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It had been a three-years ago, when he was twelve, that Simon had found out his father had been a porn-star. Not a major porn-star, admittedly, but nonetheless he had done about two-dozen movies in his younger years.

Simon had been a bit shocked at first, but then he had mentioned it to his mother, who his father had assured him was obviously well aware of his past. In fact his mum, Melanie, laughed when Simon bought it up when being given a lift home from school. She said she was happy to let her husband continue starring in porn movies after they had married, although he had finally stopped when Melanie had their first child, Danielle.

"I could tell your dad was a porn star," Melanie had told Simon, "before he even told me! He was a real stud in bed! And well equipped if you know what I mean."

Simon had indeed knew what his mother had meant. His mum was an easy-going person, an attractive dark-haired woman who acted like she was more of a friend than a mum, and he hadn't been too phased by her bragging of his dad being "well equipped."

Simon's twin sister, Danielle, had also found out about their dad's past. At the time she had began to enter a moody, introverted phase of adolescence, and thus tried to make a big-deal out of not caring. She could not hide her curiosity though, and, secretly, she managed to find a stash of video tapes of films her dad had starred in. When alone in the house, the pretty teenager would watch them in her bedroom. At first she had been shocked to see her father in his younger years, naked and ramming his ten-incher hard into a variety of hot little sluts, but then she had grown more and more turned on and was soon frigging her tight wet slit as she viewed the sordid images on the screen. Danielle thought she carefully put the tapes back afterwards, but her parents guessed that their little minx of a daughter had been watching them.

Danielle and Simon's dad, Gerald, ex-porn-star and now office-worker and father-of-two, was quite aroused at the idea of his daughter watching the tapes. So was his wife.

"Do you think I could, y' some adult movies dad?" asked Simon. He was standing on the driveway and watching his father clean the car.

"You can't do adult movies until you're an adult yourself," smiled Gerald.

"I know," shrugged Simon. Simon was fifteen and quite tall for his age, slender with broad-shoulders. Like his father he had short, jet-black hair and a handsome, boyish look about him. "I want to do some er, porn-movies and stuff eventually, when I'm old enough," he added, "I don't know how to though. Do you have to practice?"

"Ask your mum," Gerald replied.

"What would she know about it? You were the porn-star." Simon grinned as he said that. Although it was now common knowledge in the family about Gerald's brief career in the adult movie industry, it wasn't really mentioned all that often in the open. Certainly no-one was ashamed of it, least of all Gerald, but it wasn't something that was talked about a great deal.

"Yes, I know," Gerald explained, "but to be a porn-star, you have to be good at sex, and you'll have to ask a woman's opinion to know how a guy can be good at sex."

"I guess."

"You have to have sex before you can know you're good at it too."

Simon grumbled to himself. He was still a virgin. He did get a blow-job off a girl at a drunken party last month, but he knew that that didn't really count as losing your cherry.

"Ask your mum," Gerald repeated. The favourite catchphrase of any father.

"Okay," sighed Simon, and he turned to go into the house. It was a Friday evening in winter, and though sunny it was feeling very cold. Simon had been shivering in his jeans and T-shirt as he had stood talking to his dad, and the warmth of the house was welcoming.

His sister was just coming down the stairs.

"You'll catch a cold out there," Danielle said as her brother strolled past her in the hallway.

"You sound like mum," retorted Simon.

"Yeah, well you need two mums 'cos you're so childish and dumb," Danielle moaned at her brother, "Bloody boys, you're so irresponsible and immature." Danielle had not quite emerged from her moody phase, although the rest of the family put up with it because it was evidently an act, and she was really quite pleasant when she wasn't sitting on her bed with headphones blasting out Marylin Manson. Teenagers need to assert their individuality, and as Danielle was content to fit herself in the role of a shy moody girl, that meant Simon found his niche as a cheerfully laid-back boy.

"You look like a jerk wandering around in a T-shirt even though it's November," she told her brother.

"I love you too sis," Simon smiled, and he gave his sister a kiss on the cheek, solely because he knew that annoyed her.

"Gerroff," snapped Danielle, wiping her cheek in horror. She was petite and slender with shoulder-length hair that was normally black but was currently dyed bright red. Danielle had a small silver nose ring through her left-nostril. It had been intended to shock her parents, but had failed; 'Nice nose-ring honey' had been her mum's comment when she had seen it, leaving Danielle despondent at having unshockable parents. Danielle was also wearing dark eye-shadow and deep red lip-stick, and currently had on a baggy green T-shirt, a short black skirt and knee-high white socks, the gap between those latter two garments meaning her knees and lower-thighs were on show. She had pale skin, and overall the fifteen-year-old girl looked like an odd - but pretty - hybrid of grunge and punk.

Danielle did love her brother, deep down, but she often avoided being seen with him whilst out and about because, to her embarrasment (but Simon's amusement), strangers often mistook them for boyfriend-and-girlfriend. It was understandable though. Simon was tall, smartly dressed, easy-going and polite, whilst Danielle was only five-foot-two, scruffy (but in a trendy way), petulant and introverted. It rarely occured to people that the contrasting pair were siblings, let alone twins.

"Is mum upstairs?" Simon asked.

"Yeah, mum's up there somewhere," Danielle called over her shoulder as she stomped off to the living room where, no doubt, she would try and find some nu-metal on MTV.

Simon went up the stairs to find his mum.

Melanie was sitting on her bed wearing a dressing-gown having just had a shower. She was filing her nails and humming to herself.

"Hi mum," Simon smiled as he entered the room.

"Hi sweetie," Melanie responded, "What are you up to?"

"Nothin' really."

"Nothing? It's the start of the weekend, I thought you'd be up to something exciting."

"I was just wondering," began Simon, sitting on the edge of the bed, "about er...something."

"About what?"


"Something embarrasing eh?" giggled Melanie, putting the nail-file to oneside. She shifted to the edge of the bed and sat next to her adolescent son. At thirty-nine, Melanie was still very attractive, slim and fairly flat-chested but with a nice round bottom and a bright and pleasant face. Her long black hair was damp from the shower and she smelt of fine perfume.

"It's not really embarassing," explained Simon, "I was just I'd go about being a porn-star?"

"A porn-star?" giggled Melanie.

"I knew you'd laugh."

"But it is funny sweetie...kind of. You're not legally old enough to star in adult-movies, and besides, shouldn't you be talking to your dad about this? He's got the experience in such, ahem, a career."

"I asked him but he told me to ask you," insisted Simon, "He said that a guy has to be good at sex to star in a porn movie, and you have to ask women to find out what makes a guy good at sex."

Melanie giggled again.

"Well," she began, trying to appear serious, "you need to have the right equipment."

"A big cock you mean?" asked Simon, smiling, determined not to be outdone by his mother in terms of being crudely honest about the subject matter at hand.

"I guess," confirmed Melanie, "and...well, really you just have to be able to perform and to know how to perform. You'd be best to actually screw a few girls before you try to do it on film."

"I s'pose," Simon sighed, "I guess dad was right, I'm too young. Oh well."

"Not to young to be planning such a career move though," Melanie suddenly added before her son could get up. She reached out and gently stroked his thigh, "Why don't you us your equipment?"

"Huh? But your my mum. I can't show you my dick."

"I've seen it before."

"Only when I was little."

"Yeah, but you're still my son sweetie. C'mon, let's be serious here. You're thinking about a career move, you need to know if you're qualified...think of me as an interviewer. An interviewer for a porn movie. Let me see what qualifications you've got."

Simon hesitated for a moment, then grinned.

"Okay," he shrugged. He got off the bed and stood in front of his mother, who was sitting on the edge. She licked her lips as she anticipated seeing her strapping young son's cock. She had often been curious to know if the boy was as well hung as his dad.

Simon undid his belt then his flies before dropping his jeans. They fell to his ankles. Then, with a little nervousness, he did likewise with his boxer-shorts so that he stood there, just wearing his T-shirt, socks and shoes and with his jeans and underwear round his ankles. His cock was semi-hard and was thick and heavy looking.

"My my, you do take after your dad," observed Melanie, lewdly.

"Is it okay mum?" asked Simon, surprising himself by being remarkably relaxed showing off his penis to his mum.

"Mmmm, it's okay, more than okay. I bet it's big when it's hard."

"It is mum. Not as big as dad's though."

"Ah, so you've seen the movies he was have you?"

"Yeah," admitted Simon, "Danielle let slip that she had found them once so I demanded she tell me where they were. We both secretly watched them on our own when you and dad were out."

"They're good aren't they?" Melanie asked, looking briefly up to her son's eyes but then looking back down again, unable to drag her gaze from the boy's lovely young cock for long.

"Dad goes like a stallion," giggled Simon, "There's one movie where he does three women at once. That was great. Dad was really lucky. That's why I want to be a porn star, so I can screw loads of hot women."

"Your dad and me like to watch those movies, they get us so horny! They probably make Danielle horny too."

"I doubt it! She's too miserable and anti-boys."

"That's just an act, seriously. Danielle has been sneakily 'borrowing' your dad's movies for ages. I reckon she gets very horny watching them."

Simon briefly tried to imagine his sister being horny. It was hard. She was a damn pretty girl for sure, but she was too fickle to imagine her being randy.

"So," Melanie began, "get your willie hard sweetie."

"Here? Now?"

"Sure. Come on, I want to see it hard. Let's see how you measure up to your father."

"I'm...not sure how."

"It's not that difficult! You're fifteen, you should be getting hard-ons all the time."

"Yeah're watching."

"Simon, you need to be able to get a stiffie in front of a camera crew if you're to star in a porn movie, so you had better learn to get a stiffie in front of one woman."

"But you're my mum."

"Well, it's a good test then. If you can get a boner in front of your own mother, then you can get a boner in front of a film crew. C'mon just think The usual."

Simon closed his eyes, images of naked woman flying across his mental vision as he tried to will his cock to life. He could feel it stiffen slightly, but not much. He was still very aware of his mum sitting in front of him.

"I've an idea," Melanie suddenly said.

"What?" asked Simon, opening his eyes in time to see his mother get off the bed.

"You'll need to see a naked lady to get a stiffie, so I guess I'll just have to do this, won't I?" And with that, the dark-haired woman took off her dressing gown and slung it to the floor so that she stood nude. She had a slim body but with a round shapely bottom and delicious fleshy thighs. Her tits were small but seemed quite pert, with dark-red nipples. Below her flat belly was a hairy triangle of pubic hair.

"Wow mum," gasped Simon, shocked but pleased at this wanton display of exhibitionism, "You look"

"Thanks honey," Melanie responded, "Now, cop a nice eyeful." She got onto the bed and stood in the centre and began to do a little dance. She closed her eyes and smiled lewdly as she swayed her hips, running her hands over her tits, her belly and her thighs. Soon she had turned round, facing away from Simon, and she bent right over, wiggling her arse then reaching round to spread those nice firm cheeks and exposing her dark puckered anus. Giggling naughtily, Melanie then got down and sat back on the edge of the bed in front of where Simon stood.

"That worked mum," the boy smiled, "Look."

"Mmmm, I'm looking, I'm looking," Melanie gasped, staring at her son's cock that was standing tall and proud in front of her. It was just over eight-inches in length, but seemed even bigger on a slender and youthful boy. "You almost measure up to your dad. Almost. I guess you might have a bit of growing to do."

Simon laughed.

"What?" asked his mother.

"I dunno," the boy shrugged, "It's just rather surreal...showing off my hard-on to my mum."

"Well, if a boy can't show off your willie to his mum, who can a boy show it off to? Besides, I'm just helping you make your future career choice, and I can say that, quite definately, you measure up to er...industry standards, I guess. That's one fine dick!"

"Did you ever star in any porn movies?" Simon asked his mother. He knew she hadn't, but he just felt over-joyed at candidly standing here with a boner, his mother sitting naked in front of him, that he wanted to prolong things.

"No, never," Melanie replide, "I would have liked to I guess, on reflection. I feel rather horny these days, even more than I used to, but I guess I'm to old to start such a career."

"You're not old mum."

"Well, I'm forty next month."

"That's not old. Besides, there's a market for, ahem, mature performers."

"I thought you said I wasn't old?"

"You're not. Just mature. Which is different."

Melanie giggled then gazed happily at her son's pulsing erection. She couldn't deny how horny she felt looking at it. An idea occured to her which she suddenly put into action with her customary impulsiveness.

"I think there's something else I need to test to see if you're up to following in your dad's footsteps," she said, reaching out and gripping her son's long pole in her fist.

"Uuh," gasped Simon at the sudden sensation of his mum gripping his dick, which stiffened yet further, "What...test is that?"

"I need to see if you can come by the bucket-load," laughed Melanie, and she began masturbating her son as he stood there in front of her, his cock at her face-level as she remained seated on the edge of the bed. "Your dad can," she explained, "I'm sure you've seen it in the movies. He almost drowned some of those ladies in sperm...and he almost drowns me to this day! You don't just need to get a big stiffie, you need to be able to round off a good humping session with a fine display of jizz-lobbing for the camera."

Simon just bit his lip and stifled a groan of pleasure as his mother pumped his cock in her fist. She had a fine wrist-snapping action and was jerking him off perfectly, the pulse-rate in his already throbbing cock rising. It didn't take Simon long to realise that, when he blew his nuts, he would hit his mother in the face with his cum.

This, of course, was Melanie's plan.

The nude mother licked her lips in anticipation as she masturbated her son's erection, her fist a blur as she pumped faster and faster.

"Is that nice?" she purred.

"It's nice mum...I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum soon....oh wow."

"Cum for mummy sweetheart. Let me see how much you can blast out of that big dick! Let me see your sperm fly!"


The throbbing rod in Melanie's fist suddenly shot a great blast of sperm into her face, a thick wad that landed in a gooey white streak that stretched, unbroken, from the right of her forehead, over the bridge of her nose and then down her left cheek almost to her jaw-line.

"Oh yeah, shoot it all out," Melanie gasped, jerking off Simon even faster, just as a second squirt of sperm erupted, splattering across her right cheek.

"Uuuuh, mum, oh fuck," gasped Simon, clenching his arse-cheeks as he thrust his hips forwards, fucking his mum's fist and looking down to watch the glorious sight of his third squirt of cum erupt, landing square on his mother's lips and chin. A fourth squirt fired out, and a fifth, both of these hitting his mother's left cheek. There was a pause in the flow, but Melanie kept wanking off her son, a sixth and final bolt of jism launching out. Simon's cock happened to be angled upwards when this last spurt emerged, and the salty cream flew high into the air and landed in his mother's hair, the white goo contrasting with her jet-black hair.

"Oh God, that was good," Simon gasped. His mother was still jerking him off, but slower now. The last of his sperm oozed from his prick, hung down obscenely for a moment, then fell, landing on his mother's bare thigh.

