The Substitute Stories

These works of fiction allegedly take place in Karen Wagner's Naked in School (NIS) universe, and freely borrow or embellish characters and situations invented by Karen Wagner. If they depart from Karen's vision, that's my fault. The perspective in these stories are those of an adult. Like many, I find the "Naked in School" universe intriguing. My own personal interest (as if you care) is in the adults in that community.

Story codes are at the top of each story. FWIW, the default codes are exhib., MF, FF, mild ds, and humil. There are no minors or non-consensual acts central to any of The Substitute's stories.

The Substitute and the Condom

The Substitute hooks up with Miss Hooker again, and she discovers an unusual phenomenon at their school. She explains her experience to the Substitute, and he finds himself excited enough to become involved.

The Substitute in Middle School

Terry wrote about Dee, Carl's younger sister. When the program arrives in her Middle School, her principal Mrs. Cody is supportive but her English teacher Mr. Dilford gets into a battle of wills and ultimately resigns, but not before teaching nude on his last day to one-up Mrs. Dilford. The Substitute accidentally finds himself in the middle of this battle of wills.

The Substitute in Biology

In Karen Wagner's original story, her Biology teacher Mrs. Hooker is almost sadistic, demonstrating restraints on Karen in one class and encouraging the boys to flog and rape the girls the next day. Yet, she strips herself nude and displays a wildly submissive side. The Substitute encounters Mrs. Hooker and Karen in Biology class and as usual, it's a highy participatory experience.

These stories are "free as in speech."