Seductive Little Girls

(Incest - father/daughter, pedo, mast, les (gg) group (MMgg), facials, anal, double-pen, WS)

Jenny and Melanie both came from single-parent families, though unusually it was their lone fathers that bought them up. The two girls lived at the end of a quiet suburban road next door to each other, and with few other children their age in the neighborhood, Jenny and Melanie - both without siblings - almost seemed like sisters. They were very precocious and smart for their tender ages.

Jenny was the younger of the two, aged eight. She was small, slender and blonde with big blue eyes and a charming grin.

Her best friend Melanie was ten, with short brown hair and huge green eyes. At four-foot-ten she was a good few inches taller than Jenny but she didn't dominate her younger and smaller friend, both Jenny and Melanie seemingly on an equal footing in their friendly relationship.

It was a bright, sunny day in July 2002. Jenny and Melanie's houses - or to be more accurate, their father's houses - were right on the edge of town, and at behind the back gardens were nothing but fields. It was a great play area for the girls, and that day, after breakfast, Jenny and Melanie, at the start of their long summer vacation, were already clambering through the gap in the fence at the bottom of Melanie's garden and into the big wooded area beyond. It was a great place, full of trees and bushes, affording all sorts of opportunities for adventure (and privacy) for two adventurous children.

Both girls wore trainers that already were slightly muddy as they made their way into the rural playground. It was very hot even though it was only ten in the morning, so both girls wore shorts and a tight T-shirt, their skinny pale legs flashing as they hopped over a ditch and into the wooded area.

"It's boilin'," commented Jenny, the eight year old wiping her slightly damp forehead.

"Yeah," agreed Melanie, reaching down and lightly rubbing her knee which she'd slightly scratched after brushing against a bush.

"What shall we do today?" asked Jenny.

"Dunno. That's the problem, you wait all Spring for the Summer hols and then you find you can't think of anything to do."

"I know, why don't we play hide 'n seek again."

"Nah, bit boring."

"Okay. How about...we find a tree to climb?"

Melanie looked up at the trees, wondering whether in this heat she could be bothered to indulge in such a strenuous activity. Then she had an idea, and being a child instead of a boring adult, she acted upon it without bothering to think it through.

"I know," she said, "let's show each other our privates."

"Huh?" quizzed Jenny, looking at her older friend in front of her.

"C'mon," grinned Melanie, "I know we've seen each other undress at the swimming pool changing rooms, but that's not the same. I get bored of seeing my own...bits, so let's see yours. You can see mine."

"Okay," said Jenny, casually, "Though aren't we supposed to play this game with boys? Their bits are probably far more interesting."

"Yeah, but are there any boys round here?"

"No. I guess not."

"Besides, I've seen a boy's bits."

"Yeah?" grinned Jenny, "Who's?"

"Well, I say 'boys'," shrugged Melanie, "It was actually my dad. We were on holiday last year and I saw him get changed at the beach. He didn't think I was looking cos I was sunbathing, but I saw him out the corner of my eye. It was big! Big and dangly and hairy. It was cool!"

"Wow! I wish I could see my dad's."

"Ask him to show you it."

"No way! He'd smack me. Well,...maybe not. But he'd think I was weird."

"You are weird."

"You're weird," laughed Jenny, "You want to see my cunt."

"Yeah yeah, so what. C'mon. I'll go first if you want. There's no way anyone can see us here."


Melanie undid her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles, followed by her little white panties. Her black T-shirt hung below her waist so she gripped the hem and lifted it up beyond her belly button so that her cunt, the lips hairless and puffy, was on display. Fascinated, Jenny stepped up to her friend and squatted down, her big blue eyes level with Melanie's slit.

"Looks like mine," she sniffed.

"It'll get hairy soon I reckon," Melanie commented, "We did that in sex-ed. Girl's pussies go all hairy when you get to about twelve or thirteen."

Jenny was entranced by her friend's cunt. Even though she was familiar with her own, playing with it in front of a mirror after a bath and exploring herself, it was still a big thing to see someone else's most private parts. Melanie parted her legs a little as she stood there, enjoying the fascination her friend had. Jenny stared at her friend's cunt for a minute, feeling a strange but pleasurable sense of excitement. She suddenly had the urge to show her own cunt. She stood up.

"You can see mine now," she smirked, and pulled down her shorts and pink panties to her ankles. Her T-shirt was small and tight so she didn't need to lift it up to display her cunt.

Melanie went to step forward but almost tripped on her shorts and panties that were round her ankles. She kicked them off her feet so that they landed a few yards away, the ten year old now just in her white socks, trainers and T-shirt. She squatted in front of Jenny and had a good look at the girl's bald little slit.

"Nice," she commented, feeling a tingly sensation in her own cunt, the same she felt when she masturbated which she'd began doing the other month.

"Do you like it?" Jenny smiled.

"Yeah," Melanie replied, "Do you ever play with yours?"

"Er...sort of."

"It's called 'frigging', where you finger your cunt and it feels good. I do it, it's great!"

"I sort of do it. Usually after a bath. It feels nice, but not great. Maybe I'm doing it wrong."

"Probably. Here, I'll do it for you."

Melanie reached up with her right hand and placed a forefinger to Jenny's little bald slit and slid it in to the first join. Jenny let out a little gasp, but she didn't protest. Melanie began running her finger in and out of her friend's cunt, gently, then bought up her other hand to rub Jenny's tiny little clit. She began fingering the girl deeper now, soon inserting her index finger in there as well, both digits sliding in almost to the knuckle whilst she frigged Jenny's clit with her other hand.

"Is that nice?" Melanie asked.

"Very nice," breathed Jenny, "Yeah! Keep doing that. Mmmm!"

Melanie continued frigging her friend, working a bit faster, wish she had a third hand so she could frig herself too. This was exciting, just as nice for her as it was for Jenny.

"Wow, that's...good," Jenny panted soon, "Uuuh, something's happening...uuuh. Melanie...shit...uuuh!"

"That's an orgasm," Melanie laughed, still working on the girl's cunt with her active fingers, "That's it, climax! Cum Jenny!"

"Ow! Uuh!"

Jenny's legs grew shaky and her little eyelids fluttered as she hit her first orgasm. When it died away, Melanie slid her fingers from Jenny's cunt and stood up, smiling.

"Thanks Melanie," Jenny said, "That was real nice!"

"You're welcome," Melanie replied. She stepped forwards and placed her hands on Jenny's shoulders and leaned in to kiss her, a long lingering kiss on the lips. She slid a tongue into her friend's mouth, Jenny tensing briefly with shock but soon responding in kind, slipping her tongue into Melanie's mouth. The girls then parted.

"Let me frig you now," Jenny said.

Melanie stepped back, parting her legs as Jenny kicked aside her shorts and panties and knelt back down in front of her older friend. She copied what Melanie had done to her, reaching up and sliding two of her dainty fingers into Melanie's bald cunt and working them back and forth.

"Rub my clit Jenny," Melanie said.

"What's that?"

"It's that little bud at the top of my cunt lips."

"Oh yeah, I see it."

Jenny used the tip of her left forefinger to rub the clit whilst two digits from her right hand continued pumping in and out of Melanie's slit.

"It feels so good to have someone else doing it," panted Melanie, already feeling intense pleasure building up in her pre-teen cunt, "Mmmm! Keep at it Jenny, that's nice!"

Jenny was proud to be giving her best-friend such pleasure and worked hard to frig her harder.

"I'm cumming," Melanie soon gasped, "Oh yeah...yeah...Jenny, try licking me! Take you fingers from my cunt and stick your tongue up there. Go on!"

Jenny thought this was a great idea! She took her hands from Melanie's cunt and leaned in, sticking out her tongue and pushing it to Melanie's bald lips. She then squeezed her tongue into that tight, virginal hole and wriggled it around, her mouth lips to Melanie's cunt lips.

"Yeah, yeah, that's good!!" wailed Melanie, her legs wobbly as she was hit by an orgasm more intense that those she had whilst frigging herself. Her friend sucked and licked her cunt until Melanie had finished cumming, Jenny finally moving back and standing up, grinning.

"Thanks Jenny," grinned Melanie.

"My pleasure."

They kissed again, both girls standing their in just their T-shirts and trainers, their cute little round bums warming in the sunlight that streamed through the tree canopy above.

Finally, they parted.

"We need to get some boys to do this with," Melanie said.

"Yeah," agreed Jenny, "Though most we know are immature and boring. They're too busy playing with their Playstations."

"Let's get some older boys then."

"No, they're only interested in grown women."


They thought for a moment.

"How about our dads?" suggested Jenny.

"What?" smirked Melanie, "No way."

"Well, you saw your daddy's dick when he was changing at the beach. You'd like to see it again yeah?"

"Er...yeah. I guess."

"I'd like to see my dad's dick too. Our dad's are both nice looking."

"Shit, they'd think we were nuts if we asked them if we could see their bits, and if they could frig us!"

"What if we asked to suck their cocks?" said Jenny.

Melanie laughed. "That's perverse."

"You'd like to suck a cock though wouldn't you?"

"Hmm...I s'pose."

"No guy can say no if a pretty girl offers him a BJ."

"What's a BJ?" asked Melanie.

"A blow-job," laughed Jenny, "You're two years older than me Mel! You should know such things!"

"Whatever. Anyway, let's get our clothes back on. We'll go and play for a while then have lunch at my place. It's Friday, my dad finishes at twelve noon on Friday's so he'll be around."

"Are you really going to offer him a blow-job Mel?"

"Well...we'll see. C'mon, let's get dressed."

At twelve-thirty, the two girls tramped into Melanie's house via the backdoor. They were hot and slightly muddy from their morning of fun, climbing trees and running around the woods.

"Hiya kids," said Melanie's father, Steve, as the girls entered the kitchen.

"Hi dad," Melanie said.

"Hi Steve," Jenny added. Steve was an informal kind of guy, like Jenny's own dad, and both let their daughter's friend call them by their first name.

"Are you girls hungry?"

"We sure are dad," Melanie said.

"I'll make lunch. You two better have a shower or something, you're a bit grubby," Steve said.

"Okay," Melanie said, Jenny grinning to herself as she recalled her's and Melanie's little conversation earlier about their father's.

Steve was handsome guy, six-foot tall and fairly well built with broad shoulders. In his youth Steve had been a college-football star, and though he was now a office worker in his early thirties who spent his days at a desk, he was still very physically fit thanks to lunchtime visits to a gym. He'd just got back from work and still wore his black suit, white shirt and silk red tie. He took off his jacket and slung it over a chair then turned to the fridge.

Jenny nudged Melanie and gave her a silly grin.

"Nice arse," she whispered, referring to Steve who was bending over to see what was in the fridge.

"Shh," smirked Melanie, nudging Jenny back. Then she turned to her dad, who was now standing up straight and taking some bread out of a cabinet. "How long will lunch be dad?"

"Not long honey, about fifteen minutes. You two can save time if you have a bath together instead of one at a time."

"Good idea," Jenny sniggered, and she scampered out the room with Melanie close by.

In the big bathroom upstairs, the girls ran a hot bath and giggled as they undressed. The door was shut, but not locked. After a brief arguement over who would sit at the plug end - settled with a game of stone-paper-scissors - the naked pre-adolescent girls clambered in, facing each other.

"We could frig each other again," said Jenny.

"Yeah," Melanie said, "I was thinking that. We need to get clean though. Why don't we clean each other."


"Stand up Jenny."

