Corporal Maddock tightened the knot and gave it a few sturdy tugs. When he was satisfied with its tautness he stepped back to survey his handiwork.

"All done!" he said, patting his paunchy stomach. "Looks like we're ready to begin."

At his side stood his comrade, Private Lyle. Both men were tall, big-boned and overweight. They wore drab green combat pants tucked into heavy black boots with green T-shirts covering their bulky upper bodies. Both were in their late thirties and had the close-shaved haircut of the marine corps. They were rugged, tough guys who had served in the army since their late teens. Their muscular arms were decorated with large tattoos commemorating the many campaigns they had fought down the years.

In front of them, perched on a plain wooden armchair, sat a young female captive. Iron bolts kept the chair securely fixed to the concrete floor. To its front legs the girl's slender ankles had been tightly bound with thin rope, around which her skin was chafed and raw from much vigorous struggling.To the arms of the chair her wrists and elbows had been similarly tied. Other ropes encirled her waist and neck to secure her upper body in position, to restrict her movements. She could barely move at all, except to squirm her hips a little or to wriggle her fingers and toes. She was, however, able to move her head from side to side. Her long auburn hair flailed her shoulders like a silky brown cape, each sideways flick causing sweat-soaked tangles to trail across her face. Her blue eyes were open wide as she stared in terror at the two soldiers. Her nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe through a wave of fear and panic. From her mouth came only a muffled sound of bleating and sobbing: the cloth gag tied around her face was fixed so cruelly that it pressed her tongue back against her throat. Her teeth clamped down firmly on it, biting the twisted cloth until her jaws ached.

She was naked. Her clothes had been brutally ripped away by Corporal Maddock and Private Lyle. They had enjoyed stripping her, especially when the violent disrobing had revealed her underwear. She was slim and beautiful, with smooth skin and a perfect figure. In her black lace bra and black cotton panties she had looked like a lingerie model in a catalog photo-shoot. The two soldiers had enjoyed running their hands over her body as she sat writhing in the chair. They had squeezed and fondled her breasts through the lacy bra-cups; they had touched her pussy through the tight black briefs. Before finally removing her underwear they had even flipped a coin to see who got to keep the skimpy panties as a souvenir. And now, as she sat naked and helpless in the chair, they stared at her like a pair of hungry wolves gloating over a trapped baby deer. The sight of her graceful nude body trembling in fright made them drool with lust. They were tremendously excited at the prospect of having such a gorgeous young brunette at their mercy. With ravenous glee they stood grinning and smirking in front of her, watching the gentle heave of her luscious bare breasts and the sensual squirming of her hips. Both men licked their lips as though they intended to devour her in a cannibal feast.

"How old?" asked Maddock.

"Eighteen," Lyle answered. "Eighteen years and five months."

"She's the youngest bitch we've ever tortured," said Maddock. "And the prettiest, by a long way. I really like her cute blue eyes, and her shiny brown hair. She has the face of an angel and the body of a porn-star."

"Great tits!" said Lyle, rubbing a stiff bulge in the front of his pants. "Probably the best pair of boobs I ever saw on a female prisoner. And a nice soft pussy, too, with a cute brown bush. I'm desperate to ram my cock up that furry slit."

Maddock nodded and grinned. "Me too. But first we must obey Major Larkin's orders. He says we can't have sex with this little bitch until we've tortured her properly. He wants her to suffer a lot of pain. After that, when she's received the punishment she deserves, he says we can rape her as much as we want."

"Good!" said Lyle. "I guess we had better get started. Do you want to go first this time?"

Maddock shrugged his broad shoulders. "No, I'll just stand here and watch while you get the session going. I want to see the expression on her pretty face when the pain starts hitting her senses."

