'Hey, man! Hey, wake up ya great lump!'

'Uhhh. Fuck, mon, whassup?'

'Hey, you remember the time we took that girl out to the island? The young one? Cute she was, blonde, giggly, lovely. Got our motors going real well.'

'Aw, you mean tha lil blondie? Yeah, yeah, mon, she was sweet! Aw yeah, we took her out in tha boat, onna picnic, yeah, roun' to tha beach, that lil beach we foun'.'

'Yeah, bright, warm and secluded it was. Gorgeous day. Just the three of us. What a honey she was! That beautiful little summer dress, all red and yellow flowers. Open-toed sandals, white panties. You remember the white panties?'

'Mon, fo' sho! I ALWAYS 'member white panties! 'Specially on cute lil blondies!'

'Ha, yeah! Hey, we played some beach games, yeah?'

'Ya, mon. She was smilin' an' laughin', runnin' an' chasin'. Lovely lil thing she was. I caught her one time, started ticklin' her a bit.'

'She liked that.'

'Fo' sho. I member she tickle back when i finish. Tickle my belly. I lay down on tha sand an she jump on me an tickle me. Mmm, that was sweet, mon!'

'Ha! Of course! I watched you both for a while. I remember your tickling each other got steadily... warmer. Less laughter, more... something else.'

'Yeah, we sure needed to get our clothes off, why wuz we even wearing stuff at tha beach?'

'Yeah! We offered to undress her...'


'Yeah, nice and slowly, helped her slip her dress off...'

'I open her dress at tha backside, pull that lil zipper down real slow. Goddam that made me warm, mon...'

'I helped her off with one arm. She shrugged it down, and there was her beautiful, flat chest naked in the sun.'

'"Wow, hon, you are so cute!"'

'Ha, yeah, I remember her smile - delighted, she was! Damn, what was her name?'

'You forget that chile's name!? Mon, you is fucked up! Lucy she called.'

'Ach, of course. How could I forget! Yeah, Lucy...'

'I ask her "Lucy, do you know how sweet you are?"'

'Ha-ha. She smiled coyly at that, but clearly pleased. I simply had to touch her bottom through her white panties, pat her bottom gently.'

'Ya, she react shy, but she smile at you.'

'I told her "You are beautiful, sweetie."'

'Heh - "I want to go swim now", she reply.'

'Ha-ha, yeah! She walked right into it! "Well, you'll get your panties wet unless you take them off" I said, "But that's OK, it just us, no-one else here."'

'She weren't sho 'bout that, so I say "let me be an example fo' you, chile." I took off my shirt an pull down my trousers too.'

'Ha-ha, I remember thinking if I were to do that, I might scare her, because I had a fucking huge erection. But you just went ahead and said "Lucy, help him out of his stuff please"!'

'Yeah, you say sumptin like "Oh, honey, wait...", but she already pulling your shirt.'

'So I helped her with the buttons, and she smiled up at me as I slipped off my shirt. Lovely smile, it was! Just gorgeous.'

'I ask her if she can help me too, cuz I jus had my boxers left.'

'Mm, she wasn't sure about that, was she? She hesitated, but smiled when you said "Don' be shy, hon".'

'She hook her fingers in each side of my boxers and tugged them down a little. She look up at me, those big brown eyes... "I guess you have to pull stronger to get them off," I said, smiling back.'

'"OK," she said, and pulled them down to your knees!'

'Fo' sho! My eyes caught her soft lips, my semi erected cock now in front of her.'

'Watching her do that did not help my erection one bit! And then when she looked at it, and you said "Have you ever seen a man's cock, Lucy?" He-heh. Big pause! "Only daddy's," she said after a while, "and his isn't kinda big like that."'

'"That's because I like you a lot!"'

'That made her smile!'

'Yeah mon! I bent over an gave her a sweet kiss and thanked her for her help. "Now you help Bob too please, chile."'

'Ha-ha! That was a good call. I dropped my shorts quick as a flash. Only boxers left, tented at the front...'

'She turn around an look at you. She bite her lips a bit when she see that tent. What was it you say then? Sumptin like "It's OK, sweetie, I like you too!"'

'Yeah! "When men like girls a lot, there... things get big" - something wanky like that!'

'Yeah, you is good at wanky! Ha! But she don't pause no longer, and she remove your boxers with a slightly stronger pull she then looks at your real stiff dick and gets rosy cheeks. You were strokin' her hair, I 'member.'

'"I told you I like you, honey!" I said. "You are a beautiful, beautiful little girl."'

