Female Captives

Erotic tales of bondage and punishment

Modern World Stories

These tales are set in the present-day or in recent historical periods

Marines     Two soldiers terrorize a gorgeous young brunette. (MF nc rape tort)

Addicted     Five horny, violent guys select a suitable victim. (M+F nc rape)

Army Regulations     A 19th century document on the punishment of women under military law (M+F nc oral anal rape tort)

Biscuit     Violent jailers have fun with a beautiful girl (MF nc oral anal tort)

Chain Of Command   Soldiers in a desolate war-zone abuse a female prisoner (M+F nc oral anal rape tort)

The Prison Guard   A former employee at a brutal women's jail reminisces about the good old days (MF nc oral rape tort)

Washing Irina   A tragic case of mistaken identity sees the wrong woman get arrested and imprisoned (M+F nc oral anal rim tort humil)

Crazy Mario   A man claiming to be an ex-torturer emails erotic pictures to a bondage freak (MF nc rape tort)

The Van   Two psychos chat about the pretty girls they've kidnapped (MF nc rape anal tort)

The Van: Part 2   The psychos start work on their latest victim (MF nc rape anal tort)

Hold Her Up   In the basement of a women's jail, a helpless girl is beaten and raped (M+F nc oral anal rape tort)

Beer and Cigarettes   A teenage prostitute suffers sexual torture after she rejects an infatuated oddball (MMF nc rape tort)

Special Brew   When their car breaks down in redneck country, two girls go looking for help (MF FF nc rape anal bd)

Club Fabian: Part 1   A description of the sleazy shows at a bondage club in 1960s Berlin (M+F FF nc oral anal rape tort voy)

Company Rules   Sally the teenage secretary learns how to please her new boss (MF nc oral spank)

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