Lyle stepped forward to crouch in front of the armchair. He squatted down so that his face was on a level with the girl's heaving bosom. She tensed and stiffened, sitting upright on the chair in horrified anticipation of what was to come. Her breasts lifted high on her chest as her spine turned rigid with fear. Her small nipples stiffened like ripe brown buds on an olive-tree. Her lovely blue eyes opened wide, their long dark lashes curling backward against her eyelids. Every sinew in her sleek, smooth limbs rippled and pulsed as she waited in breathless terror for the torture to commence. She saw a cruel grin broaden across Lyle's face as his right hand brandished a pair of iron pliers. Gasping and whimpering through the gag she watched as the pliers approached the left arm of the chair, upon which her bound wrist twisted frantically against the tightly-knotted rope. Her hand writhed like a trapped spider, trying in vain to break free. A spasm of panic racked her body when she felt the touch of cold metal jaws on the end of her little finger. Then the jaws closed tightly on her fingernail and began to pull slowly.

Her muffled scream tore through the gag. A bolt of agony convulsed her slender teenage body. Her spine arched in a sudden, jerking movement which pushed her torso forward. Unwittingly she thrust her perky young breasts towards the big soldier squatting in front of her. She heard Lyle snigger as he tore the fingernail from her hand. Closing her eyes against the dreadful pain she screamed loudly, hearing the yell reverberate in her skull but knowing that the gag muffled it. A sharp, throbbing ache spread from her little finger to the knuckle before working along the nerves of her hand to the sinews of her tightly-bound wrist. Teardrops spilled down her cheeks to trickle off her chin and onto her chest. Through a mist of weeping she peered down to see raw, red flesh where her fingernail used to be. The nail itself waved briefly in the iron jaws of the pliers as Lyle showed it to his comrade before casually tossing it away.

"She looks so cute when she squirms on the chair," said Maddock, standing with his muscular arms folded above his paunchy belly. "Watching her wriggle like a kitten is making my dick harder than steel!" The evidence of his arousal was starkly displayed as a massive bulge in the crotch of his drab green pants.

"I love hearing those stifled screams," said Lyle, as he clamped the pliers on another fingernail. The next target was the little finger of his victim's right hand. He gripped the pliers firmly, then pulled backward with a vicious tug.

Again the girl shrieked into the gag. Her jaws chomped fiercely onto the tightly-twisted cloth, so fiercely that her gums started to bleed. Tiny trails of crimson trickled down her front teeth to stain the saliva-drenched gag. Tears ran freely down her smooth, glistening cheeks, mingling with the sweat. Strands of damp brown hair straggled over her forehead. Her eyelashes blinked rapidly, beating as fast as the velvet wings of black butterflies.

"She's so gorgeous!" Lyle remarked, as he discarded the second bloody fingernail. "And so young, so fragile, so innocent. It almost seems a shame to torture such a beautiful girl."

"She isn't innocent," Maddock explained, keeping his gaze on the sobbing brunette as she sat trembling in shock. "The Major says she deserves everything she gets. He reckons she belongs to a fanatical bunch of rebel students at the State University. She and her wimpy boyfriend are the leaders of the group, according to the confessions they gave to the judge."

"She confessed already?" said Lyle, shifting his weight as he squatted in front of the prisoner. "Then why is she being tortured?"

"For extra punishment," Maddock replied. "Yesterday, at her trial, the judge sentenced her to seven years hard labor. But he ordered Major Larkin to bring her here, to the interrogation center, for the first month of her sentence. The judge wants her to be given the full treatment: rape, torture, pain, humiliation. Only when she's utterly degraded and broken will she be transferred to the prison quarry."

Lyle whistled through his teeth and smiled. "A whole month in our tender care?" he chuckled. "That's a lot of sexy fun with this cute little doll. Our cocks will be limp and sore at the end of it - assuming she's still alive when we hand her over to the quarry guards."

Maddock gave a rumbling belch followed by a strange, impish giggle. The sound seemed oddly inappropriate for a tough-looking soldier to make. He stood staring down at the girl as the middle finger of her left hand was carefully denuded of its nail. Lyle seemed to take great delight in removing the fingernail as slowly as possible, using the pliers to tease it from its fleshy bed. The naked teen sat writhing in agony, thrashing her auburn tresses around her neck and shoulders. Her smothered squeals bleated feebly as she bit down hard on the gag. All of her front teeth were now flecked with blood and her gums ached terribly. A lone crimson streamlet trickled down her chin to spatter onto her right breast just above the nipple.

