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by Frenulum

Copyright © 2001 Frenulum. All rights reserved.

“Welcome to Rossum’s Custom Shop, sir. My name is Eliza. May I help you?”

“Oh, hi. Umm, yes, I guess so — I was thinking about maybe getting one of these for myself.”

“Of course, sir. Was there a particular model you had in mind? Or do you have some questions I can help with?”

“I, uh, don’t really know your different models. But yes, I do have one question already. This one here — The Domestic Partner Mark 2 — seems just like this one —”

“The Fucktoy XL-5.”

“— right — except the price is a lot higher. What’s the difference?”

“Well, sir, all of our products are fully functional — that is, they’re indistinguishable from real live women — within their domain of expertise. The difference between these two lines is that the Domestic Partner has a larger domain: she can be a fulfilling companion both in the bedroom and out. So as well as being a top-notch fuck-bunny, she’s a good conversationalist, a good cook, a good organizer — think of her as being part friend, part housemaid, part secretary, and part slut.”

“I see. Whereas this other one would be —”

“All slut, sir. But a very popular model, too, I might add — many of my customers are already taken care of in the more mundane household aspects, and only require a bit of erotic variety.”

“Yeah, that’s probably more what I’m looking for. Is this, um, XL-5, is this the only model like that?”

“Oh, no, sir, the Fucktoy line is quite extensive — twenty-eight distinct models in all. Why don’t you follow me to my desk, and let me show you some of the catalogs.”


“Please, have a seat. Now then, sir, here is our catalog of basic models. The Fucktoy line begins right... here, with the XL series. XL’s are meant for gentlemen who like the high fashion, glamorous look. A bit of the exotic. Then you’ll find the ND series, a bit more in the style of wholesome, natural beauty; and finally the T series for those who enjoy a certain degree of youth and freshness. Please take your time browsing while I just get a new order sheet started for you.”

“Ok.... <Holy Hanna!>

“I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t quite hear — ah, I see the Fucktoy T-16 has caught your eye. You’re a man of fine and discerning taste, I can tell already.”

“She’s... she looks so much like a girl I knew in school...”

“Yes, sir, the T-16 is modeled after the ideal prom queen, the head cheerleader, the unattainable high school sweetheart. She’s perpetually sixteen years old, of course, and optionally comes with our patented Innocence-On-Demand feature. With IOD, as we call it, you can restore her virginity whenever you feel in the mood to take it again. And, please understand, sir, I’m not just talking about the maidenhead proper, but her attitudes and knowledge — whenever IOD is activated, the T-16 becomes a girl who has never even seen a cock, much less sucked or fucked one.”

“Wow. That’s, um, interesting.”

“Now, sir, let’s just walk through an order and let me get an idea of the options you’d be interested in — no obligation to buy, of course, but just to get a ballpark figure to work with.”

“Ummm... Well, I didn’t... Sure, why not.”

“Why not indeed, sir. Now, to start with the basic model: would you like some more time to browse the catalog, or —”

“No, this one. I like — that is, this one looks just like what I had in mind. Better than what I had in mind.”

“Very good, sir. One Fucktoy T-16. Standard with this model, at no additional cost, you get the high school girl personality package, owner-adjustable sexual compliance, owner-adjustable talent —”

“Wait. What are — what are those last things you mentioned?”

“Adjustable compliance means that you can select your Fucktoy’s willingness to participate in sex. Her default setting is what we like to call Hot-n-Horny: a high degree of initiative, readiness, and eagerness to please; but you can set it all the way up to Full Nymphomania, or down as far as Girlish Reluctance, which is simply ideal for cherry-popping play. There’s nothing like seeing that look of uncertainty on her beautiful face just before you punch her ticket. Lower compliance settings, such as might be used for a rape scenario, require the purchase of an additional option. Shall I pencil that in?”

“Uh, no, no — I’m not really into rape, I guess.”

“Many gentlemen are — I sell that option more often than not. The ethical issues disappear when we’re speaking of property, not a person.”

“Yeah, well, still, I’ll pass. There was something else you were going to explain.”

“Yes, sir, the owner-adjustable talent level. We include this only on our T-series Fucktoys, because of their apparent youth. Many of our customers like to make the girls awkward and unschooled at sexual techniques, then to adjust the performance upward over a period of weeks or months, to the model’s full capability. But, of course, you can enjoy her at her factory-set peak performance right out of the box, as well.”

