Our Sister, Our Slut

(Incest - brothers/sister, teen, oral, anal, gang-bang (m+/f))

Sandra Bellingham didn't see much of her three kids. She had divorced her husband just over a year ago, but as her eldest son was able to look after his younger brother and sister, Sandra was able to keep working despite being a single-parent. She was a police officer and her usual shift was 3:00PM until 11:00PM. That meant she just saw her adolescent kids in the morning before they went to school and perhaps briefly at night before they went off to bed.

This suited her three kids just fine because they doubted their mother would approve of what they got up to!

The eldest was Kurt. He was seventeen years old, a strapping six-footer who was on the High School football team. He took after his father with his jet-black hair and dark eyes. Being the 'man of the house' meant he was a very serious and mature young man.

The middle child, Jeremy, was fourteen, and he took after his mother with his dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. He was slender and short for his age - five-foot-four - and often seemed younger because he acted like a kid sometimes, with a silly sense of humor and an inability to take anything seriously.

Finally there was their sister, Daisy, who looked as delicate as the flower she was named after, although she certainly didn't act it. Daisy was thirteen years old, a hyperactive and rebellious girl, but also very pretty. She had long, wavy light-brown hair and deep brown eyes. Being just under five-foot in height, very slim and with a delicate and pretty face made her seem disarmingly sweet. Quite simply she was the wild-child from hell; not malicious and certainly not aggressive, but just totally unconcerned with conventional morality and social norms. Daisy had a sex-drive that had kicked in early (she had started masturbating at age six) and she had little sense of restraint, finding the common arguements for self-denial (such as those espoused by her devout Catholic father) all totally laughable to the point of contempt. She wanted cock, so she went after it and usually got it!

Owning a car meant that Kurt was able to ferry his younger brother and sister to and from school, which is what he was doing now, this bright and sunny day in May. It was four o'clock and Kurt was driving from school with Jeremy in the passenger seat. They went to the same school, but Daisy went to a seperate one, an all-girl Catholic school. Not that their mother was religious. It had been Sandra's ex-husband's idea to send Daisy to the Catholic school and Sandra, now divorced, kept Daisy at the school as she just felt that not having any boys around would tame Daisy's wild habits!

Four years ago, whilst still married, Sandra had caught her daughter giving a blow-job to a boy in her bedroom. Daisy was only nine at the time and after chasing the boy (who was only twelve) out the house, Sandra had demanded to know, quite simply, what the hell her young daughter was doing sucking boys willies! Daisy made it clear to her mother that she didn't think she was doing anything wrong and besides, 'cum tastes nice'. Shocked, Sandra and her husband had kept a close eye on her daughter, but not close enough. At the age of ten Daisy had lost her virginity to a teenaged boy at a party, and she'd had sex with him a few times before moving on to the boy's best friend. Then she'd had both boys fuck her at the same time, one in the cunt, one in the arse. Over the next two years Daisy fucked a lot of boys, finding that getting cocks up her cunt and bum was even better than just sucking them! She became known as a local slut, which she wasn't bothered about in the slightest. In fact it was great because she always had boys eager to meet her for a fuck. On more than one occasion she 'entertained' several boys at once, including three brothers who fucked her three holes at the same time one summer afternoon.

Daisy's parents didn't know everything that the girl got up to, but rumors did reach them and they despaired at what to do. They eventually packed their wayward daughter off to the all-girl Catholic school and effectively grounded her indefinately. She could have friends round to the house but only girls. The new school didn't dampen Daisy's wildness though. One of the caretakers was soon forced to resign after rumors circulated that he'd taken Daisy up on the offer of a blow-job after school one evening. One fifteen year old student went to the teachers claiming Daisy - just twelve years old at the time - had pestered her in the toilets for some mutual oral-sex! Daisy had been severly reprimanded for that incident, as she had been a month later when she bought a hardcore porn-mag into school and showed it to some classmates.

"I've done that, it's cool," the wild-child had bragged, pointing to a picture showing a woman taking a cock in her cunt and arse at the same time. Only her excellent grades - which defied her rebellious, unstudious behaviour - kept her relatively safe from expulsion.

Daisy was a nuscience at home too, always cheeking her father, such as the time she demanded a dildo for Christmas. Her dad had yanked her pants down, bent her over his knee and smacked her arse. He'd been horrified that Daisy seemed to enjoy it!

"Harder daddy, harder," she had giggled as her dad's hand connected with her bare bum. He'd shoved her away in disgust, unintentionally complimenting his daughter by calling her a 'filthy slut'.

Daisy's father didn't know what the hell to do with the girl, and neither did his wife, Sandra. Their sons, Jeremy and Kurt, were fairly well-behaved, although they did seem to take a great delight in their wild little sister's actions, always laughing at her behaviour which naturally only encouraged her. Once Daisy came downstairs demanding to be let out. Her father refused, saying that she would only end up 'cavorting with some boys'. Daisy had declared that she was happy to stay at home and 'cavort' with her brothers instead, and she had promptly undressed and danced nude in front of Kurt and Jeremy as they sat on the sofa, giggling. Their father had smacked Daisy's bare bum and sent her upstairs with no supper, shouting at his sons to stop laughing because it only encouraged their 'tramp of a sister'.

Last year their father had left the family, fleeing across the country to live with the twenty-four year old blond tart who he'd been having an affair with for the last three-years of his marriage (the hypocrisy of the prudish man would have demolished any respect Daisy had for him, if only she'd had any in the first place!) His girlfriend's pregnancy had forced him to flee, Sandra quickly getting over her husband's departure, helped by having the house and two cars to keep.

At seventeen Kurt was mature enough to take the role as man of the house, looking after fourteen year old Jeremy and thirteen year old Daisy.

Working late every weekday evening, Sandra was not able to keep Daisy in check but at least the girl had her big brothers to keep an eye on her and keep her away from all that sordid underage sex-business.

Or so Sandra thought...

"Where is she?" Kurt moaned, sitting in the car, tapping the steering wheel.

"She's usually on time," sighed Jeremy. He was in the passenger seat, staring out the windscreen. The car was parked along the road, near the entrance to St. Mary's Catholic School For Girls. A stream of girls in smart green-and-white uniforms was pouring out from the gates, their bare legs flashing as they skipped to meet their parents or prepared to walk home in groups. They were aged eleven to sixteen and Jeremy and Kurt didn't mind waiting for Daisy too much as they had all this eye-candy to perv at! Some of the girls were fucking nice looking indeed!

"There she is," said Kurt after a moment.

"Oh yeah," Jeremy grinned, spotting Daisy strolling happily up the road towards the car. She wore the standard uniform of the school, albeit a little scruffily. It consister of knee-length white socks and polished black shoes, and a short black skirt. Then there was a white blouse with the badge of the school on the breast pocket, a plain blue tie and finally a smart green jacket. Daisy walked along, squinting in the sun, swinging her black bag to and fro.

"The little slut," Jeremy smirked, "She looks so hot in her school uniform. I like her wearing it when I fuck her sometimes."

"Me too. That little black skirt - I swear it gets shorter every day!"

"Or Daisy is getting taller."

"She has grown a few inches taller in the last few months I reckon. Probably all the protein in that cum we pump into her."

"Yeah! She makes me grow a few inches too, although only in the groinal region!"

Daisy had now reached the car. She opened the back door, threw her bag onto the seat, and climbed in, slamming the door.

"Hi boys," she greeted her brothers.

"Hey kid. Nice day at school?" asked Kurt, starting the engine.

"It was shit," shrugged Daisy, "As usual. Shit and boring. Still, I managed to get an 'A' in my Math exam."

"Teacher's pet!" giggled Kurt.

"Fuck off," laughed Daisy. It was one of the more infuriating things for Sandra that Daisy, for all her rebellious nature and un-scholarly behaviour, was very bright and regularly got just as good grades as her brothers. Sometimes Sandra thought that Daisy was so rebellious because of her intelligence - she was smarter than most teachers and she knew it! Then again, Kurt and Jeremy were intelligent too, but they didn't get into all the trouble as their sister.

Kurt pulled the car away from the sidewalk and began cruising home.

"I'm horny," whined Daisy after a few minutes.

"You always are ya little slut," laughed Jeremy.

"Yeah, but I bet you're horny too," Daisy said, sitting forwards and flicking her brother's ear-lobe.

"Oi, stoppit. And yes, I am horny! My cock is growing by the minute!"

"Must be coz I flicked your eare," giggled Daisy, "Do you find it a turn on? Shall I do it again?" She did it again, several times.

"Fuck off," snapped Jeremy, turning round in the seat. Daisy sat back, trying to look innocent. "Ya little bitch," Jeremy said, rubbing his sore ear-lobe. Then he laughed, finding it hard to be mad at his cheeky little sister for more than a few seconds.

"What do you find a turn-on then?" asked Daisy.

"Having you suck my dick sis," grinned Jeremy. The three siblings all laughed.