"I can't wait to screw her," said Maddock, rubbing the bulge in his pants with his left hand. "To be honest, I don't think I can wait until you've torn her fingernails off. Her beauty is driving me insane! If I don't fuck her in the next five minutes my balls will explode, for sure."

"Okay," said Lyle, switching to a kneeling position to relieve the cramp in his legs. "But I thought the Major told you to give her...."

"Let's put the Major's orders on hold," said Maddock. "I'm too turned-on to restrain myself any longer. Just rip out two more nails, then we'll untie her and stretch her out on the floor. It won't take long to rape her, even if we both do it three or four times."

"I bet she has a really tight butt-hole," said Lyle, as he clamped the pliers onto another fingernail. He grinned at the girl's horrified, tear-streaked face while slowly drawing his hand backward. The newly-denuded flesh on the end of her finger reddened as it began to bleed.

"Yeah," Maddock agreed, nodding eagerly while relishing the victim's pain. "She's going to take our rock-hard pricks up her tight college ass. No lubricant for this pretty slut - she gets a slow, dry anal reaming. I want to hear her beg for mercy as she yells into the gag."

"After we've raped her," said Lyle. "I'll put her in the chair again and resume the torture."

"Then it's my turn with the pliers," said Maddock. "I'll rip those manicured toenails off her delicate feet, one by one, until she's left with ten bloody stumps. By then, her lungs will be raw from screaming. Her eyes will be red and sore. She won't have any more teardrops left."

"And then we get to rape her again?" Lyle suggested hopefully.

Maddock nodded. "Yes, more rape. Lots more rape, but with tightly-clenched fists as well as big stiff dicks. Deep inside her pussy first, and then in her sweet college ass. We'll fist her until she passes out. I bet I can shove my arm up her rectum as far as the elbow."

"While you're reaming her rebel butt," said Lyle, "I'll pull the gag out of her mouth and piss down her throat."

Both men laughed merrily. Maddock let out another deep belch and watched in silence as his comrade ripped out the girl's right thumbnail. Her blue eyes bulged in their sockets before a long, muffled shriek bleated into the gag. From the neat triangle of dark pubic fur at her crotch a little spring of yellow fluid bubbled out to form a pool on the seat of the chair. The pool eventually spilled over in a miniature cascade to form a second puddle on the concrete floor. Again, the two big soldiers roared with laughter. Their trembling, naked victim bowed her head. Her long brown hair swirled forward, hiding her face, but they could hear her sobbing and whimpering.

"The dirty bitch pissed on our special chair!" said Lyle, rising to his feet. He still clutched the pliers, the jaws of which held a bloody thumbnail.

Maddock shook his head and gave a malicious smile. "Useless slut! Pissing on military furniture is a very serious offense, punishable by a tough penalty."

"Fifty lashes?" said Lyle, grinning excitedly.  

"Correct," said Maddock. "It's time this skinny whore received her first flogging. Go fetch the horsewhip. While you're gone, I'll suspend her from the hook in the ceiling."

"Okay," said Lyle, tossing the pliers onto a shelf. "But let's rape her before the first lash. It's always more fun whipping a woman when her pussy is stretched and sore."

Maddock chuckled as his comrade walked away sniggering. The girl slowly lifted her face to stare tearfully upward. Her moist blue eyes met Maddock's merciless, lecherous gaze. For a moment he looked down at her, admiring her youthful loveliness, before letting his gaze move down onto her breasts. He savored the prospect of seeing those shapely round orbs quivering beneath a storm of cruel whip-strokes. He wondered if a skilfully-aimed lash might slice off the pink fleshy bud of a nipple. But such thoughts, he knew, were somewhat premature. Lyle was right: the whipping had to wait until both of them had ravished her.

