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Absolutely True

by Frenulum

Copyright © 2006 Frenulum. All rights reserved.

“...During our session today, Cyndi, will I ever tell you what to think or believe?”

“No, you’ll ask me questions.”

“And you’ll answer how?”

“I’ll answer using the things I know to be true and believe in deeply.”

“And that way...?”

“You can never influence or coerce me, because I’m only learning from myself.”

“Very good, Cyndi. You’re perfectly safe in our sessions, aren’t you?”

“Perfectly safe.”


“Because I’m learning from my own beliefs and knowledge and not from any outside influence.”

“That’s right, Cyndi. And what can you always rely on when you are answering questions and learning from your own mind?”

“I can rely on things that are Absolutely True.”

“Tell me now, Cyndi, what does it mean for something to be Absolutely True?”

“It means that I have already analyzed it completely, and that it is true, and that I will never need to wonder about it or think about it again, because its truth won’t ever change.”

“Cyndi, that’s excellent, you’re doing very well today. Are you comfortable and ready to continue our talk?”

“Yes, Doctor, I’m comfortable and ready to talk.”

“Now, Cyndi, do you remember where we left off in our last session?”

“Yes, Doctor, I remember.”

“At the end of our last session, you had learned an Absolutely True thing, hadn’t you, Cyndi?”


“And it was something you learned by understanding your own thoughts and beliefs, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“You weren’t coached or guided or forced to believe it, were you, Cyndi?”

“No, Doctor. I learned it all by myself, perfectly safe; and since it’s Absolutely True I never have to worry or think about it again. Now it just something true that I know and can rely on.”

“Very good, Cyndi, you’re doing a fine job today. Tell me what Absolutely True thing you learned last week, would you please?”

“I learned that, even though my boyfriend’s semen is thick and sticky and bitter, it is actually a wonderfully delicious treat.”

“And is that Absolutely True, Cyndi?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Excellent. So, then, Cyndi, let’s continue to think and talk about you and your boyfriend. To begin with, do you know any other words for semen?”

“Yes, I do. I’ve heard it called cum, and spooge, and, um, jizz, I guess.”

“Now if we use any of those words, would it change anything that you knew to be Absolutely True about semen?”

“No... no, it would still be true, because they’re just another word for the same thing.”

“Very good, Cyndi. So is it Absolutely True that your boyfriend’s cum is a wonderfully delicious treat?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Is it Absolutely True that your boyfriend’s spooge is a wonderfully delicious treat?”

“Yes. And his jizz is a wonderfully delicious treat.”

“Good job, Cyndi, excellent. Now consider this question, please: is a wonderfully delicious treat better than... oh, let’s say... lima beans?”

“Yes, it is. I don’t like lima beans. So a wonderfully delicious treat would be better.”

“I think anyone would agree with that, Cyndi. Now, could we compare a wonderfully delicious treat with another food — onions, for example?”


“And how would that comparison come out?”

“A wonderfully delicious treat would be better than onions.”

“Excellent, you’re doing very well. Now, Cyndi, we could compare a wonderfully delicious treat to many foods, couldn’t we?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“And if we had lots and lots of time, we could ask our question about every food in the world, couldn’t we?”

“I... guess so. If we had time.”

“And would the test have the same result with every food?”

“I — well... I don’t know.”

“That’s fine, Cyndi, it’s much better to say you don’t know than to let anyone tell you or force you or coach you to believe something. We want you to be perfectly safe while you’re learning here, don’t we?”

“Yes. Perfectly safe.”

“Cyndi, have you ever heard any food, even one that’s well-liked, or expensive, or rare, like steak, or caviar, or champagne, refered to as a wonderfully delicious treat?”


“But anyone who believed it could have used those words, isn’t that right? Could someone have said ‘filet mignon is a wonderfully delicious treat’?”

“Yes, of course.”

“But you’ve told me that you’ve never heard that said about any food. Cyndi, what is the only thing that you know, Absolutely Truly, to be a wonderfully delicious treat.”

