Gemini: The Twins
(mf, MF, inc, cons, rom)

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Part 1

I was only born six minutes before Jennifer; but I always felt like those six minutes made me her "older" brother, bound by some intangible cosmic law to protect my twin sister.

When we were very young, we were nearly inseparable. We shared a bedroom (bunk beds), we ate together, Mom bathed us together, we did everything together. We didn't even like playing with other kids all that much; we were perfectly content just to play with each other. And I guess we looked pretty silly, walking around holding hands all the time.

I can't really explain it. I never felt complete without Jenny; and I always knew she felt the same way. I needed her laughter, and her impish grin. We just liked being with each other.

No, scratch that: We LOVED each other, and still do.

Our parents thought it was cute back then, when we were children. They'd see us holding hands, or playing, and they'd say, "Awwww… Look at little James and Jennifer! Isn't that cute?"

Of course, puberty changed all that. Shortly after we turned twelve or so, the family gradually began discouraging us from spending all our time together. It made no sense to us, so we resisted.

For example:
    "You should have more friends than just each other," our Mom would say. "What for?" we'd ask.

Or, more subtly:
    "Why don't you join the Boy Scouts, son?" our Dad asked me once.
    "Can Jenny join too?"
    "Well, no. It's just for boys; but she can join the Girl Sc--"
    "Then I don't wanna join no Boy Scouts."

Or, more directly:
    "Why don't you two little weirdos get a life?" (This from Karen, our older sister by six years.)
    "Why don't you go suck a turd?" replied Jenny.
    "You're such a couple of freaks!"
    "And you're a Moo-Cow!" (This was Jenny's favorite name for Karen.)

And so on, and so on. Like I said, we resisted.

Finally though, I guess Mom & Dad decided that we were getting too old to trust with each other. (Once I eavesdropped on them while they were talking about us, and I heard them use the word "unnatural.") So Dad wheedled a raise out of his boss, and just before our thirteenth birthday we got a new house; and it had FOUR bedrooms, not three. They acted like we were supposed to enjoy being separated: "Oh, won't it be nice to have your own rooms?"

Our bunk beds were sold at a garage sale, and they ignored my furious pouting as well as Jenny's outraged tears. They even deliberately gave the Moo-Cow the room between us.

They shouldn't have expected to tear us apart that easy. A week after we moved in, Mom came to wake us up for school -- and found Jenny sleeping in bed with me.

Jenny was scolded for sneaking into my room, and I was scolded for not making her go back to her own. We nodded and shuffled our feet and looked appropriately contrite, and a few days later Mom found us sleeping together again.

And during the night, Jenny had gotten her first period. There was blood on the crotch of her panties, and on the sheets between us where we lay wrapped in each other's arms.

They flew into a hysteria at first; and I remember thinking that something must be wrong with Jenny, that they were acting that way because she was sick or hurt, and it scared me horribly. They didn't calm down at all until they established that it was just her period, and not what they were afraid it was; and they didn't calm down MUCH even then.

Mom scolded, Dad lectured, and Moo-Cow gloated. We hadn't even DONE anything!

"But Mom," Jenny pleaded, "I can't sleep without James! I get lonely, and--"

"Enough!" pronounced Dad. "You're both old enough to sleep alone, so you'd better get used to it."

The next time they found her in my bed they threatened to send me to military school, and Jenny to a convent. The Moo-Cow thought they should send us both to a Psych-ward. We also received a stern lecture on the horrors of INCEST, a word we'd never heard before.

When it had been defined for us, I protested: "But we weren't having sex! We were just sleeping together!"

The distinction was apparently irrelevant, and the lecture continued.

I don't think either of us much believed the nonsense they fed us, about incestuous babies having webbed feet or two heads and such (I know I didn't, anyway); but I was terrified by the threat of being sent away from Jenny.

Two nights later, I woke up to feel Jenny sliding into bed beside me. As her arms went around me, I took her shoulders and held her back. "Jenny, you can't sleep with me anymore."

