Randy Siblings & Horny Parents

(Incest - whole family, teen, oral, anal, group (MFmf/MMFFmf), double/triple pen, wife-swapping)

Part One

It was Julie's eighteenth birthday on March 14th, 2002. She got a fair number of presents from her parents, Dan and April, and also from her younger brother Andy.

The best present the High School student received though was a fantastic camera. She'd had a fondness for photography and had intented on incorporating some into her Art project at school. Her old camera was a bit battered though and, after dropping a number of hints, she got a brand new one for her from her mum and dad.

On March 16th, a Saturday, Julie was intending to put her camera to use. Her parents went out to the shops and then planned on visiting friends, meaning they were going to be out all day leaving Julie at home with her brother. Good, she thought. That would help her in her little mission.

Julie had photographed landscapes in the past, simply enjoying snapping shots of the suburban neighborhood and also the countryside around it. She mainly enjoyed taking photos of people though and had a vague ambition to run her own portrait-photography business. It was mainly a hobby though and, that Saturday morning as she sat in her bedroom, she'd planned on taking her photography skills to a new level. One that involved her dear brother, Andy.

It was almost ten o'clock, Dan and April having left the house for their day out.

Andy got out of the shower whilst humming some pop tune that he couldn't get out of his head as he towelled himself dry. Like most fifteen year old boys he couldn't resist having a look at himself in the mirror in a fit of vanity mixed with adolescent paranoia. Not that he had much to worry about. He was five-foot-ten and had a good firm torso. Very good in fact. He worked out with weights after school, not to build himself up into some sort of man-mountain, but just to make himself look toned and athletic, which he'd accomplished. He had a good six-pack abdomen, firm pecs and lithe but fairly muscular limbs. Like his sister Julie, Andy had dark brown hair and huge brown eyes. Andy looked at himself, decided he was still in good shape, and then put on his dressing gown, a big white Calvin Klein one.

He tied the belt on the gown then unlocked and opened the door, stepping out, still humming and almost leaping out of his skin when he came face to face with his sister.

"Hiya," Julie beamed. She was fairly tall, five-seven, just a couple of inches shorter her brother.

"Holy shit," spluttered Andy, stepping back, "You freaked me out."

"Sorry," Julie said, unsympathetically.

"What were you doing, standing waiting for me?"

"Kind of."

"What are you, weird or something?" laughed Andy. He got on very well with his big sister but sometimes struggled to put up with her 'artistic temperament' (as Julie called it; 'scatter brained, slightly eccentric, sometimes annoying, sometimes amusing temperament' was what Andy was inclined to think of it as).

Julie's dark brown hair was cut fairly short, ending just before her shoulders, some of it hanging in her pretty face giving her a casual look all the time. She was very attractive, no-one could deny, with her warm soft complexion and engaging smile. She was slim, her tits plump and pert and her legs very toned and beautiful, as Andy couldn't help but notice when he'd seen the girl sunbathing or swimming on holidays. Julie currently wore a tight white T-shirt, her black lacy bra visible beneath, and a pair of black jeans with 'trendy' tears and slashes here and there through the heavy denim. She was bare-foot.

"I need a favour," Julie said, her brother noticing that the girl was holding her beloved new camera that she'd received for her birthday a couple of days ago.

"What? You haven't broke your camera have you and you want me to fix it?"

"No no, the camera is fine. I need to take a photo of you."

"Yeah? Okay then, snap away."

Andy struck a blatently stupid pose in the bathroom doorway, one hand on his hips, the other on top of his head, tilting his head back and mockingly feigning a look of lust. His sister giggled then playfully punched the boy on his firm strong shoulder, knocking him out of his pose.

"No, silly, not here," she said, "Come on. Into my room."

She turned and marched off down the hallway, Andy sighing and following her. His sister was a good laugh, he had to admit, despite his tendency to take the piss out of her creative projects like this one.

Julie's room was large, at the back of the house, and very cluttered. Painting equipment, books and schoolwork cluttered up the shelves and one of the two desks, the other holding a PC. Pictures, both her own and prints from art stores, adorned nearly every inch of the walls, and there were more clothes scattered around on the bed and floor than there were in her wardrobe. A pair of lacy pink panties were amidst a pile of clothes on the floor, a white lacy bra slung over a chair next to a T-shirt, being just two of the items of underwear Andy couldn't help but spy as he stepped in to the room.

"What a mess," he sighed, "Mom never moans at you for being messy. I leave one item of clothing on my floor and she bitches for a week!"

"Well, I'm older," Julie sniffed, standing amid the clutter of her room and checking the film in her camera, "I can get away with more stuff."

"Yeah, whatever," shrugged Andy.

Julie put the camera to oneside, on a rare clear space on a desk, then shut the drapes. She turned on the main light then also flicked on two standing lamps, the room very well illuminated which only served to make it look more untidy because all the mess was visible.

"So," began Andy, "what are you going to call this photo then? 'Brother In My Messy Room' perhaps? Or, 'Andy, In A Dressing Gown, Standing In His Sister's Tip Of A Bedroom'?"

"No," Julie smiled, picking up the camera again, "It'll be called 'Nude Male'."

"What?" laughed Andy.

"'Nude Male'. Come on, off with the gown."

"Get outta here sis."

"Hey, look, you said you'd pose for me."

"Yeah, for a...portrait shot or something. Like the ones you've done before! I'm not standing here naked with my schlong out, you snapping away."

"Hey, that's not a professional attitude to take young man."

"I know, it's because I'm not a professional, I'm you're poor younger brother, lured in here by his bewitching, fiendish sister hell bent on snapping pictures of her brother's tackle."

Julie giggled.

"Come on," she said, "I'm serious. Really. Just take your gown off."

"Julie, what if someone sees them. Shit, what am I saying? People will see them when you get them developed."

"I've got my own dark room in the garage remember."

"Oh yeah. Well, it's still...freaky. What are the pictures going to be for? A school project?"

"No," Julie insisted, "Just for my own use."

"Oh," Andy grinned, nodding his head, "I see, hmmmm, yeah. Judge Andy has the following items of evidence. One: his sister Julie. Two: sister Julie's camera. Three: Julie's desire to photograph her brother naked, these photo's of him naked, being, quote 'for her own use'."

Julie giggled even more.

"The jury finds the defendent," continued Andy, "Mizz Julie, to be a total pervert."

"You know what I mean," Julie snapped, trying not to laugh, "I need to, you know, get used to photographing people naked, taking into account...light. And stuff. Come on, I've seen you naked before."


"When we had a bath together."

"Huh?" quizzed Andy."

"Remember?" his sister sighed, impatiently.

"Having a bath with you? Er...no. I don't recall it, which is funny because I think I would."

"Well, admittedly you were two and I was five," shrugged Julie, "But hey, what's so different about your body now, aged fifteen, compared to when you were two?"

"Oh, you know...this and that," shrugged Andy, who was feeling a strange thrill at the prospect of actually going ahead with this, with getting naked in front of his sister. He'd screwed a girl, on two occasions, earlier that year in the backseat of a car. But still, it was hardly a huge amount of sexual experience. Being naked in front of a girl, even his sister, was still a rather unusual and latently erotic idea.

"Are you going to strip or what?" his sister pouted.

"Only," grinned Andy, "if you do."

"What?" Julie gasped.

"Oh, now the shoe's on the other foot it's different isn't it? Such petulence in your voice when I won't strip but when I suggest you do it's all, gasp, shock, horror!"

"Why should I strip? I'm not the one being photographed."

"Yeah, well...it'd make me feel more comfortable."

"So," Julie began, copying her brother's earlier sarcasm, "you want to see your sister naked, because it would make you quote 'feel more comfortable'? And I'm the pervert?"

"Hey, look sis, you started this. You want to take a snap of me nude? Fine. Seriously, it's cool. I'll do it."

"No no," Julie petulently insisted, putting the camera to oneside and abruptly tugging off her T-shirt, "you want me to strip before you're comfortable enough to do so, then fine, I don't mind."

Julie reached round and undid her bra, slinging it with the rest of the clothes on the floor. Andy was rather wide-eyed at this, seeing his sister topless, her pert young titties, about a size 33C, her flat belly, her toned arms. She looked really gorgeous, he had to admit. Furthermore Julie was casually undoing her jeans and tugging them off too, kicking them aside. Now she wore just a pair of white cotton panties and, whilst giving her brother a smug, triumpant grin, she whipped them off too so that she stood totally nude. She was beautiful, her long legs bronzed and firm, her pubic hair deep brown and neatly trimmed around her cunt...

"Well?" Julie barked, interrupting her brother's visual appraisal of her body as she took the camera once again, "I'm naked. Now you strip buster."

There was no arguement this time. Andy undid the belt on the gown and took it off, slinging it across the bed. He too stood naked.

"My my," Julie whispered, then cleared her throat, "You've obviously been working out at the gym."

"Huh? Oh, er, thanks."

"You do look good, dear brother," Julie said, sincerely.

"So, er...do you."


"Absolutely. You look really hot sis. Now, c'mon, let's get on with this. How do you want me?"

Julie cleared her throat again.

"Just, I dunno, stand there. Hang on."

She looked at her camera, making sure it was wound up, giving her brother an opportunity to eye his naked sister up again. When Julie looked up ready to take a shot she couldn't help but glance down at her brother's groin. She'd noticed his cock a moment ago, hanging heavy from his sparsely haired groin, but now when she glanced down it was half-erect! It stood out at a 45-degree angle, looking as if it were stiffening by the second, a good six-inches and growing.

"Hey, nice boner Andy," Julie giggled, fascinated at the sight of the boy's dick. She wasn't a virgin, but like her brother her sexual experiences could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Andy, meanwhile, sighed with relief. He had realised he was getting a stiffy after looking at his sister standing there, nude, and he knew he couldn't hide it. He was convinced she'd shriek and run away so he was relieved to see her taking it light-heartedly.

"Yeah yeah," he shrugged, his sister still giggling, "Hey, whaddya expect?"

"What do I expect?" smirked Julie, glancing down yet again at her brother's erect cock, thrust out at a right-angle now, seven-inches in length, "I don't expect my brother to be in my room, naked, with a hard-on!"

"Look sis, you bought me in here and you got me to strip naked."

"Yeah," the girl admitted, barely aware of her own nudity, "but I didn't order you to get a boner."

"You pretty much did," Andy insisted.


"By stripping naked."

"Er..." began Julie.

"I'm a normal fifteen year old boy," Andy interrupted, "and you're a very...sexy eighteen year old girl, and you can't expect to stand their naked and not expect me to get a stiffie. Thus, it's your fault sis."

He smiled, smug.

Julie just scratched her nose.

"Very sexy am I?" she asked.

"Huh? Well, yeah. You are...very sexy."


"Welcome," shrugged Andy, blushing.

"Anyway," said Julie, blushing a little herself, "Er...I can't really take a photo of you standing there with a big boner. Can't you lose it or something."

"Only if..."

"If what?"

"Well, if you put some clothes back on."

"Ah, but you hesitate there didn't you," Julie teased her brother, "You don't your sister putting her clothes back on do you? You like seeing your...'very sexy' sister standing her naked don't you?"

"Yeah," admitted Andy, "What is this, 'Tease Andy About His Boner Day' or something."

"Why don't you whack off," continued Julie, "I mean, you might go more than a few minutes without a stiffie after that."

"So you're asking me to whack off in your bedroom sis?" sniggered Andy, his prick fully erect but his embarrasment gone, "Pervert!"

"Pervert am I?" retorted Julie, putting the camera aside and stepping towards her brother and glancing down at the heavy dick that was thrusting out towards her, "Then I ought to act like one and do this!"

She reached out with her right hand and gripped her brother's cock in her fist. She looked down, seeing her fingers wrapped round the seven-inch, vein riddled member, and she stroked back, peeling the foreskin back and revealing the swollen purple glands. Then she rolled the foreskin forward, feeling her brother instinctively pull back a little to increase the effect, then thrust forward a little on the downstroke. Julie finally looked up into her brother's eyes.

"Don't mind this do you?" Julie asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing," breathed her brother, softly, "That's...nice."

"Let me er...do it properly."

Julie did not have a great deal of experience doing this but she was confident when she knelt down, at eye-level with her brother's big cock. She took it in her fist more firmly at this angle, the purple cock-head hovering inches in front of her face as she began jacking her own brother off. She was fascinated by the feel of the dick. Her few fucks in her years had been drunken lays at parties so she hadn't got closely acquainted with this wonderful looking organ that men carried around with them. Julie's strokes grew faster and more confident, her eyes full of delight and awe as she kept her eye on her brother's cock, hearing Andy panting softly and clearly enjoying this.

Julie licked her lips and began contemplating sucking her brother's cock. Before she could hesitate she just went for it, placing her lips over the swollen end of his dick and sucking down a couple of inches into her mouth.

"Whoa," whispered Andy, looking down, hardly able to believe his eyes as his older sister gave him a blow job. Julie was fairly amateurish at this as she hadn't sucked a cock before, but Andy had never been sucked off before either so neither cared. Besides, there wasn't much to it. Julie just sucked down a good few inches of the thick hard member into her mouth and sucked, all the whilst jacking off the base of the shaft, Andy lightly thrusting his hips. His eyes fluttered as he felt his orgasm quickly rising.

"Sis," he stammered, "Julie, I'm gonna...cum...Julie? Uuuuh...."

His sperm erupted, Andy's legs shaky as his sperm erupted out in thick gouts. Julie had heard the warning but had seen no other option but to let Andy cum in her mouth. Besides she was curious as to what it would be like for a cock to blow off in her mouth. Now she had the chance, Andy's prick spewing out it's thick load into her mouth, the warm salty jism sliding easily down her throat as she gulped it down. It wasn't as bad as she thought, even quite nice tasting. Andy let out a long sigh as his prick spurted out the last of his load, Julie swallowing this down and finding herself sucking heartily on her brother's dick to get the last of his jizz out. She wanted more!

There was no more though, not just now anyway. Julie took her brother's dick, that was now softening a little, from her mouth and she stood up, wiping her shiny lips on the back of her forearm.

"Thanks," Andy shrugged, "You er...didn't have to do that sis."

"It was nice," the girl said, honestly, "I liked it. Did you?"

"Very much so! I haven't had a...er, blow-job before."

"I've never given one. Was it good?"


There was a pause, during which a little of Julie's bright, confident demeanour suddenly returned after the rather unusual little experience.

"Hey, listen," she said, "Have you ever, you know, done it to a woman?"

"Had sex?"

"That's right."

"Yeah," Andy replied, "Just a couple of times though. Have you had sex with a guy?"

"Just a couple of times," smiled Julie, "You ever performed oral on a girl?"

"You mean, eaten her cunt?"

Julie sniggered.

"Sorry I was unaware of the correct romantic phrase," she explained with a grin, "So have you? Eaten cunt?"


"Do you want to?"


Julie stepped round her brother and began clearing her stuff off the bed, shovelling the heap of clothes, fashion magazines and things onto the floor. Andy looked at his sister, feeling all inhibition lost as he just stared at her lovely young body. Bent over her bed and adjusting the pink duvet, Julie's arse was slightly thrust out and Andy got a good look at it, at those firm and shapely round cheeks, the elegent and deep cleft between them.

