandia: A Swedish Rhapsody CEL-264: 10-10-10
Sister's Secret Urges
Skinny Dipping with My Maiden Aunt 9-9.5-9.CEL-159: 5
Skinny Dipping - the Sequel
Teaching Little Niece
Teaching Little Sis
Teaching the Teacher
Tender Loving Care
The Bad Girl CEL-256: 9-9-9


writes fem-bot-stories. There are so many, that I not read
all of them. Mostly, they have a length of about 9,000 words. If you
remember the "Westworld" movies with Yul Brunner (end of the 70's),
and you liked them, than you have to read. The `Lisa's Tales' were
written as a follow-on to EHY's original Courtesy Suites story, which
may be found at his web-site:
Abandoned Property (65k)
Animal Genes: Were-Am-I (18k)
Aunt Lonnie and Me (52k)
Aunt Lonnie and Me (Revised) (57k)
Barbara's Journey (88k)
Betrayal and Jill (66k)
Domme-in-a-Box: Domme's Story (38k)
Encounters: CowGirl (50k)
Encounters: Pig Girl (28k)
Encounters: The Mare (24k)
Fembot Studies (55k)
Fred's Story (119k)
G. Jane (71k)
Honey Dew (22k)
Christine's Escape (41k)
Jungle Bunny (53k)
Lindsey's Story (52k)
Lisa's Tale 1 (54k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 2 (35k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 3 (47k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 4 (30k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 5 (43k) (RP/RV)
Lisa's Tale 6 (62k)
Lisa's Tale 7 (58k)
Mandy (57k)
Marilyn (50k) [sapphic fest]
Meeting of the Board (63k)
My First Robot (37k)
My Working Weekend (41k)
Pickup at the Robot Club 1 (47k) (RP)
Pickup at the Robot Club 2 -
 - Meeting Tammy (43k)
Relationships 101: The Test (5k)
Repair Station: A Zansasi Highway Adventure (10k)
Rescuing Silver (76k)
Robot Poetry: Forbidden Love (3k)
Samantha's Tale (61k)
Sex-Toy Story: Part Next (65k)
Souvenir From Westworld (37k)
Strip Club Tales: Beth (40k)
Strip Club Tales: Kassie (66k)
Strip Club Tales: Olivia (61k)
Switch (31k)
Sylvia's Secret (60k)
The Boxer (81k)
The Picky Customer: A Lady Sally Story (46k)
The Playroom 3: Dolls Night In (23k) (RP)
The Rescue of D. B. Story (61k)
Three Strikes Against Her (76k)
Toyland: A Zansasi Highway Adventure (126k)

dd dave

Becks's Bust Out Party
Clara's Cleavage
Hillary's Hills
Toh's Story

deana johns

has been writing erotica for some years. I created the first lines of this entry in August, 2003 and the same night Deanna got pissed off due to another ASSM/ASSD-contributor(ess). He posted to usenet:

As of this moment (Saturday, August 23rd, 1:29 AM) Deana Johns and all my stories are PERMANENTLY gone from the Internet."

-- which of course is not true, Google has it, ASSM at ASSTR also. You think that your website at is gone? Try, search for and then go to the authors section, letter D and ... voila.

In The Darkness CEL-353: 9-9.5-9.5
Calley (MFf) (141k)
Castle In The Sand 1 (198k)
 2 (198k)
 3 (196k)
 4 (200k)
 5 (196k)
 6 (184k)
 7 (213k)
 8 (111k)
 9 (249k)
 10 (187k)
 11 (243k)
 12 (166k)
 13 (224k)
 14 (184k)
Savant (incomplete, 17 parts) about 3,5Mb, 580.000 words
T-Joy Julie 1 (47k)

deborah the cowgirl

is not identical with Cowgirl and is writing about
FF/M, Lesbian Femdom, BDSM, Forced Orgasm and other such things.
Cageless Captivity 22K %assm-1999/21785
Cult of One 23K
Moth to the Flame 36K ASSM 1999/22006
Panty Slut 19K
Strip Poker 13K
Taste for Pussy, Part 1 19K
Taste for Pussy, Part 2 16K
Taste for Pussy, Part 3 19K
Taste for Pussy, Part 3 20K
Taste for Pussy, Part 4 14K
Worship my Ass 7K
Worship my Feet 7K

ded heather

first posted her stories to alt.torture but in last time
to a.s.s.m. Her stories are describing torture and humiliation, in
last time also involving rape fantasies. She writes in an
autobiographical style. This style leads you thinking about if her
stories are fantasies or real life. (in order of posting)
The Taking Of Heather
Heather Meets the Vile Gamer
The Torture of Heather
The Return of the Vile Gamer
Heather's Crazed Fan
Rachel on the Rails
The Burning of Miranda
Closing Time

deep blue

has produced the "Adventures of Carrie" series.
Adventures of Carrie: Waiting 1-11
 A Day at the Office
 Motel Afternoon


is an enigma on the group and likes it that way. She wrote 156 stories, putting her well into the ranks of the most prolific authors, then or again, disappeared with Come on, Deirdre. There are other anonymous remailers. I use one. All her stories are different and defy categorisation. They are mostly short and usually involve some newly awakened sexual compulsion. Highly recommended for those who consider the brain an erogenous zone. Deirdre figured prominently in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, taking 11 of the 100 positions. Then Deirdre disappeared. I bet there are another 156 stories lurking, waiting on a chance to appear. Where are you Deirdre?

Deirdre wrote something like 150 or more stories, and by that feat alone, I think she should be in the Hall of Fame. The stories covered all topics, many codes, most kinks and squicks. They were always well written, and often ended with interesting twists. Often, the characters got themselves into the oddest situations, some compulsion they just couldn't help, and they traveled further and further down the slippery slope. [...] Deirdre could write about women or men, same-sex or hetero, or interesting combinations thereof. She was willing to try her hand at almost any type of story, and did a superb job. -- BlueWords (David)

Piper :

Celestial ratings: Most of these stories were originally given a single number. When Celeste re-posted the reviews of these stories, she changed the ratings to her newer 3-number system. All but one of Deirdre stories have been reviewed (missing "Witch"). Where I know, I've given the original CR edition number, otherwise I give a repost edition number. Also, I mention if the story made it to a top 100 ranking.

The recently posted/reposted story "Deliberate" has been left out of this list. It doesn't appear to be genuine Deirdre -- wrong writing style, wrong story style (I've read all 156 of these titles so I know the formula), and it's too new. Unless Deirdre is making a comeback with a new mission statement, which I haven't seen anything of yet, then someone else posted using the same moniker. So until I know better, I'll assume the worst. -- Piper

All the following stories are archived on BitBard's site.

After (f: [mf] [ff] spanking) Cel-24: 8
Afternoon (f: f) Cel-24: 10
Airport (f: ff ds) Cel-24: 10
Assignment (f: ff mf bd) Cel-25: 10-10-10
Back (m: [mf] mm anal) Cel-23: 10-9-9
Backfire (f: ff mf) Cel-25: 10-8-7
Ball (f: mm mf ff anal) Cel-129: 9.5-10-9.5
Bank (f: [ff] teen spank mild) Cel-?: 10-10-9.5
Basement (m: ff bd sm) Cel-37: 10-8-8
Beach (f: mf [ff]) Cel-25: 10-9-8
Bet (m: ds bd sm [mf] [ff]) Cel-26: 10-8-8
Big (f: ff fff) Cel-46: 9-6-6
Birthday (f: mf anal bd ds) Cel-26: 10-10-10
Bracelet (f: [ff] ds [sm]) Cel-26: 10-8-8
Bride (f: [mf] [ff]) Cel-27: 9-7-6
Bridesmaid (f: [ff] ds [sm]) Cel-27: 10-10-10
Brother (f: mf teen incest) Cel-27: 10-8-8
Cabin (f: mm mf hypnotism) Cel-28: 9-8-8
Camp (f: ff teen seduction) Cel-131: 10-8-7
Checkup (f: ff ds) Cel-28: 9-6-6
Cheerleader (m: mm mf anal) Cel-80: 9.5-9-8.5
Chest (f: ff mf ds anal bd sm) Cel-28: 10-6-6
 2002 Classical Clit Award
Clean (f: ff ds sm bd) Cel-29: 10-9-8
Clique (f: [ff] sm bd) Cel-29: 9-6-5
Closet (f: mf ff nc bd sm) Cel-29: 10-8-8
Coffee (f: ff ds sm bd) Cel-30: 10-10-10
College (f: [ff] [mf] [sm] [ds]) Cel-2: 5.5
Company (f: [ff] bd sm) Cel-30: 10-10-10
Compensation (m: mf anal mm bd ds [sm]) Cel-30: 9-8-7
Convention (m: mf mm ff nc bd anal) Cel-31: 10-10-10
Couch (f: mf voyeurism) Cel-4: 10-8-8
Cousin (f: ff mf [ds]) Cel-31: 10-9-9
Cozy (m: mf anal ds [ff]) Cel-31: 10-9-9
Date (f: mf mystery) Cel-80: 10-9.5-9.5
Daughter (f: mf group anal [ff]) Cel-32: 10-9-8
Daydream (f: [ff]) Cel-32: 10-8-8
Deal (m: ff mf) Cel-32: 10-10-10
Debt (m: mf [ff]) Cel-33: 10-10-10
Denial (m: mm mf anal) Cel-132: 10-9.5-9.5
Desire (f: mm mf) Cel-69: 10-10-7
Dip (f: ff ds) Cel-33: 10-10-10
Dive (f: mf [ff] [mm]) Cel-33: 10-9-9
Doctor (f: bd mf ff ds sm) Cel-34: 10-8-7
Door (f: mf [ff] spanking) Cel-34: 10-8-5
Drawer (f: fm mm [ff] ds sm bd) Cel-34: 10-9-9
Dream (f: [ff] [mf]) Cel-20: 10-9-8
Dress (m: mf tv ds [mm]) Cel-35: 10-9-9
Drop (m: mf ff sm ds anal inc) Cel-35: 10-10-8
Dunes (m: mm mf ff) Cel-23: 10-10-10
Easy (m: mf ff anal) Cel-35: 10-9-9
Entertainment f: ff ds [mf]   10-8-8 36
Everything (f: mf bd sm [ff] anal) Cel-36: 10-7-4
Exam (m: mf [mm] [ff] [bd] [anal]) Cel-36: 10-8-6
Experiment (f: [ff] bd mind-control) Cel-38: 10-10-10
Fashion (m: mf ff infidelity) Cel-47: 10-10-10
Field (f: mf ff superman) Cel-38: 10-9-9
Fixup (f: mf [ff]) Cel-38: 10-7-5
Flight (f: mf [ff] daydreams) Cel-39: 10-8-7
Foreign (f: ff teen sm bd ds) Cel-39: 10-7-7
Found (f: [hypnotism] [mf] [sm]) Cel-37: 10-9-9
Four (f: ds bd [sm] [mf] [ff]) Cel-81: 10-9-8
Freebie (f: mf [ff] oral public) Cel-22: 10-10-10
Friend (f: [ff] sm) Cel-40: 10-7-5
Games (f: ds sm [mf] ff bd) Cel-40: 10-9-9
Gathering (m: mf ff ds incest mystery) Cel-40: 10-9-8
Girlfriend (f: mf ff teen incest) Cel-41: 10-9-8
Glance (m: nc mf [ff] bd ds) Cel-41: 10-8-8
Grad (f: ds [sm] [ff]) Cel-41: 10-9-9
Groom (f: [mf]) Cel-42: 10-10-10
Habit (f: sm [mf] [ff]) Cel-42: 10-10-9
Hear (f: ff fff) Cel-20: 10-10-10
Help (m: mf ff) Cel-42: 10-10-10
Hidden (m: fm ds incest spanking) Cel-57: 10-9.5-10
Home (m: mm [ff] [mf] ds) Cel-43: 10-7-7
Honeymoon (m: [mf] mystery) Cel-39: 10-8-5
House (f: mm mff bd [sm] mc) Cel-37: 10-10-10
Idea (m: [mf] [ff] seduction) Cel-134: 10-9-9
Initiation (f: [mf] ds [sm]) Cel-43: 10-9-8
Interview (f: ff daydreams) Cel-43: 10-8-8
Interview2 (m: mf mm daydreams) Cel-44: 10-8-8
Julie (f: ds [ff] [mf] [sm]) Cel-44: 9-5-4
Key (m: mf [ff] [ds]) Cel-37: 10-8-7
Lake (f: [ff] bd [ds] [sm]) Cel-44: 10-9-9
Landlady (f: ds mf ff) Cel-45: 10-9-8
Lawyer (f: ff) Cel-45: 10-9-9
Lunch (f: [mf] ff bd sm) Cel-45: 10-8-7
Mall (f: ff anal) Cel-81: 10-10-10
Merge (f: mf ff ds bd) Cel-37: 10-9-9
Model (m: mf ff bd sm) Cel-46: 10-8-7
Mom (f: ff[ds][sm][bd][incest]teen) Cel-46: 10-9-9
Month (f: ff[mf] ds bd[sm]supermode) Cel-46: 10-10-10
Motel (m: [mf]) Cel-47: 10-8-8
Mouth (m: mf oral frustration) Cel-135: 10-8-7
Move (f: ff mm mystery) Cel-135: 10-8-7
Movie (f: ds mf ff) Cel-47: 10-9-9
Neighbor (f: mf ff sm ds) Cel-47: 10-8-7
Neighbor2 (m: mf ff anal ds bd sm) Cel-48: 10-8-8
Neighbor3 (f: mf ff sm ds) Cel-48: 10-8-7
Niece (f: ff) Cel-48: 10-9-9
Nurse (f: mf anal mystery nurse) Cel-49: 10-7-5
Older (f: ff spanking) Cel-21: 10-10-10
Other (f: mm mf) Cel-57: 10-10-10
Over (f: [ff] slavery) Cel-49: 10-9-8
Park (m: mf) Cel-49: 10-8-7
Partners (m: mf ff mm anal nc bd ds sm) Cel-50: 10-8-8
Party (f: sm ds bd [ff] [mf]) Cel-50: 10-5-5
Pat (f: ff teen incest ds [sm]) Cel-50: 10-9-9
Patient (f: [ff] [sm] ds) Cel-136: 10-8-7
Photo (f: [ff] [ds]) Cel-51: 10-10-10
Plan (f: [ff] [mf] ds) Cel-69: 9-8-6
Pool (f: ff ds sm bd) Cel-51: 10-8-6
Practice (m: mf ds ff nurse) Cel-136: 10-8-7
Preparation (m: mf mm anal seduction) Cel-136: 10-10-10
Program (m: mf ff anal) Cel-51: 10-10-10
Reception (f: ff mf) Cel-22: 10-10-10
Recommendationf: ff [mf] teen seduction 10-10-10    52
Retreat (f: sm bd ds [ff] [mf]) Cel-52: 10-9-9
Reward (m: mf [mm] seduction) Cel-52: 10-8-7
Rock (f: mf [ff] exhibitionism) Cel-137: 10-10-10
Romance (f: [ff] repression) Cel-53: 10-7-5
Roommate (f: mf ff ds sm bd) Cel-53: 10-8-8
Run (m: mf mm tv ds) Cel-4: 10-9-8
Seat (f: mf ds) Cel-137: 10-10-10
Secretary (f: [ff] [sm]) Cel-53: 10-8-7
Shop (f: [ff]) Cel-54: 10-10-10
Show (3: mf ff anal silly) Cel-137: 10-8-8
Sight (f: mf [ff]) Cel-54: 10-8-7
Sitter (f: ff mf bd sm ds) Cel-54: 10-8-7
Slave (f: [ff] ds) Cel-54: 10-9-9
Society (f: ff [mf] sm bd ds) Cel-54: 10-10-10
Spa (m: mf mm ff nc anal bd ds) Cel-54: 10-9-9
Spring (f: ff hypnotism) Cel-21: 10-10-10
Stars (f: mf [ff]) Cel-69: 10-9-9
Storm (m: mf anal ds ff sm) Cel-55: 10-10-10
Summer (m: mf [ff] ds anal mm bd nc) Cel-55: 10-9-9
Surprise (m: mf mm [ff] nc anal) Cel-55: 10-10-10
Swap (m: mm ff nc bd ds) Cel-56: 10-8-7
Sweet (m: mf [ff] bd nc) Cel-56: 10-9-9
Tape (m: mm mf anal nc) Cel-56: 10-8-8
Teacher (f: ff ds [mf]) Cel-57: 10-9-9
Tech (f: [ff] [mf] ds [sm]) Cel-57: 10-6-6
Temp (f: [ff] repression seduction ds) Cel-138: 10-8-8
Trial (f: mf ff [mff]) Cel-70: 10-10-10
Trip (m: mf [ff]) Cel-37: 10-10-10
Try (f: ff anal) Cel-57: 10-9-9
Tryout (f: ff ds [sm] bd) Cel-58: 10-9-9
Tutor (f: mf ff frustration) Cel-58: 10-9-9
Twin (m: mf nc) Cel-58: 10-10-10
Upstairs (m: ds sm [ff]) Cel-59: 10-9-9
Visit (f: ff [incest] ds sm) Cel-59: 10-9-9
Wait (f: mf) Cel-139: 10-8-7
Waitress (f: [ff] spanking) Cel-59: 10-10-10
Walk (f: mf public) Cel-38: 10-9-8
Wife (f: mf ds ff) Cel-139: 10-8-7
Witch (m: ff mf mm ds bd [sm])
Work (f: mf [ff] seduction) Cel-139: 10-8-7


doesn't like his stories reposted, so as a reposter, Ole Joe has left him alone. He will say that "Strip Chess," not Delta's favourite story, will forever remain one of his. This story was Celeste's #2 pick for 1995. "Anything" was Celeste's first pick for her Top 100 for 1996. Seven of Delta's 17 stories have made Celeste's Top 100 in 1995 or 1996. Jump in and read them. All are different and all very well executed. (Ole Joe: `If I could get a steady diet of them, I'd be content to read Delta stories forever.')

A Cold Day in Hell (78k) (RP)
 10-10-10 *Cel-157,
 #84 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
A Question of Honour CEL-326: 10-9-9
 part 1 (24k) (RP)
 2, 3, 4, 5
Amphitheatre (14k) CRIM-29: [10,10,10,10],
Anything (34k)
 #1 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996;
 *Cel-189: 10-10-10
Autumnal Orgy (7k)
 {Dark Omega for Delta}
Chambermaid *Cel-189: 10-10-10
Coincidence (44k)
 #45 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996;
 *Cel-189: 10-10-10
Dark was the Path (10k)
Dreamwalk #48 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 *Cel-189: 10-10-10
End Of The Line (66k) {WriterSwap}
Fast *Cel-189: 10-9-9
Fire and Ice (13k; RP) CEL-275: 10-10-10,
For Celeste *Cel-189: 10-10-10
Garden of Contemplation (20k) (RP)
Guided Visualization (16k) *Cel-167: 10-10-9
Heads or Tails (13k) CEL-272: 10-10-10,
Hotsprings 1-6 (363k) *Cel-189: 10-10-10
 assm-2000/25075 thru assm-2000/25080
 #29 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Kin (34k; RP)
 #11 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, *Cel-189: 10-10-10
Lucid Dreamer + part 2 (125k)
 *Cel-171: 10-8-10; #54 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Make ***** Fast 10-10-10 *Cel-138
Muse CEL-346: 10-10-8
One of Those Days 10-9.5-9.CEL-83: 5
Revenge is a Dish Best Served ... CEL-368: 9-10-10, (27k)
Scars (29k)
Smalltown Scandal (18k)  CEL-273: 10-10-10, (RP)
Strip Chess (209k) *assm-2000/24986
 *Cel-189: 10-10-10; #2 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Taxi Tales 1: Lost Fares (24k)  CEL-281: 10-10-10, (RP)
Taxi Tales 2: Missed Connections (22k) (RP)
Taxi Tales 3: Lost and Found (18k) CEL-284: 10-10-10, (RP)
The Cafeteria (67k) (RP)
The Chambermaid (12k) (RP)
The Darkening (31k)
The Fast (39k)  10-9-9 *Cel-67, (RP)
The Good Neighbour (19k) (RP)
The Garden of Contemplation *Cel-169: 10-10-10
The Good Neighbor #15 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 10-10-10 *Cel-189
The Whipping Post (20k)  *Cel-168: 10-10-10, (RP)
 #97 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Winter's Night (14k)
You Can't Get There From Here (16k) (PC (late))


appeared in 1998 writing up-to-today about 40 stories and 9 poems. She mostly earned ratings higher than 9-9-9 by Celeste. The poems she wrote are: "The Bereft Pussy", "Sonnet 2", "Sonnet 1", "My Valentine", "Lurid Love", "A Haiku", "His Healing Touch" and "The Flames of Love".

See Desdmona's story site.

(p) The Bereft Pussy (2k)
A Cool November Morning (9k) [Blanket-Party]
A Clue (3k)
A Gift For You CEL-291: 7-8-8 (9k)
A Night Out *assm-1998/12820.txt (12k)
A Perfect Pose (11k) (Song Fest)
A Samhain Reward (24k)
A View To A Thrill (15k)
Abyss and Amuck and a Really Good Fuck (5k) CRIM-4: [10,10,--,9], (220 Challenge)
Alone (2k)
Anathema  (2k)
Anything You Ask 1-2 *assm-2000/26312 (49k)
Art Gallery (3k)
Bianca Sends a Warning (19k) [virago challenge]
Cage (3k)
Candy Bar Surprise (3k) [choco-erotica],
 CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10]
Cherry Blossoms CEL-375: 10-10-10, 21K
Chocolate Covered Cherries (20k)
 CRIM-19: [10,10,10,10]
Chocolate Covered Cherries (20k) (RP/POV)
Convalescence (3k)
County Fair (28k)
Curiosity (3k)
Deep Breath (15k)
 CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10]
Drumming Up Lust  (9k)
Existence (2k)
Fated Lovers (17k)
From Dusk Til Dawn (30k) (P2C)
Georgia Peach (15k)
Grandma's Getting Naked On The Cam Again  (4k) (SpamGame)
Hand in Hand (4k) (Birth),
 CRIM-14: [10,10,10,10]
Hide-N-Seek (3k) [sapphic fest]
Howl At The Moon 1 (30k) (rp)
Howl at the Moon 2 (22k)
Hurry (3k)
It's Just Ice (9k)
Journey Into Sexual Awareness (9k)
Kama Sutra: Position Twenty-Two (12k)
Lost (3k)
Moon Ghosts and Memory Boxes (25k) [summer rom fest]
No Substitute (2k) [flash fest]
Obsession (4k) [summer rom fest]
Oh, So Sweet! (16k)
Photographs and Memories CEL-374: 10-10-10, 33K
Release Me (4k)
Revealing Vignette: Journey Into Sexual Awareness II (25k) (RP)
Sea Legs (17k)
Seasonal Kisses (7k)
Some Itches You Have To Scratch (8k)
The Balcony (10k)
The Car (6k)
The Discernable Heart (12k)
The Kiss: A Ghost Story (43k) CEL-344: 10-10-10 (with Poison Ivan) *assm-2001/33055
The Lone Window (8k)
The Memory Star (16k)
The Nine-Minute Ritual (6k) CEL-378: 9-10-10
The Pussy Pact: Journey Into Sexual Awareness III (19k)
The Studebaker CEL-324: 9-9-9
The Think System (16k)
Til Death Do Us Part (15k)
What A Beautiful Day (8k) {Wedding}
Wilting Matilda (3k)


What do I say about DG? Most every story has been rated 10-10-10 by
Celeste or an A by Lady Cyrrh. They are all a different, all very well
done. Read some.
Adrenaline Games #35 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-231: 10-10-10
A Cruise to Remember 10-10-10
A Scandal in Beverly Hills CEL-211: 10-10-9
A Three-Day Cruise CEL-269: 10-10-10
Banana Split CEL-272: 10-10-10
Blood and Sand
Blue Sky 10-9.5-9 *Cel-224 66k
Don't Panic CEL-256: 10-10-9
Double Cross Fiddler: CEL-337: 10-8-10
Houseguest *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Lady Killer CEL-336: 10-9-9
Night of the Camel *A rating Annex Reviews,
 CEL-212: 10-8-8
Snow Flake #33 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-245: 10-10-10
That Mardi Gras Spirit Mike Ink: CEL-292: 10-10-9.5
The Call of Desire CEL-251: 10-10-10
The Gangbang- Seinfeld *Cel-177: 10-10-10
The Garden Of Tranquility CEL-302: 10-10-10
The Man Who Ate Women CEL-322: 10-10-10
The Tingle - Seinfeld CEL-226: 10-10-10
Therapy *Cel-198: 10-10-5
Two Women, Two Fantasies CEL-262: 10-10-10
What Mary Needs CEL-270: 10-8-8,CEL-274
X-Files: Incubus 173k


writes hypno-stories about celebrities and star trek fan
fiction. The stories are on his site at
Carmen Sandiego CEL-206: 6-5-5
 Sandiego1.txt - Sandiego4.txr
Celebrity Hypnotist
01 - Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow,
 J Aniston and Lauren Holly ch01.txt
02 - Daphne Zuniga, Lisa Kudrow
 and Helen Hunt. ch02-1.txt - ch02-2.txt
03 - Tea Leoni, Mary Hart and
 Faith Ford. ch3.txt
04 - A Silverstone, U Thurman,
 N Kidman, K Basinger,
 D Barrymore and M Pfeiffer ch04-1.txt - ch04-4.txt
05 - Same as 4 ch05-1.txt - ch05-2.txt
06 - Jennifer Love Hewitt,
 Heather Locklear ch06-1.txt - ch06-4.txt
07 - Neve Campbell, Sarah
 Michelle Gellar, Debbe
 Dunning and Patricia
 Richardson ch07-1.txt - ch07-5.txt
08 - Jenna Elfman, Carmen
 Elektra and Jenny McCarthy ch08-1.txt - ch08-3.txt
09 - Julia Roberts, Cindy
 Crawford and Isabella
 Rosselinni ch09-1.txt - ch09-4.txt
10 - The Spice Girls ch10-1.txt - ch10-5.txt
11 - Tyra Banks, Sandra Bullock ch11-1.txt - ch11-5.txt
12 - Cameron Diaz, Catherine
 Zeta Jones & Claudia
 Schiffer ch12-1.txt - ch12-3.txt
13 - Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize
 Theron, Angelina Jolie &
 Deborah Kara Unger ch13-1.txt - ch13-4.txt
14 - Liz Hurley, Lucy Lawless,
 Renee O'Connor &
 Natalie Imbruglia ch14-1.txt - ch14-3.txt
15 - Jennifer Lopez, Shania
 Twain & Toni Braxton ch15-1.txt -ch15-3.txt -
16 - Nicole Eggert, Yasmine
 Bleeth & Erika Eleniak. ch16-1.txt - ch16-3.txt
17 - Thandie Newton, Amanda
 Thompson, Kim Delaney
 and Gina Gershon. ch17-1.txt - ch17-5.txt
18 - Famke Janssen, Michelle
 Yeoh & Sophie Marceau. ch18.txt
Celebrity Rapist cr.txt
Cliches: A Cyber-Mockumentary CEL-328: 8-8-8, Annex 5/30/99: A
 Cliches01.txt - Cliches02.txt
College Haze *Cel-198: 7-9-10, College Haze1.txt,
 College Haze2.txt
Complexities and Parodoxes *Cel-179: 9-8-9
Dr Quinn Meets Reality Quinn.txt
Highlander/X-Files HldrXfle.txt
Hypnotic Revenge - Payback Hypnotic.txt
Infinity Gauntlet
 - Thanos Meets Reality Gauntlet.txt
Infinity War - Universal Doom War.txt
JLA - Dark Angel Jla01.txt - Jla25.txt
JLA/Avengers - The Forgotten JA01.txt - JA15.txt
Marvel: Evolution. Mvlevo01.txt - Mvlevo45.txt
 - Age Of Onslaught Aoo01.txt - Aoo37.txt
 - Herald Of Armageddon. Marvel01.txt - Marvel23.txt
Seinfeld – No Man's Land CEL-309: 9-9-9, Sein1.txt
Seinfeld – The Blowjob *Cel-177: 9-9-9, Sein.txt
Smurfs Meet Reality CEL-202: 4-4-4, Smurfs.txt
Spider-Man: Manipulations (169k) MJ.txt
Star Trek DS9: Immortal Voyagers DS9-1~1.txt - DS9-1~3.txt
Star Trek DS9: Logic. DS9-2~1.txt - DS9-2~3.txt
Star Trek: Future Imperfect Tos01 - Tos04.txt
Star Trek: The Next Generation *Cel-179 9-8-9
 Complexities and Paradoxes TNG1-1.txt - TNG1-3.txt
Star Trek: TNG - Shadows CEL-236: 10-10-10,
 TNG2-1.txt - TNG2-7.txt
Star Trek: Voyager - Temptations Voy01.txt - Voy07.txt
 - Superman Meets Reality. Lois&Clark.txt
TombRaider - Lara's Defeat *Cel-276, Raider01.txt - Raider04.txt
Wonder Woman/Captain America: Alpha Child CEL-265: 8-8-6,
 Alpha01.txt - Alpha11.txt
X-Files: Grandmaster. X-Files01.txt - X-Files04.txt
X-Men: Crimson Dawn. Crimson1.txt - Crimson7.txt
X-Men: Prof. X Meets Reality. Mutants.txt
X-Men: Something Sinister This Way Comes *Cel-195: 5-8-6,X-Men1.txt - X-Men6.txt
eXcalibur: Inner Circle Xcalibur.txt

dire wolf

(Stories about M+ff, teens, nc, fisting, toys, size,
Carmel's Nightly Jog (47k)
Kristi's Mistake (47k)
Marisa the Horse Trainer (77k)
Reluctantly Willing 1 (41k)
Reluctantly Willing 3 (39k)
Star Trek Insertion 1 (49k)
   2 (43k)
   3 (40k)
   4 (31k)
The Hulk (25k)
Wild College Girls 1 (31k)
Wild College Girls 2 (29k)
Wild College Girls 3 (17k)
Wild College Girls 4 (36k)
Wild College Girls 5 (21k)
Wild College Girls 6 (39k)
Wild College Girls 7 (39k)
Wild College Girls 8 (22k)
Margot's Story (79k)

dirty dawg

is not active any more. Celeste allocated 4 positions to
Dirty Dawg in her Top 100 for 1995, including #1 for "Lynn." All were
earned. {The stories can be found googling for `Dirty Dawg', author
"Joseph Clayton" (as the reposter) and messages posted on January
20th, 1997 – except for these indicated otherwise}.
Becky MID (5nbr5i$
 (reposted by Red Dragon)
Brandy *assm-98/10596
 (John Dark repost)
Catherine MID (3khmkc$
Celeste #26 Celeste Top 100 of 1995,
 10-10-10 *Cel-124
Dana 10-8-6 *Cel-124
Duality MID (3l992f$
Ellen #19 Celeste Top 100 of 1995,
 10-10-10 *Cel-124
Holly 10-9-9 *Cel-124 (with Tristmegistis)
Kris #25 Celeste Top 100 of 1995,
 10-10-10 *Cel-124
Lisa #60 Celeste Top 100 of 1996,
 9.5-10-10 *Cel-124
Lynn #1 Celeste Top 100 of 1995
 B+ rating Annex Rev 6-30-97, 32K (RP)
 10-10-10 *Cel-175,
Marjorie 10-7-8 *Cel-76
My Wife
Nicole 9.5-9.5-9 *Cel-188
Shannon 10-10-10 *Cel-125
The Party MID (3l993v$
Note: A further story, "Patterns" was posted to ASS in 2001, (MID:
(, but due to wrong style the story
might not be authentic. Also there exists a continuation "Holly",
(MID: ( by an anonymous writer,
posted to ASS in 1997.

doc masterson

Aplomb House
Dominatrix for Hire
Hollywood Hostage 212k


(MMF wife)
A Wife's Lunch Hour
Exotic Wife's Tale
Maria's Train Ride
My Gal's Truck Stop Fantasy
My Girlfriend Strays and Tells
My Wife Lets Me Watch
Playing with Fire 9.5-9.5-9.CEL-85: 5
Sloppy Seconds Fantasy
Teasing Wife's Story
Under the Table 10-10-10 *Cel-84
Wife in Back Room
Wife Takes the Plunge
Wife's Fortieth Birthday
Wife's Lunch Hour
Wife's Revenge

don boettger

Heat *Cel-174: 9-9-9
Owning Corey #51 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-208: 10-10-10


Adult Video (10k)
Best Job in the World I-II (48k) 35140
Carolina Queen (48k)
Catholic Guilt (8k)
Classical Groupies (26k)
Company Playthings (15k)
Dionysian Orgy (43k)
Ellen and Suzi #1: The Scarlet V (24k)
Ellen and Suzi #2: The Lakehouse School (34k)
Ellen and Suzi #3: Dangerous Man (48k)
Ellen and Suzi #4: A Dangerous Woman (44k)
Ellen and Suzi #5: Desperate Measures 1-2 *assm-2001/34224 (21k)
Ellen and Suzi #6: Duets and Trios (44k)
Ellen and Suzi #7: Virgin Surgeon I-II *assm-2001/34298 (24k)
Ellen and Suzi #8: Anniversary Party (25k)
Harem Slave (26k)
Hooker's Hookers (40k)
Member's Only Sluts (28k)
Plaything Retirement Village (24k)
Preparation for War (34k)
Race Suicide (31k)
Regime Change (29k)
Sales Support in San Diego (18k)
Sex 101 (49k)
Sex 101 part II (rev.) (31k)
Slut Surprise Party (17k)
The Factory Girl (29k)
The Commune (37k)
The Count D'Escargot (35k)
The Dancer (38k)
The New Concubine I-II (31k) 35637
The Plaything (25k)
 A- rating Annex Reviews 6/20/02
The Plaything: Family Slut (35k)
The Plaything: Stud Service (25k)
The Plaything: The Initiation (24k)
The Plaything: Whorehouse (22k)
The Spoils of War I-II (29k) 36481
The Sex Slave (25k)
The Whores of Wrong Wei I-II (30k) 34469
User Friendly (29k)
Vivre la France (20k)
When Spanish Eyes Are Smiling (35k)

don winslow

Big Sister (46k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 1 (10k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 2 (5k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 3 (8k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 4 (14k)
Big Sister Gets Hers 5 (17k)
How to Turn on a Ponygirl (12k)
I Like Girls (5k) [sapphic fest]
Mr Moto Returns 1-3 (28k) 32261, 32280
My Teacher, My Pet 1 (15k)
My Teacher, My Pet 2 (15k)
My Teacher, My Pet 3 (13k)
My Teacher, My Pet 4 (20k)
My Teacher, My Pet 5 (18k)
My Teacher, My Pet: The Sequel (31k) 32836, 32849
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 1 (17k)
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 2 (19k)
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 3 (20k)
On the Strip: A Vegas Story 4 (11k)
On The Strip: A Vegas Story 5 (23k)
Ridin' the Joystick (22k)
Six days, Seven Nights 1 (15k)
Six days, Seven Nights 2 (13k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 3 (22k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 4  (8k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 5 (10k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 6  (3k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 7  (5k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 8 (10k)
Six Days, Seven Nights 9 (10k)
The Girl with the Perfect Ass *assm-2003/40397 (10k)
The Odd Couple in Room 210 (26k) 37992
The Sybian Rider  (5k)


is a writer of long slut-wife stories combined with oral, anal,
beast, violece, rom.
A Family Affair (332k)
Amy and Friends (702k)
Dog Day Afternoon (205k)
Force-ful (437k)
Ikke Laengere Jomfru
 ("No More Virgin") (97k)
Jan Shares (2/5) (249k)
 BillyG: CEL-352: 10-10-10
Jan and Me (120k)
Kelly's Adventures 1-3 (459k)
Next Door Neighbor
Protective Custody (600k)
The Force (400k)
The Less You Know (94k)
The Tutor (153k)


Late Bloomer
Mary and Joe
Octopussy 10-9-9 *Cel-147
Snake Priestess

dr charles forbin

Diaries of Ayesha

dr grits

(MMF wife)
My Wife Karen I (180k) YW18a
My Wife Karen II  (64k) YW18b
My Wife Karen III  YW18c

dr phil

Mr. Hyde, Shame on You
The Boss 1-4 B+ rating Annex Reviews
The Gamblers

dr spin

(aka Neil Anthony) at:
He won the Golden Clit Best new author (2000) (together with Katie McN and Souvie)
Ace Dyson Stories: Golden Clit Best story of 2000
1 Abducted By Aliens (43k)
 CEL-359: 10-10-10
2 Dyson Does Dunedin (13k)
3 Banged In Bahrain (15k)
4 The Colonel's Red Nails (35k)
5 Fair Suck of the Sausage (50k)
6 The Zhan Zhuang Mistress (60k)
. The Brat And The Rat (43k)
. Ladies Love Larrikins (50k)
. Bad Lady In Buenos Aires (33k)
. Russian Radiance (108k)
. Black Spider in B Cup, White (44k)
. Downhill Slopes _at: www.ruthiesclub.com_
. The Gypsy's Armpit _at: www.ruthiesclub.com_
A Bit of Consolation (12k) CEL-358: 10-10-10,
A Model Payback (30k) CEL-375: 10-10-9,
A Shot In The Dark (8k)
Amy in the Style of Her Mother (5k)
Betsy Fifty Bucks (23k)
Connie, Dark and Mills (23k)
Dead Wallaby Incident (26k) CEL-369: 10-10-10,
Dot.Com Bimbo (25k)
E is for Ecstasy (25k)
 CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10]
Felicity The Beast (25k)
 Myers: No Rating *Cel-354
Four Firm Friends: A Christmas Sharing Story (11k) CEL-350: 10-7-7,
Hair of the Dog (6k)
Her Boyfriend's Back (8k)
Housewife 1946 1 (Germany) (16k)
Housewife 1946 2 (USA) (9k)
Housewife 1946 3 (UK) (11k)
Housewife 1946 4 (NSW) (13k)
Housewife 1946 5 (Ellis Island) (17k)
Housewife 1946 6 (Busan)  (7k)
Housewife 1946 7 (Haifa)  (9k)
Housewife 1946 8 (Speldham/Lyon) (17k)
It Started With A Kiss (28k)
Jen's Titillating Behaviour (22k)  *A Rating Annex 5/27/00
Just Paul CEL-348: 9-9-9, (9k)
Leggy And Legless (16k)
Maxine Superstar (20k)
Mother's Adulterous Affections (38k)
Ninespin (Nine New Stories) (89k)
 CEL-370: 10-9.5-9.5
Not A Pretty Woman (34k)
Other Men's Wives (29k)
R is for Reprise  (6k)
Rachel's Remorse (24k)
Rondo a la Turk (39k)
Sandy Says Oh God A Few Times (18k)
Shoulder Straps Myers: {No num. rating} (10k) *Cel-361
Something to Tell (13k)  CEL-363: 10-10-10,
Succubus In Blue Checks (8k)
The Blueblood Slut (41k)  CEL-355: 10-10-10,
The Damnfool Husband (19k)
The Gravid Contract (35k)
The Great Jacko (13k)
 Myers: No Rating *Cel-351
The Keeper's Wife (9k)
The Lacklustre Blonde (18k)
The Long Drink of Water (17k)
The Perfect Pair (19k)
The Red-Shouldered Mangrove Warbler (30k)  CEL-354: 10-10-10
The Six Letter Word (19k)  CEL-360: 9.5-10-10
The Stripper Who Knew Too Much (20k)
Timepiece (3k)
Watch Where You Put Your Hands Fiddler: (17k) CEL-355: 10-10-10
Wheelchair Wally and The Wog (14k)
Why Rose 36 Cried (52k) (RP)
Winsome Willie (61k)
You Whore (29k)

dr watson

Adventure of the Cross of St Simon 9-10-7 *Cel-72
Case of the Tingling Clitoris CEL-12: 10
Jan the Slut 1 - Teacher's Pet and Other Things
Jan the Slut 2 - Old Man's Darling
Jan the Slut 3 - Go, Team, Go
Jan the Slut 4 - My Wife
Jan the Slut 5 - La Puta 9-9-9 *Cel-129


The Drifter stories seem to cover most aspects of non-violent
sexuality. No water sports and no pedophilia but just about everything
else. Drifter likes his characters and loves his women. His women are
eager, lusty, fun and good looking. Drifter usually portrays elements
of bisexuality in his women characters and once or twice with men. He
tends to write long tales with a lot of exploration. Tends toward
character development and dialogue rather than detail descriptions of
the sex act itself. (Available at Mr. Double's site.)
A New Life Style YW149
Adventures of Susan 86k
Back to Work (113k) YW177
Evolution (Brandy) (62k) YW173
Career Boost
Dealing in Dallas (80k) YW233
Drifter's Dream Wife (41k) YW136
Gee (72k) YW151
Granddad 130k
It Never Stays the Same 123k
Jane's Fantasy (92k) YW175
John's Dilemmas (67k) CEL-248: 8-8-9
Linda 183k
Laura YW188, YW226
Lovin' (272k) YW138 (115K)
My Boss, My Wife
My Brother's Girlfriend
My Buddy's Wife
My Daughter's Friend (64k) YW237
My Mom's Best Friend 52k
Nancy 105k
No Place Like Home 34k
Our Getaway
Our Grandad 1-7 YW176, YW248
Support YW143
Styles 69k
Tedi (75k) 8-7-6 *Cel-132, YW174
The Deal YW240
The Evolution of Carol (170k) YW152
The Loving Step Mother 43k
The Miller Family 39k
Two Sides
Who Knew


is a teacher in the New England Area, who really appreciates
good erotic fiction (and some bad as well!). Most of her work deal
with MF, Rom, Cons, Oral, Cheat, reluc, a bit of fantasy, a bit of sd,
voy, some slut, group, exhib... you rather unlikely will see same sex
(p) Fruit Flavored Lips
(p) Kingdom
(p) Resistance in [sapphic fest]
(p) The Deepest Dark of Night
(p) The Scent in [sapphic fest]
(p) The Shower
(p) Wandering through Rows
(p) Yearning
8 Hours (6k)
A Pirate's Party (15k) {Pirate}
A Woman Sits In Repose...Why?
Afraid (11k)
 CRIM-25: [10,10,10,10]
An Ode to a Chocoholic (2k) [Birthday],
 CRIM-22: [10,10,--,10]
Annsachd (23k)
Black Widow (one of her dreams at her website)
Blind Date (12k)  CRIM-18: [9,8,8,7],
Chasing the Light (4k)
Cookie Crumbs (7k)
Dating Diary 1988 part 1 (16k)
 2 (23k)
 3 (7k)
Dating Diaries '89 part 1 (10k)
Eddies (9k)
Escape (14k)
 CRIM-23: [9,10,10,10]
Fishtank (6k)
Freudian Fudgicle (3k) [Birthday],
 CRIM-22: [10,10,10,10]
Gift (Written with Artie --
Dryad says on her website:

It was an interesting collaboration, since I did most of the writing on `Gift' (from the female perspective) and he did most the work on `Healing' (the male perspective).

Girl Talk (18k)
God in Heaven (3k)
Gone (9k)
 The mirror story to "Return".
Homecoming (11k)
In Thoughts of You (Mat Twassel Challenge)
Insanity  (5k)
Judy's Turn to Cry followup to Sir Fozzie's
 "Its My Party", (6k)
Late Night Ride
Letter Home (9k)
Moon Colony (one of her dreams at her website)
Mrs. Steven Rudy (3k)  CRIM-19: [9,9,10,10],
Panic Attack (12k) [song fest]
 CRIM-7: [8,10,10,10],
 A- rating Annex Reviews 9/10/02
Pine Trees (9k)
Polynesia (one of her dreams at her website)
Return The mirror story to "Gone".
Rice Crispie Treats (12k)
Sanctuary (20k)
Saving Face (13k)
Showers 212 word flash 2/12/03
Snapshots (12k)
 (Nom. for June 2002 Silver Clit)
Snow Day (12k)
Stood Up (19k)
The Art of the Kiss
The Diner by Dryad (5k)
The Elevator
The Lighthouse's Tale (12k) [song fest]
The Night After (4k) [wedding]
The Paper (Desdmona Challenge) 1/11/03
The Price of Seduction (15k) [summer rom fest]
The Reluctant Sadist (5k)
The Session (14k) [sapphic fest]
The Storm (5k) [summer rom fest]
The Toll House Dance (3k)
Too Late (15k)
 CRIM-28: [10,0,10,10]
Trivia Games
Winter Nights


Happy Valentine's Day CEL-256: 10-5-4
Intrusion 1-4
Room 56
Spanking the Teacher


(MMF wife)
Wife at a Topless Bar YW190
Wife In Whorehouse YW258
Topless Dancing YW360


(MMF wife voy)
Kelly's Night Out
Kelly's Wedding Adventure
Kelly's Vacation Adventure
Kelly's Fashion Show


wrote about 63 short romantic stories. Don't pass her by when you see the romance tag. There is a lot more to Dulcinea than just romance.

Dulcinea passed away in 1997. She leaves behind stories that have few peers – a wonderful legacy passed down to story lovers everywhere." -- Eli The Bearded

The wholesomeness and liveliness of her tales stood in marked contrast to the general style of ASS/M, and she will be sorely missed. – Apuleius

The reason more people don't write stories like this is that it was written by one of the finest – on some days I would say *the* finest -- writer on a.s.s. – Uther Pendragon

Dulcinea had a simple style – graceful, genuine, cheery and unassuming – and it fit her sweet stories perfectly. She wrote of ordinary people, couples who could be your neighbors, and of the delights, pleasures, goodness and small surprises they discover in each other and in sex. The plots contain sometimes some tease or twist, but invariably one that works towards bliss or at least happiness. [...] -- Mat Twassel

A Change in Plans *Cel-161 10-10-10,
A Little Afternoon Fun *Cel-163 10-10-10,
A New Scarf *Cel-160 10-10-10,
A New Start CEL-141: 8-8-9
An Evening Out *Cel-164 10-10-10,
At The Movies *Cel-164 10-10-10
Bike Rides CEL-143: 10-9-9,
Birthday Surprise *Cel-168 10-10-10,
The Box CEL-136: 10-8-8
Break Time! *Cel-171 10-8-9,
Breakfast in Bed *Cel-169 10-10-10,
Candy Cane CEL-145: 10-9-9
Computer Fun CEL-128: 10-10-10,
Couch Potatoes *Cel-172 10-9-9
Dining Out
Dinner Time *Cel-165 10-9-10,
Down By The Tracks *Cel-173 10-10-10,
Gift Wrapping
Happy Birthday To You
Helping Hand CEL-133: 10-10-10,
Her Turn *Cel-160 10-10-10,
Hiccups CEL-134 9.5-9-9
Homework *Cel-174 10-9-9,
Ice Cream
Inspired by the View
The Letter *Cel-174 10-9-9,
Long Drive Home *Cel-174 10-9-9,
Lunchtime CEL-137: 10-10-10,
The Massage *Cel-169 10-10-10,
Memories of Summer CEL-142: 10-10-10,
Miss You *Cel-177 10-8-10,
Moving Day CEL-140: 10-8-8,
The Next Morning
Nylon Toes *Cel-177 10-9-9,
Oh Christmas Tree CEL-145: 10-9-10
On Of Those Days? CEL-142: 10-10-10,
The Party CEL-137: 10-10-10,
Party Time
Passing Grade
Pickles CEL-139: 10-8-8,
Pillow Fight
Prelude to a Weekend
Puzzled CEL-144: 10-9-9
Ride Home
Road Trip
The Seduction
Shaving Cream *Cel-165 10-10-10,
Sick In Bed
Snowed In CEL-153: 10-10-10
Snowed In: Day 2
Spill the Wine
Stormy Weather
To The Point CEL-141: 10-8-8
The Toolbelt
Valentine's Surprise CEL-158: 10-10-10
Welcome Home
Winners and Losers?
Pregnant #1
Pregnant #2
The Tick
A is for Aphrodisiac CEL-135: 10-10-10
B is for Belt CEL-138: 10-10-10
C is for Control CEL-145: 10-10-10
D is for Driving CEL-154: 10-10-10
E is for Eyeliner CEL-156: 9-9-9,
F is for Face *Cel-171 10-10-10

ed dippus

Family Fun
Family Stud
Fucking Who's the Boss

eddie glover

A Fair Bit of Revenge 22k
A Genie's Life 101k
Another Genie's Life 109k
Blood Sword 19k
Brave New World 24k
Bride of Brox 4k
Brox and the Amazons 4k
Brox vs the Critics 4k
Brox's Wish 5k
By a Nose 47k
Challengers 24k
Channel Changers  35k
Do Unto Others 6k
Fixer Upper 10k
Gender-Benders Anonymous 141k
Knight by Night 75k
Mythical 145k
Onslaught Lives 219k
Score 11k
Spells R Us: Football Mania 11k
Star Trek: The Revenge of Mudd 136k
Star Wars: Punishment 2k
The Bet 5k
The Sorcery School 8k
Timeripper 127k
Universal Collision 127k
Unless Darkness Falls 71k
Wandering Hands 10k
Watch the Road 11k
Winner Takes All  67k
Wiz TV 155k


A Pattern in Parts, Ch. 1 (8k)
A Pattern in Parts, Ch. 2 (15k)
A Pattern in Parts, Ch. 3 (7k)
Last Night I Dreamt I was the Air (4k)
Letter From Cecilia (9k)
Nasrudin! Large And In Charge! (4k)
Nasrudin! The Mystical Prophet! (8k)
Nasrudin! The Mystical Whatever (5k)
Sex and Taxes (6k)

el sol

A Master's Ring CEL-208: 8-7-5
 1-3 (72k)
 4-6 (53k) (RP)
 7 (18k) (RP)
 8 (38k) (RP)
 9 (5k) (RP)
 10 (45k) (RP)
 11 (18k) (RP)
 12 (90k) (RP)
 13 (23k) (RP)
 14 (21k)
A Slightly Sexier Christmas Carol, (RP)
Full Contact (51k)
Gray Shades of Evil (65k) 44441-44442
Intro to Your Seduction Ivan: CEL-300: 9-9-9
Master or Slave
Not Fantasy, Or Reality Just A Story 1 (31k)
  2 (47k)
On The Other Side of Seduction CEL-204: 6-5-5
Seductions (30k)
Six Pills of Domination (1/6) (22k)
Stalkings (58k)
Thank You - Mr Dickens CEL-247: 9-9-9
The Bus Story (68k) CEL-226: 10-10-10,
The Bus Story (Revised) (80k)
The Other Side (28k)
The Return of Dacia (61k)
 CRIM-28: [10,10,10,10]
The Wolf Summers 1 (31k)
The Wolf Summers 2 (24k)
The Wolf Summers 3 (77k)
The Wolf Summers 4 (108k)
The Wolf Summers 5 (115k)
The Wolf Summers 6 (96k)
The Wolf Summers 7 (176k)
The Wolf Summers Interlude (7b) (39k)
The Wolf Summers 8 (62k)
The Wolf Summers 9 (234k)


