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Say the Word

by Frenulum

Copyright © 2007 Frenulum. All rights reserved.

“Hey, lover, I read your new story, Panties.”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, Panties — I just posted that yesterday. I’d be interested to know what you thought of it.”

“Well, to be honest... I’d have to say it was a little stilted, a little awkward — I mean, if you start with the premise that every sentence has to have the word ‘panties’ in it, you’re just not going to end up with something natural. So... it was kind of a cute story, but... maybe not your best work.”

“It wasn’t every sentence. The rule I concocted for myself was that ‘panties’ had to appear at least once per paragraph.”

“Ok, whatever. But still, it’s ‘panties’ this and ‘panties’ that, and pretty soon it gets a little tedious.”

“Sorry it didn’t work for you. I just had to give it a shot, though. There’s something about the word ‘panties’ that just revs me up. When I see it in print, or when I type it, or best of all when I hear a woman say it — wow. A couple of years ago there was a Victoria’s Secret ad where a woman with an English accent kept talking about panties, in a really seductive voice. That was heavenly. I used to leave the tube on just hoping to catch it again.”

“You like to hear women say ‘panties,’ eh?”

“I really do. I know it’s a little kinky, but... that’s the way I’m wired. Funny thing is, it has to be ‘panties’ — ‘underpants’ doesn’t do anything for me. ‘G-string’ or ‘thong’ or ‘bikini’ or ‘boy short’ or ‘tap pants’ — those words leave me cold. But ‘panties’ — mmm, mmm, mmm.”

“Do you like it when I say ‘panties’?”

“I do, I do indeed. That’s the strongest effect, hearing ‘panties’ in a pretty, feminine voice. But like I said, even typing ‘panties’ gives me a little charge. Whenever I write a scene about a woman dressing or undressing, I even shy away from pronouns. I mean, instead of writing... um... ‘She took off her panties. She handed them to him,’ I’ll write ‘She took off her panties. She handed him her panties.’ Well, ok, not as lame as that, but you get the idea. Because that way I get to write ‘panties’ twice instead of just once.”

“Fascinating. All this time we’ve been together and I never knew you had such a thing about... panties.”

“Ooh, I like the way you just said ‘panties.’ So soft and sweet and sexy.”

“Did you now? Want to know something, lover? I happen to be wearing a pair of... panties... at this very moment.”

“That comes as no surprise. What sort of panties do you have on?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t really remember which pair of... panties... I chose this morning. But if someone were to lift up my skirt, he might see for himself what... panties... I’m wearing.”

“You wouldn’t mind if I took a look at your panties?”

“Oh, no. I’m curious, myself, now. What sort of... panties... do I have on? It could be a pair of simple white cotton panties that make me look like a schoolgirl. Or it could be some daring, skimpy, black, lacy panties that hardly hide my pussy at all. Maybe I’m wearing those purple thong panties you like so much, the ones that leave my buns all bare and spankable. Maybe it’s my new low-rise panties that barely even cover my slit — you haven’t even seen those yet, I just bought them. What do you think? What kind of... panties... would you like to find under my skirt?”

“I. Um. I, uh, don’t know that I want to look, if, uh, you were maybe going to keep talking about your panties in that voice.”

“Oh, am I getting you all hot and bothered, talking about my panties? Speculating about the pair of panties I chose this morning? Wondering what kind of panties you like? Saying ‘panties’? Is that making you excited? Whispering ‘panties’ in your ear?... Oh, goodness, what’s this? My, my, my. You certainly are excited. Well, now I know what you have hiding in your pants, but you still don’t know anything about my warm... soft... snug... little... panties.”

“Oh, I know something about your panties. Something that you don’t know.”

“Tell me. Tell me about my... panties.”

“I’m going to leave them on you. They’re going to get sopping wet with your juice. They’re going to rub against my cock when I bend you over this chair and fuck you from behind. And eventually, your panties are going to be soaking up my cum.”

“You’re going to cum in my panties?”

“I’m going to cum deep inside your hot little cunt, you sexy wench. But it will leak out, and you’ll end up with cum-soaked panties, because you’re not taking them off... Here... Right here. Bend over.”

“Do you want me to pull my panties aside?”

“I want you to grab the arm of that chair and hold on tight. My cock will take care of moving your panties... Ahh, the little cherry-print bikini, I love this pair. So virginal, so cute and sweet... And so wet — you’re already juicy... You are so hot, I love how turned on you — ahhh, such a tight, sweet cunt. Oh, yessssss...”

“Ah, that’s good, that feels so good. Oh. Oh, god, you’re so hard, I’ve never — oh, oh my god, yes, that’s good, I love that... So hard, so... I can feel my panties rubbing my pussy... rubbing my clit... Do you like them, do you like my panties, does your big hard cock like my cherry panties? Do you like fucking my snug little cherry panties?”

“I... Love... Fucking your... Sweet, hot... Cunt while you... Ohhhh! You have your... Panties... Still on.”

“Oh, yes, oh god that’s so good... mmmm, yes... ahhhhh. Tell me. I want you to. Tell me when you’re close. And I’ll. I’ll say it for you, over and over. Soft and sweet, ahhh, ah, and sexy, mmm, that’s — ahhh, my god, it’s so good, so — oh, yes... mmmmm! I’ll say it while you cum, would that be good for you? Oh, oh! yes! Ah! I’ll say it while you cum inside me. Say it while you. Ahhhhh, yes. Say it while you fill me with hot cum. Panties. Panties. Panties....”

Author’s notes on Say the Word

This is straight from my very own personal bundle of kinks. Call me an odd duck if you will, but it’s true. I just love the word. Hey, it’s harmless.

I can’t say what prompted me to write this story, but it came flying out of my fingers in a single brief session. Please write and let me know if you enjoyed it. I sure did — just look how many times I got to type... panties :-)

P.S. About two weeks after I posted Say the Word, I happened across this image. What a lovely pair of cherry-print... panties... Thanks to all the readers who have sent me other pretty examples.

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