I was in the school library. It was old-fashioned: heavy, dark wood shelves, reading desks with green-shaded lamps tucked away in nooks and crannies, stained leather armchairs in dark red. Old-fashioned, perhaps, but light - a high glass ceiling, perhaps, arched or domed. I don't recall looking up to see which - it wasn't important.

I was lounging in one of the armchairs, reading something. I wasn't really paying attention to what it was because I was watching Teri. Teri was a pupil, eighth-grade, sitting across the way at an individual study desk, writing notes from some dull-looking book and looking across at me whenever she could. I knew her name was Teri because she had it written, or rather scrawled, in Tippex on the side of her battered school bag. "Teri", it said, in faded white letters, alongside peeling stickers reading "JLS" and "1D".

Teri was enormous. For her age she was truly fat, voluptuously fat, big tits already straining to stay inside the tight D-cup bra under her school blouse, huge ass quivering inside the tight sheath of her too-short skirt. Her face was pale and doughy under a wavy bob of blonde hair, sweet-smiling lips picked out in pale pink on a mouth like a whore's. Behind the nerdy spectacles there was a dirty, slutty gleam in her gray eyes, and she held my gaze far too long when she looked over. Naughty, naughty Teri!

I was sprawled in the chair, legs wide apart, my cock hard in my pants and outlined clearly for those who might care to look. And Teri cared. My, my, how she cared to look. Her gaze lingered on mine, then cruised down to linger again between my legs. She blinked slowly. She chewed her lip. She knew what I wanted, and I knew what she wanted. She was just a big, fat, juicy schoolgirl slut, simply gagging for my cock.

She looked at me again. I stared back, my eyes stripping her slowly, stripping her down to soft, pale, voluminous nudity. She knew what I was doing. She chewed her lip again, and wriggled in her chair, her hand disappearing below the desk. I just knew her knickers were soaking wet. She left her hand there as she answered her softly buzzing phone with the other. I heard her whispers clearly, softly accented, delicious. She conversed, some chat with a friend - maybe a boyfriend - but her eyes were on mine across the slow traffic of the library, her hand out of sight. I smiled at her, slow and long.

* * * *

I was in a different part of the library, down at the far end away from Teri, a neat little reading desk next to tall, old windows. There were a few pupils around in the library but none of them seemed to notice that my cock was standing thick and hard out of my pants. I spat a slow glob onto the tight red head and followed it with my hand, a tight fist enveloping my cock in a slimy embrace. I tapped a number on my phone with my other hand.

"'Lo, who's this?"

"You know," I replied.

"Oh... uh-huh..." There was a shiver in her whisper. Dirty slut. Lovely, fat, dirty schoolgirl slut.

"How old are you, Teri? Fourteen?"

"Ah, yeah, uh-huh."

"Mmm, sweet, Teri. Sweet young thing, aren't you, Teri?. Young and hot and juicy-sweet. You been fucked yet, Teri? You had boys up your tight lil cunt yet?"

"Nnnn... no, no, not yet, n-ohhhh..." Her voice shivered and trembled.

"I want to fuck you, sweetheart," I continued, squeezing myself hard, forcing my hand up and down my slippery cock. "I'm stroking my cock right now and I'm hard as a rock and I want to fuck you every way, fuck you in every hole in your sweet body, take you and fuck you long and slow, Teri."

"OK, yes, I see, yes." Her voice quivered. I heard her breathing clear - pant, pant, pant.

"Put your hand in your knickers," I said. "Get your fingers inside yourself, up your cunt."

"Hn. Yes, I think so. Hold on - (pant pant) - O... OK."

"Are you wet, Teri? Are you dirty wet?"

"Ah, yes, yes, very much so, yes."

"Mmm, I'm going to taste your cunt soon, Teri, lick you out. Mmm, I bet you taste sweet, Teri, sweet like molasses. Thick and sweet, running over my tongue."

"Well... Yes, I would hope so. Yes (pant pant pant pant)."

"You have hair down there yet, Teri? You have a thick blonde bush between your legs, or just a wisp?"

"Oh... Hn... Just... just a little (pant pant pant)."

"My cock's hard and wet for you, Teri. I really want to stick it into you, Teri. In your sweet little mouth, Teri, get you sucking me slow. In you hot cunt, Teri, your hot, wet cunt, fill you up with my cock. In your butt, Teri, wanna stick my cock up your big soft butt, right up inside you..."

"Well... That would all be uhhhh... yeah, yes, good. Yes. Yes."

I hung up. My cock was huge and swollen in my hand.