(a.k.a. Silverlink) was quite a while, but came back in 2003. I
think this story list is complete.
Autumn Sunday CEL-345: 10-10-10
 Message-ID: (OX1T3.4507$
Bare in Barry Message-ID: ( (Mud Slingers `99)
Brighton Beach Story
Calling at Doncaster CEL-321: 10-8-8, (5k)
Flexi-time (5k)  Kivlina: CEL-322: 9-6-9,
Hen Night (12k)
Lester (15k)
Lottery Winner (15k)
 CRIM-27: [7,9,8,8]
Now That He's Gone
Perky in Pink (19k)
 CRIM-26: [9,9,7,8]
Perverts in Plastic Message-ID: (
Qualified CEL-332: 10-8-8
 Message-ID: (
Stuffed (8k)
Specially Prepared CEL-333: 10-9-9
 Message-ID: (
The Bodysuit Kivi: (10k) *7-8-8-CEL-321,

elf sternberg

has written a very large body of work for the science
fiction element within a.s.s.m. "There is so much of it, in fact, that
I'm not even going to include Elf in the story index. It would take
two days to type it", said Ole Joe. I took the story list from Elf's
website {}) It is all available on Google,
Elf's page, and temporarly (re)posts by Elf to a.s.s. If you like your
Sci-Fi with more sex, sometimes furry, than what you find at the local
bookstore, look no further.
A Cold and Lonely Night In Agrabah
A Night On Thundera
Akhnaten & Aye
Bloody Beth 10-ch.-pirate-story, rp in 2003!
Elf's AD&D Gamebook
The Ghost of Saint Katherine
The Modern Sadomasochist
The Only Fair Game
X-Files We'd Like to See
_Journal Entries:_ 250 tales, nearly 1,8 mio. words!!
Goodbye, Kris 000 / 00000
Days Before 292 / 00000
M'Ress On The Plain 095 / 00010
The Courage Of My Convictions 222 / 00019
Brieanna, Part 1 201 / 00057
Brieanna, Part 2 173 / 00058
The Kittenin' 136 / 00068
P'nyssa's Introduction 031 / 00081
P'nyssa and M'Ress 125 / 00090
Starlight, Starbright, First Star I See My Life 181 / 00093
Embassy Tales: Terran Sands 002 / 00100
Embassy Tales: Paramount Importance 049 / 00100
Embassy Tales: The Convention 049 / 00100
Embassy Tales: Flags 062 / 00100
Geographic: The Eternal Answers 171 / 00100
Embassy Tales: Stabilities 200 / 00100
Geographic: The Ranch 202 / 00100
Geographic: Family Photos 243 / 00100
Geographic: The Misanthrope 245 / 00100
Geographic: Public Spaces 287 / 00100
Geographic: Floating Free 010 / 00101
Geographic: Possibilities 021 / 00101
Geographic: Epiphany 045 / 00101
Geographic: Terminal 052 / 00101
Geographic: Reorientation 241 / 00101
Goodbye, Donna 262 / 00106
Gravity 161 / 00110
Floating Point 020 / 00113
Mobility 017 / 00114
Kitty 073 / 00119
Kitty And The Dragon 080 / 00119
Healing The Dragon 082 / 00119
Greta and The Great Hall 108 / 00120
A Dearth of Irony 028 / 00124
Raising Castles 038 / 00127
The Second Kittenin' 136 / 00152
Ambassadors 212 / 00164
Hiding In New Hampshire 218 / 00164
Infinite Precision 231 / 00174
First Flight 067 / 00188
Travelling by Water 158 / 00192
Plain Dangerous 078 / 00229
Vence 223 / 00252
Between a Hard and a Rock Place 226 / 00259
P'nyssa's Child, Concept 014 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, Conception 019 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, One Week 025 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, Late Term 233 / 00264
P'nyssa's Child, Birthday 254 / 00264
Post Partum Depression In The Male Of The Species 070 / 00265
Sarge 165 / 00293
Waking With Rain 166 / 00293
Susan 075 / 00312
Candy Cane 292 / 00312
P'nyssa and Susan 001 / 00313
Oenone 123 / 00320
Freya 186 / 00339
Switch 037 / 00364
Katherine Hawkwind 025 / 00412
Kathy On The Beach, Part I 169 / 00412
P'nyssa's Letter 029 / 00413
Kathy On The Beach, Reprise and Epilogue 120 / 00413
Unmask! 030 / 00477
Rainy Day 031 / 00477
Stardiver Accidents 233 / 00484
Aaden's Revenge 026 / 00512
Kathy On The Table 123 / 00512
Aaden's Kiss 204 / 00514
Lynn's Birthday 245 / 00519
A Day At Castle Rhysh 246 / 00519
Ally 247 / 00519
Aaden's Dance 187 / 00523
Aaden's Heart 193 / 00523
Mind and Heart 194 / 00523
Object Lesson 216 / 00525
Family Negotiations 159 / 00527
Finding The Nice Girl 177 / 00527
Tiny Shuttles 238 / 00527
Convers[at]ions 257 / 00527
Distracting Aaden 098 / 00528
Aaden's Punishment 068 / 00529
Working Out 030 / 00534
Come From Behind 213 / 00543
Affirmation By Experience 118 / 00544
Breaking In 147 / 00545
A Kiss From Aaden 136 / 00555
Contact Closed With Foreign Host 146 / 00571
Anger 276 / 00590
Cheyenne 112 / 00609
Dual Life 131 / 00611
Existence 006 / 00612
Vengeance Angel 011 / 00612
Rebellious Angel 036 / 00612
Local Effects 179 / 00614
Space, Again 192 / 00622
Kathy And The Sphere 261 / 00622
Amanda 017 / 00623
Pannel's Picnic 079 / 00623
Kathy's Tattoo 210 / 00671
Remember 020 / 00672
Coming Home 079 / 00672
Teasing Ramsey 111 / 00674
Confession and Redemption 146 / 00674
Fleabitten 200 / 00681
Thirty Kilos 089 / 00693
Cooler Carroll 193 / 00695
Carroll's Bath 201 / 00695
Teacher, Mentor, Lover and Friend 175 / 00696
Princess Anni 282 / 00733
Confronting the Princess 191 / 00737
Decanting Difficulties 112 / 00741
Making Records 041 / 00778
Wings Over Rhysh 159 / 00820
Genesis 2:19 082 / 00843
The Uncia In Our Lives 058 / 00844
Family Pet 242 / 00877
Separate Electricities 185 / 00892
Separate Responsibilities 209 / 00892
Separate, Together 098 / 00893
Rats And Engineers 179 / 00916
Asking Denni 180 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 1 183 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 2 184 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 3 185 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 4 186 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 5 187 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 6 188 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 7 189 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 8 190 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 9 191 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 10 192 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 11 193 / 00916
Travellogue, Day 12 194 / 00916
Asking Aaden 206 / 00916
Asking Samuel 213 / 00916
Kiza 277 / 00916
Elizabeth 019 / 00917
Turing Attraction 097 / 00918
Proof 115 / 00918
Memories Breaking 133 / 00918
Reunion, Part 1 141 / 00918
Reunion, Part 2 142 / 00918
Reunion, Part 3 143 / 00918
Reunion, Part 4 143 / 00918
Reunion, Part 5 144 / 00918
Reunion, Part 6 151 / 00918
Reunion, Part 7 152 / 00918
Reunion, Part 8 153 / 00918
Reunion, Part 9 154 / 00918
Reunion, Part 10 155 / 00918
Reunion, Part 11 163 / 00918
Reunion, Part 12 164 / 00918
Reunion, Part 13 165 / 00918
Pronouncing the Patient Cured 172 / 00918
Hurricane Force Winds 011 / 00920
Paying For Your Pleasures 070 / 00925
Reason to Live 128 / 00928
Involuntary Exodus 134 / 00931
Coming Home 137 / 00931
The Wolves 161 / 00966
Planetfall: Purpose 126 / 01022
Planetfall: Ask The Rat 130 / 01022
Planetfall: Convincing Etta 149 / 01022
Planetfall: Recruits 155 / 01022
Planetfall: Spinning Amanda 191 / 01022
Planetfall: The Foreman 215 / 01022
Planetfall: The Handback 240 / 01022
Planetfall: Meeting Tails 252 / 01022
Planetfall: Moving Day 271 / 01022
Planetfall: Meeting Trianna 112 / 01023
Planetfall: Shardik's Revenge 147 / 01023
Planetfall: Starships and Surfing 211 / 01023
Planetfall: The First Man 096 / 01024
Planetfall: Landing Day 261 / 01024
Planetfall: Erecting Tents 263 / 01024
Planetfall: Around and Around The Mulberry Bush 291 / 01024
Planetfall: First Mound 091 / 01025
Planetfall: Chartography 093 / 01025
Planetfall: Battia's Last Battle 094 / 01025
Planetfall: In Daedelos Gaer 144 / 01025
Planetfall: Never See Me Like This 145 / 01025
Planetfall: Going Native 146 / 01025
Planetfall: The Han (prologue) 150 / 01025
Planetfall: The Han (In Transit) 157 / 01025
Planetfall: The Han (New Haven) 163 / 01025
Planetfall: Lindsay Summer 167 / 01025
Planetfall: Making Love 171 / 01025
Planetfall: Confession 172 / 01025
Planetfall: Contact Has Been Made 185 / 01025
Planetfall: Treed 212 / 01025
Planetfall: Beth, Dao, and Nuclear Weapons 061 / 01026
Planetfall: The Assassin 094 / 01026
Planetfall: Doubts Abound 112 / 01026
Planetfall: Resolution of Doubt 116 / 01026
Planetfall: Comfort From The Cold 150 / 01026
Planetfall: Ramsey, The Dildo Ramsey 159 / 01026
Planetfall: Last Day 181 / 01026
Planetfall: Amanda And The Sphere 201 / 01026
Planetfall: Dependence 021 / 01027
Planetfall: The Big O 048 / 01027
Planetfall: Topping Trianna 161 / 01027
Planetfall: Anniversaries 242 / 01027
The Ritacha War: Breakthrough 031 / 01028
The Ritacha War: Frozen Futures 032 / 01028
The Ritacha War: Alpha Brief 033 / 01028
The Ritacha War: Out of My Hands 034 / 01028
Decision to Go 046 / 01028
The Beaches of Terra 055 / 01028
Temporary Relief 080 / 01028
The Earth Moved 126 / 01028
Planetfall: Conceived Purpose 147 / 01028
Family Reunion 148 / 01028
Planetfall: Minding The Ropes 159 / 01028
Planetfall: Homespace 171 / 01028
The Rewards of llerkin 172 / 01028
The Beaches of llerkin 173 / 01028
Flying Tylia 174 / 01028
Coming Home 176 / 01028
Accepting Treasures 180 / 01028
Saying Goodbye to Aaden, Again 192 / 01028
Leaning Post 195 / 01028
Heroic Measures 206 / 01028
Movie Night 209 / 01028
Contrasting Opinions 224 / 01028
Meeting Elizabeth 229 / 01028
Mode 233 / 01028
Rima 242 / 01028
The Meeting 244 / 01028
The Last Ritan Base 246 / 01028
Wakeup Day, Ritacha 247 / 01028
A Mom and Pop Operation 249 / 01028
Threats and Promises 250 / 01028
The Past, Imperfect 251 / 01028
The Present, Tense 255 / 01028
Solitary 261 / 01028
Making Contact 264 / 01028
Detached 266 / 01028
Electronic Realizations 284 / 01028
Beer 292 / 01028
Dormant Ghosts 008 / 01029
Stepping Disks 020 / 01029
Compounded Errors 021 / 01029
My Little Machiavelli 034 / 01029
Frustration is a 13 Year Old Girl 065 / 01029
One Last Chance 292 / 01115
Albedo One 133 / 01309
First Contact 164 / 01314
The Visitor 191 / 03259
Honest Desires 251 / 03261
The Last Journal Entry 999 / 999999

eli the bearded

is not a frequent writer of erotica, but has been
known to dabble in many things. His stories fall into two broad
categories, those which he writes for his own mental well being and
those he writes for the challenge of it. Challenge pieces aim to defy
categorisation and may upset some/many readers. Elijah was the sole
moderator of and a public archiver of the
stories from 1997 to 1999. Prior to his involvement ASSM was a dead
group. See Annex B. Thanks, Eli.
A Story of Warning (5k)
A Train Ride Marked by a Crying Baby *Cel-184: 10-8-2
Abecedary CEL-278: 10-10-10
B----'s Lover *Cel-191: 8-7-7
Barbara's Dad's Staff Stabs Barbara (1k) 2003/41048
Central Sex
Coerce [aka A Quickie] 7-8-8 *Cel-82
Doorknob 34b Gets Lucky
Dragon and the Slug
Enigma in the Mirror 9.5-9-9 (14k) *Cel-228,
Experiment A CEL-235: 10-8-8
Fuck Exon [a warm response to Senator
 Exon's ammendment to the
 Telecommunications Reform Act of
Ginger Lee stories:
 -- All Dolled Up (9k)
 -- Cock Sucker Cop (5k)
 -- Hooked on the Ceiling (3k)
 -- The Comfort of Bed (8k)
Grand Round [several akas]
Hydrocarbon Barriers Which do not Barricade
I've Got Huge Tits
 (A Mocking of Spam) A+ rating Annex Reviews 5-5-97
Lipograpm of S-E-X
May 9.5-10-10 *Cel-182,
Metamensity *Cel-180: 10-10-10
Mindfuck [many akas]
Psycho Clam 1: Jennifer on the Beach
Psycho Clam 2: Lady Whiteshell
Psycho Clam 3: Jonathan of the Polar Bear Club
Psycho Clam 4: Just in Justin
Smell of Lust [a reinterpretation of the title
 of someone else's story]
Smoke Sworls
Special Treatment CEL-227: 10-10-9
Teacher's Pet
Unknown Quarry
Virtually Severed
yes Mistress {220 words ch.}

emerson laken

-PALMER is someone I'd personally like to know more
about. The seven stories that I've seen all came through other
reposters. There may be more. I've seen titles to four stories I
don't, but would love to have. These are mostly teen incest stories.
All are good, but "Ellen" is on my favourite's list and "The Pussy
Show" should be. Why isn't it? I am happy to report that a group
reader has found ELP on a BBS and is posting some new stories. Thank
you Sxjames.
A Lover's Tail CEL-258: 9-7-6
Black Box - MF mc 9.5-8-8 *Cel-219
Different Sisters + assm-1998/7466.txt
Digger - mf teen CEL-221: 8-9-9,
Eddie and His Sisters assm-1998/7403.txt
Ellen - mf teen inc BillyG: CEL-368: 9.5-10-10, 8921.txt
Embers *Cel-368
Frankie's Story CEL-353: 9.5-9-9
Libido - MF wife 9.5-9.5-9 Cel-221,
Lusting for Valerie - Mf teen
Mike CEL-269: 9-8-7
My Three Sisters
Peggy and Brad CEL-253: 9-9-9
Pictures of Hayley DocRock: 10-6-2 Cel-338
Tempest - Mf inc CEL-251: 8-5-3,
The House of Joy CEL-252: 9-8-7
The Pussy Show - mf teen inc voy assm-1998/7250.txt CEL-272: 5-6-6,
The Sexdoll 9,95-10-10 *Cel-260

emi tsuruta

describes (autobiograhically?) the adventures of a
japanese couple in the U.S. There is pretty much exhibitionismus. The
stories are (in posting order):
In the woods with my boyfriend
On my university campus
In our friend's apartment
When Norika and I were younger
A bit more about Norika and then me!
Back home in Japan
On the beach at night
The two of us take a trip
Our Trip Down The Coast 2 (49k)
In a bikini shop change room
At a Japanese hot spring {Asuna}
In and around my host family's house
My first time at a nude beach
Dancing and strip poker with my friends
At my friend's swimming pool (20k)
At a swimming pool (31k)
Beach Barbecue (31k)
In Japan With My Boyfriend This Time (35k)

eric mj12

Family Love 1.330k

eric shon

Cousin's Delight (111k)
Exquisite Error CEL-237: 10-10-10,
Sibling Rivalry
Unexpected Company (172k) CEL-273: 10-10-10

erin halfeven

Dirty and Dangerous Stromer: CEL-352: 8-6-5
Every Lollipop Loves A Licking CEL-353: 9-8-7
The Girl with the Goodbye Eyes CEL-354: 10-10-10,
 CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]


wrote 53 stories that Ole Joe was aware of, most all involving incest. No, there's not valid address for the author, more's the pity, because his work remains wildly popular today. Repost a handful and watch the e-mail come! A couple of Australian correspondents informed Ole Joe that Eros has/is spending time in jail for writing these stories. Ole Joe thought they were pretty good. We can't imagine putting someone in jail for writing a story.

Eros was a long time and prolific author of erotic stories, starting in the BBS era with the "Blue Moon" BBS and continuing on up until he ran afoul of the Australian authorities in 1998. In between, Eros authored better than 50 tales, most involving some sort of a happy, loving family [...] he had the panache (and the writing skills) to pull the reader into this world. [...] Eros understood, at a gut level, what erotic fantasy was about, and for pure, unadulterated, lusty, joyous, unapologetically pornographic sex, he is unmatched. --Stephen

A Date with Mom
A Masked Ball
Babysitting Rachel
Bangkok Baby
Big Sis Is Horny 113k
Billy's Education
Boffing Mom
Crusin' Cousins
Cumming with Mom and Dad
Daddy's Little Girl
Daddy's Little Office Slut
Dark & Delicious
Daughter's Horny Urge 74k
Dildo Mom
Donna's Three Sons (199k) 10-9-9.5 *Cel-246
Family Fantasies
Family Fun (457k) 4493.txt
Family Fun Revisited
Family Pact
His Father's Cock
Horny Like Mom 75k
Hot Horny Family 113k
Island Girl
Joyful Experience
Little Sister Likes It Hotter 132k
Little Sucking Sisters
Loving Mom & Sis 84k
Masturbating Mom  23k
Melissa - A Chance Encounter 403k
Mom Licks Best
Mom Likes It Hot  72k
Mom's Lusty Lesson
Mom's the Word
Mothers and Sons 212k
Mother's Touch
My Kinky Brother
My Naughty Family
My Sister's Family 91k
My Sister's Wedding
Neighborhood Slut 146k
Now It's My Turn
Nympho Moms
Our Family Secret
Sucking Up to Daddy
Sweet Little Suzy 65k
The Captive Family 372k
Three in a Van
Three to Play
Two Loving Daughters
Wanton Family 201k
Wet Dreams
Wild Wanton Daughter


After *Cel-251 (Ero-Tales & Adrian Hunter)
Ruthie's Afternoon CEL-286: 7-8-7
Science Project (rp Ted E. Bear)


was a meticulous stylist for whom femdom is very nearly a religion. Male subjection or worship especially of young women being a deep natural instinct in men and boys, he believes, and a privilege some women grant some men, appropriately testing their willingness to endure pain and humiliation. Most of his stories are long on philosophic exploration of the phenomenon and short on action, but they can have an analytic intensity which is awesome (as in "I Meet Toni's Mom," or "Travels with Aunt Paula") or hilarious (as in "I Learn to Think" and the earlier "War Games"). -- Vickie

Estragon died February 12, 1998.

Fashion's Slave
I Learn to Think 10-10-10 *Cel-133,
 #46 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
I Meet Toni's Mom #36 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-23: 10
Letters to Jane CEL-29: 7
Memories of Underdevelopment (1/7) 2 3 4 5 6;
  #94 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; 10-10-10 *Cel-107
Pommel Horse CEL-245: 10-8-8
Serving Young Girls CEL-25: 10
Sweetness 10-9-6 *Cel-122
Travels with Aunt Paula (1/6) 2 3 4 5 6;
  10-10-10 *Cel-75
War Games #31 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-36: 10


Affair (2k)
 CRIM-26: [10,8,6,7]
Anniversary (17k) (RP)
Baby 39k *Cel-276,
Babysitter's Mom
Back in the Saddle Again (40k)
Bad Girl 20k CEL-363: 10-9-9,
Ballbuster (27k) CEL-316: 9-5-4,
Bass Boat (13k)
Best Woman (20k) CEL-330: 10-10-10
Bound and Helpless 9-9-9CEL-275,
Brandy (3k)
Carol's Understanding CEL-277: 8-6-2
Carol's Christmas (9k)
Cathy's Sentence (34k) CEL-345: 10-10-10,
Chip Malone (31k)
 CEL-368: 10-9.5-8
Christmas Melody (13k)
Concubines (94k)
Dangerous Women (39k)
Dealing With a Bastard 15k CEL-275: 9-9-9
Diana's Slavery 1-2 29k+22k CEL-277: 5-5-4
 Part One:
 Part Two:
Doors (6k)
Election Bet (7k) CEL-376: 10-9-9,
Evesdropping 2k
Evil Sex (16k)
Eyes (3k)
Family Secrets (15k)
Finding Betsy (18k)
Freed 10k

This is a first-rate example of a situation where the controversial rating system simply breaks down. How do you "rate" a story that's so terrific? Three perfect 10 aren't nearly good enough.

Mary J. Gandmar, Cel-359 (no score given)

Grandpa and Me 1 (19k)
Grandpa and Me 2 (13k)
Grandpa and Me 3 (10k)
Grandpa and Me 4 (13k)
Grandpa and Me 5 (19k)
Grandpa and Me 6 (13k)
Grandpa and Me 7 (14k)
Hannah's Humiliation 23k
Heat (10k) Sven the Elder: 10-9-10 CR 290
Housewife - 1946 (26k)
Jason's Power (57k)
 CEL-364: 10-10-10
Janet's Return (25k)
Jean Brown (18k)
 CEL-369: 10-9.5-9.5
Jezebels 1 (43k)
 CRIM-3: [10,10,8,8]
Jezebels 2 (38k)
Jezebels 3 (46k)
Karen 58k CEL-335: 10-8-8, (RP)
Laurie (18k) CEL-342: 10-10-10, (RP)
Little Filly (10k)
 *A rating Annex Reviews 4/19/98
Loneliness (10k) RP,
 CEL-332: 10-10-10
Mac Kenzies Journal 1-6 (178k)
Mike's Present (17k)
Mrs. Burns (21k)
 CEL-355: 10-10-10
My Boss' Slut - MMF wife 45,000+- words. April-August 1998
 1 (31k)
 2 (12k)
 3 (18k)
 4 (24k)
 5 (31k)
 6 (31k)
 7 (35k)
 8 (25k)
 9 (29k)
My Inheritance - mc 140,000+- words. Apr - Aug 1998,
 52-chapter 750KB epic
 01 Uncle Bert (14k)
 02 I Meet Andy (16k)
 03 Message from the Grave (10k)
 04 Mary (8k)
 05 Hide 'N Seek (10k)
 06 Two Road Trips & a Funeral (11k)
 07 Love Letters (14k)
 08 York (13k)
 09 Bound to Be Good (15k)
 10 San Francisco Here I Cum (19k)
 11 Lisa (16k)
 12 Lisa's Submission (13k)
 13 Home Again (13k)
 14 A Quiet Day (7k)
 15 Learning from Mary (15k)
 16 Raping Julie (16k)
 17 Last Day in Aspen (15k)
 18 Lisa Leaves (17k)
 19 Mouse Play (10k)
 20 A Kitten (9k)
 21 Pinged (12k)
 22 Predator (13k)
 23 Proper Lady (11k)
 24 Christmas Eve (13k)
 25 Dream (15k)
 26 Finishing the Assignment (12k)
 27 Good Clean Fun (16k)
 28 Whipping Andy (19k)
 29 Family Time (14k)
 30 Mom (12k)
 31 Cathy's Secret (23k)
 32 Good Morning (14k)
 33 Day in Denver (22k)
 34 Answers? (16k)
 35 A Wild Night (16k)
 36 Dreaming (17k)
 37 Cathy's Power (20k)
 38 On the Road (14k)
 39 Honkytonkin (21k)
 40 Decorations (14k)
 41 Passage (12k)
 42 The Hermit (17k)
 43 Decision (18k)
 44 Hen Party (17k)
 45 Programming Lisa (13k)
 46 Jewelry (25k)
 47 Kitten Fun (13k)
 48 Making Up My Mind (18k)
 49 Birthday Party (25k)
 50 Bert's Last Message (23k)
 51 Angie (27k)
 52 The End? (26k)
Night Table (5k) CEL-334: 10-8-8
One Day A Year (31k)
 CEL-374: 10-10-10
Punishment Fits the Crime 23k Myers: 8 *Cel-332,
Raping Helena (25k) 10-10-- *Cel-280,
Reel Men (12k) CEL-330: 10-9.5-9.5, RP
Sally And Me (31k)
Santa's Christmas (27k)
Sharing (20k) CEL-328: 10-8-8,
Sharing Kim (57k)
  CEL-345: 10-10-9.5,
 Rogue Reviews 257: 8.0 of 10
Slaves: The Capture of Elise (56k)
 Myers: No rating. *Cel-353,
 A+ rating Annex reviews 1/31/00
Speed (19k) CEL-327: 10-9-9
Speedy (58k)
Suellen's Wedding 15k 2 *Cel-281,
Sugar Daddy (18k)
The Anniversary (17k)
 CEL-285: 9-7-10
The Babysitter's Mom
The Best Woman 19k
The Garden (18k)
 CEL-326: 10-9-9.5,
 CRIM-6: [10,10,10,9] (RP)
The Incident of the Despondent Dick 67K {Blanket-Story}
The Lioness (3k)
The Next Generation (3k)
The Nose Knows 4K {Blanket-Flash}
The Punishment Fits the Crime R'khaan: CEL-293: 8-8-8
The Ultimate Mind Control (17k) CEL-280: 8-9-8
The Wedding Conception Retribution CEL-277: 8-5-5
Trust (36k)
 CEL-351: 10-10-10,
 Rogue Reviews 472: 9 of 10
Ultimate Mind Control (17k)
V Day (31k)
 10-10-10 CR 359
VW - Buying Tasha (55k)
VW - Changes (42k)
VW - Lily 1 (23k)
VW - Lily 2 (24k)
VW - Lily 3 (23k)
VW - Lily 4 (22k)
VW - Marie Dinsmore (30k)
VW - Sonya (36k)
VW - The Sunset (32k)
Wager (78k) RP
Wanda 12k
Wedding Day (3k)
Window (10k)
 V Day: CEL-360: 10-10-10
Winning Denver 29k CEL-277: 8-5-5,


writes stories about tortured woman. His plots are mostly
historical and are involving rape, cruelty and often snuff. His
stories are rather short. First he posted at alt.torture but recently
his stories are also in a.s.s.m., complete at
A New Slave Dawning
Ancient Arena Shock
Annika's Second Fight
Annika Gets Her Pink Slip
Annika In HR
As The Pilum Turns
Barbarian Torture
C - The Fighting Slave
Caliente Alto
Canines At The Gates
Classical Wax
Connie's Fast-Track
Crucified! II
Crucified! III
Cruel Sport
Dawn's Conversion
Dawn's CROSS Country
Differing Views
Faena and Connie
Galley Slave
HR Meets Sales 1
In The Hands Of Romans
Irena & Renee Go To Extremes
Mary Alice Gets...It
Mary Ellen's Next
Nazi Experimentations
Panay Las Cruces
Return To Panay Las Cruces
Roman Justice, Plus...
Sands of Fate
The (Latin) Summer Wind
The Accidental Surgeon 1-4
The Bra That Got Away A+ rating Annex Reviews 9/29/02
The Captured
The Crvcifixion
The Eggz!
The Passions of Zeema
The Royal Slave
The Target
Tortures, Tortures and More
Vulcanalia, The Whole Story
Win The Battle But...
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria


- VP VIDDLER writes rape stories. Well, usually. He is a
master of the story-by-dialogue. I'm sure there is quite a story to
tell behind this unusual author. Maybe Viddler will come back and tell
us someday.
All Night Long
Anything for Barry
Bonnie Sweet Robin
Breaking Linda
Can I Fuck You?
Cindy's Bargain
Cop Lover
Cry Harder
Daisy, Daisy
Diana Drops Her Pants
Doing It for Daddy
Donna's Descent
Every Hour
Family Values
Fat Charlie
Ginny Again
Hello Arnold
His Darling Daughter
Hot and Cold
Hurt Me Harry
Hurting Jill 80k
I Want This Pain
In the Dorm
In Your Dreams
Jenny Gets a Car
Justin's Girl
Looking for Silk
Lords and Ladies
Lorna and the Law
Love Story
Making Daddy Watch
Miss Tully's Bargain
Moira's Breasts
Mrs Vanderbilt
Mrs X and Mrs Y
My Bare Lady
My Daughter Ginny
My Dolly
My Morning with Victor
Nick's Lucky Day
On the Lips
Pizza Man 10-9--- *Cel-272
Prelude to Incest
Pretty Polly
Raping Susan
Remember Sylvia
Sid's Toy
Suffering Students
Sweet Lisa
The Animal
The Assignment
The Babysitter
The Bottle
The Buttons
The Contract
The Doorman
The Executive
The Gang
The Gathering
The Right Words
The Ruler
The Screams of the Dove
The Servant
The Sheriff
The Show
The Shrinking Bra
The Tape
The Traitor
The Truck
The Visit CEL-227: 10-8-3
Tim Wants Your Sister
When Dawn Breaks

father ignatius

is at and
sufficiently active on a.s.s.d.
Bang Bang Youre Dead (22k) CEL-371: 9.5-8-8
Convalescence 19k
Expanding Julie's Sexual Horizons (28k) CEL-370: 10-10-10
Lifeguard-cum-Coach 14k
Note to Self 6k
Passion Play 37k
Replacing the Follies 21k
Ricksha Boy: Servicing the Tourist Industry (32k) CEL-367: 10-10-10
Sister Celia's Damascus Road 12k
The Lesbian Lolita 19k
The Trouble with Penises 14k
Trimming the Sweetheart 6k

felix dartmouth

Amy on Trial
An Easy Job
Drill Team in Bondage at the Renaissance Festival B+ rating Annex Reviews 10/26/02
Gag Order
Hoakie Oldie
Locksmith CEL-22: 4
Vacation for Jessica
Vacation Weekend in Mexico
Women Prison Commission
 - Committee Report 12/95 9.5-8-7 *Cel-162

felix phile

Class Mates (RP Henrik Larsen)
Landscaping Nick: CEL-355: 10-10-9, (RP Henrik Larsen)
Sorting Comics (RP Henrik Larsen)
The Key CEL-368: 9-9-9, (RP Henrik Larsen)
The Kissing Game CEL-351: 10-8-7
Themes CEL-377: 9.5-6-6, 27489
Tutoring  (RP Henrik Larsen)

ferrous juggler

At the Ranch *A rating Annex Review 7-7-97
Beautiful View
Melodies 6.CEL-4: 5
Midnight Movie
Neutral Party *A rating Annex Review 7-7-97
Reading Material
The Dressing Room
The Traveller's Introduction *A rating Annex Review 7-7-97,
 CEL-4: 5
Third Party Check
Welcome to Dallas


is still actively posting to soc.sexuality.spanking. He has
271 stories on his site (about 4,6M) (marked with FM, year and month).
_The website wasn't updated since 02/2000._ For reading his stories
use google, or use his pay-site, or
A Daughter's Love FM, 99/09
A Mid-Year Transfer FM, 97/11
A Trip to the Head FM, 97/12
A Visitor FM, 98/12
Acceptance FM, 98/05
After School FM, 97/12
Afterglow FM, 96/04
Amalthea FM, 98/06
Amy and Isabelle 1 FM, 95/12
Anticipation FM, 98/04
Betrayal FM, 97/09
Buffy, the Vampire Spanker FM, 98/10
Buns of Steel FM, 97/11
Caroline's Punishment Day FM, 96/04
Caught in the Web FM, 95/10
Child's Play
Christmas FM, 95/12
Competitive Assets FM, 98/05
Confession FM, 95/10
Confessions of a Naughty Maid FM, 95/10
Courtship of a Goddess
Crazy FM, 97/11
Curtains FM, 98/09
Daily FM, 95/10
Decisions FM, 99/02
Delta House FM, 96/05
Edna #1: 4-11-FM, 94 FM, 95/10
Escort FM, 95/12
Fantasy 001: William FM, 96/03
Fantasy 002: Karen FM, 96/04
Fantasy 003: Thomas FM, 96/04
Fantasy 004: Samantha FM, 96/03
Fantasy 005: Eric FM, 96/03
Fantasy 006: Julie FM, 96/03
Fantasy 007: Alan FM, 96/03
Fantasy 008: Jane FM, 96/03
Fantasy 009: Joe FM, 96/03
Fantasy 010: Ellen FM, 96/03
Fantasy 011: Robert FM, 96/06
Fantasy 012: Susan FM, 96/03
Fantasy 013: John FM, 96/06
Fantasy 014: Gloria FM, 96/06
Fantasy 015: Matthew FM, 98/03
Fantasy 016: Rebecca FM, 98/03
Fantasy 017: Noel FM, 98/03
Fantasy 018: Cindy FM, 98/04
Fantasy 019: Harold FM, 98/06
Fantasy 020: Denise FM, 98/08
Fantasy 021: Dennis FM, 98/08
Final Cut FM, 95/11
Fornication FM, 99/03
Fragment 01: The Agreement FM, 96/02
Fragment 02: The Cave FM, 96/02
Fragment 03: The Estate FM, 96/02
Fragment 04: Humility FM, 96/02
Fragment 05: The New Movie FM, 96/03
Fragment 06: The Party FM, 96/02
Fragment 07: The Studio FM, 96/02
Fragment 08: White Slave FM, 96/02
Fragment 09: The Machine FM, 96/02
Fragment 10: The Slavemaster FM, 96/02
Fragment 11: The Castle of Correction FM, 96/02
Growing Up FM, 98/02
Honey, I'm Home FM, 95/10
How I Got My Pulitzer FM, 99/06
I Was a Teenage Rebel FM, 96/02
In For It FM, 99/10
Incident at Fourth and Gresham FM, 95/10
Island of Susans FM, 95/11
It's a Dirty Job But ... FM, 96/05
It's Natural FM, 95/11
It's Natural II FM, 96/02
Jump Street FM, 96/05
Justice: A Novella FM, 96/01
Kids – Child's Play FM, 96/04
Lakemont I FM, 97/10
Lakemont II FM, 97/10
Laura FM, 98/02
Lauren FM, 99/04
Letter to Elizabeth's Mother FM, 99/10
Little Bitch FM, 95/11
Little Trouble Leads to Big Trouble FM, 99/02
Mating Habits FM, 95/07
Memory Lessons FM, 98/11
Mind Games FM, 96/07
Mother and Daughter FM, 96/02
Mr. Moffat FM, 98/05
Music Video FM, 96/03
News Show
Nymphet Juliette FM, 98/06
One of Those Days FM, 95/10
Oops III FM, 99/04
Oops! FM, 96/03
Overboard FM, 98/01
Passion FM, 95/12
Paul Bunyan and the Great Lakes FM, 96/04
Photo Album
Poker Game
Popular FM, 98/05
Public Punishment FM, 95/10
Punished Nuns FM, 99/01
Report Card Day FM, 98/05
RLS 01: Neighbor Watching FM, 95/10
RLS 02: The Recital FM, 95/10
RLS 03: The Apple Orchard FM, 95/10
RLS 04: African Customs FM, 95/10
RLS 05: Horse FM, 95/10
RLS 06: Model FM, 95/10
RLS 07: Girlfriend FM, 95/10
RLS 08: Birthday Spankings FM, 95/10
RLS 09: Police FM, 95/11
RLS 10: Music Lessons FM, 95/11
RLS 11: The Paddle Club FM, 95/11
RLS 12: Uncle FM, 95/12
RLS 13: The Tractor FM, 95/12
RLS 14: Exchange FM, 95/12
RLS 15: Warm-Up FM, 95/12
RLS 16: Sisters FM, 95/12
RLS 17: Love FM, 96/01
RLS 18: Best Friend FM, 96/01
RLS 191: Gramps FM, 96/01
RLS 20: Mommy FM, 95/10
RLS 21: Camping FM, 95/10
RLS 22: Grace FM, 95/10
RLS 23: My Little Brother FM, 97/10
RLS 24: Assistant FM, 98/06
RLS 25: My Education FM, 98/06
RLS 26: The Den FM, 98/07
RLS 27: Gym Teacher FM, 98/07
RLS 28: The Paddle FM, 98/09
RLS 29: Twins FM, 98/10
RLS 30: Cousin Rachel FM, 99/01
RLS 31: The Treehouse FM, 99/09
RSP and Pain FM, 96/07
Scavenger Hunt
Singing Lessons FM, 98/02
Single's Blues FM, 98/03
Sneaking FM, 95/11
Snippet 01: Boredom FM, 97/06
Snippet 02: Church FM, 96/06
Snippet 03: Shorts FM, 96/06
Snippet 04: The Woodshop FM, 97/06
Snippet 05: The Video Game FM, 96/06
Snippet 06: The Chamber FM, 96/06
Snippet 07: Denial FM, 98/02
Snippet 08: The Choice FM, 98/02
Snippet 09: The Absent Minded Housemistress FM, 98/05
Spank Me, Please FM, 95/10
SSC: A Good Excuse FM, 99/07
SSC: Angels FM, 99/07
SSC: Automaton I FM, 98/06
SSC: Aversion Therapy FM, 97/07
SSC: Bachelor Party FM, 97/07
SSC: Catch-22 FM, 98/07
SSC: Contrition FM, 97/07
SSC: Fate FM, 97/07
SSC: Final Exam FM, 97/07
SSC: Games I FM, 97/07
SSC: Games II FM, 97/07
SSC: Hell Week FM, 97/07
SSC: Chamber of Horrors FM, 97/07
SSC: Ice Cream In Pain FM, 97/07
SSC: Lines FM, 97/07
SSC: Memories FM, 95/08
SSC: Mindy 2: The Kiss FM, 98/07
SSC: Mindy 3: Addiction FM, 98/07
SSC: Mindy 4: Decision FM, 98/07
SSC: Mindy I FM, 98/07
SSC: No Reason FM, 97/08
SSC: Oops 03 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 04 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 05 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 06 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 07 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 08 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 09 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 10 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 11 FM, 98/06
SSC: Oops 12 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 13 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 14 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 15 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 17 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 18 FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 19a FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops 19b FM, 98/07
SSC: Oops! II FM, 97/08
SSC: Phone Call FM, 97/08
SSC: Someday FM, 98/07
SSC: SSC: Oops 16 FM, 98/07
SSC: The Basket FM, 98/07
SSC: The Cruise FM, 98/06
SSC: The Exchange FM, 98/06
SSC: The Gamble FM, 97/07
SSC: The Joke FM, 97/07
SSC: The Rose FM, 98/06
SSC: The Shapeshifter FM, 97/08
SSC: The Spanking Automaton II FM, 98/06
SSC: The Statue FM, 96/06
SSC: The Woodshed FM, 99/07
SSC: Twins FM, 98/06
Star Trek: The Next Generation,
 'Vacation' FM, 96/04
Strict Teacher FM, 98/03
The Accident FM, 99/01
The Advertisement, Parts 1-3 FM, 95/08
The Affair FM, 95/10
The Android FM, 96/03
The Apprentice FM, 96/02
The Billiard Lesson FM, 97/10
The Boarding School FM, 99/11
The Client FM, 98/03
The Contest FM, 95/10
The Couple Ole Joe's favorite, FM, 96/02
The Courtship of a Goddess FM, 96/02
The Cropping FM, 95/10
The Daredevil FM, 96/02
The Date FM, 95/10
The Diary FM, 98/11
The Director FM, 95/10
The Dominant Bitch FM, 96/02
The End, and a Little Bit More FM, 97/11
The Escape FM, 95/10
The Example FM, 99/10
The Favor FM, 96/02
The Fight FM, 99/10
The Final Initiation FM, 99/11
The First Day FM, 98/04
The Fratority FM, 99/09
The Funeral FM, 95/10
The Girl Who Cried Wolf FM, 99/04
The Greeting FM, 95/10
The Healing Pool FM, 97/09
The Janitor FM, 97/08
The Lake FM, 94/10
The Lecture Series: Punishment Spankings FM, 98/07
The Loan Shark (Part 1) FM, 96/04
The Lover FM, 96/05
The Lunchbreak FM, 95/10
The Models' New Clothes FM, 96/02
The New Head FM, 99/09
The New School FM, 95/11
The News Show FM, 96/01
The Office I FM, 96/02
The Old Boys Club FM, 99/10
The Performance FM, 97/12
The Photo Album FM, 95/12
The Pirate's Wife FM, 96/06
The Poker Game FM, 96/02
The Psychology Student FM, 99/11
The Right Answer FM, 99/10
The Rich Maid FM, 99/12
The Sacrifice FM, 96/02
The Scavenger Hunt FM, 96/03
The Secret Life of Amelia Journey FM, 98/07
The Schoolroom FM, 99/09
The Social Worker FM, 96/01
The Spanking FM, 96/07
The Spectacle FM, 96/01
The Spy FM, 98/03
The Strap FM, 95/10
The Swimsuit FM, 98/03
The Teacher FM, 96/01
The Tenderfoot FM, 97/11
The Twenty Dollar Bill FM, 95/12
The Virgin FM, 97/12
The Waiting Room FM, 96/01
The Wedding Day FM, 96/08
The Whipping Boy FM, 96/01
The Woodshop
The Y2K Blues FM, 99/12
There's Nothing New Under the Suns FM, 96/02
Three's a Crowd FM, 97/10
Tough FM, 98/05
Truth FM, 96/03
TV Family FM, 96/01
Uncle Charlie FM, 95/10
Venting FM, 97/12
Water of Life FM, 97/10

fm hazer

Naughty Games 248k (reposted to ASSM in 1997)

forrest curran

Adventures of the Amorous Amazon 175k
Ursula Parkheart

francis dashwood

(Both available at
Lauren Gisal 904k
Lauren Gisal II 1,12 Mb


Arlene (7 chapters)
Betty (45 chapters)

frank downey

was named Best New Author 2001, and his story "Dance of a Lifetime" won two awards: Best Series/Serial and Best Long Story by a New Author.

Frank writes excellent romance stories -- some poignant, lighthearted, hot, sticky-sweet.

Alexandra (49k) (RP)
Brick (48k)
Comfort (3k)
Conditioned Response (18k)
Changeup  (8k)
Cheeseburger (3k)
Chosen (3k)
Crucifix  (4k)
Conditioned Response (18k)
Dance of a Lifetime (a novel in six books, completed in 2004)
 Best Series/Serial (2001)
 Best Long Story by a New Author (2001)
Dedication (4k)
Destiny Delayed (35k)
Diagnosis (3k)
First (3k)
Friendship (3k) [flash fest]
Giggle (3k)
I Was a Teenage Pet (30k)
Jared and Amanda NIS Prelude (4k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 1 (48k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 2 (37k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 3 (21k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 4 (42k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 5 (37k)
Jared and Amanda NIS 6 (45k)
Old Friends (35k)
Ramrod (2k)
Recognition (4k)
Regrets (4k)
Rhythm (3k)
Samantha's Secret (70k)
Shout (3k)
Tempest (3k)
The Agreement (33k) (RP)
The Curse of the Bambino 1 (10k)
The Curse of the Bambino 2 (9k)
The Curse of the Bambino 3 (6k)
The Curse of the Bambino 4 (8k)
The Curse of the Bambino 5 (16k)
The Curse of the Bambino 6 (15k)
The Curse of the Bambino 7 (10k)
The Curse of the Bambino 8 (12k)
The Distance Between (with Girl Friday; 21k)
The Ghosts of Christmas Past (53k)
The Orgasm Game (30k) (RP)
The Perfect Six (28k)
Transcending the Role 1 (42k)
Transcending the Role 2 (45k)
Transcending the Role 3 (32k)
Transcending the Role 4 (30k)
Transcending the Role 5 (25k)
Transcending the Role 6 (27k)
Treats from the Trickster (43k)
Twist (3k)
What Do You Dream Of? (45k)
You Dance (40k)

frank mccoy

has a website for his stories and reposts them to the group occasionally. All his stories are incestuously related, generally adult male/teen-or-pre-teen female. Often includes impregnation. If that turns you on, you gotta have them.

 With My Little Sister (9k) (RP)
 With My Little Sister (22k)
'Safe-Sex' (28k) (RP)
'Statutory' Rape (35k) (RP)
A Bedroom Scene (15k)
A Brother's Duty (17k) (RP)
A Brother's Duty To His Sister (5k)
A Day in the Life of Suzy Jenkins (14k) 9.5-6-6 *Cel-213, (RP)
A Good Catholic Girl 57k
A Matter of Taste (56k)
A Short Interlude With Nieces I-III *assm-1999/20916 (18k) {GALAGO}
All Her Fault (14k)
Allie-My Little Sister 52k
Appearances (41k) (RP)
Asking for it (27k) (RP)
Assumptions (32k) (RP)
At the Doctor's Office *Cel-182: 9-6-6, (51k)
Bad Memories (22k) (RP)
Before The Wedding (27k)
Being Careful  (6k) (RP)
Big Sister's Lessons (76k) (RP)
Bound for Fun Comment (22k) (RP)
Bound for Fun I (65k) (RP)
Bound for Fun II (61k) (RP)
But Mom (13k) 8-5-3 *Cel-66, (RP)
Collage (64k)
Consent (54k) (RP)
Conversations I (13k) (RP)
Conversations II (10k) (RP)
Conversations III (45k) (RP)
Conversations IV (14k) (RP)
Cousin Kim Baby-sits (29k) (RP)
Cumming of Age (30k)
Daddy Slid In Bed With Me (p)  (7k)
Daddy Taught Me All I Know (15k) (RP)
Daddy's Daughters (24k) (RP)
Daddy's Girl (11k) (RP)
Daddy's Lessons (106k)
 3537.txt, 3539.txt (RP)
Daddy's Present (21k) (RP)
Daddy, Please? 1-5 (68k)
Daddy, Please? 6 (16k)
Daughter's Lessons (46k) (RP)
Daughter Needs Practice (10k) (RP)
Donut Shop CEL-298: 9-8-5
Dumb (10k)
Family Ways (10k) (RP)
First Cousin (21k)
Fun with Dick and Jane (64k) CEL-271: 10-3-4,
Fun with My Sister's Kids (43k) (RP)
Gee Daddy! (12k) (RP)
Getting it on the Bed (22k) (RP)
Getting my Daughters Dressed for School (8k) (RP)
Getting off Grandpa (8k) (RP)
Getting out of hand (57k) (RP)
Getting ready to have 'twins' (14k) (RP)
Good Deed 10-8-6 *Cel-112
Grand-Daughters (34k) (RP)
Grand-Daughters (3 of them) (64k) (RP)
Grandpa's Little Fuck-Toy (50k)
Grandpa's Rape (22k) (RP)
Grandpop's Cum (11k) (RP)
Gumshoe (45k)
Heck Of A Job (26k) (RP)
Helping Big Brother (114k)
 3533.txt, (RP)
Helping Out Sis (15k) (RP)
Helping Papa (28k) (RP)
Helping The Kids (9k) (RP)
Her Brothers (21k)
Her Father's Daughter (688k) 3599.txt
 3601.txt, 3595.txt, 3596.txt,
 3600.txt, 3597.txt, 3603.txt,
 3607.txt, 3602.txt, 3604.txt (RP)
Horny Nieces (103k) (RP)
Horny Out of my Mind (55k) CEL-33: 10,
I Need a Divorce (13k) (RP)
In Your Sister (8k) (RP)
In-breeding (16k) (RP)
Interruptions 131k
It's Not Fair (34k)
It's Not Right (2k) [flash fest]
Jasmine and the Purple Panties (35k) (RP)
Jocelynn's Sweet Dreams (61k)
Just a Dream? (26k) (RP)
Just Horseshit (25k) (RP)
Just Posing (40k) (RP)
Learning (27k) (RP)
Little Girls Need It Too (60k)
Little Red Ridinghood (39k)
Love for the World (35k) (RP)
Making it "good" for Daddy (23k) (RP)
Making Momma Proud (34k) (RP)
Melanie's Busy Day (45k) (RP)
Missing Big Brother (43k)
Momma Taught Me How (30k) (RP)
Momma's way (21k) (RP)
Mommy Juice (26k)
Mornings (12k) (RP)
Mother's Day (5k)
My Brother (8k) (RP)
My Family (21k) (RP)
My First Time with Daddy (17k) (RP)
My Granddaughter Learns How (22k) (RP)
My Hot Little Sister (21k) (RP)
My Little Sister (39k) (RP)
My Little Sisters (50k) (RP)
My Pedophile Father (49k)
My Sister Drinks It (65k) (RP)
My Sister's a Pervert (83k) (RP)
My Sister's Baby (18k) (RP)
Nap Time (18k)
Not Really (2k) (RP)
Nuttin' CEL-378: 10-8-8, (4k)
On 'Being Molested' (18k) (RP)
On Vacation (91k) (RP)
One Fine Morning (5k) (RP)
One Fine Morning Part-II (44k) (RP)
Ouroboros (28k)
Patience (11k) (RP)
Peeping In on My Daughter (13k)
Piss-Hard (9k) (RP)
Playing 'Mommy and Daddy' (19k)
Playing Adult Games With Little Sister (76k)
Please Daddy? (16k) (RP)
Police Stop (34k)
Poor Planning (40k) (RP)
Practicing Birth-Control (19k) (RP)
Pregnant! #1 (6k) (RP)
Pregnant! #2 (7k) (RP)
Privacy (21k) (RP)
Pure-Bred (24k) (RP)
Raising Unicorns (22k)
Raping Little Suzy (51k) (RP)
Rats (80k) (RP)
Restrictions (64k) (RP)
Sandwich (38k)  9.5-7-7 *Cel-91 (RP)
Seeing My Daughter Properly (6k)
Shifting the Blame (45k) (RP)
Showing My Daughter (17k) (RP)
Showing My Younger Daughter How (3k) (RP)
Sisters in Heat (17k)
Sleeping Little Sister (32k) (RP)
Spoiled (21k)
Spoiling It (11k) (RP)
Taking Care of Grandpa (70k) (RP)
Taking Care of Uncle Frank (27k)
Taking Daddy's Sperm (14k) (RP)
Taking Chances (74k) CEL-38: 7,
Taking my wife's advice (22k)
Taking the Blame (14k) (RP)
Tall Tales Night (42k)
Taught by My Big Sister (19k) (RP)
Teaching Judy (15k)
Teaching Little Lisa (39k) (RP)
Teaching our Daughter  (7k) (RP)
Teaching the Kids (53k) (RP)
Telephone (3k)
Tempest 3 (10k)
The 'Certified' Pedophile (46k) (RP)
The 'Good Girl' (95k) (RP)
The Best Laid Plans ... sometimes work out OK (50k) CEL-214: 9-4-2,
The Big Brother Caper (58k)
The Birthday Present (15k) (RP)
The Breeders Cup 40k
The Guarantee 10-9-9 *Cel-148, (250k) 3485.txt
 3484.txt, 3487.txt (RP)
The Good Deed (12k) (RP)
The Pedophile (82k) (RP)
The Reformed Child-Abuser (37k) (RP)
The Reward (24k) (RP)
The Selkie (24k)
 (Hopper-Swap Challenge)
The Shopping Channel (16k) (RP)
The Wizard (15k)
The Wolf and The Seven Little She-Goats (41k) (RP)
The Wrong Sister (11k) (RP)
The Zucchini (22k) CEL-244: 7-8-2, (RP)
Two Bets (56k)
Two Much (84k)  6-5-4 *Cel-65, (RP)
Vignette (1k) (RP)
Watching Our Daughter (16k) (RP)
Watching The Kids (8k) (RP)
Weird (46k) CEL-269: 9-6-3,
What Grandparents Are For (26k) (RP)
What's Fair? (11k) [naive nympho challenge]
Why is it? (26k) (RP)
Winning the Lottery 9k
You MIGHT be a sex-maniac if... (18k) (Update)


(Mind Control)
Highway Hypnotist 1-6 170k
Hypno House
Hypno Sister
Julia 1-4 119k
Your Second Lesson
Zarah the Mesmeriste

fred clarke

Encounter in Kellen County *Cel-166: 10-10-10

frederick t

wrote and writes (mainly) about Willy Tamarack. He posted
the "Adventures of Willy Tamarack" (1996-1997), `Shack, Lead!' (1997),
"The Travels of Willy Tamarack" (1997-1998), `Every Man's Fantasy'
(1998), "The Stories of Willy Tamarack" (1998-1999, 2002), `If Candy
is Dandy and Liquor is Quicker...Who's Maryjane??' (1998) "The Tales
of Willy Tamarack" (1998-1999) and a row of miscellaneous stories &
tales (1996-1999, 2002). On his site you find most stories in a zipped
form. ( (in reading order)
 _Adventures of Willy Tamarack_
The Afternoon Feast 30k
Evening Delight 31k
A Surfin' Safari 1 31k
A Surfin' Safari 2 37k
It's a Hopping at Red Rock 36k
The Visit 35k
The Party 37k
The Police Officer, the Hot tub and the Real Estate Agent 41k
Mexico, Si 1 26k
Mexico, Si 2 34k
The Hero and the Peeping Neighbor 45k
A visit to the Dentist and Prom Night 46k
A Busy Weekend 44k
The Cabin 35k
The End, My Friend 38k
 _Travels of Willy Tamarack _
Betrayed 40k
On the Run Again 31k
The Big `C' 30k
The Big `J' 39k
Let's Do a Dope Deal 1 31k
Let's Do a Dope Deal 2 39k
Layin' Low and Gettin' High 1 40k
Layin' Low and Gettin' High 2 40k
Layin' Low and Gettin' High 3 30k
Ol' Willy Had a Farm 33k
Neighbors 31k
Back to School 1 36k
Back to School 2 29k
Back to School 3 42k
Over Here, Over There 1 37k
Over Here, Over There 2 34k
Over Here, Over There 3 40k
Viva ! Las Vegas 1 37k
Viva ! Las Vegas 2 41k
The Operation 1 37k
The Operation 2 39k
To Live is Good 1 39k
To Live is Good 2 38k
To Live is Good 3 30k
To Live is Good 4 39k
 _The Stories of Willy Tamarack_
Settling Down (134k) BitBard: CEL-294: 10-10-10
The House Warming(s) 115k
Revenge 149k
Wedding Bells 135k
Makin' Movies 116k
You a Wise Guy ? 117k
The Shit Hits the Fan 137k
Yamashita's Gold 114k
Welcome to America ! 139k
 _Tales of Willy Tamarack _
Long, Long Ago..... (58k)
Death Valley (30k) Maria: CEL-323: 5-5-3,
 B+ rating Annex Reviews 5/5/99, (rp)
The Pageant *assm-2003/40275 (43k)
The Softball Tournament (16k)
Summer Time, Summer Time *assm-2003/40273 (40k)
Tale 6
Balboa (32k)
High School was so Long Ago... (40k)
Tale 9
Poetic Justice (63k)
A Peak into the Future *assm-2003/40265 (100k)
 Back Yard Stories_
Finding My Baseball Cards (10k) *Cel-170: 9-8-8
In the Backyards (9k) CEL-247: 8-6-7
The Shower 6k
 _Miscellaneous Stories and Tales_
The Super Bowl (78k)
Four Seasons (47k) CEL-291: 8-6-7,
Guess You Had to be There? (65k) 40333
The Poll (31k)
The Way it Should Have Been *assm-2003/40353 (125k)
The Goose and the Gander *assm-2003/40338 (137k)
The Concert 19k
Early (21k)
The Fool (27k)
The Gambler 13k
The Girl Friend 17k
The Inquisition (96k) ASSM/40339-40341
The Ride Home (13k)
The Star 127k
The Thief 63k
The Workout (15k)
The Yard Boy 21k
If Candy is Dandy... 372k
Every Man's Fantasy 389k
Shack, Lead ! - Chapters 1-15 (543k) *Cel-171: 9-9-10
My New Stepsister CEL-280: 10-9-10

friar dave

tends to write longer, thoughtful stories. They are largely about under-age sex, but are exceptionally well done, so enjoyable for all readers. The stories are difficult to find; the Google archive seems to be incomplete. Some stories are at Storiesonline, others have been reposted by John Dark to ASSM. Ole Joe wrote:

I don't know a thing more about her than you would from reading the story, but read "Marie" to see why I care. It is one of my personal favourites.

Alice 36 KB,
Angela 10-10-10 *Cel-151
 #66 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 1:(25k) (JDR-rp)
 2:(22k) (JDR-rp)
Bonnie 10-10-10 *Cel-155, 168 KB,
Constance CEL-231: 10-10-10, 108 KB,
Elly 9.5-9-9 *Cel-136, 69 KB,
Furlough CEL-288: 10-10-10, 41 KB,
Gwen CEL-289: 10-10-8, 56 KB,
 #97 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-48: 10
Inger (98k)
 #8 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; 10-10-10 *Cel-132,
Jealousy CEL-248: 10-10-10, 30 KB,
Kevin (44 KB)
 #53 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-26: 10
Livinia (150k) 9.5-10-10 *Cel-135
Marie (18 parts: 458k)
 #14 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-192.

It seems that the reposts by Joseph Clayton (parts 1-18) are the most complete. marie1.html through marie.12.html are in Eli the Bearded's archive.

Marissa 20 KB,
Next Door 10-10-10 *Cel-131, 14 KB,
Olivia 39 KB,
Perfect Lover CEL-308: 10-10-10, 51 KB,
Phi 137 KB,
Singapore Girl CEL-46: 8, 122 KB,
Tryout CEL-200: 10-10-10, 260 KB,
 #17 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Ursula CEL-215: 10-10-10, 144 KB,
 #23 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Wanted 77 KB,
Wendy (122k) CEL-259: 10-10-10 (JDR-rp)
Yule (a.k.a. Christmas Presents) CEL-276: 10-10-10, 45 KB,


has posted some stories to ASS in 1994, but I don't know if
he is the writer or only was the reposter.
Julies Initiation -mf,ff MID (
Nasty Sexatary -mf MID (
Night Train -mf, nc MID (
Party Girls 1 -mf, ff, nc MID (
Party Girls 2 -mf, ff MID (
Police Brutality -mf, ff, nc MID (
Short -mf, nc MID (9409030247167751@compunet. uucp. netcom. com)
The Night -mf, ff MID (
The Pool -mf MID (
The Trip -mf, ff- MID (


(incest, teen) originally had the nick "Jame", but someone
protested, and so he changed the nick to Frostflower, but never really
liked it. Then, when he decided to post some NC stories he thought
that a nick change would be appropriate. Aside from the BH90210 story
"Frostflower" hadn't done any nc stuff. He was posting his NC-stories
A Spanking From Daddy MID (
Beverly Hills 90210
 -1 [mf/nc] MID (
 -2 [mf/mmf/ff/nc] MID (
Desert Fantasy [by Jame] MID (
Drunken Party Girl MID (
Father In Law [mf] MID (
Gramps Teaches Suzie MID (
Jehovah's Witness Sees The Light MID (
 -1 MID (
 -2 MID (
 -3 MID (
 -4 MID (
 -5 MID (
 -6 MID (
 -7 MID (
 -8 MID (
Mad About You [mf/bond-cons]
 - 1 MID (
 - 2 MID (
 - 3 MID (
 - 4 MID (
 - 5 MID (
 - 6 MID (
 - 7 MID (
 - 8 MID (
My Loving Father [by Jame] MID (
Northern Exposure [by Jame] MID (
Seducing Carol [mf teen] MID (
Strawberry Blonde [by Jame] MID (
 -1 MID (
 -2 MID (
 -3 MID (
 -4 MID (
 -5 MID (
 -6 MID (
 -7 MID (
 -8 MID (
Teaching Sis MID (
The Dirty Old Man MID (
The Triplets!
 -01 MID (
 -02 MID (
 -03 MID (
 -04 MID (
 -05 MID (
 -06 MID (
 -07 MID (
 -08 MID (
The Corner Office [by Jame] MID (


Dawn 224k
Jocelyn's Sweet Dreams 61k
Little Girls Need It Too  60k


Kicking the Habit
Plea Bargain
Pool Shark
Sacrifice to the Goddess
The Expensive Date 9 6-9.5-9 0 *Cel-214
Tom Gets His Comeuppance
War Is Hell


The Girl in the Window ***

gary jordan

is a regular to ASSD and the guy behind the Silver Clitorides Awards; also the author of many excellent stories. For his birthday, Gary's friends served up an orgy of chocolatey sex stories.