Jenny did so, standing with the hot water reaching half-way up her shins. Melanie knelt up and got a spounge nice and soapy then ran it over her friend's firm naked body. She soaped down her chest and belly, then her legs, before paying particular attention to the eight year old's cunt. She washed it thoroughly.

"Better do the inside of my cunt," smirked Jenny.

Melanie grinned then placed a soapy forefinger to the entrance of Jenny' slit. She pushed in, almost to the knuckle, Jenny panting softly with pleasure as Melanie then worked her digit back and forth. Melanie realized that she hadn't had a go at licking Jenny's twat earlier, so she shortly took her finger away and leaned in with her tongue sticking out.

"Mmmmm," purred Jenny as she felt her friend's tongue on her slit, Melanie running it up and down the sliding it in an inch or two. Jenny loved this and felt her legs go weak again.

After a few moments, Melanie moved back and instructed her friend to turn around. Jenny did so and Melanie stood up, soap in one hand and spongue in the other. She got the spongue all soapy then scrubbed down Jenny's back, the frothy water cascading down the girl's spine, over her arse-cheeks and then the backs of her legs. Melanie then bent down to swish the spongue in the bathwater before standing up and rinsing the other girl down. She knelt down to give Jenny's cute bubble-butt a second wash.

"Bend over," Melanie giggled, "I need to clean your a-hole."

Jenny giggled also, leaning forwards and sniggering even more when she felt the spongue slid up and down her arse-crack.

"My turn," Melanie finally said. She stood up and Jenny turned, taking the spongue.

She gave Melanie the same treatment, washing Melanie's body, first soaping it up, then rinsing it down. She also fingered Melanie briefly and licked her cunt, before she had the girl turn around so she could wash her back. Melanie leaned forwards and, like Jenny, she giggled at the tickly feeling of the spongue being wipe up and down her butt-crack.

The girls sat down again and washed each other's hair, Melanie humming a cheery tune as she shampooed and rinsed Jenny' blonde hair, then sat back whilst her own dark brown hair was scrubbed and rinsed by Jenny. They vowed to take more baths together from now on.

"Pity we don't have a bigger bath," sighed Melanie, "then my dad could join us!"

"That would be cool," Jenny said, "He's really handsome your dad. Then again, so is mine. Does your dad have a girlfriend?"

"No," replied Melanie, "He did have, but they split up a few months ago."

"Nor mine," Jenny said, reffering to her father, Robert, "He works too hard. He doesn't have too much free time."

"I feel sorry for adults, they don't get massive vacations like us kids."


They sat in silence for a moment.

"Hey, I've got an idea," Jenny suddenly announced, her voice sounding loud as it bounced of the pale blue tiles on the bathroom wall. She stood up quickly, water cascading from her body.

"What are you up to?" asked Melanie.

"Watch this!" smirked Jenny. She got out the bath and stood on the carpetted floor, then abruptly stamped her feet. "OOOOOW!" she wailed, and dramatically collapsed on the floor.

"What the...?" quizzed Melanie, gripping the rim of the bath and looking at Jenny laying in a heap on the floor, the eight year old's body shiny and wet. Jenny looked up and flashed a knowing grin.

"What's up kids?" came Steve's voice up the stairs.

"I fell!" called Jenny, trying not to grin.

Steve came up the stairs and knocked on the door, before trying the handle. It opened and he came into the bathroom, glancing at his daughter sitting in the bath looking a little puzzled, and Jenny sitting up on the floor, rubbing a non-existent bruise on her shin.

"I fell getting out the bath," she explained, pretending to be bravely fighting the pain which she didn't have, "I' okay."

"You poor thing," Steve said, soothingly as he knelt down, "You haven't broken anything have you?" he smiled.

"Nah, don't think so," Jenny shrugged, and she stuck her leg out, "Feel it Steve. Feel my shin, see if there's anything poking out that shouldn't be."

Steve did so, running his hand over Jenny's skinny lower leg. He felt a little flushed as his eyes instinctively ran up to Jenny's groin, noting her bald slit, sensing the heat from her warm, nude, moist body.

"It's fine," he said, and cleared his throat, "Maybe just bruised. You can walk right?"

"Yeah," Jenny said, "Can you help me up?"

"Of course."

Jenny raised her arms a little like a toddler and waited, Steve reaching out and placing his hands under the girl's armpits. He stood, yanking the girl gently up with him, Jenny smiling as she was now on her feet, briefly forgetting that she was supposed to be in pain from her 'fall'.

"Let's get you dry," Steve said, and he took a big pink towel from a rail and held it open in front of him. Jenny turned and backed into the towel, Steve then wrapping it round the girl.

"Cheers Steve," she said, stepping aside.

"Help me out dad," Melanie suddenly said. She'd obviously realized her friend's intentions - to get her father to see her nude. Melanie wasn't niave enough to think that all guys would be sexually interest in girls as young as her or Jenny, but she knew that guys had needs and that her father had - however briefly - looked very excited at his proximity to Jenny. Melanie felt jealous and raised her arms, saying "C'mon daddy, I don't wanna fall too."

Steve turned and gripped Melanie under her armpits and helped her out the bath, his eyes unable to resist flicking over his daughter's body. He noticed for the first time that her titties were beginning to bud. They were very small, not noticable when she was dressed, but now he detected that they were budding ever so slightly, and furthermore her puffy red nipples seemed very stiff. His cock began to stiffen so he quickly wrapped up his little girl in a towel and told them to get dressed.

"Lunch is almost ready," he smiled, then left the room, his cock fully erect by the time he got back downstairs. He felt flustered and concentrated on laying the table for lunch, avoiding the vivid memories in his mind of the two girls upstairs so that he wouldn't have a big stiffy when they came downstairs.

In the bathroom, Jenny and Melanie giggled quietly to themselves as they dressed. Spontaneously, Jenny grabbed Melanie and gave her a big kiss, their tongues pushing into each other's mouths, the little girls in a passionate embrace. Then they parted.

"Let's do it," grinned Melanie.

"Do what?" Jenny frowned.

"Seduce our dads! Tonight! You seduce yours, I'll seduce mine."


"Use your imagination! I dunno...pretend you had a nightmare and ask to sleep in your dad's bed. Then...take it from there."

"Yeah! This'll be cool if we pull it off!"

"C'mon, time for lunch, let's go downstairs."

The girls spent the afternoon in Melanie's room, playing computer games. At five o'clock, when her father would be just home from work, Jenny left Melanie's and went to her house.

"Hi daddy," she smiled, skipping into the living room.

"Hi sweetheart," said her father, Robert, sitting on the sofa, already changed from his suit into jeans and a white T-shirt.

Jenny's mum had left for another man, leaving Robert to bring up Jenny. Robert and his ex-wife had married in their late teens, Jenny being born within a year, so Robert was still fairly young at twenty-seven years of age. He was five-foot-ten, slim with short blonde hair and big blue eyes like his daughter. His office job with a financial company was fairly boring but well-paid.

Jenny sat next to her father and regailed him with tales of her activities during the day (leaving out certain events of course) whilst he told her of the minimal number of interesting things that had happened at the office.

"You hungry kid?" Robert asked his daughter.


"Okay, I'll put dinner on."

"Can I help daddy?"

"Sure, if you want."

Jenny smiled and gave her father a kiss on the mouth, just a brief one, then got up and left the room. Robert looked puzzled for a moment, then stood and followed the girl into the kitchen. They made a big dinner and scoffed it in front of the TV. In the evening they watched more telly and Jenny went to bed at eight-thirty. She lay in bed, trying to stay awake until her dad went to bed.

At eleven, Jenny had fallen asleep, but she was a light sleeper and woke up when she heard her father going to bed. She waited in the darkness for a few minutes. Then she slid out from under her pink Barbie duvet and turned on her lamp.

Jenny was wearing just a pair of yellow panties with frilly edges. She left her room and sneaked down the dark hallway, noting the thin strip of light under the closed door to her father's room. She knocked softly and crept in.

Robert had a big double-bed with black covers and black pillow-cases, that contrasted with the whiteness of the walls and the pine furniture. He was sitting up on one side of the bed, topless, reading a paperback by the lamplight. He turned and saw his daughter enter the room in just her panties.

"Hi sweetheart, what's up?" he asked.

"I had a nightmare," Jenny said, adding a note of nervousness into her voice.

"Aw, you poor thing," Robert said, putting his paperback to oneside, "You okay?"

"Sure, fine... can I sleep in your bed tonight daddy?"

"I guess so. Sure. Hop in."

Jenny grinned and scampered over, climbing up into the bed and sliding under the bed-sheets.

"Cheers daddy," she grinned, snuggling up close to him. She closed her eyes, feeling genuinely tired.

Robert suddenly remembered he was nude under the bedcovers, but there wasn't much he could do about it. He went back to his book but found it hard to concentrate. Jenny was asleep next to him, her leg against his, her flesh warm and smooth. It had been a while since Robert had shared his bed with a female - his daughter or otherwise - and he found his cock began to stiffen. He concentrated on his book but it didn't distract him enough from his daughter's proximity and the effect this was having on him, his dick stiff over his flat belly. He was pretty well-endowed, his dick nine-inches in length, and he worried that if he fell asleep with a boner, he might accidentally turn and rub against Jenny.

Robert eventually put the book to oneside, deciding to go to sleep. He turned out the lamp, snuggled down with Jenny close to him and snoring peacefully, and he went to sleep.

Next door, meanwhile, Melanie had opted to use the same plan. She wore just a pair of pink panties as she sneaked down the hallway to her father's room, getting ready to act all scared as if she'd just had a nightmare. She knocked on her father's bedroom door and went in.

Steve was not reading in bed. He was busy jacking-off! Naked, the thirty-two year old father was kneeling and pumping his eight-inch tool with both hands furiuosly. He stopped when Melanie entered the room.

"Hi dad," she chirped.

"Shit...Mel..." stammered her father.

"Whoa, cool," his daughter said, stepping forwards. Steve looked around, wondering whether he could throw himself under the duvet and pretend he wasn't up to anything - like wanking - but it was no good. He'd been caught, though his horror was melting into confusion at Melanie's look of fascination on her pretty young face.

" you want...sweetheart?" gulped Steve.

"I was just...bored," she said, abandoning the plan to pretend she'd just had a nightmare, "I just wanted to see you."

She got up on the bed, Steve very aware that his prick was showing no signs of softening despite his brief moment of panic, and that furthermore his ten year old daughter was kneeling nearby in just her panties.

"Are you whacking off?" asked Melanie.

"Yeah," Steve said, knowing he couldn't deny it, "How did you know what it is, this activity?"

"I just do," shrugged Melanie, and then she grinned, "Some of the boys at school told me about it. Some of them boast about it! I do it too. You know, masturbate. I like playing with myself, it feels nice. Jenny and me did it today, we fingered each other and really liked it! We did it in the woods this morning, then again when we had a bath. We also licked each other's privates, that felt real nice! Jerking off is cool isn't it?"

Steve just blinked, taking all this in. His daughter was being sincere, he realized.

"It is cool," he smiled, "But it's sort of a private thing really."

"It shouldn't be," sniffed Melanie, "Things are better when shared! Of course, there are things you can't do on your own!"

Steve wasn't about to ask what 'things' his daughter meant! She was only ten and he felt a little overwhelmed - though at the same time, very aroused - by her mature opinions.

"What do you think about when jacking off?" Melanie asked.

"," her father shrugged, feeling more relaxed now, his prick still as hard as an iron pole.

