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IMPORTANT: The following stories are works of fiction, meant to entertain the reader. They may contain offensive language of a graphic sexual and/or violent nature and details many activities which are highly illegal in much of the modern world. I do not condone or encourage any activity that may be harmful to the wellbeing of a minor, no matter the circumstances. Please realize that there is a line between being a pedophile and being a child molester. Any time that line is crossed, an innocent life is destroyed and a monster is created. Please do your part to ensure that all children are kept safe from those who cannot see that line. Look, but do not touch.

Thank you.


Lately I've been writing and releasing exclusively over on Reddit's /r/ageplaystories.  I currently have a story titled 'A Memorable Vacation' that has reached (as of this time) a dozen chapters, based on the short 'My Little Vacation' that you can find at the bottom of this page in the Misc section.  Once it is completed, I will compile it into a single file, and release it here as well.

Completed Stories

Yay, these ones are done.

Title Summary Keywords Date Published Size
It Began One Day At The Mall Jack goes girl watching at the mall and meets a young lady who desperately needs his help escaping from her unfortunately painful home life. M/gg, g/g, ped, cons, oral, rom, nc, abuse December 08, 2005
Republished at ASSTR.org: June 28, 2010
100 pages
44,606 words
I Gotta Jack Off! Brian rushes home after school to beat off after seeing an unusually hot sight. Unfortunately, the nap he takes afterwards is a little too long... m/g/g, g/g, bro/sis, ped, inc, twins, 1st, cons, mast January 09, 2006
Republished at ASSTR.org: June 28, 2010
13 pages
2,980 words
The Gym Teacher Brian deals with a young girl that breaks the rules in the gym class he teaches. M/gg, b+/g+, ped, cons, humiliation, bd, orgy, nc, gang bang, indirect bukkake February 14, 2006
Republished at ASSTR.org: June 27, 2010
7 pages
3,376 words
As It Was Meant To Be In this prequel to 'It Began One Day At The Mall' we learn the fate of Danielle's father, who finds that his future lies in events long past. M/g, ped, exhib, mast, rom, cons, 1st, oral, sci-fi February 21, 2006
Republished at ASSTR.org: June 28, 2010
55 pages
26,289 words
Secrets While masturbating in his treehouse one day, Sam discovers his father has been leading a secret life that impacts both him and the family of one of his classmates. g/b/M/M, ped, cons, rom, prost, vio, abuse, oral, mast May 26, 2014 87 pages
42,969 words

Works In Progress

The following stories are presented as is, if they are presented at all. They may be unformatted, contain misspellings, poor grammar, half constructed thoughts, and continuity errors. Story titles may be misleading, as the plot may change during the writing process from the initial inspiration. If anything, these are presented in an effort to gauge reader interest in them. Page count is based off of a size 12 Times New Roman font in MS Word.

Title Summary Keywords Page Count Word Count
Abduction Julie is abducted by aliens who make a huge request of her. (updated August 08 2012) mmmbbb/g, ped, cons, nc, 1st, preg, bro/sis, sci-fi 27 13,939
Baby Plauged with fertility issues, Mary comes up with a plan to get a new baby in her family. (updated August 11 2012) M/F/g, ped, inc, cons, dad/dau, mom/dau, preg, 1st 9 4,892
Beach Dad takes his daughter on an unexpected trip to the beach. M/b/g, ped, inc, dad/dau, 1st    
Daddysbed Alan encounters the unexpected when his daughter repeatedly asks to sleep with him. (updated 25 February 2014) M/f/g, f/g, ped, inc, dad/dau, 1st, cons, mast, preg 49 23,818
Friends Childhood friends Evan and Stacy do more than just play video games together. (updated 25 February 2014) b/g, ped, 1st, cons 20 10,577
Mahou Mystic Knight Lu-Ke of the Earth Defense Bureau fights to protect the Earth from monsters and aliens. Written in the style of a mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime show. (updated 25 February 2014) g, anime, fantasy 11 5,491
Newsister Tyson's dad comes home one day with a little girl, his new little sister. (two versions) m/g, ped, inc, cons, bro/sis 4
Owned Ron inherits more than a house from his great uncle. (updated 17 April 2015) M/g, ped, cons, 1st, brain-washing 18 8,075
Pickup Mandy gets her first crush. (updated 17 April 2015) M/g, ped, cons, 1st 12 5,689
Questions Matt finds himself having to answer all kinds of questions from his younger sister Alyssa. (updated 29 December 2012) m/g, ped, inc, voy, mast, 1st, cons 15 7,323
RPG New! Adam and his sister Abby play a tabletop roleplaying game. (updated 26 September 2015) b/g, inc 51 22,395
Theoffer Oswald meets a woman online who makes him an offer he can't ignore. (updated 25 February 2014) M/F/g, ped, cons, 1st, mast 89 45,276


