Teaching The Kids To Fuck

(Incest - whole family, teen, pedo, facials, oral, anal, les (Ffg), group (MFfmg) double-pen, WS, toys, first)

Chapter One

Dan and Wendy spent the Friday night at a restaurant. It was the start of the Summer Vacation and their three children were at home, looking forward to a whole six-weeks off school. The couple had three kids. The eldest, Brett, was sixteen and mature enough to look after his two younger sisters, Krystal and Tiffany.

Dan was a firefighter, tall and rugged and very physically fit for a man of thirty-nine. He had short brown hair and blue eyes and looked very smart that evening in his black suit, white cotton shirt and black silk tie.

His wife, Wendy, was thirty-eight years old, a pretty and petite blond who carried an aura of unrestricted sexual lust around with her. Wendy was a nymphomaniac and proud of it, only kept satisfied by her husband's limitless energy and lust which matched his wife's. She was just over five-foot tall, slender with short blonde hair and big dark eyes and a sweet smile. She wore a little black dress, low cut to show off the cleavage of her breasts which, whilst average in size, happened to look fairly big on her petite frame. Wendy had a great arse, round and firm, and she liked showing it off with dresses such as this which tightly hugged her curvey bum.

The couple had met as kids, dated in their teens then married and started a family young. They were devoted to each other, highly sexed and laid-back about things. After their meal, at about ten o'clock, they left the restaurant.

"Shall we go for a drink then?" Dan asked his wife as they stood on the sidewalk.

"Let's go home instead," Wendy replied.

"You don't want a drink?"

"No, I'm fine. Let's just go home, I'm feeling a little...tired."

"Fancy an early night then?" smirked Dan, putting his arm round Wendy. He suddenly felt horny, knowing that Wendy - who'd been a wild nympho when she was younger and now, approaching forty, was even hornier these days, if that were possible! - would be thinking the same thing as him: a long night of humping in their bed.

"Yeah, a nice early night," Wendy smiled, and she kissed her husband, having to stand on her tip-toes on account of him being almost a foot taller.

"Let's go then," Dan replied, and he hailed a cab.

Dan and Wendy's house was a large suburban single-storey home, set back from the quiet road. Dan drove the car up the drive and, like a gentleman, opened the door for Wendy and took her hand to help her out. They walked towards the house. It was ten-thirty, the neighborhood quiet and the roads empty.

"Wait, let's not go through the front door," Wendy said to her husband in a hushed voice.

"Why?" quizzed Dan.

"Follow me," Wendy smirked. She sneaked off, heading round the side of the house. Dan shrugged and followed his wife.

The couple were walking along the side of the single-storey house, where the kid's bedrooms were, all in a row. Each had a big window and Dan noticed that only his son's window had a light on. Wendy went up to the window, tip-toeing, Dan more and more puzzled.

"Shh," Wendy said to her husband when he stood next to her.

"What are we doing?" asked Dan, quietly.

"Just wanted you to see what our two eldest get up to," Wendy replied, and she peered through the gap in the drapes into her son's room. She turned to her husband and whispered, "They're at it again, just like I thought! That's why I wanted to come home early, they're not expecting us so are thinking they'll be unobserved. Have a look."

She moved aside and Dan stepped forward and carefully peered in through the gap in the drapes. He was a laid-back guy, easy-going and certainly not prudish, but understandably his jaw dropped when he saw his son and eldest daughter fucking!

Right there, on his son's double-bed, brother and sister were going at it like rabbits.

Wendy and Dan's eldest child was called Brett. He was sixteen but looked older with his chiselled looks that he'd clearly inherited from his father. He had short brown hair and green eyes that melted the hearts of the girls in his class at school. A keen footballer, Brett's six-foot frame was slim but toned and well sculpted.

His sister, Krystal, was only thirteen but at five-foot-one was the same height as her mum. Krystal had a truly angelic face, a sweet smile and deep brown eyes you could just get lost in whilst gazing into them. Her hair was long and light brown, slightly wavy and reaching half-way down her back. She had plump little tits, almost fully developed, and a lovely round arse that jutted out just like her mother's. Krystal was very sexy indeed and captured the attention of all the boys in her class, but the only boy attending to her at that moment was her big brother!

Dan was looking side-on at the bed in his son's room. Krystal was on her back, legs apart, Brett on top of her and pumping his prick hard into his sister. He was fucking with great strength and lust, although he was a bit amateurish at this, often alternating his rythm and shifting his position. This didn't matter to him or his sister though, both had big smiles on their faces and were enjoying it! Dan was a little shocked, naturally, but his brief worry that one of his kids was abusing the other were unfounded. Brett and Krystal were having the time of their lives.

"Well," whispered Dan, stepping aside from the window, "I know why they're so pleased when you and me say we're going out for the evening."

"Yeah," smirked Wendy, "I spotted them at it last week. You were at work and I was going to the shops with Tiffany, but I forgot my purse. I left Tiffany in the car on the drive and slipped back into the house. I heard grunting noises and tip-toed down the hallway. Brett's door was open and I sneaked a peak inside and saw him fucking Krystal! I sneaked back out the house and didn't say anything to Tiffany and just went to the shops, although I couldn't get that image out my head! I guess they do it regularly."

Dan suddenly found himself thinking of Tiffany, his youngest daughter.

"Where's Tiffany do you think?" he asked, quietly.

"She's round at a friend's house I think," Wendy said, "She said she might go to her friends and stay the night. I guess Brett and Krystal must have encouraged her to get her out the house. I'm surprised they haven't got her to join in! Maybe they will at some point, I wouldn't blame them."

Dan was a little shocked (but excited) at this comment. He wasn't surprised his liberal, sex-mad wife accepted their eldest children fucking, but he was taken aback by Wendy's comment that clearly suggested she'd approve of Tiffany joining in! A delicate blond girl, Tiffany was the baby of the family, only ten years old. Dan was thinking this over for a moment, rearranging his thoughts, when he sensed he had a boner. A real big stiffie in his pants, mainly from seeing his beautiful teenage daughter getting fucked by her brother, but also the brief idea of his youngest child getting involved.

"Let's go in and catch them at it," Wendy smiled.

"I don't know," Dan said, "They might...freak out! I mean, us two barging in on them. You're not going to tell them off are you?"

"Of course not! They're not doing anything wrong. I think it's quite sweet actually. But we gotta make sure they're doing it right."

"They seemed to be doing okay."

"Yeah...but let's go in anyway and...join in."

"Join in!"

"Keep your voice down."

"Oh, sorry."

"Come on, it'll be fun," Wendy said, reaching out and stroking her husband's crotch, finding his prick very hard indeed.

"Yeah," Dan smiled, pondering the image of him and his wife joining in their eldest son and daughter's fuck-fest, "we can screw next to them on the bed, maybe give them a few tips on techniques."

"We'll switch partners too."

"What? Switch partners? You mean I fuck Krystal and Brett fucks you? Er...you think we could?"

"Sure," Wendy shrugged, "Brett's a handsome boy and probably just as energetic as you, I'd love to take Krystal's place in that room, to have Brett fucking my hot cunt, to feel my son's nice young prick slamming into me. I bet he'd go for it, I've seen him eye up my tits and arse with lust in his eyes. As for Krystal...which guy wouldn't want to fuck her? She's such a pretty girl. Krystal is clearly a horny little minx and if she's as horny as I was at that age she'll spread her legs for any guy, especially her big handsome daddy."

Dan's cock got even stiffer at the idea of ramming it up his daughter's sweet cunt. The idea of his son fucking Wendy was just as arousing.

"Let's go," he said.

Wendy and her husband tip-toed round to the front of the house, Wendy silently opening the front door. The couple tip-toed through the house, down the hallway leading to the kid's bedrooms until they reached the door with "Brett's Room" written on a small sign that he'd had since he was a kid. The door was closed but the unmistakable sounds of humping could be heard.

"Here we go," Wendy smirked to her husband, naughtily, then lightly knocked on the door before opening it.

"Fuck, fuck," Brett began spluttering, the handsome youth sliding his pecker out of Krystal's tight wet cunt. He sat up and made an attempt to hide his cock, but as it was very stiff (and almost eight-inches long, his mother noted with pride) it was impossible.

"Shit," gasped Krystal, sitting up, hands over her young wet cunt, her little boobs on display, the nipples stiff. Both youngster's nude bodies were covered with a fine sheen of sweat as they looked at their parents, now standing side-by-side in the room, Wendy in her sexy black dress and Dan in his smart evening suit.

"Don't mind us," Wendy grinned.

"Shit," spluttered Krsytal again, "I mean...um...hi mum. Hi er...dad."

Brett smiled nervously.

"Having fun?" asked Dan with a smile, feeling so aroused at the sight of his naked thirteen year old daughter, Krystal looking down shyly as her father appraised her nudity.

"Yeah," Brett replied, still nervous, "Erm...we weren't doing nothing. Well, we were...but y'know, we didn't think there was any harm in it."

"There isn't any harm in it," grinned Wendy, "I spied you two at it last week. If I dissaproved I'd have stormed in then and told you to cut it out. But I very much approve. It's nice you kids get on so er...well."

"So you don't mind us having sex?" Brett asked, "We'll stop if you want us to."

"No no, we don't mind," Dan said to his son, "We approve, your mum and I."

"In fact, we'd like to join in, to watch you two at it," Wendy said. She turned to the side. "Dan? Unzip this dress will you? I hate being in a room with naked people when I'm dressed."

Dan smiled and reached out to unzip his wife's dress. She slipped the garment off so she stood in just her black shoes and lacy red bra and matching panties. She hummed happily as she took off her shoes, then her underwear, so the beautiful mature babe stood nude. Her nipples were erect and her cunt lips, visible on account of her cunt being completely shaved, glistening wetly. Dan began to undress too, Krystal's big dark eyes popping out her head as she saw her father get naked, his nine-inch cock sticking straight up like an veiny iron rod.

"Do you like my body as much as your sister's?" Wendy asked her son, giving him a quick twirl.

"Yeah mum," said Brett, his confidence growing, "You're really sexy!"

"What about you Krystal?" Wendy asked her daughter, "Do you like your father's body?"

"Mmmm, yeah," Krystal nodded, feeling more confident too, her hands now hanging by her side as she knelt on the bed, unconsciously parting her thighs a little to show off her cunt. It was adorned with only a small amount of brown hair, her cunt-lips very wet and her inner-thighs slick with sweat and cunt juice. "You look hot too mum," she said, admiring her mother just as Dan was doing. Wendy smiled, glad that - like her - Krystal clearly swung both ways. Wendy had fucked a lot of women, often in front of her husband, and she was turned on by the idea of fucking young Krystal (whilst Dan and Brett, watched) as she was at the idea of fucking Brett.

"How long have you two been at it?" Dan asked, casually.

"About a month," shrugged Brett, "We both decided to lose our cherries together."

"That's very sweet," Wendy said, and meant it too.

"Well then," Dan said, "I'm feeling horny. You two kids move aside, I'll fuck your mum next to you and you two get back to fucking each other!"

Brett and Krystal liked this idea. They shifted to the side of the bed, kneeling up and watching their parents get into position. Wendy winked cheekily at Brett as she got onto the bed, laying down on her back and spreading her thighs.

"Come and fuck me Dan," she said to her husband, "I'm so horny, I need cock! I haven't been this horny in years, watching our son and daughter fuck has got me so fucking hot!"

Dan swiftly got onto the bed and mounted his wife, sliding his erection up into her tight cunt. He began fucking her hard and fast, the couple wrapping their arms round each other as their bodies seemed to melt into one.

Their mother's hot words and rampant display of fuck-lust turned on Krystal and Brett. The girl lay on her back, copying her mother's position, whilst Brett imitated his father, mounting Krystal and pushing his hard prick into her cunt. He began fucking her, mother and father, brother and sister fucking alongside each other.

"Try and keep to a steady rythm," Dan shortly told his son.

"Okay dad," Brett replied. He matched his father's pace, occasionally looking over to check what his dad was doing so he could copy him. Both were soon humping in unison, their arses rising and falling between the spread thighs of the female beneath them. The sound of their cocks slapping in and out of Wendy and Krsytal's cunts filled the room along with wild grunts of lust.

"Grab Brett's arse-cheeks," Wendy said to her daughter. Krystal nodded and reached round, clapping her hands to Brett's buttocks which were tightening and untightening as he slammed his meat up her womb. Wendy was doing the same and the mother and daughter exhanged loving glances that clearly indicated how much fun they were having!

Dan began snogging his wife, ramming his tongue down her hot throat. Brett looked at his sister as he shafted her.

"You wanna kiss?" he said, softly. Kissing was one thing him and his sister hadn't actually done, despite everything else.

"Yeah," Krystal nodded.

Still fucking his sister hard, Brett leaned down and clamped his lips to Krystal's. They kissed tentatively at first but soon got into it, sliding their tongues over each other's, snogging hotly as they fucked. Wendy and Dan were doing the same.

The couples became lost in their own humping for a while, Dan shafting his wife's tight cunt whilst next to him Brett did likewise to Krystal. The boy began to feel his orgasm rise up.

"I'm cumming," he gasped, taking his lips from Krystals and shafting her cunt harder, "Oh yeah, yeah!"

"Shoot it up her," Wendy ordered her son, "Shoot your sperm right up your sister's cunt, fuck her! Fuck her hard!"

Spurred on by his randy mother's orders, Brett fucked even faster.

"I'm cumming too," Krystal was crying out, her hands gripping her brother's strong shoulders, "Oh, uh, uh! UUUUH! YEAH!"

"Here it is sis, in your cunt! YEAH!" Brett slammed his cock one last time into Krystal's tight twat and spurted his thick seed. His cock felt like it was exploding, erupting hot cream up into Krystal's womb, his sister shuddering with her own strong climax. He emptied his nuts into the girl then they collapsed into each other's arms, sweaty and out of breath.

"My turn now," Dan grunted, thrusting hard into Wendy's twat.

"Fuck me hard, just like our son's just fucked our daughter hard!" Wendy spluttered, "Yeah, yeah, that's it...yeah!"

"UUUUH, yeah!!" cried Dan, ramming his cock deep into his wife's cunt and firing his sperm. It was a powerful climax, his pent-up semen blasting out into Wendy's twat. They held each other close throughout their climax, knowing that their already-wild sex life was going to be even more fun with tonight's developments!

Dan finished cumming in his wife's cunt and held her in his arms for a moment. Then he withdrew his dick from her slick cunt and sat up between her spread legs. Brett was doing the same, kneeling in front of Krystal, who lay back, exhausted but clearly sensing that the evening wasn't over yet!

"I take it you can manage more than once a session," Wendy said to Brett as she sat up.

"Yeah," Brett said, proudly, "I'm getting a stiffie already."

"You sure are," Wendy said, reaching over and gripping Brett's cock. It was semi-hard but a few gentle strokes from Wendy had the prick sticking up stiff again.

"That's good mum," Brett panted, hardly able to believe his own mum was stroking his prick.

"Krystal, be a good girl and get your dad back to stiffness," Wendy said.

"Okay mum," Krystal said, excitedly, and she slid off the bed and walked round to other side, her father thrilled at the idea of his own daughter about to attend to his cock. There was a change of positions so that Brett and his mum were kneeling opposite each other whilst Krystal was kneeling across from her dad. Both mother and daughter were pumping the cocks before them in their fists, Brett erect very quickly, his father also gaining a fresh erection thanks to the novice but delicate stroking from Krystal's hands.

"How about we fuck again?" suggested Wendy.

"Sounds good," Brett breathed.

"Yeah, I need another fucking!" Krystal giggled, "I'm hot for cock!" she added, remembering her mother's lustful phrase.

"So am I honey," laughed Wendy, and without taking her hand from Brett's cock she leaned over and gave Krystal a kiss on the lips, a lingering and rather un-motherly one. "Let's stick with our current partners though," Wendy added.

"You mean, I fuck you mum?" asked Brett.

"Sure, do you want to?" Wendy said.

"Yeah mum, I sure do!"

"Goody! Krystal, do you want your dad to fuck you hot little cunt?"

"I do, I do!" chirped Krystal, and she turned to her dad and gave him a hot kiss, still pumping her father's erection in her fist.

"Lay down honey, I'm gonna screw you good 'n hard," Dan smiled. His daughter did so, laying on her back and parting her legs.

"Come and fuck me daddy, I wanna be screwed so hard," Krystal begged. Her father could hardly believe this! His own thirteen year old daughter begging for his cock. He lay atop the girl, gently guiding his stiffness into her cunt. It felt so hot and tight! He drove forwards, sliding into her cunt to the hilt.

"What a hot little girl I have," Dan panted, and he and Krystal exchanged smiles before kissing lustily. Dan began shafting hard, not building up pace this time, just going at it and slamming his pole up his daughter's cunt.

Next to them, Wendy lay on her back and spread her legs. Her son licked his lips at the sight of his super-sexy mum before him.

"Shaft me honey," Wendy said, "Come and give mummy a good hard fuck!"

"What son could refuse?" Brett said, and he mounted his mother. They both groaned with pleasure as Brett's dick eased up into his mother's cunt. He rammed his erection in to the hilt and began pumping her twat. Wendy may have been fucked countless times since losing her virginity (to Dan) twenty-four years ago when she was fourteen and she may have borne three kids, but her cunt was still nice and tight. Brett shafted it deep and hard.

"Oh yeah, that's good, mummy likes that," panted Wendy. Brett was in a good fast rythm now, humping his mother's hot cunt. He placed his lips on hers and began kissing his mother, ramming his tongue down her throat. Despite her initial confidence, Wendy wasn't sure how far Brett would go tonight. He may have been fucking his sister but becoming a motherfucker was something else! She was glad her son hadn't shown any hesitation in wanting to fuck her but couldn't believe her luck that the rampant sixteen year old stud was now kissing her like a wild lover. She slid her tongue into his throat and, like Krystal and her daddy next to them, Brett and his mother kissed hard as they fucked. Once again, albeit with partners switched, the couples humped each other wildly alongside each other on the bed. Wendy hit a climax fairly soon, crying out with lust as her son's cock pounded her twat. Krystal came shortly afterwards, hugging her father close to her as her cunt was shafted deeply.

Then it was the guy's turns.

"I'm cumming mum, I'm cumming," cried Brett, fucking his cock hard up into his mother's cunt, "UUUUH! YEAH!" His cock exploded his young teenage sperm up into his mother's cunt. Wendy wrapped her legs round the boy's thrusting hips, feeling her cunt fill with sperm. Her own son, who'd emerged from her cunt was now filling that orifice with his cum! How arousing, Wendy thought!

"Cum in me, fill my twat," she purred, "Mmmm, that's so good!"

"Uh, shit, yeah!" panted Brett, spurting the last of his semen into his mother's cunt.

"Here it is Krsytal," groaned Dan next to them, "Here's daddy's sperm...yeah! Oh yeah!"

He shafted Krystals tight teen snatch and fired his cum up there.

"Fuck me daddy, that's so good, yeah!" the girl was crying, feeling her father's lovely hot cum fill her young cunt. She was so turned on at the idea of the same cum that had created her was now filling her womb. She held her dad close to her and kissed him hard on the mouth, Dan sticking his tongue down his daughter's throat and shooting out a final few spurts of semen into her cunt.

