Saucy Sue

(Incest - mother/son, anal, oral, teen, big breasts, WS)

Chapter One

"Are you off out honey?" Susan asked her teenaged son, Ricky, as she saw him coming downstairs and putting on his coat.

"Yeah, just to post a letter," Ricky replied. He was carrying an envelope.

"It's cold out there," Susan told him, "Just leave your letter near the door and I'll post it on my way to work tomorrow.

"No, no it's okay," Ricky said, "I'll do it."

Susan noted, with some amusement, that the boy seemed to be rather defensive, as if he didn't want his dear old mum to get her hands on his letter. In fact she couldn't remember him ever writing and posting letters. She was suddenly curious as to what it was, but she decided not to tease him by asking what it was.

"Well, fasten up your coat sweetie," she told Ricky, "It's cold out there."

"Sure mum."

"Are you using the post-box near the shop?"

"Yeah. Do you want something from there?"

"Get some milk for me darling."

"Will do. Bye mum."

Ricky strolled off to the front door and left the house. The door was only open briefly but Susan shivered as she felt the icy chill from outdoors. It was a freezing cold Sunday afternoon in early January. The whole of the suburban street Susan and Ricky lived down was white with the frost that still lingered stubbornly from that morning, the entire neighbourhood looking as if it had been dusted with icing sugar.

Susan checked the central heating was on then cleaned the dishes in the kitchen. Susan was aged thirty-seven, fairly tall at five-foot-eight, average build with nice curves, heavy breasts currently sitting snug in a white pullover, her child-bearing hips and round curvey bottom hugged by a black skirt. She had long straight blonde hair that almost reached her waist, and although her face was fairly plain it was pretty, honest and frequently smiling. She had alert crystal blue eyes. Susan had been divorced for more than a decade now. It had fortunately been a fairly amicable split, her and her ex-husband having married when they were both just twenty when they discovered Susan was pregnant with Ricky, their only child. They had grown apart rapidly and split up to start new lives. Whilst her ex had moved abroad and remarried, Susan had remained in the house and raised Ricky, but apart from a few casual relationships in the years after the divorce she'd not had time to really get into another serious relationship. Susan was beginning to think it was time for another relationship. Ricky was seventeen now, fairly independent and doing well at school, and she figured he would be mature enough to know his mummy needed some companionship.

Or, to be more honest, she needed fucking!

Susan's libido was running sky-high at the moment. She didn't know why. Maybe it was just because she was approaching forty. Either way, she felt considerably horny nearly all the time.

After finishing the dishes, she went upstairs, deciding that she should get any clothes from Ricky's room that needed washing. Her son was a good boy but like most teenagers he was not very domesticated, and seemingly allergic to the laundry basket, instead leaving his clothes lying around his room until Susan ventured in to collect them.

She went into his bedroom, her mind idly wondering what it was her son had been off to post. Maybe it was a love letter? He'd had a few casual girlfriends, but none that she knew of at the moment. As she collected a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans from the floor of her son's cluttered room, she decided she would check his secret box. It wasn't really a secret box, as Susan knew about it. She'd discovered it under his bed a a year ago, just a plain black card box designed to hold documents. When she'd first opened it, it had contained three pornographic magazines. Susan had been amused; her son was a teenaged boy, after all, and it was only natural he'd be interested in ladies. Nude ones at that. Every so often, she had checked the box and seen new porn magazines added, old ones disappear. She wasn't sure why, but she felt excited at discovering these things, obviously aware the boy jacked off over this naughty publications.

Right now, she put the clothes on the chair sat in front of a desk with a computer on it, and went and retrieved the secret box. She opened it, and felt the tingle of excitement all snoopers get when they believed they've found a special secret. A part of her had thought that clues as to what Ricky had been off to post would be in here, and she appeared to have been right. There were half a dozen porno mags in the box, but on top of them was a magazine named Adult Sex Contacts and, more excitingly, there appeared to be a piece of paper inside the magazine. Susan opened it and took the paper out. It was a simple letter, written and printed off from the computer. It read:

Dear Sirs:

I would like to place an advert in your magazine under the London region of the "Men Seeking Women" section.

My listing reads:

Young man, tall, slim and handsome, nine-inch cock, seeks uninhibited mature lady (30 to 45) for no-strings attached fun. Cannot accomodate but can travel.

I enclose a cheque for the appropriate sum.

Yours faithfully,

Ricky White

The letter had "Copy" scribbled at the top. Clearly, this was a draft of a letter he was off to post right now. No wonder he had been a bit defensive about it!

Susan smiled to herself, feeling really excited at this discovery, that her seventeen-year-old son was placing an advert in a contact mag for an older woman to get his end away. She also felt horny. She often did anyway these days but she really felt excited, somehow turned on at the thought of her darling boy on the hunt for a MILF to bang!

She put the letter back in the contact magazine and put it and then the box safely away. Still feeling excited, she collected her son's clothes and placed them in the laundry basket. She felt very distracted by her discovery. Her nipples were stiffening. She went to her bedroom and removed her clothes, then lay back naked on the bed. Idly, she fingered her furry cunt and found it sopping wet. She herself had considered putting an ad in a contact magazine a few times, liking the idea of finding a nice young man for a bit of "no-strings attached fun." But she'd dared not do so, partly worried in case she encountered some dangerous nutter, but also not keen on the idea of Ricky find out. She knew the boy was probably mature enough to handle it if she maybe had a boyfriend, but she didn't think he would be comfortable if he found out his mother was hooking up with random guys from contact magazines just for sex. But maybe he would? After all, he was using contact magazines, why couldn't she? They could do it together, both trawling for sex through anonymous contact mags! She felt amused at the idea.

Suddenly, she paused her frigging. Her big blue eyes widened as she lay there, struck by a very, very naughty thought.

What if she replied to her son's advert? She fit the description of what he was after; uninhibited, mature, eager for some wild wanton sex without the hassle of a relatinship. And Ricky fit the description of what she was after; a horny and well-endowed young man! She put the thought aside. No, that would be outrageously perverse. turned her on. She resumed fingering her hot and steamy cunt, the dark nipples atop her big heavy breasts rock hard, her body tingling with perverse desire as she imagined corresponding anonymously with her son, meeting up with him, revealing who she was and then happily humping him! It was sordid and naughty...but that was why the idea of it was so arousing.

As she lay sprawled naked on her big double bed, Susan fingered herself to a good orgasm, bucking her big bum off the bed as she urgently fucked her two fingers, stuffing the digits to the knuckle in her cunt. She gave a long and lewd moan as her climax ran down her body, her mind filled with naughty ideas of fucking her own son with what he claimed to be his nine-inch cock!

Just then, she heard the front door open and then shut downstairs. Ricky was back.

Susan hopped off the bed and quickly dressed in her jumper and skirt, hearing Ricky coming up the stairs as she did so. This was not the first time she had been frigging herself only to be obliged to hurridly dress when Ricky came home. She knew, sometimes, that when she came home that Ricky had been jacking off, as she would hear him scamper about his room for his clothes and then appear not long afterwards, looking dishevelled and trying to appear all innocent.

Fully dressed but looking a bit dishevelled herself, Susan left her room and saw Ricky just emerge at the top of the stairs. The seventeen-year-old was, as his advert had boasted, tall, slim and handsome. He was five-foot-ten, lean with broad shoulders, and a young boyish face; dark eyebrows, deep brown eyes and a cheeky smile. He had short black hair and was dressed casually in jeans and a black jumper.

"Hi son," Susan smirked, looking at her boy in a different light after discovering what he was up to with regards to the contact magazine.

"Hi mum," the boy replied, looking all innocent, "It's freezing out there."

"Well, it is January. Did you get the milk?"

"Yeah, it's in the fridge."

"Great. I'll make us a cup of tea."

"Okay mum."

Ricky went into his bedroom and Susan strolled downstairs, idly wiping her cunt-juice slathered fingers on her skirt. She still felt horny.

Young man, tall, slim and handsome, nine-inch cock, seeks mature lady (30 to 45) for no-strings attached fun. Cannot accomodate but can travel.

There it was. In printed ink, amidst a crowd of other adverts in the London pages of the "Men Seeking Women" section in the Adult Sex Contact magazine.

Ricky admired his listing. He wasn't sure whether this was going to work, as he knew men looking for no-strings attached sex heavily outnumbered women. But he hoped one woman would perhaps reply. He wondered whether it was a mistake to have have specified a mature woman; it would have giving him a greater chance of getting a reply if he'd just left it open for any woman of any age. But then, he really did like the idea of an older lady. He wasn't sure why, but the idea of humping a woman in her thirties or forties turned him on more than the thought of fucking a girl his own age. Not that he would have turned down the offer of a fuck with a girl his own age of course. But then, none had actually offered. He'd had a few girlfriends, kissed them all, felt the tits of one of them and even had a blow-job off of one (although she hadn't really been a girlfriend, just the chubby twenty-year-old big sister of a friend of his who'd drunkenly sucked him off at a party.) Otherwise, he was still a virgin.

He had picked up the magazine in town on the Saturday mornining it was out, ducking into a sex-shop that he knew did not ask for ID so long as you at least looked like you might be over eighteen. He looked at his entry as he sat on the bed. He had considered writing to some of the women advertising in the mag but figured they would all get loads of replies. It would be easier, he thought, to let them write to him. He knew it was unlikely there would be loads of women responding, but as long as one did, that was all that mattered. One mature babe who wanted a good fuck was all he wanted and all he needed.

In his room, with his mother out shopping, Ricky put the magazine into his secret box under his bed. Then he stripped naked, flicked on his computer and opened up a porn movie he had downloaded recently, one featuring a mature blonde bitch with big tits getting gang-banged by a dozen guys. He jacked off as he watched it, shooting his load at the same time the woman in the movie was getting fucked up the arse whilst two guys wanked all over her face and utterly creamed her.

Ricky really hoped he would get lucky and have a chance to indulge in such antics for real with a hot mature babe.

Young man, tall, slim and handsome, nine-inch cock, seeks mature lady (30 to 45) for no-strings attached fun. Cannot accomodate but can travel.

There it was. In printed ink, amidst a crowd of other adverts in the London pages of the "Men Seeking Women" section in the Adult Sex Contact magazine.

Susan had gone to the same sex-shop Ricky had been to that morning, just ten-minutes after the boy had gone in. She'd dropped him off in town, Ricky saying that he would make his own way back, and she had secretly followed him.

Now she sat in the car in a multi-storey car park, and had found her son's advert after flicking through the magazine. She felt incredibly horny and even rather nervous. She had butterflies in her belly. For the last two-weeks, whilst waiting for the magazine to come out, she had constantly imagined fucking Ricky. It turned her on so much, not despite the fact that it was a naughty and perverse idea, but because it was a naughty and perverse idea.

Susan put the magazine into her large handbag and then reached into the brown paper bag from the sex shop. She had made another purchase from the store, impulsively buying vibrator. She had a dildo already, secretly stashed at the back of her underwear drawer. She now had a nice new vibrator to go with it, nine-inches in length, the same size as her son's cock (according to his boast anyway) and made of sleek silver chrome. Susan put it in her handbag after admiring it for a moment, started the car and drove off.

An hour later, Susan was in her bedroom, Ricky having gone out round to a friend's house.

The busty blonde mother stripped naked and had a long shower, soaping up her big swinging boobs and her curvey bum-cheeks, rubbing herself all over and feeling highly frisky. She still felt nervous, but it was a nervous excitement. After her shower, she was going to write to her son. On the drive home she had pondered whether to go through with this plan and eventually decided that she would. She had thought about it so much she would have never forgiven herself if she had skipped the chance to go ahead with it. She would have always wondered whether it would have worked and probably have felt jealous if another woman replied and got to fuck her beautiful son.

Success was not guaranteed of course. Ricky could very well freak out if he got to meet a lustful woman up for a fuck and found out it was his own mother. Susan new she was reasonably good looking for a mature babe, and certainly knew she would fit what her boy was looking for, but that didn't mean he'd be willing to fuck her. Still, she knew she should just go for it.

After getting out the shower, Susan dried off but did not bother dressing. Naked and with a healthy glow about her, she went into her bedroom and sat at her desk, on which sat her laptop. She booted the computer up then flicked through the contact magazine. To reply to an ad, you just had to send a cheque for a small sum and it would be forwarded on to who you were responding too. She already figured she would give an e-mail address, as corresponding by post would obviously be out of the question. She had decided to print the letter out too, as she knew Ricky was familiar with her handwriting.

Susan was soon typing away, having drafted her letter mentally over the last couple of weeks. She had decided that, apart from not mentioning who she was, she would be completely honest in her letters.

Hi there!

I am responding to your letter in the Adult Sex Contacts magazine. It caught my eye immediately! Especially the bit about a nine-inch cock! Oh boy, that sounds like a cock I could enjoy getting to know. I haven't ever responded to an ad in a contact magazine so I really know how to do all this, but here goes.

By the way, you can call me Saucy Sue. And I am very saucy indeed!

I'm sure you want to know a bit more about me of course. I am 37-years-old, 5-foot-7 in height, average build with lovely curves, long blonde hair and blue eyes. I have large boobs, 35DD in size, a furry cunt and a nice round arse. I have been divorced for ages and haven't had a good fuck in a long while. I really want a nice young toyboy. I have had so many rude fantasies in recent years. I think of sex all the time and frequently finger my cunt in bed. Sometimes I get down and dirty with my big dildo and push it into my cunt or my arse!

I love all sorts of sex. When I was younger, I had lots of hot sex with my (now ex) husband and a few boyfriends. Basic cunt-fucking is great but I also love all sorts of other more advanced and kinky stuff. I love oral, both giving and receiving, and I love attention to my tits. I love having them fondled, squeezed and sucked, and I love being tit-fucked. It's wonderful having sperm sprayed all over my jugs.

I love the idea of facials too. I've never had one before but I've always dreamed of having a horny stud empty his balls all over my face and absolutely slime me with sperm. Yum yum! :)

I love anal-sex too. There is really nothing that gives me more pleasure than the feeling of a great big cock - the bigger the better! - pushing deep into my rectum and filling my bowels with hot lovely cum. I love to be fucked in my shithole.

I feel a bit nervous writing all this down, telling a stranger such intimate details. I also feel horny!

So, tell me more about yourself. How old are you? How tall are you? What would you like to do with me should we ever meet up? And what can I call you?

You can contact me at my e-mail address at the top of this letter. I think e-mailing each other would be best, it's quicker than snail-mail.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Saucy Sue

Susan had wondered what to call herself before deciding on "Saucy Sue". Of course, it was a bit blatant, actually using her real first name (most of her friends called her "Sue" rather than "Susan") but she figured that it was a nice big clue as to her real identity. Besides, there were loads of Sues out there, and it would not occur to Ricky, surely, that his reply might be from his own mother.

Susan proof-read the letter then hooked it up to her printer and printed it out. She wrote the cheque to go with it, put it in an envelope addressed to the contact magazine with the reference number on it, and then hurridly dressed and went out to post it. She was worried that she might change her mind and felt relief when she slipped it into the post-box. There was no going back now!

Four-days later, on Wednesday, the letter arrived. Susan left for work at nine o'clock, after Ricky had gone to school. She was about to leave the house when the post arrived.

There was just the one letter, addressed to "Mr Ricky White", the name and address printed out onto a label and stuck to the envelope. The boy rarely got any official looking letters and this, clearly, was the one Susan had written, now forwarded on by the contact magazine. Just to be sure, Susan decided to be late for work and steamed the envelope open. She took out the letter and, indeed, it was her's. She had been worried for a moment it might been from another woman. She didn't want any competition! Putting the letter carefully back into the envelope, Susan sealed it up and put it on the coffee table before leaving the house.

At seven o'clock that evening, Ricky was on his third wank since getting home and getting the letter, which he had eagerly opened in his bedroom. He'd sprung an instant hard-on, and with his mother out round a friend's house for the evening (purposefully, to give her son some privacy with the letter) he had jacked off almost constantly whislt reading and re-reading the letter.

He felt so excited and horny. He'd honestly thought it more than likely that he would get no responses and could scarcely believe how lucky he'd been, not just getting a response but one from such a filthy and lewd woman. She sounded perfect! Any woman would have done really, but this hot bitch was the right age and sounded fantastic.

"Average build with lovely curves." Wow!

"Large boobs." Fantastic!

"A nice round arse...I love anal-sex...I love to be fucked in my shithole." Pure heaven!

Ricky had found the mature slut of his dreams.

Halfway through his third wank, he decided not to shoot his load just yet and reply immediately. It had occured to him that he perhaps should leave it a day or two, so as to not appear too eager, but then decided to sod that idea. He was eager. Plus this woman, for all he knew, could have written to a few other guys in the contact mag. He wanted to get in first! He wanted this mature babe!

He turned on his computer, set up a Hotmail account, and composed an e-mail to this "Saucy Sue".

Hi Saucy Sue;

Thank you for your letter, it really turned me on.

Wow, you sound really hot, just the sort of nice mature babe I would like to hook up with.

To answer your question about how old I am, I am aged 17. That's not too young for you is it?

I'm 5-foot-10, slim and I have short black hair and dark eyes. My cock is nine-inches in length; that's not a boast, I could take a webcam pic if you'd like.

As for what I'd like to do with you? Well, I must confess, I haven't had sex before, just a blow job from some drunken woman at a party. But I'm a fast learner! I'd like to do all sorts with you. I'd love to play with your tits and suck them, then fuck your hot furry cunt before flipping you over and pushing my big cock into your arse. Then I'd like to perhaps spunk up on your lovely boobs or maybe your face. As a teenaged boy, I get stiff again after shooting my load within minutes, and before you'd recovered from my first fucking I'd fuck you all over again.

Incidentally, I've never done this before either, but I guess the way to do it is to just be honest, talk about sexual fantasies and stuff, and then (hopefully!) meet up and put them into action.

I'm really getting horny writing this. My cock is really hard even though I've already jacked off twice to your letter. I'm to have another wank now and I'm going to fantasies about fucking you!

Would you like me to send a webcam shot of my dick? I would like to see a picture of you as well, although I understand if you're not keen right now. You don't have to show your face. I would love to see your hot body.

All the best for now.


He wasn't bothered about putting his real name down. It wasn't likely, after all, that this woman was going to be one who would know him.

Ricky hit the Reply button then sat back on his bed, feeling so horny and excited. He desperately hoped Saucy Sue would want to meet up and fuck. She sounded great.

He put on a porno film on his computer, another MILF one featuring a busty brunette in her forties wearing sexy lingerie and being fucked deep and hard in her cunt by a guy in his twenties. Ricky jacked off watching it, imagining that that was him fucking Saucy Sue. He blew his nuts soon enough, although when he went to bed a few hours later he had to wank off twice more.

Susan read the e-mail from Ricky that night.

Her son was in bed and she was sitting on her own bed, dressed in just a pair of lacy white knickers and a bra. In front of her was the laptop. She was logged in to her e-mail account and the screen displayed the lovely, lewd message from her son. She felt incredibly horny as she read and re-read it. Although keen on replying right away, she decided to leave it until the morning. She would have loved things to have moved quickly, perhaps even suggesting they meet up on Saturday, just a few days away, but figured that it would be best to wait. She could not be certain Ricky would be up for fucking her when she revealed who she was, so she decided that if she teased him for a few weeks, really dragged it out, sending him hot pictures of her tits and her cunt and basically driving him wild, it would be more likely that Ricky's horniness would overcome any reluctance he would have to fuck his own mum when he finally found out who exactly "Saucy Sue" was.