'Mm-hmm. she finally step back, smiled at each one of us and put her arms together. She kinda looked shy but excited. I tol' her: "You're the only one left now, Lucy honey."'

'"We should help you off with your panties, or will you take them off yourself?"'

'He-hee, yeah, that made the chile real quiet! She don't say a word! So we gotta help her!'

'Yeah, I knelt down first, then you took the other side of her. You asked her to lie down, and she did, nervously! Fingers in the waistband of her smooth, white cotton panties, then slowly, we pulled her panties down.'

'She wriggle her lil butt to help us.'

'Slowly, slowly, down to mid-thigh. Damn I remember her pussy appearing so well! You were rubbing your fingers over her thighs and legs while we stripped her. Damn that was so hot, watching you touch her. I remember murmuring something like "Oh, honey, you ARE beautiful..." and you said "Nothin' else to say."'

'Yeah my cock got real hard when I see her little pussy...'

'Panties down to her knees, down to her ankles and off and she was naked between us.'

'She not sure what to do, so just stay in that position. I lay down next to her, watchin' her face.'

'"See, sweetie," I said, "you have both of us really excited to be with you."'

'"You OK, Lucy chile?" I ask her. She almost squeak when she reply: "Uh-huh, I think so." "Well, can you give me a kiss hon?"'

'Damn that was hot! She closed her eyes and kissed you. You moved your hand behind her head, into her gorgeous hair and held her softly against your lips, so she couldn't get away too easily. Ah but she didn't pull back, the hot little slut, not even when I started stroking her thigh!'

'I lick her lips with my tongue a bit. So dam' sweet! "Open your mouth a bit and use your tongue, Lucy girl," I say. "It feels great that way!" Mm, she did so, sticking her tongue out a little, licking my lips...'

'As she felt my hands on her thighs she started to move slowly against my moves. My fingers circled her thigh and up to her belly. She shivered slightly.'

'Mon,I can tell you, she tasted so good! The scent of her girl-sweaty lil body come right into my nose, it really started me gettin' horny!'

'Mmmm. I leant over and kissed her gently on her belly button. My dick was rock hard.'

'Yeah! I say "Lucy, look as his dick and see how much he likes you!"'

'Mm, she did. I remember her eyes popping wide, and I remember winking at her. "I'm not the only one, though!" I said. She looked down at you and said, in a small, amazed, nervous voice "Woah, it's really big!"'

'He-heh, yeah. One big hard white cock, one big hard black cock jus' for her!'

'What'd I say next?'

'Ha! You said "Would you like to touch them, Lucy? They won't bite!"'

'Oh, yeah, of course! And she said, all quiet and nervous, "I don't know..." So, I reach for her hand, lift it and place it on my erection.'

'Mm, the girl was excited, but she not pull her hand back. I tell her hold it with her whole hand.'

'Yeah, and I told her to hold us both. "Close your hands around us, Lucy. If a girl likes a man that's what she likes to do to him. And you do like us, Lucy, right?"'

'That lil squeaky voice: "Uh huh!"'

'Her little hands reached out, finger slowly closing around our cocks. Damn it felt good!'

'Fo' sho, bro! I started kissing her again while she move her hands up and down. Dam me! I kiss her neck and lick it too.'

'Mmm, I kissed her thigh, my finger tracing a pattern down from her belly button... and touched her just at the top of her pussy.'

'Oh yeah, the lil hoe moan! That chile moan so soft as she feel your hand near her lil girl's pussy!'

'I'm sure she felt the huge pulse running through my cock! I leant over and breathed gently on her pussy. Damn it was so smooth, perfectly shaped, beautiful...'

'Yeah but she lose you! Her arm was too short to hold your cock anymore!'

'I know, but I had to kiss her pussy! You told her to open up for me. "Lucy, you spread your legs apart a bit for uncle Bob!"'

'Yeah, but she 'luctant. She not respond so much, only get all shy an' rosy again, so I helped her out with that. I pull her legs apart from each other at her thighs. You open those legs, chile...'

'"I'm not sure I want to do this," she said. "Yes you do," I said, and you said "The mo' you like somebody, the mo' you willing to do what they say, Lucy. You said you liked us, right girl?"'

'She swallow a bit, then she say "uh huh" and then letted us spread her legs. Mon, her lil pussy was gorgeous! Jus' a simple slit, two delicately plump lips, not a single hair.'

'Damn I was so fucking horny. I wanted to watch you lick her!'