The incestuous, inter-generational couples lay in each other's arms for a few moment before they split up.

"Where's Tiffany, just out of interest?" Dan asked.

"At a friend's house for the night," replied Krystal, "She wasn't sure whether to go but Brett and I er...encouraged her, to get her out the house for the night."

"Fair enough," said Dan, thinking back to Wendy's suggestion earlier of Tiffany joining in. My God, he thought, how hot would that be, fucking his youngest daughter? Still, such plans could wait. Despite his two orgasms that evening he still felt aroused, seeing his naked elder daughter with cum leaking out her hot teen snatch.

"I'll get a drink for us all," Wendy said. The naked mother got off the bed and went to the living room. She returned a moment later with a bottle of beer for Brett and Dan and a glass of wine for herself and Krystal. They sat nude on the bed and had a drink. They chatted happily for a while, the parents gleefully listening to Brett and Krystal relate the tale of when they first fucked a few weeks ago. The hadn't got up to much really, as it turned out. They'd fucked about two-dozen times, but only vaginal sex in the missionary position with a few tentative attempts at oral as foreplay. Their parents assured them they'd teach them a lot more! Dan and Wendy told their kids about their own sex life. Dan was thirteen and Wendy twelve when they first started dating, and kissing and fondling quickly lead to performing oral on each other. Wendy had sucked Dan's dick and drank his cum and Dan had licked out his young girlfriend's cunt. After a couple of years, when Wendy was fourteen and Dan fifteen, they'd fucked in Dan's parent's bed when they had the house to themselves. They'd fucked like rabbits, whenever they could. After High-School, they got jobs, moved in together and got married. Krystal asked their parents if they'd only ever fucked each other, but Wendy said that they'd 'sampled' other people.

"We felt like we'd be missing out if we just fucked each other and no-one else all our lives," Dan explained, "So a while ago, when you kids were still little, we started going to swingers-parties. We'd fuck with other couples and it was great fun. We went to a lot then and still go sometimes, but not as often. Your mother often gets it on with other women, which is very hot! For her and me! I love watching. Sometimes when you kids have been at school, your mum and I have taken a day off work. Sometimes we invite round a couple from one of our swingers circles and we fuck together during the day, and sometimes I've hired an escort girl - or a hooker, if you will - and she's come round and your mum and I have both fucked her."

"That sounds cool," Krystal smiled, her brother agreeing.

The parents related a few more explicit details of their activities, particularly at the swinger-parties. This soon had the effect of raising Brett's hard young prick once more. His dad followed suit.

"Let's fuck some more," Krystal said, noting her brother and father's fresh erections, "I'm horny."

"Me too," Wendy said. They'd all finished their drinks by now and got ready for more action.

"Why don't me and you get it on mum," Krystal said to her mum, batting her eyelids sexily and reaching out to stroke her mother's blond hair, "You clearly love getting it one with other women and I think your so sexy, I'd love to fuck you!"

"I'd love to fuck you too honey," Wendy said, "But let's not leave out our menfolk! Tell you what, let's sixty-nine. You know what that is don't you?"

"Sure," Krystal replied, "I've never done it though, but I know what it is."

"Okay, we'll sixty-nine," Wendy said to her daughter, "Your father and brother can fuck our assholes in the meantime."

"Our assholes?" Krystal frowned.

"You never thought about anal-sex?" Wendy said.

"Yeah," shrugged Krystal, "Brett and me were planning on doing it but we weren't sure how to go about it exactly. I want to try it now though, I bet it's fun!"

"Is it fun!" Wendy assured her daughter, "I've taken cocks up my shitter more time than I can remember! When your daddy and me were teenagers and we sometimes found ourselves lacking in condoms, he'd fuck me up the arse to avoid getting me pregnant. I grew to like it and I take him in my arse just as often as in the cunt."

"Who get's who's arse?" asked Brett, stroking his stiff dick.

"Well," Dan began, "I think you should have the pleasure of deflowering your sister's behind. But I'd like a go too. So, you fuck your sister up the arse first and I'll fuck your mum up the arse. Then before we cum we'll switch over. How does that sound?"

"Sound's great dad," grinned Brett.

"Come on mum," Krystal said, impatiantly, "Lay down and I'll get on top and we'll suck each other's pussies whilst these lovely men fuck our bottoms!"

Wendy giggled and gave her daughter a passionate kiss before she lay down, legs spread. Krystal got on top of her mother, lowering her cunt onto her mum's face and diving her own head between her mum's legs. Wendy had her daughter's sperm-leaking teenage cunt over her mouth and she immediately began to suck and lick that lovely tight hole. Meanwhile Krystal licked her lips as she looked at her mother's shaved cunt, Dan and Brett's sperm running wetly out between the glistening lips. She plunged in, lapping greedily at that tasty cunt. She'd never eaten cunt before (though she'd fingered a friend's cunt in a mutual masturbation game last year) but Krystal was a natural, and soon gave her mother a real thrill with her hot and energetic tongue.

"Let's fuck their arses now son," Dan said to Brett.

"Okay dad."

"Use your saliva for lubrication! There's nothing more exciting than licking a girl's arse, apart from maybe fucking a girl's arse!"

Brett grinned and got behind Krystal, his sister's lovely spread arse before him. It was a nice round bum, thrust out with a tight bald pink orifice winking between those smooth white buttocks. He leaned in and licked Krystal's arsehole, running his tongue around that lovely hole which twitched under his tongue-work. The slurping sounds of his mother eating out Krystal's cunt just below him sounded loud and sexy. Krystal had tongues working on both her holes now and she was in true heaven. She continued licking her mother's cunt, her father now leaning in below her to slurp and slobber on Wendy's arsehole. Krystal watched her dad run his tongue in and out of Wendy's pooh-hole, Krystal thinking that this was what was going on behind her to her own arse, her brother growing more confident and easing his tongue up Krystal's rectum.

After a few minutes of licking, the guys had the girl's assholes ready for fucking. Brett knelt up and pushed his swollen purple cockhead to his sister's saliva-slick arsehole and pushed. There was some resistance, but not much. Krystal was eager to have her brother's nice hard dick in her arsehole and she relaxed her sphincter to allow that fine tool to slide up into her.

"Wow, it's going up there mum," Brett announced, squeezing half of his eight-incher up into Krystal's bum. Wendy couldn't talk as she was busy eating out her daughter's cunt, but she could see, right above her eyes, as her son eased up his sister's arse with his cock. Brett shoved the remainder of his shaft into Krystal.

"Oooh, that's good," Krystal cried, raising her cunt-juice and sweat slathered face from her mother's cunt, "Oh yeah, that's so hot! MMMM! Fuck! Fuck my arse hard Brett, fuck my arse!"

She lowered her head and got back to lapping at her mother's wet cunt whilst Brett gripped his sister's hips and began running his cock back and forth in her tight anus.

Dan was kneeling up too at the other end of the mother/daughter sixty-nine. He held the base of his cock and presented the head to Wendy's anus. He pushed the head into that tight hole, paused for a moment, then slid all the way in with one single elegant stroke. Krystal busily licked her mother's cunt whilst watching her father's dick dissapear up her mother's arse. Her father's lower abdomen was pushed against the top of her head and she could smell the warm aroma's of her dad's cock as it fucked up and down in her mother's shit-hole. Brett and Dan were soon reaching a good pace, humping the girl's butts lustily. Wendy and Krystal continued to eat each other's cunts, moaning with delight as their arses were deeply penetrated.

"This sure is good dad," Brett said to his father across Krystal's bare back, "Krystal's shit-hole is so tight and hot! It'll take a lot of willpower to tug out of her bum without cumming!"

"Well, it'll be worth it son," Dan replied, "Your mother's arse is still nice and tight, despite all the action it's got over the years! You'll love fucking your mother's arse and shooting your load up it. Don't worry though, you'll have plenty of chances to shoot your load up your sister's rectum. Tonight is only the beginning!"

Brett grinned and got back to concentrating on sodomimizing his sister. He thought of Tiffany, his kid sister, and what would be done about her. His parents were indicating that they clearly wanted this to be a regular thing, this big family orgy. But Tiffany couldn't be shunted out to a friend's house every night. Were his parents planning on getting Tiffany involved? He hoped so! Tiffany was very pretty, a lovely little thing, barely entering pubery but with the cutest of butts and an adorable face. The idea of fucking her up the arse was just as arousing as fucking his mother and sister up the arse! Brett decided to put off these thoughts for now though and concentrated on buggering Krystal.

After five-minutes, Brett felt his orgasm was approaching, so he popped his dick out of Krystal's arse. His younger sister's anus was now hanging open, no longer the small, tight virginal hole it had been a short while ago. Dan likewise slid his pole out of Wendy's arse.

"Let's switch then," he said. Father and son swapped places.

"Let me suck your dick brother," Krystal said, taking her mouth from her mother's cunt. Kneeling in front of Krystal, Brett guided his prick into his sister's mouth. She bathed it in her tongue, tasting her own arse-juices on the hard cock which she greedily slurped on. Wendy had the same idea, and when her husband was kneeling above her she had him guide his cock into her mouth so she could suck her own shit off Dan's hard dong.

The mother and daughter then got back to sucking on each other's pussies. Brett guided his hard cock up into his mother's arse, easing it in to the hilt and finding that, just as his dad had promised, his mum's arse was just as hot and tight as Krystal's.

Dan meanwhile pushed his hard dong up Krystal's arse, swiftly planting his entire nine-inches up his daughter's rectum.

"This girl is a natural," he grunted as he began buggering the teenager hard and deeply, "Wow, this is so tight, but Krystal didn't squirm or nothin' when I rammed my cock up her! I tell you Brett, when I first buggered your mum when she was about fifteen, she squirmed a lot! She can take it now though but it was a struggle that first time. However, Krystal can take it despite being just thirteen, she's clearly a natural at taking hard dicks up her arse! This slut was born to take cocks in her fucking arse! Oh yeah, I'm gonna shoot my cum right up her arse, right up her fucking bum! I'll mix my cum with her shit right up her fucking hot arse!"

Krystal loved being talked about this way, just as much as she loved sucking her mother's cunt whilst her mother sucked her own, all the while her father's lovely hard prick ramming hard up her crapper. She felt like such a wanton whore, she wanted this to go on forever!

Brett was busy sodomizing his mother, unable to see her as she was under Krystal but able to hear her muffled moans of pleasure. Her shitter was tight and hot, Brett just loved ramming his cock up her arse. He felt his orgasm would be difficult to put off for long. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes, his sperm began to boil up. He rammed harder into his mother's arse and began to fire his seed.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming, oh yeah!!" he cried, ramming his cock to the hilt in his mother's tight arse and flooding her rectum with semen. He blasted her bowels full of cum and almost passed out with the intensity of his climax.

"Time to fill your arse with cum Krystal," Dan panted, thrusting harder and faster, "Yeah, here it is honey...uuuuh! GOD! YEAH!"

Dan drove his dong deep into Krystal's anus and shot out his semen in thick pumps, flooding the teenager's rectum with jism. He hunched over the girl, hands flat on her sweaty, slippery bare back as he gave her a spunk-enema.

Brett finished cumming up his mother's bum and eased out of her, slumping up against the headboard at the top of the bed, his cock limp and soiled. Dan eased his pole out his daughter's arse and finally the two females moved apart. They kissed each other lustily, tasting their own cunt-juice on the other's lips. Then Wendy went to her son and kissed him passionately whilst Krystal did the same to her father.

They were all shattered by now. It was getting late and they realized that they'd been fucking for almost two hours. They all sprawled across the bed, totally exhausted. Brett reached out and flicked off the lamps and they slept in the darkness, Brett cuddling up to his sister and Wendy in her husband's arms with one of Krystal's hands idly resting on her bare arse.

Wendy woke up first, snuggled between her husband and daughter. The clock read 6:11AM and judging by the sunlight streaming through the gap in the drapes it was going to be a sunny Saturday. Wendy got off the bed and slipped out the room and went to the bathroom. After having a piss and splashing some cold water on her face, the sexy mum strolled into the kitchen and made some coffee.

"Hi mum," Krystal said, the sexy thirteen year old girl padding naked into the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Morning honey," Wendy said, smiling to her daughter. Krystal strolled up and gave her mother a good-morning kiss, but a rather more passionate one than normal.

"Ooh, coffee, excellent! I'll need to get my strength up after last night!" Krystal said. She poured herself some coffee and her and her mother went into the living room, sitting close to each other on the big red sofa.

"It was fun last night wasn't it?" Wendy said.

"Absolutely mum!" Krystal agreed, "It was fantastic! It was fun when Brett and me screwed together but with you and dad there it was even better, especially when dad fucked me! Brett's good but dad's more experienced."

"Brett still managed very well," Wendy said, "He fucked me good and hard! I came a lot."

"So did I. I loved it when we were in the sixty-nine and Brett and daddy fucked our assholes. I like that a lot."

"Me too."

They talked a little longer about the events last night, sipping their coffee and enjoying just sitting nude and talking explicitly about sex and various other things they wanted to try out.

"Have you ever had double-penetration?" Krystal was asking her mother, holding her coffee mug with one hand whilst her other idly stroked her mother's smooth thigh, "One guy fucking your cunt and one fucking your arse?"

"Lots of times," Wendy replied, "At the swingers-parties us women would take turns getting fucked in the cunt and arsehole at the same time. Often we'd suck off a third cock. It's so much fun."

"I'd like to try that with Brett and daddy, they could fuck my holes at the same time. I'm sure I'd cum a lot!"

"I'm sure you would! Especially if you had my cunt to eat out in the meantime."

"I'd like to eat you out now mum! Let's get ourselves fired up ready for when the guys wake up with their big morning woodies waving in the air!"

"A superb idea!"

They finished their coffees and put the mugs on the table. Krystal got up and asked her mother to sit back on the sofa with her legs spread. Licking her lips, the teenager knelt between her mother's parted thighs and dived in, licking hungrily at her mum's cunt. It tasted good and the girl was soon working her tongue up her mother's cunt. Wendy was in heaven but she also gave her daughter instructions which Krystal eagerly followed.

"Rub my clit," Wendy was panting, "Bring your fingertips up and work them over my clit whilst you stick your tongue up my cunt...that's it...work them round in circles. Mmmm. That's good. Now bring your other hand into play, push a forefinger up my arse...that's it, work them up me. Up my shitter, yeah! Oh yeah, in to the hilt, that's good darling, that's good. Oh, what a skilled cunt-licker I have a for a daughter. Mmmm, yeah. Work everything in time with each other...lick my cunt, frig my clit and finger my arsehole at the same rate...that's it. Mmmmm. A bit faster honey."

Krystal was loving this, learning how to bring her mother off with her tongue and fingers. She had enough initiative to make things up as she went along, jabbing two fingers up her mother's rectum instead of one whilst slurping her cunt. It wasn't long before Wendy had a climax, her legs quivering and her eyes fluttering as she had a prolonged orgasm under her daughter's attentions.

"Lick me frig me, uuuh! That's it Krystal. Oh yeah, mummy's cumming, mummy's fucking cumming! Yeah! Yeah!"

She almost passed out with pleasure. Once her mother's orgasm had finished, Krystal raised her head, smiling, cunt-juice dripping from her chin. She leaned over her mum and they kissed like wanton lovers.

"Let me suck your twat now honey," Wendy said.

"I love it when you talk dirty," Krystal giggled.

"I am dirty!" Wendy smiled, "I'm a slut! I love being fucked, I love big cocks ramming into my cunt and arse and mouth. I love your father's big cock, I love your brother's big cock and I love your hot twat! Come on honey, I wanna eat out your fucking wet cunt then we'll wake up your dad and brother and they'll fuck the shit out of us two cunting whores."

Krystal hopped onto the sofa, sitting back and parting her legs. Wendy quickly got down and started licking out her daughter. She was very skilled at this, slurping deeply on her daughter's cunt, rubbing her clit and sliding a finger in and out of the girl's arsehole. It didn't take long until Krystal had a thunderous climaxing, slumping back on the sofa and almost shouting the house down with her lustful cries.

"Oh mummy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! YEAH! Lick my cunt, lick it. Suck it dry! OOOOOH! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Ram your finger up my arse, lick my cunt, uuuuuuh! UH UH UH UH UH! FUCK!"

Wendy ate out her daughter until the girl could take no more. Then the rampant mother sat up next to her daughter and leaned over, kissing Krystal hard, their tongues exploring each other mouths.

"What's all this noise!" grinned Dan as he strode into the living room, naked, his cock hard. Behind him was his son, Brett, rubbing his eyes and yawning. His young tool was also sticking up erect.

"Morning boys," Wendy smiled, taking her lips from her daughter's mouth.

"We've had each other's cunts for breakfast," Krystal giggled, stroking her mother's hair.

"Who's for some cock for dessert?" Brett laughed, stroking his erection and eyeing up his lusty mother and sister.

"Me!" Wendy and Krystal said together.

Dan went towards Wendy and knelt down, his wife sitting on the edge of the sofa and spreading her legs. Dan eased his hard cock up into her cunt, driving in to the hilt. He clamped his hands over her plump round tits and began humping her, sliding his cock to and fro in her wet cunt.

"Fuck me Dan, fuck me hard!" Wendy panted, "My cunt is all nice and wet, mostly from our daughter's spit! She eats cunt well, just as well as you!"

"What a hot daughter I have," Dan smiled, "Hey Brett, come and fuck your sister, she's sitting there all falorn because her cunt is unattended to."

"Righto dad," replied Brett. He knelt on the floor in front of the sofa, Krystal sitting before him. She spread her legs and, copying his father, Brett eased his cock into Krystal's cunt. He rammed in to the root and began fucking his sister, the siblings kissing lustily, Brett pawing at his sister's titties. Next to them, Dan was shafting Wendy's cunt deeply, leaning over and sliding his tongue down her throat.

For ten-minutes they shafted away, next to each other, the guy's cocks making wet slurpy noises as they pumped in and out of the mother and daughter's cunts. Dan began to tire so he slid his dong out of Wendy's cunt.

"Want to switch over kid?" he said to Brett.

"Sure thing dad," Brett replied. He eased out of Krystal's cunt and switched positions with his father.

"Fuck it up me daddy," Krystal begged her father.

"Whatever you say sweetheart," Dan replied, and slammed his cock up Krystal's cunt, making the girl shiver with pleasure.

Next to them, Brett wasted no time in pushing his hard cock up his mother's twat and fucking her lustily, stroking her tits as he fucked her cunt. Wendy held the boy's head and pulled him down so she could kiss him, savouring the taste of his mouth as their tongues squirmed against each other. Brett's hard cock was driving up into his mother's hot cunt and he felt his climax rumbling up after a moment.

"I'm gonna cum mum," he panted, taking his mouth from her's.

"Quick, pull out," Wendy said, "I want a facial, I went your jism all over my face and in my mouth."

Brett thought this idea was fucking hot! He slid his cock out her cunt and stood up. Wendy sat up, her arse on the edge of the seat. Brett pumped his prick in his fist, his cock-head bobbing right in his mother's pretty face. Wendy licked her lips, impatient for a cum-shower. She didn't have to wait long!