"I think about being screwed by you," Melanie giggled, "For the last few weeks anyway. I like you dad, you're very handsome, more handsome that all the boys or teachers at school. The only guy who is almost as nice looking as you is Jenny's daddy. Do you think about me when jacking off dad?"

"Er...only today. Just now, before you came in."

"You were thinking about me?"

"Yeah. And Jenny. I was thinking of earlier when I helped Jenny up after the silly thing had fallen out the bath. I was picturing you and Jenny, naked, and thinking of...doing stuff to you."


"Yeah," confirmed Steve, smiling, feeling so turned on at both admitting this and the way it seemed to be turning on Melanie.

"Jenny didn't really fall," Melanie laughed, "She just pretended to so you'd come in and see her - and me - nude. She's a cunning kid that one!"

"Oh," said Steve, and then he laughed.

"Let's frig together," Melanie abruptly said, and she stood and tugged down her panties and slung them aside. Steve admired his daughter's nude body, her tiny budding titties that he'd noticed earlier that day, her flat little belly, her skinny limbs and her hairless slit. Melanie sat down with her legs spread, opposite her father. She reached down and pushed two fingers into her cunt and began working them back and forth, bring her other hand into play too and rubbing her clit.

"You sure know how to do that," Steve said, watching his little girl skillfully masturbate herself.

"It's practice daddy," she explained, "practice! Come on, you jerk off too!"

Steve did so, stroking his long hard cock, he and his daughter watching each other's actions, occasionally making eye-contact and smiling. The sight of seeing her father manipulate his nice big organ turned on Melanie a great deal and she frigged herself quickly, soon feeling the tingly feeling rise up and turn into a sharp ripple of pleasure. Similarly, Steve was feeling incredibly turned on. Previously he'd just been picturing his daughter naked in the bath but now he had her nude in front of him, in the flesh, playing with her pre-teen cunt. He could sense his sperm boiling up, ready to launch.

Melanie beat her father to orgasm. "Oh yeah, I'm cumming," she panted, "Uuuuh, I'm cumming daddy! Watch me, watch me cum! Mmmm!" She sank three fingers up her twat, her toes curling tightly and her eyelids fluttering as she came.

"Me too," grunted Steve, pumping his thick cock with his right fist, "Uuuuh, fuck!"

Previously he hadn't thought about where his sperm was going to go, and he only realized where he was aiming when the first big wad of sperm shot out, arced across the air and landed, just two feet away, on Melanie's belly. A second gout shot out, splashing to Melanie's belly near the first wad, joining it in oozing down the girl's belly, past her naval and towards her cunt which she still frigged. Steve whacked off hard, unable to stop himself from jerking off and unwilling to divert his sperm. It didn't seem to matter, Melanie seemed even more excited by being used as target practice for her father's cum-shooting. The third spurt was a big one, and it shot out high and splatted on Melanie's right chest, near her puffy nipple. The fourth gout wasn't flung out of Steve's pumping cock as powerfully as the previous ones, the cum splashing onto Melanie's left thigh. The remaining two shots of cum oozed out Steve's cock, running down the shaft and over his slippery fingers.

"Wow, that was fun," Melanie grinned, lightly fingering her cunt, looking down at the various splodges of her dad's semen that ran down her young body.

"It sure was fun," laughed Steve, his prick semi-erect in his hands.

"Shall we do it again?" asked Melanie.

"Well...I dunno, we could get in trouble. I could get in trouble!"

"Not if I don't tell anyone! I promise I won't!"


"Apart from Jenny though," Melanie added, "But don't worry. If all goes to plan, she's doing something similar with her daddy tonight too!"

"So you kids had this planned," laughed Steve, "You set about seducing your poor daddies! Dear oh dear!" He laughed. "I bet you didn't count on me jacking off in here did you honey?"

"No. I was going to...well, I dunno what exactly I was going to do. I was making it up as I went along. It was just luck I caught you with your pants down - or indeed, completely off! So, let's do it again!"

"Well, I'm a bit spent at the moment honey." He nodded down to his cock, which wasn't flaccid but not stiff either.

"I bet I can get it up again," Melanie said, adjusting her position so that she knelt up. She leaned down and took her father's cock in one of her delicate hands. This felt so arousing to Steve and he watched in amazement as Melanie then took his spermy cock-head in her mouth. She slurped deeply on him, running her tongue over his dick and sucking a few inches into her hot mouth. Steve ran his hands through her brown hair, eyes half-shut with delight as his daughter willingly and enthusiastically sucked his dick!

His cock responded quickly and was soon stiff and erect once more. Melanie licked the shaft up and down a few times then sat up.

"Do you want to lick me daddy?" she asked.

"I sure do honey."

Melanie lay back, her head at the foot of the bed, her little legs flung wide and her bald pink slit on display. Steve licked his lips and lay down between Melanie's legs, propped up on his elbows with his head at her groin. He ran his tongue up and down her moistened lips, licking her gently. Then he slid his tongue into her, feeling Melanie tense a little with pleasure. The girl closed her eyes as she felt her dad eat her out, running his tongue deep into her slit. She could also feel her father's slimy cum that lay in puddles on her body as it ran down her sides as she lay back. She could smell the jism too, warm and salty, mixed with the light aroma of sweat from both her and her father, this being a hot and sticky night anyway without performing the activities that Melanie and her dad were.

"I'm gonna cum daddy," she was soon panting, "Oh yeah! Yeah! You lick me out even better than Jenny did! Mmmm."

She felt herself wracked with a gentle but prolonged orgasm, Steve skilled at licking out cunt even though he hadn't done it for some time now. He licked his daughter's slit deeply all throughout her orgasm. When Melanie had finished climaxing, Steve knelt up, his chin slightly moist with cunt-juice, his prick throbbing and swollen.

"Let me suck you off daddy," Melanie said. Steve sat up against the headboard and parted his legs. Melanie knelt between his parted thighs and bent down, taking her dad's big tool into her mouth. She had to open her mouth wide to fit the head in and she wasn't able to cram more than three of the eight-inches of her dad's prick into her mouth. It didn't matter though, it felt great to Steve and he sat back in pure heaven as his daughter gave him head. Melanie was soon bobbing her head like a skilled hooker, sucking her father's prick and feeling the desperate need to taste his cum, to have it shoot into her mouth. She didn't have to wait long.

"I'm cumming honey, I'm cumming," gasped Steve, "Oh fuck, you give such good head...uuuh! God!"

His semen shot out, a thick stream of it hitting the back of Melanie's throat. She gulped it down, only for her mouth to be refilled with a second big spurt, and she swallowed that too. More spunk fired out, Steve's body tensing in the throes of his orgasm, Melanie slurping down every drop of his fuck-sauce and almost dissapointed when the flow inevitably ended. She raised her head, wiping a drip of cum from her chin with the back of her forearm.

"Did I do well daddy?"

Steve answered her by just giving her big kiss, their tongues sliding over each other. He lightly frigged Melanie as they kissed before they finally moved apart.

"You and me are going to have lots of fun together," he said, "We can do this often if you want."

"Let's do it every night!" Melanie grinned, "And in the morning! Can I sleep with you daddy?"

"Sure. C'mon, let's settle down to sleep."

"It's Saturday tomorrow daddy, no work! Remember?"

"That's true. But I'm tired honey. Let's get some sleep then continue our fun in the morning."

He turned off the lamp and snuggled under the covers with his daughter, both naked and in each other's arms.

At that time, Jenny woke up, briefly wondering where she was in the darkness. Then she remembered she was in bed with her father, in just her panties. She was snuggled up to him, Robert snoring peacefully. Jenny moved her right hand under the covers and rested it on her father's firm abdomen. She then moved downwards, listening carefully in the darkness to her dad's breathing, making sure it remained even and steady, indicating that he was still fast asleep. Jenny felt that her father had no shorts or underwear on, meaning he was nude. Quicker than she expected, she encountered his prick, semi-stiff across his belly. She uttered a slight gasp of delight as she felt it, running her fingers along it, groping blindly but carefully under the duvet. Her father stirred a little and Jenny held her breath, but soon Robert was snoring again, fast asleep. Jenny kept running her fingers over her dad's prick, the organ that had helped create her. It stiffened quickly and Jenny grinned as she felt how big it was, a good nine-inches! She took her hand away briefly and reached down her own little naked body and removed her panties. Her hand appeared from the side of the duvet and dropped the panties on the floor, then her hand slipped back under the covers and she resumed playing with her father's penis. It was very stiff now and Jenny felt such a sense of arousal and desire in her young cunt, wanting so desperately to be fucked, primarily by her dad. She wondered how Melanie was getting on next door, before turning her attentions to her own little mission.

Gently, Jenny pushed the covers back, down past her and her father's stomachs, then waists, until finally she was able to kick the duvet so that it was bunched up at the foot of the big bed, her and her father's naked bodies exposed fully. Because it was so warm that night her dad didn't stir when the covers were removed, he just continued sleeping on his back. Jenny turned on the lamp on her side of the bed, dimming it so that it cast just a low, faint light over the bed. Then she knelt up and looked down at her father's thick tool as it lay erect, jutting upwards across Robert's belly, the purple head extending past his naval. Jenny had seen an erect cock in a couple of porn mags a boy at school had shown once and she was sure dicks weren't normally this big! The bigger the better, the preteen slut thought with a grin.

She wrapped her little fingers round her father's dick and held it upright, sniggering to herself at the long shadow the cock cast across the mattress from the dim lamp behind her. She licked her lips and bent down, running her tongue over the head. It tasted nice, slightly salty from pre-cum (although Jenny didn't know what pre-cum was). She licked it again, then suckled lightly on it. Jenny figured this might wake her father and she had no idea what his reaction would be, but like any child Jenny didn't think much about consequences. She just opened wide and sucked over two-inches of the lovely big prick into her little mouth, her blonde hair hanging down and tickling her father's pelvis.

This caused him to slowly wake up. Robert mumbled something, having a great dream about some hot blonde girl, no more than seventeen, who'd just started working with him. In his dream the girl was sucking his cock and a grin spread across his face as he enjoyed the vivid nature of this dream, feeling his cum beginning to rise as he was given a fantastic blow job.

Then it occured to him that he was awake, but his dick was still being sucked out here in reality. His eyes flicked open and he looked down, spying little Jenny quite happily slurping on his dick.

He gulped, not sure what to say. His cock decided to speak for him and his cum boiled up then spurted out.

"Jenny," he gasped, "Jenny...uuuh!"

His sperm exploded forth, Jenny aware that her father was awake but busy concentrating on swallowing the semen. She knew enough about sex to know what this was and what was happening, and she hungrily gulped down the sticky wads of sperm as they blasted into her throat. Robert sat up, briefly raising a hand to push Jenny away, his thoughts full of images of him in prison or being denounced as a pedophile, but unable to resist finishing his orgasm. There was no doubt Jenny was aware of what she was doing and there was no doubt either that she was gulping down his cum with delight.

When his climax finished, Robert slumped back on the bed, tired from the powerful nature of his orgasm. Jenny raised her head and smiled at her dad.

"Did you like that daddy?" she grinned.


"I liked it! Wasn't it nice?"

"Jenny, er..."

Jenny leaned over and kissed her father. Then she told him everything - her and Melanie showing each other their privates yesterday, fingering each other, the bathroom incident, her flashing her nudity 'accidentally' at Melanie's father...and their plans to seduce their dads.

Robert was a little taken aback by all this.

"Well..." he began.

"Don't worry about getting into trouble," Jenny interrupted, "Melanie and me would never tell anyone! You don't have to worry about that. This is our little secret. So, whaddya say dad? Shall we get it on?"