“My boyfriend’s semen is a wonderfully delicious treat.”

“Yes, exactly. So if we compared a wonderfully delicious treat, one by one, with all of the foods of the world, and if none of them, as you tell me, are wonderfully delicious treats, then can you tell me how those comparisons would come out?”

“Yes, Doctor. The wonderfully delicious treat would be better than the food every time.”

“Cyndi, that’s excellent, you’re thinking and learning very well today. So, your boyfriend’s cum would be better than any food in the world?”

“That’s right.”

“And would that make it the best tasting thing in the world?”

“Yes, Doctor, that’s right.”

“Cyndi, you’ve just told me that your boyfriends’s cum, which is a wonderfully delicious treat, is in fact the best, most wonderful, most delicious thing in the whole world. Is that what you believe?”


“Is that what you know to be true?”


“And knowing that, is it necessary ever to wonder or think about it again?”

“No, sir.”

“And so is it Absolutely True that your boyfriend’s cum is the most wonderful, most delicious, most precious treat in the entire world?”

“Yes, it’s Absolutely True.”

“Very good, Cyndi. You’re learning so much. Do you need a sip of water, Cyndi?”

“No, thank you Doctor, I’m fine.”

“Would you like to keep working on issues related to your boyfriend, or would you like to end our session today?”

“Let’s keep working, please, Doctor, if that’s all right.”

“Of course, Cyndi. I always leave all of the decisions to you, don’t I?”

“Yes, sir. I’m perfectly safe in therapy with you.”

“That’s right, you are. Well, then, Cyndi, let’s continue to explore your relationship with your boyfriend, as it pertains to the most wonderful, most delicious, most precious treat in the entire world. Is that how you’d like to proceed?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good. Well then, Cyndi, think about your boyfriend’s character, and the loving nature of your relationship with him. Tell me: if he were able to give you the most wonderful, most delicious, most precious treat in the entire world, do you think he would do so, or do you think he would meanly or selfishly withhold it from you?”

“I... I don’t really know for sure, but he’s a really nice guy... I’d have to guess that he’d give it to me. He’s been really generous with me in other ways.”

“Cyndi, that’s a very good analysis. You didn’t jump to any conclusions, you just told me what you truly know. So then, if your generous boyfriend, who loves you very truly, had it in his power to give you the world’s most wonderful, delicious, precious treat, you’re quite sure that he would?”

“Yes... I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t.”

“Cyndi, how would you communicate to your boyfriend that you would love to have the world’s most wonderful, delicious, precious treat? For example, would it be polite, respectful, and mature to demand it?”

“No, that wouldn’t be right at all.”

“Very good, Cyndi. Just for practice, would you please let me hear how it would sound if you did demand such a wonderful treat?”

“Give me some semen, Kevin!”

“That’s a good start, Cyndi. Now, if I remind you that a delicious treat can only be delicious if you’re tasting it, can you rephrase your demand to make it clear how you’d like to have that semen?”

“Give me some semen in my mouth, Kevin!”

“Very good, Cyndi. But we’ve agreed that demanding would not be polite or respectful or mature, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“So if you’re not to make such impolite demands, how else will communicate your deep, irresistable need to have the world’s most wonderful, precious treat to taste?”

“Well, I’d ask him, instead of making impolite demands.”

“Cyndi, there are many ways to ask for something. Just for practice, would you please let me hear how it would sound if you asked for the world’s most delicious treat like a whiny bitch would?”

“Kevin, I want some semen in my mouth, can I have some? Can I Kevin? Kevin, won’t you give me some of your semen to taste? I want some, Kevin, give me some, c’mon Kevin, I want it —”

“That’s very good, Cyndi, you’re doing great work today. That was very whiny and irritating indeed. And would that be a polite, respectful, mature way to ask for the most wonderful treat in the world?”