"How about this?" asked Daisy, spreading her legs as she sat in the center of the backseat. She pulled up her skirt, exposing her white cotton panties, down which she thrust a hand. "Is this is a turn on?" she grinned at Jeremy, "Watching me play with myself?"

"Yeah, that's a turn on," Jeremy replied, looking round and watching his sister finger her cunt.

"Hey, stop it," Kurt grinned, looking at his sister in the rear-view mirror, "I'm trying to drive here."

"You old prude," sniffed Daisy, taking her hand out her panties and pushing her skirt back down, "You're like daddy you are, all prudish and anti-sex."

"It's just that you're putting me off driving," responded Kurt, "I'll show you how prudish I am later when I fuck you up the arse Daisy."

"Oooh, is that a promise?" his slutty sister asked.



The car drove along towards their home.

Being in an all-girls school had been boring for Daisy when she first started. Her parents divorce had not bothered her too much. She was glad her daddy was gone, the prudish, bible-thumping prick. Not that her mother was going to grant her any more freedom though. With their dad gone, Jeremy and Kurt were asked to make sure their sister didn't go out in the evenings. She could have friends over (but not boys) but she couldn't go out.

Jeremy and Kurt obeyed their mother, Kurt putting aside his natural amusement at Daisy's mischievous behaviour and putting his foot down, shrugging off her endless whining to be allowed out.

Things had changed one night two-months ago though!

It had been Daisy's 13th birthday and as usual her mother was working all evening. Dressed up tartily in a short skirt, tight top and with some make-up on, Daisy had strolled downstairs demanding that she be allowed out for a 'birthday bash, preferably with loads of horny boys around'. Kurt had solemnly told his little sister that she couldn't go out. 'Mum's orders' he had explained.

"If you want to have birthday orgy, Kurt and me can keep you happy!" Jeremy had laughed.

He'd only been joking and was rather shocked (as was Kurt) when Daisy happily said "Okay then" and stripped naked.

The boys had known for sure their sister was a slut up for anything. Kurt had fucked a couple of girls but Jeremy was a virgin, and not happy about being one either! He had whipped off his clothes and with Kurt watching, shocked but mildly amused, Jeremy had fucked Daisy on the sofa and shot his cum deep into her cunt - which was damn tight despite all it's use.

"That was great!" Daisy had laughed when Jeremy had slid his dick out of her teen cunt, "Wow! I haven't been fucked in months. I'm gonna make up for lost time. Kurt? Come on big brother, little sister needs-a-fuckin'!"

Kurt had grown a huge stonking erection watching this, so he had stripped and promptly fucked Daisy hard. He had an eight-inch cock, the biggest Daisy had taken, and Kurt had made his randy sister climax twice before he came in her twat. Daisy explained that she'd been on the pill for ages, so there was no worries about becoming pregnant. Then she'd spotted both her brothers had quickly acquired fresh erections.

"I want both of you at once," Daisy had declared, getting on all fours on the floor, "One in my gob, one in my bum."

Jeremy had got behind Daisy and eagerly pushed his cock into his sister's tight arse whilst Kurt thrust his cock into her mouth. Daisy had had a lot of practise sucking cocks and soon had Kurt's prick spurting it's hot sauce down her throat. At the same time Jeremy had shot his spunk deep into Daisy's rectum.

The three siblings had relaxed in front of the TV, all feeling thoroughly happy with the evening's antics. With plenty of time before their mum came home they decided to have sex again, Daisy once more taking on her horny big brothers at the same time. Jeremy fucked Daisy's cunt whilst Kurt fucked her up the bum, their kid sister squealing with delight as she was double-fucked, climaxing several times before her brothers poured their semen into her nubile body.

They'd been fucking ever since that night two-months ago. Their mother was always out until late at night, so the boys would fuck Daisy several times after school, and Sandra often went out at weekends too, unware that her slut of a daughter was usually at home undergoing repeated climaxes as her brother's big cocks were rammed in her cunt, arse or mouth. Sometimes, with their mother fast asleep in bed, Daisy would sneak into her brother's rooms and wake them up, pestering them for sex. She would cunningly claim to Jeremy that Kurt was 'too sleepy' to fuck her, and once Jeremy had fucked her and gone back to sleep, Daisy would sneak into Kurt's room and tell him Jeremy had been 'too sleepy' to fuck her, Kurt obglingly letting his sister hop into his bed for a swift under-cover hump. Even after such nocturnal activities Daisy would be super-horny all day at school and look forward to an evening with her siblings. She no longer was particularly bothered about going out anymore, she was happy at home with her lovely big brothers!

Kurt opened the door to the house and stepped aside to let his younger siblings stamped into the house, laughing and trying to nudge each other out the way.

"Settle down you two," said Kurt, in a fatherly manner. He stepped into the house and closed the door, kicking off his sneakers. "Shoes off kids."

Jeremy had already removed his sneakers. Daisy was bending over and undoing the buckles on her shoes. Jeremy grinned and grabbed the hem of his sister's skirt and lifted it up, epxosing her bum which was hugged by her tight white panties.

"What a nice arse," Jeremy grinned, lightly smacking his sister's behind.

"Oi," giggled Daisy. She stood up, her dress falling into place, and stepped out of her shoes before hanging up her jacket. "I'm gonna make drinks," she declared, heading into the kitchen.

Her two brothers went into the living room. It was small and cosy, at the back of the house with a bay window overlooking the garden. Their mother was a bookworm and there were many shelves stacked with paperback novels and non-fiction hardbacks. There was a marble fireplace, over which hung a large brass-framed mirro. A big TV sat in the corner along with a cabinet containing Sandra's collection of videos, mostly black-and-white musicals.

Jeremy sat on the sofa and stretched his legs, yawning. Kurt sat in an armchair and used the remote-control to flick on the TV.

"Drinks are served," called Daisy, entering the living room a moment later with a tray. She had a glass of orange juice for her and Jeremy and a bottle of Budweiser for Kurt. The boys took their drinks and Daisy sat on the sofa next to Jeremy, drinking her orange. They channel hopped for a short while but found there wasn't anything on.

"TV is shit," Daisy concluded, putting her empty glass on the coffee table, "Let's make our own entertainment." She stood and undid her skirt, letting it fall to her ankles. She kicked it aside and removed her panties so that she stood in just her knee-length white socks, white blouse and blue school tie.

"Show me that cunt sis," Jeremy said, sitting up on the edge of the sofa, "Show me that sweet cunt!"

"Here it is," announced Daisy in a sing-song voice, standing in front of Jeremy, lifting up the hem of her blouse so her twat was on display. She'd sprouted hair recently, a nice fuzz of dark brown pubes around her pubic mound, just above her neat pink slit.

"Mmmm, looks tasty sis," Jeremy said. Her reached out and clapped his hands to Daisy's hips and leaned forwards, running his tongue over Daisy's furry pubic mound. The girl giggled then moved her feet further apart so that Jeremy could move down to start slurping at her cunt. He ran his tongue back and forth over her moistening lips, his nose tickled by her pubic hair as he ate her out. He began pushing his tongue up into her cunt, working it right up there into the hot wet depths of pink love-tunnel. Daisy sighed with pleasure, grinding her cunt gently into Jeremy's face. She looked round and flashed a cheeky grin at Kurt, who'd unzipped his jeans and pulled out his eight-inch cock. He was jacking off with one hand whilst holding his half-empty bottle of beer with the other.

"Is Jeremy eating you out well sis?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied, "Jeremy is a good cunt-licker! He licks out my cunt well probably because he's had a lot of practice. Mmmm. Lick me Jeremy ya little fucker. Lick your sisters cunt out. Drink my juices."

Jeremy moaned with pleasure as he dug his tongue into Daisy's tight cunt, slurping thirstily at her juices which signalled just how turned on she was. His prick was very stiff in his pants. After a few minutes he sat back, grinning, his lips slick with his sister's cunt fluid.

"Repay me the favour sis," he said, unzipping himself. He raised his arse off the sofa so he could tug down his jeans and underpants, which he slung aside along with his socks. He took off his T-shirt so he was naked. Fourteen year old Jeremy had entered puberty relatively late and he had just a small amount of pubic hair around his groin. His cock was a fairly average five-inches long but looked bigger compared to his slender frame. The organ was sticking up, throbbing and erect. Daisy licked her lips as she knelt down on the floor before Jeremy. Even just the sight of erect cocks almost made her cum, she just loved them! She bent down and placed her mouth over Jeremy's prick and began sucking him, her head bobbing. She'd given her first blow-job (to the twelve year old brother of one of her friends) when she was just eight. The boy had invited her over the next day for a repeat performance, inviting his thirteen year old buddy along too. Little Daisy had knelt and sucked both their pricks and drank their lovely jizz. She'd given a hell of a lot of blow-jobs since then. Now, at the age of thirteen, she was a master cocksucker. She deep-throated her brother with elegant skill, expertly resisting the gag-reflex as she slid her lips down his shaft until she had all his six-inches down her gullet.

