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Hi ya'll! I finally decided to post a web site to go along with the stories I have here on ASSTR. I first started reading stories off of the newsgroups back in '95 when I got my first computer, and have been hooked reading new ones, and finding sites that are free that have good stories. Free is the key word here. I have yet to pay to read or view anything, nor will I ever do such a thing.

After a couple of years reading stories, I was thinking, it would be neat to write a few stories of my own. Just so happened that a story line fell into my lap, as my wife has some female freinds with some cool sexual exploits, thus the "Hockey Groupie" series was born.

Although these were my first stories, they weren't my best, as I've found I've written better over the last few years. And also, after reading so many stories with so little plot, I tried to put a plot into mine. Just reading about boy meets girl and then fucks her silly gets kind of boring.

Most of my work is fiction from my own fantasy's, while some, such as "Nightmare", "Hockey Groupie" Series, "Listening In" and "Swingers Diary" are based on real life events in my life or close friends of mine or my wife. Of course, poetic license is used somewhat to make them a bit more interesting.


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