The following morning, after Ricky had gone to school, Susan replied to him, sitting at her laptop in her room and sipping a coffee.

Hello Ricky;

It's nice to have a name for you. And 17 isn't too young either, it's just right. I feel so lucky, to have a very horny lad 20-years my junior wanting to fuck me! You really won't regret ever encountering me honey, I can teach you all sorts of mind-blowing things, and I'm sure a randy boy like yourself can probably teach an experiences nympho slut like me some new tricks too!

Yes please, send me a picture of your cock. Please please! I would love to see it, I would love to see your big long nine-incher. I bet it's beautiful.

I can send you a picture or two of me as well in return. Would you like to see my cunt and my arse? Incidentally, I love the way you sound so rude and filthy. Naughty words turn me on! I liked your description of what you would do to me, namely suck my tits, fuck my cunt, fuck my arse and then shower me in spunk. Mmmmmmm! That sounds nice.

I hope we can meet up sometime. We can book a hotel nearby, anywhere in North-West London, then meet up for a night of fun. We should leave it a while though. We need to get to know each other, although we both certainly sound compatible! We're both looking for wild, lustful, unashamed adult fun.

I have to get going to work now. I hope you send a picture of your lovely hard cock soon. I can't wait!

Lots of love and lust;

Saucy Sue XXXXXX

Susan sent the e-mail off and headed to work, feeling horny.

That evening, Ricky felt a bit silly as he got ready to take a photo of his cock with his webcam. His mum was downstairs making dinner, and he hoped she wouldn't come in and find him snapping pictures of his privates!

He was naked and had sprung a hard-on as soon as he read the e-mail from Saucy Sue. He felt even hornier at the idea of sending pictures of his boner to a woman who was dying to see it.

Using his webcam, he eventually got a decent shot, one that caught his pelvis and stomach as he stood at a slight angle. His nine-inch prick stood up stiff and straight. He soon had it attached to a brief e-mail, in which he said he looked forward to seeing Saucy Sue's pics, and he fired it off. Then he had a nice wank over some pictures on the internet that he had found of a a busty mature blonde who vaguely fit the description Saucy Sue had given of herself. He couldn't wait to actually see her actual picture though. And in the flesh as well!

Susan saw the picture after checking her e-mail when she went to bed. She almost climaxed on the spot as she sat on her bed in her knickers and bra, gawping at the image on the laptop, a big full-colour jpeg of her son's enormous boner.

"Holy...shit!" she whispered to herself.

He certainly hadn't been idly boasting! It was clearly a nine-incher, bigger than any she'd ever had before. Even Ricky's dad had "only" had a seven-inch cock (although that had pleasured Susan well enough.)

After hurridly removing her underwear, Susan lay on her side and grabbed her new vibrator, and idly ran the buzzing instrument over her clit and her slick cunt-lips. As she did so, she stared and stared at the picture of Ricky great big tool, fantasising about licking and sucking it, wondering how good it would taste, and how good it would feel to have it pounding repeatedly into her snatch.

Soon she was imagining that big delicious dick squeezing up into her anus. Feeling her arsehole itch at this thought, she got up and retrieved her old dildo, a thick eight-inch pink one. She got some face-cream and slathered it up and down the plastic shaft. Then she squatted on the bed, facing the laptop and it's rude image, and worked the big greased dildo up her anus. It soon slotted up there. Keeping her moans to a minimum, just in case her son next door could hear her, Susan worked six whole inches of the dildo into her rectum and then, gripping it by the shaft, she began to work it up and down. It felt fantastic. Not as good as a real dick, but still fantastic. Balancing herself as she squatted there, anally masturbating with the pink sex-toy, she took the vibrator in her other hand and started easing it in and out of her slick wet cunt. She grit her teeth, feeling her whole body quivering as it rapidly worked towards a good orgasm. Finding it hard to balance as she grew more and more heated and horny, Susan lay on her back, legs raised and spread, her hands busy down there as she pumped her twat with the slim buzzing vibrator and ground the thick dildo up into her rectum. She moaned, bit her lip and then, as he climax began, turned her head and buried her face in the pillow, muffling her involuntary moans.

It took a moment for her orgasm to subside. It had been a good one, the best in ages, and it was primarily inspired by the sight of her son's dick. How many orgasms would she have when (or if) she got to have it rammed in her in the flesh. She couldn't wait! How she hoped her plan would work, that her son would quickly get over any shock when they met and got down to fucking her. She could only hope.

Susan put the vibrator and dildo away, turned the laptop off, and settled down to sleep. She couldn't wait to send pictures of herself to Ricky.

The following morning, Friday, Ricky and Susan had breakfast in the kitchen, both happily chatting away about what the day had in store for them at school and work. Susan noted that her son, whilst normally easy-going anyway, seemed particularly cheerful. He was in a really good mood and she knew why! Otherwise, Susan was curious to note that she could still chat happily with her son in an innocent fashion, despite the secret scheme she was putting in to effect.

Once Ricky had left for school (giving his mum a peck on the cheek before he left, which clearly indicated he was in a good mood, as he rarely did that) Susan called in work and made up some excuse about a doctor's appointment, and that she would be an hour or two late.

Then she went upstairs and went into Ricky's room, where she took his webcam. She went to her own room and soon had the webcam set up and installed on her laptop. It didn't take long to figure out how to use it, and she worked out the automatic function too, whereby she could set it to take a picture after a ten-second pause.

Susan stripped naked, and then was all ready to get on the bed to take photos of herself when she realised her son would recognize her bedroom! She laughed at her own silly mistake. Quickly, she removed the bedcovers so that just the white fitted sheet lay on the double-bed. Then she took watercolour landscape picture above the bed in case that crept in to shot. Finally, she positioned the webcam just right so that only the bed and some of the plain white wall was in shot. Perfect. An anoymous room.

She set the webcam up to take a photo in ten-seconds, then hopped on to the bed. She lay on her back, propped up on her elbows, and spread her legs wide. Soon she heard the little sound the laptop made to indicate the shot had been taken. She did not get up straight away though. As she'd been waiting for the picture to be taken she had felt hornier and hornier, incredibly aroused at taking a lewd shot of herself naked and legs apart, especially as she was going to be e-mailing this to her own son! Once the picture had been taken she urgently began frigging her cunt, now not needing to muffle her moans, instead groaning loudly and unashamedly as she masturbated herself. She soon frigged herself to an orgasm.

Sitting up, she saw that her cunt was dripping wet, the lips glistening and slick. She decided to take a second photograph of her lying back with her legs apart, knowing it would be far more horny for her cunt to be clearly hot and wet. Once that photo was done, she set the webcam to go off in another ten-seconds, then got back on the bed but this time on her knees and elbows, her big bare bum raised and pointing right at the camera. Once again she felt incredibly turned on at take such a rude and intimate photograph of herself.

Once that was done she viewed the two pictures. She was quite content with them. She did not have to do anything with the one of her showing her arse as her head was not in shot, only her bum and the backs of her thighs. With the one of her on her back, she had to use Photoshop to select her whole head and pixelate it, so that she was unrecognizable. Admittedly someone intimate with the sight of her bare body might identify her, but that did not include Ricky. Not yet!

Susan dressed and then attached the photos to an e-mail. In the message she wrote:


Holy shit that is a magnificant cock. Seriously! Beautiful, truly beautiful. It looks so big and so hard...I wish I was holding it right now so I could suck on it. Mmmmmm! I honestly frigged myself to an orgasm last night whilst looking at it on my laptop. I worked a vibrator up my cunt and a big dildo up my arse and I came so hard! I know that cock will give me many more orgasms if I can lay my hands (and cunt!) on it.

As promised, here are two pictures of me. One shows my from the front so you can see my nice big tits and my cunt. Do you see how wet my cunt looks? That's because I frigged myself again before I took it, I was so horny by taking pictures of myself naked to send to a lovely filthy young toyboy. I hope you like my tits and my cunt. I had to pixelate my face though, just for privacy right now. You never know who might get their hands on such photos! The second one shows my arse and I hope you like that one too.

Let me know what you think.


Saucy Sue XXX

She sent the e-mail and its attachments, put the webcam back in Ricky's room, then headed off to work with a naughty smile on her face.

When Susan got back from work the next day, Ricky was already home, and clearly her pictures had gone down well given that he was shut away in his room. In fact the boy only emerged for dinner before disappearing back into his room for the rest of the evening. She knew he was up there whacking off to her pictures.

That, indeed, is what he was doing. Six-times in six-hours he wanked himself off staring lustfully at the two photos of Saucy Sue that he had printed off.

She looked great. Fantastic. Just as he'd imagined her. Although he really would have been content to fuck any woman - tall, short, skinny, chubby, brunette, red-head, young, old - he really did have the hots for mature babes with a few curves. Since discovering internet porn a few years ago, he had long since grown bored of the many young women in movies and pictures. They were usually too skinny, had horrible tattoos and body piercings, their cunts were shaved, their tits were tiny (or big and plastic) and their arses often rather bony. No, what he liked were traditional looking women; not chubby but with a few curves, big natural tits, nice hairy cunts, round bottoms and no piercings or tattoos or such shit. He wasn't quite sure why but women in their thirties and forties turned him on a lot too.

This Saucy Sue was perfect! He wanked himself silly as he drank in the sights afforded by the two explicit photographs. The one of her from the front was great, showing her nice heavy breasts and her lovely wet furry twat. As Saucy Sue was propped up a bit on her elbows, her upper body slightly raised, there were a couple of folds across her belly, but that just turned Ricky on more, far more so than a scrawny flat stomach would have done. He liked women with just a bit of flesh on them. Nice curvacious and buxom babes!

The other picture was even better, a lovely explicit shot of Saucy Sue's lovely rump, showing her anus peaking out from between her round cheeks, her wet cunt hanging beneath it.

He had seen plenty of explicit pictures of women on the internet like these, but this was different, this was a woman who had taken these shots just for him! Plus he loved the e-mail message whereby she had showered his cock with compliments and alluded to her hope of getting fucked by it for real. He couldn't wait to meet up with her! He was going to have a fantastic time.

Late the following night, Susan read Ricky's e-mail response to her pictures. She was naked and fresh from a shower as she lay on her bed on her stomach, her excited face illuminated by the laptop that lay propped up on the pillow before her.

Saucy Sue;

You really are Saucy! Fucking hell I loved your pictures Saucy Sue. Absolutely gorgeous. You really do have a hot body, nice and delicious and curvey, just the way I like them. I have not time for anorexic bony young women with small tits and shaved cunts and things, I like delicious thirty-something babes like you with beautiful bodies, nice curves, big tits and hairy twats.

It still feels odd for me to write such explicit stuff to a woman but it feels odd in a good way!

Sorry I did not reply back yesterday evening, I was too busy wanking. Seriously I wanked off six-times in the evening. I already know every pixel of those two pictures you sent me.

Would you like another picture of my cock? I'm happy to oblige. If you like I could jack off and take a shot of me after spunking up.

Speak soon;

Ricky XX

Susan smiled as she read through the top paragraph again, her whole nude body tingling as she read how awed her own son was by her body. She was growing more confident that the boy would want to fuck her when they met up, even though she would be revealing herself as his mum, although obviously it was still not a certainty. It could still go wrong. The important thing was that she tease the boy some more, drag it out for a couple of weeks more at least until he was so desperate for a shag with "Saucy Sue" that he wouldn't give a fuck when he found out his rude pen-pal was his mother!

Susan turned the laptop off, switched out the lights and lay on top of her covers in the dark, masturbating her slippery twat with the vibrator as her mind swam around in a sea of sordid fantasies featuring her and Ricky in a hotel room, indulging in the most sordid of sex imaginable.

She waited until the following evening before replying to Ricky.

Ricky, I am so so glad you liked my pictures! I am not neurotic about my looks, I know I have a nice pair of tits and if my bum is a little big I don't care, as I know normal guys like a round bum more than a bony one, but nonetheless, when a woman is in her late-thirties like me, she can't help but occasionally worry guys might not lust after her as they once did twenty-years ago.

So I was so pleased to read your e-mail. I was worried you might just say I was "okay" or perhaps tell me I was "hot" to be polite, but I can sense how sincere and lustful you were in your message.

It turns me on so much when you tell me about wanking off. Especially the idea of you beating your meat six-times in one evening! And to my pictures too! OOOOOH YEAH! :) I feel so good knowing that a horny young man will masturbate half-a-dozen times in one evening at just a couple of photos of my naked body.

I masturbated myself last night too as well, I used my vibrator on my cunt as I lay in the dark and fantasised about fucking you. I'm sure we will fuck some day sweetie, in a few weeks. Let's get to know each other first. I want to know all about your naughty fantasies and I want to tell you all about mine.

Saucy Sue XXX

She hit the reply button then got dressed. She liked to be nude when reading or writing e-mails to Ricky. It was just after nine o'clock. Wearing casual clothes, she left her room and headed towards the bathroom, just in time to see Ricky coming out of his room, wearing jeans and a T-shirt and holding a dressing gown.

"Hi mum," he said, "You going to the bathroom?"

"Yeah," Susan replied, "Just for a shower."

"Oh. I was about to as well. It's okay, you go first mum."

"You go first honey."

"No, it's cool mum," her polite smiling son insisted, "You go. I don't mind."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Ladies first."

"You could hop in with me if you want," Susan impulsively added with a grin.

Ricky blushed, even though he knew (or, rather, thought he knew) his mum was joking.

"I suppose it would save on hot water," he smiled.

For a moment, Susan's heart leapt. Was he being serious? No, he wasn't. He's grinning like a cheeky rascal. Damn! Oh well.

"You go first mum, I'll go and watch TV," Ricky said, draping his dressing gown over the bannister.

"See you later," Susan smiled as her son walked downstairs.

She went into the bathroom, briefly wondering whether to leave the door slightly ajar in the hope of Ricky coming upstairs and spying her. Then she figured that that would be too blatant, so she shut and locked the door and undressed. Soon she was standing in the shower, naked and wet and soapy, rubbing her tits and fingering her cunt and whispering to herself.

"I want to fuck you Ricky," she murmered, dreamily, getting off on imagining telling her son this when they eventually met up, "I want your big cock in me. I want you to fuck my hot cunt and my tight arse. Don't worry that I'm your mother, just fuck me. Gimme all nine-inches motherfucker."

She fingered herself desperately as she whispered this under the jet of hot water from the shower, soon climaxing, her legs shaky and weak as she panted and groaned orgasmically.

Chapter Two

A week went by with more e-mails between them both, Susan and Ricky going about their normal business as mother and son with each but each sending and receiving sordid e-mails to each other almost daily, with only Susan aware of who exactly her correspondent was. They became even more intimate and informal with each other as their lewd correspondence entered its second week.

From: Ricky
To: Saucy Sue
Date: 19:33, Monday, 21 January 2007

Hi Saucy Sue;

You really don't have anything to worry about with regards to your body, like I said it's perfect. It turns me on so much. I can't stop wanking over your pictures they're brilliant!!!!

I like hearing about you masturbating yourself too. Tell me when you last did so. Did you use a vibrator? Tell me all!

Ricky XXX

From: Saucy Sue
To: Ricky
Date: 23:44, Monday, 21 January 2007

Hi Ricky.

It's late at night and I have just had a good session with my trusty vibrator AND my dildo. I have a long chrome vibrator and I used that on my cunt for a while, and then I took my dildo, which is almost as long and a lot thicker, and I pushed it deep up my arse. MMMM! :))) Fantastic. I was laying on my back naked, my legs in the air and spread, and I worked the vibrator into my wet cunt whilst at the same time I pushed the greased up dildo into my bum and pumped it back and forth. It felt great and I came hard!

I always think of you now when I finger and dildo-fuck myself. I was imagining the big dildo in my arse was your cock. I love to finger myself whilst laying on my side and staring at the photo you sent me of your great big rod! I imagine licking and sucking it and feeling it gush your hot sperm all over my face and boobs.

Tell me which picture of mine you like the most.


From: Ricky
To: Saucy Sue
Date: 22:20, Tuesday, 22 January 2007

Well Sue, I like both pictures of course, but I think I really get turned on the most by the lovely one of your arse.

You have a great arse and it's so horny to see that picture of it, seeing it raised and spread. I can see your horny arsehole in the picture and I imagine how great it would be to lick it, to run my tongue up and down your bum-crack then tongue your anus and then shove my dick up it. I hope I can get all my cock in your bum.

From: Suacy Sue
To: Ricky
Date: 18:44, Wednesday, 23 January 2007

Oooh, I'm sure you could get all your cock up my arse Ricky. We'll find out when we meet up sometime.

When you last had a wank whilst thinking of me, what did you imagine doing? Tell me everything you horny teen stud!

From: Ricky
To: Saucy Sue
Date: 21:30, Thursday, 24 January 2007

Well, I had a wank after I got home from school earlier and naturally I was imagining meet up with you and fucking you.

I fantasised about licking and sucking your tits for ages, then licking out your hot cunt before fucking you in the missionary position. In my head I was pounding your snatch with my rod whilst kissing your passionately and your big tits were squashed against my chest. Then I pulled out and lay back and then you rode me, bouncing on my dick with your tits jiggling about!! :)

In the end I imagined wanking all over your face and you slurped up loads of my cum.

Was that sordid enough?

From: Saucy Sue
To: Ricky
Date: 20:01, Friday, 25 January 2007

That was fucking sordid and fucking filthy Ricky...and it turned me on! I read your e-mail before I went to bed and I fingered my cunt as I lay there and played out your fantasy in my own head. I climaxed as I imagined you spunking up all over my face! Slurp! :))

I've never actually had a facial before, it's one of the few sexual activities I've not indulged in. I would love one though. I hope you can give me one someday.

From: Ricky
To: Saucy Sue
Date: 12:11, Saturday, 26 January 2007

I promise you lots of facials Saucy Sue. I can't wait to beat my meat and squirt a load of hot cum all over your face!

From: Suacy Sue
To: Ricky
Date: 19:23, Saturday, 26 January 2007

Sounds good! I'd like to have cum in my hair too, I think that would be great, having my hair all matted with sperm.

Incidentally Ricky, I'm just curious, what are your living arrangements? I'm assuming you still live with your parents.

From: Ricky
To: Saucy Sue
Date: 00:02, Sunday, 27 January 207

I live with my mum. She's divorced and has been single for ages. I'm an only child too. I have no idea what my mum would think if she found out I was corresponding with a hot and horny babe in her 30s and planning on meeting up for sex! She would probably go mad. Then again, she's quite laid back. For a mum anyway.

As Susan read the last e-mail on Sunday evening, she smiled to herself, amused at her son contemplating what she would say if she found out that he was corresponding with a mature slut on the internet...when she was that mature slut!

She wanted to know more about his attitude towards her. That is, her as his mum, not as Saucy Sue. Soon she forumlated a naughty plan in her mind. After turning the laptop off she got into bed.