* * * *

She was at the end of the aisle between two book shelves, rows of books towering either side of us. It seemed a long walk toward her. She stood, quivering beautifully, her arms spread back against the wall as I approached. Her face was a glorious mask of lust. I stopped, an inch away from her soft bulges and folds, and slowly reached out with two fingers. Her mouth opened, trembling, her pink lips wet, her eyes glued to mine, as she sucked my fingers in. I spread them in her mouth, and her tongue worked around them, between them; saliva drooled from her lips down her chin. I caressed the side of her face as she sucked my fingers, then down, across her shoulder, down to squeeze her soft, young tit. I sank my fingers in, squeezing hard, teasing and pinching her nipple. She groaned around my fingers.

Button by slow button I unfastened her school blouse. Her bra was white, lace-decorated, under-wired, holding her magnificent tits in a glorious cleavage. I pulled my fingers from her mouth, to take both tits one either hand and squeeze her tight as I leaned in to kiss her. She strained up, her lips avid. Her breath smelled of sweet fruits; her mouth was wet. We kissed, deep, squirming into each other, tongues wrestling, seeking, mouths wide. I squeezed her tits, grabbed the soft, gorgeous rolls of fat around her belly, caressed her huge, young body, pulling her tight into me, letting her feel the hard rod of my cock press her stomach.

She was a dirty hot slut. Switching hands, I pushed three fingers into her mouth now, three fingers stretching her whorish mouth wide. She slurped and gagged as I pushed them deeper; her saliva ran down my arm. My other hand was down at her skirt hem, sliding under, up between her huge thighs. I nudged, left, right, and she shifted, moaning, fat ass sliding along the wall as she spread her legs.

My fingers pressed up, firm in her soft flesh. She had on a thong, its soft cotton wet and tight across her plump pussy lips. I pressed my whole hand around her, cupping her soft young pussy, rubbing the heel of my hand into her mound. She gagged and drooled, her eyes glittering, half closed, her lips sucking avidly. I slipped my fingers inside her thong, feeling the wet heat of her, slippery with slime. Up and down her dripping slit I massaged, my eyes on hers the whole time. Then one, two fingers quickly, suddenly, up inside her, up her cunt, making her jump and moan. My thumb on her clitty, stirring the wisp of hair above, I pushed into her as deep as I could go. She trembled, her thighs quivering, her knees weak.

I finger-fucked her mouth, her cunt, while the slut moaned beneath my touch, then slowly I withdrew my fingers one by one. I raised my hand, sniffed it - hot marshmallow was her smell, hot, sweet, sticky marshmallow. Delicious. I licked her juice off one finger, then presented my hand to her. She licked greedily, sucking her wetness off my hand, slobbering, slurping as I stroked her soft blonde hair.

I left her, blouse unbuttoned, skirt rucked up, thighs squeezed together, and walked back up the aisle.

* * * *

I was back in my original seat. My cock was back in my pants but it was as hard as ever, my boxers wet with precum. I was watching Teri as she finished her lunch at a table in the corner. She was unwrapping a Mars bar, slowly and carefully, her soft gray eyes fixed on mine. My hand rubbed my cock through my pants, slow and deliberate, stroking my hard shaft and squeezing the head between fingers and thumb.

Teri dropped the Mars wrapper onto the table and curled her pudgy fingers around the chocolate shaft. She raised it slowly to her mouth and licked it. She licked avidly, coating her tongue in chocolate, smearing it across her red lips, her eyes on mine. I watched her fingers squeeze, their heat beginning to melt the bar. She opened her mouth and went down on it, watching me closely as she sucked off the hard, chocolate cock of the Mars bar.

Her luscious young mouth moved tightly up and down. Melting chocolate smeared across her lips, across her fingers. She sucked it hard, lips pressing down to her hand, Mars bar disappearing into her drooling mouth. Chocolate dribble dripped off the back of her hand onto the table. A teacher passed her desk, but she didn't notice the eighth-grader fellating her Mars bar into a sticky mess, or the other teacher masturbating his now-exposed cock in the armchair opposite.

Slowly, messily, Teri sucked her Mars bar into nothingness. I held her slutty gaze and wanked slowly, my long, thick, hard cock plain for her to contemplate. The Mars bar gone, she licked her dripping hand a little, then stood and came unsteadily toward me. Her massive thighs were bare, her tight black skirt covering only half of them, her white socks barely above her ankles. Her thighs rubbed together as she swayed my way, pale and fleshy, drips of chocolate running down her right knee. Her big belly quivered in rolls, tightly wrapped in the clinging white cotton of her school blouse. Peeking from her high-heeled sandals, her toenails were painted soft pink to match her lips and fingernails.