The bed ready, Julie got up onto it, laying back with no self-consiousness anymore, spreading her legs wide. Her cunt was a moist looking pink slit, the dark pubic hair round it trimmed and neat.

"Come on Andy," she invited her brother, "I don't know how your supposed to do this so just, you know, make it up as you go along. Like I did with you."

This sounded fine with her brother. Andy got onto the bed and knelt between Julie's parted legs. He licked his lips and leaned in, tentatively running the tip of his tongue over the moist lips of his sister's cunt. He hadn't seen a real life cunt close up like this so he just went for it, running his tongue up and down the moist slit. Julie was softly moaning with obvious pleasure at this so Andy kept it up, licking his sister's cunt.

A moment later he identified her clit so he reached up and rubbed it with the tips of his forefinger, stroking it whilst pushing his tongue up into her cunt, digging it into the interior of that hot slit. This worked wonders, evidently, Julie moaning louder, her thighs quivering either side of Andy's head as he worked on, encouraged by his sister's reactions. He licked her deeper, rubbed her clit faster and soon Julie was tossing head from side to side and panting with ecstasy in the throes of an orgasm.

When Andy finally knelt up, cunt juice slick on his chin, he was grinning proudly, looking at his sister laying dishevelled before him. "Cool!" her brother concluded.

"That was great bro!"

"You're welcome Julie."

Andy looked down and saw his prick now fully hard once more, seven-inches of raging hard meat thrusting heavenward.

"Hey Julie?" he began.

"Fuck me!" his sister urged him, anticipating her brother's request, "Fuck me Andy! Come on honey."

Her younger brother grinned and mounted her, sinking his hard cock into her wet cunt and driving it in to the hilt.

"Oh yeah sis," he laughed, thrilled at the feeling of her hot body under his, "You're so sexy!"

"You too," Julie replied, kissing the boy, "Now fuck me! I'm in need of it! Shaft my cunt with that nice big cock of yours."

Andy began to pull out from his sister until his prick almost left her cunt, and then he rammed it back in hard.

"Oh God," Julie gasped, wrapping her arms round her brother, "Yeah, fuck me! Go on, honey, yeah!"

Andy repeated his actions, pulling back then driving in to his sister and within a minute he'd made her climax again. Then he began to fuck her in shorter strokes, concentrating on humping her quickly and driving his cock into the depths of her cunt. The horny siblings kissed, their tongues squirming around in each other's mouths.

Andy felt himself tire a little after five minutes and his thrusting slowed down a bit. He took his mouth from Julie's to catch his breath, both of them breathing hard, pressed against each other. After a moment they exchanged knowing smiles, kissed again and once more Andi was humping his sister's cunt, driving his prick into the tight cunt. His second orgasm was approaching soon and he fucked faster and harder, taking his lips from Julie's and burying his face in her shoulder.

"I'm cumming Julie," he gasped, "I'm gonna cum...uuuuh....uh!"

"Cum in me!" Julie panted, reaching round and gripping her brother's strong buttocks, "Spurt your cum up, fuck me!"

"Fuck! God, yeah, Julie...fuck!"

The teenage boy spluttered out various lustful cries as he fired his thick semen into his sister's clutching twat, his load ejecting and filling her womb in a dozen thick pumps.

Andy let out a long sigh at the end of his climax, stopping his thrusting finally. After a moment he dismounted his sister and rolled to oneside, the naked brother and sister laying alongside each other.

"That was fun," concluded Julie after a moment.

The pair of them looked at each other and inexplicably started laughing.

An hour later the siblings were downstairs in the living room. Certain activities had distracted Julie from her original ambition to snap her brother in the nude. Instead the pair had showered together after they finally summoned the energy to get up. It had been a nice experience, standing in the big shower, soaping each other down. It was erotic, but not to the point of firing their lust up (yet) thanks to them being fairly spent already. They'd admired each other's bodies, Julie finding herself in love with her brother's hunky young frame and Andy concluding that his sister had the finest body and the prettiest face than any girl at school or any celebrity on TV.

Now, Andy was sitting on the big leather sofa in his jeans and a black jumper. He was watching the widescreen telly, an old re-run of Friends. Julie had gone to the kitchen a while ago and her cheerful humming could be heard eminating down the hallway.

"Lunchtime," Julie announced, sauntering into the living room. She was dressed now, in her torn black jeans from earlier and a rather strange pink top with two smiley faces over the chest area, where each nipple was, and ripped short to expose the girl's flat midrift.

Julie sat up close to her brother on the sofa and placed a couple of plates of sandwiches on the coffee table in front of them.

"Hey, cheers sis," Andy smiled.

"Your welcome honey," Julie said, and she gave her brother a big kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, what are we, married?" laughed her brother.

"Seriously though," Julie said, halting her brother's lunge for the sandwiches, "What do you think of what we did earlier? I mean, it wasn't really normal was it? For brothers and sisters to suck and fuck."

"Dunno," shrugged Andy, "I guess not. No. It was fun though yeah?"


"So, well...shall we do it again? Sometime?"

"Of course!" Julie said, cheerfully, "That's basically what I wanted to know, if you wanted to do it again. It was fun, yeah?"

"Certainly. I know my few sexual exploits have been rather droll, and so have yours from what you've told me, but this morning was great!"

"I agree."

"So let's do it loadsa times! Whenever we're alone! I mean, us being brother and sister must surely make it easier for us, because we're comfortable with each other."

"Couldn't have put it better myself," Julie confirmed, "In addition you're cuter and sexier than any guy I know!"

"And you're hotter than any girl I've ever met," Andy added, kissing his sister on the lips, their mouths lingering together.

They started to kiss again, their tongues coming into play, when the front door opened.

The siblings moved apart, shifting up away from each other a little on the sofa, Julie pushing her the drooping flop of hair out of her face even though it just flopped back over it again.

Their parents entered the living room with a few shopping bags each from clothes stores.

"Hi kids," their mum, April, smiled sweetly.

"Hi mum," the brother and sister said together.

"Well isn't this nice," Dan commented as he stood next to his wife, "Andy and Julie sitting down for lunch together! Makes a change from Andy playing his rock music too loud and Julie running up a massive phone bill chatting to her mates like they usually do when we're out."

"We're not that bad," insisted Andy.

"I know, I know," Dan said, "Just joking."

For a brief moment Andy wondered what it would be like to fuck his mum. After all, he'd just fucked his sister, so why not her? He often had lewd thoughts about his mum, just idle ones whilst jacking off, but now his inhibitions from incest had shattered he now briefly looked at her in a consciously desirable way.

April was thirty-nine years old and had a very dark and sultry appearance. Her hair was jet black and hung straight down past her shoulders. She was addicted to aerobics and tanning salons so she had a fantastic and slim body with bronzed skin. She was five-foot-seven, like her daughter Julie, and had the same big brown eyes as both her kids. Being a senior tourist guide for a big museum in the city meant April had to look good and she was therefore forgiven for her vanity. She wore at the moment a pair of high-heeled shoes and a black skirt that was long enough to be respectable but short enough to show her knees and her elegant calves. Her silken blouse was pink and tight around her tits which, like Julie's were medium sized but very healthy in shape and firmness.

Likewise, Julie was contemplating her father in a rather less-than daughterly manner. Though he worked in an office now, Dan had been a marine before he'd gotten married and, until six-years ago, a policeman. He was six-foot tall and had dark hair and big green eyes. His complexion was smooth and made him look younger than his forty-three years. Dan still kept in shape, visiting the gym along with his wife frequently and keeping his body a trim but strong 180lbs. Julie had often thought how handsome her father was, having told him repeatedly when she was a little girl, hugging proudly onto his legs as he came home in his policeman's uniform, and she still held that opinion now. Not as nice as Andy, she had to admit, but her dad was still a fine looking guy. She smiled inwardly at her secret thoughts, and the secret activity she'd got up to with Andy that morning, their parents none the wiser.

"Well," Dan sighed, "I'm off upstairs. Gotta try that new suit on."

"I'll join you," his wife added.

"Do you want me to make you lunch?" Julie asked them as they were leaving the room.

"No, it's okay honey," her father replied.

"Yeah, we're off out again soon," April added, "We're going to get changed and go to some friends house."

"Okay," Julie said, sweetly. As soon the parents had headed upstairs Julie turned to Andy and gave him a kiss.

"I know what I'll be doing all afternoon," the boy said.

"Driving your big dick into me!" whispered Julie, and kissed the boy again, "Come on, eat your lunch. It'll be a while until they clear off and we'll need our strength."

"Maybe we could ask them to join in," shrugged Andy, grabbing a sandwich and taking a bite.

"Huh? What did you say, dear brother?"

Andy swallowed his food and gave a lewd grin. "Nothing."

"No, you said something," Julie smirked, "You suggested mum and dad join in."


"Oh, they can't hear us. Heh! Have you got the hots for mum too?"

"Well...she's nice."

"So's dad, I think," Julie said, primly, "Anyway, let's keep our little dark desires to ourselves, at least for the moment. Eat up."

An hour later, with their parents out, the two siblings were upstairs. They'd chosen to go to Andy's room because it was, quite simply, tidier than his sister's. He had a big double bed underneath a large window and mirrored wardrobes on a wall alongside the bed that Julie thought would be a wonderfully kinky addition, to enable themselves watch each other.

They undressed, quite casually, and hopped naked onto the bed.

"What shall we do then sis?" asked Andy, kneeling opposite Julie and stroking her pert young breasts.

"Isn't this cool," Julie commented, reaching down and stroking her younger brother's thick, hard cock, "I mean, if you were with some chick, a girlfriend, you'd be worried about being a skillful lover, desperate to appear experienced and everything. If I was with some boyfriend he'd be trying to prove a point by just 'conquering' me and probably feeling threatened if I attempted to take charge. I don't know, we're not experts, but that's how I see it. However, with each other we're completely relaxed, being brother and sister."

"Very philisophical," Andy nodded, and kissed Julie, his hands still on her tits, "So what shall we do then?"

"Let's sixty-nine! We can pleasure each other at the same time. You go down below, you're heavier."


Andy lay back, legs apart, in the center of the bed. His beautiful sister elegantly mounted him, inverted, positioning her knees either side of the boy's head and lowering herself so that her cunt was just over his mouth, her pubic hair bristling his chin. She in turn had her brother's big cock right at her face and she held it aloft and fed it into her mouth, lowering her head and taking a good four of the seven inches into her throat. Andy got to work atthe other end, placing his mouth to his sister's slit and slithering his tongue up into her moist cunt, lapping hungrily at her inner lips and finding it moistening quickly.

Julie's head was bobbing at the other end, her short but wild brown hair flopping about as she sucked her brother's cock with an increasing confidence, her tongue running over the head whilst her lips encircled the shaft and ran up and down it.

The pair of them contentedly licked and sucked each other, forgetting about the outside world as they sixty-nine'd on the bed, the room silent but for slurping and smacking noises and moans of pleasure.

Even though she'd only given one blow-job before - that morning to Andy - Julie could already tell that her brother was approaching orgasm shortly. She didn't want him spurting his load just yet, even if his youth did mean he'd be able to get it up quickly afterwards. She took her mouth from the thick organ and dismounted the boy, even though she'd been thoroughly enjoying his oral attentions.

"Let's fuck now," Andy said, "Get astride me sis, you can go on top. Then I'll go on top."

Julie confirmed her agreement to this plan by simply putting it into action, swinging round and getting astride her brother, sinking her wet young cunt down onto his hard prick. She took him into her cunt to the hilt and rode him, smiling down lovingly at her young brother as she began to pick up pace. Andy reached up and stroked his sister's tits as he fucked his arse off the bed to meet his sister on the downstroke. Their rythm was matched perfectly, humping together and both panting lustfully.

"This is so good," Julie soon grunted, "Oh yeah, oh God Andy, your prick is so good in me! Uuuuh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

"Keep riding me sis," Andy said, thrusting his dick harder up into Julie's cunt, "Your cunt is so hot and tight! Yeah! Bounce away Julie, you hot slut, ride my cock! Oh yeah!"

"Don't shoot just yet honey."

"I won't, don't worry!"

They humped together like that for a few more minutes until Julia felt herself tire a little.

"Get off sis," her brother instructed her, "Lay back, I'll get on top and fuck you and shoot my cum up your twat."

The girl did so, spreading her legs and welcoming her brother on top of her. Andy planted his pole into her tight slit once again and fucked her in the missionary position. His climax was approaching but he skillfully held it back, fucking Julie hard until she climaxed.

"Fuck," his sister cried, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming Andy, I'm cumming! Your big dick is so good in my cunt, so big and hard! Fuck me, give it to me! Uuuh!"

Andy briefly thought how weird this was, having sex in his own room at his parents house, more importantly having sex with his sister! Then he realised that when he thought 'weird' he meant 'fantastic'! After a brief pause for breath he resumed his thrusting, humping his cock right into his sister's cunt.

"I'm cumming now Julie," he panted into her ear, "Here it is, my spunk in your cunt...uuuh, yeah! Yeah, fuck! God! Uuuuuh!"

His semen blasted out, shooting into the depths of his sister's womb, Julie kissing her brother deeply and drinking down his sighs of ecstasy. For a long twenty-five seconds Andy shot his thick wads of cum into Julie's cunt until, finally, his orgasm died away. He took his lips from his sister's.

"That was just as good as the first time," he said.

"Even better I thought," Julie responded, kissing her brother again, "Pull out honey, I'll suck your cock until it's hard again and we can fuck once more."

Andy dismounted his sister and lay on his back, watching as Julie got up, kneeling next to him and leaning down to suck on his prick. He was semi-erect but that state soon changed thanks to Julie who's skillful sucking and licking soon restored life into his organ. Within a few minutes it was fully stiff once more, Julie making sure it was fully ressurected by deep-throating the hard rod for a few extra minutes.

Finally she knelt up again, masturbating her brother's prick in her dainty fist.

"I've got an idea," she smiled, "I was thinking earlier how it would have been ideal if we could have lost our virginities to each other. Nothing can do about that really. But you can take my anal virginity."

"Yeah?" said Andy, sitting up.

"Sure, it'd be cool wouldn't it?"

"Absolutely! I've er...often fantastized about anal-sex with a woman, and I must admit I've eyed up your lovely arse more than a few times, especially in those tight jeans you usually wear. I'd love to fuck you in the arse sis."

"Then do so," Julie smiled, giving her brother a kiss, "You can take my anal-cherry. It'll be a first for you too then if my arse will be the first you'll fuck."

"We better get some lubrication I reckon, we want to do it properly. I don't want to hurt you."

"I'll get some vaseline. I think there's some in the bathroom."

Julie got off the bed and went out the room, leaving her brother jacking off his stiff dick and unable to believe how fantastic things were turning out! His gorgeous big sister, sucking his cock then letting him eat out her cunt and then fuck her. Now he'd fucked her again after a sixty-nine and, at Julie's suggestion, he was going to be fucking that gorgeous arse of hers!

A moment later Julie returned, carrying a small tub of Vaseline. She got onto the bed and applied some of the greasy substance to Andy's dick, slathering it on and licking her lips at the idea of this lovely big organ deflowering her bum.