The following morning, Susan woke up early and put on a lacy black bra and knickers and a black skirt. Instead of a blouse, as she normally wore, she put on a casual and slightly baggy and loose yellow top. She stood before the dressing table and bent over, looking down her top in the mirror. Perfect! Her tits were almost falling out, easily visible, snug in the cups of her lacy bra. It didn't look too blatant either, only a hint of cleavage could be seen normally, it was just that the looseness of the top meant that the V-neck hung down a lot when she bent over, giving a pretty good view of her boobs.

Afterwards she went downstairs and began cooking breakfast, soon hearing Ricky coming downstairs, dressed for school and yawning. He soon came into the kitchen just as his mother was serving up bacon and eggs.

"Hi mum," he said.

"Hi honey," Susan replied, pouring coffee out for her son, "Monday again eh?"

"Yeah, Mondays suck," Ricky smirked, sitting down, "Cool, a cooked breakfast! I'm starved. Maybe Monday's aren't so bad I guess."

"Well, get stuck in."

Ricky began scoffing down his bacon, Susan eating hers and admiring her handsome young son in the corner of her eye. His casual demeanour, his easy-going charm and his boyish looks had always inspired pride and appreciation in her son, but since discovering the adult contact magazine and coming up with her plan to corresponde with him, she had began to view these same attributes in Ricky in a lustful perspective. He was so good looking, youthfully energetic and such a pleasant lad to be around. Naturally she became an expert at hiding these thoughts from him, glancing at him lustfully only when he wasn't looking. She still thought it funny that her son had seen photos of her naked and jerked off to those pics and imagined fucking her orally, vaginally and anally - and told her about all this - but completely unaware that the woman he was wanking over and fantasising about was his own mum, the woman sat opposite him.

Ricky began complaining about having to play Rugby in P.E. that day, something he despised, but he bragged that a short story he had written in English class last week had been judged so good by the teacher that it was going to be published in the school magazine. He asked his mother a bit about work, and she explained that she had a new colleague to work with who she was getting on with fine.

"He's called Jimmy," Susan explained, "He's a decent chap. The woman he took over from was a pain, I never got on with her. She got sacked for being late all the time. Jimmy is a hard-worker though, he's really pleasant and easy to get on with."

"Is he good looking and single too?" Ricky asked.

"Why?" asked Susan, thinking that this was an odd question from her son.

"Just curious," the boy said, blushing a little.

"Why, do you want to ask him out," tittered Susan.

"No mum," gasped Ricky, embarrassed, "I thought you could."


Ricky shrugged then shovelled some more bacon into his mouth.

"Just thought you might like him," he said.

"Don't talk with your mouthful honey," Susan smiled. She suddenly realised her - or, rather, "saucy Sue"'s - e-mail yesterday had possibly inspired this. She'd asked Ricky about his mum and he'd pointed out she was divorced and had "been single for ages", which had evidently caused him to consider that his mother might want some companionship. Little did he realise that she was already working on it!

"Jimmy is nice," Susan conceded, "but he's just gotten married."

"Shame," Ricky shrugged, "Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea and all that."

"Are you trying to marry me off?"

Ricky just grinned, blushing a bit more, suddenly embarrassed that his genuine concern for his mother, that she ought to perhaps try and find a new man in her life, was not being treated very seriously by his mother. Susan decided to stop teasing the boy, and in fact decided to say something for her own pleasure, just to risk a tiny clue as to Saucy Sue's real identity.

"Besides," she grinned, "Jimmy is only twenty-one. I'm old enough to be his mum! Although, thinking about it, I kind of like the idea of a younger man. Hmmm. Yeah, I could get myself a toyboy. Younger men have got more energy than older ones."

Ricky sniggered, and Susan grinned back, delighted that her son was amused and not disgusted by the idea of his mum making references to toyboys and subtle clues as to why she might like one; that they've got "more energy", which could only mean one thing; more energy in bed.

Susan decided to change the subject and asked her son all about his short story for English class.

After Ricky had finished eating and started sipping his tea, Susan decided it was time to give the boy a sneaky thrill. She stood up and took her dishes to the kitchen sink, then turned and went back to the kitchen table. Standing on the opposite side from her son, she leaned right over and reached out to grab Ricky's empty plate.

"I'll get it mum," the boy said.

"No, it's okay," Susan told him, taking his plate in one hand and collecting his knife and fork with the other. She knew her top was hanging down, that the boy could easily see down it at her boobs, but she did not want to look at him to see if he was indeed looking. She kept her eyes on the plate and cutlery as she spent six-seconds collecting them before standing up straight again. She glanced at her son and he was looking to oneside, but that did not offer a clue as to whether he'd taken the opportunity to look down her top. Susan figured that, like most teenaged boys, he was probably an expert at getting sneaky glances down women's tops and looking away just before getting caught. She went to the kitchen sink and began washing the dishes. Ricky finished his tea and left the kitchen.

Just as Susan finished the dishes, Ricky popped his head round the door.

"I'm off to school now mum," he said.

"Okay honey, have a nice time."

"See ya."

The boy left and was soon out the door and trudging off to school.

Susan went upstairs to her bedroom and flicked the laptop on. She removed all her clothes and sat down nude at her desk with the laptop in front of her. First off she took a webcam image of her boobs, the resulting jpeg just being of her heavy round tits which filled the screen. Then she attached it to an e-mail which she soon typed out. Once that was done she turned the computer off, got dressed and left for work.

Ricky got home after school feeling rather horny, although that wasn't necessarily unusual.

His mum usually got back from work about half-an-hour after he got home from school, and Ricky had long since used this opportunity of briefly having the house to himself to jack off without any worries of being caught by his mother, every boy's worst fear!.

Up in his bedroom, the handsome dark-haired seventeen-year-old undressed, his long cock already sticking up straight when he was nude. He flicked on the computer and whilst it booted up he lay on his bed, stroking his cock. He thought back to that morning and how his mother had bent over to collect his breakfast plates and he had gotten a good long look down her top. It had been fantastic! He'd seen the fullness of her heavy boobs as they hung beneath her, and even seen parts of the lacy bra she'd worn. He had only just turned his head in time to prevent his mother from catching him look.

His cock felt rock hard as he summoned up the image of that morning. He naturally felt a big dirty thinking about his mum's tits. He obviously couldn't help but be aware that his mum was fairly top-heavy, and occasionally, if she wore a low-cut top, he'd been unable to resist the occasional glance at her cleavage. Usually he didn't give it any real thought. As perpetually horny as he was he had never had fantasies about his mum before (at least not consciously; when he was thirteen he'd had a vivid erotic dream whereby his mum had given him a bath followed by a soapy hand-job. He'd woken up to find he'd ejaculated in his sleep, but although he felt a little queasy about what had inspired his noctural orgasm it had been a strangely pleasurable experience, and he'd secretly hoped he'd have another wet-dream about his mum, although he never did.) That morning, however, Ricky had seen so much of his mum's boobs as she'd leant over, and they were so gorgeous and big, that though these gorgeous big boobs belonged to mum he couldn't help but consciously think about them, and his cock couldn't help but respond and get all stiff. Pumping his rock-hard nine-incher in his fist, Ricky closed his eyes and bought up the image he'd burned into his memory of the sight down his mother's top and tried to imagine they were another woman's tits, like Saucy Sue's, so that he wouldn't feel guilty wanking over the thought of them. It was difficult though, as he was obviously aware these boobs he fantasised about were his mum's, and he knew that that was wrong.

It was soon too late anyway. His cock went off in his pumping fist and he shot a great load of sperm all over her firm flat abdomen. After shooting his load, Ricky sat up and he still felt a little odd at having jacked off at the memory of seeing down his mum's top. Not really sick or guilty, but certainly odd and a bit perverse. Nevermind, he thought. He cleaned himself off and went and sat nude at the computer. Soon he had logged into his e-mail account and he excitedly read the new message from Saucy Sue that she had sent that morning.

Tell me a little about your mum Ricky. Is she pretty? It may be an odd question, but I'm just being nosy like a typical woman. :)

If you like I think we should meet up this Saturday. Would you like that? I can book a room at a hotel that's in our part of the city. I've put a link at the bottom of this e-mail to the website of a suitable hotel and if you want to hook up there for a night of fun and frolics, let me know and I'll book it.

I've added a picture to this e-mail of my tits. I'm quite proud of my boobs and I thought you might like a closer look. I'd like to ask a favour too. I'd like you to print this picture off, wank all over it and send me a webcam shot of the picture all covered in spunk. Could you do that for me darling?

Speak soon you horny rascal!:) XXXX

"Oh wow!" Ricky gasped to himself as he read though the second paragraph again, just to make it was real. It was real. This Saucy Sue actually wanted to meet up with him for a night of fun and frolics. A night of fucking! He was going to do it, and just "it" in the sense of a basic fuck either, but all sorts of lovely activities too, given that Saucy Sue had bragged of her love of oral and anal sex and her desire to get facials and stuff.

His cock restiffened quickly as he took in this wonderful development. Saucy Sue had often talked about them meeting up but he always wondered if she might be leading him on, or if she would back out. Now, he was just five-days away from meeting up with her and fucking her brains out.

Ricky opened the jpeg of Saucy Sue's tits and licked his lips. They were magnificent bouncy looking specimens, fine round tits topped with dark nipples. He printed it off, laid the picture on his pillow and knelt up over it, jerking off his erection. It didn't take long for him to blow his nuts, his long prick spewing hot sticky cum across the glossy photo of Saucy Sue's lovely boobs. He made a real mess, spraying the paper with cum. Then he took a photo of it with his webcame and attached it to an e-mail that he soon excitedly typed out.

Once it was done he dressed and went downstairs, just in time to see his mum coming in to the house.

"Hi honey," she smiled.

"Hi mum," Ricky said, feeling a bit odd talking to his mum not long after he'd been unable to resist beating off to her boobs. But it felt odd in a strangely good way. He was also buzzing with excitement at the prospect that he would be meeting Saucy Sue that weekend, and his mum saw this excitement but naturally did not mention it.

"How was school," Susan asked.

"It was okay, nothing special," Ricky replied, cheerfully, "Do you want a hand making dinner?"

"No, it's fine, I'll do it. Fancy spaghetti bolognase?"

"Sounds great mum."

It was almost midnight when Susan finally checked her e-mail, laying on her bed on her side, the laptop resting next to her. She read Ricky's message.

Hi Saucy Sue. Meeting up this Saturday sounds fantastic. That hotel looks perfect. I can't wait, I'm going to hump you so much, it'll be great fun! :))

Thanks for the picture, I did as you asked and wanked over it. Attached is the picture I took of the printed photo all splattered with my cum. This Saturday my sperm will be splattered all over your real actual tits and not just a picture of them!

As for my mum, she is indeed pretty. She's blonde, and also rather top-heavy, if you know what I mean. I'm surprised she hasn't found another man since her and dad divorced.

Can I tell you a naughty secret? It's a bit perverse. This morning my mum bent over the kitchen table to get my plates and she was wearing a low-cut top that was rather loose. I saw right down her top and saw most of her boobs and even her bra. Luckily she didn't catch me looking! It's a bit perverse to have looked, I know, but I couldn't help it. When I got home from school earlier I had to have a wank at the thought of her lovely big breasts. It's wrong of me of course but I couldn't resist it, they made me so horny!!

Let me know the details of when exactly to meet up. I can't wait!

Ricky XXX

Susan turned to lay on her back, moaning softly as she fingered her cunt, her mind racing with excitement that her son had, as she'd hoped, confessed to seeing down her top, and even better had admitted to wanking off over the thought of them! That surely made it more likely he'd fuck her even after finding out that she was Saucy Sue. Admittedly he had said he knew it was wrong to wank over the thought of his mum's tits so he would know it was wrong to fuck her, but then again he'd wanked off over the thought of his mum's tits anyway, despite knowing it was wrong, so he should, logically, be willing to fuck his mum even though he would know that that was wrong too. There was no certainty Susan's plan would work but she felt it seriously had a good chance.

She frigged her hot sopping cunt until she climaxed before booking the hotel reservation online then replying to Ricky.

The next day, Ricky once again had the house to himself after getting home from school. He hastily stripped in his room and stroked his erection as he sat waiting for the PC to boot up. He felt nervous at having admitted to wanking off at the memory of looking down his mum's top. He hadn't thought it odd that Saucy Sue had asked him about his mum, he just put that down to her being nosy, as she herself had insisted. However, after he had sent his e-mail back he had begun to regret admitting to wanking at the thought of his mother's boobs. He was worried Saucy Sue would tell him he was a pervert, and all day at school his mind had been preoccupied, worried that Saucy Sue would condemn him as sick and cancel their proposed meeting.

It was therefore with enormous relief when he eventually logged into his e-mail and read what Saucy Sue had to say.

Hi Ricky

Well, I've done it, I've booked the hotel. We've got a nice big room on the top floor, although I'm sure we won't be admiring the view out the window! We'll be fucking like rabbits. :)) I can meet you in the lobby at three o'clock Saturday afternoon. This Saturday obviously. I'll be wearing a white blouse and black skirt. I have long blonde hair and, of course, big tits, so you should be able to recognise me. I'll keep a look out for a tall handsome slim young man who is looking horny! :)

As for your wanking off over the thought of your top-heavy mum's big boobs, that IS rather perverse and it's also incredibly arousing! It makes me so horny thinking that you actually jacked off at the memory of seeing down your mum's top! It shows you are infinitely horny and desperate for a fuck, just like me! I liked the photo you sent, the one of the picture of my boobs drenched in your sperm. I can't wait for you to cum on my real boobs. I can't wait to taste your delicious sperm either.

Do you want me to send any more pictures of myself? A close up of my cunt or arsehole? I'm happy to oblige.

I need one more favour. Please please don't wank off all day Friday or Saturday morning. I know you can evidently cum a lot, being a horny lad of seventeen, but I want you to have balls brimming full with sperm for me when we get to the hotel room. On Sunday morning I want to be glutted with cum. I want to have your cum leaking out of my cunt and arse and more of it drying on my face and tits. Mmmm! I love cum. Slurp!!!

Catch you later Ricky, my gorgeous young stud. XXXX

Ricky smiled to himself. He couldn't wait to meet this fucking nympho! He couldn't wait to fuck her hot cunt and her tight arse and sperm all over her big hooters.

He quickly replied.

Saucy Sue;

I can't wait to meet you at that hotel. We'll have a brilliant time. As soon as I've finished this e-mail I'm going to jack off whilst imagining fucking you.

I would love a close-up photo of your cunt and arsehole. I'll print them out, wank over them and send you pictures of the sperm-splattered results!

Catch you later my delicious big-boobed babe!! XXX


Ricky felt horny at having asked Saucy Sue for a close up picture of her cunt and arsehole. It was so wonderfully depraved to be able to brazenly ask a woman to do such a thing. He wondered if would feel strange meeting Saucy Sue for real. They'd admitted so much to each other, boasted of masturbating at the thought of each other, put into words their most depraved fantasies...yet they would soon be meeting in the flesh for the first time. He wondered if he would be nervous. Then again, there was no backing out now. And he didn't want to back out.

Ricky printed out a fresh copy of the close-up photo of her tits and then lay back on his bed, wanking himself off in one hand whilst holding up the picture in the other. As he blew his load he kissed the photo, dreaming of when he'd get to kiss and suck those tits for real.

Susan read her son's e-mail the following morning after he had left for school. As always, she'd stripped quickly before reading it.

Naturally she was more than happy to comply with his wishes for photos. She borrowed Ricky's webcam and sat on the chair at her desk, fingering her already dripping cunt to get it nice and wet. Angling the desktop lamp so it shone brightly on her snatch, she took a lovely close up picture of her vagina, seeing the results immediately appear on the screen. Her cunt took up the whole screen in all its glory; her glistening pink lips framed with her golden pubic hair. Then she sat the webcam on the desk after setting it to take a shot in ten-seconds, stood and pushed the chair out of the way, and turned round. She bent right over, reaching round and clapping her hands to her round bum-cheeks to pull them apart further. She moaned lustfully as she heard the beep of the camera, feeling so infinitely aroused at the sordidness of taking a picture of her own bum to send to her son. No man had seen her nude in years, let alone her arsehole and cunt, and it was highly exciting to be about to e-mail shots of her privates to her own son to wank over. She turned and admired her handywork. The picture was perfect, a lovely full shot of her arse, complete with her hands reaching in from each side to spread her cheeks, her hot cunt hanging below and, in the centre of the picture, her pink puckered anus.

Susan suddenly had an idea. She got up and grabbed her new dildo that she'd bought a few days before at she sex shop, a twelve-inch long white one. Still nude, the busty mother greased the dildo's shaft up with Vaseline then squatted down on the floor. She pushed the dildo to her anus and gritted her teeth as she eased the slippery sex-toy up past her sphincter. Soon it was gliding in to her bowels, inch by inch, until she had half-a-foot of dildo up her rectum. She pumped it back and forth, rubbing her tits with her free hand and feeling her body shiver with pleasure. After a moment, she slid the plastic phallus from her anus, set the camera to take another automated picture, and adopted the same pose, bent over and pulling her cheeks apart.

The webcam beeped ten-seconds later, and Susan grinned wickedly as she turned and admired the new photo. It was the same as before, with her spread bum filling the screen, but this time her anus, slick with Vaseline, hung open by about an inch.

She sat back down and attached all three pictures to a hastily typed e-mail:

Here you go Ricky! Three pictures for your collection.

The first is of my cunt, which is all wet thanks to reading your e-mail and thinking of you. The second is of my arse. I hope you like my arsehole, I hope that this Saturday you will eagerly lick it and stick your cock up it. Finally, the third picture is of my arse after I'd dildo fucked it. I had just crammed a big long dildo up my shitter and as you can see my anus is hanging open and all greasy with Vaseline. A plastic cock up the arse is nice, but I'd rather have a real one though. YOURS ideally! :)

Wank over which ever photo you like the best and take a picture of it.

Not long to go now my big-cocked stud!!!


Your big-breasted nympho, Saucy Sue XXXXXXXX

After hitting the "Reply" button, the busty naked mother quickly got up, retrieved the greased dildo from the floor, and hurried into Ricky's bedroom. There, surrounded by his football posters, his cluttered desk, his CD collection and other nick-nacks of an average teenaged boy, Susan hopped onto Ricky's bed and lay on her back. She raised her legs and flung them apart, then reached down to push the long white dildo back up into her anus, soon cramming six-inches up there. Whilst pumping the dildo back and forth in her anus, she used her other hand to urgently frig her slippery wet cunt. She bucked her hips as she dildo-fucked her bum and fingered her dripping twat.

"Fuck me Ricky," she panted, keeping her eyes open to drink in the sights of her son's bedroom, to remind herself of the boy and her incestuous lust for him, "Oh fuck me, fuck mummy, fuck my cunt, fuck my arse. Oh fuck. UUUUH!"

The horny bitch rammed the dildo far into her bowels, cramming nine-inches of it into her hot rectum. She desperately frigged her steaming furry cunt as she felt her climax rising. Her head was filled with dreams of her son's big dick pounding her willing holes.

