Saucy Sue II

(Incest - mother/son, anal, oral, teen, big breasts, lingerie)

Thunder rumbled over the hills surrounding the suburban estate, promising a downpour later that evening, which would stand in stark contrast to the otherwise fine weather that April day.

The sun was still presently shining, however, and Ricky White felt quite warm as he strolled home from school with his best mate Steve, the pair of them in jeans and t-shirts and glad that, although the sky was growing grey and the air was beginning to have that anticipatory tinge to it that signals a coming storm, the rains would surely come after they had reached their respective homes.

"So, are you coming out tomorrow?" Steve asked Ricky as they left the main road and headed into the quiet realm of cul-de-sacs and suburban homes.

"Sure," Ricky replied. Steve had been referencing his birthday party tomorrow, Saturday. Steve would be turning seventeen. Ricky had turned seventeen at that start of that year.

"It'll be cool," Steve emphasised, "Mum and dad aren't coming back until about eleven so we can all get plenty of XBoxing done, and dad said he'll leave a good few beers for us."

"Sounds good," Ricky said.

"And," Steve smirked, "Julie will be there."

"Cool," Ricky shrugged.

Steve grinned some more. He knew Ricky fancied the pants off of Julie, who was Steve's cousin. Julie was nineteen, two-years older than either Ricky or Steve, and she went to university on the other side of town, where she lived in student accommodation on campus. Her parents were reasonably wealthy and Ricky had first met Julie just a couple of weeks ago when he and Steve had gone to visit her. Though she lived on campus Julie spent a fair amount of time round at her parent's home, usually to babysit her kid brothers. Julie was rather hot looking, slender and with long brown hair, and Ricky had fancied her from the moment he met her, and had admitted as much to Steve.

"Hopefully she's not as boring and as prim as she appears sometimes," Steve said in relation to Julie, "and she'll have one beer to many and you can get off with her. And hopefully she'll forget that you're only seventeen 'cos she's nineteen and women don't normally give a shit about younger guys, even if it's only a two-year age difference."

"Are you saying I could only get off with her if she was drunk?" Ricky asked.

"Yes," Steve smirked, "Seriously Ricky, Julie may be single but she's waiting for a guy her own age I reckon. Another student. You're a schoolboy. A handsome one at that - and I mean that in a non-gay way of course..."

"Of course."

"But," Steve continued, "she might think of you as a kid. Unless she's too drunk to care!

"I'll be alright," Ricky smiled, knowingly, "I have some experience with older women."

"Yeah, right," Steve laughed.

Ricky said nothing, but just idly thought of a couple of nights ago when he had had a sixty-nine with a woman twenty-years his senior, and he'd spunked down her throat whilst eating out her furry snatch, and recalled with pride that he had gained a fresh erection quite quickly and had proceeded to fuck his fuck buddy MILF's cunt in a good half-dozen positions before spunking up her hot twat.

The two boys strolled on. Ricky found it amusing that Steve wasn't in any way bothered that Ricky clearly had the hots for Steve's cousin. Steve was a fairly crude lad, the class clown who always had a smart alec remark, in contrast to Ricky, who was normally a fairly serious lad. The pair of them were both academically equal though.

"Right, I shall you tomorrow then," Steve said a moment later when they reached his house.

"Sure, see you tomorrow at about six," said Ricky.

"Yep, six o'clock, be there before the beers go."


"See you Rick."


Steve walked up the path to his house whilst Ricky continued trekking along.

Ricky thought of Julie and how hot she was. He was damn horny all the time of course, and he was generally eager to fuck anything female, but Julie was really pretty, and smart and a bit posh too. She'd gone to an all-girls school and Ricky wondered if she'd be really filthy underneath that prim exterior! Ricky really wanted to fuck her!

A few months ago Ricky would have anticipated getting home, firing up some internet porn and jerking off whilst thinking of Julie, and maybe some other girls and women too. He would have blown his nuts whilst watching a video of some slut getting anally fucked or cummed on, then had his dinner with his divorced mother, then perhaps gone upstairs to jerk off again and maybe jerk off again before bed...

But not anymore.

No jerking off for him.

To take care of his rampant teen libido, Ricky had his own mature nympho resident under his own roof, Saucy Sue, who he had met via an adult contact mag.

Saucy Sue was blonde, she had big tits, she had a nice round arse, she had a filthy tastes, a filthy mouth and an even filthier fucking imagination, and best of all she couldn't get enough of Ricky's big teenaged dick or the hot and seemingly limitless amounts of spunk he would regularly fire over her face and tits, or down her throat, or up her cunt or arse. She liked to drink sperm or have it sprayed over her. She liked a big fat cock up her arse on a regular basis, and she liked to suck on the big fat cock in question fresh from her rectum then have it shoved back up her arse! She liked fisting, facials and just all round good old fashioned fucking.

Saucy Sue was a big-breasted, anal-sex-loving, jizz-gargling cocksucking bitch who Ricky fucked on an almost daily basis!

She was also Ricky's mum, but what the hell.

Susan had gotten home an hour ago and the blonde divorcee felt damn horny as soon as she had gone up to her bedroom and stripped out of her work clothes. She and Ricky had not fucked yesterday as he'd been at football practice and they'd both been tired when he got home. Admittedly they could have no doubt summoned the energy to fuck, but as much as the pair of them loved to fuck, it was sometimes nice to give it a rest for an evening as it made them extra horny the following night.

And Susan was feeling fucking ragingly horny and desperate for the hot cock of Ricky, her toyboy seventeen-year-old son!

Stark naked in her bedroom, she'd decided to invite Ricky for a fuck as soon as he got in. They often fucked before dinner when Ricky got home, but on other occasions they waited until after they ate. Susan, however, couldn't not wait tonight!

Susan wondered what to wear for her sex session with her frisky teen gigaglo. During her marriage to Ricky's father she'd worn a few sexy items of lingerie but since then she'd not bothered. There had been no need, as she'd only slept with a couple of brief boyfriends since her divorce and the last of those relationships had been years ago. Since seducing and fucking Ricky, though, she'd started building quite a collection. Initially she'd suggested Ricky could have joined her in selecting lingerie from an online store but it had been more fun for Susan to buy the stuff herself and surprise Ricky by wearing something new and exotic.

Susan didn't always wear sexy gear during her fuck sessions with Ricky of course. The boy loved the busty blonde MILF in her birthday suit and so half the time she was happy to 'meet up' (a phrase they continued to use even though they were only 'meeting up' in Susan's bedroom) with Ricky stark naked. But half the time she liked to wear something nice. Maybe a full ensemble of stockings, garter belts, a corset and maybe even some lacy (or leather) fingerless gloves. Maybe just a pair of fishnet stockings and high-heeled shoes. Or perhaps just a simple pair of knee-high black leather boots and nothing else.

This evening Susan decided that, as she'd just been nude when she and Ricky last 'met up' and fucked two evenings ago, she should wear something sexy to tickle the boy's fancy even more than it was normally tickled, and furthermore she decided it'd be fun to dress like a whore tonight.

Susan had found, initially by accident, that she'd ended up with lingerie and other sexy-wear accessories that fell into three themes. The first theme was her innocent look - stockings, garter belts, gloves, etc that were primarily white or cream in colour, with lots of delicate lace and whispy fine mesh primarily from bridal lingerie collections. She would wear delicate pink and red make-up with this gear and have her gorgeous long blonde hair flowing long and free.

The second theme was her slightly dominatrix one - lots of leather and latex with accompanying high heeled boots. She would tie her hair back in a severe pony tail when dressed up like this and wear dark make-up - purple foundation, dark eyeliner, black or deep red lipstick, making her look like a strange emo-dominatrix.

Finally, her third and favourite theme was that of a nasty fucking whore! Cheap garish fishnet stockings in red or black, often worn with mismatched garter belts, bargain basement cheap knickers, thin t-shirts a size too small and with big hoopy earrings to finish off her trampy look. She'd leave her hair long and unbrushed and put on bold make-up, like shiny red lipstick and hastily slapped on red blush. Maybe she'd cap it off with a tiny mini-skirt designed for a woman ten-pounds lighter and twenty-years younger than she was.

The end result was that she'd look like nasty cheap aging slut about to go out on the town to try and tempt men to buy her drinks with the promise of a quick blowjob in an alleyways. Susan loved dressing like a fucking whore and letting her imagination and libido run wild, and she knew it turned Ricky on. It was probably because it stood in complete contrast to Susan's normal look. Normally she was just like most suburban mothers approaching forty - skirt and blouse for work, jeans and a sweater at home. It felt great for her to personify the depths of her previously latent sexual hunger and thirst for cum by way of dressing like the lowest of whores.

So, when Ricky finally entered the house and kicked off his shoes, Susan was all ready for him.

"Fancy meeting up with me upstairs?" she called from her bedroom door.

"Sure mum," Ricky called back, knowing that in actual fact it wasn't really his mum upstairs, but 'Saucy Sue', his mum's fuck-hungry sodomistical alter-ego.

He couldn't see his mother and he always liked to be surprised how she was looking when he went to meet her for a fuck. Would she be nude? Would she be in some fine white lace, or leathers? Would she be wearing just a t-shirt and nothing else? He hoped she'd be dressed like a whore, that turned him on especially. Susan went back into her bedroom and sat on the double-bed, listening as Ricky hurried up the stairs before popping into the bathroom. He would like to freshen up briefly before a fuck. Susan thought back to when she was on this very bed four-months ago, taking photos of her cunt and arse, and e-mailing them to Ricky, her son e-mailing her back to boast of how much he'd wanked over the pictures with no knowledge at that point that it was his own mother he was jerking off to!

Ricky used the bathroom then went to his bedroom to strip, his dick stiffening rapidly as he did so. Just the thought of his mum next door, all ready for some heated lewdness, made him achieve an erection stronger than he ever could achieve by the sordid porn he'd relied upon until his mother's plan to make Ricky her fuck buddy came to fruition. Wanting to tease both his mother and himself a bit longer, Ricky refrained from going into his mother's room right away and instead wasted a moment just idly strolling naked around his room, stroking his throbbing nine-inch erection and musing over what activities he might get up to in the upcoming session with his mother.

His dick was achingly stiff and his balls felt heavy. It was almost as if his genitals were taking over him, as if that throbbing monster of a teen cock and swollen balls were trying to urge him to get the fuck into the next room so his dick could get shoved into Saucy Sue and his balls would have the opportunity to finally disgorge the salty hot cum that swilled around in them.

But Ricky kept his cock, his balls and his mother's itchy orifices waiting a bit longer, stopping to look at a movie poster and then glance at some half-finished school essay on his desk, deliberately not thinking about sex but amused that his dick remained as hard as ever. It would be hard until it got some action. He could imagine his mother, next door in her bedroom, would be getting impatient too. Ricky and his mother would generally wait until they'd had dinner, or even until it was bedtime, before suggesting a good fuck, so if his mother was inviting him for one the moment he got in from school it was clear that she was as horny as fuck, and he got a naughty pleasure out of making her wait just a moment longer.

Finally unable to put it off anymore, Ricky left his bedroom and, naked and with his erection seemingly glued to his firm stomach, he entered his mother's, closing the door behind him.

Upon hearing her son coming, Susan had stood up, and when he came in she was standing by the bedside cabinet, one hand on her hips and looking very sexy and very slutty.

