Mother, Nymphomaniac, Porn Star and Pimp

(Incest - whole family, pedo, teen, oral, anal, group, WS, pregnant)

Part I: Mother

Joe watched, with some justified shock in his handsome young face, as his mother got down on all fours and a large black man, his stiff cock almost a foot long, got behind her and inserted his enormous member up into her rectum. Joe's mum, Sally, moaned out loud as she was speared anally by this big black prick, a white man suddenly appearing and tending his equally lengthy cock for Sally to suck on loudly.
All this was taking place on the TV screen. Joe was sitting on the edge of his bed naked with his semi-hard cock in his hand.
He had the large farmhouse all to himself and, like a typical teenage boy, had taken the opportunity of being alone to have a wank. He didn't know what had compelled him to hunt through his mum's room for porn. She slept in there alone, Joe's father having died ten years ago, but for some reason he searched about and found about fifty video tapes in a box in the back of a wardrobe. Curious at the tape's lack of any labels, he had bought one into his room. When it came on and went through the opening title of what was obviously a porn movie, Joe had stripped and got ready to whack off goodstyle!
Seeing his mum now getting fucked orally and anally was, needless to say, something of a surprise.
His mother, Sally, appeared to be a bit younger than she was now. At the moment - late March 2002 - Sally was in her mid-thirties, but appeared to be in her mid-twenties on the TV screen. Joe turned it off and went into his mum's room again and fetched through two more tapes. He put one in, fast-forwarding it through a variety of other women being fucked until a scene starring his mum came on. This was probably made a few years later, she appeared to be in her late twenties, this time getting cunt fucked by a large bearded man.
Joe put the third tape in. His mum, a sexy, petite blonde woman, was in the first scene in this flick. She was on her hands and knees beside a swimming pool, sucking on a large meaty cock whilst a big-breasted blonde chick, who looked aged nineteen at the most, pushed her greased fist up into Sally's cunt, pulling it out with a wet sucking noise. Sally emitted muffled groans as she continued fellating the man before her whilst the blonde behind her eased her clenched fist up into Sally's anus, Joe watching with some amazement, unconsciously gripping his stiffening cock with his hand, as the younger woman's fist sank up his mum's arsehole. Sally opened her eyes and looked longingly into the camera, the man taking his prick from her gob and jerking off. His sperm exploded over Sally's face, Joe barely noticing that he was pumping his cock with his fist whilst watching the video of his mum getting a sticky facial. He came to his sense when he was hit by an orgasm, his own dick squirting cum into the air and over the carpet before him as he fucked his fist, eyes fixed on the TV screen as his mum rubbed the sperm into her face with her fingers whilst she was anally fisted by the big-breasted girl behind her.
"Fuck!" he muttered to himself. He stood up and ejected the tape and quickly put all three back where he'd found them. He returned the box to the wardrobe and went back to his own room, slowly dressing.
Joe was the eldest of the family, aged seventeen. His mum had only been eighteen when she had given birth to him, and she'd had a quick wedding to Joe's father, Colin. His dad was a hard-working man who didn't see much of his family, putting in the time at the office to feed his family. He and his wife had another son Steve, three years later and then a final child, a daughter called Lisa. Shortly after Lisa's birth, Colin had died in a car accident. The insurance money paid off the mortgage and for babysitters whilst Sally went out to work.
Thinking back, Joe never really knew what his mum had done. They lived out here in a remote farmhouse in a beautiful, green part of the countryside, in Ohio, thirty-miles from Cleveland, and for five years his mother occasionally left her kids in the care of an Aunt or Uncle or high-school student and dissapeared for a few days at a time. She announced she was 'retiring' when she was thirty and claimed she had enough money put aside for them all to live on, none of the kids bothering to ask what she'd been doing exactly (she'd just said it was something to do with photography if anyone else asked). Sure enough, Sally lived a life of leisure, her three children, Joe, Steve and Lisa, well cared for and supported. They'd sold most of the land around the farm to agricultural firms, leaving just a big garden and large, wild woods around it for their own use.
It didn't take Joe long, thinking back to those tapes, that his mum had clearly spent the first five years of her widow-hood earning cash in a rather unconventional manner. He thought of the box in the wardrobe. There must have been fifty tapes there. At least. He didn't know how much women got for porn movies, but if his mum was a successful one - and she must have been to be asked back to that many flicks in just five years - she must have earned a fair amount.
Having solved this mystery, Joe was left with the strange feeling about what he'd seen. Sure, his mum was sexy. Didn't all boys think that? Sure they did, Joe thought. It was natural to see one's mum in a favorable way.
Maybe it wasn't so normal, Joe thought as he padded around the house fully dressed, to eye up your mum's tits when she wore a bikini whilst sunbathing. Well, he was a teenage boy though, and he was fairly shy at school and had only slept with a couple of girls - if you could call brief shags in car seats 'slept with'.
But he had, he admitted, shot his load whilst watching his mum getting fucked, cummed on and fisted. Jeez! Was that normal? Was it normal for one's mum to be a porn star though?
He shook his head, trying to think, only to discover his cock had restiffened. After failing to ignore his arousal, the decided there was no point in resisting to his feelings? If he wanted to whack off over his mum's porn vids, he decided as he went back to the wardrobe, then he would.
Moments later, he was sitting on his bed jerking off again, a different tape in the VCR now. This time, his mother was naked on a bed, sandwiched between three men. She took a cock in her cunt, her arse and her mouth all at the same time, weird camera angles giving full views of the tight penetrations. The three guys eventually pulled out and spunked over Sally's face one at a time, totally coating her. When the next scene came on, it didn't feature Sally, so Joe found himself fast-forwarding it. He hit 'play' again when his mum was once again the star of the show. She was currently eating out a black woman's cunt whilst some guy fucked her from behind, first in the cunt, then the arse. He finished off by ejaculating his creamy goo over the two women's faces, Sally and her West Indian colleague kissing each other, switching the spunk between their mouths. It was this sight that lead to Joe's second orgasm, and he was surprised that he didn't feel any disgust as he dressed and packed away the porn video back where he'd found it.
He just finished neatening himself up when he heard the car pull up outside, signalling his mother's return with his two siblings.

"Hey Joe," Sally smiled as she entered the living room a few minutes later and saw her eldest child sitting on the sofa.
"Hi mum," he said, "Need a hand bringing the groceries in?"
"No, I'm fine," Sally replied, taking off her jacket and hanging it up, "Your brother and sister are doing that for us. Everything okay here?"
Sally yawned and sat on the sofa next to Joe, taking off her shoes and whistling happily to herself. Joe looked at his mum through the corner of his eye, seeing her in a different light now. Having given birth to Joe whilst in her late teens, Sally was relatively young at thirty-five. She was fairly petite, 5'3" and with a slim frame and a bright, pretty face. Her golden blonde hair had been long and flowing years ago - in the porn videos - but now it was cut short and wavy. Her eyes were crystal blue, her skin fine and smooth and her smile both warmly maternal and strangely sexy at the same time. She had medium sized tits which looked a nice shape in the tight white T-shirt she wore at the moment, and her shapely legs and plump arse looked good in the tight jeans she wore as she stood and put her shoes in the cup-board.
"You want some lunch?" she asked Joe as she turned round.
"Yes please," her boy replied, "Need a hand making it?"
"No, it's okay. You relax son! It's Sunday."
"Okay mum."
Sally left the room and soon Steve came in.
Joe was 6' 2" and well built with short blonde hair, and his fourteen-year-old brother Steve would soon follow him in terms of height and build. At the moment though he was still about 5' 6" - a bit taller than his mum - and he'd insisted on letting his sandy blonde hair grow fairly long so it hung floppily over his face. With his grungy appearance, he almost seemed like an adolescent Kurt Cobain, albeit without the stubble.
"Hi Joe," he said as he came in, "Watcha been doing?"
"Fuck all," his brother shrugged, "Just watching TV."
"Anything on?"
"Naw. Check the TV guide if you want."
Steve picked up the TV guide in question and slumped back on the armchair with it.
Just then Lisa skipped into the room, the baby of the family at eleven-years of age. She was very fragile and extrovert in behavious. Whilst her brother's were blonde, Lisa had dark brown hair that tumbled half-way down her back. She had the cutest of faces; a sweet smile, big eyes full of curiosisity and mischief, and the most perfect little nose with a smattering of freckles.
"Hey guys," she said, hopping onto the sofa next to Joe, "What's happening?"
"Nothing," Joe shrugged.
"What's on TV?" she asked Steve.
"I'm trying to find out," he huffed at his little sister.
"Okay," Lisa said, sitting back in the chair, slumped against Joe. She knew full well that her brother's apathy disguised how much they cared for their little sister. They were just being horrible, Lisa thought, because boys were meant to act like that. She rubbed her nose, yawned, fidgeted, rubbed her nose again and generally irritated Joe who sat next to her, who nonetheless didn't say anything as he was still unable to get the images of his mum's movies out of his mind.
Soon, Sally came through with trays of lunch, and the family ate together, Joe the only one who appeared preoccupied, occasionally glancing at his mother slyly, feeling more love for her than ever. He felt good that he wasn't in the slightest bit disgusted at her, which he'd thought he would be. If anything, he admired her for it.

Sally had to go out briefly that evening, and with his brother and sister playing in the garden as the sun set on the fine Spring day, Joe sneaked back into his mum's room. He fetched a couple of tapes at random and left the box in the wardrobe as he'd found it, seemingly undisturbed.
That night, alone in his large room at the back of the house, he jacked himself off five times throughout the night. It was like he'd just discovered masturbation! He couldn't get enough of watching his horny blonde mum getting fucked in celluloid, one scene where she was taken on by three guys at once on a beach captivating him utterly.
Over the next week, he swapped tapes each night, getting a different one each evening when he had the opportunity to sneak into his mother's room. He watched his mum out the corners of his eyes during the day, watching her fine arse as she walked, her firm tits wobbling as she went about the housework, all the while thinking of what she'd been subjected to in the films. Ideas of fucking his mother for real naturally formed in his head, but without any practical thought to realising such fantasies.

The weekend Joe had discovered the porn-tapes was three weeks before the end of school semester and the start of the two week Spring holidays. The final weekend before the holidays, he was sneaking out of his mum's room with the latest tape when his brother caught him.
"What's that?" Steve asked. Their mother and Lisa were out that Saturday lunchtime.
"Just...a tape," shrugged Joe.
"Yeah I know, but what? What is it? C'mon, is it porn?"
Joe smiled briefly, understanding his brother's typical teenage-boy belief - or at least hope - that any video-tape may have porn on it.
"Sort of," Joe shrugged.
"It is isn't it!" Steve insisted, "Let's have a look...hey, how come it was in mum's room?"
"It was in the wardrobe."
"Yeah, but why? Why does mum want porn? Shit, is she one of these modern women who like that sort of thing? Cool!"
"Listen, Steve...I think you better have a look at this. C'mon."
"Can I borrow it after you?" asked Steve as he followed his brother into Joe's bedroom.
"Just watch," Joe insisted, putting the tape into the VCR and hitting play.
Steve stood with the same look of shock as his brother had displayed the previous Saturday when the tape came on half-way through a scene.
On the screen, Sally - long haired, young, naked - was getting fucked up the cunt and arse by two foreign looking guys.
"Shit..." Steve stammered, "Shit."
"That's mum!" Joe said.
"....shit!" was Steve's unimaginative reflection.
"That's what I thought when I found these last weekend."
"There are more?" his younger brother asked, eyes fixed to the screen.
"Loads. Dozens. A big box in the wardrobe. They all feature mum and all seem to be made when she was a bit younger, when she kept leaving us with babysitters for a day or two at a time."
"I remember that. Yeah. This is what she was up to? Fuck!"
"Our mum, the porn star."
On the video, Sally was sitting back whilst her two fuckers jacked off over her, one guy spurting hot seed over her face, the other over her tits. When the scene ended, Joe forwarded to the next scene starring his mother, hitting 'play' once more when Sally was featured in a 69 with another woman.
"Mum," Steve stated, his cock hard in his pants, "is hot!"
"You can't help but get aroused can you?" Joe said, his own prick erect. He hadn't really wanted his brother to find out, mainly because he might be denounced as a perv for wanting to watch his own mum starring in these films. But Steve was similarly excited.
"Can I borrow some," the younger boy asked.
"Sure," Joe shrugged, "Just go to the wardrobe and fetch the box out and grab a few, I'm sure mum won't miss them. I don't know what she intends to do with them. Just put the box back exactly as you'd found it."
"Okay," Steve said, and shot out the room. Within minutes he was in his own bedroom, the door locked, sitting on the bed naked with his hard cock in his hand whilst he watched his own TV. The tape showed his mother taking on two guys and a girl at once, and the boy had shot his load before the first scene ended!

Like most teenagers, Joe and Steve made the assumption that their mother was not omniscient.
True, Sally was not all-seeing, but she wasn't totally oblivious either. She'd noticed her porn tapes had been touched within a couple of days, and also that in the subsequent three weeks, Joe looked at her in a different way; faintly aroused and curious. Then Steve looked at her likewise, whilst the number of porn tapes 'borrowed' each night increased. There were 56 tapes in total, all starring Sally in at least one scene, and when more than four were gone each night, to be replaced the next day when she was out and for another load to have vanished in their place, she pretty much figured both her boys were watching them. And jacking off to them, presumably.
On the Friday, the final day of the school term, Sally drove the five miles to the nearest town where her kids were educated. Joe had finished the previous day, but Steve and Lisa were both required to go to school for this final Friday of the term.
They were sitting in the back and bickering with each other like typical siblings.
"Is to," Lisa was insisting.
"Is not," her brother retorted.
"Is to."
"Is not."
"Is to!"
"Mum!" whined Steve, "The Spring holidays are two weeks long aren't they, not three."
"They last two weeks sweetheart," Sally said.
"See," Steve triumphantly pouted to his little sister.
Lisa stuck her tongue out.
The car pulled up before the large school and both youngster piled out, yelling goodbye before walking towards the main entrance. They walked together, always close, Steve ever protective of his sister regardless of their petty bickering.
Despite having announced to the breakfast table that morning that she was going shopping that day, Sally turned the car round and went back home.

Joe sat as if someone had hit a pause button on him. Naked with his eight-inches of erect cock in his hand, he stared at his mother standing in the doorway to his room.
It was half-an-hour since his mum had gone out and, as Sally had planned, Joe had not expected his mother back so soon.
She wore what she'd gone out in - tight denim cut-offs and a loose, short white T-shirt who's fashionably torn hem ended just above her belly-button, showing her mid-rift.
"Hi Joe," she smiled, stepping into the room, barefooted.
"Er...mum," Joe began, glancing at the TV screen, then back to his mother. He was expecting his mum to go mad, be upset, or something as she'd clearly realised, now approaching the bed, that her son was jacking off to her movies. The room's tense air still filled with the sound of the video, Sally - eight years previously, and on film - grunting as she was fucked in the cunt by a well-endowed guy much younger than herself. But Sally - the real one, here, in the flesh - just kept smiling as she sat next to her son.
"Er..." began Joe.
"Don't be embarrassed," she said, placing a hand comfortingly on her son's shoulder, "Don't worry. I've guessed you, and your brother, have found these tapes. My fault for leaving them around. You're growing lads, you need relief, and to be honest I'm kinda complimented that you think of me sexually."
"I'm sorry mum..." Joe stammered, "I mean, it's a little..."
"Perverted?" interrupted Sally, "Not at all! Who says it's perverted to consider sex with your own mum? Society? In ancient times like Greece, homosexuality was considered normal, then it was sinful for centuries and now it's pretty much okay. Adultery is permitted in some societies whilst in other's it's punishable by death! Polygamy is permitted in some societies but frowned upon by others. Society can't make up it's mind. What's right and wrong varies from age to age, from country to country, so why bother listening? Just follow your sexual desires and ignore what anyone else might think. Fuck everyone else."
Joe blushed a little at hearing his mum use the 'f' word, despite having heard her use it on the films whilst being fucked! His mother was rubbing his chest now, staring at him lustfully, and he finally made the logical leap to realize he was being seduced!
"I...really like you mum," he found himself saying, finding confidence in the positive effect this had on his mother, "I mean, sexually." He swallowed. "You're hot! Not just on the films, but now!"
"I'm glad you like me son!" Sally said as she stood up, abruptly removing her T-shirt, "I'm so glad! I haven't had sex since I finished making these movies years ago. I've frigged myself and fantasized about sex as often as you surely have, but you can't beat the real thing eh?"
"No mum," Joe agreed, his mother now taking off her bra, her tits popping out. They were not huge, but still a nice size, a solid handful each, firm and topped with erect nipples who's darkness contrasted with her fair skin. She then pulled off her denim-shorts then turned round, slowly pulling down her frilly white knickers. Her arse was lovely; slightly plump due to her child-baring hips, but firm, shapely and smooth. She turned, a sexy grin on her face as she struck a pose with her hands on her hips, Joe's eyes running from her tits, down her flat belly and finally to the tuft of blonde pubic hair between her legs. Being 5' 3" she didn't have long legs like a supermodel, but certainly the limbs in question were well toned and slim.
"You are so hot mum," Joe repeated, glad to see his mother's eyes were in turn running over his own tall, athletically built body, "I want to fuck you!"
That statement confirmed to Sally that all was going to plan! After hitting the 'stop' button on the remote control, the video flicking off at the moment she was getting a slimy facial on the screen, the horny mother urged her son up the bed then lay next to him, draping herself across his chest and kissing him hard on the mouth. They snogged for a while, Sally eventually moving down and kissing her son's chest and abdomen, her hands running over his six-pack then his thighs, finally reaching for the long cock that throbbed erectly over Joe's stomach. She stroked it, frigged it expertly, finally running her tongue up and down it. After giving the swollen purple head a prolonged licking, she took five-inches of the dick into her mouth and sucked.
Though he'd had a few shags, Joe hadn't done anything 'exotic', and he closed his eyes and swam in blissful joy at his first blow-job. Sally gave a fucking good one, bobbing her head as she fellated her son.
Once she'd had a good taste of her boy's cock, Sally got up and sank her cunt onto that long member, letting out a long, pent up sigh as she finally, after all these years, got a prick up into her cunt. She rode Joe enthusiastically, her arse clapping against the teenager's thighs as she splayed her hands out on his firm chest.
"Oh fuck son!" she grunted, "Yeah this is good! Oh!"
"Ride me mum," Joe urged her, both of them now smiling, having great fun!
"Oh Joe, I need this! I need your cock! Yeah, fuck it up me. Fuck your hips upwards with me, that's it! Oh yeah! Yeah! UH! UH!"
"I'm gonna cum!" Joe cried, "Shit....SHIT!"
He held his mother's hips and exploded up into her, his sperm gushing forth into the womb from whence he came.
"Shoot it up me darling," Sally begged as she humped away on the spurting prick, "Fuck mummy full of jizz, yeah!"
Joe let out a long gasp as he finally finished his climax, his sticky dick leaking the remaining sperm into his mother's slit. The woman got her breath back on top of the boy before finally dismounting, both lying next to each other.
"This is great eh?" she commented, propping herself up on an elbow and looking into her son's eyes.
"Shall we do it again?" Joe asked, smiling, "Later? Or in a minute?"
"Let's do it a lot!" Sally replied, "I'm not satisfied with that honey, let's fuck all the time! We've got the Spring holidays ahead of us! We'll get Steve involved too. I know he watches the movies too. Do you think he'll be up for it?"
"Too right! You should have seen him when I first showed him the flicks mum! He was really excited! When we watched a few scenes together, he kept saying things like 'Mum's even hotter than I thought' and 'What a great pair of tits on her!' I'm not joking mum. The other day when you were in the garden, in those tight yellow shorts that really hug your arse-cheeks, bending over and picking flowers in the garden, me and Steve were at the window. He nudged me and said 'Wouldn't you just love to stick your dick up her bum!' and, of course, I agreed. Believe me mum, he'll be so keen, he'll think he's in heaven!"
"Then we'll all fuck together!" Sally decided, "It'll be one hell of a Spring holiday! One hell of a year!"
"What about Lisa though," Joe said, "We can't do it in front of her can we?"
"Sure we can," his mother shrugged, "We'll get her to join in. She's a sexy little thing isn't she?"
"I guess..." Joe began, his mother sensing his hesitation.
"You have no problem having sex with your mother do you?" she asked.
"Not at all. No way."
"So you surely shouldn't have any moral barriers against having sex with your sister."
"I guess not. But she's a bit young isn't she? Lisa's only eleven-years-old."
"So what," said Sally, "I was only eleven too when I lost my virginity."
"Really?" Joe asked.
"Sure," his mother confirmed, "I'd been interested in sex for a few years, always curious and stuff and wondering what it was like. When I was eleven, me and a boy a bit older than me decided to find out what sex was like so we did it in some woods one Saturday in the summer of 1978. Then this boy told his buddies after a while and they fancied a go. The more the merrier, I thought, so at within a year I had this group of regular lads who I had sex with. I'd take them up to a barn near where we lived and these boys would queue up and fuck me in turn, often as many as eight of them in a single session. Some were younger than me!
"I was still twelve when I sucked my first dick and swallowed, and I lost my anal-cherry at age thirteen to a boy in my class I briefly dated. On the night of my fourteenth birthday I celebrated by making myself look older by dressing up in a mini-skirt and fishnet stockings before sneaking out to a bar where I picked up three men, all more than twice my age. They gave me my first taste of triple-penetration - sticking their dicks up my three holes at the same time. The best thing was, one of the men was my history teacher at school, Mr Thompson! He shit a brick! It'd been his house him and his two mates had fucked me in whilst his wife was out. His marital bed! I'd worn a lot of make up that night and because he'd been behind me doing me up the butt in the sex-sandwich, he hadn't recognized me. He did when I approached him after school the next day and told him."
"Did you blackmail him?" Joe asked, laughing at this anecdote.
"No," Sally insisted, "Not really anyway. Not for money. I said I'd tell Mrs Thompson if he didn't fuck me regularly. I don't think someone has ever enjoyed being blackmailed as much as him, he thought it was great! We did it regularly for the next year, my teacher often bringing his two mates along again to do my three holes at once! Anyway, at fifteen I had my first lesbian relationship; it was with a girl in my class at school. At sixteen I met your father and dated him regularly the same age and within a couple of years, as you know, I fell pregnant with you. I'm amazed I didn't get preggers earlier. Anyway, Colin, you're dad, stood beside me and we had our little family. When he died, I went into the porn business. I loved your father, but he spent a most time with his friends and at work, so whilst I mourned him, I hadn't shared enough of my life with him to resist moving on to other things. I went into porn to get some money, and it was damn fun too! I earned a lot more than I was lead to believe after a few movies. I was good on camera and had no qualms about doing anything. You'd be surprised at the number of women who do have limits to what they'll do, who turn up batting their eye-lids and convinced they'll become millionaires, and then whine 'Oh I won't do that!, and I won't swallow!' I did everything, and earned a lot. You father's Life Insurance paid off the mortgage and set me up for a few years, and the movies earned me over half-a-million! I invested it well and we're set up for life!
"I'm sure you've noticed, son, that I'm a nympho! I love big spurting cock! I love fucking and being fucked and after a half a decade just rubbing my clit and humping plastic dildos I'm ready for some real cocks! Steve will join in, and I'm sure Lisa will too. Whaddya say kiddo? Up for it? Us all together, a family, screwing the Spring and Summer away?"
"Sure mum," Joe said, and kissed his mother hard on the lips, "Right now," he continued, kneeling up and stroking his long, hard dick, the throbbing end nudging his mother's belly, "I'm as horny as a boy can be! C'mon, let's screw again!"
Sally lay back and spread her legs, welcoming her son with open arms. Joe laid over her and sank his prick into the hot cunt between his mother's legs.
"Oh son," she crooned in his ear, "Yeah, fuck it right up me! Fuck it up my cunt!"
The obscenities had the right effect on Joe, who began humping his mother passionately, both of the naked fuckers holding each other in their intwined limbs.
Joe pulled out after a few minutes to go down on his mum, licking out her hot, wet cunt. He wasn't very skilled in this area, but Sally was appreciative of the effort and enjoyed it. Soon, her son mounted her once more and fucked her cunt hard. The lad's orgasm rose soon enough, his body tensing in his mum's arms as he fired his spunk up into her.
"Fuck that was good," Sally smiled to her son once he'd finished cumming in her. They kissed before Joe moved off his mum and they lay in each other's arms.
They'd nodded off briefly by the time they finally sat up half-an-hour later.
"I feel horny again," Joe said.
"Me too," his mother replied, "But let's save ourselves for this evening shall we? Lisa is staying over at a friend's house tonight so we'll get Steve involved with us once he's home and have a fine evening!"
"Just one more fuck though," Joe begged, stroking his re-stiffened cock, "I need to screw you again mum, I'll be okay for tonight!"
"Okay sweetie," Sally smiled.
"What shall we do?" Joe asked, "Anything in mind?"
"I've got everything in mind honey! I've done everything before and I want to do everything again! Ooooh, I'm just so excited!," she continued, rubbing her hands together, Joe sitting up, watching his mum with a smile as he rubbed his rock hard member.
"You look excited mum!" he observed.
"Oh, I am! I had such fun as a teenager, all that lovely fucking! Things were a bit quieter whilst married and then there was all the fun making those porn vids. The last five years have been a total drought - no sex at all, just friggin my clit and watching in frustration as you and then your brother developed into such fine young men, handsome and horny, undoubtedly frigging yourselves in your bedrooms whilst I did likewise in mine, alone with our unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Now we can get up to all sorts of fun."
"We've got no limits at all mum!"
"Absolutely not."
"Me and Steve are probably the horniest boys in the world! If nymphomania is genetic then Lisa will be ready to follow you in your footsteps of sexual indulgence. Besides, aren't guys in their sexual peek at my age, the late teens?
"That's right," Sally nodded, "and I'm ready to take advantage of that! I'm aged thirty-five, though it's hard to tell if I'm at my sexual peek because I've always been constantly horny! Either way, I'm mature but not over-ripe, experienced but still far from satisfied! Some women acquire sexual-morals and prudishness as they grow older, but down the line I've discarded what little I started with. You and your brother could fuck my three holes a dozen times each and even when I collapsed with exhaustion I'd be begging for more. Now let's get screwing again, your cock looks fit to burst! How do you want to fuck me my lovely son?"
"I want to fuck you up the arse mum," Joe stated.
"I thought you might say that," Sally grinned, "Let's go then!"
She got on her hands and knees, arching her back and thrusting her lovely behind out, her pink, hairless anus a cute little target between her parted bum-cheeks.
"You've got a lovely arse mum," Joe said, "It'll need lubing up though I think. That's a small hole I gotta get up!"
"There's some KY-Jelly in my room, in the top drawer of the dressing table."
Joe was already getting off the bed and shot into his mother's room. As randy as hell, he returned quickly to his own bedroom, slathering his prick up with the lubricant and hopping onto the bed behind his mum who was still on hands and knees.
"Put some on my anus," she instructed her son. Joe did so, slathering the KY-Jelly onto his mother's arsehole and fingering it lightly. He put the Jelly aside and got into position, placing the head of his raging hard cock to the prepared hole.
"Just push it in," Sally said, looking straight ahead, her tits wobbling as they hung beneath her, her body quivering in excited anticipation, "I'll say if hurts. Just do what the guys do in the porn vids!"
Joe obeyed these instructions, steadily applying pressure by easing his groin forwards. He didn't seem to be making much progress as he looked down, watching the head of his beslimed dick squash up against the tight butthole before him.
Suddenly, Sally's shit-hole bloomed open like a blossoming flower, the horny mother gasping in delight and her son watching triumphantly in awe as the first three inches of his thick rod slide into his mother's bum.
"Oh son," Sally cried, "Oh yeah, that is FUCKING fantastic!"
"You okay mum?" Joe asked, pulling back and leaving just his cock-head stuck inside his mother.
"Never better," Sally gasped over her shoulder, "That's so good, oh yeah, mummy likes that!" She looked forwards and seethed with ecstasy as Joe plunged his dick into her butt to the hilt.
"That good?" he asked, lustily.
"God yeah son," she gasped, "Push it all in me, ram it right up mummy's shitter! Don't worry, it doesn't hurt...mmmMMMM! Yeah!"
Joe began to thrust his member back and forth inside his mum's anus.
"Oh, what an arse," he commented, "Oh shit mum, your arse is great! So tight and hot! Oh God, yeah!"
"Do it son," Sally gasped, what little shame she had cast aside, "Drill my shit-hole! Oh Christ it feels so good, your dick is HEAVEN! Fuck mummy! Bugger mummy! Mmmm! Yeah!"
Joe held his mother's waist and slammed his cock repeatedly up into her rectal passage with quick, hard strokes of his throbbing prick, delighted at both the physical sensation of his mum's arsehole's tight grip and also the psychological one of such an illicit act. He was having sex with his own mum. And not only that, he was penetrating her anally. He was shoving his big hard dick up the hole from which his mother defecated! What a perverse, twisted taboo, and what a thrill!
"You're so horny mum," he panted as he rode her arse, "You're butt is so tight, I'm gonna fuck it full of cum!"
"Fuck me son," Sally gasped, "Yeah, keep shafting me!"
Joe screwed his mother in relative silence for a little while.
Eventually, he asked "Did dad butt-fuck you much?". He felt empowered at being able to ask such a question of her.
"Yeah," Sally replied, her son's cock sliding to and fro in her anus at a slower pace now, "He wasn't very adventurous in bed, your dad, but he did have a slight fetish for doing me up the butt. Not many women do apparantly, though I reckon it's just a case that not many will admit it! Your dad was glad that I enjoyed it though and probably sodomized me as often as we had conventional, vaginal sex."
"It feels great mum. You're arse tightest and nicest in the whole world!"
"Have you ever fucked a girl in the arse?"
"No," admitted Joe with a grin, "But I could have fucked a thousand up the butt and none would compare to this!"
He continued shafting his mother for a good fifteen-minutes before his climax approached. Holding his mother's waist in a firm grip, he increased his pace and pounded that butt hard! Sally bore up well under the hard fucking, clenching the pillows in her fists and urging her son over her shoulder.
"Cum in me!" she demanded, hot lust in her voice, "Fuck my arse son!"
"Yeah, I'm cumming," Joe announced.
"Fuck me! Nnngg! YEAH!"
"OH GOD!" Joe cried as his sperm exploded, his cock throbbing so hard as it gushed forth thick sperm that Joe was almost doubled over, hunched across his mother's sweat-slick back as his hips spasmed. His cock ejaculated it's creamy load deep, deep inside Sally's rectum and the woman pushed her arse back onto it's impaling rod, Sally squeezing and flexing her shitting muscles in her guts to milk her son's cream out further. Joe's climax finally came to an end and he hung in his mother's arsehole for a moment, his breath hot on her upper back. He finally moved back, his long, semi-stiff cock wetly peeling out of Sally's gripping anus before popping out. The youth sat back and breathed deeply.
"Oh my!" Sally panted, looking round into her son's tired eyes whilst she flexed her yawning, cum-leaking arsehole at him, "I'm gonna be shitting spunk for a week!" They both laughed, delighted at the morning's outlandishly erotic events.

They relaxed throughout the afternoon, watching TV and having a spot of dinner in the living room. Mother and son remained naked but somehow restrained their desires, the fucking session in the morning having only increased their libidos. They even watched a few of Sally's favorite movies whilst frigging themselves next to each other on the sofa, but Joe managed to hold himself back from his orgasm.
At four o'clock, both of them dressed and Sally went out to pick up Steve and Lisa from the school. She was going to drop Lisa off at the girl's friend's house for the night then return with Steve, letting him on the secret on the way.
Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, Joe slouched across the sofa, watching a re-run of a kid's cartoon he used to watch when he was little, looking forward to the evening's activity.
Soon, he heard the car pull up the long drive outside and then his mum and brother enter the house.
"I'll be upstairs," he could here his mother say, before ascending the stairs.
"Okay mum," replied Steve.
"Come up in two minutes," Sally called down.
Steve then entered the large living room, the blonde-haired youngster grinning to his brother.
"Hi Steve," Joe greeted him.
"Jesus Christ," exclaimed his younger brother, "Is mum for real? Is she winding us up?"
"What about? Fucking?"
"Yeah. Have you fucked her? She said you did."
"I did indeed!" Joe confirmed, proudly.
"Shit!" gasped Steve, sitting on an armchair "I was still thinking it was a wind up. A joke. We were driving off after Lisa had got out the car and mum started saying she'd known me and you had been pinching her videos, and I shit a brick! I thought I was in for a right telling off. But she then said she was pleased, that it was natural that we would want to see porn vids and that furthermore she was really complimented that me and you found her attractive and wanted to see her being fucked. I was relieved at first then shocked we she said she wanted sex with me!"
"She just asked you straight up?" asked Joe.
"Yeah!" nodded Steve, "Just like that: "Do you fancy sex with me son?' Fuck me, I thought...or rather, fuck her! I've been beating off all week to videos of her being screwed, and now I can fuck her for real. She said she enjoyed everything she did on film in the porn flicks and wanted to do them all again, and more, with me and you. Oh wow! It's not wrong though is it? Mum said it wasn't."
"It's fine. As long as no-one else finds out who cares? No-one else can form and opinion if they don't know about it."
"Yeah! Damn right Joe! We won't get caught though will we?"
"Of course not. Mum won't tell anyone, neither will we. What's there to worry about?"
"What about Lisa?" Steve asked.
"She's joining in tomorrow."
"That's mum's plan. Get Lisa involved and all fuck together. But anyway, we can discuss all this later. Right now, go upstairs and fuck mum. Like she said, I fucked her earlier. Three times."
"Is she hot?" Steve purred.
"Very hot!" Joe insisted, "Just as good as she looked in the movies, but twice as rampant!"
~ "Oh man! Shit! I'm so excited man, I'm gonna lose my cherry!"
"Two minutes is up I think," Joe added after a pause, "Mum'll be expecting you."
"Here I go," Steve said, excitedly, and stood up and left the room. He yanked off his shoes and hurried up the stairs.
The bedroom door to Sally's main room was open. The bed was large and, like most of the room's furniture, made of pine wood. It was a very light room, the bed-sheets stark white, the walls and carpet light cream. Beige drapes flanked a vast bay-window with lace curtains that overlooked the enormous garden.
Sally was on the bed, sitting up against some white, plumped-up pillows. She was nude, her smooth flesh lit up in the golden sun from the hot Spring day outside. Her nipples were erect, her cunt topped by blonde fluff between her toned legs and her face warm and pretty. She licked her lips.
"Get undressed kiddo," she invited her son.
Steve hurridly stripped off, his action's clumsy as he removed his clothes whilst his eyes remained fixed on his mother's naked body. When he was naked he walked to the bed and climbed on. His blonde hair hung down over his excited, boyish face. Steve's body was pretty well sculpted for his age, lean but toned, his 6" cock thrusting erectly from his sprouting golden pubic hair.
"Are we going to fuck mum?" he asked.
"Damn right," Sally confirmed, "We can do everything you want! Ever had sex with a girl honey?"
"No. I'm still a virgin mum."
"Well, you won't be soon. How about a nice blow-job first?"
Not needing to wait for a reply, Sally knelt up and bent over, taking her younger son's thick hard cock into her mouth. She sucked it down to the root, fellating the lad with such skill that she knew she'd be able to make him cum in her mouth in less than a minute. She had no intention of that though, and soon got back up, laying down on her back with her legs parted.
"Get on top of me sweetheart," she said, "Just lay on me and put your dick up mummy's cunt."
Steve did so, his actions charmingly clumsy as he lay over his mother, guiding his prick into her cunt and roughly thrusting it into her.
"I'm in mum," he announced, triumphantly, propped up on his arms and looking down at his prick now wedge in his mother's cunt, their matching blonde pubic hair merging, "Oh man, that's good!"
"Just lay down on me, sweety," Sally said, and Steve did so, "That's it. Oh, your body feels good against mine. Yeah! Now fuck me Steve. Just thrust in me...that's it....oh, good boy! Yeah! Oh, yeah...mmmm!"
Hardly able to believe he was actually having sex, let alone giving pleasure to his mother, Steve humped fast, his chin resting on his mother's shoulder as his arse rose up and down between her parted legs. He was humping his cock up into her tight, gripping wet slit, both of them grunting pleasurable together as they fucked.
"Oh mum, that's so good!" he cried, "It feels fantastic!"
"Likewise honey! Keep fucking mummy!"
"I love your body mum! It's fantastic! Oh, oh...yeah...shit!"
"Are you cumming yet honey?"
"Fuck me! Fuck it up me, cum in me!"
Steve fucked faster, gripping his mother's shoulders and tensing up his body as he began to ejaculate.
"Oh mum!!!! Oh yeah! YEAH!"
His sperm exploded up into his mother's cunt, his thick member throbbing as it disgorged it's creamy load into the wet slit between his mum's parted legs. His climax began to subside, as did his thrusting.
"My lovely son," crooned Sally, stroking the fourteen-year-old's hair, "You've fucked mummy well!"
"That was so good mum," Steve said as he looked into his mother's eyes, "It was great!"
"I loved it too."
They kissed, long and passionately, before Steve rolled off. He felt tired but still horny, his dick semi-hard.
Sally related her life story, explicity, to Steve, telling him what she'd told Joe that morning about her sexual adventures during her youth. She explained how after being widowed she went into porn for both the money and the fun, and how she was now ready to end her sexual-drought by fucking her two sons silly in the years to come. She added how Lisa would be no doubt keen to join in and how much fun lay ahead.
Steve was enthralled by all this, and he asked his mum to tell him some of her anecdotes of sex when she was in her wild, horny teenage years. With a sense of wicked pride in her voice, Sally told her son of the time she'd sucked off three teenage brothers in a row, and she told of him of her first lesbian sex, and the time when she was fifteen and had seduced a friend's middle-aged father who'd had anal sex with her on the back seat of his car. Steve particularly loved the tale of his mother and her History teacher from school.
Sally had mastubated her son's dick throughout this and, at the end of the tales, the boy was proud and stiff in her fist.
"Let's have sex again mum," he eagerly suggested, "I'm horny!"
"Me too," Sally replied, "How about fucking me up the arsehole? Fancy some of that sweety?"
"Okay!" Steve smirked, like a naughty school-boy.
There was the KY-Jelly close to hand, and Sally showed her young son how to grease up his dick with the lubricant. Then she got on all fours and instructed the boy how to prepare her arsehole for penetration.
That accomplished, Steve carried out the operation his brother had done earlier. He steadily pushed the head of his cock into his mother's tight sphincter then eased half of his dick up into the depths of his mum's rectum.
"Holy cow!" he cried, "Oh yeah, that's good!"
"Does it feel nice," his mother asked.
"It feels better than nice! Oh yeah, oh God mum. Your arse is so hot and tight!"
He began pushing his meat forwards once more until all but an inch was squeezed neatly up into his mother's anus.
"That's so good," Sally crooned, arching her back and pushing her arse further onto the dick fucking up into her shit-chute until it was in to the hilt, "Fuck me son! Fuck mummy's shitter!"
"Oh mum," Steve panted as he began thrusting his erect dick back and forth in his mum's anus, "Yeah, this is so fucking GOOD! Yeah! It's so fucking hot! Uuh, yeah!"
He sodomized his mother lustily, holding her shoulders as his pelvis clapped into her buttocks, humping her gripping anus with his throbbing prick and unable to believe that all this pleasure was happening to him.
When his orgasm approached, he already had the sense to wait, and slowed down until the critical moment passed. He then began to fuck his mum's arse again, but when his climax approached a second time five-minutes later, he was unable to hold it. He slammed his pelvis speedily with his eyes shut tight, crying out exclamations of joy along with his mum as his cock shot his sperm deep into Sally's rectal passage. His cum fired out thick and fast, filling up Sally's shitter.
Finally spent, Steve pulled his prick out of his mum and lay back, Sally falling forwards.
"That," Steve soon commented, "was a fine session!"
"Too right," his mother agreed.
"I'm hungry though."
"That's something you'll have to get used to! There's something about the male physiology that makes you guys crave pizza and fries as soon as you've cum!"
"Shall we have dinner?"
"Well, I'm still horny son! And so is Joe I reckon. Go and put a pizza in the oven sweetheart, and tell Joe to get up here and fuck his mother!"
"Sure thing mum," Steve grinned, and clambered off the bed. He got dressed and went downstairs and into the living room.
"Have fun?" Joe asked as he lay back on the sofa still, the TV on quietly.
"Shit Joe, that's the best time I've ever had!" Steve replied, his speech quick and full of excitement, "Boy is mum hot! I fucked her cunt with me on top, this was after she's sucked my knob. Then I fucked her up the bum and I came in her bum too!"
"Calm down dude!"
"It was so great! I wanna get some food and then fuck her again!"
"Well, step aside buddy, I'm off for my turn!"
"Yeah, she's still horny up there. She wants you to upstairs and fuck her."
"That's what I'm going to do!" Joe proudly insisted, getting up off the sofa, "Then later me and you will fuck her together."
"And we've got Lisa tomorrow," Steve said, "That'll be fun. I don't really think of her sexually...not really, with her being our sister and only eleven and that...but she is very pretty."
"She's got a cute butt," Joe observed, "I saw her in the shower once, a few months ago when I stumbled into the bathroom when she'd forgotten to lock it. Lisa was pissed! She shouted at me to get out so I quickly left, offering apologies, but not after an instinctive eyeful of her little butt! I couldn't help but envision it once again when I jacked off that night."
"Okay, I'm off to cook a pizza, I'm fucking starved!"
"Make sure there's enough for me though."
Steve went off to the kitchen whilst Joe left the room and went up the stairs. Within minutes he was naked in his mother's room, climbing next to her on the bed.
"All going to plan," Sally said, embracing her eldest child.
"I knew it would," Joe claimed, "Now I'm so horny! My cock's like steel. Lie back mum, I'm gonna fuck you ragged!"
Sally did so, her son mounting her and sinking his long member into her hot cunt. They fucked hotly on the bed for a while, their naked bodies humping together. Sally had fucked enough guys previously to sense when a man was approaching orgasm. She asked Joe to pull out when he was closing in on his climax.
"I want to drink your cum," she explained once her son had withdrawn, "I need to taste your jizz, I haven't sucked a guy off to completion for years!"
Joe lay on his back and his mother knelt between his legs and sucked him off. She gave fantastic head, and soon Joe's cum was spurting into the back of his mum's throat. Sally swallowed every thick squirt, guzzling down the salty jizz as quickly as it was fired down her gullet.
"Lovely!" was her spunky-smiled summary of the taste, "You taste gorgeous son!"
"Cheers mum!"
"Let's go eat now," Sally said as she got off the bed, "I'll have a quick shower first."