"Fuck me Ricky!" she wailed to the empty room, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me motherfucker. Fuck your horny bitch cunt of a mother you motherfucker. OOOOOH! FUCK ME! Fuck me Ricky, fuck your mother! Fuck me up the arse, fuck me up the arse, fuck your mother up the arse! I want your cock son, UUUUUH! Give it to me up the arse! Uh, uh, yeah, uuuh, yeah!"

She writhed ecstatically as her orgasm hit her, taking her by surprise by how quickly it had risen up. Her body shook with pleasure as she rammed the dildo deep into her shitter whilst stuffing four fingers into her slick cunt.

"Oh Ricky, mmmmmmm," she groaned as her climax died away, although her naked body was still tingling.

Finally, she slid the dildo from her bottom and it emerged from her slick anus with a wet pop. She held the dildo up and studied it, getting a sordid kick out of how soiled it was with Vaseline and shit. How disgusting and depraved, she thought with a sly smirk. She wanted to see her son's big dick slippery with Vaseline and her shit.

I want my son's cock up my shit-hole, she thought to herself, aroused by her own depravity, not to mention awed by her own excitement at the idea of incest. For the first week of corresponding with Ricky she had tried to justify her plan by convincing herself it was just practical that her and her son could fuck as seen as they were both horny. Now she had no choice but to admit to herself she was fully aroused at the idea of incest, that she wanted to fuck her son more than any other boy in the world, primarily because he was her son.

She just hoped the horny rascal would be as willing to indulge in incest as she was.

Susan realised was all sweaty so she decided to have a quick shower before dressing and finally getting off to work.

Ricky replied as soon as he got in from school that evening, sitting naked at his desk, his cock rock-hard. He felt so excited that Saucy Sue had confirmed she'd booked the hotel.

I can't wait until Saturday Saucy Sue!

I'm going to fuck you so hard. I'm sitting here naked with my cock rock-hard and I'm dreaming of shoving it hard into your hot cunt and your tight arse. I promise not to have a wank on Friday or Saturday morning so I'll have plenty of cum for you. I'm going to wank off now though. I've just printed off your fantastic pictures of your lovely naughty bits!

I love them all but the one of your arse is the best, the one after you'd shoved a dildo up your bum. I can see your lovely fucking anus hanging open, all slick and inviting, and I dream of pushing my cock up there and filling your bowels with my hot cum. I shall sperm up all over that picture and send a webcam shot of it.

Speak soon!

XXX Ricky

The horny teenager grabbed his printed off photo of Saucy Sue's arse with her anus gaping open, lay it on his pillow and eagerly jacked off over it, pumping his cock and fantasising about sodomizing the beautiful bum in the picture, unaware that the owner of that bum had, that morning, frigged herself on this very bed.

He soon blew his load, spewing a hefty burst of slimy cum all across the picture. Satisfied with the mess he had made, Ricky used his webcam to take a picture of the sperm-splattered picture, attached it to his e-mail and sent it off.

His mum arrived home at that time, so he dressed and went downstairs to give her hand with dinner. Naturally, he disappeared into his room later that evening and jacked himself off three more times before the day was over.

It was Friday evening.

Susan, a.k.a. "Saucy Sue", was sat in the living room watching television, although she was distracted and, naturally, she couldn't help but think about the fun to be had the next day. Obviously it was potential fun, as she still accepted that there was a chance her son might not be up for a fuck when he found out who his anonymous correspondent was. She alternated between feeling anxious and worrying about her son expressing horror at the idea of incest and her and Ricky's normal, pleasant mother/son relationship being ruined, and feeling excited that the boy would be so horny that he wouldn't give a shit about incest and would happily give her his lovely big cock in all three of her holes.

She was sitting on the sofa in a tight medium-length skirt, sheer black stockings and a cream silk blouse. Her long blonde hair was left loose.

Shortly before nine o'clock, Ricky strolled into the living room, feeling excited and horny but, naturally, trying to keep the feelings from his mum. He had just sent an e-mail to Saucy Sue and he had gotten all horny as he had contemplated, for the hundredth time that day, just how great it was going to be tomorrow if all went to plan. He was confident Saucy Sue would be there at the hotel and that they would fuck all day and all night. It was going to be heaven!

Dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt, Ricky sat down on the sofa next to his mum, almost feeling a bit sorry for her that she had been so long without a boyfriend whilst he was going to be getting his end away the next day. Still, she was a grown woman, and admittedly a pretty one too, so surely she could get a new guy if she wanted.

"What you watching mum?" he asked.

"Just a soap-opera honey," Susan smiled at her son, "It's almost finished. There's a good film on at nine."

"Oh yeah, I was going to watch that. I can watch it upstairs if you wanted to watch something else mum."

"No, it's fine, I was going for a shower anyway. Then I might get an early night."

"Okay, cool. Actually mum, could you do me a favour?"

"Sure honey," Susan smiled, having been waiting for her son to ask for a lift to the hotel tomorrow, although she new the boy wouldn't specifically mention the hotel.

"Could you give me a lift downtown tomorrow afternoon? To the art gallery?"

"Art gallery? Why?"

"It's erm...a project for school. I'm actually meeting up with someone there, someone in my Art class, and I said I'd meet them at three. So I need to be there by about erm...quarter-to-three."

"Sure, no problem Ricky," Susan smiled, remembering that she had told Ricky to meet her at the hotel at three. The art gallery in question was just across the road from the hotel. She disguised her excitement at coming ever closer to fulfilling her plan.

"Cheers mum, you're the best."

"I know," Susan grinned, slyly. Ricky grinned back.

Susan got back to watching the end of the soap-opera, and soon it finished.

"You can put your movie on now honey," the blonde mother said as she stood up, "I'm off for a long hot shower then an early night. Remember to turn the TV and lights off before bed."

"Sure mum, g'night."

"Goodnight honey."

Susan strolled out the room and went upstairs. Ricky turned the television over and tuned it into the film he'd been looking forwards too. It was a sci-fi film and he was eager for something to kill some time and also to distract him from all his horny thoughts about Saucy Sue. He'd kept springing boners al day and all evening but he was sticking to his promise not to jack off today.

He settled down to watch the movie, although his thoughts often wandered to contemplating all the naughty sordid things he would do when he got his hands on Saucy Sue's willing body tomorrow afternoon.

After a long shower, where she masturbated herself eagerly, fingering her wet furry cunt with one hand and stuffing two fingers from her other hand up her soapy anus, Susan dried off. She was about to put her dressing gown on when she decided to just stroll naked into her bedroom. She opened the door and strolled down the hallway, feeling suddenly aroused at parading naked in her own house with her son in, and she got a thrill out of the idea of Ricky choosing that moment to come upstairs and catching her. He didn't though, and Susan was soon in her bedroom. She shut the door and turned on the laptop.

Soon she was reading the e-mail Ricky had sent earlier, before he'd come downstairs.

Hi Saucy Sue;

This is it! Less than 24-hours until we meet up. I can't wait! :)

As you asked, I have not wanked off all day and I won't tomorrow either, I'm saving all my sperm for you. All I can think of this evening is meeting up with you and getting my hands on your hot lovely body and stuffing my long rod in your mouth, your cunt and your arsehole. We will get all sweaty as we hump throughout the evening and long into the night.

I hope you're still up for all this!

See you tomorrow.

Ricky XXX

Susan smiled, but still felt a little anxiety as she once again contemplated the idea that Ricky would be aghast when he found out that his own mum was Saucy Sue. Still, there was no going back now. If she backed out and cancelled, Ricky would be devastated, which Susan figured was justification enough for going through this. She decided to reply back:
Hi Ricky, my big-cocked toy-boy!

Don't you worry my darling, I'm still for all this. Definately! All I've thought about all evening is meeting up with you at three o'clock tomorrow and having your lovely big nine-incher soon pounding my holes.

I truly love your lewd and filthy language Ricky, the way you talk of stuffing your rod in my mouth, cunt and arsehole! I get so horny reading your e-mails, I know I'm going to orgasm so many times when you actually get round to fucking my three willing holes.

See you tomorrow.

A very excited Saucy Sue!!!! XXXXXXXX

Susan smiled as she sent the e-mail off, hoping to have reassured Ricky that the plan was all going ahead.

She grabbed a bottle of wine she had bought up and opened earlier and poured herself a big glass, and lay back on her bed, idly masturbating and sipping wine.

Chapter Three

Ricky spent most of Saturday morning playing video games and killing time, desperately watching the clock tick down the minutes. Would it ever be three o'clock?

By lunchtime he had begun to feel a few butterflies in his stomach. He was still looking forwards to meeting Saucy Sue, and there was no doubt that he was going to go ahead with it, but he did begin to feel somewhat nervous about actually meeting Saucy Sue. There was, after all, a big difference between confidently and lewdly corresponding with a woman by e-mail and confidently and lewdly talking to, and fucking, the same woman in the flesh. Also, was there any chance Saucy Sue would not be impressed with him? Maybe she would have imagined him differently; she'd only seen his long cock after all, although admittedly she had been very impressed by it. What if he got too nervous he couldn't get it up? He doubted that, he was always horny, but there was always a chance.

He reassured himself by re-reading all the e-mails from Saucy Sue that he had saved, his cock getting rock-hard in his pants. He looked at her photos and told himself I will be fucking that hot bitch soon, I will be shoving my cock into that fine furry and and that tight arse this afternoon, but he had to stop when his cock hardened further, urgently needing to be wanked off, which he couldn't do in order to save his sperm for Saucy Sue.

At two o'clock, Ricky went for a shower and had a good wash, then dressed in black jeans and a white jumper. He gelled his short black hair and even used some moisteriser on his face. Not bad he thought as he admired himself in the mirror. He worried that, being so clean looking, not to mention clean shaven, he looked a bit too young, a bit too boyish, but then he figured that this was what Saucy Sue was interested in; a nice young toyboy.

Deciding it was almost time to be going, he left the bathroom and went into his room to idly gaze out the window, putting his thoughts in order as he prepared to finally get laid. He hoped this would be the best day of his young life.

Whilst Ricky had been in the shower, Susan, having had a bath earlier, was dressing for her unsuspecting son.

Standing naked in her bedroom, she carefully picked out her clothes. First she put on a pair of lacy black knickers and a matching bra, one that pushed her big tits up and together, emphasising her already impressive cleavage. Then she put on a black garter belt and matching sheer stockings. For a top, she chose a dark red jumper, fairly low cut and showing a good few inches of cleavage and the upper swell of her firm tits. It looked a big blatantly daring but she didn't care, all would be revealed - her plan as well as her tits! - to Ricky soon enough. Finally, she put on a black trousers, ones that she knew hugged her round curvey bum beautifully, her arse stretching the material nicely.

Susan opted for a bit of make-up, but not much, just a little blush, mascara and red lipstick. She left her hair long and loose, like a big golden waterfall that spilled down her back almost to her arse.

After slipping on a pair of high-heeled white shoes, she stepped out of the bedroom and downstairs. Ricky was not there, so she called up the stairs.

"Ricky? Are you ready, it's half-two."

"Coming mum," came her son's voice.

Moments later, Ricky came down the stairs and put his trainers on.

"You look nice," his mother commented, indeed admiring how handsome her lovely tall young son looked.

"Thanks," Ricky smiled, glancing automatically at his mother's cleavage as she stood there casually in her low-cut top, "Um, you look nice too mum." He made sure he looked at her eyes, not wanting to be caught looking at her tits.

"Thanks darling. Well, come on, let's go."

They then left the house. It was bright and sunny outside, the sky completely clear and blue, although it was chilly with a sharp winter breeze. Susan and Ricky got into the car, glad to be out of the cold air.

"I'd better get a map," Susan commented after starting the engine. She actually knew where the art gallery - and, of course, Ricky's real destination, the hotel - were, but she felt like giving her boy a little thrill. She reached over and opened the glove-compartment, rooting around in there, in doing so leaning over towards her son. She was looking into the glove compartment and, as he sat straight up in the passenger seat, Ricky had a clear look at his mum's cleavage.

Holy shit, he though, able to see as his mum's big boobs almost spilled out of her low-cut top. There was a lot of cleavage on display. He found his cock started to harden, which relieved him as he had begun to get anxious that he might be unable to get a stiffie if he was too nervous as meeting Saucy Sue in the flesh. Well, he decided, if my cock can get hard at seeing my own mum's cleavage I'm bound to easily get a hard-on when I get to see Saucy Sue's tits for real! After ten-seconds of rooting around, giving her son a good look down her jumper, Susan pulled out the London A-Z and pretended to look up the route. She had actually driven past the hotel yesterday on the way home from work, getting a thrill out of seeing the place where, hopefully, she'd be fucked by her son.

"Right, off we go," Susan said, putting the book into the pocket in the driver's door, and she pulled the car away and cruised off down the road.

This is it, susan thought as she drove the car towards the crossroads downtown. To the right was the art gallery, Ricky's fake destination, and the left, the hotel where he was really going. And where Susan was really going.

Susan indicated and turned right, then pulled up into the hotel car park. The hotel itself was fairly new, a posh four-star place, a shiny glass tower fourteen storeys high. It's facade of glass glimmered as it reflected the deep clear blue sky above.

Obviously knowing this was where he was actually heading for, this hotel, Ricky started to worry. Why was his mum parking here? Did she know about his rendevouz with Saucy Sue? Had she somehow hacked into his e-mail account? His heart started beating.

Susan turned the engine off.

"Um...I needed the art gallery mum," Ricky said, slightly nervously.

"No, you were coming to this hotel, weren't you?" Susan smiled, "To meet Saucy Sue?"

Ricky gulped nervously.

"Don't worry," Susan reasured him, "You're not in trouble or anything. Far from it?"

"How do you know about Saucy Sue?" asked her son.

"I am her," Susan said, with a grin, "I'm Saucy Sue. I replied to your advert and I've been corresponding with you all this time. I wrote those e-mails to you and those were webcam shots of me that I sent you, that you wanked off over. Your e-mails about you wanking off and wanting to fuck Saucy Sue came to me, because I Saucy Sue. You see, I saw your advert, got all horny, and decided on a naughty plan that consisted of corresponding with you then getting to meet up and, basically, fuck you. I want to fuck you Ricky. I want you to fuck me, your mother. It's rather naughty I know, and I have to make it clear that you don't have to do this, you don't have to fuck me. But I would like you to."

"Why?" asked Ricky, quietly, trying to take all this in.

"Because I'm fucking horny," Susan declared honestly, shocking her son with her language, "Like any normal woman I get horny, I long for a good fuck occasionally, and you presented the opportunity when you put an ad in a contact magazine asking for a mature babe to get in touch for some hot no-strings-attached sex. The picture of those tits that you wanked off over and covered in cum were my tits," Susan continued, grabbing her heavy boobs and pushing them up and together, emphasising the deep cleavage.

Ricky gawped at his mum's cleavage, drinking in the sight, suddenly realising that his mum had deliberately been showing off her cleavage a short while ago, not to mention at the breakfast table earlier that week.

"It was these tits," Susan declared, groping her melons through her top, "that you lusted and wanked over, that you promised to grope, suck and cum on for real." She finally let go of her boobs. "I am desperately horny son and I want you to fuck me, and although incest is supposedly wrong, I don't see why it should get in the way of us having some hot mutual fun, both today and beyond. But like I say, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. Now," she continued, opening her door, "I'm going to let you dwell on what I've revealed, namely my naughty but potentially fun plan. I'm going to check in and go into the hotel room. If you've not come up in fifteen-minutes, I'll check out, get back in the car and we'll go home and never ever mention this again. Okay?" She stepped out of the car. "Room twelve-twenty-one," she informed Ricky before she shut the door. She turned and strolled through the entrance of the hotel.

Ricky just sat there, trying to take all this information in. For starters it was difficult trying to tie up the persona of Saucy Sue with his mother. Obviously it was a shock in itself to think that his mum wanted to fuck him, but also to think of his mum as a sexual person, with a desire to be fucked, let alone all that she admitted under the guise of Saucy Sue, namely that she loved anal, she liked to give blow-jobs and dreamed of getting facials. From him!

Could he do it? Could he go up and fuck her? That was what his cock wanted to do. It had been semi-hard during the journey thanks to seeing his mother's cleavage, but it had stiffened considerably watching his mum squeeze her tits before him and confess her sordid desires. His cock wanted to fuck his mum and, at his most base desires, so did he. But would he be able to do so and not be grossed out? He didn't feel that he would be grossed out. Obviously it wasn't because of his mum's looks, she was pretty and, of course, he'd (unwittingly) masturbated over pictures of her body, her tits, her cunt and her anus. Yet surely it was a major taboo for a boy to fuck his mum. His cock may be quite happy to be rammed into her cunt or her arsehole, but after blowing his nuts, would he not feel sick with guilt?

Ricky took a deep breath, and soon decided that he would go for it, he would go up and see his mum. And maybe fuck her. He wasn't entirely sure yet, but he woul go up anyway. He made this decision for two reasons. First off, he realised that he quite simply wanted to do so and, despite making a feeble and token effort to find reasons not to, he couldn't, apart from the fact that incest was, supposedly, wrong, or at least that's what other people would say. Secondly, the only other option was to wait for his mum to come down and they would go home...and he would just go back to wanking off and fantasising about sex. Did he want that? To throw away the opportunity of hot sex with a hot big-breasted, uninhibited mature bitch, just because she happened to be his mum? Okay, the fact that she was his mum couldn't really be dismissed quite that easily, but either way, he didn't to just end up going home and resuming jerking off. Plus he figured that his mum would feel rejected.

Five-minutes after his mother had left, Ricky decided to go into the hotel too. First he had to get rid of his hard-on. His long prick was as stiff as a pole in his jeans and he tried to will it down. He couldn't do it. Even after five-minutes of trying he couldn't stop imagining fucking his mum, and not only was he finding these thoughts less and less of a taboo he was finding them incredibly arousing, and his dick remained as solid as steel.

He looked at the car-clock. It was twelve-minutes since his mum had left. If he wasn't up there in three-minutes his mum would come down, assuming that he had decided not to come up. Ricky looked around and saw his mum's coat on the backseat, a big red one. He grabbed the coat and got out the car, locking the doors. The coat was too feminine for him to wear without feeling silly, so he draped it over his arm and held it so that it covered his crotch and his noticable bulge.

Still anxious, but also excited and very, very horny, Ricky went into the hotel and soon found the elevator.

The teenager was soon on the twelfth-floor, standing outside room twelve-twenty-one. He knocked twice on the door.

It opened. Only a bit though. Susan popped her head round the door.

"Hi Ricky," she smiled, "Are you coming in?"

"Yeah," her son replied, still holding the coat to cover his raging boner. Apart from her head, the only part of his mum he could see was a bit of her shoulder, which was bare. He wondered if she was topless.

In fact, she was completely naked except for a pair of white high-heeled shoes. Susan revealed all by swinging the door right open and stepping back, standing there proudly in nothing but her white shoes. Ricky gawped at his mum's big heavy bare breasts, at her golden-furred cunt, and her lovely curves. He looked at her face and she smiled wickedly.

"You look great mum," he said. It felt appropriate to say. And it was true. His prick grew even harder. He felt it was going to explode.