She stopped next to my chair. I continued to masturbate. She held out her hand, brown and sticky. "Look," she purred, "I seem to have made a mess of myself." Her face was smeared from chin to nose with chocolate.

Her hand hovered above my crotch. A long, slow drip of chocolate drool slid off and splattered down onto my hand; I smeared it onto my cock and continued masturbating. Still stroking, my eyes on hers, I leaned forward and sucked her little finger into my mouth. I held her gaze as I sucked and licked the chocolate mess from her fingers and the palm of her hand, my tongue wriggling between her soft, fat digits. I left saliva dripping in its wake.

"Maybe I should go clean up," she murmured, and turned away to the big restroom door near my chair. I watched her big, fat ass rolling magnificently beneath her skirt as she swayed across to the door, opened it, cast me a long backward glance, and went in. I rose, my cock standing hard and proud from my pants flies, and followed her in.

The restroom was big and bright, designed for wheelchair users - toilet, sink, plenty of space. Teri was standing at the sink, slowly washing her hands. I stood behind her, my cock pressed hard up against her big soft ass, and reached around to cup her soft young tits in my hands. They were gloriously heavy. I squeezed and rolled and weighed them as she pushed her ass back into me, moaning like a slut on heat. I bit the back of her neck and her pale, soft shoulder, licking her sweetly-scented skin.

She leaned further forward, arching her back as I rolled her skirt up across her thighs and over her huge butt. Her thong was white, the string lost between the soft, dimpled half-moons of her massive buttocks. I reached down between her thighs, cupping her plump pussy. The gusset was soaked through, even wetter than before, dripping with her sweet marshmallowy slime. I rubbed and massaged, smearing her wet scents onto my hand, making her groan and tremble.

I yanked down her thong, leaving it twanging tight between her knees. She arched further, her tits falling out of her top as she bent over the sink. Her pussy glistened with creamy wetness. I knelt and buried my face in her huge ass, my tongue seeking the hot wet center within the soft folds. Teri moaned and squirmed as I plunged deep into her dripping cunt, licking the marshmallow juices that oozed and dribbled faster and faster from the bright pink hole. With both hands I pulled her massive cheeks apart and sucked greedily at her twin openings. Her asshole was a long brown slit and tasted of hot Mars bar, a rich counterpoint to the sweet pink marshmallow of her cunt. Teri tasted like she looked, a soft, sweet, luxuriously sticky treat. I licked and gobbled her holes and she moaned like an overacting whore.

I stood behind her, my hands on her soft wide hips, my cock poised hard and straight, pointing right at her billowy ass. She sprawled over the restroom sink, whimpering, begging. We watched each other in the mirror as I leaned forward and plunged into her. She panted and moaned and chewed her lips. Her cunt was red hot around my cock, red hot, dripping, but tight and sweet. I thrust forward, reveling in the soft slap of her huge butt against my belly. I fucked her hard, with long, deep strokes. She moaned with each deep entry, a rhythmic chant of lust as my cock reared and plunged in her soft, tight cunt.

Our eyes never left each other's reflection in the mirror. I watched her chocolate-smeared face twist and glaze and flush as she came, her cunt squirting and spasming around me. She cried out - "oh oh fffffuck!" - her voice a sweet, high gurgle. Her juices oozed, ran down her thighs as I fucked her harder, my cock filling her, mercilessly impaling. Her second orgasm felt like a tight mouth sucking me off. She quivered and wilted against the sink, her tits in the bowl, her knees trembling as I rammed her cunt harder, driving toward my own climax.

Her face was bright red, sweat beading on her brow as I fucked her mercilessly toward a third orgasm. Her fat fingers gripped the bowl of the sink as I drove her exhausted muscles through a final series of spasms and jerks. Her eyes glazed and her head drooped to join her tits in the sink as I surged forward one last time, inside her to the hilt, her fat butt squashed hard up against my belly. I tensed deliciously... and released, cumming deep up inside her, unloading my throbbing balls gloriously as her cunt sucked and shivered around me, filling her hot, sweet marshmallowy cunt with rich, thick cream.

I slapped her ass playfully as I withdrew, my cock glistening and dripping with juice, and left her quivering and fainting on the floor.

* * * *

"Hey, hello, Mr Gregory..."

"You sound dreamy, honey-pot. Soft and dreamy and sweet as marshmallow. I'm down at the windows - come see me. I've got something for you."