Either I've hit a wall on the following stories, or I've set them aside in favor of what I am actively working on. Either way, I do plan on finishing these at some point.

Title Summary Keywords Page Count Word Count
Babysit Jody babysits her brother. (updated 18 May 2012) f/b, ped, inc 2 848
Babysit2 Jody babysits her brother. (alternate version) (updated 28 June 2012) f/b, ped, inc 3 1,619
Bedtime Molly has a bedtime routine that her father is unaware of. (updated 18 May 2006) M/g, ped, inc, 1st, mast, dad/dau 2 896
Bigsister Yunie copes with her raging hormones and her very curious little brother. (updated 21 December 2012) f/b, ped, cons, 1st 1 93
Bio Brian tells his life story. (updated 4 July 2011) m/f/g/g, ped, cons, 1st, mast 12 6,037
Bio-party A later part of Bio describing Brian's experience at a party. (updated 18 February 2014) m/f, m/g, mast 7 3,223
Cabin Larry takes his neighbor's daughter on a trip to his family cabin in the woods. (updated 21 October 2009) M/g, ped, 1st, reluc 4 2,074
Car A little girl is kicked out of a car along the side of the highway. (updated 6 May 2007) M/g, ped, prost 1 385
Caught A pair of panties on the floor of his daughter's room tempts Terry to take a risk. (updated 22 April 2009) M/g, ped, inc, cons, mast, dad/dau 1 333
Cum Marvin has no idea what a "pussy" is, so he asks his big sister. (updated 22 July 2007) b/f/g, ped, inc, cons, bro/sis 17 7,586
Cyoa Choose Your Own Adventure (updated 13 May 2011)   5 1,737
Deal Nate and his daughter make a deal. (updated 2 January 2008) M/g, ped, inc, cons, molest, dad/dau 4 1,591
Drunk Frank catches his daughter sneaking in the house drunk. (updated 1 November 2006) M/F/g, inc, cons, 1st, dad/dau 11 5,059
Education Katie comes home furious that her dad didn't sign the sex education permission slip for school. (updated 12 March 2010) M/g, ped, inc, cons, 1st, dad/dau 5 1,835
Face Donny habitually masturbates once he gets home from school. This time he has an audience. (updated 28 June 2010) m/g, ped, inc, bro/sis, mast, facial 18 8,473
Firsttime A burgeoning young TV starlet asks a family friend for some help in researching a new role. (updated 19 October 2011) M/g, ped, 1st 3 1,249
Hawaii Henry takes his daughter Nicole on a trip to Hawaii that neither of them will forget. (updated 28 May 2010) M/g/g, ped, inc, dad/dau, 1st, cons 6 2,569
Hypno Fred learns how to hypnotise people, starting with his own daughter. (updated 12 March 2008) M/g, ped, inc, dad/dau, nc 1 114
King Edward becomes king of Midland following the death of his father. Now the pressure is on to produce an heir. (updated July 4 2010) M/f/g/g, ped, inc, bro/sis, cons, preg, mast, fantasy 22 11,595