"Put some on me now Andy," she said, handing the tub to her brother and getting on her hands and knees, the sexy eighteen year old brunette wiggling her cute arse in the air.

Andy got behind his sister and admired her bum, her lovely firm cheeks and the hairless little anus between them. It was pink and puckered, a lovely little ring just waiting for some attention.

"It looks as if it'll be a tight fit," Andy observed, "I don't want to put you off or anything sis, but are you sure you want to go ahead with it?"

"I'm sure, Andy. Don't worry, it'll work! I know it's possible. Just rub some of the Vaseline around my arsehole and then try and work a finger in. I'll tell you if it hurts, don't worry."

Andy followed his big sister's instructions, scooping some of the lubricant onto a his forefinger and placing it to his sister's anus. It twitched, instinctively, then relaxed as he began to roll his greased finger tip around it, applying the greasy substance into both the pink little orifice and the skin around it in the valley between Julie's spread arse-cheeks.

"Try pushing a finger in now," instructed his sister.

Andy did so, placing his forefinger to the arsehole and pushing. To his surprise the tip went in easily, Julie emitting no more than a slight sigh of enjoyment. He pushed his digit in to the knuckle and found that his sister seemed to react favorably to that and so, finally, he pushed his forefinger in to the knuckle into his sister's rectum. It felt nice and warm in there, the walls of his sister's shit-chute wet and slippery and soft. He slid his finger out then re-inserted it and did this a few times.

"It looks a little looser now Julie," he commented.

"Try two fingers," Julie suggested.

"Okay. Just say if it hurts or anything."

Andy placed the tips of his forefinger and indexfinger to his sister's slightly dilated arsehole and pushed, a little resistance being encountered at first the journey otherwise an easy one, both digits entirely wedged up Julie's arse.

"That feels nice," the girl panted, "Really nice! Mmmm. Wiggle your fingers about in there a bit...that's it...yeah. It feels nice! I can't wait to have your cock up there Andy! Take this as an approval stamp for the proposed operation! I want your dick in my arse, now Andy. Come and deflower your big sister's anus."

Andy grinned and took his fingers from out of Julie's sphincter. He put the tub of Vaseline aside and knelt up behind Julie, holding his prick steady in one hand whilst his other lay palm-down on his sister's lower back. With a look of concentration on his handsome and youthful face, the ultra-horny fifteen year old nudged his sister's arsehole with the greased head of his prick then began to be a little more forceful, applying pressure, squeezing the thick purple head up against Julie's arse-pucker. As had happened with his fingers, Andy's prick suddenly slid in, the first two inches forcing there way up through the sphincter.

"Oh Andy!!" gasped Julie, eyes wide as she looked straight ahead, a real feeling of penetration shooting through her body, "Wow, Andy, you're up there! I can feel it, fucked up my shitter!"

"Are you okay sis?" asked the boy, voice heavy with lust.

"Fine! Fine! More than fine, oh yeah, Andy, that is great! I feel so penetrated, so stuffed! Is there much up me?"

"No, not really. Just an inch or two."

"Then don't hesitate honey, fuck it all up me! Push, push away, drive your thick dong up into my rectum!"

Andy did so, grunting and giving a hard thrust and sinking all but a couple of inches forward into his sister's arse. The girl was panting with lust, in ecstasy at this.

"Just another couple of inches," Andy announced, and with a final heave he drove the rest of his shaft forward, his entire seven-inch prick wedged in the hot depths of Julie's rectum.

"Andy, baby," Julie was moaning, softly, "That is so good, so fantastic feeling! I thought it would feel weird and a bit painful but it's not, it's just so good, so hot! Is my arse good dear? Is my arse nice and tight?"

"It is Julie, I swear! It's the tightest little hole, so good and gripping!"

"Fuck me Andy, fuck my arse! Oh, our little fumblings this morning, as fantastic as they were, seem like a million years ago. I feel like all niavete has gone from us! Let's cast aside our novice status as fuckers, Andy, let's fuck like rampant lovers! I want to be fucked and buggered like a slut by you, my brother-stud!"

"Then I'll fuck and bugger you like a slut," Andy laughed, holding his sister by the hips and pulling all but a couple of inches of his cock from her arsehole, "I'll fuck you until you faint you lovely whore-sister!" With that he plunged all his meat up into her rectum and Julie, with a great deal of noise, was shaken by a powerful climax caused purely by her brother's fat cock drilling her shitter.

Andy set himself into a good pace, humping steadily but powerfully, his cock sliding to and fro in his sister's hot sucking arse.

Thanks to the previous ejaculation Andy was able to last a while, but his sister was bucking and quivering with ecstasy under his sodomistical thrusts that his next climax reared it's head after just ten-minutes. He was unable to fend it off so he just accepted it, ramming his cock right into the depths of his sister's bowels and fucking her mercilessly.

"Fuck my arse," wailed Julie, "Ram it right up me, into my shitter! UUUUH! AH, fuck, yeah, fuck! That's so good! YEAH!"

"I'm cumming in your shitter," her brother announced, his sperm exploding from his pistoning prick, "Yeah, right up your arse, all my thick sperm in your arse Julie! Oh fuck, oh yeah! What a sister you are, what a fucking lucky bastard I am to have a bum-slut like you for a sister, screaming her way through an orgasm whilst I unload my cum in her arse. Fuck! Uuuh, it's still spurting out!"

The last of his semen squirted from his prick into the back of Julie's rectum and, finally, the boy slowed down his thrusting. Then he stopped, his dick semi-erect in his sister's spermy crap-chute.

"That was superb," Julie concluded.

"I agree," Andy whispered, out of breath. He slid his tool from Julie's arse, noting how that orifice was no longer tight and pink but red, greased up, leaking sperm and gaping open a half-inch. Julie fell forward onto the bed, breathing hard, and Andy did likewise. They spent a good five minutes laying alongside each other and getting their breath back.

"Think we could do it again soon?" Julie later asked.

"Are you never satisfied?" her brother laughed.

"No, to put it simply!"

"We'll do it again later, yeah. Mom and dad will be a while."

"Hey, Andy? I've got an idea. She we see if mum and dad have any porn movies?"

"What?" grinned Andy, sitting up and looking at his sister, who was sitting up with a wicked look in her eye, "Why do you think they'd have porn movies?"

"I saw one once, in their room," Julie explained, "It was a blank tape left lying on the cabinet with their TV and VCR in their bedroom. It had no label so I took it into my room and put it on. It was a hardcore one! European I think. All these German guys fucking German women! Rather cool I thought. I put it back where I'd found it. I've never any others lying around so they must have a secret hiding place."

Andy grinned.

"Let's go hunting!"

"It'll be like treasure-hunt games we played as kids," Julie laughed, getting off the bed, her brother following, the nude teenagers scampering out the room and into their parent's.

They opened cupboards and drawers, looking around and giggling like kids, until Julie quickly spied a big briefcase on top of a wardrobe shelf.

"That looks suspicious," she said. Andy came over.

"It's not one dad uses for business. Let's get it!"

They hauled the briefcase down and placed it on the bed.

"Hmmm," pondered Andy, "Combination lock. Shit."

"Hey, they might not have locked it," giggled Julie.

"Okay," replied Andy. He pulled aside the small switches.

The the brother and sister's surprise and delight, the latches clicked open.

"Cool," whispered Julie.

Her brother opened up the case...

The items in the briefcase made Andy and Julie's eyes light up with shock, awe, bewilderment and excitement.

First off, to one side of the deep briefcase, was a stack of magazines. They were contact mags, promising 'Genuine singles and couples in the local area'. To the other side were a few video tapes with no labels. There were some packets of photos too, and some folded up letters.

"Contact mags?" Julie quizzed.

"What's this?" asked Andy, plucking out a sheaf of papers. It was printed out from a computer and stapled together.

"It says," he began, reading from the front page, "'Evergreen Moss Swingers Schedule'"

Evergreen Moss was the suburban area in the city they lived.

"Mom and dad are swingers," sniggered Julie.

Andy flicked through the small booklet.

"It's like a catalogue," he said, "It's full of details of the members, of all the people in their swinging-circle. It's all couples with a few singles too. They must all get together for afternoon orgies and shit! Whoa!"

"Are mum and dad there?"

"I assume so."

Andy flicked through, glancing at the details of various couples that were a part of this suburban little circle of wife-swappers and middle-aged sex addicts. There were no photos, but just a little description of various people along with their contact numbers and whether they were able to accomodate or travel or both for the little trists with the other sex-mad members. It only gave the first names, no surnames, but it wasn't long until the two siblings found their mum and dad's little entry. They read:

Dan is 43, an ex-marine and ex-policeman. He's six-foot tall, dark and handsome and has a nine-inch cock. He and his delightful wife April have been a part of the circle for two yeras. Dan can go like a porn-star apparantly and rarely tires. His wife is named April, an ultra-sexy 39 year old vixen who is keen on aerobics, which shows! This mother-of-two is a real hottie, dark and sultry looking with a body to die for. She has no inhibitions - she takes cocks up her cunt, arse and in her mouth and loves being cummed on. She's insatiable and, whilst very attached to her husband, loves the younger members of the Swinger's group and especially loves a young stud to fuck her cunt and another to fuck her arse at the same time. She's bisexual and loves screwing other ladies. Dan and April have been a member of the Evergreen Moss swinging-circle for a long time and are able to travel and interested in meeting up with couples or singles of either sex.

Underneath there was the home phone number for Dan and April. The kids recalled some people phoning up for their parents and being reluctant to leave messages if they weren't in. Clearly many other people in the circle of fuck-happy adults had this curious little contact booklent, a catalogue of like-minded people, and they would phone each other up and arrange to meet, either two couples or more or a whole party of dozens of people.

"Holy shit," gasped Andy, "It's full of members of this little circle of theirs! This is what they must do when they fuck off for afternoons...like today."

"Yeah," laughed Julie, "Hey, has it got a schedule or something? A list of 'meetings' or 'orgies' or whatever?"

"It's got one at the back. It details when and where the parties are. What date is is?"

"March 16th."

"Here it is. There's on this afternoon, at the house of some couple across town. Whoa! They'll be there now!"

"Fucking other couples," Julie said, in awe, "Cool! Who'd have thought eh?"

"Heh! The secrets of a respectable suburban couple eh? Excellent."

"What are these photos?" asked Julie, plucking a small envelope stuffed full of polaroid pics from the case. The two siblings flicked through them.

They were pictures of the orgies in question, snaps someone had taken whilst going around the large living rooms and bedrooms of the houses these swingers parties were held at. There was no censorship, no blanked out faces. The members were mostly between thirty and fifty years of age but a few younger couples in their twenties were there. Anything went it seemed! Women were being fucked and cummed on, guys humping different ladies in each shot. It wasn't long until one of Dan turned up.

"There's dad," gasped Julie.

The shot depicted her father standing and grinning at the camera whilst a much younger blonde woman knelt before him sucking his sizable prick. The description earlier had said Dan had a nine-inch prick and Julie realised it was no exagerration, judging by the bulge in the blonde's cheek as she fellated the well-hung ex-policeman.

"Where's mum?" Andy asked in anticipation.

The next photo showed Dan fucking a brunette lady from behind. The one after that showed April.

"There's mum," Julie said, "She's hot looking eh?"

The photo depicted their dark-haired mother on her own, striking a pose for the camera. She was naked, her firm tits out, her hands on her hips and thrusting out her pelvis to show off her furry cunt. In the next photo April was being fucked by two guys at once, one in her cunt, the other in her very fine arse. A later photo had April on her hands and knees, spitroasted, sucking her husband's prick whilst another man fucked her doggie-style. Andy almost shot his load when he saw another photo that showed his mum in a sixty-nine with a gorgeous Hispanic woman of about thirty, licking each other's pussies, and Julie loved the picture of her dad spurting his thick seed over the same Hispanic's woman's sizable tits, his cock long and hard in his pumping fist.

The teenagers flicking through these were speechless.

They hunted through the other contents of the briefcase. More contact mags. Another listing of orgies for their swingers circle. Some old correspondence with a young couple who'd promised to meet up with Dan and April for a foursome, the proposed dates being a month ago on days when Andy and Julie had been at school. It was, quite evident, that their parents spent a lot of time and energy devoting themselves to fucking with other people.

"Mom and dad are cool," Andy quietly concluded.

"Yeah!" his sister confirmed, "These tapes must be hard-core porn."

"Probably showing mum and dad!"

"I wouldn't be surprised. Hey, Andy, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Ooh, I don't know sis. You've got a warped mind, I might not be able to match whatever it is you're cooking up."

"Well, I was wondering if we could join in, with mum and dad."

"Turn up to their swinger's orgies?"

"Sort of. Maybe. No, I mean, join in with mum and dad. Them two, and us."

"What?" quizzed Andy, "You mean, fuck them? An orgy of you, mum, dad and me?"

"Sure! Hey, you mentioned earlier you thought mum was hot. I saw you glance at her. You have no inhibitions, you're clearly unable to find anything wrong in the idea of being a motherfucker. I've always thought the idea of screwing a woman would be fun too, and it says here that mum is bi-sexual. Plus I like dad too. His photos show him to be a real hunk with a nice big dick. Don't worry brother, it's still you I'm most fond of. I'd cast aside all the boys in the world to be with you after today, my dear brother, but not being a conventional relationship we should be able to turn our attentions to others, surely."

"I see what you mean," Andy said, "I love you too sis, but the nature of our incest is unconventional to start of with, so I can't think of anything wrong with us still seeking out other partners. And why not mum and dad? Yeah, mum is hot, these photos of her give me a stiffie, despite our afternoon's efforts already. Do you think they'd join in?"

"I think so," April said, "Yeah. I'm sure they would. They fuck other couples, they watch each other fuck...why not indulge in this with their children? After all, dad's fucking some much younger ladies in some of these pictures and is probably right now helping himself to the pussies and assholes of some twenty-something babes. What randy man such as him would turn down the charms of an eighteen year old girl, even if it's his own daughter?"

"Perhaps that'll excite him more," Andy said, stroking his prick which was re-stiffening, "Incest is a true delight, do you not think Julie? I'd fuck you in a second if you were just a girlfriend but being my sister who I've grown up with makes it even more delightful to fuck you. Dad should feel the same way."

"Same with mum," Julie said, also standing, her nipples standing erect on her young breasts, "She clearly loves being fucked by young studs, so what could be more fantastic for her to discover that there's a young stud under her own roof willing to fuck her. The absurd taboo surrounding incest has probably meant it may not have occured to mum to seduce you, but if you presented her your cock and your enthusiasm I can't imagine her turning away."

"Let's do it," Andy announced, decisively, "Let's seduce our own parents! Dad will fuck you and I'll fuck mum! We can have a great little orgy together."

"They'll be exhausted when they return tonight I think. Let's do it tomorrow."

"Okay. My cock is hard again sis, let's put all this stuff back and go to my room, I want to fuck you!"

They cleared up, placed the briefcase on the top shelf of the wardrobe, and hurried back to Andy's room.

There, the siblings sucked each other for a full half-hour, just switching places, Julie slurping on her brother's cock and Andy in turn nuzzling his head between her slippery thighs and sucking her to a couple of powerful orgasm. The Andy mounted Julie, fucking his cock right up into her cunt and shafting her in the missionary position. tugging his prick out, still unspent, so his sister could suck her juices from it.