'Mon, I getting a bit wild in my head while thinking about her tightness, but fo' sho I want to lick her! I smile at her while I move my head between her thighs.'

'Mm, watching you do that I leant over to kiss her mouth, push my tongue into her mouth. She used her tongue too, like you just taught her. Good girl! I asked her if she liked getting her pussy licked.'

'In da meanwhile my tongue push between her pussy lips and she start to try to push her legs back together.'

'"Oh-oh, no, honey, you keep your legs open for us." I noticed that, took hold of her right leg, just above the knee.'

'Mm, that Lucy's lil box smell like a mixture of very fresh sweat and a small 'mount of her pee next to tha natural scent of a young girl's 'gina. Fuckin hot, mon!'

'Yeah but she really wasn't sure, though, drawing her knees together. I pulled her right leg firmly, keeping her pussy spread for you.'

'Gotta keep the hoe busy! "Lucy, grab his dick again," I tell her! Then I start and lick the area around her clit, and move my right hand towards her pussy, starting to put my fingertip into her.'

'I moved up, knelt by her shoulder. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know if she'd like it.'

'Yeah, but she HAD to like it, resistance is futile, mon! Lil girls gotta do what they tol', bro!'

'Ha! Yeah, for sure. So I said: "Lucy, I want you to suck my dick now."'

'He-hee, an' she go "huh? i dont understand", all nervous like.'

'I cupped her head in one hand, pointed my dick towards her face with the other. "Take my dick into your mouth, suck it like it's a lollipop, Lucy." I pulled her head forwards... and my dick slid into her mouth... "Oh, yes, honey! Mmm, suck it!"'

'She start to move her lips around your big hard cock. Her mouth seem to be a bit small, she straining wide to take you in!'

'I held her head in place, pushed forward a little more, forced a little bit more into her mouth.'

'I guess it was tha taste an' smell of your manly white cock got her nervous again! She wanted to resist a bit, lil minx!'

'"No, honey, don'y try and pull away now!" I held her head firmly, taking a grip of her lovely hair.'

'She moan again but she keep sucking as she realize the slight pain in her hair.'

'Oh yeah, the feeling of her moaning around my cock was kinda special...'

'Yeah... I start to stick my thumb into her pussy now while my index finger finds his way under her butt to her small anus...'

'I remember she jerked a little at that!'

'Ha, whatever! I play around with my finger on both holes, then I ask her "Lucy, can I put my finger into your sweet lil asshole?"'

'Ha! She wriggled and made a groaning sound and said something like "Mmh, I... dunno... Mmmh, no..." She didn't want you to do it, bro!'

'Heh, such a sweet chile! "Well, but I will do it anyways, because i like you a lot. And you like me, that's what i know, cuz you tol' me, girl!" I smile at her and you.'

'"Do it, man, I want you to!" That made her squirm a bit!'

'Mm, so I make my fingers wet with my spit and started to push slowly against her ring.'

'Yeah, I held her head tighter, pushed her mouth further onto my cock.'

'Mmm, her asshole was so gorgeous, mon! Soft and i felt the small bumps of it. Mm, spit was dropping out of her mouth and falling onto your cock and her chest! And she squirm as she felt my finger invading her. She start to wiggle again an' try to press her ass cheeks together. I push in her deeper with more force, move my finger inside her guts.'

'Ha-ha, yeah. "Don't take no for an answer, she wants this!" That's what I said.'

'Fo' sho, bro! You know I wan't gonna take no! She want it all, I guess.'

'Yeah, you know she wanted it. She was just a tease, just playing hard to get!'

'Yeah, mon! "This far from over, chile!" I started using a second finger fo' her ass, but it was a bit harder to get into it.'

'Yeah, I started to rock gently, fucking her mouth slowly but firmly. "Force it up her, man!"'

'Mmm. More and more spit was drooling out of her while she getting much more sweaty on that hot summer day. Yeah, her face was quite flushed by then.'

'She was a hot, sticky little bundle of wet, sweet-smelling girl! Had us both going real well, hard and wanting her. Naughty little slut, that's what she was!'

'Heh, yeah. We switch round, jus' then, yeah?'

'Yes, sure thing. Yeah, I wanted her to kneel on all fours. I let go of her hair, pulled my cock out of her mouth.'

'I tell her to move. "Lucy, get on your fours like a dog!"'

'Heh! Yeah, she looked really upset at that!'

'Yeah, fuck it. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and licked them, smiling at her. "Tasty girl!" I tell her.'

'"Get on all fours like a bitch, Lucy!" I tell her!'