"What a fucking great little sister," Jeremy sighed, watching Daisy deep-throat him, "What a fucking cocksucking slut!"

"She is a fucking slut," Kurt laughed, still jerking off and sipping his beer as he watched this, "Wow, what a great little bitch she is! Look at her sucking all your dick down! I can see her cute bare arse from here, I may have to fuck it sometime this evening. That cocksucker of a sister of ours loves having all her holes fucked. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna bugger her fucking shitter and cum in her bowels."

"Why not do it now whilst she sucks my cock?" suggested Jeremy, "She'll like that. Won't you Daisy?"

"Oh yeah," smiled Daisy, taking Jeremy's erection out her mouth, "I'd love that! I love taking two cocks at once, in whatever holes are available! Come on Kurt, come over here and ram that big fucking cock of yours up my shit-hole."

"I'll do that you horny cunt," promised Kurt, standing up and removing his jeans, "Just get back to slurping on Jeremy's dick whilst I busy myself burying my dick up your arse."

"Yeah, come on sis," Jeremy urged her, "You slut, suck my fucking cock."

"Don't be so impatient," snapped Daisy. She grinned then lowered her head once more and sucked deep down on Jeremy's prick, slurping on that fine hard tool.

Kurt was now naked, his big prick nodding erectly in the air. He knelt behind Daisy, who had shuffled back a little so that she was now on her hands and knees with her head in Jeremy's lap, her head bobbing as once again she deep-throated him. Kurt lifted the hem of Daisy's white blouse up to expose her bare arse, her cheeks spread and her pink anus visible.

"Mmmm, what a fine fucking arsehole you've got Daisy," he observed, "Such a tight looking fucking shit-hole. I'm gonna shove by cock up your arse sis but I suppose it's only fair to lube it up a bit, and furthermore I know how much you like having your arse licked bitch." He bent down and ran his tongue over Daisy's anus, the girl moaning with pleasure at this treatment. She continued sucking on Jeremy's prick whilst she felt Kurt licking her arsehole, slurping on that tight orifice. Then he pushed his tongue up there, snaking it up into her rectum, making his sister shiver with delight.

After a moment, Jeremy knelt up and gripped the base of his cock. He placed the swollen head to Daisy's saliva-slick sphincter and pushed. Daisy had taken cocks in her arse many, many times before, and she bravely remained still as Kurt heaved his thick member up into her rectum.

"Fuck yeah, what a tight arse," grunted Kurt, gripping Daisy's hips as he began fucking her shitter, "Oh yeah! What a fucking cocksucking, anal-loving bitch of a kid sister we've got Jeremy! Look at her, moaning with pleasure whilst sucking your prick and whilst taking mine in her fucking arse. Oh God yeah! Yeah!"

"Fuck her fucking arse Kurt," urged Jeremy, "Bugger the horny bitch, you know how much she likes it! I'm sure Daisy would urge you on but she's too busy sucking my fucking cock."

Daisy was indeed having the time of her life! This is what she lived for. All the boring lessons at school, the inane chatter of her stupid prissy friends, all of that passed her by without arousing any interest. However this, being fucked, was what she loved more than anything. Her brothers were both real studs who knew what a slut she was, that what she desired was to be used and fucked like a slut, and that's how they treated her! She sucked on Jeremy's lovely prick whilst her arsehole burned with pleasure as Kurt shoved his cock up it. His thick prick-head thumped into the depths of her anal-tract, making her quiver with joy.

"I'm gonna fuckin' blow soon," Jeremy panted shortly, "Right into your throat sis...that's it...I'm almost there, keeping sucking. Keep sucking you fucking cocksucker...oh fuck! YEAH! Daisy, yeah, drink it up you fucking cunt. OH GOD!" His cum exploded forth, his thick cock-head swelling in the back of Daisy's throat at it spurted hot sperm out. "Drink it up, drink it up," demanded Jeremy, although there was no need. Daisy knew exactly what to do. She loved the taste of semen, it was so warm and salty and slimy. She gulped down the impressive amount of fuck-sauce that Jeremy ejaculted down her throat.

"Here's my cum too," grunted Kurt, ramming his cock repeatedly into the depths of Daisy's rectum, "Fuck yeah...this arse....so tight...UUUUH! I'm cumming up your dirt-box sis you fucking slut...yeah! FUCK!!" He drove his prick deep into his kid sister's bum and fired out his semen, shooting it out in thick wads. "God yeah, oh fucking Christ, fuck," he splutted, hunched over his delicate sister as his cock spat out it's sticky load into her bowels. He finally finished cumming and spent a moment getting his breath back, his prick leaking cream into Daisy's rectal passage. He finally slid his semi-stiff prick from her slick anus, a thick dribble of semen leaking out of that yawning hole.

Daisy finally raised her head from Jeremy's lap, wiping her cum-slick lips on the back of her the sleeve of her white blouse.

"That's what I needed," she grinned, "A good double-fucking from my big brothers! I'm glutted with semen from both ends! I need my cunt fucking soon though, so you boys don't retire just yet!"

"We have no intention of retiring," Jeremy reassured her, bending down and kissing her lovingly on her lips, "Why don't you lay back on the floor sis, I'll suck your twat. I want to eat out your cunt you charming whore."

"And you can suck my cock in the meantime Daisy," Kurt added, "It's been up your fucking arse but I know that won't bother you, ya little cunt."

"It certainly won't bother me," Daisy insisted, "I love sucking pricks, especially after they've been up my cunt or arsehole. Okay then, I'll lay back and you can fuck my gob so I can suck your dick back to hardness. Jeremy? You lick out my cunt in the meantime."

"Righto sis," Jeremy said.

Daisy got on the floor and lay on her back, propped up on her elbows. She spread her legs and Jeremy got down between her parted thighs, diving in and licking her twat. It was wet and slick and he licked up the juices from that lovely teen cunt. Kurt knelt to the side of Daisy and she turned her head and opened her mouth.

"Here it is bitch," Kurt grinned, thrusting his cum-leaking, shit-slathered dick into his slutty thirteen year old sister's mouth. She sucked it clean, making wet smacking noises, her big dark eyes looking up lustily at her big brother as he fucked her face. Her legs were flung wide open and Jeremy was digging his tongue into her cunt, reaching up to frig her clit whilst he licked her out. Jeremy's cock was beginning to restiffen as he slurped on hsi sister's fine young twat. Kurt shortly felt his cock grow stiff too, pulsing back to full erectness under the skillful tongue-work of Daisy. He eventually he pulled his long erection out her mouth.

"It's all clean now," the girl grinned, proud.

"You did a fine job Daisy," Kurt said, "You sucked my cock all clean of the shit from it's journy up your arse, and you've given me a nice big boner too so I can fuck you some more. Hey Jeremy, you got a stiffie again?"

"I sure have," the younger declared, kneeling up, his prick thrust out erect.

"Goodie," Daisy grinned, "Because I need fucking! I want my cunt fucking. Kurt, you lay back and I'll ride your prick. Jeremy, you can stand next to me and I'll suck your dick, then perhaps you could be so kind as to ram it up my fucking arse so that I'll have both holes plugged up."

"That's a fine idea sis," Kurt agreed. He lay back on the floor, holding his prick upright. Daisy was feeling hot so she finally undid her tie and flung it aside, then undid her blouse. That got flung aside too, along with her trainer bra. She now stood nude, her budding titties on display. They were very small but definately growing, the nipples standing out erect.

"You got a fine little body Daisy," Kurt complimented her as he lay back, "Come and impale that sweet cunt on my dick."

"Here I come," Daisy smiled, getting astride Kurt. She knelt over his prick and lowered herself onto it, her tight vagina slowly swallowing up her brother's long tool. She settled down, Kurt's cock fully buried in her cunt. "Mmmmm," she purred, "That's so nice. I love having cocks in me so much. Your big dick feels great in my cunt Kurt, so long and hard. I'm going to suck Jeremy's cock now and then he'll ram it up my arsehole so that I'll have both of my lovely older brothers fucking me at the same time. I love double-penetration, especially with you two."

"Quit chatting and start sucking," grinned Jeremy, standing next to Daisy.

Turning her head, the girl licked her lips then opened her mouth. Jeremy shoved his cock into his sister's mouth and she sucked him deeply once again, slurping on his prick whilst she began to ride Kurt's dick. Kurt held his sister's slender waist and thrust upwards to match her pace, pulling her down onto his tool then lifting her up a little. Her cunt felt so lovely and tight, he just couldn't get enough of fucking it. Daisy was obviously enjoying it too, her eyes fluttering with delight whilst she deep-throated Jeremy.

"You give damn good head," Jeremy sighed, "You're such a good cocksucker Daisy. However, you've already given my prick a fucking great sucking this afternoon, I'm eager to ram it into another hole. I'm going to shove it up your arse now Daisy, because Kurt is busy fucking your cunt. He's just fucked your arse so that hole will be nice and loose and I can quickly and easily fuck my erection up into it. Would you like that Daisy, my slutty fucking bitch kid sister?"