Chocolate Kisses (17k) [P2C],
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 7/10/02
Chocolate Knights (6k) [virago challenge]
Chocolate Knights and Chocolate Daze (25k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,10,10]
Chocolate Rules (17k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sighs (26k)
Chocolate Sunday (Version 1) (21k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sunday (Version 2) (20k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sunday (Version 3) (23k) [summer rom fest]
Chocolate Sunday (Version 4) (20k) [summer rom fest]
First Impressions
 Golden Clit Long Story of the Year (2002)
I Just Wanna Be Naked In School (6k)
L is for Lethargy (7k) [dulcinea fest]
Master PC: A Short Edition (13k)
Not A Knight In Shining Armor...  (5k) [virago challenge]
Pirates of the Carob Bean *assm-2003/43304 (69k) {Pirate}
Smokin' Hot Sex (14k)
Smokin' Hot Sex, Redux (21k)
Smokin' Hot Sex, Too (20k)
Tiny Bubbles (7k)
Unplugged (4k)
 CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10]

generic joe

is around a while and here and then he is posting a story
to ASSM (about 15 since 1999). In early summer 2003 he posted with a
series of images, inspired by Suki, but containing even more bondage
stuff. (
20 Questions (14k)
300 Words (3k)
A Hope and A Prayer (22k)
Anniversary CEL-342: 10-9.5-9.5
Benjamin CEL-348: 10-7-4
Body Double CEL-371: 9.5-9-9.5,
 0 (2k)
 1 (27k)
 2 (28k)
 3 (29k)
 4 (35k)
 5 (25k)
 6 (29k)
 7 (27k)
Choices (18k)
 CRIM-11: [10,10,9,8]
Desk Job (48k)
Harry's Story (19k)
In the Kitchen, With Dinah (26k)
Images 0001-0040,
 – 0009 CRIM-28: [10,10,8,10]
Lisa (18k)
New Year's Vacation (21k)
Packing (14k)
Public Service Announcement Homer: CEL-338: 9-9-8
Rollover (35k)
Something About Him (22k)
The Dawning (20k)
The Dominated (18k)
Thoughts of Him (8k)
Upstairs (5k)


-- There were several stories, apparently, written by an
unnamed author, all beginning with, "Dear Phantasies.", the writer
later appeared as `Ghostwheel'.
Shauna 1: Lockerroom Lust rec.arts.erotica: shauna-1
Shauna 2: Halloween with Shauna (17k) (Shauna 2)
Shauna 3: Shauna Makes a Bet (29k) (Shauna 3)
Shauna 5 (10k) MID (
Terri MID (


(M^F sexual slavery)
Summer Slave 199k CEL-4


Cowboys Up!
Master, Margo Ynd Me...
Mornings With You
My First Fantasy
My Massage Part 1

gina marie wylie

(ff teen romance) Just the moment I was implanting a citation of Bitbard's statement about her, she reposted "Katie and Lynn". Bitbard wrote:

Just as the music world has its one hit wonders, so too does the world of erotica. "Kate and Lyn" (...) it's not really complete (even if it were complete I'd still want it to go on). But what a wonder it is. This story, about two teenage girls discovering their passion for each other and the subsequent sexual emergence, has been one of the most popular stories I've had on my site. For good reason (...), this is one very hot, VERY satisfying story.

Gina Marie added two chapters to Katie & Lyn (at Jan Vincent's Sisters in Love site) and a new story in 2003 (on Gina's site).

Katie and Lyn (parts 1-7; Bitbard's archive)
 CEL-26: 10
Katie/Lyn 1 - At the Movies (21k) (RP)
Katie/Lyn 2 (20k) (RP)
Katie/Lyn 3 - Tomorrow (20k)
Katie/Lyn 4 - To The Weekend (22k)
Katie/Lyn 5 - Diversions (25k)
Katie/Lyn 6 - Together Again (20k)
Katie/Lyn 7 - Three's Company (25k)
Kristie's Thanksgiving Day (16k)
Tom's Diary 3-15-02 (34k)
Tom's Diary 3-16-02 (24k)
Tom's Diary 3-17-02 (44k)
Tom's Diary 3-18-02 (28k)
Tom's Diary 3-19-02 (33k)
Tom's Diary 3-20-02 (27k)
Tom's Diary 3-21-02 (14k)
Tom's Diary 3-22-02 (28k)
Tom's Diary 3-23-03 (80k)
Tom's Diary 3-24-02 (68k)
Tom's Diary 3-25-02 (23k)
Tom's Diary 3-26-02 (36k)
Tom's Diary 3-27-02 (39k)
Tom's Diary 3-28-02 (43k)

ginny walker

posted 7 of the stories below on X-mas 2002 what made me
aware of her stories. Her stories contain sex between women, and often
the moral struggle facing them. The subject matter she finds most
interesting deals with first time experiences, innocence lost,
lactation and reluctance.
Business Trip (23k)
Camping (with Cheri) (26k)
 CRIM-16: [8,10,10,9]
Art of Seduction (14k)
College Kiss (20k)
Dentist (14k)
Disney (30k)
Firsts: Ron Jon's (9k)
Fly the Friendly Skies (19k)
High School Dance (18k)
Jail (26k)
Maid Of Honor (17k)
Moral Dilemma (14k)
Movie Girls (20k)
Poolside (21k)
Sister's Honeymoon (28k)
Wet-N-Wild (19k)

girl friday

(aka Friday Jones)
Always and Forever (4k)
Christmas At The Beach (19k)
Elevator Ride (6k)
Friends and Lovers *assm-2003/45454 (100k)
Good Morning, Babe (6k)
Last Night (12k)
Reunion (42k)
The Birthday Gift (8k)
The Game  (5k)
The General (69k)
To Be A Man (3k)

gm sullivan

Dying for a Cigarette
Eschaton Boulevard
Hybrid Vigor
Phoenix Ascending

gobs o'semen

A Mother's Forbidden Passion 258k
I Was My Mom's Lover
Mom and I Say Cum a Lot the First Time 58k
Mom's Amorous Son 72k
Mom's New Boarder 230k
Mom's New Love 49k
My Coworkers 490k
My Friend Beth 69k
My Friend Jamey Labian 58k
My In-Laws 1-6 176k
My Neighbor Amber
My Neighbor Gloria 1-2
My Neighbors Gloria and Kristin 1-2
My Neighbor Phylis
My Neighbor Virginia
My Sister 1-2 112k


A Brotherly Love
A Family Affair
Born of Love
Boy and Girl
Brothers and Sisters
Daddys Will Play Around
Daughters 1-2
Families at Play 198k
Family Ties
Living Under One Roof 127k
Michael's Perversion 127k
Sexual Toys 1-5
SixSex 1-3
TenSex 1-3
The Internet Affair
The McFare Academy 78k
The Rape of Tina Williams
The Replacement Daddy
The Warehouse
The Watcher
Virtually Sane


A Dream Come True
Be Careful What You Wish For
Blackmailing My Sister Sabrina
Caught with My Pants Down
Fun with Miss Jensen
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Humiliation of Hope
Katy CEL-251: 4-4-3
My Secret Spot
Peeper's Paradise
Perverted Dream
Sally's Painful Fun
Sister Ashley CEL-240: 4-3-3
The Catfight
The Fun Bus
The Humiliation of Tammi Stevens
The Screamer
True Love

green onions

( writes stories about watersports
and large women.
Advice Request
Another Green Onions story
Combination of the Two
Georgia 10-9-9 *Cel-148
Ketchin' Up
Scorpio Madness CEL-54: 10
Sleepy Tuesdays
Soaked in Seattle CEL-21: 10
To Cee or not to Cee


Phone Call *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Sweet Home Chicago *Cel-167: 10-10-10
Take 2 8-9-9 *Cel-159
Watching You Watching Me *Cel-170: 10-10-10

h. jekyll

An Episode in the Affair (40k)
 1: The Show (26k)
 2: Loss and Remembrance (28k)
 3: Life and Death
 on the Web Site (26k)
 4: The Box (32k)
 5: Aftermath (34k)
End Game (37k) [summer rom fest]
First (25k)
Hurt Her (24k)
Chattooga River
 I: Waterfall  (5k)
 II: Maggie and Magic (9k)
 III: On the Rock (6k)
Infidelity I: Ache (30k)
Infidelity II: Redemption (27k)
Intimacy (32k)
Love Letters (20k)
 CRIM-27: [10,10,10,10]
Maggie (11k)
Midsummer (42k)
Mysteries (27k)
Obsession, 1 (16k)
  2 (10k)
  3 (13k)
  4 (14k)
  5 (17k)
  6 (22k)
Silent, 1/2 (41k)
 3 (15k)
 4 (15k)
 5 (12k)
 6 (15k)
 7 (19k)
 8 (29k)
 9 (24k)
Sodomy (7k) [dulcinea fest]
Stepsister (46k)
The Interview (35k)
The Russian Front 1-3 (87k) 39103, 39157
Unfaithful: A Romance (57k)

hammon wrye

(a.k.a. E. HOWE) started a writing discipline exercise in
2003, in his case that are short vignettes or flash stories he tries
to write daily – we don't know if he is fully disciplined, since
posting is sometimes overdue. He also wrote some longer stories.
Catharsis CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10]
He Made Me Stop CRIM-3: [notrated]
Ho'omaluhia A-/B+ rating Annex Reviews 10/26/02
Liberty Call CRIM-6: [10,8,10,10]
Quality and Quantity CRIM-3: [9,10,9,10]
Unspoken Thoughts CRIM-4: [9,9,10,10]


Disney's The Parent Trap: Hallie Meets Her Mom (14k)
 Hallie Meets Martin (18k)
Full House: DJ & Stephanie CEL-320: 7-6-6
Gianna (19k)
My 7 Year Old Daughter (11k)
My First Threesome (11k)
 CRIM-12: [5,5,5,5]
My Step Son (12k)
Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Sabrina and Seth (14k)
The Brady Bunch: Marsha & Greg CEL-361: 8-5-5
The Girls Of Roswell
 - Liz and Izabel (18k)
 - Liz and Merie (18k)
 - Liz and Tess (19k)
 - Maria and Her Mother (16k)
 - Liz and Her Mother (13k)

harry berg

in his stories deals with torture, humiliation and rape --
and that can occur on both genders.
Mission to Mexico (202k)
Field Trail No.11 (102k)
Beyond Pilates (27k)
Encounters With Trailer Trash (71k)
Writhing To The Top (107k)
Employee Motivation Enron Style (84k)
Celtics Pride (30k)
Preserving The Family Farm (131k)
Family Vacation (121k)
Open Victory Celebration  (44k)
Dealing with the WTA Board (54k)

hawk richards

As the Paige Turns *A rating Annex Review 7-13,
 CEL-200: 10-10-10
As the Paige Turns: The Second Coming (Cumming) CEL-230: 10-10-10
Crazy Tomas Dragon: CEL-297: 9-8-8
Dream A Little Dream CEL-271: 10-10-10
Escape from Mars CEL-201: 5-4-4
Friendship CEL-246: 9-9-10
Body Chemistry
Gray Hair Society
Honeymoon Summer
 (newlywed passion) CEL-205: 9-7-8
Ironic *Cel-203
Katrina (infidelity) 10-6/9-8 *Cel-245
Mardi Gras Adventure CEL-227: 2-5-3
Planting the Seed of Intrigue
Poetic Justice
Stammering Waiter
Tease (sexual titillation) CEL-234: 10-10-10
Tongue and Cheek CEL-243: 9-8-8
The Fetish Series CEL-225: 10-10-6
Through the Grape Vine
Violet's Second Chance
When Summer Comes Leanna: CEL-308: 8-5-5
When the Angel Smiles *Cel-195: 10-10-10
Where's M1ke Hunt? CEL-323: 9-9-9.5


"wrote a series of short stories tying the dynamics of human
sexuality to seasonal themes, in 1993. Over the years, the individual
parts were scattered and lost: One could find part one, but not part
two, part six but not part five, etc. Bit by bit the individual parts
would be rediscovered and reviewed as stand alone stories – the
reviews were always favorable. As the critical aclaim poured in,
people began to try and piece together the completed series. Finally,
in august of 1998, the series was reunited. Though the stories stand
alone, they stand best when they stand together." (BitBard) They can
be found at Bitbards library at ASSTR.
Hazy Shades of Winter
Summertime Blues
Season of the Witch
April Showers
The Cruelest Month
The Real World
A Time to Cast Away Stones

hd meister

Curse of Love CEL-236: 9-9-9
Back to the Fold --- *Cel-225
Hunts the Night 4-9-9.5 *Cel-227
Lost Passion CEL-232: 7-8-7
Monks Five: Scorpion CEL-235: 7-6-5
Perverted Monks: Snake Style CEL-231: 9-10-10
Rebel Monk of Wu Tang CEL-233: 8-4-2
Soul of Dawn CEL-225: 9-10-10
Story Tales One: Henry CEL-223: 9-8-8

henrik larsen

Henrik Larsen's stories are set in Northern Europe where people are
more tolerant to sex and legal age for sex is fifteen. His stories
describe male-female-intercourse of young people. He does not label
all his stories "rom" but I think they are. Try `Deep in the woods'
which can be found somewhere in the net also in French.
( ("Au fond des bois".)
A Day At The Beach (26k)
 Cartwright: CEL-364: 8.5-9-8.5
A Party With Dionysus (22k)
A Whiter Christmas Than Ever (23k) (RP)
Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me 1 (45k)
  2 (15k)
  3 (11k)
  4 (9k)
  5 (13k)
  6 (13k)
  7 (11k)
  8 (18k)
Casting The Model (33k)
 CRIM-6: [7,9,8,8]
Christmas Cards (1k) [flash fest]
Computer Conference (93k)
Conference (94k)
Confessions 1-5 *assm-2003/45289 (230k) (RP)
Day At The Beach (26k)
Deep In The Woods (53k)
 Cartwright: CEL-364: 8.5-9-8.5
Eyeliner (25k)
 Annex 7/17/00: A+
Grains of Rice (3k) [Wedding]
Happiness Is A Warm Gun (3k) [flash fest]
Hausefrau 1946 (21k)
 CRIM-20: [8,10,9,10]
Hidden (3k) [flash fest]
Irresistible (3k) [flash fest]
It Never Happens To Me (26k)
Mr Fou And The Price Of Innocence (48k)
Old Friends (46k)
Powerless (19k)
Tempted by the Fruit of Another (3k) {Birthday},
 CRIM-22: [10,10,10,10]
The Morning After (3k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,8,10]
The Neighbours Daughter 1-4 (74k)
The Neighbours Daughter 5-8 (75k)
The Neighbours Daughter 9-12 (65k)
The Neighbours Daughter 13-16 (69k)
The Neighbours Daughter 17-20 (71k)
The Ritual (32k)
The Trip (57k)
 BillyG: CEL-363: 10-9-10
Thunder (Complete Version) (46k)

holly rennick

"Writer's Notebook" was a Golden Clit Best Long Story finalist, 2003. I've read three of Holly's stories: Nightcap, Twister, Wesleyan Partners -- all marvelous.

See Holly's web page -- Ingrid

Lilith's Precious Ingredient
Tactical Twister
Manhattan Trio
Duck and Cover
Wesleyan Partners
Sibling Rivalry
Spanish Fly
Jazz Ukulele
Accidents Will Happen
Soccer Boundaries
Scandinavian Birth Control
Man on Page 602
Nora Bird
Do it till Dawn
Close Cousins
Boathouse Revisited
Humping with Howdy
Into the Palms
Readers Theater
Seven Seas
Writers' Forum
Writer's Notebook
Risky and Risque
Chocolate and Hockey
Notes on Oneida
Cindi's Top Tips for Sibling Success

homer vargas

Alexandra's New Practice
A Cop too Far
After Awakening (9k)
Again? (with Allison George)
 CRIM-16: [8,6,8,6]
An Author's Fantasy CRIM-6: [9,7,7,6]
An Examination for NAG
A New Infection CEL-326: 9-7-7
Ask Dr. Vargas
At Last
A Woman Who Loves Men
A Woman Who Loves More Men
A World Upside Down
Celeste Withdraws
Chloe and Mom
Cromwell's Court Case
Cutters Creek 1-8
Dawn and Ken and Maria and David
Fantasy Aftermath
First Mate
Judith and Me
Lit 101 CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5
Lovebright Academy: The Real Story
Makin'Pagins CEL-338: 9.5-8-8
Meanwhile, Back in Cutters Creek
My Doctor, My Maid
No Deposit, Return
On Further Examination
Pearls Before Wine
Personal Examination
Pillow Talk
Pregnant Puzzle
Sabah and Rod
Sabah at the Ball
Sherry's Mom
Solon: First Contact
Summer Holidays: Epilogue
Teaching the Tomboy
The Examination
The Girl from "Principles"
Toni's New Life
Wonder Woman's Examination
Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure A- rating Annex Reviews 12/27/02
WOPI Chronicles
World Lit 101


The Dispensation of Grace 1-3 10-10-10 *Cel-73

hunter jackson

begins and ends for Ole Joe with "The Fourth Ring," a
story that will always stay with. It can't be said he was first, but
he is close to the best at this topic, which is MMF wife watching.
Impregnating Lauren
Insemination in September
The Fourth Ring CEL-35: 10 ***
The Good of the Order


A Drop Of Inque (37k)
Cell Division (4k)
Co-ed Tandem Beer Pissing Contest (30k)
Contest at Amazon House (25k)
Cum Sponge (31k)
Dish [1]: Memorial day picnic (18k)
Dish [2]: Labor Day Picnic (10k)
Dish [3]: Thanksgiving Dinner (16k)
Dish [4]: Holiday Party (19k)
Dish [5]: New Year's Eve Party (14k)
Death Wish (56k)
Dream Sequence (7k)
Field Trip (13k)
Girls Night Out (22k)
Hmm, I'd Do Her (21k)
Human Wheels (9k)
Hungry For Dori (24k)
Hungry For Eve (29k)
Hungry For Monique (44k)
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (40k)
Just A Plain Fucking Story (8k)
Just Another Plain Fucking Story (10k)
Long Dong Silver (17k)
Moby Jane (19k)
Nurse Your Drinks (27k)
On His Lap (13k)
Oh Poo-Poo (23k)
Oh Shit (46k)
On The Beach (15k)
Pissing Practice (23k)
Prisoners Of War (50k)
Puzzles (65k)
Rain (26k)
Rape! (14k)
Rathskellar (12k)
Replacement (21k)
Rescue (55k)
Sex Dare: Can I Suck Your Dick? [A] (29k)
    [B] (57k)
 Can I Sit On Your Face? (6k)
 Can I Eat Your Pussy? (15k)
Toilet Slave (31k)
Toilet Slave 2 (38k)
Two On One (17k)
Ultimate Toilet Slave (17k)
Under Her (20k)
W32.GIBE.B@MM: Sexist Male Chauvinist [1/3] (13k)
 Turnabout [2/3] (17k)
 Feminazi Fuck Toy [3/3] (22k)

imma scared

(rape) []
a dream come true
after the Party CEL-296: 2-2-2
Cock Slave
Dawn's Doom
Demon Rapist
I Didn't Scream
In Harm's Way
Just the Facts *Cel-167: 4-5-3
My Name Is Dawn
Paul's Strange Gift
Pretty Little Girlie
Rape Stop
Richard the Rapist
Special Delivery
The Brotherhood 1-2
The Diner
The Rapist's Mind 1-3
What Happened

isabella reyes'

stories are posted on her website at
Her works include a handful one-chapter-stories; though most of her
works are ending with "to be continued" – we're still waiting. Her
longest work "Alma" made it up to twelve chapters at present. Her
stories include M/F, M/FF, MM/F and MM/FF interaction.
Alma 12 chapters so far
Riding Until The End Of The Line 1 chapter so far
Sylvia Pays The Rent 4 chapters so far
The Taking of Lissette
Letty's Diary 8 chapters so far
Fundraising 3 chapters so far
Yolanda's Awakening 2 chapters so far
Catching Mona 2 chapters so far


mostly writes slut wife stories, which are often indicated on the group with the tag (MMF wife). He is still around, though I don't remember a new one since "Christmas with the Andersons." They are all good, but my personal favourite is "Winning (Amanda) Through Intimidation." There'll have to be a whole lot of writing going on before it ever gets pushed off my personal top 10. Before you decide J Boswell runs on just one track, read "A Love Deeply Missed," Celeste's favoured story. About himself, J says:

My first exposure to CyberPorn was in the mid-to late-Eighties when I got my first modem and lucked into a couple of BBSes with adult stories. I had already written a few letters to some adult magazines and publishing a story on a BBS seemed like a much better medium. As far as publishing and the response, I miss the boards - they seemed much more personal than the `net.
I love and hate the Internet. I love what you can find on the `net, but I hate the time you can spend reading what you find. Since I began surfing, my writing output has declined drastically.
I don't really have a favourite story. I'm always partial to the one I've just finished, but I do go back and look at my earlier stories, editing them a little. By far I get the most requests to write part two of "Paying for It," which I promise to do, some day soon. I'm working on the third part of the "Find a Penny" tale and a few other things.

Celeste says in *Cel-192:

I personally think Boswell writes best when he gets off the wife-watching theme. I think his two best stories are "Love Deeply Missed" and `Christmas with the Andersons'. Nevertheless, Boswell obviously likes to write about slutty wives, and that's what he's famous for. His two best stories of that genre that I have encountered are `Those Ex-Wife Blues' and `Giving Him What He Wants'.

A Crime of Love
A Leopard's Spots 10-10-10 *Cel-132
A Love Deeply Missed (44k) 10-10-10 *Cel-140 (RP)
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty 10-8-8 *Cel-135
Christmas with the Andersons (174k) 10-10-10 *Cel-144, (RP)
Find a Penny 1-2 (225k) (RP)
Forever Faithful 8-6-5 *Cel-73, (rp)
Giving Him What He Wants 10-9-9 *Cel-140
Group Sex
Guilty Pleasures MID (
Hot Dancer CEL-64: 90
Intimate Sharing
Just a Little Country Girl CEL-64: 90
Long Day 9.5-8-8 *Cel-133
Mom's Healing Love 10-10-9 *Cel-126
My Cock Crazy Wife 9.5-8-7 *Cel-125
My Little Party Girl
My Party Treasure MID (
Oh, What a Trip *Cel-192: 9-7-5
On the Job Benefits *Cel-169: 10-9-9,
Open Door Policy
Paying for It (complete) (42k) (RP) OleJoe
Sharing a Bed for the Night
Terms of the Probation
The (Fore)Skin Game 10-8-8 *Cel-137
The Hots for a Hooker (complete) (110k) (RP) M.T.Head
The Professor
Those Ex-Wife Blues 10-10-10 *Cel-138
Traffic Jammin'
Vacation Doesn't Count 9-9-8 *Cel-134,
When Hubby Likes to Watch
Winning (Amanda) Through Intimidation Ole Joe's personal favorite ***

jack c. lipton

has been writing for a while but posted late in 2002,
firstly. His stories are romantic vanilla MF, some MF+, SciFi stories,
mostly with an angst athmosphere. He also jumped on the train into the
NIS-universe in 2003.
Affirmative Action (118k)
Balance (2k)
Beauty and the Bleak (29k)
CDD (6k) {Birthday},
 CRIM-21: [9,9,9,9]
Challenge / Response (27k)
Challenge / Response [2] (29k)
Ecstatic Cling 1-12
Exit Interview (15k)
 CRIM-18: [9,5,9,8]
Footprints... (p) (3k)
Friendly Fire (p) (2k)
Horizontal Integration (44k)
Jumpstart: Home (43k)
Not yet... (2k)
Safety (2k) [flash fest]
Seeds of Extinctions (16k)
 CRIM-13: [9,6,9,9]
Sex in Adjacent Cubicles (31k)
Share and Enjoy (12k)
The Beard Necessities [1/2]
 - Assets and Elbows (42k)
The Grim Peeper (15k)
Trial by Fear (p) (4k)
Winning (2k) [flash fest]
Witch [1/?] (20k)
Witch [2/?] (19k)

jack of all trades

can be found at
Adoration (17k)  CEL-377: 10-10-10,
Aieeee2K (15k) {Y2K}
An Extraordinary Woman (25k) CEL-372: 10-10-10,
Baby Doll (7k)
Betsy Laughed (38k)
Breakup (12k)
 Myers: No rating. *Cel-355
Carnal Val - Prelude (3k)
Carnal Val - Louse (60k)
Carnal Val - Lover (58k)
CASH-ing Out (37k)
 Owl: CEL-361: 9-10-8
Eternal Rest - Halloween (19k)
Evangelism (7k) CEL-354: 9.5-8-8
Final Return (20k) CEL-363: 10-10-10,
Great Grandpa Fucks Sherry 18 (20k)
Character Assassination (17k)
 9.5-10-10. *Cel-354
Jack Couples (3 Short Stories) (33k)
Jen CEL-375: 10-10-10, (6k)
My Jugs Flow Huge (9k)
Nakita the Collage Slut (17k)
New S-E-X (13k)
Peaches (15k)
Ruthie's Smile (25k) CEL-355: 10-10-10,
S-E-X CEL-360: 10-10-10
Sam and Eric - Graduation 1-3 (116k) 22655, 22897
Sometimes Love is Not Enough (81k) CEL-367: 9-9.5-9.5, (Rev.)
The Promise (23k)
Tied Up (31k) (with Ruthie)

james dawson

Cheerleader's Torment
The Reluctant Film Star 9-8-8 *Cel-82

james c lynn

A Matter of Curiosity *Cel-180: 10-9-10
The Heat

james wellington

The Young Babysitter 425k %assm-1997/3655.txt
Junior High Neighborhood Sluts 379k
 Ch 1-5
 Ch 6-10
Teacher's Summer Sex School 395k
Uncle Teaches His Niece (317k)

jan vincent

is an old entry to the list but still active. Themes are lesbian love, involving teens and incest.

Jan's stories are now on her Sisters in Love site; also: more erotic fiction, true stories, pretty pictures, and some (non-sororal) romantic lesbian stories.

A King's Word (35k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 1 (26k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 2 (30k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 3 (20k)
Alpha Centauri Amazons 4 (19k)
Dear Diary 1 (17k)
Dear Diary 2 (16k)
Feel the Passion (32k) (RP)
My older sister (11k)
Paula and Jennifer (26k)
Sisters 1-2 (54k) (RP)
Sisters 3-4 (60k) (RP)
Sisters 5-6 (41k) (RP)
Sisters 7-8 (64k) (RP)
Sisters 9-10 (28k) (RP)
Sisters 11-12 (48k) (RP)
Sisters 13-14 (48k) (RP)
Sisters 15-16 (49k) (RP)
Tenderness (74k)
Tenderness for a Rebel With a Cause (51k)
The Lisbon Girls *assm-2004/46449 (48k)
The Reunion (32k) (RP)
The Supermodels
The Triumph Of The Muses (26k) [sapphic fest]
 CRIM-10: [10,10,9,9]
Twin Brides (20k)
Unexplainable longing 1 (47k)
Unexplainable Longing 2 (38k)
Unexplainable Longing 3 (42k)
Unexplainable Longing 4 (36k)
Unexplainable Longing 5 (39k)

jane parks

Jane's stories contain F/F humiliation (f/F, ff/F, fF/F, reluctant), role reversal and the domination of older women by younger ones. Some of her stories are rather rough, and there are no male characters in them.

Ali Baba's Thief (34k)
Amber's Big Day (92k)
Bank Girl (28k)
Bank Mommy (39k)
Bird Food (19k)
Breast Exam (34k)
Canoe Trip (65k)
Dog Trainer (29k)
Gina's Day At The Mall (72k)
Gina's Smile (40k)
Golfer (24k)
Horsewoman (17k)
Choir Director (64k)
Choir Director 2 (55k)
Choir Director 3 (142k)
Jeannie Gets Her Collar (37k)
Jennifer The Boss (47k)
Layla At Home (31k)
Puppet (17k)
Sitting Elaine (83k)
Stacey Says (193k)
Submissive Teacher's Humiliation (93k)
Submissive Teacher's Humiliation - 2 (27k)
Tennis Coach (105k)
The Dream (37k)
The Dream Comes Home (46k)
The Dream Later That Night (39k)
The Dream Still Later (59k)
The Dream Very Late (44k)
The Swimmer (66k)
Tying Mary (41k)

jane urquhart

(FM con)
Dies Irae
Erotica 101 CEL-368: 10-9-9
Island CEL-308: 10-10-10
Janey's April
Janey's February
Janey's Friend
Janey's Grocery Lust CEL-328: 9-9-9
Janey's January
Janey's June
Janey's March
Janey's May
Janey's Trip
Quickie CEL-375: 10-10-10,
Y2K CEL-322: 10-9-9

janet l. dunning

wrote the story attributed to Friar Dave until v2003 of this Guide:

Dunning (aka "My Brother") 6 parts (?), 70 KB,


A Stolen Moment
Confronting Lies
Curiosity 1-2 CEL-32: 9
For My Wife
Party Girl #17 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Night Moves #92 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Paying the Price #73 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Soothing Aches
Stretching the Limits
Taking Chances *Cel-193: 10-10-10
Testing Bounds
The First Time
Too Tight for Comfort CEL-25: 9

jayant lund

Birds of a Feather
Hard at Work
Pit Stop
Secretarial Practice
The Real Thing CEL-227: 10-9-9
Tool Using Animals
Under the Mango Tree CEL-230: 9-5-10
Vendor of Coconuts
Video Knights in Katmandu *A rating Annex Review 11-16-97,
 Lady Cyrrh said, "If you think
 all people of East Indian
 extraction do is play the sitar,
 make curries, and program
 computers, you're wrong. They
 also write some very fine porn,
 of which this is an example."

jeanne de stein

The Horsewomen 1-9 279k - Ole Joe personal favorite


Breaking in a Slut YW259
Breeding Farm
Cindy's Breeding YW479
Getting Slammed in the Slammer YW489
Knocking Up Trudy YW282
Susan's Black Lust

jeff zephyr

is writing stories mostly labeled: (MF cons, rom, oral,
exhib). In year 2001 he started the ongoing autobiographical series
`Jeff Zephyr's Life' covering his life between age of five and eleven.
A Pregnancy Story
 --Waiting for the Future 10K
Angelina the Naive Nymphette 5K
Conventional Temptation 60K
Does This Dress Look OK, Honey? 8K,
 CEL-375: 10-10-10
Lauren's Halloween Ghost (46k)
My Dear John Letter POV 21K
My Kitten Laps Up Her Cream 14K
My Niece's Christmas Spanking
 - A Christmas Story 31K
One Fine Day #1-#3 26K
Picking Berries in the Rain 5K
Purple Morning 8K
 [Blanket - Flash]
Surprise! My Sister is a Stripper 69K
Surprise! My Sister is a Stripper - "Sunny Exposure" 55K
T-shirt Teasing At Easter 35K
My Best Friend Kissed Me On Valentine's Day 16K
Jeff Zephyr's Life Series ongoing, many postings

jefferson james

In a Dark Place *Cel-172: 10-10-10,
The Pennington Case 10-10-9 *Cel-142
The Price of Freedom *Cel-163: 9-10-10,
Young Stuff 7-8-7 *Cel-143
(p)Love and/or Lust a poem and a damned good one

jennifer doalfer

is a Danish writer. Her stories have European
character and are pretty erotic. Most of her stories are involving
exhibitionism and/or voyeurism with hetoresexual encounters). Celeste
criticised that her plots are unrealistic liberally (for readers in
the U.S.), e.g. skimpy bikinis at the beach, mini skirts etc. Thank
God that we in Europe are having indeed more liberality – sunbathing
topless at the beach is tolerated even in catholic countries like
Spain or Italy... (BTW: legal age for having sex is 15 in most
European Countries and 18 for reading/watching). Although some of her
stories are completely fictious and some are based upon any occurrence
she writes also true stories.
A Boating Experience
An Erotic Video
Anniversary 2002
Anniversary night CEL-370: 8-8-8
Early Morning Run
Ethnic Persuasion
From Poul's Viewpoint BillyG: CEL-359: 9-8-9
Hawaiian Weekend
Horsing Around Myers: No rating *Cel-377
Initiation CEL-379: 9-8-8
Island Dreams
Not So Proud CEL-368: 8-8-8
On the Terace
One for the Husband
Remote Controlled BillyG: CEL-359: 10-10-9.5
The Electricians
The Changing Room
The Milkman
The Wonders of Hypnosis Nat: CEL-371: 9-10-10
Third party liability
Tied and Tried
Tivoli CEL-346: 7-6-6
US encounters

jennifer eastman

writes stories about lesbians who like oral, anal,
licking, rimming, fisting including watersports and scatting, it's
really a mess. If you're into these you will enjoy her stories.
Otherwise rather stay away.
A Week At Camp Browning 206K
Desperate Measures 169K
Desp. Measures 2: Wood Nymph and Goddess 116K
Dream Diary Entry
 - Big Sister's Milkmaid 30K
MDS-1: Mother's Dirty Secret 114K
MDS-2: Karen and Mom 20K
MDS-3: Katrina Learns The Ropes 36K
MDS-4: Guidance For The Girls 34K
MDS-5: Karen's Birthday Party 56K


JT's Party
Closet 1 & 2
Dentist 1 & 2

jenny wanshel

(Jenny's stories "1942" and "Amanda's Honeymoon" were nominated for Best Short Story of 2001.

Amanda's Honeymoon CEL-370: 10-9-9
Be Prepared 7.5/10, Rogue Review No. 495 -
 February 26, 2000, Jack: NR *Cel-377
Boy Magnets Story Writer: 9-7-6 (CEL-309)
Call Me Jailbait BillyG: CEL-357: 10-10-10
Calling All Girls
Coco The Gorilla CEL-368: 10-10-10
Eager Beaver CEL-331: 10-10-10,
 9.0/10, Rogue Review No. 363 -
 April 28, 1999
Sex Life of An American Girl

jim fix

A Summer Romance *Cel-173: 10-10-10,
 #93 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
A Summer Romance Revisited
Angeles City 9-10-10 *Cel-154
Coal Town Cousin 113k 9.5-9-5 *Cel-220
Delivering the Evening News 9-9-8 Cel-221
Growing Up with Mom
Life with Anna
Maiden Aunt
My Mother's Son
My Neighbor Peg
My Sister's Love
Pimples and Demon CEL-227: 10-10-10
The Rest of My Life *Cel-224

jimmy hat

(M+F, MMF, MF)
Adult Tech (41k)
 CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5
Betting on Eight Ball (18k)
Betting on Nine Ball *assm-2001/32303 (26k)
Case Study (5k) [dulcinea fest]
Coin Operated (29k)
Commanding Agent Stanton (17k)
Crossing the Border (13k)
Crossing the Border (13k)
Dear Agent Stanton (19k)
 *A rating Annex review 8/1/00
Easter Proxies 1-2 *assm-2001/29365 (54k) [easter]
Episode 36: Lust for the Aliens 1-3 (63k)38982,38984
Exotic Imported Delights (28k)
Fuck the Year 2000 (15k)
Glows in the Dark 1-3 *assm-2001/30766 (43k)
Hands on a Hardbody 1-3 *assm-2002/39290 (49k)
How to Avoid Being Blown (19k)
Kiko and the Better Screw (37k)
Locker Room Fictions --, Homer: CEL-343: 10-9-7
Lou's Last Stand (30k)
Mall Cupid (18k)
Maytag Earns a C-Note (14k)
Maytag, Where Are You? 1-3 *assm-2001/33711 (46k)
Of Baby Sitters and Pizza Drivers (22k)
Photo Club (20k)
Privilege of Abuse (38k)
S is for Sun Screen (6k) [dulcinea fest]
She Was a Boy Band Groupie 1-3 *assm-2000/24345 (46k)
St. Muffins --, CEL-324: 9-8-8
Taffy Pull (21k)
Take Two Nurses and Call Me in the Morning (29k)
The Ass Menagerie 1-4 *assm-2001/32747 (82k)
The Case Is Licked Tiramisu: CEL-338: 7-9-6
The Ethics Conference CEL-354: 10-8-8
The Color of Attraction (19k)
The Ethics Conference (52k)
The Gift of the Maytag 1-4 *assm-2003/40248 (63k)
The Palmetto Underwear Incident *assm-2001/31440 (33k)
The Russians Are Coming 1-4 *assm-2001/28349 (49k)
The Server 1 (13k) [server challenge]
The Server 2 (14k) [server challenge]
The X-Ray Glasses (30k)
Timing is Everything Owl: CEL-334: 9.5-6.5-7
Totally Unreal Girls CEL-346: 10-9-9
Unexceptional (21k) CEL-322: 10-7-7,
 A+ rating Annex review 4/19/99

joan cum

The Camping Trip 1-2
The Family that Cums Together 1-8
The Ride 1-2

joanna de brito

A Posteriori (51k)
 CEL-348: 10-10-10
Damnation of Alice Myers: 10 *Cel-330
Darkest Fantasies 127K
Streaker  (14k)
The Code Of Tawr (10 parts) (290k)
The Hut Behind the Garage CEL-326: 9.5-8-8.5
The Ignominy Run 1-3 *assm-2000/22240 (183k)
The Mating Game (29k)
The Revenge of Edward Hopper (27k)
 A+ rating Annex reviews 3/16/99
Too Hot to Handle (29k)
 Homer: CEL-324: 10-9-7

joe parsons'

"Test Ride" was #3 in Celeste's Top 100 for 1996. Joe
runs an international phone sex shop and advertises at the tag end of
his stories. As long as the quality of story remains as high as the
one's I've read, he can advertise forever.
Angelic Interlude *Cel-183: 10-10-10
Conversation with Eve
Encounter at Green's Rock *Cel-183: 10-10-10,
 #27 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Intrusion 10-7-7 *Cel-91
La Salope 10-9.5-CEL-82: 10
Test Ride #3 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
A Day on the Bay #84 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Fools Rush In *Cel-183: 10-9-9
When Morning Comes 10-9.5-9.5 *Cel-183/A+ Annex Reviews

joe slackie

Caught by Dad
First Cum
Fourth Date
Business Trip
Lorri 1-3
No More Whores
Show Off
True Love 1-2

john a

got the Clitorides Award 1999 `Best New Author' (together with MichaelD and Vickie Morgan). In ASSM there are postings between 1999 and 2001. "Fonda and Cat" was a project he did with Virago Blue. He also wrote the Jake Lucas stories.

Afternoon Delight (7k) CEL-375: 10-10-10
Blind Date CEL-337: 10-8-8
Conductor's Log (33k)
Five Hours CEL-338: 10-9-9
Fonda and Cat CEL-372: 10-10-10 (with Virago Blue)
 Golden Clit Long Story of the Year (2001)
 [1,2] (28k)
 [3,4] (30k)
 [5,6] (24k)
 [7,8] (21k)
 [9,10] (30k)
 [11,12] (21k)
 [13] (11k)
 [14,15] (22k)
 [16,17] (21k)
 [18,19] (30k)
 [20] (19k)
 [21] (18k)
 [22] (16k)
 [23] (30k)
Love Is All You Need? (180k)
 BillyG: CEL-337: 10-10-9
 Golden Clit Best Story of 2000
Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog Homer: CEL-340: 10-8-7
Non Compliant (26k) {Y2K}
Reunion (51k)
Summer Awakenings 62K+(48k)
 Golden Clit Best Short Story of 2001
Welcome to Miami BillyG: CEL-362: 10-10-10,
Witchcraft (72k)  Homer: CEL-346: 10-10-10, {GALAGO}
_Jake Lucas Stories_
Acquisition (34k)
Berlin Diversion (50k)
Coo Coo Ca-choo Mrs. Robinson (71k)

john carter

Tina's Tale 9-7-4 *Cel-137
The Bet 9.5-10-10 *Cel-140
The Journey 9.5-8-8 *Cel-133

john dear

All's Fair (14k)
Caught (formerly "Not Caught") (11k) (REV)
Fire (12k) (REV)
Marian (8k)
 [Blanket - Flash]
Of Things No Longer There (13k) (REV)
 CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10]
Quartet (11k)
The Opening (11k) (REV)

jordan shelbourne

has written several excellent stories, so deserves mention here. He quit writing, quit writing twice and came back both times. "Tomboy," a story about friendship and emerging sexuality, is exceptional. He characterizes himself as a fairly vanilla writer:

The majority of my work deals with male-female relations, with occasional side trips into bondage. Some of the very short pieces are gimmicky in that I'm exploring an idea more than characters (I hope they're satisfying despite that).

Jordan's stories page

A Clean Taste (3k)
A Matter Of Style
Autobiographical Essay CEL-265: 10-10-10
Cusps 10-9-9 *Cel-92
Dive 10-9-9.5 *Cel-195
Friday 13th LXXXVIII (3k)
Haunted (15k) (THM)
 Silver Clitorides for November 2001
Heads or Tails? (May, 2002) (7k)
In Memory of You (August, 2001)
In Our Tenth Year on the Yellow Brick Road
Interlude, With Coffee (chap. 3 of Pushing the Envelope)
It's Not Cheating (February, 1997)
Just This Once (February, 1998) 10-10-10 CR ???
Lost and found (chap. 2 of Pushing the Envelope)
No Names CEL-60: 10
Nothing Like Ruby (11/2001), (16k)
Pidge's Story CEL-258: 10-10-10,
Pushing the Envelope CEL-220: 10-10-10
 (AKA A Question of Etiquette, first
 chapter of a projected novel
 entitled "Pushing the Envelope")
Tease *Cel-199: 10-10-10,
 *A rating Annex Review 7-20-97
That Long Distance Feeling (November, 1997) CEL-320: 10-9-9
Thaw *Cel-166: 10-10-10
The Fence (reprinted Hot off the Net)
The High Dive 10-9-9.5 *Cel-195
The Mark of Cane CEL-348: 10-8-7
The Wedding Night (6k)
Think Of It (7k)
Tomboy 10-10-10 *Cel-110
Under the Blindfold
Unmasked (December, 1997)
 CEL-300: 10-10-10 (LeAnna),
 A+ Rating Annex Reviews 8/30/98
Unwrap Party (51k) #10 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, (RP)
Virgin on the Ridiculous #72 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996


1-2-3 say cheese  (6k)
At Last (21k)
Behind the Bamboo Curtain (3k)
Better Than Before: Charlie and Mike (prequel) (38k)
Better Than Before (22k)
 CRIM-29: [8,9,9,9]
Blanket Amnesty (7k)
 [Blanket - Flash]
Brace Yourself (12k)
Brush With Destiny (1k) [flash fest]
Cum Pirates of the 97th Century (29k) {pirate}
Finally (14k)
Fresh Pussy (2k) [flash fest]
Great Performances (3k)
Juan, two, three – Flashes (6k)
Oh What's In A Name? (60k)
Pay To Play (30k)
Philatal Mistake (17k)
Racoon Eyes (1k) [flash fest]
The Essence of Stroke (6k)
The Understanding (28k)
Time To Decide (1k) [flash fest]
What's my name? (19k)

jubal harshaw

Pasages of Life 250k

julian coreto

is the creator of the multi-part mind-control-story
"Alan", appearing in ASSM since February, 2001, 26 chapters so far.
Alan _(ongoing)_
Master PC: Julian's Education 1-3 75k


A Night to Remember
All Work and No Play
Another Year, Another Birthday
Backyard Barbeque
Being Neighborly
Driving Miss Leslie
From Cyberly Yours to Entirely Yours
Hanauma Bay
Hole in One or Two
Hurricane Hattie
I Must Be Dreaming
In the Kitchen
Julie Comes to Visit
Just Teasing
Lady's Night Out
Meeting Marv
Must We Say Goodbye
My Friend, My Mentor
My Secret Santa
Office Party
Olympic Champ
Pleasurable Surprises
Reporter Scores Big
Rules of the Game
The Best of Friends
The Boarder
The Breasts of Janabeth
The Checkup
The Promise
The Pub
Training Partners
Trick or Treat
Vacation Cruise
Victoria's Body Social

julie stevens

New Beginning
Trouble at Home


primarily writes about female-female dominance and submission.
This description may seem bland. Read one of his/her stories.
A Different Story
A Wife's Temptation
Allison & Sarah
Becky and I
Blackmailed into Slavery
Encounter 1-7
Flight 9.5-9-7 *Cel-119
Hannah and Sara 1-3
Jill - The Offer 1-2
Kathryn and Sara
My Place in Life
My Submission 1 (no part 2)
Sarah and Allison 9.5-10-10 *Cel-102
Susan - Lez Slave
The Beginning
The Business Trip
The Flight
The Offer I-III
The Operation
The Photograph CEL-207: 10-10-10
The Sale
The Saleswoman
The Slave
The Summer Intern
The Theft
Undercover Cop I-III

kalisha connors

came up to ASSM with `Violet Hour'. Booah! What a
debute! It's about a woman hanging around in goth circles where she
fixates on a attractive stranger who beckons her over and tells her
two tales about her friends' sex lives that or may not turn out to be
A Visitor at St. Peter's (19k)
At the Violet Hour (30k)
 A/A- rating Annex review 5-25-2003
Elaine and the Dragon (18k)
_Kalisha stories_ _in reading order_
Kalisha Meets the Goddess (14k)
Kalisha does a 360 (29k)
Kalisha Turns the Tables (28k)
Kalisha and the Tricks (35k)
Kalisha Breaks and Enters (40k)
 CRIM-28: [9,10,10,10]


Ass Ambush
Calf Night
Grip Therapy
Hitting the Wall
Leather vs. Legs
Power Tennis
Remote Possibility
Snow Job
Twin Terrors


Holly at Work
Holly: Rekindling My Lesbian Past
Holly: Waiting for My Husband
My Life: Diary of Holly
Santa's Cumming CEL-349: 9-10-10

karen wagner

wrote the story that started it all

Karen Naked In School - Karen Wagner

Several youngsters followed (collected at Gary's Naked in School page).

Carl Naked in School - Peregrinef
Beth's story - Peregrinef
Beth Naked in School - Peregrinef
Keiko Naked in School - base212assm
Dee Naked in School - Terry
Jared And Amanda Naked In School - Frank Downey
Mike And Lily Naked In School - Frank Downey
Ed And Natalie Naked In School - Frank Downey
Frankie and Cassie Naked In School - Frank Downey
Michelle Naked In School - Frank Downey
Naked High (series) - Frank Downey
Naked In School: Kelly - Jack C Lipton
Naked In School: Jeff - Jack C Lipton
Bert Hart - Chrissy: Naked in School
Klaus Knaacht - Nackt in der Schule
& many more...

kari gold

wrote some very imaginative stuff to ASSM in 2001.

Babysitter Brad (mg)
 2001 Golden Clit finalist
My Life... Starring Me
 (f~FM+ kp inc cyberporn … other stuff in future installments)
My Golden Garden #1 (several fantasies: scary nc mf best f~fm+ gb ds)
Middle School Mysteries (ff+M+ tease*)
 #1 Whole lot of shaking going on
 #2 Uncut
 #3 Madre Dios
 #4 Jeepers Creepers
Kari Gold, Teen PI (hs)
 #1 - Basic Blackmail
    (f+ teen hs sex blackmail ds humil)
    parts 1-4 were posted to ASSM

karim al-zib

posted 3 stories to a.s.s in 1998 (the email adress does not work further). His stories are uncoded; they involve all sort of sex including slavery and beastality.

A Helpful Wife Message-ID: (360db866.
Lois Lane's erotic adventure Message-ID: (VQyBlFAU4NF
Wild In The Country


Domme-in-a-box 1-4 52K
First times 22K
The Lady's Chamber 22K
The Nice Guy 1-8 120K
Thoughts at the gym 21K
Will you recognize me? 4K

katie mcn

writes stories about female sex and anything else that strikes her fancy. She has organized several challenges and festivals, e.g. "The Summer Solstice Rom Festival" in 2002 for which she also submitted several stories. Katie was named the Golden Clit Best New Author of 2000 (with Dr. Spin & Souvie) and the Golden Clit Best Author of 2001 (with Al Steiner). She also posted a non-erotic story, "Murder In The ICU", to AFO

Katie wrote one-off stories and series, covering a wide range of themes, and did all of them well. Her Mary Kay and Mallory stories were particularly good examples of Lesbian Romance and were worth awards on their own. She was also a person with a good sense of humour and a fair number of her stories were parodies, lampooning particular genres, and managing to make the reader laugh and get aroused at the same time.