"Thanks," Susan replied, "Better come in before anyone passes by and sees how great I look."

Ricky heard a lift down the hallway opening and some people coming out, prompting him to step into the hotel room and closed the door. He made sure it was locked.

Ricky then followed his mother as she strolled into the hotel room, his eyes admiring her long shiny golden hair cascaded down her back and the way her lovely bouncy bottom wiggled as she walked.

The bathroom was immediately to the left and a big wardobe to the right. Beyond them was the hotel room proper. It was large, the size of a couple of big living-rooms. The right wall was taken up by a desk, a chest of drawers and, in the corner, a stand containing a huge television. The carpet was dark green, the walls white and the furniture all dark solid oak. Against the left wall was the bed, a large King Sized one with plush red and pink covers, and was flanked by two cabinets, on which there were ornate lamps. Tasteful landscape watercolours were placed strategically round the walls. Most of the far wall was taken up by a vast floor-to-ceiling window, the dark green curtains pulled back and revealing the incredible view across London, the City off in the distance. Ricky glanced out the window, seeing London's distinctive skyline, including the rudely shaped 'Gherkin' skyscraper, and remembered Saucy Sue's comment in an e-mail about the great view; I'm sure we won't be admiring the view out the window!

He suddenly remembered all the e-mails Saucy Sue had sent him, whereby she had bragged about loving anal-sex, confessed her desire to one day get a nice spunky facial, and hwo she'd repeatedly professed her utter horniness and desperation for a fuck. He was finding it difficult to imagine that these e-mails had actually been sent by his mum.

Indeed, Ricky soon forgot about the view and watched his mother as she strolled to the sofa which sat in front of the window, facing into the room. Susan turned and plonked herself down casually on the sofa, her tits jiggling as she did so. She brushed some of her long blonde hair from her face.

"Why have you got my coat?" she asked, although she could guess.

"To hide my, erm, excited state," Ricky grinned, and he draped the coat on the coffee table and stood there with his big bulging erection clearly visible in his jeans. He still felt a bit nervous about all this, and still shocked, but in addition to feeling horny he definately felt excited to be unashamedly revealing he had a boner to his own mum. Whilst she sat there nude with her huge knockers out!.

"Sit down honey," Susan said, patting the sofa. Ricky sat down next to her. Susan turned and gently stroked her son's shoulder. "Now Ricky," she continued, "I can understand you're still a bit shocked by all this, but like I said in the car, I am really, really horny. You think you get horny a lot? Well, I do to. I replied to your ad because I thought it would be fun, because I figured that incest may be illegal, but it's really no big deal if we're consenting adults. I mean, I know you're not really an adult, being seventeen, but you're mature enough to consent. Furthermore, any taboo against incest was, for me, not going to stand in the way of getting the good fucking that I want and need, and I thought that might apply to you too. Do you that does apply to you? I can understand you thinking it weird to fuck me, but are you horny enough not to care? Bearing in mind it will be our secret?"

"I'm...okay with it, I think," Ricky said, "It seems strange, the idea of doing it with you..."

"It's okay Ricky, you can say 'fucking' if you want," Susan smiled, "We're grown ups here."

Ricky grinned at being given permission to swear before his mother.

"Well," he continued, "it seems strange, the idea of fucking you, but I can see what you mean about that being over-ridden by horniness. I've got such a hard-on. My cock definately wants to get inside you and fuck you! But will it not be a bit odd afterwards? If we fuck now and maybe at other times, will it not effect us both on the whole, y'know, if we're having a relationship?"

"Ah, but we won't be having a relationship," Susan pointed out, "Not a proper one. Not a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. We can't be lovers, we're mother and son, obviously. But that's not what I'm proposing. I'm proposing we be fuck-buddies."


"Yes. It's an American term I think. It's when a man and woman have sex regularly, but aren't lovers. They are just normal friends who go about their business normally but often fuck for mutual fun. They just fuck on a part-time basis, returning to just being good mates as soon as they've finished fucking. That's what we can be; fuck-buddies. Most of the time, we can just go about our business as normal mother and son, just like always, but occasionally, we can go to my bedroom where, once we've undressed, we'll no longer really be mother and son but Saucy Sue and her toyboy stud Ricky! We'll have some mutual fun as fuck-buddies And when you've blown your load up my cunt, up my arse, over my face or tits, and we've cleaned up and dressed, we'll just go back to being mother and son. Until we get horny again."

Ricky thought for a moment. This sounded cool! His cock was really eager to plunge inside his mother's willing holes and he consciously wanted to fuck her too. There had been, however, part of his mind that felt somewhat anxious at the idea of indulging in the taboo of incest, and furthermore he'd been freaked at the idea of an actual relationship with his mother, like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. However, his mum had put his mind at rest. They wouldn't be having a relationship, just getting together for some no-strings-attached sexy fun, plus they wouldn't be fucking as mother and son, but at Saucy Sue and Ricky, her toyboy. Plus his mum did have a point; it was stupid for the pair of them to be in seperate rooms at night wanking and frigging themselves and wishing they had someone of the opposite sex to fuck when they could just get together and take care of each other.

His anxiety ebbing away, and his horniness rising, Ricky smiled at his naked mother. Or, rather, at Saucy Sue, his naked part-time fuck-buddy.

"I'm cool with all this," he said, "I'm really horny too."

Susan licked her lips and reached down to feel her son's crotch.

"Holy fuck," she gasped, "Is that a baseball bat in you pants or are you just pleased to see my tits?"

Ricky giggled.

"Here's what we'll do," Susan explained to her son, still stroking the impressive bulge in his crotch, "We'll wait until tomorrow morning before deciding if we want to do this regularly when we get back home. Right now, as planned, I'm Saucy Sue, your nympho fuck-buddy, and I amgoing to take your cherry my horny stud. I'm going to first suck your magnificent big nine-inch cock and then you are going to fuck my hot cunt. Once you've fucked my cunt and blown your nuts in my cunt, I'll suck you back to stiffness and then you are going to fuck me in the arse. You will fuck my shit-hole deep and hard until you pump all your sperm into my bowels." She emphasised every repetition of the word 'fuck', turning her son on even more with her filthy language so unbecoming of a mother talking to her son. "Then we'll have a break and pop out for dinner. If you're still cool about things we'll screw late into the night. You can do what you like with me, you have total liberty to suck, fondle and fuck any part of my body you want. When we wake up in the morning in the sweaty cum-stained bed-sheets, we can decide, having slept on it, whether we want to repeat the fun at home. Does that sound okay?"

Ricky nodded, stunned and excited.

"It sounds okay...Saucy Sue," he confirmed, "It sounds great. Absolutely fucking great!"

"Good. Now, stand up honey. Stand up and take off your clothes. I want to see you naked and I want to see your great big fuck-rod in the flesh."

Ricky was more than happy to comply. He stood up and hurridly removed his T-shirt, then slid off his shoes and socks. Off came his jeans and, finally, he faced his mother as he whipped off his boxer-shorts.

Susan licked her lipped, her big blue eyes wide with lust as she admired her lean and handsome son as he stood there in front of her. There it was, in all its glory, her son's pulsing nine-incher, sticking up straight and rippled with veins, it's swollen purple head all shiny.

"What a fucking beautiful cock," Susan said.

"Thanks," her son grinned. His mother reached up and gently grasped her son's nodding rod in her right hand, her fingers clasping the steel-hard shaft. Ricky uttered a sigh at the sensation of his mother's hand on his cock. Susan glanced up at the boy, grinned, then looked back down to his prick which she began to stroke. Her son shivered pleasurably as his mother began to masturbate him. His mind was full of a mix of emotions, including excitement, as he watched the bizarre sight of his own mum stroking his cock.

"Is that nice?" Susan asked.

Ricky nodded and smiled down at her. Encouraged, Susan stopped masturbating the teenager and took her hands from his cock. Then she opened her mouth and leaned forwards, slowly sliding her lips over Ricky's swollen cock-head.

Ricky gasped as his mum took the tip of his cock in her warm wet mouth. It was an amazing sight and an amazing sensation. He'd had one blow-job before, from his mate's drunken big sister, but it had been fairly quick and not really intimate. His mum, though, was taken her time, sitting there nude and lovingly slurping on his prick. Her head bobbed as she sucked off her son.

After a moment, Susan took her mouth from Ricky's magnificent prick.

"You have a very fine cock son," she told him, "I loved feeling it and I loved sucking it. Would you like to play with me for a bit before we fuck?" She grabbed her big heavy boobs and squeezed them whilst grinning wickedly. "Fancy groping and suching my hooters?"

Ricky nodded and smiled. His mother's cheerfully casual attitude was helping to make him feel more relaxed, and besides, he was already finding it easy to just think of her as Saucy Sue rather than his mum. Besides, mother or not, this naked woman before him was beautiful and had an amazing rack. The stiffness of his cock, slick with Susan's saliva, made it evident how aroused he was.

He knelt down, his mother sitting on the sofa before him with her thighs parted, her big heavy breasts level with his face. They were glorious tits and he gently placed his hands over them. They felt great, firm and heavy. He squeezed them gently, encouraged by his mother's soft moans of pleasure.

"Mmmm, it's been so long since I've had a man fondle my tits in his strong hands," she purred.

"You have brilliant tits," Ricky said, really enjoying talking to a woman - his mother of all people - in such a lewd and candid fashion, "These tits are brilliant. Can I suck on them?"

"Of course you can honey, they're yours to do whatever you please. Suck them, kiss them, fuck them...the choice is yours and I hope, sometime later, you will cum on them."

Ricky leaned in and flicked his tongue over his mother's left nipple, which stiffened at his touch. He licked it a few more times then moved to the right breasts and gave it the same treatment. Then he placed his mouth over her right nipple and sucked gently. As he did so he placed one hand on his mother's left thigh and with his other he gently stroked his achingly erect cock.

"Oooh yeah," Susan sighed, running her hands through Ricky's spiky black hair, "Suck those titties, suck 'em. That's it my horny toyboy, suck my big fuckin' boobs. Uuuuh."

Ricky was enjoying satisfying his curiosity as he sucked and licked his mother's nipples and fondled her boobs. Soon he stopped wanking his cock because he was worried he might shoot his load early. He moved back and exchanged a nervous grin with his mother.

"You have fantasic tits Saucy Sue," he told her once more, before he glanced down at her furry cunt that lay, hot and wet, between her parted thighs. "And you have a beautiful looking cunt too. I would like to lick your cunt out and I shall do if you let me."

"Yes please," Susan said, eagerly, "It's been years since my cunt was licked out. You get in there darling and slurp away. Eat out my cunt and get it ready for your big motherfucking cock."

Ricky felt excitement at the prospect that he would soon be losing his cherry but he put that on hold for the moment to get acquainted with the cunt he was going to be fucking soon. He leaned right down, his face close to his mother's sopping hairy twat. It looked gorgeous, wet glistening pink lips peeking out from golden pubic hair. After admirign it for a moment he pushed his face into his mum's crotch and enthusiastically began to lick her out.

"Oh yes!" Susan gasped, having forgotten how great it felt to have her vagina lapped at by a horny gentleman, "Wow, you're a born cunt-lapper Ricky. Your tongue feels great in my cunt." She leaned back on the sofa, legs spread, her son slurping obscenely between her thighs. "Oh darling, oh yes, lick me, lick my fucking cunt. Lick me out you horny stud."

Ricky felt good that he was pleasing his mum, although he had to admit that it was hard to think of her as his mum at the moment, given that he was licking her cunt out and she was saying incredibly rude things he didn't think she was capable of ever saying. Right now she was, to him, Saucy Sue, his wicked nympho MILF Fuck-Buddy!

For five-minutes he slurped away at Susan's hot cunt, drinking up her juices. Finally he was so horny he simply had to fuck this delicious cunt. His cock throbbed stiffly and impatiently. He raised his head, his lips slick with cunt fluid.

"You have a tasty cunt Saucy Sue," he told his slightly dishevelled looking mum, "I want to fuck it now."

"Then get on the bed my darling," Susan said, standing up, "Lie down and I will impale my twat on your big cock." She was careful not to refer to Ricky as 'son', knowing it was best for both of them to try and at least thinly disguise the fact that they were indulging in incest.

Ricky got onto the large King Sized bed and lay on his back, stroking his erection. Susan took off her shoes and got onto the bed where knelt astride the boy, reaching down to hold his long cock upright, the swollen head brushing her sopping twat.

"Mmmm, in we go," Susan sighed pleasurably as she lowered herself down. Ricky gasped as his cock-head squeezed into his mother's snatch. Down and down she went, her furry cunt swallowing up his shaft inch by pulsing inch.

"Oh fuck, oh yeah," Ricky gasped, feeling the incredible sensation of his mother's tight cunt-channel flex and grasp his prick. Down and down Susan went, and with a long moan she finally sank right down so that her cunt lips were tightly clenching the base of Ricky's nine-incher.

"Holy fuck!" she gasped, "Oh my! It's been so long since I had a cock up me, and what a cock!! Uuuuh! That feels so good."

"Your cunt feels brilliant Saucy Sue," Ricky gasped, laying there, delighting in the sensation of having his prick wedged up his mum's hot twat, although still a little disconcerted at the sight of his naked mother impaled on his prick.

"Your cock feels brilliant Ricky, my horny stud," Susan said, "Oh wow. Fuck!"

The busty blonde placed her hands flat on Ricky's chest and she rose up, several inches of Ricky's cock sliding out of her twat. Then she pushed herself down, taking all over Ricky's dick in her twat once more. Both of them moaned with pleasure. Susan rose up again, soon getting into a gentle rythym of rising and falling, rising and falling, riding her son's mammoth dong. Her tits wobbled and swung above Ricky as the mature bitch picked up her pace after a few moments, both of them lost in their own thoughts and their own divine ecstasy as they fucked.

Ricky wasn't too sure where to place his hands and his arms lay rather uselessly by his side as his mum rode him. It felt magnificent to be fucking, to actually have his boner buried up a nice hairy twat, but part of his mind was, annoyingly, still reminding him Shit, that's your mum dude! You're fucking your own mum!

Oh fuck off, I'm having fun, he mentally told his nagging guilt. It was fun! It felt great!

As he gazed up at his mother, who had her eyes closed as she rode her son's prick, Ricky suddenly felt a great rush of elation and liberation at the realisation that he could really enjoy himself and stop worrying. After all, he'd done it now. He'd fucked his mum. His cock was buried right up her twat. He'd committed incest, he was a motherfucker. Now he had nothing to lose. When he'd been sitting on the sofa talking with his mother, he could have still backed out and refrained from becoming a motherfucker. Right now, he had come too far. He could ask his mother to stop and cancel the whole thing, but aside from not wanting to do that, it wouldn't have any effect anyway. He was already a motherfucker.

And if he was already a motherfucker, and he couldn't reverse time and undo things, then he had nothing to lose by just going for it and enjoying himself!

Felling a buzz of enthusiasm and joy, Ricky reached round and clapped his hands to his mother's bum-cheeks as they rose and fell with Susan's riding rythym, and he began to thrust up and down, matching his mum's pace, sawing his cock in and out of her hot cunt. He felt a sudden urge to tell his mum how much he was enjoying things, given that she had been so concerned as to his enthusiasm about all this.

"This feels so good Saucy Sue," he told her, "I'm so glad you arranged this and I'm so glad I came up the hotel room."

"I'm glad you went along with my naughty plan," Susan said, opening her eyes and looking lustfully down on her son, relieved that the boy was genuinely content at this sordidness, "I'm glad you're happy too. Me and you can have a lot of fun fucking like this on a regular basis, so long as we just keep it as nothing more than no-strings-attached lustful fucking and if we can both overlook the incestuous nature of it all."

"I think I can do that," Ricky laughed, still thrusting his rod upwards into his mother's twat and joyful that he was remarkably comfortable about this already, after his initial shock earlier. "After all, what's a bit of incest between mother and son?! Holy shit, it's so cool fucking your hot cunt! I am so fucking horny."

"Me too Ricky. It's been so long since I had a good cock, I'm going to need a lot of of humping! Fortunately you're doing a good job Ricky, you're fucking me well. Your cock feels fucking great, I love having it fucking up into my cunt."

"I'm really loving fuck you Saucy Sue, your cunt is fantastic and hot. You let me know when you get tired riding me and I will take my turn on top. I will fuck your glorious hot cunt with my nine-incher and cum inside you. I can't wait to cum, I haven't wanked off since Thursday evening."

"Ah, you obeyed my e-mail then? You refrained from wanking to save your cum for me? Brilliant! I can't wait to get lots of generous helpings of your sperm, my horny fucking super-stud! I want you to pump your sperm up my fucking cunt and then afterwards pump another load up my bum. Later, if you want, you can fulfil your promise of wanking all over my big fucking tits and covering them in hot cum!"

It had initially been difficult for Ricky to accept that his mother was behind all the e-mails from Saucy Sue after she had admitted her identity, but now, with a sort of mental click, he did accept this. It was quite easy to see his mum and Saucy Sue were clearly one and the same now that he was seeing his mother in a way he had never seen her before; naked, lustful and pouring forth obsceneties from her lips!

"How much of the e-mails were true Saucy Sue?" he asked his mum as she continued to ride his dick.

"Everything I wrote was true," she informed him, "Everything! Well, apart from not mentioning the tiny fact that I was your mother! But otherwise it was all genuine. My love of anal, my horniness, my desire for a well-hung toyboy, how filthy and obscene language turns me on, the fact that I used to frig my cunt whilst staring at the web-cam shot of your erection, my ambition to get a facial...I meant every word!"

"I meant every word of my e-mails too, especially about how often I wanked off over photos, especially the one of your arse! I loved that one and now I have that arse in the flesh." He merrily slapped his mum's left buttock, causing her to giggle.

Susan rode Ricky for a few more minutes before she began to tire.

"This fucking business is harder work than I remember," she said, pausing in her bouncing action, "Fancy getting on top Ricky?"

"Sure thing Saucy Sue."

Susan rose up, her son's long cock slowly sliding from her cunt-lips until it emerged, rock-hard and slick with cunt juices. It slapped down onto Ricky's firm abdomen. Susan rolled over and lay on her back, spreading her legs. Ricky got up and knelt between his mum's parted thighs.

"Climb aboard son," Susan urged her son, admiring his big pole, "Come on and fuck me."

"With pleasure!" Ricky declared, mounting his mother and pushing his long cock deep up into her slick twat. The pair of them moaned as they embraced in the missionary position, Ricky's prick buried to the hilt inside his mother's snatch.

"Ooooh, yeah," Susan purred into her son's ear, reaching round and stroking his bare back, "Yeah, that's the spot! Oh wow, what a fucking gorgeous big cock you have Ricky. It feels so good in my cunt."

His chin resting on his mother's shoulder, his right cheek pressed to her's, Ricky let his instincts take over with regards to what to do next and he raised his arse between his mum's parted thighs. Half his cock slowly emerged from his mum's cunt, and then he slammed it back in to the hilt. Both of them moaned once again. Ricky repeated this, then again, and again. Soon he was working up a good sweat, his arse rising and falling, his prick humping back and forth in his mother's slick vagina.

