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She knelt in the corner.

She knelt in the corner, her elbows and knees almost touching, and she stared unblinking at the exact tiny infinite point where the walls and the floor all came together. Red swirling walls, elaborate wooden panels richly carved and heavily inlayed with spirals of precious metal and ivory and other substances she hadn’t been able to recognize. A thickly carpeted floor, soft and warm under her bare arms and legs, fingers and toes. She had something wrapped snugly around portions of her torso, a sketchy collection of clinging rags, as soft and caressing and clean as the carpet, but it covered nothing more than her most private places. She felt the carpet under her fingertips.

Other things. Smells. The air with dim and thick with some intoxicating scent that leisurely coiled its way up out of the wide metal bowl that rested on the carpet between her hands. Up out of the bowl in heavy white streamers, into her lungs and spreading out from there into her bloodstream and her brain, making her body buzz, making her soul numb. Making her thoughts become small and far away.

Voices. More than one. They weren’t speaking to her, they were ignoring her utterly. They buzzed like her body... no... she was able to blink once with the realization... it was they who were making her body buzz, not the smell at all. When the voices spoke, unintelligable rasps and quakings, they filled her utterly and she trembled a little, in spite of her orders not to move. One voice in particular...

Orders? Her mind couldn’t stay focused on any one topic for very long and she jumped to this new one. Had someone given her orders?


One of the voices. It had given her orders, so many orders. All the orders blurred together now. It had ordered her to love it, to fear it. To feel pain and pleasure, exquisite and excruciating. She had tried to run, to hide, but everywhere she turned the voice was already there, waiting for her, cool and majestic and intimate and friendly and wise. Giving so much, asking so little in return. Giving so little... Telling so much.... about...

And even after all this, that wasn’t the worst voice. That wasn’t the best voice. Those honors went to the other voice, a hundred times deeper, more powerful than the first. When its senseless drone rose, her back teeth rattled in her skull and she had to fight to keep from weeping. When it dropped away, it sucked out of her, left a vacuum behind, begging to be filled. Her fingers flexed against the red and gold strands of the carpet, but only a little.

She stayed in the corner.

She did not move.

Doctor Fang steepled his fingers, his bony elbows resting on his chair’s lushly padded arms. He studied the woman who sat across from him with his bottomless black eyes.

“I find your argument... intriguing. Do you contend that perhaps Doctor Ulwin’s work is more revolutionary than it first appears?”

“I do not contend.” Madame Li precisely placed a circular stone on the yellow board between them and shifted slightly in her low chair. “I make a statement of fact. He has done an excellent job, for an amateur, of concealing his true progress from even his employers. Others in the field, Mukherjee, Rollins at HTI, even Gynt, are all at least five years behind him. If I were in your position, I would recruit Ulwin before he offers his work on the open market and the price goes up. His expertise will prove to be invaluable when your satellites are finally launched next spring.”

Fang moved one of his hands, and as if by magic a black stone appeared on one of the cross-points of the board. His voice was even more unreadable than usual.

“My satellites.”

The tall dark-haired woman smiled, the slightest movement of muscles showing her triumph and glee. She looked at him from under her elegantly-sculpted eyebrows.

“Your organization is not the only one with sources of information, Doctor.”

“So it would seem.” He did not return the smile.

There was a subdued ‘ping’ from a long and elaborate control panel at Fang’s side. He looked at the panel, then deliberately picked up a tiny silver mallet that lay on his other side. Without haste or wasted motion he tapped it against one of the bars of an equally minuscule chime which also stood within his reach. The resulting note was sweet and pure and lingered for several seconds.

Madame Li froze, her hand extended over the board, holding a white stone. Her eyelids slid smoothly closed, and she became quite motionless. Fang put the mallet back into its waiting slot and for an instant studied her. The moment many years ago when he had finally broken her iron will had been quite... exquisite. If things were different, he would have made her his Chief Concubine and centered her existence around the production and upbringing of his heir. As it was... he quietly spun his tall black chair so it and he were facing the octagonal room’s only door, a tall and narrow portal adorned with two intertwined golden dragons. He brushed a control at his side and spoke.


The heavy door instantly slid open on silent runners. A bulky bald man of indeterminate ethnic origin shouldered his way into the room, his ranks of exposed muscles rippling in the dim light. He stopped before Fang and gave a stiff but respectful bow. The enormous sword strapped to his back caught the lights overhead and glinted as if dipped in blood.


“Dr. Fang. You wished to be personally informed the moment the latest shipment arrived from Cairo.”

“Yes. Does it appear to meet our specifications?”