"Define, 'getting it on'," Robert said, then laughed.

"Screwing!" Jenny said, also laughed, "Here, I've sucked you off, now you can return the favor."

She got up and swung her little leg over her father and straddled his chest, edging up so the her bald cunt was over his face. Robert raised his head a little and licked his daughter's cunt, unable to resist and throwing all previous caution to the wind. He lapped thirstily at his daughter's cunt, encouraged by the girls soft moans of pleasure. He sealed his lips to her cunt and slid his tongue up into the tight hole, making smacking noises as he slurped away.

"That's it daddy," Jenny moaned, "Mmmm! That's nice!"

Robert felt his cock stiffen as he licked out his daughter, tongueing her cunt whilst she panted in delight. It didn't take long for the child to climax, moaning with delight and pulling on the small stiff nipples on her flat chest. When she'd finished her orgasm she dismounted her father.

"I'm stiff again honey," Robert told her, "Wanna suck me off again?"

"No," replied Jenny, laying back and flinging her legs apart, "I want you to fuck me!"

"But honey..."

"No buts dad! I want to do this, I want to be fucked! I want you to shaft my cunt and take my cherry! Please!!"

Robert smiled and kissed the horny little blonde slut, then got between her legs. He guided his cock-head into her cunt, sliding in an inch or two, before pausing. He then lowered himself, sinking his member deep into Jenny's cunt, the little girl tensing a little as her maidenhead was blasted. Soon, Robert was fully in the girl, his nine-incher lodged in her hairless young twat.

"Oh daddy, that's so nice," the girl panted, "So nice, yeah! Uuuh!"

"I love you honey," Robert said, kissing the small girl beneath him, having to lean down as she was so much shorter than him. He began fucking her at a gentle pace, easing half his sizable dick out of her then sinking it back in. Jenny was loving it, hugging her father close and feeling ripples of pleasure run up her young body as her father fucked her.

His previous orgasm meant that Robert lasted quite a while, though he was so aroused at taking his daughter's virginity that his sperm was hard to fend off for more than fifteen-minutes. He fucked Jenny harder, the girl more than capable of withstanding a hard shafting.

"I'm cumming honey, in your cunt...uuuuh! Fuck!"

He drove his prick to the hilt in Jenny's twat and spewed out his sperm, flooding her womb.

"Cum in me daddy, yeah!" cried Jenny, wrapping her little legs round her father's hips, "Fill me with sperm!"

Robert's cock twitched as it ejected thick wads of semen into Jenny's cunt. When his orgasm died away he remained on top of Jenny, his prick wilting in her spermy slit. Finally, they moved apart.

"I can't wait until the morning," Jenny said, calmly reaching down and dragging the big duvet up over her and her father's bodies, "We can fuck again, can't we dad."

"We sure can," Robert said, surprised at how he was able to take in this sudden and rather dramatic (and enjoyable!) change in his relationship with his daughter. He knew she was a smart kid, rather mature for her age, but he'd never envisioned anything like this. He was glad though. Very glad!

Jenny snuggled up to her father and they kissed before falling asleep.

When Melanie woke up at eight the next morning, she was - unlike Jenny - still a virgin. She didn't intend on remaining one for long though. She sat up, still naked, in her father's bed. Steve stirred next to her and slowly opened his eyes.

"Morning dad," Melanie said, kissing her father lustily.

"Morning darling," he said with a grin.

"I'm feeling horny," Melanie said, and she reached under the covers and felt her father's prick, which was as hard as steel, his morning-wood even more evident given that he'd awoken with memories of last night in his mind.

"Me too," smirked Steve.

Jenny pushed the covers down, exposing her's and her father's nude bodies. She got up and straddled her father's hips, reaching down and lifting his eight-inch cock and rubbing the purple head against her cunt lips, which were slightly moist already.

"Er, Melanie honey," began Steve, "I don't know if we should go that far."

"Aw, c'mon dad," pleaded Melanie, "Let's do it! Let's do everything! I want fucking! I want you to take my cherry."

Before Steve could say anything else, Melanie let herself drop so that the first four-inches of her dad's tool slid up into her cunt. She winced a little, gasping for breath, before lowering herself further. Steve realized his daughter wouldn't take no for an answer, so he lay unresisting and thoroughly enjoying himself as Melanie slowly swallowed up his erection with her tight, ten year old cunt. He was soon wedged in to the hilt.

"You're so tight honey," Steve gasped, "so hot and tight!"

"That feels good," sighed Melanie, raising up a little then lowering herself once more, "So good! Wow! I never imagined sex would be this fantastic!"

I'm having sex with my own ten year old daughter, thought Steve...and it's great!!

He resolved not to have any further doubts or to question whether Melanie was sure about anything. She clearly wanted to be fucked in every way possible and Steve decided to grant her that wish. He wanted to fuck the little minx too, he wanted to fuck her hard and cum in her and on her and...everything! With there being no doubt as to Melanie's willingness in all this, he just went for it. He held his little girl's hips and began pulling her down onto his prick, then lifting her up whilst pulling back, then thrusting his cock back up her twat whilst pulling her down once more. Melanie giggled and panted with delight, riding her father's big dick and feeling such physical joy from her impaled cunt. Her arse-cheeks slapped down onto her father's muscular thighs as she bounced on him, panting with delight at being fucked!

Steve's climax was building steadily. He wanted to hold back, but it was no use. He gripped Melanie's narrow waist firmly and thrust up hard into her tight twat.

"I'm cumming honey, oh fuck," he gasped, "Fuck...UUUH! NNNG!"

His cock exploded his fuck-sauce deep up Melanie's cunt, flooding her womb, the girl in ecstasy as she ground her cunt onto her father's pumping prick, feeling the sperm fill her up. Her father shot a dozen thick squirts of semen into her before he finally stopped and Melanie bent down to embrace her father. They kissed like lovers, Steve's dick leaking semen into his daughter's womb.

Melanie eventually dismounted.

"Do you want another fuck before breakfast?" her father asked.

"I'd love to," Melanie said, kissing her dad once more on the lips, "but I wanna see how Jenny got on! Just think, we can have a foursome! Imagine that dad! You can fuck me and Jenny, and Robert can fuck his daughter and me! Won't that be fun?"

"It certainly would," laughed Steve, "It's not what I envisioned I'd be up to this weekend, but it certainly would be fun!"

They kissed again and finally got up. They had a bath together, washing each other's bodies but refraining from doing anything further, towelling each other dry afterwards and putting on dressing gowns before they went downstairs. They had a big cooked breakfast and were just clearing up when the doorbell went.

"I'll get it," Melanie said, still in her dressing gown as she scampered down the hallway. She opened the door to see Jenny, wearing tight pink shorts and a white T-shirt, standing next to her father, Robert wearing jeans and a black jumper and looking pleased with himself, as did his daughter.

"Hello," Jenny grinned.

"Hi Mel," Robert added.

"Hiya," said Melanie, "What can I do for you two this fine morning?"

"How about joining me and daddy for a big orgy," said Jenny.

"Am I invited," said Steve, stepping into the hallway, smiling, all four of them - Robert, Jenny, Steve and Melanie - all realizing each other's secrets, that the girl's little plan of seducing their father's had gone okay.

"Everyone's invited," Robert said, stepping into the hallway, ruffling Melanie's hair then turning to the girl's father, "Morning Steve."

"Alright there Rob," Steve said, both father's grinning as they clearly realized that their nights with their cunning little daughters had been very similar.

"C'mon dad," said Jenny stepping in and shutting the front door, "Or should I say 'dads', plural! I'm horny."

"Me too," Melanie said, whipping off her dressing gown, standing completely naked and giving both her father and Robert an instant hard-on as the surveyed the pre-teen girl's bare flesh.

She went into the living room, Jenny following close behind and stripping in front of the fireplace. The two fathers smiled at each other then went into the living room too.

They were soon all naked, Steve and Robert drinking a cup of coffee as they sat on the sofa, their daughter's kneeling on the floor, the four of them discussing the previous nights. The two father's felt a mild bit of hurt pride that it was their own children who'd seduced them, but in fairness it only excited them further. Neither had felt anything more than a latent desire for their own desires. They'd have never acted upon them alone. Now they were glad and all fired up to fuck these horny little girls, and the fact that Melanie and Jenny had instigated the whole thing only made it clear that the girls were more than up for it!

"I want to be fucked again," Melanie said, "I was a virgin this morning, now I'm all ready to get dicked in my cunt again, and again!"

"Okay, come here honey," said her father.

Melanie got up and went to the sofa, where Steve sat, holding his erect prick aloft. She got astride him, lowering her cunt and slowly taking her father's prick in her cunt just as she'd done that morning. When her father's tool was buried up her cunt she began riding him, father and daughter kissing each other hard and lustily, Steve's fingers flicking over the girl's erect nipples.

Robert stood up and went over to where Jenny sat on the big rug in front of the fire. The girl lay back and spread her legs, Robert getting down between her thighs. He licked her out first, lapping thirstily at the girl's cunt, before he got up and mounted her. He eased his dick into her cunt to the hilt and gently began fucking her. As she'd done last night, Jenny wrapped her legs round her father's hips as he shafted her.

"Fuck me daddy," she gasped, "I love you, I love your dick! I love your dick in my cunt! Mmm! Uuuh!"

"What a hot little girl I've got," smiled Robert, and he kissed Jenny hard as he began increasing his pace.

On the sofa, Melanie rode her father hard, her father's cock pistoning up and down in her tight cunt. Steve reached round behind Melanie and gripped her little round buttocks with his big strong hands, helping to lift her up as she bounced on his dick. He shortly explored her arse-crack with a forefinger, finding her little anus and poking it gently.

"Ooooh, I like that daddy," said Melanie, riding her father's dick, "It feels nice!"

"Is that so honey?" smiled Steve.

"Yeah! Real nice!"

"What about this?" asked her father, pushing his forefinger into Melanie's asshole to the first joint.

Melanie moaned with pleasure.

"Shove it all up me," she panted, "Right up my arse! The whole finger!"

Her father did so. He slid the whole digit up into Melanie's bum, her rectal walls wet and clammy and gripping his forefinger. The girl was spurred on to ride her daddy's dick harder, gripping Steve's shoulders and panting like a little slut.

"I'm cumming dad," she gasped, "I'm cumming! UUUUUH! UH! God!"

She almost fainted with pleasure, continuing to ride her father's cock until fatigue forced her to finally stop. She breathed deeply and her father slipped his finger from out her anus.

"Do you want to switch over?" asked Steve, "I'll go on top and do the work."

"Okay," said Melanie. She dismounted her father and stood up, her legs shaky and her bald twat moist. Steve got up and his daughter then took his place, sitting on the sofa with her arse on the edge, legs apart. Her father knelt in front of her and eased his prick up into her cunt, slowly sliding it all the way in.

"Mmmm," sighed Melanie, "God, I love your cock daddy! It's so nice in me!"

Steve kissed the girl then eased half of his long tool from her cunt, then slammed it back in, repeating this and making his little girl cry out with pleasure.

On the floor, meanwhile, Robert had switched positions with Jenny, the young father laying back with Jenny astride him. She'd steadily impaled her cunt onto her father's nine-inch prick and now rode him fast, her little hands splayed out on his firm chest. Robert held Jenny's waist and helped pulled her down and lift her up on his big cock, both panting with delight.

"I'm gonna cum," he soon announced, "Uuuh! Yeah, here it is Jenny!"