"Uh, uh, uh, oh fuck, oh fuck, uh," the boy grunted, loving not just the feeling of his mother's cunt round his prick but also her whole warm, soft body beneath him, especially her big heavy breasts which were pushed into his chest.

"Yes, yes, yes," moaned Susan, squirming under her son's lustful pelvic thrusts, growing dizzy as she got reacquainted with the pleasures of being soundly fucked. Best of all, this was not just some guy, some random man her own age picked up in a bar, this was a lad of seventeen; tireless, big-cocked and ultra-horny. Perhaps some wicked part of her, deep down, was getting off on this lad being her own son! "OH GOD!," she began spluttering shortly, "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum. Oh Ricky, keep fucking me! Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my cunt harder. OOOOOH! Oh fucking GOD yes!"

"Uh, uuuuh, uh, yeah," Ricky was gasping, thrusting harder and faster, eager to make his mum orgasm, "I'm fuckin' you Saucy Sue, I'm fuckin' you!"

"YES, YES!" Susan wailed, her orgasm assailing her as her son vigorously pounded her snatch with his nine-inch tool, "I'm cumming, fuck me I'm cumming!! UUH! Fuck yeah, fuck. Fuck!"

The busty blonde moaned and sputtered further obsceneties throughout her prolonged orgasm as Ricky continued to shaft her twat. Soon her climax died down and Ricky slowed his thrusting, feeling a little tired out. He raised his head and looked down at his mother's face, which was slightly sweaty and plastered with a big grin. Her golden hair was sprawled out across the pillows, some of it also stuck to her damp forehead.

"Was that fun Sue?" Ricky asked his mother.

"It sure was Ricky," she replied, "Oh wow! I've not cum like that in years. I've never come that powerfully just by frigging myself or with a vibrator. An orgasm like that can only be achieved with a real cock, a real big fucking cock!"

"I'm glad I made you cum," Ricky said. He then wondered if he should snog her. Would that be proper? Well...he had kissed and licked her tits, and her cunt, and he'd fucked her. Kissing her mouth wouldn't be too big a step really. And he liked the idea of doing so, it would make their humping more complete if they indulged in what, for most people, was actually the first step before sex, namely kissing. Besides, he'd gazed at his mum for a couple of seconds whilst considering this and he seemed it time to actually do something before he looked silly.

The boy placed his lips to his mother's and began frenching her deeply, his mother quickly getting into it. Their tongues slid into one another's mouths as they lustfulyl snogged. Susan was delighted. She didn't think Ricky would kiss her at all, given that they were just meant to be fuck buddies rather than lovers. Then again, he wasn't kissing her as a lover, just as a fuck buddy, a horny lad in lust!

Ricky soon began thrusting again, pumping his long cock into his mother's steamy pussy as he frenched her. He pulled his lips from her's for a moment and they exchanged grins before they got back to frenching, writhing and humping together.

Five-minutes later, Ricky felt his climax approaching, and rapidly.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm gonna cum," he gasped, stopping his kissing of his mother and burying his chin against her shoulder as he vigorously stepped up his thrusting, "Holy fuck, shit! UUUUH!"

"Fuck me Ricky, fuck my cunt," Susan urged him, reaching round and gripping his firm buttocks as they rose and fell between her legs at a healthy pace.

"Uh, uh, uh," Ricky gasped, his sperm boiling up from his balls, "FUCK! UUUUH!"

He rammed his cock hard into mother's vagina and shot a huge eruption of cum into her womb. He felt dizzy as his body tensed up, his cock pulsing madly and blasting out thick wad after thick wad of steaming cum into his mother.

"OOOOH, cum in me Ricky," Susan urged her lad lewdly into his ear, "Cum in my cunt, cum in my fucking cunt, gimme your sperm!"

"Aaaaaaah, fuck," the teenaged boy moaned, feeling his cock spurt one final wad of jizz into his mother's twat, "Fuckin' hell!" It was the most powerful orgasm he'd ever had. He felt drained and tired, and his cock was still hard as it leaked the remnants of his sperm into his mother's twat, which was overflowing with juices and cum, these sticky fluids running from her plugged cunt-lips and down her arse and staining the covers.

Ricky got his breath back before he raised his head.

"That was fun Saucy Sue," he grinned.

"It sure was!" his mum agreed.

Ricky gave his mother a lewd kiss before he dismounted her, his semi-hard dick sliding out of her dripping pussy. He lay on his back next to his mum, both of their naked bodies slick with sweat, each of them breathing deeply. They felt relaxed, albeit still horny.

Whilst laying there, getting his breath back, Ricky briefly searched his mind for any guilt or sickness about the prospect of having fucked his mum.

There was none. He listened for the nagging mental voice telling him that this was wrong. It was not there either, silenced by his mum's justifications for them fucking - to take care of their respective libidos and sexual frustration - and the fact that it had simply been so much damn fun!

"I've never had a better orgasm," Susan said after a few moments, breaking the silence.

"Me neither," agreed Ricky, "That was incredible!"

"Mmmm. It was brilliant. Do you feel okay Ricky?" she asked her son, propping herself up on an elbow and looking down at him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he smiled, "I'm cool. It felt a bit odd, y'know...fucking my own mum and stuff, but odd in a good way."

"Odd in a good way?"

"Yeah, like when I started wanking," Ricky explained, finding it exciting to discuss masturbation with his mum, although he'd done so inadvertantly already via e-mail, "When I first jacked off when I was twelve it felt odd and I even felt a bit weird afterwrads. But I did it against anyway. And again and again! Same with fucking you. It felt odd, but in a really god way!"

"And you want to fuck me again and again?"

"Sure! Are you okay mum? Do you want to do it again?"

"Definately! I guess I've had more time than you to get to grips with the idea of us fucking, given that I knew exactly who you were throughout our previous correspondence by e-mail. But yeah, I'm cool. It's no big deal, us two fucking just for the fun of it."

"And even if it is a big deal in some way, it doesn't matter, as we've fucked once already, so what difference does it make if we fuck twice? Or five times? Or a hundred times!?"

"Oooh, fucked a hundred times! That sounds good to me!"

"Well," laughed Ricky, "Don't expect me to manage that in one day."

"You're certainly almost ready to do it again though, aren't you darling?" Susan commented, reaching down and gripping her son's semi-hard dick and stroking it, "My my, almost stiff again already!"

"I feel so damn horny Saucy Sue," Ricky said, "I would like to fuck you again!"

Susan knelt up and began masturbating her son with both of her hands, the long cock soon hardening until it was as hard as granite.

"I would like this cock in my arse," Susan said lustfully as she gazed at her son's big tool, "I love big dicks in my rectum and I would like this up there. Do you fancy fucking me in the arse Ricky, my horny toyboy?"

"I sure would Saucy Sue!" Ricky said, excited at the prospect of sodomy, "I love the idea of anal sex, it sounds nice and sordid."

"It is sordid Ricky, that's why it's fun. A lot of guys enjoy fucking a woman in her anus because it is tighter than fucking a vagina. Not all that many women like anal, but I do, I fucking love it. I actually prefer to be fucked in the arse than fucked in the cunt. You have a very nice big cock Ricky and I want it jammed in my bowels. I'll need to lube it up first with some nice saliva."

And with than, she bent down and slid her lips over her son's cock head, slurping noisily on the tip whilst stroking the shaft, her long blonde hair draped over Ricky's hips. The boy closed his eyes and savoured the heavenly sensation of the magnificant blow-job whilst looking forwards to sodomizing Saucy Sue in her lovely bum.

Susan soon slid her lips further down her son's cock, bathing his shaft in saliva and making obscene sucking noises. After a good five-minutes she raised her head and admired how Ricky's raging hard nine-incher glistening wetly with dripping saliva.

"Nice and wet," she said, "Now you have to get my anus wet honey, and that means you have to lick it."

"I'll be happy to lick your anus Saucy Sue," Ricky explained, "YOu have a gorgeous arse. I've wanked over the photo of your arsehole you sent me the other day many times and I cannot wait to get my tongue up that lovely hole. Sit on my face Sue, plant your shit-hole on my mouth and I'll lick it so that it's ready for my dick."

Susan couldn't wait! She could finger her arsehole and stick dildos up it, but she certainly couldn't lick it herself! It had been so many years since she'd had a good anal-licking. The naked blonde got up and stood astride her son's face, facing his feet. Then she slowly squatted down, Ricky gazing up lustfully as his mum's lovely bare arse descended lower and lower. Soon it was right over his face. He nuzzled his head between her spread cheeks and started lapping at her arsehole.

"Ooooooh, yeah, that's it," Susan moaned, her body quivering at the sensation of her son's eager tongue slurping at her sensitive puckered shit-ring. She reached round to pull her bum-cheeks apart even further, giving her son/toyboy even better access to her arsehole.

Ricky loved getting so intimately acquainted with this heavenly bottom. He lay there happily slurping round Susan's anus before pushing his tongue up past her sphincter and into the tight depths of her rectum. He ran his tongue in and out of her rapidly loosening anus, then raised his head a little and pushed as much of his tongue up her arse as possible and twirled it around.

"Oh God Ricky, that is so good," Susan gasped, still holding her cheeks apart as she squatted obscenely on her son's face, "Your tongue feels so wonderful up my arse. Uuuuh. Ooooh yeah. That's good honey. Lick my fucking arse. Lick it out and get it ready for your big motherfucking cock."

Ricky's dick had been left alone throughout all of this, his long rod simply laying stiffly across his belly, wet and dripping with phlegm. It was so hard it ached. Ricky soon decided it was time to get his cock up the lovely tight hole he had so thoroughly tongued.

He moved his head back and slid his tongue from Susan's anus.

"I loved that Saucy Sue," he told his mum as she dismounted him, "You're fucking arse is delicious! I loved eating it out. Now I wish to fuck it!"

"Excellent darling! I can't wait to have your big teen prick up my shit-hole. Move aside and I will get down and give you my arse." Ricky shifted over and his mother got on her hands and knees, her big bare bum raised obscenely in the air, cheeks spread and her well-licked anus presenting a willing target.

Ricky got behind his mother and ran his hands over her buttocks.

"What a beautiful arse!" he commented, "I wanked over the picture of you this pose many times Saucy Sue, wishing I could get my hands on it and be able to fuck it."

"Well, now you can honey. My arse is all yours. Show no mercy. Ram that big motherfucker of a cock up my fucking arsehole and fuck me."

Ricky held the base of his pulsing member and guided the swollen head to his mother's well-licked anus. He began to push, feeling the sphincter he was attempting to penetrate resist a little before he began to make progress. Slowly his cock-tip pressed forth until it popped up into Susan's anus.

"Oh wow!" Susan moaned, "Oh yeah! Uuuuh, that's it baby, get it up me, get it up my fucking arsehole."

Concentrating hard, Ricky pushed onwards, gripping his mum's hips as he slid his cock onwards and upwards into her bum. He looked down and marveled at the sight of his long rod disappearing up his mother's shitter.

"Yeah, it's going up there," he declared, seeing that half of his shaft was wedged up Susan's anus.

"Keep going Ricky," begged Susan, shivering lustfully as her rectum filled with thick boy-cock, "Keep going, fuck it all up there, right up my fucking shitter. Get it up my shit-chute!"

With a final thrust, Ricky grunted and shoved the rest of his prick into his mother's bowels. The pair of them gasped ecstastically. Ricky knelt there for a moment, motionless as he savoured the feeling of his mother's tight sphincter round the base of his cock and the heat of her clammy rectum as it smothered every inch of his prick. It felt so wonderfully hot and tight up her bum.

Susan felt dizzy with pleasure. Dildos and fingers were no match for a real cock up the arse, and she'd never had one this big up her backdoor, or indeed any cock up her backdoor for over a decade. Her head swam as she had a long-delayed reunion with the intense and sordid pleasure of being sodomized.

Ricky then began to withdraw from Susan's arse, her colon sucking inwards as his cock retreated. When half of his prick had emerged from his mother's anus, the boy shoved it back in to the root.

"Ooooooh fuck!" Ricky moaned.

"Uuuuuuuh shit, God yes!" Susan cried.

Ricky slid his prick halfway out again, then shoved it back in. He repeated this, again and again, slowly but steadily. By the tenth thrust he had already decided that anal-sex was going to be his favourite activity. It was great!

"Your arsehole is magnificant Saucy Sue," he told his fuck-buddie, "It's so tight and hot! I love fucking it. I think I'm going to enjoy anal even more than vaginal sex."

"I'm glad honey," his mother said, bent over and squirming ecstatically as her son sodomized her steadily, "because although I like to be fucked in my cunt I prefer to be fucked in the arse, and by your cock in particular! Your great big fucking cock is so big and thick it feels the size of a baseball bat in my rectum. Mmmmm. It's so damn good. You're sodomizing me beautifully honey, that's it, keep at it. Fuck me deep and hard in my shitter. Fuck my shit-hole."

Ricky sawed away in Susan's arse, pumping his raging hard boner back and forth in her tight anus. Susan moaned with joy, her long hair hanging in her face, her big tits swinging beneath her.

"Fuck my arse," she panted, lustfully in a hoarse voice, "Oh baby, fuck me, fuck my arse you hunky young toyboy! Fuck my arsehole."

"I'm fucking it Saucy Sue," Ricky gleefully insisted, increasing the pace of his thrusting a little, "I'm fucking it and I'm enjoying it! What a fantastic arse you have! So hot. So tight. I love fucking your arse Saucy Sue, I love fucking it nice and deep!"

"That's it, fuck me deep honey, fuck my arse real deep! I don't want you to bugger me by halves. There's no point in having a nine-inch dick if you're not going to use all of it. Ram it right up me! All nine-inches I want, all nine-inches up my shit-chute."

Ricky ensured that, with every forward thrust, he buried every damn inch of his long rod into his mother's rectum. His pelvis clapped against her bum-cheeks as he buggered her lustfully, the bedsprings squeaking as mother and son indulged in this most depraved of activities.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh," Susan grunted, feeling her son's big prick slam repeatedly into the depths of her shit-guts, "Uuuuuh, you're fucking my arse beautifully Ricky my hot toyboy stud! That's it, fuck me, fuck my arse."

"Fucking your cunt was brilliant Saucy Sue but your arsehole feels even better. I'm going to bugger you senseless then spunk up in your shit-chute."

"I can't wait to feel your sperm pumping up my bum! It's been so long since I had a lovely enema of jizz. Fuck me Ricky. Good 'n deep!"

Ricky fucked his mother harder, holding her child-bearing hips as he pounded his rigid pole into her bum, her lovely round buttocks jiggling as his pelvis slapped into them. The depths of her bowels were lovely and tight and her stretched sphincter held his iron-hard cock-shaft in a snug grip.

"Holy fuck, I'm gonna cum soon," the horny teen announced shortly, "Fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum."

"Cum in me Ricky," his mother urged him, "Fire that spunk right up my bowels! Cream my fucking rectum motherfucker. OOOOOH!"

"Ah, ah, aaaaah!" Ricky cried, slamming his nine-incher right into Susan's rectum to the hilt and blasting forth his sperm. "Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!!!"

His orgasm was intense, just as powerful as the first, and his cock throbbed as it pumped forth great splashing wads of cum into Susan's bowels.

"Uuuuuh," the busty blonde bitch sighed as she felt Ricky's great big cock spurt it's load into her. She could feel the hot slimy sperm filling her colon. "Oh God that's good, I can feel it honey, I can feel your sperm filling me."

Ricky let out a long sigh as his orgasm finally ended, his cock belching forth one last squirt of semen. He took a deep breath, smiled with satisfaction, and then pulled his slowly wilting prick from his mother's well-fucked arse. When his spermy cock slid from Susan's arse he saw that the hole he had just been fucking was yawning and gaping open obscenely, sperm running out of it and down to Susan's cunt.

He lay back on the bed on his stomach, feeling tired but happy. Susan slumped forth, dishevelled and also joyful. They spent several minutes getting their breath back.

"Anal sex rules!" Ricky commented a few moments later.

Susan giggled in agreement.

Eventually they decided it was time for a bite to eat. They were a bit sweaty so they had showers. Susan went for one first. She did consider inviting Ricky to join her but decided to leave it. Her son had, in fact, considered asking if he could hop in the shower with his mum, but wasn't sure enough of her agreeing to ask. So, Susan had a shower and came out of the bathroom all clean and dressed in a long blue dress.

"All yours," she said to Ricky, who was dressed in his boxer shorts and T-shirt and sitting on the bed watching the telly.

"Thanks mum," he said, "You look nice."

"Thank you honey. It's a new dress. Like it?"

"Mmmm, nice."

It was a completely innocent compliment, and a genuine one. Susan did look nice wearing her long blue dress with her beautiful glossy hair reaching down almost to her waist.

Ricky went into the bathroom and showered. He came out shortly looking smart, dressed in his jeans and white shirt. He and his mother put their shoes on then headed on out to find a restaurant.

They found a nice Italian place down the road and popped in for a meal. This was their first test of seeing if they could simply act as mother and son having fucked.

It was a test they both passed. Although they didn't say anything, they both felt pleased and comfortable with themselves and one another as they had their dinner, fully dressed and innocent, acting like a normal mother and son. They felt like completely different people compared with who they had been back at the hotel earlier, naked and fucking. They chatted amiably, Ricky going on about some school project, Susan mentioning a possible promotion at work. They seemed a thousand miles away from the depraved and incestuous pair they had been earlier!

Afterwards they did a bit of window shopping and took in a few sights. Soon it was passed six o'clock and the sun was fully set, although naturally the streets of London were still busy.

"Fancy going back to the hotel?" Susan asked her son after they had strolled out of a record store they had browsed around.

"Sure," Ricky said, knowing that his mum had not needed to add 'for a fuck?' to the end of her question.

"Let's go then honey."

The two of them made their way back to the hotel on foot, walking in silence and both feeling excited as they contemplated the unspoken delights they were going to indulge in when they got back to the room.

Soon they were riding in the elevator up to the twelfth floor of the hotel. Ricky's cock was stiffening as he admired his mum's cleavage that rose above the plunging neckline of her dress. Susan delighted in the attention and glanced at her son's crotch. A bulge was rising in his jeans. Already the pair of them were slipping out of their natural personas of mother and son and to their status as fuck-buddies; Saucy Sue and her toyboy Ricky!

"You look nice Saucy Sue," Ricky said, his voice heavy with lewd desire. It was the same compliment he had paid his mother earlier when he had seen her first in this dress, but back then his compliment had been innocent as it was directed towards his mum. This time, though, it was directed towards Saucy Sue, and his compliment was utterly lacking in innocence.

"Thank you honey," Susan smiled, her voice also quivering with heated desire, her sultry gaze showing no trace of modesty or innocence, "I'll be out of it soon though."

"I can't wait Saucy Sue," her son told her, "You look nice in that dress but you'll look even nicer out of it."

"Are you getting a hard-on Ricky, my horny toyboy?"

"I sure am. My cock is getting nice and stiff."

"Good! You can put it to good use this evening."

There was a 'ting' as the elevator reached the top floor. Susan and Ricky walked down the corridoor and into their hotel room.

They shut and locked the door.

