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by Frenulum

Copyright © 2004 Frenulum. All rights reserved.



“What are you doing?”

“Reading. As you can see.”




“I’ve been a good girl lately, haven’t I?”




“What now?”

“I’ve been a good girl for so long, you haven’t had to punish me in ages and ages.”

“Of course not. That’s the whole point.”



“Good grief, Kath, can’t you see I’m trying to pay attention to my book?”

“Uh-oh. Did I do a bad thing by interrupting so often?”

“Well, I —”

“Is interrupting you when you’re busy a naughty thing to do?”

“Naughty? I would have to say so.”

“Would you say it’s naughty of me to scoot across your lap like this while you’re trying to read?”

“It’s a bit distracting, but not nearly as bad as keeping up all this chatter.”

“Is that very, very naughty? Am I a bad girl after all?”

“I’m beginning to think so.”

“Hypothetically speaking, what would you to do with a bad, naughty girl who was stretched across your lap, and who was chattering so you couldn’t read, and who wasn’t wearing any panties underneath her skirt?”

“Well, it seems to me that what you’re really describing — hypothetically — is a good girl trying to provoke me, instead of a truly naughty one.”


“But that would be deceitful, which is extremely naughty in itself.”

“So if you had an extremely naughty bad deceitful girl stretched across your lap with her bottom up, who wouldn’t leave you in peace —”

“And who, one hears, is not wearing panties —”

“And if she had only a tiny little miniskirt protecting her bare bottom, what would you do?”

“I think...”


“I think I would have to punish that extremely naughty bad girl, even if I had a hint of a whiff of an inkling of a suspicion that I might be playing into her hands.”

“How would you punish that bad girl?”

“I’d take off her skirt —”

“Not just turn it up? —”

“I’d take it all the way off, so that her bare bottom would be completely exposed and defenseless. And I’d make sure she knew how wickedly she’d been behaving.”

“And then what?”

“Then I’d spank that naughty girl’s bare bottom just as she deserved.”

“How many times?”

“I wouldn’t count. I’d spank her until her sweet creamy cheeks turned pink.”

“And then you’d stop?”

“No. I’d pause to rest my hand, and I’d listen to that bad girl whimpering from her punishment.”

“She might beg you to stop.”

“I’d pay no attention. And I’d go back to spanking that naughty, naughty bottom until it was hot and red, and the bad girl had completely learned her lesson.”

“Would that take a long time?”

“It often does in these cases. And I’d be in no hurry: I’d be sure to do a very thorough job.”

“Would the naughty girl like being punished?”

“Heavens, no. Well, I might be able to peek between her legs and see her pussy getting wet, just like a girl who’s very aroused, but I’d make sure that she concentrated on the sting in her bottom.”

“Would you like looking at her pussy?”

“I’m sure I would, if she were as beautiful a girl as you, but that wouldn’t ease her punishment.”

“Would you like it especially if that naughty bad girl had finally shaved her pussy bare, the way you’ve always said you fancied?”

“Uh— I—”

“Would you be able to keep from fondling the bad girl’s smooth little hairless pussy?”

“I very much doubt it.”

“But you’d go on spanking her? You’d spank her bare bottom and you’d play with that girl’s naked pussy?”

“Yes. Yes, I would. I’d spank her naughty ass and I’d finger her wet cunt and I’d rub her clit until she felt like she was cumming from the spanking.”

“You’d make her cum?”

“I’d make her bottom bright red, but I’d be sure to make her cum very hard indeed. Do you think she would like that?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Enough to make the spanking worth while?”

“Oh, yes. I’m certain she’d be ever so grateful to you.”

“Really? A naughty girl with her bare bottom spanked to a glowing red, spanked until she cried and begged for me to stop — you think she’d be grateful?”

“Oh, yes, honey, I’m sure she would. Even though her naughty little bottom was so, so sore, she’d be happy inside to know that you cared for her so deeply.”

“I see. How would I know she was grateful?”

“Oh, bad, naughty, wicked girls have lots of ways to show how thankful they are.”

“Do they?”

“Oh, yes, if they’re really naughty.”

“For example?”

“Well, just for example —”

“Yes? —”

“She might slither off your lap, and get on her knees between your legs.”


“And she might take your hard, beautiful cock oh, so carefully out of your trousers.”


“And she might rub it on her face, covering your great big cockhead with teardrops, until it was nice and wet.”

“Why would she want that?”

“Because she would want to slide it between her lips, and suck it.”

“That freshly spanked girl would want to suck my cock?”

“She would, to show you how grateful she was for your love and caring and discipline and guidance, and for giving her just what she needed, when you spanked her naughty bare bottom and fingered her cunny and made her cum.”

“Would she suck me just a little?”

“Oh, no. She’d have a lot of trouble, because your cock is so very thick and long, but she’d try and try to suck it all. And whatever she couldn’t fit in her mouth no matter how much she tried, she’d be sure to lick and kiss so your whole cock would feel loved and admired. And she’d lick your sac, and suck on your balls, and then she’d suck your gorgeous hard cock some more.”

“If that naughty girl did all of that, she might make me cum.”

“She would want that. She’d want you to cum, as part of her showing her thanks to you.”

“What if she didn’t like cum in her mouth?”

“Oh, I think she would. But if she didn’t, she might just make you spray your hot creamy load all over her face.”

“That happens to be a particular delight of mine.”

“Mmmmmm. Many naughty little girls quite enjoy that too.”

“Now, Kath. Look what you’ve done. You’ve chattered on and on and now I’ve completely lost my place in my book. What’s more, your interruptions were very impolite. And to top it all off, I think you’ve been very manipulative and deceitful these past few minutes.”

“I’m a very, very, very naughty girl.”

“With no panties.”

“And a smooth bare pussy like you’ve always wanted.”



“I’m sorry, but I believe you’ve earned yourself a spanking with your naughty behavior.”

“Mmmm. Hypothetically?”

“No, love. For real.”

Author’s notes on Hypothetically

I wrote this story one afternoon in a single burst, and changed very few things during a few passes of editing. It’s as close to raw as anything in the collection.

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