These stories are sexual in content. If you are under 18, or are some dumb ass that get's offended by stories portraying good, healthy sex between consenting adults, then go somewhere else!

If you would like to know more about me, I now have a Bio Page. On the Bio page, I have decied to add updates on my writing.

I was rated "QUALITY" and "ORIGINAL" erotica on Jane's Sex Guide, just look in the category words erotica dated 10/16/2004. Jane should be your first stop for porn and sexuality on the internet.

Yes, it's true, I m no longer publishing new story's. I hadn't posted a new work in over two years. It's just no any fun anymore to write, and although I have a lot of works started, over two hundred, I just don't have the desire to finish any of them. Most of the reason why, is lack of originality. My works, in my own opinion, had gotten a bit repetitive. So, thanks for the support through all these years, and please drop a line from time to time at my eskimo1958 yahoo account.

With that being said, please enjoy my works, as there's plenty to choose from. Good luck to all, and happy reading.

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