He pulled his meat out of her mouth so she could reply.

"Oh I would love that, I would! Please fuck my arse Jeremy. I like sucking on dicks but it's better having them in my cunt or arsehole. I especially love having both holes crammed full of cock, so whilst Kurt is busy cunt-fucking me I want you behind me and fucking my tight arse. Come on, get into position you horny fuck, I need buggering now!"

"Right away slut," Jeremy responded, "Whatever you want." He got behind her, Daisy bending forwards, her cute arse-cheeks spread to reveal her yawning arsehole. "That arse is still loose," observed Jeremy, "Just as I thought. It will still offer a tight grip though, I'm sure. I'm gonna fuck this arsehole so hard, Daisy, get ready."

"I can take it," the girl reassured him.

"She sure can," added Kurt, "Come on Jeremy, fuck our baby sister up the arse. She'll have both our dicks in her at once and together we'll make the slutty cunt climax at least once."

Jeremy guided his cock-head into Daisy' arsehole, making the girl shiver with pleasure. With the first inch of his five-inch cock in Daisy's arsehole, Jeremy held the girl's hips and thrust his pelvis forwards. His stiff cock glided up into Daisy's rectum. "Aaaah, God that's good," she wailed, "Oh fuck yeah, yeah! You're up my arse Jeremy, right up my fucking arse, and Kurt's cock is right up my fucking cunt. OH GOD! Yeah. Fuck me you two! My two lovely big brothers. Fuck my slutty holes and make me cum."

Kurt was thrusting upwards, driving his pole up into Daisy's snatch, whilst Jeremy was kneeling behind the girl, still holding her hips, and sliding his cock backwards and forwards in her tight nipping anus. The brothers built up a good pace and a good rythm, thrusting and fucking Daisy, making her cry out with pleasure. It didn't take more than five-minutes for the slut to start climaxing.

"Fuck me, I'm cumming," she cried, "Oh GOD! Shit yeah, fuck me...fuck me my brothers...uuuuh! Kurt, Kurt...fuck my twat. Oh FUCK! Jeremy, fuck my arsehole, ram it right up...THERE! SHIT!" She half-swooned, her head slumped over Kurt's broad chest. The boys were not showing any mercy though, Kurt grinding his cock up into Daisy' spasming cunt whilst Jeremy sodomized her at a healthy pace. Daisy was emitting soft pants of incomprehensible mutterings of pleasure. "Look at our fucking slut sister," Kurt was smiling as he stroked Daisy's long hair out of her sweaty face, "She's all but fainted with having both our dicks up her cunt and arse. What a fuckin' cunt bitch!"

"I thought you were made of sterner stuff than that Daisy," laughed Jeremy, buggering Daisy with slower strokes of his erection, "You weak little cunt, you 'aint gonna flake out on us are ya, just cos we're fucking your holes so hard. You fucking light-weight, call yourself a slut?"

"I'm no fuckin' light-weight," insisted Daisy through her deep breaths. She lifted herself up, placing her hands flat on Kurt's chest, "I just came so damn fucking hard! I'm back in business though, ready for more. Come on you motherfuckers, don't stop now, keep going! You're slowing down damnit, and you dare call me a light-weight!" She giggled, and this minor affront to her brother's masculine dignity inspired them to resume fucking her hard. "Oh God, yeah, that's it guys, fuck me!"

Kurt clamped his hands over Daisy's barely formed titties, feeling how erect her stubby nipples were. He thrust his prick up deep into her twat, feeling her cunt lips clamp the base of his shaft as they spasmed under the sensual assault. Jeremy was ramming his cock hard and fast into Daisy's arse, looking down and enjoying the sight of his prick alternately dissappear and reappear from her tight shit-hole.

Five-minutes of hard double-fucking later and Daisy climaxed again. She cried out wild obsceneties to urge her brothers on, humping her arse onto Jeremy's cock and grinding her twat onto Kurt's. The boys were able to hold their own orgasms back thanks to having shot their loads already that afternoon, but it couldn't last forever.

"I'm gonna fucking cum," Jeremy announced, shafting his sister's bum harder and harder, "Oh fuck...here it is...uuuuuh! AH GOD YEAH!" He slammed his meat into Daisy's bum and spurted his thick cream into her bowels.

"Shoot it all up me, yeah!" Daisy cried, eyes tight shut as she tightened her arsehole down on her brother's shaft to encourage as much spunk as possible to shoot forth into her guts.

"Here's mine Daisy," Kurt grunted, and he clamped his lips to hers and lewdly thrust his tongue down her throat as he raised his arse off the floor to drive his cock hard into her cunt where he shot his load. His cock blasted out sticky cum into Daisy's womb and she lovingly kissed her big brother as he filled her twat with his sauce. Jeremy's climax was meanwhile ebbing away, the sweaty youth hunched over Daisy with his prick wedged right up her rectum, leaking out the last of his sperm.

"Wow, what a fuck," he panted, "Your arse is so tight Daisy, I love buggering you ya fuckin' little slutty cunt."

"And I love being buggered by you," Daisy said with a grin over her shoulder after taking her lips from Kurt's, "I love getting double-fucked more than anything!"

"Well, you've had one hell of a double-fucking tonight," Kurt said.

"I sure have! You're the best brothers in the world."

"Yeah, we're fuckin' tired brothers too," exclamed Jeremy, popping his wilting dick out of Daisy's bum, "I'm wasted! And hungry."

"I'm starved too," Daisy casually agreed, lifting herself off from Kurt, the seventeen year old's cock slipping out of his sister's spermy twat and slapping to his stomach.

They all got up, out of breath, their thoughts turning, like any normal teenagers, to dinner.

Kurt went out after dinner with his girlfriend. She was the same age as him, seventeen, and though it was only their fourth date the girl gave Kurt a good blow-job in the back row of the near-deserted cinema they went to.

Jeremy remained at home with Daisy. They watched some TV, did their homework, and then fucked. Jeremy was as quick to recover as you'd expect for a boy of fourteen, so despite the antics of earlier that evening he fucked Daisy twice. They had gone to Daisy's room where her brother fucker her cunt on the bed, sliding his dick out at the last minute to masturbate over her face, coating her in jizz. Then Jeremy had flipped the girl over and fucked her up the arse, giving her a sperm-enema. Daisy climaxed during both hard fuckings and she was shattered when she went to bed at ten. Jeremy went to bed not long afterwards.

At eleven, Sandra got home, totally unaware of what he children had been up to. She made herself dinner and was watching TV when Kurt arrived home. He chatted to his mother for a while, about school and work and such things, before he went off to bed. His mother turned in at midnight.

Such was a typical evening in the household...

It was a Friday morning, a few weeks after the above events.

Daisy was certainly enjoying being fucked every evening by her brothers, with liberal sessions with them over the weekends when their mum was out, but she was getting a little itchy for more variety.

"I wanna see more boys," she insisted, sitting in the back of the car. Kurt was driving and Jeremy sat in the passenger seat, and they were heading towards Daisy's school to drop her off.

"Any boys in particular?" asked Kurt.

"Not really," sniffed Daisy, "I just think it'd be cool to fuck some other boys besides you two."

"Not good enough are we?" laughed Jeremy.

"Of course you are you horny fuckers," giggled Daisy, "But I wouldn't mind it if you two could let me out to fuck some other boys. Maybe take me to a party or something."

"That's not a bad idea," Jeremy said to Kurt, "We could take our slutty sister out and our buddies could fuck her."

"I think it'd be better to invite other boys over to our house," explained Kurt, cautious as always, "I mean, we are meant to be looking after you Daisy, keeping you out of trouble, and though we're fucking the shit out of you we are still obliged to keep you out of trouble."

"I'm not going to get in trouble," insisted Daisy.

"Yeah well," shrugged Kurt, pulling the car up near the entrance to Daisy's school, "You're a pretty thirteen year old slut who's eager to be fucked, you'll have no problems attracting lots of guys if you go out looking for them. But you might end up with the wrong sort, some sorta fuckin' perv who'll hurt you. No, I've got a better idea. Jeremy and me will get some of our buddies, who can keep a secret, to come over to the house this evening and they'll gang-bang you."

"Whoa, that'd be excellent!" squealed Daisy, "Would you do that for me? Get some boys round? Like I said, you two are cool, you fuck me really well, but I am insatiable! I want loads big dicks to satisfy me."

"I know a couple of guys who can keep a secret," Kurt explained, "They'll be up for it. What about you Jeremy, do you have any pals you trust?"

"Sure, quite a few," the younger boy replied, "They'll be up for it! I'll ask them at school."

"Yeah, I'm gonna get gang-banged!" Daisy giggled.

"You're gonna get detention if you don't get into school, you'll be late," Kurt told her.

"Oh yeah, bye you two," Daisy said, hurrying out the car, knowing she wouldn't be able to concentrate on her classes that day with the prospect of her brother's friends coming round to fuck her that night.