"I wanna fuck your arse again," Andy eventually declared, "but from the front. I want to watch your face when by dick sinks right up into your bowels."

"Do it, Andy, do it!" Julie begged, laying on her back and grabbing her knees to pull them up, hoisting her legs right up to her chest with her arse thrust out, vulnerable and willing.

Her brother placed his saliva-slick cock to the entrance to his sister's bowels and heaved himself in, watching his sister's face contort with ecstasy as he drilled her bum. The youth sodomized Julie with short and quick strokes until his orgasm was finally rumbling up from his swollen balls. He flooded Julie's arse, hosing down her slippery rectal walls with his spurting seed, all the while leaning down to kiss his sister and taste her tongue as he finished unloading his nuts in her shitter.

After they'd showered and dressed, the siblings went downstairs, slobbing out in front of the TV. They were contemplating fucking again when their parents returned, brother and sister looking at their mum and dad in a different light as they came in, acting all innocent and asking them how their children's day was, Andy and Julie likewise pretending to be all innocent.

The evening passed off as normal but come midnight, with their parents in bed, Julie crept into Andy's room. They fucked, quietly, Andy spurting his seed into his sister's womb. Before Julie returned to her own bed they outlined their little plan for the morning.

Part Two

Sunday morning was very bright and sunny, though still cold. The chill hung in the air as the family had breakfast, all heavy with their own secrets.

As he usually did on Sundays, Dan got ready to go to the hardware store, DIY being a hobby of his for quite Sundays (when he and his wife weren't going to wife-swapping orgies).

"I'll come with you daddy," Julie said, slinging on her jacket and coming downstairs.

"Okay honey," her father said, puzzled, standing in the hallway and jingling his car-keys, "Do you want dropping off somewhere in town?"

"No, I'll just come to the hardware store with you."

"Why? I mean, your welcome to come but it's not really exciting."

"I know. I just feel like going out."

"Okay. Well, bye honey," Dan said to April, giving her a kiss as she walked past.

"Bye dear," said his wife, wearing just a fluffy pink dressing gown, her long black hair damp from a shower."

Dan and his daughter left the house.

April went into the living room, Andy sitting on the sofa in just his boxer shorts and a white T-shirt, his feet up on the coffee table.

"Don't put your feet on the table dear," April said.

"Sorry mum," Andy smirked, placing his feet on the floor.

"What have you got planned today then sweetheart?" April asked her son, sitting next to him and sipping her cup of black coffee.

"This and that."

"What do you mean, 'this and that'. You're being very cryptic today honey. And your sister. You sat and grinned at each other all through dinner last night and all through breakfast. You're up to something."

"No we're not," insisted Andy.

"You are," laughed his mother, "I can tell. Mom's can always tell when their children are up to something, especially their sons. You boys have no ability to contain themselves. Come on, spill the beans."

"Well," Andy began after a deep breath, "Yesterday me and Julie had sex. She wanted to photograph me nude, for some reason, and, well, we both ended up nude. I sprang a boner, she sucked me off, I returned the favour and then we had sex. We fucked all afternoon, having a great time and, though I know we shouldn't have, we explored your room. Julie found a porn-vid there once and we were trying to find it again. We saw the briefcase full of yours and dad's stuff, all the contact magazines and photos, things relating to your swinger's parties and orgies and shit. It was cool! Julie and me had sex again before you got back, presumably from your orgy yesterday across town."

April blinked.

Andy flashed her a grin.

April blinked again, in shock.

"This," he said, "is a longer 'shocked-pause' than I imagined."

"Ummm," his mother began, "well, er...thanks for being honest."

"Anyway," Andy continued, realising his mother was too stunned to be particularly talkative at the moment, "Julie and me were really excited you see because we thought that we'd have to continue sneaking about to have sex. We like it you see, and if we like having sex with each other there's clearly nothing wrong with it. However, once we found out you and dad were sex-mad swingers we thought that it would be okay to have it out in the open. You don't mind do you? I know it's incest and all that, but Julie and I really had fun yesterday, screwing each other, so you and dad aren't going to freak out are you?"

"Er..." his mother stammered, then had a sip of coffee which seemed to induce a small amount of composure, "Well, I guess not. If you two are happy and are careful. No, don't worry kid, I'm sure your dad will be cool about it. So am I. It's just, you know, a little...surprising! I mean, jeez Andy, you need some serious lessons in breaking news gently."

April laughed and sipped her coffee, Andy sighing with relief at his mother's reaction. Now on to the next part...

"Anyway," he continued, "This is the Big Revelation part mum. I want to have sex with you." He reached out and place a hand on part of his mother's thigh that was revealed through the gap in her dressing gown, finding the flesh warm and firm. His mother did not pull away. "There were photos," he continued, "of you and dad at the orgies. Like I said, sorry for going through all your private stuff, but they were hot! You're gorgeous mum, I've often thought of you sexually, in a kind of a half-dreamy way when I'm jacking off. You really are gorgeous. Anyway, you clearly love young studs and, well, I'm a young stud. What do you say mum?"

"I want," April began, "you to take off your clothes and fuck me."

"Yeah?" grinned her son.

"Andy, you won't believe how close this is to a script in my fantasies. So many times I've frigged myself in the bath thinking of you honey, always just as a fantasy and never thinking it would come true! I like women too, I've often looked at your beautiful sister when we've gone swimming together, getting changed in each other's presence. I've thought about her, and I've thought about you. I've had young men fuck me at an orgy and thought about it being you or seen the younger couples screwing and imagined them being you and your sister. Come on, honey, undress! I want to see your cock, I want to suck it and take it in me."

Andy leaned forward and kissed his mother, a long, lewd snog, sliding his tongue into her mouth. April reacted just as hotly, pushing her tongue into her son's mouth. The thirty-nine year old beauty felt her cunt moisten and her thighs quiver as she french-kissed her own horny young son, snogging him passionately. She pulled apart and the boy stood up in front of her, removing his T-shirt and revealing his sculpted torso, and then pulled down his shorts. His prick was rock-hard, seven-inches of iron-stiff cock thrust outwards to his mother's face.

Without hesitation April grabbed the base of her son's cock and took the head into her mouth, sucking hard, taking more of it into her throat and moaning inwardly with lust as she deep-throated her own child.

"You give good head mum," Andy panted, fucking his mother's face, "Yeah! Julie's good, but she needs practice. You do it perfectly! That's it mum, yeah! You can teach Julie, you can teach her to suck cocks. I guess you know now why she went out with dad to the hardware store. She's gone to seduce him. She'll have no difficulty, I'm sure. He's a randy, red-blooded male and my sister will have him hard and horny in seconds! He'll be fucking her! Do you like that mum? Do you like the thought of your husband fucking your daughter?"

"I do honey!" panted April, taking her son's stiff pole from her mouth, "Yeah, he'll fuck her in a second! She'll tell him what you've told me and he'll fuck her! Then they'll come back and we'll have a big fuck-fest together! Oh shit, this is good. Here honey, sit down, mummy's going to strip! I'm going to take this gown off and you're going to fuck me! Yeah, fuck your own mother hard until she cums!"

Andy sat down again, stroking his hard meat, watching as his mum stood and dropped her dressing gown to the floor, standing naked.

"Wow mum," he gasped, "You looked hot in those photos but it's nothing to seeing you in the flesh! The bare flesh! You're so hot! I'm going to fuck you!"

"Sit there honey," April said, "Stay there, I'll get on top of you, my randy little motherfucker!"

The hot mother got onto the sofa, astride her son's lap. Reaching down she held the boy's prick upright and rubbed the swollen end to her cunt, swirling the cock-head to her moist lips. After teasing the teenager she lowered herself, taking the prick deeper into her cunt and watching her son's eyes roll up in delight. Finally she was fully impaled on the youth, the thick organ wedged right up your cunt.

"Is that good?" she breathed, stroking Andy's hair, "Is it good, fucking your own mother?"

"It is mum! You're cunt is lovely and tight! So hot. Yeah. You're tits are almost level with me mum, lean back, I'm going to suck them."

He did so, leaning down and sucking on her nipples in turn. They were stiff and he suckled deeply on them, April moaning with joy as she rode her son gently, delighting in her own son's organ stuffed in her hot wet twat.

"I'm fucking you son," she grunted, riding the boy quicker now and running her hands through his hair, "I'm fucking my own son! Oh yeah, what a joy. I'm gonna ride this big dick until you cum! I want your sperm in my cunt you darling motherfucker."

"You are so hot mum," Andy said, taking his mouth from his mum's tits, "So fucking hot! Ride me, slut, but I won't cum yet! I want to eat out your cunt then I'll fuck you again and give you my sperm!"

The pair of them kissed, April bouncing on her son's prick, her firm arse-cheeks smacking against the boy's firm thighs. For ten-minutes she rode the lad and kissed him before she tired out and dismounted.

"I've been fucked by many guys," she said, sitting back on the sofa and flinging her legs apart, "but apart from your father I've never been so hot for a guy as you son! Come here, get down and suck my clit then fuck my cunt!"

Andy did so, kneeling on the floor and pushing his head up between his mother's thighs, sucking on her juicy clit. Using the knowledge from doing this to his sister a few times yesterday he ate out his mother's cunt with great enthusiasm until the randy slut was cumming, clamping her son's head in her thighs and wracked with an powerful orgasm under her own son's oral attention.

Andy then got up and rammed his prick deep into his mum's cunt once more, burying himself in to the hilt so his dark pubic hair bristled against her.

"I'm fuck you mum," he breathed into her lustful face, "I'm fucking your cunt! I'm a motherfucker and I love it! Let me fuck you, let me fuck you hard and shoot my sperm into your cunt slut!"

He began humping, fast and hard, his mother reduced to a shivering wreck of wanton whoredom under his cock-thrusts.

"Fuck me Andy," she wailed, "I love it, I love cocks in me, fucking my cunt! Fuck my twat hard and fire your load in me, you gorgeous stud! You motherfucker! Oh yeah, yeah, I'm going to cum again...Andy!! Yeah!"

Andy kissed his mother on the lips, ramming his tongue into her gullet and partially silencing her orgasmic cries. His own orgasm rose then, his hips thrusting and his prick spewing his thick semen into the womb of the woman who gave birth to him. Pulsating hard his cock unloaded thick lashings of semen into April's cunt, the woman actually feeling herself filling with her son's load.

When his climax finished, Andy finished thrusting, burying his head in his mother's shoulders and nuzzling her neck, just keeping himself in her cunt, his dick still stiff in her cum-flooded cunt.

"Oh son," April panted, stroking her boy's back, "That was fantastic! I can't wait for Julie to get home! Your dad will fuck her just as well as you fucked me! Then I want your dad to fuck me whilst I watch you fuck your sister! We can do so much, as a family. A nice family hobby. That'll be fucking great."

"I love you mum," Andy grinned, kissing her, "I could fuck you again, I'm stiff enough, but I'll wait. I'll wait for my slutty sister to get back with dad. She's instructed to only have him cum once whilst they're out so that he'll be ready for more when they get back."

"Well, let's hope they don't take long," April said, her son finally sliding his pole from her dripping twat, "I'm so fucking horny, I can't wait long."

Half-an-hour later the front door opened, Dan and his daughter entering the house.

In the living room, Andy and his mother sat naked on the sofa. They'd been eager to fuck since Andy had shot his load up his mother's cunt but had kept their promise of refraining from fucking a second time. However, as Andy sat back on the sofa, his mum was laying across his lap and sucking on his raging hard dick.

When her husband and daughter had entered the house April had sat up, taking her son's prick from her mouth. She kissed the boy and sat up next to him, awaiting the entrance of Dan and Julie.

They realised that everything had gone to plan when Dan and his daughter hurried into the living room with big grins on their faces. Dan was wearing his jeans and his jumper was untucked, Julie - wearing tight white jeans and a pink T-shirt - was similarly dishevelled.

"My my," Dan grinned, "What have we here? If I wasn't mistaken, I'd have thought that my fifteen year old son had just fucked his mother, my wife. I'd be angry if weren't for the fact that I know she's a slut who loves cock and, furthermore, if I hadn't just fucked my own daughter!"

"It went to plan brother," Julie smiled, striding to the sofa and giving Andy a lingering kiss, "Dad fucked me in the back seat of the car in a layby. We didn't even make it to the hardware store! I told him all about us, fucked him and then we came straight back."

"What great kids we have," Dan concluded, also stepping up to sofa and giving his wife a kiss, "That horny daughter or ours just bragged of fucking her brother then had me fuck her! What a morning! It seems as if young Andy has taken care of you, April, having clearly fucked your cunt hard whilst I was busy giving the same treatment to our slutty daughter."

"He has," confirmed April, "He fucks like a God! Just like you! Our orgies with our friends are great but as much as I've enjoyed being fucked by various other guys none has come close to the thrill I got from being fucked by my own son. The randy young fucker! He's like you Dan, he didn't even soften after his first cum, he's been sitting here stiff for ages. Let's have him fuck his sister."

"Good idea," Dan agreed, "I can't wait to watch you two fuck kids! Julie? Whip off those clothes again you randy little whore. Andy? I want you to fuck your sister, but don't cum because I want to you to fuck your mum again and I'll watch whilst fucking Julie."

Julie was already stripping, removing her clothes as if she were allergic to them. Andy just stood up, jacking off his stiff prick.

Dan stripped naked in a flash and sat down next to April, who gripped her husband's nine-inch cock and stroked his gently.

Now naked, Julie knelt down on the floor. Andy knelt in front of her, kissing her hotly on the mouth, his hands quickly straying to her tits and then down to her cunt which he lightly fingered, Julie all the while stroking her brother's hard dong. They liked having an audience, namely their parents, but they didn't let it get in the way of their own affectionate actions. Julie shortly lay back on the large furry rug in front of the fireplace, spreading her legs whilst her brother got down and ate out her cunt. He tongued her slit, rubbing her clitories whilst sucking and licking on her twat.

Watching this got April extra horny. She got onto the floor, not far from her offspring, and got on her hands and knees.

"Fuck me Dan," she panted, "Come and fuck my cunt from behind with your big dong and we can fuck whilst watching our kids do likewise."

Dad quickly got behind his wife, finding her cunt already hot and wet. He pushed his long cock up into her, sliding all nine-inches up into her womb to the hilt and, gripping the lustful woman's hips, he began to hump his wife whilst the incestuous teenagers before them continued unabated with their actions.

After licking his sister's cunt thoroughly, Andy got up and mounted her. He sank his hard cock into Julie's cunt and started fucking her lustfully.

"Oh God Andy," Julie panted, wrapping her legs round her younger brother's thrusting hips, "Fuck me! Fuck, that's good! Oh yeah, yeah!"

"Julie's twat is nice and tight eh son?" asked Dan, thrusting his pole up into April from behind, "Just like her fucking mother!"

"She is tight," grunted Andy, humping away, "Her cunt is great! I feels fantastic fucking my sister, just as fantastic as it was fucking my mum. Are you having fun Julie?"

"Yeah!" cried the girl, "Oh yeah, it's good! I love your dick in me bro, fuck me! Uuuh!"