Returning his gaze to her face he said softly: "We're going to rape you over and over. When my buddy comes back with the whip, we're going to ram our cocks up your tight teenage cunt. We'll make you scream so loud, college girl. We're not like your puny boyfriends at the university. Private Lyle and me are marines, which means we're bigger and tougher than any guy you've ever fucked before. We're twice your age, and we know how to have fun with a female prisoner. We've raped dozens of women, of all ages and sizes, and tortured most of them. Our dicks are long and hard, and we know how to screw a rebel bitch in ways that cause her a lot pain. Just a few deep thrusts from our cocks will rip out your clit and make you bleed. And afterwards, after we've let you cry for a bit, we'll fuck you in the ass." He ended with a bellow of coarse laughter, before reaching out to take the gag out of her mouth. He untied the twisted cloth roughly, tugging her hair and slapping her face while he removed it. With the tip of his thumb he smeared blood from her lower lip across her left cheek.

The girl stared up at him in horrified silence, like a baby rabbit caught in the glare of headlamps. Then she burst into tears and started sobbing pitifully. Her slim body writhed on the chair as she sat shaking in an uncontrollable fit of terror. Her long brown hair was so drenched in sweat that it draped her skin like wet seaweed. Blood oozed from her mutilated fingertips as her wrists twisted in the unyielding bonds.The sound of her misery was drowned by another burst of raucous laughter.

"You're too sexy!" Maddock jeered, as he unzipped the front of his pants. "If I don't do something about my swollen balls they'll burst like melons. So just sit still and stop squirming, while I jerk off in your pretty face."

The girl wailed in despair, making much more noise now that the gag was gone. She lifted her eyes to the ceiling as her bruised lips moved in soundless prayer. A huge, shiny dome of flesh appeared in front of her: the throbbing purple tip of an erect penis. Horror and disgust, mingled with a strange fascination, made her lower her gaze to stare at the menacing bulb. She saw that the big corporal's bragging was no idle boast, for his manhood was indeed enormously well-endowed. She swallowed hard, wondering how much pain her feminine parts would be forced to endure. She wondered, too, how many times he and his comrade intended to rape her: twice, three times, four times or maybe more?  But most of all she trembled at the thought of being repeatedly sodomized, especially as she had never experienced anal intercourse before. Imagining her rectum being stretched and violated by a gigantic male organ was almost too horrible to contemplate. Both soldiers were going to shove their cocks up her rear passage, one after the the other. Thinking about the pain and humiliation made her whimper like a frightened kitten. And then, after the ugly brutes had sated their lust inside her body, they were going to flog her with a leather whip. How could they be so cruel?  And afterwards, when her skin was covered with red stripes, they planned to pull out her remaining fingernails. And her toenails, too. All these dreadful things were going to happen on the first day of her imprisonment at the interrogation center. How on earth was she going to survive a whole month of rape and torture?

"Please, sir!" she begged. "Please don't hurt me any more. I'm in so much pain. I'm bleeding and......"

Her voice was swiftly muffled by the sudden thrust of the corporal's penis. Pushing his manhood forward he gripped the shaft at the root while rubbing the bulbous tip across her lips. The smooth fleshy dome smeared blood across her face as she instinctively closed her mouth. Her tightly-shut eyes squeezed out a trickle of fresh teardrops which ran down her cheeks.

"Open your mouth, bitch!" Maddock growled.

The girl shook her head and kept her lips and eyes firmly closed. She bravely refused to obey his command, even when he slapped her face with all his strength.

"Open your mouth, you filthy little slut! Open those soft pink lips and suck my dick!"

Again she shook her head, and again she received another vicious slap. She was crying like a baby but still kept her mouth and eyes tightly shut. Her pretty features crumpled in a grimace of agony and despair. The brutal slaps had made her head spin in a dizzy daze but her senses were still sharp enough to hear a strange new noise: the moist, squelching sound of an erect penis being vigorously masturbated. In the same moment she heard heavy footsteps and knew that Private Lyle had returned. She kept her eyes closed.

"The slut won't open her mouth," said Maddock, explaining the situation to his buddy. "She refuses to give me a blowjob, so I'm going to jerk off all over her face."

