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Hello! if you want to translate these stories, use Google Translator, a free tool on-line that translates idioms, or use a program in your computer to do that, I use MicroPower Delta translator, who translates of the English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English, this tool allows to add new words, especially if you uses has to erotic story that are not in dictionaries. I am studying in a near future to translate these stories. Also if you wishes to know the meaning of an erotic word in Portuguese, access Google-Images who is a great tool.


Title Codes Update inspiration
-PedLand - Exibicionismo 8~11 13/01/2011 Stories & Photos: 1,2,3,4 ...
-PedLand - Intro 9~13 22/12/2010 Internet Photos e Lolicon
-Cidade Proibida de Lolitas (Parte 1,2,3) 10,11 20/06/2010 NIS universe
-Cidade Proibida pt1 10,12 29/05/2010 Lolicon
-Lolita Channel Parte 1 9~14 08/05/2010 Japan Erotic Games &Photos(1,2,3)
-Novinha Fodedora Parte 2 9~12 04/05/2010
-Contos de Meninas Fodedoras 9~12 04/05/2010
-Carnaval, Surubas e Agitos >10update: 26/04/2010 Carnival, Nymphets...
>1026/04/2010 -
-No Celeiro com Cavalos >10 26/04/2010 -
-Spermatost Parte 1 1126/04/2010
-Novinha Fodedora [PT-BR] >1018/04/2010 -
-Arrombadinha Sedenta 1 [PT-BR] >1015/04/2010 -
-Arrombadinha Sedenta 2 [PT-BR] >1015/04/2010 -