I hung up, and she was there almost at once, hurrying down past the shelves, her massive tits bouncing and swaying, her belly wobbling beautifully. She did indeed look dreamy, dreamy and glowing and well-fucked, and her sweet pink lips smiled smugly in mingled satisfaction and animal lust.

She fell ponderously to her knees in front of me, her eyes glittering as she unzipped me and wriggled my semi-hard cock out. She slurped me greedily into her hot mouth. I held her head, fingers tangled in her pale blonde hair, and rocked gently as she gobbled my cock. Her eyes searched my face, craving my approval. My cock swelled quickly between her soft, wet lips, lengthening, hardening, filling her mouth.

Soon I was naked and she was licking me avidly from balls to tip, her tongue drooling, saliva dripping. My cock rose hard and straight, a magnificent focus for her slutty ministrations. I turned, hands braced on the small leather-topped reading table, and presented my asshole to her. She licked hungrily, seeking entry. I relaxed and felt her tongue wriggling in my asshole. Her tongue seemed deliciously long, wonderfully dexterous, snaking up my ass as if it were a finger, or a set of living beads. Her pudgy fingers clutched my buttocks, spreading them, making room for her face to nuzzle my ass close as she French-kissed my asshole.

Mmm, she was greedy! She gobbled my ass, her tongue deep in me like a live thing, her hands squeezing my balls and wanking my hard, slippery cock. I leaned over more, arching my back as my sweet, marshmallowy school slut slobbered and drooled between my buttocks. Her saliva slimed my balls and dripped off my cock. I let her tease open my asshole with her fingers so she could lick ever deeper. My cock tingled and throbbed.

She was naked when I turned back to her, a beautiful mass of soft, pale, quivering flesh. I hugged and squeezed her, reveling in her rolls of fat, weighing her big heavy tits, pinching her huge nipples. She squealed and moaned, her fingers playing fervidly with my hard, wet cock.

I installed her on her knees, head down, ass up, on the big leather sofa in the fine window bay. Once again I buried my face in her magnificent ass, her huge white buttocks smothering me deliciously. Her cunt quivered pinkly between her massive thighs, slick and dripping with her juice and my cum, oozing from her slit from our fuck in the restroom. I licked up the rich brew, smearing my face with it, dribbling it into her asshole. She was soaked with creamy goo, her cunt a dripping tap of liquid sex; I sucked it out and spat it into her pulsating asshole.

With mouth and fingers I worked her holes mercilessly. Her face was pressed deep into the sofa cushions, her ass quivering and straining in the air as I licked her and sucked her and deep finger-fucked her. Soon she was cumming again, fresh juice squirting from her swollen, inflamed hole. I worked three fingers into her ass as the cum juice dripped and dribbled from her cunt, three fingers, then four, and she shivered and groaned and came again as my thumb disappeared. I fisted her ass, my whole hand buried in the hot, wet billows of her rectum, as her cunt squirted cum down her huge, shaking thighs.

What a gorgeous fuck my big, sweet marshmallow of a schoolgirl was! Her orgasms rolled and crashed continuously, her whole body shivering and spasming, as I fucked her now with my rigid, rampant cock, from cunt to ass to mouth and back around, each hole eager to take me as deep as it could. The slime from her throat and the juice from her cunt kept her asshole slippery and smooth, and each new penetration, balls-deep, front or back, made her moan and quake and squirt fresh cum all over us. Her asshole gaped wide whenever I left her, quivering open like her avid mouth, calling me back in. Her cunt was a bright pink tunnel, glowing, glistening, yearning, calling. Her mouth wanted me, wanted my cock, my fingers, wanted any and all of me, wanted nothing more than to suck and lick me, a hot, wet pleasure-giving hole below slut-wide eyes.

I caressed her magnificent rolls of fat as I fucked her, kneading and slapping her butt as I plumbed the depths of her asshole, squeezing and rolling her enormous tits as I fucked her sweet throat, cuddling her drooping belly as I slammed her squelching cunt. She was soft, smooth, slippery; hot, dirty, wet and dripping. Our bodies glistened with sweat and sex-slime, as the late afternoon sun shone a spotlight on our tableau. My cock commanded her, ruled her body and soul, a hard rod of pleasure-giving. Teri was a creature now of lust and orgasm, young and soft and fat and wet and begging to be penetrated by me any way, all ways. Her hot, tight holes raised me steadily, steadily to new heights, and my orgasm when it came was hard and long and dizzyingly final. I came in her cunt at the last, deep up inside her fat, young body, yelling and crying out, her hair in my hands, as I jerked and quivered and spurted and squirted again and again and again deep up inside my hot little schoolgirl whore...

* * * *