L A report on the specimens of batch 23987. (updated February 25 2014) ggbb, medical, sci-fi, mast, experiment, growth, violence 3 1,518
Lemonade Amy and Emily set up a lemonade stand outside. (updated 27 March 2007) M/F/gg, ped, 1st 10 4,516
Littlesister Jeff has a fateful encounter with his best friend's little sister. (updated 28 June 2010) m/g, m/fggg, ped, mast, voy, oral, 1st, cons 14 6,973
Meeting Dale hears about an online dating site. His daughter has heard about it too. (updated 15 November 2010) M/g, ped, inc, cons, dad/dau 1 626
Mind Mike wakes up one day with a massive headache and a changed life. (updated 23 March 2006) m/f/g, ped, inc, bro/sis, mind control, sci-fi 10 3,931
Newteacher Phil starts a new job. (updated 31 July 2011) M 1 48
Nextdoor Brian gets to know his neighbors better. (updated 8 December 2006) M/g, ped, cons 10 4,594
Nocturnal Grant gets a little help from his big sister in having nocturnal emissions. (alternate telling of 'babysit') (updated 3 July 2012) b/g, ped, inc, cons, bro/sis, oral 1 503
Partygirl Sean has nothing better to do, so he goes to a party. (updated 15 June 2012) m/g, ped, inc, cons, bro/sis 2 542
Pet Taylor learns a secret from her friend and tells her daddy all about it. (updated 1 March 2012) M/gg, ped, inc, cons, reluc, 1st, dad/dau 1 422
Pool Rick moves into a new house and quickly makes 3 young friends who invite him over to swim in the pool. (updated 29 August 2007) M/ggg, ped, cons, 1st 6 2,680
Poolparty Stan hosts a pool party for his daughter's 13th birthday. (updated 28 November 2012) M/g, dad/dau, cons, 1st 2 1,044
Raped Hanna gets raped. (updated 28 February 2008) mm/g, ped, inc, rape, 1st, bro/sis 2 965
School Martin pulls his little girl out of school following an incident on the playground and takes her on an impromptu vacation. (updated 15 July 2013) M/g, ped, inc, dad/dau, 1st, cons, mast 22 10,268
Slave Erin is kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. (updated 18 May 2010) g+, M/g, ped, 1st, nc 6 2,582
Sneakingin Tara sneaks in late at night. M/g, ped, inc, cons, dad/dau 0 0
Swimsuit Mitchell is caught indulging in his latest fetish: his daughter's swimsuit. (updated 9 August 2012) M/g, ped, inc, 1st, dad/dau 1 125
Teacher Bruce loves his job teaching math to young people. (updated 19 February 2012) M/g, ped, cons, 1st, teacher/student 2 1,101
Teaching David has his daughter stay with him for the first time in 7 years. (updated 16 April 2007) M/g, ped, inc, cons, 1st, dad/dau 4 1,967
Towel Cassie forgets her towel. (updated 27 April 2012) M/g, ped, reluc, 1st 1 87
Whore Todd hears about a prostitution ring that sounds too good to be true. (updated 29 October 2011) M/g, ped, cons, prost 1 354