Part II: Nymphomaniac

They were all freshened up later, sitting at the dinner table in the kitchen. The boys were in T-shirts and shorts, Sally in a fluffy pink dressing gown with her short hair damp from a shower.
They ate and chatted, avoiding sexual talk even though it was the main thing on their mind. There were two weeks of holidays ahead of the brothers, all that time free from school, and they were pretty excited about that, combined with their new hobby to occupy themselves with!
After dinner, they went to the living room and slumped in front of the TV for an hour, watching a couple of sitcoms, after which Sally put on one of her movies. She'd been sitting on the armchair whilst her sons were both on the sofa, but with her porn film on the screen - one in which she starred in most of the scenes - she now sat between her lovely horny boys.
On the TV she got fucked and got cummed on, licked out a woman, got fucked again, double-penetrated, three guys cumming on her at once...all the while the woman herself plunging her hands down each of her son's shorts. She stroked their rocked hard pricks as the film continued until Joe flicked it off with the remote and stood up.
"Let's go upstairs mum!" he said.
"Okay," Sally smiled, "Ready for bed Steve?"
"Yeah!," the younger brother replied, "Let's go!"
They all scampered up the stairs and into Sally's room. She turned on the main lights and swished the drapse shut whilst her son's undressed. Naked and with their cocks thrusting stiffly from their groins like wooden clubs, they got onto their bed and watched their mother casually undoe the belt on her dressing gown and let it drop to her feet. Nude, she joined them on the bed.
The incestuous mother was showered with kisses from her son's, who licked, sucked and nibbled all parts of her body from her stiff nipples to her wet cunt lips and right down to her wiggling toes. In turn, Sally ran her hands over Steve and Joe's firm bodies, rubbing their hard pricks whilst their lips and tongues worshipped her body.
"Lie down," Sally asked her son's, who both did so straight away. Sally knelt between them and turn to Joe, sucking on his long hard cock for a moment before taking it from her hot mouth and turning to Steve. She sucked on his meat for a while before going back to Joe, and continued switching for a little while. Finally, it was time to move onto bigger things. Sally clambered onto Joe, lowering her wet cunt onto the veiny pole. As she rode the boy, she had Steve stand up next to her so that she could suck on his prick whilst the lad's brother humped her cunt from beneath.
"Yeah mum," Steve urged his mother, "Suck on it! That's good. Oh yeah!"
"Having fun up there?" Joe asked, smiling, lying back and groping his mum's tits as she bounced on his dick.
"Fantastic!" replied Steve, "Keep at it mum! Yeah...that's it! Get your tongue behind my bell-end. MMMM! Shit. Yeah."
They carried on like that for a few more minutes before they moved apart. It was Steve's turn to fuck his mum, and Sally lay on her back so the boy could mount her. Whilst Joe sat back and jerked off, Steve fucked his mother for a while, gripping her shoulders as panting into her ear as he thrust his cock up her tight cunt.
When he eventually moved back, Sally suggested a spit-roast.
"What's that?" asked Joe.
"Yeah mum," Steve added, "What's a spit-roast?"
"Think back to the porn vids," their mother said, "What does something, or someone, look like when spit roasted?"
"I getcha!" announced Joe after a moments thought.
"Righto," Sally agreed. She got into the appropriate position and Steve, who also had cottoned on to this, got behind Sally and pushed his prick up into her cunt whilst his brother knelt at the other end. Sally took her eldest child's long dick into her mouth and fellated him greedily, sucking and slurping noisily whilst her other son's cock humped her cunt from behind. The brother's shafted their mum like this for a while before switching sides, Sally now sucking Steve's cock whilst Joe's long cock pounded her cunt.
"I'm gonna cum," Steve announced, "Shit! Shall I cum?"
"Go for it," Joe said.
"Ready mum?"
Sally couldn't reply of course, but she did acknowledge her son by sucking harder on his dick. Steve held his mother's bobbing head in his hands and breathed deeply. His eyes were half shut when he eventually cried out and shot his loud. His slippery wads of jizz fired back into his mother's throat and she swallowed enthusiastically.
"Holy shit," Steve gasped, "MMM!"
He felled back, sat up against the headboard with his saliva and cum slick dick laying twitching over his lower abdomen. Joe wasn't finished yet though, and his pace soon quickened, his grip on his mum's hips strengthening as his balls began to send his sperm rushing up his dick.
"Oh fuck!" he grunted, "YEAH!"
His cock spasmed and sprayed cum up into Sally's cunt, the woman squirming under the boy's hard humping. Some of Steve's cum still hung from her chin as she urged Joe on.
"Fuck me!" she cried, Joe ramming hard, "Oh yeah son! YEAH! Fuck mummy!"
"God!" was all Joe could exclaim as his orgasm finally died down, the last of his sperm leaking up into Sally's gripping cunt.
He tugged himself out and sat back on the bed, Sally collapsing, sprawled between her two sons. Her golden hair was stuck to her sweaty forehead and she breathed loudly and sluttishly.
"Oh my lovely boys," she purred, "You've fucked mummy well!"
"I'm still randy," Steve said, stroking his semi-hard dick, "Gimme a minute and I'll be hard again mum!"
"Me too," added Joe, "I don't think your gonna get to sleep without being fucked again mum."
"Good!" she responded, "I need more fucking. Gimme a moment and I'll soon have you both ready for action!"
Indeed, after a breather, Sally got up and sucked on Steve's cock, stroking his ball-bag whilst slurping on his cock-head until his member was soon stiff once more. Turning round, she got down on her knees and elbows in front of Joe and sucked on his dick. As she fellated Joe, Steve knelt up and pushed his dick into his mum's cunt.
She gave a muffled moan of pleasure as she was cunt-fucked from behind whilst Joe's dick grew ever harder in her warm, wet mouth, her tongue rolling up and down the cock-shaft. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked hard on the throbbing meat in her throat, her wet cunt meanwhile being humped thoroughly by Steve behind her, the boy holding on to his mum's arse-cheeks as he shafted her.
Eventually Steve eased out of his mother who in turn took Joe's cock from her mouth.
"Can I fuck you up the butt again mum?" Steve asked, stroking his throbbing, erect rod.
"Absolutely," Sally grinned, "In fact, I fancy a sandwich! Joe? Lie down sweetheart."
Knowing what his mother meant, Joe lay on his back and held his prick upright so that his mother could mount him. Once Sally was settled down with the boy's cock right up her hot cunt, she leaned forwards and watched as Steve, a fast learner, greased up his dick with KY-Jelly. He got in behind Sally and pushed his cockhead up to her arsehole, steadily applying pressure until Sally's anus parted open, the randy woman moaning pleasurably as Steve's member pushed it's way up into her rectal passage. Once the boy was in to the hilt he began fucking his mother's arse hard whilst Joe fucked her cunt from below, Sally driven wild by her first double-penetration in years.
"Oh that's good!" she panted as her body was roughly fucked between her boy's strong young bodies, "God! Yeah, my lovely son's, fuck me! That's soooo good!"
"You're damn good yourself mum," Joe commented.
"Yeah mum," Steve agreed, "You're the sexiest chick in the world!"
"I used have sandwiches like this a lot," their mum said, "both in my spare time, and in movies."
"We know," Joe said.
"We've seen the videos remember?" commented Steve, "Boy are you hot mum. Are you having fun? I am!"
"Me too," Joe agreed, still thrusting his hips upwards and driving his member up Sally's cunt.
"This is fantastic!" Sally gasped, laying her head on Joe's shoulder and panting hotly as she was soundly fucked in both her tight holes. Joe ran his hands through his mother's hair, feeling her tits squashed up against his chest as his mother humped on top of him. Steve held his mother's shoulders tightly as he fucked her up the butt, which felt tighter with his brother's big meat up her nearby cunt at the same time.
The boy's were able to hold themselves in check quite easily this time round and patiently swapped positions after quarter-of-an-hour, Steve laying back and cunt-fucking his mother from beneath her, Sally's arsehole gripping Joe's cock which slid up into her rectum after a coating of lubricant. Joe's dick was thicker than his brother's and their mother's anus burned as it was stretched wonderfully even further with the bigger cock pile-driving up it.
Another fifteen-minutes of humping ended with both boy's withdrawing from Sally with their pricks still rock-hard and their balls still full.
"I'm not far off blowing my loud," Steve warned, jacking off, "Fancy a final fuck mum?"
"Sure," Sally said, "Come and ride mummy!"
She got down on all fours and thrust her arse out. Steve got up behind her and, watched by his brother, he sank his dick up into his mother's cunt and fucked her hard. Sally was driven wild by lust as her son slammed his stiff prick up into her with fast strokes of his pelvis, Steve crying out as his climax rumbled up from his balls. His sperm shot forth in hard squirts, the boy hunched over his mum as he pumped her cunt with jizz.
"Oh yeah mum," he gasped as his orgasm died down, "Fuck yeah, that was good!"
"That was better than good," Sally commented, "That was fantastic sweetheart."
Steve took a deep breath then pulled out of his mother. He got off the bed and slumped into a chair nearby, out of breath. Sally had remained in position and Joe, who'd waited for his turn patiently, got up behind his mother and squeezed his dick into his mum's moist, well-fucked cunt. He shagged her cunt as hard as his brother had done so previously, Sally hitting a climax as she was soundly fucked and stammering obcenities as she struggled to remain conscious through the thundering orgasm.
Joe hit his climax shortly afterwards, his body tensing up as he fired his sperm into his mum's womb, Sally receiving a fourth load of cum into her cunt. When Joe withdrew, jizz leaked out of Sally's wet cunt and ran down her inner thighs.
"Oh fuck," she moaned into the pillow, "God, I haven't been that well fucked in years. If ever!"
She collapsed, tired, whilst Joe lay next to her, Steve resting in the chair by the dressing table. It was a while before they got to their feet and, in turn, took showers and put on their dressing gowns. After supper in front of the TV, it was after ten o'clock. Sally had to be up early the next morning to pick up Lisa from her friend's house, and there was also a lot of screwing to be done, so she suggested an early night. Both Joe and Steve were horny again, so Sally took them upstairs in turn and gave them a blow-job each, gulping down each salty load the boy's pumped down her throat.
All three slept long and deeply that night.

Sally woke up first on the Saturday morning, the bright sunshine outside promising a hot, bright day for the start of the school holidays. She washed then put on a a blue cotton dress before having a quick breakfast. She was just finishing her coffee when she heard one of her son's trudging down the stairs.
"Hi mum," Joe said as he stumbled into the kitchen in just his boxer shorts, scratching his head.
"Morning son," Sally replied with a nice warm smile.
Joe leaned in and kissed her on the neck.
"You look hot this morning," he commented.
"I'm just having a coffee in this old dress," she smiled, "I'm hardly dolled up like a supermodel!"
"So what? You look hot! Much better than a stupid, skinny supermodel. I'm hard, fancy a fuck before you pick up Lisa?"
"Can't I'm afraid. I have to collect her at nine o'clock."
"Are you going to tell her about everything whilst driving home like you did with Steve yesterday?"
"Yeah," Sally confirmed, "I doubt if it'll be a problem. I just have a feeling, y'know? I explained the facts of life to her a year ago and she showed more curiosity than you'd expect from a youngster."
"She's just like you, I'm sure mum; a raving nympho."
"Hopefully," Sally said, standing up and kissing her son on the lips, "I gotta go. Make you and your brother some breakfast will you, there's a lot of activity planned for today! You've got to deflower your little sister for a start!"
"Cool!" Joe smiled, the surreal nature of all this erotic, incestuous activity seemingly normal already.
Taking her car-keys, Sally left the house and drove off whilst Joe made some toast and coffee, his brother appearing shortly, similarly hungry.

"See ya!" Lisa politely called as she scampered down the garden path from her friend's house later that morning. Her friend, a red-haired girl called Penny, stood in the doorway with her mother.
"Bye Lisa!" Penny called.
"Thanks for having me!" Lisa added.
"You're welcome," Penny's mother responded.
Lisa leapt into her mother's car on the driveway, dumping her overnight bag onto hte back seat and, after more enthusiastic waving from all concerned, Sally pulled back out of the drive and cruised up the road. Soon, the large white car was gleaming in the morning sun as it headed on up the country roads towards home.
"Have fun?" Sally asked.
"Yeah," Lisa confirmed, dressed casually in tight blue shorts and a white T-shirt with some sort of big, pink and red flowery motif on the front.
"Is Penny off on holiday then?"
"Yeah," Lisa nodded, a bit glumly, "She's away for three weeks! I'll miss her."
"Nevermind," Sally said. It'd take fifteen-minutes to get to their remote house, so she decided not to waste time. "Lisa honey?"
"Yeah mum?"
"Do you remember when I taught you the facts of life about a year ago," Sally began, the car now on a straight road between wide, rolling green fields.
"Yeah, where babies came from and all that?"
"That's right. Well, I was fairly honest with you honey, you know, when I told you about sex. I told you that it wasn't just for making babies, that sex was fun for adults."
"That's right mum," Lisa said, her big brown eyes full of curiosity, "They didn't say that at school though. We did sex education at school the other month and they just did the basics which you went through, with diagrams and stuff, but they made it out to be boring. You said it was enjoyable and that I should forward to it."
"Indeed I did," Sally confirmed, "Well, that was right. But my opinion on sex is that it's great fun and should be tried out at an early age, and furthermore restrictions on sexual impulses applied by other people are meaningless. What I mean is, you should do what you want when it comes to sex, and start experimenting at an early age."
The car slowed as they turned a corner, speeding up once more as they headed up over a gentle hill. Lisa's pretty face was one of intense interest in her mother.
"Anyway," Sally continued, "Basically, I started having sex when I was your age, and I had it a lot throughout my teenage years. Then I got married and...well, I can go into my life story - the one I've never told you - later. But basically, when I was your age I embarked on a lot of sexual adventures and really enjoyed myself. The law and such nonsense says girls should wait until they're eighteen but I say you should start as soon as you figure out what sex is and are capable of doing it."
"Do you want me to start having sex mum?" Lisa asked. Sally didn't detect any anxiety in the girl's voice; she just seemed curious and moderately excited.
"Well," Sally shrugged, "You should only have sex if you want to. But you need the opportunity. Now what I'm going to tell you isn't really legal. I - we - shouldn't be doing it."
"I can keep a secret," Lisa solemnly said.
"Good. Okay. Well, coming back to me for a minute - mummy has needs. I enjoyed sex when I was younger but now I'm a widow, I don't have the time or energy to go getting boyfriends. The upshot is that, as of yesterday, I'm having sex with your brothers."
"Oh," Lisa shrugged, "Cool. Do they enjoy it too then?"
"Of course," Sally laughed, "They're teenage boys! They're always horny. You know what horny is sweetheart?"
"Is it when people want to have sex?"
"That's right. Your brothers want to have sex with women a lot. All the time in fact. And though other, boring people, would be shocked, Joe and Steve don't have qualms about having sex with me, and I enjoy sex with them because they're young and good looking."
"You're pretty too mum. Lot's of boys would want to go out with you. And have sex with you."
"Thank's sweetheart. Now, basically - if you want to, this is - I think you should try sex with your brothers. Again, other people would frown upon it but if it's a secret it doesn't matter, and hopefully you'll enjoy it enough to do it a lot. Those two would like to have sex with you."
"Okay," Lisa nodded, "That sound's fun. Joe and Steven are kinda nice looking. And they're fairly sweet - for boys."
"Well, they're your brothers. They love you a lot."
"And sex is an expression of love," Lisa said, maturely, "so me having sex with them sounds logical to me."
"Absolutely right honey! We're going to have some good fun all of us lot. Me and you can have sex too," Sally said, reaching out with one hand and stroking Lisa's tender young thigh. They were just coming over the crest of the hill, heading down the other side.
"We can have sex?" Lisa queried, "How do we do that? I mean, you need a man's penis and a woman's vagina don't you."
"Well honey," Sally smiled, taking her hand off her daughter's thigh, glancing over at Lisa's sweet young face, "When I told you about sex I didn't go into all the different things you can do. The conventional thing, penis in the vagina stuff, which makes babies, is just the very basic kind of sex. There's a hell of a lot of stuff to do beyond that, most of which I've tried. I've had sex with other girls for example, and done a lot else beside!"
"Like what? C'mon mum, I wanna know!"
"Well...they involve lot's of tongues, different orifices and two guys at once."
"What offices?"
Sally laughed. "Orifices honey! You'll know a lot more by the end of this weekend. It'll be best to get onto the practical lessons first."
"This girl in my class, called Jenny, she said that some women suck men's willies and, do you know the stuff that comes out? Sperm?"
"I'm familiar with it, yes?"
"These women drink it!! They swallow the, sperm I mean. Jenny called it jizz. Anyway, that's what she said. Is it true? Have you done it mum?"
"Like I said," Sally smiled, happy at her daughter's excited enthusiasm, "you'll learn a lot in the next day or two."
Lisa brushed her long brown hair from her freckled face and looked out the window as the house came into sight, it's long drive way linking it to the narrow road here in the greenery of the countryside. The car turned up the driveway.

Joe and Steve, dressed in T-shirts and shorts like yesterday, were lounging around on the sofa in the living room when their mother came in with their sister close behind.
"Hi everyone," Sally smiled. Her two sons greeted her then looked to Sally who stepped up from behind her mum.
"Hey brothers," she winked, seeing her brother's in a different light after all the revelations on the way home, "Everyone horny?" She got a thrill saying that in front of her mother.
"Damn right," Joe said, "Has mum filled you in on everything?"
"I have," Sally confirmed, closing the door and sitting in white leather armchair, kicking off her shoes.
"Mum said you two have sex with her," Lisa announced, standing in the middle of the room, the sofa with her brother's on before her, her mother on the chair to the left.
"We do indeed," Joe said, proudly.
"Now Lisa," Sally began, "it's time for you to lose your virginity. I've decided Joe should pop your cherry, for reasons that will become clear. Boys?"
"Yeah mum?" Joe and Steve called together.
"Get undressed will you, my lovely young studs? Lisa's pretty extrovert compared to you two a lot of the time, but I think she'd be more comfortable stripping if you two did so first. Come on my dears, strip!"
The two brothers stood and quickly removed their clothing, sitting down naked whilst Sally, in her shorts, T-shirt, white little socks and white sneakers, watched with wide eyes.
"Wow," she gasped, "So that's what willies look like hard!"
Her brother's penises were indeed erect and throbbing, and they stroked them proudly as their sister's eyes roved over their athletically built bodies.
"They're called cocks," Sally said, "Don't worry Lisa, you can use swear words in front of me. Just not outside of the family though."
"Cool," Lisa commented, though it wasn't clear whether this was regarding her licence to swear, or her two brother's nakedness which she still examined.
"You're turn Lisa," Steve said.
"Yeah, get undressed sis!" Joe urged the girl, "I wanna see you nekked!"
"Okay," was Lisa's response, and she bent down to remove her shoes, then her socks. Her shorts were whipped off next, followed by her pink panties. Finally, off came her T-shirt, rendering her totally naked.
"Very nice," was Steve's honest evaluation.
"Ta-daaah!" sang Lisa, doing a twirl. She was on the brink of adolesence, her body very much childish but showing little hints here and there of puberty. Her titties were nowhere near big enough to require even a trainer bra, but they did show signs of beginning to sprout. Her vagina was bald but the lips showed some development from the basic slit of a little girl. And whilst she was still small at a good few inches below five-foot and had skinny limbs, a little puppy fat had given a slight roundness to her arse. Her hair was lovely and glossy as it hung down her back almost to her cute butt, and the freckles on her face were matched by a smattering of freckles on her dainty shoulders and arms. Her nudity seemed all the more apparant in her normal surroundings in the lounge, and her casual smile as she got her first taste of enjoying the feeling of her nude body attractiving appreciative glances from males. From the armchair, Sally admired her daughter's young body too, her lust for her own gender, combined with her love of youth stemming from her own pubescent sexual fun, making her just as aroused by the sight of her daughter's body as her son's.
"Very sexy," Joe commented, genuinly, masturbating his long cock.
"Couldn't agree more," Steve added.
"Are you going to stick that cock up me?" Lisa asked, pointing to Joe's eight-inch member which he stroked in her direction.
"I am indeed my dear little sister," he confirmed, "Hey mum? Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?"
"Use some lubricant," Sally said, "There's some KY-Jelly on the coffee table there love. Put it on both you and your sister and have Lisa sit on this chair."
She stood up from the white armchair and stepped across the room, removing her dress, knickers and bra as she did so. She was soon sitting next to Steve, both nude whilst Joe was greasing up his dick with some KY-Jelly. Lisa sat in the armchair her mother had been on. From the sofa, Sally and Steve watched Joe kneel down in front of his sister's parted legs, the lovely, virginal cunt between them capturing his full attention. He put a bit of lubricant on his fingers and rubbed it into Lisa's cunt, the girl watching intently, feeling no embarrassment or nervousness at all as this operation was concluded. Putting the KY-Jelly aside, Joe knelt up with his long cock nodding erectly from his groin, wobbling between his sister's spread thighs.
"Here we go Lisa," he said, "Ready?"
"Yeah," the girl nodded, excited.
Joe placed the head of his cock to Lisa's slit and pushed, the lips parting slowly as his cock made good headway. Things got a bit tighter once a few inches had squeezed up into Lisa, but Joe clapped his hand's to his sister's thighs and pushed onwards. The girl bit her lower lip and cringed a bit when a few more inches sank up into her, but Joe was gentle yet firm in his actions.
"You okay Lisa?" he asked.
"Yeah," she panted, "Just a bit...sore. Kind of. It feels nice...just tight."
"Almost there. Look, just a few inches to go."
Lisa looked down and saw that just the last 2" of her brother's meaty cock was left to enter her, sprouting from his pubic hair, veins running over it's rock-hard shaft. She couldn't believe that the remainder of that long organ was up inside her.
"Put it all up me," she said.
Joe gave a final thrust and sank himself fully into Lisa, who held her brother to her, gasping into his chest as the discomfort of being deflowered melted away. Soon, she felt pleasure overcome her, the physical delight of a big cock inside her, along with the warm feeling of being so intimately close to her big brother.
"Oh Joe," she panted, "That's nice. Yeah...oh! Oh! What do we do now?"
"We fuck," Joe replied, and lay his sister back in the armchair, her lovely little face staring up at him and smiling as he stroked her slender belly and near-flat chest whilst beginning to run his long member back and forth inside his sister's tight, bald cunt.
Sally and Steve were frigging each other from the sofa as they watched this, Lisa soon gasping sweetly as she got into the swing of things, wrapping her skinny legs round her brother's waist whilst he increased his humping further, driving himself into Lisa in long strokes. He didn't fuck her as hard as he fucked his mum, but he didn't hold himself back too much either.
"What a lovely sight," Sally sighed, stroking Steve's cock.
"Damn right," Steve agreed, "Do you want a fuck mum?"
"Okay, but save yourself for Lisa."
"Sure thing."
Sally stood up and, facing away from her son, sat down carefully onto his lap, taking his meat into her cunt. She gripped her knees, leaning forward, and bounced on her son's dick, both of them able to watch the action across the room as they fucked.
Joe was finding it hard to keep himself from cumming, but with a whole day - a whole fortnight - ahead of them, there was no reason to hold back. He increased his pace, humping harder, finally letting out a long sigh as his sperm shot out into his sister's cunt.
"Oh yeah," he panted, "Shit!"
"Are you jizzing in me?" Lisa asked, breathing hard herself.
"Yeah," Joe confirmed, "I'm cumming in you, to use a different term. Oh yeah! That's nice!"
His orgasm seemed strangely relaxed, his sperm oozing wetly into his sister's womb rather than the usual mad pumping. He stroked his cock to and fro whilst he finished his climax, before slowly tugging himself out, getting a sense of how tight his sister's pubescent cunt was when his cock popped out.
"You're incredible sis," he said, "Beautiful!" He gave her a prolonged kiss on the lips and sat back on the floor with his nob still half-hard and slick.
Sally got up from Steve, the boy's cock sliding from her cunt, and she sat down next to her Joe on the floor and kissed him.
"Steve," she called to her youngest son, "You're still very much hard I hope. Go and see to Lisa."
Before she'd finished her sentence, her son was up off the sofa, Steve going straight to his sister.
"Hiya sis," he said, as if greeting her.
"Hi," she smiled at him, then giggled. They kissed before Steve, kneeling before his sister, carried out the same operation as his brother. He pushed his dick up to his sister's cunt and began to push his way in, the route slick from his brother's previous entrance. Soon enough, his cock was buried up to the root in Lisa's slit.
"You're so sexy Lisa," he sighed, "Just as sexy as mum!"
"I love you Steve," Lisa smiled, slumped back in the arm chair, spreading her legs further as her brother began to thrust in and out of her. He got braver, realising his sister was not as delicate as she appeared, the girl placing her splayed hands over her brother's firm pectorials as she was shoved up and down the chair a little by the humping action of Steve. It felt good, she thought, having a nice big prick up inside her.
"That's fantastic!" she urged her brother on, "Do it to me! Yeah!"
"Feel free to talk dirty," Sally giggled from the floor, having briefly taking Joe's restiffened cock from her mouth, "Swear your little head off."
"Okay," Lisa grinned, "Fuck me Steve! Fuck your cock up me!" She giggled some more, Steve laughing with her whilst still fucking her fairly hard.
"You're a hot little slut," Steve said, "You're so fuckable Lisa. Shit, I'm cumming...almost...fuck! Holy...yeah!"
His thrusting increased in pace so that he was pounding Lisa's cunt hard as he came, his orgasm a lot more explosive that his brother's earlier. His spunk fired up deep into his sister's cunt, Lisa gripping her brother's shoulders as she was fucked full of jizz.
"Oh fuck," Lisa wailed, rocked with pleasure herself, "Oh fuck, yeah, Steve! Oh Steve! Yeah! Jizz up me, in my cunt! Uh! Uh! Fuck my cunt Steve, yeah! GOD!"
Steve let out a long gasp as the last of his sperm emptied into Lisa's flooded little slit, and he leaned forwards and kissed her on the lips, the cheeks and on her freckled shoulders.
"I love fucking!" Lisa declared to the room, "I love cocks fucking me!"
"Amen!" Sally laughed, and once Steve had pulled out from Lisa and moved aside, the horny mother, having sucked her eldest son to hardness, now went over to her daughter. She kissed Lisa on the lips, both of them snogging in each other's arms. Steve and Joe sat on the floor and watched, intrigued, as Sally now kissed her daughter's neck, moving down and sucking her nipples and running her tongue over her belly. Before long, Sally reached Lisa's well-fucked little cunt, and she ate it out greedily, lapping at the lips and thrusting her tongue up into the tight depths. She lapped out the sperm of her two sons, sucking it out and swallowing, Lisa squirming with pleasure as her mother's face was thrust into her groin.
Having cleaned out most of her daughter's cunt with her tongue, Sally moved back. She turned to Joe and resumed sucking his cock. Steve, sitting nearby, looked at Lisa and made the obvious suggestion: "Hey Lisa, wanna learn how to give blow-jobs?"
"Okay," his sister said, and quickly clambered off the armchair and went to her brother, "How do I do it? Just copy mum?"
"That's right," Steve nodded, "Just suck away!"
Lisa did so, leaning down and taking most of her brother's cock into her mouth. It stiffened fairly quickly under her sucking and licking, the girl acting under instinct as she fellated her brother.
"That's good Lisa," he panted, softly, "Yeah! You suck dicks well sis! Mmmm!"
"Having fun?" Sally asked, taking Joe's prick from her mouth after a few moments.
"Yeah," Lisa said, also sitting up, "Cocks taste nice!"
"Time to be deflowered again Lisa," Sally said to her daughter.
"How?" the girl asked, "I've been deflowered already."
"From the front," Joe pointed out, "There's still the backdoor."
"That's right sis," Steve confirmed.
"How do you mean?" quizzed the girl.
"You need to lose your anal virginity," Sally replied.
Lisa thought for a moment, not too familiar with the term 'anal'. The term 'backdoor' did make more sense to her though.
"You mean," she began shortly, "take a cock up my bottom?"
"That's right!" confirmed Joe.
"Hmmm," pondered Lisa, "Won't that be difficult? It's tighter round there, I would imagine."
"I'm sure it'll be possible," Sally explained, "With plenty of lubricant and patience. I was a bit older than you when I finally got round to that kind of activity, Lisa, but I'm sure it'll be possible. That's why Joe deflowered you vaginally, my sweet, because he has the larger dick. Steve's got a good sized one, as you can see, but it's not as overwhelming just yet, so it'll pave the way easier."
"Is it nice?" Lisa asked.
"Very nice," Sally nodded, "It's great! It feels even more of a penetration because it's a tighter fit up there. Wanna do it honey?"
"We'll need plently of preparation," Joe commented.
"I'll take care of that mum," Steve said, grabbing the faithful KY-Jelly tube. He slathered his cock up with it, his erect, 6" prick greased up and steel-hard. Lisa willingly turned round on the floor, on her hands and knees with her bum thrust out. Joe and his mum moved onto the sofa and watched as Steve eagerly pasted the lubricant round the little girl's bald, pink anus between those smooth little buttocks. The boy pushed a finger into his sister's arse, finding it loose enough to insert a second digit too.
Finally ready, he got up onto his knees with his heavy cock wobbling menacingly between his sister's arse-cheeks. He pushed his swollen cock-head to that puckered hole and applied the pressure, Lisa baring up well as she felt her sphincter being parted. It was loosened up from being fingered, which helped her take the cock-head easier as it entered her butt. It was still a tight fit, and Steve was careful to go slowly, watching as the first inch of his prick entered into Lisa's tight anus.
"Is that okay sis?" he asked.
"Yeah," Lisa replied, "It's a strange feeling...a bit sore. I'm okay...keep going."
"The worst is over," Sally commented from the sofa, "Taking the thickness is the hardest bit. Taking the length isn't too bad."
Steve continued easing his shiny, greased cock further up Lisa's bum, the girl gritting her teeth, her fists clenched as her shithole was stretched by the invading member.
"All up there," Steve announced, "Oh shit it's tight! Oh yeah, Joe, you gotta fuck Lisa's arse next, it's so tight and hot!"
"It looks it," Joe commented from the sofa, his mother masturbating him.
"That's good," gasped Lisa, "I can feel it all in me, all your big cock in my bum! Fuck yeah!"
Steve began to sodomize Lisa, pulling his dick almost right out of Lisa before plunging into her once again, buggering her at a steady pace.
"Fuck me," the girl sighed, "Oh yeah, Steve! Fuck my bum! Ram it up my arse!"
Steve held his sister's slender hips and fucked her up the butthole with increasing speed, still showing some restraint so as to not be to rough with Lisa. But his cock pounded her butt thoroughly and soon had her crying out with ecstasy, her body overwhelmed with pleasure from her deep, anal penetration.
Despite his earlier orgasm, Steve rapidly approached another climax inside the tightness of his sister's gripping arsehole. He moaned in pleasure as his climax rocked through him, his cock twitching and spewing forth thick cum into Lisa's bowels. His orgasm lasted a while, Steve's body seeming to spasm as he continued to shoot his salty load.
Finally finished, he pulled out his softening cock from Lisa's arsehole and moved back, exhausted. Lisa remained on her hands and knees, looking over at the sofa where her brother Joe was gettting up with his long, thick cock nodding in the air stiffly.
"Are you going to fuck me in the arse Joe?" she asked with a wicked grin.
"I am sis," Joe replied, getting down behind his sister, "Your arsehole is nice and loosened up now."
"It feels as if it's open," Lisa replied, twitching her gaping shithole.
"It is," Sally replied, "Once it's loosened up, the arse can stretch pretty wide. Joe's thicker cock will have less difficulty squeezing into you than Steve's did. And afterwards, after a rest from fucking, your butt will be as tight as it was this morning. Well, go on Joe! Get up that tight hole!"
Joe greased up his dick with lubricant before gently pushing his burning hard meat up into Lisa's rectum, the girl shivering with pleasure as the entire length of her elder brother's prick squeezed into her bum.
"Fuck, this arse is hot!" Joe gasped, "You were right Steve, this is fucking tight! Yeah!"
He buggered his sister deeply, Lisa's slim, pubescent body squirming with delight beneath his long pelvic strokes. He gripped the girl's waist as his thrusting increased in pace until his sperm was rising once more. His whole body shook with pleasure when he hit his climax, his gooey cum firing far up into Lisa's shit-chute before, after a quick breather, he tugged himself free.
"Oh mum," Lisa sighed, collapsing onto the floor, "That's was fantastic fun, thanks for letting me do this!"
"You're more than welcome honey!" Sally said, "I thought you might enjoy it. There's still a lot more to be learned though..."