"UUUUH! Mum, here it is! Fuck yeah!" Brett cried, jerking off furiously. His sperm began to spurt out, thick wads of sticky sperm ejecting hotly from his piss-hole. The cum splattered over his mother's face, big sticky dollops splashing over her skin and in her mouth. She swallowed what she caught on her tongue whilst delighting in the feel of her son's hot teen cum spraying over her skin.

"Let's do that too daddy," Krystal said.

After ramming his cock up into his daughter's cunt a few more times, Dan pulled out of her and stood up. Copying her mother, Krystal sat on the edge of the sofa whilst her dad stood up and jacked-off in her face. Dan was in heaven, his first orgasm of the day very powerful and still unable to believe how lucky he was to be doing this, spraying his little girl with his cum. He pumped his prick with both hands, letting out a long groan of pleasure as he watched his hot and sticky sperm splash over Krystal's face. The girl didn't hesitate to catch a few pumps in her mouth and gulp down the salty juice whilst the rest of the stringy cum hit her cheeks and nose, hanging down in slimy, obscene drips. She sucked her dad's dick clean once the geyser had ended, Wendy doing likewise with her son's wilting cock. Then the mother and daughter turned to each other and kissed hotly.

"What a pair of hot babes," Dan said, stepping back and stroking his cock, feeling another erection coming on already.

"They sure like cum, mum and Krystal, don't they?" Brett smiled. Indeed, his mother and sister were licking the cum from each other's faces and spitting it into each other's mouths. Then they kissed some more, their cheeks bulging as they explored each other's gums with their tongues and drank the cum and saliva they licked from each other's mouths. Like his dad, Brett found his dick stiffen again in just a moment or two.

"Hey, dad and Brett are hard again," Krystal smiled, taking her mouth from her mother's, a string of saliva connecting the mother and daughter's lips for a moment before it broke, "Let's try double-penetration."

"Yeah, we were talking about that earlier," Wendy said, "I haven't tried it for a while and Krystal's never had it! Come on boys, look lively. You're going to fuck my cunt and arse at the same time to show Krystal how it's done, then you can fuck her holes."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Brett said, "Can I take their arses dad?"

"Sure son, no problem," Dan said. He lay on the floor in front of the fireplace, holding his erection upright. Wendy stood astride her husband's hips and lowered herself, She took his long pole into her cunt and settled down, kneeling over Dan's hips, the man's big tool wedge up her cunt. She leaned forwards so that her arse-cheeks parted, revealing her hairless little arsehole which was loose from it's fingering from Krystal not too long ago.

"Get behind me and fuck your cock up my shitter," Wendy ordered her son. Brett couldn't wait! He got behind his mother and guided his erection up to her arsehole, nudging her sphincter before pushing hard. His mother shuddered with delight as her son's cock squeezed up into her and she urged him on, Brett working his way up his mother's arse until he was lodged in to the hilt.

"Wow, that looks so cool," Krystal was saying, squatting down nearby, fingering her wet young cunt as she watched her mother take a cock in her cunt and arsehole at the same time.

"It feels so fantastic," Wendy panted, "Oh yeah, this is heaven! True heaven! Fuck me guys, fuck me hard!"

Brett slid half his length out of his mother's arse then slammed back into her rectum to the hilt. He repeated this, steadily buggering his mother's arse deeply. Dan was holding his wife's tits in his strong hands as he began to thrust his cock up into her cunt, father and son working together and ramming their cocks into Wendy's holes. The blond babe was panting lustily, eyes shut as she was double-fucked to perfection. Her body was shaking with pleasure. Dan pinched Wendy's nipples as he banged his cock up into her cunt hard, Brett meanwhile holding his mother's hips and fucking her tight shitter.

"I'm cumming," Wendy soon cried out, "Oh fuck, yeah, yeah! Fuck me! UUUUH!"

Her body shook with pleasure, her flesh slippery with sweat and hard for her husband and son to grip hold of as they banged the rampant slut. Their tools plunged repeatedly into her cunt and arse and drove her wild with pleasure.

Once her orgasm had subsided, Wendy had Brett and Dan disengage from her. She rolled off, tired and smiling, and kissed Krystal deeply on the mouth.

"Your turn honey," she said.

"I can't wait!" Krystal said, excitedly. She got astride her father and lowered her cunt onto his cock, taking him deeply into her twat. She then leaned forwards, her small titties crushed against her father's broad chest, her arse spread. Brett licked his lips and placed his slick cock to his sister's arsehole. He pushed his way in, groaning with pleasure at the heat of his sister's arse as he drove his erection up into her.

"Ooooh, yeah," Krystal groaned, "My God that is so good!"

"Brett isn't even all the way in yet," Wendy commented, noting how only five of her son's eight-inches were lodged in Krystal's arse.

"I'll take care of that," Brett said, and with a quick jerk of his hips he planted his full length up his sister's rectum. He began fucking her arse hard without bothering to wait for her sphincter to get used to his girth. He deeply buggered Krystal, the girl crying out with pleasure as her father also began to fuck her, ramming his tool up her cunt. She closed her eyes and grunted with lust, her young body ravished by two big hard cocks. Wendy was kneeling nearby, reaching out with one hand to grope her daughter's tits whilst she used her other hand to finger her cunt. She worked three digits up her wet cunt to the knuckle and sighed with pleasure.

"Yeah, this is fun," Brett was panting, "Oh yeah, Krystal, your arse is so tight! Uuuh, uh! I can't wait to cum up it!"

"I'll be cumming soon!" Krystal announced, "Wait until I cum then you both can cum in me, we'll all climax together! I want your cocks to fill me cunt and arse with spunk at the same time!"

"I think we can manage that," said Dan. He'd had good practise at double-fucking women and timing his orgasm. He shafted his daughter's twat from below, inhaling the aroma of sweat that the rampant thirteen year old slut gave off, her body pressed close to him, her tight cunt gripping his cock-shaft. He could feel his son's cock working away through the thin wall between Krystal's womb and rectum. The girl was packed with cock and she was approaching a climax quickly.

"I'm cumming now," she cried soon, "Oh fuck, oh yeah! Cum in me daddy, and you too Brett! Fill me with fucking spunk! YEAH! YEAH! AAAAH!"

She shook with ecstasy, her cunt and arsehole spasming round the invading pricks.

"Here's my fucking spunk," grunted Brett, "Oh yeah, UUUH! Up your arse sis, you fucking slut! FUCK!!" He rammed his pole up his sister's shit-chute and blasted her bowels with cum.

"Fill me, fill my shit-chute with jism Brett!" Krystal cried, "YEAH!!"

"Uuh, aaah!" Dan was panting, raising his arse off the carpet to slam his cock into Krystal's cunt. He spewed his thick jizz up into her, filling her womb with hot fuck-sauce. Krystal's climax was prolonged as she felt her womb and rectum filling with sperm. Wendy leaned in and clamped her lips to Krystal's whilst stroking her tits, mother and daughter kissing lustfully. Dan let out a long sigh as he fired the last of his cum into his daughter's twat, Brett also reaching the end of his orgasm, his cock oozing out the last of his sperm into his sister's bowels. He eased his dick out of the girl and fell back, tired out. The remaining family members moved apart, all of them shattered and sweaty.

It was a while before they staggered to their feet.

"Tiffany will be home soon," Wendy commented.

"We should clean ourselves up and get dressed," Krystal commented.

"Why not get her to join in?" Brett suggested, "Come on mum, dad, that's been your idea since last night hasn't it? We can't all fuck together without her knowing!"

"You're right son," Wendy said, "I want Tiffany to join in too. I know she's only ten but I don't care, she's a beautiful little girl and when I was that age I was masturbating and thinking about sex. She'll join in with us I'm sure. It'll just be a bit delicate to get her involved."

"We'll work out a way," Brett said, "I want to fuck her, I bet she's just as hot as you and Krystal mum."

"Well, let's all clean up anyway," Dan said, "Then we'll have breakfast. Wendy? Let's have a shower together, then you kids can shower together whilst your mum and me make breakfast."

They all agreed on this plan. The parents went to shower then, when they were out and making breakfast, Brett and Krystal showered together, lovingly soaping and rinsing each other's bodies down. When they emerged, breakfast was ready, and having worked up a big appetite they were all starved!

Chapter Two

Tiffany got home at ten o'clock. She hummed happily as she strolled up the garden path, her light blond hair shining in the golden sunlight. The ten year old had a delicate face, a sharp little nose and huge blue eyes. She was four-foot-six but appeared a bit taller because she was so slender. At the moment she wore a pair of tight blue shorts that hugged her arse which, even though she'd not yet entered puberty, was similar to her mother and sister's butts in that it was round and stuck out a bit, those cheeks shapely and pert in those tight shorts. Her legs were slender and she wore knee-high white socks and sneakers. She had on a pink Barbie T-shirt that hugged her slender torso. She had no breasts yet, not even a hint of them.

Carrying a bag with her pyjamas and some things in that she'd taken to her friend's house last night for the sleepover, Tiffany went up to the front door and entered the family home. She dumped her bag on the floor and kicked off her sneakers before half-walking, half-skipping into the living room.

"Hello all," she chirped in her sweet childish voice.

About half-an-hour previously, Dan, Wendy, Brett and Krystal had stripped naked and engaged in some very prolonged foreplay in the living room, ready to greet the youngest member of their family. Brett was sitting in the armchair, legs apart, Krystal kneeling before him and deeply sucking on his cock. As she deep-throated her brother the thirteen year old brunette was fingering her cunt, working two digits up that tight hole.

Dan was sitting on the sofa, Wendy next to him kneeling up and offering her tits to her husband. Dan sucked on one of his wife's stiff nipples whilst Wendy was reaching down and stroking his towering erection.

Not unnaturally, Tiffany was a little taken aback by this sight. She stood, wide-eyed in the doorway, watching her older sister give her big brother a blow-job whilst her daddy sucked her mummy's tits whilst she rubbed his willy.

"Hi honey," Wendy said.

"Hi sweetheart," added Dan, taking his wife's tit out his mouth.

Krystal took her brother's cock out her mouth and smiled "Mornin' sis."

"Er...hi," Tiffany nervously said. She'd learned about sex - where babies come from and such things - and had recently began playing with herself whilst having idle, abstract thoughts about sex. A strange but not unpleasant shiver of excitement ran up her spine as she surveyed the sordid scene in the room, but her main emotion was shock.

"Don't mind us honey," Wendy said to her youngest daughter, "We're just having some fun. Fancy watching us? You can join in later, but just watch for now." Like her husband and eldest children, Wendy wanted Tiffany to join in straight away but she figured it would be better for Tiffany to be eased into the family orgies slowly. She could watch for now and make her mind up if she wanted to join in later. Wendy intended on putting on a good show to ensure Tiffany did want to join in.

"Okay, I'll watch," Tiffany said, and she nervously went over to a black leather chair near a desk in the corner of the room and sat down. Her eyes were full of curiousity as she looked around.

Krystal got back to sucking Brett's cock, moaning inwardly with pleasure as she fellated the boy. Wendy meanwhile stood up in front of the sofa, on which her husband still sat. She had her back to him and she began sitting down on his lap. Dan held his cock upright, his wife slowly impaling her cunt onto the large prick underneath her.

"Aaah, wonderful," she sighed as she settled into her husband's lap, sitting upright with her feet planted on the floor, her hands gripping her knees. Her thighs were parted so Tiffany got a good look at her dad's dick buried up in her mum's cunt. Wendy raised herself, half of Dan's cock emerged from her cunt, then she lowered herself took the cock fully in her twat once again. She continued like this, raising and lowering herself, her face a picture of ecstasy though making a big deal of ignoring Tiffany. She'd planned things out whilst they'd waited for Tiffany to come home, telling everyone to make a big show of enjoying themselves but to act as if Tiffany wasn't there. That would make Tiffany feel more comfortable because she could watch everyone fuck without feel self-conscious. If she got an idea of how much fun sex was, she'd then feel left out and want to join in!

This tactic was working. Tiffany felt so excited as she watched all this going on in front of her without any of her family paying her much attention. Krystal took Brett's dick out her mouth and got on her hands and knees on the floor, Brett getting in behind his sister and pushing his hard dick into her twat.

"Oooh, yeah, fuck it up me," Krystal panted, feeling her brother's cock drive up into her twat to the hilt.

"What a tight cunt, yeah," Brett grinned, and he held onto his sister's hips as he began thrusting his cock up into her cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, mmmm!" Krystal panted, "Oh yeah!"

Brett slammed his cock up Krystal's cunt, making the girl shudder with joy.

Back on the sofa, Wendy rode her husband's cock for a moment or two longer before she stood up, Dan's erection slapping wetly to his stomach. Wendy got on her knees and started sucking on Dan's cock, licking her cunt juice off of it.

Brett spied his mother's bum sticking in the air and he eased his tool out of Krystal's cunt. He strode over to where his mum was bent over and giving his dad a blow job. Brett knelt behind his mum and pushed his hard member deep into her twat, fucking his mother hard and deep.

Tiffany was shocked but strangely delighted at the sight of her brother fucking their mum! She knew about the insult 'motherfucker' but could never have imagined a boy indulging in it. Brett was enjoying it, driving his hard cock into his mother's cunt and banging her hard. Wendy took her husband's dick out her mouth.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me, yeah, yeah!!"

Dan moved off the sofa and strolled over to Krystal. Tiffany was wide-eyed with shock as she watched her daddy stand in front of Krystal, the naked girl kneeling up and gripping the base of her father's long erection in both her hands and sucking on the head. She bobbed her head as she slobbered noisily on her father's member. Briefly her eyes flicked to oneside and caught view of Tiffany, the pre-teen girl sitting there excitedly. Tiffany grinned at her sister, Krystal returning a slight smile - or as near to a smile a girl can give with a big dick in her mouth - then closed her eyes and got back to slurping on her father's prick.

Tiffany was feeling horny. She couldn't really identify this feeling exactly, she just knew that she wanted to join in. Another shiver of excitement ran up her spine. There was no doubting the delight on her mother's face as she was resoundly fucked by Brett's hammering cock, and Krystal was certainly having fun sucking on her daddy's dick. Brett and Dan were clearly having fun too.

Krystal took her father's dick out her mouth.

"I want you to fuck me," she said to him, "I want your big nine-inch dick in me daddy, I want it up my fucking arsehole!"

"Bend over then honey," Dan grinned.

Krystal got onto her hands and knees, arse thrust out, pointing towards Tiffany who got a very intimate look at Tiffany's spread bum, her anus winking out above her dripping wet cunt. Dan stood behind his eldest daughter and bent his knees, deciding to fuck his daughter's arse like he was in a porn-movie, imagining there was a camera pointing at him from behind to capture the view of the penetration. It would be a slightly awkward position admittedly, but it would ensure little Tiffany would get a good view of her sister's anal-invasion.

Once his legs were bent so his cock was low enough to be level with Krystal's anus, Dan pushed his cock into Krystal's arsehole. His dick was slippery with spit and Wendy's cunt-juice so the swollen purple head popped easily into Krystal's arse.

"Oooh, that's so good daddy," Krystal cried out, "Yeah, I love being fucked in the arse! Ram it right in!" She said this partly for Tiffany's benefit but mostly because it was true, she did love being buggered!

"Here it is honey," Dan said, bent over Krystal and holding the teenager's shoulders as he slammed his pole right up her arse. He was in to the hilt, Tiffany fascinated at the view of her dad pulling half of his dick out of Krystal's arse then driving it back in. Whilst her daddy bum-fucked her sister, Tiffany looked back over at her mum, who was being cunt-fucked doggie-style by Brett.

"Yeah mum, your cunt is so hot and tight, I love fucking you," the boy was panting as he shafted his mother.

"Fuck me Brett, your dick is so good, it's so fucking good in my cunt!" Wendy grunted as she was shoved forward under her son's rough-fucking.

Tiffany watched both couples fucking, fidgeting with horniness and rubbing her bare knees together. She had an overwhelming urge to take off her clothes, feeling overdressed surrounded by such blatant nudity and sexual exhibitionism.

"I'm about to cum," Dan grunted as he fucked Krystal's arse harder.

"Sperm over my bum daddy," Krystal cried.

Dan tugged his prick from out of the girl's shitter and masturbated hard. Tiffany had heard the term 'cum' and knew what it meant, but it was a whole new experience to see it happening! Her father pumped his cock in his fist and spurted his thick slimy jism all over Krystal's spread arse, coating her buttocks and getting a few thick dollops onto her twitching, gaping anus.

"I'm about to cum too mum," Brett announced. His mother had said they should have external cum-shots to make it even more of a wild and explicit show for Tiffany's viewing pleasure. The boy whipped his cock out of his mother's cunt and stood up.

"Give it to me, all over my face," Wendy demanded as she turned round, kneeling up. Brett's cock was pointing in her face. The boy jerked off furiously, groaning with pleasure as he began spurting his fuck-sauce in his mother's face. She was coated, keeping her mouth closed so that she would get all the cum on her skin. Her son's lovely warm spunk shot all over her pretty face, hanging over her in stringy drips. Brett rubbed his spunky cock-head over his mother's sticky forehead, his mum then taking his semi-stiff dick in her mouth and sucking him dry.

Brett had finished shooting his cum onto Britney's arse and he moved aside, sitting down and taking a glass of water from the coffee table and drinking some. Wendy scrambled over on her hands and knees over to Krystal, who was still on her hands and knees.

"Lick my arse clean mummy," Krystal giggled. Wendy licked her lips and bent down, running her tongue over Krystal's spermy bum. She lapped away, licking it clean, Krystal moaning with pleasure. Her face dripping with her son's cum, Wendy licked her elder daughter's arsehole and stuck her tongue up her rectum. Then Krystal turned round and licked her mother's face clean of cum before they kissed lustily. Tiffany was fidgeting more on the sofa, licking her lips, imagining what it'd be like to kiss her mother, or sister, or her dad or brother! What would their 'cum' taste like, she wondered.

Still paying Tiffany no attention, Krystal went to Brett and started sucking on his cock to get it stiff again. Wendy worked on her husband, slurping down Dan's soiled cock and bobbing her head. Soon the guys were hard again.

Krystal sat on an armchair and her mother knelt between her thighs and began licking her cunt. Wendy's bum was thrust out and Brett got behind her and slid his pole into her bum. He buggered his mother deeply, running his cock in and out of her shitter slowly. Dan meanwhile stood at the side of the armchair and rudely thrust his nine-incher into his daughter's face. Krystal licked her lips hungrily and took her dad's dick into her mouth, sucking it down. She sucked her father's prick whilst her mother licked her cunt. Wendy moaned with pleasure as she lapped at Krystal's wet quim, her son meanwhile ramming his cock up into her rectum.

For the first time in a while, Dan looked over at Tiffany.

"Take your clothes off if you want honey," he said, "You might feel better. It's hot in here anyway!" He laughed then looked back down at Krystal, watching how she expertly bobbed her head as he fucked her face.

Tiffany stood and untucked her pink T-shirt. She nervously began to lift it, slipping it off, rendering herself topless. Her belly was flat, as was her chest, but her little red nipples were stiff. By a major effort of will, none of her family looked round to stare at her, so Tiffany felt more confident as she undid the zip on her shorts, feeling as if the others were too busy fucking to bother looking at her and making her go all shy. Tiffany slid the shorts down, then took off her socks. Finally, off came her pink panties. Dan couldn't help but look over at Tiffany, admiring the nude ten year old, her lovely body so slender and fresh, her cunt a hairless little slit. Tiffany smiled at her father and he smiled back before tearing his eyes away from the naked child. He looked down at Krystal who looked up at him with her big beautiful dark eyes, her lips wrapped round Dan's shaft. Wendy was meanwhile lapping at Krystal's cunt, working her tongue into that tight slit. Brett was grunting with lust as he fucked his mother up the arse.

