These regulations replace all previous rules, guidelines and customs relating to the treatment of female criminals by soldiers of the Imperial Army. All parts of this document become official military law on 1st January 1809.

Any soldier who flouts these new regulations will be subject to military justice.

Any officer who allows men under his command to ignore these regulations will be demoted to the ranks.

This document applies only in areas under martial law, namely the rebel provinces of Tulkenheim, Branderhof and East Savonia. In other areas the civil magistrates will deal with matters of crime and punishment.

All military personnel should note the Special Instructions applicable to women from the traitor city of Kandelburg in East Savonia.

Any woman captured while committing a criminal act (looting, thieving, sedition) will be sentenced to immediate punishment, without trial or appeal. The severity of the punishment must always reflect the seriousness of the crime. Below are the most common types of criminal activity committed by women in the rebel provinces, with detailed descriptions of penalties proscribed by the new regulations.

Crime: Stealing Food
Penalty: The woman is taken to the nearest town and brought to the market square. There she is stripped naked in full view of the assembled people. She is tied to the market cross or some other solitary pillar, with her face pressed against it and her wrists bound high above her head. Her bare back and buttocks are then flogged with a leather horsewhip. The quota for married women is thirty lashes; for unmarried women, fifty lashes.
Special Instructions: Women of Kandelburg receive sixty lashes, regardless of their marital status. They are then turned around to receive a further forty lashes on the front of their bodies.

Crime: Looting An Abandoned House
Penalty: The woman is imprisoned for seven days and seven nights in the camp of the soldiers who caught her. On the morning of the first day she is stripped naked, stretched face-down on a table or board, and spanked with a military belt on her bare bottom. The quota for married women is fifty strokes; for unmarried women, seventy-five strokes. After the spanking she is given a cup of water but no food. At noon she is walked around the camp, completely nude, to be mocked and insulted by the soldiers. In the mid-afternoon she is spanked again. From then until sunset she is chained like a dog at the gate of the camp, with a bowl of muddy water to sip from. At sunset she is given a small meal of stale bread and cold gruel, before being allowed to attend to her bodily needs. When darkness falls she is given to the soldiers to be used like a common whore. Any man who refuses to have sexual intercourse with her will lose his tobacco ration for one week. The above routine is repeated for the next six days and nights, after which the prisoner's clothes are returned and she is released.
Special Instructions: When any woman of Kandelburg receives a spanking the buckle end of the belt must be used. She receives one hundred strokes on her bare buttocks, regardless of her marital status. She is then rolled over on the board or table to receive a further fifty strokes of the belt-buckle on her breasts and thighs. On the first, second, fourth and sixth days she is given water but no food. The water is always muddy and stale. On the other days she is given a meal of slops and leftovers from the pig-trough. During each of the seven nights she is slapped around the face and body prior to being raped by the soldiers. All unmarried men will be expected to rape her in the vagina and anus. Any man who refuses to have sexual intercourse with her will lose his tobacco ration for one week. Any man who refuses to sodomize her will forfeit his ale ration for ten days.

Crime: Damaging Military Property
Penalty: Criminal activity of this sort (e.g. throwing stones at the windows of an army barracks) is regarded as sedition. Under martial law all acts of sedition are defined as treason against the Imperial Government and are punished accordingly. Any female perpetrator of such acts is bound naked on a wooden frame and dragged behind a mule to the nearest town. There the frame is placed flat on the ground in the market square. In full view of the assembled people the woman is raped by ten soldiers and afterwards by ten sturdy men of the town. She is then flogged with a three-tailed whip of naval type, on the exposed front of her body. The quota is one hundred lashes, regardless of the woman's marital status. If her screams become so loud that the townsfolk show signs of distress a filthy rag is shoved in her mouth to muffle the noise. Afterwards she is conveyed to a military jail to be used as a whore by the guards and prisoners. If she is a married woman the period of imprisonment is three months; if she is unmarried, the period is six months. She is then given an opportunity to pledge loyalty to the Imperial Government. If she does this, she is set free. If she refuses, the cycle is repeated (rape, flogging, imprisonment) until she makes the pledge.
Special Instructions: A woman of Kandelburg caught in an act of sedition receives the punishment described above, but with these extra refinements: the rapes are inflicted by twenty soldiers and thirty male citizens; the flogging is inflicted by a three-tailed whip of Spanish type (i.e. iron-tipped); the quota of lashes is doubled to two hundred; the period of incarceration as a whore in an army jail is increased to one full year, regardless of the woman's marital status.