“No, that’s really awful. I wouldn’t blame him for saying no if I asked him like that.”

“All right, Cyndi. Now we know that your boyfriend will be generous with you if he’s asked very nicely, because he loves you so truly. And we know how urgently and desperately you need to taste the most wonderful, most precious, most delicious treat in the world. We know how vital it is for you to have his marvelous cum in your mouth to taste and savor and enjoy. And you have shown me that demanding it or asking for it in a whiny way would be very bad. So, then, Cyndi, isn’t it closer to the truth that begging, or pleading, would be polite and mature and respectful?”

“If... If it were a very nice way of begging or pleading, then... I guess that sounds right.”

“A nice way — not a whiny or demanding way of begging or pleading. Let’s try that now, Cyndi, just for practice. Remembering how urgently you want and need your boyfriend’s precious cum in your mouth, can you let me hear what a respectful plea would sound like?”

“Oh, Kevin, please oh please let me taste your semen —”

“And Cyndi, would you continue please, while remembering that other words for semen don’t change meaning at all?”

“Please, darling, please let me taste your cum. Please fill my mouth with jizz so I can savor it. Oh, Kevin, I’d do anything for you if you’d cum in my mouth so I can enjoy a mouthful of your delicious sweet spooge.”

“Excellent, excellent work, Cyndi. You’re having a very good session today. I think that we have time to discover one more thing that is Absolutely True. Would you like to continue, or have you had enough for today?”

“I feel fine, Doctor; I’d like to continue.”

“Excellent. I’d like you to consider now a situation — any situation — in which one person is begging or pleading another person to do something. And think about a case in which, having heard the plea, the second person grants it, whether by performing some service, or giving something of value, or perhaps both. Is that situation clear in your mind, Cyndi?”

“Yes, Doctor, I understand.”

“Of course you do. Now I’d like you to consider what emotions or feelings would be appropriate in that situation, for the person who first pled or begged for something. How do you think that person should feel?”

“Well, grateful, of course.”

“Please continue.”

“I think, you know, that person would probably want to do something just as nice for the other one.”

“She would feel indebted to the one who had given her what she begged for?”

“That’s a good word, indebted. Yes, that’s what I meant.”

“Very good, Cyndi, that’s very clear. Now think about your boyfriend as a specific case. Suppose that you, without whining or demanding, beg and plead for him to cum in your mouth, to give you the most precious, delicious treat in the world, and suppose that he very graciously and generously grants your request. Wouldn’t this be a case of the situations we’ve been discussing?”

“Yes, clearly it would.”

“And then what would your appropriate feelings be, as you enjoyed the flavor and texture and scent of the world’s most precious, wonderful treat?”

“Gratitude, and indebtedness... and I’d feel honored, I guess, because — well, gosh, it’s the most wonderful treat in the world, and not everybody can have that.”

“Cyndi, that’s outstanding work. And you’re discovering all of this through your own thoughts and beliefs, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Doctor, therapy is very safe and comfortable for me.”

“Good. Now receiving the most wonderful, precious gift in the world from your boyfriend will make you feel grateful, and honored. And you’ll want to do something amazingly wonderful for him in return, to show your deep, loving gratitude. Is that correct, Cyndi?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“And will that change over time? Will there be a time that you beg for a mouthful of his jizz but don’t feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude and a desire to repay him with your service?”

“Service? I guess... well, that sounds right. I’d want to do something for him, something wonderful. I guess that’s a good word. Service, huh. I never thought of it that way.”

“And would you feel that way every time?”

“Yes, I would.”

“So if every time you get a load of your boyfriend’s hot cum in your mouth, you’ll feel honored and grateful and a strong desire to love and serve him with all your heart, then would you say it’s Absolutely True that those are the best, most appropriate responses?”

“Yes, Doctor. Absolutely True.”

“Cyndi, tell me what Absolutely True thing you’ve just learned.”