She grinned. "I brought my alarm clock, and I set it to wake me just before Mom gets up. I'll run back and be in my room before she finds us."

I was tempted. I hadn't admitted to it, but I didn't sleep so well without Jenny, either. But I told her, "No, Jenny. We'll get caught."

She tried to scowl, but only pouted. She forced her arms past mine, wrapped them around me, and clutched me against her. Her body seemed warmer than I'd ever noticed before, and I had trouble making myself push away. My hands -- completely of their own accord, mind you -- found themselves around her lower back.

I tried to protest, and she kissed me to shut me up. It was just a small kiss, like a million others we'd given each other, but in the middle of it something suddenly changed. We pulled back for a moment, looking at each other in wonder.

We were just reaching the age where the differences start to matter, and the strange tension building just south of my lower abdomen was a new sensation to me.

Then our mouths were pressed together again. A moment later our tongues were wrestling, and our hands were running over each other. I felt one of her hands reach into my pajamas, and she took hold of my penis. My breathing went so heavy I thought I was going to faint.

Scarcely knowing what I was doing, I pulled Jenny's nightgown up. She tossed her free leg over me, and we rolled together. I felt her bare flesh against mine, her breath on my cheek, my neck, and my head swam. She was straining to pull me between her legs, and I felt the head of my penis brush against something wet and hot.

Part of me was prepared to do something very animal-like and entirely instinctual; the other part remembered our parents' threat, and was afraid of losing Jenny altogether. The latter won out. With a sudden burst of willpower, I thrust her away from me and said, "Go back to your room, Jenny."

She just looked at me, her face shocked. "You're just afraid of getting sent to military school!"

I nodded. "Yes I am, because then we would NEVER see each other."

Jenny didn't want to give in. "No! You're my twin brother! We BELONG together!"

"Jenny, they'll make us go away…"

"Why? They can't! I love y--"

"Shhh!!" I jumped up, ran to the door and peeked out into the hallway. Nothing. I turned back to Jenny. "Be quiet! If they hear you, they'll tear us apart!"

Jenny threw herself onto the bed and sobbed into her pillow. "But why?"

I sighed. "Because they don't want us having sex. It's bad."

"But WHY is it bad?"

I didn't have an answer for that one, and didn't really understand the issue anyway. Although I understood sex in principle, I had never been tempted by it "in person" until a few moments before. Sex had never been a consideration between Jenny and me; for gods' sake, we were only thirteen!

I got frustrated. "Look, it doesn't matter! Just don't come in here anymore, okay?"

Her eyes widened. "Don't you love me?"

"Yes, I love you. But--"

"Then promise me we'll be together always."

"We will Jenny, but--"

"Promise me!"

"Shhh!!" I shot another furtive glance down the hallway. "Okay! I promise you we'll always be together."

"And that you'll love me forever."

"Jenny, you know I'll always lo--"

She crossed her arms. "Promise."

"All right!" I forced my voice down. "I promise to love you forever, and I promise we'll always be together. But right now, you have to get out and don't come back!"

Jenny's face went cold, and I knew I had hurt her feelings. "Fine," she said. "I won't."

And she gathered herself up and marched out of my room.

Part 2

The months went by. We started high school the next year, and we began to make new friends. Jenny and I were spending less time with each other, and it pained me; but I suppose our parents breathed a sigh of relief.

Puberty didn't hit me full-force for a year after it got Jenny, and I started to … change. In various ways.

And I began to notice how Jenny had been changing, WAS changing into a beautiful young woman. Her hair went from mouse-brown to a light auburn, and it glowed when the sun shone on her. Her eyes, which had always been a bluish-green, became more vivid: Jade, or Emerald.

As we passed fourteen and drew near to fifteen, Jenny's body began to show curves that had not been there before. I began to understand the whole "sex" thing, and there were parts of my own changing body that rather liked what they saw.