Without either of them saying a word, they immediately undressed, swiftly removing their clothes. There was no teasing removing of garments nor any modesty shown, the pair of them, both desperately horny, just got their clothes off as soon as possible and dumped them on the sofa. Within moments they were both nude.

Susan's nipples were stiff, her cunt moist. Ricky's long prick stood up straight, rock-hard.

"You look gorgeous Saucy Sue," Ricky said, "You have such beautiful tits and such a lovely looking cunt."

"You look good too Ricky," his mother replied, "Your prick looks so magnificently big and hard."

"What do you fancy doing first Saucy Sue?"

"That's up to you," Susan responded, and she sat on the foot of the bed. Ricky stepped up to her instinctively and his mother reached up and gripped his cock in her right fist. "It's entirely up to you," she repeated, gently masturbating her teenaged son, "This is the thing you have to remember; when it comes to sex, real men take charge and real women submit to a good fucking. Forget all this Sensitive New Age Man bullshit, it's rubbish. Women, myself included, like a guy in charge, and so you are the one who will always decide what sordidness we will get up to. It's nice of you to be concerned with my desires, but quite simply my sole desire is for you to explicitly tell me what wicked things you wish to do and then to do them."

"Sounds good," Ricky smirked, "What if I request something too kinky?"

"Not possible, my horny toyboy. I'm a sexually frustrated slut with no inhibitions. There are many sordid thing I've done in the past and many, many more sordid things I wish to try out. Nothing is too kinky for me. You can fuck my cunt, arse and mouth in anyway you please, cum on any part of my body, and have me in any position."

Ricky's cock grew even stiffer as his fuck-buddy mother told him all this whilst wanking him off.

"Don't be afraid to suggest anything," Susan continued, "I'll happily submit to all sorts of kinky shit. Bend me over your lap and spank me if you want. Piss in my mouth. Tie me up, slather vaseline around my anus and fist my rectum. It's up to you."

And with that, Susan took her son's rod into her mouth and began to suck him off.

Ricky felt his head spin as he found himself in the ultimate wet-dream; a lustful, big-breasts fuck-buddy bitch telling him he could do whatever he wanted with her. Talk of bondage and pissing turned him on a great deal. He'd never really contemplated such kinky activities but the fact that Saucy Sue was willing to do them proved how nothing really was too perverted for her! Right now he decided to do something a little less extreme, although still very sordid.

"I want," he began, his mother still sucking his dick, "to cum on your tits Saucy Sue. I loved wanking over the photo of your tits that you e-mailed me but I really want to wank over the real things. You have fucking lovely tits and I would love to spunk all over them. Make them all messy with cum. First, though, I want to fuck you, and I think I shall fuck you in the arse. I adore your bum Saucy Sue, and I love to fuck it, so I will fuck you deep in the arse and then pull out and unload my cum onto your fucking hooters. How does that sound?"

"Wonderful!" declared Susan, taking her son's cock from her mouth, "That sounds fantastic darling. I would love you to fuck me in my tight shitter and cannot wait for you to spray my tits with cum. Let's get to it!"

"I want to lick your arse out Saucy Sue. I want you to sit on my face and let me stick my tongue up your anus."

"Lie back then darling."

Ricky got onto the bed and lay on his back, licking his lips. His naked mother squatted over his face and lowered herself.

"Here's my arse honey," she said, placing her anus onto her son's eager lips, "Lick it out for me please Ricky. Lick my fucking shithole and get it nice and wet for your fucking cock."

Ricky could not reply as he had his mother's lovely big bum on his face, his nose wedged in her arse-crack and his lips to her anus. He made his enthusiasm for this sordid practice clear by noisily slurping at Susan's anus, licking and lapping at the puckered hole. Soon he was able to push his tongue into the hole and squeaze it up into her rectum.

"That feels fantastic Ricky," Susan purred, reaching down to pull her cheeks apart as she squatted obscenely on her teenaged son's face, "Your tongue feels good in my arse. Lick my arse out good motherfucker, lick it out and get it nice and wet so that you can stick your big cock up it. Mmmmm. Oh yeah."

Ricky got his tongue right up his mother's hot shit-chute and savoured the steamy flavour of her rectum. His cock was as stiff as a baseball bat as it lay across his stomach. He enjoyed slurping his mother's arse but he soon decided it was time to fuck it. He put his hands on his mother's bum cheeks and gently pushed her, Susan taking the hint and standing up.

"That was great Saucy Sue," the boy told her, "I love eating out your arse. Now it's time to fuck it. Impale your fucking arse on my fucking cock Saucy Sue. Ride me!"

Susan stepped down the bed a little, her feet either side of her son's hips, the boy holding his long prick upright. Susan slowly squatted down, facing Ricky's feet and soon feeling the boy's prick, wet with her saliva, nudge her slippery anus. Down she went, impaling her anus onto her son's cock, sliding her anus down the throbbing shaft until she was soon sat fully on his cock, every inch of the boy's magnificent tool buried up her rectum. Susan leaned back and placed her hands on the bed either side of Ricky's chest as he lay there. Her feet and hands were planted firmly on the bed, enabling her to lift her bum up, half of her son's delicious dick sliding out of her stretched shitter. Then she pushed herself down and groaned with pleasure.

"Oh wow," she gasped, "Oh fuck, oh yeah, your cock is so fuckin' good in my arse."

"That's it Saucy Sue, fucking ride me," Ricky urged his fuck buddy as he lay there, reaching up and round his mum to fondle her big wobbly tits, "Ride my cock, ride it."

Susan raised her arse once more then pushed it back down, her and her son groaning with pleasure. Soon the horny bitch was raising and dropping her arse as she fucked her son in the reverse cowgirl position, Ricky panting with pleasure beneath her as he continued to grope her tits from behind.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," Susan grunted as she bounced on her son's cock, her whole body rippling with pleasure each time she shoved her arse down on her son's cock, taking his entire nine-incher in her bowels.

Ricky matched his mother's pace, thrusting his prick upwards as she dropped down, and pulling back as she rose up. The pair of them were swimming in ecstasy as they fucked.

After five-minutes, Susan felt a little tired.

"Fancy a new position Ricky?" she asked her son, looking over her shoulder, "My limbs are aching a little."

"Sure thing Saucy Sue," Ricky told her, "Climb off and get off the bed. I want to bugger you in the same position you were in when you sent me that photo of your arsehole. Bent over and pulling your bum-cheeks apart!"

Susan liked this idea. She hauled herself up, her son's mammoth prick sliding obscenely from her gaping anus and slapping onto his belly. She got off the bed and stood in the middle of the room, then bent over, her big tits dangling beneath her, her long blonde hair hanging down almost to the floor. Susan reached round and clapped her hands to her curvey buttocks and pulled them apart. Ricky got off the bed and swaggered over, his erection nodding in the air, and he stood behind his mum and casually pushed his right forefinger into her slack arsehole to the knuckle. Susan felt highly aroused in this position, obscenely displaying her most intimate parts. It had made her very horny when she had adopted this position the other day when she had photographed her arsehole, but back then it was only a webcam behind her. Now she had her big-dicked son!

"You have a gorgeous bum Saucy Sue," Ricky told his mother as he fingered her anus, "It's fucking delicious looking. I am going to stick my cock deep inside your bum and give you a good sodomizing, because I know you are an anal-addict slut."

"I am honey," Susan admitted, her voice heavy with lust, "I am an anal-addict and a slut, I have gone a good decade without a regular bum-fucking. I want to make up for it and I want you to fuck my arse good and deep. Stick your big cock inside my shithole Ricky. Fuck me where I shit and fuck me hard. Get my fucking shit on your fucking dick."

Highly aroused at hearing his own mother talking in such a disgustingly lewd manner, Ricky felt compelled to obey. Standing behind his mother he guided his cockhead to her anus and squeezed it in. Moaning with pleasure, the teenager began to slide his shaft into his mother's rectum.

"Oh yeah, in it goes," he declared, pushing forwards inch by inch, "Up it goes!"

"Fuck it up my arse, right up my shitter," Susan encouraged him.

Soon Ricky had his entire prick buried right up his mother's rectum. She was still reaching round to spread her cheeks as she stood there, bent over naked like the anal slut she was. Ricky placed his hands flat on his mum's lower back as he began to work his long tool back and forth in her clutching anus.

"Yes, yes, fuck me," Susan panted, her big tits swinging beneath her, "Fuck my arse Ricky, fuck my arse. I love to be fucked in the shitter, I want your big dick right up my horny shitter."

Ricky grunted as he picked up his pace, humping his mum's tight arse.

"Your rectum feels perfect Saucy Sue," he told his mother, "It's so hot and wet. I love fucking it. Your anus is beautifully tight too. I love to fuck you where you shit from Saucy Sue."

"I love it too my horny fuck buddy," Susan groaned, her whole body rocked with pleasure, "Your prick feels so big and thick in my bowels. My anus is fucking stretched to the limit. I can feel your cockhead reaching far up into my guts. It's so good, it's so fucking good. Fuck me Ricky, fuck me hard up the arse."

Ricky began to sodomize his mother harder, working up a sweat as he indulged the mature bitch in her wanton desire for a good buggering. He banged her arse hard, loving the sight of his long cock sliding back and forth in her anus. Susan remained bent over and pulling her cheeks apart, eager to give her well-hung toyboy son complete access to her rectum. Her tits swung back and forth and her hair hung in her face as Ricky buggered her in the middle of the hotel room.

"Fuck me, fuck me," Susan panted, "Fuck my arse you big-cocked toyboy. Fuck your horny bitch fuck buddy. Oh yeah, oh yeah, uuuuh!"

Ricky spent several more minutes buggering his mother before he slid his pole from her rear. It emerged, rock-hard, with a slippery 'plop'.

"I want you to suck my cock now Saucy Sue," he said, stroking his prick as his mum stood up straight and turned round, "Kneel down and suck your shit off my dick you gorgeous big-boobed cocksucker."

Susan loved being ordered about like this, like she was a complete slutbag whore. She willingly knelt down and took her son's prick into her mouth and moaned inwardly with pleasure as she sucked him off, tasting a trace amount of her shit on his dick. She spent a good couple of minutes sucking and licking her son's tasty prick before she took it from her mouth and pumped it in her fist.

"Your cock is delicious Ricky," she told her son, looking up at him with her sparkling blue eys, "It tastes so good, especially after it has been up my arse. The only thing I enjoy more than sucking a young man's big cock is sucking a young man's big cock after it has been up my arse."

"You are such a wonderful slut Saucy Sue," Ricky said, "You're the best fuck buddy a boy could have!"

Susan stood up and gave her son a long and lewd snog, then asked him "Do you wish to spunk on my tits now honey?"

"Not yet Saucy Sue," Ricky replied, fondling his mother's heavy breasts, "I cannot wait to cum on these lovely big fucking jugs but first I want to bum-fuck you some more. Get on the bed on all fours Saucy Sue, so that I can fuck you in your shithole again."

Susan was more than happy to oblige. She got onto the bed and got down on her hands and knees with her big bare arse raised and ready for more action. Ricky loved the way his mother/fuck buddy did whatever he asked. It was great having a busty mature slut only too happy to satisfy whatever sordid requests he made! It was the ultimate wet-dream.

The horny youth got onto the bed and knelt behind his mum, pausing to stroke and kiss her bum-cheeks before he swiftly shoved his cock to the root in her rectum.

"Aaaaaah, fuck!" Susan wailed, taken aback by the wonderful abruptness of her son's entry into her bowels, "Oh God Ricky that is so good!!"

"I know you like to be fucked anally good 'n hard Saucy Sue," Ricky declared, merrily banging his mother deep in the arse, "So I'm going to fuck you good 'n hard. I'm going to fuck you in the shitter with my big cock and then I shall sperm up on your fucking tits."

"Do it, do it," cried Susan, gripping the bedsheets in clenched fists, "Fuck me in the shitter then cum on my tits. Yes, yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard my horny toyboy!" She felt wild with lust. "Uuuuh, yeah! Fuck my arse!"

Ricky held his mother's hips in his strong young hands as he repeatedly rammed his throbbing prick far into her rectum. Her anus gripped his cock beautifully and his balls, which swung and slapped into his mum's slippery vulva, were soon ready to empty. He felt like he had a gallon of spunk waiting to blast forth!

After a final few thrusts, Ricky yanked his cock from his mother's anus as abruptly as he had shoved it in there. Once vacated, that well-fucked orifice gaped and twitched.

"Flip over Saucy Sue," Ricky urged his mother, stroking his throbbing cock which was ready to explode, "Give me your tits!"

Susan turned over, laying on her back and pushing her big hooters together. Ricky knelt astride his mother's belly and urgently masturbated, aiming his cock at his mother's delicious knockers.

"Uh, uh, uuuuuuuh!" he cried, his cock exploding in his pumping fist, "FUCK!!!"

His cock spurted forth a great big wad of slimy cum over his mother's left breast. Still wanking furiously, Ricky moved his cock to the side and spurted another wad of cum, this time of his mother's right breasts.

"Oh Ricky, cum on my tits," Susan begged, looking down as her son wanked his spurting prick, sending another big blast of semen over her right tit, "Cum on my fucking tits, cum on them! OOOOOH!"

Ricky sprayed another two jets of sperm across his mother's left tit then shot his final spurt over the other one. He let out a long sigh as he slowly stroked his prick and rubbed the slippery purple head over his mum's sperm-splattered breasts.

Ricky finally dismounted his mother and lay on his back, breathing hard. Susan rubbed all the cum into her tits so that her big heavy melons were slippery and shiny. Once she had done that she knelt up and bent over her son's hips and took his semi-hard dick into her mouth. She sucked his dick deeply, savouring the taste of sperm and shit on it, soon slurping it back to stiffness.

"You've got another fresh erection Ricky," she said a few minutes later, raising her head, "I hope you intend on putting it to good use!"

"I sure am Saucy Sue!" Ricky told her, "If you care to get back on your hands and knees I shall bugger you some more. Unless you'd like me to fuck you in the cunt."

"You can fuck me wherever you want," Susan told her son, running her hands across his firm chest, "If you want to fuck my cunt you can do so, but if you want to fuck me up the arse again you are more than welcome to do that too. Remember, my horny young toyboy, you are in charge. It's your choice. You can fuck me wherever you want, however you want, and as often as you want."

"Then I shall fuck you up the arse once more," Ricky decided, "I simply cannot wait to get my cock back up your shithole Saucy Sue. I love to fuck you in the arse. I shall fuck your lovely cunt later perhaps, but right now I want to fuck your arse again."

Susan got back on all fours and wiggled her posterior sexily.

"Then get up my shithole my well-hung teenaged stud," she urged her son, "I'm a fucking anal-bitch in heat so give me what I want and fuck my shitter. Get my shit on your dick you randy fucker you!"

Ricky got up and knelt behind his mother, and soon he was easing his long rod deep into her willing rectum.

"Aaah, Saucy Sue, what an arse you have!" he grunted as he lodged his cock to the root in her bowels and remained still for a moment, enjoying the tight heat of her rectum, "What a fucking gorgeous arse! You have a lovely bottom and I love to fuck it."

"I'm glad you like it my horny toyboy," Susan purred, "I'm glad you like to fuck me in my shithole. I love to be fucked up the arse, I fucking love it! Give it to me you teenaged stud! Fuck my fucking slutty mature shithole. Fuck me where I shit with your massive boner!"

Ricky eased half of his throbbing cock from his mother's clutching anus then rammed it back in.

"Uuuuuh," he groaned, "Oh yeah."

He then began to repeat his action, slowly but steadily increasing his pace. Susan banged her arse back onto her son's thrusting meat, her body quaking with ripples of pleasure, all eminating from her speared bum-hole. Her sensitive rectal walls picked up every movement of her son's long veiny erection as it pumped back and forth.

"Fuck me, fuck my arse you big-dicked stud," Susan urged her son on lewdly, "Oh fuck yeah! Oh God this is so good! I'm being buggered up my shit-chute by a seventeen-year-old! I've got the big hard cock of a horny toyboy twenty-years my junior up my shit-chute! Oh yeah, the depravity! I love it! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!! Uuuuh!"

"I love to fuck your shitter Saucy Sue, I love it. And you love it too you anal-bitch!"

Ricky sodomized his mother steadily, but did not go too fast. Although he had blown his nuts three times that day already, he was quite capable of shooting his load soon enough thanks to the incredible stimulation offered by his mother's tight arse. He buggered her at a leisurely pace, running his cock to and fro in her gripping sphincter. Susan remained bent over, moaning pleasurably. Her tits swung gently beneath her, her long hair hung in her face, her bum-cheeks rippled as her son's pelvis clapped into them.

"So fucking good," the youth grunted, humping away, "It's so fucking good to get your fucking shit on my dick Saucy Sue."

For a good thirty-minutes Ricky fucked his mother's shitter before he could hold back his rumbling sperm no longer. He picked up his pace, hammering his mother's rectum hard.

"Uh, yeah, I'm gonna cum," he gasped. "Here it is, here's my spunk!"

"Yes, cum in my shitter, cum in me!" begged Susan, "Fill this anal-bitch's shit-chute with sperm you horny fucker!"

"Oh fuck, oh Saucy's my cum you slut, up your fucking arse! AAAAH!"

The horny youth continued to pound his cock back and forth in Susan's arse as his spunk blasted out. His cock pulsed as it spat forth great hot gouts of sperm into Susan's rectal channel. The horny bitch tightened her anus round her son's thick erection to try and milk out as much cum from him as possible.

With a long groan of satisfaction, Ricky finished off emptying his balls into his mother's bowels and then, after a moment, he slid his soiled, wilting cock from her. His dick emerged from her yawning anus with a 'plop'. His mum's shit-hole gaped open obscenely and from it poured thick slimy cum that ran down her inner-thighs. Susan fell forwards, exhausted but satisfied from her third deep bum-fucking of the afternoon.

The pair of them were shattered after that, so they decided to order room service. They dressed and Susan ordered a nice supper for them, which they ate as they sat on the sofa, fully dressed and looking quite innocent as they watched a movie on the television.

At eleven o'clock, they decided to go to bed. Susan pointed out to Ricky that they could not normally sleep together, as they were, after all, only part-time fuck-buddies. She said that normally, at home, they could fuck in her bedroom before bed but would sleep in their own rooms to ensure their sexual escapades were kept entirely seperate from their normal day-to-day lives. Ricky agreed with this.

For now, though, there was only the one big double-bed available in the hotel room and they were going to sleep together. Not until they had fucked one last time of course. Ricky's cock was soon stiff after having a nice sixty-nine with his mum, Susan sucking his pulsing cock whilst he ate out her cunt. Then Ricky cunt-fucked his mother in the missionary position, mother and son kissing one another with lustful passion as they humped naked on the bed. After a while Susan went on top, riding her son's big dick whilst he sucked her tits as they hung heavily in his face. Eventually the horny teen shot his load, pumping his sperm into his mother's twat.

They lay together in each other's arms for a few moments, getting their breath back, Ricky's cock softening in his mum's sperm-filled vagina. Then Susan dismounted her son and, after turning out the lights, they climbed into bed and were soon fast asleep side-by-side.

Chapter Four

SUsan awoke at ten o'clock the next morning. She lay on her side and spent a few moments reliving the many wonderful highlights of yesterday's fun.

