Forbidden Taste
Welcome to my small collection of stories.

After the bombs stopped dropping the survivors face a new world. A woman gives her son a lesson in love then makes the ultimate sacrifice for her family.
It contain sexual acts, bondage, incest, cannibalism.

Cindy's Chair
Two women who take bondage to a different degree as they explore as one is milked. This story contains bondage, lesbian, sexual acts and lactation.

A young girl fantasizes about being barbecued alive and makes it a reality. It contains sex, bondage, cannibalism.

The Dairy
The Dairy is about young girl enslaved to become a cow and milked as a animal. It contains explicit sexual acts, bondage, slavery, bestiality.

Cooking School
Three women meet there fate as the cooked instead of becoming the cooks. \

Selected is a story about the future when human meat becomes acceptable. This story is pure fantasy and not true in any way shape or form. It contains sex, incest, mutilation, cannibalistic acts.

Switch Wish
This story is a si-fi fantasy about a guy who experienced the stage as a female stripper and the stripper's wish to be the fucker instead of the fuckee.