After they'd recovered a little, the incestuous family of four freshened up and dressed before lunch. Lisa was shown some of her mother's porn videos and she watched in awe as her mother carried out sex acts on the screen she never though imaginable!
Naturally, this visual presentation turned the girl on, as it did her mother and brothers. They all resumed humping, Joe and Steven taking care of their mother and little sister, fucking their cunts and assholes in turn in a free-for-all fuck on the floor, the porn movies on in the background, Sally's cries of pleasure on the TV mingling with those of her in real life, and those of her children. Joe eventually shot his cum into Lisa's throat whilst the girl sucked him hard, Lisa deciding that the taste of jism was certainly something she liked! Steve, meanwhile, came over his mum's tits whilst Lisa, freshed from giving her eldest brother a blow-job, jacked off Steve's cock and watched in fascination it discharged it's creamy loud over their mother's breasts.
A brief rest, and they went at it all again! The orgies finished, they had to go to the supermarket in town for groceries, and all four went, all surprised at how easy it was to act like a normal family as they wandered around the store, Sally briefly pausing to chat and gossip to a friend she met in the meat aisle. On the way home, Steve and Lisa bickered about some minor dispute on the back-seat, Sally realising that they were easily going to maintain their normal, previous relationships whilst fucking at home.
That evening, they split into couples, and it seemed natural that Joe, pretty much an adult, should go off with his mother into her room, whilst Steve took Lisa to his bed. As she closed her door with Joe undressing behind her, Sally was amused to see Lisa knocking on the bathroom door and petulantly demanding that Steve come out because he'd been in there long enough, and that she wanted to have her shower before they had sex. They were like a newly married couple, Sally thought as she walked to the bed, just very young.
Joe fucked his mother three times that warm April night, shooting his wad up her cunt, arse and down her throat until they fell asleep at one in the morning. The younger couple next door didn't last quite as long, Steve enthusiastically humping his sister's cunt and shooting his cum into her womb before they both tried their hands at oral, licking and sucking each other before they resumed. Steve penetrated his sister anally, their earlier sibling dispures forgotten - at least until the morning - as they both humped passionately, the boy eventually squirting his seed up Lisa's rectum and both youngsters falling asleep within moments of their hot adolescent bodies peeling apart under the covers.

Steve woke up late the next day, the sun climbing high in the sky outside as he lay in his double bed. Normally he had it all to himself, of course, and he had to remember the last couple of day's events to explain the presence of Lisa slumbering naked next to him, her brown hair splayed across the white pillow like a chestnut-brown halo. He yawned and stretched, closing his eyes and drifting close to sleep again.
Next to him, Lisa nudged her leg against Steve's and she opened her eyes.
"Move," she muttered, nudging Steve's leg again with her foot.
"Get lost," Steve mumbled instinctively, "You move."
"You're on my side," his sister complained.
"No I'm not."
"You are."
"I'm not"
"You are. You're taking up too much space."
"It's my bed," insisted Steve, "My room. My space."
"And as your guest I should give up space for me."
"I'm not on your side," Steve said, peeking under the covers and seeing his naked body was inded slightly encroaching over the imaginary middle line, "Okay," he conceded, "I am on your side a little bit. But it's my bed."
"I'm the guest," Lisa said, firmly.
"I'm bigger. I'm bigger so I need more room, pipsqueak."
Lisa went into a bit of a huff. Then she placed her toes to the side of Steve's lower leg and slowly began pushing the offending limb back over the imaginary center line. Steve shot a look at his sister, who looked over at him from her pillow, instantly ceasing pushing his leg with her foot and batting her eyes in a who-me? innocent manner. Steve looked away, and Lisa giggled as once again she resumed pushing her brother's leg aside.
"Hey Lisa," Steve said, bored with this argument, "Wanna suck my cock? I've got morning wood!"
"Sure," his sister smiled. She pushed the covers down past their waists and moved down the bed, taking her brother's erect dick into her wet little mouth and sucking on it. Her head bobbed over Steve's groin as she sucked quite expertly on his member, Steve stroking his sister's glossy hair and admiring the young girl's slender, sexy little body. He suddenly realised how much he loved his kid sister.
Then, there was a light rap at the door which immediately opened. Their mother stood there, naked.
"Hi kids," Sally said.
"Hey mum," Steve responded.
Lisa took her brother's cock from her mouth and said "Morning!"
"Everything okay?" Sally asked.
"Yeah," Lisa nodded, "Just getting started already!"
"Wanna join us mum?" asked Steve.
"How about you join me and your brother? C'mon, we want to teach Lisa a new trick, a brand-new sexual act!"
"Coming," Lisa said, excitedly, getting up off the bed and following her mum to the master bedroom. Steve wasn't far behind.

In Sally's room, Joe was sitting back on the bed, stroking his long erect cock. 'Good mornings' were said before the remaining trio of the family got onto the big bed, all naked.
"Right then," Sally said to her daughter, "Lisa, it's time to get into a sandwich, like the ones you saw mummy in on the videos yesterday."
"Is that when I get a dick in my cunt and bum at the same time?" Lisa asked.
"That's right," her mum confirmed, "Turn round and bend over sweety, I'll get you lubed up."
"With more of that KY stuff?" Lisa asked as she turned round on all fours, arse thrust out.
"No," her mum replied, "Saliva is just as good."
Joe and Steve watched and masturbated as their mother knelt down and start licking Lisa's anus, running her wet tongue round the puckered hole and thrusting it up there, the young girl quite thrilled at this. Sally moved down and licked the Lisa's cunt for a while, sometimes running her tongue right up from her little girl's cunt up through her arse-crack and beyond.
"All ready," Sally said when she pulled away, "Joe? Lie back honey."
Joe did so, his cock thrusting upwards as he watched Lisa come over and get astride him. She sank her bald slit down onto her brother's large cock, taking it up right into herself and moaning with pleasure.
"That's nice!" she commented, "Mmmm! Okay, what do I do now mummy?"
"Lean forwards sweetheart so Steve can get his dick up your bottom."
Lisa did this, placing her hand's on her brother's chest for support and watching as Steve now got in behind her. His dick was wet with saliva from his earlier blow-job, and he placed the slick head to his sister's arsehole. With increasing skill, he pushed the head slowly up Lisa's anus then employed just a few thrusts of hips to drive his throbbing meat up into his sister's shitter to the base of his cock.
"Oh fuck!" Lisa grunted, "Yeah, mum, that's great. It's fantastic! Oh fuck, yeah!"
"I told you it was nice!" Sally smiled, and kissed her daughter on the lips.
"I can feel both boy's in me, right up me!" Lisa bragged, eyes fluttering with excitement as her two brother's began to fuck their big dicks up into her, "Oh wow! Yeah! Uh! Uh! Fuck me!"
"If only we had a third boy available," Sally pondered, "A cock in all three holes is the best!"
"Why don't you stand in front of me mum?" Lisa suggested, "I'll lick your cunt out like you did to me yesterday."
Sally smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm and initiative, then stood in front of her, her feet on the mattress either side of Joe's head. Lisa had her mother's wet cunt in front of her and she began licking it, her tongue working up and down the moist lips.
The four of them formed a compact group in the middle of the bed, Lisa's young slender body almost dissapearing amidst the two well-built youths she was sandwich between and her mother who's cunt she lapped at hungrily. Steve was holding his sister's shoulders as he fucked his dick up into the girl's rectum whilst Joe fucked himself up into his sister's cunt whilst getting a good view from below at Lisa's oral performance on their mum.
"Hey mum," Joe said, "How about you squat down? That way I can lick your lovely arse too!"
Sally followed this suggestion immediately, getting down with her bent legs thrust outwards and spread as she placed her bum to Joe's face. The boy hungrily lapped at her butthole before easing his tongue up into her rectum, Sally thrilled by both this and Lisa, who was able to bend down and resume sucking her mother's cunt.
Steve later figured that his mum might like a turn being sandwiched, so he suggested a swap-around.
They broke up and, after a repositioning, came back together in a compact fuck-sandwich. Sally was now on top of Joe, taking his cock in her cunt, Steve behind and fucking his mum's arse, Lisa squatting over Joe's face so her big brother could lick her loosened arsehole whilst her cunt was licked by Sally. They grunted, humped and sighed as they remained in this position for a while.
"Just to think," Steve commented, "When I used to wake up with morning-wood, I'd just jack off! Now I've got all this to take part in!"
"It's cool," Lisa smiled from across their mum's back. Neither Sally or Joe could really say anything, busy as they were licking out Lisa's holes, but they certainly agreed that his was indeed great fun!"
They moved apart one last time eventually and got back to the original position, Lisa taking her brother's cocks both at once whilst Sally remained squatting before her, her arsehole on Joe's squirming tongue which wriggled it's way up her shitter. Lisa ate out her mum's cunt, the little girl's face smeared in cunt-juice as she worked away.
The humping action grew quicker, Steve approaching orgasm, and he fucked his cock up into the depths of Lisa's rectal passage.
"I'm cumming," he announced, "Shit! Yeah! UUUUH!"
His sperm flooded out, his cock spasming in Lisa's gripping anus and Sally had a prime position to watch her youngest son's face contorted in pleasure, his eyes shut tight as he came hard up his sister. Joe came at pretty much the same time, ramming his tongue up into his mum's arse and fucking his dick into Lisa's cunt, blasting his sperm into her womb. Sally was hit by an orgasm amidst all this action, Joe and Lisa eating her cunt and butt out to perfection and shaking her body with pleasure.
"Oh that's good," she wailed, "Yeah! Lick mummy out kids! Lick me! Suck my cunt Lisa, lick my bumhole Joe...YEAH!"
Still hanging in Lisa's spermy-arse, Steve leaned forwards and kissed his mother, both of them snogging. The boy found his mum to be even prettier when she came.
"Sex is so damn sweet," Steve eventually commented when he pulled his wilting cock from Lisa's arse before falling back on the mattress. Lisa and Sally dismounted Joe, all four naked family members breathing hard in the silent room.

At the end of the weekend, Lisa had, like her mother had promised, knew a lot more about sex. Her brother's had increased in confidence too and were rapidly regarding themselves as knowledgable studs.
Most nights after that, Joe went to bed with his mother whilst Steve took his sister to his bed, the sounds of sex emerging from the rooms usually until well past midnight. Naturally, the boy's still fucked either of their female relatives equally during the free-for-all sessions in the living room throughout the day. They screwed almost every waking hour for the two-week Spring holiday and even when they were back at school and established normal routines - seeing friends, shopping, doing schoolwork, etc - as Spring bloomed into a hot Summer, their orgies were still great novelties, and continued with as greater passion as they had been on their first weekend.

May 12th, 2002. It was a Saturday and approaching lunchtime. Joe stood in the shower, scrubbing himself clean and looking forward to a lazy day sunbathing in the garden and perhaps playing some computer games. He'd fucked his mum on waking that morning and fancied another shag with her after lunch.
There was a knock at the door, and Joe turned off the shower, the large white-tiled bathroom hot and steamy.
"Yeah?" he called.
"Is that you Joe?" Lisa's voice came from behind the door, "I need a pee! Can I come in? Steve's in the downstairs bathroom."
"Sure," Joe replied, and stepped out the shower, dripping wet. He was about to wrap a towel round his waist before suddenly realising such modesty was not neeeded. He just opened the door and let his sister, wearing just a pair of light-pink panties and a white vest, scamper in.
"Thanks," she called, and eagerly ran to the toilet across the room and whipped her panties to her ankles and sat down. Joe got into the shower once more and continued washing himself, the sound of the water jetting out competing with the sound of Lisa sitting on the toilet and humming the theme tune to some cartoon or other.
Finishing his shower, Joe turned the water off and stepped out, scrubbing himself dry whilst his sister watched him from across the room.
"You've got a boner!" Lisa pointed out, sniggering girlishly.
Dropping the towel to the floor, Joe casually noted that his cock was, indeed, throbbing erectly against his firm stomach.
"I always do," he replied "Especially when my hot little sister is taking a piss in front of me."
Lisa got up from the toilet and flushed it.
"Fancy a quick fuck?" she asked, cheekily, stepping out of her panties.
"Sure," Joe replied, "Come over here then Lisa. I think I'll just fuck you on the floor here."
Lisa came over and got down on her hands and knees on the fluffy white rug in front of the bathtub.
"Wanna take me up the bum?" she asked from over her freckled shoulder.
"How could I refuse?" Joe smiled.
"How about a posh fuck?"
"A posh fuck? How d'ya mean?"
"Lube me up with some of that expensive stuff you have on your shelf. There's some moisterizer-stuff or other by Calvin Klein that smells really nice! Use that."
Above the bath there was a long, smoked-glass shelf containing various toiletries. Joe's corner contained designer gear, including a nice tube of Obsession body-moisteriser.
He took the tubed and squeezed out a generous amount onto his hand and knelt down. His sister's cute little butt was before him, her cheeks parted and her puckered anus winking at him. He slathered the cream into her butt-crack, Lisa flinching and giggling at the coldness of the substance. Joe applied some to his own long, hard dick before edging up to Lisa.
"Ready sis?"
"Ready," Lisa confirmed.
He pushed the throbbing his head of his cock into his sister's anus, the girl gritting her teeth through the routine discomfort at the start of this operation. Her arsehole quickly got atuned to the diameter it was stretched to by her brother's invading cock, Joe now easing himself up into Lisa inch by inch. Soon, he was wedged fully in and he began humping Lisa's arse, one hand gripping the edge of the bath next to him, whilst his other hand gripped the bottom hem of his sister's cotton vest. He was always amazed at his sister's ability to take cock, the way his prick seemed so long and thick compared to the slender child yet, cheerfully humping away and moaning in pleasure, Lisa was able to take the large member in her tight little arse with little problems.
"You're just as tight as ever sis," he commented after a while, still fucking with long slow strokes.
"Thanks," Lisa panted, "You're dick feels as fantastic as always! Ram it up me!"
Joe started humping harder, Lisa's rubbery sphincter gripping the base of Joe's dick as he felt his climax on the horizon. His breathing grew faster as he continued pumping his hips. The sperm rumbled up eventually and spewed out, Lisa gripping the deep rug beneath her as her brother pounded his cock into the depths of her rectum, hot gushing cum flooding her bowels.
"God Joe," she breathed once the humping had slowed down, "Yeah, that was good."
"Nothing like a good fuck to increased your appetite," her brother said from behind her before sliding his lengthy dick from her bum, "Fancy some lunch? Mum should be making something soon."
"Cool!," Lisa exclaimed as she turned and got to her feet, "I better get dressed."
"Ah, why bother?" Joe shrugged, putting on a dressing gown, "Just go down in nothing but your vest, give everyone a thrill, you sexy little minx!"
"Okay," Lisa sniggered, and followed her brother out the room, the smell of cooking coming from downstairs.

Part III: Porn Star

In early July, the three youngsters were looking forward to the school holidays. All three had obtained good grades that year and were anticipating a summer packed full of fun - mainly screwing around together of course.
Sally announced she might go back into the porn-movie industry, just for the fun of it. Though they were okay for cash, it would be nice, Sally explained, to have some extra dollars coming in for the summer. Her children were happy at the idea and urged her to go for it.
After phoning round some of her old contacts, Sally left Joe in charge, she went to a small porn studio in Boston. The youngsters were okay on their own. Joe had his own car to ferry his brother and sister to school, which he often did anyway, and Lisa enjoyed having her two brother's all to herself. They slept in Joe's room, Lisa taking Joe and Steve in her cunt and arse at the same time as they had loads of sex-sandwiches throughout their time alone.
However, they were all glad when Sally returned. A week later, on the first Saturday of the summer holidays, the edited video came through the post. "Mature and Mad For It!" was the cheesy name of the title.
"Are you not bothered about being referred to as 'mature' mum?" Joe asked when they all settled in front of the TV early in the morning to watch the film.
"Not at all," Sally laughed, "Most of the women in the industry are in their early twenties. For female porn stars it's a case of the younger the better, eighteen-to-twenty-five being the most common ages, so at thirty-five I am kinda mature."
The film came on and it was one of these films with no plot, just a long series of sex scenes, in which Sally starred in five.
"It was great fun," the mother told her children as they watched the first scene, "Just like old times! It's still nowhere near as good as sex with you lot though, with all the cameras and spotlights and being told what to do. But given that I got paid for it, it's fantastic!"
"It looks fun mum!" Lisa commented.
On the telly, Sally was sitting on a sofa with a younger man kneeling before her and pounding her cunt with his long dick. Another guy fucked Sally's mouth, pulling out eventually and creaming all over her face. The other man shafted her slit for a while longer before tugging himself free and ejecting his load over Sally's stomach and tits.
Naturally, Sally and her three children were all horny by the end of the film and fucked through the morning on the living room floor. After lunch, to celebrate the start of the six-week Summer holiday, Joe and Steve had got on their mountain bikes and gone for a long ride through the fields throughout the surrounding countryside. Sally tidied up the house a little then sat down with a cup of coffee, Lisa soon coming into the living room in a pretty floral summer-dress.
"Hey mum," she said, clambering onto the sofa next to her mother.
"Hi sweetheart," Sally responded. Lisa leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, which she did a lot these days.
"Anything on telly?" Lisa asked. The TV was on in the background, currently showing the start of a sitcom.
"Just this comedy programme," Sally shrugged, "What are you up to."
"Nuffin," sighed Lisa, "Listen I was thinking...I wouldn't mind starring in a porn movie myself."
"You? You're a bit young honey."
"Not too young to have sex though, isn't that right mummy?"
"That's right. But it's not very easy to make movies with a girl of your age in. It's illegal and you have to be careful."
"Yeah, but do you know anyone who would make one."
Sally thought for a moment. She did indeed know a couple of guys from the porn movie she'd just made who in turn knew of a group of movie-makers who 'specialised' in extreme stuff i.e. illegal porn. They'd suggested it to Sally as they did to most porn stars, just in case any wanted to earn 'a shitload' more money for bestiality, child-porn, and various other underground films.
"I think I might do honey," Sally said after a while.
"Can you arrange it mum?" Lisa asked, hopefully, "You looked as if you were having such good fun in those films that I want to do it too!"
"Okay. I'll make a phone call or two. Bare with me."
Sally put down her cup of coffee and left the room, using the phone in her bedroom, dialling the number she'd scribbled down in a notebook and waiting as it rang.
"Hello?" came the voice at the other end.
"Hello," Sally began, "Could I speak to a Jimmy please?"
"Who is this?" came the male voice, pleasant but suspicious.
"My name is Sally, I worked with one of your friends on a recent movie, 'Mature and Mad For It' in New York."
"Oh yeah," Jimmy responded, "I remember. You met one of my associates who gave you my number, I always send some associates around to movie sets like the one you were on, just to spread the word, y'know? My stuff makes more money for everyone as they cost more for the punters. Yeah. Right then, how can I help you honey?"
"You're friend said you make more extreme movies, illegal stuff basically. I wanted to know if you could help me. I have a daughter who's underage and wants to be in a movie, a porn movie."
She knew that Jimmy would not be totally forthcoming on the phone, but by being the first to suggest and encourage underage-porn, Jimmy would know it wouldn't be undercover cops as this would count as entrapment. He could speak freely now.
"We do make those types Sally," he commenced, all friendly, "Lots of them. Is your daughter okay with this? Some girls require coercian which we try to avoid, we like our girls of all ages to be consenting. Age twelve to fifteen is best."
"My daughter is fine with it, don't worry. She's eleven by the way, is that a problem?"
"Not at all! Eleven is fine, the younger the better really. Sounds great. And she's consenting?"
"Jimmy, you couldn't find a girl that age more consenting in the whole of the States," Sally insisted, smiling, "She does everything."
"Full sex?"
"Full sex, oral, facials, anal, cumshots, double-penetration."
"Sally, you're giving me a hard-on already! I don't think we'll have any problem getting a starring role for your daughter. I'm sure I don't need to stress the importance of keeping shush about all of this do I? Don't tell anyone outside your family about this, don't give your surname to anyone - least of all me and my colleagues. We pay in cash by the way. It'll be in the thousands depending how hot your kid is. Does this sound good so far?"
"Sounds superb Jimmy. Where are you anyway?"
"We're in Manhattan, Upper East Side. It's just a small operation, just a few loft apartments with makeshift studios set up, another studio or two upstate, and an office for distribution through contacts to sell them. We operate as a regular porn distributor as cover. Y'know, legal shit. Just a cover though."
"Where are they sold, you're videos?" asked Sally, "Just out of interest."
"Throughout America mostly," Jimmy continued, "but we do have a couple of contacts in England who sell them there. And one in Amsterdam. Don't worry my love, no-one will recognize your daughter, these movies have low circulation. Besides, admitting they've seen her will admit they've seen her movie, which no-one will do!"
"Exactly. Listen Jimmy, I was just thinking...I have a son as well. He's fourteen. He hasn't expressed any desire to be in a movie but he might like to. He's not into homosexual stuff, just women and girls...any room for him?"
"Oh sure. Does he look young?"
"I guess. He hasn't had his growth spurt yet, he's youthful looking. Very good looking. I mean, I know men like to see young boys, but what about women?"
"I'm on your level Sally!" Jimmy said, "I understand, you're little prince don't wanna get fucked in the arse. Heh! I understand, I wouldn't either! Seriously though, a lot young boys we use are for the gay stuff, the boy-lovers, but we do hetero stuff featuring underage boys too. There's a lot more women that you'd imagine out there who are child lovers, who'd love to see a young fourteen-year-old stud servicing some older women. We'll find a place for him, no problem."
"Okay, everything sounds fine Jimmy. When are you filming in the future?"
"We film a lot, there's a big demand for this. It's er...Saturday isn't it? We can shoot next weekend if you want? We don't pay expenses, but we pay well and with brown-bags of bills. Sound cool?"
"Very cool. Tell you what, I'll give you a ring later to confirm and get the details from you about where to go."
"Excellent Sally. Speak to ya soon."
"No problem. Bye."
"See ya Miss."
Sally put down the phone and hurried downstairs.
"How's my little future porn star," she smiled to Lisa, who stood and hugged her mother, all excited.
They watched telly for a while but got horny after a while and fucked. Naked on the floor, Sally undressed Lisa and sucked the little girl's cunt, licking her tits and generally kissing her all over. Then Sally lay back whilst Lisa explored her mother's sexy body, spending ages sucking on Sally's breasts before getting between her legs and licking her out. Sally had been fisted by another woman on the film and, inspired by this, Lisa pushed her fist up into her mother's cunt, watching delightedly as her mum came hard throughout this treatment.
Both mother and daughter were having a 69, with Lisa on top, when the two boy's came in.
"Whoa," Joe grinned as he wandered into the living room, "Getting started already eh?"
"Shit," Steve added as he came in, "I'm as horny as hell as it is without catching my sister and mum in a 69. Let's join in Joe!"
"Stop chatting and get naked," Sally encouraged the lad's in between licking her daughter's cunt from below.
The two brothers undressed quickly, their cocks throbbing and erect by the time they were naked.
Joe got on his knees before his mother's spread legs, Lisa's face over the cunt and hungrily licking away. He eased his dick into his mum's slit, gently fucking it whilst Lisa, still inverted over her mum, was able to lick Sally's clit and the shaft of her brother's cock as it slowly slid to and fro in their mother's moist cunt.
Steve got down at the other end, facing Lisa's spread asscheeks, his mum beneath and hungrily eating out Lisa's slit. Getting down, Steve helped his mum lick out Lisa's cunt, both their tongues squirming up into the girl's hot cunt together, saliva dripping down from Lisa's groin onto her mother's flushed face. Steve then knelt up and eased his dick into Lisa's cunt, sliding it all the way into that bald cunt and fucking it gently. From below, Sally shifted her head so she could suck on Steve's balls, taking the whole sac into her mouth and sucking on them for a while, pushing them around her mouth with her tongue before taking them out and licking Lisa's clit. At the other end, Joe pulled his dick from his mum's cunt and offered it to Lisa, who licked the swollen head and sucked on the shaft before watching as Joe pushed his meat back into their mum's cunt.
Eventually the compact quad of humping bodies moved apart, and Lisa eagerly took the opportunity during a quick break to tell her brother's of her porn star career.
"It won't begin until next weekend," Sally pointed out, "We'll be going to New York where this small company I know of makes films starring youngsters."
"Sounds cool sis," Steve said, stroking his hard dick, "I bet you're gonna have great fun getting fucked by all them men."
"Yeah, but not as cool as getting fucked by you and Joe," Lisa said.
"Cheers Lisa," Joe smiled, and kissed his sister on the forehead.
"I thought you might like to go too son," Sally said to Steve, "I mentioned it to the guy and he said there's a call for young boys your age. Apparantly there are a lot of women out there like me who like underage children, young boys especially, and they make films starring boys your age and younger fucking women."
"Really?" Steve gasped, "Whoa, cool!"
"You don't have to if you don't want to, but it'll be fun to try it."
"Damn right mum!" Steve continued, "I mean, fucking you and Lisa is fun and all but, shit, a boy's gotta have some diversity. I'm gonna be fucking lots of older chicks?"
"That's right," his mum confirmed, "Some my age, some older, and probably some only in their twenties. I'm not too sure. But it'll be a good laugh. You and your sister will be paid too, though I'll stick the cash into a trust fund or something."
"Who cares about the money," Lisa said to Steve, "It'll be fun I think."
"Yeah!" Steve responded.
"You could star in some too Joe," Sally said to her eldest child, "I mean, just pretend you're eighteen and you're there! You're good looking, well-endowed, a good performer. Of course, you won't earn a fortune - young men wanting to star in the porn industry are as numerous as men who watch porn, but I can get you in. Fancy a go?"
"I'll think about it mum."
"I must warn you all," Sally began, all maternal, "that it's not quite as superb as it looks being in porn movies. I mean, it is great fun, but you get told what to do, when to cum, where to cum, and have a load of cameras pointing at you. It's still enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but you shouldn't expect utter sex-utopia."
"It's alright mum," Steve began, "We've got sex-utopia here at home. C'mon, let's get going!"
Steve got his mum onto her hands and knees on the floor before burying his throbbing pole up her rectum, buggering her deeply whilst she squirmed in ecstasy. Meanwhile, Lisa sat on the same armchair she'd lost her virginity in whist Joe knelt between her legs and slid his dick into her cunt. He kissed the girl long and hard as he fucked his kid sister, his tight buttocks clenching as he drove up into her young womb.
Nearby, Sally eventually had Steve slide out of her so she could turn round and suck on his cock, deep-throating it to the root whilst she rubbed her clit. Then she spun round and once more took her son's hard prick in her crap-chut.
"Hey kids," she announced after a while, "You gotta get used to external cum-shots during movies. How about we practice some now?"
"Sounds good to me mum," Joe announced from across the room, still humping Lisa's cunt, "I'm almost about to shoot."
He humped for a moment or two longer then withdrew from Lisa's juvinile cunt and stood up. His sister sat up and closed her eyes and opened her mouth whilst Joe jacked his long cock furiously, his fist pounding his meat until he began to squirt. His legs almost buckled beneath him as he was hit by a powerful orgasm, his sperm unleashed, squirting in thick strings all over Lisa's pretty young face. When the fountain of jizz finished, Lisa was splattered in it, and she sucked greedily on the beslimed cock before her, pretending there was a camera pointing at her as she licked the spermy-cock head clean. Thick white gobs of cum ran down her face and hung from her jaw and chin.
On the floor, Steve was shafting his mother's butt hard.
"I'm almost cumming mum," he stammered, "Where shall I cum?"
"Over my face," his mum panted.
After one or two more thrusts, Steve tugged his thick cock from his mother's sphincter and watched as his mum turned and knelt before him. Standing, Steve jacked off quickly, watching the lovely sight of his sperm flying out and hitting his mother's face. Lisa and Sally took a lot of external cum-shots so there wasn't really any need for practise, but is was still fun anyway. Steve cried out in pleasure as his thick cum shot out, wads of it hitting Sally's cheeks, forehead and into her open mouth. Strings of it hit her short blonde hair too, and like Lisa, once the cock in front of her face had stop firing jizz, Sally took it into her mouth and sucked it clean.
Both lads were then treated to the sight of Lisa and Sally going over to each other and licking each other's cum-sprayed faces clean, kissing each other and cum-swapping. It had the desired effect of re-stiffening the brother's cocks and they resumed fucking their mum and sister straight away.
This time, Steve took care of Lisa, laying his sister down on the floor and fucking her in the missionary position. On the sofa, meanwhile, Joe sat back whilst his mum mounted him, holding her son's shoulders as she lowered her slit onto the long cock beneath her. Fully impaled on the hot dick, she rode Joe hard and fast, the leather sofa beneath them squeaking as mother and son cried out in pleasure, working up a good sweat and kissing hard.
"Let's 69!" Steve later suggested to his sister.
Steve got off Lisa and lay back, his sister then getting on top of him, the other way around, so that she could suck her brother's dick whilst he lapped at her cunt. It was an enjoyable position and they lost themselves as they drove each other crazy with their tongues and mouths. Before her brother came though, Lisa got off and turned round, mounting her brother's cock. She took the full, throbbing shaft into her cunt and rode Steve whilst leaning down and kissing him. Their tongues slid over each other, exploring the insides of each others mouths and continuing to do so throughout Steve's orgasm. He moaned pleasurably into Lisa's mouth as he came, his cock fountaining sperm up into her young cunt whilst she rocked to and fro on the impaling meat.
On the sofa, Sally had tired out, so she got off Joe and got on her hands and knees at the end of the sofa, arms folded on the arm-rest. Joe knelt up behind his mother. His eyes had been fixed on her sopping cunt but he was drawn to her pink arsehole that yawned open above it. It was into this second, tighter hole that he slid his cock into, plunging it in to the hilt into his mum's gripping rectal sheath. Sally moaned in pleasure, reaching underneath her body and rubbing her clit whilst her arsehole burned with pleasure under her son's hard ramming. He pulled out eventually and sank his dick into his mother's cunt which he then fucked just as hard. Holding his mum's shoulders, Joe grunted as sweat formed on his forehead, his prick slamming up into Sally's hot slit until he came. Sperm gushed out and flooded his mother's cunt, Sally still rubbing her clit and looking over her shoulder at her son's ecstatic face, urging him on with obscene cries.
After finishing up, Joe pulled out, wiping the sweat from his brow.
"Who's for dinner?" Sally asked her three tired out kids, grinning.