"That's it girl," April said, "Take your brother's cock! There's nothing better in life than getting dicked by a hunky stud! Let your brother fuck you hard, but don't let him cum yet honey. Don't let him spurt his precious load. I want him to spurt it into me. You can have your father's sperm."

"Oh I won't let him shoot his sperm mum, don't worry. I'll let him fuck my cunt a bit longer then Andy can pull out of me and fuck you. Then daddy can fuck my cunt and fill his own daughter's womb with his spunk."

Dan was feeling his orgasm approaching but he held back, slowing down his thrusting and just gently fucking his wife. Then he pulled out of her, standing up with his nine-inches of meat jutting out obscenely from his groin.

"Get up son," he said to Andy, "I want to fuck your slutty sister now. You can fuck your mum, that cock-slut is hungry for cunt, she get's the shakes if she goes too long without getting fucked."

"Right away dad," Andy smiled, dismounting his sister and hurrying behind his mum. He slid his raging hard erection into her moist cunt and immediately began humping her doggie-style at a fast pace.

That left Julie sprawled on the ground with her legs spread and her glistening twat staring up at her father. Dan got down and sunk his organ into her, his daughter squealing with delight as she felt her cunt filling up with man-meat.

"Daddy, it's right up me," she grunted, "Right up my cunt! Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl ragged! Uuuh, yeah! I love getting fucked by my dad, and my brother!"

"Mom is just so hot," Andy was commented as he fucked that hot mature slut from behind, "You're so sexy mum, I love your cunt. I love fucking your cunt."

"Keep fucking me," April urged the teenager, "Shaft my cunt son, mummy's cunt needs fucking good and hard!!"

"I will mum, don't you worry. I'm going to fuck your hot cunt you slut whilst your husband fucks his daughter over there just as hard."

Andy concentrated on thrusting deep into his mum's cunt from behind. He loved looking at his mother's arse meanwhile, stroking those firm bronzed buttocks which were round, firm and mouthwatering. Her arsehole was a deep pink ring, surrounded by a small amount of black hair.

"Your arse is so good mum," he grunted, "I can see your anus mum, it's hot looking! Julie's is nice and pink and hairless, yours is darker with a bit of hair round it. I like the nice contrast! You're assholes are both nice looking though!! Your bum is fantastic you slut, and I think I might have to fuck it."

"Then fuck it," April begged her son, "It's no coincidence women have nice behinds! We don't have arses that please men so you can just turn us over and fuck her pussies, it's so that you'll want to fuck our arses. You've seen my photos, you little motherfucker, you've surely seen me taking dicks anally. I want my arsehole fucked now honey, I want you to take your big cock out my twat and stick it in my rectum."

"With pleasure mum," Andy said, sliding his pole from his mother's snatch, "I want to fuck you in the arse and I'm going to! I'll fill your hot arse with sperm. Hey dad, why don't you flip over Julie and fuck her arse?"

"Go for it dad," Julie urged her humping father, "I want this great big dick of yours in my bum!"

"I want to fuck your arse honey, I just wasn't sure if you were up for it."

"She is dad," Andy encourged his father, "I fucked her bum yesterday."

"That's right," confirmed Julie, "I hadn't taken it up the arse before until yesterday afternoon when my dear brother deflowered my bum. He shot two loads of jism up there the horny little bugger! Now come on dad, get off me and fuck my arse!"

Dan withrew from Julie and knelt up, stroking his nine-incher whilst Julie got on her hands and kness.

"What a nice arse," Dan said, stroking his daughter's buttocks, "Mmmm! I can see what you mean about Julie's arsehole son, it's nice and hairless and tight looking!"

Andy was barely paying attention, he was busy looking at his mother's anus and stroking his meat.

"Shall I lube you up mum, do we need Vaseline?"

"Don't bother honey," April said, "Your cock is surely slippery enough, all slick with saliva after I'd sucked it for ages, and it's dripping with mine and your sister's cunt juice. I've taken your dad's big dick and many other's in my arsehole so just go for it and drill it into me."

"Right away mum! I can't wait to bugger you, you horny slut!"

He placed the shiny head of his prick to his mother's hungry looking anus and began to push.

"Fuck it up me," April said, lustily, "Don't hesitate son, I can handle it. Drive it up into me motherfucker, fuck my arse!"

Andy pushed forth, watching his swollen prick-head slowly force his mother's sphincter open until he began to enter her.

"It's going in mum, yeah!"

With a thrust he sank a few more inches of his prick into his mother's arsehole.

"Keep going," April breathed, "Thrust the rest in, right up my arse!"

"Here it is mum," Andy said, thrusting the remainder of his cock into his mother's shitter so that all seven-inches of his throbbing shaft was buried in his mum's rectal chute.

"Oh honey," April panted, "Yeah, that's good. I love your dick in my arse honey, I love it! Fuck! Fuck me now, fuck my arse hard motherfucker!"

Julie was meanwhile on all fours whilst her father was sucking on her arsehole. Dan was licking his daughter's bum, swirling his tongue round that hairless ring and pushing it up into it. Then he got up with his immense member wobbling between Julie's buttocks. He pressed thick cock-head to Julie's anus and began to squeeze his way in.

Julie tensed up, gritting her teeth but managing to keep her arsehole relaxed as her father's cock began to squeeze it's way in.

"Don't worry honey," Dan said, pushing his meat into his daughter's behind inch by inch, "I know this cock of mine is pretty fucking big, but I deflowered your mother's arse with it when she was your age and I've fucked many chicks with it in the arse. Don't worry, it'll be up there soon and you can feel my big cock in your shit-hole!"

"Keep pushing dad," she urged him, "I can take it...uuuuh, it's a bit tight...but I can fuckin' take it."

Dan gave a final heave and buried the rest of his cock deep into his daughter's arsehole, Julie's tight ring snugly gripping the base of his dick.

"Right in your arse honey," Dan announced, fucking his daughter's bum with long slow strokes, "I'm right in to the fucking root you horny slut!"

"It's good daddy, I love your cock in my arse! UUuuuuh! Fuck my shitter hard dad!"

Nearby Andy was busy sodomizing his mother, pounding her arse with no mercy and driving the head of his cock deep into her bowels.

"Bugger your horny mother," April grunted, bucking her arse against her son's pumping pelvis, "Ram it up my shitter, that's good! Oh yeah, I love your cock in my arse motherfucker! Uh! Fuck! Look at your sister, she loves her dad's big prick in her shitter too."

"I'm about to blow mum," Andy announced, "I'm going to fire my sperm right up your fucking arse."

He thrust backwards and forwards even quicker, his mum tightening her anus round her son's shaft and awaiting for the beautiful eruption.

Andy then began to fire out his sperm, his cum thick and slimy as it spurted out into his mother's arsehole.

"Shoot it up me son," April groaned, "I can feel it squirting up me, right up my arsehole! Oh honey, I want your cum in my guts! Yeah!"

Her son continued spewing out his semen and thrusting his pumping cock until finally his climax began to ebb away. He stopped thrusting, letting out a long satisifed sigh as his prick-head oozed out the last of his jizz into his mum's bowels.

Finally he withdrew, sitting back on the floor, his youthful slim body slick with sweat. His mother turned and kissed her son on the mouth, sucking his tongue and running her hands over his firm stomach.

"My turn now," panted Dan, fucking Julie's arse faster and faster, "I'm gonna blow my nuts up your guts honey, right up your arse...uuuh....uh, shit...yeah, here it is honey! Here's daddy's sperm in your arse, fuck...fuck, what a tight arse! I'm cumming up it Julie, in your shitter...FUCK YEAH!"

His sperm pumped out in thick gouts, Julie bracing herself as her father shot his spunk into her rectal chute.

When he'd finished Dan slid his organ from his daughter's bowels. Seeing this, April stopped kissing her son and turned to her daughter.

"Julie honey?" she said, "Come and suck your brother's prick! It's rather soiled from having been up my arse and I'm sure he'd love his beautiful sister sucking his dick clean. Meanwhile I'll go and lick your dad's dirty prick clean."

Julie scampered over and quickly set about cleaning her brother's tool, tasting her mother's arse on the soft spermy prick which began to visibly stiffen with her actions. Across the room April was doing likewise with her father's tool, slobbering on it and sucking on the head.

"Aren't these sluts great son?" Dan grinned at Andy, "Look at 'em, licking our dicks! Your mum is sucking my cock clean of your sister's pooh and Julie is cleaning your mum's rectal juices off your dick! What fucking sluts!"

"I'm getting stiff again already dad! I'm gonna bone Julia next, you can fuck mum."

"I got a better idea," Dan announced, "We'll fuck 'em both, together. Your mum loves double-penetration, a hard dick in her cunt and another in her arse. Julie can give it a go too."

"That's sounds great dad!" his daughter said, momentarily taking her brother's meat from her lips, "I can't wait to try it!"

She got back to sucking Andy's cock whish was shortly rock hard once more.

"Hey Julie honey?" called April a few moments later, "Come here sweetheart, join me on the rug in front of the fire."

Julie did so and was a little taken aback when her mum, kneeling before her, clamped her lips to her own daughter's. Her tongue slid into Julie's mouth, squirming around, Julie responding tentatively at first then wholeheartedly, kissing her mother back. Dan and Andy jacked off their stiff dicks whilst they watched the naked mother and daughter kiss each other and stroke each other's breasts.

April pulled back from her daughter. "You're so hot Julie," she said, "I like fucking other women, I like sucking their tits, licking their pussies and assholes and fucking them with strap-ons. I want to do the same to you darling."

"I want to as well mum," grinned Julie, "I don't think I've ever thought about fucking another woman but I want to fuck you, you're so beautiful mum."

They kissed once more and soon April pushed her daughter onto her back so that she could mount her in a sixty-nine. The two ladies slurped at each other's pussies, licking hungrily the other's twat.

This was a fantastic sight for Dan and his son, both of them watching with delight as they masturbated.

The horny guys could not contain themselves for long though. Five minutes late with their big cocks nodding ahead of them they shuffled towards the mother and daughter.

"Come on ladies," Dan said, stroking the back of his daughter who was on top, "Plenty of time for that later, us guys want to fuck you."

"Who wants a double-fucking?" asked Andy.

"Me!" grinned Julie, raising her head from between her mother's legs, her chin dripping with cunt juice, "I want to be cunt and arse-fucked by you to horny fuckers!"

Positions were arranged. April sat back on an armchair, stroking her clit, whilst her husband lay on his back on the furry rug on the floor. He held his cock upright, nine-inches of quivering, stiff prick-meat. Julie got astride her father and carefully impaled her cunt onto her father's prick. Soon it was buried in her cunt to the hilt.

"Lean forward darling," April instructed her daughter, "Bare your arse for your brother, he'll stick his cock into your shitter."

Her daughter followed her mother's wise instructions, leaning forward with her pert young tits pressed against her father's chest. Her buttocks were spread and her anus, loose from her father's fat cock's invasion, was winking out at her brother. Andy got astride his father's legs behind Julie and placed the fiery tip of stiff dick to his sister's anus. He pushed the head in easily enough and held Julie's waist before humping forward, his glistening shaft gliding up into the girl's rectum in one long stroke.

"Fuck that's good," Julie wailed, "My fucking GOD! Oh God that's good, oh fuck! My dad's dick in my cunt and my brother's in my arsehole! Mom, this is fucking fantastic, I can see why you like this!"

"It's good isn't it?" grinned April, frigging her sopping cunt, "Go for it Andy, Dan. Fuck that slut! She's loving it! Fuck her hard!"

From below Dan was thrusting upwards, driving his prick up into Julie's cunt whilst his hands clamped over her tits. Andy was behind his sister, holding her waist still whilst his rammed his pole up into her rectum, her tight anus clutching his shaft tightly. Whenever he drove his cock forth Julie was humped upwards, half her father's dick sliding from out of her cunt. Then Andy would draw back and Julie would fall onto her father's cock, Dan in turn thrusting upwards, this rythm soon going a good way to making Julie climax. She was moaning with pleasure, wracked with ecstasy as her two holes were shafted.

"I'm cumming," she wailed, "Fuck me, I'm cumming! Shit, two big dicks in me at once, oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yeah, fuck me you two, ah! AH! Uuuuh!"

She almost fainted, growing semi-limp whilst her father and brother showed no mercy and continued fucking the girl throughout her hard orgasm.

Andy then slid his rod from his sister's rectum, his cock-head slipping from her anus with a 'pop'. Julie hauled herself from her father's cock and staggered to the sofa where she slumped, exhausted. April wasted no time in taking her place, getting astride her husband and impaling her tight cunt onto his prick. Andy then drove his hard dong up into his mum's bum, cramming it up into her rectum and delighting in the way the dark-haired slut quivered with ecstasy as she was double-fucked, Dan from below humping upwards once more. He drove his long cock into his wife's cunt and soon the rythm and pace was reached once more with Dan and Andy shafting April with their throbbing cocks.

"This is fucking heaven," April panted, smiling and sweaty, "Oh yeah, this is the best! The best fucking thing for a woman to be subjected to, a couple of big dicks in her at once! Fuck yeah! Andy, you're doing great, keep driving that hard cock up mummy's arse! Dan, love, you're doing fucking fantastic as always, driving that cock into my cunt! All nine-inches, up my fucking cunt. God, yeah, I think I'll fucking cum soon too! UUUUUH!"

She climaxed between her husband and son, both of them humping her hard so that the wanton slut did the same thing as her daughter earlier, all but swooning with orgasmic pleasure as she was solidly double-fucked.

"Shall we fill mum with our spunk?" Andy asked as his father.

"Let's cum on them," his father said, "Let's lay down these two sluts and spunk up all over their faces! Pull out of your mum's arse son, you can shoot all over her face and in her mouth so she can taste your jizz, I'll do the same to that slutty sister of yours."

Andy liked this idea. He pulled his prick, achingly stiff and on the brink of orgasm, from his mum's ravished and yawning arsehole, letting her clamber off from Dan.

Moments later April and Julie were laying on their backs, alongside each other. Andy was astride his mother's chest, his balls bouncing on her tits as he pumped his prick with his fist. Dan was doing the same with Julie, kneeling astride her whilst jacking off his cock with his prick pointing down in her pretty young face.

"I'm gonna spurt mum," Andy announced, "Here it us!"

"Drown me in it honey," April begged, then shut her eyes and opened her mouth as the geyser began! It was a prodigious flow, an explosion of thick sperm that splattered over her face.

Nearby Dan was cumming too, his fist blurring as he pumped his long dong and squirted his semen over his daughter's face, showering her in sticky white fluid. Julie was frigging her clit and orgasmed as she was given a slimy facial by her father, bringing herself to a climax as the cum rained over her.

Andy's ejaculation ended and he fell to oneside, totally spent, his mother sitting up and grinning with jism dripping all down her face and hanging from her chin. Dan got off his daughter and she also sat up, sperm oozing down her face.

"Let's clean each other up," she suggested to her mum, and April came over and started licking her daughter. Julie did the same to her mum, both of them licking the cum from each other's faces and kissing each other deeply.

"You've got a great mum son," Dan said to his son.

"And a great sister," nodded Andy.

Part Three

The family of four, half-an-hour later, were sat round the large round table in the kitchen, near the French windows that overlooked the vast garden. They were dressed, looking as fresh as a family just back from church, and eating lunch.