I remembered our parents' threat though, and forced myself to spend more time with my new friends. I stayed away from Jenny as much as I could, as my hormones began to rage through adolescence.

I tried to redirect my desires, I swear I did. I sat in the lunchroom with my friends from the Chess Club (Yes, I was a bit of a geek; though I didn't really look the part), watching the cheerleaders and making speculatively vulgar comments under our breath. Some of those girls were even pretty, I suppose.

But none of them were Jenny.

(This one: Nice tits; but her hair's not as nice as Jenny's, and she's too short. That one: Nice legs AND tits; but Jenny's face is way prettier, especially her eyes. And so on.)

Pass fifteen, and move on to sixteen. Rational thought was almost impossible for me at that age. The only part of my body that functioned properly was my penis, and I spent much of my free time masturbating it into submission.

I discovered Playboy and Penthouse, and experimented with them briefly before discovering that they didn't work: They'd get me aroused easily enough, but I could never … ah, "finish" my task until I closed my eyes and pictured Jenny.

And Jenny was getting more beautiful every day. Her sweaters had grown increasingly tight, and she'd taken to wearing skirts and dresses almost exclusively. Every time I'd catch a glimpse of her legs, my desire for her burned hotter.

We didn't see each other much during that time, mostly because I avoided Jenny like the plague. We still felt close, and of course we still talked; but it wasn't the same. I could hardly bear to be in the same room with her, I wanted her so bad.

Seventeen, and my hormones were raging out of control. I was starting to think maybe Mom & Dad had been right, that "incestuous desires" were driving me insane.

I spent most of my senior year playing Dungeons & Dragons, venting in swordplay the passions I couldn't vent otherwise. (I was so pathetic that I actually made a companion character for my hero, a pleasant little wench named "Genevieve." Figure it out.)

Jenny spent most of her time with her friends, acting goofy over Wicca or whatever the trendy philosophy of the week was. She got a job in a bookstore, and started talking about moving out after graduation.

My stomach lurched the first time she said it, at the dinner table. I looked at her with the pain of betrayal on my face, and she raised an eyebrow and gave me that old impish grin of hers. Was she TRYING to hurt me? Mom & Dad gave each other a satisfied glance, and said, "That's nice, dear. Pass the salt and tell us all about it." I nearly vomited.

After that, I decided to resign myself to Fate. Jenny didn't love me (not like THAT, anyway), and there was nothing I could do about it. Maybe Mom & Dad were right, and I was wrong to have wanted it in the first place.

I felt drained and lifeless, and wandered through the last few months of school in a trance. Our eighteenth birthday came and went, just before graduation. My grades didn't have time to go bad (though they would have), so I got a scholarship and two job offers.

I accepted the better of the two, and made my own plans to move out. Jenny wouldn't be there anymore, and the Moo-Cow had moved back in (having found herself "with child," but "without husband"), so I couldn't stand the idea of living in that house anymore. Don't get me wrong, mind you: I love my parents, but they just don't understand me.

The job I'd accepted didn't start until the fall (it was part of a co-op program that would coincide with my college classes), so I had a whole summer of ennui to look forward to. I found myself sitting at my desk, staring out the window, at nothing. I considered slitting my wrists, but decided it was too much effort.

"Knock knock."

I turned, saw my sister standing in the door, and suddenly realized that it was the first time she'd crossed that door since we were thirteen. She looked so different now. Her hair ran down to her waist, a cascade of auburn waves, and her green eyes shone from an elfin face. Her body had curves that not even her loosest clothes could conceal, and her baggy skirt stopped just below her knees. (Which may not seem all that revealing, but I swear to you: Less is MORE. Use your imagination.)

She prompted me, "Say, 'Hello, Jenny.'"

I smiled. "Hello, Jenny."

She smiled back, and it hurt so much I had to look away. She walked to the bed, and sat down facing me. "Now say, 'Gee sis, I'm awfully sorry I've been such a prick.'"

I looked at her. She was smiling. "Excuse me…?"