'Heh, that made me laugh. I start to force her to change position.'

'We had to manhandle her. Silly girl!'

'We talk sweet to her, tho'. "We really love you very much, Lucy. Don't we?"'

'"We do, an awful, awful lot."'

'"Say that you love us Lucy!"'

'"Yeah, say you love us!" Hah. Her voice was a very soft whisper, but she said "I love you too". Good girl! "That's it, honey. We know you love us. Now, lift your bottom."'

'Yeah, real great that she love us. I say that meant she want us to be happy. "Right Lucy?"'

'She didn't answer.'

'I give her a soft slap on her butt. "Right Lucy?"'

'Ha. She jerked at that, startled. I slapped her other buttock. That got an answer! "Yes, uh-huh!"'

'Yeah, good chile! "Lucy, you want to make us happy, right?" I slap her again.'

'"Then lift your butt and get on all fours," I told her.'

'Heh, yeah, she did it then, hot lil hoe. Up on all fours. Mon, she look so hot, kneelin' there in tha sun, flushed an' naked an' wet an' a lil scared. "Do you know what we want to do now, Lucy?" I ask her. "Tell us what you would like us to do!"

'Mmm, what a glorious sight she was, her slim-hipped little butt in the air... She looked confused; don't think she understood your question, man!'

'Yeah! So I say "Tell her what we want to do, mon!" Her legs were too close to each other while on her fours, so we had do sumptin 'bout that.'

'I knelt behind her and pushed her legs apart. I put both hands on her bum and pulled her buttocks apart so her little asshole was plain to see, still wet with your saliva. You pulled her legs apart a bit more. "That's right, girl," I said, "you open your legs and your mouth for us."'

'I kneel in front of her, an' you say "Fuck her mouth, man, she likes it!" I pull her head by the hair and moved my cock to her mouth. "Mm, suck it like you did before!"'

'Ah-ha, but she didn't open her mouth! She was getting cold feet, the little bitch! I slapped her butt hard.'

'She opened up after that! Thanks buddy!'

'De nada! "Good girl, Lucy honey!" I leant over and pressed my tongue to her asshole and began to lick her. She tasted fabulous! I started to wriggle my tongue in her asshole. She opened her mouth a little for you.'

'Yeah, she give me a lil sucky kiss. I pull my cock back and ask: "You hear Bob? He says yo ass taste fabulous. So how do I taste, girl?"'

'Mm, she sounded kinda miserable when she answered. "Mn, I dunno." Maybe a bit overwhelmed because of the different impulses. I slap her butt again, to keep her focused. "OW!" she yelled.'

'"Well, then try again and tell me how I taste," I say. She yelp out "you taste good!" Yeah, good girl! "That's what I thought, now keep sucking!" Heh, she couldn't speak with her mouth full, so you could begin, bro!'

'Oh, yeah. I pushed my tongue as far up her ass as I could reach, getting her all wet, slippery. Mm, rimmed her right out! I leant back and tried her with a finger. Up her ass to the third knuckle!'

'She don't react, but I think she feel a bit aroused by yo tongue in her ass. Or my dick in her mouth. Or maybe she like to be kept in hand like we do for her, keep her good.'

'Yeah, I think she liked us being firm. Yeah, good girl. OK. I wriggled forwards on my knees and nestled the wet head of my cock up between her asscheeks, right against her asshole.'

'I leaned back and tell her "Look up to me while you sucking me, Lucy!" She look up at me, her eyes wide. Yeah, I wuz guessin it will be very tight when yo dick went up her ass and I really wanted to watch her face while you start doing it! Her eyes don't know what wuz gonna happen!'

'I took hold of her hips with both hands and started to push. She moaned instantly. "Man, yeah she's tight," I said. You grinned at me. I pushed harder, feeling her asshole open a little under my cock. She tried to move at that point, squirm away.'

'Yeah, I got up and grabbed hold her arms.'

'"Yeah, keep her still man! She's really tight, I need to push hard!"'

'I tol' you you should kneel onto her calves, she is moving a lot.'

'Yeah, good call. I did that, trapped her legs. You told her to hold still. "And remember that we love you!" He-heh. Damn her little butt looked so fucking hot! I gripped her hips tight and forced my cock forward. There was resistance... then... Ohhh yes! The tip of my cock forced its way into her anus. She cried out at that point.'

'Ha, her face look so fine, bro! She moaning and cannot focus sucking anymore. Her eyes, they crying a bit! I pull my cock out of her mouth so we could hear her lil voice. You say "It's because we love you, Lucy." She yell "No!"'