Sometimes you get an idea which sounds good at first, but after a while just seem ridiculious, stupid, or the desire to finish them just goes out of you entirely. Those stories are here, and I probably won't share them since they probably are less than a page worth of material, but I do list them just to be complete. Who knows, I may even change my mind some day and get back to them, but don't hold your breath.

Title Summary Keywords Page Count Word Count
Bigsecret Mark takes his daughter, Jess, shopping and finds himself making an embarrassing purchase. (abandoned 3 August 2008) M/g, ped, inc, cons, 1st, dad/dau 1 436
Condoms Beth gets a joke gift for her 12th birthday. (abandoned 30 December 2009) M/g, ped, inc, dad/dau 1 122
Forced Nolan just can't help himself. (abandoned 3 December 2007 and again 6 September 2012) M/g, ped, inc, 1st, rape, dad/dau 3
Ghost A young girl moves into a new home and experiences strange things happening to her at night. (abandoned 29 April 2006) g/g/ghost, ped, nc, supernatural 4 1,949
Kanade Shunned by her peers, Kanade goes looking for some human contact. (Angel Beats fanfic) (abandoned 18 May 2010) f/m+, prost 2 725
Mommystoy Callie's mother loves her very much. (abandoned 31 August 2007) F/M/g/b, ped, inc, cons 5 2,155
Park Paul has been flashing little girls in the park for 3 years. (abandoned 7 October 2007) M/g, ped, inc, cons, 1st, dad/dau 4 2,175
Preg Ted's 12-year old daughter is a slut, but she picks him over the other boys for something special. (abandoned 3 April 2011) M/g/b+, ped, cons, dad/dau, preg 3 1,783
Punishment Paige has been a bad girl. (abandoned 13 November 2007) M/g, ped, nc, 1st, dad/dau 2 920
Soccer A young girl playing soccer alone in the park finds herself in a lot of trouble. (abandoned 4 July 2010) mmmmm/g, ped, 1st, rape, gang-bang 1 143
Spirit A man is hit by a car and possesses a little boy who witnessed the accident. (abandoned 5 September 2006) b/g, ped, inc, reluc, bro/sis, supernatural 3 1,100
Star Madison is a famous young actress who feels threatened by a newcomer who rockets to sudden fame. (abandoned 30 March 2007) g, g, ped, rivalry, 1st 1 201
Taping Tessa watches porn and thinks she can do better. (abandoned 1 June 2006) M/gg, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, dad/dau 7 3,902
Touching Gwen doesn't like it when her daddy visits her before bedtime. (abandoned 28 February 2008) M/g, ped, inc, nc, dad/dau 1 155
Uncle Ian comes home to find his niece sleeping in his apartment. (based on the 'Hizashi no Naka no Riaru' flash game) (abandoned 24 November 2006) M/g, ped, inc, cons, 1st, uncle/niece 2 950
Urbanlegend Nevada hears about an urban legend that is supposed to help her have an orgasm. (abandoned 27 June 2013) g, ped 1 354
West A cowboy in the old west encounters an orphan trying to steal from him. (abandoned 15 August 2010) M/g, ped, cons, 1st 1 494


The following items are not really stories themselves, but a collection of files that may relate to a story listed above.

Title Description Keywords Date Size
IRC Log: The Gym Teacher The original IRC log that formed the basis for the story "The Gym Teacher". M/gg, b+/g+, ped, cons, humiliation, bd, orgy, nc, gang bang, indirect bukkake June 30, 2010 5 pages
1,686 words
Deleted Scene: Daddysbed - Trisha's mother An abandoned scene from 'Daddysbed' that gives some background biographical information on Trisha's mother. No sex, heavy, drama August 08, 2012 4 pages
1,431 words
Deleted Scene: Daddysbed - Fashion show An abandoned scene from 'Daddysbed' in which the girls show Alan what they bought that day at the mall. No sex, drinking, flirting August 08, 2012 4 pages
1,231 words
Deleted Scene: It Began One Day At The Mall - Christy An abandoned scene from 'It Began One Day At The Mall' where Christy attempts to seduce Jack in the pool. M/g, no sex, flirting, touching August 08, 2012 3 pages
751 words
IRC Log: Loving Daughter Birthday Roleplay A simply amazing IRC roleplay session I had. Just had to share it. M/g, ped, inc, cons, rom November 23, 2012 6 pages
2,011 words
Deleted Scene: The Offer - Oswald's Vacation An abandoned scene from 'The Offer' where Oswald gets frustrated with Kate's behavior and goes on vacation. M/F/g, ped, cons, mast February 25, 2014 12 pages
5,234 words
Secrets - Deleted Scenes A collection of deleted or alternate scenes from Secrets b, mast, voy May 26, 2014 5 pages
2,195 words
Sex Slave Auction My response to a roleplay prompt that I found on Reddit. no sex, dark, sci-fi, slave August 24, 2014 5 pages
2,335 words
My Little Vacation A short first-person story of a lucky guy on vacation. ped, mast, voy April 17, 2015 2 pages
1,067 words


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