Tiffany sat down, feeling so glad she'd undressed. The leather of the chair felt nice and cold against her bare bottom. She kept her knees together, her hands resting on them.

The rest of the family then moved apart, Brett tugging his cock out of his mum's bum, Wendy in turn moving away from Krystal, out of who's mouth Dan removed his cock. Wendy had a sneaky look over at Tiffany, feeling so aroused at the naked child but not wanting to stare and make the girl feel uncomfortable. Wendy got on her hands and knees, Dan getting down behind her. He slid his cock into his wife's cunt and began fucking her. Brett caught a sneaky glimpse of his sexy little sister before he turned to Krystal, who still sat on the armchair, legs apart.

"Fuck me Brett, fuck my cunt now that mum has licked and slurped it so wonderfully!" she said.

"Right away sis," Brett said. He knelt between Krystal's thighs and pushed his cock up into her cunt. He held her little round tits as he began fucking her, shafting her tight cunt and both of them groaning with pleasure.

Wendy was being roughly cunt-fucked from behind by her husband, both of them grunting with pleasure.

"Having fun honey?" Wendy asked Tiffany, the child blinking as she was bought back to reality at being suddenly addressed by her mother after being nothing more than a spectator for so long.

"Er, yeah," Tiffany said, "Is this what you all get up to when I'm out?"

"Well, only since last night," Dan said, "Do you want to join in sometime?"

"I guess...yeah," Tiffany shrugged, "Yeah," she repeated, more confident, "I'd love to join in. Could I join in now?"

"It's a bit late," her father said, humping his wife's twat deeper and harder, "Your brother and me aren't far from shooting our loads. You can join in next time though."

Tiffany sulked, sitting naked in the armchair. She pouted her lips and rubbed her little nose.

"I've an idea," announced Brett, sliding his cock out of Krystal's cunt, "Dad and me can give Tiffany a sticky facial!"

"Yeah," Wendy said, "Good idea."

"What's a facial?" asked Tiffany, excited at the prospect of joining in after all.

"You'll see," her father replied, easing out of his wife's cunt. He stood up.

"Come and kneel down here on the floor sweetheart," Wendy said to Tiffany. The girl did so, walking confidently to her mother and kneeling down. "Turn around," said Wendy.

"Okay mum," Tiffany said, and did so. Wendy and Tiffany were now both kneeling, Wendy behind the child.

Wendy reached up and placed her hands gently on the side of Tiffany's face and tilted her head upwards a bit. She knew there was no need to force Tiffany, but it felt more exciting to help physically guide her youngest child through this induction into the world of sex - a double-facial from her daddy and her big brother!

"You okay honey?" Wendy said.

"Yeah mum," Tiffany said, feeling so excited as she looked upwards, feeling her mum's stiff nipples nudging her upper back.

"Right Tiffany," said Wendy, "Your dad is going to step up and jerk-off in your face and cover you in cum. Or sperm if you will. You know, the stuff that babies come from?"

"Baby-Making Porridge you mean?" suggested Tiffany. The rest of the family laughed out loud at the youngest child's rather rude euphamism for cum.

"Well, whatever you want to call it," Wendy smiled, "You'll have it shooting all over your face! You can swallow some if you want, it tastes good, but if you don't want to just close your mouth. There'll be a lot of it! Then your brother will do the same. Okay?"

"Sounds fine mum," Tiffany said, her young voice heavy with anticipation and lust.

Dan came up first, standing with his legs apart, his cock jutting outwards with his cock-head a few inches from the tip of Tiffany's little nose. He smiled down at the pretty girl who smiled back up at him. Her eyes then focused on the big dick pointing at her face. Dan began pumping his cock in his fist, his breathing growing deeper and faster.

"Oh yeah, here it is," he shortly panted, "Mmm...here it is honey! Ready? UUUUH!"

Tiffany watched her father's fist blurring as he jacked his cock rapidly. Then a big spurt of semen shot out and splashed over her delicate young face, hitting her left cheek. She instinctively closed her eyes, feeling a second hot spurt of semen hit her right cheek. Dan let out another groan of pleasure as he continued jerking off, spurting two hot wads of cum over his youngest child's forehead. His fifth spurt pasted across the girl's lips and the sixth struck one of Wendy's hands that still held Tiffany's head, tilting it upwards into the full force of the sperm shower. His orgasm subsiding, Dan stroked his cock and a big load of cum welled up from his piss-hole. Tiffany licked her lips then took her father's sticky cock-head in her mouth, sucking on it and swallowing the final ooze of jizz.

"Mmm, nice," she smiled, taking her dad's dick out her mouth.

"Salty eh?" grinned Wendy, still holding her daughter's head.

"Yeah, it's cool, it tastes nice," Tiffany said, "I can't wait to drink some more!"

Dan moved aside and now Brett stepped up, the teenage boy pumping his cock in his fist as he stuck it in Tiffany's face. Tiffany opened her mouth wider this time and soon enough her brother began spluttering with delight as he hit his climax. His spunk exploded out, thick and warm, spraying all over Tiffany's face which was already dripping with jism. Wendy held her daughter's head firmly and moved it from side to side, ensuring Tiffany's entire face got caught up in the shower of jizz. Lots of it went in the girl's mouth and she swallowed, smacking her lips and grinning.

"Oh wow, that's so hot," Brett smiled, wiping his sticky cockhead over his little sister's spermy lips. He stepped back, out of breath. Krystal had been watching all this whilst kneeling and fingering her twat with one hand and her arsehole with the other.

"It's like a baptism in the world of sex," Wendy grinned, taking her hands from Tiffany's head. Her little girl turned round, her face slathered with cum. She remembered her mum snogging her older sister earlier and she wanted to try it. Tiffany leaned forwards and kissed her mother, both of them sticking their tongues into each other's mouths. Tiffany was a bit of a novice at kissing but that didn't matter, her mother felt so turned on as she sucked on her youngest child's tongue, tasting Brett's cum in Tiffany's saliva which she drank down. They kissed for a good minute before Wendy began licking Tiffany's face clean. She lapped at the cum on her right cheek whilst Krystal got down and started licking Tiffany's left cheek of cum. Then Krystal and Tiffany kissed lustilly, Brett and Dan spent from their exhertions but still enjoying the sight of Wendy, Krystal and Tiffany kneeling naked in a little triangle and engaging in a kissing free-for-all, snogging each other and licking cum from Tiffany's face. The females broke up giggling and Brett and Dan came in and took turns kissing them all.

The family's afternoons were going to be a whole lot different from now on!

"I'm rather messy," Tiffany giggled as she staggered to her feet. Most of the sperm had been lapped off her face but she still had a lot of the jism, mixed with saliva, dripping from her. The rest of the family were all rather sweaty too.

"Let's clean you up honey," Wendy said to the child, "Come on Krystal, we'll go and scrub your little sister clean. You boys can make some lunch."

"Okay mum," Brett replied. He and his dad went off to get dressed then headed into the kitchen to make some food.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Krystal strolled off with Tiffany to the bathroom. Wendy ran the bath until it was full of hot soapy water, Tiffany excited at the idea of being washed by her mum and sister.

"Get in honey," Wendy smiled. Tiffany did so, kneeling up the bath. Her mother knelt down and dipped the sponge into the water and began soaping down Tiffay's slender shoulders and her flat chest.

"I'll wash your hair sis," Krystal said, and she daintily stepped into the large bathtub, kneeling in the water behind Tiffany. She took a small jug and started pouring water over Tiffany's long golden hair, washing out some of the spunk that hung in it. Then Krystal squeezed a big glob of yellow, citrus-scented shampoo into her hand then began rubbing it in to her sister's hair, lathering it up well. Wendy was spounging down Tiffany's face, the girl with a big smile on her sparkling fresh face once all the sticky remnants of cum and saliva had been washed off.

"This is fun," Tiffany said, "I feel like a Princess or something, being washed clean by servants."

Her mother and sister laughed. Wendy leaned in and gave Tiffany a kiss. Krystal poured water from the jug over Tiffany's hair, rinsing the shampoo out.

"Stand up sis," Krystal said.

Tiffany did so, standing with the water up to her knees.

"You've got such a cute little bum Tiffany," Krystal said, her sister's sparkling behind at eye-level with her. She gave it a kiss then took a sponge and started soaping down Tiffany's back, arse and legs. Wendy meanwhile stood and did the same to Tiffany's front, washing her down well and paying particular attention to the child's little bald cunt.

"That's nice mummy," Tiffany said, "when you rub my cunt."

"Like this?" Wendy said, running the sponge over the girl's slit.

"Mmmm, yeah, I like that," Tiffany purred, "I do it to myself in the bath sometimes. And in bed. I rub my cunt with my fingers and imagine a guy doing it, either with his fingers or with his willy."

"Your dad and brother will do it for you later if you want," Wendy said, "They'll fuck you if you want."

Tiffany felt slightly shocked at her mother's used of the 'f' word, but then she remembered all the filthy language her mother and sister had used when they were getting fucked in the living room earlier.

"I'd love to be fucked," Tiffany declared, her mother still rubbing her cunt with the sponge whilst behind her Krystal stood up and slowly poured a jug of warm water over Tiffany's upper back, the water cascading down and rinsing away the soap from the pre-teen girl's back and arse.

"You can be fucked later," Wendy promised the girl, "Your brother and daddy will take your cherries and you can have as much fun as me and your sister did earlier. Won't that be nice?"

"Yeah mum, it'll be great."

Wendy stopped rubbing the girl's cunt and stood, giving Tiffany a kiss on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth.

"Bend over Tiffany," said Krystal, "I need to wash your arse."

Tiffany did so, placing her hands on her knees with her bottom thrust out, Krystal enjoying this intimate look at her little sister's arsehole. She took a sponge and soaped it up before scrubbing between Tiffany's arse-cheeks. Then Krystal rinsed the soap away by pouring water over Tiffany's arse with the jug.

"All finished cleaning my arse?" asked Tiffany.

"Not yet," Krystal grinned, "Time for a spit-polish." She leaned forwards and stuck out her tongue, nudging the tip of it to Tiffany's anus.

"Eek," squealed Tiffany, it being a very strange and unexpected (but not unpleasant) feeling to have a tongue flicking over her arsehole.

Krystal started licking her sister's bum, lapping away, bring up her hands to Tiffany's bum-cheeks to spread them, giving her better access to the girl's puckered orifice. Wendy stood at the side of the bath and enjoyed the show. It was very arousing, but also innocent in a warped kind of way, to watch her elder daughter lick her kid sister's arsehole!

Tiffany giggled, enjoying this very intimate way of having her bum cleaned. Her sister's tongue was now squirming up past her sphincter and into her rectum, Tiffany's eyes went wide with shock before she broke into a rather strange noise that was a cross between a hiccup and a fit of giggles, as if she didn't know whether to laugh at the ticklish feeling of a tongue going up her bum or whether to gasp with pleasure at how nice it felt! Krystal spent a good couple of minutes eating out her sister's rear hole before she moved her head back, smacking her lips and smiling.

"That was nice," Tiffany concluded, turning round, still standing up.

"My pleasure sis," Krystal smiled and she stood up and shared a loving kiss with her younger sister.

"I need to get clean too," Wendy then said, and she went to the shower, turning it on and stepping into the jetting hot water.

"I'll join you," said Krystal, and she got out the bath and hopped into the shower with her mother.

With excited thoughts running through her head, Tiffany sat back down in the bath and enjoyed a long soak whilst watching Krystal and her mum wash each other in the shower, mother and daughter frequently kissing and playing with each other's boobs and pussies. Tiffany couldn't wait to join in properly!

Shortly, they were all sitting round the table in the kitchen. Dan and Brett were wearing T-shirts and shorts, Wendy wore a fluffy pink dressing gown. Krystal wore a pair of white cotton panties with frilly edges and a matching bra, whilst Tiffany sat in just a pair of yellow panties that had a big red heart embroidered in silk on the front.

They ate heartily, Tiffany listening to the rest of the family explain the events of last night. Tiffany hadn't any sexual experiences herself of course but she had played a game of 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine' with a boy of eleven last year and a while ago she'd experienced an orgasm (without knowing what it was at the time) whilst playing with herself in the shower. Her parents, brother and sister loved hearing the details of these small incidents and Tiffany in turn was overwhelmed by the explicit details her parents gave her of their own sex-lives.

"So are we all going to have sex from now on then?" asked Tiffany to everyone in general.

"That's right honey," replied her father, "Only if you want to of course."

"I do want to!" his youngest child insisted.

"It has to be kept a secret though," Wendy pointed out, "But otherwise, in this house, anything goes. Even Brett and Krystal, who've been fucking for a month together and who your dad and I taught a few new tricks to last night, haven't even begun to indulge in all the sexual practises your dad and I have carried out! There's a lot to do, a lot of fun to be had!"

"First things first though," Brett pointed out, "Tiffany needs deflowering."

"What's that?" Tiffany asked.

"It's where you have your holes penetrated for the first time," Krystal explained to her sister.

"Oh right," Tiffany nodded, "You mean, my cunt and bum?"

"That's right," Wendy confirmed, "I think you should lose both cherries at the same time. There can't be many girls lucky enough to lose both maidenheads together, taking a dick in her cunt and arse at the same time as an introduction to sex.."

"Wow, can I do that?" Tiffany grinned, "It won't hurt will it, taking two at once?"

"Well," pondered Wendy, "tt might be a little paintful at first, especially being arse-fucked at such a young age. But there'll be more pleasure than pain. Once you've been broken in it'll just be pleasure all the way."

"I can't wait," Tiffany said, "You and Krystal seemed to love being fucked earlier mum, you were going wild!"

"We sure were," Krystal laughed, "I can't believe other families don't indulge in this, sex is fantastic, and it's even better to do it with your family I think. Not that anyone outside this family has fucked me. I don't really want them to at the moment, I just love my daddy and brother's nice dicks!"

"I'm getting a fresh stiffie," Brett announced, standing up and tugging his cock from out his shorts, proudly stroking his eight-inch dick at the table. His mother and sisters smiled, Wendy reaching out and proudly patting her son's erection.

"Me too," Dan said, also standing and tugging out his long cock.

"Let's go to the living room and fuck," Krystal said, getting up, "Come on Tiffany, mum and me will help you get your cunt and arse deflowered."

"Yippee!" giggled Tiffany. They all left the kitchen and strolled into the living room.

"Everyone undress," Dan said, swiftly removing his shorts, as did Brett, both of them standing with menacingly stiff dicks jutting from their groins.

Wendy shed her dressing gown, emerging naked, whilst her daughters removed their underwear.

"I'll pop Tiffany's cunt-cherry," Brett declared, "You can have her arse dad."

"Fine with me son," said Dan.

"Lie down honey," Wendy said to Brett. The boy did so, laying back on the rug in front of the fireplace, holding his cock upright. His mother knelt beside hm and bent over, sucking his prick lovingly, slicking it up with saliva from her tongue before she then stood back up. Krystal had meanwhile licked her father's dick so it was dripping with saliva.

"How do I do this?" Tiffany asked her mum. She was excited at the prospect of getting lovely big cocks in her body, especially judging by the amount of pleasure they gave to her mum and sister, but she was a little daunted at the sight of the size of Brett and her daddy's dicks relative to her tight holes.

"Just kneel astride your brother dear," Wendy said, "Lower yourself until his cock-head nudges your cunt lips."

Tiffany stepped up, planting her feet either side of Brett's hips. She bent her legs, slowly getting lower until she felt her brother's cock touch her cunt lips. She went a bit lower, feeling the prick slid up between her lips.

"It feels so big," she gasped.

"Keep going sis," Brett said. Tiffany went lower, Brett watching the girl's pre-teen twat swallow up more of his cock. It felt so tight and hot and he couldn't wait to be buried in to the hilt. Soon enough, with a yelp of delight, Tiffany impaled herself down, taking her brother's long pole up her cunt.

"Oh wow mummy, that feels so good," she cried. She adjusted her position so she was kneeling up, her cunt-lips gripping the base of Brett's dick.

"Now bend over honey," Wendy said, "Your dad will stick his cock up your bum now, though I'll have to lick it first."

Tiffany bent forwards, her head on Brett's chest. She thought her mother meant she was going to lick her dad's dick, but when Tiffany felt a hot wet thing probing her tender anus she realized that her mum had been referring to her arse!

"Mmmm, that's nice," Tiffany giggled as her mother's tongue swirled round her shitter. Wendy got her daughter's bum-hole nice and wet then moved aside.

"This is going to be a tight fit but I'm sure I'll manage," said Dan as he got down behind Tiffany, stroking his rock hard nine-incher as he surveyed Tiffany's bottom, her little cheeks spread, her anus a hairless pink punker that glistened with her mother's saliva. Beneath it was her tight cunt currently swallowing up Brett's long cock.

"Go for it dad," Krystal urged her father.

Dan placed his cock-head to Tiffany's arsehole and began to push.

"Just relax your anus," Wendy instructed Tiffany.

"Okay mum," said the child, relaxing her arsehole and feeling her father's cock begin to push into her.

"It's going in," gasped Dan as he began to make good progress, "Oh yeah, almost...in...uuuh!" His cock-head squeezed past Tiffany's anal ring.

"Yeeow," yelped the girl.

"You okay?" asked Dan, just an inch of his cock stuck up the girl's arse.

"Fine daddy...just a bit...sore. For a moment. Aaah, it feels nicer now! Mmmm. Put it all up there daddy!"

Dan held Tiffany's slender hips and thrust a good three more inches of his shaft into Tiffany's arsehole, making the girl tense. Brett was laying prone with his cock wedged up Tiffany's cunt, the girl's face right before him, a picture of nervous pleasure as she endured a major anal-invasion. Brett kissed the girl and stroked her hair that was still damp from the shower.

Dan pushed a few more inches into the child's shitter.

"I'm almost there," he grunted, "Just another thrust....yeah!" He rammed home, his entire nine-incher wedged right up Tiffany's rectum, the girl's tender cunt filled with Brett's cock.

"Uuuuh, that's so nice," Tiffany wailed, "Yeah, oh yeah!"

She girl shivered with pleasure, feeling so packed with cock and delighted to have been 'broken in', to use her mother's expression. Dan began to fuck the girl's arse gently, sliding his long pole in and out of her bowels. Brett began to do likewise, pushing his cock up into Tiffany's tight twat then easing out. Tiffany didn't have the strength to do anything yet, she was still bathed in cold sweat from having her cunt and arse deflowered by two big cocks. She was enjoying it though! She placed her small hands flat on Brett's chest and raised herself a little.

"Oh yeah, yeah, that's good," she panted. This encouraged Brett to fuck her cunt a bit faster, whilst Dan also increased his pace, proud of his youngest daughter's ability to take an monstrous cock in her tight bottom whilst getting cunt-fucked at the same time! She was clearly going to take after her mother and older sister in her limitless love for cock.