“At first appraisal.” The man did not look at Fang, but appeared to be carefully studying a point somewhere in the middle distance. It was not... healthy... to do otherwise when in the Doctor’s presence. It was best not to see certain things.

“I shall conduct a personal inspection.”

The man gave another bow and turned to leave. Fang lifted a finger.

“Mr. Jinn.” Jinn froze and Fang swiveled back to Madame Li as he spoke. “It has come to my attention that security in the satellite division has been allowed to become woefully inadequate. You will see to correcting it. Personally.”

Another bow, Jinn keeping his muscular hands at his sides. It was possible, however, that one corner of his mouth twitched up slightly. Performing corrections was one of Jinn’s great joys in life, a reason he had risen as far in Fang’s organization as he had.

“But first...”

Fang picked up the mallet again and tapped a different note on the chime. The woman at the table did not react, at least outwardly.

“Madame Li. Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Doctor Fang. I can hear you very well.” Her hand remained outstretched.

“You will forget and suppress any and all rumors you may hear or have heard about any satellites my organization supposedly has been building and preparing for launch. There are nothing to these wild stories.”

“I will forget and suppress all rumors about satellites. There are nothing to these wild stories.” Unlike before, Madame Li’s voice was now meek and submissive, almost childlike.

Fang tapped the first bar again. Madame Li’s eyes opened as smoothly as they had closed and she completed the placement of her stone on the board as if she had never been interrupted. Only then did she look up.

Fang unfolded his body from his chair and gave a small bow of his own.

“My deepest apologies, Madame, but I am afraid we will have to continue our conversation at a later date. A situation has arisen that requires my immediate attention. Mr. Jinn...” A gesture towards the named individual, “...will escort you to your vehicle.”

“Of course.” Madame Li rose and returned the bow, her long silky green dress falling smooth as she straightened. “I look forward to continuing our game at a later date.”

“As do I.”

“Oh!” Madame Li turned. “I almost forgot. Do you have time, before we depart, to inspect my main reason for coming here?”

“Ah.” Fang turned. “Yes. I believe so.”

She was trying without success to remember her name. She had a name, she knew that, but like everything else it was faded and distant, washed out in the fumes and thunder that now filled her world. She had a name, and a job, and a home. She had left them, gone on vacation.... somewhere warm and tropical... a white sandy beach... when...

The Great Voice rumbled again, and her thoughts dissolved. The other voice spoke.


Gretchen. Her name was Gretchen.

“Come here.”

Suddenly the voice made sense again, the buzz resolving itself into words. There was a matching lid to the bowl lying nearby on the carpet. She picked it up and clicked it into place, instantly cutting off the smoke. She then rose, turned and walked placidly. Out of the sluggish smoke cloud and towards the source of the voice, her hands at her sides. She walked to Madame Li.

She remembered her job, and her home. This was her job. This was her home. This was her life.

She knelt before Madame Li, pressing her forehead to the carpet, awaiting, craving, dreading Madame’s touch.

“Look at me.” Gretchen rose up, settled on her haunches, placed her hands on her thighs in the approved manner. She lifted her face so she was looking into Madame’s jade-green eyes. Madame touched her under her elfin chin for a moment, and Gretchen trembled with pleasure and terror.

“You have done well, Gretchen. You have been a good student, and now it is time for your reward. Is your soul prepared for this honor?”

Gretchen felt her head bob, her loose blonde curls shifting around her face.

“Excellent. Look to your left. There you will see your reward.”

Gretchen turned her head.

Doctor Fang.

Her eyes widened and she gave a tiny involuntary gasp of joy as she felt the universe shift around her, its center leaving Madame Li and moving with majestic slowness to this man. To this titan, this god about whom she had been learning, under Madame’s wise and patient tutelage. Gretchen’s body shifted, pulled after her head by a force more powerful than gravity, and then was again pressing its forehead to the carpet. She found it easy to stay still now. Everything was easy now, now that she was kneeling before her Master. Easy. Simple. Clear. Plain. Filled with wild, bubbling ecstasy.

“Look at me.”

Again she rose and assumed the proper position.

“Look into my eyes.”

Her Master’s eyes were black, so very black. Black, but with a shimmer like oil, black ringed with rainbows, bottomless, interlocking rainbows that entangled their bands with the ridges of her mind and pulled her down... down... down...

“Who are you?”

The voice was as thunderous as before, even more so, filling the eternal depths.

“The slave of Doctor Fang.” She joyfully whispered the words.

“What is your function?”

“Obedience to the will of Doctor Fang.” The words to the mantra came from everywhere, from nowhere.