"So," Dan began, smiling as he looked at his delightful children, "you two are eager to join in with your mother and me in sexual adventures eh?"

"Absolutely," Andy said, on behalf of himself and his sister, "It's been great fucking each other and we would have been happy to do so, but as I said to mum this morning it's even better to not just have our relationship out in the open but to also include you two in it."

"Yeah," agreed Julie, "We can have loads of fun together. Do you think we could go to some of your wife-swapping orgies?"

"I'm not sure," April said, sipping some coffee, "Our friends are very liberal minded, as you'd expect, but incest is something they might shy from."

"Well," Dan began, "I do know of a brother and sister who turn up to some parties. The other month, when we hosted one here..."

"Here?" Andy gasped.

"That's right," his mother confirmed with a wicked grin, "You and your sister were out for the whole day and we had everything cleared up by the time you arrived."

"Anyway," Dan continued, "We hosted a party here, for our various friends from the contact magazines. There was a couple posing as man and wife in their early twenties but I later found out they were brother and sister. I didn't let them know I was aware of this for they might have been reluctant to come back. Society still has a great taboo about incest."

"We could pose as boyfriend and girlfriend," Julie suggested, holding her brother's hand on the table.

"Possible," April said, "None of our friends have seen you before. We'll see. For now though we'll concentrate on screwing each other."

"That sounds fine with me," Andy said, "A big wife-swapping orgy would be fun to attend but I'm just as content fucking you, mum, and Julie."

"That's what we'll do for now," Dan declared, "We've got all afternoon, and then there's every evening this week of course. It's going to be fun."

"How did you get into this scene of orgies?" asked Julie.

"It was quite a while back," he mother explained, "about eight years ago. Anyway, I was chatted up in a bar whilst on my own. I turned the guy down because I was married but when I told your father he said I should have fucked the guy if I'd have wanted to because, as he put it, 'when you're in a library you don't just take out one book and keep it!' He said that we can have one life-long partner to love but it was only natural to want plenty of partners for sex. So, I went back to the bar the next night and picked up the same guy. I went to his place and we fucked, the guy not at all bothered that I told him I was just in it for a one-night stand. Then I suggested to your father that he could do the same thing and he went out and had a one-night stand with another woman."

"We did this for a while," Dan said, picking up the story, "just having one-off sexual encounters. We found we were excited when we fucked together whilst regailing each other with various tales. Then your mum hit upon the idea of us getting it one with a couple so we got a contact magazine and ended up inviting over a rather nice young couple of newly weds, both only in their early twenties. With you kids packed off to babysitters your mum and me fucked this couple in the living room, the guy screwing your mum and me screwing our guest's wife. This happened a few times before we moved on to new couples. Then we went to house of a single guy and him and me fucked your mum silly. To even the balance we next selected a single lady, who, along with your mum, drained my nuts! Soon enough we were in touch with a wife-swapping circle. Sometimes we'd split off into couples, a different partner each time. It was great, we'd draw lots and go off to the various rooms in whichever house the party was hosted - sometimes this one, you kids again being at friend's or babysitter's houses. Sometimes I'd end up with a young woman, other times a lady in her fifties. Things were spiced up when I suggested we all just have orgies so there'd be a load of couples - sometimes a few, other times up to a dozen! - all humping and fucking and changing partners on a whim. Your mum screwed other women too which was a big turn on!"

"Sounds fun," Julie grinned.

"It was," her mother confirmed, "and indeed still is. We go to these sorts of parties regularly. Sometimes your father picks up a lady when he's on business to fuck, maybe even a hooker. None of this stops us from loving each other and it's great fun for us all. Now, with you kids involved, it's going to be even more fun!"

"What's the most interesting thing you've done at one of these orgies of yours dad?" Julie asked.

"I think it was the time the other month," Dan replied, "when your mum took five guys on at once! There were just two couples there and three single men, so your mother and the other woman were spoilt for choice when it came to cocks! Your mum was greedy though, she had all five in one time. One guy fucked her cunt, one fucked her arse whilst she sucked off a third man, who happened to be myself. Finally she jacked off the cocks of the remaining two men. We all cummed together! Your mum was drowning in sperm, me and the other two she was mastrubating spurting our seed all over her face and in her hair,whilst the other guys shot their loads into her cunt and arse."

"Wow," gasped Julie, in awe.

"I think," April began, "that one of the most exciting times recently was with a girl of sixteen. Your father picked her up in a bar and fucked her. This was in town and the girl was only too happy when your father boldly suggested I get involved. Once again, with you kids out the house, we had the sixteen year old girl - she was black, very attractive with no inhibitions whatsoever - came round and your dad and me fucked her to exhaustion."

"Hey," grinned Andy, "I've got an idea. Why don't we have our own partner-swap tonight? Mom, you can sleep with me tonight and dad can take Julie to bed."

"I'm up for that!" Julie declared, "I love my brother of course, being my own generation I consider him my 'partner' here, but dad, you're super-sexy too and I'd love to go to bed with you. I'm sure you'd fuck me to exhaustion."

"I'll certainly do that honey," her father promised, "Andy? I hope you haven't bitten off more than you can chew with regards to your mum! She's a real cock-hungry slut. You may be fifteen and almost permanently erect and overflowing with hormones but your mother may still wear you out before she's satisfied."

"Well, I can but try my best," Andy laughed, and leaned in to give his mother a lewd kiss, "I'll fuck her silly. I'll fuck the cunt from which I emerged and fill it with sperm and make mum cum, then I'll flip her over and fuck her arse, and I'll wager that I should still be in a state to fuck her hungry mouth and give her a nice salty drink!"

"That would be the best gift to a mother a son can give," April declared, excited, "Julie, I'm sure you'll be treated likewise by your father."

"I hope so," the charming eighteen year old girl smirked.

"You will," Dan promised, kissing his daughter, slipping a tongue into her mouth before pulling away and fondling the girl's tits through her tight T-shirt, "I shall have you exhausted with multiple-orgasms then I shall fuck you some more. Andy? Don't underestimate your mum! You'll have to work hard to satisfy her. It's good that you enjoy fucking girl's arses too, Andy, because your mum is very much in love with the delights of sodomy and don't be surprised when the slut demands you fuck her arse more often than her cunt."

"I'll bare that in mind dad," laughed Andy, reaching under the table to squeeze his mum's thigh before kissing her once again.

"Let's finish breakfast," April then said, soberly, "We'll clear away these dishes afterwards and relax for a while, recover our strength for some more fun in the living room. We can split into our couples tonight but for this afternoon we can all fuck together, a big family-orgy."

"Sound's good," Julie said.

The family elected to remain in the living room for their afternoon's fun.

Clothes were rapidly shed and flung onto the floor, the parents and their children already perfectly at ease with each other's nudity, a far cry from the fuss Andy had made twenty-four hours earlier when his sister had proposed to photograph him nude.

This thought occured to Andy as he, his parents and his sister congregated in the center of the room in readiness for fucking.

"I was just thinking," he began, "Julie has a camera, and of course her own dark room. I think we could take photos of ourselves in action."

"Yeah," April smiled, "Good idea! You've seen the photos me and your dad have had during our parties but it would be even better to have some of our incestuous couplings."

"Plus those current photos are just polaroids," Dan said, "With Julie's equipment we can have proper photos taken."

"That would be so cool," Julie insisted, "Shall I get the camera now?"

"There's plenty of time for that later dear," April said, kneeling in front of Andy, "Let's do that another time, right now I'm ultra horny and desperate for a fuck."

"Okay," Julie said, kneeling in front of her father, "I can use my photo skills to make our own hard-core porn collection!"

With that, she took her father's long cock and started sucking on it, her mother doing likewise with Andy, the two guys in heaven as they were fellated.

"Isn't your mum a good cocksucker?" Dan grinned at his son.

"Damn right dad! She's giving me a great blow-job, she's got a good five-inches of my prick in her gob. What about Julie? She's not too bad herself."

"She's fine son. Alway's room for improvement when it comes to the finer techniques but otherwise she's doing the job great."

The girls sucked the gentlemen for a few more minutes before they moved aside.

"About time you returned the favour guys," April said, "Come on Julie, let's sit on the sofa and spread our legs. These two studs can suck our pussies and then they can fuck us."

So April and her daughter sat next to each other on the sofa with their thigh's apart, their juicy slits exposed. Andy crawled in between his mother's legs and started licking her out, Dan doing the same to his daughter. They licked and tongued those hot cunts until the women were moaning with pleasure, stroking their tits and shivering with pleasure.

Dan and Andy were incredibly erect when they came up for air.

"Fuck you mother," Dan ordered his son, "Fuck her hard, and I'll fuck my daughter."

"Shove it all in," April ordered Andy. The boy placed his cock to the entrance of her dripping cunt and he pushed his way, sinking all seven-inches of his rock hard rod up into his mother's twat. He began fucking her hard immediately, kissing his mother lustily and sucking on her tongue.

Next to them Dan was giving his daughter the same treatment, humping her cunt whilst kissing her, his hands groping her firm tits. The guys screwed the girls at a hard pace, their buttocks tightening as they drove their members into April and Julie's cunts, the atmosphere in the room growing steamier by the minute.

After a while Dan slowed down then parted from his daughter, his long tool glistening with cunt-juice as it emerged from Julie's tight young cunt.

"Let's switch over kid," he said to Andy, "Give your sister a good go with that cock of yours, I'll take care of your mother."

Andy took his lips from his mother's and withdrew his dick from her slit. He and his father shuffled over and took up their new posts.

"I want your cock in me," Julie panted to Andy, stroking his chest as she sat back with her legs still spread, "Fuck it up me, into my twat! I love you Andy and I want you to fuck me!"

"I love you too slut," Andy grinned, pushing his dong up into his sister's cunt, sliding it all the way in before he leaned down and kissed her hotly on the mouth.

"What a loving pair of kids we've got," April smiled, then looked to her husband, "Fuck that cock in me dear, shaft me hard."

Dan obeyed glady, heaving his thick cock up into his wife's cunt. He began fucking her at a good pace, stroking his wife's tits and pinching her stiff nipples lightly. He slammed his prick into her cunt, driving it in hard.

Shortly, Andy took his mouth from his sister's.

"I'm cumming," he announced, fucking harder, "Yeah, I'm gonna cum, right in your cunt sis. UUUUH!"

His sperm exploded out into Julie's womb, his prick twitching as it belched forth thick wads of semen.

"Fire into me," Julie panted, "Shoot that sperm right up my cunt. Yeah! Fuck me, fuck me! GOD yeah!"

Andy's thrusts began to slow as his nuts emptied, his sperm squirts dying down. Finally he stopped and gave his sister another lingering kiss before he withdrew from her.

Dan decided to unleash his sperm at that moment, fucking his wife's twat harder until he squirted his load into her, his cum hosing down her womb.

"Oh yeah Dan," April wailed, her body humped up the sofa with her husband's strong thrusts, "Shoot that semen into my cunt, yeah. Oh God yeah! Uuuuh!"

Dan blasted the last of his load into his wife before he gave her a kiss and slid out from her. The father and son lay back on the floor, tired out once again. April was not finished yet and she got onto the floor, kneeling in front of Julie and diving her head in between her daughter's thighs. She sucked her cunt, driving her tongue up there and licking out the cum and juice.

"Mom, that's hot," Julie quivered, "Yeah, that's good! What a slut mum is, not content with being fucked by dad she's now sucking her son's sperm from my twat, licking it all out! That's it mum, ah, that's good. That's fucking good! Lick my cunt! Suck Andy's sperm from there! I'll pay you the same service!"

Sure enough, once April had licked out her daughter, she sat back whilst Julie got down and licked her cunt. She did a good job, spending five whole minutes tongueing her mum's cunt and licking out her dad's spunk from that dripping slit.

Naturally, this exciting show had Dan and Andy erect once again, their rods standing upright as they sat up on the floor watching the mother and daughter licking each other's juicy cunts.

"Let's give these sluts some double-fucking again dad," Andy suggested.

"Good idea son. You can take their pussies this time and I shall fuck their arses."

"Okay dad."

"Ladies? Who wants to go first."

"I will," April said, "I'm hot more cock, I can't wait a moment longer. Julie, sweetheart, stay nearby this time so you can suck on my tits and I can kiss you, I want to explore your charms whilst your father and brother fuck my insatiable holes."

"Right away mum."

Andy lay on his back on the floor and his mother mounted him, taking her son's prick deep into her snatch. April leaned forward and her husband got behind and sucked on his fingers before working them into his wife's arsehole, pushing the digits into the knuckle and wiggling them around to get April's shitter loosened up. Then he tugged out his fingers and placed the head of his cock to April's anus, easing forward and, in no time at all, he had his tool in his wife's bum to the very root. Impaled on two pricks, April then had Julie kneel nearby and, as promised, she kissed her daughter lovingly, thrusting her tongue into her gullet whilst Andy and Dan began fucking the mature sexy slut between them, April moaning ecstastically into Julie's mouth as she was humped in the incestuous sandwich.

Julie shortly took her mouth from her mother's and leaned down to suck on her tits in turn, suckling on those nipples until they were as hard as bullets in between her lips.

"My God this is great," sighed April, hair dishevelled, "Fucked in the cunt and arse once again whilst my daughter sucks my tits! Oh yeah, fucking hell! Yeah, fuck me everyone, drive me to a climax! UUUUH!"

Dan sodomized his wife with increasingly faster strokes whilst Andy fucked his prick into April's cunt, thrusting hard whilst he had a good view of his sister sucking their mum's tits. April was soon cumming, wailing with delight as she was hit by a powerful climax.

Luckily the two guys did not climax and their pricks were very stiff when they finally emerged from April's exhausted body. Now it was Julie's turn and that tall and sexy young lady wasted no time in mounting her brother and taking his cock in her cunt, her father quickly spearing her bowels with his own big cock. As Julie was double-fucked her mother sucked on her tits and in a little while Julie was climaxing just as hard as her mother had done.

Andy lost his seed too, humping upwards and blasting his thick cum into Julie's twat, his mother sensing this and turning to Andy, kissing him on the mouth throughout the boy's apogee of sexual joy. His sperm filled his sister's womb, and just as the boy's flow was ending, Dan's started. The randy gentleman held his daughter's shoulders and drove his meat far into her arse and discharged his thick cream, the semen sloshing up into Julie's guts whilst her sphincter twtiched tautly round the base of her father's pumping cock.

The four of them broke up, once again sweaty and tired but all of them already anticipating the next session.

With some difficulty the family managed to go without sex for the rest of the day, saving themselves for the night.

Dan finally got to the hardware store and came home to do his DIY, Julie played around with her new camera in the garden, snapping shots of wild-life, April got to work on Sunday dinner in the kitchen whilst Andy went to the gym then went to see a friend.

After supper, it was approaching ten o'clock and the family were eager to get to bed and fuck through the night. It was Monday tomorrow but the prospect of school and work for the four of them did no put off the prospect of a late night for them all.

Dan went to his bed with Julie, the girl already hurrying out of her clothes whilst Dan gently shut the door on the rest of the house.

In the next room, meanwhile, Andy lay on his large double bed, naked, waiting for his mother who had gone to the bathroom.

"Ready honey?" came a his mother's voice from beyond his door.