“I think I understand. But, then, what does that, um, sort of renewed virginity feature add?”

“Ah, yes, Innocence-On-Demand. First and foremost, of course, IOD gives you the restorable hymen. At each restoration, you may set a variety of parameters that determine how difficult it will be to pop the little teenslut’s cherry — and, independently, how painful she will find the experience. Moreover, the IOD package adds a great deal of complexity and subtlety to the lower end of the compliance and talent scales. Some of my customers have been able to compare the IOD-enhanced Fucktoy series against the actual experience of popping open a virgin high-school girl, and they tell me that we’ve reached one hundred percent realism. Everything your Fucktoy says and does will convince you that you’re deflowering an innocent maiden. Shall I just jot IOD on the order form?”

“Oh god. Umm. I — yeah, yes, that sounds good.”

“You won’t be disappointed, sir, you have my personal guarantee. Here, let me fetch you a glass of water — you look a bit flushed....”


“You’re most welcome.”

“You said something about pain a minute ago. I didn’t know these things had any kind of feelings.”

“Oh, yes, sir, they’re completely realistic in every way. In fact, if the average real woman were not a moody whining contumelious unbiddable froward manipulative cold misanthropic bitchy nagging pain-in-the-ass, you’d be hard pressed to tell the human from the humanoid. Now, I was covering the basic features of the T-16. Heights are available from four-foot-eleven to five-foot-ten in one inch steps; vital measurements almost unlimited; and the body proportions may vary from Standard to Ultra-leggy.”

“I guess I don’t know what to tell you — I mean, I have a picture in my mind but I don’t know what numbers go with it.”

“Yes, sir, quite a common situation. Why don’t you follow me back to the displays.... Now, the XL-5 you were looking at is — let me see, where’s the tag? — ah, she’s five-six. Just right? Too short? —”

“Too tall. I was thinking of someone a bit — how tall are you?”

“Me, sir? I’m five-four, with 36D titties, a 24-inch waist, and 35-inch hips — but I’m one of the discontinued F-series, so my more mature shape doesn’t really match the T-16. Here, if you’ll just hold this for me, I’ll slip off my dress and give you a better look.”

“Uh, sure....”

“There. Now, is my height about right? Why don’t you put your arms around me and see if that feels good.”

“Um, still a little shorter, I think. Maybe another inch. Five three?”

“That’s right — if I can just trouble you for my noteboard again. Thank you, sir. Oh, no, just leave the dress there — to tell you the truth, I’m always happier when I’m naked with a man, even here at work. Let’s see now. Five feet. Three inches. And the titties? The XL-8 on your left is sporting one of our largest pairs, but —”

“No, too big.”

“Exactly sir. Not at all the thing for Miss Cheerleader. Something more athletic, perhaps?”

“Yeah. Make ’em little hemispheres, really firm: almost hard, riding high on her chest. Perfectly round, with tiny, tiny nipples — pink ones. But tiny around, I mean — they should still, you know —”

“Yes, sir, of course, highly erectile nipples are standard on all of our models. Notice how long and stiff my little twisters are even with nothing but some cool air to wake them up. I can tell you’ve thought about this quite a bit. I think I know just what you have in mind — would you step this way so I can show you another model?.... Here we are. Is this perky pair to your liking?”

“Oh, man, those are beautiful! Can I touch them?”

“Of course, sir, be my guest.”

“...Yeah. Perfect. That’s it exactly.”

“I’m so glad we’ve found what you wanted, sir. Let me just note the part number... Yes, I always say, sir, there’d be no point in made-to-order sluts if we couldn’t get the titties just perfect. Can you believe that one of our competitors doesn’t even offer a choice? No choice at all!”

“You don’t say.”

“I couldn’t believe it either. With them it’s just a matter of cunt, cunt, cunt — no artistry at all. I’m so glad you came to Rossum’s instead. Now, I think if we just get the last few measurements done —”

“Legs like this one.”

“Of course, sir. That’s the Extra-leggy variety. And I see I was right about your being a gentleman of refined taste — so many customers order Ultra-leggy, and I always think it’s a little, well, ‘too too’ for the T-16. A bit too coltish, if you follow me.”