"Come on mum, let's frig each other!" Krystal said to Wendy. Her mother knelt on the floor, near to where Tiffany was getting double-fucked. Krystal knelt next to her mum and they reached across and began fingering each other's pussies, moaning with pleasure as they frigged whilst watching Tiffany have two big cocks pistoning into her tight holes.

"This is so good!" Tiffany was grunting, her small naked body shaking with ecstasy.

"What a tight shitter, so fucking tight," panted her father, buggering the child deeply and lustilly.

"Tiffany is just as much a nympho as mum and Krystal," laughed Brett, stroking Tiffany's flat chest and stiff nipples whilst he thrust upwards, pounding his cock into the girl's tight cunt.

"What's a nympho?" asked Tiffany.

"It's a woman or girl who loves sex," Wendy said, burying two fingers up Krystal's cunt whilst Krystal in turn shoved two of her digits up her mother's cunt.

"Yeah, I'm a nympho," Tiffany declared, proud. Brett was increasing his pace beneath, slamming his cock hard up into his kid sister. Dan was also speeding up his thrusts, ramming his erection hard up Tiffany's rectal passage. The girl was in heaven, panting and moaning with lust, eyes shut tight as she felt her young body wracked with pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum in a minute," Dan panted, fucking hard, "Oh yeah, yeah...here it is! UUUUUH! FUCK!"

He slammed his cock right to the root into Tiffany's tight shitter and blasted out his sperm. He almost fainted with the intensity of it, his cock exploding hot sperm deep into the young girl's bowels.

"Me too dad, me too," cried Brett, "FUCK! YEAH!" He began spewing his teen cum into Tiffany's cunt, the girl crying out with pleasure as she felt her body filling with bubbling sticky semen.

"Aaah, ah, yeah," groaned Dan, wild with lust as he continued pumping his jism into his ten year old daughter's bum, Tiffany's tight rectum soon filling with sperm. Brett clamped his lips to Tiffany's and kissed her hard, snaking his tongue down the girl's throat and drinking down her moans of lust.

Dan finished cumming and hung in Tiffany's arse for a moment before he slid out of her, his cock slick with a fine brown sheen and dripping cum out the piss-hole. Krystal disengaged from her mum and hurried over to suck her father's penis clean, licking the shaft and sucking on the head.

Tiffany dismounted Brett, her skinny legs weak and shaking, a big grin on her face. Wendy went over to the girl and kissed her hard on the mouth before Brett came over and kissed his mother. Tiffany got to her knees and sucked on Brett's dick, managing to get half of the semi-hard tool into her mouth. She slurped on it the way she'd seen her mum and sister do earlier, sucking her brother off whilst Brett remained standing with his tongue down his mother's throat.

Soon, they all moved apart.

"That was just so much fun," Tiffany grinned, "I can't wait to be fucked again!"

"Well, I'm ready for more action," Brett said, his prick stiff thanks to Tiffany's attention.

"Me too," Dan declared.

"It's only fair me and mum get some cock," Krystal pointed out, "I need fucking so much!"

"Bend over honey," Dan said to the teenager.

Krystal grinned then turned round, bending over and placing her hands on the coffee table, arse thrust out. Dan got behind the girl and pushed his erection up her cunt, driving in to the hilt.

"Oooh, yeah, fuck me daddy," Krstyal groaned, feeling her father's nine-incher drive up into her twat.

"Your turn mum," Brett said to his mother.

Wendy gave her son a kiss then sat down in an armchair, legs widely flung apart. Her son got between her thighs and buried his cock deep into her cunt, driving it home.

"Come here Tiffany," Brett said as he steadily shafted his mother's cunt, "I'll lick your cunt."

Tiffany scampered over and stood next to Brett, her brother leaning in and running his tongue up and down her cunt. The girl shivered with pleasure, feeling her brother's tongue work up into her cunt. Wendy had a good view of her underage daughter getting her cunt licked whilst her son's dick pounded her cunt. Across from them, Krystal remained bent over the coffee table, panting with lust, her long hair hanging in her sweaty face whilst her father roughly cunt-fucked her from behind.

After a few moments Wendy had the urge to lick out Tiffany's cunt. She asked Brett to withdraw from her.

"Lie down Tiffany," she said, getting up, "Lay on your back and spread your legs, mummy is going to lick your lovely little cunt. Brett? Get behind me and fuck my shitter."

This was all arranged. Tiffany lay back and moaned with delight as her mother got on all fours between her legs and started lapping at her bald cunt. Brett knelt behind his mother and pushed his hard member deep into her rectum. He fucked his mother's shitter hard whilst looking over her shoulder and watching her lap thirstily at Tiffany's twat.

"Lick me mummy, mmmm," the girl moaned, Wendy slurping out her son's cum from the child's cunt. Brett watched this with delight as he rammed his cock in and out of his mum's arse.

After a few minutes, Dan slid his pole out of Krystal's cunt and stepped back. He fancied fucking Wendy, and sensing this, Brett slid his dick out of his mother's arse.

"Let's swap," he grinned to his father.

Dan went over to Wendy and got down behind her, pushing his cock deep into her arse, Wendy moaning with pleasure as she was sodomized by her husband whilst licking uninterruptedly at Tiffany's slit.

"Come and fuck me Brett," Krystal smiled, laying back on the floor. She parted her legs and Brett swiftly mounted the girl, driving his cock deep into her cunt and fucking her hard.

"Uuuh, yeah," he panted, "I love you sis, I love fucking you!"

He began kissing Krystal lustily, both of them sticking their tongues down each other's throats as Brett pounded the girl's cunt with his hard dick. Krystal reached round and gripped the youth's buttocks, helping to pull him into her, feeling a climax rising from her penetrated twat.

"I'm cumming, oh yeah, fuck!" she wailed, burying her chin into Brett's shoulder, "Fuck me Brett, fuck me! I'm cumming! OH GOD!"

Her body shook with pleasure as Brett mercilessly pounded her cunt. He rammed his cock hard into her, feeling his sister climax beneath him. Once it was over, Brett began to feel his orgasm rising too.

"I'm about to shoot my fucking load," he grunted, "I'm gonna cum all over your face sis!"

"Do it, cover me in it!" the girl demanded, "I wanna bathe in your fuck-sauce Brett you horny motherfucker. Drown me in jizz!"

Brett pulled his cock out of Krystal's twat and knelt astride the girl's chest. Krystal lay back, eyes shut and mouth open, whilst her brother knelt over her and jerked off his cock, pointing the swollen purple head into Krystal's face. Brett rapidly pumped his cock with his fist whilst he gazed down lustfully at his thirteen year old sister's face, looking forward to giving her a messy facial.

"Oh, oh, yeah! Yeah! Here it is sis, here's my fucking cum...in your face...in your fucking face, cunt...yeah!!!"

His sperm erupted out, an explosion of sticky jism that utterly coated Krystal's pretty face. Brett continued masturbating, ejecting his load out in hot spurts, getting a lot in Krystal's mouth. She swallowed, gulping down the lovely sperm whilst more of the salty fluid was pasted messily over her cheeks, her nose and her forehead. When his orgasm had died down, Brett stuck his softening cock in his sister's mouth and she sucked him dry.

"That was gorgeous sis," Brett said, eventually tugging his limp dick out of the girl's mouth.

"It sure was," Krystal grinned, sitting up with sperm running down her face. She kissed her brother and ran her hands through his hair, the pair of siblings snogging lovingly in contrast to the wild, lustful way they'd fucked and all the dirty talk. They were really getting inspired by their parent's use of obscene invectives during sex, Krystal finding that she loved being referred to as a 'cunt' and a 'fucking whore', whilst Brett wasn't in any way insulted by being called a 'motherfucker', because that's what he was! And proud of it too.

Dan was watching this from across the room whilst buggering his wife. The arousing sight of seeing his daughter get a facial from her brother triggered Dan's climax.

"Yeah, I'm cumming, oh fuck yeah!" he cried. He slammed his prick deep into Wendy's rectum and unleashed his sperm, pumping hot wads of jism into his wife's bum. Wendy felt her arse fill with cum whilst she wriggled her tongue into the warm depths of Tiffany's cunt.

Dan finished cumming up Wendy's bowels and finally pulled out, sitting back on the floor. Tiffany wriggled away from her mum and hurried over to her dad, getting a thrill out of sucking on her daddy's nice big dick that was all messy with sperm and pooh. She sucked on the semi-limp cock whilst bent over, Wendy getting behind Tiffany and licking the child's bottom.

Chapter Three

They all went out shopping in the city center that lunchtime.

Brett and Krystal went off together, strolling round the shopping mall hand-in-hand and getting a kick out of pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend, the boy in jeans and a T-shirt, his sister in tight white shorts and a skimpy T-shirt that exposed her flat belly. Krystal bought some sexy underwear, or at least as sexy as she could comfortably buy at her age. She got a red thong, lacy black panties and some white cotton panties that were a size too small ("They'll hug my arse-cheeks even tighter to give you a big hard-on when you stare at my bum" she'd explained to Brett in a hoarse whisper) and some stockings. Brett bought a few clothes too, including a black thong, and some aftershave.

Dan went round with Tiffany, buying the girl some underwear, white cotton panties with various cartoon characters on them, and a little frilly pink vest and matching socks. Tiffany was excited at the idea of wearing skimpy clothes to excite her father and brother.

Finally, Wendy went off on her own and bought lots of sexy lingerie - thongs, stockings, crotchless panties, peep-hole bras, frilly panties and the like. Apart from Krystal's tits being a bit smaller than her mum's, Wendy and Krystal had pretty much the same measurements, so Wendy liked the idea of picking up skimpy adult lingerie and knowing that she could share the gear with her young daughter. Wendy also bought a few hardcore porn movies from a sex-shop down a backstreet in town, more than a few curious stares being directed at the pretty mother as she used her American Express to pay for $120 worth of tapes with titles like "Anal Addicts IV" and "1001 Facials." There weren't many incest videos there, certainly not containing underage stars, but Wendy did pick up a fantastic looking flick that was a home movie of an eighteen year old girl being fucked by her father and uncle. The cover had a nice shot of the girl getting a double-facial, grinning through the thick paste of sperm. Wendy went to another sex shop round the corner and added another $140 to her credit-card bill by picking up several dildos, including two strap-ons and a nineteen-inch long black double-dildo. She stroked it in the shop and imagined Krystal and Tiffany fucking each other's tight pussies with the enormous toy.

They all met up at the car and drove home, stopping on the way at a Kentucky Fried Chicken for a big meal. They got home at just after three in the afternoon.

After getting home, they all went off to try their new clothes. Dan hadn't bought much so was content to sit in the living room and watch as Wendy and Tiffany stripped and tried on their various underwear. Wendy looked incredibly sexy in the various items she'd bought, especially the bright red stockings, crotchless red panties and peek-a-boo bra. Dan particularly loved Tiffany when she wore nothing but her pink frilly socks and matching vest but with no panties. He beckoned the girl over and spent a long while stroking and kissing her bare bottom.

Krystal went to her room meanwhile and her and her brother tried on their things. Krystal loved the pair of black shoes her mother had leant her, with four-inch heels that boosted her to five-foot-five. She wore them with a pair of black fishnet stockings and a skimpy thong that barely covered her fluffy little cunt. She also put on the white panties that were too small, Brett - in his new thong - getting a big hard-on as his sister gave him a twirl and showed off how the shape of her arse-cheeks was emphasised in the tight hug of the underwear.

"Let's go to the living room and fuck," Brett said to his sister.

"Okay," Krystal agreed, "I think I'll wear these." She was still in the high-heeled shoes and was now wearing a lacy pair of black panties. Brett had removed his thong and stood nude, his cock sticking straight upwards. He kissed his younger sister on the mouth, their tongues squirming over each other, before they walked hand-in-hand into the living room.

In the middle of the room, Tiffany was being subjected to a double-oral session. Still in just her little pink vest and matching socks, she stood and alternately giggled and sighed with pleasure as her cunt and arsehole were licked by her parents. Naked and with a huge erection, Dan was in front of Tiffany, working his tongue up into her tight cunt. Wendy, wearing her bright red stockings and nothing else, was behind Tiffany, parting her buttocks with her hands and licking the child's delicate puckered anus.

"This is so nice," Tiffany giggled to her older siblings as they walked in.

"It looks it," smiled Krystal, stepping over to Tiffany and giving her a lustful kiss on the mouth, Brett then doing likewise.

"I think we should try these," Wendy said as she stopped licking Tiffany's arse and went over to the large brown bag on the sofa. She took out two of the dildos. In her right hand she held the monstrous black double-dildo and in her left hand she gripped a strap-on that was white, eight-inches long and fixed to a leather strap with a silver buckle.

"Wow, they look cool," Krystal smiled, "I wanna wear the strap-on and fuck you mum."

"Go for it," Wendy said, putting down the double-dildo and throwing the strap on to her daughter. Krystal caught it and, with a little help from her mother, fixed it to her groin after removing her panties.

"Get down and bend over mum," grinned Krystal, hands on her hips and the big plastic cock bobbing out in front of her, "I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch!"

Wendy laughed then got on the floor on her hands and knees. Krystal, looking like a total slut in her fishnet stockings, high-heeled shoes and wearing a strap-on, got down behind her mum and spent a moment licking her cunt and arsehole before kneeling up and pushing the dildo up into her mother's cunt.

"Aaah, fucking hell that's good," sighed Wendy, "Not as good as a real cock, of course, but still fucking nice!"

"Yeah, take it mum, you slut," Krystal said, humping her mother's cunt with the dildo.

"Uh, uh, fuck me Krystal, fuck mummy! Yeah. Oh fuck that's good, so fucking good! Uuuuh, fuck! Fuck! Yeah!"

"You cunt mother, you love it don't you? You love me fucking your cunt with the strap-on you cunt! I'm gonna fuck your cunt then I'll fuck you up the arse and you'll love that too you anal slut!"

"Yeah, I do, I do! Uuuuh, that's good Krystal, fuck mummy! Oh yeah, treat me like a cunting slut bitch! Fuck! Uuuh, fuck me you horny young cunt Krystal, fuck me! I'm a slut and I need a hard fucking Krystal! Fuck me with the dildo you nasty lesbian cunt-whore!"

Krystal loved this wild slutty talk and began pumping her mother's cunt deeper with the dildo, gripping her mother's hips as she banged the blond woman.

"Take it mum you cunt," she cried, "Fucking slut, yeah! I love you mum, I love you so much you slutty cunt!"

Dan was still kneeling in front of Tiffany and licking out her cunt, Brett enjoying watching the girl getting licked out whilst nearby his other sister fucked his mum whilst they talked dirty to each other.

"Come and lick my bum-hole Brett," Tiffany said.

"Right away sis," Brett replied, and eagerly got down behind Tiffany. He placed his hands to her buttocks and parted them, revealing her cute little sphincter that was slick with Wendy's saliva. Brett dived in and began licking Tiffany's shit-hole, pushing his tongue slowly up into her rectum. Dan continued to lick the girl's cunt, Tiffany's eyes fluttering as she was licked out at both ends.

"I want a double-fucking again," the girl shortly announced. Her father and brother's cocks were straining at the leash, rock hard and almost glowing with hardness. The were more than happy to carry out the girl's wishes.

"I'll take her up the arse this time dad," Brett said, "I haven't sampled her shitter with my cock."

Dan agreed. He lay down and Tiffany got astride him, lowering her tight pre-teen cunt onto his nine-incher. She took him to the hilt in her cunt and lay forwards for her brother to have good access to her spread arse. Brett got behind Tiffany and worked his hard teen cock up her well-licked arsehole. In moments he was buried to the root in her hot pulsing rectum.

"Yeah, fuck me daddy, fuck me Brett," Tiffany panted, "Ooooh that's so good!"

Dan began to shaft his little girl from below, thrusting up into her cunt. Brett held onto the cotton material of the girl's pink vest as he began shafting her arse, running his cock to and fro in her clutching shit-canal. Tiffany panted with lust as she was double-fucked, ripples of pleasure running up her young body.

"Ooh, oh that's good," she wailed.

Meanwhile, Krystal was pulling the dildo out of her mother's cunt then working it up her arse.

"Fuck it up me, up my fucking shitter," panted Wendy, wild with lust as she felt her daughter shove the strap-on up her arse. It was promptly wedged in to the hilt and Krystal held her mother's shoulders as she hunched over her and began fucking her bum hard.

"Take it mum, take it up your fucking arse you cunt," Krystal grunted, thrusting furiously.

"Aaah, ah, ah, uuuh!" Wendy panted, "Holy shit that's good! Ram it up me Krystal you bisexual motherfucking slut!"

"I'm ramming it mum, I'm fucking ramming it! Yeah! Uh! Fucker, fuckin' take it in your shitter mum you horny cunt-slut!"

Whilst fucking Tiffany up the shitter, Brett had a good view of his mum getting buggered by Krystal. It was a horny sight, watching his mum splutter with ecstasy, her boobs swinging beneath her, Krystal's arse-cheeks tightening as she banged the plastic cock up her mother's bum.

They all fucked like that for ten-minutes before Krystal fancied trying something else. She eased the white dildo out her mum's arse and went round and stuck it in her mum's face.

"Lick it mum," she grinned, "Lick your shit off the dildo mum you fucking anal bitch!"

Wendy felt so horny being talked to like that! She took the arse-flavored dildo into her mouth and sucked the slippery plastic phallus clean.

"I love it," she panted, "I love licking this big dildo after you've fucked my arse with it Krystal. Isn't mummy a whore? Isn't mummy a total fucking incest-slut who loves getting banged by her own family members?"

"Yes, just like her daughters," Krystal giggled, "Keep sucking mum, you beautiful fucking cunt."

Wendy sucked the dildo some more before Krystal stood up and removed the strap-on and tossed it to the floor.

"Tiffany?" she said, "Fancy playing with the double-dildo with me?"

"Okay," Tiffany smiled. Brett tugged his cock out of his kid sister's bum and allowed the girl to get off of Dan's dick. Tiffany and Krystal got on the sofa and sat facing each other, legs apart. They didn't really know how to use the dildo but figured it out fairly quickly. With the others watching, Krystal worked nine-inches of one end of the dildo into her cunt. Tiffany edged up and guided the other end of the dildo into her cunt. She managed to take eight-inches, leaving just two-inches of the black dildo visible, connecting the two girl's twats. They began humping together, grinding their groins against each other and laughing with joy.

"My turn for a double-fucking," Wendy said.

"Climb aboard," Dan smiled, still laying back and holding his cock aloft. Wendy got astride her husband and lowered her cunt onto his dick, taking him to the root in her cunt. She bent forwards and, without having to be asked, Brett dutifully got behind his mum and pushed his hard cock up her arse.

"I'll show you how a son buggers his horny fucking mother," he grunted, sheathing his cock in his mother's rectum to the root, "Uuuuh, what a tight fucking arsehole you've got mum you cunting whore!"

"Fuck it hard motherfucker," Wendy urged him, "Don't show my bum any mercy motherfucker!"

"I won't mum! Uuuh, yeah, so fuckin' tight!"

"Fuck me," panted Wendy to her lustful sixteen year old son as he sodomized her, "That's it, as hard you can! If you're going to be randy fucker who'll fuck his own mum in the arse, do it properly, fuck me harder! Aaah, that's good!"