"What an explosion!" giggled Melanie, "Wow, I'm covered in it!"

"You sure are mum!"

"Let me see this," Melanie said, letting go of Simon's cock. She got up and went to the mirror on the dressing-table and admired herself. "Fuck, I feel as if I've had a bath in sperm," she commented, admiring all the spunk that oozed thickly down her face. A long gob was dangling from her chin and she wiped it on the back of her hand. Then she turned round, licking her lips and tasting her son's sperm. "Nice one honey!"

"I'd make a great porn-star," grinned Simon, proud of his actions and also amused at the surrealness of what had just happened. Still, when you're dad is a former porn star and your parents are quite comfortable with that fact, quite proud even, and when you and your sister have seen those porn movies, it's hard to be to taken aback by something relatively minor about your mum jerking you off. At least that's how Simon saw it.

"You'll make a fantastic porn star," confirmed Melanie, taking some tissues and wiping herself down.

"Should we keep this a secret from dad?" asked Simon, pulling up his pants and jeans and zipping himself up.

"No, we don't have to," Melanie replied.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. It won't mind. We're a liberal pair of parents."

"I'll say!"

"Besides, your dad starred in a few movies after we got married, so he's humped some young honeys after we got hitched, so I'm not doing anything he hasn't done."

"'s a little different though. I'm your son."

"That doesn't matter honey. He seriously won't mind. He'll be proud." Melanie had now finally wiped herself clean of sperm. She put on her dressing gown. "I'm going to get back to filing my nails. Do you want to grab a shower? I'll make a start on dinner soon."

"Okay mum. And thanks."

"You're welcome."

Melanie sat back on the bed and grabbed her nail-file, acting rather casual even though, deep down, she had been utterly thrilled at the antics that afternoon. She had long since found her son incredibly attractive, and had told her husband too. Gerald was not at all bothered and, indeed, he had confirmed that he wanted to 'fuck the shit out of Danielle'. Melanie and Gerald had an attractive son and daughter and, being amazingly libertine, they did not see anything wrong in harbouring desires for them. Melanie knew that her husband would be turned on when she got round to telling him she had got a nice facial from Simon, and if anything it would just make Gerald even more eager to get round to screwing Danielle, a mission he was intent on accomplishing, especially with the knowledge that his sexy daughter secretly watched the porn videos he starred in.

Simon gave his mum an impulsive kiss on the cheek before he left the room, feeling damn pleased with himself. He went to go to the bathroom, just as Danielle was stomping up the stairs and heading to that same room.

"Oi, me first," Danielle whined at her brother when Simon barged in front of her to get into the bathroom.

"Me first," corrected Simon.

"Ladies are meant to go first," huffed Danielle.

"You're no lady."

"You are though," retorted Danielle, before realising she had just justified her brother's priority with regards to who got to enter the bathroom first. "Get out, I need the loo," she whined.

"Go for it," Simon said as he opened the frosted glass-door to the shower, "I'm going to have a shower. That means the toilet is free."

"I'm not going to the toilet whilst you're there."

"Fair enough. Pee your knickers then."

Standing next to the shower, Simon turned and began undressing. He felt suddenly confident in himself, at ease with his body after his mother had seemed so evidently turned on by it, even if she had only focused on a certain part of his body! He removed his socks and jeans, then his T-shirt and finally his boxer-shorts. Danielle was standing in the doorway and watched, rather amazed that her brother was unashamedly undressing in view of her. She wondered if he was aware she was still there.

Simon casually turned to face his sister, noting the way her eyes shot down to his cock - which was still semi-hard - and he hopped into the shower. He shut the shower-door and turned on the hot water.

"Like I said," he called, voice raised to be heard over the shower, "the toilet is free."

"Weirdo," Danielle called back. She remained rooted to the spot, then stepped into the bathroom. The frosted door on the shower meant she couldn't see her brother's naked body properly, just a fractered, flesh-coloured outline. After a moment's hesitation, during which she suddenly realised how much she needed to piss, Danielle shut the bathroom door and stepped up to the toilet.

Simon chose that point to start humming loudly to himself, getting a kick out of appearing as blissfully casual as possible.

Danielle tugged down her skirt and knickers and sat on the toilet, peeing whilst gazing at the outline of her brother's body through the shower-door. There was something odd going on with her brother, she thought. Simon was normally immune to her moody attitude but he seemed even more laid-back than usual. And he had certainly never stripped in front of her. Danielle wondered what had caused this. She was also curious as to why she was sitting here, on the toilet, taking a piss, whilst her brother was in the shower in the same room as her, albeit a frosted glass-door between them.

She finished and stood up, pulling up her knickers and skirt.

"Don't flush the..." began Simon, then he yelped as Danielle flushed the toilet and - thanks to the interconnectedness of the plumbing - caused the jet of warm water from the shower nozel to suddenly turn icily cold.

"Sorry," giggled Danielle.

"You daft woman," panted Simon, and then the water suddenly turned warm again.

Danielle left the bathroom and strolled downstairs.

Later that evening, when the family had all retired to bed, Melanie told her husband about the events earlier that day.

As she expected, Gerald was rather excited at the whole thing, and was soon standing on the bed, jerking off his ten-inch erection and waxing lyrically about how much he would have liked to have watched the whole incident and, furthermore, how he would like to have emulated Simon but with Danielle taking a faceful of his sperm.

"You are such a horny pervert," giggled Melanie. She was laying on the bed, nude, looking up at her rampantly aroused husband.

"This coming from the woman who jerked off her son earlier today," Gerald said, sitting down and reaching out to stroke his wife's tits, "By fuck, next time you do that, let me know and I'll come up and watch."

"It really turns you on doesn't it? Knowing that I wanked off our son?"

"Damn right it does! There's nothing more flattering than to have your wife lusted after and cummed on by another guy, especially your own son. It reminds me of my own childhood."

"Yes, but you fucked your Aunt, not your mum."

"Yeah," reminisced Gerald, "But it was close enough. By dear old Auntie Gemma. Well, I say 'old', she was only in her mid-twenties when she took my virginity that Christmas when I was fourteen."

"Shame you never got to fuck her more than once."

"I know. Still, I made the most of it and blew my nuts right up her cunt whilst she had a screaming orgasm. Good job my mum was sleeping off a bottle of sherry or she would have awoken."

"Would you have fucked your own mother when you were a teenager?"

"Damn right! She was gorgeous in them days. Not a prude but not wanton enough to want to fuck her own son either. Not like her little sister Gemma."

"Well, you have time to switch generations and fuck your own daughter. If you want."

"You know I want to," grinned Gerald, now easing a finger into his wife's wet cunt, "That horny little minx! Just knowing that she has been sneakily pinching the vids I starred in to watch gives me such a hard-on."

"Well," Melanie smirked, "maybe she will want to be a porn-star like her brother and she might ask you to see if she's qualified in the same way Simon asked me."

"Hmmmm. Not likely. She's too moody these days."

"I've an idea," Melanie said as she suddenly got off the bed.

"What?" asked her husband.

"You'll see," Melanie called as, stark naked, she left the room.

Gerald was puzzled as to what his randy wife was up to, then began to get a good idea when she returned a moment later with Simon. The youth was wearing just his boxer-shorts, in which he was already erecting a tent at following his naked mother into the master-bedroom.

"You weren't in a hurry to sleep were you Simon?" Melanie asked her son as she shut the door.

"No mum," the boy said, sounding excited. He saw his father grinning as he slouched across the bed, naked and with a huge hard-on. It didn't phase him; he'd seen his dad in the films of course, albeit he had been younger then.

"What are you cooking up dear?" Gerald asked his wife, "What sordid plan do you have for our poor innocent son?"

"A replay of this afternoon's fun," Melanie replied, "A nice slimy facial." She turned to Simon and reached out, stroking the boy's firm chest. "You liked sperming mummy's face didn't you honey?"

"I sure did mum."

"Good, because I liked getting spermed. And I fancy it," she continued as she walked to the bed and sat on the edge, "in stereo. Stand in front of me Simon. Take your shorts off. Gerald? Join your son in standing in front of me. Give me your two big cocks."

Gerald got off the bed and he and Simon stood in front of Melanie, the nude dark-haired beauty licking her lips as she sat there with two big pricks thrusting at her face, both fully erect. She reached out and encircled each with her hands, Simon's cock in her left fist, Gerald's in her right.

"Gorgeous, simply gorgeous," Melanie purred as she began stroking those impressive weapons. Simon and his dad exhanged wicked grins then both looked down at Melanie.

"Are you going to take mine and dad's cum in your face at the same time mum?" asked Simon.

"Damn right," his mother confirmed, pumping the cocks faster in her fists, "Double the fun!"

She then leaned forwards and clamped her lips over Simon's cock-head, taking the boy by surprise as she began slurping on his prick-tip whilst jerking it off at the base.

"Holy shit," Simon gasped.

"Your mum gives damn good blow-jobs," Gerald informed his son.

"You're not kidding! Oh wow mum, that's great. Oh yeah. Suck it. Suck my cock."

"He even talks like a porn-star," Melanie grinned, taking her son's dick from her mouth. She then sucked on it some more. After a moment she turned to her husband and sucked on his erection, then went back to Simon. She would spend a minute sucking each of her son and husband's dicks before switching over, although she continued to jerk off each of them at all times. She was good at judging when a guy's orgasm was approaching, and soon she could sense by their breathing that her two favourite guys in the whole world were approaching orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum soon mum," Simon breathed, jerking his hips and fucking his mother's pumping fist.

"Me too," Gerald added, sounding more in control of himself but just as aroused as his son.

"Give it to me," Melanie panted, pumping both cocks simultaneously, "Drown me in spunk you horny fuckers."

"Oh mum, oh mum," Simon was groaning, "Oh fuck...NNNNGGG!"

"YES!" Melanie cried, triumphantly, as a big jet of sperm from her son's pole sprayed across her face. It was an abundant a flow as the one earlier that day. As she jerked off her son's cock, Melanie was hit repeatedly in the face with steaming wads of gooey sperm. It lashed across her forehead, nose, mouth and chin, even getting into her hair again.

"Take some more you horny bitch," grunted Gerald, grinning lewdly as his prick fired out a hot jet of cum as it was pumped in his wife's fist. Melanie turned and got a facefull of her husband's sperm, but she was still jerking off Simon in her other hand and the boy shot one last spray of sperm into the side of his mother's face. His orgasm was finally over, but his father's wasn't! Gerald was fucking his wife's fist and watching with glee as he pasted her with sperm, Melanie closing her eyes and opening her mouth and letting the jism wash over her. It took half-a-dozen pumps until the cum-shower ended, Gerald letting out a long sigh of satisfaction.

"Wow, delicious," Melanie grinned, and she then sucked her husband's sperm-oozing cock, licking it clean, before treating her son's dick in the same lewd manner.

"Fuck, I gotta take a picture of you," Gerald said, stepping back. He went to a chest of drawers and took out a digital camera, which he then held up and pointed at the bed. "Stay there Simon," he said, then he pressed the button and took a picture of his wife sitting naked on the bed, grinning and covered in thick white cum, still holding Simon's wilting cock. For good measure, Gerald took another couple of pictures. Then Simon stepped back, feeling out of breath, watching as his dad got in close and took a portrait shot of Melanie, the horny woman sticking her tongue out to the camera, her face a mess of oozing sperm.

"That'll make a nice picture to hang in the living room," joked Simon.

"It'll be a good talking point for when we have friends to visit," laughed Melanie. She got up and admired herself in the mirror before using tissues to wipe the lovely fuck-sauce from her face. Gerald put the camera down and he and Simon sat on the bed.

"That was great," Simon grinned, proud, "You're the best parents in the world."

"You're the best son in the world," Melanie said, still wiping cum from her face.

"Do you both think I'd make it as a porn-star then?" asked Simon.

"Absolutely," Melanie confirmed, turning round, finally having cleaned herself up (although her face still glistened wetly.)

"You just need to get in some practice," insisted Gerald, "I'll give you some hints and tips, and your mum will let you practice on her."

"Yeah?" Simon gasped.

"That's right," Melanie said, stepping up to her son and stroking her hand through his hair, "You're such a horny, gorgeous stud, I want to fuck you senseless, and if you want to fuck me senseless, then so much the better. You'll be an expert fucker before you're old enough to vote."

"You mean," stammered Simon, his prick re-stiffening already at the realisation of what his libertine parents were suggesting, "I can...fuck you mum?"

"Sure, why not?" shrugged Melanie, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to invite her son to do, "It'll be fun. For both of us."

"And me," Gerald said, stroking his cock which was also gaining stiffness, "There's nothing I'd like more than to watch my horny young son fuck my wife, his mother, and make her squeal with multiple-orgasms."

"I dunno if I'm good enough to give mum multiple-orgasms," laughed Simon.

"Well, you will be good enough soon," his mother said.

"Move aside son," Gerald began as he stood up, "Your mum is going to get on her hands and knees and present both her holes. Then you - and me - are going to fuck them."

His legs shaking with excitement at the prospect ahead of him, Simon got off the bed and stood to oneside.

Melanie hopped onto the bed and got on all fours in the centre of it, the sexy mother wiggling her pert round bottom invitingly. Her cunt was visibly wet and slick, the lips glistening from the dark black pubic hair. Her anus was a puckered hole - lightly ringed with hair - between her juicy spread cheeks.

"After you son," Gerald told Simon.

"Oh...okay," the youth replied. He got onto the bed and knelt behind his mother. His prick was hard and he had his mother's cunt and anus right in front of him, yet he still felt a little nervous, a little hesitant at what to do.

"Just shoved it up me," Melanie urged the boy, wiggling her arse once more, "Ease it up my cunt. Normally a little oral-attention would be nice, just to juice me up, but you and your dad sperming on my face has made my cunt wet already. Slide that big prick up me. Give mummy your virginity you handsome motherfucker you."

Simon couldn't help but be inspired by his mum's outrageously depraved language. He held the base of his prick and guided the tip to his mother's dripping cunt lips. Shuffling forwards, he squeezed the swollen head of his thick cock into his mother's twat then began to ease forwards, gliding his way into her.

"Mmmmmm," purred Melanie, "Oh yeah, fill me up honey."

Simon let out a gasp of joy as he finally slotted his entire eight-inch shaft up his mother's cunt.

"Oh wow," he panted, "Oh fuck! I'm right up there mum!" He placed his hands on his mother's arse-cheeks and looked down, hardly able to believe that he was finally fucking a woman - his own mother, in fact - his prick having entirely vanished up her snatch, his pubic hair bristling against her's, his lower abdomen pressed to her bum.

"Fuck her son," Gerald encouraged the boy as he stood at the side of the bed, jerking off his menacingly large and stiff cock, "Fuck her all the way to heaven, then I'll step in and fuck her all the way back."

"You're such an old romantic," grinned Melanie to her husband.