Steve and Lisa were excited about the following weekend and, not soon enough, it came round. On the Friday, with Joe left at home with the house to himself, Sally and her two younger children got a plane to JFK, New York. Sally had made a few movies in the city years ago and was fairly familiar with the place after they landed and hopped into a cab. They'd booked a family room - a double bed and two single beds - at a moderately priced hotel near Central Park, and after checking in at six o'clock in the evening, they all piled into a cab and were whisked up to the 'studios' on the Upper East Side.
"Here we are," announced Sally once they'd got out of the taxi. She wore a fairly conventional black skirt and silk white blouse, seemingly a smart tourist in town with her kids, Steve in his jeans and T-shirt, Lisa in a white skirt and white jumper.
They rang the buzzer at the entrance and, once Sally had given her first name, they were let in. The building was a 25-storey one with posh shops on the ground floor, apartments and offices making up the upper floors. Getting out of the elevator at the top, the mother and two youngsters found themselves in a surprisingly smart looking lobby with 'J Productions' written on a sign nearby, the name of the cover business in legal porn, as opposed to the illegal porn they made. A middle-aged woman who wore sunglasses and smoked a filterless cigarette sat at a desk reading a magazine.
"Oh hi," she smiled brightly, "You must be Sally? I spoke to you on the intercom."
"That's me," Sally said, "I'm here to see Jimmy."
"No problemo. Hang on." The woman got up and walked over the carpeted floor to one of several plain doors against the far wall. She opened it and said something to someone inside before she returned to her desk. From out of the far room came 'Jimmy' who, to Sally's surprise, was younger than her. He was about thirty, wore black designer jeans and a tight white Versace top that showed off his good physique.
"Hi, Sally, I'm Jimmy," he said as he strolled over, offering his hand.
"Good to meet you Jimmy."
They shook hands, Sally glancing the man over.
"Do I look okay?" he asked, grinning ironically.
"Yeah," Sally nodded, "You look different to what I imagined."
"I know, I know, you expected an old guy in a dirty mac? Heh! Don't worry. No problem. It's only some of the guys buying this stuff who look like that. We on the other hand try to look professional. And you must be Steve, how's it going my man?"
"Good," Steve responded, shaking the man's hand.
"And you must be Lisa, the lovely little princes," Jimmy continued, offering his hand to Lisa, who shook it firmly.
"How ya doin' Mr Jimmy," she said.
"I'm fine, call me just Jimmy. Right, right, what now? Yes, I know, follow me, into my office."
Sally exchanged grins with her two children before following the porn-manafacturer into his office. It was small but clean, a black desk situated under a window looking South, a black sofa in front of it and a leather chair behind it. Jimmy sat down at his chair and invited the trio of gusts to do likewise on the sofa. A window in an inner wall nearby overlooked the studio, the blinds not fully concealing the activity behind there; people changing sets, setting up equipment, smoking cigarettes and chatting.
"Right then," Jimmy began, "It's a simple set up we have here Sally. We don't have er...contacts who kind of, make up the figures, keep up the facade as a legitimate little adult-movie company. We have security measures that prevent police snooping around. Basically, you're lovely children - with their full consent, naturally - will take part in a few scenes this evening and tomorrow, and we'll give you some cash! Sound okay so far?"
"Sure," Sally nodded, "Okay kids?"
"Yeah mum," Steve agreed, fascinated at the naked woman on the calender on the wall.
"Sounds cool," Lisa nodded.
"It should be all simple really," Jimmy insisted, "Often we get guys here with their children, trying to force them and shit, and we don't really like that. But a respectable looking mother and two youngsters clearly keen on all seems great. Right, Sally, I'll give you a deposit. We all need a little security here."
He reached into a drawer and pulled out a wad of cash clipped together with a silver money clip. He handed it to Sally who tried not to look to excited as she noted they were $100 bills.
"There's $3,000 there," Jimmy casually said, , "I'll give you another seven tomorrow. That $5,000 for each movie; the one Lisa will be in and the one Steve will be in. Does this sound cool with everyone?"
He sipped his Pepsi and smiled when he got nods from the three people before him.
"Do these films have plots?" Steve asked, "Or are they just ones with scenes of fucking?"
"Just scenes of fucking," Jimmy replied, "You'll star in one with young boys screwing women and Lisa will be in one starring other girls about her age. Each one, just out of interest, costs about $50,000 at least to hire the youngsters - the adults often star for free, or for a token amount - and another $10,000 in expenses. Equipment, blank tapes to copy them and that kinda shit."
"Quite a lot," Sally said, moderately interested in this.
"It's a lot more than a traditional movie with adults," Jimmy admitted, pausing to sip more Pepsi, "but we make a lot more. They sell for $100 at least in under-the-counter transactions in stores. We'll get back out money in this city alone, then get $5,000 for each master copy we sell to national and international contacts. Probably about $200,000 will be made from these two films."
It would actually be twice that, but Jimmy didn't want his stars to realise they wouldn't be getting such a small proportion. Actually, Sally and the kids didn't really care; they were here for fun, but ten grand was not to be sniffed at.
Abruptly, he hit a buzzer on an intercom.
"What?" came a informal girl's voice.
"Claire honey, get us a Pepsi will ya?" Steve asked. He sat back and a moment later, Claire came in through to the studio area. She captured the attention fo Sally, Steve and Lisa. First off, Claire - a slim, tall girl in her late teens - was dressed as if she'd not look out of place at a Sex Pistols concert. She had on a pair of clumpy black boots and wide, black fishnet stocking. Even though the stockings reached half-way up her firm thighs, there was a fair amount of flesh until one reached the hem of her black leather mini-skirt, which was very mini indeed. She had on a fishnet vest through which one could see her white bra which contained her fairly big, firm young tits. She had on fingerless leather gloves and her face was very delicate and pretty looking, despite the multiple ring-piercings in her ears and eyebrows, a gold ring also through the septum of her delicate looking nose. Finally, her waist-length hair was bright pink.
"There you are," Claire said with a huff, dumping the can of Pepsi on the desk.
"Cheers honey," Jimmy responded, "These are the stars of tonight and tomorrow by the way," he continued to Claire, motioning towards the three people before him, "Sally, her daughter Lisa and son Steve. It's their first time."
Despite her rather freaky appearance, Claire was charming when she smiled and said hello to Sally and her kids.
"Claire's a camerawoman," Jimmy explained, "She's also outstaying her welcome. Go on honey, get back to work."
"Yes master," Claire pouted to Jimmy, then flashed an inexplicably sweet smile before turning and leaving the office, her leather skirt so short that Steve got a glimpse of the girl's white panties hugging her round buttocks as she left.
"Nice girl eh?" Jimmy said, distracted, cracking open the can of drink, "She's only eighteen so can be a bit er...petulant."
"She's hot," Steve commented, suddenly stunned by the teenager's prettiness that was combined with a wonderfully outlandish and sexy manner of dress.
"She's my niece too," Jimmy added.
"Shit, sorry," blushed Steve.
"Hey, don't worry! Seriously, you're right, she is hot! Nice arse, nice do I know this of my niece? It's cos she's also my girlfriend. She's been sharing an apartment, and bed, with me for the last two years. Maybe that's why my sister don't talk to me! Hah! Anyway, where were we? Hmmm. Any questions?"
"When are we filming?" Steve asked.
"You are eager," Jimmy laughed, "Well, we'll film Lisa tonight. That'll take about three hours. Then you'll be up tomorrow kiddo. You've got a hotel yeah?"
"That's right," Sally confirmed, "On the West Side."
"Well, to be honest, I think Steve would be better of going back to the hotel. You can stay here if you want kid, but you might like to get to know a few of your Get a bit of practice in. You may have had sex before, but it's always a little nerve-racking screwing on film. It'll be better if you know the chick you're fucking. A real nice, mature lady, called Gillian. Hang on."
He got up and went to a door that lead to the studio area and called out "Gillian?"
He came back in, sitting down at his desk and turning to the open door, Sally, Steve and Lisa all watching as into the office from the studio area came Gillian.
Steve had been ready for dissapointment in case the women he'd be fucking turned out to be too mature, but Gillian was quite a nice surprise as she was only a few years older than his mum. With a nice smiler and big green eyes, Gillian had short red hair and wore a smart black dress with a green, expensive looking jacket. She was tall, probably an inch taller than Steve, and wore high heeled shoes but no stockings, he long sexy legs on display. She had large, round tits with her cleavage visible over the top of her revealing dress. Far from being a washed up tart, she was not only sexy but clearly enthusiastic too.
"Hi, you must be Steve," she began, walking over to the boy, "I'm Gillian."
"Hi Gillian," Steve smiled, standing. He offered his hand to shake but Gillian just took it and lightly held it whilst leaning forward and kissing the boy on his lips.
"And this is Steve's mum Sally and Lisa," Jimmy said as he sat down.
Gillian said hellos to the two females.
"So," Jimmy said, sitting back, "Steve, whaddya think of Gillian. You happy about fucking her tomorrow?"
"Yeah," the teenager replied, somewhat taken aback by the casual, open nature of the question, even if it was thoroughly appropriate. He got into the swing of things. "You're damn sexy Gillian, I really couldn't have expected a nicer"
"Thank you," Gillian smiled, "Some girls are into these movies for the money - they get more for starring in underground stuff with underage kids, but I'm one of those who enjoys it. I still get paid of course, but I love young lads like you, which is all the better for both of us eh? Don't want to be fucking a woman who's apathetic eh?"
"No way," Steve nodded, "I can't wait till tomorrow!"
"You won't have to Steve," Jimmy said, "I think you should go back to the hotel with Gillian. Like I said, might as well get to know the girl you'll be with tomorrow - in other words, fuck her. You're more than welcome to stick around here of course, but you might get bored. Sally, you'll no doubt want to stick around here with your daughter whilst we film. But Steve will be okay in the hands of Gillian."
"Damn right," Steve added, Gillian standing behind the boy and gently massaging his shoulders, "Can I go back to the hotel mum?"
"Sure honey," Sally said, "You've got a bit of cash for a cab haven't you?"
"Yeah mum. I've got those spare keys too."
"Let's go then," Gillian said, "We'll party together in bed for a couple of hours then I'll go straight home after that."
"You and your daughter will be finished by then I reckon," Jimmy said to Sally, "Okay. Wanna head off then you two?"
"Sure," Gillian said, "Let's go Steve, ya hunky little stud."
Steve got up, said goodbye to his mum, and went with Gillian out the office.
"Wanna meet youre co-stars?" Jimmy asked Lisa once the other two had left.
"Sure," Lisa replied.
Jimmy stood up and went out into the studio. Lisa and her mother exchange excited grins before Jimmy returned with three men, whom he introduced.
The first was a handsome man in his early-thirties called Dan. He was fairly slim with black hair slicked back and dressed all in black. The second, called Gary, was about forty and athletically built and tall, a few hints of gray in his black hair. Finally, a slim man only aged twenty-five called Mike. They shook Lisa's hand, neither appearing sleazy in any way. Jimmy ushered them out, saying "I'll catch ya later," before he closed the door and sat back down.
"There the guys," Jimmy began as he once more sat down in his chair, "They'll be fucking you Lisa. All three in the first scene and then Dan, the guy all in black, in the third scene. You okay with this?"
"Fine," nodded Lisa, "I'm looking forward to it."
"Good, good," nodded Jimmy, "Some young novices like you freak out when they get closer to the actual event. You're cool though?"
"Yeah," Lisa nodded.
"Those three guys," Jimmy began, "they've been with us a lot. They do this because they enjoy it - they share a lot of men's love in young lolitas - but they do get paid and their professionals who very much know that this is a job. So you'll be okay with them. Nothing to worry about. Okay Lisa, fancy getting ready? We have a few small dressing rooms. You won't need to make yourself pretty of course; you're prefect as you are without make-up! There are some clothes in there though, we want you wearing a school uniform in the first scene and a ballerina one in the second. Want me to lead you there? Obviously you can join here Sally."
"Let's go!" said Lisa, who stood up along with her mum. They were lead out into the studio area by Jimmy, glancing around the place. Lights on stands and cameras were place around the large open area, the windows with black drapes over them. A few technicians stood around fiddling with cameras and lights whilst three three guys Lisa had been introduced to earlier were sitting on a sofa in a bedroom. Or rather, a fake bedroom that took up part of the studio, a scene presumably for Lisa.
Lisa and her mum were shown into a small room with an en-suite bathroom and a dressing table before a large mirror with a fridge next to it. There was some make-up around the place, and a black leather armchair in the corner next to a bright lamp. On a coffee-table, next to a TV, lay a neatly folded school uniform and a ballerina's outfit.
"I'll fetch you in twenty minutes," Jimmy said, "Need anything else? Cigarettes? Drink?"
"I could do with a drink," Sally said.
"No problem," Jimmy said and stepped up to the fridge next to the dressing table. He took one of eight bottles of beer, opened it with a bottle opener on his key-ring then handed it to Sally.
"No wine I'm afraid," he shrugged, "But that'll do eh?"
"This is fine, thank you."
"You're on in twenty sweetheart," Jimmy smiled to Lisa, then left, closing the door softly behind him.
"You excited?" Sally asked, then took a long pull of the bottle of beer.
"Yeah," Lisa smiled, undressing, "I'm a bit nervous but it's gonna be great. Those guys are okay I reckon, the ones I'll be fucking. Not as nice as Joe and Steve but still...good enough!"
"Well I'd fuck them," her mother casually said, "Steve will be happy won't he?"
"I bet he will," Lisa agreed, "That woman was nice looking, Gillian or whatever her name was. Anyway, that Jimmy guy said I'd be taking all three of those men on the first scene! Do you think I'll get triple-penetration? I've always wanted that. I've obviously had Joe and Steve in my cunt and arsehole at the same time but not with a dick in my mouth! I want that!"
"Well, you can't normally choose honey, but I'll expect you'll get that. If not I'll suggest it."
Lisa was now nude and took a shower in the en-suite bathroom, finding a healthy selection of expensive body lotions and perfumes in there. She washed herself in some nice smelling scrub by Armani and stepped out and dried herself on a big black towel.
"Everything is fancy in New York," she commented, "It's cool!"
After putting on her panties, Lisa took a bottle of Christian Dior perfume and sprayed it on herself, admiring her slim eleven-year-old body in the full length mirror nearby. Then her mother, having finished the bottle of beer, helped her put on the uniform. It was a normal uniform, with a white blouse, black skirt that reached half-way down her slim thighs and knee-high white socks with highly-polished black shoes.
"Incredibly sexy," Sally commented, "Very nice indeed!"
"This is great," Lisa smiled, "A uniform, dressing room...I'm like a real starlett!"
She sat down and took a can of Coke from the fridge whilst Sally took another beer and they drank together. After a while, Jimmy came in and asked Lisa to step through. She came out into the studio once more, Sally behind her.
"Time to start the cameras rolling," Jimmy commented, leading them both to the 'set'. It was the bedroom in the corner of the large room, a nice big bed with pink covers and empty wardrobes against the wall. The three men, Dan, Gary and Mike, were naked and nearby, their cocks semi-stiff. Two women in their twenties lurked nearby, wearing just their underwear and smoking cigarettes. From her mother's tales of porn-movie making, Lisa knew them to be fluffers, there to encourage the men's stiffness if they should flag under pressure.
"Okay Lisa," Jimmy began, "I'm the director here. There's not many of us on the set, as you can see; me, those two fluffers, three camera men - two fixed and one mobile - and that man and woman over there, who do the lighting. Right, what we do is put a soundtrack and dub the sounds over the film afterwards, when we edit. That means that during the film I can direct; I'll call out to you and those three guys - Dan, Gary and Mike - what to do. I can shout to the camera guys where to go. Then my voice will be covered with the music and dubbing we'll add during editing. Obviously, you'll have to get used to doing what I say when I call out to you, but without looking over at me. Don't look at me when I give instructions."
"I understand," Lisa nodded, "My mum told me that, she's starred in loads of porn films."
"I forget, yeah," Jimmy nodded, "Okay, well everything seems ready. Okay, Sally, you'll obviously want to keep an eye on your daughter. So, if you'd like to sit next to me over there. Lisa, wait by this bed here."
"Okay," the girl said.
Sally and Jimmy went to a spot between the two fixed cameras, each with a camera man (though one was actually a camera woman) getting into position. There were two chairs, one for Jimmy and one for Sally, facing a small table with three TVs on. Each showed a shot of the two fixed and one mobile camera. The chairs were also positioned with a good view of the actual set itself. Sally sat down, still with her second bottle of beer, whilst Jimmy cracked open another can of Pepsi and sat next to her. The mobile camera, a large, hand-held one, was operated by Claire, the pink-haired eighteen-year-old niece/lover of Jimmy. The three male stars were stroking their own cocks nearby, stiffening up and watching Lisa, who felt very confident despite now being the center of attention of the cameras, blazing lights and the crew.
"All set Lisa?" Jimmy called.
"I am," Lisa called, standing in her sweet little school-uniform.
"Okay sweetheart," Jimmy continued, taking another swig of Pepsi, "I want you to do a strip-tease. Ever done one?"
"Well, just follow your instincts. Just take of your clothes slowly. You don't need to dance and that, just slowly take off all your clothes, okay?"
"Okay," Lisa agreed.
"Cameras?" Jimmy called, "Get ready. Claire?"
"Yeah?" replied his pink-haired punk niece with the hand-camera.
"Get ready. Follow Lisa in low, you know, the usual."
Claire nodded, stuck a piece of gum into her mouth and started chewing as she flicked on her camera. Sally had been on many sets before and liked the way this place, despite her brief presumptions that it'd be shoddy and sleazy, was clearly pretty professional, albeit nice and informal.
With the three cameras rolling - Claire, the pink-haired chick, walking round bent over with the camera low - Lisa slowly took off her shoes then peeled the socks off as she sat on the edge of the bed. Then she unbuttoned her blouse, getting encouraging calls from Jimmy as she very slowly took the blouse off. Then off came her skirt before Lisa, following Jimmy's instructions, turned round and bent over as she pulled her panties down. Then she turned round, naked, Jimmy now requesting Lisa sat down on the bed. She did so, laying out on her back and rubbing her little titties, the nipples hard.
"Okay Dan," Jimmy called to the handsome thirty-two-year-old man with the slicked back black hair, "Get on the bed and frig Lisa. Suck her nipples then lick her cunt from the side."
Dan nodded and came into shot, kneeling on the bed nude next to Lisa, both exchanging knowing smiles before he kissed her. Then he went down and flicked his tongue over her nipples, sucking each in turn. He moved down to her spread legs and lapped at her cunt, Claire crouching low and focusing in on the act of cunnilingus.
"Okay Dan," Jimmy said, "Kneel back. Lisa honey? Suck on his dick whilst kneeling to the side so the cameras can get in low. Claire, get some shots of that then get round and film Lisa's arse. Finger your cunt Lisa too."
Dan was soon in position, watching with delight and almost forgetting the presence of the cameras as the little girl before him got round and sucked on his knob-head, rolling her tongue round it and deep-throating the seven-inch member like an experienced whore.
Jimmy instructed the other two men, Mike and Gary, to come in. They walked up and got on the bed, all naked with their dicks hard. In turn, Lisa followed instructions to suck all of their dicks whilst being fingered and stroked herself. Eventually, Gary, the most well endowed of the trio of men, lay on his back. Lisa carried out Jimmy's instruction to mount the large cock facing Gary's feet, the cameras focusing on the girl's spread legs and her cunt in between as it swallowed up the large cock. Impaled and moaning in delight, Lisa bounced on the cock enthusiastically whilst the other two men stood and tended their cocks to the girl from either side. She sucked on them in turn.
"She's good," Jimmy commented quietly to Sally, "Very good!"
"She's enjoying it," Sally responded, proudly, "Lisa asked earlier if she'd be doing triple-penetration."
"Only if she can handle it."
"She can handle it! She wanted to do it."
"No problem. Okay," Jimmy called to the four 'actors', "Lisa, get off Gary slowly and Mike, take Gary's place. I want you to mount Mike but facing the other way, showing your arse to the cameras."
This was quickly arranged, Lisa on top of Mike, hunched over whilst the cameras focused on her arse with her cunt beneath taking the man's cock fully, Claire with the mobile camera focused in on Lisa's ecstatic face.
"Okay, Dan?" Jimmy continued, "get the Vaseline from nearby and put it on your dick, you're gonna be penetrating her anally. Gary? Fuck Lisa's mouth."
Gary was soon on his feet in front of Lisa and gave the little girl his prick to suck deeply on. Meanwhile, Dan was greased up and getting behind Lisa, kneeling up high and pointing his cock down at an angle so that Claire, kneeling down on the floor at the foot of the bed, pointing the camera up to Lisa's arse, could get a clear shot of the penetrations. Steadily, Dan was able to squeeze the head of his greased dick into Lisa's anus, then he pushed in further and further. Lisa emitted muffled cries of pleasure as she felt her arsehole being invaded, until the man behind her had stuffed his whole cock into her rectum.
The three men seemingly buried the girl in their humping bodies, fucking her deeply in all three holes. Sally watched the TV on the table in front of her at the view from Claire's camera; a sharp, focused shot of Lisa's butt, Mike's cock going up into her cunt whilst Dan's worked back and forth in her shitter.
The position was held for a while, Claire going round and getting some shots of Lisa sucking on Gary's dick before she took herself and the camera out of shot, the two fixed cameras at the edge of the set taking in various panoramic shots of the sex-sandwich.
"Pull out everyone," Jimmy eventually called, able to tell that some of his performers were close to cumming, "All pull out! Dan, Mike, spit-roast Lisa will ya?"
Soon, Lisa was on her hands and knees, sucking Mike's cock whilst Dan fucked her cunt from behind, Gary jacking off and watching from the sidelines. A few minutes later, Dan pulled out from the child's cunt and moved aside, Gary getting in behind Lisa and easing his prick into her arse whilst the girl still gave Mike a slurpy, noisy blow-job.
"Everyone almost cumming?" asked Jimmy, but didn't bother to wait for an answer, "Okay, everyone pull out. Lisa? Lay on your back with your head on the pillow, the guys are gonna cum on you."
Lisa felt excited at this, and lay back and watched as the three men knelt around her; Mike next to her head, Gary next to her chest and Dan next to her belly. The cameras still rolling ("I'll run this in slow-motion on the final film," Jimmy told Sally), the men jacked themselves off quickly to orgasm. Lisa was awash! Dan shot his load first, his thick jizz splattering over Lisa's slender belly and around her bald cunt. He was wiping his sperm-slick knob-head over her thighs when Mike came, ropes of cum sloshing over Lisa's pretty face. Dan was next, covering the girl's barely-sprouting titties in his his semen so that, when all three men followed instructions to get off the bed and move out of sight, the child was left lying back with spunk splattered, puddled and dripping from her upper body.
"Rub it all in!" Jimmy called, "Come on honey!"
Lisa did so, moaning in genuine pleasure as her small hands ran over her body, rubbing the salty spunk over her stomach, chest and in her face, licking her spermy fingers and sucking on them.
"Excellent!" called Jimmy moments later, standing up and walking around like a showman, "Okay, cut. Stop those cameras! Lisa, Lisa! You were fantastic! Excellent! Dan, Mike, Gary, great as always. Remember you're up again soon Dan. Claire, you did fine. Everyone did fine. Great. Sally? Take the lovely Lisa to her dressing room and get her cleaned up, we're filming in about half-an-hour."
"Okay," Sally said, and got up. Lisa stood, naked and glistening with sperm, and kissed her mother before they hurried off to the dressing room hand-in-hand. They closed the door behind them. Claire had put down the camera and came up to Jimmy with another can of Pepsi for the caffeine-addicted director, who took a long swig of it.
"She was good," Claire commented. .
Jimmy nodded and smiled. "Kids today eh?" he said.

At the hotel, Steve stood in the elevator riding up to the room on the 20th floor.
Gillian stood nearby, shoulder to shoulder with the boy, both excited about their evening ahead of them.
When they reached their floor, the mis-matched couple - the casually dressed teenage boy and his mature, red-haired date who stood an inch or two taller than him in her smart black dress and green jacket - stepped out and walked quickly down the long corridoor.
"Here we are," Steve announced at room 209. He let himself and Gillian in and closed the door, following Gillian into the main area of the large room. A big double bed sat underneath the window overlooking the impressive cityscape of the Upper West Side, the lights of the skyscrapers steadily going on as it dusk fell over the Big Apple. The double-bed was flanked by two single beds which were unlikely to be used by Sally and her two children. There was an en-suite bathroom, a big wardrobe and dressing table, and finally a stand holding a big TV.
"Think we can get porn on that?" Steve wondered out loud as he nodded to the telly.
"It'd probably cost extra," Gillian commented, then reached out and stroked her young stud's crotch, his cock hard beneath his jeans, "We've got the real thing here!"
"Yeah," smiled Steve.
"Kinda," Steve shrugged, "I mean, I'm not a virgin, but it's still my first time here in this big city and I've never met you before and all that."
"Don't worry, I don't bite. Here, Steve, sit down on the bed."
Steve did so and watched as Gillian went to the window and swooped the drapes shut. She then took off her shoes and jacket before slipping out of her dress. Steve watched the woman strip, enjoying the fact that Gillian clearly got a thrill from being watched as she stripped to her lacy bra and panties.
She removed her underwear and stepped up to Steve sexily, her tits round and heavy, her cunt topped with red hair and her body blowing Steve away with it's lithe elegance.
"You're totally sexy!" the boy commented as Gillian leaned down and kissed him on the lips.
"You too I bet," she commented, "Get your clothes off my randy lover!"
Steve got up and stripped naked, Gillian sitting back on the bed and licking her lips, clearly turned on by the youth's tender but toned adolescent body. It thrilled Steve no end to know that the woman here was as excited as he was. Steve got onto the bed, kneeling in front of Gillian who reached out and began stroking the lad's erect cock.
"What a lovely dick," she panted, eyes wide with lust, "I bet you fuck your mum with it don't you?"
" "Sorry?" stammered Steve.
"C'mon, you do don't you?" asked Gillian. She clearly knew the truth and Steve went ahead and confirmed it.
"Yeah, I fuck her," he admitted.
"Thought so," Gillian grinned "I knew when I was introduced! No mother would be taking her young son up there if she didn't sample the lad herself, just as every man who takes his underage daughter there to be in porn movies has fucked his little girl! How long have you been fucking mummy?"
"About four months," Steve replied, sensing that Gillian was turned on by this talk, "I have an elder brother and we both fuck our mum a lot. And my sister, Lisa, if you hadn't guessed. Mum's great! She starred in loads of movies a while ago and is just getting back into them. Oh yeah, that's nice Gillian."
"Good," crooned Gillian, still masturbating the boy, "I'm no stranger to incest myself. I was seduced and fucked by my father from the age of fourteen. He got me pregnant a few years later and even though I had an abortion my dad freaked out and didn't want to fuck me any more. So at seventeen I seduced my brother who was three years my junior. We did it a lot, right through until I went to college. Anyway, without wanting to give you my full biography, I've lived a rather sedate existence working at an office with a long-time boyfriend my age, indulging in my little fetish for young boys by starring in these movies. My boyfriend doesn't know about my er...acting career. He doesn't need to. It's a nice little distraction and gets me some spare cash to occasionally pick up one of the nice young rent-boys available downtown. Still, it sucks to pay for it eh? I prefer a teenage stud like yourself who'll fuck me for the pleasure of it, and in addition to movies I often like my young co-stars like yourself to indulge in a little overtime like this! Not too bad a life for a forty-year-old office chick, eh?"
"You're forty? You look younger."
"Thanks," Gillian smiled.
Steve was still being jacked off by Gillian throughout this and his dick was throbbingly erect.
"There's a load of teenage boys across the country," he began, "who'd be dying to fuck a woman like you! Shame there isn't a quick and easy way to satisfy all them horny young boys, and yourself!"
"Well, in an ideal world I could. Anyway, who cares about the bigger picture. We're both here together, so let's make the most of it and get in some practice for tomorrow. Right Steve, sweetheart, how do you want to fuck me? How do you fuck your mummy with this nice big dick of yours, eh?"
"I fuck her every way possible," Steve grinned, "In her mouth, up the arse..."
"Well, let's start with the straight stuff first."
Gillian lay back, spreading her legs and openening her arms out to Steve, who lowered himself onto the woman. Gillian had been getting all hot and moist in her cunt since the cab ride over here, and her teenage fucker's cock sank into her warm slit easily.
"Oh that's good," Gillian panted into the boy's ear, raising her legs and wrapping them round Steve's arse as if she was worried he'd escape, "Yeah Steve, that's good! You're cock is good!"
Steve began to fuck Gillian with hard thrusts of his hips, his dick driving up into the woman's hot cunt as he held her to him, her big tits squashed up against his chest.
"Fuck me Gillian!" he gasped, "Oh fuck yeah! You're just as good as mum!"
They humped on the bed for a good ten-minutes, both grunting hard with the effort as they screwed.
A considerate lover, Steve pulled out after a while and slid down the bed, kneeling between Gillian's legs and lapping at her cunt. The woman was thrilled with this, spreading her legs as far as possible and looking down past her heaving tits as the youngster ate her cunt out. The ginger pubic hair tickling his nose, Steve worked with skill with his tongue as he lapped at the moist cunt in front of him. Shortly, he raised up and mounted Gillian once again, driving his dick into her cunt. They kissed hard and heatedly as they resumed fucking, Steve's arse humping fast between the woman's spread legs, the bed-springs squeaking.
Eventually, they took a breather, Steve staying wedged in the older woman's cunt as he breathed hotly into her ear.
"Wanna pull out sweetheart?" Gillian suggested, "I want to get on top and ride you."
Steve withdrew and lay on his back, watching as Gillian mounted him quickly and eagerly, taking the lad's dick into her hot cunt. She sighed lovingly as she moved to and fro slowly on the boy's cock, Steve reaching up and stroking the woman's heavy tits. He fucked his dick into her hot cunt, Gillian seemingly in ecstasy as she rode him, eventually leaning down and kissing him hard on the mouth, slipping her tongue into his. She could sense Steve's orgasm beginning to rise, and getting back upright, Gillian rode Steve faster and faster.
"God yeah!" the boy panted, gripping Gillian's hips, "Fuck, I'm cumming! YEAH!"
"Fuck it up me!" Gillian cried, Steve's cock shooting it's load up into her. Sperm exploded up into her hot slit as she Gillian continued to bounce on the teenager's prick, the young semen flooding her womb. As Steve's orgasm finished, Gillian slowed down and finally dismounted, slumping back on the bed and smiling happily.
"That was a fine fuck," she commented. Steve lay next to her.
"Ditto," he added, and they kissed, long and passionately.

Lisa had showered a second time and now stood ready for her next scene. She wore a ballerina outfit, a tight pink vest, white tights a light pink dress. Her hair was pulled back in a tight pony-tail in a white ribbon tied in an elaborate bow. The set had been quickly changed and now resemble a completely different bedroom. It was done up like a kids room, the single bed with Barbie covers, the walls bright yellow and cuddly toys on a chair in the corner. The lights were lit, and whilst Mike and Gary had left, Dan still stood nearby. He flashed a pleasant smile at Lisa, who waved back before her mum came up to her.
"All set sweety?" she asked.
"Yeah," Lisa replied, "All ready!"
"Okay honey, go to the bed and Jimmy will direct just as last time."
Lisa went to the set, the cameras set up ready and the lights focused on her, her mother sitting next to Jimmy before the TV screens.
"Right Lisa," Jimmy began, talking loudly across the set and holding a cup of coffee, "I want you to strip as you did last time. Slowly take off the ballerina outfit. Do you have panties on under it?"
"Yeah," Lisa confirmed.
"Keep them on," ordered Jimmy, "Dan will remove them for ya. Right, roll cameras. Action."
He sat back and took a sip of his coffee whilst Lisa, feeling very confident, slowly took off her little ballerina outfit. She took her time, smiling sweetly at the hand-held camera Claire pointed at her as she circled the girl. Soon, Lisa was just in her little white panties and watched as Dan - who'd been getting sucked off by one of the blonde fluffer girls - stepped up, erect and naked.
He smiled at Lisa and sat next to her on the bed, stroking the girl's hair and kissing her.
"Stand up sweety," Jimmy called to Lisa, "Let Dan take of your panties."
Lisa stood and her co-star pulled her knickers slowly down her legs and allowed her to step out of them. Acting on further instructions from the director, Dan kissed Lisa's belly then moved down to her cunt, Claire getting in close with the camera as Dan licked out the youngster's bald slit.
Soon, Dan was lying on his back with his dick held in the air, and Jimmy asked Lisa to mount the dick whilst facing Dan's feet. She did so, taking the hard cock in her cunt and bouncing merrily on it, the cameras getting good shots of her, both from afar and fitting in her whole pubescent body, and also in close to get the actual penetration in it's juicy detail!
"Okay," Jimmy began after a minute, "Lisa, dismount and get back on Dan's cock but facing him."
Obediently, Lisa did so, riding Dan some more in the other direction, the man's stiff prick driving up into her young cunt. Another couple of positions were tried; Lisa on her back and Dan on top, then Lisa on her side whilst Dan knelt behind her, Lisa's outer leg up and hooked over his shoulder as he fucked the girl's cunt from the side.
"You're almost cumming Dan," Jimmy said, "I can tell. Okay, pull out. Lisa, kneel on the edge of the bed. Dan, cum in her face."
A moment later, Lisa was sitting there on the edge of the bed whilst Dan stood before her and whacked off. He grunted and moaned in pleasure as his cum began to spurt out, drenching Lisa's pretty young face in thick white globs. When the flow died down, Lisa took the semi-stiff dick in her hands and licked the spermy-head clean.
"Excellent," Jimmy was applauding as he stepped up, "Superb. Okay, cameras, cut! Finito, that's it. Lisa, Dan, you're fucking perfect."
"Fantastic honey," Sally added, stepping up and hugging her daughter.
"Right," Jimmy continued, "Everyone finish up. Pack up, it's almost nine o'clco, time to go home. More filming tomorrow and Lisa? I hope you're brother's just as professional as you. I'm sure he will be. Right, I'm off out to a bar to get nice and relaxed. Sally, get Lisa cleaned up and dressed, go back to the hotel room and get some rest."
"Yessir!" Lisa said, her face still splattered with cum.
"And Sally," added Jimmy, "Make sure that horny son of yours doesn't fuck Gillian too much tonight or else he'll be dry tomorrow!"
"He'll be fine," the mother said, "Don't worry."
She took Lisa into the dressing room and they both showered together before dressing, Lisa in her regular clothes. They said goodbye to Jimmy and the crew and left the building.

It was 9:30PM and dark outside when Lisa and her mother entered their hotel room, closing the door behind them and following the noise of fucking.
"Hey mum," Steve called, kneeling up on the bed and cunt-fucking Gillian doggy-style. He'd restiffened pretty quickly after fucking Gillian originally.
"Hiya honey," Sally greeted her son, "Hi Gillian."
"Evening," Gillian responded. Despite her various sexual adventures, she hadn't actually been casually greeted by a woman who's underage son was fucking her at that moment in time.
"I'm tired out," Lisa said, after offering her greetings to the couple on the bed "I'm off for a shower."
She entered the en-suite bathroom and closed the door.
"Hey Gillian," Sally said, taking off her shoes, "Do you have sex with women at all, on camera on in your free time?"
"I've done it occasionally with women," Gillian replied, "Why, are you wanting to join in?"
"I sure am!" Sally said to Gillian, "I'm so fucking horny after watching Lisa get fucked, and my son hasn't seen me get it on with a grown woman in real life."
"Then do it!"
Sally quickly took off her clothes until she was able to hop onto the bed, stark naked. She kissed Gillian and then her son, Steve pulling out of Gillian's cunt and watching as his mother and the boy-loving divorcee got it on with each other. They kissed and frigged, Sally sucking hard on Gillian's big tits before getting on hands and knees whilst Gillian licked her cunt and arsehole from behind. Unable to merely spectate much longer, Steve came up and sank his dick into his mum's cunt from behind and began to fuck her hard whilst Gillian knelt before the boy's mum. Fucked in the cunt by her son, Sally was able to lap at Gillian's wet cunt, burying her head between that woman's thighs as she hungrily slurped at those moist lips. Steve was incredibly turned on as he watched this, Gillian rubbing her tits and sighing pleasurably as she was eaten out. After a few moments, Steve slid his cock from his mum's cunt and pushed it slowly up into his her arsehole. Muffled moans of pleasure emerged from Sally as she continued to lick Gillian's cunt. Gillian had actually only fucked a woman once before, a drunken one-night-stand with a Greenwich Village dyke she picked up on Boxing Day 1991. She'd only really agreed to Sally joining in to keep Steve happy, but she now thought it was a truly great idea now! Who better than a fellow female to know how to eat out a cunt? Sally's tongue worked wonders on Gillian's cunt and she climaxed in the woman's mouth whilst crying out ecstatically.
All the while, Steve shafted his mum's shitter steadily whilst she continued to lick Gillian's cunt out for several more minutes until eventually, he pulled free of his mother's butt, eager to cum in Gillian once again. The two women got in a 69, Sally beneath, Gillian on top, inverted. Steve pushed his cunt-juiced-slathered cock into Gillian's anus and fucked her shitter hard whilst she and Sally ate out each other's cunts. Sally was able to shift up a little and pushed her tongue up Steve's arsehole. It thrilled the boy, who rapidly approached orgasm with his mum's tongue squirming wetly up his butt. His cock twitched in Gillian's gripping sphincter and began spewing forth semen, Gillian lifting her head from between Sally's legs and looking over her shoulder, urging Steve on.
"Fuck me Steve," she panted, "Fill me with sperm, oh yeah, honey yeah! Fuck my shitter! UHN! YEAH!"
Sodomizing Gillian, Steve sighed as his cock continued to empty cum up into the mature woman's butt, his mum all the while underneath him and pushing her tongue up his anus.
Steve finally slid his dick from Gillians arsehole and watched as his mum arched her neck and managed to reach up to lick some of her son's sperm as it ran from the red-head's anus. They eventually moved apart before Gillian got dressed.
"Are you looking forward to tomorrow?" Sally asked Gillian as she lead her, now clothed, to the door.
"Absolutely!" Gillian replied, "You're son is so good! So nice looking and such a good lay!"
"I'm glad! You could stay here the night if you want, there's plenty of room."
"I'm fine, really. Thank you. I'd better get home and get some rest!"
They said their goodbyes and Gillian left the room. Sally walked naked into the bathroom, Lisa just drying herself off after a shower. Sally took a shower next, then Steve, until all three, clean and dressed fairly smartly, went to the restaurant in the hotel for supper. By 11:00PM they were naked and tucked up in bed, avoiding a sex-session to save Steve's energy for the next day's filming.