Crime: Giving Aid To Rebel Troops
Penalty: This crime includes sheltering, feeding, healing and other forms of material assistance, as well as acts of espionage on behalf of rebel commanders. Any woman who prostitutes her body to a rebel, or who forges a romantic liaison with such a man, is considered a giver of aid and therefore a traitor. A woman accused of giving aid to rebels has no right of appeal: the accusation alone is sufficient to condemn her to the penalty. The punishment described here is intended to degrade and humiliate, and to serve as a deterrent to other treacherous wenches. It begins at the camp of the soldiers who arrested her. First, she is stripped naked and led through the camp by an officer and two sergeants, one of whom repeatedly spanks her bare buttocks with a cane while the other terrorizes her with frequent slaps to the face. After walking past every tent and barrack-hut she is prepared for the humiliation of public chastisement: her hair is cropped very short so that she looks like some scruffy urchin of the gutter; her pubic hair is shaved off with a dry razor; the words Rebel Slut are painted across her breasts using black grease from the artillery store. She is then made to walk to the nearest town - barefoot and completely nude, with her wrists tied behind her back. When she reaches the market square she is forced to kneel on the cobblestones while a mob of citizens hurls insults at her. Still kneeling, she must perform fellatio on each soldier in her escort. If she refuses to swallow the semen, or if she carelessly lets it spill from her lips, she is whipped on her bare back until she learns obedience. Any man in the crowd who wishes to put his penis in her mouth is invited to step forward, although the officer commanding the military escort should allow no more than fifty citizens to participate. After the last male organ has been sucked to ejaculation the woman is hauled to her feet and brought to the market cross or some other sturdy pillar. To this she is bound securely, arms stretched high above her head, face pressed against the stone, to receive a very harsh flogging. Two horsewhips are used simultaneously, each wielded by the strongest and most muscular soldiers among her escort. She is flogged without mercy, all over the rear of her naked body, from neck to heel. No gag is thrust in her mouth to stifle her screams. The quota for the whipping is based on age rather than on marital status: women of ages 18 to 35 receive two hundred lashes; women of age 36 and above receive one hundred. After the final lash the woman is turned around to receive the same quota on the front of her body. She is then taken down from the pillar to be paraded through the streets, usually by being dragged along the ground like a dead animal while a mob of citizens yells curses and insults at her. At the gate of the town an iron collar is fixed around her neck and attached to a chain so that she can be tethered in full view of all folk who pass by. No garment is placed on her body to cover her nakedness. There she must remain, crouching like a beast, for seven days and seven nights. She survives only by the generosity of the people, who are permitted to throw scraps of food at her. A bowl of muddy water is provided to ease her thirst. No provision is made for her bodily needs, nor is she given a blanket against the night-chill.  A guard of soldiers is assigned at the gate to prevent serious harm being done to the woman by zealous citizens but no penalty is issued to any man of the town who wishes to sexually molest her. Rape and sodomy can be performed upon her body at any time of day or night with a guarantee of full immunity from the usual forms of prosecution. After the seventh night she is handed over to the civil authorities and released from the terms of military law. A magistrate of the town must decide her ultimate fate, which is normally five years hard labor in a mine or quarry.
Special Instructions: A woman of Kandelburg convicted of giving aid to rebels endures the punishment described above but with the following amendments: no limit on the number of male citizens allowed to receive fellatio; no age-related restriction on the quota of lashes, which is increased to three hundred for all Kandelburg bitches; the two horsewhips are replaced by a couple of heavy bullwhips; the woman's legs are splayed during the flogging so that her private parts can be whipped; she is tethered at the town gate for twenty days and twenty nights; after the tethering she is not given to the civil magistrates but is kept by the Imperial Army as a barrack-slave and soldier's whore, for a period not exceeding ten years.

These regulations are hereby distributed throughout all provinces under martial law on this day the fifteenth of November 1808.

Questions arising from this document should be addressed to Colonel Augustus von Dreckstein at Fort Gustav in East Savonia.

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