"Romance is for shy people who don't know their own sexuality," philosophised Gerald, "Simon? Save romantic gestures and luvvy-duvvy small-talk for dates. You're fucking a woman now, your mum, and she's a fucking randy cunt and a dirty bitch who likes to be fucked hard in every hole. Give it to her until she begs to stop, then give it to her some more to be sure."

"Oh yes, that's how I like it, I like it fucking hard and in every hole," Melanie added, "You're a motherfucker now Simon, a big-dicked motherfucker, fucking his own mother! That's makes me so horny, but not as horny as getting another load of sperm out of your prick. Give it to me motherfucker!"

Simon felt inspired by his father's words, and also by his mother's profanity-littered reaction. He held his mum's hips and began fucking her, sliding his cock to and fro in her clutching cunt. Melanie groaned with pleasure, bucking her arse up against her son's stomach and muttering obsceneties. Simon began to pick up his pace, keeping an eye on what he was doing, partly so that he didn't do anything wrong like slide out of her cunt completely, but mainly because he just enjoyed watching what he was doing. It was magnificent to see his dick dissapear up a woman's cunt, then reappear again, then vanish once more. He thrust and thrust away, beginning to grunt as he worked up a sweat fucking his mother doggy-style.

"Oooh, harder, faster," Melanie groaned, "Oh yeah, fuck me Simon, fuck me."

Gerald was jerking off as he watched his wife be fucked by their son. Danielle's room was right down the hallway and she was a heavy sleeper, but Gerald hoped the girl would wake up and wander in to see what the noise was about. He instintively knew that, with a little sweet-talking, the pretty slut would join in. Sadly, it was not to be that night. Danielle was fast asleep under her covers, wearing nothing but a pair of headphones, having fallen asleep listening to music. She did not (yet) know what a wild trio her parents and brother were!

Simon was really going at it hard after a while, fucking his mother's cunt with deep thrusts, his body soon slick with sweat like that of his mother's, both of them panting with lust.

"I'll be cumming soon mum," he soon announced.

"Pull out then kid," Gerald told him, "You have to learn self-control if you're to be a porn-star."

"Okay dad," Simon grumbled, and he slid his long erection from his mother's twat and got off the bed.

"My turn," grinned Gerald. He got onto the bed and knelt behind his wife. He held his erection by the base and wiped his cockhead up and down Melanie's slick cunt-lips. Then he abruptly shoved it into her, ramming it in to the hilt.

"Oh fuck," Melanie gasped. Simon thought his mother was in pain, but soon she was smiling with pleasure. "Oh yeah, fuck me Gerald. Our son did a good job of fucking me, let's see if you can match him."

"I'll try honey," Gerald replied, and he began fucking his wife doggy-style with slow deep pelvic thrusts. Simon stroked his erection as he watched his dad pole his mum, his glistening ten-incher sliding to and fro in Melanie cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me," spluttered Melanie, feeling wracked with pleasure. She always enjoyed a good humping from her well-hung husband, and got one every night, but having her son to join in was heightening her pleasure even more. "OH FUCK, OH YEAH, I'm gonna CUM!" She shivered orgasmically, Gerald fucking her rampantly through her climax. When it was over, Gerald slid his dick from Melanie's cunt and hopped off the bed.

"There, you're mum's just orgasmed," he told Simon, "What a horny sight eh? There's nothing more enjoyable that making a woman cum."

"I wish I could do that," Simon commented as he got back on the bed behind his mother.

"You pretty much did," Melanie said, out of breath, "You took me half-way to orgasm, your dad just shoved me all the way there."

"I feel most proud," laughed Simon. And with that, he slided his long teenaged prick into his mother's snatch and began fucking her once more, thrusting hard with his hands clapped to her buttocks.

Once more, Melanie began panting lustfully as she was soundly fucked, whilst Gerald stood jerking off his cock as he watched his wife fucked by their son.

Simon heeded his father's words of controlling his urge to ejaculate. When his sperm began threatening to rumble up and launch itself, he slowed down then slid his dong from his mother's twat.

"All yours dad," he said, getting off the bed.

"I think I'll take the other entrance," Gerald declared, grabbing a tube of Vaseline from a bedside cabinet and squeezing some into the palm of his hand. He slathered it across his prick then got onto the bed behind his wife.

"Are you going to fuck mum up the arse?" asked Simon, getting a thrill out of asking such a rude question.

"He better," Melanie interjected, "A good cunt-fucking gets me in the mood for a good arse-fucking."

"I'll be up your shitter in a moment honey," Gerald told his wife. He guided the head of his erection to Melanie's anus and began pushing.

Simon watched, carefully. He had seen his dad arse-fuck women in the porn-vids he had starred in, but it was still amazing to think that his dad would be able to get his thck ten-incher up a hole as tight-looking as his mother's anus. But, get it up there he did. Slowly but surely, Gerald pushed the head of his dick into Melanie's anus and then he began guiding it in, a long, slow, single stroke.

"Aaaaah, fuck, yeah," Melanie cried, "Oh yeah, nnnng!"

"There we are," gasped Gerald, victoriously, "All the way up."

His prick was, indeed, buried to the root in Melanie's rectum.

"Is it tight dad?" asked Simon.

"It sure is," Gerald panted, sodomizing his wife lustfully, holding her hips to keep the squirming randy slut from moving too much, "which is surprising given the number of times I've fucked her arse."

"Oh yeah, it feels so good," Melanie panted, "UUUUGH! I love getting arse fucked! Oh yeah! Bugger me hard Gerald, then moved aside and let Simon finish me off. I want our son to spunk up in my shitter."

Simon felt excited at this prospect. For the moment, though, he was enjoying the sight of his dad bugger his mother. His mum was grunting and panting like a wild slut and his father was working up a sweat sodomizing her good and hard.

Sensing his climax approaching, and wanting his son to take over from him, Gerald eventually tugged his thick cock from his wife's anus, which yawned open, slick with lube.

"All yours Simon," Gerald said, shuffling round to the top of the bed, "Your mum can lick her shit off my dick in the meantime."

Without hesitation, Melanie sucked down her husband's soiled prick and sucked it lovingly. That left Simon to hop up behind his mother one final time. He guided his prick to her arsehole and began to ease in, finding it was loosened up thanks to his father's earlier efforts. However, it did feel very tight as he made headway in entering his mother's bowels.

"It's going up there, it's going up," Simon declared, more to himself than anyone, pushing his erection further and further into his mother's arse. "UUUUUH!" He shoved his prick in to the root, loving the tight clammy feeling of his mother's rectum as the slick walls of her bowels squeezed round his shaft.

"It feels good, doesn't it son?" asked Gerald, kneeling the other side of Melanie, fucking his wife's eager mouth, "It feels good fucking her up the shitter."

"It does, it does," confirmed Simon, humping away, "Oh God, oh yeah, it's so tight and hot. Mmmmm!"

Melanie was inwardly groaning in ecstasy as she was spit-roasted, her naked body shaking with pleasure, her husband's thick prick burning her tonsils as it worked to and fro in her mouth whilst her son's iron-hard teenaged cock plowed in and out of her tight arse.

Simon soon began to feel his orgasm approach again, but despite the intense urge he had to spew his fuck-sauce into his mother's bowels, he felt compelled to delay things just a bit more.

"Do you want to swap over dad?" he asked.

"Sure son. You come round here and face-fuck your sexy mum. I'll bum fuck her."

The two well-hung fuckers switched positions, and within a moment Simon was kneeling in front of his mother and guiding his prick into her warm wet mouth, whilst Gerald was round the other side, pushing his enormous cock up her bum. The pair of them resumed their fucking motions, employing a steady rythm as they each fucked Melanie in their chosen orifice.

"Mum gives such good head," Simon commented, amazed at how much of his cock his mother was able to fit in her drooling mouth.

"She sure does," agreed Gerald, buggering that same woman whilst holding her hips firmly in his strong hands, "That's the good thing about your mum, she'll take a prick anywhere, anytime. I can't abide boring ladies who won't take a prick anywhere except in the cunt. I remember doing a porn flick with a woman who wouldn't take it in the arse or give blow-jobs! Fair enough I suppose, that's her choice, but although I wouldn't miss the chance to fuck a nice tight cunt for the world, I do very much like some variety, a woman who'll let me avail myself in all her holes."

"Mum sure fits that description!" Simon observed.

Melanie was moaning with pleasure, still being double-fucked as she remained on her hands and knees. She didn't mind being talked about as if she weren't there, and in fact she felt proud as he dear husband spoke of her nymphomaniac attributes. To prove Gerald correct Melanie sucked even deeper and harder on her son's prick and bucked her arse against her husband's pistoning pole.

"Mmmm, mmmph, mmmmmphff," she moaned.

"Oh yeah, suck it mum, suck my fucking cock you lovely bitch," Simon purred, holding his mother's head in his hands, thrusting his hips and fucking her mouth, "You love it. You love cock don't you? Mmmmm. Suck my fucking dick."

"Let's swap son," Gerald said a moment later, pulling his long, greased rod from his wife's gaping anus.

Simon pulled his dick from his mother's mouth, the shaft slick and wet, gobs of his mum's saliva hanging from it.

"Your cock tasted so good," purred Melanie to her son, "Now shove it up my arse. Gerald? Give me your cock. I want you to spew your cum down my gullet. I want you both to fill my belly with sperm, but from opposite ends."

Gerald was soon kneeling in front of his wife once more, and he stuck his prick roughly down her throat, making her groan with pleasure. She loved being used as a fuck-slut cum-bucket.

Simon, meanwhile, had sheathed his weapon in his mother's rectum with a single stroke, and with his orgasm hovering on the horizon and desperate to rise up, he fucked his mum's shitter slowly, wanting to prolong it just a bit more. He knew he could not put off climaxing for ever, but then he did not need to worry too much about this glorious activity coming to an end because it was clear this was going to be a regular activity!

Simon was briefly pondering whether Danielle would be willing to throw herself into the mix when, suddenly, his orgasm began to rise.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he grunted, pounding his mother's arse harder and faster with his cock, "Oh fuck...oh fuck!! UUUUUH!" He rammed his cock to the root in his mother's shitter and he began spewing thick gouts of scalding cum into the depths of his mother's rectum. "Ah! Ah! AAAAH! I'm cumming!"

Melanie tightened her sphincter round the base of her son's prick, actually feeling her boy's lovely slimy cream jet into her bowels.

"Here's some more honey," Gerald told his wife in a fairly calm voice, "NNNNNG! Oh yeah!" With half of his ten-incher down his wife's sucking throat, Gerald began shooting his sperm, Melanie gulping it down as it gushed into her. "Drink it down Melanie, drink it. UUUUH!"

Melanie was able to swallow most of the sperm, but some of it overflowed and ran out from her cock-plugged lips, running down her saliva-slick chin.

"AAAAAH, what a cum," Simon groaned, jerking his hips and shooting the last couple of squirts of his sperm into his mother's guts, "Fucking hell! What an arse. What a lovely fucking arse mum."

"Had enough you beautiful cocksucker?" Gerald asked his wife as he took his wilting, cum-and-saliva slick cock from her mouth.

"No," giggled Melanie, hot and sweat and glutted with jism from both ends, "I can never have enough sperm. But I'm happy for now though. Wow! You two guys gave me a damn good fucking."

"It was our pleasure mum," Simon smiled as he finally tugged his cock from his mother's behind, "Phew! I'm wasted."

"You'll sleep well tonight son," Gerald commented, "Nothing like a good fuck to give you a good night's sleep."

They got their breaths back before Simon put on his boxer-shorts, thanked his parents for a damn fine evening, then went off to his own room. Gerald and Melanie settled down to sleep, happy with the introduction of their son into their sex-life.

Naturally, Gerald only had thoughts for getting Danielle involved.

Simon was half-awake at seven o'clock the next morning when there was a soft knock at his bedroom door.

"Mmmm?" he muttered, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"Morning," whispered his mother with a cheeky grin as she opened the door, "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Simon said, feeling exciting as the memories of last night came flooding back.

Melanie entered the room and shut the door behind her. She was wearing a pair of black fish-net stockings held up with a lacy garter-belt...and nothing else!

"Shit mum, you look hot," Simon gasped, admiring his mother in this sexy gear, "Totally hot!"

"Thanks sweetie."

"What if Danielle saw you?" Simon suddenly added.

"Who cares?" shrugged Melanie, "It doesn't bother me. She's seen your dad starring in porn-movies, what does it matter if she sees her mum wandering around the house almost naked? Besides, I wanted to give you a nice hard-on by showing you my tits and my hot cunt!" She strucked a pose as she stood by the bed, hands on her hips and flashing a sexy grin.

"Wow, I've certainly got a hard-on now!" Simon drooled, eyes glued to his mother's hot body, in particular her furry cunt which looked even sexier being framed by the garter-belt and the straps that held up her stockings. "You looks so gorgeous mum."

"Let me see how gorgeous your cock thinks I am," Melanie said, and she reached out and dragged the covers from her son's bed. The boy lay there, nude, his eight-inch dick laying across his belly, pulsing and hard. "Mmmmm! That's a nice morning salute for mummy." She bent down and kissed her son's cock-head. "Delicious! I'm feeling horny - as always - and your dad is asleep. Fancy soothing the itch in my cunt?"

"Sure," Simon grinned. His mother had quickly dropped the pretense of pretending to be somehow providing assistance in training him to satisfy his idle ambitions of being a porn-star. She was a horny nympho who liked to be fucked, and she was happy for her son to help satisfy her. "Climb aboard mum!"

Melanie got onto the bed, swinging a leg over Simon's hips so that she knelt astride him. She reached down and held her boy's mammoth erection upright and guided the head to her slick cunt.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she the tip entered her twat, "Oh yeah! That feels so good. Your cock feels so good in mummy's twat." The horny mother lowered herself, groaning as she took half of the thck cock into her cunt. She took her hands from the shaft and placed them on her thighs, her eyelids fluttering and her mouth hanging open as, excitedly, she lowered herself down and down.

"Ah fuck mum, oh yeah," Simon gasped as his cock dissapeared slowly into his mother's cunt, "Holy shit!"

"NNNNG! I'm fully impaled," Melanie moaned, every inch of her son's erection in her twat. She spent a moment just kneeling astride the fifteen-year-old, loving the feeling of being stuck on this throbbing spike. Then she began to rise up and lower herself at a steady rate, up and down, up and down. Simon began to thrust his cock upwards slightly to meet his mother, matching her rythm.

"What a great way to start the day," he purred, reaching up to fondle his mother's small but juicy titties as she rode his cock.

"It is honey, it is," Melanie agreed, "Oh yeah! Your cock is so big and hard! It makes mummy feel so fucking good. Oh yeah! UUUUH!"

Melanie increased her pace, actively bouncing on her son's prick, Simon likewise thrusting upwards harder.