Lisa stayed at the hotel room the next day to sleep in, tired out from the previous evening. Meanwhile, Steve and his mum dressed and headed out by cab across Central Park and to the studios, arriving by 8:45 in the morning.
"Hi there," Jimmy greeted them in the lobby, dressed in white jeans and a blue silk shirt, looking pretty smart and fresh.
"Morning," Steve said.
"Hi," Sally added, "Here we are, bright and early."
"And eager," added Steve.
"Excellent," Jimmy said, "Good, good. Our ladies are here aswell, all ready. Come on, let's go."
They all went through Jimmy's office and into the studio area. The crew were here, a couple of technicians fixing up the set. It was a classroom scene today; a handful of desks before a blackboard and a shelf with a few school books in it.
"Will I be on that set?" Steve asked Jimmy as they surveyed the room.
" "Yeah," Jimmy replied, "It'll be the first on of this morning. Where's John? John?"
"Here," a young boy said, coming up.
"John, this is Steve" introduced Jimmy, "Steve, John."
The two boys nodded hello to each other. John was two years younger than Steve, a slender, tanned boy with black hair and big brown eyes, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, like Steve.
"John is your co-star in the first scene," explained Jimmy, "He's been in a few of these films before, his dad let's him come up here, though I don't know if his mum would approve, eh John?"
"Oh she knows now," John said, "She found a video of me and went a little mad, but dad explained it and I told I liked it and all and...well, mum's cool with it. She likes me coming up here."
"Pays the bills eh?" Jimmy said, "Right. Steve, John, you two will be fucking Gillian in this first scene. She's over there by the way."
They looked over. Gillian was standing smoking a cigarette near a little kitchen area, drinking coffee as she stood in a dressing gown. She saw the two boys looking at her and she waved enthusiastically. John and Steve waved back.
"Right. John, you're doing a scene this afternoon, but Steve, you'll be up again an hour after we finish this shot. You're gonna be on your own in the next one Steve and you'll be taking on two women at once. Good eh? I'll introduce you to the two women you'll be fucking at the time. Okay, there's a dressing room each for ya. Have a shower lads, put on the clothes in there and come out in fifteen minutes. Okay?"
"Okay!" acknowledged John and Steve. John entered his room alone whilst Steve entered his with his mum. He showered and dressed in the uniform provided, a school uniform; smart shoes, black trousers and a white shirt with a striped tie. Steve came out and joined John, who was in an identical uniform, and they went up to the classroom set. The lights were on, the camera crew ready and Sally heading over to Jimmy to join him once more in the director's area in front of the trio of camera-monitor screens.
"Hi Claire," Steven greeted the pink-haired camera girl.
"Hiya," the girl responded, chewing gum. She was wearing knee-high black boots, a little red rubber mini-skirt and a skin-tight white T-shirt that showed off her mid-rift. She had a naval piercing. Her pink hair was tied in pig-tails.
Steve and John arrived on the set, and Jimmy sat back and gave them a briefing, telling them how things worked with his direction calls during the 'performance'. Once he'd finished, Gillian emerged from her dressing room door nearby. She was wearing make up, looking very elegant with her hair tied back in a tight bun, bright red lipstick and glasses that gave her a traditional, intelligent-librarian look. She was dressed like a school-teacher in high-heeled shoes (that raised her to 5'9" - three-inches taller than Steve and eight-inches taller than John) and tights, with a smart navy-blue skirt and white blouse through which one could see her black bra. She stepped up to the two boys and kissed them.
"Right," Jimmy began, sitting back in his chair, "Let's begin. Don't worry lads, there's no dialogue in this. The scene and uniforms are just for fun, there's no plot or nuthin'. Okay, to start of with, I want you, Gillian, out of shot for a while. John, Steve, I want you to both stand near the desk, near the blackboard and silently remove your trousers and underwear. Keep your socks and shoes on, and your shirts and ties. Jack off, get yourselves horny, think of all the women watching this porn movie once it's finished and rubbing their hot clits! Gillian will come in soon and take care of you. I'll direct when necessary."
So, Gillian moved out of shot and Steve and John stood at the head of the 'classroom', near the teacher's desk. They stood silently and rubbed their hard crotches, unzipping their flies and jacking themselves off, eventually removing their trousers and underwear completely. Steve did feel a little self-conscious, not because of his mum and the film crew watching, but specifically because Claire, the pink-haired temptress, was coming in close to both boys and aiming the camera at their young, half-nude bodies. John's dick was only about 4" hard, his groin totally bald, whilst Steve's dick was a nice 6". Regardless of size and maturity, each boy was stiff and ready for action!
Gillian entered the scene eventually, sauntering sexily up to the two lads and kissing them, stroking her hands elegenantly over each boy's cock. She motioned for them to sit on the desk, their shoe-clad feet hanging over the edge whilst Gillian bent over and sucked their pricks in turn. She went from one boy to the next, Steve being directed by Jimmy to reach over and pull up Gillians skirt to flash her stock clad legs and panties at the camera.
"Okay," Jimmmy began, "Gillian, step back and slowly undress. Steve, John, take off the rest of your clothes. Except, John, keep your socks and shoes on. Otherwise, everything else off."
These instructions were carried out, Gillian and Steve nude, John in just his white socks and black shoes.
"Gillian," continued Jimmy, "bend over the desk with your legs spread. Steve, get behind her and fuck her cunt. Keep to one side though, I want Claire in tight to get a close up."
John was standing to one side, jacking off, whilst Gillian bent over the desk and Steve got behind her. He slid his dick into her cunt whilst Claire, still chewing gum, came up in her squeaky red-rubber mini-skirt and tight T-shirt, filming in close at the point where Steve's prick sank up into Gillian. He fucked away, Claire moving back after a moment. Jimmy now instructed Steve to pull out and kneel on the desk in front of Gillian so she could suck his dick, and when Steve carried out this order - the cameras naturally capturing everything from all angles - John followed directions to get behind Gillian and lick her anus. John put great enthusiasm in his tongue-work, lapping at the puckered hole before, as per instructions, he stood up and slid his stiff little pubescent cock up into Gillian's arse. Her rectal passage offered a hot, wet grip to John's prick and, with the appropriate close-ups being captured on film, the twelve-year-old boy enthusiastically sodomized the forty-year-old woman with short, fast strokes.
Under Jimmy's careful direction, positions changed so that all three had mounted the large teachers desk at the front of the 'classroom', it's large oak surface big enough for them all. John was lying on his back, still wearing his shoes and socks, with Gillian mounting him and taking his young cock into her cunt. Steve was behind, squeezing his dick up into Gillian's anus. Once again, along with the main cameras, Claire was getting in with her shoulder-mounted camera and getting the close ups of the double-penetration. There was a brief cut in filming whilst the two boys switched positions, Gillian watching excitedly as Steve got onto the large desk. Gillian then mounted the boy and took his dick inside her cunt before John hopped up behind her and slid his slender dick into Gillian's arse. The boys sandwiched the randy woman for a good few minutes and bought her off to a pleasing climax.
The finale consisted of Gillian sitting on a plastic chair whilst both boy's stood either side of her, jacking off either side of her. John came first, spurting his hot young seed over Gillian's face, the woman frigging her dripping cunt as she was showered in jizz. She then turned to Steve's cock, which he pumped in his fist, and his squirts didn't take long to arise, Steve panting hotly as he pumped his thick sperm across Gillian's already cum-splattered visage. Steve was ever aware that, coming close with her camera, was Claire once again, and he found himself getting a strange thrill out of that teenage punk-girl - whom he'd developed a fleeting crush on in the last twenty-four hours - in his presence when he ejaculated, almost forgetting for a moment that he was spurting his jizz on an attractive woman he'd just fucked. Luckily, such thoughts from the boy didn't intefere with what mattered - his performance for the film - the shot of him cumming on Gillian's face. He and John wiped their sticky bell-ends over the mature slut's face before Jimmy called 'cut'!
"Superb!" he was saying as he stepped over, "Excellent, you boy's did fantastic. Some good shots there, some good scenes. Excellent!"
Praise aside, Jimmy sent everyone off to clean up whilst the crew took the film off to the editing suite; the film they were working on was going to be twenty scenes - with no plot linking them - of boys under the age of 16 fucking older women, and there was just the last one to go today, Steve and two other women.
In the shower of the dressing room's en-suite bathroom, his mother outside drinking a cup of coffee and watching the TV on the table, Steve wondered who he'd be fucking next and what they'd be like. He was feeling horny already, and once he was out of the shower, dried and smelling fragrant and clean, he sat on the arm of the armchair his mum sat in. He was nude, his cock semi-stiff.
"Are you getting horny again?" Sally asked, taking her son's cock and idly masturbating him.
"Sure am mum," Steve replied, "Jimmy said I don't have to wear anything for the next scene."
"That's right. Just go out there nude and meet your co-stars."
"Have you seen them?"
"No, sorry. They'll be nice looking though."
"Hopefully like Gillian. She was hot!"
Sally was feeling very horny and could have sucked on her son's dick right now, before ripping off her clothes and having him fuck her ragged! However, there was a time and a place for that and right now, Steve's sexual outpourings would be directed at two complete strangers on film. Nonetheless, Sally couldn't help but lean down and kiss Steve's swollen cock head, then stand and kiss him in on the lips. There was a knock at the door, Jimmy calling "Time to go kid!". "Let's get going honey," Sally announced, taking her hand from her son's dick, which was almost fully erect. She left the room, Steve behind her, strolling naked across the floor of the studio. The spot-lights were on, the crew putting the finishing touches to the cameras and equipment, and all attention soon poised to turn to the small film set. It was a simple bedroom scene with a low double bed against a plain white wall.
"Hey kid," Jimmy said to Steve as the nude fourteen-year-old approached, his mum Sally - wearing denim cut-offs and a tight black jumper - alongside him, "Here's your co-star, Mandy."
Jimmy stepped aside and Mandy, a completely nude woman in her late-twenties Steve hadn't previously seen, came into view, idly stroking some of her long brown hair from her face. Mandy wasn't stunningly gorgeous, but whilst her face was fairly plain there was a definite attractiveness in her simple, friendly features; her eyes dark and sultry, her mouth wide and smiling warmly and her limbs slim and elegant. There was one thing that struck Steve and his mum about Mandy straight off. Not her cunt, which was utterly shaved bald, or her very long, straight brown hair that was parted in the middle and casceded almost to her waist. Rather, it was the fact that Mandy was pregnant by at least six-months. Her belly was swollen, not to the point of hampering her movement, but certainly big, her average-sized tits prominent over the bump.
"Mandy," introduced Jimmy, "this is Steve. Steve, this is Mandy."
"Hi Steve," Mandy said, and kissed the boy on the lips and cast an approving eye over the boy's body, "Very fine specimine here Jimmy. Nice and prepared!"
She stroked her fingers gently up Steve's cock, up the shaft and causing it to pulse to an even higher level of stiffness, the head bulbous and purple.
"You look hot," Steve commented.
"Thanks," Mandy smiled.
"As you've obviously noticed," Jimmy added, "Mandy is six-months pregnant. You don't have to be too careful with her, but in her state she 'aint taking it up the cunt until she's had the kid. She only takes it in the arse and mouth for now."
"That won't bother him," Sally added, with a sense of pride as she stood nearby, "Steve loves giving it up the butt."
"I bet you do," Mandy said to Steve, who was feeling excited that Mandy - clearly a real boy-lover - was as aroused by his own body as he was about hers.
"Good," Jimmy added, "This is an all-anal scene by the way, always popular. Mandy is twenty-eight by the way, exactly twice your age Steve. Right then, where's your other star? Sally, wanna go sit near the director's chair like usual? I'll be playing camera man today so just sit there and enjoy the show okay?"
" "Sure," Sally replied, and walked off to the seats where she and Jimmy usually sat these last couple of days during filming.
"Give us a second," Jimmy said to Mandy and Steve, then wandered off muttering "Where is she?"
"You really do look hot," Mandy whispered to Steve, "I can't wait to suck your dick."
"I can't wait to fuck you," Steve added, also talking quietly, "I've never fucked a pregnant woman."
"It'll blow you away," Mandy continued, "Hey, wanna join me after the filming? I got an apartment nearby all to myself so you can join me there, away from the cameras. Fancy it?"
"Well, I'd love to but I'm here with my mum and sister. We were gonna go sight-seeing later. How about tonight? I can come round in the evening I think."
"That'll be cool! I'll give you my address later and we'll party! I'm looking after my niece at the moment but she'll join in too. Ever had a threesome?"
"I've had foursomes."
"Whoa, you are an experienced lad aren't you? This your first time in movies today?"
"Yeah. You?"
"No, I've been in loads. Well, a lot of normal ones but this only my fourth at this place with, you know, kids. Young boys like you."
They stood in silence for a moment, close together, as they watched Jimmy wait impatiently outside a small dressing room's door in the wall near the set, presumably waiting for the other female star of this scene to come out. Mandy noticed Steve was grinning a little.
"What is it?" she asked him, grinning herself.
"It's just," began Steve, "I don't know what I'd have said at the start of 2002 if someone told me that, later in the year, I'd be standing around naked in a porn-studio in Manhattan with a pregnant woman I'm about to fuck on camera."
They both laughed good-naturedly before Jimmy finally walked back over, heading towards a desk on which the hand-held camera sat, whilst the other co-star came out of her dressing room. It was Claire, Steve was delighted to discover, the eighteen-year-old girl wearing nothing but a pair of knee-high red leather boots and black leather wristbands with silver studs on them. Her bright pink hair was tied in pig-tails with red ribbons.
"That's Claire," Steve commented, "The camera-girl."
"Yeah?" asked Mandy, "She's got cool hair!"
Claire came over, swallowing the chewing gum she's been chomping on as she did so.
"Hey stud," she said to Steve, "How's it going?"
" "Fine," Steve replied. The forbidden is always more exciting, and whilst Steve would have been happy fucking any other attractive girl, being able to fuck one he'd previously assumed was not available - in that she was a camera-woman and niece/girlfriend of the director - made it thrilling to be able to 'have' her. And Mandy's pregnant state had utterly captivated him. There was something deeply erotic about a pregnant woman. Despite being evidence of being fucked, pregnancy seemed to assign a strong aura of purity, as if the state meant the woman acquired maternal instincts in advance.
Claire then greeted Mandy and kissed her.
"I thought you just filmed with the camera," Steve said.
"Mostly yeah," Claire shrugged, "But I like to star in these flicks occasionally. It's great fun and Jimmy doesn't mind. Okay, shall we go?"
They all agreed and walked on over to the set, the large bed looking inviting to Steve, who walked behind the two women, studying their lovely behinds. He was soon lying on the bed, his cock erect over his firm, flat belly, Mandy to his left and Claire to the right, both their bodies feeling warm near his.
"Right," Jimmy said as he picked up the mobile camera, the two fixed camera's manned and ready to roll, "Let's get straight into it; ladies, start sucking Steve's dick. Lick his balls and the shaft and everything. Steve?"
"Lay back and enjoy it!"
"Yes sir," the boy grinned, and lay his head on the pillow. He was so excited about this, his mother watching on proud as - the cameras all now rolling - Mandy and Claire moved down the bed and started sucking on his dick. Mandy sucked on the head of the boy's dick whilst Claire, her pink hair tickling Steve's stomach as it draped over it, ran her tongue up and down the shaft. They swapped tasks soon, Claire now sucking whilst Mandy did the licking, both taking turns to then suck his nut-sack.
"Lick it well girls," Jimmy was saying as he moved around with the camera, "Suck on it good! Spit on the end Claire...that's it. Roll your tongue around it, get it all wet! It's in your interests to get it slippery, it's going up your arses in a minute."
Both females offered a skilled blow-job, not just raising Steve's pleasure sensations but also keeping him held back from orgasm.
Foreplay over with, they followed Jimmy's instructions, the director/cameraman asking the women to move aside and Steve to get up. The cameras were fixed on Mandy now as she got her hands and knees whilst Claire and Steve knelt behind her and jointly licked the woman's arsehole. They tongued and lapped it, slicking it up with phlegm, Mandy moaning in pleasure throughout this. Then, Steve got up and stood on the bed behind Mandy, bending his legs and lowering himself until he was half-squatting with his right hand on Mandy's lower back for support, holding his cock in his left hand so it pointed down at a slight angle thrust right at the pregnant woman's anus. He squeezed the head of his dick into her butthole, steadily pushing forth now and plunging himself right up into that hot arse to the base of his cock, Mandy's rubbery sphincter clenching him tightly.
"Lovely," Jimmy said as he filmed this from below, Steve's angular penetration enabling a good view of the insertion point, "Good Steve! Now pull out and put it back in again. Do that a few times."
Obediently, Steve did this, tugging his dick free from Mandy's butt then shoving it back in. Then he got down to fucking her hard, gripping Mandy's shoulders as he fucked her anally, Claire kneeling behind and sucking on one of her fingers which she then, without warning, popped it up Steve's hairless little arsehole, surprising but thrilling him.
When Jimmy asked him to, Steve pulled out of Mandy and the woman moved aside, and both she and Steve gave the same treatment to Claire, licking the teenager's arsehole before Steve got up and fucked his dick into her arsehole. He buggered Claire with slow, hard strokes, delighting in the grip of the tight shitter whilst Mandy stood nearby and offered her arse for his kisses.
A few minutes later, they'd switched positions, Steve lying on his back. Mandy squatted over him, facing his feet, and lowered herself down whilst Claire held Steve's dick upright, positioning the purple bell-end to Mandy's anus which steadily opened up and was penetrated by the boy's prick. Fully impaled anally, Mandy bounced up and down with her legs spread, Claire frigging her companion's cunt whilst Steve fucked upwards into Mandy's rectum. Once again, the activity was repeated with the females switched. Claire squatted over Steve and sank her anus down onto the greased cock of the boy lying beneath her. As the pink-haired chick humped away, Mandy knelt by and frigged Claire's cunt before enthusiastically pushing her fist up it to the wrist, provoking a genuine orgasm from Claire which was rather loud and vocal.
"Fucking superb!" Uncle Jimmy was grinning as he got all this on film.
Steve wanted to fire his sperm up one of these lovely ladies, but being a porn movie there was the obligitory external cum-shot.
Mandy and Claire sat on the edge of the bed next to each other, putting their heads together and watching gleefully as Steve stood in front of them and jacked off. His orgasm was powerful, his sperm thick and hot as it squirted out. His dick was pumped by his slick fist throughout, Sally getting incredibly turned on as she watched her lovely young son eject a whole load of jism over the faces of these two women. When his orgasm had finished, Steve's dick was licked clean by Mandy whilst Claire stood and kissed him lovingly on the lips.
'Cut' was called by Jimmy, followed by congratulations.
The stars went off to their respective dressing rooms, showering and dressing in normal clothes.
In the meantime, whilst the crew went off to lunch, Jimmy took Sally into his office.
"Well, here's the payment," he said as he and Sally stood in front of the sofa, Jimmy handing over a clipped wad of bills, "$7,000."
"Excellent," Sally said, putting the money in her handbag, "It's been such fun! I think the kids will come here again."
"I hope so! The films will be put together soon, we can send you them if you'd like."
"Very much so!"
"Plus," continued Jimmy, taking a couple of bills from a roll in his pocket and handing them over, "Here's $1,000. Call it a retainer. I think you'll be back eh, with those lovely children of yours."
"Sure will Jimmy!"
"Well...that's about it. Just wait for Steve to finish in ten-minutes or so and once he's dressed you're all done. Going sight-seeing later?"
"Yeah. We'll look around I guess. We're going home tomorrow."
"Right. Er...listen, Sally...I don't always proposition ladies here but, to be blut...I'm as horny as hell. Do you fancy a quick one in here?"
Sally grinned.
"Fuck yeah," she replied, "Christ I've been wet all morning watching my son out there fucking all these lucky women."
She whipped her denim cut-offs off, then her panties, whilst Jimmy just unzipped his flies and pulled out an erect cock 6" in length.
"Bend over that desk Miss," he panted, "I'm gonna fuck you hard."
Excited, Sally bent over the large desk and spread her legs. She's rather be fucked by one of her sons, but Jimmy was more than good enough. The randy film director got behind Sally and fucked his cock up into her cunt, finding her both wet and tight. Holding Sally's waist he fucked her hard, both of them grunting animalistically as the passion and lust that had built up in each of them - not necessarily for each other, just for sex in general - giving them no chance of going at it slowly. Sally came hard whilst thinking back to her son's performances on film that morning, and a moment later Jimmy fired his load up into her cunt, his body tensing as he shot her full of cum. When he pulled out, they calmly dressed and straightened themselves out.
At that time, Steve was coming out of his dressing room, dressed and his hair wet from his recent shower. Claire was still in her room getting dressed but Mandy, now wearing a maternity dress, bright blue and showing a lot cleavage, was waiting for Steve outside. The studio was otherwise empty.
"Hey gorgeous," she smiled, "Do you fancy meeting up later or what?"
"Absolutely!" Steve replied, "You were very hot out there."
"So were you. I haven't fucked a young boy as lovely as you! Such a fine, strong cock you have. Here..."
She slipped a piece of paper into the breast pocket of Steve's shirt.
"What's that?" he asked.
"My address and phone number, silly," Mandy replied with a grin, "Pop round at about seven. You can meet my niece and then you can both entertain me for the evening. She's a sweet girl! I can't wait!"
"Okay," Steve said, and Mandy then kissed him hard on the lips whilst stroking a hand over the crotch of his jeans.
"Bye," she whispered, before turning and leaving out the main doors without looking back. Steve took the piece of paper from his pocket and unfolded it. In neat, feminine handwriting, it said 'Apartment 119B, 20th Floor, Meadow Buildings, 120 West 60th Street, Manhattan' and had, amusingly, a crude little picture of a matchstick woman with a circle over her belly to indicate pregnancy, being bent over and fucked in the arse by a matchstick man with a long line for a penis. 'Me' was written next to an arrow that pointed to the matchstick woman.
Steve smiled and folded the paper and stuffed it in his pocket, before walking into the office where his mum and Jimmy had finished straightening themselves up after their quick fuck.
"Let's get going," Sally said.

Lisa was sitting in bed still when her mother and brother arrived back at the hotel. Sally told her children that of the $5,000 each had earned from the movies made that weekend, she'd be putting $4,500 in a savings account for them until they were older. In the meantime, she gave each $500 for a bit of a spending spree. After some lunch at a restaurant they all got a cab downtown and spent the hot summer afternoon shopping. Lisa bought some clothes and some musics CDs whilst Steve got himself some computer games and a new pair of sneakers. Ever thoughtful, they got their brother Joe some presents too and Sally spent some of her own $1,000.
After dinner, Steve told his mum he was off to see Mandy for the evening, and though she'd fancied her son staying around for the evening, she was happy to let him go so long as he came home for ten o'clock. Wearing a his new sneakers, brand new black jeans and a white T-shirt, Steve headed out of the hotel at 6:45PM. Mandy's apartment building was only a dozen blocks away and he was there in good time, knocking on the door to apartment 119B with his dick stiffening already.

Mandy's parents had been wealthy and had bought their daughter the large, two-bedroomed apartment here in Manhattan as a present when she graduated from college with a degree in Business Studies in 1996 when she was twenty-two. Working downtown for an insurance firm meant that the single mother-to-be was pretty well off and also educated. Her apartment was smartly designed with designer furniture and decor, mostly red, black and white in color. One wall of the lounge had floor to ceiling windows with a good view of the cityscape, a huge flatscreen TV against the wall, facing a long red sofa with a smoked glass coffee table in between.
Steve walked past a bookcase as Mandy lead him to the living room and he glanced at the titles of the books, which seemed to be mostly business titles. The Wall Street Journal sat on the coffee table. Mandy was wearing a sexy red dress, tight around her tits, arse and pregnant belly. Her hair was tied up in a bun and she wore designer spectacles, Steve having some difficulty accepting that this woman was college-educated, intelligent and worked in the financial industry. Still, it was a little hard to draw up a full, fair opinion of a woman when your first meeting was just fucking her in the arse in a porn movie!
"I'm so glad you're here!" Mandy was saying, "I wasn't sure if you would turn up. Here, take a seat."
"Thanks Mandy," Steve responded, sitting on the sofa.
"Fancy a drink? You're old enough to have a glass of wine or something aren't you?"
"Er...I'd rather not. Just a can of coke if you have one."
"Sure. Want the TV on?"
"No ta."
"My niece is around somewhere, she'll be in a minute. Wait here, I'll get the drinks."
Like an excited, randy teenage girl, the pregnant Mandy scampered out the room leaving Steve to look around the impressive looking lounge. The flatscreen TV had a VCR and DVD player beneath it, and they were flanked by a couple of cupboards. Curious, Steve got up and walked over to the cupboards, opening the door to one of them. Inside there were many videotapes, mostly of various hit-movies and music videos. On the bottom shelf were porn tapes, and Steve squatted down to flick through them. They were, naturally for a female pedophile, a little strange compared to the porn movies Steve liked. Most of them featured young boys and were clearly of the illegal type. Fuzzy, photocopied covers depicted naked young boys on the covers, and one of them featured Mandy herself before pregnancy, standing naked on the cover dressed as a schoolteacher with two naked boys in their early teens at her feet. A lot the videos, thought, judging by the covers, just featured children, either with each other or with men.
"There all illegal," Mandy said as she wandered into the room with a glass of Evian for herself and a large glass of Coke for Steve.
"I was just flicking through them," Steve admitted, standing up and closing the cupboard door.
"A lot of them are for men," Mandy explained, "You know, pedophiles or child-lovers or whatever they're termed these days, but they're fine for me too."
They both sat on the sofa, Mandy sipping some mineral water after taking off her glasses..
"How many movies have you done yourself," Steve asked, not sure what else to talk about.
"A few," his female host responded, "About a thirty 'normal' ones over the last few of years which I just got into for the pleasure of fucking. I don't have an aversion to grown men of course, I've had relationships with them, but I've always loved youth. I love children. Maybe it's the maternal urge with a sexual slant, but either way, I do everything I can to indulge my little sexual fetish for youngsters. I couldn't believe it when I found out that I'd be more than welcome starring in child-porn flicks, especially with young boys like you. I'd thought I was the only female-pedophile in the world! This was the fourth today that I'd done at that studio with Jimmy, starring with youngsters."
"Does the father of your child know about this at all? About your little fetishes and porn career?"
"The father is, most likely, a teenager who fucked me outside a nightclub at the start of the year. I've no idea who he was, and I don't think he'd like to know anyway. Who cares? I've had a scan and it's a boy anyway, my own little son to bring up and probably fuck as soon as he's old enough! In the meantime, all the hormones raging through my body whilst preggers is making me ultra-fucking-horny!"
"You must like having your niece around then."
"Absolutely! She's called Hannah, a sweet little minx. Hang on, I think she's approaching."
There came soft footsteps from down the hallway, and into the living room entered Mandy's niece who, to Steve's surprise, was even younger than Lisa.
Eight-year-old Hannah was dressed in just her little white panties and a tight pink Barbie T-shirt as she walked in, smiling sweetly. She had a cute little freckled face and her brown hair was cut short, almost boyish in style. The little girl clambered onto the sofa in between her Aunt and Steve.
"How are you honey?" Mandy asked.
"Fine," Hannah replied, "I'm all ready! Are we all going to fuck now?"
"Sure sweetheart. This is Steve by the way."
"How do you do," Hannah said, politely, and abruptly gave the boy a peck on the cheek.
"Nice to meet you," Steve responded.
"He's good looking," Hannah said to Mandy, "Shall we go to bed now and fuck?"
"You go and wait in my bedroom honey, me and Steve will join you in a minute."
"Okay," Hannah chirped, and got off the sofa and skipped merrily out the room and off to the main bedroom.
"She's younger than I thought," Steve commented.
"Very pretty though, eh?" Mandy said.
"Sure. Very cute. Is it okay to fuck her though? I mean, we're not going to get in trouble with her parents or anything are we?"
"No, not at all," Mandy reassured him, "Her dad is my brother, and her mother died a while back. Her dad's been fucking her since she was six and I joined in shortly afterwards. Often me and my brother fuck Hannah together; it's great! Anyway, there's no problem at all. She's been fucked by a few other boy's I've bought back here and even starred in a porn movie up at the studios once! Believe me, she may be aged just eight but she's as good at fucking as a girl a dozen years older!"
Mandy then reached over and unzipped Steve's flies, pulling out the boy's stiff dick and masturbating him slowly, the cock growing even harder in her grasp.
"I'm so horny," the boy sighed, "Yeah, let's do it!"
"Shall we go then?" grinned Mandy.
They both got up and hurried on down the hallway. Mandy's bedroom was large and well light, lamps on either side of the big double bed casting a bright luminosity over the room. The bed itself was low and large in area, the covers bright white and contrasting with the general warm, deep tones of brown and red of the decor. It smelt faintly of incense.
Sitting on the bed, nude, was little Hannah, humming to herself as she waited, looking round as her Aunt Mandy and Steve came in. The two of them immediately stripped, Steve glancing at the child on the bed and finding himself incredibly aroused by the girl's slender, pre-adolescent body; her skinny limbs, her bald cunt, her flat chest and wide eyed-look of false innocence. Once he was naked, his cock fully erect, he hopped onto the bed, exchanging cheeky grins with Hannah. Mandy - heavily pregnant, nude and looking very horny - went to a red armchair near side of the bed, under the window with the panorama of New York at dusk behind her through the blinds.
"Aren't you joining us?" Steve asked.
"Yeah Auntie," Hannah pouted, "Come and join us!"
"I'll watch for a moment," Mandy replied, her voice hoarse with lust as she spread her legs and reached past her swollen belly to lightly rub her bald cunt with her fingers, "I want to watch you little lovers first. Steve, I want you to fuck my niece. There's some Vaseline around somewhere which you'll probably need. Fuck her in the cunt first, then up the arse. Okay?"
"Sure thing," Steve smirked, and watched as Hannah eagerly reached for the KY-Jelly and squeezed some out onto her fingers.
"Shall I put it on?" she asked, casually, "I usually put it on my dad's dick."
"Go for it honey," replied the randy teenager before her.
Hannah slathered the greasy substance onto Steve's dick before putting the tube of lubricant onto the bedside table. Then, she instructed the older boy to lay on his back before she stood over him and lowered herself down. Steve held his dick up in the air and soon his slick cock-head rubbed the bald slit of the little girl above him, Hannah lowering herself further, a look of pleasure on her face as she sank her cunt down. Slowly, Steve's thick rod was swallowed up by the preteen cunt, Hannah squatting directly over him as she began to ride him. A look of childlike thrill entered her big blue eyes as she began to hump the boy with clear experience.
"Oh that's good," Steve crooned, "Yeah baby, ride me."
"I love this," the girl panted, breathing hard, "I love dicks! You're almost as good to fuck as my dad. Mmm!"
Mandy was seemingly in ecstasy, rubbing her cunt-lips hard, her fingers moist with juices as she masturbated and watched her own private, real-life child porn show.
Hannah ran out of steam after a few minutes and clambered off Steve. She got onto her back and spread her legs whilst Steve mounted the girl, once again sliding his dick into the child's tight little cunt and proceeding to fuck her. They emitted a mixture of childish giggling and lusty grunts as they fucked, their naked bodies slender and pale, Hannah looking small and delicate even under the pubescent Steve, who was not yet fully grown.
Frigging herself hard, Mandy could sense Steve might be approaching orgasm, so she asked him to pull out.
"Flip her over and sodomize her," the pregnant woman panted, "Go on Steve, fuck the little minx up the arse! I'm going crazy watching this, you kids are so hot!"
Steve pulled out of Hannah, the girl then turning over onto her hands and knees. They both loved being watched like this, and Steve placed his greased up dick to the little girl's anus and began to ease himself in with the same care as he did when he exacted this treatment on his sister. Hannah's anus slowly squeezed open, Steve's dick sliding in inch by inch until he was buried up the child's arsehole to the root of his cock. Gripping the duvet in her little fists, Hannah bore up well under the arse-fucking she received, grunting in pleasure as she was fucked on the bed, her Aunt Mandy moaning in pleasure as she approached a climax under her hard-working fingers.
"Fuck away!" she was urging the children, "Go on Steve, hump her, oh yeah. I'm cumming! Shit!"
Mandy almost fainted as she masturbated herself madly, orgasming hard whilst all the time watching the explicit display of underage sex before her in her very bedroom. Throughout all this, Steve preoccupied himself with buggering the little girl bent over before him, finding her shitter to be a wonderfully tight fit over his dick, the girl's rectum hot and snug for his throbbing cock. Mandy had been deflowered in her arse over a year ago by her father and was easily able to endure the size of Steve's dick as it slid backwards and forwards in her butthole.
Her orgasm finished, Mandy staggered to her feet and walked across to the bed. She got onto it, standing up and positioning herself to the side of the children at an angle, thrusting her hips a little with her wet, hairless slit pointing towards Steve.
"Tell me when you're about to cum," she panted, "Let me know Steve!"
"Okay," the boy grunted, not sure what to expect but nonetheless heartily fucking Hannah's butt.
"I'm almost cumming," the boy gasped, "Shit! Almost...UHN!"
His cock exploded with a thick torrent of sperm in the depths of Hannah's tight shitter, and at the same moment, Mandy began to take a piss! A stream of warm urine shot forth from her cunt, a narrow yellow spray from under her pregnant stomach that splashed against Steve's chest. He didn't know what to make of it, but found it incredibly arousing anyway, the hot flow of urine over his body, and that of Hannah's, accompaning the spurts of milky cum into Hannah's arse.
Finally, Mandy's flow of piss died down, splashing onto Hannah's back as it finished, whilst Steve slowed his fucking action down too, the last of his jizz leaking from his cock in Hannah's firm little body. He pulled himself out and slumped back at the foot of the bed, dripping with piss and watching as Mandy, still not satisfied, got down on her hands and knees behind Hannah - who was still bent over on all fours - and licked the little girl's arse. She rimmed her niece, pushing her tongue up the kid's well-fucked arse and slurping out Steve's jizz.
Finding this incredibly erotic, Steve stroked his dick and found himself to be erect once more, and in fact to have never fully softened after his first orgasm. Proud of his stud-like abilities, he got up and edged up behind Mandy, the pregnant twenty-eight-year-old's butt thrust right towards him. Remembering that Mandy's cunt was out of bounds, he pushed the head of his slippery dick into the woman's arsehole and heaved himself in. Not expecting this at all, Mandy squirmed with delight, humping her arse back until all of Steve's cock was buried in her rectal passage. During all of this, she continued to felch the cum from her niece's arse, licking it all out before moving down to lick out the girl's cunt.
Humping away, Steve bent over and placed one hand on Mandy's shoulder to support himself whilst reaching down beneath the woman to stroke her swollen belly which hung beneath her. Despite his recent orgasm, a second load of sperm began boiling up from his young testicles, and within a few minutes the boy ejaculated again. Mandy was licking out Hannah's cunt during this still, lapping heartily away whilst feeling Steve's cock shoot jizz up into the depths of her arsehole, her burning sphincter spasming round the youngster's thrusting cock.
Once they'd all pulled apart from each other, the curious trio of naked fuckers got their breath back before they all took turns having a quick shower. Eventually, Steve got dressed and Mandy put on a dressing gown. Hannah put on her pyjamas and, after saying goodnight, went off to bed.
"Was that fun?" Mandy asked once she and Steve sat down again.
"Yeah," Steve replied, "It was a different to what I normally get up to, all the pissing and stuff, but fun nonetheless."
"Something to tell your mum eh?"
"Absolutely. I could always come round here again, you know, if I return to New York."
"Well you're more than welcome!"
They chatted a little longer before Steve finally decided it was time to go home. Mandy insisted on accompanying out the bulding and walking him to his own hotel, kissing Steve goodnight in front of the hotel before Steve went in and got the elevator up to his and his mother's room.

On the large hotel bed, sitting up against the plump pillows and watching telivision, Lisa wore just a pair of pink panties whilst her mother, next to her, wore a pair of black-lace Calvin Klein panties that had cost her $70 from Bloomingdales that afternoon. She was topless, like her daughter. Mother and daughter were munching through a big bag of potato chips and watching Seinfeld when, using his spare key, Steve came in.
"Hi all," he smiled, closing the door and walking towards the bed.
"Hey son," his mother said, "Have a nice evening?"
"Yeah, how was your pregnant chick?" asked Lisa.
"She was hot!" Steve said, taking off his shoes and socks.
"Was her niece there?" asked Sally.
"Yeah," replied Steve, "I fucked her too! She was only eight and Mandy said she really wanted to watch me fuck her whilst she watched and frigged her cunt, so I did. It was great!"
"My my," Lisa laughed, "You're one of them pedophile things!"
"I'm a kid myself," Steve insisted, taking off his jeans and boxer shorts "I can't be a pedo. Who cares, the girl had a tight cunt and arse and I was horny, and Mandy fucking frigged herself crazy whilst watching it! She loved it! Plus, Mandy pissed all over me when I shot my load up the kid's arse and I was so horny I got stiff again and fucked her in the arse."
"Mandy pissed on you?" asked Lisa.
"That's right," confirmed, removing his last item of clothing, his T-shirt, "Watersports they're called, isn't that right mum?"
"That's right son."
"That sounds freaky," Lisa said, "But kinda cool."
"We should try it sometime," Steve smirked, climbing naked on the bed, his prick flaccid for once, "I wanna piss all over you sis!"
"Ewww!" cried Lisa as her brother waved his dick at her and pretended to urinate.
"Settle down son," Sally said, "Come on, have some snacks and watch telly. We're out of here at eleven tomorrow morning and flying home. Come on, sit back next to your sister."
"Righto," replied Steve, sitting up against the pillows next to Lisa, helping himself to some chips as they watched the telly. It was after ten o'clock and the two children were feeling a little tired. Nonetheless, when Sally began to idly stroke her son's cock whilst they watched the end of the TV programme, the boy began to stiffen automatically and all three realised that it wouldn't be a case of going straight to sleep afterwards.
Seinfeld finished, Sally turned off the TV, and removed her underwear. Steve, in the meantime, turned and helped Lisa tug off her panties.
"Turn around sis," he said, "I wanna fuck you!"
Lisa go onto her hands and knees and her brother started licking out her cunt from behind, running his tongue over her hairless slit whilst Sally got down and helped. Mother and son ate out the girl's cunt before Steve knelt up and pushed his hard dick into Lisa's tight cunt, and he began fucking her at a reasonable pace. Sally stood up and got astride her daughter's back, facing Steve, so that her son could eat out her cunt whilst he fucked Lisa doggie style. Steve pushed his tongue up his mum's cunt and licked her passionately, slurping at her cunt lips whilst his cock rammed up into Lisa, causing her to pant in pleasure into the pillow.
When Sally stepped aside, Steve pulled out of Lisa's cunt and the little girl move out the way to allow her mum to take position. Steve heaved his dick into his mum's cunt and immediately began fucking her, Lisa meanwhile lying back and breathing deeply as she watched and frigged herself.
"It's good to be fucking you mum," Steve commented, thrusting away, "I've missed your cunt!"
"Couldn't agree more," his mother gasped, pleasurably, "I love this dick! It's fun watching you fuck all those women at the studio but it gets me so hot and I want to barge those ladies out the way and join in! Oh yeah, fuck me! Mmmm!"
"Do you think you'll star in any more movies?" Lisa asked, kneeling up and draping her arms round her brother as he fucked their mum, "You were good out there, according to mum!"
"I think I will," responded Steve, "It was fun and there's some hot chicks out there who like being fucked by handsome young men like me!"
"What about you Lisa?" asked Sally, "Will you make some more?"
"Yeah! Damn right mum! I love getting fucked by several guys at once! And making some cash is cool too!"
She kissed her brother and he urged her to stand up so he could lick her cunt.
Shortly, Steve pulled out of his mum, his dick still hard and unspent.
"Lie back brother," Lisa asked him, "Me and mum will give you a good suck!"
Steve did so, folding his arms over his chest and closing his eyes as his sister and mum got to work on his dick with their lips and tongues, sucking and licking him to perfection. Whilst Lisa was sucking on her brother's dick, Sally licked one of her fingers and pushed it up her son's arsehole. It helped encourage Steve's orgasm, and he panted and sighed in ecstasy, thrusting his hips as Lisa sucked his swollen-cock head whilst his mum jacked off the base of his dick. His cum spurted thickly into the back of Lisa's throat, spilling down her gullet as she swallowed the salty cream. She didn't spill anything, gulping down every drop, much to her brother's delight.
Once they'd rested for a moment, Sally got her children to climb under the covers of the bed. "We've off home tomorrow," she told them, and flicked off the lights before joining her offspring in bed. She lay in the middle, Steve and Lisa on either side of her, their naked bodies pressed against hers as they soon slept deeply and peacefully, high above the city.