She was wearing knee-high black leather boots with bright red trim and laces, cheap and slightly torn bright red fishnet stockings with a black garter belt, an equally cheap red g-string and a black and red peep-hole bra. The bra itself was slightly small so Susan's big tits were barely contained within it, and her stubby red nipples were proudly sticking out of the appropriate holes in the cups. Finally, she had on big hoopy earings, hastily applied thick red lipstick, red foundation and purple eye-liner, and she'd ruffled up her long hair so, whilst still golden and shiny, it was rather dishevelled.

Quite simply, Susan White - thirty-seven-year-old divorcee, mother-of-one, anonymous office worker, suburbanite, aka 'Saucy Sue' - looked like a nasty cock-loving bitch who should be standing on a street corner in an industrial estate ready to sell her cunt and arse to any passing man with some spare change.

"Damn," Ricky grinned, standing there with his dick saluting his mum/fuck-buddy, "you look like a total fucking whore!"

"Thanks," his mother smiled, before clapping her hands to her peep-hole bra clad melons and squeeze them together, emphasising her impressive cleavage, "and you look like an excessively horny filthy young motherfucker."


Ricky swaggered over to his mother, who let go of her tits and let her arms hang by her side. She felt a shiver of excitement at the look of strength and randiness in Ricky. When they first fucked in the hotel room Susan had noted her son had been fairly quiet and not overly confident, which was understandable in the circumstances. Until that point he'd been a virgin. He had, however, soon grown in confidence and followed his mother's orders to take charge after she'd declared his desire for him to do so, to just treat her like a fuck toy and never be ashamed of suggesting any new lewdness.

Plus the fact that she was dressed as a slut seemed to increase Ricky's determination to bend his mother to his will - and his willie! - with even more haste and lust than normal. Susan herself noted both her and her son's behaviours altered somewhat when she was dressed up in one of her themed lingerie outfits. In her innocent white lacy gear, Susan would almost act demure and Ricky would be a little more gentle with her. When Susan was in her high heels and leathers, she'd be the more dominant one and Ricky a little bit submissive.

And in her cheap trash whore get up, Susan would act and speak even more whorish than she normally would during their fuck sessions and Ricky would, in turn, treat her like a whore and with an element of light-hearted roughness too.

Ricky clapped his strong hands to his mother's shoulders and planted his lips upon hers, kissing her deeply and somewhat roughly, jamming his tongue down her throat.

"Mmmmmph," Susan moaned, eyes closed as her son lustfully frenched her, her cunt getting wetter and her nipples getting stiffer as the boy's tongue explored her mouth.

"Mmmmph, mmmm," murmered Ricky as he continued snogging his mother, holding her tight and pushing up against her, his dick wedged between their bellies.

Finally the horny seventeen-year-old detached his lips from his mother's.

"You've got some lipstick on you," Susan smirked.

Ricky turned and looked in the mirror on the wardrobe door. He did indeed have some garish red lipstick smeared upon his own lips, transferred from his mother. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and turned back to his mother.

"Get some lipstick on my dick you horny bitch," he said, placing his hand on her head and pushing lightly, urging her to drop to her knees, which she did without hesitation and with a moan of desire for her son's cock.

Kneeling before her tall strong son, Susan gripped the base of his erection in her right fist and pulled his cock down, so that it was sticking straight out rather than straight up. It actually took a bit of force to pull down, it was that hard!

"Oh my, what a lovely fucking cock," panted Susan, before she abruptly slipped her lips over the swollen head of that impressive member. She knelt there, head bobbing back and forth, sucking on her son's dick, gently stroking the shaft with both her hands and using her skills as a cocksucker - rediscovered and refined over the last couple of months - to suck her son off blissfully but without bringing him to orgasm.

"Suck it Saucy Sue, suck it," Ricky ordered his mother, eyes half shut as he gazed down at his mum as she slurped away, "Suck my fucking dick you whore, you cunt."

"Mmmmmmmphhhhmmm," Susan sighed, sucking down deeper on Ricky's cock, feeling herself shiver a little with excitement at being spoken to in such a nasty way. The pair of them seemed a million miles from what they were that morning - just a normal mother and son having breakfast in the kitchen, fully dressed and indulging in an innocent conversation about what they expected of the day.

Now here they were, in Susan's room, Susan on her knees and dressed like a whore whilst sucking her naked son's dick like a whore!

Ricky eventually pulled his dick from his mother's mouth, in need of exploring one of the other two holes that her body offered.

"Get up mum," he said, and his mother did so, Susan getting a naughty little thrill out of the fact that Ricky referred to her as 'mum' and not 'Sue' or 'Saucy Sue'. He did that occasionally, probably accidentally, and Susan did kind of like the naughtiness of their real relationship of mother and son - rather than Saucy Sue and her toyboy Ricky - being acknowledged, however briefly, during their rampant sex sessions.

"Nice tits, nice tits," Ricky mused to himself as he fondled his mother's boobs through her peep-hole bra, squeezing them together and briefly leaning down to suck on each nipple in turn. He then moved up and kissed his mother on the mouth, almost roughly, whilst one of his hands reached round behind her and squeezed her arse cheeks which, thanks to the fact that she was wearing just a flimsy red g-string, were nicely exposed.

"Nice arse too," he said upon taking his lips from his mother's, "I may have to fuck it."

"Fuck away," Susan panted, unashamedly in heat. She liked a good anal fuck, more so than a good cunt fucking, and Ricky had a real preference for sodomy too. He fucked Saucy Sue in the arse more so than in the cunt or mouth combined, and when his mother was dressed like a whore like she was now, it felt even more appropriate to fuck her arse.

Which was why Susan dressed like a whore for sex sessions a lot! She knew it meant even more lovely rectal sex than normal!

"Over by the bed," Ricky ordered his mother, "and bend over."

Susan was happy to oblige, turning and walking to the foot of the bed and bending over, hands flat on the bed itself, feet planted on the floor and apart, and her round bottom thrust out. Just then, rain began hammering againt the window, but the harsh spring storm outside had little impact on Ricky and his mother, the pair were lost in lust.

Ricky stood behind his mother and stroked her bum cheeks for a moment. He then hooked his fingers in the elastic waistband of his mother's skimpy slutty g-string and tugged the barely existent garment down to her ankles. It was then his turn to get on his knees as he fondled his mother's nicely bared bottom, parting the cheeks and spying the shaved pink anus that winked from between them. He rudely tapped his mother's left inner thigh and she took the hint and parted her legs further. Susan breathed deeply with lust as she gazed up at the head of the bed, loving the fact that her strong toyboy of a son was examining her most intimate parts as a prelude to some delicious sodomy. Some delicious incestuous sodomy! Her hot furry cunt was visible beneath her arsehole but Ricky only had eyes for the latter orifice. That shaved puckered entrance to her rectum was a beautiful sight, especially as it nestled beneath two charming pale fleshy bum-cheeks.

"What a fantastic fucking arse," he murmered, "Fucking beautiful!"

He then moved his head forwards and flicked his tongue over his mother's anus, making her shiver.

"Oooh, Ricky, lick my fucking arse," Susan moaned.

Her son repeated his actions, just licking her anus lightly, before getting a bit more forceful, nuzzling his head between her cheeks and lapping hungrily at her arsehole, running his tongue up and down her crack and feeling his cock get even stiffer, which he didn't think was possible. It was almost hurting it was so hard!

The teen slurped his mother's anus for a good minute before he stiffened his tongue and began to tease it up into her rectum, Susan expertly relaxing her sphincter and allowing her son's hot tongue invade her guts.

"Uuuh, fuck yeah," she panted lewdly, gently pushing her bum back a little to encourage her son to invade her arse further. Not that he needed any encouragement. The horny lad was really tonguing his mum's arse thoroughly, squirming his tongue right up into her bowels and occasionally withdrawing it before shoving it back up there, his hands all the while squeezing and stroking the sublime buttocks that flanked the shithole he was so lustfully eating out.

But Ricky's cock was soon too desperate for some action to be ignored. The long veiny tool was visibly throbbing, eager to replace it's owner's tongue in Saucy Sue's bowels.

Ricky finally withdrew his tongue and stood up, seeing his mother quiver with excitement as she sensed a more serious invasion of her back passage was imminent. Ricky stroked his long prick with his right fist and stood up to his mother so that the head of his cock was nudging against her saliva-slathered anus. He'd done a good job of licking her arsehole but it still looked small compared to the cock he intended on shoving up there, so he placed the tip of his left forefinger to his mum's anus and slid it up there.

"Oooh, Ricky, fuck!" gasped Susan, "Oh yes."

"Mmm, nice and tight," Ricky commented as he fingered his mum's arsehole. He took his forefinger out after a moment but swiftly reinserted it along with a friend, namely his index finger. He worked both digits in and out of his mother's slick and fairly loosened anus until he was satisfied he could get up there without causing his mother too much discomfort. Obviously he'd cause her a bit of discomfort, but that was part of the fun. For both of them.

Ricky finally took his fingers from his mum's bottom and placed the head of his cock to her well prepared arsehole. Thanks to her high-heeled leather boots she was boosted up a couple of inches so that her arse was level with his dick. Susan gripped the duvet in her fists as she prepared herself for that most sublime of pleasures, namely her horny toyboy of a son shoving his cock up her anus!

During her marriage and the two brief relationships following the divorce, Susan had not been terribly adventurous in the bedroom, and until she'd started fucking Ricky she'd not been doing anything in the bedroom except sleep, and maybe masturbate a lot. She was sure making up for her relatively stale sex life right now - she wasn't just being fucked, she was being fucked in the arse! And she wasn't just being fucked in the arse, she was being fucked in the arse by a lad twenty-years her junior. Who was her son!

"Oh, Ricky," she moaned as she felt her son roughly begin to squeeze the head of his dick into her arsehole. It wasn't easy but the boy certainly had a lot of practice at this manouvre, and with the right amount of pressure he managed to eventually pop his swollen cock head up into his mother's shitter.

"Fuck yeah," Ricky gasped, triumphantly, "Oh yeah, that's it, that's it. Fuck." He firmly gripped his mother's hips - which, of course, were nicely framed by the garter belt and red torn fishnet stockings - and began to push onward, slowly sliding his cock into his mother's arse deeper and deeper. His mum's saliva was dripping from his erection and that, combined with the fact that his own saliva was slathered over his mother's obscenely stretched anus, enabled his entry. Once he was halfway in he paused and gently sawed his cock to and fro for a while, letting his mum's shithole get used to it's temporary outragous diametre.

Soon enough he began to pick up pace and with every inward thrust he thrust forwards a little further than he subsequently withdrew, so that, little by little, he'd soon crammed all but an inch of his nine incher up his mother's arsehole. After a pause he shoved the final inch up there and let out a long sight, holding still and savouring the clenching tightness of his mother's sphincter round the base of his cock.

"Oh fuck Ricky, oh fuck," Susan babbled, "God that's good, that's good, you're right up my fucking shitter. Oh fuck! It feels better each time, oh fuck!"

Ricky then withdrew half his cock from his mother's bowels before thrusting back in to the hilt, both of them grunting with rampant lust. Ricky then repeated this action again and again, slowly but confidently running his dick to and fro in his mother's arsehole whilst she remained bent over before him, spluttering obsceneties, her whorishly made-up face twisted with lust.

"You have the best fucking arse in the world Saucy Sue!" Ricky commented as he buggered the saucy lady in question, "So fucking tight, even though I've fucked it so many fucking times!"

"You have the best cock in the world," panted Susan, bent over and thrusting her arse back to meet her son's lustful thrusts, "So big, so hard! It feels so good in my fucking arse! Fuck me, fuck me please. Fuck me hard. Uuuh, Fuck me!"