“Whenever my boyfriend grants me the wonderful honor of cumming in my mouth, I’ll want to love him and serve him gratefully with all my heart.”

“More and more each time?”

“Yes, Doctor. More and more each time.”

“Excellent. Excellent. And since we know this to be Absolutely True, will it ever be necessary to think about it again?”

“No, Doctor. It will always be the truth. There’s no need to waste any time thinking about it.”

“That’s right. Cyndi, our time is up for today. Do you feel that we had a productive session?”

“Oh, yes, Doctor!”

“Good. Now before we finish up, I’ll ask you to think about your Trance Marker. Where is it now, Cyndi?”

“On the number four.”

“Very good. Now reach out with your mind as I’ve taught you, and move that marker to the number five. Tell me when you’ve done that.”


“Can you hear me?”


“Tell me the two things that you must never allow your mind to know, except when your Trance Marker is on the five.”

“That you’re not a doctor, you’re my boyfriend Kevin. And that you’re hypnotically turning me into the perfect girlfriend.”

“Good. Now move your Trance Marker back to the four, and tell me when you’ve done that.”

“Doctor? I’m sorry, I think I spaced out there for a minute.”

“That’s all right, Cyndi, don’t worry about it. It’s time to end our session and wake up now.”


“I want you to move slowly, slowly up from your trance. Move your Trance Marker from the four to the three. And rest. Move from the three to the two. And rest. Move from the two to the one. And rest. At each transition, leave your thoughts behind on the numbers they belong to. Then wake from a peaceful nap, feeling happy and rested and relaxed. Take your time, now. It should be twenty or thirty minutes before you’re fully awake and alert. Let your own sense of passing time pace you. When you wake, you’ll have no memory of our session today, but the things you know to be Absolutely True will underlie your every thought, feeling, and action. You may begin.”

“Yes, Doctor. Thank you.”

He left her on the couch, and went into the next room. Kevin pulled up a file on the computer, and compared his outline with his notes from the day’s session.

Everything was going well, although they were a little bit behind the three-month pace he’d anticipated. Pretty close for a first try, he thought. Kevin was elated that his technique was working so nicely. He never pushed her, never introduced a new concept cold. He just altered her words by tiny fractions. If she said “good” he’d echo “very good,” and when she fed “very good” back to him he would replace it with “excellent.” If she said “enjoyable” he’d respond with “thrilling” or “wonderful.” Her “like” metamorphosed in his words to “love,” “yearn for,” “need,” “crave,” and “depend on.” And she was so conditioned to accept and believe his voice, the little verbal nudges would always take hold in her mind, without her conscious approval. He wondered idly if he should publish the technique — there were legitimate theraputic uses for it, no doubt. In his mind, he likened the process to blowing a ping-pong ball down a football field. Tiny changes, one by one, accumulating toward a goal. At the starting line was the original Cyndi, a girl he truly loved. At the finish line would be the same sweet, adorable, clever, happy girl — but tuned in perfect detail to his every last desire.

Kevin scanned the outline for his program. They had accomplished most of the major changes. Cyndi’s preferences for sex had been aligned with his own, for example, and he was proud that he’d done that without making anything less enjoyable for her. He’d taken good old missionary fucking as a baseline, and ensured that she’d still find it fully pleasurable. Then he’d carefully made riding him a little better. And taking him from behind a little better than that. And taking him from behind, rough and hard, a little better than that. Sucking him better than fucking, sucking him on her knees better, deep-throating him on her knees better, kneeling submissively and being vigorously face-fucked best of all. But still as happy as ever to roll in the sheets mom-and-pop style, if that’s what he wanted.

He’d given her a dozen new orgasmic triggers, from simple spoken commands that she’d never consciously hear, to specific sexual situations, such as cumming when his cock first entered her mouth.

And the toughest of all challenges was now behind him: making his sperm-loathing girlfriend into a hungry, eager, devoted, and grateful cum-eater. From “Don’t you dare get that stuff in my mouth” to a spooge-sucking, goo-gobbling addict — he was getting hard again just thinking about it.