All in all, Katie was a woman proud of being a lesbian, and proud of her ability to write -- and that she had in abundance. Losing her creativity and humour is a loss indeed, and ASSM and ASSTR will be poorer for not having any more Katie stories. -- Hecate

A Katie R Halloween (32k) (RP)
A Letter to Vanessa (21k)  CEL-348: 9-9-9, (RP)
A Purple Yesterday (10k)
 [Blanket - Flash]
A Six Pack of Hecate CEL-351: 10-8-6
A Slut's Story
Aunt Becky
Chocolate, Little Girl? (11k) [choco-erotica],
 CRIM-21: [9,10,10,10]
Claudette Fucks the Parish Priest
Claudette Gets a Job
Claudette of the North
Country Club Dance
Day Job
Debt Without Honor
Dr. Zherkov and Willy
Eyes of the Beholder
Fucking My Way Through High School
Girls In Tight Pleated Skirts (15k) (RP)
Girls Stroke Story
Halloween Story - Mallory
I Know What You Did (18k)
 CRIM-20: [8,10,8,9]
I'll Do Anything (27k) (RP)
It Was the Sex Before Christmas (21k)
Just Like Everybody
Just One Wish
Kind of a Guy Thing
Lakeside Youth Sanitarium
Lap Dancer (68k)
 CRIM-26: [10,10,10,10]
Last Outpost
Love In The Year Two Thousand
Making the Grade
Mallory (13k) Golden Clitorides Award 2001 - Short Story of the Year (RP)
Middle School Innocent
Miller's Pond
Mother Knows Best
Murder In The ICU {AFO} 3500 words, Message-ID:
Paris Love Story
Playing for Keeps
Private Conversations
Reflections on a Dolphin
Revenge Is Mine CEL-363: 10-9-7
Sex and the Magic Book
Sex Monsters from Earth (10k) (RP)
School for Sluts
Sister Mary Margaret CEL-351: 9.5-9-9
Slut Therapy
Something New
Song of India
Street Scenes
Suzi Fucks Her Brothers
Sweet Swell of Success
Teen Models In Venice (32k) (RP)
The Ceiling Fan
Windy City Surprise
Winter Storm
Women In Love CRIM-9: [9,10,10,10]


writes lesbian sex stories. Also she edited DIVA, a
lesbian E-zine published about twice a month at In her words she is now writing for
love only.
A Room In Perugia (11k) (RP)
A Special Evening
Angela (17k) (RP)
Another Doctor (11k) (RP)
August Heat
Banking Hours (11k) (RP)
Bernita (20k) (RP)
Blue Boy
Blue Flame
Celebration (13k) (RP)
City Of Women
Doctor's Orders
Drifting (162k) (RP)
Dykescape I - X
Fire Below
First Time
Goodnight, Irene
Hollywood Moves
Lady In Red
Lipstick Girl
Lou's Girl (24k) (RP)
Lovers (212k) (RP)
Only On Fridays
Paris (14k) (RP)
Rachel (15k)
Relax, Darling
Somebody's Woman
Tennis In Phoenix
Texas Lady
The Blonde
The Frenzies
The Real Rose
Triple Delight
What Would Smollett Think?
You (12k)


(a.k.a. Don James) has become a specialist for long stories,
many of his stories are set in a historic universe (MF rom mostly).
100 Octane 1 (38k)
100 Octane 2 (34k)
100 Octane 3 (32k)
100 Octane 4 (28k)
100 Octane 5 (28k)
100 Octane 6 (26k)
100 Octane 7 (26k)
100 Octane 8 (23k)
100 Octane 9 (26k)
Altered Perceptions (12k)
Business Studies 1-13
Fogbound Encounter 1 (19k)
Fogbound Encounter 2 (18k)
Fogbound Encounter 3 (17k)
Fogbound Encounter 4 (18k)
Fogbound Encounter 5 (14k)
Fogbound Encounter 6 (17k)
Fogbound Encounter 7 (19k)
Fogbound Encounter 8 (18k)
Fogbound Encounter 9 (15k)
God's Flock 1 (28k)
God's Flock 2 (19k)
God's Flock 3 (22k)
God's Flock 4 (24k)
Growing up in a Broken Land (8k)
Mo' and the Thief 1-4 (31k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 5 (11k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 6 (12k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 7 (20k) (RP)
Mo' and the Thief 8 (15k)
Ostafrika 1 (44k)
Ostafrika 2 (39k)
Ostafrika 3 (44k)
Ostafrika 4 (37k)
Ostafrika 5 (40k)
Ostafrika 6 (33k)
Ostafrika 7 (38k)
Ostafrika 8 (38k)
Prequel (21k)
Sorry, Anais Nin (16k)
The Colonel (33k) (RP)
The Colonel's Diary 2 (18k)
The Donor 1 (16k)
The Donor 2 (17k)
The Donor 3 (17k)
The Donor 4 (20k)
The Donor 5 (19k)
The Donor 6 (15k)
The Donor 7 (19k)
The Donor 8 (14k)
The Musician (10k)
The Re-educator 1 (17k)
The Re-educator 2 (15k)
The Ride (18k)
The Ride (Postscript) (8k)
The Russian Girl 1 (26k)
The Russian Girl 2 (16k)
The Russian Girl 3 (17k)
The Russian Girl 4 (15k)
The Russian Girl 5 (23k)
The Russian Girl 6 (15k)
The Russian Girl 7 (19k)
The Russian Girl 8 (20k)
The Russian Girl 9 (24k)
The Russian Girl 10 (19k)
The Russian Girl 11 (17k)
The Russian Girl 12 (21k)
The Russian Girl 13 (27k)
The Russian Girl 14 (23k)
The Russian Girl 15 (24k)
The Russian Girl 16 (20k)
The Russian Girl 17 (14k)
The Russian Girl 18 (12k)
Undercover 1 (21k)
Undercover 2 (21k)
Undercover 3 (23k)
Undercover 4 (20k)
Undercover 5 (23k)
Undercover 6 (19k)
Undercover 7 (21k)
Undercover 8 (19k)
Undercover 9 (20k)
Undercover 10 (21k)
Undercover 11 (20k)
Undercover 12 (22k)

kelli paine i

n all of the following stories are starring Helen, Dara,
Laurel and Dillon and the stories contain all kind of perversities,
even torture, humilation and snuff. Nothing for sensible people.
Bed and Breakfast 1 (8k)
Bed and Breakfast 2 (8k)
Bed and Breakfast 3 (20k)
Bed and Breakfast 4 (30k)
Bed and Breakfast 5 (17k)
Bed and Breakfast 6 (16k)
Bed and Breakfast 7 (20k)
Bed and Breakfast 8 (20k)
Bed and Breakfast 9 (17k)
Helen's Whores (101k)
Laurel's Torment (124k)


A. B. C
Alternate Wife
Conversation with a Working Girl
Daisy's Sister
Deferred Pleasure
Deviation Tira: CEL-331: 8-4-4
Discreet Winner
Discrete Sailor CEL-363: 10-10-10
Double Delilah
End of the Party
Estri's Escape
Ex-Girl Next Door (24k)
Favors (20k)
Frazier Haven CEL-327: 10-8-8
Gifts for the Meshir
Hasty Guesses
How I Stumbled into Modeling
I Suck (49k)
Improbable Rape
In the Movies
Late Curiosity
Learning to Bang
Luncheon Fist
Meshir Rescue
Mrs. Hollowell
Night of Privilege BillyG: CEL-345: 10-10-10
Pandora's New Box
Party with Bimbos
Picnic Crumbs (22k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,10,10]
Poor Little Rich Girl
Promise Delayed
Red Dick's Girl
Rescue (21k)
Riding the Tiger Mary: CEL-348: 10-10-10
Room at the Top
Sisters in Waiting
Substitute Seed
Sudden Dividend
Surprise Arty
Straightening Out the Boys (36k)
Swinging Pair (60k)
Tarnished Pearl
The Blackmailer
The Chocolate Cock (7k) [Birthday],
 CRIM-21: [8,9,9,9]
The Cooperative Defendant (57k)
The Eager Donor
The Hidden Journal
The Hitch-hikers
The Injury (38k)
 CRIM-26: [10,9,8,7]
The Lab Tart
The Last Slave CEL-363: 10-10-10
The Last Two Days, 6/10 *Cel-379
The Meshir
The Other Man's Chance
The Pickup
The Poker Chip
The Reverse Guy
The Slack Night BillyG: CEL-341: 10-10-10
The Victor Mary: CEL-337: 8-9-9
Timely Pool
Under his Nose
Under Surveillance
Wet Nurse
When Opportunity Jiggles
Yard Work

kelly h. adams

is a twenty-something woman living in the midwest. Her
(rather short) "Bed Time Stories" – up-to-now 19 stroke stories --
take the form of second-person narratives told by a female narrator to
a male subject, relating allegedly true events of sex and eroticism
(mainly male/female and/or female/female action.) She also wrote some
other stories outside the series as well as "The Walnut Grove
Chronicles". Also, she is one of the moderators of ASSM. On her
website she has "Bedtime Stories _For_ Kelly" which were written by
her fans for/about her.
Bedtime Stories with Kelly 1-20 10K
Calendar Girls, part 1 25K
Do You Trust Me? 15K,
 Mary: CEL-339: 8-8-9,
 CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10] (RP)
Fresh 12K
 CRIM-3: [10,10,9,10]
Happy Birthday, Madison! (FF) (14k)
Maggie and Tammy (43k)
My Day as a Model 31K
Ringing In the New Year with Kelly 11K
Sandy's Story (10k)
The Book, chapters 1-2 47K
The Prattingville Pussy Posse CRIM-16: [9,10,9,10],
The Server 12K
_The Walnut Grove Chronicles_
Bowling (by Bill)
Andi and Jo Meet Charity (45k)
Adventures in Shopping (by Bill)
Jo and Hilary's First Date 34K
Charity & Andi (by Bill)
Ginny Comes to Town 94K
Polly the Mechanic 17K,
 CRIM-7: [9,10,8,9]
Ginny's Good Day
Kelly & Gretchen Play with Betsy (by Bill)
Hilary's Muse *A rating Annex Reviews 9/29/02
Too Short a Summer CRIM-9: [9,10,10,10]
Maggie & Tammy
Happy Birthday, Madison! CRIM-17: [10,10,9,10],

ken bristol

Aunt Pamela 418k

kenny gamura

A Pepsi (11k)
 CRIM-8: [8,10,10,9]
A Present from my Daddy (9k)
A Reminder of Her (4k)
 CRIM-9: [9,10,10,10]
A Thank You to the Moderators (3k) [flash fest]
An X-mas Tale (25k)
Asking Only Workmans Wages (5k) [song fest]
At the Conference (7k)
 CRIM-24: [10,10,7,9]
Beggars Can't Be... part 1 (12k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 2 (13k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 2 (12k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 3 (10k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 3 (9k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 4 (9k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 4 (10k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 5 (20k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 6 (17k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 7 (24k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 8 (18k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 9 (20k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 10 (16k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 11 (18k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 12/13 (21k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 14 (18k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 15 (39k) 36883
Beggars Can't Be... part 16 (15k)
Beggars Can't Be... part 17 (11k)
Bottoming from the Top (12k)
Case of the Uncommon Whore (35k)
College Bar Party Time (3k) [flash fest]
Cheerleaders Need New Uniforms (21k)
Double Celeb Meeting (7k)
Enjoy Your Youth While You Still Have It (13k)
Fred Bags a Porn Star (7k)
Fred Flintbone and the French Tickler (21k)
Free Minor Repairs (9k)
Free Babes on Cam (5k)
Fucks Sake (9k)
Girls Just Want to Have Cum (8k)
Getting What She Asked For (3k) [flash fest]
Good Boys and Girls {caution} (7k)
Got Beer  (9k)
How to Be a Pain in the Ass 1 (3k) [flash fest]
I Am Just a Poor Boy (4k) [song fest]
I Wiggled a Finger at Her (3k) [flash fest]
In the Clearing Stands a Boxer (5k) [song fest]
Intercourse, The Penguin  (9k)
lagadum, lagadum, scoobiedoobie (24k)
Last of the Moe Peek-Ins (20k)
Laying Out My Winter Clothes (5k) [song fest]
Minnesota Twins (8k)
My Daddy's Graduated Cylinder (11k)
My Daddy's Slave (12k)
My Daddy's Little Sports Ho (17k)
No, I Really Didn't See That (7k)
Officer Sherry, USMCR (8k)
Officer Sherry vs the Shoplifting Porn Writer (2k) [flash fest]
Officer Sherry vs the Slightly Chunky Roommate (11k)
One Dead Cheerleader (33k)
One Morning at
 214 Clitlick Street (16k)
Pat and the Trucker (15k)
Prince of Wails (28k)
Prize Money (4k)
Repossessed Teacher (13k)
Saturday in the Park (12k)
Sausage Stuffing  (3k) [flash fest]
Ski Trip (37k)
Story Quickly Writen in Hotmail (13k)
Sweet Julie Brown Eyes (24k) [summer rom fest]
The Chocolate Shoppe (14k)
 CRIM-22: [8,10,10,10]
Tuesday Morning, Please Be Gone (10k)
Triple Play (6k)
Watching Shelly (30k)
 CRIM-28: [9,10,10,10]
When I Left My Home and My Family (5k) [song fest]
Work Cocktail Party (3k) [flash fest]
Your New Bride Is A Little Spooky (10k) (RP)


A Moonlit Winter Night
Cherries of Love
Pleasuring Myself
Possession of a Stranger
Silk Bindings
Sweet Surrender
Through the Looking Glass

kid dynamite

Lessons in Lust CEL-12: 10
Sally's Surrender 10-10-10 *Cel-89
Wonderful Journey 10-10-10 *Cel-133


the irrepressible. For all around good cheer, Kim is impossible to
beat. Excellent, unusual imagination. Wrote guest reviews for Celeste
and was a regular on a.s.s.d. Quit writing and posting to the ng's in
A Christmas Triple CEL-349: 10-10-10
A Quiet Rooftop Orgy
A Triple Twist
Best Laid Plans
Bouts - -
Carole #87 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-349: 9-10-10
Computer Games on a Sunday *A rating Annex Reviews
Dark Doings in the Dungeons
Descent of a Woman
Doubts and Uncertainties CEL-251: 10-10-10,
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 1-11-98
Free Sex CEL-220: 10-8-9
Going Home CEL-228: 10-10-10
No Fury
Nobody's to Blame
One Birth, Two Breakups, and a Crash
Payback - or Life's a Beach
Silent Night
Sophia, the Maid, Her Husband, and Me
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3, 4
Two Stories from the Island
Violence in Video Games v 1 & 2
Your Wish CEL-222: 10-10-10,
 #99 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97


(a.k.a. sarah7932) (in order of reading)
Nicola's Hot Screen Test
Nicola & the Helpful Angel
Bikini Audition
Shutterbug Starlets
Bikini Stewardesses Go Mile High
Hollywood Party Hostesses
Maid in Australia (34k)
Nicola: Live & Uncensored
Carwash Cuties
Nicola Gets A Woody
Bikini Christmas Carol
Sex Kitten
Bikini Sorority House Party
Bikini Audition 2: The Wrath of Angela
Best in Show
Knickers Down in Acapulco
Undercover Starlet
BikiniVivor (58k)
Topless Cheerleaders, Inc (59k)
Harem'd (3 parts) (149k) 42861, 42910


(exh) (
Human Sexuality 201 228K (9 parts)
Human Sexuality 201 - Cindi
Joni - The Mannequin (7k)
Joni - Taxi (4k)
Tina's X-Party (5k)
The Club 13K (3 parts)

kristen kathleen becker

is a young woman from Oregon who is both an avid story collector as well as an author. Additionally, she has written stories in collaboration with several other authors. Thanks a lot, Kristen. You made several good recommendations. She went on hiatus since she was following her husband to Asia.

Kristen's own stories are collected at Kristen's Written Word.

Air Force
Callie B+ Annex Review 8-22-97
Hershey's CEL-359: 10-8-7
Kristin `This story was written for me by
 someone who wished to stay
 anonymous. It's a rework of
 another story.'
Nanako's New Passion
Quake (2 parts) A sexy story written
 with Storysman.
Peeping Jane CEL-346: 10-7-7
Significant Others Myers: 8 *Cel-322
Sister `was originally written by
 Jennifer and Steve Jensen. I
 was asked to help rewrite it with
 a little more umph in it.'
BiKathy `Cindy originally wrote this
 story, but I didn't like it, so I
 changed it and made it better, I
 think...' ***
Dreamsex `This one was written for me by
 Jon, who is a real dreamer...
Kristen Written by Dennis
Nikki Comes to America
We Become Swingers


posted exclusively to, under the name
Eileen Stone. Her stories are based in the alternate dimension of
Earth called the Darkside. They can be found at Grey's Erotic Archive: under the "Paranormal" category. Each arc
from the Darkside has its own title, and the first one is called `The
United States of Anarchy'. The series seems to remain unfinished.
Darkside Stories:
_United States of Anarchy_
USAN 01 "Boy in the Attic"
USAN 02 "Indian Cavern"
USAN 03 "Robert's Revenge"
USAN 04 "The Dark Palace"
USAN 05 "Gifts of Power"
USAN 06 "Hell Hath no Fury..."
USAN 07 "The Spreading Darkness"
USAN 08 "She Blinded me with Science"
USAN 09 "A Little Power..."
USAN 10 "When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play"
USAN 11 "Within The Fist of Darkness"
USAN 12 "Braving The Fimbulwinter"
USAN 13 "Un-Pleasant Valley"
USAN 14 "The Slither-Thing"
USAN 15 "The Green Eyed Wanderer"
USAN 16a "The Charge Keepers, Part 1"
USAN 16b "The Charge Keepers, Part 2"
USAN 17 "They're Coming to Take Me Away"
USAN 18 "The Mystic Woods"
USAN 19 "The White Tower" _forthcoming_
USAN 20 "Imperial States of
  America" _forthcoming_
(USAN 19 and 20 are announced on her website, but last update
 is from May 2000)

kysa braswell

died April 7, 2002 and maintained a homepage on the net
where she hosted stories written by herself, stories written by others
about her, and stories she just liked.
Numerated story files can be found at
There was a thread in ASSD considering the site as a fake. I'm
documenting it, not commenting it.
001. Erotic Fiction Resources
002. Erotic Keyword List
003. Kysa's Views on Penis Size
004. It's a Girl Thing
005. Student-Teacher Interaction
006. How I Met Kysa Braswell
007. Sex Bomb Cheerleader
008. Her Dirty Little Secret Life
009. My Daughter's Wish
010. A Wife Driven to Cheat
011. Getting Back at Sis
012. Beating His Wife's Ass
013. Daddy Beats Daughter's Ass
014. Maximum Slut
015. Dirty Deeds
016. Near and Naked
017. Her Dog Days
018. Kysa's Addiction
019. Cheating Bitch
020. Dog-Loving Daughter
021. Twins for My Baby
022. Forcing Mom to Fuck
023. The Big Setup
024. Proper Wife Beating
025. Rape and Roll
026. A Tale of Brotherly Love
027. Forbidden Acts
028. Let the Wife Beware
029. Nasty Sister
030. She Can Take It
031. Craving in Lust
032. Helping Her Dad
033. Max Power, Cocksman
034. Ass Breakers
035. Fuck Them All
036. Ga Ga Over Mom
037. Cherry Bombs
038. One Online Romance
039. Jenny's Schoolgirl Training
040. Sexual Publicity
041. Family Relations
042. Money Can't Buy It
043. Raping the Girl Next Door
044. Punished by Mother
045. What Should Never Be
046. A True Cuckold
047. Milk of Mother
048. Deceived Bride
049. Keep Her Cumming
050. Prostitute For a Wife
051. Prissy White Bitch
052. Kysa's Cuckolded Husband
053. Father's Day
054. Between Husband and Wife
055. A Size Queen Explains Why
056. Finding a Stud is Hard
057. Teaching Mom a Lesson
058. Sexual Instrumentation
059. Too Young to Fuck
060. Tale of the Tape
061. Seducing Mom and Sis
062. Rampant Teen Sluts
063. Raping the Minister's Daughter
064. Reset
065. A Cuckold's Life
066. Carol Brazil vs. the Rape Gang
067. Brandi and Carol: True Friends
068. Impregnated by My Big Brother
069. Three Girls and a Horse
070. Wrong Man at the Wrong Time
071. The Wife Confesses
072. Raping the Teacher
073. Virgin Turned Slut for Horses
074. The Girls' Club
075. Fumbling Toward Ecstasy
076. The Lure of Anonymous Sex
077. Daughter for Sale and Breeding
078. Black and Cocky
079. The Perfect Rape
080. Brotherly Love
081. The Black Breeders Club
082. The Courtship of Kysa
083. The Whore in Her
084. Perverted Little Angel
085. Everyday Girl
086. Lolita Dara
087. Banging Anna's Ass
088. My Mom's a Slut
089. Country Girl Fever
090. Free to Fuck Sis
091. Breaking Her In
092. Such a Tease
093. The Teen Likes It
094. Whoring the Daughter
095. A Cuckolded Husband Writes
096. A Gift for Kysa
097. Mom Fucks the Negro Help
098. Kysa and Her Boyfriend's Dog
099. A Cuckold's Letter to Kysa
100. Kysa and the Gang
101. Ain't That a Kink
102. Halfway House Rape
103. Kysa Horses Around
104. Hot Young Neighbors
105. The Stud Always Cums Twice Raccoon: CEL-313: 7-3-1
106. Kysa Pays Off a Debt
107. Slave By the Pond
108. My Slut Kysa
109. Depraved Blackmailers
110. Kysa Buys a Breeding Buck
111. Breast Size vs. Cock Size
112. Twisted Daughter
113. Fucking in Front of Hubby
114. Pregging Mother and Daughter
115. Can't Get Enough Black Cock
116. Love the One You're With
117. A Sadistic Gang Rape
118. The Wife Gets Auctioned
119. Kysa's Big Black Surprise
120. To Catch a Rapist
121. My Little Suck Slut Wife
122. My Big Daddy
123. Incest is Best
124. Kysa's First Black Baby
125. On Vacation From Husband
126. Horny Teen Girls
127. Teaching My Son
128. Sisters Make Loving Fun
129. Kysa and the Black Bikers
130. A Mother's Sin
131. Wife Whores It Around
132. Teaching Her to Behave
133. An Ironic Wife
134. My First Meeting with Kysa
135. Luring His Daughter
136. Kysa's Boyfriend Finds Out
137. Sneaky Sister
138. Irreverent Fucker
139. Kysa's First Black Rape
140. Mom's Sweet Memory
141. Las Vegas Affair
142. Kinky, Version 1.0
143. Kinky, Version 2.0
144. Anya's a Prick Tease
145. Letter: A Personal Experience
146. Mom Breaks in Daughter
147. Kysa's Blacking Party
148. Teen Whores for Horses
149. Operation Fuck Daddy
150. My Game Cousin
151. Letters to Rita, Kysa's Mom
152. Kidnapped and Forced to Breed
153. Kysa's Mom Spanks HARD
154. Impregnating My Alien
155. Cock-whipped Wife
156. Raping Bunny Langtry
157. New Meat
158. Fucking My Girls
159. Horn Dogs
160. Learning the Hard Way
161. Degenerate Daughter
162. Beautiful Son
163. Built to Fuck
164. Learning the Ropes
165. Raging Pain
166. Corporate Lez
167. Paying Their Debts
168. Horse Fever
169. Attitude Adjustments
170. Kids Will Be Kids
171. Splitting Hairs
172. Kysa, the Blowjob Girl
173. Inside Family Trading
174. Trained with Pain
175. Sexual Rescue
176. Breaking in a Virgin
177. Daddy Needs to Rape
178. Tunnel of Love
179. Letter: On Interracial Sex
180. One Very Wild White Girl
181. Extreme Daughter
182. My First Time with a Boy
183. Family Gone Wild
184. Kysa's Hung Black Brother
185. A Stud is Born
186. After School Slut
187. Letter: Kysa's Future Children
188. Kysa's Raping
189. Naked Curiosities
190. Loyal to Mom
191. Kysa's Wedding Present
192. White Wife with a Black Baby
193. Painful Pleasures
194. A Mother's Weakness
195. Finding Studs for My Wife
196. Kysa's Little Brother
197. A Fanatic for Girls' Volleyball
198. Kysa and the Hung Teenager
199. Trying Young
200. A Fantasy Gets Out of Hand
201. Letters to My Dark Lovers
202. Stepping Over the Line
203. License to Rape
204. Bang the Teen Slowly
205. Meeting My Match
206. Finding Her Bliss
207. Blacking the College Girl
208. My Size Queen Conversion
209. Losing My Wife to Him
210. Righting a Wrong
211. Three-way Whipping
212. Long May You Rape
213. Storybook Dreams
214. Young Meat
215. Slut for Animals
216. Molesting Daddy
217. A New Sensation
218. Genetic Appreciation
219. Stud Finder
220. The Bride's Best Man
221. My Black Neighbor
222. An Inside View
223. Seduction of Sister
224. The Sweetest Revenge
225. Kysa's Big Tits
226. The Fucking Family
227. Teen Sex Obsessions
228. Bridal Cum Showers
229. Mommy Gets Raped
230. Bring the Pain
231. Relatively Beautiful
232. Tearing Her Up
233. Re-educating Sandra
234. Oh, Brother!
235. Teacher Fuckers
236. Life in the Country
237. Teenaged Curiosities
238. Baby Making Brother
239. Doesn't Get Any Better
240. Foreskin Whore
241. Raped to Death
242. Practicing on Sister
243. Hickville Fuckers
244. Unnatural Abuse
245. Young Slut Bride
246. Starting Young
247. Big-cunted Wife
248. The Second Lover
249. Momma's Boy
250. Sick Fucking Family
251. Cry Rape
252. Naked Cabin Girl
253. Breeding Her Daughter
254. Such a Cock Whore
255. Tiny Girl, Big Horse
256. Daddy Needs His Girl
257. Horny Fucking Teacher
258. Tight Small One
259. Whore Wife on the Side
260. Servicing the Men
261. She Fucked the What?
262. Wife Suck-ceeds
263. Cum-slut Nieces
264. Fucking Uncle Jeb
265. Watcher Husbands
266. Peeping Sister
267. Trans-Sexuality
268. She Got Blacked
269. Sick Animal Fuckers
270. Sodomizing Her Son
271. A Good Day to Fuck
272. Her Son's Training
273. The Truth About Girls
274. Raping the Drunk Teen
275. Those Were the Days
276. When the Wife's Away
277. The Sisters Double Up
278. Learning the Hard Way
279. Young Girls Inside Out
280. Growing Up Fast
281. Pain Becomes Her
282. Look Who's Fucking Whom
283. Intimate with Animals
284. Wife's Hung Lover
285. Making My Sister Pregnant
286. Banging the Cheerleaders
287. A Girl and Her Horse
288. You're Never Too Young
289. Demanding Daughter
290. Sister's Incest Lessons
291. Skin-deep Scandal
292. If It Bleeds, It Leads
293. Cheating Raped Wife
294. Daughter Learns from Dad
295. Family Fuckfest
296. Schooling the Boy
297. Big Swinging Dick
298. Marriage American Style
299. Prick Dreams
300. Learning Before College
301. Mom's Love of Dogs
302. Her Year of Reading Proust
303. The Pleasures of Twins
304. Horse Loving Teens
305. My Neighbor, My Slut
306. Whore for Big Black
307. New Girl at School
308. Tricking the Pre-teen
309. The Stepfather Raped Her
310. Caning the Schoolgirls
311. A Big Surprise for Wife
312. She's Likes Losing
313. Wild Fucking Teens
314. Getting Their Kicks
315. Homespun Fucking
316. Crossing Over
317. Daddy's Horny Girls
318. Teen Orgies
319. My Wife the Slut
320. Size Queen Slut
321. All She Wanted
322. A Cousin To Sleep With
323. College Girls Suck
324. Busting the Babysitter's Ass
325. Dad's Huge Prick
326. All the Hung Horses
327. My Kysa Complex: A Novel
328. Thoughts of a Sleepy Wife
329. Cock of the Rock
330. The Lover Next Door
331. A Wife's Lewd Hunger
332. Sex and the Mother
333. A Monstrous Rapist
334. The Ladies Prefer Black
335. Animal Slut Bride
336. My Sister's a Slut
337. Violated Virgin
338. Stealing Sister's Husband
339. Kysa Learns about Sex
340. Finally I Fucked Mom
341. Wife is Hot for Black
342. My Mother, Her Clit, and Me
343. Drugged and Fucked
344. Taking Daddy's Sperm
345. They Raped the Daughter
346. Wife Needs a Real Man
347. The Help was Hung
348. Waiting to be Sixteen
349. Teen Farmgirl Nymphet
350. My Pregnant Friend
351. Rematched Young Lovers
352. She Spreads for Them
353. She Welcomed Rape
354. Cock Fear
355. Bare-assed Niece
356. Her Husband's Best Friend
357. Kysa's Darkest Fantasy
358. Busting 'em Young
359. Once They Go Black
360. Size Ten Please
361. Passion of a Wife
362. The Hellion Bridesmaid
363. Taming the Girls
364. Baby Training
365. Then Came Him
366. Making My Compromises
367. Family Fuck Buffet
368. Arla Likes Big and Black
369. Growing Up and Out
370. Daddy's Little Lover
371. Blackmailed Navy Wife
372. His Mother Knew Best
373. Her Ever-Parted Thighs
374. Stolen Innocence
375. Servicing My Daddy
376. A Killer Cock
377. Lost Bet Lost Wife
378. Cockteasing Teen
379. Tricking My Uncle
380. Perverted Uncle James
381. Double-slut Twins
382. Twisted Niece
383. Niece Loves Creampies
384. Sisters Join In
385. Sowing Her Oats
386. A Sexual Feast
387. Easy Wife, Slut Daughter
388. Sex-Starved Family
389. Raping the Schoolgirl
390. Kysa Takes a Dive
391. Birthday Babies
392. Little Girls, Big Breasts
393. Raped By Animals
394. Ass Slut
395. Pulling Her Panties Down
396. Mom's Gotta Have It
397. Discovering Mom
398. Drug Slut
399. Dependable Dad
400. Horse Lovin' Babe
401. A Writer's Passion
402. The Way of All Flesh
403. Old Times
404. Raping the Smart Babe
405. Pregging Little Amber
406. A Rape of Justice
407. Mom Takes It Black
408. The Shapely Panty Model
409. First Mother, Then Daughter
410. The Good Father
411. It's All Wrong
412. It's a Fucking Robot!
413. Mom's in Heat
414. Whatever It Takes
415. Daddy's Little Lover
416. There Is No God
417. The Neighbors' Vanity
418. Black Lust
419. Son Takes a Bath
420. First Date, First Cock
421. Sluts for Daughters
422. Sister Sucks
423. Rehabilitating the Parolees
424. Bondage 101
425. Rape Education
426. Schoolgirl Takes a Hit
427. Making Babies for Daddy
428. Wicked Master
429. Falling for Cocks
430. Raped Cheerleader
431. Daughter Takes On Daddy
432. Sex Scandal at School
433. Family Cums First


Any Other Way *Cel-196: 9-7-6,
 *A rating Annex Review 7-26-97
 Lady Cyrrh said, "Check this one
 out of its psychological realism
 and intensity."
Nothing Like the Sun 360k+
Red Rain 195k

lara v. cataluna

Her stories are focused on the themes of non- consentuality and humiliation. On her website she states:

The victim, often the esteemed author herself, is a young woman, smart and privileged, who finds herself at the mercy of some highly unsavory characters. The villains usually have a score to settle and they do so with the help of your garden variety villain tricks: Mind-control, blackmail, physical subjugation...
Of course, in re-reading most of my stories, I find many things that could have been better. Maybe the language in some were a little too cheesy, or maybe some of the shortcuts in the plot were too easy. But in the spirit of authenticity, I change them not.

Gang by the Pool
The Palermo Six
Mental Captivity
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed
The Property of Raging Pythons A-/B+ Annex 5/30/99
Raising the Perfect Slut


-LYNN DAVIS posted many stories in a short time at break of years
2001/2002 with copyright claimed in 2001 and 2002 but I believe they
were already written and perhaps published elsewhere in earlier time.
In september 2002 she posted some further stories, but since then ...
nothing. There was a statement in ASSD by her, that she quit writing
under this nick and will not post to the groups anymore. So "A
Semester Abroad" posted to ASS only was certainly her last story. Most
of her stories are lesbian stories, from romance about bondage and
rape up to violence and execution. She describes herself as a 28-year-
old bisexual of Connecticut. She's writing for living out her fairly
lurid fantasies, about things she wouldn't dream of doing in real life
-- dancing nude in a lez bar, or sucking twenty cocks in one night; or
things that are impossible, like being taken to Hong Kong to be sold
into slavery. Many of her fantasies involve being executed for a crime
she didn't commit.
A Night at Emma's
A Night at Emma's (Version 2)
A Semester Abroad MID: (68ddmu4c6i3idmfh94t5t1sk5
A Slave's Story
A Vacation at the Cape
About Me
Amazon Story
Another Night at Emma's
Birthday Present
Birthday Present (Version Two)
Called to the Office
Car Trouble
Career Change
Daddy's Whore
Enslaving Laurie
Field Hockey
First Time CRIM-3: [8,9,7,8]
Hanging Jill
Chris and Logan
If Only
Jungle Dreams
Justine and Nichole
Kate's Bitch
Los Angeles
Meat II
Megan's Fantasy *A rating Annex Reviews 1/18/03
My Execution
News at Six
PC Support
Personal Assistant
Posing for Kirsten
Running From Rape
Serial Killer
School Girls
Soccer Team Slaves
Stanton Academy
Summer at the Pool
Temple of Destiny
Terri's Bitch
The Assassin
The Baby Sitter
The Bitch Trainer
The Board Meeting
The Dyke Bar
The Enema CRIM-4: [7,8,5,5]
The Eurasian
The Execution of Jennifer Fair
The Family Business
The Gambler
The Garden Party
The Household Slave
The Immediate Future or The Call of the Rope
The Pain Slut
The Party
The Reporter
The Scandal
The School Girl
The Special Day
The Spy

laura s

Our Lori Matriculates 37k
Lori and her Family 63k
Lori's Third Grade 18k
Lori's Uncle 43k
My Story Cel-359


is writing stories F+/F, always one woman reluctant to lesbian
love. `Nanny 3 - Back To School' (s)he wrote with Greatness (still
Attitude Adjustment I (120k)
Attitude Adjustment II (114k)
Attitude Adjustment III (96k)
Attitude Adjustment IV (110k)
Attitude Adjustment V (106k)
Attitude Adjustment VI (117k)
Attitude Adjustment VII (95k)
Attitude Adjustment VIII (111k)
Bountiful Plantation (157k) (RP),
 *A rating Annex Reviews 2/5/99
Into The Maelstrom (293k) (RP)
Jenny At Hanauma Bay (59k)
Nanny1 (235k) (RP)
Nanny2 (176k) (RP)
Nanny3: Back To School 1/14 (76k)
Nanny3: Back To School 2/14 (63k)
Nanny3: Back To School 3/14 (46k)
Nanny3: Back To School 4/14 (36k)
Nanny3: Back To School 5/14 (76k)
Nanny3: Back To School 6/14 (48k)
Nanny3: Back To School 7/14 (50k)
Nanny3: Back To School 8/14 (78k)
Nanny3: Back To School 9/14 (63k)
Nanny3: Back To School 10/14 (43k)
Nanny3: Back To School 11/14 (78k)
Nanny3: Back To School 12/14 (38k)
Nanny3: Back To School 13/14 (42k)
Nanny3: Back To School 14/14
Tentacle, My Tentacle (33k)
The Return Of Carolyn Lord (273k)


(aka Kalika aka Fallen Angel)
Amazing Grace
Burning the Church
Cock the Hammer [ff, dark] 12K,
 CEL-346: 10-10-10 {GALAGO}
Collection [m/f, bibl] (11k)
Crack. [bsdm poetry]  (1k)
Crying Confusion
Dance [mf] (20k)
Girl [f/f, dark] (8k)
He Left [m/f] (10k)
Milady [f/f, sub, hist] (19k)
Moon – ff teen
 1-5 [f/f] (71k)
 6 [f/f rom] (36k)
On Her Leg [m/f] (9k)
Poison Ivy
Psion [m/f, s/f, mind sex] (54k)
Rag Doll CEL-265: 10-10-10
Strawberries m/f, hist? (45k)
Ten [mff] (26k)
The Dragonlily [m/f, cons] (26k)
The Mechanic [m/f, oral] (7k)
The Watcher


A Late Afternoon (18k)
A Long Lunch (11k)
After Bedtime (6k)
An Early Morning (14k)
Bath Night (12k)
Birthday Present (17k)
Faithful Companion (10k)
 CRIM-16: [9,8,9,7]
Four Vignettes from Bear Valley (11k)
Hacker (10k)
Helping Pete be Gentle (24k)
House Trained (5k)
Christmas Presents (7k)
Khathrinia: Leaving Home  (7k)
Night Train (11k)
Open Arms (21k)
Sentient Encounter (12k)
Sleep Over (28k)
Softened boys in in Bear Valley (6k)
The Fox and the Chick (14k) [virago challenge]
Winter Holiday (6k)
Year's End (7k)


died in 2003 as result of a car accident earlier this year.
_"Valley", "Rhianna Summer" and "Compound" series in reading order:_
The Valley ..#1 (RP) (300k)
More Tales from the Valley ..#2 (RP) (263k)
Return to the Valley ..#3 (RP) (173k)
 B+ Rating Annex Reviews 2/24/99
To Walk in the Valley ..#4 (235k)
To Catch a Smuggler {Bluewords} ..#5
The Power of the Valley ..#6
To Catch a Child Killer ..#7 Wherryman: CEL-341: 9-9-10
Stolen from the Valley ..#8
To Catch a Friend {Jay Alam} ..#9
To Catch a Cold ..#10
To Catch the Past ..#11
To Catch a Monster ..#12
 1 (21k)
 2 (26k)
 3 (26k)
 4 (23k)
 5 (29k)
 6 (24k)
 7 (29k)
 8 (31k)
 9 (26k)
 10 (27k)
 11 (26k)
To Catch Rhianna ..#13
 1 (24k)
 2 (22k)
 3 (23k)
 4 (21k)
 5 (27k)
 6 (17k)
 7 (21k)
 8 (17k)
 9 (18k)
 10 (16k)
 11 (22k)
 12 (20k)
 13 (15k)
 14 (24k)
 15 (25k)
 16 (19k)
 17 (18k)
 18 (16k)
 19 (17k)
 20 (17k)
 21 (20k)
 22 (31k)
The Compound ..#14
 1 (31k)
 2 (26k)
 3 (18k)
 4 (31k)
 5 (25k)
 6 (30k)
 7 (22k)
 8 (31k)
 9 (26k)
 10 (29k)
 11 (24k)
 12 (32k)
 13 (26k)
 14 (25k)
 15 (27k)
 16 (23k)
Watchers of the Compound ..#15
 1 (30k)
 2 (28k)
 3 (32k)
 4 (23k)
 5 (25k)
 6 (31k)
 7 (36k)
 8 (28k)
 9 (43k)
 10 (10k)
 11 (26k)
 12 (30k)
 13 (39k)
_other stories (in alphabetical order:)_
Buttons (18k)
Her New World: Section 1. (53k)
Her New World: Section 2  (84k)
Her New World: Section 3  (77k)
Her New World: Section 4  (80k)
Her New World: Section 5 (100k)
Her New World: Section 6  (89k)
Her New World: Section 7  (75k)
Her New World: Section 8 (116k)
Her New World: Section 9  (88k)
Is this story Truth or Fiction? (59k)
Junkheap Wars (46k)
Mrs McCabe's Ye Olde Bed & Breakfast
On the Water Parts 1-10 (RP) (183k)
On the Water Parts 11-20 (RP) (207k)
On the Water Parts 21-End (RP) (168k)
Other Eyes
Parade (RP) (24k)
Sam and E.
Sidewalk Chalk (20k)
Snow White: Slave Girl (22k)
Temperance 1-9
The Cat in the Hood (9k)
The Cave  (22k)
The Inheritance (14k)
The Parade
The Pony Princess *A rating Annex Reviews 9/2/02
The Sixth Bullet
The Stake  (9k)
Wrapped up in the Holiday

linda b

(ff teen romance)
The Passing of Seasons #53 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996


(D&S) reposted his bondage stories to as a "
flood" and can be found be searching Google with "LineMstr flood".
Posting date: 25 Jan 1997 (if not indicated different)
A Trip to the Texas State Fair 9 Sep 1998
A Trip to the "Toy" Store 9 Sep 1998
Beach Bondage 9 Sep 1998
Couch Shopping Trip 9 Sep 1998
First Meeting 9 Sep 1998
Niki's Trip 9 Sep 1998
Niki's Adventure 9 Sep 1998
Niki's Trip To The Library 9 Sep 1998
On Display I-III
Punished in Public 1-6
Ruthie's Story 1-12 9 Sep 1998
Slave Shops for a Sofa Sleeper
Slave's Night at the Rodeo
Slave's Public Exhibition at the Mall
Slave's Trip to the Library
Slave's Trip to the Toy Store
Sunday Jogging 9 Sep 1998
The Branding Google-Search thru Message-ID:
The Car Buying 9 Sep 1998
The Cats And Niki 9 Sep 1998
The Ladies' Club 9 Sep 1998
The Pavillion 1-10 (216k) Google-Search thru
Message-ID: (1998090902322400.
The Redemption Ball
The Runway
Window Scene


writes slut wife stories. He has written several, though
nothing recent, and all are good if you like the genre. Lingus'
stories are hosted on Dark Wanderer's site.
Dental Hijinks
Dessert Free with Meal at Donna's Diner
Down The Road With Ann YW9
Fellatrix Summa Cum Laude
Full Body Massage
Fun Develops in the Darkroom
Ginny's Big Surprise YW10
Good Neighbor
Good Night at Casey's
Half-Time Huddle
Her Lesson in Success
Hot Lunch
Charity Auction
Icy Hot Layover in Chicago
In the End Zone
Intimate Customer Relations *Cel-190: 10-10-10
Joan's Lesson in Success
Karen's Good Neighbor Policy
Kathy Mixes Politics with Pleasure
Ken's Big Surprise
Kim Cums Home YW11
Lingerie Shop
Marty's Massage YW14
Mattress Politics
Mother Knows Best
My Wife's Homecumming
My Wife Laps the Field at Indy
My Wife's Big Three O YW55
New Standard for Service
Nikki's Vacation Fun YW15
Our Vacation Fun
Really Big One for Jenn
Rockin' Down the Road
Sex Therapist
Traci Makes the Team
Turning the Tables
Undercover Reporter
Who Is That Masked Woman?
Wild Birthday Bash
Woman Who Loves Lots of Men

lisa cohn

Kathy *B rating Annex Review 5-22-97
Looking After Little Vickie
The Day I Licked Out Those Panty Wetting Brownies
The Talent Contest CEL-241: 8-10-10

lisa n doc

(MMF wife exhib)
Showing Off Susan 1-7
Strip Search
Tattoo for Lisa

lord malinov

"What do I say about this guy? If you haven't been to
Castle Malinov yet, you need to kick yourself in the ass and get busy.
There are a group of young people active on a.s.s.d. They are very
articulate, witty beyond my dreams, and each and every one write
wickedly good stories. Lord Malinov is one of the leaders of that
group. If you aren't reading these kids' stories when they hit the
newsgroup, why are you here? The other people I am talking about are
Uther Pendragon, Mike Hunt, Mat Twassel, Mark Aster (occasionally),
Bronwen, Taria, Kim, Kristen, Anne, and The Bear. (...) This guy
writes stories faster than I can download and catalog. Good, too."(Ole
A Certain Point of View
A Cold Night
A Christmas Carol
A Matter of Pride CEL-259: 10-8-8
A Poorly Written Essay CEL-264: 10-8-8
An Eye Full CEL-261: 10-9-9
At Home
Bad Sex
Bearing Gifts
Big Mouth
Blossoms CEL-247: 10-10-10
Bored [flash fest]
Bulls CEL-249: 10-10-10,
 *A rating Annex Review 1-17-98
Burning Letters CEL-250: 10-10-10
Confessions of a Scoundrel
Conjuring Details
Costumes CEL-228: 10-10-10,
 #28 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Crashing Waves
Creation  [flash fest]
Diana's Sanction
Driving to the Sampras-Roddick Exhibition Match CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
Duet [flash fest]
Equal Opportunity
Eruption CEL-225: 10-10-10,
 A-/B+ Annex Review 10-27-97
Faint Praise
Faster than Light
Flagrante Delicto CEL-260: 10-10-10
Flashes of Pink
Flowers CEL-276: 10-10-10
Fortunata CEL-252: 10-10-10
Fringe Benefits
Her Two Lovers [flash fest]
Holy Night
Imaging My Surprise
Iris CEL-304: 10-10-10,
Love and War
Midnight Snack
Mismatched [flash fest]
Mistaken Identity
Old Road
On a Long Drive
Once More
One of Those Nights
Pale Blue [flash fest]
Playing the Fool
Poetry Lessons
Prick CEL-253: 10-10-10
Quantum Lust
Reason not the Need
Rock Me Amadeus
Roundabout CRIM-7: [10,10,10,10]
Satin to Satin
Satisfied CEL-256: 10-10-9.5
Scratches BillyG: CEL-293: 10-9-10
Sketch (p)
Sky Riding
Slip of the Tongue
Stepping Over the Line
Taking a Bow
Telling Tales
The Cauldron Bubbles CEL-346: 10-9-9
The Conspiracy CEL-261: 8-9-10
The Christmas Present
The Deal
The Invitation [flash fest]
The Jealous Lovers
The Last Call
The Mating of the Muse-Faerie
The Pizza Girl (7k)
The Poetry Reading
The Professor
The Romantic
The Scene
The Trap Door CEL-266: 10-10-10
The Visitation CEL-251: 10-10-9
Untied [flash fest]
Visual Feast
Whoms [flash fest]
Wild (4k)
Winter Roses
(p)I Can Only Dream Tonight
(p)The Mating of the Muse Faerie


After the Funeral CEL-230: 10-10-10
Beachbum Crimson: CEL-321: 7-8-6
Better? CEL-273: 10-10-10
Coaching the Coach Nick: CEL-323: 9-8-8
Destiny Manifested 9.5-10-10 *Cel-244
Front Window CEL-241: 9-9-9
Happily Ever After CEL-225: 8-8-9
Just Right CEL-223: 7-8-8
Let's All Nap Now, Please CEL-241: 10-10-9
On the Virtue of Having Your Ribs Crushed CEL-321: 9-7-7
Pollywanna Owl: CEL-324: 9-8-8
Revealing Secrets CEL-347: 10-10-10
Shit-Eating Grin *Cel-333
The Birthday Party CEL-232: 8-8-9
The Island CEL-233: 9-8-9
The Substitute
Weekend CEL-224: 10-10-10


(aka Kim Cheng) came from Hong Kong to the US. She was
quite young – about 21 or 22. She must have returned home, and it is
suspected that we will not hear from her again. Story categories:
lesbian f/f.
Afternoon Delight (16k)
Discoveries (17k)
Exposed (10k)
File 'D' (13k)
Chocolate Dreams (24k)
 CEL-348: 9.5-9-9
In the Ladies' Room (8k)
Lotuseater:Mother's Day (14k)
Mother and Child Reunion  (8k)
Payback (12k)
Preying Mantis - Black Widow (8k)
 *A rating Annex review 4/10/00
Sweet and Sour (10k)
Teachers Pets.Com (17k)
The Librarian (14k)
Two Part Invention (29k) with Oosh

lou moran

is writing – well, I would describe it as stroke, stroke as
stroke can. He is writing several series as well as stand-alone
stories, but I like the series "My Mom Is Too Hot" most.
Buzzer :: The Word (14k)
Eat The Rich :: Fear Of Flying (8k)
Eat The Rich :: The Paperwork (17k)
Funeral (8k)
Hand Cream (10k)
Hurt Her :: Jennifer (15k)
Kiddie Party (8k)
Lost Balls I (17k)
Lost Balls II (10k)
My Mom Is Too Hot :: The Complaint (13k)
My Mom Is Too Hot :: The Moves (13k)
My Mom Is Too Hot :: The Statement (18k)
The Plan  (8k)
The Promise :: Kristen's Unproductive Day (11k)
The Promise :: Mark's Dilemma (12k)
Train Stories :: Jerky Stop (10k)
Train Stories :: My Wife's Idea (11k)
Train Stories :: Skinny Girl (5k)
Train Stories :: The Promise (11k)
Yvonne Craig :: The Tonight Show (10k)

lucky man

Crossings 1-17? 412k


German Shepherd
Dog Slave
Director's Cut
Dogs and Horses
The Sultan
The Grand Vizier's Sex Party
The Goat
The Experiment
Animal Party


Caitlin's Tale *Cel-182: 10-8-8
Droit du Signeur *Cel-182: 10-8-10
Grey #35 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Night of the Wolves #46 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-372: 10-9.5-10,
 A+ rating Annex review 12/23/99
She Invited Me to Fuck,
 Her Over the Net #86 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Summer Dreams #16 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995


Fast-Acting and Safe *Cel-174: 10-9-9
Java CEL-224: 10-10-10,
 #9 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-27-97
The Bitches Upstairs CEL-223: 10-10-10,
 #29 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Evil Queen *A rating Annex Reviews 5-5-97
A Souvenir of War CEL-223: 10-10-10,
 #43 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97


Afraid of Sleeping Alone (25k)
Discovering Rachel (34k)
 CRIM-17: [4,7,7,6]
If Only Anna Knew (38k)
Lusting for my Used Sister (58k)
Masters of the Arches 1 (26k)
Masters of the Arches 2 (20k)
Masters of the Arches 3 (13k)
Masters of the Arches 4 (14k)
Masters of the Arches 5 (18k)
Masters of the Arches 6 (15k)
Masters of the Arches 7 (15k)
Masters of the Arches 8 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 9 (19k)
Masters of the Arches 10 (25k)
Masters of the Arches 11 (22k)
Masters of the Arches 12 (20k)
Masters of the Arches 13 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 14 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 15 (28k)
Masters of the Arches 16 (25k)
Masters of the Arches 17 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 18 (25k)
Masters of the Arches 19 (24k)
Masters of the Arches 20 (32k)
My Sister Made the Rules (20k)
New Neighbors *assm-2001/34208 (68k)
Night Prowlers (50k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 1 (23k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 2 (43k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 3 (48k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 4 (34k)
The Apprentice Mesmerizer 5 (49k)
The Three Companions part 1 (34k)
The Three Companions part 2 (30k)
The Three Companions part 4 (67k)
The White Tribe of Africa *assm-2001/31169 (42k)
Watching and Lusting 1 (25k)
Watching and Lusting 2 (23k)
Watching and Lusting 3 (21k)
Watching and Lusting 4 (24k)
Watching and Lusting 5 (22k)
Watching and Lusting 6 (24k)

mar arch

A New Tie
Around the Cape of Good Hope 586k
At Long, Long Last A+ rating Annex Reviews
Breaking Paula's Limits 1-3
Ceremony A+ rating Annex Reviews
Conquering Texas 1-4
First Full Day
First Time at Play 1-2
Growing Pains
Love in Reverse
Into My Parlor, Said
It's Her Turn Now A+ rating Annex Reviews
Midafternoon Delights
Photo of E Slave A+ rating Annex Reviews
Picture Show
Simple Things
Surprise, Surprise
The Ceremony
The Punishment A+ rating Annex Reviews
Time of Possession 213k
Whitney's Training Session

maria gonzales

started posting to ASSTR in 1998 Maria writes (wrote?)
funny, sexy stories, containing some form of exhibitionism in them.
Since she hasn't posted any story since end of 2001, she was nominated
for the ASSTR Hall of Fame in beginning of 2004. In my archive I list
21 stories of these hispano-american writer. Maria, come on, do it
A Cure for the Hiccups
A Sexy Story CEL-334: 10-10-10
A Starlet Christmas
At Home Dares BillyG: CEL-328: 10-7-6
Dr. Rui's Amazing Love Potion in a Can
Every Girl Has HerPrice CEL-329: 10-10-10
Everything Goes
 (The Game Show) CEL-361: 10-10-10
Lisa's Revenge (At Home Dares 2)
Mall Strut CEL-339: 9.5-6-6
Only Way Out CEL-346: 10-9-9
Partners CEL-340: 10-6-6
Patricia Cruz - P.I.
Telemarketing CEL-368: 9.5-9.5-9.5
The Auction - Lisette's Story
The Famous Donkey Girl of Tijuana
The Interview Fiddler: CEL-347: 7-8-7
The Maid CEL-323: 8.5-9-9
The Package

maria pollick

There are approximately 63 "Maria" stories, numbered in sequence. The
emphasis is on threesomes, gangbangs, and group sex. Maria is a white
wife with a penchant for black cock. Maria also hosts stories by
Bobbi, Danielle, Jan, Joanna, Lisa, and Tiffany.

mark allen


mark aster

is the author of something like sixty stories in the "My
Friends the Allens" series. While most of the stories are pretty
standard MF stuff about Pat and Julie Allen, a pair of gorgeous
intelligent bisexual nymphomaniac sisters, told by a nameless male
narrator, Mark has also explored a few corners and boundaries,
including FF and MM, light bondage, parenthood, Jane Austen, and even
(gasp!) at least one story with no actual sex at all. Mark is one of
those writers who usually gets the grammar and spelling, as well as
the sex, right, and Celeste seems to like him. His story "Darcy and
Elizabeth" was #7 in Celeste's Top 100 of 1996. If I ever fucked
myself into a coma, and could awaken anywhere, it would be in Mark's
fictional household.
A Daughter's Breasts CEL-219: 10-10-10,
 #74 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
A Night at Suzy's 10-10-10 *Cel-88,
 #99 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Acquisition (6k)
Among Friends 10-10-10 *Cel-82
At the Pool (13k)  10-10-10 *Cel-101,
Atoms 10-7-9 *Cel-80
Aunt Kate 10-9-10 *Cel-66
Aurora Drake 10-9-9 *Cel-69
Big Cypress (12k)  10-10-9.CEL-96: 5,
Black Cat 10-9-9 *Cel-68
Buckets of Cum (19k) 10-10-10 *Cel-90,
But... (7k) CEL-272: 10-10-10,
Civility (3k)  *Cel-191: 10-10-10,
Clean White Linen 10-9-9 *Cel-153
Coffee? (8k) 10-8-8 *Cel-116,
Coming Home 90-100 CR 64
Corruption of the Innocent (17k)
Darcy and Elizabeth 10-10-10 *Cel-125,
 #7 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Dear Gus 10-8-8 *Cel-77
Do You Want It? 10-10-10 *Cel-76,
 #36 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Dream (6k)
Dyke Crossing 10-10-10 *Cel-108,
 *A rating Annex Reviews 1-13-97,
Et Tu 10-10-10 *Cel-92,
 #64 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
Falwelling Tracey CEL-62: 10
Familiarity (9k)  10-10-10 *Cel-157,
Fantasy Bathhouse 10-CEL-63: 10
First (10k) 10-10-10 *Cel-132,
French Kiss 10-10 CR 57,
 #55 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
French Kiss II 10-10-10 *Cel-67
Fresh Air and Exercise (10k) 10-8-8 *Cel-69,
Friction (12k)  10-9-9 *Cel-110,
Fucking Carmody (7k) CEL-309: 10-10-10,
Gravity (8k) 10-9-10 *Cel-95,
Heat 10-10-10 *Cel-71
Helicopters CEL-340: 10-9-8
Hello, in There (14k) 9-9-9 *Cel-104,
High Beams I (11k) 10-8-9 *Cel-155,
High Beams II CEL-347: 10-8-7
How I Met and Julie 10-10-10 CR 69,
 #87 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Chrissy's Mom 10-9-9.CEL-72: 5
In the Booth (10k) CEL-259: 10-10-10,
In the Valley 91/CEL-64: 100
Inaugural 10-9-9 *Cel-86
Irina (8k) CEL-265: 10-10-10,
Julie and the Beast 10-10-9.CEL-80: 5
Julie Bound (15k)  5-10 CR 57,
Kayla and Martin (14k)  10-10-10 *Cel-106,
Library of Congress 10-10-10 *Cel-84,
 #56 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Light Like Butter (7k)  *Cel-165: 10-10-10,
Lips 9-10 CR 62, (10k) 
Make Love Slowly 10-9-8 *Cel-140
Marta in the Doorway CEL-340: 10-9-9
Melissa (11k) 10-10-10 *Cel-25,
Moonlight Again *Cel-208, (9k)
My Friends The Allens #1: How I Met Pat and (12k)
My Friends The Allens #2: French Kiss (10k)
My Friends the Allens, the FAQ (28k)
New Toy 10-10-10 *Cel-76
Night (11k) *Cel-164: 10-10-10,
Night at Suzy's 10-10-10 *Cel-88
Nightmare (7k)  CEL-297: 10-9-9,
November: High Beams II (7k) {GALAGO}
Ohio (11k)
Old Friends 10-10-10 *Cel-75
On the First Date (7k) [dulcinea fest]
One Afternoon 10-10-10 *Cel-65,
 #69 Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
Partially Stable Carbamides CEL-362: 10-6-6, (30k)
Pat Comes of Age 10-CEL-61: 10, (17k)
Pat Considers 10-10-10 *Cel-74
Please Speak into the Flowerpot 10-8-9 *Cel-91
Post-coital 10-10-10 *Cel-139
Prenatal 10-9.5-CEL-131: 10
Rain (9k) 10-10-10 *Cel-73,
Reflection (10k)  CEL-241: 10-9-9,
Robin (6k) 10-10-10 *Cel-159,
Rocks (8k) 10-10-10 *Cel-102,
Room with a View (7k)  CEL-245: 10-10-10,
Slinky Red Thing (9k)  10-9-9 *Cel-112,
Soccer Moms (8k)  CEL-251: 10-9-9,
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Classical Clit
Stars in Our Eyes 10-10-10 *Cel-1118
Storm 10-9.5-9.CEL-76: 5
Surprise!  (13k) 10-10-10 *Cel-98,
Tanya Fills In (9k) 10-9-9 *Cel-114,
The Hills of the Chankly Bore (15k)
The New Toy 10-10-10 *Cel-76
The Storm (16k)  10-9.5-9.CEL-76: 5,
Thursday, 10:45 10-10-10 *Cel-135
Tommy Allen and the Intergalactic Cavern of Doom (16k)  CEL-358: 10-10-10,
Two on One *A rating Annex Reviews 1-11-98,
 CEL-248: 10-10-10,
Vancouver Diary 10-10-10 *Cel-71
Video Hits 10-9-10 *Cel-65
Woman Being Tongued to Orgasm While Reciting the Names
 of North American Capital
 Cities CEL-235: 10-10-10,

mark bastable

Alphabet A: Auditor 10-10-10 CEL-117
Alphabet B: Bean City 10-10-10 CEL-118
Alphabet C: Catalyst 10-10-10 CEL-116
Alphabet D: Dutch Treat 10-10-10 CEL-119
Alphabet E: Escalator 10-10-10 CEL-120
Alphabet F: French Tickler 10-10-10 CEL-121
Alphabet G: Glissando 10-10-10 CEL-122
Alphabet H: Hotel 10-10-10 CEL-123
Alphabet I: Interpreter 10-10-10 CEL-136
Alphabet J: July 4th 10-10-10 CEL-140
Alphabet K: 10-10-10 *Cel-232

mark e dassad

Apple of My Eye
Brady Bunch
Chickenhawk - Karen 1-5 180k
Christmas Carol 5-9-8 *Cel-159
Family Room
Happy Campers
Latrine Duty
Morning Glory
My Brand of Slave
Praise for an Unnamed Boy
Quickie Pickie
Rainy Saturday Afternoon
Rape of the Bride
Spear the Queer
Thompson's Lesson