"You fucking horny fucking whore," grinned Ricky, a swaggering confidence evident in the way he ploughed his mother's shitter, holding her hips firmly as he alternated between long and slow thrusts and short sharp ones.

"Uh, uh, yeah, fuck my arse motherfucker," Susan panted. Once again, she got a perverse little thrill out of minor acknowledgements of her and Ricky's real relationship of mother and son, and calling him a motherfucker was one way of acknowledging it. She could tell it didn't bother Ricky and she hoped it turned him on as much as it turned her on when Ricky - accidentally or otherwise - referred to her as 'mum' when they fucked.

Ricky spent a good five-minutes pounding his mother's arse before he began to feel his cum was insistent upon erupting. He hadn't cum in forty-eight hours and he was desperate to blow his load, but he wasn't going to yet. Not quite yet.

He tugged his dick abruptly from his mother's shitter and stepped back.

"Turn around and suck my dick," he ordered his mother, who did so. She sat on the end of the bed and gripped her son's throbbing cock in both hands and fed the head into her mouth. She closed her eyes and sighed pleasurably as she slurped down upon her son's long dong, tasting her own arse on it.

"Suck it, suck it," ordered Ricky, gently thrusting, actually fucking his mother's make-up slathered face and running his hands through her deliberately dishevelled hair, "Suck your shit off my dick mum."

"Mmmmmm," Susan groaned, cock in mouth, excited once again at being truthfully referred to as 'mum' by her big dicked toyboy. She sucked even more lustfully upon his prick until Ricky withdrew from her mouth.

"Bend over bitch," he smiled, and Susan swiftly got up and assumed her previous position, namely stood at the end of the bed, feet apart, and bent over with her hands on the bed. Within moments she felt her son invading her arsehole again with his thick cock, and she closed her eyes and let out a long sigh of ecstasy as she felt Ricky's cockhead soon tickle her colon. Her arsehole was stretched obscenely round his thick shaft and she could tell that she'd soon be getting nigh on a pint of cum up her intestines.

Ricky started fucking his mother's arse slowly at first but soon found himself unable to resist speeding up, shafting faster and harder, knowing that it would be impossible to withdraw until he'd shot his load. His cum was desperate to spurt forth. He had to slow down after a moment just to last a bit longer.

Soon enough he could hold out no more, and he began thrusting fast and hard, gripping his mother's hips firmly as he ravished her bottom.

"Holy fuck Sue, I'm gonna cum," he announced, vigorously sawing his dick back and forth in her arse, "Fuck yeah, holy fuck, you fucking whore!"

"Fuck me, cum in me, cum in my shitter you motherfucker," Susan ordered, body quivering with orgasmic delight, "Oh fuck, god, yeah, fuck!"

"Uuuuuuh!" Ricky cried as he shoved his dick in his mother's shitter to the root one final time and let his cum gush forth! His prick felt like it was exploding, pumping wad after thick gooey wad of cum into the depths of Susan's rectum.

"Aaah, I can fucking feel it, I can feel you cum in me!" Susan wailed, grateful that her son was holding her hips firmly because otherwise she feared she'd collapsed due to the thunderous bolts of pleasure that were wracking her body, those heated bolts centred around her speared arsehole, "Cum in my arse motherfucker, fuck mummy's arse, cum in mummy's arse! Motherfucker! Motherfucker! Uuuuh!"

"Shit, fuck!" gasped Ricky as he found himself surprised that he was still shooting cum! It seemed to never end! But eventually it did end. He squirted a ninth and final wad of spunk into his mother's bowels and finally sighed with relief at having spent his long overdue orgasm. "Holy shit that was good Sue!"

After a moment more in his mother's shitter Ricky withdrew his slightly softened cock from her yawning anus. Once he'd withdrawn his mother's anus hung open loosely for a moment, a long dribble of sperm running from it and down her inner thigh and soaking into her red suspenders. Then Susan stood up and flung herself onto the bed, laying on her back, slick with sweat and with a big grin on her face.

Ricky likewise clambered onto the bed and lay on his back beside his mother, his cock still half hard.

The two got their breath back, panting heavily, but after a moment Susan's hand crept over to her son and she encircled the base of his cock in her forefinger and thumb. She gently stroked her son's dick and it rapidly went from half hard to near fully hard.

"Oooh, I love having a teenaged toyboy," she said, "So stiff so quickly!"

"I'm gonna fuck you again Saucy Sue," Ricky promised, "Once is not enough, not with a horny and beautiful slut like you!"

"You are such a stud," Susan smiled, and she moved down the bed and leaned over her horny naked son to take his dick in her mouth. She slurped lovingly upon it, sucking it down deeply and feeling it slowly but surely swell and stiffen between her lips. After five-minutes of deep sucking action she'd raised her son's handsome prick to a firm erection. His cock was so hard you'd think he'd not cum in a week, let along just a short while ago.

"How do you want me motherfucker?" Susan asked her son with a spark of devious lust in her eyes.

"Get on top and sink your arse onto my cock," Ricky told her without hesitation, "and take your bra off so I can play with your big fine titties whilst I bugger you."

"You're the boss," Susan reminded her son as she sat up and unhooked her peep-hole bra. Once that was off she was just in her black and red leather boots, red suspenders, black garter belt and hoopy earrings. She straddled her son as he lay there, reaching down to hold his cock upright, then lowered herself, feeding Ricky's dick into her anus. Once he was halfway in she let go of his cock and rested both her hands on his chest. Her eyelids fluttered as she gently lowered herself, gobbling up her toyboy's big prick in her arse until she had taken every one of those pulsing nine inches of steel-hard cockflesh in her bowels.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Ricky gasped.

"Mmmmmm," Susan murmered.

She then began to rise up and down, gently riding her son's dick, stroking his chest as she did so. After a minute of savouring the plesure of his mother's anus round his cockshaft Ricky was suddenly distrated by her big heavy tits that swung above him, and he raised his hands and squeezed and fondled those lovely melons whilst she impaled her arse upon his cock.

For a good ten minutes they fucked like that, Susan riding her son's dick relatively slowly whilst he felt up her big tits. Then Ricky began to thrust upwards, fucking his mother's arse from below and encouraging her to pick up her rythym.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck my arse," Susan urged her son, "Oh yes, fuck me!"

"Uh, uh, God, these tits, this fucking sexy," Ricky panted, squeezing his mother's melons whilst he rammed his prick upwards to meet her thrusts. As he did so he displaced some of the copious amounts of jism he'd shot up her rectum earlier and it flowed down his cock shaft.

After a while Ricky noticed his mother was tiring somewhat, so he ordered her off. She obeyed, rising up until his erection slipped out of her yawning arsehole. Susan knelt beside her son, obediently awaiting further orders.

Ricky got to his feet and stood in the centre of the bed. He waved his erection in his mother's face and, with a giggle, she slipped her lips over it and sucked deeply upon his prick. Ricky held his mother's head in his hands and gently fucked her mouth, thrusting to and fro, saliva and pre-cum soon hanging from her slick chin in gooey ropes.

Once he'd fucked his mother's mouth for long enough, Ricky withdrew. He knelt down and grabbed a fistful of his mother's hair and brought her face to his, clamping his lips to her's and snogging her lustfully. Susan moaned as her son explored her mouth with his tongue she explored his with her's.

"On your hands and knees," Ricky said after disengaging from his mum's mouth.

In a shot Susan was on all fours, arse thrust out, anus yawning. Ricky knelt behind his mother, his dick achingly erect and his balls full once more. With little ceremony he slid his long pole into his mother's rectal passage.

"Uuuh, yeah," he grunted.

"Oh fuck, fuck," Susan wailed, "Fuck yeah, fuck my arse! You horny bastard motherfucker!"

"Tramp, slut, fucking whore cunt!" Ricky grinned as he held his mother's shoulders whilst immediately thrusting his cock back and forth in her arse with wild abandon. "Holy fuck, I can't get enough of your arse Saucy Sue you fucking anal lovin' fucking whore! Uh, uh, uh, uh!"

Ricky slammed his dick home again and again, he and his mother lost in wild lustful abandon.

Fortunately Ricky's orgasm was not quite as keen to arrive as his first, and he buggered his mother solidly for ten-minutes, alternating between hard thrusts and gentle ones. When his cum was finally ready to boil over he roughly whipped his dick from his mother's arse and ordered her to "Turn the fuck around."

"Ooh, a facial, goody," Susan declared as she did so, guessing what her randy son wanted. She lay on her back and propped up on her elbows. She licked her lips in anticipation as her son knelt astride her belly, wanking his big dick in her face

"Cum on me, cum on me," she begged Ricky.

"Uh, uh, fuck, fuck!" he gasped as his sperm began to erupt from his cock, "AAAAH!"

Susan closed her eyes and opened her mouth as her son's delicious hot cum blasted forth from the dick that was thrust so rudely in her face. It pasted her utterly, great big stringy gouts of it. She caught a lot in her mouth and swallowed but a lot went over her nose, her forehead, her cheeks and even in her blonde hair. When Ricky's orgasm began to die down he stroked his softening cock over his mother's tits and dribbled the last of his cum over those big heaving boobs.

Finally spent and exhausted, Ricky sprawled out next to his cum slathered mother. Both were breathing hard and thoroughly satisfied.

Half-an-hour later they were fully dressed and sat in the living room, innocently eating dinner and watching telly like any perfectly normal mother and son.

Ricky told his mother that evening about the party at his friend Steve's the following night, and about how he hoped Steve's cousin Julie would be there.

"She's hot," Ricky had said to his mother.

"Yeah?" Susan smiled, sat next to her son on the sofa, "Is she at your school?"

"No, she's at university," Ricky replied, "and before that she went to a private school."

"Oh. Her parents are rich then?"

"Dunno. Affluent I guess." "And she's hot?" Susan asked her son teasingly.

"Yeah, really pretty. I've only met her a couple of times over the last couple of weeks. She's really pretty."

"And single, I take it?"


"You're in there son," Susan declared, "No girl can resist handsome young man like you."

"Thanks mum," Ricky said. He blushed a little. It was not in anyway unusual for them to talk in such an innocent manner outside sex sessions of course. After all, right now, as they were most of the time, they were mother and son, and as such profanity or lewd talk was inappropriate.

The pair spent the remainder of that evening in front of the telly, albeit Ricky occasionally flicked through a sports magazine. At eleven-thirty Susan stood up and declared it was time for bed.

"Are you staying up?" she asked her son.

"Sure, I might watch a film or something," Ricky replied.

"Okay," Susan said, "Goodnight sweetie."

"G'night mum."

Susan gave her son a peck on the forehead and then left the room. Ricky got up and decided to pick out a film to watch. He felt moderately horny and wondered whether he should go up and ask his mum for a fuck - she'd certainly have agreed. But instead he thought he'd leave it until the morning. It was nice to put a good fuck-session off for a bit, it'd make it all the more pleasurable when he got round to it.

It was after nine when Ricky awoke, and he had a fucking big hard on under his bed sheets. He slept nude and he confidently whipped the covers off, exposing his hard teen body to the room. His prick pulsed stiffly over his stomach and he tried to recall what he had been dreaming about to get such a stiffie. He was unable to remember but in any event his mind soon turned to Julie, the sweet babe he'd be trying to pull at Steve's party that night.