"She wants to be treated like a tough rebel whore, does she?"  said Lyle, in a sarcastic tone. "Well, we know how to soften a hard-ass female prisoner. I reckon this skinny babe needs a triple dose of whipping:  one hundred and fifty lashes."

"I agree," Maddock replied, gasping as he rubbed his cock to the brink of orgasm.

The girl's stubbornness dissolved in a flurry of sobbing and weeping. Her lips parted to issue a shivering wail of fear. Her eyes opened in a cascade of glistening teardops, just in time to see a fountain of semen gush from the tip of Maddock's erection. She felt the blobs of hot, sticky fluid on her skin as they spattered across her face.  The second spray of lust struck her half-open mouth to mingle with the blood from her aching gums. She tasted the distinctive salty flavor of man-juice and, for a brief instant, her mind recalled the pleasurable memory of performing oral sex on her handsome boyfriend. A brutal, back-handed slap flipped her head sideways, bringing her senses back to her current nightmare. The right side of her face throbbed with a stinging pain.

"Bitch!" Maddock snarled, raising his arm for another strike.

"Wait, buddy!" said Lyle, stepping between the corporal and the captive. "Save your energy for the flogging. See? I fetched our favorite whip: the steel-tipped one, the one we like using on a perky pair of tits. We'll soon make this college girl squirm like an eel. So, put away your dick and let's untie her from the chair."

Maddock's rage subsided a little, but he continued to glare at the sobbing brunette as he loosened her bonds. "I'm going to rape her until she faints," he said. "Then I'll wake her up by ramming my fist up her ass. All the way, as far as I can go, even if my arm stinks of shit afterwards. Then she gets an awesome whipping."

At his side Lyle grinned malevolently, relishing the girl's terrified expression as he released the rope around her slender waist. "Yes, a triple flogging," he added. "Followed by more rape, and then another session in the torture-chair. I want to hear her scream when you rip out her toenails."

Both men fell silent for a few seconds, listening to their victim's whimpers, before catching eath other's glance and bursting into a mutual fit of giggles. They were still laughing when they hauled the naked teenager off the chair. Her hands were streaked with blood from her injured fingertips; her face was red from crying and from the three vicious hand-slaps inflicted by Corporal Maddock.

"Please!" she sobbed, as she was flung down onto the hard concrete floor. "I want my mommy!"

"Your mother can't help you," said Lyle, slowly drawing down the zipper of his pants. "She knows her baby girl is getting hurt but there's nothing she can do about it. If she comes up here to bang on our gate, begging to see her precious angel, she'll get arrested and thrown in a cell. There she'll be stripped and whipped, and raped and tortured, just like her sexy daughter. Is that what you want to happen?"

The girl gave no reply, but rolled over onto her side to lie curled in a fetal position. Her long brown hair shrouded her face, hiding her grief-stricken features. The two big soldiers knelt beside her. She felt a large, rough hand on her thigh and heard the sinister voice of Private Lyle.

"Turn over, baby," he said, speaking in an almost tender tone. "Turn over and lie on your back. That's it, pretty girl. Now open your legs, nice and wide. You're so beautiful. Don't be shy. Try to relax your pussy, or you'll feel a lot of pain. Stop crying and try to stay quiet. That's it, take some deep breaths. Keep still while I lie on top of you. Now open your mouth. Don't be frightened. I just want to kiss you while we're having sex. Can you feel my...." He stopped speaking, pausing in mid-sentence to feel her slim young body stiffen beneath him as his penis slipped inside her vagina. Then he gave a huge gasp of pleasure. "Oh man!" he said. "She feels so smooth and tight!"

Kneeling beside him, and masturbating furiously, Maddock yelled in wild-eyed glee: "Fuck her harder! Bang her like a whore! Rip out her clit and make her squeal!"