He pulled Jenny down onto his prick, fully buried in her cunt, and unloaded into her. Jenny felt the cum flood her cunt and she climaxed herself as she was pumped full of spunk. When her dad had finished unloading in her cunt she dismounted him, her cunt aching, but in a pleasurable way.

"Hey Steve?" Jenny said to her friend's father as she stood up, "I haven't see a cock ejaculate yet, can I see yours? I want to see a prick shoot it's sperm!"

"Okay honey," Steve said, fucking Melanie's cunt hard, "I'll wait until I'm about to blow then I'll put out of my daughter's cunt and cum on her belly."

"How about on my face," his daughter said, "I'd love that! I want your sauce all over my face!"

"Whatever you say dear. Not long now!"

Steve fucked Melanie hard, Jenny standing nearby and frigging her spunk-leaking twat as she prepared for the show. Steve was sitting in a nearby armchair, stroking his semi-stiff dick and also watching carefully.

"Here it is," cried Steve, and he whipped his dick from out of Melanie's cunt and stood up. His daughter sat up and closed her eyes and opened her mouth as her father jerked off. His fist was a blur as he masturbated furiously, his cum soon welling up and spurting forth. The thick white fountain of sperm exploded in Melanie's face, Jenny fingering her cunt and gasping with awe as she watched from nearby, her friend Melanie soon drenched in cum. When Steve had finished shooting his load he wiped his sticky cock-head on his daughter's forehead, her pretty face dripping with oozing wads of slimy spunk. Steve then stepped back, breathing hard, and Jenny hurried up and began licking her friend's face clean. The two fathers watched in awe as Jenny lapped the cum from Melanie's face, swallowing some but spitting a lot of it out into Melanie's mouth, the girls kissing and swapping the cum back and forth. They frenched each other deeply and frigged each other's wet pre-teen slits. This had the desired affect of making Robert and Steve erect again in no time at all.

"Do you fancy fucking my little girl?" Robert grinned at Steve.

"Sure," his neigbor confirmed.

"Yeah, cool," grinned Jenny looking at the two men with a big string of cum and saliva still linking her lower lip with Melanie's tongue. The string broke as Jenny stepped aside.

"A bit of father-swapping instead of wife-swapping," sniggered Melanie, smacking her lips as she swallowed the last of the spunk in her mouth.

Jenny went over to the rug and got on her hands and knees with her cute young bottom in the air.

"Come and fuck me doggy-style," she invited Steve, wiggling her arse.

"How could I resist?" said Steve, stepping up to the girl and kneeling down, eyeing up the little slit that hung below the girl's arse. He guided his throbbing cock-head to that tight hole and pushed in, squeezing half of his prick into Jenny's cunt. He held her hips and thrust a second time, lodging his entire length up there.

"Aaah, that's good," purred Jenny, "Mmm! Fuck me hard Steve!"

The father was incredibly aroused as it was, but this hot talk from the eight year old slut only turned him on further and he began to fuck her with long sweeping strokes of his thick cock.

Meanwhile, Melanie had sat back on the sofa and parted her legs again, her little cunt moist and inviting between her parted thighs.

"Time to fuck you my little honey," said Robert, kneeling in front of his daughter's friend. He pushed the head of his nine-incher up to the girl's cunt and pushed in with one long, slow, elegant stroke. Melanie quivered with delight, feeling so utterly full of cock. She wrapped her arms around the man and kissed him sluttishly as Robert began to pump her cunt. He fucked her steadily, feeling the tightness of her pre-teen cunt and wanted to shoot his load up there so much. Melanie was a hot little kisser, her tongue sliding in and out of Robert's mouth, the young father responding in kind as he fucked the child.

On the floor, Jenny was behaving like a real little slut, banging her arse back to meet Steve's thrusts, yelping with delight as the big cock slammed into her tight cunt. Steve sucked on his forefinger then placed the tip of it to the entrance to Jenny's rectum. He nudged the end of his digit in, Jenny urging him on; "Do it Steve, stick your finger up my bum!"

"Whatever you say honey," said the man, sliding his whole finger into the girl's anus just as he'd done to his daughter earlier.

"Ooooh, that's good, yeah!"

Jenny lay her head to oneside on the rug and closed her eyes, a look of joy on her face as Steve continued to thrust his cock to and fro in her clenching cunt, driving deep into her womb whilst he fingered her cute little asshole.

Robert was the first to cum. After ten-minutes he took his lips from Melanie's and held the child's thighs that were parted before him, slamming his hips and driving his cock far into Melanie's cunt. The girl moaned and gasped with joy as she climaxed, her cunt buzzing with pleasure, as suddenly Robert let rip with his orgasm. His thick cock blasted out the contents of his balls into Melanie's womb and Robert almost collapsed with pleasure, so intense was his orgasm. He gently slid his cock in and out of Melanie's cunt once his sperm-flow had ended, just letting his cock wilt in the girl's cunt and oozing out the last few drops of jism.

Behind them, on the floor, Steve climaxed too. He slid his finger to the knuckle in Jenny's asshole and held it there whilst banging his prick deep into the girl's cunt. Jenny was climaxing, gripping the rug and crying out lustily.

"Fuck me Steve, fuck me!" she wailed, "UUUUH! I'm cumming, yeah!"

"Fuck!" was all Steve could cry as his sperm erupted, a thick gush of white spunk deep in Jenny's tender young slit. It displaced her father's own cum in there and spunk was soon leaking out from her cunt down her slender thighs. Steve finished unloading his cum and let out a satisfied sigh before tugging his softening prick from out of the girl. Jenny fell forward, exhausted and happy.

"Wow," grinned Robert, sitting on the sofa, Melanie next to him and leaning over, cleaning the man's dick with her tongue, "What a great morning!"

"What great daughters!" added Steve.

"What great daddies!" laughed Jenny. Steve leaned over and kissed the child lewdly, fingering her cunt which was leaking spunk.

They all freshened up and dressed for a while, hanging around Steve's house, the two girls up in Melanie's room playing computer games whilst their father's relaxed downstairs. Robert and Steve were good friends, having been neighbors for five years and always seeing each other because their daughters were such fast friends. However, being involved in an incestuous foursome with their own daughters meant that, needless to say, they now had a big secret to keep from the outside world, and that enabled them to feel even more friendly and relaxed with each other. They both drank coffee and discussed their experiences last night, amused at how they'd been seduced sexually by their own little girls! It was a mild affront to their manliness, but they took it well and were just thankful. They clearly had enjoyed screwing their daughters. Robert confessed that he'd jacked off once whilst watching his own daughter, Jenny, playing naked in a swimming pool in the garden last year, though he'd not normally considered himself attracted to children. Steve didn't have anything similar to confess regarding Melanie, though he did confide to Robert that he'd lost his cherry when he was aged fifteen to a girl of eleven, who was in fact his cousin.

"You should get in touch with her," laughed Robert, "Get her in on the act!"

"Nah, she's too strait-laced," sighed Steve, "She's married now. Not to worry, going on our experiences last night and this morning, our own daughters are going to be enough of a handful for us!"

"Yeah," Robert agreed.

They watched some telly, looking forward to regaining their strength for another session with the girls, who'd made it clear that they were up for a fuck 'anytime you are', meaning Steve and Robert.

As it approached twelve noon that Saturday morning, the girls scampered down the stairs.

"Here come our little slut daughters," sniggered Robert.

Indeed, here they came, bursting into the living room. Melanie and Jenny were already naked, sauntering up to the sofa as naked as the day they were born. Jenny's blonde hair was hanging loose whilst Melanie's deep brown hair was tied in pig-tails held in white ribbons.

"Hiya dad," said Jenny, jumping into Robert's lap and hugging him, kissing his lips as if she were his lover, which in effect she was now.

"Hi dad," Melanie said, and she sat next to Steve and kissed him, her hand reaching to his crotch, feeling his cock semi-hard in his pants.

"I'm horny," Jenny said.

"Well, luckily so are we," Robert said, speaking on behalf of himself and Steve.

"Let's fuck," Melanie cried, leaping up and dragging her father off the sofa. Steve got up and began undressing, Robert doing likewise once his naked daughter Jenny had slithered off his lap. Soon, the men were as naked as the girls, their big long cocks jutting upwards.

"How about you girls suck us off?" Robert said, "Get us nice and slick to penetrate those tight pussies of yours."

"Okay," grinned Jenny, "I'll do my dad Melanie, you do yours."

And so, Jenny knelt in front of Robert and took his cock-head into her mouth and started sucking, whilst Melanie did likewise to her father. The two men stood there, breathing deeply with pleasure, as their children gave them head. The girls were fast learners, giving damn fine blow-jobs, though even an amatuerish job would have been good enough for either Robert or Steve. They could still hardly believe this, that their pretty little girls were rampant nymphos who almost felt that their father's were doing them a favor by fucking them.

Shortly, Jenny took her dad's dick from her mouth and stood up.

"Wanna lick me dad?" she asked.

"I sure do honey," Robert said, and he knelt down and leaned into his daughter's cunt, licking that bald slit thirstily. Jenny parted her legs a little, alternately giggling and sighing with pleasure as her father's warm, wet tongue worked over and into her cunt.

"Let me suck your twat now honey," Steve said to Melanie, and his daughter took his cock from her mouth and stood up. Steve got down on his knees and licked Melanie's bald cunt, slurping away and giving the girl a real thrill.

A few minutes of this passed until the two fathers got to their feet again, so aroused that if you hit their dicks with baseballs bats, the bats would have snapped. Their members pointed straight up, red and throbbing.

"I need a fuck," Steve declared, "How do you want it honey?" He stroked Melanie's brown hair, playing with her pig-tails.

"Doggy-style," his daughter replied, "Like how you fucked Jenny earlier! Jenny said that it's nice that way, especially when you put your finger in her bum."

"Okay, down you get."

Melanie got on her hands and knees on the floor. Her father knelt behind her, placing the tip of his dick to her bald cunt and easing in. The girl was already used to accomodating her father's girth in her tight twat and in no time at all Steve had shoved his whole shaft up the girl's cunt. He gripped her waist and began fucking her deeply.

"What about you honey?" Robert asked Jenny.

"I want you to give me a facial," the girl said, "In fact, I've an idea!"

Jenny went to the front of where Melanie was on her hands and knees, getting fucked doggy-style on the floor. Then Jenny sat down and spread her legs, so her cunt was right in front of Melanie. Without hesitation Melanie began licking Jenny's cunt, slurping hungrily on it whilst her father continued to slam his tool up her twat. Robert grinned at this arousing scene and he knelt on the floor next to Jenny, who turned her head and opened her mouth. Robert fed his cock-head between his daughter's tender lips and she began to suck.

"What a fucking sight," laughed Steve, fucking his daughter's cunt from behind. He had a good view over Melanie's shoulder of the girl licking Jenny's pre-teen cunt, and also of Jenny sucking her father's prick, the child's cheek bulging every time Robert thrust his cock into her gob, effectively fucking the girl's face. Jenny was seemingly comfortable though, breathing strongly through her noise as there was certainly no room for the child to breath with her mouth fully plugged up with her daddy's cock.

Steve remembered to finger his daughter's asshole. He licked his forefinger and slid it into Melanie's bum, feeling the girl shiver with pleasure. He fingered her anus deeply, then removed his finger. He sucked on it again, tasting Melanie's arse on it, then sucked his index finger. Now, whilst he all the while cunt-fucked the girl, he slid two fingers up her arse, burying them up to the knuckle. This delightful treatment spurred Melanie to dig her tongue deeper into Jenny's twat, and soon the younger girl was climaxing, sucking harder on her father's dick whilst her friend sucked her cunt.