Kurt and Jeremy sat in the car that afternoon, waiting for Daisy. In the backseat were three of their buddies, all horny and eager to fuck their friend's slutty sister. It was well-known that Daisy was a slut but she was rarely seen out of her house since being carted off to the All-Girls school and effectively grounded.

Jeremy's closest friend, Eric, was sitting in the middle of the backseat of the car. Eric was fourteen, the same age as Jeremy. He was average in height and quiet sweet looking, almost effiminate with his prominent cheek bones and pale skin. Eric's medium-length blond hair often flopped down in his face over his eyes.

He was flanked by Kurt's two best pals. The first was Steve, aged sixteen, a tall and slim youth who was a keen athlete who was on the school running team. Then there was Joseph, a broad shouldered, rebellious looking youth, aged seventeen, with spiky hair which he had dyed bright purple for no other reason than to annoy his teachers.

"Here she is," grinned Kurt, as he noticed his sister walking towards the car. The other boys looked at her, the three in the back all gazing lustfully at the young slut they were going to be fucking that night. Young Eric had been sucked off by his girlfriend a couple of times but he was yet to have full sex, and whilst Steve and Joseph were not virgins they hadn't had a huge amount of experience of sex, so the three of them could hardly believe their luck that their buddies Kurt and Jeremy were letting them fuck their little sister. It was even more bizarre - and thrilling - that Kurt and Jeremy would be joining them.

Daisy swung the backdoor open.

"Hi boys," she grinned, batting her eyelashes.

The three youths smiled hello at her.

"Where are you going to sit?" asked Steve.

"I'll find somewhere," Daisy said, squeezing into the car. She clambered over Steve and sat in the lap of Eric, who was in the middle. The young boy smirked as Daisy settled in on his lap, her short skirt hugging her cute arse which was over his crotch. He felt his cock stiffen already.

"Don't crush Eric," laughed Jeremy from the passenger seat.

"I take it you're Eric," smiled Daisy, looking behind her at the youth in who's lap she was sitting.

"Yeah, that's me," the boy grinned.

"This is Steve, and that's Joseph," Kurt said, introducing his friends to Daisy.

"Pleased to meet you all," Daisy grinned, reaching out with both hands and grabbing the crotches of the two teenagers on either side of her. They laughed and felt their pricks stiffen. Eric meanwhile was quite happy being Daisy's 'seat', even with her back against his face. Luckily the girl was fairly light and he enjoyed the way she fidgeted on him, her bum rubbing and grinding into his crotch.

The car door was shut and Kurt fired up the engine, pulling away and heading towards home.

In the living room of Jeremy and Kurt's house, the two brothers and their three buddies all began stripping at Daisy's orders.

"Come on," the girl insisted, sitting on the sofa, the coffee table moved aside to clear a big space, "Off with your clothes gentlemen! Let me see those lovely cocks that are going to please me tonight."

Kurt and Jeremy began stripping straight away, quickly followed by Steve and Joseph. Young Eric hesitated a moment, then realized there was no point in being shy. He removed his clothes too.

Soon, all five stood their, stark naked, their lovely cocks on display.

"Mmm," purred Daisy, "What a lovely selection of pricks. Wow! These'll keep me going for a while. Come on boys, get some nice big stiffies! I want you to get big hard-ons so I can see your cocks properly. I'll help you get aroused by playing with my twat." She lifted her school-dress up, exposing her pink cotton panties. She pulled them down her legs and flung them aside, the boys all gazing lustfully at the teenager's cunt, a neat pink slit adorned with a neat patch of black pubes. Daisy unashamedly spread her legs, slumped back on the sofa, and began playing with herself. She smirked at the three guests as she stroked her cunt, sighing softly with pleasure.

"What a lovely cunt my sister has," Kurt grinned, stroking his cock which was rapidly growing in stiffness.

"It sure is a nice cunt," Steve agreed, "So nice and tight looking. Boy, I'm going to have a lot of fun fucking that cunt."

"I wanna fuck your cunt Daisy," Eric said, growing less shy in the face of Daisy's exhibitionism.

"Good," the girl said, sliding a finger up her twat, "I want you to fuck it, hard! All of you will I hope. And don't forget my arsehole either."

"That's right," Kurt added, "Don't forget her arsehole, she loves it up the shit-hole. My fucking slut of a sister especially loves it up the cunt and arsehole at the same time! Daisy can't get enough of double-fucking! The little fucking bitch. With spare cocks around tonight she'll have one to suck on at the same time too, although even with three big dicks in her she'll still not be satisfied, the fucking dirty cunt!"

"That's right, I can have three dicks at once," Daisy panted, fingering her twat with two fingers now, turned on by her brother's sordid (but accurate) description of her wanton desires, "I want all my holes plugged up and spunked in! All at once. That's it boys...keep jerking off...you're all getting hard now! Come on you randy fuckers, salute me with your big cocks, show me how stiff your cocks can get! Jerk your big dicks off whilst watching me finger-fuck my fucking cunt."

"What a slut," laughed Joseph, his prick hard and throbbing in his pumping fist.

The five youths soon had erections. Kurt's was the biggest at eight-inches. Steve and Joseph both packed fairly impressive seven-inch dicks, whilst Eric - like Jeremy - had a five-incher. They were all very hard looking pricks and Daisy licked her lips as she admired theml. The boys stood wanking their throbbing poles towards the nasty thirteen year old slut in front of them.

"I need fucking," she said, "I need it, now!"

"Strip completely sis," Jeremy demanded, "Take off all your clothes Daisy, you fucking cunting little slut. We don't want you getting your school blouse all sweaty, because believe me ya little cunt, you'll fucking sweat buckets during the hard fucking us five dudes are going to give you. Come on you cocksucker, strip."

Daisy stood and whipped off her skirt and socks. She yanked off her tie, hurridly unbuttoned and slung aside her blouse and finally whipped off her bra. She was totally naked, like the five boys.

"Oh, I need fucking so much," she pleaded, sitting down on the edge of the sofa, slumped back with her legs apart, "Someone, anyone, come and ram their big fucking cock up my cunt!"

"You go first Eric," Jeremy said to his friend, aware that the boy hadn't actually had full sex with a girl yet. It was only fair he should go first to get a taste of it.

"Okay," Eric grinned, and he knelt in front of Daisy. He gripped the base of his prick and guided the head to Daisy's tender pink cunt lips. Without ceremony he shoved it into the girl to the root, ramming it right in her cunt.

"Oh fuck yeah," Daisy wailed, "Aaah, that's good Eric! Fuck me, fuck my twat with your hard cock."

"This is so cool," Eric smirked, the fourteen year old ex-virgin sliding half his dick out of Daisy's snatch then ramming it back in. He began fucking her steadily, reaching up to place his hands over her budding titties.

"Fuck her Eric," commanded Kurt, who, like the others, was watching whilst jacking off, "Fuck my kid sister good and hard! That's how she likes it. Fuck the dirty slutty tramp bitch, fuck her."

"I'm fucking her, I'm fucking her!" laughed Eric, pumping his prick in and out of Daisy's twat.

"Harder, faster," wailed Daisy, "Oh God yeah, yeah! I'm so horny! I'm so fuckin' horny, fuck meeeee!"

Eric grunted as he thrust quicker, building up speed, drilling Daisy's twat. The girl was writhing beneath him, urging him on with wanton cries.

"Fuck, I'll be cumming soon," gasped Eric, "Oh fuck yeah...yeah! What a tight cunt. So tight and hot...oh yeah...fuck!"

"Don't shoot just yet," Kurt advised the boy, "Pull out before you blow your nuts Eric. Steve and Joseph can then have a go. Then we'll fuck her some more, there'll be plenty of time to blow your nuts later."

"Good idea," Eric agreed, and after a few more thrusts of his prick he slid out of Daisy. He stood and moved aside.

"My turn," Joseph said, getting down in front of Daisy. He slid his long erection into her snatch, the girl moaning with pleasure.

"Fuck me, yeah," she urged him, "My twat is only just warming up. Fuck it, ram that big cock up my cunt. Oh God that is good!"

Joseph fucked Daisy with long slow strokes of his prick, sliding half of it out of her clutching cunt before ramming it in to the hilt. The girl whimpered with pleasure, reaching up to place her small hands on his broad chest.

Joseph had good control and he fucked Daisy for five-minutes before withdrawing, unspent, and moving aside.

It was Steve's turn now. The slender youth knelt between Daisy's thighs and pushed his hard pole up her cunt, which was still fairly tight but pretty slippery now that she was leaking twat-juices all over the place.

"That's it Steve," she panted, "Fuck my cunt hard, ram your big cock up me. OOOOH! Ah God that is good, yeah!"

Kurt and Jeremy grinned at each other as they stood watching this whilst jacking off, enjoying the pleasure their buddies were giving to their kid sister. Daisy was in heaven, Steve slamming his hard cock into her. She was well aware that this was only the starter-course. There was lots more to look forward to!

Steve thrust into Daisy's twat for a few minutes before pulling out of her, unspent.