“Um, yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Then for the measurements, can you do something fairly slim in the hips, but still curvy — not at all boyish?”

“Certainly, sir. Here, let me make a quick sketch on my noteboard....”

“You’re quite an artist.”

“Thank you sir. All in a day’s work.... There, how does that look?”

“Pretty good. Even a little slimmer in the waist, maybe, but the hips are good like that.”

“...Like so?”

“Yeah. Oh, yeah, perfect.”

“Thank you, sir. I believe we’re finished on the showroom floor, so why don’t we go back to my desk and have a comfortable seat.”


“....Now then, we’ll just take care of a few more details. Hair color?”


“Here’s a book of color samples — were you thinking of a particular shade or combination of shades?”

“...This one.”

“Would you mind reading the number below the sample for me?”

“Uh, zero, two, zero, five.”

“Thank you very much, sir. And how would you like her hair: curly, wavy, straight?”

“Just a little bit of a wave — and long, really long.”

“Yes, sir. All of our sluts are delivered with knee-length hair, so that our customers may make the final styling decisions. I should point out that there is no hair growth, so whatever you cut off the head or shave off the pussy is gone for good.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that. But how am I supposed to do it myself? I’m not exactly an accomplished hair stylist, you know.”

“No need to worry, sir. Just tell your Fucktoy how you’d like her hair and she’ll take care of it. And, of course, once it’s at the length you like, you can command anything from pigtails to an elaborate coiffure as your fancy dictates.”

“I see.”

“Eye color?”

“Brown — dark brown, so that the pupil is hardly different from the iris.”

“Oh, excellent, sir. So many gentlemen fall into the ‘blonde-and-blue’ cliché. I knew when you first walked into the showroom that I’d enjoy serving you. Now, let me just finish running through the standard features, and I think we’ll be all set. Soft, youthful skin, flawless of course; tans gradually under natural or artificial light; erasable tan lines —”


“Erasable tan lines, sir. You can have everything fade back to the original color, or the paler parts darken to the current shade of brown. We had such demand for this that it was made standard — apparently, bikini lines are quite a fetish for a large number of our customers.”

“Huh. Takes all kinds.”

“Yes, sir, most fortunately for us, it does. Let’s see... the T-16 comes with a pleasant alto voice, age-appropriate harmonics, and will download up-to-date teen speech patterns once a month from our servers.”

“I dunno about that. I hate the way kids talk today.”

“Indeed, sir? Well, just tell your Fucktoy to mind her manners and speak properly to you, and she’ll obey completely. On the subject of obedience, all of our models are hand-spankable on their taut little bottoms, and feel the pain of a spanking most emphatically. And all of the newer models, like yours, redden authentically as the spanking progresses.”

“But — I thought they did whatever you told them to. How could she be disobedient?”

“You’re quite right about absolute obedience, sir. It’s the very foundation of our business. But spanking is such naughty fun when one is in the mood — just tell your Fucktoy when or how often you’d like her to earn one, and she’ll misbehave right on cue. I find that even gentlemen who’ve never considered such things before quickly come to appreciate the look and feel of a hot rosy teenage bottom. I should remind you, though, that the standard feature is for hand spanking only. We do offer, as an option, the full BDSM package, which supports the use of canes, paddles, and so on. If you’re interested...?”

“No, umm, I don’t think so.”

“Very good, sir. Finally, all models are equipped with three fully functional fuckholes: cunt, ass, and mouth, along with expert knowledge on giving the maximum of pleasure with each. The standard cunny on the T-16 is the Teen-Tight Twat, but larger sizes are available for a gentleman who prefers an easier passage.”

“Er, no, I — I think that sounds fine.”

“Here, sir, have another sip of water. All three fuckholes are certified for full length, full velocity penetration. The remarkable thing about the asshole is —”

“Hang on.”


“Umm... You’re saying that she can, um, deep throat?”

“Oh, yes, sir! Your little sweetheart can take a full-force face-fuck right down to the gizzard without batting an eyelash.”

“Well. Uh, is there any option about that?”

“No sir. That is, I don’t think so — it’s never come up before. What did you have in mind?”

“Well... I don’t know.”