"I want you to cum Wendy," Dan said from below as he fucked his wife's cunt, "I want you to cum hard with our big cocks in you, bitch"

"I will cum soon love, I fucking will! Oh yeah, keep fucking me like that you pair of studs! Fuck my slut holes motherfuckers, aaah! Yeah! Yeah!"

"Yeah mum, take our cocks," Brett grunted as he fucked his mother's crapper deeply.

"Fuck me, fuck me you two, uuuuh!" Wendy gasped, bouncing on Dan's cock, feeling her cunt and arse burning with pleasure as they were ravished by her husband and son.

Dan slammed his cock up into his wife's twat whilst stroking her tits. Wendy was soon having a powerful climax, crying out with pleasure.

"I'm cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck I'm cumming...aaaah! YEAH!"

Brett began to reach his climax too. He was holding his mother's shoulders as he drove his cock repeatedly into her rectum and began firing his seed.

"Here it is mum, all my cum up your fucking arse...uuuuh!"

"Fuck me Brett, fuck me," wailed Wendy, "YEAH! Shoot your cum up mummy's arse you horny motherfucker! Aaah!"

"Jeeeesus fucking Christ, aaah!" cried Brett as he emptied his nuts. He blasted his mum's bowels full of sperm, his body shaking with pleasure as he pumped his mother's intestines full of sperm. When he finished, he slid his prick out of her bum and moved back, out of breath. His sister's were still going at it on the sofa, kissing each other and embracing as they fucked each other's twats with the double-dildo.

"I've not cum yet," Dan said, "but I will in a minute. Get off me honey, I'm gonna cum all over our daughter's faces. Those sluts need a spunky shower."

Wendy pulled herself of from her husband's prick and moved aside.

Having heard their daddy's plan, Krystal and Tiffany moved apart, easing the dildo out their pussies and throwing it - slick with juice - to the floor.

"Sit together girls, daddy's gonna cum," Dan said, walking towards the sofa and jerking off his erection. Tiffany and Krystal sat shoulder-to-shoulder, licking their lips at the sight of their father coming over to spunk on them. Tiffany still wore her pink vest which stuck to her slim ten year old body, an elongated patch of dampness down the front, the girl having sweated buckets during the sticky afternoon sex-session. She only had on one pink sock, the other having slid off somewhere down the line whilst humping her sister with the dildo.

Dan pumped his cock hard whilst standing right in front of Tiffany and Krystal, looking foward to emptying his balls over the pretty girls.

"Paste those fucking sluts," Wendy urged her husband whilst fingering her twat, "Drown them in fucking cum!"

"Yeah, shower us in cum," urged Krystal, "Get it all over us! We need spunk! We need it raining all over us dad you horny stud you! Spray your lovely sauce over your cunting daughters!"

"Jerk off in our faces and mouths dad," Tiffany added, fingering her tight bald twat, "Hose us down like the overheated sluts we are!" She giggled, loving the liberating feeling of acting like a wanton nympho.

"Aaaah, here it is...you motherfucking sluts...here it is!!" Dan cried, "Yeah...UUUH! Drink my cum you cunting fucking sluts!"

He began shooting his sperm all over the girls. He hit Tiffany in the face with his first spurt, then shot his second squirt into Krystal's wide-open mouth. She gulped it down just as the third squirt of cum from her father's cock hit her in the forehead. Dan shot the next three spurts over Tiffany, coating the child's face, then fired his seventh spurt of fuck-sauce over Krystal's left cheek.

"Get it all over us dad," Krystal grinned, then her dad's final load of cum rudely spat out of his cock and landed on her dainty nose. She and Tiffany then eagerly licked and sucked their father's softening prick, drinking down the last of his semen whilst thick wads of the fluid hung from their faces. Then they kissed passionately, Dan stepping back, out of breath and very proud of his randy daughters.

"What a great pair of sisters I have," Brett said, idly stroking his mother's boobs whilst looking over at Krystal and Tiffany snogging each other, "A pair of lovely cum-drinking lesbo cunts! If I ever have daughters, I want two like them!"

Tiffany shivered with delight at this wonderful compliment. She eventually moved away from Krystal and went down to the floor and started kissing Brett, brother and sister snogging lustily, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Krystal lay back on the sofa, out of breath, face slick with cum and saliva and her inner thighs glistening with the cunt juice that had poured out her teen twat.

Dan knelt next to Wendy and kissed her hard on the mouth whilst reaching between her legs and pushing three fingers into her wet cunt.

After the wild afternoon-orgy, they cleaned up and dressed. Dan was tired so he went to his bed for a lie down. Brett played his computer games, Tiffany went to read a book whilst Krystal helped her mum put on dinner. They were all very innocent in their activities, at least for now.

They had a big dinner together and slumped in front of the TV for the evening, watching family programmes for a while. Krystal lay on the floor, munching noisily through a bag of potato chips whilst Brett sat on the sofa cuddled up to his mother whilst Tiffany - wearing just a pair of white panties for the evening - cuddled up to her father. At nine o'clock Wendy put on a porn movie and they all sat and cheerfully watched an hour of beautiful babes getting fucked and cummed on by well hung studs.

After the film, Tiffany decided she wanted to sleep with her parents that night.

"I don't see why not," Dan said, cuddling the girl and stroking her hair, "I think we can fit you in to our night-time sex-session, can't we Wendy?"

"We sure can," his wife said.

"Hey Krystal?" said Brett, throwing a cushion at the girl so it bounced off her bum as she lay on her belly on the carpet, "Wanna sleep with me tonight?"

"Sure thing dude," Krystal grinned, tossing the cushion back at Brett, the boy catching it.

"I think we should hit the sack now," Brett said.

"I agree," Krystal said, standing up and reaching out and grabbing Brett's hand, "Come on brother, let's go to your bed and fuck!" She pulled her brother by the hand and he hauled himself off the sofa and embraced her.

"G'night love birds," Dan said to Brett and Krystal as the siblings headed on out the room, holding hands.

"Brett and Krystal," sang Tiffany, "in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G!" She broke into a fit of girlie giggles.

"Night all," Brett called as he and Krystal left the room. They went down the hallway and into Brett's room, closing the door and undressing.

Not long afterwards, Tiffany was lead into bed with her mum and dad.

"It's sure been an exhausting day," Brett said as he dramatically flung himself nude onto the bed.

"Damn right," Krystal agreed, removing her final item of clothing, her panties, "But I'm still up for some more fun!"

"Me too," Brett grinned, laying on his back and stroking his impressive erection.

Now naked, Krystal got onto the bed and knelt alongside her brother, reaching out and gripping his cock and stroking it up and down. Brett reached between Krystal's legs and rubbed her cunt lips with his fingers.

"Don't you think it's so cool to have started fucking with mum and dad, and Tiffany?" asked Krystal.

"Absolutely," Brett agreed, working two fingers up into his sister's cunt, "Mum is very hot, and Tiffany is a randy little minx. I love fucking you most of all though Krystal, cos you're like...I dunno...just nearer my age."

"Yeah, I like screwing dad, and mum and Tiffany too of course, but I guess you're like...my partner in all this! Like we're a couple."

"We should act like a couple. You know, like boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Well we do! By sleeping together and fucking."

"Oh yeah," laughed Brett.

"I know what you mean though," said Krystal, "We should go out on dates and shit, go to movies and snog in the back row, although we'd better not let anyone who knows we're brother and sister catch us!"

She continued pumping her brother's tool in her fist whilst the boy's fingers worked in and out of cunt, making a wet sucking noise. She was feeling very horny and couldn't wait to get another hard fucking, despite all the fuckings she'd got during the day.

"I love you sis," Brett said.

"I love you too Brett."

"I just thought I'd let you know in case er...I didn't give such an impression of love when we fuck. Y'know, when I call you a 'cunting whore' and stuff."

"Don't worry," giggled Krystal, "I call you a 'motherfucker' and things. I think mum's behaviour is rubbing off on us, she goes fucking wild swearing her head off whilst fucking and talking nasty!"

"It is funny though, talking to each other like that. You er...fucking slut sis."

"I agree," sniggered Krystal, "you motherfucker."

"And sisterfucker, don't forget," laughed Brett.

"C'mon, let's fuck," Krystal said, and she took her hand from her brother's cock and he in turn removed his fingers from her cunt.

"I can manage to blow my nuts one last time before bed," Brett explained, "How do you want it sis?"

"I feel like a good hard arse-fucking to end the day on," Krystal replied, "I love getting buggered, it's so kinky and it feels so fucking good!"

"You got it sis, ya fucking horny bitch."

Krystal got on her hands and knees with her bum thrust out. Brett gave his sister a playful smack on the arse then bent down and started licking her anus, working his tongue round her sphincter then pushing it up into her arse.

"Mmm, that's good," Krystal purred, "Lick it, lick my fucking shit-hole brother."

Brett enjoyed the taste of his sister's hairless arsehole, eating it out for a good couple of minutes and making the girl shiver with pleasure. Then he knelt up and presented his cock-head to the tight hole and began pushing.

"Take it sis," he grunted, squeezing his swollen prick-tip up her arsehole, "Take it up your fucking arse."

"Shove it up there Brett," urged Krystal, "Right up me, right up my arsehole! Oh yeah, yeah I can fuckin' feel it."

"Nnnng!" exclamed Brett as he pushed his entire length up into Krystal's bowels with a single thrust.

"Aaaah," the girl cried, "Ooooh, fuck! Oh fuck that's good, oh yeah! My God that feels so nice!"

"Likewise sis, you fucking slut. Oh yeah, take it up your arse bitch."

Brett began fucking Krystal hard, running his cock up and down in the girl's clenching rectal passage. Krystal lay her head on the pillow and panted with lust, banging her bum back onto her brother's pistoning pole. Brett was tugging half of his eight-incher out of his sister's arse then slamming it back in hard, picking up speed quickly and reducing his slutty sister to a sweaty, spluttering mess.

"Fuck my shitter," Krystal gasped, her hair sticking to her sweaty face, "Ram it up me, oh fuck, oh that's so good! Your cock is so nice, it's so fucking good in my arse you motherfucker. Oh, oh...uuuh!"

"What a slut you are sis, just like our fucking mum! God, I just love fucking you sis!"

Brett banged his sister's shitter steadily for ten-minutes, both of them grunting like animals, lost in lust. Brett finally hit his climax, driving his prick to the hilt into Krystal's arse and pumping her rectum full of sperm.

"Uuuuh, fuck!" he gasped as he shot his load deep into the girl's bum.

"Fill me with cum Brett, yeah, oh yeah!" Krystal panted, "That's so nice, aaah!"

Brett slowed down his thrusting, emptying his nuts up the girl's arse and finally withdrawing. He and his sister lay in each other's arms, out of breath, before they turned out the light and got under the covers, sleeping together in each other's embrace.

Things were just getting heated up in the room down the hallway. On their big King Sized bed, Dan and Wendy were pleasuring their youngest child.

"That's so nice mummy, mmmm," Tiffany was panting, laying naked in the center of the bed, her legs apart.

Her mother Wendy was on all fours between the girl's parted thighs, licking the girl's bald cunt, flicking her tongue of the tender lips whilst sliding a finger in and out of Tiffany's arsehole. Dan meanwhile sucked and pinched the child's nipples, his own cock rock hard and dripping with saliva after his wife and daughter had spent a good ten-minutes sucking it.

The parents worked over Tiffany with their tongues before it was Wendy's turn to be the center of attention. The beautiful naked mother lay back and flung her legs apart. Dan took charge of his wife's cunt, getting down and eating her out greedily, slurping on her wet cunt lips and rubbing her clit. Being shaved completely hairless, Wendy's cunt was easy to access with the tongue and Dan soon had his wife buzzing with pleasure as he hit the right spots.

"Squat over my face sweetheart," Wendy said to Tiffany, "Face my tits so you can play with them whilst I lick your arse."

Tiffany thought this was a fun idea! She squatted over her mum and lowered her bum until her mother was able to stick her tongue up her arsehole. Giggling with delight, Tiffany reached down and played with her mum's boobs, tugging at the nipples and lovingly rolling the globes of flesh around. She had a fantastic view of her dad licking her mother's twat.

Wendy had a climax after a few minutes, lifting her arse of the bed and grinding her dripping cunt into her husband's slurping mouth, Dan rubbing his wife's clit as he ate her out. Wendy's moans of pleasure were muffled as she buried her tongue deep up Tiffany's rectum, the girl squealing with delight as her bottom was tongued whilst she continued to play with her mother's tits down in front of her.

After Wendy's orgasm had finished, the trio moved apart.

"I need to fuck someone," Dan declared, kneeling up and stroking his monstrous nine-incher, "Anyone, any hole...I don't care."

"Fuck me daddy!" cried Tiffany, laying back and flinging her skinny legs apart.

"You got it you beautiful little lolita slut!" Dan grinned, and he mounted the girl, sliding his cock deep into the child's cunt.

"Mmmm, aaah," Tiffany wailed, delighted at the feeling of her daddy's big dick filling her juvenile, "That's good daddy, yeah!"

Dan began fucking Tiffany slowly, deeply running his cock into her cunt.

Wendy knelt nearby, fingering her cunt as she watched her husband fuck their young daughter. She shortly leaned in and started kissing Dan, sticking her tongue down his throat and drinking down his moans of lust as he humped Tiffany's tight quim. Then Wendy turned to Tiffany and kissed her too, frenching her deeply and finding that the girl was quickly getting the hang of kissing. She snogged the girl for a good couple of minutes before pulling away.

"I need fucking now," she declared, "Don't cum in that slut's cunt Dan, my love, I want some fucking too!"

"Okay honey," Dan smiled, and after a few more thrusts he slid his pole out of Tiffany's slit. Wendy lay back and parted her legs, Dan quickly mounting the blond slut and fucking his cock right up into her cunt. He fucked her much harder than he'd fucked Tiffany, slamming his meat up Wendy's cunt and making her cry out with pleasure.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me Dan, that's so good! UUUUH! Oh yeah, oh fuck!"

Her husband shafted her for a good five-minutes, Tiffany sitting up next to them and playing with her cunt. When Dan dismounted his wife, he stroked his cock whilst contemplating what to do next.

"Let's do something we can all get involved with," he suggested, "Wendy? Why don't you strap on that dildo over there and fucking Tiffany's cunt from behind and she can suck her daddy's cock in the meantime!"

Wendy hopped off the bed and took the white-strap on that was lying on the floor. She swiftly strapped it to her crotch whilst Tiffany followed her father's instructions in getting onto her hands and knees in the center of the bed. Dan knelt in front of the girl and stuck his cock down her throat, the girl sucking deeply on her dad's dick and loving every minute of it!

Tiffany's delight was increased further when her mother got behind her and pushed the long strap-on dildo up her cunt, burying it to the hilt in Tiffany.

"What a charming slut we have for a daughter," laughed Wendy, "Such a delightful girl!"

She clapped her hands to Tiffany's bum and started sliding the dildo to and fro in the girl's twat. Tiffany moaned with pleasure with her father's cock still rammed in her mouth.

"Tiffany gives fantastic head," Dan panted, "I'll be cumming in no time! And you know what? I'm gonna pull my cock out her mouth and cum all over her pretty little face!"

"Yeah do that," Wendy said, fucking harder, "Spunk up all over her and I'll lick it off!"

Tiffany loved this idea too, although she wasn't in a position to comment. She sucked harder on her father's long erection, eager for him to shoot his load. She had loved getting cummed on that morning! It had also been nice in the afternoon when her daddy shot his load of her's and Krystal's faces, but Tiffany couldn't help a selfish-streak that made her prefer having her daddy's sperm all to herself rather than have to share it with her big sister. Tiffany wanted it all to herself and now she would have that chance!

"Here it is," grunted Dan shortly, "Oh yeah, it's cumming....ready Tiffany? Ready for a facial kid?"

He slid his dick out of the girl's mouth.

"Yeah dad," she urged him, "I want it all over me! Shoot over me daddy! Cream me!"

Dan pumped his cock with his strong fist and let out a cry of pleasure as he began blasting Tiffany's face with spunk. He was proud that, although she shut her eyes, Tiffany opened her mouth wide open to catch a fair proportion of the huge wads of semen firing out her father's cock. She gulped it down whilst further strings of slimy jism pasted across her delicate face. Wendy all the while slammed the strap-on up Tiffany's cunt, making the girl shake with pleasure as the final spurt of her father's spunk hit her in the forehead. She sucked Dan's dick, slurping the spermy head clean.

"Do you want your face cleaned up?" Wendy asked, removing the dildo and unstrapping it.

"Yes please mummy," Tiffany said, turning round. Wendy leaned forwards and started licking her husband's cum off Tiffany's face, lapping it up and swallowing some whilst being considerate enough to spit most of it into Tiffany's mouth. Mother and daughter shared a passionate, spermy kiss, Dan watching this whilst sprawled out, feeling sleep approaching. He was very, very proud of his little girl!

The next day, Sunday, was not going to be as sunny as the day before. Dark clouds covered the dawn sky and rain began falling, soon turning into a downpour.

Woken up at eight o'clock by the sound of rain hammering at his window, Brett sat up in bed and yawned. He was naked and he felt his long cock sticking stiffly across his firm abdomen. He turned and spent a moment watching his sister Krystal sleep peacefully beside him. She lay on her back with the covers only up to her waist, her small titties on display, her nipples stiff and a slight smile on her slumbering face no doubt as she dreamed of sex.

Brett slid out of bed and padded out the room, down the hallway, his erection nodding in front of him. The bathroom door was shut but then he heard the toilet flush and out of the bathroom came his mother, who was, naturally, nude.

"Morning sweetheart," she smiled to Brett.

"Hi mum," Brett grinned, "You finished in there?"

"Yeah, but I fancy watching you go to the bathroom, especially if you're gonna jack off!"

"No need for me to jack off now mum, I've got a sexy little slut in bed who I'll fuck as soon as she wakes up."

"Krystal's still asleep? Shame. Looks like I might have to take care of you in the meantime. Come on, into the bathroom, I want you to fuck me."

"Sure thing mum."

Brett went into the bathroom with his mother. They didn't bother shutting the door.

"You look so fucking hot mum," Brett said, "How do you want fucking?"

"Bent over the sink, like a fucking slut," Wendy replied, and she turned and placed her hands on the rim of the sink, bending over and sticking her mouthwatering arse out. Brett stood behind his mum and guided his stiff dick up into her cunt from behind, lodging half of it up her twat before holding her hips and thrusting in the remainder.

"Oooh, son, that's good," Wendy gasped, "Yeah, fuck me motherfucker, fuck your fucking mother!"

"I will mum, you cunt, you slut. Oh yeah, what a tight cunt! Mmmm!"

He began shafting his mother, driving his prick deep up into her womb.

"What did you and dad get up to last night with Tiffany?" Brett asked his mother as he shafted her cunt.

"We licked her cunt out then I licked her arsehole whilst your dad licked me out. Then your dad fucked your little sister and then me. Finally, I strapped on a dildo and fucked Tiffany in the cunt from behind whilst she sucked off your dad, who pulled out at the last minute and gave Tiffany a really messy facial."

"Wow, that's cool! Did you lick dad's cum off Tiffany's face?"