"My go," Jeremy said, getting down and fucking his prick into Daisy's cunt.

"Fuck me Jeremy, harder, yeah!" grinned Daisy, reaching up to grip her brother's shoulders as he pounded into her.

Steve, Eric and Joseph watched whilst stroking their pricks, delighting in the sordidness of watching their friend fuck his own little sister. Daisy was urging her brother on and he in turn was fucking her hard. Like his buddies, Jeremy held back his cum. Once he'd withdrawn and stepped aside, Kurt finally took his turn, ramming his eight-incher into Daisy's cunt.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming Kurt," wailed Daisy after a moment, "Oh yeah, God! The fifth cock in a row to pierce my twat! Fuck yeah, I'm such a fucking slut! Fuck me Kurt, your little sister's cumming!! AAH!"

Kurt shafted the girl furiously throughout her climax, but he refrained from cumming himself. Like the other four youths, he withdrew, erect and still ready for action.

"What a wild little slut eh?" he grinned at his friends. They all nodded and smiled in agreement.

"Wow, what a fucking I've just had," Daisy was commenting, rubbing her wet little cunt, "I'm ready for more though!"

"I'm ready to blow my nuts," Eric announced, "I just gotta cum!"

"Then fuck that slut of a sister of mine and shoot your load," advised Kurt, "We're all energetic teens here, we can blow our nuts and be ready for more action within minutes. Go on Eric, fuck Daisy and fill her twat with jism. We'll follow you."

"Come on Eric, fuck me," Daisy begged, "I want your hot cum in me. Fuck me now!"

Eric didn't need to be asked twice! He got back down and guided his prick into Daisy. Still slumped back on the sofa, legs spread unashamedly wide, Daisy grunted with lust as Eric fucked her. He rammed his cock in and out of her vaginal canal, overjoyed at the reality of sex, of all the sensations of fucking a girl. It wasn't long before his sperm began to boil up.

"Uuuuh, here it is," he grunted, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum....oh fuck...fuck...YEAH!" He repeatedly rammed his cock into Daisy's twat and spurted his hot seed into her, letting out a long cry of lust as he pumped his sperm into her womb.

"Fill me with jizz Eric, cum in me," Daisy cried, "Yeah that's it, that's it you fucker. Aaaah, yeah!"

Eric finished shooting his cum and he remained kneeling there, out of breath, his cock leaking in Daisy's wet snatch.

"Move aside Eric," Steve said, "I've gotta shoot now!"

Eric withdrew from Daisy and dutifully moved out the way. steve knelt and rammed his rod up Daisy's cunt and began fucking her with wild abandon. Daisy urged him on, crying out with pleasure.

"Yeah, take it ya little fucking cunt," steve panted, thrusting hard, "Fuck yeah...take it Daisy, you nasty slut, fucking bitch. Take my fucking cock whilst your brothers watch...oh fuck me...God I'm cumming...NNNNG!"

steve's prick exploded sticky cum into Daisy's tight cunt, the youth thrusting hard continuously throughout his orgasm, almost fainting with the force of it. He fired half-a-dozen wads of spunk into her before his climax began to ebb away. steve took a deep breath then leaned forwards and kissed the pretty teen he'd just fucked. Then he slid his prick out of her cum-leaking twat and got up, standing aside.

It was Joseph's turn now. He wasted no time in getting between Daisy's legs and thrusting up into her twat, driving his prick to the hilt in her cunt and fucking her with hard and fast strokes. Within a minute her was spurting his load, gushing his fuck-sauce up Daisy's cunt whilst the girl had her own climax, tossing her head from side-to-side, her hair sticking to her sweaty face. Joseph emptied his nuts into the girl's womb before he moved aside.

"Look at the fucking whore of a sister of ours," Jeremy said to Kurt as the brothers stood looking down at Daisy, "Look at her! Sitting back on the sofa, legs apart, moaning with pleasure and with spunk and her own cum leaking out her teen twat! What a fucking slut."

"Damn right," laughed Kurt, "A vile little slut and a cocksucker she is! I'm so proud of her! Why not reward her with another fucking Jeremy."

"Yeah, another fucking," Daisy smirked, "Come on Jeremy ya fucker, come and fuck your horny sister. I want your cock up my cunt, then Kurt's! Add your spunk to your friend's in my snatch."

"You got it Daisy you wanton cunt," Jeremy said, getting down between his sister's legs and shoving his meat up her twat.

"Ooooooh, yeah, right up me," moaned Daisy, arching her back and wrapping her legs round Jeremy's waist, hooking her feet over his lower back, "Fuck me Jeremy, fuck your little sister's cunt."

Jeremy did so, sweeping his erection to and fro in her snatch which was still affording a good grip despite all the action it had seen already that afternoon. The boy fucked his sister hard and mercilessly, and it wasn't long before his cum erupted out.

"Oh God yeeeeaah!" he wailed, driving his cock to the hilt in Daisy' quim and flooding her with spunk. He shot out a big load for a boy of fourteen, seemingly bucketloads of his semen blasting up Daisy's snatch. He finished shooting and slid his wilting cock out her cunt. "Wow, you're really fucking leaking spunk now Daisy," he laughed, looking down at all the creamy fluid oozing out of her moist teen slit, "Ya fucking little cunt! You're practially pissing cum! We'll have to wipe down this fucking sofa before mum gets back."

"We'll worry about cleaning up later," Kurt said, "Now move aside Jeremy, I gotta cum now and I'm gonna add more spunk into the huge amounts already fired up our fucking slutty sister's snatch. The fucking cunting bitch."

Jeremy moved out the way and Kurt got down and rammed his big fucker up Daisy's cunt, displacing sperm which leaked out from between her cunt lips and the big cock rammed between them, the cum forcing it's way out with a soft farting noise which made the girl giggle. Kurt grinned also as he began fucking his sister, sliding his cock back and forth in her snatch.

"Take it ya fuckin' bitch," he panted, "You fucking whore, you love it don't ya?"

"Oh yeah, I do!" cried Daisy, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder Kurt, harder! Faster! Oh yeah, fuck yeah!"

Kurt was accellerating his pace, ramming his prick deep into Daisy's cunt with speed. Jeremy and his three friends were standing nearby, watching this and feeling their cocks begin to stiffen once again already at this horny sight. They noticed the clock said 5:15PM. They'd been going at it for over 45-minutes already! How time flew when you were having fun. They had barely started yet either.

Soon, Kurt was shooting his cum, driving his prick into the depths of Daisy's twat and firing out his sperm deep in her twat. He sighed happily as he finished emptying his balls into his slutty sister before he withdrew. Daisy looked very dishevelled as she sat up on the sofa, her naked young body glistening with sweat, her crotch smeared with sperm and cunt juice.

"Anyone hard again yet?" she asked.

"Fucking hell," grinned Eric, "Is this bitch ever satisfied?"

"No," Daisy replied, "This bitch is never satisfied! I need cocks constantly, nice hard pricks ramming in all my holes. At the same time ideally."

"Yeah, we gotta do that," Jeremy said, "My sister loves double-penetration and she's had triple-penetration once before."

"Now I want to try taking five cocks at once," Daisy declared.

"How?" asked Steve, "You 'aint got five holes Daisy."

"But I have two fists!" the girl replied, "I'll take one of you in my cunt, one in my bum, I'll suck off a third and I can jerk off the remaining two."

"Sounds good to us," Jeremy said.

"It'll take Jeremy and me a moment or two to get hard again," Kurt said, "We've only just shot our loads. Eric? You're stiff, so why don't you break in Daisy's arsehole? It's a fucking tight little shitter she's got, despite the number of cocks that have pierced it in the last couple of years, so it'll need breaking in before we give it some serious fucking."

Daisy agreed with this. She got on her hands and knees on the sofa with her cute bum thrust out.

"Come and fuck my arse Eric," she said to the boy.

"Right away missy," Eric smirked. Kurt handed him a tub of Vaseline and Eric greased up his hard five-inch dong. Then he knelt on the sofa behind Daisy and licked his lips as he surveyed the cute arse he was about to fuck, those cherubic white buttocks spread to reveal her hairless pink anus. He placed his greased cock-head to Daisy's arsehole and began pushing. The girl expertly relaxed her sphincter and soon enough Eric's prick began sliding up into her bum.

"Mmmmm, ram it right up me," she panted, "Right up my fuckin' arse."

"It's going up," Eric announced, triumphantly, watching his throbbing erection sink up into Daisy's shitter. Soon he was in to the hilt. "Oh yeah, Daisy's arse is so tight, so hot! Oh wow, this feels so kinky fucking a girl from where she shits!"

"Our sister loves it up the arse," Kurt explained, "The fucking dirty bitch! Look at her, moaning with pleasure whilst Eric fucks her up the crapper. What a girl!"

"I love it so much," Daisy grunted, Eric pounding his tool up her rectum, "Fuck me Eric, fuck my little arse, oh wow, yeah!"

Eric buggered the girl for a few minutes before he slid his cock out from her arse. "Anyone else want a go?" he asked.