Marlissa the inscrutable. She has written 16 stories to my
knowledge. Half are transgender stories and the other half are stored
in Ole Joe's "rape" category. All of them are well written, though
none fall into the category of something I'd personally want to
experience. Marlissa is Parker's soulmate with a heavy sprinkle of
Vickie Tern thrown in. Read "After School Special" or "One Thousand
Kisses," then tell me you'd cross Marlissa.
Marlissa began the "Bangkok Slaver" series with "The Newlywed" (96k)
and "Stewardess" (52k). The series was extended to three with "Bangkok
Slaver" (77k) by Parker. Stroker Ace has since taken up the torch with
#4 "Lollipops" (70k), #5 "Beyond Chiang Mai" (113k), and #6 "Sex,
Slaves, and Punishment" (48k). Spoonbender wrote certainly the final
part of the saga: "Fitting up Katie" which is shorter than the earlier
parts of the "Bangkok Slaver" series.
Marlissa also has a set of `Postcards', pictures of alluring young
women with short vignettes accompanying them. Nearly 150 – mostly of
them representing the second generation of them can be found at (That's a site Marlissa
maintains). About the first hundred Marlissa lost in a harddisk crash
- who has some of them may them post to:
After School Special
Bangkok Slaver 1 The Newlywed
Bangkok Slaver 2 Stewardess
Child's Play
Boy's Bra Training and Discipline
First Time
Lisa's Leash
Not That Bad
One Thousand Kisses
Postcards from the Edge These are a bunch of jpegs of
 fabulous models with a little
 scenerio added as a sidebar.
 Short teasers, or story ideas, as
 Marlissa intended.
The Arts
The Conditioners 367k
The Mortgage 123k
The Price of Perfection
The Practice 128k
The Prize
The Whip Must Win
To Love, Honor, and Obey
Wages of Sin
Wetware *A rating Annex Review 6-8-97

mary anne mohanraj

has written many stories of varied erotic flavour,
from het to queer, from vanilla to kinky, tending towards the more
"literary" end of the genre. Her favourites are "Jinsong", a story of
two net lovers, and "Chantal", a rather disturbing ffm nc piece.
Mohanraj also moderates the Internet Erotica Writers' Workshop
( for details), and has recently
published a collection of her work, "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet
Erotica." Many of the stories and poems from the book are also
available on her web site. This young woman started out learning to
write through practice on this newsgroup, and then published, a
success story right on our group.
A Jewel of a Woman 10-9-9, *Cel-270, 1997
A More Congenial Spot 10-10-10 *Cel-112, 1994
A Night to Remember 10-8-8 *Cel-98, 1994
American Airlines Cockpit 10-10-10 *Cel-94, 1993
And Baby Makes Four 2000
And Can This Ever End?
 (a cyclic tale) 1998
Attraction 10-10-9.CEL-97: 5, 1994
Blind 10-10-10 *Cel-120, 1994
Caught Between Two Angry Women
 - a novella 10-9-9 *Cel-134, 1995
Composition in Cream and Chocolate 10-10-10 *Cel-95, 1993
Dialogue 10-9-9 *Cel-124, 1995
Diana 10-10-10 *Cel-100, 1994
Dreams of a Distant Lover *Cel-167: 10-8-8
Esthely Blue 1998
Feather 1995
Fireworks and Storms 1994
Fleeing Gods 10-10-10 *Cel-102, 1994
Girl Meets Girl Meets Boy 10-10-10 *Cel-128
Goddess Blessing 1996
How It Started 2002
Chantelle 10-10-10 *Cel-98, 1993
Charlie 10-10-10 *Cel-118, 1995
Japanese Garden 10-9-9.CEL-104: 5, 1994
Jinsong (with Cecil Williams) 10-10-10 *Cel-106, 1994
Johnny's Story 1998
Just Reading News 10-10-10 *Cel-108, 1994
Kali 1998
Lady 9.5-10-10 *Cel-110, 1994
Lady Distressed #5 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-150, 1996
Letter Found Near a Suicide 10-10-10 *Cel-112, 1994
Making the Sale 10-9-9 *Cel-135, 1994
Meditation on Human Relations *Cel-167: 10-8-8
Metari Nights - a novella #55 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 9.5-10-10 *Cel-154
Minal in Winter CEL-343: 10-10-10, 1999
Mint in Your Throat CEL-271: 10-9-9, 1997
Mistress Molly CEL-210: 10-10-10, 1996
Morningsong 10-10-10 *Cel-114, 1993
Paint 10-9.5-CEL-114: 9, 1994
Radhika and Matthew 10-9-9 *Cel-159, 1994
Rain Sings A Sad Song 10-9-9 *Cel-116, 1993
Reunion 1994
Season of Marriage 10-10-10 *Cel-126, 1994
Seven Cups of Water 1999
Silence and the Word
 (part essay, part story) 2000
The Adventures of Gorgeous Gracie 10-10-10 *Cel-136, 1995
The Devouring Night 10-10-10 *Cel-153, 1995
The Girl Behind the Fantasy CEL-269: 10-10-10, 1996
The Masks We Wear *Cel-167: 10-9-8, 1996
The Other Woman 10-8-9 *Cel-118, 1994
The Poet and the Mathematician (a fable) 2002
The Poet's Journey (a fable) 1998
The Survey 1998
The Temptation
 ...the shiver of your mouth CEL-211: 10-10-10, 1997
Was It Good for You? 10-7-7 *Cel-124, 1995
Wide Brown Eyes 10-10-10 *Cel-122, 1993
Wild Roses 2001
Would You Live for Me? *Cel-167: 10-9-8, 2000

mary jorsay gandmar

Dirty Amber *assm-1997/5197.txt (207k)
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour 186k
Fusebox 9 *Cel-275
Pentaprism 1: Tantalus (40k)
Pentaprism 2: Line of Sight (18k)
Pentaprism 3: The Heart of a Whore (33k)
Pentaprism 4: Sweat Sex Teens (68k)
Pentaprism 5: Embraces of Men Past (30k)
Pentaprism 6: Manori Belle (72k)
Pentaprism 7: Beach Ball (57k)
Pentaprism 8: Onan's Bride (45k)
Pentaprism 9: Pit Stop CEL-227: 10-10-10,
Pentaprism 10: Moaning by the Sea (28k)
Pentaprism 11: The Demons of Youth (73k)
Pentaprism 12: Whorrorscope (65k)
Pentaprism 13: Aurangabad Antics (113k)
Pentaprism 14: Wild at Heart (88k)
Pentaprism 15: Camera Candida 272k
Pit Stop CEL-227: 10-10-10
Picture This CEL-335: 10-9-9
Poona Company 1-5
Sibling Rivalry 1-2 112k
Shiva's Bride (29k)
The Cocktail Party
The Harlot Letters
Tropical Heat (62k)

master chris

wrote about 80 stories, to our knowledge, about male
domination and female submission. A complete index of stories reposted
in 2000 is to be found at ASSTR, %assm-2000/24389, "The Master Chris
Story Collection" is a post by Dick Goesinya with the stories 1-73!!
01 The Doctor's Office (14k)
02 The Store Manager's Office (6k)
03 The Chateau (10k)
04 Return as the Nurse (10k)
05 Back to High School (10k)
06 Demonstration at the
 Hospital (7k)
07 The Country House (13k)
08 Kidnapped to the Islands (12k)
09 Watching the Maid (12k)
10 Trip to the Caribbean (15k)
11-15 Special School
 for Discipline 1-5 (10k)
16 The Restaurant (11k)
17 The Secretary (15k)
18 On Display (14k)
19 The Girl's Locker Room (11k)
21 On the Beach (10k)
22 In the Principal's Office (12k)
23 South American Adventure (18k)
24 Submission in the Suburbs (16k)
25 Andrea's Fault (14k)
26 Submission in the Wild West (13k)
27 Special Reform School for
 Girls 1 (17k)
28 Nicole's Discipline in
 the Office (13k)
29 Special Reform School for
 Girls 2 (11k)
30 The Interview (15k)
31 Special Reform School for
 Girls 3 (16k)
32 Sharon and Her Mistress (15k)
33 Initiation into the Club (11k)
34 Preparing for the Prom (31k) 24482
35 Arrested in Georgia (24k)
36 Sam and His Young Sisters (11k)
37 Jennifer and Her Mistress (12k)
38 Visit to Her Master (14k)
39-41 Threesome in the
 Country 1-3 (33k)24545,24546
42 Visit to the Club (14k)
43 A Mistress Takes Charge (11k)
44 Shelly Transforms a
 Fantasy into Reality (11k)
45 Best Friends 1 (16k)
46 Karen Visits Master Chris (14k)
47 Lisa's Story: The Police Line-Up
47A For a Price - Chapter 1 (15k)
47B For a Price - Chapter 2 (20k)
47C For a Price - Chapter 3 (10k)
47D For a Price - Chapter 4 (16k)
47E For a Price - Chapter 5 (13k)
48 Interview for the Clinic (19k)
49 Saturday's Adventure (14k)
50 Elizabeth's Adventure
 in Chicago *A rating Annex Reviews 6/17/00
51 Evelyn on an Adventure (21k)
52 The Hotel Room Adventure (10k)
53 Jeffry's Visit to
 San Francisco (14k)
54 Training Camp for
 Submissives (28k)
55 Alicia's Descent into
 Submission (20k)
55b Alicia Submits to Jeffrey (25k)
56 A First Meeting with
 Master Chris (6k)
57 An Evening with My Mistress (8k)
58 Tara in the Hotel Room (18k)
59 Kim's Adventure (19k)
60 From One Couple to Another (29k)
61 Talia's Medical Exam (20k)
62 Kathy Gives Herself to
 Her Husband (9k)
63 Jim Finds a Dominant
 Girlfriend (13k)
64 Jennifer's Punishment (18k)
65 Pregnant Submission (17k)
66 The Farmer's Daughter (30k)
67 Letter to the Editor (24k)
68 Karen's Medical Examination (22k)
69 Alison's Punishment (25k)
70 A Trip to the Woodshed (28k)
71 The Consultant (24k)
72 First Visit to the
 Gynaecologist (27k)
73 Sara in Jail in
 South America (37k)
74 Playing Doctor (29k)
76 Airport Arrival (21k)
77 Back in the Corner (20k)
78 Camping Trip (37k)
-- Lira's Story -
 The Police Line Up (14k)
-- Patty's Rape (12k)

master jim

Pony Girl Bondage 529k

master paul

Linda'a Epic Adventures in Life (510k)
 B-/%C rating Annex Reviews 1-15-97

master wade

has written over 300 stories about male domination and
female submission. If that is your bag, look no further. Master Wade
stories are archived on Mr Double's site, to include new stories never
before published. Thanks, Mr D.
Programs Notes to the Slut-Wife Course 1-4
1 The Nurse
2 Monica Goes For A Ride
3 A Nurse For Monica
4-8 The Poker Party: Part One - Five
9 Michelle, College Coed
10 The Shopping Trip
11 The Delivery Boy
12-14 Karen, Sorority Slave: Part One - Three
15 Monica And The Saleslady
16 Monica Reveals Her Thirst
17-18 Allison Brings A Friend: Part One - Two
19 Out For Drinks
20 Monica Goes To The Movies
21-22 Monica's Early Training: Part One - Two
23-26 Karen Comes For A Visit: Part One - Four
27 Buying Jennifer
28 Kristi Gets A Workout
29 A Letter From Laura
30 A Letter To Laura
31-32 Thursday With Laura: Part One - Two
33 Finger Music
34 Julia Opens Up
35-37 Karen Kidnapped: Part One - Three
38-41 Julia's Ass: Part One - Four
42-44 Ashley Presents Herself: Part One - Three
45 Legs, Legs, Legs!
46-49 Ashleigh-1932: Part One - Four
50-56 Julia's Begging: Part One - Seven
57 Waitresses
58 Fax About Max
60 The Leg-Show Stint
61 Complimenting Julie
62 Art and Bob Discuss Julie
63 Hole Heaven
64-67 Raping Brenda: Part One - Four
68 Watching Pauline
69 Warming Pauline
70 Wenching Pauline
71 Whipping Pauline
72 Whoring Pauline
73-74 Monica's Vacation: Part One - Two
75 Lusty Leggy Leah
76 Portrait of a Stripper
77 Lauren's Leaky Lips
78-87 The Farmer's Step-Daughter: Part One - Ten
88 A Letter To The Modern Woman
89 Monica's Virginal Fantasy
90-94 Filled Stockings: Part One - Five
95-97 Balling The Bought-Boobs Babe: Part One - Three
98 A Letter To Karen
99-101 A Letter From Carolyn: Part One - Three
102-103 Black Springs Girl Part One - Two
104 The Derby
105 Dirty Sex Night
106 Nasty and Needy Nookie
107-108 Our Hershey Honey Part One - Two
110 My Personal Confession by Sherrie Wade
111 A Letter to Another Master's Slave
112-126 Girls in the Wood Part One - Sixteen
127-129 Marsha and The Mandella Part One - Three
130-157 Latin Lust Part One - Twenty Eight
158 The County Agent and the Farmer's Daughter
159 The Home-Maker
160-163 The Farmer's Step-Daughter 11-14
180-188 Brenda's Story: Letter 1 - 9
189 The Double-Dater
190-194 The Whores of Weddle Manor 1 - 5
200 He Who Laughs Last
201 Pussy
202 To or Not to, That I the Question
203 Pots and Kettles
204 The Personal Banker
205-206 Diane and Susan 1-2
207 The Dream Girls
208-209 Summer Time 1 - 2
210 Karen: Leg Slut #246
220-222 The Phantoms of Prolac 1 - 3
225 The Christmas Gift
226 Morning Glory
227 The Death of Doubt and the Birth of Surrender
228 The Party
230-236 The Training of Melissa 1 - 7
237-239 Carmen 1-3
240-249 Letters to Monica 1 - 10
253 Good Smelling Girls
254 Desire
260-263 Kissing Cousins 1 - 4
269 Bad Wife, Good Wife
270-273 The Girl Can't Help It 1 - 4
274-278 Her Beginning 1 - 5
279 Using the Brown Eyed Girl
280-281 Mitzi: Party Girl Supreme 1 - 2
282-297 Desert Heat 1 - 16
300-305 The D-S Convention 1 - 6
320 Sharing Maria
321 Antaya: Pleasure Girl
322 Baily's Needs
323 Jenny's Legs
324 Taking a Few Liberties


(mostly posted to alt.torture, but some stories can be found
at ASSM also)
A Cyberslave's Journal 1-2
A Mommy's Torment
A Mutual Exchange 1-2
At the Beach 1-2
Blind Date
Block Party!
College Girl's Humiliation
D's Fantasy
Daydreams 1-2
Executive Perks
Jessica's Cybersex Adventure
Kitchen Fun
Little Black Box
Office Call 1-4
Pin Cushions
Road Trip (Redneck S and M)
Sadistic Weekend 1-6
School's In!
Slave Keli's Birthday
Slave Keli's First Time
Tea Time!!
The Arrangement
The Bash
The Chair
The Demo
The Gift
The Great Outdoors (8k)
The Rose
The Scent of a Master
The Showing
The Ties That Bind
The Wedding Anniversary
The Yard Dog's Fantasy A- Rating Annex Reviews 6/24/00

mat twassel

Mat's first Internet erotica appeared in early February of 1996. Since then more than a hundred of his stories, poems, and pieces have appeared in newsgroups, e-zines such as Clean Sheets and Mark Aster's Journal of Desire, commercial sites such as Ruthie's Club, paper and ink collections such as Hot Off the Net, Mat's AOL webpage: Under the Bed, and most recently a subscription site: Calendar.atEROS.

Mat has posted a few of his stories at his ASSTR site, others at his his aol site; you might find some on ASSM , too.

He thought up the Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival.

A Child's Christmas CEL-247: 10-10-10,
 CRIM-6: [10,10,10,10] (RP)
A Good Fit (2k) [flash fest]
A Real Gripper (3k)
A Well-Oiled Machine (2k) [flash fest]
A Word for Annie's Fuck Hole (RP) 9K
 CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]; 10-8-8 *Cel-135
After Hours at the Exhibition (2k) [flash fest]
Art (3k) [flash fest]
Basic Training (1k)
Bed and Breakfast (20k)  CEL-307: 10-9-9,
 10-10-10 *Cel-191; #19 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Bird Watching in French Lick (41k) 10-8-8 *Cel-69, CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10],
Breakfast in Bed  (5k) (220 words)
Calendar (15k)  with Lorrin Murray
Cat Got Your Tongue? (3k) [flash fest]
Cheerios and Milk (4k) [Wedding]
Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix Contest  (5k) [flash fest]
Cloth Doll (10k)  CEL-297: 10-10-10,
Covers (MF Rom Cons)
Dandelions 9-7-7 *Cel-76
Desert Rain 10-7-6 *Cel-65
Drive 10-9-10 *Cel-66,
Ellen's Slutty Sister (4k)
Extra Ohs (2k) [flash fest]
Fantasy Train CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10]
Farm Earth Nick: CEL-341: 10-9-9
Fog CEL-328: 10-9-9
Games Galore (3k) [flash fest]
Christmas Break 10-10-10 *Cel-151,
 #89 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Christmas Eve (4k)
Christmas Pie (5k)
Impetuous (11k)  CEL-337: 10-9.5-9.5,,
 CRIM-3: [10,10,10,10]
In a Quiet Corner of the Galley Waiting for the
 Coffee to Perk CEL-255: 10-10-10
In the Interests of Science (2k) [flash fest]
Incest *Cel-168: 10-10-8
Jack and Jill (2k) [flash fest]
Jack and Jill Study the FAQ--!, @, o, * (5k) [flash fest]
Jogging with a Pregnant Lady
Ladder and Neptune (42k)
Lake Jeptha (9k)  BillyG: CEL-292: 10-10-10,
Lapland (1k) [post BSFSF]
Larry's Party of Not Quite Two (etc.) (13k) CRIM-8: [10,7,9,9],
Laura's Dad CEL-288: 10-8-8
Mashie, Niblick, Spoon, Cleek (7k)
Mat's Dictionary  (3k) [flash fest]
Mecca (19k) {P2C}
Mel Gibson's Love Child (43k)
No Matter What They Say (5k) CEL-302: 10-9-9,
Office Affair (16k) CEL-294: 10-10-10,
One More Thing (5k) [flash fest]
Past Lives (9k)
Pump Song (24k)  CEL-296: 10-10-10,
Puppy Love 9.5-7-7 *Cel-77
Rain 9-10-10 *Cel-74
Re: Proofreading Sex Stories (ASSM Jan 97; 53k)
 #2 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
 CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10] (RP)
Red Rover, Red Rover, Can Adam Come Over? (2k) [flash fest]
Rest Stop (2k) [flash fest]
Retreat (MF Rom Cons)
Return to Sender  (4k) (birth)
Romance (22k) [summer rom fest]
Rubber Band (2k) [flash fest]
Sand Like Frozen Light (13k)
Shannon's Locker Room Fantasy
Still Life (7k)
Summer Storm (4k) [summer rom fest]
Sunday Morning (17k)
Ten CEL-376: 10-10-10
The Allens - Dandelion
The Allens - Rain
The Allens - Teeter Totter  to Heaven
The Allens - The Bluffs
The Allens - The Family Way
The Better to... 10-10-10 *Cel-117
The Celestial Refuse Vol 1 Nbr 1 [no #s] *Cel-248,
 *A rating Annex Reviews 1-17-98
  (5k) (RP)
The Open (MF Rom Cons)
The Orange Dress CEL-328: 10-8-8, (56k)
The Sarabande and the Six Iron (31k) CEL-203: 10-10-10,
The Snoozer (7k)
 CRIM-28: [10,10,10,10]
The Way to Pittsburgh (27k) (THM)
The Writer (2k) [flash fest]
Three If By Air (15k) [Blanket]
Three Summer Sketches (27k)
Trevor and Jackie's Last Song Before Summer Session (2k)
Two Days in August (8k)
Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed  (4k)
White Cat 10-9-9 *Cel-128
Wineskin 10-10-9 *Cel-153
Winter (1k) [post-BSFSF]

maureen lycaon

A Little Nipple Play (26k) (RP)
Captivity *assm-2002/38546 (61k)
Doubts *assm-2001/30584 (73k)
Fifteen Minutes (20k)
Leavetaking (17k)
Palin's First Flogging (29k)
Shamelessness (25k) (RP)
Taltros (43k)
The Bargain 1/4 (38k)
The Bargain 2/4 (21k)
The Bargain 3/4 (33k)
The Bargain 4/4 (30k)
The Pear (15k) (RP)
The Price (42k) (REV)
Truth 1 (23k)
 2 (26k)
 3 (15k)
With Another Man (21k)


Hypno Celebrities 1-70 483K
Hypno Fantasies 1-10 (Celebrities)
HypnoTV: 90210
HypnoTV: Alex Mack/Sabrina
HypnoTV: Ally McBeal
HypnoTV: Baywatch *Cel-185: 9-8-7
HypnoTV: Baywatch 2
HypnoTV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
HypnoTV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2
HypnoTV: Caroline In The City 2
HypnoTV: Ellen
HypnoTV: Frasier
HypnoTV: Friends *Cel-182: 10-8-6
HypnoTV: Mad About You/ Caroline In The City
HypnoTV: Melrose Place
HypnoTV: NYPD Blue
HypnoTV: Pacific Blue
HypnoTV: Party of Five
HypnoTV: Saved By The Bell
HypnoTV: Star Trek, Deep Space Nine
HypnoTV: Star Trek, The Next Generation
HypnoTV: Melrose Place *Cel-183: 10-6-6
HypnoTV: Xena, Warrior Princess 8.5-9-9.5 *Cel-222
Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock CEL-214: 9-6-6

max free

Family Sex 1-4


_Silver Surfer_
#1: Wisdom
#2: Crying Out Loud
#3: A Rocky Relationship
#4: Big Wheel
#5: Royal Dynasty
#6: This Is the Story
 of a Lovely Lady
#7: Take Two and Call Me
 in the Morning
_Subway series_
#1: Strangers in the Night
#2: Thanks for the Memories
#3: My Eyes Adored You
#4: Who's Sorry Now?
#5: The Key to the
 Whole Thing (34k)
#6: Private Dancer
#7: Please Don't Ask
 How I Got Home
Scout's Honor
The Fish Tank
(p) Memories Like Shards
 of Glass
The Incest-o-matic or How (blank) Fucked (blank)

md james

Batgirl - Blow-up Doll 9.5-8-5 *Cel-225,
Detention (24k)  *Cel-179: 9-9-9,
File This! CEL-260: 9-8-8
Personal Session (13k)
She Bat #0 - A Lucky Encounter 9.5-10-10 *Cel-157
Shower Surprise 10-8-8 *Cel-136, 15k
Supergirl and X *Cel-161: 9-9-9, 101k
The Facilitator 8.5-8.5-8 *Cel-248
The Humiliation of Jane
 {several authors} (149k)
The Humiliation of Lady Supreme (30k)


was significantly impacted by discovering news:rec.arts.erotica
as a teenager. She is playing around with ideas about the way
sexuality fits into the larger context of one's life, as well as
writing things to suit her many kinks and desires.
A Night at the Club MF, MFF, FF, bdsm, oral
Consent MF, rough
Frustration MF, bdsm
Kate FF, fist
Letters to Myself MF, cons, rough, bdsm
Like Sex for Chocolate flash, food, humor
Not Enough (4k)
Sister Clara F-solo, religion
Tell Me MF, cons, rough, anal
Texas (5k)
 CRIM-26: [10,10,10,10]
The Book of Water F-solo, magic
The Warehouse (10k) MF, bdsm, Fdom
Tomorrow mf, first
Trading Places MF, anal, strap-on

meme mispelt

is posting to ASSM since 2001. Her stories contain both
heterosexual as lesbian intercourse. I would like to read more of her
writing of romance or mild bondage, and perhaps I have chance though
in 2003 she posted more stories than before.
Blame it on "Ed" (115k)
Flash (10k)
 CRIM-20: [10,10,10,10]
Gift of the Maya (25k)
Letter, with Tea and Bourbon (38k)
On a Boat (52k)
Overheard 1/2 (22k)
Pirates of the 22nd Century (14k) {Pirate},
 CRIM-29: [10,10,10,10]
Something New (10k)
Transportation Vignette (7k)
WWJD? (12k)
 CRIM-8: [9,10,7,7]


Beth YW235
For Bruce CEL-4: 10
Girl's Debut
It Happened One Day
Janie YW221
Kidnapped Schoolgirls
Past and Present
Shelly YW294
Three on Julie


The Bandit 271k CEL-252: 10-10-10

michael d

has written some wonderful stories, some under the name of Richard Bissell, including his masterpiece, Call Girl Cheerleaders. Michael D had a complete web site at ASSTR, but closed it down and moved to Ruthie's site to at least get some monetary compensation for his efforts. Unfortunately, Al Steiner followed. Michael (Richard) specialises in older men/younger women stories, although he has written well on other subjects, too. Don't miss a single story. He was named Best New Author of 1999 (with Vickie Morgan and John A.) and Best Author of 2000.

A Needle Through the Heart
Amber – The Making of a Fuck Toy
Angie CEL-361: 10-9-8 (BillyG)
Animal Attraction CEL-346: 10-10-9
Bad Girls CEL-347: 10-10-10
Billiard Balls CEL-329: 10-10-10
Breaking Maria
Britney Gives It Up
Call Girl Cheerleaders
Consanguinity CEL-321: 10-9-9
Continental Drift
Eighteen Hundred Words
Eye of the Beholder CEL-357: 10-10-10
Full Custody
Godzilla vs. Monster Sex
 (sf, satire, size, reptile)
Going to Bakersfield Fiddler: CEL-322: 10-10-10,
 Annex 4/12/99: A+
Jessica Myers: {No num. rating} Cel-359
Katie: A True Story
Muddy Waters Jaybird: CEL-313: 10-10-10,
My Cousin Michelle
My Cousin's Cum Diet
My Sister the Cum Addict
No Deposit, No Return
Orange County Babylon 629k (Ole Joe: `I read it in one
Playing with Fire
Scenes from a Train
Stroke Story
Summer Camp 173k
Summer Camp II 157k
Sunset on Roses 113k
Swimming Upstream 145k
Tales of the Booty Bandit
The Eye of the Bad Girls
The Eye of the Beholder
The Harem
The Long and Short of It
The Needle and the Dungeon 235k
The Price of Success
The Subtleties of Justice
The Teaser CEL-362: 10-10-10
The Harem 10-10-10
The Subtleties of Justice CEL-320: 10-9.5-8
The Twins
The Virtues of Infidelity CEL-324: 10-9-9
Three Days in August Myers: No Rating *Cel-354
Vector CEL-370: 10-10-10
Virgin Mary
Virginity Is Curable, Inquire Within
Why I Like Bad Girls-An Essay
Why, to Kay

michael k smith

is a native of Texas, but a child of San Francisco in the early `60s and both periods and locations feature prominently in his stories. He has been a college instructor, a librarian/historian, and an archivist, but he now subsists as a freelance writer, developmental and copyeditor, book indexer, and ISO-9000 documentationer. "I'm a hack," he admits, "but a good one." Mr. Smith considers "Road Trip" and "Vamps" to be his best work. He likes to experiment with themes, from "first love" to a realistic approach to the darker side of sex-as-power. He takes his erotic pieces as seriously as the rest of his writing and is a believer (usually) in happy endings. After a two year absence from a.s.s. he is presently edging into a comeback. Anything with his name on it is good. They all have meaning beyond the obvious story. Read "Philly," my personal favourite, think about it, and you'll see why I say that. Celeste loves him, too. So does Commander Jameson. He is still writing stories. "Beach Boy" appeared recently. We hope this means there is still hope that more chapters of the wonderful story, "Siblings," will be forthcoming.

A Missy Christmas CEL-255: 10-9-9
Beach Boy Mon, 23 Sep 2002
Charly the Yard Guy 10-10-10 CR 183,
 #34 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Coping CEL-354: 10-10-9.5
Dancing in the Dark CEL-245: 10-10-10
Dare 10-10-10 *Cel-98
Dating Ritual 10-10-10 *Cel-100
Discovery #18 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-103
Dyad *Cel-177: 10-10-10
Getting It Right 10-10-10 *Cel-97
How to Write Stories Good *Cel-183: 10-10-10
 *A rating Annex Reviews
In/Out Law *Cel-177: 10-10-10
Justice #24 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-109
Lovely Girl #29 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-99
Molly in Suspense CEL-278: 10-10-10
Neighbors 10-10-10 *Cel-111
One Moment in Time
Philly 10-10-10 *Cel-113
Private Party CEL-364: 10-10-10
Psychology CEL-352: 10-10-10
Remembering #17 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-115
Road Trip 10-10-10 *Cel-117
Seduction 10-10-10 *Cel-119
Siblings A personal favorite of Ole Joe,
 ***, 10-9-10 *Cel-121
Snow in July, Stevie in August CEL-353: 10-10-10
The Babysitting Drama CEL-267: 10-10-10
The Bedpost CEL-277: 10-10-10
The Big Time CEL-219: 10-10-10
The Chair
The Dare *Cel-177: 10-10-10
The First Time
Trances #49 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-123
Until Next Year 10-8-6 *Cel-125
Vamps 10-9-9 *Cel-127


(TG, femdom)
Can She Make Me Gay?
Little Miss Priss
Taught and Caught
The Inevitable
The Letter
The Scent
The Training

michelle b

(ff teen)
Roberta Awakes 1-18 318k

michelle d lurker

Anna #42 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-7: 10
Happy Birthday
The Draft #37 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-27: 10

mike hunt

(M1ke hunt) Mike only began posting stories in March/April of 1997. His story credits would be a point of pride for a veteran of the group. Mike was my stated favourite to make a sweep in Celeste's 100 for 1997. He earned 16 slots including #6 and #8. Here, I'll let him introduce himself:

"M1KE is writing this himself. That's why you shouldn't believe a word of it. He's a fabulous writer, who occasionally fancies himself humorous and tries to make people laugh while they're having an orgasm. The two are mutually exclusive, of course, but he doesn't seem to understand that. M1KE began writing in March 1997. He has written three dozen stories, more or less, and thinks they got increasingly hilarious. He's wrong. His favourite is "Women Are Stupid," which despite its misogynistic title attempts to prove that women could rule the world if they would only try. M1KE is spelled with a "one," which just proves that he's a lousy speller, too.

Mike's narrator is lively, self-mocking, self-amused, thus doesn't take himself too seriously as he seduces or is seduced, so the stories tend in turn to amuse the reader. Red Dragon is a converted Mike Hunt fan, so be on the look-out, you know they are good. Mike earned 16 spots on Celeste's list of top stories for 1997.

A Cousin's Lips
And Then I Fucked Her *A rating Annex Reviews 8-22-97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-208,
 #22 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Art Class CEL-201: 10-10-10,
Auto Biography CEL-222: 10-10-10,
Dirty Boys CEL-211: 10-10-10,
Feet Are Neat *Cel-175: 10-10-10
Four Letter Words four.html
Fucking Celeste #40 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-196,
Fun In The Tub *Cel-183: 10-9-9,
High Rise #70 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-205,
Homestead homestead.html
I Am M1ke's Dick CEL-235: 10-10-10
 A+ rating Annex 11-27-97
 #81 in 97,
Identical Twins CEL-227: 10-10-10
 #25 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
June's First *Cel-171: 10-10-10
 #15 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Lingerie Salesman *Cel-175: 10-10-10
Maria In Maine *Cel-174: 10-10-10
 #41 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Memo - (very short story) *Cel-191: 10-10-10
O'Stikkit Inn *Cel-173: 10-10-10
Photographer *Cel-165: 10-10-10
Quiz - (very short story) *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Rant - (very short story) *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Reluctant Bride CEL-221: 10-10-10
She's A Tease *Cel-172: 10-10-10
Shelly's Sex Life #72 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-188,
Shelly's Trial #50 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-192,
Shorts Stories *Cel-181: 10-10-10,
 #53 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Some Things Just Happen #6 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-186,
Straight Sex *Cel-176: 10-10-10
The Darkroom
 (sequel to Photographer) *Cel-171: 10-10-10
The Drive-In CEL-214: 10-10-10,
The Lingerie Salesman *Cel-175: 10-10-10
The Night Before Christmas CEL-243: 10-10-10,
 #13 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The O'Stikkit Inn *Cel-173: 10-10-10,
 #8 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Photographer *Cel-165: 10-10-10,
The Skier *Cel-170: 10-10-10,
 #98 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Swimsuit CEL-231: 10-10-10
The United Way *Cel-199: 10-10-10,
The Wet T-Shirt Contest tshirt.html
The Topless Bar
Topless Dancer CEL-203: 10-10-10
Under Cover CEL-233: 10-10-10,
 #44 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Wet T-Shirt Contest #92 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-194,
Women Are Stupid *Cel-182: 10-10-10,
Young Dumb and Full of Cum CEL-222: 10-8-8

mike c.

writes "James", a long ongoing novela with several spin-off-
short stories which are running parallel to the main story. The story
is interwoven with "Kelly" (→ Night Hawk)
Amanda 01a (A James World Story) (17k)
 01b (22k)
Brenda (A James World Story) approx. parallel to chapters 49-53
James still ongoing, 74 chapters so far
Sara and Sherri
 (A James World Story) approx. parallel to chapter 70,

miranda mars

started to write "Laura's Story" in 1999. It seems to be
a never-ending story `cause at present she is up to chapter 283 with
more than 5 MB text. It is about the sexual experiences of a
beautiful, young, professional, white woman who has a special desire
for relationships with beautiful African-American women, including a
few teenagers. Along the way it includes sporadic light bondage, a
little sado/masochism, a few catfights, one or two rapes, occasional
group sex, and several straightforward heterosexual encounters, but it
focuses centrally on deep, continuing emotional and physical
relationships between Laura and her various lovers.

miss behavin

got the `Golden Clitorides Award 1999 Author of the Year'
in 1999. (MF oral anal tease mild bd) Website:
Batteries Included Golden Clitorides Award 1999
 Story of the Year, CEL-332: 10-9.5-9.5
Bed (Ar)Rest CEL-304: 10-10-10
Blinded CEL-305: 10-9-9
Illusion Owl: CEL-308: 10-10-9
New Beginnings Bitbard:10-10-10 *Cel-300
Not a Chance CEL-360: 10-10-10
Running From the Wind
The Chair (59k)
Visions CEL-328: 10-10-10

misstress diana

Flashback: Cousins
 (Full version) (205k)
Pleasuring Pam (31k)
Rock Star (70k)
_The Adventures of Diana and Mike_
- A Slave's Story, Pt. 1 (21k)
- A Slave's Story, Pt. 2 (10k)
- A slave's story, Pt. 3 (14k)
- A slave's story, Pt. 4 (14k)
- Camping Trip (40k)
- Ellen, Part 1 (31k)
- Ellen, Part 2 (19k)
- Role Reversal (26k)
- Roped Weekend (35k)
- The Neighbor's Wife - (46k)
- The Tease, Part 1 (15k)
- The Tease, Part 2 (9k)
- The Tease, Part 3 (13k)
- The Tease, Part 4 (12k)
_The Adventures of Diana_
- Camping Trip (41k) (RP)
- Ellen (49k) (RP)
- Role Reveral (26k) (RP)
- Romance is Dead...Or is It? (14k) [summer rom fest]
- Roped Weekend (39k) (RP)
- Separate Pleasures (87k)
- The Gardener (29k)
- The Neighbor's Wife (47k) (RP)
- The Tease (44k) (RP)
- Three (56k) (RP)


Ole Joe:

"I need to add a section to this (...) about 15 minute wonders. Every once in a while something will break on the newsgroup which attracts a good bit of attention, then it dies. Missy was one such event. I'm sorry to say I didn't closely follow the thread, but if memory serves, many respondents didn't believe Missy was even a woman, let alone anything she claimed in her stories.

I don't have a good archive of her stories, but titles like these will give you the idea:

Missy's Surprise Spanking
Missy, Lesbian Subslut
Missy at the Reststop
Missy's Panties
The Creation of Missy the Slut
Use My Mouth Like A Womans Vagina!


Aerobic Mom
Dr. Launa
First One
Generation Gash
Intimate Watching
Mom & Aunt
Mom's Advantage
Son's Advantage


posts since 1999 and still ongoing `Nightmares and Visions',
short vignettes he gets/got per email from an anonymous source, all of
them are kind of bondage. (They remmind me on Suki's `Images'). The
other stories are also weird and often contain SF-elements.
Arachis Hypogea (27k)
Avocation I (11k)
First Contact (49k)
First Haph: Ortiya's Children 1-4 *assm-1999/19265 (61k)
Gang Rave (45k)
 Myers: No rating *Cel-378
Glass Desk (17k) RP
Haph Interlude (8k)
In The Dark (49k) RP,
 CEL-346: 9.5-10-10
Motionless (12k)
Nightmares and Visions 01-05 (16k)
Nightmares and Visions 06-10 (16k)
Nightmares and Visions 11-15 (12k)
Nightmares and Visions 16-20 (20k)
Nightmares and Visions 21-25 (18k)
Nightmares and Visions 26-30 (18k)
Nightmares and Visions 31-35 (14k)
Nightmares and Visions 36-40 (19k)
Nightmares and Visions 41-45 (18k)
Nightmares and Visions 46-50 (20k)
Nightmares and Visions 51-55 (15k)
Nightmares and Visions 51-55 (15k)
Nightmares and Visions 56-60 (13k)
Perimeter Violation (52k)
POV (23k)
Primal Duty (15k)
 *A rating Annex reviews 1/31/99
Show Booth (17k)
Spell Failure (42k)
Spooning (27k)
Squatch (14k)
Sublimed (24k) RP
Sunday Tease (31k) RP
 CEL-345: 10-10-10, *Cel-362
The Garden (20k)
Two Mornings (10k)
Upstairs (27k)

morgan preece

ekiN 10-10-10 ?CEL-267
Imagine My Surprise *Cel-162: 10-8-8,
Kissing the Rat CEL-376: 10-10-10,
Mercedes 10-10-10 *Cel-158
My Juno 9-10-10, *Cel-161,
Never CEL-276: 10-10-10
Porno 101 *A rating Annex review 1/31/00
Stolen by Illusion CRIM-2: [9,9,9,8]
That Kind [no #s] *Cel-307
The Rooster CEL-220: 10-10-8
Stolen by Illusion CEL-249: 10-10-10

morpheus' twin

Blame It All on the Internet 10-9.5-9.CEL-68: 5
Face of Betrayal 10-10-10 *Cel-74
Mom's Story 1-3 10-9.5-9.CEL-68: 5


Evening At Home 10-8-4 *Cel-137
First Meeting 1-2 10-10-10 *Cel-119
My Master's Gift 10-9-6 CR 122
Tabitha *Cel-180: 10-10-10

mr bondskin

is the former Mahgirb, who mostly wrote (heavy) bondage
stories like "ThunderShark's Lair", "Tort Doll" or "The Perfect
Model". Under his new "label" Mr Bondskin he wrote "Amber in a Box"
which earned A/A- in the Annex Reviews, 2/27/00 by Lady Cyrrh. She
"A story like this, with nothing redeeming about it, can make you feel
oddly good. Nothing new, but what there was, was well done. At a swank
party rich dilettante Charles opens a box to reveal the nude, gagged,
and manacled form of Amber, a teenage slave lent to him by her Master
for extra "training." The story's first taut thrill comes from her
shipping label, which has been pinned to her through the skin of her
chest, and after that the sadism comes fast and furious with the
addition of two Asian slave twins who are to act as maids/keepers to
her. (...) Amber is later re-packed in her crate and sent home with a
few extra modifications, including a 40 DD chest, about 30 piercings,
and a couple of tattoos, as is common for these stories. So why do I
like them? For the same reason bored fingers like to pick at drying
Amber In A Box Annex Reviews: A-/A
Bridgette Michelle: Diary of a teen sex slave whore
Initiation of Sophie
Initiation of Sophie II: Freshman Year
Jenny's Slavery Chain
Rubber In The Night
Supermodel Bridgette's Enslavement
Zara: Pierced and Branded Slave
_The Mahgirb stories:_
Prisoner X
Reaching for the Limits of Heather ASSM 19999/19313.txt
The Perfect Model
ThunderShark's Lair ASSM 1999/18585.txt

mr spraycan

Ole Joe wrote that `MR SPRAYCAN runs a commercial story
site` but as of October, 2002, (having tried Google, Yahoo and Lycos)
it wasn't possible to find it anymore (If somebody has an actually
link, please mail it to the editor). His stories, as posted to a.s.s.
are complete stories (...). They are actually very professionally done
(...). The story listed below are to be found at*
thru Google.
He writes in several erotica formats. His earlier work concerns Femdom
("Baton Rouge, NY" and "The Footman of LA") but during 1997 he has
transitioned to more mainstream BDSM and spanking ("Seductions" a
multi-part series that forms part of a long unfinished work called
"Just Like Don Giovanni's Blues"). Side topics include exhibitionism
("Hotel Games," "Show Us All, Sarah Jane") and humour (A series called
"Teutonic Treat For Lady Twistleton's Twat" and a trilogy spoofing PG
Wodehouse's Jeeves-and-Wooster stories]. Some of his stories are close
to the edge in terms of content, but never cross over into the
illegal. He aims to produce 2-3 stories a week, forever. The principal
distinguishing mark of Mr. Spraycan stories is a dry wit and barbed
social commentary, plus every sexual twist you can imagine. His
characters are adult, imperfect and obsessed, like the real world, and
dialogue carries the action. "I write to amuse myself, but I really
like to hear from my readers. I love to inspire them into doing crazy
(but safe) things, or reconsidering their attitude to ideas they might
have rejected. To me, erotica is the new frontier: Yes, it's been
around forever, but currently it has the same "zing" as Sci-Fi in the
sixties. There are dozens of great writers on the Net, writing stuff
that's fifty times better than anything you can pick up in bookstores.
Pioneering writing styles and ideas at the same time as producing
great "read them with one hand" stories." Any gripes? "One day I'd
like to get published in a real book, and paid for it! Or see one of
my cool stories as a Hollywood movie. Yes, I mean it! Bend over,
Alicia!" (Ole Joe suspected that there are a million of these he don't
A Mir Spanking
A Wee Bit O'Fluff
Advice/Exhibiting Women In Winter
Advice/Training A Woman To Streak
Anatomy Lesson
Andromeda's Rock
April 14, 1912
Assume Nothing
At the Cutting Edge
At Martha's Vineyard
Aunt Agatha & The Bachelors' Party
Aunt Bronwen in the Blitz
Avenida California
Baton Rouge, NY Pts 1-2
Beth, The Compulsive Masturbator Pts. 1-3, 104.txt, 117.txt
Blame Whitney
Blind Girl Games
Bloody Great Fishes
Blue Period
By Full Moonlight
Casey Jones
Catholic Education 1-4
Captives Of Tamurlaine
Center of Attention
Cherries in Winter
Chestnut Mare Scenario
Christmas Carole CEL-242: 10-10-10
Christmas in Scarsdale CEL-245: 10-10-10
Claire Wanted It *Cel-192: 9-8-6
Clothing Optional Breakfast
Coming Down the Chimney
Conspiracy Theory
Coping with the UPS Strike
County Auction
Crash Course in Patience
Die Unterseebootmaedchen MID: (44qca.1500$ (SLF-03)
Feminism Is A Fat Issue
Fiduciary Duties 1-2
"Good Lord, Jeeves,
 It's Her!" *Cel-161: 9-9-9, (23k)
Happy Mother's Day *Cel-181: 10-9-9
Harpooner *Cel-191: 10-10-10
"Hello, Little Girl"
Hotel Games
In The Next Room *Cel-178: 10-10-10
Interesting Positions For Medical Professional
Judith On The Cross
Judith's Wet Pack, Pts. 1-2
Justice Is Done
Leah At The Warehouse
Lohengrin CEL-278: 10-6-9
Marie & Her Friends Pts. 1-4
Mysterious Bride of Christ
Nottamun Town 1-2 A+ rating Annex Review,
 CEL-206: 10-10-10
Keep Your Mouth Shut Pts. 1-2
Patient English *Cel-186: 10-10-9
PervNet: The WorldWide Wank
Pillory For Two Slackettes 1-2 (41k) 101.txt
Pronging Mrs.Alchemist (22k)
Saddle Brooke
Sandi's Deal, Pts.1-2
Seacoast Of Maine
Seductions Pts. 1-10 *Cel-179: 10-6-6
"Show Us All, Sarah Jane"
Smiling at Both Ends A+ rating Annex Review 12-14-97
Smokin' in The Boys Room
Stuffing the Old Gobbler CEL-241: 10-10-10
Spankerton Takes Over
Spanking Michelle
Stop Me
Teaching the Twins *A rating Annex Review 1/31/99
Teutonic Treat For Lady Twistleton's Twat Pts. 1-3
The Beach Sluts
The Copley Trio
The Commissioner's Daughter
The Footman of LA Pts. 1-7
The Handsome Cabin Boy
The Harpooner
The Littlemont Academy Initiative
The Patient English A+ rating Annex Review 6-8-97
The Secret Of Jeeves' Genius
The Training Weekend
Top Girls!
Totally Nude Truck Stop Girls
Transcribed From Tape
Two Nasty Surprises For Penny
"What's That Smell?"

mrs james wentworth preston

Mrs James Wentworth Preston's story is about her family: James, James
Jr. and her beautiful daughter Maryann who became 18 just a few weeks
ago. We live in small-town USA and have a wonderful. Read *assm-
2000/23854 for an introduction. The story is telled in `third person'
and is almost every story code is used in the several chapters. So far
there are more than 90 chapters, all of them are posted to ASSM (and
can be found at ASSTR).


Aunt Karen
Making of a Mistress 167k
Mule and Amity's Bedtime Stories
Reset 107k
The Domination of Jason
The Garden
The Painter's Daughters

m'lord tribble

Stealing the Jewel
The Crest
Second Loss
Through the Hourglass Darkly


A Safe Home
A Touch Of Art
By the Road (4k)
 CRIM-25: [8,10,8,10]
Caught And Sentenced
Consequences (8k)
 CRIM-29: [8,6,10,9]
Doctor On Call
Dojo - Oh No!
Door To Door (8k)
Memories (5k)
Mother's Conspiracy
Past's Return
Perspective (9k)
Something or Nothing? (2k) [flash fest]
The Farm
The New School
The Toy
The Wrong Place
Truth Or Dare
Web Cam Catastrophe


Gang Rape
Held Prisoner
Out of Gas
Playing with Fire
Pleasure Island
The First Flight
Two in the Woods
Two on One

neneh 99

has written following two stories, both stored at Uther's
Inspired CEL-357: 10-9-9
Afterglow CEL-358: 10-8-8


(Readers Guide at %assm-2001/29176)
A Coaching Technique (40k) (RP)
A Coaching Technique (Complete) (40k)
A Fortunate Accident (20k)
A Fortunate Accident (20k) (RP)
A Fortunate Housekeeping (13k)
A Matter of Design (TG) Pts 1-4 (23k) (RP)
 Pts 5-6 (20k) (RP)
 Pts 7-8 (15k) (RP)
 Pts 9-10 (32k) (RP)
 Pts 11-12 (17k) (RP)
 Pts 13-15 (34k) (RP)
 Epilog (11k) (RP)
A Methodical Woman (mc,femdom) (34k) CEL-333: 6-6-6, (RP)
A Political Saga
 1 Protection (complete) (124k) (RP)
 2 Yuki (complete) (119k) (RP)
An Open and Shut Case (7k)
Berlin (73k)
Daughter of the Don (17k) (RP)
Famous Blue Raincoat (57k)
Hopelessly Helpless (47k)
Hopelessly Helpless Revenge (24k)
Hypnotic Control (12k)
Mrs Harrison Requires (25k)
Mrs Harrison Restrains (28k) (RP)
Mrs Harrison's Revenge (17k) (RP)
Neighborly Control (27k) (RP)
One Side of the Conversation (17k) (RP)
Restoring the Equilibrium (11k)
Shopping with Yolanda (18k) (RP)
Stocking Tops (mc,femdom) (156k) (RP)
Ten Days in Another Town *A rating Annex reviews 12/23/99
 - Day 1 (26k) (RP)
 - Day 2 (11k) (RP)
 - Day 3 (18k) (RP)
 - Day 4 (16k) (RP)
 - Day 5 (14k) (RP)
 - Day 6 (15k) (RP)
 - Day 7 (16k) (RP)
 - Day 8 (12k) (RP)
 - Day 9 (19k) (RP)
 - Day 10 (21k) (RP)
That's what Friends are for (28k) (RP)
The Artist's Model (17k)
The Control of Louis (femdom)
 1 (7k) (RP)
 2 (8k) (RP)
 3 (17k) (RP)
 4 (17k) (RP)
 5 (10k) (RP)
 6 (12k) (RP)
The Handjob Company (10k) (RP)
 2:The Drive-In (9k)
 3:The Resort (10k)
The Wicked Game (90k) (RP)
Tokens of Love (133k) (RP)

net wanderer

Dark Power Ranger Chronicles
Girl Scout Camp Adventures
Tripping the Lights Fantastic 9-8-9 *Cel-115

net wolf

Camp Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Classical Clit

nicholas urfe

I think that his story list is incomplete; I included
only stories which I found thru assm search.
This has to be improved in the future.
Call and Response (8K) (Dulcinea Fest)
cuyahoga.001 (12k)
cuyahoga.002 (16k)
cuyahoga.003 (21k)
cuyahoga.004 (16k)
cuyahoga.005 (13k)
cuyahoga.006 (16k)
cuyahoga.007 (22k)
cuyahoga.008 (24k)
cuyahoga.009 (20k)
cuyahoga.010 (32k)
cuyahoga.011 (27k)
giggling 1 (23k)
giggling 2 (17k)
giggling 3 (31k)
Indigo 1-6?? Admiral: CEL-355: 10-10-10
 Indigo 05 (43k)
 Indigo 06 (48k)
James 01 (33k)
James 02 (36k)
James 03 (41k)
James 04 (48k)
James 05 1/2 (44k)
James 05 2/3 (13k)
James 05 3/3 (41k)
Marie (10k)
The Sidewalks of Old New York (4k) [300 words]

nick cassandra

(he also was a guest reviewer for Celeste)
A Brief Flirtation (4k)
A Traffic Incident - 2 (14k)
Alcopops (11k)
Argument (11k) CEL-325: 9.5-9-9
Builders (14k)
 CEL-300: 10-10-10
Building Bridges (30k)
 7.5-8.5-6 *Cel-238
Building Bridges
 - The Unexpurgated Version (29k)
Burning Bridges-Jenny's Story 1 (8k)
Burning Bridges-Jenny's Story 2 (10k)
Burning Bridges-Jenny's Story 3 (10k)
Burning Bridges-Jenny's Story 4 (6k)
Car Cricket (19k)  CEL-279: 10-10-10
Change of Course CEL-328: 10-9-9
E-Mail and the Common Housefly (33k)
Farewell (10k)
 CEL-289: 9-9-9
Fighting Rose's Corner (9k)
 CEL-257: 10-8-8
Flirtation (4k)
Funeral Games (18k) CEL-306: 9-10-10
Hot Tango (28k)  CEL-291: 10-10-10,
I Just Want To Talk (12k)  CEL-302: 10-10-10,
I'm Mandy (12k)
Leanna CEL-327: 10-9-9
Other Lives (14k) [virago challenge]
Penelope (12k)
Replacement (14k)
 CEL-345: 10-10-9.5
Rosetta (8k)
Scenery (10k) CEL-288: 10-10-10
The Cabinet (16k)
The Pirate Queen (24k)
The Starry Night (26k)  10-10-4/10 *Cel-261
The Violinist (17k)
Tight Security (8k)
 *A rating Annex review 1/15/99
Traffic Incident  (8k)
Whore! (7k)
 CEL-298: 10-10-10

nick scipio

is the award-winning author of the Jazz Club series and
the popular Summer Camp books. His stories range from personal
experience to pure fantasy, but he's not saying which is which.
Betsy Gets Lucky Website
Feeding the Fire (14k)
Jazz Club: Exclamation Point (9k)
Jazz Club: Impatience (10k)
Jazz Club: Let It Snow (15k)
Jazz Club: Anticipation Like a Drug (18k)
 Silver Clitorides Award Dec 2002
Jazz Club: The Politics of Control 90K
Mike Logan: Lara (65k)
Palindrome II (10k)
Priceless 2 (35k)
Summer Camp: Book 1 - Susan 920K
Summer Camp: Book 2 - Gina 1750K
Summer Camp: Book 3 - Kendall _late Fall 2003_
Summer Camp: Book 4 - C______ _2004_
Straight Up (4k)
The Assignment (23k)

night hawk

is the nym of more than one poster to ASSM. At first it is
the the writer of "Kelly", an add-on-(spin-off)-bound-through-story to
"James' World" by Mike C. (You got it? Well, the stories "Kelly" and
"James' World are inspired from each other and more than that, they
are fully interwoven with each other. Since Mike C. slowed down,
Nighthawk started to post some stories he wrote earlier as well as a
repolished version of "Kelly".
A Night On The Town (14k)
Angie (19k)
Boy Scout (14k)
Candid Camera (11k)
Carol (A Wally Story) (16k)
Caught Flashing (15k)
Cleaning Up (14k)
Cynthia's Size (12k)
Helen's Secret Love (14k)
In Praise of the Female Form (essay), (4k)
Kelly (A James World Story) still ongoing
Photo Frolics With Vicky (15k)
Saturday (22k)
Witches, Warlocks and Shop Vacs (11k)

nicki lewis

The Stretching of the Ring

night writer

(posting as is not the Nite
Writer below.
A Time to Reap (13k)
Best Served Cold CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
Surrendering Sarah 1 (5k)
Surrendering Sarah 2 (4k)
Surrendering Sarah 3 (5k)
Surrendering Sarah 4 (7k)
Surrendering Sarah 5 (16k)
Surrendering Sarah 6 (14k)
Surrendering Sarah 7 (21k)
Surrendering Sarah 8 (46k)
Surrendering Sarah 9 (36k)
Surrendering Sarah 10 (29k)
Surrendering Sarah 11 (15k)
Surrendering Sarah 12 (46k)
True Love (23k)
Two Blocks from the Edge (20k)


(Available on Mr. Double's site.)
A Helping Wand 62k
Anal Birthday 57k
Bride to Be 31k
Celebrations 124k
Grounded  98k
Hidden Secrets 70k
Higher Education 123k
Innocent Desires  98k
A Helping Wand 62k
Lurking Nymphos 31k
OC Transpo (16k) Dragon: CEL-307: 4-2-2
The Jordanian Connection 1-2 536k
Summer Days 61k
Taming Mom 26k
The Birthday Surprise 25k
The Gift of Sex 29k
The Mistress 15k
The Prudish In-Laws 117k
The Swinging Parents 26k
The Wife Course CEL-277: 10-7-7
Young Tease 135k


A Deer in the Headlights 1-3 11/99
Camp Nurse 1-7 *Cel-175: 10-10-10,
Jill and Ted First posted 1/97, rev. 12/98
Cindy's New Friends 1-14
Mr. Walter's Helper 1-20 12/96, revised 6/99
My Condition August, 2002
Nikki 4/7/97, rev. 12/98
Petunia 1-4 September, 2002
Sandcastles May, 2002
The President's Club 1-16 (219k)
 first posted 4/97, major rev. 12/98

nikos ravoni

Dick Thruster and the Passion Pirates CEL-258: 10-10-10

nite writer

enjoys writing interracial stories. For him there's
something extremely arousing about a young white woman having sex
white a black man. A lot of his interracial stories are of a either a
non-consentual nature or that of forced and extremely brutal nature.
All of his stories are about a girl or young woman that he has met or
A Wet & Nasty Kitten
Adriana (27k) (AllMe-RP)
Angie - Her First Foursome
Angie - Not So Innocent Afterall
Anna's First Time
Barbara, Model Turned Slut (292k)
Cindy's Best Friend
Daddy's Nasty Kitten
Heather's Anal Mouth
Heather's Virgin Ass
Hope Gets A Taste
Christine's Special Room
Christine's Toys
Inserting Them Deep
Jennifer's Initiation CEL-224: 5-6-4
Kathie - the Teenage Neighbor
Linda 1 - Accepting Her Fate
Linda 2 - Becoming A Whore
Linda 3 - Rough and Dirty
Linda 4 - The Roadside Slut
Lisa's Fantasy Comes True
My Dirty Little Girl
My New Secretary
My Secretary Jennifer
My Submissive Assistant
Nancy The Banquet Tease
Nancy's First Massage
Nancy's Lingerie Party
Nicolle's Black Cock Gangbang
Raping The New Cheerleader
Raping the Office Tease
Slut For Ugly Men
Teenage Maid Returns
Teenage Maid Service
The Connecting Room
The Convention Slut
The Night She Used Me
The Sadistic Rape of Michelle
Tiffany - Raped in Jail
What Linzi Wants

nobo cough

Cuzluv 134k

norm de ploom

was using different email adresses while posting to
ASSM, so a research by email is difficult. (,,,,,
Amanda (1) The Seduction (28k)
Amanda (2) The Gift (33k)
Amanda (3) The Slut (30k)
Angels In My Bed (33k)
Aunt Martha (44k)
Babysitting Jeremy 1-7
Best of Show (7k)
 A- rating Annex Reviews 7/20/02
Charlotte (56k)
Cheerleader 01 (17k) RP
Cheerleader 02 (19k)
Corporate Slut (59k)
 [New, improved, twice as long
 and more complete]
Cyn Turns Pro (38k)
Daddy's Girl 1,2 and 3 (34k)
Daddy's Girl 4 (13k)
Daddy's Girl 5 (10k)
Daddy's Girl 6 (11k)
Daddy's Girl 7 (11k)
Extra Credit (44k)
Friend In Need (5k)
Gone But Not Forgotten (14k)
Gun Play (6k)
Hitchhiker's Guide to Sexual Slavery (81k)
It's Only a Game (38k)
 (The Betrayal of Innocence) (22k)
Living On Tips (5k)
Marcia's Toy (14k) CRIM-2: [6,8,6,6],
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (18k)
Mind and Body (38k)
Mommie's Boy (31k)
Monica's Unwilling Adventures 1 (41k) RP
Monica's Unwilling Adventures 2 (32k)
My Best Friend (13k)
My Favorite Overnighter (31k)
My Choice (19k)
My Problem (45k)
On Becoming A Whore (24k)
On The Job (41k)
Our Toy 1-6 (91k)
Our Toy 7 (17k)
Our Toy 8 (32k)
Our Toy 9 (19k)
Our Toy 10 (23k)
Our Toy 11 (26k)
Party Girls (28k)
Reclaiming Patsy (35k)
Rent Whores 1 (55k) RP
Rent Whores 2 (34k)
Rent Whores 3 (35k)
Sex Zombies 1 (48k)
Sex Zombies 2 (35k)
Sex Zombies 3 (34k)
Sex Zombies 4 (44k)
Sex Zombies 5 (42k)
Sex Zombies 6 (41k)
Sex Zombies 7 (35k)
Sex Zombies 8 (30k)
Slave Boy (34k)
Slave Girl Club (18k)
Slave Sister totally: 322k
 01 (25k)
 02 (29k)
 03 (27k)
 04 (28k)
 05 (34k)
 06 (29k)
 07 (24k)
 08 (30k)
 09 (23k)
 10 (27k)
 11 (25k)
 12 (29k)
Social Strata 1-2 (22k) 39912
Summer Theater (53k) [summer rom fest]
The Anniversary (16k)
The Bald Cheerleader
The "Catch the Greased Cheerleader" Contest
The Entertainment (22k)
The Girl Next Door 1 (28k)
The Girl Next Door 2 (50k)
The Junkyard Bitch (20k)
The Man Next Door 1 (74k)
The Man Next Door 2 (23k)
The Marry Effect 1 (48k)
The Marry Effect 2 (16k)
The No Where Man  (5k)
The Seduction of Charlotte, My Housekeeper's Daughter 1 (56k)
The Seduction of Charlotte, My Housekeeper's Daughter 2 (36k)
The Subway Ride (7k)
The Upstairs Maid (33k)
The Week That Changed My Life (83k)
The Witness 1 (23k)
  2 (17k)
  3 (18k)
  4 (20k)
  5 (16k)
  6 (15k)
  7 (14k)
Their Greatest Fear (35k)
Trail in the Sky (11k)
Uncle Jimmy (28k)
Wanda's Torment (77k)
Wendy and the School Teacher (48k)


-- I know nothing about this writer/poster, but researching
for the "Summer 2003 Pirate Challenge" I found a story-fragment, which
I liked very much (but I was not able to find any other posting of
this writer).
Ship MID (


A Husband's Mistake, a wife's Nightmare 1-8 (112k)
A Wife's Mistake, A Husband's Nightmare (56k)
Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife p.1-7 (114k) (RP)
Helping the Babysitter Become a Model Ch. 1-8 (151k) (RP)
 Ch. 9+10 (57k) (RP)
 Ch. 10 (30k)
Kelly's Conversion 1-4 (85k)
Phase One Season 2 (story alias)
Poker Wife (pt.5 ff.; pt.1-4 by Lisa Laten)
 v2.7 and v3.0 existing in ASSM
The Tip (41k)
The Other Counteragent (43k)

nuj baf

A Cuckold, by Default (20k)
A Daughter's Sacrifice 1 (18k) (RP)
   2 (25k)
A Widow's Life (19k)
Arkan's Number One Slut (29k)
Ashok's Saga of Cuckoldry (41k)
Blessed Family (26k)
Crack in the Door (11k) (RP)
Cristina and her Boss (18k) (RP)
Day 153 (28k)
Jesse's Greed (40k)
Life of Privelege (28k) (RP)
Lilia and my boss (9k)
My Life Changing Episode (13k)
My Spineless Brother (17k)
On Becoming a Cuckold (14k)
Rani (7k)
Sheena's Awakening (22k)
Substitute Sex Surrogate (14k) (RP)
The Best Sex You Ever Had (14k)
 CRIM-28: [5,7,5,5]
The Considerate Uncle (16k)
The Happy Cuckold (20k)
The Helpful Doctor (19k)
The Maid Team (10k)
Time to Kill (28k)
Zebra Man (40k)

nurse jones

The List 589k


Andrea's Daughter
Evan's Aunt
Jill's Odyssey
Klyster 1-4
Sweet Torment
The Beat
The Club
The Foster
The Landlady's Daughter
The Pool
Traveling Companion


(aka: OddManOut Anywhere)
A Very Rejected Christmas CEL-245: 10-8-8
Arg CEL-262: 9-9-9
Mowing the Lawn *Cel-173: 10-9-9
Rejected by Penthouse Forum *Cel-181: 10-10-10
Rejected Again By Penthouse Magazine *Cel-182: 10-9-9
Something to Talk About 10-8-8 *Cel-135
Still Rejected By Penthouse Forum CEL-258: 10-10-10
The Birthday Present *Cel-170: 10-10-10
The New Carpet CEL-272: 10-10-10
The Pause that Refreshes CEL-254: 10-10-10
Three Variations on a Theme 9.5-8-8 *Cel-150


Golden Clit Author of the Year (2001) – is writing poems about about love, eros and death and short stories. "Pavlova's Bitches" is a full-novel-length-tale, set in Victorian age.