Then she sensed that she was alone in bed. She turned and saw that, indeed, Ricky was not in bed next to her. Susan worried that her son had woken up and felt disgusted at what he had gotten up to yesterday and left, but then she heard the toilet flush in the bathroom.

Susan's anxiety still remained though. This was it, this was the crunch time, when she and Ricky would decide if they wanted to continue being fuck-buddies. Susan had told her son yesterday that they would make their decision this morning after sleeping on it. She had already made her decision; she desperate wanted to repeat the fun of yesterday. It had been so enjoyable being fucked senseless by her well-hung son and it would be superb if they could do it regularly at home.

However, they could only repeat yesterday's fun if Ricky was up for it, and Susan was not sure if he would be. The boy had clearly enjoyed himself yesterday, but would he feel guilty this morning? If so, susan had to admit that it had still been worth it, that she had thoroughly enjoyed herself yesterday. But that was not enough, she wanted to repeat it.

The bathroom door opene. Susan sat up and held the duvet up over her tits, in case her son was going to come out looking all ashamed of himself and perhaps declaring he did not want to remain his mum's fuck-buddy.

Any worries that her son was not willing to indulge in further sexy antics vanished from Susan when, with a flood of relief, she saw Ricky come out of the bathroom naked and sporting a menacing looking erection, He also had a big grin on his face.

"Morning mum," he said, striding up to the bed and standing at the foot of it with his thick erection waving in the air."

"Good morning Ricky," Susan grinned, letting go of the duvet and letting her boobs hang out in the open, "Sleep well?"

"I sure did mum," her son replied, "How about you?"


"Fancy repeating yesterday's antics?" Ricky asked.

"Definately. I was about to ask you the same thing."

"Well, I definately want to remain your fuck buddy mum," Ricky said, stroking his erection, "It was so much fun yesterday! Absolutely fantastic. It was obviously a shock at first when I found out that the infamous Saucy Sue was my own mum, but it's no big deal, it's not as if incest is really a problem if we just overlook it. We're both old enough to consent and be happy with things. I want you to be my fuck buddy mum."

"I want to be yours honey," Susan said, delighted at her son's decision, "We can easily go about our business as mother and son and just be part-time fuck-buddies without there being any problem, so long as we keep this between ourselves."

"Absolutely, it's our little secret," Ricky added "Like you said yesterday mum, it s stupid for us to be in seperate rooms, masturbating and dreaming of sex, when we can just get together and take care of each other."

"So it's settled," Susan concluded, "We're just normal mother and son, as before, but we can regularly go into my room where I'll be Saucy Sue, your horny mature fuck-buddy, and you will be Ricky, by big-dicked toyboy! In fact, you should not masturbate again Ricky, there will be no need. Whenever you're horny at home, tell me and we'll go and fucK!"

"Well, I get horny a lot mum," Ricky admitted, "I wank off every night at least once."

"Then we'll fuck every night at least once."

"Some weekend afternoons I get so horny that I wanked off three or four times."

"Then on such afternoons we'll fuck three or four times. Honestly son, you don't have to worry about whether I can keep up with you. I'm perpetually aroused and I want - need - fucking very frequently."

"I would like to fuck you now Saucy Sue," Ricky grinned, still masturbating at his mother, who he now saw not as his mum but his mature fuck-buddy bitch.

"Then come and fuck me," Susan said, kicking off the duvet and laying back on the bed naked, legs spread, "Fuck me however you want you hunky young stud!"

Ricky clambered onto the bed and knelt between his mum's spread legs and fingered her hot hairy cunt.

"I shall fuck your cunt this morning Saucy Sue," he told her, "I shall lick it first and then fuck it, and then I will cum on your face. I know how much you have been dreaming of getting your first ever facial so I shall give you one. I shall fuck your nice furry cunt and then sperm up all over your pretty face. Then, when we get home, I am going to sodomize you. I shall spend all afternoon fucking your arse. Right now, though, it is this lovely snatch I shall fuck."

Ricky then got down and started lapping hungrily at his mother's twat. Susan moaned with pleasure as she ran her hands through her son's hair, so pleased at the boy's willingness to be her fuck-buddy. It had been many years since she had enjoyed the supreme joy of having her cunt licked out first thing in the morning, and she knew she could look forwards to many much such incidents. In fact, she would later tell Ricky that she would like him to wake up extra early each weekday so that he could lick her cunt and she, in turn, could give him a blow-job before school. Now that would be great!

Ricky did a good job of slurping out his mother's hot twat. After spending ten-minutes eating her out he got up and mounted his mother, spearing her juicy cunt with his throbbing rod.

"Ooooh, Ricky, you feel so good" Susan panted as her son began to vigorously pound her snatch.

"Your cunt nice and tight Saucy Sue," Ricky grunted, "It's so good to wake up and fuck a hot mature babe instead of just wanking off! I shall aim to fuck you every morning before breakfast from now on."

"Mmmm, just what I was thinking Ricky, my well-hung fuck-buddy!"

They kissed lewdly as they fucked, Ricky ramming his long tool into his mum's hot slurpy cunt, his arse humping up and down between her legs.

"Oh God, oh yes," Susan panted hotly in her son's ear, "Fuck me Ricky, fuck me hard. Oh yeah! Fuck me! Make me cum with your big fucking cock you gorgeous young stud you, fuck my cunt!"

Her son made a determined effort to give her a thorough shafting, pounding her hot twat. Soon he succesfully made her climax, Susan crying out like a wanton slut as she came.

"Fuck me Ricky, fuck me, oh yes, oh yes! OOOOOH! FUCK! I'm cumming, yeah! Uuuuuh!"

Her climax eventually died down but her body still buzzed with pleasure. Her toyboy-son did not let up in his fucking, and Susan was so grateful for the youth's evident stamina.

"Was that good Saucy Sue?" Ricky asked his mum, still humping away.

"Oooh, that was wonderful darling," she purred, "That was such a good cum. Mmmmm! You are a perfect fucker my hot young stud."

"And you're my perfect horny mature fuck buddy Saucy Sue. Normally I would wake up all horny and wank off, ut it is so much better to fuck a lovely hot busty babe."

"You can fuck me every Sunday morning from now on Ricky. You just come into my room and then cum into me! Up my cunt, up my arse, in my mouth. Even if I'm asleep, just come into my room early in the morning if you want and fuck me!"

"Sounds like a fine plan Saucy Sue! You and me are going to have plenty of good times together."

"We sure are, my hunky fuck buddy!"

They pair of them kissed hotly and lewdly, grinding together and working up a sweat as they fucked. For ten more minutes Ricky shafted his mother's twat, giving her another climax before his sperm began to finally rise.

"Time for that facial Saucy Sue," he said, pulling his cock from his mother's steaming pussy.

"Do it, cum on me," Susan panted, kneeling up. She knelt in the centre of the bed and her son stood up, wanking his prick in her face.

"Uh, uh, aaaaaaah, fuck!" he cried as he vigorously pumped his cock in his fist, "YEAH!"

He sperm blasted forth, a great big slimy wad of splashing across Susan's face. Ricky jerked off as he shot forth further sprays of sperm, his mum closing her eyes and delighting in the sensation of her son's hot spunk splashing across her visage.

Ricky finished unloading his cum, and he looked down and enjoyed the sight of his mum's pretty face all splattered with his sperm. Susan took her son's wilting, sperm-leaming, cunt-juice-slathered cock into her mouth and sucked him off, in the meantime sperm running down her face and dripping down to her big heaving tits.

"Now that's a better place to shot my load than into my fist," Ricky grinned, "You look so horny all splattered with sperm Saucy Sue."

"I feel horny," Susan declared, taking her son's prick from her mouth.

"We could fuck again if you want."

"We have to check out in an hour. Let's have a shower then go home, we can fuck there. We'll go to my bedroom and you can give me that all-afternoon anal-session you promised me."

"Sure thing. Fancy a shower together?"

"well, it would save on hot water," Susan grinned, "Let's go."

The naked pair went into the bathroom.

"I need a piss," Ricky said, stepping up to the toilet, "I suppose there's no problem in me pissing in front of you, eh Saucy Sue?"

"Piss on me if you want," his mother said with a wicked grin. She lay a big bath towel on the marble-tiled floor and knelt in the middle of it. Ricky looked as his mother knelt there, naked and grinning, sperm splattered all over her face and dripping to her tits and shoulders.

Ricky grinned back. Now this was a nice and sordid idea. He stepped up to his mother, aiming his flaccid cock in her face. Susan closed her eyes and mouth and awaited her first ever golden shower.

With a long sigh of satisfaction, Ricky relaxed himself and sent a long gush of piss flowing from his cock. He looked down at the incredible sight of his own mother kneeling before him whilst he pissed in her cum-splashed faced. He hosed her face down well then held his cock to aim the flow at her tits, washing the sperm from them with his piss. Before the flow ended, he stood on his tip-toes so that he could piss down directly on his mum's head, soaking her hair. Susan frigged her cunt throughout her golden shower, getting off on the kinky pleasures of the morning. Her son had fucked her cunt, given her two orgasms, then spunked all over her face and, finally, pissed on her...all before breakfast!

Finally Ricky had emptied his bladder, and his piss-soaked naked mum stood up.

"Thank you honey," she said, "I feel like one know. Lay down sweetie."

Her son did so, laying down on the fluffy towel on his back. Susan squatted over her son's pelvis and was soon sending a generous flow of piss across her son. Ricky thrilled at the feeling of the warm liquid splashing across his chest and stomach. He kept his head raised so he could watch the arc of glittering piss emerge from his mother's cunt and splish and splash over his nude body.

After a moment, the flow began to die down, and Susan finished by peeing on her son's cock, which was semi-hard already.

"Time for a proper shower," Susan said, standing up. Ricky did likewise and they hopped into the shower and turned it on. Soon they were being soaked down in a jet of lovely hot water.

The two of them naturally couldn't keep their hands off each other. Ricky took a big bottle of shower-gel and squeezed it over his mum's tits, pouring the creamy white liquid over those big glistening globes. He then rubbed his mother's tits wit his hands, soaping them up wonderfully, frothy bubbles running down her stomach.

"Do my whole body honey," Susan instructed him, "Then I'll do yours."

Ricky squeezed another big dollop of shower-gel into the palms of his hands then knelt down to run them all over his mother's stomach, pelvis and thighs. He adored the feel of her hot soapy flesh and rubbed his slippery hands all over her body. Susan parted her feet a little so that Ricky could rub her cunt, getting her golden bush all frothy.

"Turn around," he told her, and his mother did so. After arming himself with more shower-gel, Ricky slathered his soapy hands all over his mother's arse and the backs of her thighs, Susan leaning forwards so that her son could run his hands up and down the crack of her arse. His forefinger found her anus and he cheekily popped a slippery forefinger itno that puckered hole. Once he'd given his mum's arse a good scrub, Ricky stood up and poured shower-gel over his mother's shoulders then rubbed his hands over them and across her back. His cock was naturally rock-hard and his throbbing cock-head nudged his mother's shiny, soaking-wet bum-cheeks as he stood behind her scrubbing her back. He felt the urge to sodomize his mother, and knew she would be thrilled if he began to work his soapy cock up her willing arse, but he decided to leave such antics for when they got home. He knew he could not stick his cock up her arse and have the willpower not to shoot his load, and he wanted to save himself for the afternoon, when he intended to bum-fuck Saucy Sue good and proper!

Soon it was Ricky's turn to be scrubbed down, and Susan went to work on the lad. Ricky had deilghted at the novelty of a busty woman's body in the flesh to explore at his leisure, and likewise Susan adored the novelty of having a teenage lad's firm young frame and long throbbing cock to run her hands over and savour. She ran her soapy hands all over him as they stood under the jet of hot water, naturally paying a lot of attention to his cock. She soaped it up, rinsed it off, then sucked if for a moment, careful not to bring the boy to a climax in her mouth. She wanted him stiff and ready for later!

Soon they were finished and, sparkling clean and nude, mother and son hopped out the shower and spent a while drying off one-another, taking their time and once again savouring each other's naked bodies as they took turns drying the other off with a big fluffy blue towel. Afterwards they went into the main living area of the hotel room and got dressed.

Once they were fully-clothed, it was like they became different people. Ricky had been horny whilst drying off and still had a stiffie as he was putting his clothes back on. Now that he and his mum were dressed his cock soften rapidly and he suddenly saw him mum merely as his mum, not Saucy Sue. Just by virtue of being dressed his mum seemed a thousand miles from Saucy Sue. He felt no real lust towards her - although he knew that would change when they next got naked and horny! - and he could scarcely believe that he had spunked and pissed on her face not long ago. Similarly, Susan's lust towards Ricky died down too, and she saw him as now merely as her son, and not - for the moment - her horny toyboy stud!

They made sure they all their stuff and left. They checked out and were soon driving home.

Back at the house, Susan and Ricky decided to get a bite to eat. They had not yet had breakfast and had obviously worked up a bit of an appetite back at the hotel!

They had a big cooked lunch in the kitche, acting like a normal mother and son, although their recent sordid antics were in the back of their minds. They also were aware the more sordidness was on the horizon!

"Want a hand doing the dishes mum?" Ricky asked once they had finished.

"Tell you what," Susan smiled, "Why don't you do them and leave me free to pop upstairs? When you get up there, I'll be Saucy Sue. And I'll be ready for you."

"Sounds like a cool idea mum! I can't wait to meet Saucy Sue again."

Susan flashed her son a lewd wink and turned to leave the kitchen. She hurried up the stairs.

His cock stifeening already, Ricky washed the dishes in the sink, looking forwards to extreme novelty and pleasure of spending an afternoon fucking a horny busty mature bitch! It would certainly beat an afternoon of wanking over porn.

After drying his hands he went up the stairs and to his mum's room, which was now the domain of Saucy Sue.

When Ricky opened the door to his mother's room, his cock was almost completely erect. It grew 100% erect and so stiff it hurt when he stepped in and saw his mother.

Susan had picked up a few items sexy lingerie earlier in the week for such a situation, and she had kitted herself out whilst waiting for her son. She lounged leisurely on the bed, on her side and propped up on an elbow, her long blonde hair hanging down and flowing across the duvet. Susan wore a pair of bright red high-heeled shoes, black fishnet stockings held up with a lacy garter belt, and finally a black lacy peek-a-boo bra. The bra itself held up and pushed together her naturally large tits and emphasised her already impressive cleavage, but the round holes in the cups meant her thick stubby nipples were visible. Finally she wore large hoopy gold ear-rings.

"You look hot Saucy Sue," Ricky declared, closing the door, "Damn hot!"

"Thank you Ricky, my fine young toyboy," Susan smiled, "I trust you are very horny!"

"I sure am," her son confirmed.

"Then get your clothes off honey, let me see how big and hard your dick is."

Ricky was happy to oblige. Her hurriedly got out of his clothes so that he stood there at the foot of the bed naked, his prick sticking upright, the hard shaft visibly pulsing.

"Wow," gasped Susan, impressed at the size of her son's dick even after having spent the previous twenty-four hours getting very well acquainted with it indeed, "That is such a lovely big hard cock Ricky."

"Does madam like it," smirked Ricky, stroking his erection, "Does madam find it a suitable tool for a long anal-session?"

"I love it! I love your great big cock Ricky. It looks gorgeous, and I know it is going to feel gorgeous when it soon gets rammed up myanus. I cannot wait for that mammoth dick to be shoved to the hilt in my shitter. I enjoy knowing that you will soon be getting my shit on your dick."

"You sound so wonderfully filthy and slutty Sexy Sue."

"That's because I am wonderfully filthy and slutty Ricky, and I know that you are a horny and filthy young man. I can see you are itching to fuck me up the arse and my arse is itching to be fucked!"

"Well, like I promised Saucy Sue, I am going to spend the whole afternoon fucking your arse."

"Excellent! I fucking love anal. I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am knowing that I'm going to get repeatedly sodomized in the coming hours! And I know you are young and virile enough to go the distance and satisfy my unquenchable anal cravings."

"You're such a fine fuck buddy Saucy Sye" Ricky declared, "You're incredibly slutty and very, very sexy. You look extra gorgeous with all that sexy gear on."

"I don't own much lingerie Ricky, but I can always buy some more. Buy some with me if you want. We can go on my laptop later and buy a load of sexy stuff from an online store. You can choose all sorts of stockings, bras, baby-dolls and uniforms that you would like to see me in."

"Sounds great! Right now, I simply have to lick your anus Saucy Sue. Give me that lovely fucking rump! Show me your fucking anus so that I can lick it!"

Happy that her son had rapidly become confident in ordering her about, Susan got onto her hands and knees, her arse raised. Her bum looked even finer framed in the garter belt and fishnet stockings she wore. Ricky got onto the bed behind his mum and dived in, lapping hungrily at her anus, savouring it. He licked her shithole thoroughly and then pushed his tongue up there, past her sphincter and into her rectum. Susan was sighing happily, enjoying having her anus so thoroughly slurped and tongued.

After Ricky had finished a few minutes later, he moved back and off the bed.

"Your arsehole tastes superb Saucy Sue. Now I would like you to suck my cock and get it wet, so that I can slide it into your bum."

Susan turned and shuffled down the bed, so that she sat on the edge of the foot of it. She gripped her son's pole in both her hands and slide her lips over the head.

"Mmmmmph," she moaned as she sucked her son's prick. Soon she took her hands from his dick and moved her head down, sliding her lips down the thick shaft, slobbering over it and getting it wet and slippy with saliva.

"You suck cock well Saucy Sue," Ricky informed her, running his hands through her hair, "That's it, suck it you horny bitch. Get it slippery and wet so that it'll squeeze up your rectum more easily. I shall fuck your shitter soon but I will not cum up your rectum at first. I shall pull out at the last minute so that I can ejaculate in your hair. You have lovely hair Sue, and I shall spunk in it. Then I'll get a fresh erection and resume sodomizing you. I shall fuck you up the arse again whilst you're bent over with your hair all sticky and matted with sperm."

"That sounds great Ricky," Susan purred after taking the boy's cock from her warm mouth, the length of his penis wet and dripping with slimy saliva, "I would very much like that. Now it's time to get this fucking big erection up my horny tight shitter. How would you like to arse-fuck me darling? Tell me what position you want me in and I'll adopt it."

"I want you on your back with your legs up and spread, that way I can fuck your arse from the front. It will enable me to play with your lovely big tits whilst I bugger you. Plus I want to see the look of pleasure on your pretty face when my cock rams home into the depths of your bowels."

Susan immediately complied. She lay on her back in the centre of the bed and hauled her legs up, hooking her hands behind her knees to pull them right to her chest. Her arse was thrust out and easily accessable, her puckered anus twitching with anticipation.

"Come and fuck my arse," she begged Ricky, "Please darling, my horny super-stud toyboy, please come and fuck me up my fucking horny arsehole. Come and shove your cock up into my bum and get my shit on your dick my gorgeous teenaged fuck-buddy!"

Looking through her spread thighs, Susan - a.k.a. Saucy Sue - watched as her son got onto the bed and shuffled towards her. His rock-hard cock, wobbling as it jutted erectly from his groin, was aimed right at her itchy anus.

The End