"Let's get onto the main-course," Kurt said, "I've got a fresh stiffie, like the rest of us. Daisy? You're going to take on five cocks, are you ready you nasty slut?"

"I am, I am!"

"Right then," continued Kurt, "Joseph? You lay down on the floor there, in front of the fireplace. Daisy will get astride you and take your prick in her twat. steve, you can fuck her up the arse. Eric? You've had a go with Daisy's cunt and arse so you can try her mouth now, she'll give you a fuckin' fantastic blow-job! She's been giving them since she was eight."

"Will she liked sucking my prick?" asked Eric, "I mean, bearing in mind that it's just been up her arse! It's a bit shit-smeared!" He looked down at his prick which did indeed have some brown streaks smeared up and down the shaft.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Jeremy explained, "Daisy is a sordid little fucking slut, if you hadn't noticed. She loves sucking cocks that have just been up her arse. Kurt and me are always buggering her and pulling out frequently to have the fucking slut lick our dicks clean. The dirty, nasty fucking cunt, she loves licking her own shit off cocks, don't you Daisy?"

The girl nodded her head, feeling so horny at this accurate description of her sordid activities.

"That will leave Jeremy and me to stand nearby so our sister can jack off our pricks," Kurt continued, "I'm sure the fucking minx will climax with all our dicks working on her."

"Oooh, five pricks in and around me," sighed Daisy, almost swooning with pleasure at the prospect of the plan, "Mmmm. I'm such a dirty fucking cunt aren't I? I'm a fucking cocksucker, an anal-addict, a fucking cunt and a whore! I want you to use my body as cum-bucket, ram your pricks in all my holes and fill me with your pod-porridge, you horny motherfuckers."

"What a whore!" Kurt said, jacking off his prick, "I think we should all spit in Daisy's face and tell her what a fucking slut she is!"

"Oh yes, yes," Daisy said, getting off the sofa and kneeling on the floor, "All treat me like shit, like a fucking whore. Come and tell me what I am and show your disgusted admiration by spitting at me, you fuckers."

Kurt stepped up first. "Dirty fucking cunt!" he growled, and spat a glob of saliva in his sister's face.

"Mmm, yeah," giggled Daisy, frigging her wet twat with two hands. Jeremy stepped up next.

"You bitch-cocksucker," he said, then spat in Daisy's face. She was turned on so much by this treatment, feeling warm phlegm run down her pretty face.

"Nasty slut-cunt," offered Steve.

"Shit-sucking bitch," was Eric's contribution.

"Fucking cunting slut," concluded Joseph.

All three boys had, like Daisy's brothers, spat in the girl's face after delivering their verdict. Daisy actually climaxed, crying out with lust as she rammed three fingers up her sopping twat, saliva smeared over her face.

Then it was time for the main-course!

Postions were taken up. Joseph lay on his back and Daisy got astride him, lowering her cunt onto his prick. Even though the young man's cock was seven-inches long and very thick, it slipped easily into Daisy's wet, sperm-leaking twat. Once the girl was impaled on steve's member she leaned forwards, her bum-cheeks spreading to reveal her arsehole. steve got behind Daisy and pushed his tool up her arse. Once again, though he had a seven-inch cock, he managed to squeeze it up the girl's rectum to the root with little effort. Finally, Eric stood in front of Daisy and she clamped her mouth over his prick and deep-throated him so that her lips were wrapped round the base of his stiff shaft. Finally, Joseph and Kurt stood to each side of Eric, Daisy reaching up and wrapping her dainty fingers round her brother's pricks - Jeremy's in her right fist, Kurt's in her left.

"Oh wow, that bitch is totally fucked, literally," laughed Kurt. Daisy was giving muffled moans of ecsatasy as she slurped on Eric's prick whilst Joseph thrust his cock into her snatch from below, steve deeply fucked her arse from behind. She still had the skill and co-ordination to give her brother's fine hand-jobs too, pumping their erections in her fists. The boys all moaned with pleasure as this rampant and insatiable lolita satisfied their lusts whilst satisfying her own at the same time. An external observer may at first think this cock-skewered girl was being forcibly raped by five youths, but it wouldn't take long to realize that she was enjoying it. Thirteen year old Daisy was humping and grinding her cunt and arse onto the big dicks that were thrusting into them whilst lovingly slurping on Eric's cock and wanking off the remaining dicks that were thrust towards her. She moaned and groaned with pleasure, feeling such powerful spasms of pleasure running through her body from her impaled holes that she later couldn't work out how many climaxes she'd had - they all seemed to blend into one!

Daisy was roughly shafted by the three big cocks plugging her holes. Joseph gripped the girl's waist as he thrust his prick upwards into the girl's cunt whilst steve rammed his cock up into her shit-chute. Eric was holding Daisy's head in his hands and actively fucking her mouth, Daisy content to just keep her gag-reflex suppressed as the boy fucked her face. His cock tasted of shit which Daisy liked! Kurt and Jeremy were content to stand there whilst their sister energetically masturbated their throbbing erections.

After five-minutes of this intense five-way fuck, Daisy looked a little tired. She appeared to be weaking a little, her body not writhing as much as it was in between all the naked youths fucking her.

"Hey, look at that," Jeremy smirked, "Our slutty sister is actually fucking tiring!"

"I'm not," Daisy said, taking Eric's prick out her mouth, "Well...okay, maybe a little. It's exhausting work this!"

"I've an idea," steve said as continued to fuck Daisy's arse, "Why don't we all pull out and jack off over Daisy? We can give her a bukkake session, like you see on the internet. We'll cream the slut!"

"Wow, good idea," Daisy laughed, "Okay, let's do that!"

steve pulled his erection out of Daisy's shitter, and the girl let go of her brother's pricks and pulled herself of from Joseph.

"Shall we all cum over her face or shall we spread it about a bit?" asked Joseph.

"Spread it about a bit," answered Daisy, "I'll lie down on my back and you gentlemen can shoot all over me. Joseph and Eric? You can cum on my face. Jeremy can cum on my chest, Kurt can do my belly and Steve can shoot over my cunt."

This idea was agreed all round! Daisy lay on her back, legs apart, propped up on her elbows and looking gleefully at all the youths getting into position. Eric and Joseph knelt either side of her head with their pricks in their fists, angled down into her face which was still smeared with saliva from when the five boys had spat over her earlier. Jeremy knelt next to Daisy a little further down, jerking off his cock over her chest, gazing at the budding titties of his sister and looking forwards to splattering them with jism. Kurt knelt on the otherside of Daisy with his prick pointing down at her belly, and finally Steve knelt between her wide-flung legs. As he masturbated, the swollen purple head of his hard young cock pointing down at her furry young snatch.

Daisy licked her lips as she looked around at all the hard erections being jerked off over her. It wasn't long until the cum-geysers began! Eric was first, shooting his hot spunk all over Daisy's face, pasting it over the slut's visage. Then steve blew his nuts, firing half-a-dozen powerful pumps of semen over her wet cunt, inner-thighs and around her pubic area. Kurt and Jeremy shot their loads at the same time, grinning at each other as they rained sperm down on their sister's chest and stomach, wobbling puddles of spunk dotting her sweaty young flesh. Finally, Joseph hit his climax, pumping his cock with his fist and crying out as he added his sperm to Eric's over Daisy's face.

The youths moved back, out of breath and admiring Daisy as she lay back, moaning with pleasure and frigging her twat. She was smeared with sperm and had more cum leaking out her well-fucked twat.

"I hope you boys are up for a third course," the girl grinned, her face glistening with sperm, sweat and saliva.

"Not for a while," Kurt said, "I'm wasted!"

"Let's get some food," Jeremy added, "We've got plenty of time before mum gets home. Let's take a berak then our slutty sister can suck our pricks until we're hard again."

"Then we'll fuck her again!" grinned Eric.

"Yeah!" added Joseph, "I wanna fuck her arse next time, I haven't tried her arse yet."

"I need some serious attention to my shitter," Daisy explained, "Eric and steve have briefly tried out my arsehole, but no-one has cum up there yet. I want you all to arse-fuck me, one after the other!"

"Sounds good to us," Kurt smiled, "I need a drink though. Who's up for beer?"

The other four boys all replied in the affirmative. Daisy wanted some too but Kurt said that she was too young and their mum would go mad if she detected Daisy hungover in the morning.

Moments later, the five boys were sitting around with a bottle of beer each. Daisy remained laying on the floor, shattered and slathered with bodliy fluids.

"I want some beer," she whined.

"Okay, you can have a bit," said Kurt, getting up, "Stay laying down though you slut, you can have some beer served on my cock." Kurt's prick was semi-erect and he poured some cold Budwieser onto his shaft so that it glistened and dripped with beer. Then he knelt down next to Daisy's head and dipped his dong into her mouth. The girl sucked away, loving the taste of beer as much as the taste of her brother's prick. "Suck it all off Daisy, slurp that beer off my fucking cock." Daisy sucked deeply for a moment before her brother slid his prick out of her throat.