"Yeah mum," Andy replied, stroking his impressive erection, "Come in!"

April stepped into the room, shutting the door behind her. Her long black hair was hanging down, sexily, and she had dark eye-liner on round her eyes and deep red lipstick making her look even more sultry and steamy! April had on a pair of lacy white stockings and a matching garter belt that contrasted with her bronzed flesh. Otherwise, she was naked, her body slightly damp from a recent shower, her pert tits sparkling in the bright main-light that burned over the bed.

"You look so hot mum," Andy smiled, "Come on, hop onto the bed, I'm going to fuck you!"

"With pleasure son," April replied, sauntering provocatively to the bed and getting onto it. She leaned over her son and kissed him hotly on the lips, their tongues slipping into each other's mouths, before she went down his body and began sucking on his cock. She deep-throated him, taking four inches into her mouth and slurping greedily on her own son's beautiful penis. Her arse was in reach of Andy who reached round and tickled her cunt with his fingers, sliding a digit or two up there and giving his mum a thrill. She continued to suck the boy's cock, her head bobbing and her dark hair draped over his firm, sculpted stomach.

Then Andy place a forefinger - slick with cunt-juice - to his mother's tight little arsehole and worked the tip of the finger around that puckered ring, smearing the juice round it. That enabled him to work the tip of his finger into the orifice and, wiggling away, it was soon in to the knuckle. He swirled his digit around in his mother's rectum, feeling the greasy soft walls of her chute. April was emitting gagged moans of pleasure at this titillating treatment whilst she slurped on Andy's prick.

Eventually she took the cock from her mouth, having left a few red smears from her shiny lipstick on the shaft.

"I want to fuck you son," she told the boy, "I'm going to mount you and impale myself on this big cock, take it right into my cunt. I'll get in nice and slick with my juices. Then I'll get up and impale my arse on it. You heard your dad earlier son, I love taking cock in my arse."

"I loved fucking your arsehole earlier mum," Andy told her, sliding his finger from his mum's butthole, "I shot my cum right up into it! I'll do it again because I'm a randy motherfucker, I can't wait to fuck your arse mum, it's perfect!"

Spurred on by her son's lewd promise, April got astride her son's hips. Andy held his cock upright so that the saliva-slick tip rubbed against the lips of his mother's vagina before his mum began to lower herself, her son's shaft dissapearing steadily into her cunt. Soon enough it was wedged entirely in April's cunt and she shivered with joy with her son's dick buried fully in her womb.

"Your cunt is so hot mum, so tight and slick!" declared Andy, "Ride me mum, bounce on my fucking cock!"

"I will son," grinned April, beginning to lift herself up and down with her firm tits jiggling, "Yeah, I love your prick in, me it feels so hot! Oh yeah, fuck me son, thrust up to meet me!"

Andy began doing just that, gripping his mother's hips and thrusting his arse off the bed to meet his mother as she fell down onto his prick, then pulling back down when his mum raised up, half of cock sliding out of her cunt before she bought herself down once more. The two of them humped together, moaning and panting with delight as they copulated incestuously.

After five minutes, as promised, April stopped riding her son and raised herself up to the point where the boy's stiff cock slid from her cunt and slapped onto his lower belly like a greasy iron pole. She reached down and held it back upright but this time placed the head to her anus.

"Do it mum," Andy breathed, hotly, "Lower yourself onto my dick, take it into your shitter!"

"That's the plan son. Do you want me to? Do you want mummy to impale her arsehole on your cock you randy little motherfucker?"

"I do mum, I can't wait!"

April gave a sly grin then began lowering, not batting an eyelid as her arsehole strained to instinctively resist the invasion before it bloomed open, Andy's cockhead slipping into his mother's arsehole. April did not paused for breath. She'd taken many cocks - her husband's and others - in her arse and her son's raging stiff pole held no fear for this sodimistical, incestuous beauty. She continued lowering herself and more and more of Andy's prick was swallowed up by his mum's anus until he was all up there, his mum's buttocks pressed against his pelvis, the very base of his seven-incher encircled by his mother's taut anus.

"Your arse is so good mum," he panted, "So fucking tight even though you've surely been bum-fucked a million times before!"

April began her rythm once more, lifting herself until half her son's cock emerged from her arse before she dropped down again, repeating this and soon building up a good pace. Andy fucked her from below, this time reaching up to stroke his mother's tits as he thrust up into her bowels. His cock was rock hard and pulsing in his mother's greasy rectum, April building up pace after a few minutes and breathing deeply with lust as her arse rode her son's dick.

This lasted for another five-minutes before April tired out a little.

"Dismount me mum," Andy said, "I'll take over the hard work now."

"Okay son," April replied, getting off her son, his cock sliding wetly from her clasping anus. She got onto her hands and knees with her mouthwatering buttocks thrust high in the air, her anus yawning and hungry for cock. Andy wasted no time in kneeling behind his mum. He paid some oral respects to her arse first, bending down and slipping his tongue into her bum and rimming her thirstily. Eventually he knelt back up and placed the head of his raging cock to her anus and pushed. With little difficulty his member sank right up into his mum's arse and he commenced fucking her with hard and fast thrusts.

"Oh mum," he panted, "I just love fucking your arse! I love fucking your cunt too and I know you like that, but this is what your really like don't you mummy? You're a real fucking anal-slut. When I fucked you in the arse this morning you reacted so favorably that I already knew what dad later confirmed, that you prefer it in the arse. You're lucky, I love giving it up the arse too and I'm going to fuck your arse until I cum!"

"That's what I want son," April grunted, "I want your sperm in my bowels! Buggery is my true delight and whilst your father's big nine-incher generally satisfies me I think I'm going to need your heavy cock in my arse a lot to help keep me happy. Your sister seems to love it up the bum too. Some women at the orgies your dad and me visit shy away from your father's nine-incher when he approaches their rear-entrances but Julie didn't hesitate to take him anally this morning! What a slut!"

"You're a fucking slut too mum," Andy grinned, humping her arse hard, "A true bum-slut, you love your own son fucking your arsehole! Yeah! I'm going to fuck this hot arse of yours and blast it with cum, then you're going to suck my shitty dick clean until it's stiff and then I'll fuck you again, probably up the bum once more!"

"Just concentrate on fucking my arse this time son, show no mercy! I want you to drive yourself in to the hilt with every thrust and fill my fucking bowels with sperm! Fuck mummy's arse, come on motherfucker!"

Andy drove his prick hard into his mum's arse, his pelvis smacking against her bum-cheeks, his balls swinging and smacking his mother's sopping cunt lips with every thrust of his meat. His cock-head was drilling far into his mother's shitter and she was bucking her arse up against her son just as she'd done that morning when he'd sodomized her, proving how much she liked being fucked anally.

The eruption of cum eventually occured deep in April's bowels. Her son fucked her arse hard throughout his climax, spluttering out cries of ecstasy as his prick spurted out his thick semen, a sticky salute to the sexual pleasure afforded by his mum's tight arse. His cockhead gouted out his salty jism, April flexing her shitting muscles and tightening her arsehole round her son's prick to help suck out as much of his cum as possible, the teenager unloading all his cum into his mum's arse. When the flow ended he hung in his mum's bum for a moment, getting his breath back, before he finally withdrew. His slick cock, still fairly stiff, slid from his mum's bum with a 'pop' and he fell back on the bed, shattered.

April was having none of it. Taking a break during sex was for losers, so she turned round and fell to sucking the boy's soiled cock.

"That's it mum," the boy said, watching his own mother suck his prick, "Suck my dick! It'll soon me hard again, big and stiff and I'll shove it back into your arsehole and give you another good hard buggering."

This inspired April to suck hard, deep-throating the youth until, as promised, his organ was like steel in it's raging stiffness.

She took the cock from her mouth and went up to give her son a hot kiss.

"Fuck me again son," she ordered him, "I want you fuck my arsehole a second time you hot little motherfucker, but before you cum I want you to stick your meat into my mouth and hose my throat down. I'll drink your sperm down and swallow the fucking lot. Then you can fuck me again! Three ejaculations shouldn't be too much to ask from a young lad of your age and at such a time I want you to fuck my cunt and fill my womb with spunk so all three of my holes will be full of the contents of your nuts."

"Sounds good to me mum," said Andy, as his mother got onto her hands and knees with her hungry bum raised high once more.

In the master bedroom, meanwhile, Dan had lain back on his big King Sized bed naked whilst Julie, dressed in just a pair of knee-length white socks, got astride him in a sixty-nine position. As she sucked on her father's enormous cock Julie's cunt was right his face, Dan nuzzling her cunt and running his tongue up and down her lips. Then he pushed his tongue into her, licking her out, eating her delicious young twat whilst she deep-throated him. She hadn't given a blow-job until yesterday morning when she had sucked off her brother but now she was learning quickly, managing to take five-inches of her dad's dick into her mouth. Her throat was warm and wet and Dan was very excited by this, spurring him on to lick his daughter's wet cunt even deeper.

After ten-minutes Julie got off her father, the insides of her thighs wet with cunt juice thanks to the man's oral work. Dan knelt up, his cock menacingly stiff and pointing heavenward.

"Fuck me dad," Julie begged, laying on her back and spreading her legs, "Ram that big fucker into my cunt and fuck me hard! I love you dad, I want you to fuck me hard just like my dear brother does."

"That I'll do," Dan promised, kneeling before his daughter, "I'm going to cram this right into my little girl's twat and fuck you. I'll blast your cunt with the sperm that created you. I'll be up for seconds, don't you worry, and I'll then fuck you some more honey."

And with that they horny father mounted his daughter, easing his long pole right into her twat to the hilt. He lay atop her, kissing Julie on the mouth as they both moaned with delight, Dan beginning to hump the girl. His powerful thrusts soon increased in pace so that his daughter had to take her lips from his and cry out lustily.

"I'm cumming dad," she panted, "I'm fucking cumming, holy shit dad, your big dick is making me cum! Fuck me, harder, harder, fuck! Yeah!"

Dan drove his prick deep into Julie's cunt repeatedly throughout her climax, delighting making his own child climax with his fucking skills. When the girl had finally recovered her composure somewhat she returned to kissing her father, feeling his tongue squirm into her mouth. Dan's thrusting slowed down for a short while, just fucking his cock slowly into his daughter's tight twat. A few minutes passed until he had recovered his strength enough to take up his previous pace, humping harder and quicker, taking his mouth from Julie's and nuzzling into her neck.

"I'm cumming now honey," he announced, "Fuck, your cunt is so hot and tight! Oh honey, yeah, I'm gonna cum in you, spurt my fucking sperm into your slutty twat, uuuuh!"

Julie wrapped her legs round her father's humping hips and cried out with her own delight, her father's prick beginning to spit it's holy seed into her, the jism thick and creamy as it launched up into the teenager's womb. Dan fucked until he could fuck no more, tired out, his sperm depleted for now as his cock oozed the last of his discharge into Julie's womb.

Dan gave his daughter another kiss before he finally dismounted her, kneeling in front of his daughter as she lay with her legs spread, sperm leaking from her juicy young vagina.

"You are such a hot young slut," he said, "I'm proud of you honey. No girl should deny herself any sexual pleasure because of some silly things known as morals or convention. You enjoy being fucked. You enjoy being fucked especially by your brother, your father and even your mother. So be it. We'll be glad to indulge you!"

"Oh daddy," Julie smiled, that beautiful eighteen year old girl sitting up and flinging her arms round her father, "You are such a good daddy! I want to be fucked, morning, noon and night! I want you and Andy to fuck me in everyway possible, to fill me with spunk, and I want mother around to suck and finger me throughout! She's my role-model, just as you are to my brother! We'll fuck together as often as possible and it will only bring us all closer."

Dan was even more proud of his daughter, glad that she was as philisophically liberated as she was sexually, and he covered her in kisses and pawed at her delicate breasts.

"It's time to fuck you honey," he declared, "My prick is rising once more. Onto your hands and knees sweetheart, lend me your arse and I shall plunge into that tight hole and give you an enema of daddy's sperm."

In no time at all Julie was in the appropriate position, arse thrust high.

Dan got behind his daughter and slid his pole into her twat, burying it to the hilt and fucking her wet cunt for a moment or two. Upon withdrawing his cock was glistening and slick which enabled his entry to his daughter's other hole. Julie braced herself as she felt her dad's cockhead push against her anus, her sphincter gradually opening and her father's organ sliding into her. Skillfully, Dan buried every inch of his cock into Julie's rectum and he commenced fucking her with great strength and passion.

It was half-an-hour before he finally ejaculated, shooting his thick semen into his daughter's bowels.

Despite all the activities of the day and evening he was able to resurrect his prick, with Julie's assistance, to enable him to fuck her vaginally once more and shoot his cum into her womb before, finally, father and daughter fell asleep in each other's arms.

The following evening the family were eager to start off where they'd left off the previous day. They'd spent the day at work or school, watching the minutes tick by until they could hurry home. After dinner they all fucked in the living room, having a great time, April and Julie both being subjected to double-penetration once again. The two ladies fucked each other, licking and fisting each other's pussies which had Dan and Andy stiff again in no time to continue with the fun.

That night April and Dan went to bed as they normally did whilst Andy took his sister to bed, as if they were husband and wife. The two couples fucked late into the night.

This routine continued throughout the week, except for Wednesday when they switched partners once again, Dan taking his daughter to bed, April accompanying her son for the nocturnal fuck-fest.

The parents were happy to teach their kids more enjoyable things. April taught both her son and daughter more skillful techniques in eating cunt whilst Dan showed off to his son the many places to ejaculate on a woman by spurting his cum all over Julie's tits, Andy following his father's lead by sperming up on his mum's tits.

Next weekend was one long orgy, and they were utterly shattered by Sunday night. The following weeks everything carried on like the first, Andy sleeping with his sister nearly every night, though for at least a couple of nights - usually Wednesdays and Fridays - he slept with his mum and Julie slept with her dad.

Dan and April attended a few swinger's parties still, but they did not bring their kids because it may raise suspicions. The resemblance between the family members would make it clear they were related and, as Dan had explained, the liberal nature of their friends would probably not extend to accepting mother/son and father/daughter incest in their midst.

One Saturday in mid-April, the family were sitting down to breakfast. They hadn't fucked yet that morning, quite rare given that is was almost ten o'clock, and they were all feeling horny.

Andy also had a suggestion to make.

"Do you know that couple you mentioned dad?" he began, "Who posed as man and wife but you knew in fact were brother and sister?"

"Yes?" said his father.

"Well, I was wondering dad, whether we could meet up with them. After all, if those two siblings fuck each other they certainly wouldn't have objections to me and Julie fucking, or to you fucking Julie and me fucking mum. What do you say? Perhaps you could let them know that you're aware of their secret and in turn invite them into our secret. Wouldn't that be cool."

"It sounds like a fair idea," April said, "Don't you think honey."

"Yeah," said Dan, nodding, munching on some toast, "Okay kid, I'll get in touch with them."

"Are they hot looking?" asked Julie.

"Very much so," April explained, "They're young, early twenties. The sister is called Lucy, a beautiful red-head with a really nice arse. She's slim but her arse is nice and round and shapely, and at the party she attended she was eager to take your father's big prick in her arse. Not all women are willing too, he frightens them off with that big tool wobbling towards their butts. But she could take him anally. She's very pretty. Her brother - or husband, as they pretend - is a nice young man too, called Shawn. He has a fair sized cock, about the same sized as Andy's, and he's capable of screwing for ages."