The girl offered no reaction to his savage ravings. She seemed calmer now, as docile as a slave. Her moist blue eyes gazed blankly up at the ceiling: she was resigned to her fate and knew she could not escape what was coming to her. She had almost stopped weeping, despite feeling pain and terror. She knew she would start screaming again, before the terrible ordeal was over. She knew she would beg these repulsive men for mercy during the sexual assault, especially when the disgusting anal rapes commenced. She knew the steel-tipped whip would inflict terrible injuries on her body. She knew, without any doubt, that the ripping-out of her toenails would cause unbearable pain. But she was slowly adjusting her mind to the hopelessness of the situation. There was no escape from it. All she now hoped to do was to survive the next four weeks, to endure the daily sessions of rape and torture, to emerge from the evil month without too many physical or mental scars. Offering any kind of resistance to her captors was pointless. She knew it would only heap more misery upon her. That was why she parted her lips to let Private Lyle kiss her while his penis thrusted violently inside her body. That was why she lay perfectly still, like a lifeless corpse, while he satisfied his brutal lust in her teenage flesh.

"You're gorgeous!" he grunted, breaking briefly from the kiss to stare down at her face. "I almost feel bad about raping you."

"Hurry up, buddy!" said Maddock. "I'm getting desperate here. It's time you finished off."

"Sorry, Corporal!" came the reply. "Just a few more strokes and......"

* * * * * * *

It was midnight. The bleak street outside the interrogation center lay empty and silent in the darkness. Outside the tall iron doors of the building, in the moonlight beyond the shadow of the arched gateway, a woman in a white shirt and blue jeans stood motionless on the sidewalk. Her dark brown hair was cut in a short, elegant style. She was strikingly attractive, with smooth skin and fine features. Her age was round forty but she looked ten years younger. She seemed cultured and classy, even in casual garments. It was obvious she did not come from any of the rough neighborhoods in that part of town.

A car drew up at the roadside. A man in a gray suit stepped out. He walked over to the woman and put his arm around her shoulders. He saw that she was crying. In her hands she lovingly fondled a crumpled ball of black cloth.

The man sighed. "Did you speak to the soldiers?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, sniffing away a tearful sob. "A big corporal came out of the gate. He gave me this." The cloth unfolded as she held it up.

"Black panties," the man observed, clenching his teeth in dismay. "Are they....? I mean, were they worn by....?"

The woman nodded. "Yes, they belonged to our daughter. The corporal said she was stripped naked."

"Oh God!" said the man, wiping moisture from his eyes. "Our dear angel!"

The woman continued, trying to keep her voice steady. "The soldiers raped her this afternoon. They tortured her for hours. They whipped her all over and tore out her fingernails. The corporal said he tried to make them stop hurting her. He seemed quite remorseful, like he really felt bad about what they were doing to her. He even gave me his name: Corporal Richard Maddock of the Fifth Marine Regiment. But the other soldiers are an evil bunch, apparently. Corporal Maddock says they call him a soft-hearted wimp, because he's always so kind to the prisoners."  

"Cruel bastards!" said the man. "Is there nothing we can do for our poor little girl?"

To his relief the woman nodded. "I think we can do something to help. Corporal Maddock told me to come here tomorrow morning. He says he'll let me see our daughter."

"How much will it cost?"

"Six hundred dollars. But he says I can bring food and clothes for our baby. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday."

The man shook his head. "I don't like it. It sounds too risky. Bribing a soldier is a serious offense. Are you sure this fellow can be trusted?"

"Yes, I'm absolutely sure. Corporal Maddock says there's no risk at all. He says he'll make sure I don't get arrested. All visitors are strip-searched but he says I don't need to worry about that."

"Why?" the man inquired, giving her a puzzled frown.

She smiled grimly. "Because he'll do the search himself. In a private room, with just one other soldier present. That's when I hand over the money, which nobody else will see."

"Will he make you take your clothes off?"

"Yes, of course. He has to stick by the rules. But he says I can keep my underwear on. And after the search I can get dressed and go visit our daughter. She'll be so pleased to see me!"

"I bet she will!" said the man. "But come on, my darling. It's time to go home. You're shivering in this cold night air."


Together, with a comforting arm around one another, they walked slowly back to the car.

* * * * * * *

Marines. Copyright Brendan X 2010.

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