“Please, sir, I’d like to help you. You can tell me what you’d like — it’s my purpose, after all.”

“I — Well, I was just wondering. Could she be made so that, umm, for oral sex, she’d, well, be able to handle a certain amount, but then any more would give her trouble?”

“Add a gag reflex, in other words? As a limit to the maximum penetration?”

“Well, uh, not exactly. I was thinking... Um, I saw a girl in a vizzie once, and she was... well she could um, suck this guy maybe half way, but then you could see that really, that was all she could take. You know, like most girls, I suppose. But, it was like, like she really wanted to please him so she kept on going anyway, and, you know, her eyes watered and everything but somehow she got the whole thing down. And, um, it just struck me as, you know, kind of a loving thing, that she’d do that for him. Uh, loving for a porn vizzie, anyway.”

“Oh, sir. You are making this salescunt very very hot and slippery. I love it! What a marvelous idea! Just let me make one quick call... Hang on.... Master?... I have a question about a custom feature... On the T-16, could we do a lifelike gag reflex, but with a bend rather than a limit in the depth and speed functions?... Yes, exactly: ‘I can’t take more but I will for you.’ Determination to please rather than ease of performance.... He didn’t say, but I can think of a few: throat constriction, backing off and having to recover for another try, vocalizations, gasping, extra-sloppy salivation — oh, and tears in the eyes, that’s an absolute must-have.... Yes, Master.... Perhaps tying it to delta-S, or — yes, Master, that’s a much better idea.... We can? Oh, he’ll be so happy.... How shall I quote it?.... Thank you, Master.... Sir, I’ve been informed that we can indeed equip a T-16 according to your suggestion.”

“That’s great, I, uh, appreciate the extra trouble.”

“It’s not trouble, it’s an opportunity to serve — we’re here to make sure you’re happy. I think that covers everything except accessories. All our sluts come with three outfits, and I believe the T-16 comes with... yes, one prom dress, one cheer uniform, and one hot-pants and halter ensemble. All appropriate undies as well, of course. Do you have any questions I haven’t answered, sir?”

“Those outfits — that’s not all she can wear, is it?”

“Good heavens, no, sir, just the wardrobe we provide. Oh, no — if you have something else in mind, give the little honey a list and a few credits and plug her into the Mesh like any other 16-year-old. More questions?”

“I don’t think — oh, how long would it be before I could have her?”

“If you were to order today, sir, and I believe I mentioned that there was no obligation, then we’d normally need four weeks — there’s just no way to hurry some of the organic processes, you understand. But with the custom modification you require, sir, I’ve been told an additional two weeks will be necessary. The software’s always the tough part, isn’t it? So an order today would put your Fucktoy in your hands on... April 15th. Now let me quickly add up the items we’ve discussed.... Here we are, then. One Fucktoy T-16, blonde and brown, measurements per diagram, Extra-leggy; the lovely round perky titties we were admiring together — and I’ve put in a note here to make extra sure of those tiny pink nips; standard features as listed on this sheet; the complete Innocence-On-Demand package; and then here I’ve shown your custom modifications. It says: make deep cocksucking ability owner-adjustable, ganged to skill level adjustment by default, gag/choke/tears to trigger at variable penetration depth/speed, or resume normal effortless functionality; rôle comprehension to match —”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, sir, it wouldn’t be any fun for you if she just had the physical reactions we discussed. We also program her with the motivations that so impressed you. When she redoubles her efforts and pushes herself past her comfort level, it will be because she loves you and wants to do anything to please you. And succeeding will make her very happy.”


“Now, I’ve put the total here, and then right here I’ve jotted down what the same sweetheart would cost with the rape and BDSM options. I know you said you weren’t interested, but I thought I’d give you as much information as possible. I’ll just leave you alone for a few moments to look this over and think about it. Oh, and here’s one more sheet: this is a computer rendering of what your Fucktoy will look like with the options and measurements you’ve selected — just to help you picture her while you think things over. I’ll be back shortly.”

“Ok. Thanks. I’ll — thanks for your help.”


“Well, sir, what do you think? Shall I go ahead and submit the order for your very own Fucktoy?”

“I’m not sure. Fourteen hundred kilocredits is a lot of scratch.”