“What is your desire?”

“To please and serve Doctor Fang.”

“And what is your mission?”

“To aid in the destruction of the enemies of Doctor Fang.”

“Excellent. I shall now give you the weapon with which you will smite my enemies. Are you prepared to receive it?”

Her invisible hands rose up, spread themselves to receive the wondrous gift her Master had seen fit to bestow upon her.

Doctor Fang pulled his own hands apart. In one of them was clutched a single flat disk. He placed this in the hands of the staring slavegirl who knelt before him. Her slender fingers curled reverently around it.

“You will take this object with you when you leave this place. You will not let it out of your sight even for an instant. You will guard it with your very life. But you will not remember that you are carrying it. You will remember nothing of this place. You will remember only your instructions. Do you understand?”

“I will remember nothing but my instructions.”

“When the proper time comes, you will remember that you have it. You will remember, and you will use it as you have been taught. And then, after you have used it, you will forget. Forget it forever. Do you understand?”

“I will remember. I will forget.”

“Excellent. Now, Gretchen Hollister, sleep. Sleep. Sleep without dreams.” He passed his emaciated hand down in front of her glazed eyes. Her face fell forward, following the hand’s direction, her lids closing. Her hands remained up in the air, holding the disk. “When you awaken, awaken from your deep, restful, sleep, your programming will have begun. You will carry out your programming. You will let nothing prevent you from completing your task.” He tucked his hands back into his sleeves and studied the kneeling woman for a moment before turning to Madame Li.

“My congratulations. I see your training regime was excellent, as always.”

She gave a bow.

Exactly as programmed, a delicate flush rose in her cheeks and neck.

The two of them and Jinn departed, leaving their newest brainwashed slavegirl kneeling alone in the room.

Gretchen did not move.

She did not awaken.

She did not awaken until the time she had been programmed to awaken.

“Hey, Bill.”

The pale bespectacled man looked up from the innards of the computer he had disassembled. Around them, the banks of monitors flashed and strobed.

“Gretchen! Hey, back from the islands, I see. Have a good time?”

“Incredible. I’ve never felt so relaxed.” She gave a little stretch. Her hair was pulled back in its usual braid, and her skin looked tan and healthy.

“Ready to kick that Y2K bug back to silicone hell? Only three months to go.” He grinned and adjusted the laminated nametag he had clipped to his shirt pocket.

“Aye aye, sir. Ready, willing and able.” Gretchen slid into her chair and put her purse down nearby on one of the control room’s many counters.

“Glad to hear it. Say, did you hear? The Chairman himself was around again yesterday, rallying the troops.”

“The Chairman? In person?” Gretchen spun her chair around in surprise, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah.” Bill suddenly turned serious. “I dunno, kiddo. I think some of the big brass is more worried than they are letting on. A lot more worried. All kinds of crazy rumors floating around this week.”


“Yeah.” He hesitated, then continued. “You ever hear of some terrorist or something called Doctor Fang? “

Gretchen frowned. The name rang a very faint bell somewhere. She thought for a moment, then it came to her.

“Oh, yeah. He’s the big bad boogieman that ditz of a reporter is always going on about in the Times, isn’t he? What’s her name? Jorganson? What a load of racist bilge. I’m amazed that she hasn’t been re-assigned to covering flower shows. Why, I think...” She caught a glimpse of his face and frowned. She was very cute when she frowned. “The Y2K thing, sure. That's a problem. I wouldn't be here if I didn't think so. But don’t tell me you actually believe in the rest of this crap, do you? I suppose you think Commander Amazing is real, too.”

Bill gazed at her then spoke solemnly.

“Commander Amazing is real. I... I’ve never told anyone this before, but... I saw him once.”

“What? No you didn’t.” She hesitated suspiciously. “What did he look like?”

“I didn’t see very well. It was dark. But it was him and that freaky sidekick of his. It was down on the waterfront, during the riots. He was... big. And if he’s real, then... well... this Fang character just might be as well. We’d better be ready. All of us.” He turned back to his work.

Gretchen sat for a moment, frowning. Then something prompted her to look at her hand. It was resting on the top of her purse. No, clutching at her purse. As if it was the most important thing in the universe. She frowned, her brow crinkling slightly. She thought the two words very deliberately.

Commander Amazing

Her hand tightened with a spasm, and a surge of emotion passed through her. A deep, acidic wave. What was going on here? Was there something....

Her eyes closed themselves and her mind went totally blank.

When she reactivated, she was busy typing away on her keyboard, with all memory of the last few minutes wiped clean.

She had her purse resting between her feet.


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