He wondered whether he should indulge in some fun with Saucy Sue during the day, bearing in mind he might, just might, get lucky with Julie tonight. What if he really got lucky with her and got a blowjob, or more, but he'd emptied his balls into his mum during the day and was unable to perform? That wasn't likely as he was pretty virile, being seventeen and all, but nonetheless he did conclude that it would be best not to be going to the party fully spent.

However, that just meant he shouldn't blow his nuts after lunch, that he should be okay if he just recharged himself during the course of the afternoon.

In other words, it should be okay if he shot his nuts in the morning!

Having thus concluded that he gave himself permission to fuck his mother that morning, ideally right now as he was so damn horny, he got up, put on his dressing gown, and decided to see if she was awake.

Saucy Sue, aka Susan, normally known as 'Mum' to Ricky, was freshly showered and just leaving the bathroom when Ricky was exiting his room.

"Oh, morning mum," Ricky said, standing there in his black gown, Susan herself in her pink fluffy gown.

"Hi Ricky, I thought you'd be up later," Susan said. She was freshly scrubbed clean and her innocent face was bright and fresh.

"I woke up feeling, ahem, excited," Ricky responded, and he briefly whipped his dressing gown open and showed off his long erection before whipping the gown shut again and regaining his modesty .

Susan smiled naughtily. She even blushed. She thought it funny that she could blush and feel a bit giggly upon her son showing off his boner, bearing in mind what she did with that fucking boner on a regular basis!

"Is Saucy Sue up for an early morning visit?" Ricky asked his mother.

"Most definately," Susan replied, her voice taking on a lustful and slighty heated tone, a spark of wickedness flickering in her big blue eyes, as if she were swiftly becoming a different person.

"Good, 'cos I was thinking I might save myself for tonight a bit," Ricky explained, "Y'know, just in case I get lucky with Julie."

"Aah, so you don't want to be all spent in case you get lucky with your little girlfriend-to-be eh?" smirked Susan.

"That's right mum."

"If you do get lucky with this Julie," Susan said, "and she goes from being your girlfriend-to-be to being your girlfriend, will you still require Saucy Sue's services?"

"Of course mum," Ricky laughed, seeing how worried his mother briefly look at the prospect that he may stop fucking her, "Of course I'll still want you...I mean Saucy Sue. You're my wonderful fuck-buddy. No mere girlfriend can get in the way of that."

"That's good," Susan smiled, relieved.

It honestly hadn't occured to Ricky to stop fucking his mother if and when he got a girlfriend. I wasn't like his mum - or Saucy Sue, whatever - was a girlfriend, just a slutty fuck buddy who he fucked for mutual pleasure. He could fuck her whilst having a girlfriend as well and it wouldn't really be like actual cheating.

"I'm a horny motherfucker," he said, "I'll always need a horny fucking MILF to empty my balls into, no matter if I'm fucking some girlfriend on the side."

"Good," Susan said, with growing confidence. "Now," she continued, licking her lips, "follow me into le boudoir, you big dicked horny motherfucker."

She turned and went into her bedroom, Ricky following and closing the door behind him. He slipped out of his robe and stood there with his dick standing straight up and throbbing. With her back to her son, Susan elegantly slipped out of her own pink robe, revealing her lovely bare bottom to her son. It was a delicious arse, a little plump but firm and smooth and perfectly cleft. She turned to her son, revealing her other side - her big pendulous tits, her blonde furred cunt, and her pretty face which was now anything but innocent - and asked her son "How do you wish to fuck me my horny motherfucking toyboy? How are you going to put that big motherfucker of a cock to use on me, Saucy Sue, a cock addicted cunt whore?"

"I feel I've neglected your cunt," Ricky told his naked mother as he strolled over to her, like a different person to the one he was in the hallway moments ago, "having fucked you solely up the arse yesterday. Suck my dick for moment Sue, then I'll suck your cunt and then I'll fuck it."

Loving the way her young son was so confident in his lewd ways, Susan sat down on the end of the bed and obediently opened her mouth, waiting for it to be filled. Ricky stepped up to his mother and rudely stuffed his pole into her mouth. Susan looked up at her son with her bright eyes whilst she obscenely sucked upon his long rod, slurping deeply upon it. She was glad that her son promised he'd still fuck her if he got a girlfriend. She didn't feel in the slightest bit jealous if Ricky got himself a girlfriend - after all, it wasn't as if she, Susan, was his girlfriend - but she would have felt very folorn if he'd stopped fucking her in such circumstances. Clearly that was not the case. There was enough of Ricky's big dick to go around!

Susan sucked on Ricky's prick for a good few minutes before he pulled it from her mouth.

"Lay back mum," he said, once again letting slip a reference to who she really was, as opposed to this Saucy Sue alter-ego!

Susan clambered back on the bed and lay back, legs spread, her furry cunt splayed out for her son's attention. Her lips were pink and wet and framed with bushy golden hair. Licking his lips, Ricky got onto the bed and plunged his head between his mother's thighs, tonguing her snatch thirstily.

"Oh Ricky, lick me, lick my fucking cunt," Susan panted, already feeling warm circles of pleasure ripple through her body from her tongued twat, "Eat my cunt motherfucker, oh yes, oh yes."

Ricky slurped and slurped, licking his mother's cuntlips before pushing his tongue right up her snatch, feasting between her thighs. Susan's eyes rolled back as she soon began to orgasm, her thick thighs clamping her son's head as she ran her hands through his short black hair.

"Oh Ricky, fucking eat my cunt, slurp my cunt, slurp mummy's cunt you motherfucker! Motherfucker! My it...drink my...CUNT! OH FUCK FUCK, I'm cumming!"

"Mmmph, shchlllurp, mmm, shhhlop, slurp, mmmmph," were some of the more legible responses Ricky gave as he ate out his mum. He soon began to give her a special treat, namely by inserting his right forefinger up her anus to the knuckle whilst he continued to slurp her snatch.

A moment later and Ricky raised his head from his mother's crotch, his chin slick with her juices, and also pulled his finger from her bum. His dick was fearsomely hard and with little warning he mounted his mother, sliding his long pole into her wet cunt to the hilt in one smooth stroke.

"Uuuuh," he gasped.

"Ooooh, Ricky," his mother wailed, wrapping her arms around him, "Oh fuck. your dick is so big! Fuck me, ooooh, fuck me, Saucy Sue needs a damn good fuck!"

Ricky began to thrust in and out of his mother's womb, ramming his prick repeatedly into the hot depths of her tight furry cunt. He grunted as he did so, fucking his mother hard, just like she wanted him to. Susan continued to gasp and splutter as her son pounded her twat, silenced only when Ricky occasionally pressed his lips to her's and frenched her deeply, though he also, for a change, occasionally leaned down to suck on her hard nipples.

"Fuck yes, fuck me hard Ricky, fuck me, uuuh," gasped Susan, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum soon. I'm gonna fucking cum thanks to your big fucking dick! Motherfucker, YES! UUUUH! AAH!"

"Me too mum," spluttered Ricky, his orgasm taking him by surprise, "FUCK!"

He continued to thrust hard into his mother's snatch as his sperm erupted forth, his steel-hard dick disgoring copious amounts of semen into his mother's cunt.

"Fuck me, cum in me, cum in my cunt you motherfucker!" Susan begged her son.

"UUUUUH!" Ricky moaned as he shot a final couple of loads into his mother before he suddenly fell limp, collapsing on top of her, the pair of them embracing in the warm afterglow of a seriously satisfying fuck. Their naked bodies were slick with sweat.

"What a way to start the day," giggled Susan eventually.

"Mmm," agreed Ricky, before giving his mother a kiss. He then withdrew his semi-hard dick from her sopping cunt and rolled over, laying on his back. He got his breath back and was idly wondering whether he'd be able to get another hard-on after such a strong orgasm when his mother leaned over and began to suck his dick, which began to slowly stiffen once more. He figured that if his mother wanted seconds, then she'd get seconds!

Susan sucked deeply on her son's prick for some time, raising it to full stiffness and keeping it there. She fondled his heavy teen balls whilst she deep-throated him. She'd loved her son's great fuck earlier but she wanted another one, especially if Ricky would be out that evening possibly fucking some other tart! She wanted her quota of cum.

When she felt her son's erection was sufficiently permanent she took her mouth from his cockhead and knelt up.

"Do you want to fuck me again?" the naked mother asked Ricky, stroking his dick gently.

"Is that a rhetorical question?" Ricky grinned, "You know how I want to fuck you. Up the shithole! Get on all fours Saucy Sue, you nasty fucking whore, so I can get reacquainted with that lovely arsehole of yours."

Susan flashed her son a grin then got down on her knees and elbows, her big heavy tits swinging beneath her. Ricky knelt up and shuffled in behind his mother, where he proceeded to stroke and fondle her sublime bottom. The horny teenager drank in the sight of his horny mother's unashamedly exposed shaven arsehole before he dived in and tongued it, licking her anus thoroughly before he pushed his tongue up there, into her rectum.

"Mmmm, you're a great arse-licker," Susan purred as she felt her son's tongue squirm into her rectum. Ricky tongued his mum's arse deeply before he removed his tongue and worked a finger up there, fingering her bum until her sphincter was nicely loosened.

When he felt he'd loosened his mother's back passage enough, Ricky took his finger from her arsehole and placed the head of his cock there. His rock hard staff was slick with saliva and cunt juice and he had little difficulty in easing it up into his mother's rectal passage. Inch by inch he fucked his dick up into her bowels, gripping his nude mother's hips in his hands as he enjoyed the sight of his long pork sword disappear into the grossly stretched hole between her plump bum cheeks.

"Uuugh, there we fucking are," he announced once he had all nine-inches up his mother's shitguts, her anal ring taut round the very base of his dick, his black pubes tickling her arse crack.

"Oh God, fuck!" was all Susan could splutter, still surprised to this day that she could fit her son's entire nine-inches up her bowels.

After a moment Ricky began to slide his cock back and forth in his mother's arsehole, just gliding it to and fro, alternating between having two-inches and all nine-inches up her shitter. Susan gripped the duvet in her fists as she felt herself go giddy with anal pleasure from her son's deep and industrious buggering of her.

"Fuck my arse motherfucker," the thirty-seven-year-old incestuous whore spluttered as she pushed her arse back to meet her son's sodomistical thrusts, "Fuck my shitter motherfucker."

Ricky was rather more quiet as he buggered his mum, just holding her hips and concentrating on getting a good steady rythym. He fucked her deep and slow, swimming in the hedonistic pleasure afforded by her arse.

Thanks to having already blown his nuts Ricky was neither able or willing to cum quickly, and he took pleasure and pride in taking his time, fucking his mother's arsehole long and hard.

After ten-minutes he withdrew and ordered his mother to turn around. She did so, swinging round so that her son could shove his dick in her mouth. She slurped deeply on that lovely arse-flavoured pole until Ricky took it from her mouth and crudely ordered her to "give me your fucking arse again you slut."

Susan obeyed, getting back round on her knees and elbows and with her big bare bum thrust at her son. Ricky wasted no time in spearing her arse with his dick, thrusting his rod far into her bowels.

Susan remained with her head down as her son pounded her arse, shoving his long dong repeatedly into the depths of her rectal passage. The naked buxom blonde's massive tits swung to and fro from the force of Ricky's lustful thrusts. After a while Ricky once again withdrew and, without needing to be asked, Susan turned to suck upon his soiled prick for a few moments. Ricky shortly took his dick from his mother's mouth and leaned down to french kiss her lewdly. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and drank down her moans of pleasure.