It was 6:20PM when Sally, Steve and Lisa touched down in Cleveland, and thanks to traffic, the trio didn't arrive home until almost 9:30PM.
Joe was sitting on the sofa in just his boxer shorts and a T-shirt when his mother and siblings came in, all excited, showing off their purchases from yesterdays shopping spree, giving Joe the present they'd bought him - a pair of $150 Armani jeans - relating tales of their weekend. Steve told his brother all about Gillian and Mandy, how he fucked them off camera too, and how the pregnant Mandy pissed on him as he fucked her eight-year-old niece. Lisa explained excitedly how she was fucked by all these different guys and got triple-penetration and...finally, Sally interupted and told them all the stories could wait until tomorrow.
"It's time for bed I think," Sally observed.
"Yeah, I'm tired," Lisa admitted, I didn't sleep at all on the plane."
"Well, I'm not," Joe proudly said, "I slept late this morning and I haven't jacked off all day! I'm fit to burst I'm so horny and mum, I'm gonna fuck you good! I've watched your porn movies all weekend, I can't wait!"
"Me neither," Sally said, "I did catch some sleep on the plane so I'm not ready to settle down for bed just yet! How about you Steve?"
"I'm a bit wasted," the boy shrugged, "But I think I'll stick around here and give you a quick ride mum! Hey Joe, how about a Mum Sandwich?"
"Sounds good to me," his brother said, standing up. He whipped off his shorts and T-shirt, standing nude and frigging his eight-inches of stiff cock. Steve and Sally got naked too, clothes all slung hapazardly over the sofa. In the meantime, Lisa had scampered off upstairs to bed.
The two brothers got Sally to lay on the large rug on the floor and took care of her with their skilled mouths, Steve kneeling between his mum's legs and licking out her cunt whilst Joe sucked on his mum's tits and nuzzled at her neck.
Ready for action, Joe then lay back and Sally got astide him, her eldest son sighing in pleasure as his mother's cunt sank down onto his raging hard cock.
"I've missed this so much," he told her, Sally smiling and kissing Joe.
"Me too," she said, "I didn't get too much action over the weekend either, the movies took it all out of Steve and Lisa. I need a good fuck from my lovely boys!"
"Coming up mum," Steve commented, finishing off greasing his dick up with some Vaseline before getting in behind his mum. Sally grimaced for a moment or two as Steve forced his dick into her anus, Sally's face eventually softening into sheer ecstasy as her arsehole gave way and allowed Steve's dick to full push it's way up into her arsehole. Both boys then began to fuck their mum, Steve gripping Sally's back as he fucked her arse whilst Joe rammed his dick into her tight cunt from below.
"Oh that's fucking fantastic," Sally moaned pleasurably, "Oh yeah! Oh God my lovely sons, yeah, fuck mummy!"
"You're so hot mum," Joe purred, stroking his mother's tits as he fucked her tight, hot cunt from below, "Just so fucking sexy!"
"Same with you two," Sally grunted, being fucked fairly hard from both side, "Ooooh, I don't know what I'd do without you! You're the best son's in the world, fucking your poor, horny mother like this. Mmmm!"
"Our pleasure," Steve panted in his mum's ear, loving - as always - the feel of his mother's lovely body beneath him, her flesh firm and toned and glowing radiantly in the lamplight.
"Fuck your mummy!" Sally urged the boys, "You pair of gorgeous motherfuckers! Yeah!"
This sort of talk spurred her teenage son's on further, rutting like animals at a quicker and quicker pace, Sally planting her hands firmly on the floor to keep her body upright as it was roughly humped between her two sons.
Groping his mum's tits, Joe cried out and began shooting his load up into Sally's cunt, his cock madly pumping torrents of sperm up into his mother's slit.
"Oh fuck!" he grunted, fucking his arse off the ground, "Yeah mum, I'm cumming! YEAH!"
"Fuck it up me," Sally panted, "Shoot your sperm up me! Fuck mummy! Oooh! God!"
Steve let leash his own orgasm at the same time. He humped his mum's arsehole harder until his jism began to erupt, the salty liquid sloshing up into Sally's rectal passage whilst her sphincter gripped the base of his cock.
"Fuck mummy," Sally cried, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming too! YEAH!"
She collapsed in Joe's arms, nearly passing out with pleaure but receiving no mercy as the boy's continued their climaxes, fucking their mum in the sex-sandwich and flooding both her holes with sperm.
Finally, it was over, and Sally remained wedged between her sons as they all panted for breath.
"That," Joe announced, "was very much needed!"
"What a fuck!" gasped Sally, Steve finally easing his dick out of her butt and allowing his mum to dismount Joe.
"I'm off to bed," Steve sighed, tired but happy, "I shall see you all in the morning."
"Night Steve," Joe said.
"See you tomorrow honey," Sally smiled, and Steve gave his mum a goodnight kiss on the lips before he turned and headed up to bed. He wasn't too surprised to see that Lisa was sleeping in his bed, and he was careful not to wake his sister as he undressed, switched off the light, and climbed in next to her under the duvet.
Downstairs, Sally and Joe fetched a bottle of red wine and a couple of glasses before going upstairs themselves, into Sally's bedroom. Most of Joe's clothes were in the wardrobe there, his TV and VCR on the dressing table. He practically shared the room with his mum.
The door shut behind her, Sally turned off the main light and left just the two lamps on the bedside tables on, Joe meanwhile stretching back on the bed, still naked like his mum, his dick laying semi-hard over his belly.
Sally got onto the bed next to him and opened the wine.
"Just a half-glass for me," Joe insisted, "I need to stay 'up' a lot longer, if you catch my drift."
"You are lewd," sniggered his mum, pouring a small glass for him and a full glass for herself. They sipped their wine for a moment, just enjoying each other's presence as they sat in the nude.
"So," Joe began, "Steve and Lisa had fun at the weekend then?"
"Absolutely," Sally confirmed, having gulped down half her glass of wine already, "I enjoyed it too. The films are directed by this guy called Jimmy. He's a funny chap, addicted to caffeine and a lot let sleazy that you'd imagine. He's younger than me in fact. Anyway, it was fun watching the films being made and the kids really enjoyed it."
"It's funny you calling Lisa and Steve 'the kids', as if I'm not one of them. Like I'm the new 'man of the house'."
"Well you are," smiled Sally, sipping some more wine, "You're the eldest and you spend most nights in here with me in my bed! Besides, at 17 you're virtually an adult."
"I guess. When will the porn videos be out anyway? I assume we're getting copies."
"Jimmy is sending them out soon, once they're finished. It'll be a week or two, that's all. I got the cash for them anyway. Have you thought about starring in any son?"
"I'm not sure. It sounds good fun, but the idea of being directed during sex would freak me out a bit. I'll think about it. Fucking other women would be fun though. Maybe I could become a rent boy, servicing sex-starved women!"
"That's not a bad idea," smiled Sally, "You could have some fun doing that!"
"Not as fun as fucking you though mum! Seriously, I really missed you. And Lisa."
Sally smiled at her son and finished off her red wine, a warm feeling coursing through her veins as she felt relaxed and a little lightheaded. She placed the glass on the bedside table whilst Joe finished off the last of his wine and put his glass aside too.
"Let's 69," Sally casually suggested, "Me on top."
"Okay mum!"
Joe lay on his back with his mum clambering over him, upside down, her lovely wet cunt over his face. He began licking her cunt out, lapping her thoroughly and getting his tongue right up into her slippery moistness. Meanwhile, Sally took her son's long cock into her mouth, fitting almost 5" down her throat and sucking deep down on it.
They remained like this for almost ten-minutes, sucking and licking each other, until Sally dismounted her son. There was a change of position with Sally laying on her back and spreading her legs, Joe getting on top of her and sinking his prick into her causing both to release a long sigh of satisfaction. They smiled at each other and kissed, Sally reaching round her son with her arms and gripping his upper back as the boy began humping his arse up and down between his mum's legs.
"Oh that's good," Sally murmered into Joe's ear, "Yeah that's so fucking good!"
"I've missed fucking you so much," Joe panted as he fucked Sally at a healthy pace, "All weekend I've whacked off to your videos and eagerly looked forward to you getting back. Oh fuck, yeah!"
They humped together for a while, their bodies hot against each other, Joe's cock throbbing ever harder as it was thrust up into Sally's wet cunt. Joe shortly pulled out, moving off his mum and laying back, Sally getting the hint that it was her turn to be on top. She mounted her son enthusiastically, bouncing on her son's dick and once again getting the boy's thick member fucking up into her womb. She rode Joe quicker and quicker, her son reaching up and stroking her tits as Sally grunted in pleasure.
"Fuck me mum," Joe panted, fucking upwards to meet his mum's riding motion, "Yeah, are you cumming? Huh?"
"Oh yeah," Sally confirmed, squirming as she rode her son's dick, "I'm gonna cum! OH! OH! Oh f-f-f-f-FUCK! YEAH!"
She slumped forwards, crying out pleasurably as she lay her head on Joe's chest, a string of drool hanging from her lips. Joe stroked his hand's through his mother's hair whilst she just rode him slowly, moaning in pleasure through the remnants of her climax.
"Wanna get off me mum?" Joe asked, "I'll fuck your cunt again and give you another load of jizz. Want that mum?"
"Fuck yeah," Sally grinned, her short blonde hair wild and messy, eyes flaming with lust.
She dismounted Joe and once again her son got on top of her and fucked her in the missionary position, humping her hard and fast and approaching orgasm within minutes.
"Oh fuck mum," he was crying out, "Yeah, fuck, I'm gonnna...cum! Oh...yeah, God! UH!"
His body tensed in his mum's arms as he ejaculated deep and hard in Sally's hot slit, his cock pumping his jism deep into her womb. Sally held her son in her arms and cried out in pleasure herself as she had the boy's sperm squirting into her.
"Yeah Joe," she crooned, "Cum up in me! Fuck mummy!"
"I'm fucking you mum," Joe smiled, his orgasm subsiding as he slowed down his humping action, "Fuck that was good! God!"
He took a deep breath and lay on his mum for a moment, Sally running her hands through Joe's hair. Then, the teenager rolled off his mother and Sally pouring a big glass of red wine for both herself and her son. They sipped their drinks and relaxed, nude, sweaty but still instinctively feeling that they weren't finished for the night yet. Sally was lying on her side, propped up on an elbows and her smooth, slim legs stretched out down the bed. Kneeling near his mum's feet was Joe, and he finished half his glass in one go.
"I needed that drink as well as that fuck," he smiled, "I don't drink much usually, but you can't beat a good glass of wine."
"Especially just after a fuck," Sally said, and drank down half her glass too. Both felt very chilled out.
"These are great times aren't they mum?" Steve said, honestly, "I mean, all us lot, as a family, with our secret sex lives. At the start, I thought that the incestuous nature was an obstacle to be ignored and cast aside. We should just all fuck - Steve, Lisa, you, me - and who cared that it was supposedly illegal, incest, whatever...and then it became a logical factor, like we were all related, we loved each other as a family - brother and sister, mum and son - and sex was a logical thing to do. Now, it just turns me on so much! In addition to you and Lisa being so sexy physically, it's like a superb thrill that I'm fucking my own mum and sister! Steve seems to think of it in the same way, as does Lisa."
"Me too," Sally interjected, "Maybe it's just because it's totally taboo, or because the Oedipus shit psychoanalysts go on about is true. Either way, whilst I'd be enjoying getting fucked by, say, a couple of teenage lad's I'd picked up in a bar or something, there's no way two strangers would get me off as well as you and Steve earlier. My two hunky sons, shafting the hell out of me. It's the ultimate taboo and the ultimate thrill!"
"Damn right," agreed Joe. He finished off his wine, his cock stiffening once more as he sat and casually examined his mum's elegant, nude body. He eventually placed his glass on the bedside table and sat back down at the end of the bed, rubbing his mum's legs with his hand. Sally closed her eyes, enjoyed her son's physical touch whilst she sipped her wine.
"Right mum," Joe suddenly announced after a few minutes, kneeling up and taking his hand from his mum's leg and playfully smacking one of her buttocks, "Flip over will ya, I'm gonna fuck you up the shitter!"
Sally shivered with delight at just the suggestion of this, and she placed her empty glass on the bedside table and turned over and lay on her back, grabbing a pillow and thrusting it under her lower back and raising her arse off the bed. She spread her legs, placing her hands on her knees and keeping them parted so her cunt and arsehole were fully exposed to Joe who knelt in front of her. Sally's anus was still loose from her earlier sex-sandwich with both her son's, and Joe's cock was shiny with cunt-juice and saliva. It took just a moment or two to guide the head of his dick into his mother's anus before he was able to easily push the long, stiff shaft of his cock past her sphincter and deep into her rectal passage.
"Ooooh Joe," Sally crooned, eyes half closed, "Yeah, fire it right up mummy's arsehole."
"What a butt you've got mum," Joe said, "Yeah. Fuck!"
He fucked his mother's arse slowly, holding his mother's thighs apart with his hands as he watched her pant in pleasure. Sally's body was holted up the bed slightly with every pump of her son's hips, his cock wedged in Sally's gripping sphincter, her rectum a hot, buttery passage for his prick-head to slide backwards and forwards in.
Inevitably, Joe began to accellerate his thrusting, breathing harder and deeper as he approached his third climax of the evening. With plenty of orgasmic cries of joy, he finally shot his sperm deep into his mum's rectum, Sally frigging her cunt with her fingers and urging her son on.
"Fuck my arse," she wailed, "Oh yeah, fuck me son oh fuck me! YES!"
"Oh mum," was all that Joe could say, lettting out a long moan of ecstasy as the last of his cum fired up into Sally's shitter. Halting his pumping hips, Joe slid his wilting dick from out of his mother and collapsed next to her, Sally stretching her legs out in front of her and removing the pillow from under her back. They both let out a long sigh of satisfaction each and rested.
After a final glass of wine each, they turned off the lamps and clambered into bed, snoringly soundly in each other's arms very shortly.

The videos that Lisa and Steve had made arrived over the next week, and the kids were pleased with the results. The family fucked through an afternoon with the films on in the background, Sally impressed with the professional look of the movies; well lit and well edited, with good quality pictures. Steve loved the scene with him, Mandy and Claire, Joe fascinated at the sight of his brother fucking a pregnant chick.
The next Saturday, July 27, 2002, Sally went off to star in another porn flick, though this time she'd found a porn studio in Cleveland which was only a twenty-minute drive away. It only took an afternoon to film the three scenes and she was back by the evening, feeling as horny as ever, and for a couple of days the next week she went out to the same studio to do another few scenes for another couple of movies. The owner of the Cleveland studio remembered Sally from her previous stint in the adult movie industry, and recalling Sally's unrestrained lust in front of the camera and her reliability, he was happy give the mature blonde a twelve-month contract just to star in movies for that production company. Sally got a good amount of cash for each film, plus a retainer of $5,000. A few more movies followed, and during the third weekend in August, Lisa and Steve were asked to come to New York to star in a couple more of Jimmy's films. The kids were excited, as was their mum.
For Sally, there were other things in life other than incestuous orgies and porn-movie making. Not much, admittedly, but there were some things.
One of them was her little women's investment group, which she'd joined out of curiousity a few weeks ago. It was eight women, mostly around Sally's age or older, who pooled their cash together and invested in various shares. Some of the women were pretty well off, and all of them together didn't have a great knowledge of the stock-market, but whilst making some money would be an enjoyable bonus, the main motivation of the women was to get away from husbands and family (if they had any) and go out for 'investment meetings' at nice restaurants and make some friends.
It was Thursday night, a couple of days before Sally was to take Steve and Lisa over to Jimmy's studios in New York. Joe was still pondering whether to tag along; he had decided he couldn't be bothered making porn movies, but did fancy coming along to see this pregnant chick Mandy, who his brother was intending to meet at some point over in the Big Apple.
The restaurant Sally was sitting in this evening was in downtown Cleveland and was pretty expensive, wealthy couples, mostly middle-aged, sitting round large round tables whilst tuxedo-clad waiters hurried around with shiny silver trays and snooty looks on their faces. The whole place was lit by a multitude of candles on the tables. With the recent resurrection of her porn career, Sally had earned a fair bit of money, and even though that wasn't the primary reason for starring in these adult films, it was still nice to have some spending money. So far she'd raked in over ten-thousand bucks, all of it disposable income. She'd put a few thousand into this little investment pool and had gone on a few shopping sprees with thre rest. She was wearing shiny black shoes, stockings and a smart black skirt. Her blouse was cream in colour, pure cotton and had cost her $150. The meeting tonight was actually just an informal get-together, there being just Sally and two other women there.
The first of Sally's companions was called Melanie Foster and she had originally started the investment group. A tall, slender woman, her hair was short and neat, a shade of deep reddish-brown, and her intense eyes that held a lot of intelligence and experience were behind smart, thin-framed spectacles. Melanie was a very confident and dominant amongst her peers, and looked as if she wouldn't ever do anything she didn't want to do. Her powerful and independent attitude stemmed from being a radical-feminist at University in the late 1970s before becoming a corporate lawyer and marrying a high-flying surgeon with whom she'd had a twelve-year, childless marriage to before they'd had messy divorce a few years ago when their relationship was going nowhere. At the age of forty-one, Melanie looked very classy as she sat in a smart suit and wearing diamond ear-rings, a Rolex watch and a pearl-necklace that all indicated that the red-head didn't earn less than 100K a year in her profession at a big-city law firm.
The second of Sally's companions was a blonde hairdresser called Anna, who's expensive black dress, jewellery and lifestyle in general were paid for by her stockbroker husband. Anna had her hair tied back in a ponytail as she did what she mostly did at work - chatted endlessly to the other women. She wasn't as educated as Melanie, but Anna was very friendly and talkative and not at all stupid. Aged fifty, Anna was married to one of the wealthiest men in the city and they had three daughters currently at college. She was fairly pretty, but, in Sally's opinion, Anna wore a bit too much make-up and tried to hard to look glamorous. Still, she was a vast repository of all sorts of utterly useless gossip about the high-flying elite in the city, and held the attention of her lady friends throughout the meal.
As a waiter cleared away the lady's plates whilst another opened another bottle of wine and poured Sally, Melanie and Anna a fresh glass each, Anna had just finished talking about one her husband's colleagues, who'd been caught screwing a secretary who was still at college.
"Men eh?" Sally laughed, the two waiters having now gone, "Still, it's hardly unusual eh?"
"No," replied Anna, nodding, "Do you know that guy my brother works for, that big-shot accountant? He's almost sixty and got exposed in some tabloid for sleeping with his secretary. She was barely out of her teens!"
"Men spend too much time lusting after young ladies," Melanie sighed, "They're not happy with us mature women." Melanie was somewhat consious of her age of forty-one, especially since she'd found out her ex-husband was now living in London with an English nurse in her early twenties.
"Who's mature?" Sally sniggered, "I'm still thirty-five! I'm in my youth! Sort of."
"In your youth?" Anna smiled, "I bet you'd wish you had some youth in you, eh?" She laughed, lewdly, Sally joining in.
"We're all passed it," insisted Melanie, negative as always, lighting a cigarette with a gold-plated lighter and smiling as she blew out smoke, "In this world any woman - or man for that matter - is mature if they're over twenty-one and too old if they're over twenty-five. Deal with it."
"Well," Anna shrugged, her cheery disposition contrasting with Melanie's cynical attitude, "Experience is what counts, and men should respect that. We do, don't we? My husband is older than me, which I admire because it makes him more intelligent and more experienced in life. That's important in a man. Why can't guys see that?"
"You mean," Melanie responded, "Why don't men our age appreciate us over, say, an eighteen-year-old blonde with huge tits? Come on, the teenage tarts will win each time"
"I was an eighteen-year-old blonde with huge tits," Anna pointed out, her breasts indeed still large, her cleavage on display with the low-cut dress she wore.
"Yeah, was," added Sally, "Not now though."
"I've still got the big tits!"
"So," continued Melanie after a gulp of wine, "You should watch that husband of yours Anne! Keep him on a leash."
"He wouldn't stray. Well, not much anyway."
"What you want," Sally began, feeling very slightly lightheaded from the wine she'd had during the meal, "is a young man who'll respect a nice, mature chick like one of us and satisfy our womanly-needs and not go off after some young tart. After all, if all these married, middle-aged men are sleeping with young tarts, who are the young tart's male contemporaries gonna sleep with?"
"Are you saying we should all go down the road to the University and hang around the student bar picking up some stud?" asked Melanie, grinning, then taking a drag of her cigarette.
"Sounds good to me," laughed Anna.
"Or get some rent-boys," Sally laughed, thinking back to her young sons at home and then, suddenly, finding an idea forming in her head as she recalled what Joe had told her the other week: Fucking other women would be fun though. Maybe I could become a rent boy, servicing sex-starved women.
"Rent-boys?" said Anna, "Aren't they there for homosexual guys though?"
"I think most male prozzies will go with women as well," Melanie shrugged, "I think."
"You think so?" Anna asked.
"I don't know," Melanie said, sitting up, seemingly interested in this line of subject, "What do you think Sally."
"Oh I'm sure there's male-prostitutes or rent-boys or whatever they're called who'll go with women."
"Gigolos!" Anne announced, "That's what they're called."
"Well, who'd know where to get them anyway?" sighed Melanie, who slumped back in her chair and smoked a cigarette in silence for a moment.
The waiter turned up with the bil, and it was Anna's turn to get this one, using her Platinum AmEx to cover it.
"I'd better get going," Anna announced when she'd finished signing the bill, "I want to be home when my dear hubby get's home from his conference. Catch you gals later!"
She air-kissed Melanie and Sally before leaving the table and heading out of the restaraunt, Melanie idly stubbing out her cigarette whilst Sally finished her glass of wine.
"Listen, Melanie," the blonde began, "You know you were talking about rent-boys and things a moment ago?"
"Well," Sally continued, "were you serious? I mean, you sounded honestly pissed when it was clear Anna and me didn't know about where to get rent-boys and things."
"Are you saying you know?" Melanie asked, looking sly as she attempted to hide her excitement, which she failed to do.
"I do," Sally confirmed, talking in a quieter tone of voice, "It's not the sort of thing even us unattached women would like to be caught doing though, but I can confirm that this guy will guarantee anonymity."
"You have someone in mind then?" Melanie asked, sitting forwards, also talking quietly, "Where did you find him?"
"Let's just say I knew him in a different capacity that his er...occupational position at the moment."
"Hmmm. I'm very interested, yeah."
"Want me to set you up with him? Just a straight, no-strings attached little session at the place of your choice? He's 17 and very good looking and very capable."
"Why not?" Melanie shrugged, sitting back and assuming her generally formal demeanour once again, looking around shiftily at people, "At my house would be best. It'd be, you know, scandalous if it got out."
"Like I said, I can guarantee anonymity."
Sally smiled inwardly at her little plan. Though she'd got to know Melanie reasonably well over the previous few weeks, Melanie only knew that Sally was widowed with three children. She'd never met any of her kids, least of all Joe. She didn't even know the boy's name.
"Let's go," Melanie said, finishing off the last of her wine, "I've an idea."
They left the restaurant, picking up their jackets at the cloakroom and standing on the sidewalk, the sun setting behind the tall buildings around them.
"Here," Melanie said, handing over an elegant business card, "This is the address of my office downtown. Tell this young stud you know to meet me there at seven tomorrow evening. Tell him to dress smart and call himself one of my clients. What's his name?"
"Joe," Sally replied, then desperately tried to think of a surname other than her own, "Joe...Smith."
"Joe Smith eh? I didn't expect him to give you a real surname. Okay, I'll tell my secretary this Joe Smith who's coming to see me is a client of mine. I often get the task of defending the wayward sons and daughters of this cities rich elite, a line of spoilt youths who've been caught speeding in their daddy's Porshe. As long as this lad looks smart it'll be fine and no-one will suspect."
Sally nodded, pocketing the business card, amused at the way her companion treated this like a military operation of some sort.
"How much does he charge by the way?" Melanie asked, "This Joe guy?"
"I'm not sure," Sally said, not knowing how much a rent-boy would normally charge.
"I'm sure you do know," Melanie smiled, "Nevermind. Money is no object," she bragged, popping a filterless cigarette between her red lips, "If he's good I might have him for the weekend."
"He'll probably be up for it."
"I hope so."
"He will be. I'm sure."
"Right," Melanie said, lighting her cigarette, "How are you getting home Sally?"
"My son is picking me up here at eight," Sally replied, then suddenly began worrying. The 'friend' was Joe, and it was almost eight o'clock. There was no way Melanie could see him!
"I'm getting a cab," Melanie explained. She lived in the city, in a flash apartment near the center.
"There's one," Sally pointed out, and hailed it for her friend.
"Thanks," Melanie smiled as the taxi pulled up at the sidewalk, "I'll catch you sometime next week then. We'll lunch."
"Sure," Sally responded, seeing her son's car approaching, "I'll call you."
"Okay. See you then."
Melanie closed the taxi door the driver pulled away, Sally sighing with relief as the cab's place was immediately taken by Joe's car.
"Hey mum!" he loudly called through the open window, "Hop in!"
Sally did so, buckling her belt and smiling to herself.
"Was that your business friend then?" Joe asked, casually, as he drove off whilst nodding in the direction of the cab up ahead in the traffic gridlock.
"Yeah," his mum replied, squeezing her son's thigh, "You'll get to meet her soon."
"How do you mean?"
"Let's just get home. I'm feeling horny."
"As usual mum!"

Part IV: Pimp

That evening, Lisa and Steve had gone to bed early, sounds of sex emerging from the room they shared most nights.
In Sally's room, the horny mother was naked and on her hands and knees, Joe kneeling behind her and energetically fucking his mother's cunt from behind whilst gripping her shoulders. He was panting hard, approaching orgasm, and with his mum urging him on whilst looking over her shoulder, the teenager finally let rip with his orgasm. His cock spewed a geyser of sperm into Sally's cunt, Joe's mum arching her back and pushing her arse back, taking her son's cock fully into her cunt whilst it pumped her full of jizz.
"That was fantastic," Joe sighed once he'd finished.
"It always is," Sally smiled, before her son withdrew from her and they both lay on their backs, feeling relaxed.
"Joe?" Sally began.
? "Yeah mum?"
"I was wondering, do you remember the other week, when I'd just got back from New York and you said you didn't fancy making movies? And that you might want to become a male prostitute and fuck some sex-starved women?"
"Oh yeah," laughed Joe, "I remember that idea."
"Well," Sally continued, propping herself up on her elbows and looking into her son's eyes, "I may just have a proposition for you."

The next day was Friday, August 17th. At lunchtime, Steve drove his mum, Lisa and Steve to the airport where they were going to be whisked off to New York for more porn-movie making fun. Then, Steve drove into Cleveland with $500 spending money his mum had given him and bought a nice black suit, new shoes and a few other accessories.
At 6:40PM, the sky above Cleveland growing gray and overcast, Steve parked his car in an all-night car-park near the address he'd been given as Melanie's workplace and went to the appropriate building. The law firm was in a modern looking skyscraper and on the ride up to the 12th floor, he admired himself in the full length mirror in the elevator which he had all to himself. He wore his black suit and shiny shoes, along with a white shirt with cuff-links. His hair was fashionably scruffy, with wet-look gel holding it in position, and the aftershave he wore - Huge Boss - hung around him in a subtle way.
"What a stud," he sniggered to himself, feeling foolish as he looked in the mirror, before a customary 'ping' announced he'd arrived at the appropriate floor. He strode out, the offices very posh looking with pine furniture and potted plants everywhere, the new-looking computers being worked at by very smartly dressed people of various ages. To the right was a corner office, the door plaque reading "Melanie S. Foster" and a secretary buried under work sitting at a desk in between Joe and the office's door. He was about to walk up when a tall, sexy woman with red-brown hair and a smart black dress and matching jacket and white blouse stopped in her tracks as she walked past.
"Can I help you?" she asked, impatiently.
"I'm here to see Melanie Foster," Joe said, "My name is Joe Smith."
The woman acted a little stunned. She'd not forgotten about her 'date' but the usual hectic nature of her day meant she had put it out of consciousness for most of the afternoon. Also, whilst she had been told that Joe was seventeen, she hadn't fully taken it in that he'd be so young. This boy before her, dressed smartly but with a laid back attitude, clean shaven and with such a youthful look in his lovely big eyes, kind of took her by surprise.
"Oh," she said, then quickly recovered, "Right. I'm Melanie Foster. Could you wait in my office, down there?"
"No problem Ma'am."
"I'll be a few minutes."
Joe walked down past the working desk-clerks who ignored him utterly, before he entered Melanie Foster's office and shut the door behind him.
It was very minimalist, a large, spacious room with simple black furniture and stark white walls and carpet. Tall windows overlooked the streets below. A large desk held no personal items, just a lap-top computer, currently showing a Windows XP logo bouncing around it's screen, a desk-tidy with a couple of pens in it, and a neat stack of papers.
There was a large, black leather chair on either side of the desk, and Steve sat down at the one that wasn't facing the lap-top. He waited, feeling relaxed despite the fairly strange environment. Law firms were not places he normally hung around. A minimalist clock on the wall, just a silver disc with two black hands and no markings, showed it to be about 6:55.
"Sorry about that," Melanie said as she swept into the room ten minutes later, "I was just clearing up the loose ends before the weekend."
She closed the door and strode up to Joe and offered her hand.
"Melanie Foster," she said, introducing herself as she did to clients.
"Joe Smith," her escort smiled, standing up and shaking Melanie's hand, the lawyer's grip firmer than the boy's.
Joe sat down whilst Melanie walked around the desk, looking very posh in her sharp suit, silk blouse and with her hair in a tight bun. She wore glasses and her Rolex glinted in the harsh light of the office. Melanie sat down at the desk across from Joe, and though the forty-one-year-old woman kept up her frosty, lawyer demeanour, Joe easily saw a chink in the woman's armor. She was a very sexual woman in her youth, he guessed, but had been occupied with work since the end of a cold marriage and was almost trying to turn a potential weekend of wild sex with a 'rent-boy' into just another business deal. Melanie was utterly turned on by this very young stud before her and was having difficulty supressing her enthusiasm, which Joe was able to detect.
"Well," she began, taking off her glasses and polishing them with a handkerchief, reminding Joe of one of his teachers at High School, "I know most women must say this, but I've never done this before."
"Okay," said Joe, obviously not wanting to mention that he'd never done this before either.
"So what are the rates. How much do I pay you. Do I pay you in advance?"
"Pay me afterwards," Joe told her, casually.
"Okay. How much?"
"However much you feel. Do you have a gardener?"
"No, I live in an apartment," Melanie almost snapped.
"A cleaner?"
"Well, pay me the same rate. Whatever you feel I deserve."
"Okay. What you do then?"
"What do I do?" asked Joe with a slight smile, "How do you mean?"
"Precisely that. What will you do to me. I mean, with me?"
"Whatever you want Miss Foster. I'll go to the pictures with you, or to a restaurant and pose as your toyboy boyfriend. I'll walk hand in hand with you through a park as the sun sets and whisper sweet nothings to you. Or I can fuck you to exhaustion throughout the night. On this desk if you want."
He patted the desk with his hand. Melanie opened a drawer, looking for cigarettes and blushing a little. She wasn't a prude, but had been away from sex for so long that she wasn't used to this sort of suggestion being made to her, especially in such a brazen way by a teenage boy she'd only just met.
"I can't find any cigarettes," she muttered, "Do you have any?"
"Sorry, no," Joe shrugged.
"Well, I have some at my apartment."
Melanie stood up and walked over to a coat-stand where she retrieved a gray raincoat she'd bought in Paris for $1,600.
"Nice coat," Joe said as he stood up. The black skirt Melanie wore hugged her arse well, and as Steve stood he admired Melanie's legs, long and slender. The lawyer was 5'8" and her high-heeled shoes lifted her up another inch or two. Melanie pretended she hadn't heard the boy's compliment.
"You look very nice Mrs Foster," he added.
"Thanks," Melanie responded, still appearing distant and avoiding Joe's eyes, "I guess you're being paid to say that."
"Yeah, but I'm not paid to lie. You're very nice looking."
"Thank you," Melanie said after a pause, finally breaking into a brief smile as she looked directly at Joe, "Call me Melanie."
"You're very nice looking Melanie."
"Well, shall we go? I think we should get to my apartment, it's about a mile away and it looks like it'll rain."
Joe opened the door and let Melanie go out before him, the lawyer saying goodbye to her secretary, who was still working and who said that she'd lock up. Nearly everyone else had left, just a few people still packing up, and Melanie and Joe shared the silent elevator with four other people on their way down to the lobby.
Melanie hailed a cab and held the door open for Joe before they were soon whisked off in the taxi.

In New York that afternoon, Sally, Lisa and Steve had checked into their hotel and gone straight to Jimmy's studio.
Lisa had filmed a scene first, taking three guys at once who finished off by showering her in sperm. Then Steve was up, in the only scene he'd be doing that weekend, on his own and fucking a very pretty black lady in her mid-thirties. Before they'd started shooting, Mandy had turned up, wearing a short skirt and cut-off T-shirt that displayed her pregnant belly which was even larger than before. Mandy stayed on the sidelines, watching and getting as aroused as hell as, directed by Jimmy, young Steve fucked the black woman in her three holes and eventually jacked himself off over the woman's large tits, his milky cum showing up well against the woman's dark brown skin.
Cleaned up and showered, Steve was sitting drinking a can of Coke in a chair at the side of the studio. His mum was next to Jimmy, watching as Lisa now took the stage. Steve's sister was currently being cunt-fucked by Dan, the handsome stud who'd fucked her the last time. Dan was on the bed and being filmed with two girls; Lisa, and a ten-year-old black girl, who was actually the daughter of the woman Steve had fucked earlier. Claire, still looking wildly sluttish in her fish-net stockings, leather mini-skirt, but now with her hair dyed bright purple instead of pink, was filming with the hand-held camera. Dan eventually eased his cock from out of Lisa's cunt and turned to the little black girl, who's dainty arsehole he speared with his greased prick. Steve was feeling aroused as he both watched the scene before him whilst he remembered fucking Mandy and her little niece, and he looked away from his sister's fuck-session and saw that Mandy was strolling over to him.
"Hi Steve," the mother-to-be greeted him, kissing the boy on the cheek and sitting next to him on the sofa.
"Hi Mandy," the boy replied, "How are you?"
"Oh fine, fine. I asked Jimmy to let me know when you were back in town, and I thought I'd come up here and join you."
"It's nice to see you."
"Have you finished filming today?"
"Yeah, I was just in that one scene. It was fun."
"It looked it. Is that your sister up there?"
"That's right."
"Listen," began Mandy after a pause, "I'm not doing anything tonight, do you fancy coming over?"
"Okay," Steve replied, "Sounds great."
"Excellent! My niece will be there, Hannah. You liked her didn't you?"
"Absolutely. Nice little girl. I can't wait to fuck her again! And you of course."
"Well, you still remember my address don't you?"
" "Yes. Shall I be there at seven?"
Mandy checked her watch. It was almost five.
"Sure," she replied, "I'll get going now. See you later."
"Sure Mandy," Steve said, kissing the woman on her lips and watching her get up and saunter off out the studio, her arse wiggling sexily in her short skirt.
Steve turned back to his sister's scene, getting a stiffie whilst watching as Dan pulled his cock from out of the black girl's butthole before ejaculating messily all over the girl's face, the man moving back whilst Lisa licked the jizz off her co-star's little face. Claire came in close with the camera to catch the event.
Steve waited for a few moments whilst his mum went off with Jimmy into the director's office, whilst Lisa and the black girl hurried off to one of the dressing rooms together to clean themselves up. Tossing his empty soda can into a bin, Steve eventually stood up when he saw Lisa reappear, dressed casually and her hair damp from a shower. The black girl came out too, calling goodbye to Lisa before meeting up with her mum nearby.
"Have fun sis?" Steve said to his sister.
"Yeah," Lisa replied, "It gets a bit hot under the lights but it's still worth it. Where's mum?"
"In the office with Jimmy. Oh, here she is."
Sally beckoned the children over and, after goodbyes were said to Jimmy, Sally and her two children left the office. Sally had a brown envelope containing the cash for today's filming.
"Are we finished for the weekend mum?" Lisa asked as the three of them strolled out of the building and stood on the sidewalk.
"Sort of," Sally replied, "We've finished filming anyway."
"I might see Mandy tonight," Steve said, "The pregnant woman."
"I thought you might," Sally replied, "I saw her around. How do you fancy doing something tonight Lisa?"
"What's that?" the girl asked.
"Well," began her mother, "Jimmy said that there are a group of men in the city who, without cameras being present, would..." Sally looked round her, and even though the few people walking past paid them no attention, she lowered her voice, "...would like to have sex with you. There's about seven of them, apparantly, eight if you include Jimmy. Anyway, Jimmy said that he'll take us up to a house tonight and him and these other men will, basically, fuck you."
"Sounds good to me," Lisa casually said, "Okay. Let's do it."
"I'll go with you," Sally said, "But you'll be the center of attention."
"Cool!" Lisa exclaimed.
"Right," Sally began, "Let's go to the hotel, get some dinner, then head out for our evening dates." She turned and flagged down a cab, into which they all climbed and were whisked off to the Four Seasons Hotel.