"Oh mum, fuck me, fuck me," he grunted, "Ride my cock."

"Your prick feels so good sweetheart, you're going to make a wife damn happy when you're older!"

"Fuck...I'm gonna shoot already...uuuh!"

"Cum sweetheart," panted Melanie, riding her son's erection harder, "Blow your nuts in my twat! God yeah!"

Simon held his mother's hips and pulled her down whilst thrusting upwards, burying his cock up to the hilt in his mum's clutching snatch just as he began to spurt his hot seed. He let out a long groan of satisfaction as he blasted his sperm into his mother's womb, Melanie grinding her cunt down onto her son's jizz spewing prick.

"That's it darling, that's it," she purred, body shaking with joy as she knelt astride her beautiful son, Simon looking as if he might faint with the strength of his first climax of the day.

"Oh yeah," he concluded with a grin, his balls having finally emptied in his mother's womb, "That was great mum."

Melanie leaned over her son and kissed him. "You fucked me beautifully."

Meanwhile, Danielle was outside in the hallway. She had been laying in bed and wondering what the noise was, the sound of bed-springs bouncing and grunting. At first she thought it might be her parents fucking, and she had decided to go and stand outside their door and listen. She often did that, hands down her knickers and playing with herself as she put an ear to her the door of her mum and dad's bedroom, listening to the go at it hard and fast.

However, on stepping outside of her room, Danielle had realised that hte noises had been coming from her brother's room! She was intensely curious. Had Simon bought a girlfriend home or something? Danielle was not a virgin, but only because she had had a couple of back-seat-of-the-car humps with a guy she had briefly dated a few months ago. Otherwise, despite being pretty, the rather introverted and moody teenager had no love-life to speak of, and it made her envious to think of her younger brother getting more sex than her!

Standing in just a pair of white cotton knickers and a bra, Danielle listened at her brother's door and been shocked to hear her mum in there too, with snatches of sordid utterances that made it clear the pair - mother and son - had just been fucking.

"Fuck," Danielle whispered to herself, unable to believe the incestuous activity going on behind her brother's bedroom door.

Danielle stepped back as she heard that her mum and brother had evidently finished.

"That was a great fuck mum," Danielle heard her brother say, his voice muffled behind the closed door.

Suddenly, Gerald came out of the master bedroom, the tall, dark-haired father wearing his boxer shorts. He yawned and looked down the hallway and caught sight of Danielle. She was facing away from him and had not noticed his prescence. Gerald smiled as he admired his offspring's body as she in turn was busy listening at her brother's door. Gerald's eyes went to his fifteen-year-old daughter's arse, a cute, pert, round little thing snugly hugged by her tight white knickers.

"Morning Danielle," he called.

Danielle yelped and spun round, seeing her father grinning at her.

"Morning dad," she smiled, trying to look all casual, "Erm...I'm going to the loo."

"Fair enough," shrugged Gerald. He knew that his wife had gone to fuck their son, and he knew that his daughter had been listening and was now pretty much privy to the incestuous turn that household had taken. "I'm going to make breakfast," he the stated, heading downstairs.

"Okay dad," Danielle stammered, and after her father had gone she looked at her brother's bedroom door. She was about to listen some more but then heard footsteps, presumably her mother about to leave.

Danielle quickly scurried into her bedroom and shut the door, her head ablaze with a variety of thoughts and images as she took in what her mother and brother had seemingly been up to....and then there was the way her father had grinned at her. He must have known what had been going on, and furthermore her dad's smile had held a lot of lewd affection for her. Danielle suddenly wondered whether her parents knew she had been frequently borrowing and watching the movies her father had starred in.

She felt a little dizzy, her mind rather confused, although her body was quite firm in how it felt about the possibilities that extended from that morning's revelations. Her nipples were stiff, her breathing deep and her cunt sopping and wet.

Later that morning, despite feeling compelled to stay around the house and try to figure out what the rest of her family were getting up to, Danielle had to go to band practice. She was in a small band with two girls and a guy from school, a wild, noisy little foursome that was trying to be the next Slipknot or the next Oasis (they couldn't decide.) Danielle was the lead singer, although she couldn't really sing. She just got that position because she couldn't play any instruments and just happened to be the best looking member of the band.

Gerald and Melanie were going into town so dropped Danielle off at her friend's house, the girl sitting in the back and failing to come up with a suitable method of asking for confirmation that her mum had fucked Simon, but without being unsubtle about it. Eventually, having failed to bring the subject up, she piled out the car with a "See ya," and hurried to her friend's house, from which could already be heard the sound of drums being played. Badly.

Gerald and Melanie drove off, heading to the shops.

That left Simon at home. He put on one of the porn videos his parents had tucked away in their wardrobe, and he grinned as he watched the movie starring his dad.

The film - 'Buggertastic Babes! - was made in 1985 and Gerald was only in his early-twenties. In this, the penultimate scene of the movie, he was on a bed, kneeling behind a big-breasted blonde and fucking her hard in the arse. As befitted the style of the 1980s, Gerald had blonde streaks in his hair, and the woman had a big frizzy hair-do, lots of pink make-up and absurdly large hoopy ear-rings. Simon was both aroused and amused as, on the large TV screen, his dad sodomized the blonde woman, making her have a loud orgasm by vigorously plunging his cock repeatedly into her tight arse. Simon figured that the woman was faking the climax. He could tell the difference now that he had seen a woman have a genuine orgasm - his mother! After he had deeply buggered his co-star for long enough, the young Gerald pulled his dong from her arse, flipped her over and masturbated all over her face, the camera coming in close to catch every detail of the messy facial. The horny scene ended with a prolonged shot of the horny blonde woman licking Gerald's cock clean of cum and shit, her face dripping with fuck-sauce that glistened in the burning studio-lights.

"Cool," grinned Simon. He had seen this film quite a few times but it was still enjoyable. He imagined himself in the role of his father, humping hot young babes and spurting cum all over them. He felt like jacking off but his mother had warned him not too before she and her husband had left to go shopping. Simon obeyed, knowing instinctively that his parents had something lewd planned for when they got back. It was hard to resist the urge to jerk off though, especially when the next scene came on. This one didn't star his dad, but instead had two horny eighteen-year-old girls licking and finger each other's arseholes before - as is traditional in a porn flick - a well hung guy (someone other than Gerald) joined them and gave both teeny sluts a good arse-fucking. He climaxed deep in the bowels of one of the girls and the other felched all the sperm out and drank it down, with plenty of loud sucking and lip-smacking noises.

"Cool," repeated Simon as the titles rolled up.

He re-wound the tape and decided to watch the film again.

An hour later, Melanie and Gerald returned. They entered the living room.

"Hiya," Simon said, sitting on the sofa and still watching porn movies.

"Hi honey," said his mother, sitting next to her son and taking her shoes off.

"Look what we got," smiled Gerald, taking a box out of a carrier bag and handing it to Simon.

"Whoa, cool!" grinned the boy, seeing that his father had handed him a new camcorder, "Is this for me?"

"It's for all of us," replied his father, "I thought we could, ahem, make some movies."

"Porn flicks?"

"Sure," Melanie giggled, "Some home-made porn movies. Starring you, your dad and me."


"Wanna get started now?" asked Gerald.

"Sure!" Simon replied, eagerly, "I've been super-horny for hours!"

"Me too," his mother replied, reaching out and fondling her son's crotch, "My my, what a big stiffie you have son!"

"Let's get this thing set up," Gerald said, and Simon handed him the camcorder. Gerald took it out the box and began getting it ready to use.

"Let's get into our costumes," joked Melanie, standing up and undressing. Simon did likewise.

When mother and son were nude, Gerald had already figured out the basics of the camcorder.

"Ready to roll," he said.

"You should get a chair with 'Director' written on the back dad," said Simon.

"Oh, I'm not the director," shrugged Gerald, "We'll make things up as we go along. I'm just a cameraman. And co-star! You're not the only one who's horny Simon. You and me will take turns fucking your mum whilst the other one films."

"Okay dad."

"Give me your cock to suck honey," Melanie asked her son as she sat on the sofa, thighs apart.

"Here ya go," grinned Simon, standing in front of his mother.

Melanie reached out her right hand and encircled the base of her son's throbbing erection in her fingers. With her left hand she fingered her cunt.

"Is the camera rolling?" she asked Gerald.

"It sure is," he replied, standing next to them and pointing the camera at the action. He had his eye to the eye-piece and he grinned as he watched his wife begin sucking Simon's prick.

"Yeah, suck it mum, get it down your throat slut," Simon murmered. If he was going to be a porn-star, he had better start talking like one. "Uuuh, suck my fucking cock."

"Deep throat it Mel," Gerald urged his wife. She complied and took six of the eight-inches into her throat, slurping noisily. "Oh yeah Mel, that's it! This is going to make a great video!" He knelt down briefly, zooming in on his wife's cunt which the horny woman was sliding two fingers in and out of. Then Gerald stood up again and resumed filming the incestuous blow-job that would comprise the opening action of their first amateur family-porn movie.

"I wanna eat your cunt out mum," Simon drooled shortly.

"Oh, that's so sweet my son," purred Melanie, taking the boy's cock out of her mouth and sitting back, parting her legs even further, "Lick me out. Lick my juicy twat then fuck it!"

Simon knelt down and began eagerly lapping at his mother's hairy cunt, his father naturally zooming in on this oral action.

"Shove your tongue right up your mother's cunt," Gerald ordered. His prick was raging hard in his jeans and he knew he would have to get in on the action soon. However, he was enjoying being the cameraman for the moment, knowing that he and his wife and son would enjoy watching the results later.

He suddenly had an idea; he could leave the video with his own porn-flicks so that Danielle would pluck it out on her next clandestine expedition. He grinned as he imagined the look on his daughter's face as she watched it, and he hoped that the sexy minx would insist on starring in some movies of her own with them.

After thoroughly slurping his mother's juicy snatch, Simon stood up, his prick raging hard and nodding heavenwards.

"I just gotta fuck you mum! Get up and let me sit down. You can sit on my prick."

Melanie swiftly got off the sofa and Simon took her place, sitting there and holding his towering pole upright. Melanie turned and lowered herself, facing away from Simon as she impaled her cunt on the boy's erection.

"Oh yeah, uuuuh!" she groaned as she finally sat down fully in her son's lap, Simon's pulsing dong buried to the hilt in her clutching pussy, "OH GOD! That is sooo good!"

Gerald had filmed his wife's face, loving the look of pleasure on her face as she took Simon's dick, a look of pleasure that was genuine, which was rarely the case in a professional porn movie.

Her hands on her knees, Melanie began lifting herself up and down, her buttocks clapping against Simon's pelvis, her son holding her by the hips to help her rise and fall.

"Ride me mum, ride my cock," he panted. His mother's cunt felt so hot and tight and he couldn't wait to blow his load, although he knew he would have to hold himself back for a while, otherwise it would be a short movie!

Gerald stepped back and spent a while filming a full shot of his wife bouncing on Simon's prick. Occasionally he would move in and film their ecstastic faces, or get a nice close-up of Simon's erection alternately appearing and disappearing up his wife's vagina.

"Fuck me, fuck me," Melanie groaned, bouncing faster, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum soon, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!"

"Yeah mum, yeah!" Simon grunted, thrusting his prick in and out of his mum's twat, working in time with her rythm, "I want you to cum you horny cunt, I want you to cum with my big prick up your snatch. Oh yeah mum! Ride my dick, ride your motherfucking son's dick! UUUUH! Damn it's good to be a motherfucker!"

"That'd make a good title for this movie," commented Gerald, "Damn it's good to be a motherfucker! Heh!"

"Oh GOD, I'm cumming, yeah, uuuuuh!" Melanie began wailing, humping her son for all she was worth, "OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!"

Simon thrust upwards to meet his mother's humping motion, gritting his teeth with the effort, determined to make his mother's climax a good one.

"AAAAH, YEAH!" cried Melanie, slamming herself down fully on Simon's cock, grinding her arse into his lap and shuddering as her orgasm peaked, "Shitting hell that was good. Yeah!"

"That's it, that's it," drooled Gerald, zooming in on his wife's face with the camera, the shot filled with Melanie's ecstatic expression.

"What a cum," concluded Melanie, out of breath, her orgasm fading.

"I gotta cool off, I'm in danger of shooting my load already," Simon commented.

"Want to take over the camera work?" his father asked him.

"Sure dad."

Melanie got up, her son's prick sliding wetly out of her sopping cunt. The boy took the camera from his dad and Gerald began undressing. Simon acquainted himself with the controls and made sure it was recording as he turned it onto his parents. Not wasting any time, Gerald had stood in front of the sofa on which his wife sat and had rammed his prick down her gullet, Melanie moaning with muffled joy as she deep-throated her husband in the same way she had done so to her son earlier.

"Suck you delicious babe," Gerald instructed her, "Suck it right down you sonfucking whore. Oh yeah!"

Melanie spent a few moments sucking lovingly on her husband's impressive erection before she suddenly felt an urge to be fucked once more.

"Do me doggie-style," she ordered Gerald as she turned on got on her hands and knees, gripping the back of the sofa, her sexy bum thrust out at cock-level.

"You got it honey," Gerald said, "Lemme get a taste of your sweet cunt and arse first." He knelt and lapped Melanie's dripping cunt for a few minutes, working his tongue right up there, Melanie purring with delight. Then he moved up to her anus and tongued that as well, rimming it thoroughly. He swirled the tip of his tongue round Melanie's dark puckered shit-ring then slid it in, driving over two-inches into her rectum.

"Uuuuh, lick my arsehole, drive your tongue up my shit-chute," begged Melanie.

"Are you going to do mum in her arse?" Simon asked his dad, naturally capturing all this on film and getting off on his mother's dirty-talk.

"Of course son," replied Gerald, standing up, his prick throbbing, "It's not a proper porn film if it hasn't got anal! First I'm going to fuck her cunt."

As promised, Gerald slid his pole into his wife's snatch from behind, driving it all the way in. He held her hips and began pumping his prick back and forth, Melanie looking over her shoulder and urging her husband on with osbcenities. "Fuck me honey, fuck my hot cunt just as hard as our son just did. Oh yeah! UUUUH! Are you getting this on film Simon?"

"Yeah mum?" replied her son, getting a close-up shot of his dad's prick ramming repeatedly into his mother's cunt before he stepped back and got a panoramic view of this delicious scene. His own cock was raging hard still and, although he was having fun filming his parents fucking, he couldn't wait to take over his dad's role and fuck his mum.

The family were having such fun that they didn't hear Danielle arrive home early.

"What the...?!" stammered Danielle, standing in the living room doorway. The pretty fifteen-year-old was dressed in a pair of clumpy black boots, a short red skirt and a baggy 'Korn' T-shirt. She had on black nail-varnish, purple lipstick and matching eye-shadow, and finally her dyed-red hair was deliberately scruffy and wild, hanging in her shocked looking face.