"Of course I did! I love the taste of cum. I love licking it off your sister's faces. What about you, what did you get up to with Krystal?"

"Nothing particularly varied, mum. I just fucked her up the arse."

"That sounds hot! Krystal is a real horny slut, you're so lucky to have a sister like that, and she's lucky to have a well-hung, randy motherfucking brother like you."

"We're one fucking lucky family mum! Oh yeah, your cunt is so hot, I can feel my orgasm rising. Uuuh, uh. Oh mum, yeah!"

He shafted his mother from behind at a quicker pace, his leg muscles tensing. Brett gripped Wendy's shoulders as he banged her, thrusting up deep into her wet quim whilst Wendy grunted sluttishly with animalistic desire.

"Oh mum, I'm cumming," Brett grunted, "Oh fuck, oh yeah...in your cunt mum, in your fucking cunt! Aaaah!"

He slammed his prick up his mother's twat one last time and unleashed his sperm.

"Fill me with cum motherfucker," Wendy urged him, "Shoot it up mummy's cunt. Yeah, uuuuh!"

"Fuck mum, I'm cumming so hard in you! FUCK! Oh yeah!"

He spurted thick jism into his mother's cunt until he was fully spent. Then the boy slid out of Wendy and stepped back, out of breath. His mother turned and dropped to her knees, lovingly sucking and licking her son's semi-stiff dick.

"I need a piss mum," Brett announced.

"Me too. Let's piss together. C'mon," Wendy grinned, and she sat on the toilet. "Use me as a toilet whilst I take a piss. Slash all over me Brett you lovely motherfucking stud you!"

"This sounds cool mum," Brett smiled. He stood in front of his mum and pointed his cock in her face before relaxing his bladder. His stream of urine commenced, jetting into his mother's face. Wendy shut her eyes and opened her mouth, her son aiming his flow of piss into his mum's mouth. Wendy gulped it down like champagne, swallowing greedily whilst piss splashed over her face, her shoulders and into her hair. Whilst this was going on she was urinating too, into the toilet. Brett felt like asking his mum to stop as he fancied having her piss on him, but it was too late. Instead he concentrated on giving her a good golden shower. Finally, his flow ended and Wendy sucked her son's cock whilst she in turn finished emptying her bladder.

"Whoa, what a pair of depraved fuckers you two are," laughed Krystal, stepping naked into the bathroom.

"Have you been watching?" grinned Brett.

"Sure," his sister replied, "I need a piss now. How about I give you a shower Brett?"

"Excellent idea sis! I was just thinking that I wish mum had urinated on me."

"I can do that next time," Wendy said, standing up off the toilet, "Now, we don't want to get the bathroom carpet soaked, so why don't you lay in the bathtub Brett? Krystal, you squat over him and piss over the motherfucker, then I'm sure he'll be stiff enough to give us both a good fucking before we finally get round to having breakfast."

Brett got into the large empty bathtub and lay down. Krystal got in too, standing astride her brother's hips and squatting down. She giggled as she began urinating, a golden jet of piss arcing from her teen slit and splashing down all over her brother's firm torso. Brett stroked his cock, getting a hard-on immediately as he was drenched in Krystal's urine. When she'd finished pissing, Krystal stood and hopped out the bath, her mother kneeling down and licking the girl's pissy twat dry. Brett got out the bath too, stroking his eight-inch erection and eying up his mother and sister lustily.

"Which one of you sluts wants fucking first?" he demanded.

"Me!" Krystal declared, and she got down on the bathroom carpet on her hands and knees, "Come and fuck my cunt Brett! Fuck me hard! Mum, come and sit in front of me, I'll eat your cunt out!"

Brett knelt behind Krystal and guided his rod up into her tight cunt, lodging himself in to the hilt. He began fucking her hard, gripping the teenager's hips as she shafted her cunt. Meanwhile, Wendy sat on the floor in front of Krystal and spread her legs.

"Mmmm, nice and spermy," Krystal grinned as she spied all her brother's fresh spunk leaking out of her mother's shaved twat, "Lovely!" She dived in, licking deeply on her mother's cunt, Wendy moaning with pleasure.

"Oooh, that's good honey," she said, running her hands through Krystal's dark hair, "Lick me, lick your mother's cunt! Oh yeah!"

"Is she a good cunt-licker mum?" asked Brett, fucking his sister doggie-style with deep thrusts of his erection.

"Very good!" Wendy confirmed, "This slut can eat cunt so well, like a real fucking lesbo cunt. Mmm. Suck my cunt Krystal you beautiful slut! You're mummy's slut, mummy's cunt-licking slut-bitch, you'll eat me out whenever I want you to won't you my darling slut?"

"Yes mummy," confirmed Wendy, raising her juice-slathered face briefly from between her mum's thighs, "I'll lick your cunt out whenever you want, day or night, just as long as you'll eat my cunt out mum! I know you will too, because if I'm a fucking cunt-licking, lesbo slut it's because I take after you, dear mother!"

"I will darling, I'll lick you out in return whenever you want. Get back to sucking my twat now, there's a good girl. Lick mummy out."

"Yes mummy," Krystal smirked, then resumed eating out Wendy's moist vagina. She worked her tongue up it deep, slurping out her brother's warm spunk.

"Uuuh, yeah, what a tight cunt," Brett was panting as he rammed his tool up Krystal's cunt from behind, "Aah, yeah. Fuck! I love fucking you Krystal, I love fucking you so much, especially whilst watching you lick out mum!"

Krystal slurped on her mother's cunt whilst her own cunt was pumped by her brother's cock. Wendy shortly climaxed, grunting loudly with pleasure as her daughter sucked her off to a prolonged climax. Brett loved watching his mother cum and it almost triggered his own climax, but he managed to hold it off. He shortly slid his stiff cock out of Krystal's wet cunt.

"Swap over ladies," he said, "I'll fuck you mum and you can return the cunt-licking favour to Krystal."

The girls switched places.

Krystal lay back, legs spread, her cunt-lips glistening wetly. Wendy got on all fours in front of the girl and plunged her tongue up into Krystal's cunt, licking it out thoroughly.

"Here it is mum, here's my cock," Brett smiled, pushing his erection up into her cunt. It was slippery and wet up there but still offered a good grip round Brett's thick penis. He slammed his cock into his mother's womb, fucking her with great strength as he watched her lick out Krystal. The girl was in ecstasy, moaning with pleasure as her mother's tongue worked it's way up her vagina.

Five-minutes passed as the incestuous trio humped on the floor. Brett fucked his mum good and hard, Wendy taking her son's cock in her twat whilst she licked and sucked Krystal to a hard orgasm.

"I'm almost cumming," Brett then announced, tugging his cock out of his mother's slit and standing up, "Kneel together you two, I'll cum all over your faces you beautiful fucking whores."

Wendy knelt up, turning round to face her son. Loving the idea of a spunk shower, Krystal joined her, mother and daughter kneeling shoulder-to-shoulder with looks of wanton thirst on their sweaty faces.

"Do it Brett," Wendy commanded her son, "Shoot your fucking spunk all over our faces!"

"Come on Brett," added Krystal, "Our mum and me love cum, we love having it spurting over us and in our mouths! Spray us two fucking cunts with your hot sperm motherfucker!"

Brett stood before his mum and sister, jerking off his cock rapidly.

"Here it is..." he gasped, "Uuuh...here it fucking is sluts, aaaah! UUUH!"

He shot a thick wad of sticky semen at Krystal, the girl catching it in her mouth and gulping it down, just as a second wad of her brother's sperm splashed over her forehead, some big dollops landing in her hair. Brett then turned to his mother.

"Have a drink mum," he grunted as he whacked off. Wendy had her mouth open and she caught the squirt of semen on her tongue, swallowing it whilst Brett's fourth jet of hot white cream hit her left cheek. Still jacking off hard, Brett pointed his dick back at Krystal and sprayed two loads of cum over the girl's nose and around her closed eyes before he fired his seventh and final pump over his mother's right cheek.

"Oh yeah," sighed Brett, "What a cum!"

"Let me suck your cock!" Krystal said, a big grin on her spunk-slathered face.

"Here it is," Brett said, "Suck my cock sis, you pretty little cunt," He jammed his softening cock into Krystal's mouth so the girl could suck out what little juice was left in his balls. Wendy leaned in and sucked on Brett's scrotum, and when the boy shortly staggered back on shaky legs, he watched as Wendy and Krystal kissed and fingered each other's twats, spunk running down their faces.

At that moment in time, something similar was happening in the master bedroom. Dan had woken up and spent a good fifteen-minutes laying back whilst Tiffany rode his cock. The pre-teen slut was very enthusiastic as she sat astride her daddy's lap, bouncing up and down with her father's big cock up her twat. The father and daughter screwed together until Dan's climax began to rise and he asked Tiffany to dismount him.

"Are you gonna cum all over me dad?" she asked as she lay on her back, propped up on her elbows.

"I sure am honey," Dan replied, kneeling astride the girl's torso, "I'm gonna soak you in jizz!"

"Do it daddy, sperm up on me!"

Dan masturbated his hard cock, pointing it right into Tiffany's angelic face. The girl closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

"Uuuuh, aaah, I'm fuckin' cumming!" Dan announced, pumping his cock which began spurting thick cream over Tiffany's face. It was a very heavy flow, ten big squirts of jism that splattered over Tiffany. She swallowed a good mouthful but still ended up with a face dripping with slimy spunk. She licked her lips and giggled as her father finished his climax and wiped his creamy purple cock-head in the girl's golden hair.

They got off the bed and left the room, heading down the hallway.

"You look as if you've been busy," smiled Dan as he walked into the bathroom. He saw Brett and Krystal having a shower whilst Wendy - her face dripping with spunk and her body shiny with piss - stood waiting for the bath to fill.

"We've been trying out golden-showers," Wendy said to her husband.

"Nice," said Dan, stepping up to Wendy and giving her a kiss, "Morning kids," he said to Brett and Krystal, who returned the greeting before getting back to washing each other's naked bodies.

"What's a golden-shower?" asked Tiffany, standing in the doorway with her face dripping with jism.

"It's where you pee on someone," replied her father.

"Eek," responded Tiffany, "That sounds weird."

"It was fun," Brett replied from the shower as he knelt, running a soapy sponge over Krystal's shiny wet buttocks, "Krystal pissed on me after I pissed on mum."

"Cool," grinned Tiffany.

"That'll be a good way of washing your face," Dan said to the girl, "Here, kneel down, I'll pee on you honey."

Tiffany's initial shock at the idea of a golden-shower had turned into complete enthusiasm. She lay a towel down on the floor and knelt on it, watching her father stand in front of her.

"Ready?" he said.

"Yes daddy, come on, pee on me!" Tiffany said.

Dan pointed his semi-hard cock into Tiffany's face and began urinating. It was a powerful blast and Tiffany kept her eyes and mouth shut as the warm flow drenched her. She got a bit braver and opened her mouth a little, catching some of her dad's piss. She swallowed it down, smiling to herself through the jet of piss. The golden flow of liquid sluiced away the white spunk from her face, the mix of bodily fluids running down her young naked body. Dan finished up and watched with pride as his slutty ten year old daughter sucked his cock.

"My turn," Tiffany then announced, standing up, dripping piss now instead of cum.

"Okay honey," Dan said as he lay down on the towel, propped up on his elbows, "Get it all over my face and in my mouth, I wanna drink your sweet piss like champagne.

Wendy stopped running the bath as it was almost full, and then she fingered her cunt whilst she watched as Tiffany stood astride her daddy's stomach and squatted down. She began pissing immediately, grinning and having a great time as she urinated all over her dad. It turned on Dan no end to have his child's sweet pee splashing over him. He and Wendy had tried watersports together quite often, and also with some of the various sexual partners at swinging-parties. However it was something else to have his own pre-teen daughter pissing on him. By the time Tiffany had finished and stood up, her dad's cock was sticking up straight.

"I'm so horny," he said as he got up, dripping with urine, "Wendy? Fancy a fuck?"

"I sure do!" his wife replied. She got on her hands and knees in front of her husband. "Fuck me, fuck me just as hard as Brett did earlier!"

Dan shoved his hard dong up Wendy's twat and began shafting her doggie-style. He gripped her hips and fucked her furiously.

"Tiffany sweetheart," Dan said as he banged his wife, "Come here, I want to suck you slit whilst I fuck your mother!"

Tiffany stood next to her dad, Dan burying his face into the girl's crotch.

"Oooh, daddy, that's nice," Tiffany purred, running her hands through her father's hair as he licked out her cunt.

Krystal and Brett were still washing each other in the shower, running their hands over each other's bodies, occasionally looking out through the jet of hot water to see their father fuck their mother whilst eating out their little sister's cunt. Dan hammered Wendy's cunt until his wife climaxed, after which he hit his orgasm too. Whilst shoving his tongue up Tiffany's cunt, Dan blasted Wendy's cunt full of sperm, filling her womb with jism.

"Wow, golden-showers are fun," Tiffany concluded once the trio on the floor had broken up.

"Yeah, let's do 'em more often," Wendy said, "Anyway, I need a bath. Who wants to join me?"

"Me!" Tiffany said, she stepped into the bath and sat down in the hot water. Her mother then got in too.

"No room for me?" asked Dan.

"I'm afraid not," Wendy replied, "We'll need a bigger bath sometime so we can all get in together, all five of us."

"I'm finished in here dad," Brett said as he stepped out the shower, "Krystal isn't though, she's such a dirty slut she needs scrubbing up a bit more!" He laughed, as did Krystal as she remained in the steaming shower.

"I'll take your place then Brett," Dan said as he stepped into the shower. He gave Krystal a lusty kiss.

"I'll scrub your back if you scrub my back," Krystal said as she ran her hands over her father's chest.

"I'll scrub your backside too honey," Dan responded, kissing Krystal again, "I'll soap down then rinse your arse-cheeks, and then I'll lick your anus so clean it sparkles!"

Wendy and Tiffany had begun to wash each other in the bath. Brett dried himself off and left the bathroom, heading off to his bedroom to get dressed before going to the kitchen to start on breakfast.

The family spent a good long while washing up then having breakfast.

By mid-morning Dan and his son were feeling horny again, as did the female members of the household. A space was cleared on the living room floor and they promptly enjoyed each other in various sordid ways. After half-an-hour of fucking his mum and two sisters at least once in each hole, Brett fired his sperm up his mother's cunt whilst his father ejaculated deep into Krystal's tight bottom. Father and son were back in action within minutes, another half-hour of fucking taking place, Brett concluding this by cumming over his mother's tits and watching as his Krystal hurried over to lick them clean, whilst Dan shot his second load into Tiffany's cunt. The guys were pretty spent after that so they sat back on the sofa and watched the girls get it on with strap-on's. Krystal and Tiffany had another go with the big black double-dildo and grinded their impaled pussies together until they had a mutual screaming orgasm, heightened when their mother stood over them and pissed all over their naked bodies. A few sixty-nines between the mother and her two daughters rose Dan and Brett's cocks once more.

They plunged into the fray and fucked the girls silly until they eventually shot a third load of cum of the session. Then it was time to clear up and have lunch.

The rest of the day was pretty similar. Brett fancied have a threesome with his mum and Tiffany, and so off he went to his room late that afternoon where he fucked them both for an hour before cumming in Tiffany's cunt. Dan meanwhile stayed in the living room with Krystal, who's cunt and arsehole he fucked in a variety of positions before giving her a very messy facial.

Once again, Brett slept with Krystal that night, fucking her until midnight before they went to sleep. Tiffany was shattered so the little girl slept in her own bed whilst Dan went to bed with Wendy, giving her a good forty-minute long arse-fucking before they settled down.

The next day was Monday. Dan had to work, as did Wendy, but the kids were lucky. It was the school vacation. With their parents gone they decided to amuse themselves in a very predictable manner!

"That's it Tiffany, suck it, yeah! You're getting good at this you lovely little slut! Mmmm."

Brett was sitting back in the armchair in the living room, naked. Tiffany was also naked and she knelt in front of her brother, her little head bobbing as she sucked on his big hard erection.

Krystal was sitting on the sofa, wearing nothing but a pair of knee-length white socks. Her dark hair was tied up in bunches with long, white silk ribbons. She looked like the charming thirteen year old lolita-slut that she was as she drank her milk and enjoyed the sight of her younger sister sucking her big brother's dick.

"Very good," purred Brett, running his hands through Tiffany's golden blond hair, "You suck cock just as well as mum and Krystal!"

Tiffany was inspired by this compliment, slurping even more of her brother's dick down her throat. She loved the taste of the small drops of pre-cum that oozed out. She fancied sucking her brother to completion and drinking down his lovely cum, but of course that would prevent her from receiving a good hard fucking!

Shortly, the girl took Brett's cock from her mouth and grinned up at him.

"Will you return the favour dear brother?"

"Naturally," Brett said. He gave the girl a kiss then moved aside, letting Tiffany sit back on the sofa.

"Why don't I eat her out?" suggested Krystal, putting her glass of milk on the coffee table and getting up, "I'll lick her cunt and you can get behind me and fuck my cunt from behind."

"Sounds fine with me," Brett said.

"Come and lick my slit," Tiffany smirked as she spread her legs.

"You got it, squirt," grinned Krystal. She came over and knelt between her younger sister's parted thighs and leaned in, running her tongue over the girl's hairless cunt.

Brett got behind Krystal, admiring her mouthwatering arse that was sticking out as she leaned forwards. He guided his cock-head to the girl's moist cunt lips and slid his way in slowly. Krystal shuddered with pleasure and purred into Tiffany's cunt as she felt her brother's cock fill her twat. Wedged to the hilt in his sister's cunt, Brett held the girl's waist as he gently fucked her. He wanted to go faster and fuck the shit out of his sister, but he hadn't cum yet that day and he felt himself on the brink, especially after such a fine blow-job from Tiffany, so he just went slowly at first so he'd hold out for a while.

"Yeah, lick me," Tiffany was soon moaning, "Oh yeah, Krystal, lick my slit. Mmmm! Oh God that's good!"

Krystal buried her tongue up the girl's cunt, licking it out thirstily whilst her own cunt was shafted by Brett.

For a good ten-minutes Brett steadily fucked Krystal, watching over the girl's shoulder as she sucked on Tiffany's cunt, bringing the pre-teen girl to a gentle climax. Then Brett eased his dick out of Krystal's cunt and stood up, stroking his long cock. Krystal moved aside.

"Fuck Tiffany now," she said, "Fuck her hard, right in her cunt!"

"In my cunt!" repeated Tiffany, the child delighting in all the foul language she'd picked up from her sordid family.

"Right away sis," Brett smiled, and he knelt between Tiffany's legs then rammed his cock into her cunt. Tiffany cried out with pleasure and wrapped her arms round her big brother as he began pummeling her tender cunt. Krystal sat on the sofa and reached out with one hand to stroke Tiffany's nipples that stood out stiff and red on her flat chest, whilst with her other hand Krystal fingered her wet cunt.

Brett fucked Tiffany fast and hard, only slowing down after a couple of minutes when he sensed his orgasm rising. With a great effort of will he held back and eventually slid out of Tiffany's cunt unspent.

"I fancy having my cunt licked," Krystal said, "How about you eat me out Tiffany whilst Brett fucks my face?"