"Excellent," Julie smiled, "I can't wait to meet them. Hey dad, if you give them a ring this morning we might be able to arrange to meet up today or tomorrow or something. That would be excellent."

"I'll ring them after breakfast," Dan announced, "see what we can arrange."

Everything went to plan. Dan phoned up the Shawn, the brother, and informed he knew his 'wife' was in fact his sister. He quickly explained that far from being at all bothered by this, he approved, and he quickly told Shawn of his own incestuous activities, how he fucked his daughter and how his wife April fucked their son. Shawn was very excited by this. Incest was, naturally, a big turn on for Shawn and his sister, the clandestine and taboo nature of their relationship being something that kept it going. He and his sister lived a few miles away and promised they'd be round in an hour for an afternoon of fun.

Dan and April and their kids were all excited about this. They got themselves ready, cleared a space in the living room, and awaited their guests.

When the doorbell went, Andy was sitting on the sofa in just his boxer shorts which could not conceal the fifteen year old's erection which he'd been stuck with after the family had agreed not to relieve themselves until Shawn and Lucy arrived.

Julie was sitting next to her brother, shoulder-to-shoulder, wearing nothing but a pair of knee-length white socks (which her father liked to see her in) and a pair of white cotton panties with pink frills around the waistband. Her tits stood bare, the nipples erect.

April had put on her sexiest gear - bright red high-heeled shoes, white lacy suspenders and pink see-through panties with matching bra. Her hair was tied up in a tight bun with a big white silk ribbon.

Dan answered the door in a pair of casual shorts and a T-shirt.

After greeting his guests, the father came into the living room with Shawn and Lucy in tow, and he introduced them to everyone, Shawn shaking hands with Andy and giving a kiss to Julie (who slipped a tongue in there). He also gave April a kiss, remembering how hard he'd fucked her when they'd last met and how much she'd enjoyed it. Lucy came to the siblings and kissed them both, admiring the young couple who shared her and Shawns love for incest.

"Who wants wine," Dan said, uncorking a bottle of Italian red.

"Me," Lucy smiled, and Dan poured her a glass.

"I'll not bother thanks," Shawn said, "I don't want to detract from the mission ahead, I want to stay stiff all day!"

April took a glass of wine too whilst her son and daughter appraised the new guests.

Lucy was twenty-one years old and had long ginger hair and a very pretty face, big brown eyes and a lovely smile. She wore a tight blouse which showed off the shape of her average sized tits and her jeans hugged her bum nicely. As April had described, Lucy was slim but her arse was slightly plump and stuck out a bit, something Andy thought was incredibly arousing.

Her brother Shawn was twenty-four, just under six-foot and slim. He was a red-head too, his hair short and neat, his face boyish and handsome. He wore jeans and a tight T-shirt and had a tattoo on his inner forearm of an eagle, something he'd got when he'd been a soldier.

"So," Dan began, "how did you two start your relationship, if you don't mind me asking."

"By accident really," Lucy replied, sipping some of her wine, "I was thirteen and my brother seventeen. He was babysitting me and I caught him jacking off to a porn movie. I told him I wouldn't tell mum if he had sex with me so, with no hesitation, he did so. He took my cherry. Shawn babysat me a lot and we fucked whenever he did. A couple of years later Shawn went to join the army and when he came out a year ago I was living on my own in a little apartment in the city with an office job. I told Shawn he could stay with me, so he did. I only had one bedroom but that didn't bother me, as we were keen to continue our sexual relationship."

"For a while," Shawn added, "we just fucked occasionally whilst having normal relationships with other people. But they bored us. We soon just decided to fuck each other as if we were a couple. Our mum and dad rarely keep in touch, they're both divorced, and Lucy and me soon bought a house together. We didn't tell the neighbors that we were brother and sister so they just think we're boyfriend and girlfriend. A few months ago we decided to join swinger's clubs to have big orgies, and to meet up with other couples, just to broaden our sexual horizons. Lucy and me pretend to be man and wife though it seems our little secret slipped out to Dan! Nevermind, it's worked out for the best."

"Incest is best," April nodded, "I can't think of a better way for a family to be closer together than for it's members to fuck, so long as it's all consensual."

"I agree," Lucy said, and finished off her glass of wine, "I'm feeling so horny now! So is everyone here, I suspect, in particular young Andy there who's sitting with what looks like a crowbar in his shorts! I say we get down and fuck."

"Absolutely," April said, "Shawn? I'd like you to fuck me, just as beautifully as you did at the orgy the other month. Dan? You can take care of Julie's needs for now whilst Lucy can have her wicked way with our son."

"There's nothing wicked about my 'way'," Lucy laughed, getting up and sauntering over to Andy on the sofa. Julie meanwhile got up and went to her father on the armchair whilst April went to Shawn.

The six of them were soon lost with their appropriate partner. Julie was sitting on her father's lap, deeply kissing him passionately whilst he fondled her tits. April was kneeling in front of Shawn, unzipping his flies and pulling forth his erect seven-inch cock and fellating him.

Meanwhile, Lucy was sitting next to Andy, kissing him lustily whilst her hand went down his shorts and stroked his stiff prick. The boy soon tugged off his shorts, pulling away from the young woman whilst he discarded this single item of clothing he wore, his prick jutting out and pointing into the air. Lucy stood up and tugged off her blouse and then her bra. Her breasts were average in size but nicely shaped, topped with stiff red nipples. Then she took off her socks, jeans and finally her panties. Andy reached out and stroked the woman's hips, admiring her body as she stood before him, running his fingers through her thick bush of ginger pubes.

"You look really sexy," he said, "If you were my sister I'd fuck you everyday!"

"Well I'm your sister," Julie grinned from across the room, "and you fuck me everyday." She then got back to kissing her father, her hand now roving down to his crotch.

Lucy got astride Andy, the boy holding his cock upright so the swollen tip nudged the red-head's moist slit. She lowered herself down, hands on the boy's shoulders as she steadily impaled her cunt onto the teenager's prick, both sighing with pleasure as soon the youngster's cock was fully wedged in Lucy's cunt. Then she rode him, gently, Andy alternately kissing his partner and sucking on her tits as she bounced away.

Julie was now sitting on the armchair across the room, her panties removed, wearing just her socks, whilst her father undressed. Once he was naked he knelt in front of his daughter, getting down and licking out her twat before he got up and sank his cock up into the girl, firing his nine-incher into her cunt to the hilt.

On the other armchair April was just wearing her red shoes, stockings and garter belt. She was sitting down whilst Shawn - now completely naked - stood in front of her. The mature slut was sucking down his prick, deep-throating him, stroking his heavy balls whilst her head bobbed, her lips sliding up and down the young man's shaft. After a few moments of this April stood and turned round, placing her hands on the arms of the chair, legs straight and parted with her beautiful behind bare and thrust at Shawn. The young man stripped naked and guided his cock into April's cunt from behind, sliding into the older lady to the hilt and commencing fucking her. April was moaning with delight, always happy to have a cock in her, no matter who's it was.

The couples fucked for ten-minutes, forgetting about each other as they humped together, Julie fucked by her father, Lucy riding Andy's young cock and Shawn energetically fucking April from behind. Then Dan slid out from his daughter's cunt and suggested a change of partners.

Moments later Julie was still in the same position, sitting back on the chair with her legs spread, but now Shawn was fucking her, kissing the girl whilst humping her cunt. April went over to Andy and mounted his cock just as Lucy had been doing earlier, Lucy herself now with Dan on the floor, bent over and taking his cock in her twat doggie-style.

Another ten-minute passed until Dan slid his cock out of Lucy and suggested they do something together.

"How about triple-penetration?" suggested Lucy, "That's fantastic!"

"Yeah," April agreed, Shawn withdrawing from her cunt, "There's nothing better than three cocks at once! Julie hasn't tried that yet so she should go first."

And so things were arranged. Andy lay on his back on the rug, his sister mounting his cock and taking it into her cunt. Shawn got behind Julie and, after greasing up his dick with some KY-Jelly, he fed it into Julie's arse. He was in to the hilt and Julie loved it.

"My God this is so good," she panted, hair hanging in her pretty face, "I love this, dad and Andy double-fuck me a lot!"

"It'll get better," her father promised, stepping up to his daughter, "Whilst Andy fucks your cunt and Shawn fucks you in the arse, here's my cock for you to suck on!"

Julie took her dad's prick into her mouth and sucked deeply, her eyes closing as she was propelled into the heights of pure ecstasy. As she fellated her dad her younger brother was stroking her tits and thrusting his prick upwards into her wet cunt, Shawn all the while humping her shitter with his stiff pole. On the sofa April and Lucy sat side-by-side, fingering each other's pussies as they watched the teenager on the floor being triple-fucked to perfection by the three gentlemen.

"Don't any of you guys cum!" Lucy warned them, "April and me want the same treatment shortly!"

"We won't shoot our loads, don't worry," Andy reassured them, "Though it'll take some willpower! My sister is so hot, I just love fucking her and it's clear that she loves being fucked by us three at once! Look at her go, bouncing away with our pricks in her three holes! What a slut!"

"I can't wait to take her place," Lucy said to April, "I very much love my brother and I wouldn't exchange his sexual favors for any potential husband in the world, but nonetheless, just as he has an urge to seek other ladies to fuck, I do feel a constant need to have other men, more than one at a time, to fuck all my holes! If one prick is nice, three are better!"

Julie clearly agreed with this, though the young lady was not able to articulate it so, gagged as she was by her dad's prick down her throat. Andy was fucking her hard from beneath, driving his stiff pole into his sister's cunt, Shawn all the while quietly fucking Julie in the arse.

After a short while Julie was tiring and the men were straining to hold back their pent-up sperm. So, Dan pulled out of his daughter's mouth and let her pull herself up from Andy and Shawn's cocks. She staggered to the sofa and sat next to Lucy, April meanwhile hurrying to the floor. She got astride Andy's prick and took her son up her snatch to the hilt. Shawn wasted no time is shoving his cock into the dark haired beauty's arsehole and Dan finally fucked April's mouth. She was climaxing within minutes, her body bucking underneath the trio of cocks that pounded her holes. The guys did not show her the same mercy as Julie, for they knew April had undergone this treatment before and could therefore be treated with a little less delicacy. They fucked her hard and April was appreciative, sucking deep on her husband's prick whilst Andy and Shawn fucked her two lower orifices.

Finally, once April had been subjected to the triple-fucking for a few minutes, it was Lucy's turn. April and Julie frigged each other from the sofa whilst the red-head took up her post. Andy's cock was soon buried in Lucy's wet cunt, Shawn drove his cock into his sister's willing arse and Lucy, finally, took Dan's prick into her mouth. Once again the three guys worked in unison, fucking hard, Lucy soon giving muffled cries of pleasure as she hit a powerful climax.

The three cocks in her shortly began to explode, the cum the men had held back finally released after all this stimulation. Andy came first, his prick spewing out his semen into Lucy's cunt, grasping her lovely tits as he thrust up into her. Shawn was releasing his semen moments later, his prick twitching as his semen pumped out into his sister's rectum. Finally, Dan's prick spewed it's thick load into Lucy's mouth, the young woman sucking down the salty jism into her belly, gulping fast so as to not miss a drop, her womb and bowels meanwhile flooded with Andy and Shawn's ejaculate.

Lucy was exhausted when she was released, falling to the floor, smiling and sweaty, cum leaking from every hole. Dan, Shawn and Andy sat back on the floor, their pricks limp and oozing cum, all happy and satisfied, at least for now. There was no doubt that they would be required to rise once more for subsequent action with their trio of lady-friends.

The ladies in question occupied themselves whilst the guys recovered. Lucy lay back on the sofa with Julie and April either side of her, mother and daughter exploring ever nook and cranny of the red-head's body, sucking her tits and her cunt, kissing her mouth, licking and fingering her arsehole. Then April and Julie had a sixty-nine on the floor, Julie going over to suck on her father's prick whilst jacking off Shawn and Andy. Soon, the three cocks were raging hard once more.

Julie and April remained on the sofa with Shawn, laying the young man down and falling to sucking on his cock and balls and making him moan with deep joy at this treatment.

On the floor, Lucy had Dan and Andy all to herself, the red-head quickly spit-roast between father and son. She was on her hands and knees, sucking on Andy's youthful prick whilst Dan knelt behind her and fucked her tight cunt from behind. Lucy slurped deeply on Andy's prick, her head held in the boy's hand as he fucked her mouth. All while Dan fucked her cunt with his enormous cock, plunging in to the hilt before sliding almost back out then humping into her once again.

Shawn soon took control of the mother and daughter who were threatening to ravish him completely. He had them get into a sixty-nine, Julie below, April on top. The two women sucked on each other's pussies whilst Shawn greased his prick with KY-Jelly. Then he got in behind April and pushed his hard pole up that mature slut's arsehole to the hilt. He fucked her, hard, whilst April gave muffled groans of delight into Julie's cunt, which she licked out unabated whilst her daughter gave her the same treatment. This exciting lesbian activity before him turned on Shawn a great deal and just ten-minutes passed until his sperm flowed. Clasping April by her hips he fucked his pole into the depths of her bowels and spewed his cum, Julie meanwhile wriggling her tongue into her mother's cunt and making her climax.

By the time Shawn had pulled out of April and sat back, getting his breath, his sister was being treated to a double helping of cum. Dan was fucking her cunt from behind faster and faster until he launched his sperm, filling her womb whilst her tight cunt lips clenched the base of his cock. At the same time Dan's son was shooting his load, Andy holding Lucy's head still in his hands so he could fuck his cock down her mouth and hose down her gullett with his cum. Lucy was only too happy to gulp down the teenager's sperm, swallowing noisily whilst Dan empited his nuts into her cunt.

Finally, the father and son pulled back and watched the lovely young lady collapse in a gleeful, cum-oozing heap. On the floor nearby Shawn was watching with amusement as Julie continued laying on her back whilst April squatted over her, the girl sucking at her mother's gaping arsehole and sucking out the sperm.

"So," Dan smiled over at Shawn, "What are you and your sister's plans for the rest of the day?"

"Haven't got any," Shawn replied.

"How about," said April, her daughter still felching her arse, "we go out for a big meal, get our strength back, then come back and spend the afternoon as we've spent our morning."

"Sounds fine with me," Lucy added, "I'd like to get further acquainted with young Andy here who, as I speak, is already stroking my buttocks!"

"I want to try out your arse next Lucy," the boy said, "I haven't fucked that hole yet and I can't wait to fuck it."

"Then you can fuck it," Lucy smiled, "as soon as we continue our fun, though don't go neglecting your sister and mum, those two sluts look as if they're far from satisfied, despite my brother's best efforts."

"My mum and sister could be fucked non-stop for hours and hours in every hole and not be satisfied," Andy grinned.

"Well, we can test that hypothesis today," Dan laughed, "Let's fuck the hell out of them, and Lucy, for the rest of today."

"Just as soon as we've gone out for some dinner, I'm fuckin' starved," Shawn said.

The six of them steadily staggered to their feet.