Pausing in mid-thrust, his cock lodged half-way up his wife's cunt, Gerald looked round, as did Melanie.

"Hi sis," Simon said, casually, standing near his parents and also turning to look at his sister, "Um...we're making a movie."

"A porn movie," Melanie added, rather needlessly.

"Er..." began Danielle. She had come home early, having been unable to concentrate on band practice after what she had evidently heard going on that morning; her mum fucking her brother. However, what she had stumbled in on still took her by surprise.

"Close the door Danielle, you're letting all the heat out," Simon said to his sister. As usual he was able to remain cheerfully stoic in the face of his sister. Danielle closed the door than turned back to stare at the rest of her family.

"Fancy joining in?" grinned Simon, and he pointed the camera at his sister and looked through the eye-piece, getting a framed shot of Danielle's stunned face.

"Oi," she snapped, stepping out of shot, "Don't point that thing at me."

"It's only a camera sis."

"Who said I was talking about the camera?" retorted Danielle, her brother grinned as he realised that his long erection had been pointing directly towards his sister.

"Sorry sis. It's got a life of it's own." The boy then turned back round and trained the camera on his parents. "And...action!"

Gerald grinned and resumed fucking his wife, drilling her cunt and getting a thrill out of his daughter now being in the room. He was glad she hadn't freaked out at least.

Danielle tentatively stepped up to her brother, watching her father fuck her mum. It was magnificent to see her dad in action in real-life and not just in a video, and she found the novelty of watching her own parents fuck to be supremely arousing. Her brother was busy filming away so Danielle peered to oneside and caught a few sneaky glances at the boy's mammoth prick, which made her shiver with excitement. The punky teenager suddenly felt over-dressed, given that she was the only one in the room who was wearing any clothes at all, but she did not quite have the self-confidence to just whip off all her clothes.

"Umm..." she began, feeling a little left-out of things, "Er...what...are you doing?" It was a daft question, but it was all she could think of, and she had felt uncomfortable not having asked anything about what on Earth was going on.

"Well," Simon explained, not looking at his sister but instead concentrating on filming his humping mum and dad, "I want to be a porn-star, like dad was, so mum and dad are helping me practice. In a minute, dad is going to take over the role of cameraman and I'm going to step in and give mum a good screw."

"Oh," nodded Danielle.

"Nnnng! Fuck me, fuck me," Melanie began grunting, eager to express her obscene lust in front of her pseudo-misanthropic daughter, "Ram it up me Gerald! Fuck my cunt."

"Uh, oh yeah, uuuh," Gerald panted, pounding his wife's snatch with his throbbing prick, "Take it you slut! Tell the camera how much you love being fucked!"

"I love being fucked!!" Melanie drooled at the camera, wanton lust in her eyes. She flashed a lewd grin at her daughter then asked her husband: "Will you shove your cock up my arse? I loved being buggered as well!"

"With pleasure," Gerald replied, and he pulled his glistening cock from his wife's cunt. He placed the fiery tip to Melanie's saliva-slick anus and pushed.

"NNNNNNNG!" moaned Melanie, "Oh yeah....ease it up me!"

"AAAAH!" cried Gerald, triumphantly, as his cock-head squeezed up his wife's arse. "Oh yeah, it's going up your bowels you horny bitch." He pushed and pushed, his enormous erection vanishing up Melanie's arse slowly, filling up her rectum until he was buried to the root.

"Now fuck me, fuck my arse," urged Melanie.

Gerald obeyed, pulling half his ten-incher from her anus before slamming it back in. He buggered his wife at a steady pace, thrusting to and fro, making her shiver with pleasure.

Danielle was just standing there, next to her naked, camera-weilding brother, as their parents engaged in sodomistical delights before there eyes. Danielle was feeling incredibly horny, both at the sight of her dad buggering her mother, and also at the presence of her naked and aroused twin brother. She shuffled imperceptably towards her brother so that her arm brushed against his. She just felt compelled to have some physical contact with someone, no matter how minor, to stop her from feeling rather isolated. Her parents were fucking and her brother filming it as if she weren't there, and Danielle, despite her moody attitude and frequent demands to leave-me-alone as she stomped upstairs in a sulk, desperately longed for acceptance, especially with regards to something so shockingly intimate as what was happening before her eyes!

"Fuck, this arse is tight," Gerald commented, sodomizing his wife with heaving thrusts of his hips, "So fucking tight!"

"That's 'cos your cock is so big," observed Melanie, "It feels so good up my shitter. Uuuuh!"

After a few moments, Simon stepped forwards and zoomed in on his mother's cock-plugged anus. He then knelt on the sofa on which his mother was bent over and he got a lovely shot of her face. Melanie hammed it up, blowing kisses at the camera and grinning, her body shaking with each forceful cock-thrust from her husband.

Danielle stood on her own nearby, chewing a little nervously on her lip, feeling incredibly turned-on but not sure how to deal with things.

"Get a gaping-arse shot," Gerald said to his son as he pulled his thick cock from Melanie's arsehole. It emerged with a sucking noise.

Simon knew what a gaping-arse shot was, having seen plenty in his dad's porn movies. With his father having moved aside, Simon got behind his mother and got a nice shot of his mother's behind, in particular her arsehole, which gaped open to a diametre of an inch, slick and yawning.

"Mmmm, nice mum," he commented. Then the boy moved aside and Gerald stepped back up and sheathed his lance in his wife's rectum. He buggered her once more, Simon stepping back to film from a distance, bumping into his sister.

"Sorry sis," he said.

"S'okay," Danielle shrugged, for the first time in her life resisting the urge to snap at her pesky brother.

"Your go son," Gerald eventually said, withdrawing his prick from Melanie's rectum.

"Excellent!" Simone declared. He handed the camera to his father and, with Gerald standing next to Danielle and filming away, Simon stood behind his mother.

"Shove it in to the root motherfucker," the horny wench demanded.

"Whatever you say mum," Simon responded, "Up your fucking arse we go!"

Swiftly, and with growing skill, the fifteen-year-old stud pushed his throbbing boner up into his mother's arse, slamming it in to the root. He sodomized her lustfully, venting his pent-up lust. Melanie bucked and squirmed, groaning in wanton delight.

"Fuck my arse son, fuck me. Oh yeah! Your cock feels so good! Bugger me motherfucker."

Danielle had been watching this with barely disguised delight, but then she began grabbing sneaky glances to her father who stood next to her, looking through the eye-piece of the camera. She looked at her dad's big prick, thinking that it appeared even bigger in real life than it did in the movies. She could hardly believe her mother took that monsterous member in her cunt, let alone her arse! Danielle's cunt was positively dripping in her knickers.

"Fuck her arse son," Gerald instructed Simon, "then get ready for the cum-shot. I want you to hose your mum down with sperm."

"Is anyone going to er...see this film?" Danielle asked, nervously.

"No, it's just for us," Simon replied, bum-fucking his mother at an increasingly fast pace as his orgasm approached, "Our own private home video."

"I think we'd be arrested if we tried to release it at the cinema," quipped Melanie in between pants of sodomistical lust.

"I'm about to cum," Simon announced a moment later, "Oh fuck! It's coming!" He slid his dick from his mother's anus.

"Coat me son," Melanie said, turning and sitting on the edge of the sofa, right in front of her son's throbbing prick, "Drench me in fucking cum!"

Gerald stepped forth and trained the camera on the horny incestuous pair. Danielle's view was blocked by her dad so she walked round to the other side, growing more confident as she bent over slightly to get a good eyeful of the approaching facial her mother was about to receive.

As he looked through the eye-piece, Gerald grinned. He had a perfect shot; his wife's face was to one-side of the image, his son's cock was thrusting out from the other side of the image, and in the middle was Danielle's pretty, awe-struck face in the background.

Simon gripped his prick and pumped it in his fist, breathing hard and fast.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," he gasped, "Here it it is...NNNNG!"

Danielle's eyes grew wide with amazement as she saw her brother's sperm erupt from his cock, a series of great hot jets of slimy cum that splashed all over her mother's face.

Simon continued masturbating himself furiously, shooting wad after wad of semen over his mum. "UUUUH! Take it mum!"

"Holy shit," whispered Danielle, stunned at the amount of sperm that seemed to be contained in her brother's balls, although it was no longer in his balls but over their mum's face! Finally the flow ended, and Simon cheekily rubbed his spunky cock-head over his mother's beslimed face.

"Delicious, delicious," purred Melanie. A lot of cum had landed in her hair, making it clammy and damp. She loved the sensation of sperm over her, especially after having been so soundly cunt and arse-fucked by both her husband and son. Having her daughter present and watching with awe turned her on a great deal too.

"Great shot son," grinned Gerald.

"Thanks dad," said Simon, out of breath. He stepped back and slumped into an armchair, his prick semi-hard and nodding over his belly.

"Are you going to shoot now dad?" asked Danielle.

"Yes honey," her father replied.

"All over mum?"

"Sure. Unless you'd like a go."

Danielle was stunned at this suggestion. It excited her but she was too shocked to reply. Her mum decided to speak on her behalf.

"I'm sure she'd love to," said that mischievous mother, "I'm sure Danielle would love nothing more than to have her father spunk up all over her." Melanie then stood and took the camera from her husband. "Sit down Danielle."

The girl did so, sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking a little nervous. Simon had now sat up straight on the armchair, watching intently, keen on seeing his pretty twin sister get a messy facial.

"Take your top off sweetheart, or it'll get cum stained," advised Gerald.

Danielle hesitated, then quickly whipped off her top, throwing it aside. She had no bra on and her boobs were displayed to the world. They were nice tits, average in size but still a good handful, and perfectly shaped. They were round and firm, and the pink nipples on top of them were stiff. She still wore her skirt and her boots, but there would be other occasions, she knew, when she could show off the rest of her body. The girl suddenly realised how great it was to have her body - or at least, the top half - exposed to other people. Exhibitionism was even more fantastic than voyeurism!

With his wife standing nearby with the camera trained on Danielle's face, Gerald stepped up and stood in front of his daughter. He was incredibly aroused and immediately began jerking off his long pulsing cock.

"How long will it take?" Danielle asked, casually.

"It's here already!" gasped Gerald, surprising even himself just how close to orgasm he had been, "Holy FUCK!! UUUUUH!"

His fist blurred as he pumped his cock, Gerald began spurting thick white cum over Danielle's face. The girl winced and shut her eyes to prevent sperm getting in them, but - as her parents and brother noted - she did not look in anyway disgusted. In fact she looked positively delighted, grinning and tipping her head back to ensure she got the thick gouts of sperm full in her face.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," cried Gerald, overwhelmed with lust as he continued firing his jism over his teenaged daughter. He hadn't ejaculated all day and his load was even more abundant than his son's had been. When he finally stopped cumming, his daughter was drenched, her face thick with cum. Oozing blobs of it ran down her cheeks and fell to splat against her firm tits. She grinned.

"Wow," she gasped, "that was so fucking cool!"

"Have a taste sweetheart," Gerald said, tending his prick to Danielle's lips. The girl opened them and sucked tentatively on her father's cock. She slurped on the spermy prick-head, and when she quickly found she liked the taste she sucked harder, slurping noisily.

Melanie zoomed in further with the camera. She had caught the whole thing on film and now got a detailed close-up of the slimy drips of semen hanging obscenely from her daughter's chin.

"Superb!" Melanie commented.

"That was great," agreed Simon.

Finally, the filming was over. Melanie turned the camera off whilst Gerald took his prick from his daughter's mouth.

"That was so much fun," Danielle babbled, excitedly, "Oh shit, we've gotta do this again sometime! Are we going to do a sequel? Can I have a more active role in it? I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked by you daddy. And by Simon."

"Let's see how this went first," Gerald grinned. He took the tape out the camcorder and popped it into the video. Danielle and Melanie wiped their faces down with tissues and then the family sat down to view the movie. Gerald sat on an armchair, Melanie sat on his lap, sideways, an arm flung round her husband's shoulders, their faces fixed on the TV screen. Their son and daughter, meanwhile, sat on the sofa, close to each other, their legs and shoulders touching.

Gerald hit 'Play' on the video remote and onto the screen came the film they had just shot. It was a good picture, very sharp and well-lit, and it opened with Melanie sucking Simon's cock. The family sat and watched, proud and delighted, as their sordid antics were replayed on the telivision.

"We should get an oscar for that," giggled Simon once it was over, the final shot of the film being a lingering, close-up view of Danielle's cum-smeared face whilst she sucked her dad's wilting prick.

"That was ace," the girl said, "I wish I was in it more." Normally she was camera shy, squealing in terror if anyone trained a camera on her, but suddenly she felt a surge of confidence at how pretty she looked on the film and how superb it was to be involved in, of all things, a porn movie with her parents and brother. She glanced at Simon's cock which, like her father's, had re-stiffened during the movie viewing. She licked her lips.

"Why don't you take off what few clothes you're wearing honey?" Melanie said to her daughter as she got up off of Gerald's lap, "Come and show your daddy your charms."

Danielle blushed, shyly, then stood up. She began undoing her skirt, aware that her parents and brother's eyes were on her. When she had taken off her skirt, the fifteen-year-old felt a flush of confidence. She removed her boots and socks, which left just her skimpy black knickers, which she slid out of with a flourishing wiggle of her hips.

"Gorgeous," concluded Gerald as he admired his daughter's delicious body, "Utterly gorgeous." He sat up straight on the armchair. "Come here honey."

Danielle went over to her father, who reached out and began stroking her breasts, lovingly, He ran his hands all over her, his eyes in particular fixed to her cunt. Like her mother, Danielle had a furry cunt, a nice triangle of dark pubic hair framing a neat pink slit. Owing to his sodomistical inclinations, it did not take long before Gerald turned his daughter around so that he could examine her bum, and he found it very much to his taste. It was deliciously pert and firm, but despite the girl's slender build her arse-cheeks did have a superb roundness to their shape. Gerald lightly slapped those cheeks, admiring the delicious bounce those delicious whtie bum-cheeks possessed. Gerald heaped kisses and compliments on it.

"You look gorgeous Danielle," Gerald declared, "and you can star in our porn-movies any day."

"Cheers dad."

"Now go and see your brother."

With a cheeky grin, Danielle sexily sauntered over to the sofa, on which Simon sat with a fresh erection. She took him by surprise by leaning down and kissing him lustily on the lips. She thought he might squirm away, but instead he respodned by slipping her tongue into her mouth. The siblings kissed for a moment, before Danielle stood up straight. That left Simon to emulate his father by fondling and kissing his sister's superb charms; her breasts, her flat belly, her hairy twat and her cute round bum. There was no doubt his sister was esquisitely sexy, but the fact that she was his sister made Simon even more attracted to her. Likewise, Danielle was not only enjoying the attention - she was unneccessarily shy about her body, and neither courted nor received much attention from boys - but she found it such a turn to have her father, and then her brother, lustfully exploring her body.