"That sounds cool," Tiffany giggled. Her older sister lay back on the floor and Tiffany knelt between her legs and dived in, sucking on Krystal's cunt. Krystal raised her self up on her elbows and Brett knelt to the side of her, enabling Krystal to suck on his cock. Brett rammed his prick into his sister's throat and she sucked deeply on him, Krystal moaning with pleasure with Brett's dick rammed between her lips and Tiffany's tongue working it's way up into her womb.

"Suck it sis, suck my cock, yeah," Brett panted, fucking Krystal's mouth.

Tiffany took the initiative of pushing two of her slender fingers up Krystal's arsehole whilst she licked out her cunt, giving Krystal an added thrill. She slurped deeply on Brett's dick, tasting some of the pre-cum. Brett hadn't ejaculated since last night, almost ten-hours ago, and he was looking forward to his orgasm as it was sure to be very powerful. He began wondering where to have it, whether to shoot his load down Krystal's throat (which would surely please her - she loved drinking cum!) or whether to give her a facial. Or he could give Tiffany a facial. Maybe he could shoot over both his sister's? Finally he was hit with an intense urge to watch one sister suck sperm out the other's arse.

"I've an idea," he announced, sliding his cock out of Krystal's mouth, "I'm going to fuck you in the arse Tiffany, then Krystal is gonna suck all my sperm out of it."

"Whoa, cool," Tiffany said, raising her head from between Krystal's thighs.

"Where do you get these disgusting, but very cool, ideas?" laughed Krystal.

"I'm a sixteen year old boy," Brett explained, "I've got loads of disgusting sexual acts to suggest!"

"Let's do this one," Tiffany said, "I like being fucked in my bum, and I'm sure Krystal would love to suck sperm out of me."

"I sure would you little slut," Krystal smirked.

Tiffany got on her hands and knees, thrusting her cute bottom out. Brett got behind his kid sister and gave her anus a good licking before he got up and mounted her.

"Aaaah, that's good," Tiffany cried, eyes shut tight as she felt her tight arse invaded by her brother's thick erection.

"Yeah, all the way in," Brett triumphantly announced, his entire eight-incher buried in Tiffany's rectum, "So tight but so willing!" He held onto Tiffany's hips as he began fucking the girl up the arse, pounding her shitter and making her yelp with pleasure.

Krystal fingered her cunt and watched from nearby, looking forward to drinking her brother's cum but with the added perversion of drinking it from her sister's arsehole.

"Uuuh, I'm cumming," Brett began crying, "Oh yeah, it's a fucking big one! AAAAAH! SHIT! Yeah!"

He rammed his cock to the root into Tiffany's shitter and pumped out what seemed like a gallon of sperm up into her. Tiffany could actually feel her rectum filling up with sperm, her anus taut round the base of Brett's cock. For a full twenty-seconds Brett ejaculated into Tiffany's bowels before he finally withdrew, exhausted and spent, and slumped back on the floor.

The girls were not yet finished of course. Krystal lay on her back and Tiffany squatted over her older sister's face and lowered herself.

"Yeah, give it to me," Krystal said as she looked up, watching Tiffany's cute bum descend towards her mouth, the pink anus dilated and already leaking an obscene long drip of thick cum. Finally, Tiffany's planted her arsehole onto her sister's mouth and Krystal began sucking, slurping her brother's sperm out.

"I'll frig your cunt," Tiffany announced as she reached out and rubbed Krystal's cunt. She dug three fingers into that wet slit, Krystal moaning with pleasure as she felched Brett's jism. Tiffany enjoyed this, feeling her bum being drained by Krystal, her sister's tongue shortly squirming up into her rectum to lick out every last drop of spunk. It took three-minutes for Krystal to suck it all out, and she had a big grin on her face when Tiffany finally dismounted her.

"We've got to teach that trick to mum," Krystal said, "She can suck out jism from our arses, or maybe we can suck dad's or Brett's from her arse."

"I'm sure mum's done that before," Brett pointed out, "I can't imagine there being a sexual trick or perversion she hasn't tried! The things we can learn from her and dad!"

"They'll teach us it all though," Tiffany said, "I can't wait! Think of the pervy things they'll have us doing!"

Dan got home at four o'clock that afternoon, a full hour before his wife would return. He took off his shoes and strolled into the living room.

"Hi kids," he smiled.

"Hiya dad," Brett replied.

"Hey daddy," grinned Tiffany.

Krystal was unable to answer as she had Brett's dick in her mouth. She was on her hands and knees on the floor, naked like her siblings, sucking Brett off as the boy knelt in front of her. Tiffany meanwhile was kneeling behind Krystal and gripping the base of a ten-inch pink dildo which she was pushing in and out of her sister's cunt from behind.

"Well, you kids have been enjoying yourself by the looks of it," Dan smirked as he began undressing.

"We've spent most of the afternoon fucking," Tiffany told her father, before regailing him with the highlights of the sexual antics of her and her brother and sister. By the time she finished, Dan was fully undressed, his cock sticking up, fully erect.

"Move over Tiffany, I'll take care of Krystal's cunt for a while," he said.

Tiffany slid the plastic dildo out of her sister's cunt and she moved aside, watching as her father knelt behind Krystal and push his long pole up into her cunt. Krystal moaned inwardly with pleasure as her father penetrated her tight cunt whilst she continued to slurp on Brett's cock. She was double-ended for a while, her body humped this way and that as her cunt and face were fucked. Shortly though, Brett began to sense his kid sister getting impatient as she knelt nearby watching.

"Fancy a fuck squirt?" he asked Tiffany.

"Yeah!" the girl grinned.

Brett slid his dick out of Krystal's mouth and he shuffled over to Tiffany.

"Up my arse, up my arse," chanted Tiffany, the naked ten year old child getting onto her hands and knees alongside Krystal. Brett got behind Tiffany and spat on the tips of his fingers, working them around the girl's tight arsehole and then pushing them in. He finger-fucked Tiffany for a moment to loosen her up before he took his digits out her bum and replaced them with his cock. Tiffany was quickly getting used to taking her daddy's and brother's big cocks in her arse and in no time at all Brett had pushed his erection deep into Tiffany's rectum.

"Mmm, yeah, fuck me," Tiffany panted, "Fuck my little bum Brett, ooooh!"

Krystal was meanwhile being cunt-fucked from behind by her father.

"Daddy?" she said over her shoulder, "Would you care to switch holes and give my arse the same hard fucking that Brett is giving to Tiffany?"

"It'd be my pleasure Krystal," smiled her father. He withdrew his throbbing cock out of Krystal's cunt and placed the slick head to the girl's anus. He pushed, Krystal looking straight ahead and gritting her teeth. Slowly, very slowly, her anus began to bloom open. Dan squeezed his cock-head into the girl's rectum and, the hard part over with, he held Krystal's hips and pushd his whole shaft deep into her bum with a single stroke.

"Aaaah, ah daddy," Krystal cried, "Oh that's so good! Fuck my arse daddy, fuck your daughter's shitter. Uuuh, oh fuck that's good!"

"Fuck me Brett!" Tiffany was urging her brother as she attempted to emulate her older sister, "Fuck my shitter! OOOOOOH!"

Brett was increasing his pace now, sweat forming on his forehead as the youth pounded Tiffany's tender arse, her sphincter so tight round his thick erection. Next to him his father was bestowing the same energetic, sodimistical treatment on Krystal.

"Yeah, Krystal, take it cunt," he was grunting as he buggered her, "You're daddy's little anal-slut aren't you? Aren't you?"

"Yes daddy, yes!" the girl panted, shivering with pleasure, "I'm your anal slut, your fucking whore-cunt you can fuck and bugger and spunk over anytime you want! Fuck me daddy, fuck that big cock up your little girl's tight arse! Fuck my shitter, I love being fucked up the arse! YEAH! UUUH, I'm fucking cumming!"

She climaxed powerfully under her father's deep thrusts, Dan reaching forward to hold Krystal's shoulders, enabling him to hunch over her and thrust even deeper into her rectum.

"Take it cunt, that's it," he panted, "Take daddy's dick in your arse, oh fuck! Oh fuck, yeah!"

"Oooooh, make me cum daddy, make your little girl cum! Aaah, oh yeah!"

"Fucking slut, yeah! What a hot daughter! Oh fuck, yeah, uuuh!"

Brett was a little less vocal meanwhile, letting his actions do the talking. He was jamming his cock hard and fast into Tiffany's tight arse, the little girl yelping and wailing with pleasure. She loved her brother so much at that point, loving him so dearly as he penetrated her intimate hole and giving her such a physical thrill.

Dan and his son spent a good five-minutes sodomizing the girls, Krystal getting hit by a second orgasm under the anal hammering her father was giving her whilst Tiffany climaxed under Brett's bum-fucking. Eventually, the guy's removed their dicks from the sister's assholes, having kept themselves from shooting their loads by a major effort of will.

"Let's cum on these slutty cunts," Dan said to his son, "I love watching my little girls getting pasted with semen. You take Tiffany, I'll take Krystal."

"Right away dad," Brett said, "Turn over Tiff."

Tiffany did so, laying on her back whilst her brother knelt astride her chest, wanking his big cock in her face.

Krystal adopted the same position, her father kneeling astride her chest, his heavy balls banging against her budding titties as her jerked off.

"Drench me dad," she panted, "Drench me in lovely cum!"

Dan masturbated harder and faster until his sperm rose up and exploded out, a thick geyser of ropy, sticky jism that sprayed over Krystal's face. She flicked her tongue out, catching some of the warm fluid and gulping it whilst her face and neck were pasted.

"Here's mine," announced Brett, pumping his fist, "Oh fuck, oh yeah...drink it down Tiffany...UUUUUH!"

Tiffany opened her mouth wide and her brother scored a direct hit, shooting a thick wad onto the girl's tongue. Tiffany swallowed it down then stuck her tongue out in time for the second squirt. She gulped this too whilst the third spurt of warm jizz slashed across her face. Brett ensured a good amount of his cum splattered over his little sister's delicate, pretty face, but knowing how much she liked the taste of semen he made sure he got enough down her throat.

Dan's eruption had ended and he was watching as Krystal sucked his cock, bathing his sticky bell-end with her tongue, cum hanging from her face, a couple of thick slashes of her dad's fuck-sauce in her hair too.

Tiffany licked Brett's dick clean before Dan and Brett dismounted the girls, Krystal and Tiffany getting up and kissing each other, licking their face's clean and snowballing the cum.

Then they all lay back and decided not to bother dressing. Wendy would be home soon, so Dan and his children lay about the room, sipping drinks (beer for Dan and Brett, wine for Krystal and milk for Tiffany) whilst watching a hard-core porn movie on the TV.

Wendy got home at five o'clock. By two-minutes-past-five she was naked, and by five-past-five she was being roughly cunt fucked by Brett and arse-fucked by Dan, Wendy hitting a climax within ten-minutes. Then her place was taken by Tiffany, who was double-fucked to a climax before she moved aside and Krystal had her go at being double-fucked.

It was going to be another exhausting evening for the family!

It was Friday, a full week since the family had discovered the delights of incest. They'd managed a hell of a lot of sex in those seven days, with the siblings experimenting with each other during the day when their parents were at work, and showing off what they'd learned when their mum and dad came home. Brett had talked his sister's into taking a spanking. Tiffany hadn't enjoyed it too much so only permitted it once or twice, but Krystal loved it! She loved having her little round bum resoundly smacked by her brother or father (or even her mum and sister) especially if she received a rough bum-fucking straight afterwards. Wendy had enjoyed spanking before and was more than happy to bend over and let Brett smack her arse, the boy whacking his mum's bum until the cheeks glowed red, after which he'd ram his cock up her arse and fuck her shitter full of sperm.

Brett and Krystal slept together each nights, Dan and Wendy sleeping together as they always had done, whilst Tiffany alternated between sleeping on her own, sleeping with her mum and dad, or sleeping with her brother and sister. Naturally, they'd always get up to more than just sleeping.

That Friday, Wendy finished early. She got home at one in the afternoon, kicking off her shoes and strolling into the living room in her smart black business skirt and thin white blouse.

Tiffany was sitting naked in an armchair, legs apart, Krystal kneeling naked between her sister's thighs and fucking Tiffany's tight bald twat with a strap-on dildo. It was a medium-sized one, about seven-inches in length and bright pink in color. On the TV, a porn movie was playing, currently displaying a pretty black woman with huge breasts getting cummed on by three guys at the same time. The sound was turned down low.

"Hiya girls," Wendy smiled, "Is it just you two in here?"

"Yeah mum," replied Krystal, not letting up in the hard fucking she was giving her sister, "Brett fucked us a while ago then had a bath and went out to see his mates."

"Oh, so it's just a girl-on-girl session is it?" smiled Wendy, unbuttoning her blouse.

"That's right mum," Tiffany smiled, "Come and join in! We'll fuck and suck each other silly!"

Wendy removed her blouse, then her bra. Her skirt came off next and finally her panties. Naked, she strolled towards her daughters and sat on the arm of the chair.

"What a beautiful sight, watching you two fuck," she smiled, leaning over and kissing Tiffany. Mother and daughter frenched hotly, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths. After a moment Wendy disengaged and leaned over to Tiffany, kissing her too. Then Wendy got up and took a nine-inch long strap-on dildo from the coffee table. She fitted it to herself, greased it up with some KY-Jelly and walked up behind Krystal.

"I'm going to fuck this up your arse sweetheart," she told her elder daughter, "It'll spur you on to fuck Tiffany's cunt harder."

"Do it mum," Krystal begged, "Ram it up me!"

She leaned forwards, halting her thrusting into Tiffany's cunt for a moment. Wendy knelt and guided the head of the dildo up to Krystal's anus. The plastic cock was slippery with lubricant and with only a small amount of pressure it began to slide up into Krystal's arsehole.

"Oooh, that's nice mummy," purred the teenager, "Ram it up me, right up my fucking rectum!"

Wendy did so, shoving it in to the hilt up Krsytal's bottom. Then she began sliding it out and thrusting it back in to the girl's arse. Krystal got into the rythm quickly, thrusting forwards and jamming her own strap-on up Tiffany's cunt whilst her mother was sliding half the dildo out her arse, and when Wendy pushed forwards Krystal would pull back, impaling her arse on the strap-on. They worked in unison, Krystal groaning with pleasure as she was sandwiched between her mum and sister. Tiffany was delighted too, playing with Krystal's stiff nipples and admiring her small breasts whilst the long pink dildo worked in and out of her tender cunt. Wendy nuzzled the back of Krystal's neck, licking the soft flesh and inhaling the girl's sweaty aroma as they humped together, slippery flesh humping against slippery flesh. The bodies of the grunting, thrusting, fucking mother and daughter's soon glistened damply as they worked together, fucking hard in a chain for a good twenty-minutes.

"I'm in the mood for some oral," Wendy eventually announced, easing the long dildo out of Krystal's rectum. She took off the soiled dildo and tossed it aside. Tiffany pulled the strap-on out of Tiffany's cunt and took the dildo off, putting that aside too.

"I wanna eat you out mum," Tiffany told Wendy, shuffling over to her mum and embracing her, kissing her on the lips.

"Let's have a sixty-nine honey," Wendy said. She lay on her back, legs apart. Tiffany mounted her mother, lowering her twat onto her mum's face. Wendy started slurping her daughter's wet bald cunt whilst Tiffany started licking her mother's cunt. Krystal was content to watch her mother and younger sister eat each other's pussies but she began to grow bored of playing the spectator. It didn't matter though. Tiffany, who was on top, had her arse spread and accessable. Krystal got down and started working her tongue up the girl's arse, Tiffany quivering with pleasure as her sister's tongue squirmed up her bum whilst her mother's tongue wriggled up her cunt.

The room was filled with the sounds of sucking and slurping as the trio enjoyed some uninhibited oral pleasures.

After five-minutes Krystal and Tiffany swapped places so that the older girl was on top of her mum, sucking each other's cunts. Tiffany got behind Krystal and stuck her tongue up her arse, finding it easy as Krystal's anus still hung open from the hard dildo-fucking it had got earlier. Wendy came hard under this attention, Krystal sucking up her mum's juices. Then it was Krystal who climaxed, raising her head from her mother's crotch and wailing "I'm cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck, lick me, yeah" whilst her cunt and arse were eaten out.

They all eventually broke up. Wendy was exhausted and she slumped back against the sofa. Tiffany knelt beside her mum and kissed her lustily, thrusting her tongue down her throat. Krystal leaned in and sucked on her mother's tits, working on each breast in turn, sucking the nipples until they stood out, red and stiff.

"I love your cunt mum," Krystal commented as she moved down between her mum's legs, stroking her mother's shaved, juice-dripping twat, "So nice and smooth. Like Tiffany's!"

"You should shave your cunt," Tiffany commented, taking her lips from her mother's, "Shave it like mum does, go on!"

"Do you fancy that honey?" asked Wendy.

"Go on sis, you'll be like me and mum then!" Tiffany urged.

"Okay!" Krystal grinned, "That sounds cool!"

They all got up and hurried into the bathroom.

"I'll use your father's clippers," Wendy said, taking the electric razor, "Then we'll use a wet-shave to get it nice and smooth."

Krystal put the lid down on the toilet and sat down, her arse on the edge, legs well spread.

"Here we go," smiled Wendy, kneeling in front of Krystal. The girl's cunt didn't have much hair round it, just a small tuft of brown hair above the clit with a thin amount running down alongside the slit. Wendy turned on the clippers and, with Tiffany looking on with great interest, she removed most of the hair from Krystal's cunt. Whilst it wasn't physically pleasurable in itself, it was a nice feeling for Krystal to have her most intimate area lovingly fussed over by her mother.

Once most of the hair was trimmed off, Wendy put aside the clippers and took some shaving-foam. She squirted a big dollop of the foam into her hand and rubbed it around Krystal's cunt. She then took a razor and, with a jug of warm water in one hand, she used the razor to shave smooth Krystal's cunt.

"Towel please honey," she said to Tiffany once the job was done.

Tiffany gave her mum a towel and Wendy used it to wipe away the small amount of foam remaining between Krystal's legs.

"Wow, that looks so neat and smooth!" Tiffany gasped. They all looked down at Krystal's cunt, which was utterly hairless, smooth and sparkling clean.

"It feels so good," Krystal said, running her fingers around her smooth pubic area.

Wendy applied some moisterizer to Krystal's crotch, rubbing around the girl's clit to give her an extra thrill.

"I'm going to shave all the time when I grow pubes," sniffed Tiffany.

"I hope daddy and Brett like it," Krystal commented.

They did indeed! Brett arrived home not long afterwards and took a lot of joy in fingering and sucking Krystal's bald cunt. Then he fucked it, ramming his cock hard into Krystal's cunt until he shot her womb full of spunk, his mother and Tiffany watching all these whilst mutually frigging each other.

By the time Brett was ready for more fucking, his father arrived home so the womenfolk had two big cocks to attend to them! Dan loved Krystal's newly-shaved twat too and at one point he fucked Krystal's cunt and withdrew at the last minute and jerked off, spewing his cum all over the girl's smooth pubic area. Tiffany hurried in and licked her sister's spermy cunt clean. Wendy watched all this whilst Brett buggered her, making her climax before he came deep and hard up his mother's rectum.