She sighed. "Don't you think you should apologize?" (What a perfectly female question. Answer yes: You're admitting you did something that requires an apology. Answer no: You're a stupid insensitive lout.)

"Tell me why you're mad at me."

She crossed her arms, a warning sign. "Because you're going to break your promise."

"What promise?"

She lifted an eyebrow, slowly; another warning sign. "I was sitting right here when you made it," she said.

I remembered. I just hadn't realized she meant THAT promise. Hope suddenly flared in me. "But … you told Mom & Dad that--"

"That I was going to move out. So?"

My hope faltered. "You're confusing me!"

She sighed, stood up, and walked over to me. "I never said who I was moving out WITH, stupid." She knelt in front of me, and took my hands in my lap. Suddenly, I was acutely aware of the neckline on her shirt. And her posture. I swallowed.

"Look," she said, "I know why you made me leave then. You were right, they would have sent one or both of us away. I couldn't have lived without you. We had to hide our love; but that was then. This is now."

She looked up at me, and I skipped a breath because I saw it in her eyes. "Dad's at work," she said. "Mom's out shopping for baby stuff with Karen."

My heart was pounding. I tried to chuckle and sound nonchalant. "I thought you called her Moo-Cow."

She grinned, and squeezed my hands. "I used to call her that. Now I've changed." She leaned closer to me, pulled me towards her. "Want to know what else is different?"


She leaned still closer, until I could feel her breath on my lips. "First of all, we're of legal age now; so no one can stop us, or break us up. And secondly," she whispered, "This time, I'm not going to let you say no."

Our lips met before I realized it, and five long years of buried lust suddenly burst loose. Our hands were tearing at each other's clothes, and we stumbled over each other trying to make it to the bed.

We fell sideways onto the mattress and kept right on going, kissing each other hungrily. I found the clasp on the waist of her skirt, and Jenny lifted up far enough to snatch it loose, then kick it off. She wore only a pair of pink silk panties underneath. Jenny moaned as I rolled on top of her, her legs opening wide.

"Hold me up," she panted, and as I did so she pulled the shirt over her head, then flung it away. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her breasts were more magnificent than I had imagined. I hadn't seen my sister naked since she was thirteen and flat as a board. Her breasts had grown large and firm since then, and her dark red nipples were hard, thrusting up at me in a way that made my mouth water.

I fumbled with the top button of my own shirt, but Jenny tore the shirt open, sending buttons flying, and pushed it back off my chest. While I pulled free of it, she attacked my belt. By the time I'd discarded the shirt, my pants were open. Jenny threw her arms around me, pulled me down on top of her.

We kissed again, breathing so heavily I thought we might suffocate each other. Somehow I kicked the pants off my legs, and Jenny began tugging my boxers down. I pulled at her panties, and a moment later we were finally naked.

I laid her down and took her breasts in my hands, caressed them as I kissed her. Moving down, I took one nipple into my mouth, tasted it. Then the other, and Jenny groaned and pressed my face into her tit. "Oh yes, suck it James, suck my tits…"

Animal passion overcame us, and we couldn't wait any more. I raised up again, and my sister took hold of my cock with both hands. She looked up again, her eyes wide with excitement, and she kissed me deeply. She guided my manhood into the gates of her womanhood, then held me there, rubbing the head up and down across her clitoris and the lips of her pussy.

A moan escaped her, and she shifted to whisper in my ear, "Take me James, oh god make love to me…"

As she brought my cock downward from her clit, I shoved it forward, gently. Her pussy was incredibly tight, but her lips spread to accept it, and my brain shut off as the heat of my sister's cunt enveloped me. Jenny moaned again, and buried her face in my shoulder. I withdrew slightly, then thrust forward again, deeper into her. A third deep thrust brought me up against her hymen, bringing a squeal of delighted pain from my sister and earning my shoulder a bite; and I suddenly realized (though I should have already) that my sister was still a virgin. Fair enough; so was I.