"Pour some more on it," the girl asked. Kurt did so, splashing a liberal amount of Budweiser on his penis then dipping his beer-soaked erection back into his sister's mouth. He did this a few times so Daisy ended up drinking more than a couple of mouthfuls by sucking it off of Kurt.

"I've got another idea," Kurt said, and he gulped down the rest of the beer from the bottle and belched, "Jeremy? Gimme your empty bottle."

"Okay," said Jeremy, and he handed his beer bottle to his brother.

Kurt moved down so that he knelt between Daisy's legs. The girl spread her thighs, guessing what her kinky big brother had in mind. Kurt gripped the neck of one bottle and placed the end of it to his sister's cunt, pushing forwards and slowly but steadily inserting it up into that slippery slit. Daisy let out a groan of pleasure as her brother pushed five-inches of the beer bottle - thick end first - into her cunt.

"Oh wow, look at that fucking slut," steve was laughing as he watched all this with the others, "Yeah! Ram it up that bitch's cunt."

"Yeah, right up me," Daisy begged, "UUUUH! That is so good!"

Kurt shoved the bottle further into the girl's twat so that just a couple of inches of the neck protruded out of Daisy's cunt-lips.

"Pull your legs up sis," Kurt said, "Pull them up to your chest, lemme have access to your shit-hole ya little fucking cunt. I know what you want, you want the other one of these beer-bottles rammed up your arse don't you, fucking bitch."

"Do it!" panted Daisy, lifting her legs up as ordered, her anus yawning open just below her twat which had swallowed up most of the first bottle. Kurt placed the base of the other bottle to Daisy's anus and pushed, his sister's sphincter soon gaping open to allow the foreign object to slide up into her rectum. Soon, Kurt had forced most of the bottle up Daisy's arse so that now there were just a couple of inches of the necks of the bottles sticking out both her cunt and arse. Daisy was moaning with pleasure.

"That's so fucking kinky, yeah," she cried, "Oh fuck yeah, two fucking beer bottles rammed into me! Up my cunt and arse. Oh yeah. Yeah! I want cocks in my arse soon though, nothing can beat the feeling of a real fucking cock thrusting up into me."

"I'm getting hard already," said Eric, "Just watching that nasty fucking cunt laying there with her brother pushing beer-bottles up her cunt and arse is making me stiff for a third-time this evening."

The other four boys were also getting erections, and Daisy smiled with glee as she saw this, knowing that they could now comply with her wish of being arse-fucked five times in a row.

Kurt gripped the necks of the beer bottles and slowly tugged them out of Daisy's holes. He leaned over her and dangled the slimy bottle that had been up her twat over her face. "Suck on it bitch," he ordered her. Daisy was more than happy to comply. Although she couldn't fit the hole thing in her mouth she nonetheless happily licked and slurped around the bottom of the bottle, licking off the cunt juice and sperm. Then Kurt offered her the one that had been up her rectum and she licked this one clean too. Finally, Kurt put the bottles to oneside.

"Time to fuck this bitch's arse," he said, "Come on Daisy, get on your hands and knees you fucking nasty little cunt, us five guys are going to bugger you hard and fill your bottom with spunk."

"Goody, goody," giggled Daisy, getting on all fours and thrusting her cute bum out, "Come on boys, I'm a fucking nasty cunting slut who needs a good hard buggery, five-times over. Come on and fuck me up the arse ya motherfuckers."

"You nasty cunt," grinned Kurt, "You're going to get arse-fucked so hard, so don't bother asking us to stop if it gets too much for you Daisy, my sweet slutty little sister!"

"I'll never," Daisy insisted, "in a million years, ask someone to stop fucking me. I can't get enough of it! Come on Kurt, my lovely horny big brother, fuck my shitter!" Kurt had an impressive, stonking erection and he knelt up and pushed it deep into his kid sister's rectum with one hard thrust. "UUUUUH!" Daisy cried, "Oh fuck, yeah! That is so good! Fuck my arse Kurt, it needs fucking. I need buggering so hard. UUUH! Yeah!"

Kurt gripped Daisy's waist and began pumping his fat erection back and forth in her shitter, Daisy's cum-and-sweat slathered body jerking with the force of her brother's sodomistical thrusts.

"Daisy sure loves getting buggered," Joseph observed, stroking his own erection, "Look at that fucking cunt! She's loving it, moaning with pleasure as her own brother fucks her up her shit-hole."

"That is one fine nasty little cocksucker of a sister you've got there," Joseph said to Jeremy.

"She sure is," Jeremy replied, proud.

Daisy was loving this, Kurt's nice hard cock ramming up into her shitter and the other boys watching her. She cried out with lust as she felt spasms of pleasure running deep through her body from the hard dick slamming into the depths of her tight colon.

"I'm cumming," Kurt began to grunt, "Oh fuck yeah...your arse sis...so tight...here it is you motherfucking cocksucking slut...fuck! FUCK!" He began spurting his cum deep into Daisy's bowels, ramming hard throughout his climax and firing a huge amount of jism up into his sister's arse. Daisy wailed with pleasure, climaxing herself as she received a sticky sperm enema.

Kurt knew that the other boys were all eager to arse-fuck Daisy, so he pulled his soiled member out of her twitching anus and moved back, slumping onto the armchair.

Eric leapt up first, quickly getting up behind Daisy and sliding his throbbing erection up into her arse. He buried himself to the root in her shitter and rampantly sodomized her. Daisy once again cried out with slutty pleasure, humping her bum back onto Eric's thrusting meat.

"Take it bitch," Eric panted shortly, feeling his sperm rise already, "Up your arse bitch...fuck...oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming now...UUUUH!"

He thrust in and out of Daisy's anus whilst firing his sperm wildly into her shitter, his cock throbbing as it spat out slimy jism. Eric finished emptying his nuts before withdrawing. He moved aside.

"My turn to arse-fuck this slut-cunt of a sister of mine," Jeremy said, kneeling behind Daisy. The girl's anus was yawning open and leaking spunk, so Jeremy had little difficulty in ramming his dick to the root into that hole. He shafted Daisy's shitter with the same strength as the two boys who'd gone before him, reaching forwards to grip Daisy's slender shoulders, thrusting his hips and pounding the girl's rectum with his erection. He couldn't hold back for very long and was soon shooting hot cum into Daisy's rectum. He finally took a deep breath and slid out of his sister's arse. No sooner had he moved aside, Joseph had come up to have his first go at arse-fucking Daisy. He wasn't dissapointed.

"Mmmm, such a tight shitter," he grunted as he pushed his tool right up her rectum, "I've never arse-fucked a girl before. Wow this is good!" He began shafting Daisy's arse, panting with lust as he picked up speed.

"Fuck me, harder," urged Daisy, "Fuck my slutty fucking arse harder and faster! YEAH! Uuuuh, that's it...fuck! That's so good motherfucker."

"You fucking whore, yeah," grunted Joseph, "What a fucking slut...oh yeah...what an arse! My God that feels so good fucking your arse Daisy you cocksucker. Uh, uh...uuuh!"

"Fuck that slut's shitter hard," Steve encouraged his friend, "I'm up next, I'm gonna add my cum to all the jism you other dudes have pumped up that slut's arse."

For five-minutes, Steve deeply buggered Daisy and eventually climaxed, pumping his fuck-sauce into the girl's rectum which was rapidly filling up with sperm. Cum leaked out of her anus when Joseph withdrew from her.

Steve's turn finally arrived. With the other boys watching from the sidelines, Steve rammed his seven-inch cock into Daisy's arse, finding the girl still begging for more despite all the fucking she'd had that evening.

"Fuck my arse Steve," she grunted, "Ram your big cock up my shit-chute you horny fuck!"

Steve didn't dissapoint the girl, humping her shitter with his cock with hard and fast strokes.

"Fuck that nasty little shit-cunt," Kurt urged his buddy, "Fuck my little sister's arse hard, don't show her no mercy. That fucking dirty cunt loves it up the arse, the bitch. Fuck her arse."

"I'm fucking this sluts arse so hard," Steve grunted, "She 'aint ever satisfied! We could bring in every boy in school to bum-fuck this dirty fucking cunt of a sister of yours she'd still be whining for more, the horny bitch! Filthy slut! Cunt! Take it bitch."

"Harder yeah, harder," Daisy wailed, "Pack my shit up my guts motherfucker, oh fuck yeah! Your fucking dick feels so good in my shitter, oh fuck me, yeah! God I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

"Here it is, I'm cumming too," Steve announced a few moments later, "AAAAAH! FUCK!" He buried his dick to the root in Daisy's rectum and gushed forth his semen, spurting it up into the young slut's intestines, her shit-guts now sloshing and gurgling with all the cum that had been pumped up her arse. When Steve was finished, he pulled his dick out of Daisy's arse and only then did the girl - covered in semen and with five loads of cum in her cunt and another five up her arse - slump forwards, totally shattered and finally sated. At least for now!