This delightful string of fucking fathers and daughters humped away for a full fifteen-minutes. Then Robert began to climax.

"Here it is Jenny," he gasped, tugging his dick from his daughter's mouth. He gripped it in his fist and pumped away, jacking the saliva-slick shaft hard.

"Drown me in it daddy!" begged Jenny, closing her eyes and opening her mouth.

"What a cum hungry slut," exclaimed Robert with a smile, before hitting his orgasm, "Oh fuck, here! NNNNG! GOD!"

He jacked-off furiously, exploding cum in Jenny's face. The first wad spurted straight into the girl's mouth, and she gulped it down just as the second jet sprayed over her forehead. The third spurt was a very slimy and stringy load that hit Jenny across the face, stretching from one cheek to the other, crossing the bridge of her nose in the process. Robert still jacked off his dick, sending a fourth wad of sperm into Jenny's left cheek and a fifth into her hair. Then the spurts slowed down and Jenny opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, enabling her father to slowly squeeze out the last oozing gouts of cum onto the child's tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed, savouring the taste, then began sucking her dad's softening dick.

This was a great sight for Steve and it triggered his own climax. He drove his cock to the hilt in Melanie's cunt and exploded semen into her womb, fingering her asshole with two digits at the same time. He shot out half-a-dozen squirts of semen until he was spent, Melanie having dutifully lapped at Jenny's twat throughout all these explosions of sperm.

Steve slid out of his daughter's cunt and Robert pulled his meat from Jenny's mouth. As Jenny had done to her earlier, Melanie got up and licked her friend's face clean. They kissed hard, frigging each other's pussies and swapping cum and spit in between their mouths.

"I'm wasted," Steve said to Robert, "I need to buy groceries soon, what say we take a break for the afternoon and get together this evening."

This plan was agreed. Robert and Jenny went upstairs and showered together, dressed, and went home. Steve and Melanie did likewise then went out o buy groceries. The two father/daughter couples went about their seperate ways for the rest of the afternoon.

As planned, Steve and Melanie went round to Robert and Jenny's house that evening at seven o'clock. They were welcomed in and all four of them went up to Robert's room. The lamps and mainlight were on, the room brightly lit, the big bed ready for a big incestuous romp!

"Clothes off everyone," ordered Jenny, and she whipped off her T-shirt.

"I've been horny all day," Melanie added, undoing her jeans.

Their father's stripped also and soon they were all nude. Melanie still had her hair in pig-tails with the white ribbons, knowing that this evidently turned her father on.

"Right, lay down girls," said Robert, "We'll lick your pussies. Then you can suck our cocks."

"Let's switch girls," suggested Steve.


The girls lay on the large bed, side by side, leg's spread. Robert got down between Melanie's legs and started licking the girl's cunt, whilst his own daughter received the same treatment from Steve. The girl's closed their eyes and sighed with pleasure as the men sucked their pussies, the tongues wriggling up into their cunts. The father's rubbed the girl's clits too, adding to their pleasure, and five-minutes or so later Jenny climaxed, quickly followed by Melanie. They moaned with pleasure, humping their little butts off the bed and grinding their pussies up into each other's dad's mouths.

The two men then knelt up, stroking their hard cocks. They switched placed with the girls, Robert laying back with Melanie sucking deeply on his hard cock whilst Steve lay back and got a good blow-job from Jenny.

The girl's ensured the men did not shoot their loads, that event was reserved for the main course!

"Let's fuck now," Jenny impatiently said, taking Steve's dick from her mouth.

"Yeah, I'm itching to be fucked!" Melanie said.

"Well, I've got an idea," said Steve, "As seen as you girls get a thrill out of having fingers thrust up your bums, let's see how much of a thrill you'll get from get from taking a cock up your bums!"

"Whoa, you think they'll fit?" asked Melanie, reaching out and stroking Robert's dick, that big nine-incher looking so huge compared to the girl's small hand.

"Let's try!" Jenny said, eagerly, "I think it'll be cool!"

"We'll need some lube," said Steve.

"I'll get it," Robert said, and he got off the bed and took a jar of Vaseline from the bedside cabinet. He took the top off and scooped out some of the greasy lube, slathering it over his long cock. Then he tossed the jar to Steve who also used it to grease up his tool. The two men then got off the bed.

"Okay kids," they said, "On your hands and knees!"

Jenny eagerly got down on all fours, her arse thrust out. Melanie did likewise, seemingly lead on by her friend, even though Jenny was a couple of years younger than her.

"Let's take our own daughter's arse-cherries," suggested Robert.

"I agree," Steve said, and he got on the bed behind Melanie, licking his lips as he eyed the girl's pink hairless asshole. Robert got on the bed next to him, edging up behind Jenny's upturned rear.

The men took turns greasing up their daughter's arseholes before the jar of Vaseline was put aside. The men were sure to be gentle as they placed their slick cock-heads to the children's arseholes and began to apply pressure.

The girls gripped the duvet and braced themselves, both very keen on getting fucked in every hole and looking forward to the feeling of being buggered, but aware that it was going to be a bit of a struggle to take their father's big cocks in their tiny butts.

Melanie's asshole began to allow entry first, her sphincter blooming open and allowing her father's cock-head in.

"Nnnng," gasped Melanie, "Fuck, it's going in!"

"You okay honey?" asked Steve.

"Yeah, fine. It's god! Mmmm! Work it up me!"

Steve thrust forward a bit more, three of his eight-inches buried up Melanie's asshole.

"Aaaaah," gasped Jenny nearby as the tip of her father's dick squeezed up her asshole, "Fuck, yeah! It's going in! Uuuh, it's good!"

Robert shoved a few more inches up into his daughter's asshole, Jenny encouraging her father to fuck more of his cock up her arse. He did so, more of Steve's member sliding into the girl's butt. Soon, all nine-inches of his thick prick was buried in the tight rectum of his eight year old daughter, Jenny moaning with pleasure. "Fuck my arse daddy, it feels good! It feels so good! Fuck my arse!"

Steve slid half his dick out of Jenny's bum then drove back into her, fucking Jenny's arse steadily.

Meanwhile, Steve had worked his eight-incher up into Melanie's asshole, and the girl was loving it!

"Fuck my arse daddy!" she wailed, "It's nice, uuuuh! Nnng! It feels so gooood!"

Steve began sodomizing the ten year old girl with long sweeping strokes, Robert next to him doing likewise to little Jenny. The girls looked at each other, on their hands and knees next to each other, grinning as they were bum-fucked by their dads.

"What a tight arse," panted Robert, pumping Jenny's arse, "Yeah, so hot and tight! Now your deflowered in every way possible girls!"

"Cool," giggled Melanie, her body wracked with pleasure as her father's prick slammed repeatedly into her asshole.

The men buggered the girls steadily for fifteen-minutes, fathers and daughters alike in the height of ecstasy.

"Hey Robert, let's swap," Steve eventually suggested, "I'll fuck your daughter's arse, and you can fuck my daughter's arse."

"Sounds good," smiled Robert, sliding his long pole out of Jenny's bum, looking down and watching as his cock emerged from his little girl's behind. It looked as if the child was having a long, pink shit! His prick popped out finally, whilst Steve disengaged from Melanie's behind, then the two men switched. The girl's felt air lapping at their yawning arseholes, feeling suddenly empty now that their bums were vacated. The feeling didn't last for long though. Robert got behind Melanie and pushed his dick into her asshole, sliding in easier now that the girl's sphincter was loosened from her father's invasion. Steve got in behind Jenny and slid his dick into the eight year old's rectum, finding her arse even tighter than his own daughter's. The men gripped the girl's slender, pre-teen hips and buggered them deeply. Once again the men grunted with pleasure as they arse-fucked the kids, Melanie and Jenny also moaning and panting lustily, loving every single cock-thrust that they were being anally subjected to.

"I'm gonna blow soon," announced Steve shortly, deeply buggering Jenny, "Uuuh, here it is! Fuck! Yeah! NNNNG!"

His dick exploded forth his sticky cum deep up Jenny's rectum, the girl wailing "UUUH! I can feel it, I can feel it fill my arse, cum up there! Uuh!"

Steve slid his cock half out of the child's asshole then slammed it in to hilt and spurted out more semen, holding his cock in place and emptying his nuts right into the back of Jenny's gripping shit-chute.

"My turn," panted Robert, fucking Steve's daughter's arse hard, "Fuck. God yeah, uuuh!"

He thrust in and out of Melanie's rectum throughout his climax, spraying a huge amount of ejaculate into the child's intestines.

"Fuck my arse, fuck me!" urged the girl, banging her arse back onto the pumping cock that was ramming into her tender arse and giving her a sticky enemae of sperm.

"God yeah," grinned Robert, recovering, "Wow!"

He tugged his wilting dick from Melanie's bowels, Steve also withdrawing from Jenny's arse. They sat back, exhausted, the two girls falling forwards and hugging each other, the children kissing each other and grinning.

"My bum feels nice and sore," Jenny said, "I mean, it's sore...but in a nice way!"

"That was great," Melanie agreed, "Did you like it dad?"

"Yeah!" Steve said, "Fucking fantastic!"

"We'll fuck your arses more often," Robert added, "Just as frequently as your cunts, in fact."

"Goody," Jenny said, "I liked being arse-fucked just as much as being cunt-fucked."

"Same here," Melanie said, "Arse-fucking is fun," she added, enjoying just being able to say such words in front of her father, knowing that it turned him on!

Jenny kissed Melanie again then went to her father and snogged him lewdly. Melanie did the same to her dad, Steve sliding his tongue into Melanie's mouth and playing with her tiny budding titties.

"That was so horny," Melanie giggled, "I just love sex! I love being fucked in all my holes!"

"I've a good idea," said Robert, "A really good idea!"

"What dad?" asked Jenny, noting that he father and Steve both sported big stiffies already.

"Just you wait honey. You can go first. Here, budge over."

Jenny moved aside and her father lay on his back, holding his prick upright.

"Climb aboard honey," Robert said. Jenny did so, swinging her leg over her father and kneeling over his upright prick. She lowered herself, her eyes full of pleasure as she impaled her twat on her father's cock, taking it her cunt to the hilt.

"What now?" Jenny asked, astride her father.

"I think I know what your daddy has in mind," said Steve, and he got astride Steve's legs directly behind Jenny, "Lean forwards sweetheart."

Jenny did so, finally figuring out what her daddy was planning when she felt Steve's cock nudging her asshole.

"Oooh, two dicks at once," she squealed, excitedly, "Mmmmm!"

Her anus was still dilated from it's thorough fucking earlier, so Steve didn't take long in planting his pole up her bum. Jenny wriggled between the two men, in ecstasy at being double-fucked.

"Wow, that's hot," Melanie grinned, watching her little eight year old friend being cunt and arse-fucked.

The two fathers began thrusting their pricks, Robert driving his prick up into his daughter's twat from below whilst Steve fucked Jenny's arse, holding her hips and driving his shaft backwards and forewards in her tight greased anus.

"I'm gonna cum soon," Jenny wailed, "Oh fuck, uuuuh!"

The two pricks pumped her cunt and arse as she climaxed, her young naked body wracked with pleasure as her holes were humped by the pistoning cocks.

When the girl's climax died away, the two men slowed their thrusting. Steve tugged his big cock from Jenny's bum and the girl dismounted her father, weak from her hard double-fucking.