"Lovely fucking whore," he told Susan, heatedly, after taking his mouth from her's.

"Mmmmm, I sure am," Susan purred at her son.

Ricky once again frenched his mother for a few moments before he knelt back up and allowed her to turn back round again in order that he could skewer her arse with his dick once more. His pulsing shaft disappeared up her rectum with ease.

"What an arse, what a lovely tight fucking arse you have Sue," Ricky grunted as he buggered his mother lustfully, sensing his orgasm wasn't far off.

"Fuck it, fuck my arse you motherfucker," Susan urged her horny toyboy, "Fuck me, bugger me!"

"Uh, uh, oh fuck yeah," grunted Ricky, thrusting away. Any thoughts of Julie and the party that evening, or even what day it was, were lost on him and his mother as they lost themselves in outrageous incestuous pleasure.

Deciding to delay his outpourings of sperm a little longer, Ricky abruptly whipped his dong from his mother's arse, her bumhole yawning and twitching after such a sudden vacation of its hard meaty intruder. Ricky leaned down and re-plugged his mother's anus with his tongue, squirming it up into his mother's rectal passage.

"Oooh, Ricky, uuuh," groaned Susan, enjoying her son tonguing her most intimate region, "Lick my arsehole you horny little bugger!" The horny slut reached round to pull her cheeks further apart, and she pushed her rear back onto her son's face, urging him to lick her colon right out!

Ricky spent a couple of minutes with his face rudely shoved between his mother's parted cheeks before he finally rose for breath. His cock was raging hard and his sperm impatient to blast forth. With fire in his eyes, the horny teenager slid his long pole into his mother's hungry arse, thrusting it right in to the hilt in one elegant motion.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck my arse motherfucker!" urged Susan, still pulling her buttocks apart with her hands. Ricky fucked his mother's shitter at a relatively gentle pace for a moment, but he could not keep it up. He was too horny. His needed to cum, urgently!

Ricky picked up his pace, thrusting faster and harder, and soon enough his orgasm began to rise.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming up your arse you fucking slut!" he wailed as he slammed his pole home into the depths of Susan's shitpipe just as he began spraying cum into her colon. "Aaaah," groand Ricky as he shot wad after wad of sperm from his pulsing dick.

"Uuuuuh, yeah," Susan panted, "Yeah, cum up my arse!"

Ricky let out a long sigh of satisfaction as his balls emptied up his mother's bowels, Susan in the meantime breathing quick and fast as she felt herself wracked with pleasure from both the feeling of her son's stiff prick buried to the root in her arse and also the feel of his hot teen cum being blasted so deep inside her.

"Oooh, what a load of cum!" she moaned, feeling herself flooded with boy fuck sauce.

Ricky hung in his mother's arse for a moment before withdrawing, his dick finally wilting. His mother collapsed on the bed, face up, and Ricky lay down beside her on his back.

It took several minutes for them to recover, after which Susan leaned over to give her son a relatively innocent peck on the lips before asking him what he fancied for breakfast.

"My my. what a handsome son I have," Susan said as she strolled into Ricky's room a five o'clock that afternoon. She was carrying some of her son's laundry and Ricky was standing in front of his wardrobe just fastening the belt on his black jeans. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a black shirt over it, undone.

"Cheers mum," Ricky smiled as he messed about with his hair whilst looking in the mirror, his mum in the meantime putting her son's clean socks in his drawer.

"You'll be the most handsome guy at the party," Susan said after she'd finished shoving the socks away and turning to her son.

"Cheers," blushed Ricky.

Susan stood there looking at her fine young son. She herself was dressed fairly normally - blue jeans, red sweater, hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"What time will you be back?" she asked her son.

"Maybe eleven, that's when Steve's mum and dad are getting back. I might leave earlier if it's boring."

"You mean you might leave earlier if you fail to get off with this Julie girl!" teased Susan.

"Mum!" Ricky smiled, blushing again.

"I'm just teasing. You have a good time sweetie."

"What'll you get up to this evening mum?"

"Not much. I have to call your Aunt Melissa later, I promised I would. Otherwise it's some nice telly and a glass of wine for me."

"Sounds good mum."

Ricky went over and gave his mother a peck on the cheek, somewhat at odds with the rampant frenching he gave her during their fuckfests.

"See you mum."

"Goodbye sweetie," Susan smiled, reaching out to straight her son's collar. Ricky grinned then left the room, Susan likewise doing so. She gave her son another innocent peck goodbye before he left the house and then she went to the kitchen to fix herself a nice big glass of wine.

"Hey Ricky," Steve said as he answered the door.

"Hey Steve," Ricky responded, stepping in after his friend had stepped aside.

Steve's party was evidently a success. His parent's suburban home was packed, with more than two dozen teenagers hanging out in the living room and kitchen and spilling into the hallway. One boy and girl were sat on the bottom step of the stairs and snogging, but Ricky and Steve ignored them as they went to the kitchen, making small talk. Amidst the throng of youths in the kitchen, Steve opened the fridge door and took out a couple of bottles of beer, which he opened before handing one to Ricky and swigging from the other.

"She's over there, before you ask," Steve said to Ricky, nodding to the dining area of the vast kitchen.

Ricky glanced over and saw Steve's cousin, the lovely Julie. The nineteen-year-old was average in height, slim, small but nicely formed tits, nice arse, long brown hair and big brown eyes. She had a delicate nose and a ready smile, and Ricky felt all aquiver as he gazed at the object of his teenage affections. Part of him hoped Julie would glance over at him but a part of him was grateful that she did not, that instead she was chatting intently to another partgoer. He was also glad that Julie was chatting to a girl, not another boy, a potential rival!

"Good turn out," Ricky eventually said to Steve, deciding it would be impolite to ignore his host and make a beeline for Julie.

"Yeah, it's cool, it's nice to feel wanted," Steve responded, "Though at least it's not too many people. I don't want the place getting trashed or anything."

The two lads chatted away for a short while, Ricky's eyes occasionally straying to the lovely Julie, who was in turn locked in conversation with her female friend. She glanced at Ricky once and made eye contact, but only briefly, and she made no show of recognising him.

Five minutes after that, though, Julie broke off her conversation with her friend and strolled right over to where Ricky and Steve were still chattering by the fridge.

"'Scuse us Steve," Julie said to her cousin, as she poked his arm.

"Alright, alright," Steve said, obediently moving to one side and giving Julie access to the fridge. She opened it and helped herself to a beer.

Ricky was desperately trying to think of something to say to Julie, a way of starting up a conversation, no matter how brief, but he couldn't think of anything to say and wasn't certain if Julie would recognize him. He'd only met her briefly, twice, in the last fortnight.

Ricky was still silent when Julie closed the door and casually opened up a can of lager.

"You remember Ricky don't you Jules?" Steve said to Julie.

Ricky flashed the young lady a smile. He was a good few inches taller than her, but Julie carried off an air of greater natural confidence due to her extra couple of years. She was dressed in a loose sleeveless black top and tight black jeans which hugged her mouthwatering bottom snugly.

"Yeah, hi Ricky," Julie smiled back.

"Ricky goes to school with me," Steve said.

"Unfortunately," Ricky smiled, secretely wishing Steve hadn't pointed out that he, Ricky, was still at school, given that it should have immediately marked him down as being potential boyfriend non-grata to all-grown-up-and-left-home student Julie. But Julie just smiled and batted her eyelids in a slightly flirty manner.

"So, you doing A-levels then?" she asked Ricky.

"Yeah. Maths, Physics and Chemistry."

"Oooh, braniac science guy eh?"

Ricky nodded, pleased, and was also grateful to Steve as he noted Steve slip away, leaving Ricky and Julie standing near the fridge, gossoping about school and university and making general small talk which lead into learning about more about each other.

Steve learned Julie was studing English Literature at uni, that she hoped to become a teacher herself one day, as well as other tidbits of information such as that fact that Julie loved Shakespeare, sausages and The Simpsons, and disliked the movie Avatar, hated guacamole and for some reason had an aversion to people with loud voices.

"I better get going," Julie said after about fifteen-minutes, finishing off the can of lager she'd been slurping generously from, before tossing it in a nearby bin, in doing so turning around and giving Ricky a good look at her firm arse, which distracted him briefly from the disappointment of learning of Julie's sudden departure just as he was getting along so well with her.

"Why so soon?" Ricky asked, trying - and failing - to not sound too desperate or disappointed.

"I have an essay to hand in on Monday that I've not yet started," Julie grumbled, "Rather boring. I better made a start tonight as I'm off to a friend's twenty-first party tomorrow."

Ricky nodded, heart sinking at being reminded of Julie being older than him and hanging out with an older crowd, even if it was just a bit older than him.

"But hey, wanna hang out sometime?" Julie smiled.

"Er, sure. Great. Cool. Um...where?"

"I'll give you my number," Julie said, and she took a pen that was clipped to fridge magnet and took Ricky's right wrist so that she could jot down her number of the back of his hand. Ricky felt his cock twitch at the feel of having Julie touching him, even if it was just his wrist! It was funny to think that he got this much of a thrill at such a measly and innocent bit of contact with a woman, given his rather less innocent and copious flesh-on-flesh contact with Saucy Sue!

"There we go," said Julie, putting the pen back.

"Thanks," Ricky said, heart thumping and only just managing to act reasonably cool as he excitedly checked out the telephone number scribbled on his hand. Not just any number, but the number of Julie, his (latest) crush, who only gave it to him so they could 'hang out.' "Right, gotta dash," Julie said, doing a good job of appearing cool simply because she was, "See ya."

"Bye," Ricky said, and he couldn't help but look at Julie's perfect arse as she strolled away, saying goodbye to Steve and another couple of partygoers before she left, without glancing back at Ricky, who was glad because he knew he was blushing.

"Hey Ricky," Steve said a moment later, coming straight over to Ricky once Julie had left, "Was that my cousin giving you her number?"

"Yeah, it's no big deal, she just wants to hang out," Ricky shrugged.

"Oooh, nice one," Steve said, before giving a wolf-whistle. Steve really didn't seem bothered about the idea of his best mate clearly wanting to shag Steve's cousin.

"She knows a quality gentleman when she sees one," smarmily declared Ricky.

Steve just laughed and helped himself to another beer. Ricky swigged his own beer, feeling quite good that he had swiftly accomplished his mission of not just chatting with Julie but getting her number. And he had a whole party to look forward to!

Susan was on her fourth glass of wine and sat on the sofa watching the end of a movie when she hear her son come in at half-eleven.

She sipped more of her wine, adding to her tipsiness. She was wearing just a red satin nightgown and was sat with her legs stretched out and her bare feet perched on a big foot stool. Her nightdress was medium in length, it's bottom hem ending halfway down her thighs, and it had a strappy top. It was reasonably low cut, and whilst it did a fair job of covering most of Susan's impressive boobs, a good proportion of those outsized tits and the luscious deep cleavage between them was on display. It was not necessarily a seductive look that Susan affected, but nonethless, with cleavage and leg on display and a look of mild, cheerful inebriation about her, it was certainly not the look an innocent woman would normally put on willingly for a teenaged son.

"Hi mum," said Ricky as he opened the door and stood there. He was rather tipsy too.

"Hi darling," Susan smiled to her handsome son as he stood in the doorway.

"It went well tonight," Ricky grinned, leaning against the doorway to prop himself up; he'd had two cans of beer plus a few shots of vodka. He wasn't drunk but was halfway there, like his mother.

"So, you wooed the lovely Julie?" Susan asked.

