Girl On Girl


Train Ride

by Yasmin

FF cons F1st

  A married business lady has an encounter with a schoolgirl

See Through

by Stella

FF cons latex

  Linsey's accidental visit to a fetish store turns into something steamy.


by Jenny

FF cons oral anal F1st

  Two nervous college girls explore their love for each other


by Stella

FF nc oral bd F1st

  Heterosexual Louise turns the tables on her horny lesbian housemate

Penis Frenzy

by Yasmin

FF cons strapon

  A bisexual woman describes the joys of a strap-on dildo.

Velvet Revolution

by Stella

FF cons F1st oral rim

  Lonely executive and single mom Lisa finds solace with the new au pair


by Karen

FF cons voy Fsolo

  An inquisitive housewife spies on two women making love

One Day At A Time

by Stella

FF bd

  A "slave auction" for charity leads to Millie being bought by a strange older woman

Fortune Teller

by Trish

FF cons oral anal

  A female warrior gets a glimpse of her future sexual encounters

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

by Stella

FF cons F1st

  New bride Eva opens her heart to her husband's stepmother

Yasmin's Sexy Snippets


  One day, my girlfriend told me to go fetch a razor......


  Mmmmm.......the gentle touch of soft female lips!


  My thoughts on different kinds of nipples.

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