I paused (with great difficulty), long enough to ask her, "Are you sure?"

Jenny kissed a trail across my cheek to my lips, then flitted her tongue into my mouth, teasing me. "Oh god yes, I'm sure," she breathed. "Oh baby, I want you to fuck me."

I needed no more convincing. I pulled back, nearly pulling my cock out of her, then poised ready. Jenny writhed under me, grinding her pussy forward. "Yes baby, oh god yes, take me please, oh baby fuck me please fuck m--"

I thrust forward, hard, and slammed against her cherry. Jenny let out a small shriek of pain, and I nearly pulled away, afraid to hurt her; but she reached up and grabbed my ass with both hands, then pulled me into her. She squealed as my cock battered her hymen.

Jenny shifted her hands to my back, and I drew back for one mighty blow. I rammed my cock deep inside my sister, felt her cherry split wide around the head as I plunged into her. Jenny shrieked again, but the shriek turned into a prolonged groan of pleasure: "Oooooohhhhhh, oohh baby, oohh yess, ohgodyesfuckmebabyfuckme--"

I was driving in and out of my sister with all my strength, her legs wide and high, pulling me into her. I had never felt anything like my beloved twin sister's pussy before, tight and wet and hot, pulsing and sucking at my cock. Her body began to tremble beneath me, and I was afraid again that I might be hurting her, but she began to moan, "Oh James I'm coming, oohh I'm coming, ooohhh god yes baby, cum inside me--"

I never slowed, my cock still sliding in and out of her, but I whispered breathlessly, "No…protection…What if you…get pregnant?"

She kissed me, long and hard, her hips grinding forward to meet mine as we fucked in rhythmic unison. "I don't care," she gasped. "I want your cum inside me. We were born together, and we were meant to BE together. I love you," and at this, she kissed me again. "How could anything bad come from our love?"

She thrust her hips forward to make her point, and I felt the eruption approaching. She put her face on my shoulder again, her arms wrapped tight around me, moaning, "Cum inside me, baby, ohfuck, ohfuckyesoohhfuckme, oh god baby cum inside me, OH YES! Oh god I'm coming again, oh baby make me come, oh yes like that! YES!"

A vast and powerful force was building behind my cock; and suddenly, as I thrust as deeply into my sister's vagina as I could go, I felt my cock graze her cervix. It sent me over the edge, and I felt my cock explode. Jenny must have felt it, because her moaning went up a pitch: "Ooohhh YES! OHJAMESOHBABYOHGOD, I'M COMING! OH GOD I'M COMING! OH BABY YOUR CUM IS SO HOT, OH GOD I CAN FEEL YOUR CUMINSIDEME!"

It felt like my cock pumped sperm into my sister forever, like it would never stop. I held it buried to the hilt inside her for the first few streams, then resumed stroking it in and out of her, and Jenny went wild beneath me. She was pulling me down on top of her, her tongue desperately seeking mine, her legs now locked behind me. My cock kept filling her with my seed, and her pussy grew wet and loose at last. Cum began to well up around my cock, a fresh flow each time I drove into her.

I had never cum so much in my life, and the fleeting thought that so much cum would probably get my sister pregnant crossed my mind; it only made me harder, and my cock spasmed another hot load into her.

We kept fucking for so long that I lost track of time. I guess I was pretty aroused, because the flow of cum finally tapered off but my cock was still hard. We kept fucking.

We couldn't stop; we were desperate for one another, and we had five years of missed sex to make up for. Perhaps twenty minutes later I shot another load of cum into my twin sister.

At last we were spent; and we lay in each other's arms, kissing. When we regained enough breath to speak, I grinned and asked her, "So, I guess this means you AREN'T going to move away and leave me here?"

"I'm not moving anywhere without you, silly, and you should have known better." She kissed me, passionately. "I'll make you the same promise you made me: I'll love you forever, and we'll always be together."

And neither of us has ever broken those promises.

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