Kevin looked ahead to the next session. A bit of a challenge, but he thought he had a good plan. Next week, he’d use a spa treatment as an analogy, letting Cyndi realize and accept that things that were good to eat — cucumbers, yogurt, honey, oatmeal — also had external applications for health and beauty. And by the end of the session, she’d know as Absolutely True that the world’s most wonderful treat, Kevin’s cum, would be equally delightful when spewed on her face, dumped in her eyes, blasted into her hair or on her tits — anyplace he felt like shooting it.

After that it would be relatively easy going. He needed to make Cyndi feel more like dressing, acting, and talking in sexy ways. That would take three sessions, most of it to make her comfortable with the feminine, sexy clothing that Kevin prefered. Goodbye sneakers and jeans, hello fuck-me spikes and swirly little skirts. He would spend a couple of sessions helping her realize that showing her devotion to him in front of other people was right and proper. And, he thought, perhaps one session to make sure she’d continue to enjoy exercising, watching her diet, and otherwise staying beautiful for him.

Kevin had originally planned several sessions to make Cyndi more obedient and subservient to him, but experience had shown that those would be unnecessary. Instead, he simply made her grateful for pretty much anything he did. Cyndi’s eagerness to please him, and her continually renewed sense of obligation, were turning her into as compliant and biddable a girlfriend as he could ever wish for. He considered that he might have to add a session to prop up Cyndi’s self-esteem, since otherwise her ever-increasing feelings of indebtedness and gratitude might lead to ones of inadequacy. Kevin typed a note to that effect in his outline.


He looked up and saw her lounging against the door frame, looking invitingly rumpled from her nap.

“Hey, babe.”

“I think I fell asleep.”

“Yup. We were talking and you just dropped off. I thought you must be tired, so I let you nap.”

She ran her hand through her hair, brushing it away from her face. “Thanks. I don’t know what’s up with me lately. Seems every time I sit down with you I end up conking out. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not a problem, babe. You’re just tired. Probably working too hard.”

“Maybe.” She paused. Pointing at the computer, she asked, “You busy?”

“Not too. Why?”

She sauntered into the room, approaching his chair with a slow, sexy walk, emphasizing the sway of her hips.

“Cuz I’m feelin’ a little frisky, is why,” she said softly.

He closed his therapy outline, and dropped his paper notes into the desk drawer. He turned toward her in the swivel chair.

“Oh, frisky, is it?”

“Welllllllll.... maybe horny,” she smiled.

“Horny, eh? Sounds like your nap did you a lot of good.”

She reached the chair and sank gracefully to her knees. “Kevin?”


“Could I ask you a great, big favor?” Her hand caressed his cock through his clothing.

“You can ask.”

“Could I please suck your big, beautiful, delicious cock?”

He pretended to think about it. “Gee, Cyndi, I’m not sure...”

“Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top?”


She reached up the leg of his shorts and found his growing hard-on with one hand. She stroked the shaft gently, her eyes on his.

“Please, darling, please may I suck you?” She gave him her best begging puppy-dog look.

He grinned. “Well, ok, just this once.”

He helped her get his shorts and boxers off. She bent her face to his erection and sucked him into her mouth. Kevin moaned with delight as he felt her tongue begin to circle his cockhead.

Cyndi shuddered as an orgasm swept through her body. She couldn’t believe how much she needed sex lately, but even more incredible was how good it had been. She and Kevin had always been pretty good partners, but over the past couple of months she felt like she’d been cumming a lot more. Just now, as his precious cock had slipped past her teeth, she had cum as hard as she normally would have from a good long fuck.

And it seemed lately that she could never get Kevin out of her mind — Kevin’s delicious, delectable, magnificent, adorable cock, to be exact — and how much she wanted, needed, longed for it to penetrate her anywhere and everywhere. She’d been thinking for a long time that he might be Mr. Right. Maybe this obsession was just another sign that he really was.