"Sort of," shrugged her son, and he explained what had happened.

"So no kiss but you got a phone number," Susan nodded, "Fantastic stuff my darling! I knew no woman would resist a handsome guy like you."

"Cheers mum.

"I hope to meet her some day. I've only seen that picture of her on facebook that you showed me."

"She looked hot tonight. Really pretty and sexy. She had on tight jeans which showed off her arse, which is fucking mouthwatering. It's an arse to fucking die for."

Susan felt her nipples stiffen at hearing her son use such language outside of the bedroom.

"Obviously," Ricky said, remembering his manners, "your arse is just as nice mum. I mean, Saucy Sue."

"Thank you sweetie."

"How was your evening?" Ricky asked his mother.

"Nice. Nice and quiet, with a good bit of wine. I'm feeling rather light-headed." Susan then swigged back the last of her glass. "Even more so now!" she giggled. Ricky giggled too.

"I'm feeling horny," he said, unzipping his flies and pulling out his cock, which was semi-hard, "Really fucking horny. I want to 'meet up' with Saucy Sue for a fuck!"

Susan giggled again. Ricky was clearly rather tipsy if he was waving his dick around like this. He never normally did, not outside his and his mother's 'meet ups' in Susan's room. They were normally very strict about keeping their incestuous antics seperate from their normal lives, so that, day-to-day, they would never swear or be in a state of undress around each other, and would only refer to their fucking in euphamisms, dropping their pretense only when they were in Susan's room ready for a fuck! Susan forgave her son's impromptu cock waving and rudeness on the grounds that he was a bit drunk, and so was she.

"Then you better go upstairs," she said as she leaned forwards and placed her empty glass next to the empty wine bottle on the coffee table, "and come into Saucy Sue's room in ten-minutes, you horny little sod! Can't have you going to bed with an awkward and unweildly boner."

Standing there with his stiffening dick in his hand, Ricky smiled and said "Okay" before he slouched off, scurrying up the stairs.

Susan turned the telly and everything else off before heading upstairs, feeling damn horny herself.

The big-breasted blonde went into her bedroom, feeling slightly giddy from the wine and the anticipation of a good hard fuck. She had, on occasion, screwed Ricky after a drink or two and found drink rather conducive to being even more filthy and nasty than normal, but this was the first time they would be fucking when Susan had been veritibly drunk, and where Ricky was rather tipsy too. She was looking forwards to seeing if they could be even more uninhibited than usual in their inebriated states. The thought of Ricky being all horny and in love with some young wench and fired up with lust that was going to be diverted onto Susan also greatly aroused the tipsy nympho mother.

In her room, Susan turned on the main light and the lamps, something she always did before sex. She and Ricky did not make love, so no subdued lighting for them. They liked to fuck under the glare of numerous bulbs so they could see everything!

Susan whipped off her satin nightgown and, stark naked and with her tits swaying, she swung her wardrobe open with a flourish and contemplated what to wear.

"Nothing," she abruptly concluded aloud, deciding she wanted to be bare arse naked for her horny son tonight.

She closed the wardrobe and grabbed a tube of lubricant gel before hopping onto the bed. She had decided to present her bum to Ricky tonight and have him fuck her nowhere save in that rear hole. Of course, anal was a big part of their sex lives and quite often Ricky - whether his mother prompted him to or not - would just ignore her cunt and just fuck her arse, and Susan was determined that tonight would be such a night. She wouldn't say no to a good cunt fucking but her horniness and tipsiness combined to increase her appetite for a good buggering even more, and added to that was Ricky's evident appreciation of Julie's rear, which made Susan feel just a tiny bit jealous and keen to make her son re-appreciate her own rear.

Plus, at least for now, Ricky had only just spied Julie's bum through tight jeans. He hadn't even touched her arse. Saucy Sue, on the other hand, was prepared to let Ricky lick, finger, fuck and spunk up her arse! Her arse was all his to do with as he pleased.

Susan had decided Ricky was probably too tipsy and horny to want to indulge in the anal-foreplay of lubing her arse up with his tongue tonight, so for once she did it with the lubricant gel, kneeling on the bed and pouring a generous amount of the slippery rose-scented substance on her forefinger before reaching down to slather it around her arse. She murmered with pleasure as she slipped a greased finger up her anus and finger-fucked her own arse. She paused to add more lube before adding a second digit, then a third. It also turned her on to faintly hear her son clumsily undressing in his room next door.

Once she'd lubed and fingered her arsehole thoroughly, Susan put the lube tube on the bedside table then got on all fours, her big bare arse raised and waving in the air, pointing right at the door through which, moments later, a naked and very, very aroused Ricky strolled through, his eyes immediately fixing upon the greased up anus that lay between his mother's sublime bum cheeks.

"Come and fuck me up the arse you horny motherfucker," Susan ordered her son with a lustful purr, looking over her shoulder whilst wiggling her buxom naked bottom at the big dicked teenager.

Ricky strode over confidentally, his big erection wobbling in the air. The beer and vodka he had had during the evening certainly hadn't affected his arousal factor. His cock was as hard as a rolling pin and stuck up almost straight. The horny lad clambered onto the bed, seeing the hunger in his mother's lustful eyes as she watched him over her shoulder. Ricky knelt behind his mother's inviting arse and gripped the base of his cock to guide the pulsing head to the slick anus it was soon going to be penetrating.

Susan turned her head and look forwards at the headboard. She used to regularly lie in bed, before or after a night's sleep, staring at the ceiling and often longing for a man to give her a good seeing to. Happily, since the start of the year, she had switched to regularly staring at her headboard, before or after a night's sleep (or in the early evening, or on a weekend afternoon, or lunchtime, whenever really!) on her hands and knees on the bed, staring at her headboard, whilst her big dicked teenaged son thrust his cock into her cunt or arse from behind!

Life was damn good, Susan thought. She was so glad she'd had the courage to reply to Ricky's contact-mag advert.

Ricky, despite his slight inebriation, was able to soon skillfully plant his raging hard member into his mother's rectum, popping the head past her greasy sphincter before gripping her hips and sliding the veiny shaft in with one smooth stroke.

"Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhh," he groaned as he burrowed his cock up into his mother's back passage.

"Fuck!!" was all Susan had to say on the matter as she felt her bowels fill with hard boy meat.

Ricky savoured the feeling of his mother's rectum clasping his cock for a moment before he commenced his thrusting, starting slowly at first but making his rampant horniness evident by accelerating far quicker than normal. In no time at all he was thrusting his meaty lance into the depths of Susan's shit tunnel with abandon, gripping her hips not so much to support himself but to keep the randy mature bitch still as his rapid thrusting was threatening to shove her head first into the pillows!

"Fuck my arse son, fuck mummy's arse," Susan panted, giddy with lust and wine and only half aware of what she was saying, namely that she was openly acknowledging their true realationship. "Fuck me harder son, fuck me harder. Oh yes, oh yes, oh Ricky. Uuuh.!"

"You have a great arse mum!" Ricky wantonly declared, "I love fucking you up the arse! Yeah! Uh, uh, ahhh!"

The rampant boy fucked Susan's rectum deep and hard for a good ten-minutes, both of them only half-consciously wallowing in the pleasures of incest as they referred to each other as 'mum' and 'son' instead of 'Saucy Sue' and 'Ricky' as they normally did.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Ricky soon announced, thrusting harder, "Fuck! I can't hold back! UUUUH! MUM! MUM! I'm gonna fucking shoot up your ARSE! NNNNG!"

Ricky rammed his prick home into his mother's bowels and blasted forth a great geyser of thick sperm.

"Aaaaah, son, cum in me, cum in my bowels motherfucker!!" Susan cried, her sphincter spasming round her son's throbbing dick.

Ricky eased half of his still pumping dick from his mother's slippery anus and rammed it back in to the hilt once more and spurted forth yet more cum. It seemed never ending, but eventually, after a moment, he spurted his last wad of jism into his mother's colon and felt that his balls were finally empty.

"Holy fuck!" he concluded, feeling suddenly very tired due to the beer and the exertion of a good fuck!

"Mmmmmm," murmered Susan, laying her head on the bed, arse still up in the air and speared by her son's dick, which was only just beginning to soften. Ricky slid his slippery, semi-flaccid dick from his mother's yawning shithole and knelt back on the bed.

"Phew!" he said, "I'm knackered!"

Susan got up and turned round, running her hands over her son's chest and kissing him lovingly and passionately on the mouth. She slipped her tongue into his mouth for a moment before disengaging.

"That felt fantastic son," she said, "I'm so glad we do this together, aren't you?"

"I sure am mum," Ricky said, both of them exchanging slight (and rather tipsy) grins in their acknowledgement of their incest rather than their usual ploy of disguising it with their alter-egos.

Ricky kissed his mother hard on the lips and felt up her tits as they frenched on the bed. Susan stroked her son's cock, but though it stiffened a little, it was clearly in need of a rest. A long day, a total of three ejaculations since waking and a fair amount of beer had taken it's toll on the lad's stamina and he was ready for bed. Still, Ricky wasn't going just yet, and even though he knew he wasn't ready for a fuck again until at least the morning, he was content to stay kneeling naked on the bed with his mother as they explored each other's mouths with their tongues, their hands idly running over one another's bodies.

Soon it was time for bed.

"Goodnight mum," Ricky said, before giving his mother one last kiss then hopping off the bed.

"Goodnight son," Susan smiled, and she watched her naked son leave the bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind him.

Susan turned out the lights and climbed into bed, feeling nice and giddy, well fucked, and most of all positively lusted after. She was asleep within moments, as was Ricky in the room next door.

A full week later, the following Saturday, Ricky went off to meet Julie, having arranged this on Wednesday when he finally had the guts to call her on her number. He was going to meet her at the student bar on campus for a drink, and though it had not been officially deemed a 'date' by either of them, that's what it felt like to Ricky, though he still was a little anxious that maybe Julie didn't think of it that way.

'What if she just thinks of it as a drink between new friends?', Ricky thought anxiously as he strolled into the student bar out of the afternoon rain, 'what if she's actually there with other friends? Male friends? Or with a boyfriend? Oh God, what if she greets me by saying "Hey, Ricky, this is my big handsome older boyfriend. Big handsome older boyfriend? This is Ricky, some schoolkid."' "Hey, Ricky," came a young woman's voice from towards the bar as Ricky stood there, glancing around.

He turned and felt awash with relief as he saw Julie standing near the bar, on her own. She was wearing tight black leggings with a dark red sweater and rather clumpy boots. It wasn't a particularly conventional look, but this was a student bar and no-one looked particularly conventional, except maybe Ricky, who wore sensible black jeans and a blue shirt.

"Hi," Ricky said, strolling over to Julie, "I thought I'd have difficulty finding you in here, it's busy."

"Yeah, it always is, even during lecture hours," Julie said, "I'm glad you're here, an old ex-boyfriend of mine is around. We didn't break up badly or anything, he's okay, but he is with a new girlfriend and I felt like shit being here on my own."

Ricky nodded, taking in little but the bit about Julie being 'glad' she was here. It took the edge of his nervousness to know she was pleased to see him.

"Fancy a pint of lager? Or a short?" Julie asked him, "I'm buying."

"Er....what are you having?" Ricky asked.

"Rum and coke."

Ricky was about to say he'd have the same but then realised it'd make him seem a bit nervous, so instead he asked for a Jack Daniels and coke.

