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Longer Fiction
First Impressions
[mobipocket and ereader formats added]
Set Here A Spell
Pirates of the Carob Bean
I Just Wanna Be Naked In School
Going Down [Updated 08/25/15]
NOT a Knight in Shining Armor...
L is for Lethargy
Chocolate Morsels Series
Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate RULES!
Chocolate Kisses
Chocolate Sighs
Chocolate Sunday
Chocolate Knights
and Chocolate Daze
Smokin' Hot Series
Smokin' Hot Sex
Smokin' Hot Sex, Too
Smokin' Hot Sex, Redux
Flash Fiction
Naked in School - A Palindrome
Sex Education
Eyes for an Eye
Gravitation is not responsible...
In the Name of Literacy
Master PC: A Short Edition
Tiny Bubbles
The Old In-Out
Wedded Lust
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