'Mm, I remember that well. I pushed in more, the incredible feeling of her hot, tight asshole squeezing my cock as it went in. "No, it's too big!" she moaned.'

'The pain she was feeling in her ass let her get nervous and she start dropping tears!'

'Yeah! "Aw, what a shame! Don't you like my cock in your ass, Lucy?" I asked her, and slapped her buttock, hard.'

'She give one hell of a yelp, mon! "Ouwwww!"'

'Yeah, didn't she just! "Well I like my cock in your ass just fine, so you cry all you like, miss!"'

'Mon, I feel this big need to lick all over her face, lick her tears up. I pull my cock out an' kneel down an' cup her lil sad face. I kiss her gorgeous soft lil mouth, then move on up from her lips to her wet nose and tears, lickin' her face! Mon, she taste wonderful! Lil tears an' snot all over her beautiful lil face!'

'Oh fuck, yeah! I had over half my cock up her ass, and it felt fabulous. I didn't wanna come out, but you had to get some of that! "Man, you gotta try her hole! She's tight and sweet and hot like a bitch!"'

'He-heh. But I had 'nother idea. "Lucy," I say, "don't you have another hole down there?"'

'She was too upset to reply.'

'He-heh, yeah. I tell her to stay that way, she not finished yet! I force her into a position where I am lying under her, while her ass is still a bit up. Had to wriggle in down under her, 'tween your legs, but we work it OK.'

'Yeah, we did. "Yeah, Lucy, you're gonna like this!"'

'Mm. I kiss her again and started pushing my hard dick to her pussy. Her face was down at my chest; I cud feel the wetness of it. "Oh, no..." she whisper. I tell her to lick my nipples! She only hesitate a little, then she lick my chest an' my nipples. I'm rubbing her back and her neck while I'm trying to get into her.'

'"Fuck her, man! Come and join me inside this little fuckdoll!" I hold her hips still for you.'

'I want to taste some more tears! She crying quite hard now. I push. "OWWW!" yelps the bitch, an' "Nooo!".'

'Yeah! I so remember feeling your cock enter her, right under mine! Yeah, we had little Lucy well and truly DPed!'

'Yeah, mon, my boner inside her and it feel very warm and wet.'

'It was so fucking tight with two cocks right up inside her!'

'Yay, but I need more depth. I force my cock to fully go inside her. Fuck! I rip her hymen! Ah fuck yeah! "Let's do her to our balls, mon!"'

'Oh, yes, balls-deep in the little slut!'

'Mm, mon, we impale her real well! Cudn't b'leve we got our big cocks up her tight lil body, we we sho did! I ask her how old she is again, jus to hear her say it!'

'"N...n...n....nine" she whispered. Fuck that was hot!'

'She wriggled an shivered a lot. "Nine years an such a cute and useful girl you are, Lucy!"'

'Ha, she was crying again. "You... you're hurting me!"'

'Ha! "Really?" I laugh. "It feels great to me!"'

'Sure did! We started moving faster, fucking her hard, going in and out, nearly out and the full way into her, sliding in and out of her tight, red asshole and her tight, slick cunt, pounding her asshole, thumping her cunt!'

'She nearly screaming! Slap her!'

'Yeah! "Fuck that bitch!" I slap her butt, hard, both sides, big red handprints on her butt.'

'Ah, I love dat girl! "... Lucy, Lucy, I love you!" I yell, fucking her tight lil cunt.'

'She was screaming and crying. "I love you too, Lucy!" I shouted, pounding her ass.'

'I reached for her nipples and pinched them.'

'Mm, yes. Fuck yes. "Pinch them hard!" I slap her ass every few strokes, making my cock harder each time I slap the little whore.'

'I was pinching harder and tryin to scratch her back a bit.'

'She screamed at you to stop!'

'Yeah, but fuck that! I grab her lil tiny nipples hard and suddenly explode inside her... Mon...! Earlier than I expected! What a hot lil hoe she was!'

'Ahhh! And I felt you cumming inside her, felt your big cock jerking inside her, right next to mine. That sent me over the edge too!'

'Mon, we fill that hoe with cum good!'

'Yeah, we sure did! Fair running out of her holes when we finally pulled out of her. Man, she was kinda miserable, yeah? Crying like a baby, all red and flushed and snotty.'

'Yeah, but we love her, mon, we love her. Such a sweet chile.'

'Yeah, a sweet girl for sure! Ah, memories!'