Julie stepped up to the bar and ordered the drinks, Ricky standing behind her and checking out her arse. The red sweater she wore wasn't oversized, the bottom hem ended at her waist, and so all of her arse and legs were visible. Admittedly, they were, of course, clad in her leggings, but those leggings were very tight, and when a bit of light flitted upon Julie's behind the shapeliness of that perfectly cleft peach could be made ot in all it's glory.

Julie soon had the drinks and she turned just as Ricky tore his eyes away from her arse.

"Cheers," Ricky said when Julie handed him his drink.

"Cheers," Julie smiled, sweetly, and they clinked glasses and took a sip each.

"There's a table," Julie then pointed out, nodding at one of the few empty tables in the noisy bar, and they went and sat down.

They made idle gossip for a while, mostly about school and university, about subjects and teachers, then getting on to talking about their families. Ricky found himself surprised that he could just talk about his mother - about what she did, what she was like, why she and his father split up - without feeling in anyway odd, without really think consciously that this mother was also a woman who he fucked. In fact he'd fucked her last night, as he often did on a Friday, for a good while. Whilst his mother had been dressed super-sexily in black lacy crotchless knickers, lacy stockings, matching garter belt and high-heeled stilettoes, he had fucked her cunt and arse for a good hour before spurting his load all over her face and tits, before fucking her cunt and arse for another good hour before firing a second load up her furry snatch. He and his mother had gone back to being 'Saucy Sue' and 'Ricky' since their drunken fuck last Saturday, as if that incidence of explicitly acknowledging their relationship as mother and son during sex was a one-off. Either way, it was still his mother he was fucking and sodomizing, yet here he was talking about her like he'd never so much as had a naughty thought about her!

When Julie was waffling on about her ambitions in life, Ricky couldn't help but zone out a little, admiring how pretty she was. She was slender, had lovely big dark eyes, a pleasing smile, a tiny nose and luscious long dark hair. She was a lot different to Ricky's blue-eyed, blonde-haired busty mother, but in some ways that was good. If - and it was a big 'if', thought Ricky, not wanting to set himself up for a disappointment - he got to sleep with Julie, it would be super hot to be fucking a slender nineteen-year-old brunette and a curvaceous blonde who was almost forty at the same time. It'd be a nice contrast! And Ricky didn't have any intention of stopping fucking 'Saucy Sue' when/if he started sleeping with girlfriends, it wouldn't be like cheating or anything. At least he didn't think it would be.

Ricky was feeling comfortable and happy with Julie, compared to how he had felt a little anxious with her last week at Steve's party. It was possibly because Julie had been all cool and confident then, but now was letting a tiny bit of vulerability show with her anxiety about her ex-boyfriend having been in the place. However, Ricky soon began to feel that his confidence was because, as much as he fancied Julie, he knew that if nothing happened between them he'd have his mother to fuck every night. Sure, he wanted to fuck Julie as well, but if he didn't, he still had his busty fuck-buddy at home to empty his balls into. The fact that Ricky just wanted to be with Julie and sleep with her, rather than desperately needed too, made him feel more relaxed and cool, which increased Julie's interest in him.

Nonetheless, Ricky did feel a butterfly flitter around in his stomach when, after their drinks, Julie suggested they go back to her room at the dorms 'to listen to some music.'

"Sure," Ricky nodded, trying not to sound too excited, "Sounds cool."

They got up and left together, not holding hands because neither was quite sure of the reaction of the other if they tried to do so.

The rain had stopped when the pair left the bar but, as they got within fifty-metres of the tall dorm building, the heavens opened again, and Ricky and Julie giggled and sprinted into the building. Somewhat damp, the two took the lift to the fifth floor, and were soon bundling themselves into the small room that Julie called home during semester time. She had it to herself, though to be fair it would be hard to fit a second person in there as it was quite small, with room for a bed, a built-in wardrobe, a desk and chair, and a small stand next to the bed.

It was a rather messy room, not what Ricky had been anticating. It wasn't filthy, but it certainly was rather cluttered, with books and papers and CDs scattered around on most surfaces, and the bed hadn't been made either.

Julie removed her shoes so Ricky did likewise.

"Drink?" Julie asked, grabbing a bottle of tequila that sat on the floor next to a pair of jeans.

"Sure," Ricky said. He'd not had tequila before but, like most men, was not the sort of guy who would miss an opportunity to get tipsy with a hot woman in private.

Julie grabbed two small shot glasses and filled them with the clear liquid. She then sat on the bed and Ricky sat down next to her.

"Down in one," Julie said, handing a shot glass to Ricky.

He took it, braced himself, then knocked it back, Julie doing likewise seconds later. Both sat in silence for a second then shuddered in unison.

"Phew," Ricky gasped, "That's good stuff! Jeez."

"Fuck that hits the spot!" Julie said, shuddering for a second time, turning Ricky on by uttering such a profanity. They put their glasses on the floor.

"So," Julie began, then sat in silence for a second, not sure what to add.

"So," Ricky said, deciding to step in and break the pause, his very slight light-headedness and Julie's overt friendliness giving him a super rush of confidence, "you're damn pretty Julie."

As he was saying those words he regretted it, but it was too late then, and he felt confident enough to continue when Julie responded with a gentle smile.

"Especially when you smile," he added.

Julie leaned in to Ricky and kissed him softly on the lips. He responded by kissing her back, and soon she was slipping a tongue into his mouth.

'Holy shit, holy shit, this is going sooooo well!' Ricky thought, pushing his tongue into Julie's warm mouth too.

After a moment they moved apart.

"I have a confession," Julie said, "My cousin Steve said you had the hots for me. He told me before the party last week. I remembered you from a previous occasion and thought you were kinda cute, but I must admit I didn't think to chat you up or anything because I didn't know if you had a girlfriend or not plus I had just broken up with my ex and I thought I'd be on the rebound. But then Steve said you fancied me and that perked my interest."

Ricky nodded, blushing a little and feeling an instinctive desire to curse Steve and his big mouth but realising that that wouldn't be fair given that, evidently, had Steve not told Julie that Ricky fancied her, Julie probably wouldn't have even bothered speaking to him at the party last week.

"You really are hot Julie," Ricky said, figuring that, whilst he wasn't exactly uttering sweet nothings worthy of Shakespearean dialogue, he was least getting the point across.

"And you're a pretty hot guy yourself," Julie said.

The pair kissed again and Julie rubbed Ricky's thigh. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants. Was he going to get lucky?

"I have to admit," Julie said after taking her lips from Ricky's a moment later, "that, can I put this? The thing is, I said I'd broken up with my last boyfriend recently. Well, he broke up with me, as did the last two guys."

Ricky nodded, wondering why on earth any guy would break up with such a sexy sweet babe such as this.

"The reason why," Julie continued, still stroking Ricky's thigh, "is that I'm saving myself for marriage. Sex, I mean. I want to be a virgin when I eventually marry."

Ricky nodded. He naturally felt rather dissapointed at the thought that he would not get to fuck this hot university girl after all, which he guessed was why she was admitting this.

"That's cool," he then said, deciding that Julie was so pretty and nice to be with that just the chance to call her his girlfriend would more than adequately compensate for not being able to fuck her. Plus, Ricky was a gentleman, and respected other people's beliefs. And he always had Saucy Sue to fuck!

"I'm not hardcore religious or anything," Julie insisted, "but I just want to save myself for marriage. And my former boyfriends usually couldn't drop me quick enough when I told them that."

"It's their loss," Ricky said, and he kissed Julie passionately some more.

"Of course," Julie said a moment later, visibly comforted by Ricky's reaction and thinking that he seemed very mature and understanding for a lad of seventeen, "no sex doesn't mean we just have to kiss, if we're going to be boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Mmmm," Ricky nodded, suddenly realising that Julie's hand had moved up from his thigh to his crotch and was now wantonly squeezing his stiffening prick.

"Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" Julie asked Ricky, biting her lower lip a little, evidently not sure of what answer she'd get.

"Yes," Ricky swiftly responded, feeling his prick swell to full size, "Yes! I want us to be."

"Like I say, we can't have full sex," Julie said, adding "Unless you marry me!" with a giggle, before getting all serious and lustful again. "But we can do other thing. I'd like to suck your cock Ricky."

Ricky let out a little moan of lust as Julie punctated her utterance of the word 'cock' by unzipping his flies.

Taking that to give her the go ahead, Julie undid the button on Ricky's jeans and stood up, allowing the boy to do likewise so he could get himself out of his jeans and boxers and socks. She hurridly unbuttoned his shirt so that soon enough Ricky was naked. Julie thought the boy had a fairly nice and athletic body, though the thing that naturally caught her eye was his big nine-inch dick. She'd never seen one that big, not even in that porno movie she and a female friend had recently watched for a drunken laugh.

"Oh my," Julie gasped, genuinely awestruck, "What a nice big willie!"

Ricky smiled at her reaction, then sat down. Julie took off her sweater then whipped off her bra, so she just stood there in her tight black leggings and socks. Her belly was flat, her skins soft and smooth, her breasts fairly small but lovely and neat and topped with light pink nipples. Ricky loved his mother's big heavy tits with their ample cleavage and dark nipples, but Julie's sweet young titties were equally beautiful in their own way.

Julie dropped to her knees between Ricky's thighs as he sat on the bed. She stroked his cock whilst eyeing it up before slipping her lovely lips over his swollen head.

"Uuuh, fuck," Ricky moaned. Getting his cock sucked was obviously not a novel experience for him, but it didn't stop it from being a fantastic feeling, and it was obviously fantastic that rather than being his mother sucking his cock it was a young lady, one he'd have previously given his right arm to just kiss!

He sat there lost in pleasure as the topless object of his teenage crush sucked on his cock. She may have been a virgin but she certainly knew how to suck cock!

Julie sucked on the head of Ricky's long pole whilst jacking of the base of it, occasionally taking it out of her mouth to run her tongue up and down the veiny shaft. It didn't take to long for Ricky's cum to start building up. He hadn't fucked his mother that morning just in case he'd gotten lucky this afternoon.

"Fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he was soon saying, "Oh fuck!"

He wanted to give Julie adequate warning in case she was intending on taking his cock out of her mouth before he came. However, Julie was clearly a swallower, as when she received her warning of impending ejaculation she took even more of Ricky's dick in her mouth and sucked even harder.

"Oh fuck, fuck, oh Julie, I'm gonna...cum...AAAH!"

Ricky spurted hot sperm deep into Julie's mouth and the horny cocksucker let out a muffled moan of pleasure as the jizz flooded her mouth. She gulped it down as fast as it came, and it came good and fast! Ricky felt his body stiffen with ecstasy as he came for what seemed like ages, emptying his nuts into Julie's mouth whilst she swallowed greedily. Finally his sperm flow ended.

"Mmmmm, tasty," Julie said when she took Ricky's dick from her mouth. She licked her lips then gave Ricky's dick a kiss on the purple head. His dick was not softening at all.

"I'd like to return the favour," Ricky said, leaning down and giving Julie a kiss.

"You sure?" Julie asked, smiling.

"Sure," Ricky said, quizzically. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to him that a man should offer a girl a cunt-licking after she'd sucked his cock. It wasn't just polite, he really wanted to feast on her lovely pussy. He hadn't see it yet, but he knew instinctively that it'd be a tasty looking snatch.

"Some guys aren't into...y'know, eating a girl out," Julie said, standing up, visibly excited and quickly getting out of her leggings, soon divesting herself of her bright red knickers too. She was then naked and Ricky's eyes fixed upon her cunt, which was neat and pink and framed neatly with trimmed brown hair.