Melanie's apartment was on the top floor of a five-storey building on the outskirts of the city, and it was slightly more homely than her office. However, despite the expensive furnishings, tasteful ornaments and paintings, there was still not a great deal that said much about the resident's personal life.
The living room was large and open, a large black sofa and two matching armchairs placed around a large coffee table, and against the far wall were two big floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a park. Modern art prints were on the wall, along with shelves of thick, hardback books. Melanie hung her coat up and took off her jacket, draping it over the back of an armchair and walking to a large, oak drinks cabinet against the wall.
"Fancy a drink Joe?" she asked.
"Just a coke or something please," Joe replied, placing his jacket over the armchair next to Melanie's. The lawyer had been a little more relaxed with him in the taxi, exchanging a little small talk about the weather, but she was still somewhat formal and clearly not totally at ease with this situation, even though she was also trying hard to supress her excitement.
Melanie used a silver bottle opener to open a bottle of Pepsi, and poured it into a tall plain glass. Then she took a crystal glass and poured out a large measure of London Gin and topped it up with fizzy tonic water. She elegantly strolled across the floor, her high heels clicking on the white oak floor, and handed the coke to Joe.
"Thanks," the boy said, and took a sip, Melanie stepping back and taking a large gulp of her gin and tonic, taking off her glasses and taking another gulp of her drink.
"Well," she began, relaxing a little now they were in more informal surroundings, "my young man, shall we sit in here or shall we move to the bedroom right away?"
"Bedroom," Joe replied, feeling his cock stir in his pants as he realised that this classy lady was very pretty when she smiled, "Want to lead the way ma'am?"
Melanie nodded and walked out the room, her evening's toyboy in tow, and they soon entered the bedroom.
"Very nice," Joe said, admiringly, as he stepped through the door whilst Melanie flicked a switch and turned on the four halogen lamps in each corner of the large bedroom. The thick carpet and walls were stark white, the low king-sized bed with a white duvet and black pillows and flanked by squat, black-pine bedside tables with a tasteful vase of flowers on each one. The wall to the left held a couple more floor-to-ceiling windows whilst the wall to the right had an alcove containing a rather impressive entertainment system set-up; flat-screen TV, VCR, DVD player and a selection of Hi-Fi seperates. All of the items were silver and, together, probably cost more than some people's houses. Nearby was an archway in the wall, leading into a walk-in wardrobe packed full of business suits.
Above the head of the bed was a large oil painting of the Parisian skyline at night, the whole room lit beautifully by the subtle lighting in each corner. Melanie placed her gin and tonic on a bedside table and went to the Hi-Fi, hitting the 'play' button. The gentle sounds of Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto (not that Joe knew that) floated into the room, Joe taking a few seconds to realise where the music was coming from; six small flat speakers hanging from the wall around the room, the speakers white so they blended in with their surroundings. Even though Joe wasn't too keen on classical music, the fantastic quality of the music, that played quietly as a background symphony, impressed him a great deal.
"Very nice indeed," he said again, sipping his drink and watching Melanie remove her shoes and place them next to the bed. The dominant, urgent swagger she'd had in her workplace had gone, and she now seemed, not vulnerable, but a little less confident in herself.
"I might take a shower," she said, "Just to freshen up. Is there anything you need?"
"I'm fine," Joe replied, "Thank you. Can I sit on the bed whilst I wait for you?"
"Sure," Melanie replied, offering a little smile, the idea of this sweet youth requesting permission to wait for her, on the bed, sending a shudder of excitement ran through Melanie as she turned and left the room, the sound of the bathroom door opening then closing coming from the hallway.
Joe removed his shoes and socks, undoing his white shirt and removing the cufflinks. With his shirt left on, but open and revealing his well-sculpted torso, along with his smart black trousers, he padded slowly around the room in his barefeet, sipping his Pepsi and admiring the entertainment system in the alcove, and also the view out the window. After a little while, he could hear Melanie coming out of the bathroom, and he pulled the blinds shut over the windows, put down his drink and sat on the bed.
Washed, clean and smelling of expensive French perfume, Melanie entered the room in a silk, pink Kimono, her hair damp and still wearing a pair of diamond ear-rings. She shut the door and walked towards the bed, smiling nervously at her male companion. The piano music still played gently in the background.
"You look fantastic Melanie," Joe observed, and meant it too.
"So do you," Melanie said after she'd sat down on the opposite side of the bed.
Joe climbed back, sitting up against the pillows, Melanie copying him and taking her gin and tonic.
"I really haven't done this for a long time," the woman admitted after a sip of her drink, "I might be a little rusty."
"I can't imagine you being rusty in any way," Joe smiled, "You look very hot indeed."
"How did you meet Sally by the way?"
Joe had to think for a minute who Sally was, 'mum' being the usual way he addressed that woman!
"That's confidential," he said, "Sort of like, client-to-lawyer confidentiality, you know? Nothing I get up to with any woman leaves that woman's bedroom because, being a High School student, it'd probably harm my reputation if it got out too. Trust me Melanie, not a single word of what we get up tonight is going to leave this room."
"I can't imagine it harming your reputation," Melanie smirked, "I think most boys your age would become classroom heroes if it got out that they were er...what do you call yourself?"
"A...gigolo," Joe said, grinning.
"I think you'd be worshipped by your mates if they found that you were a gigalo, sleeping with all us women."
"My mum wouldn't be though," Joe shrugged, and happily told an utter lie when he said "My mum's very old fashioned and prudish. She'd go nuts!"
"I understand," Melanie nodded, feeling more relaxed after confirming there was no chance of this exciting evening becoming known to her peers. The gin had made her a little lightheaded and, whilst still more than capable of thinking straight, she did feel more at ease thanks to it.
"What's your favourite sexual activity then?" Joe asked, confidently.
"I'm not sure. It's been...a while."
"You must have some fantasies though."
"A few. I guess."
"What's the best one? Any involving a young man, on a bed, willing to do whatever you want?"
"They're never that detailed," Melanie shrugged, finding it strange to open herself up to this stranger, "Since I split from my husband in 1996 I threw myself into work to the point where I've barely got time to have a fantasy sex-life, let alone a real one."
"Well, I'll lead the way I guess," Joe said, putting his glass on the bedside table and standing up. He removed his shirt and then his pants, standing naked, his long cock semi-hard and leaving Melanie licking her lips and sipping her gin, her nipples hardening under her silk kimono. It thrilled Joe that, six-months after his mum had acted as teacher in the bed, he was now the tutor of this pretty, mature woman, who probably terrified grown men during cross-examinations in court but was now sitting nervously and admiring Joe's body.
"Nice," Melanie whispered, putting her drink on the low table next to her side of the bed.
"Take off your gown," Joe said, kneeling on the bed whilst Melanie now stood, dropping the kimono to the ground and now standing nude. Her body was very fine, thanks to her regime at the gym which had primarily been just to relieve stress rather than for any aesthetic appeal. Her skin was pale and soft looking, a light smattering of freckles across her shoulders and chest, her breasts fairly small but firm looking. Being tall, her legs were long and sensuous like a supermodel's, and her trimmed pubic hair was the same red-brown as the neat, damp hair on her head.
"Nice," Joe said, then patted the duvet next to him before he moved down towards the foot of the bed.
Melanie got onto the bed and followed Joe's instructions to lay on her back, head propped up on the pillows and looking down her body at Joe, nude and erect as he knelt up before her. He placed his hands on Melanie's ankles and parted her legs before leaning forwards, his head moving down until his mouth met up with Melanie's cunt. The woman took a sharp intake of breath, feeling the boy's tongue run enthusiastically up and down her cunt lips which were rapidly growing moist. With great skill Joe licked out Melanie's cunt, sucking her lips whilst gripping the lady's thighs in his strong hands.
"Oh yeah," Melanie panted, closing her eyes, "That's nice. Mmmm."
Spurred on by his evident success, Joe continued to lick out the woman's cunt deeply and hungrily.
"Lick me," the woman panted, her firms thighs shuddering alongside Joe's head, "Ooooh! Oh God, yeah! Yeah, God!"
Joe licked out Melanie for a few moments longer until he knelt up, his prick raging stiff, the woman heated up and aroused before him, squirming and clearly eager for her first good fuck in years.
Joe mounted the woman, pushing his long meat up into her tight wet cunt and laying on top of her firm body.
"Oh Joe!" she panted, "Oh fuck, yeah!"
"You're so fucking hot," Joe panted, beginning to thrust his dick deep inside Melanie, "It's criminal for you to have kept yourself away from horny men like me for so long."
"Fuck me," Melanie grunted, reaching round and gently raking her fingernails over Joe's humping arse-cheeks, "Oh yeah, God this is good. Fuck me, faster! Faster! Mmmm!"
Joe was fucking hard now, reaching under Melanie and holding her body to his, their bodies humping together on the bed.
"God Joe!" Melanie was wailing, feeling a strong ripples of pleasure rushing through her body, "Oh fuck, I think I'm cumming. Oh...oh...YEAH!"
She wrapped her legs around Joe's waist and gripped his buttocks, pulling her into him deeply and crying out into his ear, feeling her orgasm take over seemingly every nerve in her body as she almost grew faint. Joe didn't let up, humping his dick deep into the woman's cunt and causing her to shudder under his thrusting hips. He eventually slowed down, his prick still rigid in Melanie's hot cunt as he fucked her at a steadier pace, Melanie seeming to go limp underneath him.
"Was that good?" he asked.
"Very," Melanie gasped through sucking air into her lungs, feeling as if she'd just worked out at the gym, "That's was very good. Yeah. Phew!"
She kissed Joe a couple of times before the boy raised himself, sliding from her cunt as he dismounted.
"I bet you suck cock well," he purred, stroking his long dick that was slick with cunt juice.
"I haven't done so for a while," Melanie admitted, sitting up against the headboard, "Try me."
Joe shuffled over on his knees and thrust his cock into Melanie's face, the woman taking his dick nervously into her mouth and sucking tentatively. She licked her own juices from it, trying to deep-throat it, but not recalling how as it'd been so long she'd done this. Joe decided to take over, thrusting his hips a little and drawing his dick to and fro in Melanie's lips, effectively just fucking her mouth. Melanie sat there, not having to do anything as the meaty dick was thrusting into her throat, Joe speeding up his thrusts. Melanie gagged a little, saliva running down her chin but finding it to be incredibly thrilling. Joe held Melanie's head in his hands as he shafted the woman's mouth, not entirely unsurprised that the woman didn't mind being treated a little roughly. Powerful men - judges, politicians and the like - were frequently hiring hookers to whip and humiliate them in S&M brothels, getting a thrill out of being deprived of power. Similarly, Melanie was responsible for all sorts of employees and clients and cases at work, so now she was loving being treated like a fuck-slave by this young man, the burden of power gone.
Joe pulled his dick from Melanie's throat, leaving her wiping her mouth on the back of her hand and grinning sexily.
"Did I do well?" she asked.
"Very well," Joe replied, "Now lie back, I want to fuck your hot cunt again."
Melanie lay down straight away, spread her legs and welcoming her young stud to drive his dick into her cunt once again. Joe kissed Melanie hard on the lips as he shafted her cunt, pumping his hips between her legs as they both grunted in pleasure.
"God damn you're hot," Joe panted into Melanie's ear, "God, yeah!"
"My young stud," Melanie gasped, "Oh fuck me, yeah!"
Joe could feel his orgasm just around the corner after a few minutes, and he held himself back, slowing down and dismounting Melanie. Once he again, he had her sit up and had her take his dick into her mouth. He fucked her orally for while, holding her haid in his hands, her hair damp on his hands as he thrust his cock into her wet mouth.
Pulling out once more and warding off another orgasm, Joe lay on his back, taking a sip of his glass of Pepsi that still sat fizzing on the bedside table. Placing the glass back, he invited Melanie, who'd had a quick gulp of her gin, to 'climb aboard'.
The middle-aged woman did so, her long legs elegent in the lamp-light as she got astride Joe's groin and lowered her cunt onto the boy's cock. Melanie placed her hand's on Joe's chest as she bounced on his dick, both of them smiling happily as they simply had great fun fucking, Melanie's asscheeks smacking against the youth's firm thighs as he thrust up to meet her. Joe held onto the woman's waist and helped pull her down as Melanie approached a second climax, leaning forwards and crying out orgasmically. Her body was wracked with pleasure and she struggled to stay on the large dick thrusting up into her slit, her hair draped over Joe's face.
Melanie climbed off of Joe, the teenager glad of this has he'd been approaching his own orgasm. He was proud of being hold back his climax, wanting to last for ages and truly carry out his promise of being able to fuck this woman to exhaustion.
"I fancy a quick break," Joe said, "Shall I get you another drink?"
"Okay," Melanie said, seeing that her glass was just about empty. Joe took both his and Melanie's glasses, leaving the room and going to the lounge. It was getting dark outside, the twilight illuminating the living room as he poured a gin and tonic for Melanie and decided to make himself a scotch on the rocks. He returned with the glasses, closing the bedroom door and, with his dick thrust like a steel rod from his groin, he clambered onto the bed and handed Melanie her drink.
"Thank's," she said, having just lit a cigarette. They sipped their drinks for a few minutes, listening to the soft classical music that was playing on the surround sound system throughout all this, before putting their glasses aside. Melanie stubbed her cigarette out in the small, crystal ashtray on the floor besides the bed and turned excitedly to Joe.
"What now?" Melanie asked.
"Turn over," Joe said, with authority, "On your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you up the arse."
"Up my arse?" quizzed Melanie, "How do you mean? I mean, can we do it?" She'd never had anal sex before, and had always just assumed it was only something homosexuals or porn-sluts did.
"Sure," Joe insisted, "Come on, turn over. There's no point in having three holes if you're only going to use one or two."
Tentatively, excited and nervous at the same time, Melanie got onto her knees and elbows and gasped as she suddenly felt something warm and wet at her anus. She looked over her shoulder and saw that Joe had bent down behind her and was licking her bald, puckered arsehole.
"My God, Joe!" she whispered, shock turning to curious pleasure as the boy wriggled his tongue up into her arsehole whilst gripping her firm buttocks. She'd never considered anything like this, even in her fantasies, and hadn't ever thought there was anything sexual about the butt! Closing her eyes, she lay her head on the pillow as Joe lapped at her butthole, flicking his tongue up there in between just running it up and down her crack.
Then, Joe knelt up, his cock wobbling stiffly between Melanie's shapely arse-cheeks, his bell-end nudging her anus.
"Go careful," Melanie said into the pillow, gripping the duvet harder, feeling suddenly vulnerable here on her knees and bent over with her arse thrust out at this horny stud.
"I will," Joe promised, placing the head of his cock to the woman's arsehole and pushing, steadily applying pressure until the hairless butthole bloomed open.
"Oh fuck!" Melanie cringed, feeling her sphincter stretching apart to allow the thick rod pushed up into her, Joe sliding his cock inch-by-inch up into Melanie's rectal passage in a single, slow stroke.
Melanie was about to ask the boy to stop when she felt the discomfort begin to rapidly fade away, the pleasure embracing her like her anus embraced the pounding prick lodge in her shitter.
"How's that feel?" Joe asked, smugly, his dick in to the hilt.
"Good," Melanie spluttered, "Good! Yeah, fuck me. Oh, God, Joe! Fuck my arse!"
Joe held the woman's waist and began to thrust back and forth, Melanie moaning ecstatically whilst Joe grit his teeth as he began humping at a faster pace. He screwed the woman's arse at a healthy speed, the bed-springs squeaking as they fucked, oblivious to the city outside the window, going about it's nightly business. Joe enjoyed the thought that Melanie had strutted around her office that day, ordering young men about, demanding her secretary to work harder, making big decisions and barking instructions to terrified office juniors. And now, here he was, a mere seventeen-year-old school boy, reducing this wealthy forty-one-year-old woman to a quivering wreck of ecstasy by fucking her up the shitter like a common slut.
For ten-minutes he buggered Melanie, eventually pulling his cock from her tight arse and clambering off the bed, Melanie briefly embarrassed by a fart that ripped from her yawning, freshly-vacated arsehole.
"Get up Mel," Joe ordered her, stroking his dick, "I want to fuck you standing up."
Melanie got up off the bed on shaky legs, getting as much of a kick out of the novelty of being bossed about by this youngster as Joe got out of the novelty of ordering around this older woman. She stood in front of Joe, who told her to turn around.
"Bend over the bed," he told her, "I'm going to fuck both your cunt and arsehole from behind."
"Do it," Melanie eagerly urged the teenager, bending over and placing her hands flat on the bed, spreading her long, sexy legs. Joe manouvered himself to squeezed his cock up into Melanie's cunt. He fired it right up into that hot slit, the moist lips clenching his shaft as he gripped her shoulders and shafted her. Melanie cried out in pleasure, Joe also moaning out as his knees trembled, both he and his female companion shaking with pleasure.
To ward off his climax once more, Joe pulled his prick from Melanie's cunt and stood back, taking a quick time out. Then, he stepped up to Melanie once again and pushed his prick up into the woman's rectum. He fucked his entire length up her arsehole and resumed his fucking, both of them once again grunting with pleasure.
Feeling his legs ache from this position, Joe eventually slid his dick from out of Melanie's shitter and they both clambered on to the bed, where the woman got onto her knees and elbows once again. Joe thrust his cock up into Melanie's arsehole and bum-fucked her for a good ten-minutes more, all the while hovering just before the critical point of his climax. Once Joe had withdrawn his cock from her, Melanie was visibly tired, and once she'd lain back, Joe spread the woman's legs and mounted her, sinking his cock up her cunt and fucking her hard and fast. Sensing the climax of the session, Melanie found the energy to grip the boy's shoulders and urge him on with obscenities. Joe could feel his long delayed orgasm beginning in his balls, rising up as he held Melanie to his humping body, his breathing fast and loud as his hips thrust faster and faster. Finally, his cock shot forth a torrent of thick cum, the sperm flooding out and in hard squirts.
"Holy shit," he cried out into Melanie's ear, "Fuck! Oh God, yeah!"
"Fuck me Joe, fuck me!"
Joe's prick continued to pump jism up into Melanie's cunt, both their bodies eventually relaxing as Joe's climax finishes.
"Holy shit," he repeated, "That was good!"
"Damn right" Melanie agreed, and kissed the boy passionately before he dismounted. They each took their respective drinks, laying shoulder to shoulder and resting after their marathon session. Melanie lit a cigarette, Joe declining one, finishing off his scotch and feeling a little light-headed as the burning liquid hit his stomach. The woman next to him was finishing off her second large gin, and she felt nice and tipsy, as well as shattered from her hard fucking. Eventually, once Melanie had finished her cigarette she hauled herself off the bed and turned the Hi-Fi off, turned the lights off too, before climbing into bed with Joe.

"Hi Steve," greeted Mandy as she opened her door later that evening, "Come in young man."
"Thanks," Steve replied, stepping into Mandy's apartment. The twenty-eight-year-old lady was wearing just a white dressing gown and, after she'd closed the door, lead Steve into the living room.
"Hey Steve," called Hannah from the sofa. The little eight-year-old girl was wearing a red, two-piece bikini with white spots.
"Hi Hannah," the teenage boy greeted the child, "Are you going swimming or something?"
"No," the girl shrugged, pausing to loudly guzzle from a glass of orange-juice she held in both hands, "I just felt like wearing this cos Aunt Mandy bought it for me for swimming, and it looks nice."
"It does look very nice honey," Mandy smiled.
"Absolutely," agreed Steve, then sat down next to the girl, who looked up at him with girly excitement.
"Feeling horny Steve?" asked Mandy, casually shrugging off her gown and standing naked, her belly swollen more than ever, her tits growing more swelled with milk whilst her physical frame in general remained slender, her face shining with a warm, feminine glow. She'd not cut her hair still, and parted in the middle it tumbled down either side of her head, past her shoulders and to her waist.
"Very horny," the boy replied, his cock stiffening immediately in his jeans, "What about you Hannah?"
Hannah was gulping down the last of her orange juice and she nodded enthusiastically whilst drinking.
"Yeah!" she added, placing the empty glass on the coffee table.
"Let's go then," Mandy smiled, and turned and sauntered out the room, Steve and Hannah following eagerly.
"Is your cunt still off limits," Steve asked once they'd walked into the large, well-lit bedroom, Mandy shutting the door behind them.
"Yeah," Mandy replied, shutting the curtains and clambering onto the bed, "Until I give birth I'm just taking it up the arse. And mouth I guess. That okay?"
"Sure," Steve replied, "That's fine. You've got a good arse!"
"I can take it in the cunt," Hannah bragged, removing her bikini, "and the arse and the mouth."
"I do not intend on leaving any of your holes untouched tonight," promised Steve, removing his clothes too.
Both youngsters were soon naked, and Mandy urged them to join her on the bed, her nipples erect and feeling as randy as one could imagine.
First, Mandy got on her hands and knees whilst Steve and Hannah got behind her and licked out her cunt and arsehole. The kids were very enthusiastic, taking turns on pushing their tongues up the pregnant woman's arse and fingering her cunt, giggling and kissing each other occasionally throughout the activity. Eventually, with Hannah still licking out Mandy's anus, pushing a couple of fingers up there for good measure, Steve edged round to the head of the bed and had his cock sucked by Mandy. He then returned to her arse, Hannah moving out the way and watching as the teenage boy carefully eased his cock into Mandy's arsehole, his long shaft sinking up there with relative ease until it was buried in to the root.
"God that's good," Mandy gasped, "Yeah, oh fuck! Fuck my arse!"
"Want me to do anything Mandy?" Hannah asked, standing up naked on the bed beside her embuggered Aunt.
"Frig my cunt honey," Mandy gasped, and her niece knelt down and reached under the woman, past her pregnant belly and rubbing her clit. Mandy moaned in ecstasy, the little girl's fingers rubbing her cunt whilst Steve continued to fuck her up the arse, Mandy quivering with pleasure as she was subjected to such treatment for ten-minutes.
Steve pulled his rigid dick from Mandy's arsehole and moved back on the bed, the pregnant woman shifting aside and laying on her back, panting for breath.
"Come on Hannah," Steve said to the smiling little girl, "Get on your hands and knees. Time to get fucked by Uncle Steve!"
"Okay," the girl chirped, getting on all fours with her dainty white butt thrust out at Steve. Her cunt was a small slit below a puckered, pink arsehole, and after Mandy had helped grease up Steve's dick with some Vaseline, the boy edged up to Hannah and slid his dick up her cunt. The girl tensed beneath him for a moment, then relaxed, emitting high-pitched little gasps of pleasure as Steve held the child's bony shoulders and fucked her with sharp, hard strokes.
"How's my little niece?" Mandy asked, "Havin' fun?"
"Yeah," sighed Hannah, "Fuckin' lovely!"
"Good," laughed Mandy, "What about you Steve?"
"Fucking fine, thanks! This cunt is good and tight!"
He shafted the child a little while longer before he eased himself out. Hannah braced herself, knowing what was next, and sure enough the horny youth behind her began squeezing his cock up into her arsehole. Slowly, in tentative strokes, Steve pushed his cock up and into the prepubescent's rectum, eventually shoving in his entire length in that hot, clammy rectal chute.
"Ooooh!" wailed Hannah, "That's good! Oh yeah. Mmmm."
"Take it Hannah," Mandy urged the girl, kneeling up and reaching under the child to frig her cunt, "Take that big dick in your arsehole like you take your daddy's!"
Such talk of incest spurred Steve on, his thrusts reaching a good pace of speed as he buggered the girl before him, her tight anal-ring gripping the shaft of his dick. After a while, he pulled out, Mandy taking the boy's cock and sucking hard on it before she took her niece's place on her hands and knees. Barely having time to get a breather, Steve plunged his stiff dick up into the pregnant woman's arsehole and butt-fucked her whilst Hannah knelt in front of her Aunt who licked her bald little cunt. The tight heat of Mandy's rectal sheath afforded such intense pleasure on Steve's cock that when his orgasm began to rise he was unable to find the willpower to pull out. He banged that woman's arse hard and furiously, Mandy spluttering with pleasure with her face between her little niece's legs, Steve crying out as his cum exploded out. His sperm squirted up into Mandy's rectum in thick pumps, Steve clapping his hands to the woman's upper back to keep himself upright throughout his climax.
"Fuck me that was good," he gasped, sliding his dick from the woman's shithole.
"That was great!" Mandy agreed.
"Ditto," Hannah smiled from across the bed, "Here Aunt Mandy, stay in that position. I'll felch you."
And so, the girl got behind her pregnant Aunt, bent over, and noisily sucked and licked Steve's cum from Mandy's arsehole, Steve stroking his cock as he lay back and watched this.
A short while later, Mandy put a tape into the VCR that sat on a cabinet against the wall. She hit the 'play' button and sat back with Steve and Hannah whilst a porn video came on. It was the one she'd been in with Steve, and they all watched as Steve fucked Mandy and Claire on the TV screen, Mandy frigging her niece's cunt with one hand and stroking Steve's stiffening cock as they relaxed on the bed, eyes lit by the tellivision screen. Steve grabbed the remote control and, thanks to the rewind button, was able to watch himself on the screen cumming all over the two women's faces eight times.
All ready for further action, they turned off the video and resumed their fucking.
Steve fucked Hannah's cunt and arsehole as well as her mouth, Mandy frequently just watching and frigging her clit but occasionally taking Steve's cock in her arse. At one point, Mandy lay on her back with a pillow under her arse, her legs pulled up and spread with Steve kneeling before her in between her parted thighs. He bum-fucked the woman whilst Hannah, directed by her Aunt, squatted nearby and pissed all over Mandy. It turned on Steve a lot, and once the golden shower had finished he slid his cock from Mandy's arsehole and lay Hannah down on the bed. Mandy knelt up and gripped the teenage boy's cock, jacking him off with the swollen purple head hovering over her niece's face. The sperm exploded forth whilst Steve moaned in pleasure, his dick squirting out semen as it was pumped furiously in Mandy's fist. At the end, Hannah's cute little face was awash with milky cum, and Mandy helped lick it off whilst Steve fell back on the bed and got his breath back.

Jimmy picked up Sally and Lisa from their hotel in his car, a black Lincoln. They cruised through the city as twilight descended over the Big Apple, over the East River and eventually to a large house down the road from JFK Airport in Brooklyn. Jimmy parked on the large drive, a few other cars there already.
"Big place," Sally commented as she stepped out the car, her daughter in tow.
"Sure is," Jimmy said, closing his car door, "Come on in. There won't be much need for introductions, no-one will want to know your surnames and they won't be given their names at all. Very anonymous."
"Understandable," shrugged Sally, and she took Lisa's hand and they followed Jimmy to the front door of the large, white-panelled house, which was set back from the darkened streets and surrounded by a tree filled garden.
Jimmy rang the door bell and a middle-aged man answered it.
"You're here," the man said, smiling and glancing at the trio on the doorstep, "Come in, come in."
Soon, Sally and Lisa were ushered into the lounge, a large room with armchairs and sofas round the walls but a large space in the middle, with just a huge, white fur rug laid out before the fireplace. In the seats around the room were six other men - seven, including the man who answered the door, who now sat down. Sally expected a pack of old men, but these lot were relatively young; most were in their thirties and a couple of them in their forties. The eldest looking one was a regally slim, silver-haired gent smoking a cigar. He owned the house - one of several he had purely for these types of 'parties' - and only attended when girls from out of town were present. Otherwise, he might be recognized, as he was the fifty-year-old CEO of a stockbrokers on Wall Street, and earned more money a day than most people earned a year and his picture cropped up in the Wall Street Times at least once a week. He was dressed in an expensive suit, and most of the men around the place were similarly dressed well, albeit more casual than their wealthy host.
"This is Lisa," Jimmy introduced the girl, "She's our fine guest for tonight."
The men all nodded and smiled their 'hello's', Lisa smiling politely. She was wearing a sumptious, pink dress she'd bought that afternoon, with matching pink shoes and short white socks. Her long brown hair was tied in pig-tails, a dab of her mother's expensive perfume on her slender neck.
"Welcome Lisa," the gray-haired man said, standing up, "I'm the host here. If you have any problems, speak to me. I don't think you'll find us unreasonable hosts though my dear, we've done this a lot."
"Okay," Lisa shrugged, feeling excited at all these lustful looks she was receiving from the room full of men, "Sounds cool."
The gentleman before her smiled, puffing on a cigar, always enjoying it when children were so casually informal to him, compared to all the fawning yes-men he was surrounded by at work. He was experienced enough in indulging in his lifelong hobby of child-fucking to keep all of this utterly hidden from not only his business acquaintances and authorities, but also his wife and five grown up children. Not that he was the only 'respectable' man here. Amongst the other men getting stiffies as they admired the lovely eleven-year-old before them, were a police-officer, a lawyer and minor politician from Canada.
Lisa was asked to strip, and she did so, the men around her doing so aswell. Sally stood nearby, arms folded, allowing her daughter to take the limelight as, nude, she prompted more admiring glances and compliments from the eight men around her, who all had taken off their clothes and stood with their cocks erect. Jimmy was going to join in too. He'd mainly got into the child-porn business for the money, but whilst he wasn't exclusively a pedophile he certainly didn't see anything wrong in lusting after, and fucking, underage girls.
Lisa was led to the large, furry rug on the floor by Jimmy, and was invited to get down and prepare herself for 'a great time'. The gray haired man went first, cunt-fucking Lisa in the missionary position for a few moments, but withdrew in tact and went back to his chair where he smoked his cigar. Two other men came up next, spit-roasting Lisa, one fucking her up the arse, the other kneeling before her as the girl sucked on his cock.
Sally stripped too, volunteering to take care of the men not currently engaged with Lisa, sucking and jacking them off, offering her cunt and arse to those men who waited their turn with Lisa.
For over two-hours, the room was full of the sounds of fucking, Lisa's sweet moans of pleasure drowned out by the general groans and sighs of ecstasy from the eight men. Sally did a good job of preparing the men, her mouth re-stiffening the cocks of those men preparing for an encore after ejaculating already. On a number of occasions Lisa got some lovely triple-penetration, and at one point managed to deal with five men at once, with a cock in her cunt, arse, mouth and one in each of her pumping fists. Often, however, just one guy would fuck the girl whilst the others watched and jacked off, or occupied themselves with Lisa's mum.
In total, six of the men came twice whilst two - Jimmy and the gray-haired host - managed three ejaculations. Lisa received nine loads of sperm in her cunt, six in her arse and three in her mouth. At the end she was sweaty, exhausted and thoroughly satisfied.
With everyone dressed once again, Lisa and Sally went into the hallway where, after a moment, Jimmy came out of the living room.
"All done," he smiled, "Those lot in there will get dressed and disperse back to their homes and families. Come on, I'll take you back to the hotel."
They left the house, walking down the driveway to the car, the night dark and humid with the stars shining in the black sky. Sally and her daughter got in the back of the car whilst Jimmy climbed into the front seat.
"Did you have fun," he asked after shutting his door.
"Yeah," Sally replied.
"It was great," Lisa added, "I feel totally fucked!"
"Excellent," Jimmy smiled, "Anyway, before I came out, the guys handed be your fee. Here you are."
He handed a white envelope to Lisa, who glanced in it, Sally also having a look. There appeared to be a fairly thick wad of bills in there.
"I didn't expect we'd be paid," Sally admitted.
"They usually pay for these parties," Jimmy explained, "and I didn't bother telling them otherwise! If they want to hand out cash for giving you a good time, Lisa, it'd be rude to turn it down eh? Hah! Anway, there's $9,000 there incidentally. Those guys are primarily paying for silence."
"Well," Sally began, hardly able to believe the amount of cash her daughter held in the envelope, "I couldn't really snitch on them anyway, I don't know who they were."
"They were good fuckers," Lisa sniggered.
"They're all pretty powerful," Jimmy said, "Stockbrokers, managers, know. Anyway, I took a couple of thousand bucks as commission, you know. Hope you don't mind."
"Not at all," Sally said, "After all, you organized this."
"We're rich!" Lisa laughed.
"Right," Jimmmy began turning round and starting the car, "Let's get back to Manhattan eh?"
"Home James," Lisa called, and sat back with her mum as the car back out of the driveway and headed off through the suburbs, aiming for the twinkling, hazy skyscrapers on the horizon.

Whilst Lisa, Steve and Sally were back together in their hotel room for that Saturday night, Joe remained in bed with Melanie. He awoke at after sensing movement next to him, and he slowly opened his eyes. He just caught sight of Melanie - tall, slender and nude - leaving the room. He stretched out and yawned under the warm duvet. The youth had only ejaculated once last night, less than he usually did with his mum, and so his cock was rigid and hard upon waking, laying across his firm stomach like a pulsating iron bar. The VCR across the room displayed the time as 7:13AM.
A moment later there came the sound of a toilet flushing and Melanie eventually walked back into the room.
"Morning," she smiled to her teenage lover for the night, utterly relaxed compared to how she'd been when Joe had met her in the office yesterday.
"Morning to you," the boy said, sitting up, "How are you?"
"Fine," replied Melanie, getting on the bed and sitting up next to Joe, her long legs stretched across the top of the duvet. She lit a Marlboro with her gold-plated lighter and took a few puffs, idly wiggling her toes and feeling totally at ease with herself. Joe, meanwhile, slid out of the bed and also paid a visit to the bathroom, where he admired himself in the mirror. He worried that he was becoming vain, but then decided it was only natural. He was being paid for his looks, in a way! He combed his hair, rinsed his mouth out with Listerine and looked at himself in the mirror. His long prick bobbed erectly, jutting ninety-degrees from his body.
"Excellent," he whispered, then turned and walked back to the bedroom.
Melanie's eyes seemed to visibly light up when her youthful companion walked back through the door, clambering onto the bed and kneeling at Melanie's feet. He stroked her slender shins, reaching round and cupping her calves before he moved up and massaged the woman's thighs. He did this to his mother often, his fingers gently and skillfully rolling around the firm flesh of Melanie's upper legs, the appreciative lady resting her head against the headboard, eyes shut as she smoked her cigarette.
"That's good," she whispered, "That's so relaxing."
Joe got more confident, moving up after a few minutes and stroking Melanie's lower abdomen, occasionally running his hands a little lower and bristling against her chestnut colored pubic hair.
"Want to turn around?" he asked.
Melanie nodded, and after stubbing out her cigarette she lay on her stomach, chin propped up on her folded arms. Joe began by massaging the back of Melanie's thighs, moving up and rolling her firm arse-cheeks around, and later shifted to the woman's back. He massaged her shoulders, Melanie alternately tensing and relaxing as her whole body felt perfectly relaxed. The physical contact from the hot young man also helped turn the mature lady on even more than she had been when she'd woken up super-horny. Her cunt was moistening, her legs almost quivering with sexual lust. It wasn't too soon when Joe asked her to turn over.
Melanie parted her legs and Joe got down and sucked her clit, licking out her cunt and making it even juicier, before he got up and mounted her.
"Oh God!" crooned Melanie as Joe's cock slid into her cunt, "Fuck yeah, God! Fuck me!"
Keeping his cool, Joe began thrusting up into the woman steadily, his body humping against hers and watching her face, delighting in the way Melanie's eyes shut as she gasped and gulped for air.
"Harder Joe," she panted, "Oh God! Fuck me!"
She opened her eyes and clamped her lips to the teenager, wrapping her legs round his waist as he continued to shamelessly fuck her hot, tight cunt. Melanie's body, her nerve-endings all on the edge of ecstasy from her beautiful massage, hit an orgasm after a few moments, her whole body wracked with climactic pleasure. She spluttered obscene urgings to her healthy young fucker, Joe pounding the woman's cunt harder and harder throughout her cum.
Joe was still very much in control of himself when he pulled his dick from Melanie, even stiffer than before, and dismounted her. He edged up the bed and Melanie lifted her head and took the boy's offered cock into her mouth. Joe fucked Melanie's mouth rather roughly, the lawyer frigging her sopping cunt as she licked her own juices from the thrusting manhood in her gullet.
After enjoyably fucking Melanie orally, Joe moved back from the woman and asked her to turn onto her hands and knees. When the she'd done that, Melanie felt Joe kneel behind her and start licking out her cunt, running his tongue up and down her moist cunt-lips. Joe then knelt up and eased his dick into her slit, immediately commencing hard and fast pelvic thrusts. Melanie held onto the duvet tightly as she was roughly fucked from behind, Joe's cock pounding her cunt and sending further ripples of ecstasy throughout her slim body. It wasn't long before she hit another climax, arching her back and crying out, her inner thighs becoming slippery from all the juices running from her impaled cunt.
Joe halted his fucking action and slowly eased himself out of Melanie before re-entering her via her anus. Melanie had taken a shit when she'd gone to the bathroom earlier, and her cute, pink arsehole was still a little loose. Lubricated with cunt juice and saliva, Joe's cock encountered little resistance as it pushed it's way up into Melanie's bum. The long shaft steadily moved up and up into Melanie's arsehole until it was buried fully in the slippery shit-chute.
"Oh Joe," Melanie crooned, "That feels so good! Yeah. God, give me a good butt-fucking."
"Yes ma'am," Joe grinned, beginning to fuck his cock back and forth in Melanie's sphincter, slowly increasing his pace until he was gripping the horny woman's shoulders whilst his pelvis banged against her arse with a clapping noise. Raging hard and throbbing electrically, his cock was repeatedly shoved up into the depths of Melanie's crapper, her anal-ring clenching his cock in a firm grip. With her small, firm tits juddering beneath her ecstasy-rocked body, Melanie cried out and moaned in pleasure, pleasure contorting her face as she struggled to stay firm against the had butt-fucking she was getting, Joe similarly grunting loudly. His orgasm was approaching and he kept up his hard pelvic thrusts. Inside Melanie's arse it was hot and wet, the walls of her rectum clasping the invading member. Warm tendrils of fantastic pleasure reached up through Joe's body from his groin as he quickly approached his apogee. Eventually, his cum spewed forth, his dick a pounding geyser of sticky sperm which sloshed into Melanie's lower intestine.
"Fuck!" he stammered, his orgasm trailing off, "Yeah, that was good!"
"Damn right!" Melanie agreed, taking a deep breath. Joe pulled his soiled cock from the woman's arsehole and lay on his back, Melanie slumping forward onto her belly next to him, both exhausted and happy.
Melanie lit another cigarette and smoked in silence, Joe lying beside her and drifting off to sleep again. Finishing her cigarette, Melanie turned and lay her head on the teenager's chest, draping her arm of his stomach and loving the warm, firm body of the youth she lay over. Normally on a Saturday, she'd be up by now, getting dressed and heading off to her office to work through most of the day, leaving Sunday as her day of rest, albeit one spent doing chores and preparing herself for the week ahead. Now, she was content to just lay naked and up against this teenage Adonis, slipping off to sleep.
When Melanie and Joe woke up again it was almost noon. Melanie fetched in a cup of coffee for each of them which they sat and drank on the bed with classical music on the Hi-Fi. Refreshed, they fucked again, Joe once more the mentor and Melanie the previously celibate pupil, adopting which ever position she was requested to take up, her cunt and arsehole penetrated repeatedly until, after an hour of sweaty humping, Joe finally ejaculated all over the woman's face. She was a little shocked when the first thick squirt of sperm splashed over her face, but by the end was catching in her mouth the last drops of sperm, sucking the prick dry with ejaculate running down her face and neck in milky rivulets.
Later, they were showered and freshened up, Joe in his silk boxer shorts and a white T-shirt, Melanie in a dark red pair of satin panties and matching bra, worn with a pink cotton blouse, left undone. They had lunch in the living room, and afterwards reclining next to each other - physically shoulder-to-shoulder - on the sofa, watching MTV on the large TV. The coffee table before them held the empty plates from breakfast, Melanie smoking a cigarette and sipping a glass of Chardonnay whilst her teenage stud next to her drank a cup of coffee.
"Joe," Melanie began, whilst a Madonna video played on the telivision, "Are you still randy?"
"Sure," the boy replied, his cock beginning to stir at just the prospect of fucking this mature woman again, "Why, are you?"
"Yeah, but I know someone who's even more up for some sex than me."
"One of my friends. She's called Anna."
"Oh yeah, my..." Joe stammered, almost having said 'my mum', "Sally," he continued, "mentioned her. She's blonde isn't she? Married?"
"That's right. I've known her for a while. She's married to an older guy and often hinted at me that she's a bit desperate for a young stud. Well, not so much desperate, but she sounded keen when we were joking with Sally the other night about it. I think she'd definately be interested in"
"Sounds cool," Joe shrugged, and sipped his coffee, "I'm free all of today if that's any help. No time like the present."
"Okay," Melanie smiled, and turned and kissed Joe, "I'll give her a ring."
Gulping down the last of her Chardonnay, Melanie stood up. A cigarette hanging from her lips and her pink blouse flapping loosely, she strode on her long, bare legs across to a small marble table between the two tall windows overlooking the city center. On the table sat a telephone which Melanie picked up and dialled a number, waiting whilst it rang. Partially sillouhetted against one of the windows, smoking a cigarette and standing in an uncharacteristically relaxed manner, she looked very elegant to Joe. He really felt like a male escort, a gigalo, relaxing here with a millionaire divorcee he'd fucked and who was arranging for him to fuck an equally wealthy adulterer-to-be.
"Is that Anne?" Melanie said down the phone, pausing whilst her friend confirmed it was her, "Hi Anne, it's Melanie....yeah, not bad....yeah....Listen, I was wondering, do you know when you, Sally and me were talking about rent-boys the other day? And we wondered if there were nice young lads who would 'do' women?...Well, since you ask, yeah, I did get one." She smiled wickedly at Joe, carrying on her conversation with Anna on the phone, "He's here right now....How did I find him? Sally did...Yeah, she's a sly one eh? Anway, he's free all of today, so if that husband of yours is not around, how about you come here and meet him.....Okay, come here and 'fuck' him, if that's how you want to put it...He's going to be worth every penny! He's seventeen, the body of a Greek God, limitless stamina....He's fucked me three times since last night and, I dare say, he's getting a big stiffie as he sits and listens to me right now...Okay Anna, see you then."
Melanie put down the phone and sat back down on the sofa next to Joe.
"Is she up for it then?" Joe asked.
"As long as you are!" Melanie grinned.
"Excellent! What's she like? As sexy as you?"
"It's not for me to say really," shrugged Melanie, stubbing out her cigarette, "She's fifty, blonde, big-breasted and fairly slim. A bit shorter than me. She's nice, very friendly. I'm sure you'll get to know her a lot better later."
"I'm horny now," Joe admitted, "Boy, could I just fuck you here and now."
"As much as I'd love that, Joe, you have to keep yourself for Anna. She'll be here in half-an-hour."
"That's right. She only lives a few blocks away."
"Fine with me," Joe said, finishing off his coffee.
Melanie cuddled up to him and they relaxed in front of the TV for a while, Joe putting an arm round Melanie and getting a brief little thrill out of fantasizing that this was his wife, imaging what his mates at school would think if they could see him now!
Later, Melanie bent down to take her cigarette packet from the coffee table, taking one out and lighting it.
"Well," she said, blowing smoke out from her pursed lips, "I'm going to have a bath. Why don't you just watch telly and get ready. Anna is due here in a little while, so if she gets here before I'm out of the bath, just take her into the bedroom and...take care of her."
Melanie winked, leaned down and kissed Joe on the lips, then turned to leave the room. Joe went into the kitchen and made himself another coffee and returned to the living room, his cock semi-hard as he faced the prospect of soon fucking a middle-aged chick he'd never met before. Excellent he thought to himself, sitting back on the sofa.