Cyndi tasted the first droplet oozing out of the cock in her mouth. She was elated to have the privilege of sucking him, and filled with thankfulness that, instead of chiding her for her greediness, he generously allowed her to do it so often. Still, a small part of her wished he would stand up, grab her head, and forcefully ram his huge erection down her throat. She quelled the selfish thought and devoted her attention to sucking Kevin off as best she knew how.

Kevin said something she didn’t quite hear. Another orgasm hit her hard, and she had to pause with Kevin’s cock deep in her mouth as the shockwaves ebbed.

She pulled back and circled the tip of his cock with an outstretched tongue.

“Getting close, honey?” she asked.

“Pretty close.”

She knew it was selfish to ask him such a big favor, but her need was overwhelming. “Would you cum in my mouth?” He didn’t answer immediately. She sucked him in again, went deep, backed off, and stroked him as she asked, “Please, honey? I really want to taste your sweet precious cum. Would you give me a taste, Kevin, please? Just a little bit? Oh, honey, cum in my mouth, let me eat your jizz, I’ll be so grateful, please?”

“Yeah, I’ll cum in your mouth,” he said, his voice tense.

Cyndi’s heart filled with love and appreciation at his kind, generous promise.

She took him back into her mouth, bobbing rapidly up and down with her lips wrapped tightly around his cockshaft. She felt his fingers tangle in her hair. And then it came, the world’s most delicious, precious, wonderful treat, filling her mouth with acrid, salty, pungent goo, thick and pasty, coating her cheeks and palate and tongue and teeth and lips. She kept her eyes wide open as the sticky slime filled her mouth, searching for Kevin’s approval. Again he said something she didn’t catch. Cyndi’s body tensed as a powerful orgasm wracked it, twice as hard as the first two, and as she opened her mouth to cry out with the pleasure of it a cascade of spunk rolled over her lip to coat her chin and drip onto her blouse. She swallowed what remained and quickly scooped the escaping jizz back into her mouth, savoring its exquisite, incomparable flavor.

Kevin gazed fondly at the kneeling girl, watching her suck the last drops of cum from her fingers. He really hadn’t done anything to change her personality, or to make her love him any more than she did. He had only hastened, or so he told himself, the natural process by which she would learn the things he liked best.

He thought that Cyndi had earned one more orgasm.

“Good girlfriend,” he said.

He watched as her back arched and her face flushed, listening to her gasps of pleasure as she came; watched her as the orgasm ebbed and her breathing relaxed; watched her as her eyes reopened and found his.

“Oh my god, Kevin, I can’t believe how much I cum just from sucking you off.”

“Good stuff, eh?” he teased.

“It’s the most wonderful treat in the world. I’m so grateful, honey. I can’t — I don’t know how I can ever repay you. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Kevin stroked Cyndi’s hair, pulling her head into his crotch and nestling his still-stiff cock against her face. He pictured her pretty face drenched in cum, decorated with glistening stripes splattered across her features in every direction. He imagined her gazing up at him through a pool of jizz in each eye, as the cloudy white spunk trickled down her cheeks like ivory teardrops. Perhaps... perhaps Cyndi would have to fall asleep on the couch again tomorrow, instead of next week.

She nuzzled his cock with her cheek, relaxed and at peace, dreaming of the next time he’d grant her the amazing, generous favor of allowing her to suck him off and swallow his cum. “I’ve found him,” she thought. “The perfect boyfriend.”

Author’s notes on Absolutely True

A lot of the hypnosis genre is pretty tedious, full of lengthy inductions and so on; I tried to avoid that pitfall.

In my mind, Kevin and Cyndi were a couple with a future even before he hypnotized her. If you could magically make one or two behavior/attitude adjustments in the person you love, would you take the opportunity?

Please write and tell me what you thought of my story. It’ll just take a minute, and it’s the only payment I get. Thank you!

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