Henrik Larsen's stories.

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Here's a selection of my stories. Hopefully, more will be added along the
way. When you read them, remember that they are set in Northern Europe
and things and attitudes might be different from what you are used to.
An example is parentís attitude towards their kids. You might find it to
be very unrealistic that parents would accept that a fifteen- or sixteen-year-old
is having sex, but it isn't necessarily in my part of the world. I might add that
the legal age, when it comes to sex, is fifteen here.

I hope you enjoy my stories and comments are very much appreciated.
I can be reached at henlar@hotmail.com.
A Little Different
 Part one   Part two   Part three 
 Part four     

Anna, Susan, Sandra, Sis and me
 Part one (M/F oral anal toys)  Part two  Part three
 Part four  Part five  Part six
 Part seven  Part eight  Part nine
 Part ten

Short Stories
The Trip (m/f light bd) 
(Celeste 10  9  10) 
 A Whiter Christmas than Ever
(m/f first teen rom)
Computer conference 
(M/F preg light bd anal)
Deep in the woods
(m/f teen first rom)
Old Friends (M/F) Casting the Model(M/F rom)
Mr. Fou and the price of innocence (M/F) Powerless (M/F rom)
Eyeliner (m/f teen) (Annex A+)   A day at the beach (M/F voy) 
(Celeste 8,5  9  8,5) 
A party with Dionysus (M/F oral anal)  Tempted by the fruit of another (Flash)

Longer Stories
Confessions Neighbour's Daughter

Links to a selection of my favourite authors.
I would love to read more than i do. This selection of links is based on what I could remember and find when I revised this page. More will be added.
If you feel left out, let me know.
Souvie One of my absolute favourites.
Felix Phile. He was a very promising author who sadly passed away much too soon.
Rev. Cotton Mather. I've only read a few of his short stories, but he can really write.
Smilodon. Definately among the best romance writers.
Mat Twassel. The master of 'stream of consciousness'. One of the best.
Frank Downey. For those of you who love romance.
Bronwen. Wonderful English stories.
Sharmila Sanyal. She has a fantastic language, but I don't know if she will ever finish her story.
Jane Urquhart. Presumably retired, but you never know. Her stories are surely worth reading.