"You're the sexiest sister imaginable," concluded Simon, fondling his sister's bare bum, "Even if you are a bit of grumpy bitch sometimes."

"I'm not grumpy," Danielle snootily retorted, "Just...usually lost in thought."

Simon giggled and parted his sister's buttocks, exposing her hairless, rose-pink anus, which he spent a moment tickling with the tip of his tongue.

"By fuck, I'm horny as anything," Gerald announced, still seated in the armchair, erection waving in the air, "I'll die if I don't fuck some juicy cunt in the next ten-seconds."

"Allow me daddy," Danielle said, leaving her brother and hurrying over to her dad, "I've fantasised about this for so long whilst watching your porn movies."

"I thought as much," Gerald grinned.

"I was so jealous of those sluts you fucked in the films," Danielle added, "Now it's my turn to have your big cock all to myself."

The teenager then got astride her father, facing him, hands on his broad shoulders and her cunt hovering over his upright prick. She eagerly lowered herself, taking her father's cock-head in her pussy, then she lowered herself some more.

"Nnnnng," she gasped, having forgotten she had only had sex a couple of times and, in her enthusiasm, having failed to remember her dad's prick was rather large. She continued though, so eager was she to fuck her father, just as her brother had fucked their mum. Lower and lower she went, her knuckles white as she held her father's shoulders. Gerald reached round and gripped his daughter's hips, supporting her on her long journey down.

"That's it honey," he murmered, "That's it, all the way down. Take daddy's big cock in your snatch you horny girl!"

"Aaaah, fuck," cried Danielle as, with one last movement, she impaled herself fully on her father's prick. Every inch of the raging hard prick that gave her life was buried up her cunt, her buttocks pressed to his thighs. "Oh daddy, that feels so good!"

She leaned in and clamped her lips to those of her father's, snogging him lustfully. Then she pulled away, grinning, and she began to lift herself up then lower herself, repeating the action. Steadily she increased her pace, bouncing on her dad's big prick. Gerald did not have too much work to do, so he just sat back, his daughter riding him, busying himself by fondling her delicious pert titties.

Simon was so intent on watching this enjoyable activity that he did not notice his mother coming over to him until she was standing right before him, blocking his view, her cunt before his eyes.

"You're horny too, right honey?" she asked.

"I sure am mum!" Simon eagerly confirmed, "I gotta fuck you mum. I want to fuck you good and hard."

"Move aside my horny boy!"

Simon stood up, his erection jutting out at a right angle, as hard as an iron bar. His mother then got onto the sofa, laying down lengthways, legs parted, her juicy snatch displayed and ready to be fucked. Without needing an invitation, Simon hopped onto his mother, mounting her and driving his throbbing pole into her cunt.

"Oh son, that's so sweet!" purred Melanie.

"Fuck yeah mum, I love you," Simon gasped, "I love your hot cunt!"

He kissed his mother passionately as he began to fuck her in the missionary position, his buttocks rising and falling between her flung-open thighs.

Acros the room, Danielle was cheerfully humping her father, alternately grunting with lust and giggling with the sheer thrill of this depraved activity. She had lusted after her father for all this time, and now she was fucking him, his big cock in her young snatch.

Gerald loved the hot tightness of his daughter's cunt, and he also enjoyed kissing her mouth and sucking on her tits. After a short while, Danielle began to tire.

"Get off me a moment sweetheart," Gerald told her, "Let daddy do the work."

Danielle dismounted her father, who then got off the chair. Then Danielle obeyed her dad's further instructions and sat down on the armchair, legs flung apart, a look of sweet lust on her pretty face as she lightly fingered her glistening pink cunt whilst eyeing up her father's big cock. Gerald offered his cock to his daughter's mouth and without hesitation she sucked it, slurping off her twat-juices from the throbbing veiny shaft.

"Yeah, lick it, suck it," panted Gerald.

Danielle wanted to impress her father so she took a few inches of his shaft into her mouth, sucking it down, eyelids fluttering with sheer delight at the sensation of this enormous pole in her throat. She had four-inches past her lips but that left another six exposed. Danielle hoped she'd learn to suck it down even more in the future; like the rest of her family she had no doubts that this inter-family fuck-fest was going to become a regular thing!

Eventually, Gerald tugged his weapon from Danielle's mouth and he knelt down before his little girl, his erection wobbling stiffly between her spread thighs, the swollen head aiming for her buttery-slick vagina.

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me," the girl begged, slumping back in the sofa, shaking with horniness, "Ram that big prick up me again!"

"I will honey, don't worry," promised Gerald, and he pushed the massive head of his prick into his daughter's cunt. He paused for a moment, then - with his hands gripping Danielle's slender hips - he eased forwards, steadily, sinking his steel-hard shaft up into her cunt until he was buried to the hilt.

"Uuuh, daddy, that feels nice," wailed Danielle, reaching out and placing her hand flat on her father's broad chest, "Mmmmm! I can feel you all the way up me. Uuuh! Fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Gerald began to withdraw from his daughter's snatch, peeling half of his member from her cunt, before suddenly thrusting it back in. The girl yelped with pleasure, and Gerald began to work himself up to a good fuck-rythm. He loved his wife Melanie, and never tired of fucking her, but like any normal forty-four-year-old man Gerald couldn't help but harbour a deep desire for the tender flesh of a teenaged girl, and his sweet, wannabe-punk-rebel fifteen-year-old daughter was the finest teenaged girl he could have hoped for. He grunted passionately as he began deeply cunt-fucking the girl, father and daughter swept along on a wave of incestuous delight.

Back on the sofa, Simon dismounted his mother, pulling his meat from her hot wet cunt. Melanie was sprawled back, out of breath having just endured a prolonged climax from her son's pumping cock.

"Lend me your arse mother," Simon grinned.

"It's all yours son," Melanie replied, eagerly flipping over. She got onto her knees, bent over lengthways on the sofa, arms folded and resting on the arm-rest. Her delicious bum was raised high, her anus gaping slightly from it's previous pounding.

"What an arse," Simon murmered, stroking his mother's buttocks. He bent down to kiss them, then spent a moment tonguing the hole he was about to skewer. Melanie sighed happily, loving the sensation of her own son's tongue fluttering about her most intimate hole. Even better, Melanie was able to look across and see her husband fucking their daughter hard in her cunt.

Simon then knelt up straight and eased his throbbing weapon into his mother's rectum, pushing it in inch by inch. He and his mother groaned and panted with the effort of this anal-impalement, but within less than a minute Simon had buried his whole cock in his mother's arse. For a moment he remained still, just enjoying the sight and sensation of his mother's sphincter clamping the base of his cock and the way her slick rectal walls hugged his shaft. Eventually he began to sodomize her, slowly at first then quickly picking up pace, ramming his cock repeatedly into the depths of her rectum.

"Yes, yes, yes," groaned Melanie, "Oh son, fuck me, fuck my arse. Fuck mummy's arse motherfucker! OH YEAH!"

"Shit mum, I can't get enough of your arse. Oh wow, it's just so fucking kinky!"

"What's even kinkier," Gerald said from across the room as he continued shafting Danielle, "is if you give your cock to your mother to suck after it's been up her arsehole. Like we did last night."

"Yes, do it, do it," panted Melanie, "Give me your shitty cock motherfucker."

"Sure mum," Simon grunted as he abruptly pulled his prick from his mother's behind, and he got off the sofa and walked to the other end of it. Melanie remained on her hands and knees and opened her mouth, into which Simon's cock was introduced.

"MMMMMMM!" the wanton mother groaned as she slurped on her son's cock, which carried the salty taste of pre-cum mixed with the earthy aroma of her own shit. It turned her on incredibly, especially with the sound of her daughter being fucked by Gerald nearby.

"Suck it down mum," Simon urged, thrusting more of his meat into his mum's willing throat, "Yeah yeah, you kinky bitch! You'd make a good porn star! So would Danielle in fact!" He looked across at his sister, who flashed him a cheeky grin as she continued to have her cunt pounded by Gerald.

Eventually, Melanie took her mouth from her son's cock and begged him to sodomize her some more. Simon got back onto the sofa behind his mother. He spent a moment admiring her anus, delighting in the way it yawned obscenely. He licked that intimate hole a couple of times, bestowed a few kisses upon the sublime buttocks that flanked it. Then, sensing his mother's impatience for heavier sodomistical work, Simon knelt up straight and, with a single stroke, buried his long prick to the hilt in his mum's bowels. That horny mature slut squirmed and groaned as, once more, she was arse-fucked.

"Fuck me, fuck my arse," she drooled, "Oh fuck, Simon, that's so goooood! You motherfucker, fuck my arse."

"Daddy, daddy, yes!" Danielle was squealing in the meantime, the teenager shaken by a powerful climax that took her by surprise, "Uh! Uh! UUUUH!"

"Take it sweetheart, take my cock," Gerald grunted, sounding as if he was in a porn movie as he shafted Danielle's cunt with hard thrusts of his enormous erection, "UH! Yeah, oh God, what a tight pussy. Take daddy's cock slut!"

"OOOOOOH DADDY! I'm cumming, oh yeah! Fuck me, fuck me daddy, I'm a fucking slut and I LOVE IT!"

"Yes, yes," Gerald was panting as he sensed his own climax approach, the sensation of the tight cunt he was fucking, combined with the kinkiness of this being the cunt of his own sweet daughter, having an intense effect on his senses. He clamped his hands to Danielle's pert firm tits and groped them roughly. "UUUH, I'm gonna cum soon sweetie! I'll sperm up right in your cunt!"

"Do it daddy, fill me up! I've fantasised about this for so long! Uh! Uh!"

"AAAAAAH!" Gerald cried, ramming his prick to this hilt in Danielle's tight slit and unloading his sperm. He hunched over Danielle, his body tensing as his spunk rushed from his cock and flooded his daughter's womb. Danielle lustfully kissed her father, placing her hand on the back of his head and pulling him down to her so that she could snake her wet little tongue down his throat. Gerald groaned into his daughter's mouth, swapping spit with her as he continued ejaculating into her tight cunt.

"Here it is mum, here it is," Simon suddenly announced, triumphantly, as his own climax hit him as he buggered his mum on the sofa, "YES! YES! Fuck!!!"

"Ah, yes, give it to me sweetheart," Melanie begged her motherfucker of a son.

Simon's sperm suddenly blasted from his pounding prick, filling his mother's rectum with his salty goo. The rampant youth humped his cock back and forth in his mother's arse as he shot his load, gritting his teeth and shaking with ecstasy as he spurted jet after jet of fuck-seed in the depths of his mum's rectal passage.

"Oh fuck, that was good," the boy panted once his climax was over, and he pulled his dong from his mother's anus. Having ejaculated twice in a row, his cock was growing soft and his balls were empty. He slumped back on the sofa, out of breath. Likewise, Gerald was spent, and he eased his wilting cock from Danielle's cunt, gave the girl a kiss, then lay back on the living room floor.

The girls were not yet finished though! Before her daughter could get up from the armchair, Melanie hurried across the room, knelt down and, without warning, pushing her face into her daughter's cum-leaking twat.

"Oh mum!" gasped Danielle, taken aback by this. It did not bother her in anyway, having another woman eating her out - she'd enjoyed watching women getting it on with each other in her dad's porn movies - but turned her on even further. Melanie had only eaten out another girl once, when she was a teenager and having some fun with a friend, but she instinctively knew what to do, sliding her tongue up into Danielle's spermy cunt. The girl purred with delight, running her hands through her mother's black hair.

Gerald and Simon watched in stunned silence, this bonus show utterly fascinating and arousing.

When Melanie had finished slurping out her husband's spunk from her daughter's cunt, she stood up and gave Danielle a kiss.

"I've a pint of your brother's sperm in my bowels," she told Danielle, "Care to suck it out of me?"

"Yes mum!" Danielle giggled, head spinning with the outlandishly kinky suggestions and activities she was plunged into.

Danielle followed her mother's suggestion to lay back on the sofa - Simon moving out the way and sitting on the floor next to his dad - and then Melanie squatted astride the girl's head, lowering herself slowly. Danielle looked up, licking her lips as her mother's bottom descended towards her face, a long string of slimy cum dangling from the slick anus that was fast approaching her mouth.

"Oh mum, that looks delicious," Danielle declared, and she sealed her lips to her mother's sphincter and began sucking, quickly drawing out hot salty jism which she sucked down. Her facade of introversion utterly vanishing in the midst of this sordidness. All the pent up fantasies and desires and hidden lust for depraved exhibitionism were given free reign, and, knowing that her father and brother were watching close by, Danielle sucked as noisily and as obscenely from her mother's arse, drawing out more cum and then darting her tongue into the rectum to lick out what she'd missed. Squatting over her daughter, Melanie reached down and fingered Danielle's tight cunt, pushing two fingers up into the pink slit whilst her own shitter was explored by the young lady's tongue.

"I think we should make a lesbian movie next son," Gerald said casually to his son as the pair watched their depraved womenfolk.

That evening, Simon and Danielle announced they were going to bed together. Gerald was rather impatient for a family orgy, and he would rather everyone fucked some more in the living room, but he relented when Simon and Danielle insisted they fancied some time to fuck alone and, furthermore, they taking the video camera and that what he and his sister would get up to would "be on film for us all to watch in the morning."

The horny youngsters bid their parents goodnight and hurried upstairs to Simon's bedroom.

Gerald and his wife went to their own bed eventually, both incredibly horny from the events of the day. They watched the film they'd made that afternoon which inspired Gerald to fuck Melanie's cunt and arse deep and hard, eventually filling his wife's rectum with sperm before the pair of them settled down to sleep.

"Morning mum," Simon smiled as he strolled into his parent's room at nine o'clock the next day, "Morning dad."

Gerald and Melanie had just woken up, and they were sitting up in bed, on top of the covers, their naked bodies on display.

"Hi sweetie," Melanie said, delighted to see her son walking into the room, nude. Danielle was close behind, also naked. "You look so gorgeous you kids," she added.

Simon saw that his parents were watching the TV that was in the corner of the bedroom. It was currently playing the video from yesterday, and on the screen Melanie was just getting the messy facial her son had given her.

"We've got a new video to watch," Danielle giggled, mischeviously. She was carrying a video tape and she went to the VCR and, after ejecting the current tape, put the new one in. Then she and her brother got onto the bed. It was a king-sized bed and the family were all sat up in a row, Simon on the far left, then his mother, then Gerald and, finally, at the other end, Danielle. They all sat close and intimately, the children proud of the video that they were about to watch and their parents eager to see it!

"It's the one we made last night," Danielle said as the amateur porn-movie she and her brother had made came on the screen.