At 2:59PM there was a knock at the door. Melanie hadn't been in the bath long, so Joe stood up and went to answer it. He was still in just his T-shirt and shorts, so wondered if he should just go ahead and answer it in case it might not be Anna. He peared through the spy-hole and got his first, albeit distorted, view of Anna. He opened the door.
"Are you Anna?" he asked the blonde, cheerfully.
"I am," smiled the posh chick.
"Come on in," Joe said, stepping aside and letting the woman enter. He closed the door and turned, he and his new female friend briefly appraising each other's appearance.
Like his mum, Joe thought that Anna was somewhat overdone. With nothing to do that day except, perhaps, dinner with her husband that evening, she'd just sat around at home doing up her hair into a big, frizzy retro-eighties look. Before coming over here, she'd put on deep red eyeliner and matching lipstick, with a healthy amount of foundation and blush. She also wore an incredibly expensive looking purple dress, glittery and low cut, showing off a lot of cleavage. It was also short and showed off long, bare legs. She wasn't as tall as Melanie, but at 5'6" was still taller than Joe's mum. She had on sparkly purple shoes that matched her dress. Clutching a leather handbag, she in turn admired Joe, stunned by how youthful and handsome the boy was, as well as how confident he seemed.
"Melanie's in the bath," he explained, "I'm Joe, by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you."
He leaned in and kissed Anna on the cheek, and she smiled at him. Previously, she'd looked like a bit of a spoilt millionaire's wife with too much time on her hands, but her sincere smile bought some warmth and personality to her.
"I'm Anne," she smiled, and kissed Joe on the mouth, her lips lingering there before she moved back, "Well, Joe. In the absence of Melanie, you're my host. Want to lead me to the living room?"
"Why don't you go to Mel's bedroom? I'll make drinks. What do you fancy? There's a bottle of Chardonnay open."
"That'll do. Bring a glass and the bottle."
Anna turned and walked down towards the bedroom. She knocked on the bathroom door and called "Hi Melanie," and received the reply "Hello Anna" from beyond the door. Then, she continued on her way into Melanie's room, where she put her handbag down at the foot of the bed, slipping off her shoes. The bed was freshly made from Melanie and Joe's session earlier with new sheets on. The fresh duvet was black this time, whilst the plumped up pillows were white.
Anna sat on the edge of the bed, feeling very eager about the prospect of sex with the handsome young teenager she'd only just met. She'd had a fairly wild sex life in her teens, and also with her husband, but these days her sex-life with her husband - who was sixty - was naturally rather sedate and non-existent. She was very hot indeed at the moment, barely able to contain her excitement when she heard footsteps coming down the hallway.
Joe came in with the bottle of wine and two fresh glasses. He poured one for Anna and then himself, sitting next to the woman on the bed.
"Well," he shrugged, "Cheers."
"Cheers," smiled Anna, clinking her glass against Joe's before they had quick sip of their wine.
"So," Joe began, "Any special requests?" He felt like an experienced gigalo, despite this being just his second client. Of course, six-months of fucking his mum - a true master of sex - and his sister meant he had the experience of a guy a lot older than he was.
"I don't really know," Anna admitted, "I've not exactly been into sex for a while, I must admit. I'm a bit..."
"Rusty?" suggested Joe, "That was Melanie's word to describe herself."
"Oh. Well, what kind of services do you offer? Or do you call them services?"
"Let's not beat around the bush with words like 'services', Anna. Nothing we do or say will leave this apartment, there's total anonymity here. You don't have to protect yourself from what opinions others will have because no-one will know, so we don't need to protect ourselves with euphamisms. I'm a hired stud and I'll stick my dick where you want me to stick it; in your cunt, up your arse, in your mouth, between your get the idea. Or, if you can't be bothered to direct me, I'll direct you, and I'll fuck you how I think you'll like it best! You're a hot chick Anna and I really want to screw the fuck out of you."
"I haven't been referred to as a chick for years," Anna laughed, delighted at the boy's brazen little speech, "Especially not a 'hot' chick. Okay. Get undressed stud, I want to see you. Then I'll get my kit of."
Joe stood up and whipped off his T-shirt, exposing his sculpted pecs and his six-pack stomach. Then his shorts came off his, his cock long and stiff, thrust out menacingly with veins running over the throbbing shaft. Anna stared hypnotically at the big cock for a moment before she snapped herself out of it and stood up. Joe sat down on the bed again and watched as Anna removed her flashy dress, followed by her black lacy panties and bra so that she stood for her Adonis's inspection.
Her body was fairly pale, her breasts large and topped with dark, erect nipples and her pubic hair was light brown, proving she wasn't a natural blonde. Anna was wearing some Chanel perfume, and her toenails were, like her fingernails, painted the same shade of purple as the $4,000 dress that lay crumpled on the floor next to her skimpy, discarded underwear Admittedly, thought Joe, there were a few imperfections from the passing of time. Anna's large tits had sagged a little bit, an extra pound or two had migrated to her arse and hips whilst all her make-up couldn't hide the laughter-lines around her eyes and mouth. But on the whole, for a woman of fifty, she had a very fine, slim and arousing body.
"Very nice," Joe said, stroking his stiff cock, "Very nice indeed. So, how do you want to be 'serviced', or fucked, my lovely sex-pot?"
"You decide," Anna replied "Just fuck me how you feel I need to be fucked!"
"Okay," Joe said, gulping down the remainder of his wine, "Come on, climb aboard the bed!"
Anna did so, acting like a horny teenager, ready for her first proper fuck in years.
"Do it," she lustily begged the boy, kissing him on the mouth, "Go for it! Fuck me! I'm your slave."
"I'm you're slave," Joe reminded her with a calm smile, "Remember? You're hiring me."
"In that case," retorted Anna, "You have to obey my orders, and my order is for you to treat me like you sex slave. Fuck the shit out of me."
"Right away ma'am," Joe smiled. He lay Anna on her back and, as he'd done yesterday, he bent down and began eating out her cunt. He rubbed her clit with his fingers whilst his tongue slid up and down her wet lips, Anna already letting out little sighs of pleasure. Joe began pushing his tongue up into the woman's cunt, into the pink depths of that hot slit, Anna's thighs twitching beside his head as she rubbed her tits, her toes curling up.
"That's so good," she sighed to no-one in particular, "Mmmm! I like that."
Joe ate out Anna's cunt for a good ten minutes before he got up and mounted her, slowly easing his prick up into the mature lady's cunt and laying flat on her warm body. Anna wrapped her arms round the boy as he began humping her cunt hard.
"You're one fuckable chick," Joe whispered lewdly in Anna's ear.
"The fuck me," the woman panted, "Fuck me hard! Oh God, that's good! Ooooh. Yeah!"
Joe's arse rose and fell between Anna's widely spread legs, his body humping up against her as his cock was driven up into her hot womb. Anna got back into her stride, remembering her wild, sexual exploits in her younger years, fucking her arse off the bed and lightly raking her long, purple nails over Joe's back. She kissed the boy hard on the lips, their tongues sliding over each other in their mouths as his youthful tool continued to fuck up into Anna's cunt.
Wanting to give his client some diversity, Joe later eased his cock from out of Anna's cunt, his prick even harder than it'd been when it'd slid up into that orifice. Anna was writhing on the bed, buzzing with pleasure and looking up with fiery eyes of lust at the teenager before her, kneeling up and jerking off his big dick.
"Turn over," he said, "Onto your knees and elbows."
Unquestioningly, Anna did so, arching her back and looking straight ahead as she waited for whatever pleasure she would be subjected to next.
Joe knelt down and began licking Anna's dripping cunt from behind, pushing his tongue back up there, licking the moist lips whilst putting his hand between the woman's legs and frigging her clit from below. He then moved up, running his tongue over the hairless, pink arsehole between the woman's slightly plump arse-cheeks. He fingered the anus until it opened a little, allowing him to slide his tongue up into that puckered hole. Finally, his cock was called into action once more, Joe kneeling up and sliding his raging pole into Anna's cunt. The lady once again began moaning in pleasure as Joe banged her cunt from behind, driving up into her cunt with fast, hard thrusts. As he did this, Joe wriggled one of his thumbs into Anna's loosened arsehole, titillating Anna's back orifice whilst he fucked her cunt. He kept this up for ten-minutes before removing his thumb, the arsehole it'd just left now yawning open.
"Hey Anna," he called, casually, pulling his cock from the woman's cunt, "Have you taken it up the arse before? I bet you have."
"Sure, all the time when I was younger!" Anna replied, "Not for a long time though. Shove it up there honey! Just go easy."
Joe put the head of his cock to Anna's arsehole and began pushing, Anna gritting her teeth as her anus resisted briefly before parting to allow in the thick, invading boy-meat. In less than a minute, Joe had shoved his entire cock up into Anna's rectum, the lady before him crying out in pleasure.
"Christ, Joe, fuck me," she gasped, "Shit, yeah! You feel so big up there!"
"You're so fucking tight," Joe said, beginning to fuck his dick back and forth in Anna's sphincter, "What a hot arse!"
"Fuck it! Fuck my shit-hole!"
Joe increased his pace, spearing the bare arse with his long pole and enjoying the sight of his shaft re-appearing almost fully from Anna's clenching anus, before feeding it back up there until his pubic hair bristled against the crack of Anna's arse. As he fucked her faster, his pelvis began to smack against Anna's arse, causing ripples in her fleshy buttocks, the 'smack' of flesh-on-flesh echoing in the large room. The mother-of-three continued to moan in ecstasy, her tits flapping beneath her, her blonde, frizzy hair whipping round her face and completely messing up. Joe shortly leaned down, placing one hand on Anna's shoulder to support himself, whilst reaching under her with his other hand to frig her clit, doubling the woman's ecstasy.
"Where do you want me to cum?" Joe asked after a good ten-minutes of buggering his companion, "Anywhere in particular? Up your arse, your cunt? Over your face, tits, back? Where?"
"I dunno," gasped Anna, still wracked with physical joy, "How about...all over my tits! No, wait. Shoot it over my face!"
"I can do both," Joe proudly exclaimed, pulling his long cock from Anna's arsehole, the thick, purple head slurping out of the twitching hole. Anna turned onto her back, propping herself up on both her elbows as Joe knelt astride her belly. He jacked off his cock with his powerful fist, his cum boiling up in what was clearly going to be a prostigious geyser.
"Here it cums!" he cried, and suddenly the fountain began pumping wads of salty jizz that rained down over Anna's face, neck and heaving tits.
"Oh yeah!" the woman cried, eyes closed, feeling the warm fluid splashing over her. A big dollop landed in her mouth and she gulped it down, quickly, whilst sperm slashed across her cheeks and chin. As Joe's climax ebbed away, his cum stopped squirting and just leaked from his dick, long, thick gouts of semen oozing from his pumping cock and puddling over her breasts. Anna strained her neck to raise her head, sucking on Joe's softening cock whilst she reached down and stroked her wet slit.
Joe rolled off and lay back alongside Anna, both of them still buzzing with pleasure.
Outside, Melanie had been out of the bath for a short while and was in the living room. Nude and scrubbed clean, smelling strongly of Obsession perfume, she sat back in one of the armchairs, smoking a cigarette and drinking a double Scotch. She waited until the sounds of orgasm drifted down the hallway, and then a few minutes extra, before putting out her cigarette and placing her now-empty glass on the coffee table. With more confidence - or rather, a different type of confidence - in her stride, Melanie walked down the hallway and knocked on the door.
"Can I come in?" she asked.
"It's your bedroom," Joe cheerfully replied.
Melanie opened the door and stepped in, smiling as she saw the two fuckers on the bed, the youth sweaty and gorgeous, his cock semi-hard across his belly, whilst next to him lay Anna; naked, sweaty and with sperm splashed over her face and chest.
"My my," Melanie grinned, walked to the bed and climbing aboard, kneeling at the feet of the mis-matched couple in front of her, "You look as if you've been having fun."
"We have," Anna said, "Damn fine fun too!"
"Well I'm ready to go again," Joe proudly admitted, stroking his stiffening cock.
"Which one of us will be the lucky lady?" Melanie asked.
"Both of you if you want," Joe replied.
The two women looked at each other and exchanged smiles. Neither had participated in a threesome before, but screwing a seventeen-year-old toyboy prosititute had seemingly broken down their barriers, self-imposed or otherwise.
For an hour Joe fucked the two women's hot pussies in a variety in positions, his previous efforts of the day making it easy to stay well back from an orgasm whilst the two mature women were given free reign to climax loudly and furiously underneath the boy's pounding prick. Joe wondered if the two women would get it on with each other, but alas they didn't. One would usually lay back and recover whilst watching her companion being fucked, before they'd switch over. It was still great fun for Joe though.
Eventually, Joe shot his sperm up into Anna's cunt whilst fucking her doggie-style, Melanie meanwhile standing next to him whilst the youth licked out her cunt, slurping at her sopping cunt whilst he ejaculated into Anna's.
Wanting to be at home when his mother and siblings returned, Joe said he had to leave once they'd recovered from their exhertions. The two women were a little reluctant to see him leave, but accepted it once Joe promised that he'd come back for more.
Shortly, Joe was showered and standing in the living room in his smart suit and white-shirt, combing his hair in the large, gold-framed mirror on the wall. Anna and Melanie had remained in the bedroom whilst Joe had cleaned himself up, but now came up to the boy. Melanie was in her pink gown, hanging open and revealing her be naked beneath. Anna, lacking any clothes other than her glamorous dress, just wore her lacy knickers, but carried her handbag with her.
"So you'll come back sometime then?" Melanie asked.
"Sure," confirmed Joe, turning to her and putting his comb into his back pocket, "I can't wait. It's been great!"
"Likewise," Melanie agreed.
"Absolutely," Anna added, "If my husband clears off for a day or two sometime, you can come to my house and stay there."
"Not if I invite him here first," Melanie insisted, smiling.
"Calm down ladies, no need to fight over me," Joe said, "Like I said, I'd better be going. It's almost four o'clock and my mum will be home from her holiday soon."
"Okay," Melanie said, neither her or Anna having any idea, of course, that Joe's mum was Sally.
"Do you charge by the orgasm?" asked Anne, pulling something from her handbag, "Or by the hour?"
"Whichever's cheapest," laughed Joe, "Seriously, know, whatever you want."
Anna slipped a neatly folded, slim wad of bills into Joe's shirt pocket. Melanie stepped up with a similar little wad of greens and put them into Joe's folder.
"Better give us your mobile phone number," Melanie said, turning and taking a pen and leather address book from a cabinet. Joe gave her the number and Melanie scribbled it down, the teenager repeating it at Anna's request after she'd quickly retrieved a pen and notepad from her handbag.
"See you sweetheart," Melanie finally said, kissing Joe on the lips, "I'll thank Sally for getting me in touch with you!"
"Okay," smirked Joe.
"Bye honey," Anna said, fondly, kissing the boy, "I'll call you."
"Bye ladies," Joe smiled, gentlemanly, "I shall bid you farewell."
He left the apartment, softly closing the door behind him, a spring in his step as he went to the elevator. The joy of the weekend's events occupied his mind so much that he was strolling out of the lobby and onto the street before he recalled the money he'd been given. Wondering how much his efforts had been worth, he took out the wad Melanie had given, elated that it contained ten notes, and positively thrilled when he found them all to be $100 bills. The women had presumably exchanged notes on payment, for Anna had given him the same amount.
I got $2,000, Joe thought, standing on the sidewalk amidst the bustling Saturday afternoon shoppers, just for having a great time fucking two hot ladies!. He started to walk to the car-park where his car had been overnight, then changed his mind and turned and walked in the opposite direction towards the shops. Joe decided to save some of his earnings, but he did buy a couple of new shirts and a Hugo Boss watch before he went home. He arrived just before his mum, Lisa and Steve came back. They sat round to a big dinner and exchanged stories of their adventures over the weekend; Lisa and Steve's movie-making, Lisa and her gang-bang with the child-lovers in Brooklyn, Steve and his evening of sex with a pregnant woman and a preteen girl, and Joe and his new gigalo career.
They celebrated their reunion following their night away with a long session together in the living room, that lasted until past midnight.

Tuesday the following week was a blazing hot day with temperatures hitting the mid-nineties. Steve and Lisa were in the house, whilst in the back garden at lunchtime were Sally and her eldest son Joe, sunbathing.
Joe lay on a sun-lounger, wearing just a pair of shorts, his young body slightly slick with sun-cream. He had his eyes closed as he rested, on the periphery of falling asleep in the heat.
Nearby, on her own sun-lounger, was his mum. Thanks to the privacy afford by the large, isolated garden, Sally was topless, weaing just a pair of bright-red bikini bottoms and sunglasses. She lay on her back, tit's glistening with sun-cream as she read a thick paperback novel. They'd not fucked since rising that morning, and whilst not horny at the moment, sex was slightly more impending in their lunchtimes plans that lunch itself.
The quiet mid-day air was broken by Joe's mobile phone, ringing from the grass where it lay on a towel. Joe picked it up and answered it.
"Is that Joe?" came an excited, female voice.
"Yeah. Who's this?"
"It's Anna."
"Oh, hi Anna," Joe greeted the woman on the line, his mum peering over at him with a sly grin, which Joe returned.
"Are you free today?," Anna continued, "I know you're on your summer vacation honey."
"I am, yes. I have no plans this afternoon."
"Gooood," crooned Anna down the phone, "Because my hubby is busy at the office, and I'm just sitting around in my underwear feeling very bored and very horny."
"I'm sure I can cure you of both ailments," Joe bragged, "If you'd care to give me your address, I'll come over and see to you."
"Excellent! Okay, got a pen?"
"Hang on," Joe said, reaching down where he had a crossword book and ballpoint pen, "Okay?"
Anna gave her address to the boy, who scribbled it down.
"Shall I be there in an hour?" he asked.
"Sure," Anna replied, "That'll be about one o'clock. Be here then! There might be a guest too. Not Melanie though, she's busy today. But it's likely to be a threesome!"
"Okay. Bye."
"See you!"
Joe hung up and smiled at his mother.
"I'm in demand," he told her, "I'm going round to Anna's house later for the afternoon."
"Very good," Sally smiled, "These two ladies, Melanie and Anna, will keep you busy."
"Yeah. Anna said it'll probably be a threesome, but the third woman isn't going to be Melanie."
"A mystery guest eh?" laughed Sally, then heard the house phone ring, it's shrill tone eminating through the back door, "Hang on."
Sally got up and went into the house, Joe laying back and catching a few extra moments in the sun.
"Guess what?" his mother was laughing when she returned to the garden shortly, "That was Anna on the phone."
"Yeah?" Joe quizzed, sitting up.
"That's right!" Sally replied as she sat down on the end of her sun-lounger, her breasts jiggling lightly, "She invited me to come over for a threesome with 'that hot stud you introduced to Melanie!'. How great is that! So I'm going to get ready and go over with you. We'll have to arrive seperately though, she can't know that we're mother and son."
"Absolutely, mum. Shit, I'll have to call you Sally instead of mum."
"You'll have to remember that."
"I will...Sally."
"Well, let's get ready."

The house Anna shared with her husband was a large, five-bedroomed place in the suburbs of Cleveland. Their daughters were all away at college, but they retained the big house simply because they could afford to.
Sally dropped her son off half-a-mile away before driving up to her friend's house, getting out and ringing the doorbell. She wore a smart black skirt and thin pink T-shirt. After a moment the door was opened by Anna, done up in plenty of make up and with her blonde hair as frizzy and expansive as always. Blue was her color today; dark blue shoes, dark blue dress (low cut and showing off lots of cleavage) and light turquoise eyeliner and and blush. Her lips were a contrasting shade of pink.
"Hey there," she smiled, kissing Sally on the cheek, "How are you?"
"Fine," Sally replied, stepping into the house, "You look nice!"
"Thanks. You too. Joe said he'd be here at one, so we've got about ten minutes. Fancy a drink?"
Anna closed the door and lead Sally into the spacious living room, where they were soon sitting on the white sofa and sipping a flute of champagne each.
"I was so excited when you called me," Sally explained, "Joe is so horny isn't he?"
"Totally!" agreed Anna, "I've only had sex with him once but he blew my mind! And body! Well, actually we did it twice. It was last Sunday when Melanie invited me round, and Joe screwed me first, then did us both."
"A threesome eh?"
"Yeah. It was great! Have you ever had a threesome?"
"I have," replied Sally, obviously not mentioning everything else she'd done! "Just the once."
"Was it you and two guys, or you, another woman and a single guy?"
"A single guy and another woman."
"It's strange how having to share the guy with another woman in somehow ofset by the fun of being there with a friend. That's what I found on Sunday. I could just play with myself and watch Melanie getting boned, all the while thinking 'I'm next'! It's great, especially with a stud like Joe who could seemingly just fuck all day!"
"Me and the other woman got it on though," Sally said, "I'm not a lesbian or anything, but it was the logical thing to do, to lick out and fuck this woman whilst the guy screwed us both."
"Sounds fun," Anna smiled, a little nervously, "Shall know, get it on?"
"Why not? You're a nice looking woman Anna."
"You too Sally."
"Let's do it."
Sally leaned over and kissed Anna hard on the lips, the older woman slow to respond at first, then getting into the swing of things. They snogged on the sofa, Anna reaching out and stroking her hand up Sally's skirt whilst Sally pawed at Anna's tits.
Suddenly, the doorbell rang.
"That'll be him!" Anna said, excitedly, pulling apart from Sally. She hurried out the room, and after the sounds of a very informal greeting, she returned with Joe, dressed casually.
"Hi hunky," Sally said, standing up.
"Hi Sally," Joe responded, exchanging a secret grin with his mum, stepping round and kissing her on the lips.
"Hope you're feeling horny," Anna added, as hyperactive as schoolgirl, "Me and Sally are, aren't we?"
"Damn right!" the other woman confirmed.
"Let's go to the bedroom then," Joe announced, "I want to get down to fucking you two as soon as possible. My dick's gonna fall off if it get's any stiffer!"
Anna giggled at the boy's use of profanity, noticing that his crotch was indeed bulding proudly, before she then lead both her guests up the stairs to her marital bedroom.
Anna's husband was a bit of an Anglophile when it came to decor, and the bedroom looked like a Royal bedroom from the 1700s; oak floor with a vast rug before the big, four-poster bed, it's posts dark oak and it's covers satin of the richest hues of red and brown. The walls bore oil-paintings of English country scenes, whilst a huge bay window overlooked the back garden. Even the TV and VCR were in an antique oak cabinet, flanked by tall vases overflowing with white roses.
The trio undressed hurridly, both women clambering naked onto the four-poster bed first, whilst Joe stood and watched as Sally lay Anna down and began to lick out her cunt. Joe hadn't expected this girl-on-girl action, and he grinned as he stroked his stiff prick, his mum slurping out Anna's cunt. The two women moaned in pleasure, squirming over each other as they shifted duties, Anna now performing oral on Sally. She'd never done this before, but did a good job, Joe's mum soon panting in pleasure.
As she licked out Sally, Anna was on her hands and knees, and Joe took the vulnerable nature of the married woman's exposed bum as his cue. He hopped onto the end of the bed and slowly pushed his cock up into Anna's cunt, causing the woman to tense in pleasure, then relax, emitting muffled cries of joy as she lapped at Sally's moist cunt lips. Joe fucked Anna slowly, wanting this session to last, and with Anna busy between Sally's legs, Joe was able to grin slyly at his mother, enjoying their little incestuous deception.
Anna shortly raised her head from Sally's thighs and looked over her shoulder at the teenager cunt-fucking her from behind.
"Keep it up," she panted, "Yeah, fuck my cunt Joe! YEAH!"
"Fuck her harder!" Sally ordered, "The harder you fuck her Joe, the better she licks my cunt!"
As if to prove this, Anna plunged her tongue back up Sally's cunt, Joe all the while thrusting powerfully with his hips.
"Why don't you fuck Sally now," Anna suggested after a few moments, "I want to sample her tongue!"
"Okay," Joe replied, sliding his long dick from Anna. Sally now got on her hands and knees and ate out Anna's cunt, whilst Joe pushed his prick into his mum's cunt from behind, thrusting hard as his mum got to work on her companion's cunt. She was a master at eating cunt, and soon had Anna crying out in ecstasy with her skilfull tongue.
Anna's turn to be fucked came round again after a while, and the glamorous fifty-year-old adulterer was on her back, a pillow under her arse and raising her hips of the bed so that Joe could kneel between her legs and push his cock up her rectum. All the while, Sally knelt nearby, frigging Anna's clit and sucking on her stiff nipples, Anna's big breasts rolling up and down as she was deeply sodimized by the long, youthful cock.
"Fuck my arse," she cried, loving the rare chance to use profanity, "Yeah, fuck your cock in my shitter! Oooh, Joe! Oh, uh! Yeah."
"You like that, yes?" Joe asked, keeping his cool as he systematically shafted the lady's arse.
"Yes," she replied, hotly, "Oh fuck, yes! OH! Sally, keeping sucking my tits! That's good yeah, rub my clit. Frig me! OH GOD! I'm gonna fucking cum...yeah...fuck! FUCK!"
She climaxed hard, her two fuckers working hard to fuck, frig and suck her throughout the apogee of her joy, Sally burying three fingers to the knuckle in Anna's hot cunt, feeling her son's thrusting cock in the woman's rectal passage through the fleshy membrane that separated the two canals. Her torrent of barely comprehensible obsecenities died down, and Joe deccelerated his thrusting as Anna breathed hard and deeply, her forehead shiny with sweat.
"Fucking hell," she sighed, "That's the best orgasm I've had in a decade!"
"It looked it!" Sally smiled, and the two women exchanged kisses, Joe leaning down and kissing both women in turn.
The fucking resumed.
Sally got on her hands and knees again, her son behind her and fucking her hot cunt doggie-style, whilst Anna knelt beside the couple, reaching under Sally and frigging her clitoris. Sally had a powerful orgasm of her own after a while, her clit rubbed hard whilst her son's prick slammed up her cunt. Mother and son were successful in refraining from giving there relationship away, always referring to each other as 'Joe' and 'Sally'.
Once this position had broken up, Anna saw that the boy was still hard. She was desperate to taste his cum, and Joe was happy to oblige, laying back whilst his mum squatted over his face and offered her cunt to his tongue, whilst Anna knelt beside him and took his prick into her mouth. Anna was a little rusty on cocksucking, but it wasn't all that difficult to fellate the teenager until he climaxed. Driving his tongue up into his mum's cunt, Joe thrust his hips up and shot his jizz into Anna's mouth. She swallowed eagerly the creamy sperm as it squirted into her gullet, sloshing down her throat as she gulped whilst still sucking the lengthy prick. The flow ended eventually, Anna sitting up and wiping her lips, smiling to herself as she savoured the salty taste. Sally dismounted Joe before Anna fetched a glass of champagne for them all, which they sipped whilst lying across the large bed, taking a break.
Both women soon sucked Joe's dick together, the boy stiffening in no time and carrying on where he left off, fucking his mum and Anna whilst the two women took care of each other. Sally introduced Anna to fisting, having the older lady get on her knees and elbows before pushing her fist up into Anna's cunt. Meanwhile, Joe kneeled on the bed whilst Anna sucked on his cock, giving him a delightful blow-job whilst Sally's hand pumped her dripping cunt. Anna was eager to return the favour, fisting Sally whilst her own cunt was penetrated by Joe's ever-stiff cock.
For the finale, the two women got into a 69, Sally underneath. Joe knelt behind Anna and pushed his cock into the woman's cunt, fucking her hard whilst his mum licked the woman's clit and stretched vaginal lips, Anna meanwhile eating out Sally. Eventually, Joe pulled out from Anna's cunt and slid his dick into the woman's twitching butthole. He buggered her hard and fast, hunched over the writhing two women below him, his mother sucking on his scrotal sac then pushing her tongue up his arsehole. When his climax arrived, Joe tugged himself free of Anna's anus and jacked himself off, the first big wad of ejaculate launching out and going straight up into Anna's gaping butthole. The rest of his spurting seed splattered over Anna's spread buttocks, her cunt and his mum's face below.
When they'd eventually cleaned themselves up and dressed, the trio left the bedroom. The two exhausted ladies gave Joe $500 each which the boy gratefully pocketed before kissing his charming female companions farewell and leaving. Sally and Anna had a cup of coffee and chatted in the living room before Sally made her excuses, said her goodbyes, and left. She drove to the appointed meeting spot when she picked up Joe, who paid her back her $500. "As agreed," he said, "Your refund ma'am. Special 100% discount for relatives!"
His mum kissed him before she drove them both home.

The summer wore on. Joe went to Melanie's a few times through August. The lawyer, who remained stern and emotionally cold at work, turned into a nympho whenever her teenage stud came round, hungrily making up for years without sex. She usually took a half-day from work during the week and spent it in bed with Joe, the boy being a bit reluctant to accept money, as he was having such a good time. However, any such suggestion of doing it for free was rejected by Melanie. Whether it was because she was distancing herself emotionally from the boy, preferring that he remain just a temporary, paid lover, or whether it was because it was mere pocket change to her, Melanie insisted on paying him $1,000 each session. Not that Joe complained! On one occasion, Joe had a threesome with Melanie and his mum, once again keeping the fact that Sally was his mother a secret. A celibate workaholic just a few months ago, Melanie was actually the one who suggested getting it on with Sally, the two women fisting and licking each other whilst Joe fucked them silly, one after the other. He also met up with Anna a few more times, who also gladly coughed up a grand each time.
Joe and Lisa made a few more films thoughout the month, Lisa also having another gang-bang with a different group of men that Jimmy knew. Steve, meanwhile, was asked to go to a photography studio in Queens to be photographed for a Swedish child-porn mag. It was soft-core, so he didnt' have to do anything except stand around being snapped naked. He picked up as much for that as he did for films.
Finally, their mother, Sally, starred in more porn movies, having great fun and, with her children, adding greatly to the family's fortunes. She earned almost $25,000 over the summer, and with her previous fortune and investments paying for living expenses, it was all disposable. It was her thirty-sixth birthday on August 30th, and Steve and Lisa pooled their cash together and bought a camcorder for her. It was great fun! They made their own porn films, one of the children usually giggling and having a laugh and filming their siblings and mother having sex, keeping the shaky, amateur films of them fucking as private momentos.

It was Sunday, September 8th 2002. For Sally and her kids, it was the last day of the holidays, a long summer of sex, porn, incest and, above all, fun. School began again tomorrow, and despite all the activity over the last months, the children had managed to see their friends and keep up the appearance of nothing being in any way different. It was vital, they all knew, to keep their activities secret.
Shortly after nine o'clock in the evening, Sally, her two sons and daughter were all on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom. It was regarded as Sally and Joe's room now, for that's where the eldest child mainly slept, whilst Lisa had just moved full time into Steve's room. All of them were naked.
"So are we all looking forward to school," Sally asked, sipping a glass of wine.
"Sort of," shrugged Steve, "It'd be nice to have another week off."
"But it'll be good to be back out again and see more of our friends," Lisa pointed out. Joe nodded his head in agreement.
"It'll make you appreciate our evenings and weekends together," Sally pointed out, "What with you being away at school all day rather than just lying about the house constantly."
"I guess," Joe said, "What about your movie making careers Lisa, Steve? Are you planning on carrying on with them?"
"Probably not," shrugged Steve, "Me and Lisa decided."
"Yeah," Lisa agreed, "It might not fit in with schoolwork and we really don't want to interrupt that. It was more of an adventure than a career."
The girl laughed, pleasantly, looking as pretty as ever. She was twelve next month, and whilst still very slender and barely developed, her titties had grown a little in the last month or two, and she'd sprouted up and inch to four-foot-ten.
"I might go into the movies when I'm older," Steve added, "But for now me and Lisa are leaving it. Still, it was fun though. We made a lot of cash too, eh mum?"
"That's right sweety," Sally confirmed, "I've put it all in your's and Lisa's savings accounts for when you turn eighteen. I'll give you some cash here and there though, for shopping sprees. Are you saving your cash Joe?"
"Yeah," Joe replied, "I've got quiet a bit just from Melanie and Anna. Like I've said before, I feel a bit guilty sometimes getting paid, but they do insist so, hey, what the fuck eh? Anyway, I'm going to see them two every week or two, but I don't think I'll expand my little business! Most of the money is in my savings account for college next year."
"So you've just got two exclusive clients?" Steve asked his elder brother.
"Yeah, just Melanie and Anna" Joe said, "I'm not greedy. The only five hot chicks I need to quench my libido is my mum, my sister, my two mature millionaire lady-clients, and my girlfriend."
"You're girlfriend?" asked Sally.
"Yeah," replied Joe, "A girl in my class at school. I met her the other day in town, after screwing Melanie, and we're going out next weekend. She's my age. It'll be a novelty fucking a chick my own age!"
"Are you going to get a girlfriend Steve?" Lisa asked her brother.
"I don't need one," Steve insisted, "I've got mum, and I've got my hot little sister." He leaned over and kissed Lisa on the lips, daintily, Sally watching on and smiling warmly. She gulped down the remainder of her wine and put the glass on the bedside cabinet. Though she wore no clothes, she was wearing a gold-plated bracelet on her left wrist, a birthday present from Joe, as well as a silver necklace she'd bought for herself.
"So," the matriarch of the family began, clapping her hands to her firm thighs as she knelt up, "It's school tomorrow, so an early night is due. But I think we'll all sleep better if we tire ourselves out. Who's up for a fuck?"
"Me," Joe replied, stroking his cock that had been semi-hard for the half-hour they'd been up here talking on the bed.
"Me," Lisa replied, stroking her long dark hair from her cute, freckled face.
"Me too," Steve said, his cock harderning in Lisa's hand, his sister having been masturbating him for the last few minutes.
Joe went to his mum, laying her on her back and mounting her, sliding into her cunt, whilst nearby Lisa got on her hands and knees. Her brother got behind her, pondering which orifice to penetrate.
For the next hour, the room was full of the panting, slapping, grunting sounds of sex.