"You have a go," Jenny said to Melanie, "It's great!"

"It looked it," Melanie smiled. She went over and got astride Robert's dick and impaled her cunt onto it, sliding right down and getting comfortable. Then her father eased his cock up into her bum and soon, like Jenny before her, Melanie had Robert's dick jammed up her cunt and Steve's up her arse. The two men fucked the girl deep and hard, the ten year old crying out with pleasure within minutes. She came hard, her body bucking with ecstasy in the sex-sandwich. Both men began to cum too. Steve was first, slamming his pole into the depths of his daughter's arse and pumping her guts full of jism, whilst Robert soon began to shoot his sperm into Melanie's womb. They flooded the girl's holes with their fuck-sauce before they finally slowed to a halt. The men and girls were all sweaty and tired, their naked flesh glistening in the bright bedroom lights. Finally, the men disengaged from Melanie and allowed the girl to roll off, leaking sperm from her cunt and arse, a big grin on her face. Jenny kissed her friend deeply on the mouth and stroked her body.

"Who wants a drink?" asked Robert.

"Me," came three voices.

Robert went downstairs and returned with a bottle of beer for him and Steve, and a glass of milk for the girls. They drank and relaxed with each other, discussing briefly the possibilities ahead of them with regards to sex. Melanie suggested some night-time father-swapping - meaning some nights she could sleep with Robert and Jenny would sleep with Steve. Jenny emphasised her love of being cunt and arse-fucked and how she wanted to try it again very soon, and all four of them re-affirmed their declaration to keep this all very secret from anyone else.

At ten o'clock, Steve and Melanie dressed and left for the night. Their guests gone, Robert had another beer then climbed into bed with Jenny, with whom he had a long sixty-nine before he fucked his daughter's cunt. He screwed her slowly in the dark, in the missionary position, his pace more relaxed than the rampant humps through the day. Finally, he shot his cum up his daughter's cunt, then they slept in each other's arms.

Next door, Melanie went to bed with her father. She got on her hands and knees and Steve fucked his little girl's cunt doggy-style, pulling out after ten-minutes to insert his cock into her bum. He sodomized her for another ten-minutes and spunked up in her tight arse before they, too, fell asleep in each other's arms.

It was a week later. The previous Sunday had been spent as a big foursome together, Robert and Steve fucking the hell out of their daughter's and Jenny and Melanie loving every minute of it!

During the week, the fathers went to work and the girls went round each other's house and spent the day screwing, frigging and licking each other's pussies and arseholes. At their request, their dads bought them porn videos which the girls watched, getting more and more excited as it approached the time that their dads would return. They'd fuck together round at Robert's house in the early evening, the girls trying out new ideas from the porn vids they'd watched, such as being spit-roasted, the girls taking it in turn to be cunt-fucked by either Robert or Steve from behind whilst sucking the other father's cock. They tried a new variant of this where the girl would take a cock in her arse whilst sucking another one. In the evening, Steve and Melanie would retire to their own home and in their respective houses the fathers and daughters would have dinner. After that the fathers took their daughter's to bed and fuck them late into the night. On Wednesday they swapped over, Robert taking Melanie to his bed whilst Jenny went round to Steve and slept with him, although neither couple got much sleep that night. On Friday night they slept together in Robert's bed, or more accurately, they collapsed across the bed exhausted at midnight after a four-hour fuck-fest, the girl's sleeping in their daddy's arms with cum leaking out their bums and pussies.

Now it was Sunday, and both Robert and Steve had booked the next week off, meaning that they were free for the next seven-days, Jenny and Melanie, of course, being on their school vacation.

"Ah, the possibilities and fun ahead of us," said Robert, sitting back on his sofa, dressed casually. His daughter Jenny, wearing just a tight white vest and nude from the waist down, sat next to him, cuddled up to her father

On the armchair nearby sat Steve, in a T-shirt and jeans, his daughter Melanie totally naked and sitting in her father's lap. They'd all had lunch and hadn't fucked yet that day, saving themselves for their get-together this afternoon to kick off a week of fucking.

"What shall we do?" sighed Jenny, snuggling up to her father.

"Fuck," giggled Melanie, giving her father Steve a kiss.

"I want some double-penetration," Jenny said, "You know how much I like that!"

"We sure do honey," said Robert, giving the girl a lewd snog, "Okay, let's double-fuck you honey."

Jenny moved aside and Robert stood up, undressing. Melanie got off her father's lap so Steve could get up and strip. Soon the father's were nude and the only item of clothing worn in the room was the white vest Jenny had on.

"You can go first," she said to Melanie, "I'll watch and frig my cunt!"

"Okay," Melanie said.

Steve lay on the floor and Melanie got astride him, lowering herself onto her dad's big cock. She took him to the hilt in her cunt and leaned forwards.

"I'll lube you up," Robert said, and he leaned down behind Melanie and licked her asshole, pushing his tongue up her butt. That done, he got behind the girl and edged up, nudging her asshole with his swollen prick-tip. The child was well-used to being anally penetrated already and relaxed her sphincter whilst leaning forwards, allowing Steve to steadily push his long tool up into her asshole. When both cocks were lodged in her holes to the hilt, Melanie began working with Robert and Steve, bucking her body in time with their hard thrusting, panting with pleasure as she was stuffed full of cock.

Jenny had an idea, taken from a porn flick she and Melanie had watched the other day whilst masturbating each other, their father's at work. The blonde girl got off the sofa and walked over to the compact trio on the floor, placing her feet on the floor either side of her father's head, her cunt in Melanie's face.

"Suck my cunt Mel," she said.

Melanie grinned and did so, buring her face in her friend's groin, tonguing the girl's bald twat, lapping at it like a thirsty dog. Steve had a great view of this, lying down and fucking Melanie's twat from below, looking directly upwards between Jenny's legs and watching her cunt being licked by his daughter.

Melanie climaxed soon enough, taking her mouth from Jenny's cunt and crying "I'm fucking cumming, uuuh, I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt dad, fuck my arse Robert! UUUUH!"

Robert felt his climax rising too, but he knew he should hold back and save himself for his daughter. He waited until Melanie had finished cumming before easing his thick tool from the girl's bowels. Melanie dismounted her father and Jenny eagerly took her place, sinking her twat down onto Steve's cock then taking Robert's nine-incher up her arse. She was soon grunting with lust, Steve fucking her twat hard from under her whilst her father, Robert, slammed his prick deep into her asshole.

"Come here Mel," Jenny said as she was double-fucked, "I wanna lick your cunt."

Melanie did so, standing in front of her friend. Jenny slurped deeply on Melanie's cunt, driving her tongue into her bald cunt, her cunt and arse meanwhile shafted by Steve and her father respectively.

Five-minutes passed until Steve began to climax. He held Jenny's hips and pulled her down onto his dick and shot his cream up into her twat, filling her womb. Jenny sensed this and ground her cunt down onto Steve's spurting prick whilst continuing to lick out Melanie's cunt, Melanie moaning with pleasure and running her hands through Jenny's hair.

"I'm cumming too," Robert cried, driving his prick deep up into his daughter's arse, "UUUUH! Fuck!"

His cock erupted thick sperm into the depths of Jenny's rectum, Robert holding Jenny's thin shoulders as he rammed his dick far up into the chid's bum and unloaded his nuts.

"Aaah, fuck," he gasped, "Wow, what a cum!"

He slid his dick from his daughter's arse and moved back, breathing deeply. Melanie also stepped away, allowing Jenny to haul herself off Steve's slick cock.

"Uuuh, I'm totally fucked," Jenny laughed, rolling to oneside.

"Not fucked enough though," Robert said, "Me and Steve will be hard again soon, you girls are gonna get another good shafting."

"Goody," Melanie said, and she kissed both her father and Steve in turn.

Jenny sucked on her father's prick, tasting sperm and her own pooh on it, savoring the flavor as she slurped deeply on the prick that was quickly getting hard again. Melanie followed her friend's example, sucking off her father, Steve gently holding Melanie's head in his hands as she gave him head. She was very good at this, though that was to be expected. They'd all lost count of how many times in the last week the girls had been fucked in their cunts, arses and mouths. Yet they were still gagging for more!

"Well kids," Robert said, his dick erect in his daughter's mouth, "Any more good ideas on what we can do? You little rascals seem to be full of ideas."

"I've got one," said Jenny, taking her father's penis from her mouth and grinning, "How about a bit of pissing!"

"Watersports?" quizzed Robert.

"Is that what it's called?" Jenny said, "Oh well, no matter. Either way, we should do it. Me and Melanie did the other day, we forget to tell you."

"Yeah, it was cool," laughed Melanie, having taken her dad's dick from her lips, "It was when you two guys were at work. We went up to the bathroom and I lay in the bath and Jenny pissed all over me whilst I frigged my cunt! It was nice, I came! Then Jenny lay back and masturbated herself to orgasm whilst I pissed all over her!"

"Wow, what a sight that must have been," laughed Robert, proud of Melanie and his daughter's activities.

"We really need to get a camcorder," said Steve, "then we can film our fun!"

"Well, let's have some watersports now daddy," Jenny said, standing up, "I need a piss."

"Me too," said Melanie.

"Okay, you girls can piss on us then," Steve said.

Robert got up and fetched a big thick red blanket from the cupboard under the stairs. "This'll protect the carpet," he said, laying the blanket down in front of the fireplace. As always, the drapes were shut, the lights burning brightly, their actions hidden from the obvlivious suburban neighborhood outside.

"You men lay down and we'll piss on you," Jenny said, casually.

"I've an idea," Robert said as he and Steve lay on their backs on the red blanket, side-by-side, "If you girls squat over us, you can take our dicks in your butts whilst you urinate."

"Nice touch dad," Jenny grinned. She got astride her father's pelvis and lowered herself, Robert holding his prick upright. Jenny guided herself carefully until she felt her dad's cock-head nudge her asshole. Squatting, she impaled her butt on her dad's dick, taking half of the nine-inch organ into her anus, her sphincter taut round the thick shaft.

Melanie copied her friend, squatting over her dad and taking a good few inches of Steve's cock into her anus.

"Let's shower our daddies!" grinned Jenny at her friend.

She relaxed her bladder and soon, from her bald slit, her piss flowed. It streamed out, warm and golden, splashing over Robert's firm chest and torso, and though the twenty-seven year old father hadn't ever given watersports much thought, he found it so arousing to be participating in such a wildly kinky act - being urinated all over. On top of that, of course, was the fact that it was his own pre-teen daughter, who's arse his cock was partially shoved up in the process.

Steve was soon showered in piss too, Melanie sending a stream of urine from her cunt all over her dad's torso, her asshole still accommodating her father's hard cock which pulsed thickly as he became more aroused by this act. He grinned, enjoying himself as his daughter showered him with piss.

The flows finally stopped, the girls standing up, their father's cocks slipping out their arseholes. Robert and Steve sat up, drenched in piss and grinning.

"You gotta piss on us next," Jenny insisted.

"Not while we're hard," Robert said to his daughter, patting her bum, "It's impossible for a guy to piss when he's erect, so wait until we blow our nuts, then we'll piss over you too."

"Sounds good to me," Melanie said, "Time for more fucking! Let's get our dads to cum soon so they can piss on us!"

Melanie got on her hands and knees on the red blanket, her arse in the air. Her father got behind her, Steve pushing his prick up into her cunt and fucking her doggy-style.