"Some guys don't know a lovely lickable cunt when they see one," Ricky said, reaching out and stroking Julie's pubic area. He suddenly thought that, even in these circumstances, using the word 'cunt' in such a manner was maybe going a bit too far. He was used to using the most filthy language at home with his mother when they fucked, but that was just lustful fucking, it wasn't an act of love like this was here with Julie, his girlfriend of five-minutes.

But Julie just went 'mmmmmmm' at Ricky's comment that she had a lovely lickable cunt, and uttered a similar response as he stroked her twat.

Then Ricky stood up and gave Julie a kiss before he urged her to lay back on the bed.

The naked brunette did so and Ricky knelt between her spread legs. He, obviously, had great cunt-licking skills thanks to his experience with Saucy Sue and he knew exactly what to do. He teased Julie by kissing her inner thighs, then her lower stomach, before moving down to her pubic area. Soon he was gently flicking his tongue over her clit whilst teasing the opening to her snatch with a finger. Then he eased a finger up her cunt whilst lapping her clit. She was very wet and he soon had two fingers up her cunt whilst he feasted upon her clit, her trimmed pubic hair tickling his nostrils.

"Uuuuh, oh Ricky, you know what you're doing you horny sod!" Julie panted as her young lover feasted upon her snatch. A couple of ex-boyfriends of her's had eaten her out, but one did it once and said he didn't like whilst the other did it a few times but acted like it was a chore. Ricky, on the other hand, clearly enjoyed it, and was also very good at it! She wondered whether it would be polite to ask how a schoolboy of seventeen new how to eat pussy so well, but soon her thoughts were fixated on undergoing a rather prolonged orgasm, the first she'd even actually had through cunnilingus.

"Oh fuck, oh Ricky, you're making me fucking cum! Oh yeah, uuuuh!"

Ricky had taken his fingers out of Julie's cunt and used them to rub her clit whilst he lapped at Julie's vaginal lips. As she orgasmed and clamped his head in her toned thighs, he burrowed his tongue up into her juicy cunt and gave her a second orgasm hot on the heels of the first.

Julie didn't say anything comprehensible after that, she just uttered moans and wails as she bucked her arse up off the bed and ground her snatch onto Ricky's face. When her orgasm was dying down Ricky got confident and, whilst still eating out her cunt, her stopped rubbing Julie's clit and instead teased her hairless arsehole with the tip of his forefinger. Julie seemed to react favourably to this so Ricky eased the tip of his cunt-juice-slathered forefinger into her arsehole. She bucked a little again, and gasped, so he slid the tip of his finger out of her anus, but when he realised Julie was just a little shocked by this action but certainly not finding it unpleasant, he eased the digit back up her rectum, this time to the knuckle.

"Oooh, oh fuck, oh yeah Ricky, yeah!" Julie gasped, the boy still licking her cunt out deeply whilst finger-fucking her anus.

Ricky kept this up for a good five minutes, giving Julie another orgasm, her third. He wondered if her self-imposed ban on pre-marital sex covered just vaginal intercourse and not anal. He figured he might try and find out eventually, though asking his new girlfriend if she took it up the arse on a first date was probably a little forwards! Even if they were already naked and engaging in oral pleasures.

Finally, he took his finger from her arse and his tongue from her cunt and knelt up. He had been so busy feasting upon Julie's snatch that he'd barely noticed his cock, which had barely softened since cumming in Julie's mouth anyway, was raging hard and ready for action.

"That was great," Julie said, looking gorgeous as she lay on the bed naked and dishevelled, "No man has ever given me that much pleasure! Oooh, you're a star Ricky!"

"Thank you ma'am," Ricky nodded, grinning.

Julie looked lustfully at Ricky's cock. She'd initially not been sure about the idea of dating a boy two-year her junior, and had only really decided to flirt with him and give her his number because Steve had said Ricky fancied her. Now she felt that Ricky was a damn fine boyfriend, more sweet and mature than any other guys she'd previously dated, who'd all been her age or older. Plus Ricky had a damn fine tongue and liked to use it too!

"You have a hot body Julie," Ricky said, still kneeling between her parted slippery thighs, "I may have to cum all over it."

Again, it was his actions with his mother that gave him such confidence, and it was his confidence in the realm of sex that turned Julie on.

"Oooh, cum all over me," she purred, liking his forthrightness.

Ricky proudly stroked his throbbing member as he gazed down at Julie's body. Sure, it would have been more fun to have lain down on her and fucked her tight virginal cunt, but it was just so cool to be naked with her and wanking on her that he didn't need to do anything more. In fact, he figured that he would be a perfect boyfriend for Julie. After all, he didn't need full sex with her (though anal would be nice; he made a mental note to explore the possibility of fucking her arse at a future time) as he could get that from Saucy Sue at home. Just so long as he could see her nude and fuck her mouth and lick her twat, that was good enough.

The sight of such a hot babe before him had Ricky's sperm erupting out quite swiftly. He pumped his cock in his hand then let out a long gasp as he began spurting forth hot jizz which rained down upon Julie, who responded by squirming and squealing with delight as thick wads of sperm splashed down over her tits and belly.

After half-a-dozen squirts, Ricky's sperm flow slowed, and he squeezed his cock a few more times so that the last ooze of cum welled up from the tip of his cock before dropping messily onto Julie's left inner thigh, merging which the copious cunt juice that covered that beautiful flesh.

Ricky then lay alongside Julie, both of them squashed together nicely on the single bed.

"That was fantastic," Julie smiled, and she gave Ricky a kiss.

The two of them spent a few hours in Julie's room, firstly just laying naked in each other's arms and even snoozing a little, then later dressing and watching some telly together. They didn't engage in any more oral sex but did kiss a lot and vowed to see each other during the week one evening.

Both were very happy and content when Ricky left late that afternoon.

Susan had had a fairly busy day herself that Saturday. Before Ricky had gone out to see Julie, Susan had gone to see her sister Melissa, who was an hour's drive away. She and Melissa had gone for a bit of lunch with Melissa's eldest daughter, who was sixteen, and on the way back to her own house Susan had stopped to pick up some groceries. She returned at five o'clock and put the shopping away then had a shower. She'd pondered all day how Ricky was getting on with Julie. She'd even told her sister Melissa about Ricky's date, and the two women had agreed that Ricky was indeed a handsome lad who would do well with the ladies...Susan naturally keeping it to herself that she knew a whole lot more about how well Ricky could do with ladies!

It was almost six when Ricky got home. He kicked off his shoes in the porch then went into the living room, where he found his mother. Susan was watching telly and having a cup of tea, dressed casually in blue jeans and a yellow cotton shirt, a slightly low cut one that showed a glimpse of cleavage. Not much, just a bit.

"Hi mum," Ricky said, eagerly sitting next to his mother.

"By that big grin I take it that it went well today," she smiled.

"It sure did mum, Julie and I are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend," Ricky beamed.

"My, that didn't take long."

"We had a drink at the bar then went to her dorm."

"And?" Susan slyly asked. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't have pried into her son's love life, but given their own sex-life together, she felt not only comfortable about asking but also rather turned on at the thought of prying.

"Well," Ricky began, "she told me that she hasn't had much luck with guys in the past because she doesn't want to have sex until she's married. It's a vow of pre-marital chastity or something. Fair enough I guess. Apparently other guys don't like that. Fair enough on that too, I suppose. But she'll do other things," he continued, excitedly, "we had a nice snog and then she felt my cock through my jeans. That was when she told me she was a virgin and would remain so. Unless we get married but I guess it's a little early to think about that! Obviously! But then she got me naked and sucked me off. I came in her mouth and she swallowed and everything, just like you do mum."

Ricky paused, not just for breath but also at the outlandish nature of what he was saying - telling his mother his girlfriend gives good head, 'just like you do mum'. It was a truly outlandish situation, comparing girlfriend's cocksucking abilities with his mother's. And it felt rather arousing too. Not for the first time did Ricky realise that he was getting more and more turned on not so much by the physcial act of fucking his mother but by the fact that she was his mother, never mind this 'Saucy Sue' lark.

"Anyway," Ricky continued to tell his clearly very interested mother, "I then said I'd like to return the favour, which surprised her as she said some of her other boyfriends didn't like the idea of going down on a woman. But I soon got her naked and ate her out. And I fingered her arsehole whilst I ate her out too. She's probably surprised where I learned how to do it right! Anyway, I made her cum three times and then I wanked all over her and covered her in cum."

"Wow," Susan smiled once her son had finally stopped chattering, "Sounds like quite a day!"

"I'm in love mum, I'm well in love!" Ricky said. Again, this was not something he'd have admitted to her if they hadn't been fucking. Their incest made Susan and Ricky more open and honest with each other. It was hard to conceal secrets from a woman you regularly fucked, mother or otherwise.

"Obviously," Ricky then added, "I certainly have no intention of halting our fun together mum."

"Good," Susan said, "I'm glad. I'd understand it if you did want to stop. But I think it's good that, if you can't have full sex with your girlfriend, you can do other things with her then have proper full on sex with me."

"Yeah, I know what you mean mum. Damn I'm horny. Fuck, I'm horny."

"Me too son," Susan added. She was always fucking horny! Especially at hearing how her son had been fucking the mouth of a hot young babe and spunking all over her tits. She wasn't jealous but she certainly felt like she was missing out on her son's cock. She hadn't had any in almost twenty-four hours!

As seemed to be happening on more frequent occcasions, their pretense of having alter-egos of Saucy Sue and her toyboy Ricky was forgotten as they made references to their sexual activites and current level of hornineess whilst sat down here in the living room.

"You are indeed horny," Susan said, reaching out and gripping her son's cock through his jeans, feeling it's awesome stiffness. She herself felt her nipples stiffen and her cunt moisten as she groped at her son's big pulsing erection. Ricky moaned with pleasure, feeling like it had been ages since he'd cum even though it had only been a few hours.

It was Sunday tomorrow, no reason to get up for and so no reason to get to sleep early. Susan and Ricky could fuck long into the night. Maybe they could break a previous record of marathon sex which they'd set a few weeks ago, when they'd started fucking at half-six on a Saturday evening and finished up half-past-midnight. Granted, they'd paused for a good few breaks during those sweaty, spunky six-hours, but even so, there'd been a serious amount of fucking and Ricky, on that occasion, had shot an impressive four loads of cum - one over his mum's face, one up her cunt and two up her arse. When they'd finally finished Susan had declared it would be probably impossible for them to manage to fuck for longer than that again, but secretly both she and Ricky had ambitions to go even longer one night.

Maybe it as because she was a little jealous of Julie, or maybe it was just because she had an even greater appreciation of her son's cock now that another woman was appreciating it also, but Susan felt like she wanted to be fucked by her son even more thoroughly than ever before. She wanted to drain his balls utterly dry, to be saturated in his sperm, to have orifices raw from fucking!

And Ricky certainly seemed even hornier than normal, if that were possible. Whilst his mother stroked his prick through his jeans he reached over and squeezed her boobs through her t-shirt. Again, it was rather unprecedented for them to be feeling each other up down here in the living room when they'd previously sworn to keep their sex solely in Susan's bedroom.

"Let's go upstairs," Susan said, her lustful desires hitting boiling point. She got up, as did Ricky, and they hurried upstairs to Susan's bedroom. After enough time for the pair to get out of their clothes, cries of lust were soon coming from the room.

By the end of that long hot evening, Ricky's balls were indeed dry, and his mother was saturated with cum just as she had so desired.

The End