“I can’t argue with you, sir. But what price happiness? Imagine yourself with the girl — here, look at her picture — the girl of your dreams: obedient, youthful, fresh, and willing to surrender to you... to surrender her innocence, her virginity... to make you her first and only lover, to learn what pleases you in every way. Eager and happy in her abiding love for you to get better and better every day at satisfying your every desire. Imagine spreading those long, long, silky legs, bending them back to her shoulders, watching her moist virgin cunny open to your gaze. Imagine pressing into her, feeling her maidenhead tear, hearing her gasp as she becomes a woman for the first time — over and over again.”

“I, umm. I —”

“Imagine telling the delicate virgin prom queen to kneel, to take out your mammoth cock: the first one she’s ever touched, unbelievably huge and hard in her inexperienced hands. Imagine the most beautiful, distant, unapproachable girl in your high school. She has a name, doesn’t she, sir? You haven’t forgotten.”

“Oh god. Yes. Alice.”

“And now, this time, Miss Alice is your girl. She’s not just in love with you, she worships you. Here she is, with her fancy up-do and perfect makeup, her elegant prom gown lowered to reveal those high, round breasts and taut nipples, kneeling at your feet, looking up at you, at your cock, knowing what comes next but being oh, so timid. Only her innocence is making her hesitate, because making you happy is her dearest goal.”

“I —”

“And then, sir, just imagine, sir, when she slowly parts her soft glistening pink lips. Watch her take that first hesitant lick. Watch your fuck-pole spreading her mouth wide as she takes you in. Feel her tongue exploring, testing, learning how to suck cock. Tell her to go deeper, deeper. Watch her eyes widen as you fill her throat, as she struggles to take it all — and she will, she’ll do it because she’s yours, all yours. Tears roll down her cheeks as you press into her throat, but she’s not sad — she’s ecstatic that she’s done something more to please you. What will her face look like, sir, when you fill her proper little mouth with her very first steaming load of hot, pungent cum and she knows, just from looking at you, that she’s going to swallow down every last spurt before she —”

“Stop! Give me the noteboard.... Where —?”

“Just a tap of your Credit Wand right here, sir, will transfer the 80% down payment.... Thank you, sir! I’m certain you’ll be more than satisfied — you’ll think it the best investment you ever made. And now, sir, I like to add my own little touch of extra service. I know that this sort of shopping trip puts a gentleman under a great deal of tension, and I like my customers to leave quite, quite relaxed. So, with your permission, sir, I’d like to give you a nice, long, gentle blow job — I’m very good at it, I promise. May I, please?”

“Yes. God yes — hurry!”

“Thank you, sir. Now there’s no hurry, really. Just let me get you all undone here.... oh, sir, what a beauty! Are you sure the Teen-Tight Twat won’t be too snug for you?”

“No — it’s fine, it’ll be fine. Please.... Ahhhhhhhhh.”


“How am I doing, sir?”

“Oh, god, it’s great. I’ve never felt such a mouth in my whole life.”

“Mmm... just wait til you try your new Fucktoy — she has all the latest improvements. I’m sure you’ll mfff fmg fffm —

“Shut up and suck.”

“Yefhf, fhirr.”

Author’s notes on Order

The idea for this tale goes way back to a time when a friend asked me something along the lines of “Do you like my [body part]?” In answer I said that all such questions were invalid, because women come as complete packages, not as parts lists. “Ask me if I like you and I’ll answer. Ask me piece by piece and I’ll refuse.”

But it got me thinking: what if we really could put together a custom package?

After I wrote the story, I was pretty proud of myself for thinking up a whole new genre — sexual robotics. You can imagine my reaction when I discovered that, not only had that territory been well covered, but was so commonplace that it had its own standard story code! Oh, well, at least I can honestly claim that no previous fembot story influenced me.

One thing I tried to keep in mind while working on this: if a robot were a saleswoman, she’d probably be a darn good one. So our poor hero never really had a chance of leaving the showroom with his bank account intact.

Uber-nerds like myself may have recognized the references to “Rossum’s,” “Eliza,” and perhaps even “XL-5,” although you’d have to be pretty old to get that last one.

Finally, yes, I do use words like “froward” (that’s not a typo) and “contumelious” in ordinary conversation. My friends are used to it, and just ignore me.

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