See Pieces by oosh.

(p) All Else
(p) Ambrosialsojourn
(p) Appeal (1k)
(p) Astronauts
(p) BeingRose
(p) Brooding Spirit
(p) Candles upon the Altar
(p) comeenOut
(p) comenow
(p) Countdown
(p) Crystal Set
(p) de-parting
(p) diatribe on penis envy
(p) Disinfectant
(p) Dyeing
(p) Escape from the Ivory Tower
(p) fantasy
(p) FlauntingInnocence
(p) InfiniteEntry
(p) love yourself
(p) mensespause
(p) Monstrance
(p) Motorway Accident
(p) Muses' Lover
(p) of my Beloved
(p) Open  (2k)
(p) Outrage (2k)
(p) Pixel
(p) Rhapsody
(p) Rose Garden
(p) Short Shrift
(p) sundaypredawn
(p) Terrorist
(p) The Dryad's Lament
(p) The Path in the Fog (2k)
(p) The Rustler
(p) tragedy
(p) Two Doctors
(p) Use of English
(p) Violin
(p) Virtual
(p) When she is Gone
(p) WomonLove
(p) Wordsmith
Alassin (9k)
 - Calligraphic Exercise 2 (3k)
Angel of the Night (18k)
 CRIM-28: [10,10,10,10]
Caught (6k)
Confused, Norway (18k)
Curiosity Satisfied
Dark Chocolate (13k) {Birthday}
 CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10]
Escape from the Ivory Tower (4k)
Honey Mine (19k)
La Veille de la Victoire (25k) _french_
Lagrante delicto
Nathalie et Alice (31k)
Oosh Wins an Award (4k)
Pavlova's Bitches
 Best Long Story of 2001
 Best Series / Serial of 2001
Pavlova's Bitches 1 (67k)
Pavlova's Bitches 2a (46k)
Pavlova's Bitches 2b (42k)
Pavlova's Bitches 3a (52k)
Pavlova's Bitches 3b (41k)
Pavlova's Bitches 4a (47k)
Pavlova's Bitches 4b (46k)
Pavlova's Bitches 4c (46k)
Pavlova's Bitches 5 (66k)
Pavlova's Bitches 7 (75k)
Pavlova's Bitches 8a (46k)
Pavlova's Bitches 8b (37k)
Pavlova's Bitches 9 (71k)
Proposal: a Calligraphic Exercise (3k)
Scales and Arpeggios (107k) (RP)
Still Together (7k) [summer rom fest]
 Golden Clit Best Seasonal Story (2002)
Striking Gold
The Eve of Victory (26k) [virago challenge]
 Golden Clit Best Short Story of 2002
The Princess and the Pea (62k)
 Golden Clit Best Humorous Story 2002
The Sad Princess
The Sunstroke Cure (53k)
 CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10]
The Three Billie Girls Gruff (7k)
Till April (18k)
War Secret (10k)
 Golden Clit Best Romantic Story of 2002
Whilst in a Hurry
Why the Bride was Late (26k)
Wrestling (13k)


Godolfy Family Affair
Home Sweet Home
My Wayward Son
Revenge Is Sweet
Typical Family

oscar paco

Mandala Ivan: CEL-292: 10-10-10
Old Friends CEL-281: 7-7-7
Proclivities CEL-228: 10-10-10
Tempest and Tryst CEL-282: 8-7.5-7
The Darkness in Exactly Nowhere, Iowa CEL-299: 10-10-10
The Elaboration CEL-232: 10-10-10
The New Orleans CEL-228: 9-5-4

douglas ossified

Coy, headstrong young girls, often in uniform

See Ossified's stories.

Alice Turns on the Headmaster (100k)
Invisible (30k)
 Tainted Lime Top 15, March 2002
My Teacher is a Pervert

"Ooowww! You're hurting me, Mr. Lambson. You can't get your thing up my bum like that, you know. You have to be careful and take it slow. I thought you knew that. I've never had anyone up my arse before, and even I know that."

Of course, Mr. Lambson doesn't apologize for this at all, since he's so incredibly rude. I try to relax as he fucks into me, and you know he thinks my arse is awesome since he can't keep his mouth shut about it.

"Uhhhgg... My God, Sarah. I'm up oohh.. your little ass. I'm... uurrgghh... fucking... ahhh.. your tight schoolgirl bum."

My Trophy Teenybopper (160k)
Wanting Jenny (120k)

P Jurado

P JURADO and Elf Sternberg are the most prolific science fiction and fantasy writers in the group. PJ is mostly into the swords and sorcery side of this genre with a leaning toward the brutal. Elf is largely furry, or so I think. This isn't my thing, but both are experienced craftsmen and very prolific. Both have web sites.

An Elf Maiden's Tale
Avatar of Bhaal
Blood Lust
Cthrag Drusta (with Lady Vanessa)
 A- Rating Annex Reviews 1/25/99
Dark Dragon
Dark Phoenix
Dominion: Cat Scratch Fever
Doom's Pawn
Lady Death: The Summoning
Mara Jade
Mara Jade: Broken Jedi
Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire
Private School Nightmare
Psylocke's Erotic Adventures
Return of Dark Dragon
Supergirl: Dark Half *Cel-185 8-6-5
The Undead: John's Tale
Ambition of Nagash
Servant of Nagash
Nagash Saga: The Way Home
Gen13: Battle Royal
Gen13: Bedroom Encounter
Gen13: The Chase
Gen13: Escape
Gen13: Infernal Seductions
Gen13: Interludes and Penetrations
Gen13: Prisoners of War
Gen13: Solace
Gen13: Trojan Mare

paddy toute

Am I Only Dreaming *Cel-191: 10-10-10
In Your Eyes *Cel-198: 10-10-10
Losing It on Holiday *Cel-186: 10-10-10
Minding Mike *Cel-179: 10-10-10,
 A- rating Annex Review 5-18

pami / pami1968

Ole Joe's first notice of this author was the post of
five stories in one shot. Maybe that is a way to get attention. Glad
it worked. (There were other!) These stories feature male dominance
and female submission, in varying degrees. Although a fossile in the
group, the author is still active.
A Midmorning Snack (15k)
A Walk On The Wild Side (26k)
Aftermath (40k) {GALAGO},
 Myers: NR *Cel-346
An Erotic Lullaby (9k)
Anatomy of an Orgasm (17k)
 *A rating Annex Reviews 8/10/02,
 CRIM-3: [10,10,9,9]
Annie's Pictures  (5k)
Boob Boy (15k)
Business Trip From Hell (23k)
Craig's Answer (4k)
Day Off (14k) (RP)
Dinner Date (16k) (RP)
Laundry Day
Light My Fire (18k)
My Deep Woods Adventure (18k)
New Beginnings (24k) (RP)
Only In My Dreams (29k)
Paybacks (18k)
Pet 1 (11k)
Pet 2 (22k)
Pet 3 (12k)
Pet 4 (23k)
Pet 5 (15k)
Picnic Lunch (11k) (RP)
Rendezvous (14k) (RP)
Sat. Matinee (27k)
Stormy Weather (18k)
Tag, You're It (28k)
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Best BDSM Story
Talents (23k) (RP)
The Auction (18k)
The Club 1-2 *assm-2000/25367 (37k)
The Day Off (15k) (RP)
The End (6k)
The Gamble (18k)
The Key (12k)
The Lazy Days Of Summer (23k)
The Masque (25k)
The Meeting (24k)
The Photo Session (5k)
The Picnic Lunch (11k) (RP)
The Road To Hell 1 *assm-2000/26188 (34k)
The Sunset (4k)
The War (12k)
This Night (19k)

paris waterman

made it to the list thru my index of Celestial Reviews.
Then, I searched thru ASSM and noticed also the website at ASSTR.
A Friday Night Pickup (MF FF) (47k)
A Hungry, Lonely Woman (24k)
Diamondmouth (36k)
 CEL-353: 10-10-10
Dinner And Then Some 1 (29k)
Dinner and Then Some 2 (7k)
Dinner and Then Some 3 (13k)
Dinner and Then Some 4 (21k)
Dinner and Then Some 5 (19k)
Dinner and Then Some 6 (28k)
Dinner and Then Some 7 (21k)
Dinner and Then Some 8 (28k)
Dinner and Then Some 9 (25k)
Eavesdropping (5k)
Helen & I, 1-5 (20k)
Helen & I, 6-8 (19k)
Helen & I, 9-10 (25k)
Helen & I, 11 (9k)
Jasmine I-II (55k) 21361
More Phone Sex CEL-362: 9-9-9
My First Seduction CEL-377: 10-10-10,
My First Time CEL-355: 10-9-10,
 Revised 2003, (37k)
My Second Time Revised 2003, (30k)
Nadia's Wanton Weekend CEL-368: 8-8-8
 Revised 2003, (93k)
Phone Sex Diary (28k)
Recollections From a Diary (50k)
Saturday's Fancy, Judy and Nancy 1-3 (Excerpt
 from "Warren's Women") (95k) 41358, 41356
The Artist (15k)
The Gathering 1-2 (62k) 42709
The Girl From the Village 1-5 *assm-1998/13205.txt (118k)
The Reunion of Paul and Ellen (20k) CEL-379: 10-9-9, (RP)
Warren (17k)
Warren: A Friday Night 1-2 (49k) 12897.txt


Ole Joe's words:

I'd have loved to have been around and have watched the evolution of Parker as a writer. Or myself as his reader. He killed himself off in his last story and is now doing Parker kinds of things I must suppose. His stories mostly revolve around non- consensual sexual activity. Not actually rape, but everybody isn't happy about it. Words like "entrapment" or "relentless cruelty" come to mind, which the victim must learn to live with in a world with no justice due or expected."

Try "Stacy's Senior Year," his first published story, for a lengthy intro to Parker. (Available on Dark Wanderer's site or

01 Dear Diary CEL-287: 9-8-3
02 Orlando's Call CEL-205: 10-10-10
03 Train
04 Charlotte
05 Doctor's Orders Kind of a prequel to the Bangkok
 Slaver stories, CEL-288: 10-5-2
06 Pet Teacher CEL-205: 10-8-6
07 Pool Party
08 Squealer CEL-205: 10-10-3
09 Sisters
10 Going Away Party
11 Career Opportunities CEL-205: 10-10-10
12 Wedding Present
13 Bringing Down Pet
14 Payment in Full
15 Mr Poe
16 Office Girl 10-10-9 *Cel-103
17 Replacement Value CEL-274: 10-10-10
18 Honeymoon CEL-4: 3
19 Blackout
20 Keeper
21 Teacher's Ransom
22 Infidelity
23 Lady Jane Greystone's
 Remarkable Experiment
24 Christina CEL-273: 10-10-10
25 Princess 10-9.5-CEL-130: 9
26 Susan CEL-273: 10-9-8
27 Trade Relations
28 A Bangkok Slaver's Story *** Myers: NR *Cel-340
29 Forclosure
Princess CEL-372: 10-9.5-9
Stacy's Senior Year 355k *** CEL-282: 10-10-2

patrick donovan

has written eleven short stories, as well as the five- part erotic horror thriller, "The Evil of Hammond House." Most of his stories deal with romantic male/female encounters, but he touches on a number of things, from female/female eroticism to male bi-sexuality. By far his most popular story (and his personal favorite) is "The Gathering," but he feels that "The Evil of Hammond House" is his best written work.

I hope people can see that the passion I put into my stories is a part of me. Some of the things I write about are based on things that happened to me, some of them are about things I would like to have happen. But the most important aspect of them is the love that my characters have for each other. That's something that seems to be missing from a lot of "adult fiction" these days.

Cinnamon #68 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-134
Desire 8-8-8 *Cel-66
Learning CEL-336: 10-10-10
Melissa's Passion rp
Oneness CEL-63: 9
Passion in Silk 7-5-3 *Cel-66
Sharing the Love CEL-337: 10-9-9
Tender Touch BillyG: CEL-338: 10-10-8
The Cabin CEL-281: 10-10-10
The Evil of Hammond House Maria: CEL-340: 10-9-9
The Gathering #27 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 rp, 10-10-10 *Cel-87
Tidal Passions #82 on Celeste's Top 10 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-68

pd barnum

Camp Crissy
Kimmie & Rachel
MacKenzie Elementary
Social Studies Class

pd michael

A Fly on the Wall
A Lady Like Lauren
Call It Even Some Day 9.5-7-8 *Cel-151
Command Performance
Cotton Dresses 9.5-10-10 *Cel-162
Fly on the Wall *Cel-199: 10-10-10
Snow Cave 10-9-9 *Cel-135
Spanish Lessons *Cel-199: 8-8-8
Stake Out 10-9-9 *Cel-151
The Light in Mother's Window
 #38 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97; assm-1997/113.txt
10-10-10 *Cel-152

pete ferrer

Sondra's Day 8-10-10 *Cel-74
Your First Three Way 3-3-1 *Cel-67

phil phantom

and his helpmate or alto ego, TIFFANY, have written ...
well, I'm not too sure just how many stories there are. (Is this list
complete??) There are some surprises in the lot, one of which, "Flying
High," is one of Ole Joe's all-time favorites, but largely they are
about incestuous coercion into sex, resulting in pregnancy. If you can
read "Sacrificial Lamb" without a physical reaction, you need to
schedule an exam with your doctor to see if you are still alive. Tell
him or her that Ole Joe sent you and (s)he'll understand. Phil has
also released a major opus, "See No Evil," a 3.63 meg story in html
format. It is not to be missed.
A Friend in Need  (34k) CEL-257: 9-7-7
A Good Marriage (32k)
A Neighborly Thing (27k)
A Picture Worth 10,000 Words [Tiffany] (44k)
Academy Girls (27k)
Adultery in the First Degree (13k)
 Mary: No rating. *Cel-353
At the Mercy of a Daughter (49k)
Baby Bambi [Tiffany] 83k
Ballsie Fuckers (46k)
Barbie 74k
Bastard Maker 63k
Beauty of Frustration (20k)
Bewitched 53k
Birds and Bees, Phase Two 49k
Bitch Mom (41k)
Bitch Whore 171k
Bizarre Journey 94k
Boarder in the Loft (47k)
Bombastic Beaver and the Frog (31k)
Bonding Tabatha 40k
Bosom Buddies (40k)
  Emily: CEL-374: 8-5-5
Bound for Glory (158k) CEL-271: 9-6-5
Breeder Whore (21k)
Brown Nosers (39k)
Brown Nosing (33k) 9.5-9.5-CEL-108: 10
Buddy Fucker (54k)
Busted 47k
Cabin Fever [Tiffany] 27k
Caesar's Bitch (49k)
Call Me Madam [Tiffany] (50k)
Camp Hedon (91k)
Catalyst  (40k)
Ceasar's Bitch (49k)
Cindy Takes a Breeding, A See No Evil Story (21k)
Clear Air Turbulence (95k)
Confessions (60k)
Confessions of a Slut 75k
Crissy (24k)
Cum Uppins (24k)
Cuntabeast 505k
Daughter in Heat 394k
Daughter on the Prowl (100k)
Dealing with Daphney (22k)
Doing Mom (66k)
Doing the Daughter (55k)
Double-teamed Daughter (32k)
Dueling Uncles (42k)
Duke's Bitch 51k
Eager Beaver (20k)
Eaves Dropping Daughter (21k)
Fallen Angel (38k)
Families That Pray Together
 (a Dandy Don story) (65k)
Family Secret [Tiffany] 26k
Fanny and Jeff's Erotic Exotic Thing (29k)
First Class Treatment [Tiffany] 68k
Fish or Cut Bait  (48k)
  Myers: No numerical rating *Cel-364
Five-Star Pussy (17k)
Flying High [Tiffany] (19k) 10-10-10 CR 172 ***
Folks in the Hood 78k
Gang Bang Bonnie  (14k)
Get with the Program (73k) 9-9--/10-8--/10-7-- *Cel-259
Getting to Know Boys (22k)
Give the Women Their Way  (51k)
Gold Miner's Daughter (18k)
Good Cop, Bad Cop (115k)
Good Doctor Wayne [Tiffany] 185k
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors 39k
Good Sport (29k) CEL-245: 9-7-8
Goodfellows and Badfellows (81k)
Hanky Panky (51k)
Happy Campers 67k
Helping Out (21k)
High Stakes Honeymoon (22k)
Home Improvement - Tim Discovers True Manhood (31k) CEL-290: 10-10-10
Home Invasion (20k)
Honeymooner's Hell (57k)
Cheerleading Coach (71k)
Child Molester's Wet Dream (37k)
Indecent Proposal (22k)
Inevitable Rape (31k)
Jerry's Girl (32k) 9.5-8-7 *Cel-249
Kinko the Magnificent (36k)
Knocking up the Daughter  (19k)
  BillyG: CEL-364: 9.5-9-9
Lessons in Cheating (21k)
Life in a Man's Castle (27k)
Life's a Bitch (43k)
Little Devils (33k)
Little Home Wrecker 9k
Living Rich [Tiffany] (22k)
  Annex reviews 6/30/00: A rating
Madam X 49k
Making It on Her Own (33k)
Martinized Bride  (30k)
Matriarch (12k)
Mister Roger's Neighborhood (51k)
Mom's Hope 40k
Mom's Problem (37k)
Momma's Boy (39k)
Mother's Keeper [Tiffany] 32k
Mother Daughter Day (26k)
Mother in Bondage (64k)
Mother Laid Bare  (43k)
Naughty Girl (25k)
Oh God (43k)
One Crazy White Lady (59k)
Payback's a Mother (12k)
Peace with Honor  (15k)
Pedophile Assistant (30k)
Photo Pro 67k
Playing the Game  (25k)
Pony Dreams (51k)
Pretentious Bitch (35k)
Prime Directive (24k)
Princess Lilly (19k)
Prisoner of Love  23k
Problem Child (20k)
Puss 'N Boots (30k)
Queer Little Bitch on Strike (26k)
Raising Cain [Tiffany] 51k
Rape Bait Daughter (41k)
Reality Check (13k)
Rooms to Let 47k
Sacrificial Lamb [Tiffany] B- Annex Reviews 1-17-98
  45k *** CEL-265: 10-10-10
  guest reviewed by Piper
Saleswhore (130k) 9.5 *Cel-291
Sawyer's Harem (40k)
See No Evil 3.630k *****
Semi-Perfect Marriage (15k)
Sex Slave Daughter [Tiffany] (44k)
Sexual Favors (88k)
Sly Bitches (67k)
Snow White and the Seven Dogs (70k)
Spare the Rod [Tiffany] 45k CEL-251: 10-8-1
Stan the Man (59k)
Strange Breed (60k)
Stubborn Slut (50k)
Stumped (39k)
Sucking Daddy (18k)
Taking Care of Mom (28k)
Taking the Edge Off (40k)
Tale of a Fallen Angel (39k)
The Baby Makers (23k)
The Beauty of Frustration (20k)
The Best Man for the Bride 28k
The Bradley Bunch (25k)
The Bridget Nelson Fan Club (52k)
The Bright Brunette and the Stud Puppy (23k)
The Callers 31k
The Code of the Coles (34k)
The Company Man 60k
The Crenshaw Cunts (25k)
The Deal  (25k)
The Dean's Wife (49k)
The Dickerson Federation  (29k)
The Golden Girl 226k
The Lone Stranger (60k)
The Lords' Number One Whore (97k)
The Mark 4000 Orgasmatron (33k)
The Outsider 36k
The Parent Game (13k)
The Plan  (32k)
The Renonians (24k)
The Reunion 47k CEL-251: 9-9-8
The Seduction of Brenda 150k
The Son of Hank 'n Ange (24k)
The Test  (34k)
Total Surrender (46k)
Toy Daughter 24k
Training Vanessa (100k)
Tyler's Wedding (49k)
Unholy Passage (40k)
Unholy Passage (41k) CEL-254: 10-9-9
Utopia (122k)
Vicious Cycle [Tiffany] 26k
Walking Wet Dream (93k)

philip harris

writes stories sttled on the darker side of sex, rape
and prostitution, mostly, or MF rom in the other cases.
Jennifer Explores (MF,rom,light bd) (23k)
At the Bird Sanctuary (17k)
Judy Tries It Out (10k)
Sylvia's New Life (10k)
A Small Surrender (15k)
Stephanie's Date (13k)
Janey's Boast (31k)
Tess' Shower (12k)
 CRIM-27: [8,10,8,9]
Edward's Lust (40k)
The Noname Motel (11k)
Colleen at the Lake (16k)
Heatherlyn (25k)
Sandy's Medical Examination (15k)
Milk Money (12k)
After St. Paddy's Day (9k)
Heatherlyn's Happy Ending (7k)
Kimberly's Lunch Hour (11k)
Kim (21k)
Mrs. Buckley Observed (16k)
Annie and Julie (12k)
 1. Enjo Kosai  (8k)
 2. Thomas, from America (6k)
 3. Yoshiba's Brother. (7k)
Amy's Adolescence
 1. The Trouble with Boys (4k)
 2. A Mother's Concern  (6k)
 3. In the Hands of the Doctor (15k)
Samantha's First Shoot (21k)

phoebe and michael

Andrea & Jody (23k) {Michael}
Anonymous Lay {Michael}
Asiafuck  {Michael}
Barfly {Michael}
Becky Made Me Do It! {Michael}
Coed Hooker {Phoebe}
Consuela {Michael}
Day At The Beach {Phoebe}
Fooling Around {Phoebe}
Fucking The Family Dog {Michael}
Gilmore Girls: Trick Or Treat {Phoebe}
Hickey (RP) {Michael}
Hidden Camera (10k) {Phoebe}
I Guess This Is What A Lesbian Does? {Phoebe}
Inventory Control {Phoebe}
Jennifer's New Boyfriend {Michael}
Leila {Michael}
Louis The Gangbanger {Phoebe}
Lsd {Michael}
Maranda Makes Three {Phoebe}
Merrell's Black Lover {Phoebe}
Mexican Hooker {Michael}
My First Time {Michael}
Our Mexican Honeymoon {Michael}
Pepper And The Hell's Angels {Phoebe}
Poppy's Revenge (26k)
Riding Bareback {Michael}
Server {Phoebe}
Sex Addict {Phoebe}
Sexual Harassment {Phoebe}
Swimming Pool Submission  {Phoebe}
That 70's Show – Bent {Michael}
The Bedchamber {Phoebe}
The Spear {Michael}

pillory hillary

posted to ASSM 3 pulp stories.
Captive Of The Hawkmen (22k)
Earth Vs. Tyranno-X (29k)
My Wife, Marihuana Whore (23k)


The heroine of my stories is Princess, a highly successful and very bawdy 40 year old lady lawyer. She has a gruff and macho husband named Trooper, whom she loves very much, and who sometimes has to discipline her for various transgressions, which include interludes with her brother David, a writer, with her best friend and lover Judy, who is married to David, and sometimes with out and out strangers. Princess and her court love to have all kinds of sex, and to talk about it. You could say the stories are about the sexiness of sex talk.

Excluded Middle *Cel-172: 10-10-10,
 #47 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Foodie *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Good Sport 10-10-10 *Cel-109
Princess's Court *Cel-163: 10-10-10
Trip *Cel-165: 10-10-10,
 #20 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Virgin, 16

planet dweller

is an alter ego to A. JONES. H-- stories are about
menstruation sex, often mature, sometimes teen protagonists. Although
his kink is not my kind of kink, "Sister's Blood Sacrifice" is one of
the best stories I ever read. (→ A. JONES)
The Body Worker, Ch 15-23 (357k)
The Bodyworker, Ch 24 (204k)
Food~Exit 181 (65k)
Cyber Vampire Cafe' (4k)
Scroll To My Spartan Lover
 ~Or~ Song Of Tymareta (11k)
Angel's Adventures 2 (49k)
Angel's Adventures 3 (62k)
Blood In The Snow Of Raven Rock (26k) (RP)
Fantasy Vs Reality In Incest (14k)
Horizons Bespoken (44k) (RP)
J and J and J (27k) (RP)
Mother, My Friend and Teacher
 (rewrite 06/2003) (21k)
Sharon's Story (31k) (RP)
Sister's Blood Sacrifice (57k)
Sly and Nam (234k)
Vanessa and Rachel (25k) (RP)
Webcamming Family (34k)


Aerobics Show
Caught Watching Daughter
Enema bandit 7-5-5 *Cel-94
Exam Notes
I Watch Katie Be Examined by Doctor
Mom Takes Daughter's Rectal Temp
New Roommates
Nurse Mistress
Preparing for the Prom
Procedures for the Examination of a Female Patient
Searched by Female Deputy
Shaving Her Sister
Through the Window

please cain

A Lipstick Called ... Blackmail CEL-255: 6-10-9
Aboard the Bawdy Bradley (2k) [flash fest]
An Evening's Intrigue Myers: *Cel-336
Aunt Jennie's Buddy 10-10-10 *Cel-120
Boo! (19k) 10-10-10 *Cel-130 (RP)
Consuming Passion 10-10-10 *Cel-119
Dominatrix Found in Amber CEL-46: 9
Doorjam 10-10-10 *Cel-119
Drive South (3k)
Fucking Scarecrow (9k)
God (2k)
I Envied the Wind (2k) {Wedding}
January, `96 10-10-10 *Cel-129
Remember Ol' Stretch's Train CEL-267: 10-10-10
Rollo and Jeanette Are Dead 10-7-6 *Cel-131
Strangers in the Night
Sunset Scarestory *assm-2003/45055 (39k)
Temptation 10-10-10 *Cel-130
Ten Minutes CEL-25: 7
The Sex Worker CEL-267: 10-7-5
They Had the Sheryl Crow Nude Pic CEL-25: 7
Two-Time Loser 10-10-10 *Cel-121


Alice Who Went Through the Looking Glass and Came
 Back Very Much
Employment Skills
Greenwood Annex 665k
Hard Money 1-4 113k
Soul Search 230k
Taking the Lawyer into Your Own Hands

poison ivan

Becky Cried (30k)
Casey at the Bat (15k)
Celeste's WD-40 (6k)
Claudia Near The End Of The Road, 1-3 *assm-2001/30651 (78k)
Climbing (49k)
Don't You Wanna Fuck? (5k) CEL-376: 10-9.5-9.5,
Giving Head CEL-337: 10-8-8
Hand Sex Maria: CEL-329: 10-9-9
Heroes (12k)
Changing Rooms (11k)
I Wonder (7k)
It's Almost Like She Planned It CEL-375: 10-9-9, (5k)
It's Better The Second Time Around (5k)
Jenna and Patsy CEL-375: 10-10-10, (4k)
Let's Make A Baby (10k) (P2C)
Liz CEL-333: 10-9-9
Nighthawks (7k)
Not Again CEL-375: 10-9-9, (5k)
November Third (14k)
Pearl Beds (14k)
Practice Makes Perfect CEL-328: 10-9-8.5
Seeing Stars *Cel-320
Seeing Stars (31k)
thinking of you thinking of
 you thinking of you (3k)


has posted his "Manifesto" to ASS in 1999 in which he claims
differences between porn, hardcore and "ultracore" as he sees it
(Message-ID: ( – read it
and you get an idea which kind of stories he writes (well, a look at
the story names perhaps will do the same!).
CelePREDdies #1: Anna Kournikova
vs. The Detroit Red Wings (18k) %assm-2002/36800
Lisa's Home Movie #1 - Darquis (41k) (RP)
Luncheonette Bimbettes (28k) (RP)
Stalking Lea (53k) (RP)
White Trash Waitress Sisters MID (

pulp fan

Lake of Dreams CEL-372: 10-10-10,
The Eye of Aphisis
The Tasting CEL-267: 10-10-10
Tropical Dreams CEL-273: 10-10-10


is a writer of pulp stories. On the web-site at there are some mores stories not posted to
ASSM (yet).
A Song for the Liar (20k)
All in a Night's Work (17k)
Angel of Vice (16k)
Banker's Big Breakout! (20k)
Behind Enemy Lines (26k)
Bound Together (14k)
Cold Spring Indian (21k)
Coming of the Gunslinger (24k)
Dance of the Scorpion Girl (23k)
Dawn of the Panther (31k)
Diamond House Break-in (26k)
Educating May 1105 (13k)
Eve of Venus (29k)
Fugitive, Hide Thy Face (26k)
Little Lotus (19k)
Madame Du Charmesse and Her Lovely Cunt (20k)
My Hideous Lovely (32k)
Naked But Dangerous (28k)
Passion for Poison (32k)
Photographs of Fillies (26k)
Public Pleasures (21k)
Song for the Liar (19k)
The Box Canyon Terror (24k)
The Cold Spring Indian (21k)
 CRIM-20: [9,10,9,9]
The Coming of the Gunslinger
The Diamond House Break-in
The Honey and the Hustler (21k)
The Hothouse Horror (21k)
The Jumper (19k)
The Monster's Eye (38k)
The Morning Show (17k)
The Sixty-Nine Nymphs (29k)
The Sweet Life (28k)
The Vampire's Seduction (11k)
The Virgin of Polema (26k)
The Virgin Sacrifice (23k)
Tight Maneuvers (19k)
War Prize (10k)

punky girl

(Shannon) has posted one (still ongoing) story to the
groups, "Trailer Trash"
Trailer Trash Teen 1 (17k)
Trailer Trash Teen 2 (20k)
Trailer Trash Teen 3 (22k)
Trailer Trash Teen 4 (36k)
Trailer Trash Teen 5 (34k)
Trailer Trash Teen 6 (22k)
Trailer Trash Teen 7 (104k)
Trailer Trash Teen 8 (39k)

purple herald

Art of Her Desire (20k)
Crystal Impalement (23k)
Daughter of Three (11k) [sapphic fest],
 CRIM-9: [10,10,10,10]
Judgment of Steve (19k)
(p) On A Purple Notebook  (4k)
Pirates of Dream (Rape, Bondage) (57k) {Pirate}
Stroke Club (15k)
Taste of What You Want (14k)
The Darkest Child (25k)
Voluptumancer (25k)
 CRIM-20: [10,10,10,10]
What Bad Girls Like To Hear (17k) (w/ Lucas)
 CRIM-15: [9,10,10,10]
What Bad Girls Want (14k)
Where The Bad Girls Live (16k)

pussy barber

A Close Shave
For Lena
Getting Two for One
Juicy Heather
Ladies First
My Bisexual Wife
One Fine Day CEL-209: 7-6-5
Sex in the Twilight Zone
Sheila's Wish CEL-203: 8-7-8
Show Off


A Fine Time at the Company Picnic
A Story
Another Story
Company Christmas Party
Customer Support
Fantasy Come True
No-Tell Motel
Quality Improvement
RV Testing
Susan's Delight


Hawk mostly writes about an unusual family he calls the Carlsons. They aren't quite human, having something akin to the comic book character Wolverine's physical conditioning, in addition to having the senses of a wolf, the ability to repair themselves from almost any physical damage, and the ability to pass on these attributes to their children and to other people. These are mostly LONG stories, but do involve a lot of sex, family, incest, wild happenings, sex, bloodshed, making up, and sex. Oh, and a little sci- fi, the odd murder, a touch of cannibalism, and a few other things. Hawk's other stories are definitely interesting, in addition to being sexy and hot. Not proofread, but good anyway.

The Date  35k
Farm Help 108k
Kathy's Deal 138k
_The Carlson Series_
#0 Sandi's Story 468k
#1 Christa and Jake's Story 531k
#2 Dick, Sandy, and
 Daniel's Story 668k
#3 Sandra and Paul's Story 306k
#4 Jessica and Dick's Story 248k
#5 Liz, Daniel, Jessica and
 Dick's Story
#6 Rebeca, Sandra, and
 Paul's Story 106k
#7 April's Story 512k


Atonement 446k Excellent

rachael ross'

stories are for the mature. She posted to several Y-
Groups as Lisa P, ultralisa or Lisa Pavageau. Her stories are
contenting nc-sex, rape, even snuff.
(A short) Ballbusting Romance
(A story about) A song I like
(The joy of being) Late
A Crucifixion Story
A Father's Debt
A Father Possessed
About Jennifer
An evening with Paul
Ardent Bane!- The Monkey Girls of Sappho IV
Big Bad Wolf
Brittany and Me
Death of a Family (complete)
Exsules Filii Evae and Fathom 5
First Ball Bust
Flatliner: An alternate vision
Gen 19
Holy Duty
Horsey Games
Choo-Choo Girls
I Am Zero
I am Zero (2002 remix)
Interview with a rapist
Jenny's Big Night
Lisa's Castration Fantasy
My Dead Hands
Of Sand and Pipers:

This is a BDSM story that is a feast of literary comestibles for the jaded palette. Rachael meets with an on-line play partner in real life, and has one hell of a session. Lines of safety and trust fluctuate throughout this piece. It's touching, plaintive, evocative and pretty damn believable. -- Hammon Wrye

Past Tense
Phallus Symbol #3
 - A Conversation
Rachael Goes To Washington
Roxanne (a love story)
Second Chance
Sex with Daddy
Starving Artist
The innocence
The Journey - Phallus Symbol #5
The Man....
When Choices Meet
Would Be Rapist
You'll never win, she said

rachel taylor

Four Exposures
Panty Raid
Rocking My Canoe 10-9-9 *Cel-156
The Witness


Between the Races *Cel-194: 10-10-10
Black in Back
Daddy Makes on Me
For All to See
The Funnel
I Married a Lesbian
Just the Three of Us
Mom's First Party
Mouth Work with Mom
My Sister's Special Chest
A Strange Couple
Stranger on My Face
A Treat for Brother
What She Wanted
Working on Her Knobs


The Home Front 9-8-7 CR 267

rajah dodger

is a Texas-based computer field professional who enjoys
science fiction, chocolate, classical music and dogs. When he is
supposed to be working, he sometimes manages to put together stories
such as those listed here. His pseudonym has nothing to do with the
Indian subcontinent, nor with any desire to avoid prosecution
(although that's always a good idea). His stories are usually non-
harsh mf with femdom overtones. His output is at best sporadic,
managing barely two dozen stories since he started writing for
bulletin boards around 1988. He claims his literary influences are
Robert Heinlein, Mark Twain, Saki, and Dierdre. Try one. You'll like
A Flirt Too Far CEL-275: 10-8-8
Ad Ostra [mFm] (16k)
After the Bar (with Mae East) [mf, cons]
At the Movies CEL-275: 10-8-8
Betrayed Wife's Revenge 9.5-7-8 (16k) *Cel-226
Bob's Massage CEL-46: 10
Chocolate Removal
Couch Dance [MF]  (8k)
Desk Clerk's Distraction
Door to Door Saleswoman [ff] CEL-274: 10-8-8
Ergonomic Chair [mc] CEL-22: 8
Encounter with an On-Line Mistress
Gynecologist Visit [ff]
Her Birthday (6k)
Hotel Meeting with His Mistress
Imitating PeeWee [m solo]
In Public
Limits CEL-264: 10-10-10
Lunchtime Vignette *Cel-192: 10-9-9,
ManDance [mfff] CEL-29: 9, Annex 4/19/98 A- rating
Movie Madness
Male Secretary [FFm f/d]
Mistress Takes Me Shopping (10k)
Office Sales Call [mf cons] (13k) (RP)
Remote Controlled (Gizmo I)
Removing the Chocolate 10-8-8 *Cel-151
Restroom Reaction [Fm f/d] CEL-46: 10
Secretarial Help
Seen by Air 10-9-9 *Cel-133
Sticky Afternoon [mf, cons] CEL-31: 10
Tidal Waves (3k)
Under the Bell Curve [mc] (26k)
Unorthodox Therapy [mc]
Upstairs [bd Fm] CEL-31: 10, (9k) (RP)
Virtual Reality I 10-8-8 *Cel-152
What the Sysop Read (I)


Adventure of the Cross of St. Simon 9-10-7 *Cel-72
Just Desserts
The Case of the Tingling Clitoris #14 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
The Adventures of Heather 1.031k (Part 26: 9-10-10 *Cel-72)
The Farmer's Daughter 9.9-10-10 *Cel-151,
 A Ole Joe personal favorite
Too Much?
Transitions 9.5-10-10 *Cel-198

randi stephenson

Carrie's Seduction
Carrie's Mother
The Pool
The Ballet Student CEL-246: 10-8-8,


wrote one story findable by google. I found this story as I
researched for the Summer 2003 Pirate Challenge. I am not aware of any
other story of this writer, but the story I found is one I like...
Picaroon Bay {Pirate} (RP)


contributed a story to most challenges/festivals.
Anything For a Little Nookie (21k) {Pirate}
Barber Benefits, (35k)
Basement Blessings 1 (18k)
Basement Blessings 2 (49k)
Basement Blessings 3 (35k)
Basement Blessings 4 (70k)
Basement Blessings 5 (19k)
Blind Neighbor (17k)
Cammy's First Raise (35k) [Blanket-Free]
Comedy of Errors (9k)
Crowded House I (60k)
Crowded House II (19k)
Crowded House III, (17k)
Crowded House IV, (15k)
Group Commander's Slut Daughter (41k) [Blanket-Free]
Her Sweet Heady Scent (21k) (Thm)
Hooked On A Feeling 1 (19k) [song fest]
Hooked On A Feeling 2 (16k) [song fest]
Hooked On A Feeling 3 (12k) [song fest]
Hooked On A Feeling 4 (22k) [song fest]
In Search Of ... (4k) [Blanket-Flash]
It was a Summer To Remember ... Would you believe it? (53k)
Little Sister (24k) {BIRTH}
Love to Love You (34k) [song fest]
Maki (164k)
Maki 2 - The Shower (51k)
Making The Baby (14k) (PC2)
Mistress Micah's Visit (10k) (THM)
Movements - It Will Be a Summer to Remember (13k) [summer rom fest]
Pizza Delivery (55k)
Subway Sweetness (62k)
Valentine Visit (4k)
 CRIM-19: [10,9,8,9]
Vision Quest (18k)


is the prince(ss) of Mind Control stories. All but one, to my
knowledge, involve female-female sexual activity. Some of them I have
read two or three times, so you know I like RC.
Accidental Hypnotist
Adventures of Lori 9-9-10 *Cel-97
After Hours
All in the Mind
Amy's Massage
At the Mall
Bed and Breakfast 9.5-9.5-CEL-75: 9
Blind Date 10-10-10 *Cel-71
Blush 10-9-9 *Cel-126
Break Room 10-10-10 *Cel-101
College Is for Learning
Custom Maid
Double Trouble 10-9.5-9.CEL-94: 5
Epicurean Delight
Extra Effort 9.5-10-10 *Cel-123
First Class
First-Hand Research 10-8-8 *Cel-118
For Love or Money
Friday Club
Funhouse 10-9-10 *Cel-75
Furniture Store
Games People Play 9.5-7-7 *Cel-80
Going Down
Halloween 10-9-9 *Cel-130
Hypnodontist 10-10-9.CEL-129: 5
Intimate Therapy
Just Divorced
Kim's Closet
Life at the Top
Lori's Adventures 1-20 275k
Madame Zoe
Mirror, Mirror
Miss Parnell's Office
Model Shop 10-8-8 *Cel-115
Monkey Business
My Two Jobs
On the Air *Cel-179: 10-9-9
Out of this World
Piano Lesson
Picnic 10-9-9 *Cel-91
Porn Movie
Power Failure
Rachel and Friends
Racy Lady 10-10-10 *Cel-71
Relaxation Training
River Queen 10-9-6 *Cel-101
Senseless 10-10-10 *Cel-124
Shoe Store
Stage Fright 10-10-10 *Cel-113
The Eyes of Satan
The Jewelry Store
The Library
Ties that Bind
Turn of the Cards 9-7-7 *Cel-80
Typing Test
Watch the Watch 10-9-9 *Cel-125
Waiting Room 10-8-5 *Cel-112
Wind Chimes 10-9-8 *Cel-127


Life's a Dream
Lucky Mower 9.5-9.5-9.5 *Cel-241
Model Sex Slave CEL-241: 7-8-9
Nymph Decoy
Young Temptress

rebel wolf

AJ's Fantasy YW440
All Inclusive Resort YW559
Christmas Gift YW438
Jodi's Breakdown YW452
Phil's Surprise YW439
Return Visit to an Adult Toy Store YW442
Steve & Diane YW414
Testing AJ's Resolve YW441

red dragon

is an acquaintance who is fast becoming a friend. She
writes a variety of stories under a variety of names, usually (to my
knowledge) beginning with the initials RD. They are readily available
through Google. Check them out. I don't miss one.
Arlene is Captured by
 the Iranians
Babydolls Richard Dawson
Bambi Richard Dawson
Barefoot in the Park Richard Dawson
Basketball Player Richard Dawson
Bath Time Rene Deetile
Behind the Eight Ball Richard Dawson
Caught Flashing Richard Dawson
Eight Men Richard Dawson
Eight Weeks Richard Dawson
Great Party CEL-24: 4
Gunplay at the Texas Trail CEL-23: 5
Leather and Lace
Mary at the Bank Roberta Dawning
Our First Soft Swinging Experience Richard Dawson
Patti in Trouble Richard Dawson
Pepys Junior High School attributed to Red Dragon
Sister Strips
Trudi Rhonda Davis
Tryouts Renee Deemson

red paw

Roxy's After Hours Delight
The Making of a Slut


is not someone you will find easily. These are stories of
pedophilia or sexual slavery, or both.
Daddy's Girls
For Men
Innocence Lost
The Kids
The Video
Three for Jack

regina michelle

Fearful Desires
Forbidden Surrender
Ravishing of the Innocent
Submissive Desires 76k

renae nicks

Erotic Foolishness 9.5-10-10 *Cel-180
Listening to the Neighbors *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Remembering the Sting #68 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 *Cel-198: 10-10-10
The Shirt that Shrunk CEL-209: 10-9-9
The Truth May Be Hard to Swallow *Cel-182: 10-9-9
Unabridged Catalog of Kisses *Cel-195: 10-10-10

rev. cotton mather

reposted some stories to a.s.s.m recently and is writing romantic
stories with m-f-intercourse.
The Years Like Pearls on Velvet (35k)
Hard Promise (14 parts) 183K
She Smiled 2K
The Question (9k)
 *A rating Annex Reviews 7/10/02 (RP)
Playing the Game (30 parts) 587K
Playing the Game II: Playing to Win (41 parts) 781K
Playing the Game III:
 The Competitive Edge _ongoing_

rhett dreams

is the crime-drama writer in this crew. His stories may
never make the wide screen, but they are professionally done and as
good as anything you will see on the big screen. Prepare yourself for
a story with plot, plus hot and heavy and unusual sexual activity.
Celeste mostly gives straight 10's, A or A+ from Lady Cyrrh. A fan has
a web site hosting his stories.
Abduction of the Princess 197k
Jake and Jack (431k) CEL-261: 7-8-8
Southern Hospitality (280k) CEL-203: 10-10-10,
 #7 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Stepford Wives (407k) CEL-238: 10-10-10,
 #12 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Adventures on the Oregon Trail 9.5-10-10 *Cel-150


A Lick and a Promise
A Little Pick Me Up
Fitting Mom into the Schedule
Happy Accident
Home for the Holidays
Ma's Decree
Next Step -- sequel to Shower Scene
Shower Scene
Swing Both Ways
The Charmer
The Logical Conclusion

rich humus

(MMF wife)
Bad Breath?
Fill It to the Rim
I Gotta Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair
Mom, Make Him Stop
My Sweet, Semen - Swilling Secretary
The Cum Drinkers 105k
The Life and Times of a Cum Queen
The Story of Kim 180k
Workin' on the Chain Gang
You're a Mess

richard fischer

aka Paladin is an author with a bent. Although
experienced, he persists in writing low-brow fiction with an eye
toward excessive dominance. One of his stories may turn you on, but
they aren't something that would nurture a lasting relationship. (Most
stories to be found at Look for Paladin. Some
stories are in Ole Joe's Collection at ASSTR, but again, not all. URL:'s_Collection/Rape/Richard_Fisc
her_aka_Paladin) {marked with (ASSTR)}
Auntie Dearest 116k (ASSTR)
Basketball Team 129k (ASSTR)
Black Takeover 63k (ASSTR)
Coach (ASSTR) missing 8-10, 13, 14
Corporate Office  90k (ASSTR)
Helen 1-15 1-10 at ASSM (RP Scorpion),
11 MID (86jjmp$o1h$
12 MID (
13 MID (88u2tr$eti$
14 MID (894d6c$qcm$
15 MID (8frgve$v3i$
Honorable Chan 92k (ASSTR)
Hunting Party 64k (ASSTR)
Joan's New Life 191k (ASSTR)
Max's Café 159k (ASSTR)
Miss Wolsey
Modern Dairy 100k (ASSTR)
Mother's Owner 213k (ASSTR)
Neighbors 1-2 (ASSTR)
Rhoda's Vacation  49k
The Best Sex of Their Lives
The Makings of a Party Animal 103k (ASSTR)
Torture Boutique
Wildhair Salon {4 parts existing, at Google are
 only 2 parts, not at bdsmlibrary}

richard lovel

(M exhib) (reposted in 2000)
Peter Files 01: Introduction (8k)
Peter Files 02: Overdrawn at the Sperm Bank (20k)
Peter Files 03: Summer Camp (9k)
Peter Files 04: Penis Cream (11k)
Peter Files 05: The Party (15k)
Peter Files 06: Betting the Ranch (18k)
Peter Files 07: Beach Balls (6k)  9-5-5 *Cel-111,
Peter Files 08: The Diary (18k)
Peter Files 09: Molly Does the Milking (8k)
Peter Files 10: Spanking Salon (2k)
Peter Files 11: Enema Practice (18k)
Peter Files 12: What the Doctor Ordered (16k)
Peter Files 13: Aunt Emily's Boarding School (18k)
Peter Files 14: Shooting for Janet (4k)

richard marnet

The Perils of Supergirl B+ rating Annex Reviews 10-1-97
 Lady Cyrrh said, "This bondage
 story was so extreme, it was so
 terrifying... a bizarre journey
 into bodily transformations
 worthy or a Steven King novel or
 HR Giger fossilized cyborg
 painting. Go ahead, read it. I
 dare you."

richard rivers

"For anyone looking for a sensitive, deliciously erotic
story, check out Richard Rivers' `A Journey to the East'" (Mat
Bay Bridge Soliloquy (11k)
Elegy (12k)
From the Land of Snow (27k)
Futomaki: Hand Roll (3k) (PC)
Her Name was Yuki 1 (43k)
Her Name was Yuki 2 (66k)
Her Name was Yuki 3 (ending) (47k)
It Takes a River 1 (5k)
It Takes a River 2 (6k)
Journey to the East
Korean Dry-Cleaning Lady (15k) (RP)
Mizu (3k)
Sensei (4k)
She Let me Pull it (11k)
Shinkansen (4k)
Sushi (4k)
The Last Resort (19k)
 *A rating Annex Reviews 3/16/99
The Sex Tourist (27k)
Yoko (26k)


A Day In The Life of a Gloryhole Stripper (8k)
A Right And Proper Switching (14k)
Cindy In The Morning CRIM-6: [9,8,6,7]
Creampie Penalty (32k)
Creamy Bondage (21k)
Housemates (52k)
Not Just A Fetish (38k)
Submission to a Slut (17k)
The Governess Convention (26k)
The Legjob *A rating Annex Reviews 9/2/02
Transferred (22k)


Birthday for a Friend YW504
Cancun Vacation YW500
Car Ride YW448
Carpenters YW522
Carwash YW505
Cowboy Bar YW506
Gas Station YW449
Mall YW472
New Year Eve's Party YW523
Pick-up Truck YW473
Repairman YW463
Rita's Gangbang YW508
Selling Houses YW507
Shoe Store YW464
Shopping YW468
Tailor YW469


The Amazing Adventures of Penis Boy A+ rating Annex Reviews 10-1-97
 Lady Cyrrh said, "This was a
 short romp and it was pretty
 hilarious, with some clever puns.
 The story jumped right along like
 a caffeine addict and always
 surprised me.."

rob morton

(M/F, inc, cons, preg)
Etienne 582k
Mistaken Identity Myers: (No rating) *Cel-352
Survivor's Guilt CEL-338: 9.5-7-7

rod ramsey

A Little Flash (flash 100 words),
A Muse On Loan (4k)
A Nymph Gets Some (6k)
A Paddle for Becky (6k)
Another Lesson for Brandi (39k)
Awakenings (11k)
Brandi Learns A Lesson 39K+45, 40934
Busted at Work 1 (10k)
Busted at Work 2 (16k)
Busted at Work 3 (11k)
Busted at Work 4 (11k)
Busted at Work 5 (15k)
Coming Home (39k)
Cooling Down After Work (10k)
Dancing in the Glade (5k)
Forbidden Fruit (5k)
Friday (6k)
Glenda (34k)
Initiation of Friday, JM(CE) (5k)
Journey Through the Funhouse (18k)
Kara Gets Punished (26k)
Lord Raine Returns (7k) [Blanket-Flash]
My Muse (p) (2k)
Renewal (13k)
Secret Smile (14k)
Slave Driver (p) (2k)
Tease Me (4k)
Terri and the Trucker (23k)
The Kidnaping of Princess Victoria (66k) {Pirate}
The Preacher and the Clown 1 (61k)
Thunder (3k)
Turnabout 1 (14k)
Turnabout 2 (18k)
Turnabout 3 (18k)
Turnabout 4 (13k)
Turnabout 5 (12k)
Wedding Dance (3k) [Wedding]

roger p tipe

Batman Forever *A rating Annex Reviews 3-12-97,
 CEL-11: 3
Blind Date CEL-8: 10
Peach Pit After Hours 9.5-9-8 *Cel-89
Saved by the Bell CEL-51: 6
Tonya's Probation Violation CEL-8: 6
Turning the Tables on Tammy
Tammy at Work

rogue alan

is writing bondage stories, new to ASSM in 2003
Barroom Girl (14k)
Girls' Nightmare Out (584k)

rolling hand

is the author of short stories and novellas that deal
primarily with spanking, D/s, BDSM, and related themes. These works
are tales of mostly consensual and semi-consensual spanking and the
sexual encounters that inevitably follow. (
A Very Bright Girl
Certificate of Correction
Fox and Hounds
Island Justice
The Health Club


At the Hotpool 1-6 320k
Jennifer's Summer 216k
Leanne 182k
Mary & Susan 243k
Sherry 456k
Space, Another Frontier 791k


Emma at School 1-24 550k
Emma and The Guest. 48k

rufus thomas

was around in 2002. Most of his stories are containg
femdom, oral and anal sex and some fetish for feet.
Bobby and the Webmistress *assm-2002/37634 (36k)
My Best Friend's Mom *assm-2002/37593 (62k)
Summer School Footslut *assm-2002/37595 (56k)
The Mature Webmistress Party (65k) 37844, 37860
Vickie's Mom (220k) (10 chapt.)

rusty shackleford

gained my attention in 2001. The stories are
containing interracial slutwife sex encounters.
Black Stallion Escort Service 1 (17k)
Black Stallion Escort Service 2 (20k)
Ginalynn And The Landlord 1 (18k)
Laura The Lawyer 1 (18k)
Laura The Lawyer 2 (19k)
Laura The Lawyer 3 (12k)
Laura The Lawyer 4 (25k)
Suzanne: Mississippi Burning 1 (13k)
Suzanne: Mississippi Burning 2 (12k)
Suzanne: Mississippi Burning 3 (10k)
The Babysitter & The Great Dane (18k) *assm-2001/32237
The Cop's Wife 1 (38k) (RP)
The Cop's Wife 2 (19k) (RP)
The Cop's Wife 3-4 (17k) (RP)
The Cop's Wife 5 (17k)
The Cops' Wife 6 (14k)

rwe iii

Ru & Ju


writes assorted porn stories with themes regarding Sci-Fi, fantasy, humiliation, blackmail, lesbian, femdom, TG, creampie. She says:

I guess I'm a pretty kinky person, judging from the stories that I write and like to read. Most have some humor and even though they have heavy themes, the participants generally don't get hurt.

