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Frenulum — About the Author

I’m flattered by your interest. Thank you!

About me

I’m a man of a certain age, an engineer in the software business, with only a negligible amount of professional writing experience. Most of my working life is spent watching my code misbehave.

I’m a little on the reserved side but friendly. People call me “dry” and “witty.” Unlike most people, when I don’t have anything to say, I don’t say anything.

I am dominant by nature and wonderfully happy with my consensually submissive partner. As a result of my inclinations, many of my stories feature submissive girls and loving, responsible ownership.

About writing

I’ve spun erotic tales inside my head for as long as I can remember. In about 1999 I decided to try to capture one as text. At the time, I had no idea of going public — I just wanted to see if I could do the writing.

Writing erotica turns out to be a fairly difficult process for me. I usually start when some sexy image or scenario pops unbidden into my head. I’ll let it spin out as a fantasy, and if it seems like there might be a good story in it, I’ll start a new file, just jotting down one or two sentences as a reminder. And that file can sit for a year or more, until suddenly I get motivated to work on that particular story.

Once I do, it can take another two to five years to write and edit it. Seriously.

There are a several reasons. One is that I don’t have much time to do it. One is that I edit and re-edit without mercy (as far as I can recall, I’ve never re-read one of my stories without finding something to change). But I think the main reason is that it’s hard for me to sustain the necessary mood or frame of mind for very long. Whatever erotic tension motivates me to pound the keyboard tends to dissipate once I get through a scene or two. So I have to come back to a tale many times to get it all down.

Pretty please with sugar on top, click the links at the end of my stories and send me comments. That is my only compensation for the hard work of writing.

About characters

You may have noticed that when it comes to describing characters — and settings, for that matter — I lean a little bit to the sketchy side. That’s a deliberate style choice, and it has a few reasons behind it.

The main one is that (with a few exceptions) my stories are about situations, relationships, dialogs, and emotions, so that’s where I concentrate my efforts. Another important reason is that I want to avoid, as much as possible, ruining a story for a reader by stepping on his or her mental image. I want to set up the story and let it find its natural groove in your mind, and then try not to dislodge it. Finally, just from a mechanical point of view, I think over-descriptiveness can get tedious. I know I’ve seen stories where every person — every woman, at least — is described right down to the size tags on every piece of clothing, and my reaction is always to toss them and go read something else.

Like anyone who writes, I am occasionally surprised by characters who won’t do what I planned for them to do. You may think that’s absurd, but it really happens. The fictional people take on lives and personalities of their own as I work, and sometimes, if I’m about to have them do something out of character, they just flat out stop me. Even scarier, sometimes they sort of… write for me.

About themes

Many of my stories construct situations in which women are deprived of the control they hold in real life. Whether they’re desperate, or out of options, or smitten, or taken over by supernatural powers, they find themselves having sex at someone else’s whim, and according to someone else’s rules. It bears repeating that this is fiction: I wouldn’t want my loved ones or friends or neighbors ever to be put in a situation remotely like this — just as, I assume, horror writers don’t want their friends posessed by demons, and thriller writers don’t want their families kidnapped or dangled from helicopters.

There are other recurring elements that do reflect my own tastes, though. I do believe that a girl with great legs has a moral obligation to wear skirts — short ones — and that panty-hose are nothing short of evil. I’ve never seen a beautiful face that wouldn’t look even better with a generous lacing of spooge. Faced with a long menu of sexual activities, ordering the Deluxe Blow Job Special with a side of Salad Tossing is a habit to which I happily admit. I have always believed in spanking an adult consensual submissive who is deliberately disobedient; thanks to my belovèd I have come to accept that good girls deserve spankings too.

About pictures

I’ve done some pinup artwork over the years as well, using 3D modeling applications and image editing software. I’m very definitely in the “beginner” category. However, if you’re interested, take a look at this index.

I regret to report that my scene files and Poser models were lost in 2008, so I have not been producing anything new. Perhaps I’ll get back to it some day.

About you

Dear reader, I can’t thank you enough for being interested in these stories. As I mentioned in the index, there’s a tremendous amount of effort involved in going from a nice little erotic idea all the way to a finished, publication-ready text. That effort is made worthwhile every time I get a hit-count report showing that another few thousand people enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

Even more rewarding are the rare but precious comments that you’ve emailed me. (Rare, as in about one comment per 800 readers. Some of you have simply written a quick thank you. Some of you, men and women both, have said that you were aroused by, or even got off on, one of my tales. Others have said that my work had been recommended to them, or that they would recommend it themselves. And a few people have taken the time to engage in lengthy discussions about a story.

All of those comments absolutely delight me. When I see one in my in-box I know already that my whole day is going to go better.

About my pseudonym

There are several frenula in the human body, the most familiar of which is the little web right under the base of the tongue. But the ones I had in mind are located elsewhere: the frenulum of the clitoris and the frenulum of the labia, which are the anterior and posterior meeting points of the labia minorae pudendi. So think of my name as a tip-of-the-hat tribute to a beautiful natural recreational area.

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