"What's the title?" Melanie asked.

"Danielle's Anal Cherry Goes Pop!" replied Simon with a grin.

"Sounds like it'll be a good movie," laughed Gerald.

The film would prove to up to it's title. At first the camera had been set up on a tripod near the bed and, for a few moments, there was a fixed shot of Simon laying on the bed and his sister sucking on his cock. Then Danielle got up and squatted over Simon's face, allowing her brother to lick her anus whilst she jerked him off. It was a well-lit shot, with every detail of the youngster's gorgeous bodies showing up. Gerald particular liked the way his daughter often grinned at the camera, clearly getting off on the exhibitionism of the activity. The camera's microphone was sensitive enough to pick up the moans of pleasure and the smacking and slurping sounds of Simon eating out his twin sister's bum.

Eventually, Simon had taken the camera from the tripod and the remainder of the home-movie was filmed with the camera hand-held by the leading male star. Danielle got on her hands and knees and her brother filmed her arse, telling her repeatedly how nice it was. The boy's hand came into the shot and he fondled Danielle's buttocks, silding a finger up her cunt from behind and then sliding the wet digit into her anus. Danielle let out a long groan of pleasure.

Pointing the camera down to catch the whole event in glorious detail, Simon had knelt up and pushed his saliva-slick cock to his sister's anus and pushed. The girl had groaned a little as the entry began, and then she'd yelped when her brother's prick-head slipped past her sphincter. After a pause, Simon had pushed his cock further up into Danielle's arse, easing his way into her rectum. With his sister urging him on with obscene cries, Simon had buggered the girl, skillfully getting a variety of shots. He zoomed in so that the screen was filled with just his cock burrowing back and forth in Danielle's anus, and he also directed his sister to look over her shoulder, round towards the camera, and tell the viewers how much she was enjoying being buggered. "Oooh, I love being buggered," she had obligingly said, with utter sincerity, "I love being fucked in the arse!"

As they watched this on the bed, the family grew incredibly horny. Melanie reached out and stroked Simon's swelling cock, whilst Danielle did likewise to her father.

On the TV, the movie was reaching it's climax. Simon was grunting with pleasure as he fucked his sister's bum harder and faster, the camera rather shaky but nonetheless still getting a good, prolonged shot of Danielle's anal pounding. Simon had eventually let out a long cry of pleasure as he shoved his prick to the root in his sister's bowels.

"That's where I'm cumming," Simon informed his parents as they watched the delicious movie with intense joy.

"Pity you didn't get an external cum-shot," Gerald commented, "It's still cool though, but an external cum-shot is obligitory in a porn movie."

"Yes, but I wanted so much to cum in Danielle's rectum," Simon explained.

"And watch what happens next!" Danielle eagerly pointed out.

On the screen, Simon slid his cock from his sister's arse, but the girl remained on her hands and knees. Lowering himself whilst holding the camera steady, Simon got a close up shot of Danielle's anus, that hairless pink hole dilated and yawning. At first it was leaking a small amount of cum, slimy cream that dribbled out and ran down her cunt. Then, without warning, Danielle had flexed her shitting muscles and sent a steady stream of sperm flowing out her arse. The girl could be heard giggling as she did this, wantonly squirting cum out of her arse whilst her brother filmed it. The flow ended after a moment.

"Do it again," Simon had instructed his sister with a laugh.

Danielle flexed once more and, rather amusingly, she let out a spermy fart. There was a rasping noise as she expelled air and cum from her arse, and her brother's fuck-sauce had launched out in a small explosion, a couple of drips of it hitting the camera.

"Sis, you got cum on the lense," Simon had whinged, his sister merely laughing and farting out more cum.

"That's the horniest thing I've ever seen," Gerald whispered as he, like his wife, watched this movie with wide-eyes.

After wiping the sperm from the lense, Simon's hand had entered the shot in the movie, and he pushed two fingers up his sister's rectum. Then he took them out and Danielle turned and sucked on them, her lovely eyes fixed on the camera as she slurped on her brother's shit-and-cum smeared digits. Then, for the final shot of the movie, she sucked on Simon's soiled, sperm-oozing cock, her mischievous eyes fixed on the camera.

The screen finally went black.

"The end," announced Simon as he used the remote to turn the TV off.

"That was marvellous kids," Melanie smiled, turning to her son and kissing him passionately. It was evident to them all that the bed they were all sitting on in a row would soon be rocking with their incestuous lust.

"Superb," concluded Gerald, "A fine film! Especially the cum-leaking anus bit. What fantastic kids we've got! I'd dare say you'd not only make good porn-stars, but good porn directors too!" The randy father then knelt up, stroking his erection, "Holy shit, that's made me so horny!" He laid his hands on his slender daughter and the young lady was swiftly flipped over onto her belly with a delighted squeal. "What an arse, so beautiful and tasty," Gerald murmered as he fondled Danielle's bum, "I'm going to fuck it. By fuck, yes, I'm going to fuck this arse! If my daughter likes being buggered then I should damn well bugger her. After all, a father's duty is to keep his daughter happy."

"You'll have to be careful," Danielle said to her dad, "Your cocks bigger than Simon's. I don't want you tearing me."

"Don't worry sweetie," Gerald informed her, now pushing a forefinger up the girl's anus, "My cock may be a little bit longer than Simon's, but it's about the same thickness. I'll soon be up your arse and I'll soon be filling it too. Onto your hands and knees."

"You adopt the same position mum," Simon told Melanie as he pawed at her tits and kissed her mouth, "I want to fuck you up the bum whilst dad fucks Danielle in the same manner."

"What a horny suggestion," Melanie purred, "Shall we film it?"

"No, I'm too randy to bother setting up cameras," Gerald responded as he greased up his cock with Vaseline, "We can film the afternoon session."

"I want to play a big role in the next movie," Danielle said as she got on her hands and knees, lewdly wiggling her bottom in her father's direction.

"You certainly will honey," Gerald told her, "You and your mum will be fucked, buggered and cummed on, and we'll film every minute of it."

Melanie was soon on her hands and knees too, alongside Danielle, mother and daughter with their behinds raised and spread. Simon greased up his cock with Vaseline and he and his dad prepared to bugger the lady before them.

"Holy fuck, it's tight," Gerald commented as he squeezed his greased cock-head into Danielle's anus, "Oh yeah! So tight and hot."

"UUUUUH! Go slowly dad," Danielle begged, "But not too slowly! I can't wait to have your dick right up my bum."

"It won't be long honey," Gerald said, the swollen tip of his prick now wedged in Danielle's bum. He began pushing his way in further, his glistening greased shaft sliding up and up, slowly but steadiy. Danielle wailed with delight as her dad fed his cock up her arse and she shivered with joy.

"Oh daddy, daddy, further, further," she gasped, "NNNGGG!"

"Ah fuck, all the way there," Gerald announced, triumphantly, his cock buried to the hilt in his daughter's shit-chute.

Next to them, Simon had achieved similar things with his mother, Melanie's greater experience in taking cocks in her arse showing by the fairly speedy way her son had managed to plant his entire dick up her arse.

"Let's fuck these horny anal-sluts," Gerald moaned as he began to fuck his cock back and forth in the tight grip of his daughter's anus, "Let's fuck their arses full of sperm son!"

"Okay dad," grinned Simon, and he began to saw his prick to and fro in his mother's bum. He held her hips tightly as he fucked her deep in the arse. Melanie groaned with delight, laying her head on the pillow. Danielle was more vocal, yelping and wailing with obscene cries of ecstasy as she squirmed and bucked under her father's pounding cock which, each stroke, seemed to plunge further and further into her intestines.

Gerald was feeling incredibly turned on after having watched his kid's porn movie, and after five-minutes his spunk exploded from his pistoning cock. He let out a long groan of ecstasy as he jammed his cock to hilt in his daughter's shitter and blasted out his sperm, the hot goo flooding the girl's bowels and making her purr with lewd delight. Gerald then withdrew and he watched with delight as Danielle swung herself round and sucked on his cock, lapping it clean of cum and shit.

A moment later, Simon emulated his father and climaxed hard. He rammed his prick deep into his mother's rectum and pumped her guts full of sperm, his mother tightening her anus and flexing her shitting muscles. Simon then slid his semi-hard prick from his mum's anus. Like her daughter, Melanie then licked the cock that had just been up her arse, Simon running his hands over his mother's fine nude body as she sucked on his soiled prick.

"Do you fancy being a professional porn-star honey?" Gerald asked Danielle, who removed the cock from her mouth to reply.

"I might do dad," she shrugged, "I'll get some practice with some home-made porn first and see if I like it."

"We'll make one this afternoon," her father told her, "A nice long sordid shoot, with you and your mum getting fucked in every hole."

"Sounds great dad!" Danielle smiled, and she gave her father a long sultry kiss.

"This cock is ready for action again," Melanie announced, kneeling up and pumping Simon's throbbing erection in her hand, "So is yours Gerald."

"It sure is," her husband responded, his cock thumpingly stiff, "I think that we should have some double-penetration in the movie we'll make later, so we'll need some practice."

"Oooh, that sounds good," Danielle said, hugging her father, "A nice cock in my cunt and another up my arse! Let's do it!"

They shifted aside and Simon lay down in the centre of the bed. His mother got astride him, swinging a leg over his hips and impaling her furry cunt on his erection, sinking right down so that the pulsing tip of her son's prick was buried in her womb. Gerald then got behind Melanie, his wife's arse thrust outwards, her anus slick and gaping above her prick-stuffed twat.

"Hold still honey," Gerald said to his wife, and he guided his cock to her arsehole and pushed, squeezing his cock-head into her arse.

"Uuuuh, that's good," moaned Melanie, hunched over her son and looking over her shoulder as her husband worked his way up her shitter.

With a few heaves of his pelvis, Gerald had wedged his prick right up his wife's bum, and he held her shoulders as he began to fuck his cock back and forth. Laying under his mother, Simon began thrusting as well, fucking his dick up and down in his mum's snatch. The horny slut in the father-and-son sandwich was soon crying out with pleasure, spluttering obscene cries as Simon's cock pounded her cunt and Gerald's drilled her arse. She thrashed and twisted between them, her whole body quaking.

"Oh fuck, fuck, yes, uuuuh!" she stammered, "Fuck me you two, fuck me hard. Harder! UUUUUH! I love your cocks, I love both your fucking big cocks in my fucking holes. UUUUH!"

Simon and Gerald concentrated on giving Melanie a severe shafting, giving her a simultaneous vaginal and anal screwing that she wouldn't forget!

Danielle, throughout this, had been sitting on the bed next to the humping trio, idly fingering her cunt and envying her mother's fun. Then she had an idea. She got up and squatted over Simon's face, lowering herself so that her anus was pressed to the boy's mouth. Simon was delighted, and he didn't hesitate to push his tongue up his sister's arsehole and into her rectum.

With her cunt and arse being soundly fucked, Melanie now had her daughter before her, and she sealed her lips to Danielle's and kissed her passionately. They got off this a great deal, an added titillation to the pleasures already being dished out. Gerald was especially delighted at this girl-on-girl action. He was arse-fucking his wife whilst she was being cunt-fucked by their son, and he also had the sight of his wife and daughter kissing like filthy fucking lesbians! He loved it, and it was only his willpower and experience that enabled him to retain his sperm. So that he wouldn't cum too soon, he fucked Melanie's arse at a steady rate, just leisurely pushing his cock into her rectum then sliding it half-way out slowly, then easing back in.

Meanwhile, Simon was thrusting his tongue deep into his sister's bowels whist his mother bounced on his cock. His head was swimming with pleasure in the midst of this sordid depravity as he began to realise there were no limits to the activities they were all going to get up to, whether they filmed themselves or not.

After ten-minutes and two climaxes, Melanie pulled herself up, her husband and son's big cocks sliding out of her holes. She rolled aside, exhausted.

"My go!" Danielle said, grinning, brushing her bright red punky hair out of her eyes, dismounting Simon's face, the boy's tongue sliding out of his sister's rectum. Although he had just been licking her rectum, Simon was strangely surprised that he could taste some of Danielle's shit on his tongue. It turned him on a great deal!

Danielle hopped astride her brother's pelvis and swiftly sank herself down, Simon's long pulsing erection swallowed up completely by his twin sister's tight cunt. Then Danielle looked over her shoulder at her father. "Shove your cock up my arse daddy! Right up me!"

"Okay honey," Gerald replied, "It'll be my pleasure!"

Gerald slowly pushed his cock into Danielle's rectum, burrowing his way up into her bowels to the hilt.

"Aaah, fucking hell that's good," Danielle squealed, her body shaking ecstastically, "UUUUH! Fuck me, fuck me hard, both of you!"

Simon and Gerald began thrusting, timing their rythm perfectly. Simon would thrust up as his father pulled back, then Simon would pull back when his father thrust up. Faster and faster they went, the slender girl between them spluttering out orgasmic cries after just a few moments.

Melanie finally got her breath back and hurried out the room. She returned with the film camera.

"Just a little bit of filming, she said as she began to record the proceedings on the bed, walking around and getting various angles, "I need to practice my camera skills!"

Simon and his sister flashed cheeky grins at the camera whilst Gerald, recapturing his youthful porn-star days, concentrated on giving the leading lady a good fucking, ramming his cock deep into Danielle's rectal passage.

"Oh yeah, fuck her hard," Melanie instructed Gerald and Simon, eye to the camera eye-piece and getting a wide panoramic shot of the action. Then she went to the bottom of the bed and knelt down, zooming in on Danielle's barely-visible arse, getting a close up shot of both of her cunt and arsehole, each of those holes with a thick cock pistoning in and out of them.

"Uuuuh, oh yeah, oh yeah," Danielle was gasping, and she wasn't just faking her pleasure either like many porn-stars did. Melanie came round to the side of the bed, zooming in on her daughter's ecstatic face. She looked incredibly slutty, and incredibly sexy!

Simon reached up to play with his sister's tits, lightly pinching the nipples. Danielle groaned with pleasure then kissed her brother lewdly, sticking her tongue down his throat. Simon responded by sliding his tongue into his sister's mouth, all the while thrusting his cock up hard into her cunt. Gerald was busy holding his daughter by the hips as he began fucking her arse with faster and faster strokes. His orgasm was impending, and even with his extraordinary willpower he wouldn't be able to hold out for long, not in the esquisitely tight and hot grip of his daughter's anus.

"Fancy an external cum-shot son?" Gerald asked Simon shortly, "As seen as your mum is filming us, we should put on a good show and coat your sister in spunk!"

"Sure dad," the boy replied, "Let's drench Danielle!"

