Hi, and welcome to the ASSTR_ASS homepage of Hornyoldman, I write under the name blueeyesandy, Hornyoldman is my ASSTR_ASS directory is called. I post my stories in FTP and WEB format, on FTP I use text files, and on the web site, HTML. Below is a table of my stories, with the title and link in the left, and brief discription followed by the ASS codes. I think that should ensure that no-one is upset by the content/theme/subject. There are also links to more information about me, my writing and other aspect of my life for those that wish to know. My homepage contains more junk about me, as well as favorite pics.
Daddy's Little Hoooker

Incest Daddy/Daughter - father meets his own daughter while curb crawling, unleashing suppressed desires. Oral, Spanking, Anal, Note: in code i have used lowercase f, although there is no age, in my imagination she is in a 16-18 age group.

Mf/F? inc rough oral anal rim span
Payment in Kind

A shy young male student, (early 20's) falls behind with his rent, his landlord and landlady give him a choice, either move out, or provided alternative payment. This is MALE BISEXUAL Story, involving male on male oral and anal sex as well male female sex, and a degee of submission. Its funny how so many women enjoy watching or fantasies about there husbands/partners being shafted.

MMF bi male oral anal Mdom Fdom
Gothic Trick or Treater’s PART ONE Two goth gurls, decide to go trick or treating after the Halloween Party…..call upon there former history teacher MFF Bi Female, Femdom, Cane, Oral
Divorced Aunt catches Nephew spanking the Monkey Comng soon - Divorced Aunt Staying at her sisters suspects her Nephew is seeking to the bathroom in the middle of the night to spank the monkey (wanking).  
Revenge is Sweet A wife takes revenge upon her Husband before leaving him.  
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