Jenny also got on her hands and knees, arse in the air, and Robert knelt behind his daughter and pushed his dick into her twat. The two father's fucked their daughters from behind steadily, still wet with piss, both pushing a finger or two into their daughter's arseholes. Melanie and Jenny both loved that, being anally-fingered whilst their daddy's dicks pumped their tight twats. Soon they were cumming hard, urging their fathers to fuck them harder.

"I'm gonna shoot soon," Robert announced shortly, fucking Jenny hard.

"Gimme a facial dad!" said Jenny.

"Whatever you say honey."

"I want one too," Melanie said over her shoulder.

Both men tugged their dicks from their daughter's arses, and the girls knelt up.

"Let's share," said Melanie, and she shuffled over to Jenny and they hugged each other, their faces together, cheeks touching.

"Come on us in turn you two," Jenny said to her father and Steve.

"I'll go first," said Robert, "I'm on the brink!"

He stepped up to the little girls and masturbated, his prick level with their expecting faces. His sperm erupted, his fist pumping madly, the thick shower of sticky semen splattering into Jenny and Melanie's faces. Ensuring his daughter and her friend got an equal coating, Robert moved his dick from side-to-side, firing out big wads of cum over the girl's. When he was finished he moved aside and Steve stepped up, wanking his cock. He spurted his semen all over the girls, and like Robert he shot his semen over both girls, giving them an equal share of his thick gouts of fuck-sauce.

The two men stood back, their pricks limp, feeling the need to piss. Melanie and Jenny moved apart, kneeling up away from each other with nothing on their minds other than getting pissed on.

"I'll do your daughter," Steve said to Robert, "She's nearest."

"Fine by me," Robert grinned. He stepped up to Melanie and pointed his flaccid - though still fairly impressive in size - cock at the girl's face. His own daughter, Jenny, watched as Steve stepped up to her, holding his cock out. He began pissing first, showering Jenny in urine, hosing the cum from her face. Jenny frigged her cunt and soon climaxed in the lovely golden shower, tilting her head one moment so her hair was dampened by the piss-flow, then tilting her head back with her mouth open and eyes closed, the stream of urine spraying over her face and into her mouth. She gulped down the piss she caught in her mouth, loving the taste! It was just as nice as Melanie's had tasted the other day.

Just then Robert began to piss, the stream raining down over Melanie's cum-slathered face and in her hair. She loved it too, fingering her cunt with one hand and her asshole with the other, two fingers up each orifice. The golden stream ran over her naked body and she climaxed whilst her friend's father emptied his bladder over her.

Finally, it was over, and the guys knelt down, tired.

"That was cool," Melanie grinned.

"Yeah," Jenny agreed, leaning over and kissing her friend, "We all need real showers now!"

So, Steve and his daughter went upstairs and showered, sponging each other down before drying and dressing. Robert and Jenny going up next. With the four of them sparkling clean and dressed, they decided to indulge in some more innocent activity, and went off to the movies together, then for a meal.

That evening, after the four of them had returned to Robert's house, they all gathered in the living room. Without any instructions, the two men and two pre-teen girls began undressing, clothes slung over the back of the sofa until they were all stark naked.

"I'm in the mood for some butt-fucking," Melanie said, very casually for a girl of ten.

"I'll do the honors," said Robert, "If that's okay with your daddy."

"Go for it," smiled Steve, stroking his erect dick, "I'll fuck your daughter in the meantime."

Melanie got on her hands and knees on the floor, her cute arse thrust in the air, her pink asshole winking between her smooth little buttocks and begging for attention. Robert got down on his knees behind the child and fell to licking her arse, slurping deeply between her cheeks and rolling his tongue over her puckered pink hole.

"Mmm, that's nice," Melanie giggled, "I love having my arse licked! I love having my asshole licked before it's fucked! Fucked hard with a big cock! That's so nice Robert, lick my arse good!"

Robert did so, pushing his tongue into the child's rectum, running his tongue over her clammy rectal walls. He took out his tongue briefly and Melanie blew a small fart into his face, the girl giggling childishly, Robert also smirking before he resumed licking Melanie's arse.

"I want arse-fucking," Jenny declared, the naked eight year old getting onto the sofa and hooking her hands behind her knees, pulling her legs apart and up so that her knees were against her flat chest, her cute arse thrust out over the edge of the sofa.

"You'll want an arse-licking too no doubt," Steve said, and he got down in front of Jenny and started lapping at her asshole with his wet tongue.

"Ooooh, I like that," purred Jenny, "Mmmm!"

Steve slurped at Jenny's little asshole, sliding his tongue and a forefinger or two into that tight hole until it was nice and loose.

"Fart in my face honey," Steve said, and Jenny giggled before wincing. She blew out a high-pitched little burst of wind from her arse and giggled loudly. "Farting is funny," she laughed, and blew another one into her friend's dad's face. Steve smirked and gave the child's bum a final lick before he knelt up and pressed his cock-head to her anus.

"Ready sweetheart?" he said to Jenny.

"Yeah, ram it up my butt," begged the girl.

Steve began to push, his mushroom-shaped cock-head shoving up against the entrance to Jenny's rectum. There was some resistence, naturally, but soon his dick began to slide in, Jenny egging her friend's daddy on, saying "Shove it all up me Steve, cram it up my bum!"

With a few more heaves, Steve had fully wedged his long shaft up into the girl's asshole, and both he and Jenny grinned at each other. Steve slid half his cock out of Jenny's arse then slammed forwards, repeating this and making the blonde girl pant lustily like a slut.

"Fuck my arse, fuck it! Oooh, I love being buggered! UUUUH! Fuck me, fuck my arse just as hard as my daddy does!"

Her own daddy - Robert - was busy on the floor, sinking his tool into Melanie's asshole. The pre-teen brunette was thrusting her arse back onto the big pole invading her rectum, eager to get the discomfort of the initial entry over with so that, as always, the discomfort would transform into pleasure. That soon happened, Melanie visibly shaking with pleasure as the last inch of Robert's long cock slithered up into her colon.

"Uuuuh, fuck," she wailed, "Oh, fuck yeah"

"Is that nice?" grinned Robert, arse fucking the child with deep, slow strokes, "Do you like being arse-fucked kid?"

"UUUUH! I love it, yeah! Yeah! I love it! Mmmm! Yeah, fuck my bum!"

Robert buggered the girl steadily, holding her narrow hips and watching his big organ alternately appear and dissapear from the tight pink hole he was shafting. Nearby, Steve had Jenny's skinny little legs hooked over his shoulders as he shafted the girl's arse, ramming his penis hard into her rectum, knowing damn well that Jenny loved being fucked anally hard.

"Fuck me Steve, fuck my arse! OOOOH! I love it, I love being fucked in my arse!" the eight year old slut cried.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum soon," announced Steve, "Hey Rob? Fancy switching and cumming in our own child's arses?"

"I'm not fussed," Robert said, humping Melanie's arse hard, "But then, variety is the spice of life! Okay, let's switch."

He tugged his hard, soiled member from Melanie's asshole, the kid's sphincter hanging open once it was vacated. Similarly, Steve eased his pole from jenny's asshole, and the men switched positions.

Soon, Jenny's spread legs were hooked over her father's shoulders as he bum-fucked her. On the floor meanwhile, Steve lovingly stroked Melanie's behind. He loved fucking Jenny but, like Robert, he was loyal to his own flesh and blood, and the father stroked his ten year old daughter's cute round buttocks, utterly bessotted with her behind. Then he knelt up, his daughter bracing herself as her father slowly but firmly shoved his hard shaft deep into her rectum. Gripping Melanie's shoulders, Steve fucked his daughter's butt hard, Melanie urging her daddy on with wild cries. For a full fifteen-minutes the fathers sodomized their little girls, the children urging them on the bugger them harder.

"Fuck my arse daddy," Melanie panted with her head resting to oneside on the floor, "Ram it up my arse, I love it, I love being buggered so much! UUUUH!"

"Yeah, yeah honey," Steve grunted, ramming his cock hard into his little girl's rectum, "Uuuh, take it in your arse honey, fuck!"

"Fuck me daddy, I love it!! I love being buggered by you, aaaah!"

"I'm gonna fuckin' cum," gasped Steve, and he slammed his dick right up into Melanie's tight rectal passage and shot his load, almost fainting with the strength of his orgasm, bucket's of semen blasting from his prick into his daughter's intestines, Melanie pushing her arse back to ensure all her father's shaft was in her arse whilst he emptied his balls.

"Shoot it all up me daddy, mix your spunk with my pooh!" she cried.

"Uuuuh, what a fucking climax!" gasped her father, ejecting that last of his cream into Melanie's bowels

"Here it is Jenny," cried Robert nearby, and he slammed his cock up into his daughter's bum and shot his load. He hunched over the girl, father and daughter kissing lewdly with tongues whilst Robert's prick ejected thick gouts of spunk up into his daughter's shit-chute. Finally, he finished cumming and took his lips from his daughter's.

"What a great fuck daddy," Jenny grinned.

"It sure was," Robert smiled, and he kissed his little girl once more before finally sliding his wilting cock from her cum-leaking asshole.

On the floor, Steve finally withdrew from Melanie's arse and allowed the exhausted, sweaty but very happy child to fall forwards, out of breath and with intestines full of spunk.

Robert and Steve both grabbed a bottle of beer each and drank them whilst sitting back on the floor, tired, their dicks wilting and smeared in sperm and both girl's shit. Jenny and Melanie went over to each other and loving kissed and stroked each other, frigging their cunts for a few minutes, before they turned to their dads. Jenny sucked her father's prick whilst Melanie gave the same treatment to her dad, their spunk-leaking bottoms high in the air as they bent over and gave their father's head.

"What more could a guy want," smirked Steve, "than a beer and a blow-job from his own daughter."

"Too right," nodded Steve, smiling, then guzzled more of his Budweiser whilst Melanie sucked noisily on his prick, slowly bringing that impressive organ back to life. Steve reached behind the girl and shoved two fingers up her dilated anus and pumped the digits in and out, spurring the girl to suck him harder. Robert took inspiration from this and fingered Jenny's arse whilst she fellated him, managing to cram three fingers up her bum-hole, which was nice and loose thanks to the prolonged and intense shafting it had received. In doing so he displaced plenty of his own semen which leaked out and ran down Jenny's inner-thighs. All the while, the blonde child sucked on her father's dick and soon had it freshly erect.

"What now?" Melanie asked, taking her own father's newly stiff dick from her mouth.

"A sixty-nine" grinned her father.

"Then some double-penetration," suggested Jenny.

"What about double-anal?" Melanie grinned.

"No, we attempted that yesterday," her father said, "You know you're too delicate for two cocks in your arse at the same time! You girls stop being so greedy and take 'em one at a time up your arseholes."

"What about Melanie and me have a sixty-nine," suggested Jenny, "whilst you guys fuck our bums in the meantime?"

"I fancy some cunt-fucking," said Robert, "You're arseholes are fine girlies, but I wouldn't mind fucking your pussies for a bit."

"My asshole can't get enough cock!" his daughter, Jenny, insisted.

"My cock can't get enough of your arseholes," said Steve.

"I'd like a facial," Melanie chipped in, "A really sticky, slimy one! I just love spunk spraying over me!"

"There's always watersports too," Robert said, guzzling down the rest of his beer.

"That's an idea," Jenny said.

"I think we're going to have to take a vote on this," smirked Steve, "We can't do everything at once!"

"Hey," grinned Jenny, "We've got all week...all summer! We can do everything, and then some!"

Robert and Steve smiled at each other, just hoping that they'd be able to keep up with the cock-hungry sluts they'd bought into this world!