Gerald pulled his erection from his daughter's bottom, his cock-head slurping out of her arsehole which was greased and looked like a big obscene letter 'O', and the girl thendismounted her brother. Simon's erection, wet with cunt-juice, slapped to his firm lower belly. The trio's nude bodies were all slick with sweat, Danielle's cunt moist and glistening, her anus yawning open, Gerald and Simon's pricks straining with stiffness, two iron-hard cannons ready to go off.

Danielle lay down in the centre of the bed, naked and beautiful, fingering her cunt and licking her lips as she anticipated the sensation of two spermy loads being sprayed on her at once. She was glad it was being filmed. It made her feel even more horny to be engaging in a slutty incestuous threesome that was being caught on camera, plus she would be able to watch it again and again.

"Simon?" called Melanie as she stood filming events from the foot of the bed, "Spurt over your sister's face. Gerald? You cum on her tits."

Both guys were more than happy to comply. They grabbed their cocks and began pumping, kneeling either side of Danielle who looked up excitedly at the two hunky fuckers who were about to give her a spermy baptism.

"Drench me, coat me in cum," Danielle urged them, a genuine order rather than just something said for the camera, "Hose me down in sperm! Oh yeah, do it, fucking do it!"

"Ah, ah, aaaaah!" cried Simon, furiously masturbating, "OH FUCK! UUUUH!" His cock exploded in his pumping fist, thick wads of steaming cum squirting all over his Danielle's face. It lashed across her forehead, nose, cheeks and mouth. Danielle caught quiet a bit on her tongue and she swallowed it eagerly, but most of it rained down over her skin.

"Here's some more you gorgeous little cunt," Gerald cried seconds later, "FUCK!" He began ejaculating, fisting his cock rapidly as he sprayed his daughter's pert young breasts with his sticky cum. "Oh yeah, oh fucking Jesus, yeah!" It was an abundant flow, and the well-hung father sprayed at least eight squirts of fuck-sauce over his daughter, virtually every inch of Danielle's breasts splashed with streaks and puddles of sperm.

Simon had finished cumming too, and Danielle - her face a mask of oozing spunk - sucked her brother's jizz-leaking cock.

"Fantastic!" Melanie commented, still filming, zooming in on Danielle, scanning the girl's spermy-drenched body.

"Give us the camera honey," Gerald said to his wife as he got off the bed, "I'll film you cleaning up our daughter."

Melanie handed her husband the camera and got onto the bed, just as Simon got off it. With Gerald taking over the role of camera-man, Melanie spent five-minutes licking every drop of sperm from Danielle, swallowing half of it and spitting the other half into Danielle's mouth for her to swallow. The mother and daughter ended with a long, passionate cum-and-spit swapping snog. Gerald got onto the bed and zoomed in on his wife and daughter's loving kiss, sperm and saliva running down their faces as they tongued one another's mouths.

Even though he was spent for the time being, Simon felt horny watching this, and he was already thinking of some sorid practices to suggest for the next home-movie they would all make.

The family could hardly wait until the next filming session, but Gerald kept his cool and insisted they restrain themselves from 'performing' until after lunch. That way, the wise father explained, it would be more fun for them all after a morning of impatient waiting, and furthermore he wanted him and his son to be fully recharged to perform as well as possible.

After lunch, Melanie went upstairs for a shower and Gerald went to his study where he put a new tape and polished the lense (it was still a bit smeared after his kids had used it last night!)

Danielle was in the living room. She hadn't bothered dressing all morning. She had been needlessly shy about her body previously, and had usually dressed in baggy T-shirts and battered jeans, which were hardly likely to draw the eyes of boys. Now, however, she was full of confidence about her sexy nubile body, and it thrilled her to see her brother and father barely able to keep their eyes off of her pert titties, her furry cunt and her deliciously firm round bum.

Simon strolled into the living room, just in his boxer shorts. He spied his sister standing in front of the mirror that hung above the fireplace, running her hands through her bright red hair and making sure it was suitably scruffy. Just because she was about to star in a home-made porn movie didn't mean she wanted to go around looking smart and respectable, after all! Simon sneaked up behind Danielle and tickled her ribs.

"Oi, fuck off," Danielle snapped, squirming away, and then she giggled. "You're an arsehole," she said, turning her back to her brother and continuing to check her hair.

"No, this is an arsehole," smirked Simon, and he slipped a forefinger between his sister's bare bum-cheeks and tickled her anus, making the girl giggle and squirm some more.

"You're a bit over dress aren't you?" she said, turning.

"No I'm not," Simon insisted, immediately whipping off his boxer-shorts so that he, too, was nude. His long cock was semi-hard and rapidly growing in stiffness.

"This is so cool isn't it?" Danielle smiled, "Making these films with mum and dad. It's fucking great fun!"

"Damn right," Simon agreed, "Do you think you will become a professional porn-star? Like me?"

"Hmmmm, I dunno. I'm not sure."

"If you do, we could star in a proper movie. I bet there's a lot of people out there who'll get off on a bit of real-life incest in a porn movie."

"I bet there is! We could make a fortune. Then again, we'd probably be arrested."

"Yeah. Well...we could just not tell anyone. It'll be our secret as we hump on set, the viewers unaware we're twins."

"Unless the viewer is someone we know."

"They wouldn't say anything. They'd be admitting to watching porn, and no-one would do that."

"I guess," shrugged Danielle, "Well, whether I follow in your's and dad's footsteps and become an uber-porn star, I still love making movies with mum and dad. And you of course."

"This from a girl who got all grumpy 'cos I kissed her yesterday," laughed Simon.

"Well..." Danielle began, then found herself unable to articulate the sudden departure of her previous anti-social demeanour and it's replacement by that of a lustful, incestuous young lady. Instead, she just gave Simon a long passionate kiss.

"Hey, don't start now," Melanie said as she into the living room, wearing nothing but a pair of high-heeled white shoes "The camera's not running."

"It will be in a minute," added Gerald, entering the room behind his wife. He too was naked, his cock growing stiff at the prospect of the fun to be had that afternoon, "Who wants to star in the first scene?"

"Me and Simon," Danielle replied.

"Sounds good to me," her twin brother agreed.

"Okay," Melanie said, "I think Danielle should be in control of this little scene. Simon honey? Sit on the sofa. Your sister can do with your cock whatever she likes."

Simon grinned and obeyed, sitting down in the middle of the sofa, slumped back, his long erection laying stiff and throbbing across his stomach. Melanie stood to oneside and her husband stepped up, camera held up, ready to capture the resulting activities of the two twins.

Licking her lips, Danielle knelt before her brother and eagerly grabbed his cock. She spent a moment just lovingly masturbating Simon, stroking his long pole in her small fist, the boy gently panting with delight. Then Danielle leaned forwards and began sucking on her brother's prick, slurping on the end and making obscene smacking noises with her lips, all the while jacking off the base of it. Then she took it out her mouth and resumed jerking it off.

"Tell the viewers at home what you're going to do with your brother's lovely big cock," Melanie urged her daughter from off camera.

"I'm going to sit on it and take it in my cunt," Danielle purred, turning her head and staring intently at the camera pointed her way, "and then," she continued, "I'm going to take it in my arse."

Watching this through the camera's eyepiece, Gerald grinned, proud of his little girl. It always heightened the sexiness of of a porn movie if the leading lady was sincerely enthusiastic about the fucking she was going to get.

Danielle then stood and turned her back to her brother. She gently sat down, lowering herself slowly, reaching down and holding the base of Simon's cock to hold it upright. With Gerald zooming in to capture the penetration, Simon's cockhead nudged against the lips of Danielle's tight furry cunt, then slowly eased in as the girl descended further. Lower and lower she went, a look of ecstasy on her face as her twat swallowed up her brother's long pulsing erection inch by inch.

"Mmmm, take it sis," Simon breathed, holding Danielle's hips to support her.

"Oh fuck, oh yeah," the girl panted, finally sitting down fully in her brother's lap, her cunt fully impaled on his throbbing eight-incher, "OH GOD! Oh yeah!" She placed her hands on her knees and began to lift herself up, half of Simon's prick sliding out of her cunt. Then she dropped down, she and Simon grunting ecstastically. Danielle then rose up again, then dropped, going steady at first then quickly picking up pace. Gerald zoomed out and got a full shot of Danielle, facing the camera, humping up and down on her brother's cock. She barely noticed the camera, the girl's eyes half shut as she bounced away, both she and her twin brother's ecstasy rising.

"Ride me sis, ride my fucking cock," Simon grunted, the girl's cunt feeling so tight and hot.

"Oh fuck, uuuuuh," Danielle was groaning, her bum-cheeks clapping against her brother's pelvis with every bounce, "Fuck yeah! I love your cock Simon, I love it. I love it up my fucking cunt. Fuck me, fuck me OOOOH! UUUH!"

Watching this from the sidelines, Melanie stood and idly fingered her cunt, which was growing wet. It was so fantastically horny, watching her twin son and daughter fucking passionately, the fifteen-year-olds humping with mutual joy like seasoned veterans of incestous lust, and her husband filming all the action for them to watch later.

After a few minutes, Danielle felt a horny itch in her arsehole. She stopped bouncing on her brother's prick and half-stood, Simon's prick sliding from her twat. The boy gripped his cock by the base and held it upright, knowing his sister's intentions. As promised, Danielle then set about taking her brother's cock in her arse. She lowered herself once more, but this time having shuffled her feet very slightly forwards, so that it was her nether hole that her brother's prick nudged.

"Take it in your arse honey," Gerald instructed his daughter, kneeling down and zooming in between Danielle's spread thighs, at the point where Simon's prick-head was pressed to the girl's anus.

"UUUUUH!" Danielle groaned, forcing herself down, Simon's cock squeezing up into her arse, "NNNG! Fuck yeah, oh yeah!" She lowered herself further, hands on her knees, Simon once more holding his sister by her slender hips to support her. It took longer to take her brother's cock in her arse than in her cunt, but Dnaielle did manage it, eventually. Her brother's cock - slick with saliva and cunt-juice - was soon buried to the root up her rectum.

"Fucking lovely," Gerald all but drooled, zooming out to capture a full shot of his children as they sat on the sofa (or rather, as Simon sat on the sofa, Danielle sitting on him, on his raging hard cock.) "Ride your brother's cock," Gerald said, knowing that these directorial comments would make the movie even more horny to watch at a later date, "Bounce on his prick. Don't pull yourself off until your arsehole has been fucked raw!"

"I will daddy, I will," Danielle promised, lustfully, as she began to repeat her earlier action of humping up and down. Half of her brother's prick slid from her rectum on the upstroke, and when she clapped herself downwards every inch of the prick would be up her arse. Up and down the teenager went, eyes fixed on the camera, a look of lust of her face that made it clear that she was damn well enjoying this!

Melanie could not restrain herself for much longer. The dark-haired mother stepped into camera shot and sat on the sofa next to her humping children. She reached out and slid two fingers up her daughter's cunt.

"Oh mum," panted Danielle, this providing a superb thrill that complimented the sensation of the big erection that was easing up and down in her arse, "Finger me mum, finger my cunt. MMMPHHH!"

She was silenced as Melanie kissed her passionately, mother and daughter tongueing one another's mouths, the former fingering the latter's cunt to the knuckle. Gerald could hardly believe just how horny this situation was, filming his wife snog and finger their daughter whilst she was simultaneously buggered by their son. He felt like slinging the camera aside and joining in himself, but he resisted the urge and continued to film it. It was going to make a great home-video, and besides, it would be his scene next.

"Uuuuh, I'm gonna cum soon," Simon announced, his sister riding his cock with great zest, "I'm gonna blow my nuts!"

"Shoot it up your sister's arse," Melanie said, taking her lips from Danielle's, "Fill her guts with spunk! I've an idea!"

"Okay mum, okay," panted Simon, "Oh fuck, oh fuck...keep riding me sis...oh YEAH!"

His cock suddenly began spewing out hot gouts of salty spunk into Danielle's rectum. The girl slammed herself down one last time and ground her arse into her brother's lap, feeling the pulsing cock in her bowels spurting it's hot gushing load. She was about to urge her brother on with some obsceneties but her mother silence her by shoving her tongue in her throat once more.

"Aaaaah, fuck!" Simon gasped, humping his arse off the sofa as his cock continued shooting his wad into Danielle's colon. He wished he could see round and get a better view of his mum and sister kissing, but then he remembered that he'd be able to see it later when they played the tape back.

Finally, the boy's balls were empty. He let out a long and satisfied sigh and, sensing her brother's climax was over, Danielle took her lips from her mother's. She slowly stood up, her father zooming in once more to capture a shot of Simon's soiled cock sliding out greasily from Danielle's slick arsehole.

Melanie ordered Simon to move, and once the boy had done so, the mature slut lay down on the sofa, lengthways.

"Squat over me honey," she said to Danielle, "I want you to squirt all your brother's cum from your arsehole over my tits and belly. Then you'll clean me up."

"Oh mum, that sounds so fucking horny," Danielle gasped. She hopped onto the sofa and squatted astride her mother's belly. She relaxed her anus and, almost immediately, sperm began running out, splattering messily onto Melanie's stomach. Danielle then shuffled up slightly, her anus still relaxed, cum still oozing and dribbling from her rectum and across her mother's chest and tits. When the flow ended, Danielle flexed her shitting muscles and let out a couple of amusing, rasping farts, which were accompanied by splatters of more sperm onto her mother's boobs.

Danielle got off the sofa and turned to admire her mother. Melanie's stomach and tits were dotted and splashed with her son's cum, fresh from her daughter's arse. Not needing further encouragement, Danielle squatted down and leaned over her mother, eagerly lapping all the messy spunk off of her and gulping it down.

"Feed some to me honey," Melanie purred.

Danielle obediently licked up a big splodge of cream from her mum's tits and then frenched her, the naked mother and daughter swishing spit and cum back and forth between their mouths before swallowing half of it each.

Naturally, Gerald had filmed the lot, and he couldn't think of a scene in his own professional porn-career that was more arousing than the one he'd just witnessed.

He would attempt to make the second scene even better, so he promised himself.

"Here son," Gerald said, handing the camera to Simon, "Take over the filming for us. I'm gonna fuck your mum and sister and put on a show that'll blow your mind."

"Okay dad," grinned Simon.

The boy started filming as his father stepped up to Danielle and Melanie, his prick raging hard, his eyes full of lust for his depraved wife and daughter.

By the time filming had ended twenty-minutes later, resulting in Danielle and Melanie with sperm all over their faces, Simon had to admit that his dad sure as hell did put on one heck of a show, and the teenager figured that he had a long way to go before he was as good at his dad at fucking women - both on camera and off - to perfection.

With his horny mum and frisky sister, though, Simon knew he'd have plenty of opportunities to practice his techniques. Besides, he was feeling horny again, and he knew his mum and sister were still up for more. There was also the thrill of filming lesbian scenes to come. Then, Simon remembered, there would be the regular fun of practising fucking with his sister alone at bedtime.