A Slave to Her Mistress (13k)
A Special Anal-versary (20k)
A World for the Taking (37k)
Beaches (34k)
Blowing Betty
Breaking and Entering (12k)
Denying Denise 1 (38k)
Denying Denise 2 (32k)
Denying Denise 3 (22k)
Denying Denise 4 (23k)
Dixie Chicks Rule (26k)
Drafted (12k)
 CRIM-25: [10,1,10,9]
Entrapment (32k)
French Lessons (49k) [summer rom fest]
Frosting  (5k)
Georgia's Story - A Porn Writer's Tale (29k)
Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone 1 link lost
Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone link lost
Haunting of Heather 1
Haunting of Heather 2 (26k)
Haunting of Heather 3 (20k)
Haunting of Heather 4 (19k)
Icing on the Cake
Jessie's Girl (16k)
Lending Daughter a Hand (15k)
Little Miss-Taken (37k)
Make that Date (32k)
Making the Scene (34k)
Mrs. Fields Cookies (37k)
My Wife the Womanizer (69k)
Oh My Goddess! (16k)
Puppet-Girl (30k)
Rank has its Privileges (34k)
So Dirty (20k)
Spoils of War (20k)
Sybian Training (28k)
Taming the Teach 1-3 (60k) 39020, 39016
Thalia's Prank (17k) [sapphic fest]
The Boys vs the Skins (23k)
The Cleaning Girl (23k)
The Conquering of a Super Girl (32k)
The Fish Tank
The Haunting of Heather
The Skins vs. the Boys
The Smell of Sex Ch 1-21 335k
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Long Story of the Year
This Little Piggy (25k)
Unknown Waifish Model Page 53 Ch. 1 (23k)
 Ch. 2 (20k)
WorldCon (30k)


Business Lunches
Had to Be CEL-370: 8.5-9-9
Kat Fighter 1-5
Stealing Stephanie CEL-368: 10-10-10
 CRIM-7: [9,10,10,10] (RP)
Taking the Flyer
Two for Texas
Year on the Hook

s. leigh farmer

Norma's Wish CEL-248: 9-8-6
One Favor (TG, MF, sci-fi) (633k) CEL-271: 10-10-10
Something Borrowed 367k

s. b. douglass

is new to the list, but one of the earliest
contributors to – I found the stories on a story list posted
to in 1991. Most of the stories were written between 1989 and
1991. All the stories have a romantic content. (at
A Small Woman MID (
Adsorbing Passion MID (
Adsorbing Passion II MID (
Adsorbing Passion III MID ( {Anton Markwart}
Bodysurfing MID (
Debugged MID (
Funeral MID (
Ghost MID (
Homework MID (
Necklace MID (
Rings MID ( ***
Rings II MID ( ***
Susan MID (
The Bride MID (
The Fish MID (


Bad Girl at the Play (9k)
Big Reporter (9k)
Executive Secretary (13k)
Hot Lips (20k)
Hot Little Nympho (9k)
Jasmine Extra-Marital Affair (38k)
Jennifer is a Brat (40k)
Juicy Peaches (53k)
The Little Tramp (31k)
Little Oral Virgin (10k)
Love Stories (8k)
Pamela's Hot Stallion (37k)
The School Sluts Chronicle (47k)
Slut Scheme (25k)

sam cornell

seem to feature the sexual attraction between two women,
when one of the women is a little reluctant, her POV is first person.
An American Friday In London
An Aphrodite Rising
An Entente Cordiale (14k)
Dazed and Confused
Friday Night Saturday Morning
Honey. I Mean Real Honey
Julia (6k)
Summoning the Demon
That Perfect Place Where All The Lines Meet
The Ashes
The Flying Scotsman,
 *A rating Annex Reviews 12/27/02
The Streets Of London
Transatlantic Delay


is now listed as → BITBARD

santos j romeo

at BitBard's site
The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane
 #9 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-78
 (over 150,000 words)

This is a sexually [...] story about an intense sexual, emotional and intellectual relationship between a teenage girl and a young boy and the course of their relationship over a period of 10 years. It is a dramatization about real people and their conflict with social expectations. – SJR

sara hart

(a.k.a. cat's sara) is writing lesbian mind-control stories,
it's about fem-dom and bondage. Her plots are a mixture of Katherine_T
and Stephen King. Her stories are sometimes written in first person
but also in third person. Generally she starts with a character in a
particular situation, develops a relationship with other characters,
and then transforms the relationship. If MC is your thing have a look
on her. (in reading order)
A Small Case of Overkill _The Goddess Julia Stories_
Deity Savant
Reverence and Destiny
A Small Case of Curiosity
Birth of Obedience
A Small Case of Transformation
A Taste of Fire (32k)
Wrist Trained _The Mistress Rochelle Stories_
Harmonic Conversion
Harmonic Conversion II - House O'Wrist
Breath of Spirit 1-3 _The Kala Stories_ (56k) 
Agenda _The Andrea Stories_
Absolute _Her other stories (posting order)_
 1 (32k)
 2 (33k)
 3 (39k)
Sexual Revelation Pt. 1 (19k)
 Pt. 2 (23k)
 Pt. 3 (25k)
Captive Audience
Circumstantial Goddess
Consummation (4k) [summer rom fest]
Crossing the Line (1-3)
Fast Food
Fetish Fatale
Gin and Tonic
Grand Finale (14k)
Hot Summer
Change of Heart
Illumination 1-3
In Descent
Intuition (23k) [summer rom fest]
Musings of the Opened Mind (30k) (RP)
Of Class and Quality
Penis Envoy
Plague of Seduction (15k) (THM)
Plain Brown Wrapper
Shocking Origin
Spell Checker
Storm of Desire
The End of the Rainbow (41k)
Tidal Wave (29k)
Venus Rising
Waiting (5k)
Where I Come From and Other Observations
Wildflower (15k)
With Strings Attached (44k)

sarah fox jahn

Little Red Riding Hood *Cel-172: 10-10-10
Steel and Iron *Cel-169: 10-9-9
The Personal
Treasures of the Deep

saucy wench

A Night to Remember 9-8-- *Cel-213
Chinese Fortune Nookie CEL-252: 10-9-9
Private Pool Party CEL-278: 10-9-9
Snow Angels CEL-247: 10-8-8
The Barber Chair *A rating Annex Reviews 9-6-97,
 9.5-8-5 *Cel-231
Trick or Treat CEL-230: 10-10-10


At His Daughter's Mercy 250k
Flashing My Wife's Little Sister
Gransma's Window
Janice's Final Lesson
Kids See the Darnest Things 162k
Miss Rene and Tommy
More Lessons for Janice
Sheila the Great Owl: CEL-306: 5-8-7
Stepsis with the Devilish Hands
Take Your Daughter to Work Day
The Bus Ride
The Vicarious Rape


stories are influenced of years of growing up with a set of
sexy sisters, he admits. He writes about some of those memories. So
his stories are about incest and married relationship. In Summer 2003
he posted a bunch of stories not been at ASSM before.
A Dream Come True (24k)
A Private Party (68k)
After The Party Is Over (69k) 28589
All The Way This Time (16k)
And Son Makes Three (25k)
Another Private Party (33k)
Bath Fun (18k)
Best Bitch In Town (28k)
Big Sister, Great Teacher (18k)
Blind Date (14k)
Bobby Drake Gets Feedback on His Fic *A rating Annex Reviews 10/13/02,
 _at his Website_
Bobby Drake Joins a Star Trek Slash List *A rating Annex Reviews 10/13/02,
 _at his Website_
Broken In! (29k)
Brotherly Love (27k)
Carried Away (17k)
Cheer You Up (17k)
Crazy Bet *assm-2000/27791 (61k)
Dad, the Girls and Some Smokes (24k)
Daddy's Girl (26k)
Dare (16k)
Dear Daddy (36k)
Definitely Not Queer (16k)
Dominated By My Son 1 (12k)
Dominated By My Son 2 (25k)
Dominated By My Son 3 (24k)
Dominated By My Son 4 (25k)
Dominated By My Son 5 (24k)
Dominated By My Son 6 (35k)
Dominated By My Son 7 (35k)
Dominated By My Son 8 (20k)
Double Pleasure (38k)
Drunk and Disorderly (19k)
Every Dog Has Its Day (12k)
Fate Steps In (18k)
Fucked Up (28k)
Getting Along With Sis (23k)
Getting The Contract *assm-2001/28726 (113k)
Give Me Your Love (25k)
God'sGift (47k)
Hypnotising Mum (42k)
Just a Christmas Party 1-3 *assm-2003/45948 (187k)
Let Sleeping Cocks Lie (15k)
Little Show Off (19k)
Long Odds Don't Pay Off *assm-2001/28585 (64k)
Making the Grade (50k)
Meek Mum (32k)
More Than She Bargained For (31k)
Mum's The Word (32k)
My Mates Mum (17k)
My Niece and Nephew Come To Visit (22k)
Naughty Little Brother (25k)
Oh Daddy! (19k)
Old Man's Fancy (30k)
Party Favours (34k)
Party Surprise! (11k)
Playacting (16k)
Plaything (30k)
Poor Auntie (21k)
Raping Mother (47k)
Rescuing Mother (105k)
Sam Falls Even Further From Grace (70k)
Sam's Fall From Grace (52k)
Seduction by Story (57k)
Shock Discovery (54k)
Sister Act (49k)
Sisters and Brother (22k)
Skeleton In The Closet (69k)
Surprise Package (22k)
The Dinner Party (24k)
The Gamble *assm-2001/28593 (179k) 28598
The New Boy (42k)
Truth or Dare! (45k)
Turn On Mum (66k)
What A Boy (20k)
What A Surprise (17k)
Whoops (18k)


Assignment (27k)
Dimensions (19k)
Drums (12k)
Grayson (35k)
Her Masters Boots (15k)
History Lesson (22k)
Nurse Linda (11k)
One Last Dance (12k)
Partners (14k)
Rose (12k)
Skunk Hunter (20k)
Storm Riders (44k)
The Auction (18k)
The Blue Pill (24k)
The Challenge (19k)
The Guest (21k)
Theta Nine (30k)
Twisted (51k)
VHS or DVD (11k)
Volunteer (15k)
 CRIM-15: [9,10,10,9]

sean farragher

is the creator of the "Taxi Murder" novela, which is a
complex Hypertext story. This entry is not complete yet. I had not the
time yet.
Saddam – A poem of Endings (5k)
From the Journals of J Steiner (17k)
Eddie Meyers IV (8k)
Eddie Robert Meyers – Intro 5KK,
Eddie Roberts Meyers 3 (10k)
Murder 'Cross the Bridge  (4k)
Taxi Murders (14k)
Books of Joss (3k)
Taxi WalkAbouts – Taxi Murders  (9k)
Angela Mannino's Note Book ... (4k)
Angela On Henry: Menage ... (7k)
Angela's Confessions ...  (9k)
Angela's Sexual Oceans II (8k)
Armageddon dear Pedophile ... (22k)
Journal of Caine IV 1950s (29k)
Journal of Henry Ezra Whitman (13k)
Laurie Fallon's Journal (23k)
Laurie Fucks Sir Francis ... (11k)
One Serial Murder Storyline ... (3k)
Sexual Angel at the Beach (6k)
Sexual Improvisation & Raunch #3 (3k)
Sexual Improvisation part 1. (5k)
The Books of Herrig (40k)
The Genesis Murders: I to III (41k)
Eddie Meyers in Vietnam (10k)
Joss, Jess, Jessica and ...Cocks  (5k)
The Lives of Laurie F. (1976) I (9k)
The Murder of Katherine Dahan (12k)
Vietnam 1969 Caine, Father ... (5k)
Vietnam Vet Eddie Meyers  (5k)
Taxi Murders the Novel
-- Cast of Characters (8k)
-- Outline of Story - Febr 2003 (8k)
-- Angela, Aaron and Henry ... (36k)
-- Dolores Baker  (7k)
-- 1 Laurie Taken! (6k)
-- 2 Laurie Fallon (7k)
-- 3 Herrig Estate/Vietnam (31k)
-- 4 Drugs and Sexual Fantasy .. (16k)
-- 4 The Incest of Serial Murder  (9k)
-- 5 Nam, Porn, Taxi Freaks (6k)
-- 5 James Albert Caine IV NAM! (29k)
-- 6 (36k)
-- 8 inc Abel and Lilith (4k)
-- 10 Fire Kills Kids (11k)
-- 31 Vietnam and Serial Murder (6k)
-- 31 Dirty Letters to Ruby ... (29k)
-- 32 Sorocide? (5k)
-- 33 Imaginary Dead (4k)
-- 34 Flashing the Taxi Driver (9k)
-- 71 Night at the Gables ... (14k)
-- 72 Three Years Earlier ... (13k)
-- 73 inc ff Janet and Grandpa (9k)
-- 74 The Love of Horses (15k)
-- 75 Drinking Human Blood (4k)
-- 78 April 9 1992 Day... (11k)
-- 100 The Chronicles of LF (8k)
-- 100 Poem of Incest (14k)
-- 101 Multi-generational Incest  (7k)
-- 102 Detective Malachi (14k)
-- 103 Confession: "I am Real." (7k)
-- 104 Street Whores ...  (6k)
-- 105 The Fucking Gladiator (7k)
-- 106 "Fucking Death" (5k)
-- 107 NAM to Point Blank (44k)
-- 108 Blow Jobs  (8k)
-- 109 Forced Journal (12k)
-- 111 Walkabouts (16k)
-- 112 Dolores Baker (8k)
-- 113 July 20 1986 (11k)
-- 114/115 Henry / Laurie Again (12k)

seasiren girl

(Ff ws scat)
Forbidden Needs 5 (47k)
Mommy's Little Girlfriend (116k)
The French Lady (21k)
The French Lady 2 (32k)
The Lady's Club 1 (45k)
Yvonne (67k)

see show

(MMF wife) (Available from Dark Wanderer's site)
A Blackmailed Hubby Can Make an Excellent Cum Licker YW515
A Slutty Wife for the High School Coach YW241
All of the Fun and None of the Guilt? YW286
Apart YW153
Bonnie at the Bar 1-2 YW199
Brenda Gets It 1
Changed in Paris YW298
Changed into a TV YW232
Cock Hungry Wife YW310
Dave's Story 1-2 YW256 / YW295
Dicking for My Wife 1 YW257
Dicking My Dick-Beating Husband YW269
Dressing Like a Slut for My Man YW394
Exhibitionist Wife YW116
From a Lady to a Slut YW299
Getting All Dolled Up YW260
Half Hard YW285
Having a Black Baby YW214
He's Just Too Nice YW291
His Place YW292
His Professional Wife Turns into a Hot Sexy Stripper
His Wife Likes It Hard and Fast on the Ass YW395
Hubby Needs a Little Help
I'm Nothing But a Sissy Now
In Love with Those Tits YW423
Keeping the Campers Happy YW324
Laura YW524
Laura's Lover YW296
Laura's Piano Student YW134
Lawyer's Wife YW261
Luck Be a Lady Tonight 1-3 YW137, YW144, YW154
March Madness YW302
More than Enough YW487
My Conservative Wife Has Become a Total Slut YW388
My First Black Experience, Certainly Not My Last YW516
My Golfing Buddy and My Wife 1-9 (91k) YW181/YW194/YW204 (1-3)
My Masterful Husband YW401
My Sister-in-Law's Rape YW387
My Slutty Nurse Wife YW316
My Wayward Evening Wife YW562
My Wife Is Now Her Boss' Slut YW215
My Wife's Black Lovers 1-3 YW224
My Wife's First Threesome, But Not Her Last YW290
My Wife's Forced Seduction YW275
My Wife's Tits Belong to the Company President YW356
No Tell Motel YW305
Pussy Whipped YW370
Older But Wiser Husband YW309
Outvoted YW323
Panty Anty YW132
Party Girl YW329
Party Wife YW342
Peeking Tom YW242
Pleasure at a Business Party YW227
Professional Wife Turns Into Stripper YW359
Pussy Whipped and Then Some
Rectal YW371
Sally & Pat YW482
Security Guard YW377
Sex Drugged Slutty Wife YW274
Sexy Wife Tryst
She Gets It Good YW287
She Love Big Black Dicks YW200
She Needs More Sex YW304
She Takes Control YW243
Sultana Takes Control Along with Her Black Lover YW490
Summer Days and a Sexual Haze for My Wife YW410
The Anal Attraction YW422
The Black Limo YW201
The CEO's Wife 1-2 YW230
The Dancer YW244
The Shoe Salesman YW135
The Wrestler YW168
They Both See It All YW218
Luck Be a Lady Tonight 1-9 117k
Watching Her Sex the Pastor YW125
When They Are Apart, She Keeps Her Legs Apart
Wife Show YW563
You Can Bet Your Wife on It YW211
Young and Big

selena jardine

won the Golden Clitorides Award 2002 as `Best New
Author', and so did her stories "Ruthie's Hair" and "Curtains".
Bittersweet (3k)  CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10], [choco-erotica]
Curtains (22k)
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Best Heterosexual Story
Flashing Ten Times (19k)
Home Safe (23k)
Junk Bonds (3k) [summer rom fest]
Learning Secrets (26k)
Let Yourself Go (21k)
Make Me (14k) CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10],
Marital Therapy (14k)
Rebecca (40k)
Red, Light (3k)
 CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10]
Ruthie's Hair (31k)
 Golden Clitorides Award 2002 - Best Short Story by a New Author
Seven Flashes (12k)
 A+ rating Annex Reviews 6/20/02
Silver Blade (caution) (10k)
Wicked Lies (14k)  CRIM-20: [10,10,10,10],

selena long

Back Door Whore
Garters and Lace - Jasmine
Garters and Lace - Joi
Garters and Lace - Mindy
Garters and Lace - Mona
Garters and Lace - Shannon

serene cherry

writes lesbian stories.
Dreams Hereafter (119k) [summer rom fest]
Endless Ecstasy
Fairwater Heights
Family Affection
Feminine Desire
Hypnotic Embrace
Jaded Submission
Keeping in Touch  (32k) (THM)
Maison du Velours (89k)
Model Behavior
Moonlit Temptation
Naughty Neighbors
Perfect Bliss
Sapphic Nocturne
Tender Euphoria (90k)
The Art of Seduction (85k)


Cream, *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Muse, CEL-210: 10-10-10
Poe, 9.5-10-10 *Cel-191
School Spirit *A rating Annex Review 7-13,
The Art Critic *Cel-214: 9.5-10-7.5
The Shop CEL-205: 10-10-10
The Twilight Café CEL-285: 8-4-4
The Twilight Zone: Elizabeth + (part 2)
 *Cel-204: 9.5-9.5-6
The Wedding Present, CEL-207: 10-10-10
Twist, *Cel-192: 10-10-10
Virtual Addiction CEL-302: 10-9-9

sf master

A Slave to Capitalism *A rating Annex Review 10-1-97
Candy's Hobby
Janet in Training (333k) CEL-251: 9-8-4
 *A rating Annex Review 12-20-97,
Mile High Club CEL-273: 9-9-9
Politically Incorrect
Sharon's Outcall
Transparent Like Glass CEL-262: 9-10-9
The High Cost of Used Books CEL-237: 7-6-6

shakes pear 2b

Another Girl from Ipanema (45k)
Close Encounters of an Unanticipated Kind (38k)
Feeling (9k)
Giving Thanks (4k)
House in the Woods
 - Bethany (46k)
 - Joshua and Katy (46k)
 - Aisha (76k)
 - Penny (83k)
 - Molly, the 1st Time (56k)
 - Marietta (56k)
 - Jada (19k)
 - Sarah (42k)
 - Shea (56k)
May 1 (47k)
May 2 (19k)
May 3 (28k)
Me and Mrs. Jones
 1: We Get a Thing Goin' On (36k)
 2: We Reel Teddy In (31k)
 3: Becky Becomes Special Girl (31k)
 4: Enter Mr. Jones (18k)
 5: Party time (26k)
 Epilogue (6k)
May 1 (47k)
May 2 (19k)
Reluctant Rescue (16k)
Speed Trap (21k)
The Girl From Ipanema (38k)
The Promise (4k)
Tinky Gets a Promotion (10k)
Workin' on the Chain Gang (32k)

Black In White Video (104k)
Glory Hole Wife
Teacher Passes The Test

shalon wood

Prudence, TX Population 1276 1 (52k) (RP)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 3 (30k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 4 (33k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 5 (36k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 6 (33k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 7 (37k)
Prudence, TX Population 1276 8 (28k)

sharon best

has written adult superhero comic stories. If you like
reading superhero comic book adventures that include things DC and
Marvel aren't allowed to print, try these detailed and imaginative
stories – if you can get them, but ... she was outed as a man and
thouroughly upset (s)he did the worst and cancelled the website
keeping all stories and liquidated his/er Y Group also. Note, that
this list of stories was not updated since v.15 (1998) – so, if one
is the perfect expert to the Aurora Universe – mail me!! At is an archive of the former Sharon
Best website.
Earth 1 - Aurora (a Super Girl) - one episodic story
 Aurora's arrival on Earth
Ch. 01-0 Discovery 88k
Ch. 01-1 Exploration 42k
 First Contact
Ch. 02-0,1 The Pirates 96, 74k
 First Love
Ch. 03-0,1 Chris 64, 86k
 The Hijackers and the Kintzi
Ch. 04-0 Laura 97k
Ch. 04-1 Battle over the Pacific 33k
Ch. 04-2 The Kintzi 39k
 Meeting in LA
Ch. 05-0 Reunion 67k
 Kara emerges
Ch. 06-0 Earthquake 95k
Ch. 07-0 Kara 111k
Ch. 08-0 The Audition 157k
Ch. 08-1 Gary 67k
Ch. 08-2 Suzaara 82k
 The Battle Begins
Ch. 09-0 Cyborg 94k
 A Test of Strength
Ch. 10-0 Test Lab 90k
 Mind Control
Ch. 11-0,1,2 91, 63, 61k
 The Velorian
Ch. 12-0 David 120k
Ch. 13-0 The Pool 46k
 A Different Species
Ch. 14-0 Sil One 36k
Ch. 15-0 Sil Two 99k
Ch. 16-0 Sil Three 19k
 The Darkest Hour
Ch. 17-0 Laura 74k
Ch. 17-1 Supergirl's Darkest Hour 39k
 Adventures of a Supergirl
(See Earth 1a for all of chapter 18)
 The Arions Emerge
Ch. 19-0 The Arion Network 37k
Ch. 20-0 Interlude in Hawaii 19k
Ch. 21-0 Nuclear Rescue 50k
Ch. 22-0 Bo 45k
Ch. 26-0 Desert Meeting 134k
 The Terrans Prepare to Fight Back
Ch. 27-0 Black Ops 55k
 The Dominatrix
Ch. 23-0 Sh'lyra 74k
Ch. 24-0 The Domination of Fairchild 54k
Ch. 25-0 The Rescue 134k
 Return to Earth
Ch. 28-0,1,2 Return to Earth I 63, 53, 42k
 Sh'Lyra Rules
Ch. 29-0 The Trials of Diana 28k
Ch. 29-1 The Trials of Fairchild 13k
Ch. 29-2 Diana's Story 33k
Ch. 29-3 Diana and Vixen 56k
Ch. 29-4 Space Battle 47k
 The Healing
Ch. 29-5 Escape to Colchica 83k
Ch. 29-6 With Friends Like These... 61k
Ch. 29-7 Time to Heal, Time to Kill 115k
Earth 1a - Sharon (The Adventures of a Supergirl)
Ch. 18 of Earth 1 (26 pts.) 812k
Earth 3 - SuperFemme (The Tales of KaraZ) - different stories
* The Dead Also Rise. The story of the Pactrellian Revival
The Anasazi... 1250 AD Earth/3 (Age 18) 254k
Growing up Super... 1989 to 1994 AD Earth/3 (Age 12 to 17)174k
Adventures of SuperFemme 1996 to 2010 AD Earth/3 (Age 18 to 33)
* Military Press 166k
* Birthday 1-17 950k
Guardians of Sol... 2010 to 2200 AD Earth/3 (Age 33 to 223)403k
+ Another side chapter - A Dangerous Encounter on the TGV 87k
Earth 3a - Tales of Jenine - one episodic story (so far) 174k
Earth 4 - Shana (The ShapeChanger) 259k
The Freshman... Returning to LA, the adventure continues...
* Lovers
* Reunions
Area 56... The Rescue (A story of Artemis and Evangelyne)68k
Aimee of Velor, An ElseVerse Story (9 chapters) 380k
Little Fire Bug 1,830k


writes stories containting MF and mmF intercourse, nc,
reluc, humil.
Breaking in Teacher: Day 1 (223k) (RP)
Breaking in Teacher: Day 2 (216k) (RP)
Goth's Not Slut (207k) (RP)


was around in 1995.
Amanda's Ordeal MID (
Angela's Ordeal MID (
Carol's Ordeal MID (
Christine's Ordeal MID ( (RP)
Claudia's Ordeal MID (
Heidi's Ordeal MID ( (RP)
Jamie's Ordeal MID (
Karen's Ordeal MID (
Katie's Ordeal a.k.a. Desert Sunrise MID ( (RP)
Kelly's Ordeal a.k.a. The Revenge MID ( (RP)
Laurel's Ordeal MID (
Paula's Ordeal MID (
Rebecca's Ordeal MID (
Sarah's Ordeal MID (
Tonie's Ordeal MID (

shon richards

(in former times a.k.a. Lord Shon) is writing MF and
also FF, sci-fy, myth, often romance, sometimes BDSM. He also wrote
the "Thigh Vs. Thigh" series of 45 stand-alone stories which are
mostly Hollywood-movie-sound-alike-titled, e.g. `Dial V for Voyeur',
"Stroke in 60 Seconds" or `Thighs Wide Shut'. These stories are about
Amy Valentine and Bethany Taylor which are concurrenting agents and
their adventures are including very hot sex.
_Thigh Vs. Thigh stories (in order of posting)_
Fistful of Prototypes 20K
Midnight Fun 18K
Bicameral White Female 17K
Clones Gone Wild 24K
Thighs Wide Shut 26K
Girdle Raider 22K
Where Eagles Fuck 18K
Humping Dragon, Bound Tiger 25K
Driving Miss Bethany 15K
For Your Thighs Only 28K
Escape From New Themiskyra 29K
Never Been Stroked 20K
Nurse Amy 20K
Entered by the Dragon 22K
Speed Fucker 13K
20,000 Licks Under The Sea 20K
Wily Women and the Chocolate Factory 22K
Dial V for Voyeur 7K
Antique Showdown 17K
Desperately Seeking Morgana 18K
The Magnificent Seven Blowjobs 23K
The Hand that Rocks the Booty 10K
The Whorehouse on Haunted Hill 21K
Someone Wicked This Way Cums 23K
The Legend of Indian Hollow 17K
I Know What You Did Last Halloween 19K
Rush Fuck 17K
Horizontal Limit 20K
Thighs Like Us 26K
Dances With Thighs 21K
Gone in Sixty Strokes 11K
My Favorite Ninja 21K
Thigh Runner 16K
Orgy on 34th Street. 26K
Slut of Tides 12K
Curse of the Mummies' Cocks 36K
The Invisible Breasts 14K
Sleeper Agents in Seattle 17K
The Silence of the Lips 13K
Fuck Amy Fuck 14K
Women in Black 15K
The Ninja with One Special Sock 11K
The Good, the Ass and the Busty (1/3) 18K
The Good, the Ass and the Busty (2/3) 20K
The Good, the Ass and the Busty (3/3) 24K
Bound Ninja in Spandex
Kiko vs the Last Temple of Sodom
She was a Slave to her Sex Drive
Battle of the Heroines *A rating Annex Reviews 11/10/99
Kiko vs. the Master of Sitonyou
Kiko Goes to Jail (69k)
Kiko and the Mad Scientist (17k)
_Other Stories (in alphabetical order)_
A Night at Indian's Hollow 23K, CEL-344: 10-10-10
Birth of the Jungle Goddess (21k)
Black Magic Muses 47K, CEL-338: 10-10-10
Chopstick (10k)
Deadly Rides (22k)
December Bride (21k) CEL-346: 9-10-10
Domination With a Vampire (25k)
Fable (8k)
Flirting  (7k)
Found by the Creek (22k)
Gentlemen's Night (24k)
Ghosts in the Bedroom (33k)
Great Gift of Sleep (14k)
Hell Hath No Fury (36k)
Her Cabin Boy _21 parts in ASSM_
Hide and Treat (15k)
Jesse Myers: NR *Cel-345
Just Sit CEL-376: 10-9-9,
Labors of Claudia CEL-374: 10-10-10,
Laura in Green Myers: *Cel-339
Lunch 5K
Maybe 3K
More Than a Tree  5K
Mystery Train CRIM-14: [8,10,10,10]
Panties in the Darkness CEL-337: 10-10-10
Secret Site Society 7K
Sex Among the Tulpas 34K
She Built a Temple but She Didn't Know the Word 12K
Single Ant 11K
Stockings, Co-workers and Devotion 21K
Streaks 17K
Tag CRIM-12: [10,10,10,10]
Teachers  6K
The Auction of July 18-1999 CEL-333: 9-10-10
The Cabin Boy 21-chapter-pirate-story! (2003)
The Hero of Delightia (220k)
The Treasure of Wenches' Cleft (25k) {Pirate}
The Woman Behind Estrella Morocco Mary: CEL-330: 10-10-10
To the Victor CEL-324: 8-10-10
The Coven of Bliss's Maypole 2001 19K
Those Who Can't Sleep 10K
Tomorrow She Dances 16K
Vanessa and Me Part 1 13K
Vanessa and Me Part 2 20K
Vanessa and Me Part 3 26K
Vanessa and Me Part 4 17K
Vanilla 4K
We Heard The Thunder 17K
What's Yours 15K
Window Dressing (13k)

simon bar sinister

Mind Snatchers #39 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97

sisters ng

Deirdre and Tammy Ng are Chinese-American sisters. Their stories came out in a rush, faded to a trickle, then silence. There was an imaginative webpage for a while, but now, it too, is gone. I hope they come back, because there for a while, we had an inside view into two creative young women's fantasies(?). Dick Goesinya posted "Ng Story Collection (all the Sisters-NG-Stories!!) to assm in 1999.

Aegean Interludes CEL-12: 9
American As... #79 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-116
As I've Seen
Backrub, Assrub, Clitrub, Cockrub {Backrub and Tammy Ng}
College Reunion
 #20 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-68: 10-10-10
Dilbert 10-8-10 *Cel-79, 10-8-10 *Cel-79
E-mail exchange
Hands On
 #76 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; 10-10-10 *Cel-72
Hey, That's Me!
Hot on the Trail {Backrub and Tammy Ng}
In Your Mouth and Mine #81 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Kellie in Court
Kellie Sleeps Over
Kimiko Dreams: Carol *Cel-179: 9-8-8
Letter from Yossi CEL-226: 9-10-10
Real Slow Smile 10-9-7 *Cel-90
Tammy's Game
Tammy Gets Even (Better) #56 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Tammy in the Rain #24 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Tammy on the Big Screen
Tammy Seduces Her Boyfriend
Taxi, Sofa, Bedroom
 #23 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-11: 10
Telephone Tag
The Seduction of Deirdre
The Seduction of Deirdre 2
The Virgin Mary Maguire CEL-224: 10-10-10,
 A- rating Annex 10-15-97
 Lady Cyrrh says, "The story was
 cleverly written and a real page-
 turner, with some truly depraved
 touches like the creative use of
 rosary beads."
While You Were Out 10-10-10 *Cel-137
 MID (
White Hands CEL-20: 8
Woke Up this Morning

skull duggery

The Long Weekend CEL-253: 9-10-10

sleazy liz

Mischievous Siblings
Riding Bareback
The Pleasure of Family Hiking *Cel-169: 9-10-10
Young Hot Passions *Cel-170: 10-10-10

slowhand luke

Book *Cel-197: 7-10-10
The Hotel Dinner CEL-246: 10-9-9


is living in Southern England. He is not into underage,
incest or anything involving real violence. His story categories:
Heterosexual Erotica over the age of consent (16 in UK), some of them
are historical. The Anglo Saxon Chronicles are outstanding.
1/15th at f11 (3k)
Among the Ashes (13k)
Anglo Saxon Chronicles
 1. The Winter of the Danes (51k)
 CRIM-7: [10,10,10,10]
 2. An Interlude on Athelney (33k)
 CRIM-8: [9,10,10,10]
 3. The Lady of Mercia (38k)
 4. Athelstan's Mercy (40k)
 CRIM-14: [9,10,10,10]
Conversation Piece (3k) [Blanket-Flash]
Dear Bill (5k)
Desdemona and the Tiger (22k) {Pirate},
 CRIM-29: [10,10,10,10]
Falling for Jenny (28k)
Frontier Incident (6k)
Her Story (2k) [flash fest]
His Story (2k) [flash fest]
Like Father Like Son 1 (62k)
Like Father Like Son 2 (49k)
Like Father Like Son 3 (69k)
Like Father Like Son 4 (70k)
Like Father Like Son 5 (66k)
Like Father Like Son 6 (65k)
Like Father Like Son 7 (60k)
Like Father Like Son 8 (155k)
Losing It (26k)
Maid Elizabeth (32k)
 CRIM-4: [9,10,10,10]
Monster (6k)
 CRIM-26: [10,0,10,9]
Old Men's Dreams (p) (2k)
 CRIM-11: [unrated]
Rising to the Occasion (50k)
 CRIM-5: [10,10,10,10]
Schadenfreude (4k)
The Green Man (3k)
The Polish Dragoon. (11k)
The Scent of Roses (4k)
The Time-Machine Voyage 1 – Going Greek (17k)
 Voyage 2 – Roman ... (26k)
The Wheel of the Seasons  (7k)
Walking the Dog (253k)
 CRIM-16: [10,10,10,10] (1-4)
 CRIM-18: [9,10,10,10] (5-7)


B&D Academy 1-9 334k


Presentation A+ rating Annex Reviews 9-6-97,
 CEL-213: 10-10-9
Table for Two *A rating Annex Reviews 12-7-97,
 CEL-225: 10-8-8

some kind of dog

(Breast size)
Back to School at Saint Cat's 210K
Big Feature at Saint Cat's 1-6 1.36 MB
Big Little Sister (125k)
Crusade at Saint Cat's 344k
Even More New Girls at Saint Cat's 242k
Fifth Form at Saint Cat's 181k
Fourth Form at Saint Cat's 156k
Grown-Up Girls 197k
Head Girl at Saint Cat's 183k
More New Girls at Saint Cat's 171k
New Girls at Saint Cat's 152k
Return of the Golden Goose 1-24.rtf 467k
Saint Cat's - Megan's Revenge 153k
Saint Cat's Chorus Roster  2k
Saint Cat's Dairies 155k


writes "vanilla" mostly and she says, that there is a little bit of herself in every female character she creates... She won a Golden Clitorides Award 2000 in the category "Best new author for 2000" (together with Katie McN and Dr. Spin).

A Knight to Remember (19k) CEL-348: 9.5-9-8
A Momentary Lapse (3k)
Aftershocking 2k
Angel of the morning 5k
Appreciation (Dr. Seuss style) *A rating Annex Reviews 8/10/02
BDSM 101 (3k)
Cover Me (4k) [Blanket-Flash]
Dannyboy  7k
Death by Chocolate (with Dryad) CRIM-23: [10,10,10,10] [birthday]
Diabolus musica 8k
Elasticity 8k
(p) Fascination CRIM-3: [10,10,--,10]
Fear of Flying (3k)
French Revolution (4k) [Blanket-Flash]
Friendship (4k)
Guaranteed Delivery
Hands 20k
Hell hath no fury... CEL-374: 10-10-10
I Got Lucky
Island CRIM-5: [10,10,--,10]
Jitterbug 6k
Kelly's Eyes 35k
Knowledge 13k
Language Barrier (3k)
 CRIM-24: [10,8,8,9]
Lovin' to go (24k) CEL-371: 9.5-8-8
Maddie and the Dust Motes
Office Politics (4k)
Official Greeting... CRIM-20: [10,10,10,10]
Only A Whisper 5k
Reality TV (2k) [flash fest]
Red 8k
Research Methods (3k)
Romancing Jack CEL-362: 10-10-10,
 Golden Clitorides Award 2000 - best story by a new author
 CRIM-18: [10,10,10,10]
Scene 7, Take 12 (2k) [flash fest]
Summer Rain CEL-369: 10-10-10
Tall, Dark and ... (5k)
To Dream CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
The Case of the Extortive Escort Service CRIM-6: [9,10,10,10]
The Case of the Chocolate Covered Cherries,
 CRIM-19: [10,Who Cares?,10,10]
The Folly of Eros (24k) CEL-356: 10-8-8
The Morning After,
 CRIM-24: [10,10,10,10]
The Right Wrong Spell (35k) CEL-345: 10-9.5-9.5,
 CRIM-13: [10,10,10,10]
Romancing Jack 20k
Sexual Designs 6k
Skalding Hot 24k
Sophie's Surprising Spring Break 17k
Stroke Of Midnight 16k
Summerrain 10k
Summerheat 3k
Tell Me 5k
The Case Of The Masochistic Wrestlers 17k
The Server 7k
To Dream CRIM-2: [10,10,10,10]
Worldcup  7k


Extern Weekend CEL-363: 9-10-10
Infidelity Owl: CEL-342: 7-1-5
Marriage Revival *9-9-9-CEL-358
Mrs.Brown, Mrs.White and Mrs.Yellow
My Wife Lisa Nick: CEL-339: 6-6-5
Out of This World, 27206
 CEL-374: 10-8.5-6
Old Dogs DO Learn New Tricks
 CRIM-23: [10,7,6,5]
Reader's Response CEL-361: 9-8-9
Rococo Club
 CRIM-19: [7,9,4,5]
Small town, small street (110k) (rp)
The Cure BillyG: CEL-338: 8-10-10
The Gift I-V (382k)
The Night Mum Got Drunk CEL-337: 6-7-7
The Win Tiramisu: CEL-333: 6-8-9
To Inherit a Factory (75k) CEL-354: 7-8-7, (RP)
To Live In a Factory 1 (44k)
To Live In a Factory 2 (45k)
To Live In a Factory 3 (59k)
Translator CEL-347: 9.5-9-9


Most Spoonbender stories are about women being used as
objects, treated like objects, or forced/blackmailed into becoming
objects – like high-tech ponygirls, or baby factories. Some are in
scifi settings, but that's only background to the story. If you read
all his stories, you can tell by the writing quality which ones were
written earlier, and which are more recent. The "Factory" and "Legend"
series are all separate stories and unrelated to one another, while
"Out Of This World" is a sequence of stories about the same person.
"The Ordinance" includes lots of school-girl canings and blackmail.
Plenty of nasty stuff from this author. "Fitting up Katie" is his
contribution to and the actually last part of the Bangkok Slaver
series. (See Marlissa for details).
A Present from Bangkok 34K
A Present from Louisville 12K
A Present from Tokyo 12K
And then you came 23K
Anthrax 43K
Anthropology 16K
Bridesmaid 8K
Cantina 26K
Central Casting 15K
Church 10K
Church Dance 19K
Corn 5K
Destiny 13K
Diomoxylethene 49K
Earth Mother 14K
First 16K
Full Circle 26K
Fitting Up Katie - A Bangkok Slaver Story 45K
Girl's School 15K
God Bless America 9K
Guns {the sequel to Shields}
 (Sci-fi, Humor) CEL-281: 10-9-9 11K
Hi Bill Annex 3/23/99: A+
I Wish 14K
In the dead of night 10K
It's a Wonderful Wife CEL-265: 8-9-9, 18K
Kallie 41K
Lucinda's little adventure 40K
Lucinda part 2 17K
Mimi 25K
Miriam and Nichole 25K
Model T part 1 106K
Model T Part 2 65K
Molly Nick: CEL-345: 9.5-10-9.5
My Girl 11K
My Old Coat 11K
Of all the luck 20K
Out of this World 1 18K
Out of this world 2 15K
Out of this world 3 14K
Out of this world 4 15K
Party Gift 13K
Payback 17K
Paying for the Ride 18K CEL-262: 9-7-5
Penny's Ruin 12K
Pirate's Treasure 44K
Prison 5K
Raped in the Park 15K
Rhona 1 130K
Rhona 2 (91k)
Rhona 3 (85k)
Rock - First Time (12k)
Room 416  (9k)
Science Museum (12k)
Shields 1 (11k) CEL-281: 10-10-10
Shields 2 (11k)
Shields 3 (7k)
Skater (10k)
Slits (15k)
Something Old, Something (37k)
Sons of Beaches (15k)
Styles (10k)
Teko (7k)
The Beast (38k)
The Black Crows of Morden  (7k)
The Boxvan - nc slavery (13k)
The Candy Bar (19k)
The Couple (12k)
The Eagle Strikes (57k)
The Expert - nc (14k)
The Factory 1-2 (29k) 7822
The Favour (23k)
The Fete Myers: 5 *Cel-306
The Gene - weird (17k)9.5-10-9 *Cel-256
The Hike  (7k)
The Legend 1 - beast (12k)
The Legend 2 (11k)
The Legend 3 (9k)
The Legend 4 (7k)
The Legend 5 (12k)
The Legend 6 (6k)
The Legend 7 - The Icon (7k)
The Navy Way (nc) (30k) Nick: CEL-308: 10-10-10
The Oldest Profession (6k)
The Ordinance 190K
The Other Side (21k)
The Procuress (25k)
The Quest (22k)
The Rapist (23k)
The Serving Hatch (17k)
The Sex Slave Files (69k)
The Snake Doctor (15k)
The Summer of Love (24k) CEL-283: 10-5-3
The Surprise (MF, rom, cons) (8k)
The Trick CEL-257: 10-10-10, (10k)
The Tryst 12K
Twas the night before christmas (oral) 13K
Welcome - slavery prostitution 11K
What you can't do (Spanking) 11K


My Brother's Girl
My Sister's Wedding Day
The Camera Eye CEL-212: 8-9-10
The Camera Eye - Episode 2 CEL-212: 10-10-10
The Neighbor's Pool

susan proctor

writes about lesbians and was new to ASSM in 2003.
Bed Game  (9k)
Cindy and Sylvia's Holiday Weekend (40k)
Lesbian Porn Star Fantasies 1 (19k)
Lesbian Porn Star Fantasies 2 (20k)
Strip Show (16k)
Twin Desire (10k)


Close Encounters of the Picnic Kind
Kay 1-2
Go Team Go CEL-202: 8-6-7
Stepdaughter: Superman
Stepdaughter: Two of Us
Stepdaughter: The Loan
Stepdaughter: The Photo Session
Stepdaughter: The Rescue
Stepdaughter and Wife
The Preacher

stasya t. canine

is writing stories with a wide range of codes, and he
has a site featuring the stories he venued to the public domain at
Aesir the Bard *assm-2003/43325 (40k) {Pirate}
Dawn Greeter (28k)
Bitch Talk (20k)
Doing the Doggy Slap (3k)
Dreams of Love (p) (2k)
Dream On! CEL-334: 10-8-7
Friends in the Forest 1-3 (44k)
Instant Hardcore SEX- No Credit Card Needed!! (4k)
Masseuse  (9k)
Mate? Check! (11k)
Midnight Mare (11k)
Miracles Taken for Granted (4k)
Playing Games/ Get Fucked! (7k)
Portrait of a Lover (7k)
Run Silent - Run Deep (9k)
She Was a Very Good Bitch (2k)
Simile Sally (8k)
Songs of Love - Biolab 6  (9k)
Spacehounds of Ipecac (22k)
Stalking the Stuffer (8k)
Taste of Her Smile (Version I) CEL-354: 10-7-4
Taste of Her Smile (Version II) CEL-354: 9-9-9
Teenagers in Lust (28k)
The Bed (3k)
The Eyes Have It (18k)
The Lady and the Ladder (19k)
 CRIM-1: [10,10,10,10]
The Very Best, 41023,
 CRIM-21: [10,10,10,10]
We Moved as One - Man and His Muse Series (9k)
White Wolfess (2k)
Willing Wantons (2k)
 [Blanket - Flash]


started writing about 1996 and has certainly done well. She
won the first two of Celeste's annual writing contests. Her favorite
story type is the magical/sci-fi transformation of a man into a woman.
"Nothing interests me more than the idea of a heterosexual man
suddenly finding himself in the body of a beautiful woman. Most of my
stories start with this transformation and then go on to show how
(s)he comes to terms with her new life."
African Dreams CEL-302: 10-10-10
Body and Soul #47 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 CEL-61: 10
Bracelet of Love #20 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-133
Closing Pandora's Box CEL-290: 8-8-8
DNA (127k) CEL-19: 10
 #21 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
DNA 2 (200k) 10-10-10 *Cel-106
DNA: Time On His Hands CEL-304: 10-9-9
Eight CEL-51: 8
Flight 10-10-10 *Cel-133
It's Hard to Be a Man
Little Encouragement *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Locksmith CEL-26: 10
Miss-placed (195k) *Cel-194: 10-10-10
My Best Friend-My Lover CEL-279: 7-4-5
Stephanie Between the Stars CEL-48: 8
The Girl in the Moon
The Locksmith #50 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995

stephen gray

1 The Purple Potion (finished)
2 Arabian Nights (on hold - 19 parts)
3 Victoria's Secret (on hold - 4 parts)
4 Cult of the Triangle (on hold - 8 parts)
5 Voyages of the USS Intercourse (finished)

stephen peters

Trisha and Jennifer
A Brothers Love 8.5-8-7 *Cel-251
Michele CEL-257: 9.5-7-0

steve black

Love at First Byte CEL-17: 8
Reunion CEL-44: 10
My Weekend with Nancy 10-10-10 *Cel-70
Private Dancer

steve jensen

Amanda's Conquest
Family Fun
Kid Pics
Megan & Her Dad
My Secret Girlfriend
Young Innocence Lost

steven s davis

(D&S) Mr Davis admits to being a hard
 wired sadist. If you can deal
 with that, these stories are not
 to be missed.
A Day in the Park
Diane 1-8
Dragging It Out
Drilling Devon
Helpless in the Dark
Images 1-5
New Toy
No More Work
Options A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
The Lady Is for Burning


A Wedding Day
Another Wife Playing Doctor Story
Bachelorette Party - The Stripper's Game
Breakfast with Kim CEL-271: 9-8-10
Honeymoon Visitor
I Had to Have Her
I'm Going to Fuck Your Wife CEL-206: 9-9-3
Playing Doctor with Mr Next Door
Samaritan Arrangement
Sleepwalker 1-3 CEL-205: 6-8-8
The Girl and the Ouija
The Play
The Substance and the Party
The Substance
Time Raper 1 and 2 A+ rating Annex reviews 6/24/00
To Save the Ship 8-10-10 CR 163

stroker ace

writes stories of non-consensual sexual activities. For
example, he has written three stories in the Bangkok Slaver series.
(See Marlissa for details.)
Ashley's Prom
Bangkok Slaver 4: Lollipops
Bangkok Slaver 5: Beyond Chiang Mai
Bangkok Slaver 6: Sex, Slaves, and Punishment
Chop Shop Queen
Layers Gandmar: 10-10+-10+ *Cel-304
Leslie's Merger
Lord of Discipline
Miss Congeniality
The Gift
The Ransom CEL-277: 8-9-5

studs manly

was around before I came aboard and has disappeared as far
as I know. His stories come in variety and quantity. There are
reputedly over a hundred of them, but I have far fewer than that. The
ones I have seen are mainly about a guy with a big cock, usually
having fun with some lucky woman, oftentimes family. (wrote Ole Joe)
All Give
Bi Family
Bigger Is Not Always Better
Boss Barb
Family Stud
Fucked My Son
Handy Andie
Hot Buns
In the Swim
John and Me
Kristie's Quim
Loving Aunt Glenda
My Aunt's Hot Box
My Cousin Kristie
My Girlfriend's Mom
My Horny Cousins
Nasty Videos
Newsstand Nookie
QVC Quims
Riding the Big One
Road Games
Sex Addict
Southern Comfort
Suck Slave
Toeing the Line
Virgin Territory


posted to my knowledge only two stories to rec.arts.erotica
(and one chapter of an unfinished story) in 1995.
Fourteen Fantasies: One, Submistress _obviously unfinished_
His Slave Screams 1-7
Super Ego 1-3

sue nh

Ole Joe wrote:

Insofar as you can discern things about someone you have never spoken with, nor know anything about first- hand, SueNH is my dream woman. Lusty, bodacious. Read and wish it could be with you. I don't have a valid e-mail address for Sue so I will let her introduce herself from her writings.

An excerpt from `Sue's Overture':

Someone wrote me recently to complain that my use of the present tense in my stories was annoying to him. So here is an explanation. I employ the present tense because of the method that I use to write erotic stories. I do not start with any plan or outline. Instead, I simply sit down at the keyboard and close my eyes, letting an erotic image form in my mind. Then I let that image expand into a `situation,' and then I start typing like crazy, sometimes going for 4 - 6 hours at a time. ("Slippery When Wet" took almost 8 hours, with only one bathroom break). Of course, I go back afterwards to check for typos (many, many) and to check for continuity and logic. It's amazing how little problem there is with that, since I am typing as I day- dream, and the stream of consciousness comes out in a form that makes basic sense. Sometimes I have to add a little at the beginning to provide more of a smooth, sensible introduction. Anyway, this way of writing lends itself to maintaining the present tense. My fantasy is unfolding in the same moment that I am recording it. I'm sorry if that throws you off the `scent.' I have read stories by others that are written in the present tense, and it actually turned me on more than past tense stories. Something about being in the moment, sharing the moment... I dunno. Actually, two of my stories are written in the past tense: `Life's a Beach' and `Alice and Joe and You and Me.'

Sue NH figured prominently in Celeste's Top 100 of 1995, taking 11 of the 100 positions.

