Female Captives

Erotic tales of bondage and punishment

Fantasy & Medieval

These tales are set in imaginary lands, or in the medieval past of our own world. The people in these stories lived in a time when war and slavery were rife, and when justice was harsh and brutal.

Zander's Promise (M+F nc bd tort humil) Rejection and sexual frustration unleash an orgy of vengeance.   NEW  January 2011  

Matilda (MF nc tort voy) A young woman is brought to the marketplace to be flogged in public.

Two tales from the preview area of my main site Brendan's Bondage Stories:

Desertion (MF FF nc humil voy Msolo) A female corporal runs away from the army but is caught and crucified

Inch By Inch (M+F nc bd voy) Sex-crazed soldiers capture a gorgeous young brunette after a battle

Another story "Bandit Girl" was written for the Warrior Women website:

Bandit Girl (MF nc tort voy) Spectators gather to see the savage whipping of a beautiful female bandit

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