AdventureLand BitBards Site
A Weekend on the Island 20 KB,
Catty Corner 25K
 #52 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-4: 10
Adventureland 9-8-10 *Cel-128, 20 KB,
And Not A Drop to Drink 9 KB,
Alice & Joe & You & Me MID (, CEL-240: 10-7-7
Cocktail Table 10-10-10 *Cel-128, 27 KB,
Craftmanship (20k)
 #8 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-6: 10
Film at Eleven (35k)
 #72 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-22: 10
Fun with Dick and Jane (32k)
 #44 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-28: 10
Gee Spot Run
 #45 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-27: 10, 24 KB
Good Grief
 #32 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-15: 10, 33 KB
Guess Who's Coming at Dinner CEL-42: 10, 40 KB
Here Cums Santa Claus
 #75 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; 10-10-10 *Cel-145, 31 KB
Ironing in the Kinks CEL-240: 10-8-8, 7 KB,
 #79 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995; CEL-35: 10, 34 KB
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 10-9-9 *Cel-99, 24 KB,
Life's A Beach CEL-20: 4, 15 KB,
Louvre Love 7.CEL-4: 5, 14 KB,
Lucy in the Sky (36k)
 #28 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996; CEL-55: 10
On the Dock 10-10-10 *Cel-71, 14 KB,
Red Hot 9.5-10-10 *Cel-74, 37 KB,
Slippery When Wet (38k)
 CEL-2: 10; #22 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
To Serve and Protect (24k)
 CEL-21: 10; #40 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
The Cocktail Table BitBards Site
Warm Caribbean Night CEL-240: 10-9-9, 9 KB,
You Big, Me Doll CEL-217: 10-8-8, 15 KB,
With Sue Stories: "I really enjoy stories written
 about me... Especially stories that
 follow up on stories that I have
 written. It gets me completely hot
 and bothered, and I usually find
 myself reading these stories in the
 Jacuzzi with a hot jet of water
 pulsating over my cunt. So, please
 consider writing fantasies like
 that... and please consider posting
 them to"
Across The Catty Corner {Backrub}, 15 KB,
Birthday Party 1/4 MID ( {Anonymous}
 2/4 MID ( {Anonymous}
 3/4 MID ( {Anonymous}
 4/4 MID ( {Anonymous}
Boogie Woogie Diesel Train {Robert}, 29 KB,
Into the Woods {Anonymous}, 10-10-10 *Cel-132,
 23 KB,
Lab Partners {Anonymous}, 60 KB,
 #28 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995
Libre Island {Sharon}, 80 KB,
Thanksgiving {Tom}, 59 KB,
Waiting For Late Night (sequel to Sue's Film at Eleven)
 {}, 20 KB,

sue's intimate library

Ole Joe got a, "Whoa!! Who the hell
 are you," kind of response from
 Sue, so I doubt the intro gets
 better. These are MMF wife
 fantasies. OK? Fantasies!
A Fantasy for Greg
Hot for Vic
Husband's Surprise Return Home
Meeting Down Town
Military Maneuvers
So Talk
Sue's Fantasy
Sue's Fifth Story
The Continuing Saga of Vic
The E-mail Meeting
The Lucky Lady
The Party
Together at Last


writes stories with bondage themes. Many are short, but invoke
powerful images. If you have the least interest in this area, you
should try a few. Well done, each and every one.
A Birthday Gift (6k) 8-4-3 *Cel-120
A Bottom's Wannaf___ (3k)
A Lesson in Submission (29k)
Blackness MID (
Catharsis (2k)
Daydreaming (3k)
 CEL-238: 8-7-6
Doorways CEL-278: 9-6-8,
 1-10 (10k)
 11-20 (9k)
 21-30 (11k)
 31-40 (12k)
 41-50 (16k)
 51-60 (15k)
 61-63 (3k)
 64-70 (9k)
 71-80 (9k)
 81-90 (6k)
 91-100 (10k)
 101-110 (8k)
 111-119 (15k)
 120 (3k) at Google only
 121-130 (10k)
 131-139 (15k)
Letting Go (18k)
Mistress V (6k)
Pain MID (514r6n$
Playing (6k)
Relaxation (3k)
Sarah 1-2 *assm-1999/21416 (13k)
Self Indulgence (4k)
Talk Dirty to Me MID (
Thanksgiving - A Family Holiday (6k)
The Desk (4k)
 CEL-274: 10-8-8,
 B+ rating Annex Reviews,
The Dinner (4k) 6.5 *Cel-277
The Game (11k)
The Interview 1 (5k)
  2 (3k)
  3 (3k)
  4 (3k)
The Invitation (5k)
Twilight Dreams (4k)
Valentine's Day Story (11k) CEL-356: 8-6-6
What Do You Want? MID (
Within the Shadows of Dreams (8k)
You Said You Wanted a Slave... (2k)

summer's rose

Another Taste of Heaven *Cel-172: 10-10-10
Early Morning Love *Cel-165: 10-9-9
Of Fights and Fantasy *Cel-166: 10-9-9
Seduction of the Beloved *Cel-167: 10-10-10
The Goodnight Kiss *Cel-169: 10-10-10
The Ring of Heaven *Cel-171: 10-10-10
The Temptation of Heaven's Ring *Cel-172: 10-10-10


Marvel Comics
Silver 129k
Silver 2  77k
Smuggler 1-6 77k
The Dryad


English Lessons
Just a Typical Friday Night
Mark's Wake-Up Call
The Command Performance

suzie sleaze

(MMF wife exhib) The stories are posted to several groups
with different story names, also there is confusion within the "Lycra
Slut Letters" (#3 is missing, #4 exists both with subject `You Lie'
and `Home Alone', the least again with several subtitles in some
subgroups of
A Fucked-Out Slut _is on her story list, but not in
 Google, please report!_
A (Lycra) Slut's Origin
A Lycra Slut Extra
A Lycra Slut Note
A Lycra Teen Slut MID: (4nk51o$8s7$
Beach Slut *Cel-177: 9-10-10
Beachslut In Italy
Hard-Shit Sisters MID: (
Lycra Disco Slut *A rating Annex Review 5-22-97
 MID: (5lj5cj$pin$
Lycra Slut at the Porn Theater {Jonboy}
Lycra Slut Letters (#1,2,3?,4) 8-6-5 *Cel-79
School Dazed Sex MID: (
Suzie Sleaze. Wears to Pleaze!

sven the elder

is writing rather short stories and is to be found at and His stories
are contenting consensual sex, mostly.
Always the Same CEL-257: 10-10-10, Romance (short)
And the Lady Danced
 `till Dawn tooshoes:10-9-10 *Cel-292
Booby Prize Cons Sex (short)
Chocolate and Toffee Pussy CRIM-22: [9,8,10,9]
Coming in Last CEL-248: 10-10-10, Romance (short)
Damned if... Cons Sex (short)
Dancing Cons Sex (short)
Dancing in the Dark *Cel-345
Fate Cons Sex (short)
Friendship CEL-281: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Given Cons sex (short)
Happy Christmas Uncle (30k)
Healer Cons sex (short)
Horse racing Cons Sex (short)
In the Family multiple sex (four parts)
Journey's End CEL-275: 10-10-10,
 Consensual Sex (short)
Keeping it in the Family
Long Ago and Far Away CEL-240: 10-8-8
 Inter flashback (short)
Lovers Ever V consensual? (short)
Lucky Santa Cons Sex (short)
Man-Eater Cons Sex (short), CEL-330: 10-10-10
Naughty Cons Sex (short)
Revelations CEL-269: 10-10-10
Robyn's Nest CEL-289: 10-10-10
 Consensual Sex (short)
Runner (8k)
Sharing 1 Fiddler: CEL-354: 10-9-10
 (longer wf watch) Cons sex (short)
Sharing 2 (longer wf watch) Threesome (short)
Shocking Times CEL-351: 10-9.5-9.5, Cons Swapping
 (short), *A rating Annex Review 5-11
Summer Rain CEL-305: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Tales of the East Indies CEL-233: 10-10-10, Inter Cons (short)
The Belfast Crab CEL-375: 10-10-10,
The Curiosity Shop CEL-241: 10-10-10, Cons quickie,
 #100 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Lady Danced Cons Sex (short)
The Other Alternative Wife watch 3some (short)
The Server Cons Sex (short)
The Widow 8-8-8 *Cel-140, Cons 3some (short)
Therapy CEL-309: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Things lovers do Cons Sex (short), CEL-323: 7-9-9,
 with Teresa Birdsong
Today (2nd part of incomplete trilogy)
We'll See What Happens CEL-301: 10-10-10, Cons Sex (short)
Welcome Return (12k)
 CRIM-23: [9,9,8,8]
Winnings Wife watch 3some (short)
Yesterday *Cel-175: 10-9-9, Rom flashback (short)
You Always Sleep with Your Hairdresser, Don't You? 9.5-10-10 *Cel-157, Cons quickie,


-- mostly (M/f, D/s)
A Symphony Of Debauchery 1 (17k)
A Symphony Of Debauchery 2 (30k)
Beth (20k) (RP)
Call Your Husband (4k) (RP)
Educating Maria (24k)
Gail's Husband Gets His Wish (14k)
Imagine... (20k)
Mastering Nikki (11k)
Meeting Lindaslut (13k)
Punishing Your Wife (5k)
Ruthie's Coffee Break (2k)
Ruthie's Defilement (17k)
Ruthie's Sweet Night Of Passion (30k)
Shoe Shopping With Shae 1 (13k)
Shoe Shopping With Shae` 2 Cont (21k)
The 3am Phone Call (7k)
The Adult Education Of Victoria Nicole (25k)
Turnabout (17k)


-- another one-story-wonder ??
Rave On (MF, NC, mild BD) (10k)
 CRIM-13: [10,10,10,10]

sylvia douglas

-- yet another one-story-wonder??
Waiting (MF) (22k) CEL-333: 9-8-8


Adam's First Time (aka His Suburban Domme)

taliesin the bard

wrote the S.L.U.T. Adventures (to my knowledge 19 stories) about the sex life of the members of S.L.U.T., the infamous *S*winging *L*ifestylers *U*nited *T*ogether against sexual repression and hypocrisy, a glorious group of hedonists, which frequently practised its philosophy of _Anyone, Anything, Anytime, Anyplace_. Lady Cyrrh wrote (Annex Reviews 12/23/99):

His stories center on a group of sexual adventurers called the S.L.U.T.s, and they have adventures that are typical but hot. There is no guilt here, no fetish or kink, just pure Saturnalia.

The stories can be found at:

S.L.U.T. Surprise (Swinging Lifestylers United
Chloe, The Director
Janet For Hire A- rating Annex Reviews 5/5/99
Quitting Time?
Shoe Fits
Bathroom Bj
Wanna Fuck *A rating Annex Reviews 12/23/99
Gangbang S.L.U.T.
The Photographer
One Night At The Office
Wake Up Fuck
A Monday Morning Orgy
Feed Me Your Meat
The Beach Bunch
Let's Play
Make Annette Happy
Star Treatment

taria t

was an addition to a.s.s. in 1998 and she retired in the same year. She will probably never live down the fact that almost everyone loves "Art Appreciation" best. Well, okay, "Computer Flirt" ain't half bad either. She has written a number of varied pieces in between, including a number that have made Celeste's top stories of the month. (Oh, and Taria my sweet, don't jump on Ole Joe, this is a guest paragraph *grin*, although maybe Joe might enjoy being jumped on by Tasty Taria!)

Bitbard wrote:

At first glance it appears Taria writes for the moment, as all erotica authors do. There's a passion and urgency in her work. She ties her stories to rhythm and music and they are like the tide ebbing and flowing behind the thrusting hips and passionate cries. In doing so, and in doing it so very well, Taria has surpased erotica and achieved literature. The very best of her stories, "Raga" and "Power and the Word", speak beyond the erotica and even beyond the beat that pulses below the surface. There is something there that speaks to what it is to be human – to love, to care, to need and to feel. And in the end, that is the ultimate definition of literature, great literature – that it speaks to us and to what it is to be human. Nobody has ever done it better than Taria.

See Taria stories at Bitbard's Library

Art Appreciation 1-3 *Cel-183: 10-10-10
Buttbytr Saga (Poetic War)
Cain and Abel #52 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Computer Flirt CEL-213: 10-10-10
Correspondence #48 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 *Cel-196: 10-10-10
Going Native CEL-271: 10-9-9
Inside Out CEL-292: 10-10-10
One O'Clock Jump CEL-284: 10-10-10
One Perfect Rose CEL-260: 10-10-10
Phone Sex CEL-281: 10-10-10
Please Watch the Closing Doors CEL-252: 10-10-10
Power and the Word CEL-250: 10-10-10
Raga CEL-258: 10-10-10 %assm-1998/8405.txt
Softball 1-2 #42 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 CEL-203: 10-10-10
Spam Contest CEL-225: 10-10-10
The Computer Flirt #26 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Walls Have Ears A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
Through the Looking Glass *Cel-193: 10-9-8
Walls Have Ears CEL-201: 10-10-10

ted e. bear

Ted E. Bear's stories are usually of a non-consensual nature and/or
have a mind control along with a body changing aspect to them. Read
the series `Revenge on My Ex-Boss'. With Kathy B. he wrote `Coerced'.
 From time to time he reposts uncompleted stories as to provoke
somebody for posting the rest or continuing the story, many of them
have been written in "good old BBS times". Lately he wrote a
continuation of Glaucus' story "Suzy's Honeymoon"
A Bad Neighborhood (50k)
Blackmaled 1 - The Office (64k)
Coerced 1-9 {Kathy B.} (160k)
 10 (29k)
 11 (46k)
Convicted Of Prudery (24k)
Changing Points Of View (133k)
Kidnaped On Their Wedding Night (195k)
Little Black Girl, Sex Toy For Her White Stepfather (83k)
Office Slut 1 (57k)
Other Men's Wives #1 Part A (111k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #1  (41k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #2  (31k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #3  (41k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #4  (65k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #5  (77k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #6  (43k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #7  (24k)
Revenge On My Ex-Boss #8  (44k)
Sold For Sex (58k)
Suzy's Honeymoon Ch. 1 {Glaucus}  (49k)
 Ch. 2 {Glaucus} (41k)
 Ch. 3 {Glaucus} (29k)
 Ch. 4 {Glaucus} (50k)
 Ch. 5 {Glaucus} (45k)
 Day 6  (45k)
 Day 7  (42k)
The Prankster! (39k)
The Twilight Zone (54k)
The Wedding From Hell (37k)
Those Nasty Nazi's And Their Teutonic Tortures (38k)
Toilet Trained (18k)
Young Again 1 (40k)
Young Again 2 - Jennifer's Night With The Devil (18k)
Young Again 3 - The Beginning Of Her New Life (45k)

ten to win. t

his was one of the first guys Ole Joe ever wrote about a
story. He wrote him about all his stories. Read them in order. We
don't care if you have an interest in light bondage or not. After
you've read this series, you'll have more interest.
A Friendly Wager ***
Tied to Her Job ***
Saturday Bound
Sunday Bound
Twins, Ties, and Trouble

terri madison

posted about 120 stories to a.s.s.m. The stories are involving mf- or ff-intercourse and often humiliation or blackmail, non-consent. Postings are dated mostly between 2000 and 2002. His story "Cold" earned B/B- by Lady Cyrrh. She wrote:

I like rape/humiliation tales as long as they're delivered without tropes and with finesse, but the old "they're really sluts underneath, so they deserved it" cliché deserves to be shot. And buried."

Male readers perhaps prefer the clichés. So read the stories and decide yourself.

Abducted Office Bimbo (20k)
Anticipate (2k)
Birthday Fantasy (45k)
 Emily: CEL-377: 7-9-10
Brad's Birthday Surprise (33k)
Cold (30k)
 Annex 4/30/00: B-/B
Coming of Age (31k) CEL-372: 9-6-3
Coming of Age (epilogue) (31k)
Confessions of a Cat Burglar (111k)
Curing a cheater  (4k)
Dumb Blonde Bimbo (7k)
Dumb Blonde Hitchhiker (11k)
Elevator Encounter (10k)
Erica (4k)
Fucking The Rain (12k)
Getting Ready for Mr. J (9k)
Greetings from Vegas (6k)
Cheating  (3k)
Checkmate! (3k)
Internet Interludes #2 Millie19 (7k)
It's a *GOOD* life, Pt 1 (10k)
It's a *GOOD* life, Pt 2
 "Depraved Sluts 101" (17k)
It's a *GOOD* life, Pt 3
 "Broadcast Nudes" (14k)
Jason, Kayla and Allison  (9k)
Karen's Descent (28k)
Mirror, mirror (35k)
Miss Daphne makes a deal (29k)
Monograms (7k)
Motel Slut (11k)
Mrs. J (9k)
Nine Minutes (2k)
 CRIM-16: [10,10,10,10]
Picture This (2k)
Prelude (1k)
Prey (3k)
Second Place Part 1 (23k)
Second Place Part 2 (16k)
Second Place Part 3 (14k)
Second Place Part 4 (16k)
Second Place Part 5 (25k)
Second Place Part 6 (17k)
Second Place Part 7 (11k)
Second Place Part 8 (23k)
Second Place Part 9 (13k)
Second Place Part 10 (8k)
Second Place Part 11 (22k)
Second Place Part 12 (18k)
Second Place Part 13 (11k)
Second Place Part 14 (20k)
Second Place Part 15 (14k)
Second Place Part 16 (9k)
Second Place Part 17 (14k)
Second Place FINAL CHAPTER (39k)
Second Place INTEROFFICE MEMO (23k)
Sloppy Seconds (11k)
Slut Elf  (8k)
Slut Ex-wife Part 1 (16k)
Snowball  (8k)
Terri's Close Shave (11k)
The Bet (6k)
The Ex-Files: #1 Jason, Allison and Kayla (9k)
The Ex-Files: #2 Angie & Karla (8k)
The Ex-Files: #3 Erica (4k)
The House Guest (3k)
The New Salesgirl Chapter One (18k)
The Parking Lot (5k)
The Present (5k)
The Wedding (61k)
Thirty-one Flavors (22k) CEL-369: 9-6-6
Vickie and Jeremy Bachelor Party (23k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 1  (9k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 2 (10k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 2 (10k)
Vickie and Jeremy Part 3 (10k)
Vickie's Torment (11k)
Wakeup (2k)

tf yank

There are a whole lot more of these. Anyone want to help me out?
Fallen Angel
Jeni's Story
Maria's Story - Love Hurts
Thomas' Story: Cummin' of Age 557k
Uptown Lady with a Downtown Appetite

the abyss

At the Movies
At the Movies Again YW94
Kelly 1-3
Mandy and Sue Humiliate Harold
Sheryl and Derek Meet Karin

the bear

-- there is confusion about THE BEAR, THE NEW BEAR (and even
some other bears), and then there is TED E. BEAR (see above).
Researching Google you find a posting which cleans up (search for the
Message-ID: (
Back in 1995 there was a fellow writing stories using the pseudonym
The BEAR, he used the email adress (no longer functional): `al-'. Later on, another guy started writing stories
using the same pseudonym; his stories can also be discerned by his
email address, `'. In 1997 when the guy later
writing as Baird Allen has started lurking ASS/ASSM/ASSD, neither of
these guys was still active, so he had no idea that anyone was already
using the name and started using it. His stories all have the email
address `' on them.
Baird Allen got tired of people getting me confused with these other
guys, so he started shifting over to a new nym. In this list were up
to v. 2002 only two Bears listed and some stories have been
misattributed. Being a noble sort of Bear, Baird Allen checked the
archives and tried to sort them out, then made a new list for Ole Joe
(in 1998 – in 2003 it was used for this revision of Ole Joe's guide).
There is also LadyBear (aka Rochel), who has written and posted an
erotic poem, "Would You?', to my knowledge her one and only work, can
be found at Google with Message-ID: (356c714b.18414924@news).
"Finally, there are a QuasiBear and a MastrBear. I can't tell you
anything about these last two, as I haven't read anything by either
one of them, but you can see that the woods are getting pretty damn
crowded with Bears." (Baird Allen)
-- Baird Allen (formerly The Bear) (
 (the New Bear in v.15 / v.2003)
All This for Only 79 Cents?  (10k) CEL-221: 10-10-10,
Castle Party
 - Arrival by Chopper (16k)
Gold Nuggets #001 (5k)
Letter to Sarah CEL-223: 10-9-10
 *A rating Annex 10-15-97
 (19k) (v.1.4)
Luau: Insatiable Flame (25k) CEL-273: 10-8-8,
My Nipples Explode with Delight!!!  (4k) CEL-221: 10-8-8,
On the Run (7k)
Predator (21k)  CEL-228: 10-10-10,
Sarah: My Best Friend's Girl (10k)
 + assm-1997/4335.txt
 CEL-220: 9-9-8
Spam Title (6k)
Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth CEL-320: 10-9.5-9.5
The Bear Arrives Late (as usual)
Truckstop CEL-222: 10-10-10,
 #75 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
What I Did When My Boyfriend
 Left for the Weekend CEL-221: 10-8-8
-- The BEAR (#1) (
 (the Old Bear, he posted in 1995)
A Haven for Monica
First Time's the Charm
Glenda CEL-283: 9-8-7
Kate and Me #12 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-11: 10
Kathy #41 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1995,
 CEL-3: 10
Summer Nap by R. I. Chard, edited by the BEAR
The Ballad of Jenny Mae
The Poolhouse
How to Replace a Wife
Me and My Daddylove
-- The Bear (#2) (
 (the Other Bear)
Better Loving Through Chemistry 8-8-8 *Cel-133
Catwoman - Double Standard
Holiday Recipe 10-9-9 CR 237
Home Game
How to Replace a Wife
Lee's Lesson
Me and My Daddylove CEL-20: 5
Office Bound
Siege of Troi
The Cruise
Wonder Woman - Rules of the Game
Wonder Woman vs Shadow Warriors

the best

Rapist Mind 1-3?
Stepmom 1-4?

the dark ranger

Agony in Pink 103k

the editor

Ole Joe wrote the original entry:

All are lengthy and professionally done. Many use the element of non-consensual sex becoming enthusiastically consensual. Many include beastiality, but the titles are easy to pick out if you don't like that sort of story. Each and every one will singe the hair off your scalp. Ole Joe's favourite is `The Missionary's Daughter.'

Uther Pendragon wrote to ASSD after v.2003 of this guide was posted:

"The Editor" is listed as an author. He wasn't; he said he wasn't. There was a long discussion of his typing in (scanning?) old Beeline novels. There were people on both sides of the question of the morality of doing so; I don't remember anyone's denying that this was what he did.

See the thread starting with the Message-ID (lb9L5.19111$ for more. I am open to credit in future versions of this guide the following stories to their real creators, if I get the information about.

"Harder!" Mom Said (177k)
A Bride for the Whole Family (275k)
A Donkey Named Peter (243k)
A Film for a Few Friends 240k
A Girl's Best Friend
A Helpful Wife
A Husband's Hobby 243k
A Librarian's Training (158k)
A Loving Family (235k)
A Mother's Forbidden Passion 258k
A Mother-Daughter Twosome
A Naughty Fourteen 159k
A Panty Compulsion (203k)
A Schoolgirl's Discipline (160k)
A Schoolgirl's First Time (163k)
A Wild Yearning
Alice Marlow (72k)
An Animal Heat
An Animal-Loving Bride
An Incestuous Love
An Incestuous Party 235k
An Unholy Desire
An Unholy Lust
And The Dog Made Three (144k)
Angie's Dog Orgy (241k)
Angie Makes Friends 231k
Animal Farm 283k
Animal Girl
Animal Retreat
Auntie's Dog Days 165k
Auntie Marilyn 126k
B and D Bridal Shower (164k)
Babysitter Takes Dogs (149k)
Beasts Are Better (289k)
Behind the Bar
Behind the Barn 220k
Billy's Hot Mom (171k)
Black Captain
Blackmailed (244k)
Blackmailed into Swapping (336k)
Blackmailed Mother 511k {Peter Jensen?}
Blackmailed Neighbors 258k
Blackmailed Sister-in-Law (239k)
Blackmailed Teenagers 261k
Blackmailed Wife, ver 1 242k
Blackmailed Wife, ver 2 320k
Bookstore for Boys (173k)
Boyfriend's Dad
Caesar Comes and His Revenge
Chained Cheerleader (197k)
Changing Partners (161k)
Charlene's Dirty Movie (173k)
China Girl
Coed Sluts (238k)
Coming Mother (155k)
Daddy's Delight 229k
Daddy's Hot Twins (184k)
Daddy's Little Girls (235k)
Daddy's Naughty Daughters (156k)
Daughter's Hot Home Movies (174k)
Daughter's Little Friend 256k
Daughter's Pony Urge (165k)
Daughter Gets the Goat (172k)
Delighted In His Daughter (229k)
Dog-Style Wives (257k)
Donkey Raped Daughter (153k)
Donkey-Loving Schoolgirl (167k)
Donna's Loving Brothers (258k)
Door-to-Door Sex-Girl (256k)
Double Marriage (225k)
Driven to Depravity (269k)
Driving Men to Distraction 242k
Drugged Into Sin
Duplicate Lovers (256k)
Eager Beaver Family (171k)
Eager Horny Cousin (203k)
Eager Wild Wife (160k)
East Wild Wife (154k)
Every Inch A Nymph (235k)
Exhibitionist Wife
Family Bed
Family Bride (220k)
Family Night 204k
Family Peepers (151k)
Family Pet
Family Sandwich
Family With The Hots (192k)
Filmed with Dogs (176k)
First Time For Sister (309k)
First Time In The Behind (154k)
Fit To Be Tied (193k)
Free For All Farmgirl (169k)
Games Neighbors Play (212k)
Gang Bang Mom (149k)
Girl's Camp Counselor (226k)
Girl's School Pet
Hard Guys and Hostages (306k)
He Seduced His Little Sister (360k)
Her Animal Act 243k
Her Driving Desires (205k)
Her Four Legged Lovers (174k)
Her Husband's Boss (234k)
Her Lessons After School (154k)
Her Mother's Lover (177k)
Her Sensuous Search (260k)
Her Week At Mountain Mansion (239k)
Hero's Mistress 203k
Hidden Camera 201k
Homespun Fun (228k)
Honeymoon Hotel (306k)
Honeymoon Traders (215k)
Horse Loving Daughter (155k)
Horse-Hungry Mother (156k)
Horse-Loving Cousins (174k)
Horse-Loving Farm Wives (164k)
Horse-Loving Niece (181k)
Horses For Horny Cousins (156k)
Hot & Horny Weekend (246k)
Hot Bed Family (201k)
Hot Mom, Hot Dog (173k)
Hot Naked Cousin (153k)
Hot Nymph Next Door (169k)
Hot Pants Weather Girl (184k)
House of Dark Pleasure (264k)
House of Evil 249k
Hungry Pet 250k
Impotent Husband 236k
In Sexual Pursuit (225k)
Incest Games (258k)
Incest Schoolgirls (126k)
Innocent In Chicago 1/2 (247k)
Innocent In Chicago 2/2 (202k)
Into Sister, Into Incest (165k)
Jackie's Family Lessons (281k)
Jealous Protector 252k
Julie Taylor (50k)
Kappy, Son of Kaptain *assm-1997/5410.txt (533k)
Lap Lessons (273k)
Late Late Family Show 198k
Laura's Ball Club (200k)
Lawfully Wedded Nymph (246k)
Lewd Layout (188k)
Lisa's Stepmother 239k
Little Beth's Boyfriends (207k)
Little Eddie's Mother 217k
Little Tina's Playtime Lovers (222k)
Lovers at Olay 236k
Lovers At Play (236k)
Loving Hot Family (168k)
Loving Step-Parents 244k
Lust Takes a Holiday (230k)
Making Daddy (247k)
Making the Bride's Maid (150k)
Mary's Great Dane (212k)
Missionary's Daughter
Mom's Best Friend (262k)
Mom's Donkey Urge (154k)
Mom's Horse Hunger (160k)
Mom's In on the Marriage 287k
Mom's Rape Cure (201k)
Mom's Summer Camp Swap (195k)
More Than A Mother (180k)
Mother's Animal Lover 230k
Mother's New Boarder
Mother Every Way (231k)
Mother With The Hots (178k)
Mother-Daughter Models (197k)
Mrs Howell's Foot
My Nympho Aunt (288k)
Naked and Helpless
Naked Wet Daughter 160k
Naughty Farmer's Daughter (172k)
Naughty Little Sister (206k)
Nazi Joy Camp (226k)
New Ravished Wife (246k)
Nightmare Holiday (192k)
Nubile Treat (245k)
Of Course She Loves A Horse (157k)
One-on-One (199k)
Painful Paradise (233k)
Pam's Pony (174k)
Pay For Play Cheerleaders (121k)
Peeping Family (195k)
Perverted Passions (249k)
Pet Shop Pussy (246k)
Photo Orgy (270k)
Pilgrim of Passion 230k
Pony Girl (212k)
Present for Teacher
Racial Swap-Night
Rajah 264k
Rohl (32k)
Sally's Secret Lover
Sally & Duke (251k)
Searching for Satisfaction (221k)
Second Grade Teacher 274k
Seduced Young Wife 226k
Seductive Sister-in-Law 254k
Sex Ahead (225k)
Sex-Crazed Stallion (206k)
Sex-Education Class
She Blows the Man Down (175k)
Shelly On The Farm (238k)
Schoolgirl's First Date (169k)
Schoolgirl Bondage (155k)
Sinful Cyndi (179k)
Sister's Horny Dog (158k)
Sister's Horsey Urges (170k)
Sister's Husband
Sister's Loving Pets (182k)
Sister's Wet Panties (146k)
Sister Does Dogs (179k)
Sister Spreads (206k)
Sister Sucks Best (165k)
Sisters Love Horses (161k)
Skin-Flick Slut (195k)
Slave Trader's Captive (225k)
Sleep-In For Daddy (279k)
Some Very Lovable Neighbors
Southern Tramp (202k)
Spell of the Beast (291k)
Spouse In Torment (188k)
Spread Wide Secretary (176k)
Stable Girl (188k)
Stepmother's Lover (272k)
Strange Perversion
Stud Horse (199k)
Sucker For Mom (239k)
Sucking Daughter, Bucking Horse (160k)
Suzy In Bondage (184k)
Swap Party Campaign (229k)
Swapping With Laura (239k)
Swimsuit Sinners (240k)
Teaching Swapping (225k)
Teasing Pleasing Family (175k)
Tempted Tourist
The Abducted Bride (334k)
The Abducted Wife (249k)
The Animal Urge (216k)
The Ape Girl (209k)
The Beast in Me 253k
The Blackmailed Neighbors (258k)
The Brother-in-Law (183k)
The Coed's Wild Ass (160k)
The Dog's Girl (241k)
The Dog Ballers (271k)
The Dog Lovers (231k)
The Doggie Doctor
The Door-to-Door Salesman (211k)
The Experiment 307k
The Family's Animal Fun (161k)
The Family Act (187k)
The Family Busts Loose (172k)
The Family Haven (109k)
The Family Pet (239k)
The Family Reunion (359k)
The Family Secret (213k)
The Family Sucks A Lot (165k)
The Family Swappers (483k)4536,4537.txt
The Farm Wife's Pets (173k)
The Friendly Couples (281k)
The Girlfriend's Lesson
The Girlfriend's Revenge 444k {Carl Van Marcus ?}
The Harlot Seed (274k)
The Headmaster (253k)
The Helpless Captive
The Hollywood Swappers
The Kinky Couples
The Landlady's Dog (230k)
The Lap Dog
The Loser's Wife
The Married Sister (212k)
The Motorcyclist's Wife (254k)
The Neighbor's Pet
The Neighbor's Teasing Wife (148k)
The Neighborhood Nympho (183k)
The Neighborhood Pet (260k)
The Orgiastic Cult
The Panty Lovers (226k)
The Peeking Sister (212k)
The Playful Twins (187k)
The Professor's Rape Games (205k)
The Rancher's Wife (332k)
The Reluctant Couple (289k)
The Reluctant Neighbor (226k)
The Reluctant Swappers (231k)
The Scandalous Stewardess
The Seduction Of Mommy (239k)
The Sex Experiment (243k)
The Sex Procurer (247k)
The Soldier's Wife (221k)
The Straying Wife
The Tough Get Coming (271k)
The Twins - and Mother and Teacher (465k)24233
The Underground Model (244k)
The Unholy Master 305k
The Violated Virgin (251k)
The Watch Dog
The Watching Husband
The Widow's Companion 235k
The Widow's Hot Family (182k)
The Wife's Wild Ass (159k)
The Wife Does Dogs (173k)
The Wifes's Doggy Position (148k)
The Wolf Wives (271k)
The Young and the Wild
Three-Way Weekend
Throw Mama On The Bed (145k)
Tied Up Aunt (182k)
Tommy's Little Sister (205k)
Tortured Tourists
Tween Sister's Hot Thighs (160k)
Twin Daughters For Dogs (166k)
Two Naughty Moms (187k)
Two Raped Wives (176k)
Two Sisters And A Horse (149k)
Two Way Mother (166k)
Uncle Gaston and Niece (535k)6400,6401
Uncle Ned (188k)
Unfaithful Girlfriend
Up, Boy, Up (230k)
Video Games (267k)
Virgin For Horses (165k)
Voodoo In Haiti (230k)
Walo's Mistress (277k)
Wanting Everyone (210k)
Weekend Captive 247k
When Mom And Dad Are Away (166k)
White Captive
White Slave 201k
Wife On Film (177k)
Wild For Horses (187k)
Women Who Perform With Animals (234k)
Young Girl Sex Club (246k)
Young Pussy (150k)

the englishman

Babysitting 10-10-10 *Cel-99
And Three Were Foolish
Parking 10-10-10 *Cel-150

the erotic pen

Nancy Comes to Work [no #s] *Cel-204
Slow Dancing with a Stranger
Three in Vegas YW17
Field of Dreams B+ Annex Reviews
The Hunter CEL-204: 10-9-9
The Picnic

the flying pen

Broadway Limited
Crystal's Persuasion
Honey's Story CEL-219: 9-9-9
Karen, An Unusual Love Story
Night Music 195k
Penny YW485/YW486
Queen Alice
Satin Doll
Seduction of Yvonne Bauer
Tales from the Institute
The Coven 316k

the joker

I know there are more stories by The Joker than I have
listed. Help?
Brooke 1-3 1/3 MID (5h1or7$ (RP)
 2/3 MID (5h1osd$ (RP)
 3/3 MID (5h1ou8$ (RP)
Cori 1-3 MID (Md_54.5710$DC6.93788@news2.mia) (RP)
My First Lay MID (59q55o$ (RP)
Sleepy 9-9-9 *Cel-157, MID ( (OleJoe-RP)
Sweet MID (51ft3m$ (RP)

the madhatter

A Present for Santa Claus
Family Affair 132k
Fun with the Kids

the midnight lurker

(before: JM MCMURRAY) writes gang-bang-stories
(most about Lisa and Suzi). If you've read one, you read all. The
plots are like an old broken grammophone disk ... to repeat ... to
repeat ... to repeat ... to repeat ...
_Gang-bang stories about Suzi (marked * includes Lisa):_
Suzi Does Seattle
Suzi's Erotic Odyssey
Suzi's Insatiable Desire
Suzi's Birthday Bash
Suzi... Every Man's Dream Annex Reviews 4/30/98 C-/D+ Rating
Suzi's Fulfillment
Suzi's Weekend
Suzi and Brett
Suddenly Suzi
SuziFest `98
There's Something About Suzi
Forever Suzi
Suzi's Poolside Party
The Suzi Chronicles
Suzi and Ian
Suzi: A New Beginning*
Suzi and Jeremy
Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts*
Suzi's Poolside Show*
_Lisa Story:_
Essentially Lisa
_Other stories:_
Mary Does Miami
Mary's Fulfillment Myers: no num. rating *Cel-337
Cindy's Audience
Stripper's Delight
Ashley and her Boss Annex Reviews 6/26/99: A rating
Elevator Heat

the mighty quinn

(aka QUIN) "Captured Caroline" is where it is for
sex slavery buffs. The first five chapters of this story told me all I
needed to know about this subject, in loving detail. There are several
additional chapters. Hmmm? This deserves a better explanation. It is
really a well written story. Quin posted the chapters as he wrote
them. I read chapters 1-5 in a rush, then wanted to wait for the story
to end before starting over. I just haven't gotten to it. Some day
soon? I really don't see how anybody can outdo Quin on a story of this
genre. Should be noted that this story is, and probably forever will
be, incomplete. If you are a male and can imagine kidnapping a young
woman and turning her into a sex slave, I recommend you read these
stories instead. You will stay out of jail and get your kicks, too.
Quin has recently started a new series, "Vanishing Point" (with
Timid), which may also end up incomplete ... a recent posting
suggested that the series won't be continued unless more feedback is
received. (it seems to be another "famous" incomplete story, like "The
Book", by Blackie, started out strongly, developed an interesting plot
line, then .. nothing.)
Captured Caroline 1-11 465k ***
Doc's Orders 214k
 *A rating Annex Reviews 11-16-97
Vanishing Point 1-20

the observer

"Terri's Dilemma" should have
 been on Celeste's Top 100 for
 1995. I'll assume it was an
 oversight and just bring the
 story to your attention.
Terri's Dilemma 9.5-10-10 *Cel-77
Meeting Shirley 9.5-10-10 *Cel-93
Night with Yokosan 10-9.5 9.CEL-96: 5
The Photographer's Daughters 9.5-9-9 *Cel-93

the raven

(FF catfighting)
Hollywood Catfight
Love Slave

the secret grrl

is a female writer of romance-based erotica, with a
special interest in same-generation incest stories (brother/sister,
etc) and first time stories. Story categories: rom cons MF mf FF inc
Maidenhair Down (32k)
Seduces Me (22k)
Vicarious Satisfaction (17k)

the star

Miriam 118k
Sarah (162k) *Cel-179: 10-10-10

the reverend jim

Beverly Hills 90210 - Lessons
Beverly Hills 90210 - Bed Rest
Beverly Hills 90210 - Girls Night In
Let the Punishment Fit the Crime *Cel-199
Role Reversal *A rating Annex Review 7-26-97,
 [no #s] *Cel-200
The Diary of Alyssa Browning
The Rest Is Silence (guest review) *Cel-199

the warthog

(MMF wife) GBV stands for Gang Bang Virgins. SHW for Slut
Housewives. You get the idea, but maybe not the full flavour. You
gotta read some. "Bobbie's Special Half Time" is completely different
from "Belinda's Secrets" which is very different from "Suzy's
The Warthog has slowed down (ended??). There are 26 lengthy tales,
which are available on Dark Wanderers Site or
The primary theme is the adventures of everyday, typical, albeit
beautiful, women who find themselves in highly charged sexual
situations that compel them to let go and give in to their otherwise
suppressed passions. Multiple men, interracial sex and pregnancy are
subplots showing just how far the women will go while exploring their
passions. Have heart medicine or someone of the appropriate sex handy
before reading.
GBV01 Bobbie's Special Half Time
GBV02 Gwen's First Taste
GBV03 Christi's Big Performance
GBV04 Lori's Risky Wager
GBV05 Abby Gets Pulled Over
GBV06 Jenny Takes a Detour
GBV07 Kathy and My Frat Brothers
GBV08 Tiffany's Filling Experience
GBV09 Real Man Play Dolls
GBV10 Belinda's Secrets
GBV11 Suzy's Trainer
GBV12 Sherry Proves Herself Worthy
GBV13 Sarah: Playground for Sex
SHW01 Sherry's Night Out
SHW02 Penny's Safety Net
SHW03 Present for Paula
SHW04 Summer Weekend
SHW05 Vicki's Encounter
SHW06 Compensation for Damages
SHW07 Anthony Brown, Sweet Smelling Stud
SHW08 Christine Makes a Deal
SHW09 Brie Falls Behind the Eight Ball
SHW10 Theresa and Beverly Share
SHW11 Angela and Debbie Play Ten Questions
SHW12 Tiffany Gets Filled Again
SHW13 Jessie Pays Her Debts
The Company Trip (1-12) written with Peggy.


Conventional Sex
Memories Like Shards of Glass
Silver Surfer
#1: Wisdom
#2: Crying Out Loud
#3: A Rocky Relationship
#4: Big Wheel
#5: Royal Dynasty
#6: This Is the Story of a Lovely Lady
#7: Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
Subway series
#1: Strangers in the Night
#2: Thanks for the Memories
#3: My Eyes Adored You
#4: Who's Sorry Now?
#5: The Key to the Whole Thing
#6: Private Dancer
#7: Please Don't Ask How I Got Home
Scout's Honor 10 chapters
The Anniversary Waltz Stories
#1: 9 Months, 8 Days, 5 Hours,
 11 Minutes
#2: Mad About You, Baby
#3: Darkness Considered as an
 Elemental Plot Device, or,
 Lights Out
#4: High Fidelity
#5: Until Death Do Us Part
#6: 25 Years of Foreplay Is
 Just About Enough
The Incest-O-Matic or How
 (Fill in the blank) Fucked
 (Fill in the blank)
The Fish Tank 5 chapters
The Phone Booth


is an excellent author, himself, and poster for
Tom Bombadil, and for Tom Trinity, author of "The Trinity Trilogy."
Mr. Bush's stories are TV show take-offs, but not to be dismissed on
that account. Rather, that adds to the enjoyment for many readers.
Celeste rates them very highly.
Trinity Trilogy 865k *Cel-177: 10-10-10
 Written by Tom Trinity,
 posted by Mr. Bush
Addams Family: Eddie Comes to Visit 10-9.5-9.CEL-130: 5
Andy Griffith Show CEL-13: 10
Brisco County: Brass Balls *Cel-197: 10-10-10
Bewitched: Long Lost Marilyn *Cel-160: 10-10-10
Dark and Stormy Night 10-10-10 *Cel-106
Dick Van Dyke Show 10-10-10 *Cel-142
Dorothy Does Oz 10-10-10 *Cel-95
Get Smart 10-10-10 *Cel-97
Green Acres
Gilligan's Island #90 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996,
 10-10-10 *Cel-98
Have Gun, Will Travel *Cel-161: 10-10-10
Maverick *Cel-177: 10-10-10
My Favorite Martian
One Dark and Stormy Night 10-10-10 *Cel-106
Petticoat Junction
Sweet Inspiration CEL-295: 10-8-8
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr
The Andy Griffith Show CEL-13: 10
The Addams Family 10-9.5-9.CEL-130: 5
The Munsters 10-9.5-9.CEL-113: 5
The Real McCoys *Cel-167: 10-10-10,
 #37 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
The Twilight Zone
Virtual Reality *Cel-164: 10-10-10


is a writer of heavy bondage. If you do not like this
kind of writing including, piercing, tattooing, body modifications,
stay away. Otherwise note, that Lady Cyrrh reviewed "Casino" and rated
this story `A'.
Amy, An Alternate Perspective
Carol's Tale
Casino 1-5 *A rating Annex Review 2/5/99
Celebrity Status
Couple Therapy, 1-2
Nanny, 1-3
Part-Time, 1-2
The Box
The Doctor
The Gift
The Stage
The Training


I write erotica because few folks write about the things that interest me. See "An Honor to Serve" and "Not One of the Herd". I seek romance. As I said in one introduction, I don't write the "squish-squish, pant-pant" kind of grizzly sex details very well, and to be honest, that is the part of all this that interests me the least. The sexiest part of any woman, the most fascinating part of a woman, is what goes on inside her head. The smarter the woman, the sexier. The brain does not succumb to gravity as time goes by.

Tigger received a 1997 Cyrrheal Award for "The Sultan's Heir."

A Bad Scene
A Change in Direction 508k *Cel-180
A Dreamer's Tale of Blackmail DG: 10-10-9 {299}
A D&S Fairy Tale 176k
A Go-No Go Test
A Romancing of Limits
Age of Consent BillyG: CEL-335: 10-8-8
An Honor to Serve
At Her Command
Coda: A New Beginning
Domination Games 164k
Loving a Witch 137k
Not Blackmailed CEL-234: 10-10-10
Objections *A rating Annex Review 10-15-97
 Lady Cyrrh says, "A new story by
 Tigger, always a pleasure. It's
 one of the most effective
 treatments of femdom I've seen."
Outside the Herd
Partnering 306k
Pregnant Domme
Second Season
Soul Mates 821k
The Sultan's Heir A+ rating Annex Review 7-26-97
 Lady Cyrrh said, "This was a very
 well-written and entertaining
 story which touches on many
 different aspects of sex,
 sexuality, and gender roles, yet
 is surprisingly bias-free...The
 story simply is; it tells a tale,
 and lets you draw your own
 conclusions." %assm-1997/2078.txt %assm-1997/2076.txt
The Reality of Virtual Possession CEL-302: 8-4-2
Tragedy, Transition and Triumph
Why (or Introspections and Preparations)


writes about asian teen ballet dancers having sexual
encounters with both men and woman.
Ann - A Chinese Ballerina 1-4 (40k)
Ann - A Chinese Ballerina 5 (14k)
Ann - A Chinese Ballerina 6 (16k)
Ballet Dancer's First Time (5k)
Tina 1-6 (40k)

tina sikorski

A Punishment MID (3clan7$
Exquisite Pain MID (3cla4f$
His Job MID (3cla6i$
No-Win Situation


Anne's Revenge CEL-376: 10-10-10,
 Myers: No rating. *Cel-358
Anne's Wedding Night (39k)
 CEL-377: 10-9.5-8
Anne's Punishment (24k)
 CEL-335: 10-8-5
Anne's Revenge (38k)
Black Silk Camisole (20k)
Black Silk Stockings (29k)
Can I Watch? (6k) Anniv-Flash,
 CEL-375: 10-8-9
Come With Me (20k)
Father's Day CEL-335: 10-10-10
G is for Golf (7k) [dulcinea fest]
H is for Hat (5k) [dulcinea fest]
Karin (17k)
 CEL-322: 9.5-9-8.5
Kind of Blue (2k)
 Jubjub: CEL-323: 10-9.8-10,
 Annex Reviews 1/15/99: A- rating
Morning CEL-328: 9-6-6
Rebecca (26k)
Rebecca's Choice (16k)
 CEL-329: 10-8-8
Rebecca Rising (7k)
Red Silk (2k)
Shower Head (8k) [dulcinea fest]
The Black Silk Camisole CEL-323: 10-9.5-9.5
The Dancer (9k) CEL-321: 9-8-8
The Music of the Night (14k)
The Office at Night (5k) CEL-331: 10-8-9
The Shower (14k)
The Third Counter (40k) {GALAGO},
 CEL-346: 10-9-8
Two Hours (6k) Anniv-Flash,
 CEL-375: 10-9-9
Waiting (5k) Anniv-Flash,
 CEL-375: 10-10-10
Wishful Thinking (10k)


is a former newspaper reporter and then got interested in
computers just as personal computers were arriving. One thing led to
another, and in his spare time, he still writes occasionally for
publication, hacks away at a novel, and churns out a porn story now
and then, stories with an M/F anal penetration in each.
01 Triple Treat CEL-332: 10-8.5-8.5
02 Learning The Ropes
03 Riding Double
04 Brown Thursdays CEL-334: 10-10-10
05 Dark Alley
06 First Time In
07 Strip, No Tease
08 Early In, Early Out
09 Spoils of Victory
10 Triple Play
11 Surprise
12 Lois and Clark and I
13 Bound to Please
14 Super Trick
15 Young Love
16 Partisan Revenge
17 Getting Started
18 Turn About
19 The Club
20 Porkin' Mindy
21 Hotel Lass
22 Losing It
23 Mountain Camp
24 Erin
25 Cousin Swap CEL-333: 10-10-10, Myers: 7.5 *Cel-334
26 Diary of Valerie Gurzakin
27 Oh, Jolene
28 Only a Fantasy
29 A Fireplace in LA
30 Valerian Smokes a Cigar
31 Bop CEL-336: 10-9-9
32 The Girl Who Came Out
 of the Blue CEL-345: 10-9.5-9
.. Anal Sex Primer

tom bombadil

is one of the strongest entries into the group in the past year (1997). His stories are unique and he seems able to adapt his writing style to that of others. (Witness his Deirdre-esque entries into the story pool.) It will be very hard to blast "Chosen" or "Elizabeth and Anastasia" off Ole Joe's list:

This author has penned several stories that stand unsurpassed. I challenge anyone to best "Brenda's Conquest," "Chosen," or "Elizabeth and Anastasia." I know it is a matter of taste, but these are tops.

A Difficult Question (SS#21) *Cel-199: 10-10-10,
A Gentle Massage for Diana 10-10-10 *Cel-111,
 (SS#1) (22k) (RP)
A Hot Time in the Old Town
 (SS#13) [flash] *Cel-191: 10-10-9, (RP)
A Massage Surprise (SS#19) CEL-212: 10-9-9, (RP)
Amazonia (LS#5) *Cel-175: 10-10-10
Amber Memories [poetry]
An Unintentional Voyeur (SS#14) *Cel-191: 10-10-10,ASSM-2003/45714 (RP)
Angie Baby (SS#25)  (30k) CEL-282: 10-10-10, (RP)
Bench (SS#9) (RP)
Brenda - a Love Story (LS#3), 10-10-10 *Cel-117
 (aka Brenda's Conquest) ***
Camara, Lady of the Sword (LS#6) CEL-231: 10-10-10,
 #36 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Christmas Dinner (SS#26) CEL-245: 10-10-10
Deck (SS#11) 10-10-9 *Cel-148
Double Dutch (SS#15) [flash] *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Chosen (SS#7) 10-10-10 *Cel-148,
 #64 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97
Double Dutch (#15) (3k) (RP),
 *Cel-191: 10-10-10
Elizabeth and Anastasia (LS#2) #10 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996
 ***, 10-10-10 *Cel-112
Evening Rendezvous (SS#4) Apuleius: (14k) CEL-313: 10-10-10, (RP)
Gentle Massage for Diana (LS#1) 10-10-10 *Cel-111
Herring and Banana Milkshake (SS#28) (21k)
Hypno-twist (SS#18) CEL-212: 10-9-9, (RP)
I Promise (Revised) (SS#2) 10-9-10 *Cel-131
Iceworld  [flash fest]
My Fault (SS#5)
One Rainy Morning (SS#12) 10-8-8 *Cel-157
Panties (LS#1) 9.5-10-10 *Cel-143, 346.txt
Piano (SS#10) 10-9-8 *Cel-147
Redeye (SS#8) [flash] (2k) 10-10-10 *Cel-147, (RP)
Roadside Encounter (SS#27)  (30k) CEL-262: 10-10-10 (RP)
Sixty Seconds [flash fest]
Testing the Device (SS#6)  (40k) 10-10-10 *Cel-158, (RP)
The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Angelica A+ rating Annex Review 8-30-97,
 Ahsmacker (SS#22) #45 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-200,
The First and Last Time [flash fest]
The Forgetful Husband (SS#23) (17k) CEL-223: 10-10-10, (RP
The Masks
 - A Horror Story (SS#3) 10-10-10 *Cel-131 (RP)
The Morning After (SS#24) CEL-230: 10-8-8
Watching (SS#16) [flash] #67 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97,
 10-10-10 *Cel-191 (RP)
Watching 2 (SS#20) [flash] CEL-212: 10-9-9, (RP)
Watching 3 (SS#17) [flash] *Cel-191: 10-7-7
Whitewash (LS#4) 9.5-9-8 *Cel-150, 349.txt, 350.txt

tom in sacramento

Birthday Surprise *Cel-197: 10-10-10
Same Time Next Year
Thanksgiving *Cel-197: 10-10-10


Frisking the Cat *Cel-163: 10-10-10
Root of Evil CEL-298: 10-10-10
SG1 - Supergirl Arises from the Abyss 10-9-9.CEL-94: 5
SG2 - My Heart of Steel 10-9-9 *Cel-95
SG3 - Supergirl Breaks the Mold A+ rating Annex Reviews,
 10-9-9 *Cel-95
SG4 - What Supergirls Are Made Of? 9-8-8 *Cel-92
SG5 - Blood Prey *Cel-185: 9-10-10
SG6 - Under Their Thumb CEL-218: 10-10-9
SG7 - Somewhere on the Circle of Life CEL-252: 10-10-10


writes about the beast inside all of us - that creature that
society has forced us to keep locked up and silent, but which rises up
and makes us the unique and wonderful beings we are. BDSM.
Bunny Cage (14k)
Do You Want To Continue?
Early Morning
End of the Dream
Flower {ASSM}
Full Moon
Her Christmas Gift {ASSM}
It's Not My Name
Just Five Minutes
Meeting Jenny
Red Sky
Shadow Mists (49k) 40683
She's the One
Taking Jenny
Tale of the Banshee (55k) {Pirate}
The Rope
The Secret (28k)
The Third Date
The Ultimate O (18k)
Video Girl (7k)
Violet {ASSM}
Work Break {ASSM}


Beach House Whore (2 chapters so far)
Boot Camp Harlot (2 chapters so far)
The Vestal Whore
The Sheriff's Slut (3 chapters so far)


Blackmailed into Submission YW547
Camping Nightmare YW548
First Black
First Black (Part 2) YW496
I Spy YW572
Jill's Submission YW528
June's Revenge
My Wife's Pool Party YW527
Net Connection
Our First Threesome YW549
Patty's Vacation
Sally's Birthday Surprise
The Loveboat
The Newlyweds YW513
The Parole Officer YW574
The Prospect YW569
The Runaway

trek fiend

Lactogenesis 1-64


Looking for Love
Setup 221k
Surprise Vacation 187k
The Perfect Woman


A Magical Weekend
Day Dreams
First Meeting with K.C.
Found Out! CEL-45: 10
Paul's Story YW5
Untitled - photog
The Dream
The Drive
The Letter Home
The Resting Room YW21
Trail Ride


Ole Joe had read a story by this author, "The Cuckold Groom,"
and while admitting that it was good, didn't especially mark it for
attention. It was just another one of "those" type stories. Then came
"Teen Breeder." This story changed his viewpoint completely. Do not
read the latter without someone of the appropriate sex handy.
Just Like Sister YW141
Teen Breeder 7-5-3 *Cel-159
The Cuckold Groom YW139

uncle mike

 The Midnight Ride - Mf inc
2 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: CEL-96 10-9.5-9.5
 Beaver Learns His Lesson - mF inc pedo
3 DONNA REED: The Facts of Life - mf inc
4 ANDY GRIFFITH: CEL-98: 10-10-10
 Opie and the Pie - FF mF mild nc pedo
 Elly May, Jethro Mayn't - F beast
6 PATTY DUKE: Two of a Kind - ff inc
7 FAMILY AFFAIR: CEL-97: 10-6-4
 May I Have This Dance - Mf inc
8 FLYING NUN: Decameron minus 99 - MF CEL-96: 10-10-10 7 81
9 JULIA: A Thorough Checkup - mF
 Mrs. Livingston, I Presume - MF
11 BRADY BUNCH: CEL-127: 10-9-9
 One Big Happy Family - mmf mmff inc nc
12 ROOM 222: Hit the Showers - mFF 10-9.5-9.5 *Cel-200
 A Whole Lotta Lovin' - mF inc nc
14 MARY TYLER MOORE: CEL-99: 10-9-9
 Oh, Mr. Grant! - MMMMF mild nc
 Knight armed with a shiner - mF mF mF pedo inc
16 WALTONS: CEL-99: 10-9-9
 Mounting on the Mountain - mf mff inc
 Where No Man Has Cum Before - MF
18 HAPPY DAYS: CEL-103: 10-9-9
 He Shoots, He Scores! - Mf inc pedo
19 POLICE WOMAN: Salty Pepper - mF
20 WELCOME BACK KOTTER: CEL-98: 10-10-10
 The Joke's On You - mmmF
 I'm Your Handiman - Mf MF bd
 And Two's Not Bad Either - mf inc
23 LOVE BOAT: CEL-105 10-9.5-9
 Cum Aboard - Mf Mf Mf Mf inc nc
24 THREE'S COMPANY: *Cel-182 10-9-9
 ... All Cats Are Gray - MF MFF nc
25 TAXI: I Go For A Ride - MF
 It's a Dog's Life - F beast
27 FAME: CEL-133 10-10-10 6 42
 Light Up The Sky Like A Flame - mF
28 FAMILY TIES: All Juiced Up - mF CEL-100 10-9-8
29 NEWHART: CEL-106 10-10-10 6 50
 The Made Maid - MF MF MMMF FF
30 NIGHT COURT: Well-hung Jury - MF MF
 The Daughter Never Knocks Twice - MFf inc
 Her Loving Nephew - mF inc
 Nothing More Than Feelings - MF
 Magic Tricks - mf nc inc
36 FATHER DOWLING: CEL-114: 10-10-10 12
 I Am Heartily Sorry - mF MF
 Only a Mother Could Love - mF i