Playing With Mummy

(Incest - mother/son, Fb, anal, oral, mast, pedo)

"Ready for a bath honey?" Anne asked her son as she stood in the living room doorway, already in her flowing white dressing gown.
"Almost mummy," Sammy replied. The dark-haired child was kneeling on the floor, wearing just his Spiderman pyjamas as he scribbelled in a colouring-book with wax crayons.
"It's getting late," Anne replied, "It'll be bedtime soon. C'mon honey, it's a school night. You can't stay up forever."
"Okay mum," Sammy said. He sighed and put the book and crayons on the coffee table. Like any eight-year-old boy, he didn't really like the idea of having to go to sleep early just because of stupid school, although his nightly bath with his divorced mother was always something to look forwards to. He'd bathed with his mother for as long as he could remember, and it was still great fun. Especially with the games that they played.
Sammy sprang to his feet and padded after his mother as Anne turned and lead her son up the stairs.
They went into the bathroom, a large, white-tiled room with an oval-shaped tub in the corner. Anne leaned over and turned on the taps, hot water noisily pouring into the tub.
Sammy eagerly undressed. He was generally a quiet boy, reasonably shy - although not uneccessarily so - but he never felt shy with his mother. Being naked in front of her was perfectly natural. Mother and son were perfectly at ease with one another, thanks to the intimacy that went beyond most such relationships.
Anne watched happily as Sammy whipped off his pyjama top, revealing his slender, pale little torso. Then he took off his pyjama bottoms, slinging them in the corner and standing there naked. His little prick was, of course, completely hairless, a tiny but perfect little penis hanging between his skinny legs, and his nut-sac was tight and small, his balls not yet fully developed.
Sammy merrily began to grab some bath-oils and bubble-bath and poured them into the tub, giggling as he watched the water turn pink and bubbly.
Whilst idly gazing at her darling son's cute white little bum, Anne undid her bathrobe and slipped it off. She then hung it on the hook on the bathroom door.
Anne was an attractive and big-breasted woman with a perfect mix of fresh sexiness and maternal beauty. She had frizzy brown hair than hung down to her shoulders, a face that was both seductively pretty and warm and caring, with a gentle smile and crystal blue eyes. Her body was slim and toned, and at five-foot-eight she towered over Sammy who, at four-foot-nothing, was small even for an eight-year-old. Anne's breasts were an obvious focal point of her body, those big melons an impressive 36D in size. They were not excessively large, but big nonetheless, and very firm, shapely and topped with dark-red nipples. Her cunt was naturally hairy with a dark brown fuzzy triangle of pubic hair.
Sammy turned the taps off when the bath was full enough.
"Let's get in mummy," he cheerfully instructed his mother, and without waiting for her, he got into the tub and knelt down at one end.
Anne strolled over and got into the bath as well, kneeling opposite her son, emitting a satisfied sigh as she slipped into the warm soothing water. Sammy eyed up his mother, naturally, but it was with the gaze of a boy who, although awed and seduced at the sight of his mum's beautiful naked form, had nonetheless seen it many times before.
"Gonna wash my boobies for me?" Anne asked her son, pulling her shoulders back a little and merrily jiggling her large wobbly tits at her son.
"Cor, yeah," Sammy giggled. He loved washing his mother's body, and certain parts of her body in particular. He'd done it plenty of times before of course, but up until a few months ago, when he'd passed his eighth birthday, he hadn't yet consciously linked spongueing down his mum's boobs and bum with the funny feelings in his willie and the way it got rather hard. His mummy had begun to indulge in new activities with Sammy beyond just getting him to wash her parts and her palying with his willy in return, and recently they'd begun to indulge in further games after they'd finished their regular bathtime fun.
Sammy soaped up a spongue and then, with his little tongue jutting from his red lips in concentration, he reached out and began spongueing down his mother's tits. He soon had those firm round boobs awash with soapy water, and he loved watching the way they wobbled at his actions.
"Shall I use my hands like I did last time?" he asked his mother after a moment.
"Yes sweetie."
Sammy put the spongue aside whilst his mother grabbed a bottle of luxurious scented shower-gel.
"Hold out your hands," she said.
Sammy did so, and Anne poured a big glob of the golden, syrupy gel into each of his palms. Once she'd put the bottle back, she then knelt there with her already soaped up boobs ready for her son's attention. His beautiful dark brown eyes twinkling with delight, Sammy clapped his hands to Anne's tits, one hand over each, pressed to her nipples that felt stiff against his palms. He then began sweeping his small hands round in circles over those jiggling melons, frothy shower-gel oozing from between his little fingers as he lathered Anne's tits. The horny mother closed her eyes and purred softly at her son's loving touch.
"Does that feel nice mummy?" asked Sammy.
"It does honey," Anne smiled, opening her eyes, "Very nice!" After her son had spent another moment groping and rubbing her tits, she asked "Do you want to rinse my boobs off now?"
"Then can you wash my willie?"
Sammy grabbed the spongue again and dunked it into the water. He then held it over his mother's slippery, shiny tits and squeezed it, sending water cascading down over those heavy mounds and sluicing away the soap. He repeated this a number of times, watching as the frothy lather was washed away to reveal his mum's breasts in all their glistening glory.
"Wash my willie mummy," Sammy then declared, tossing the spongue aside and unashamedly standing up.
"You're all excited again aren't you?" Anne grinned, her eyes level with Sammy's cock, which was standing up straight.
"I'm always excited when I'm with you in the bath mummy," Sammy explained, "Especially when I play with your boobs or your bum."
"You like my boobs don't you?" Anne grinned as she gazed up at her horny little eight-year-old son whilst she squirted shower-gel into the palm of her right hand, "And you like my bum don't you?"
"Yeah mum. They're cool."
Anne then reached out with her soapy right-hand and ran it over her son's stiff little cock. Sammy immediately began to moan gently, his legs shaking at this intimate touch. Anne marvelled at her boy's delicious little cock, the way it felt so stiff as she soaped up the boy's crotch. She was soon encircling the child's erect penis in her slippery fist, easily wrapping her long elegant fingers round the slender appendage, and she jerked him off. Slowly, her fist pumped back and forth, and she alternated between looking keenly at the lovely boy-cock she was masturbating and also at glancing up and seeing how Sammy stood there with his eyes half shut, breathing softly at this sublime activity.
"Is that nice sweetie?" Anne asked, in barely a whisper.
"Mmmmm," nodded Sammy. His hands had been dangling just by his side, but then he reached behind himself and placed his hands on his small butt-cheeks.
Anne continued to masturbated her little boy in her soapy clench, Sammy gently thrusting his hips, fucking his mum's fist.
"I think I might cum soon mummy," Sammy purred shortly. He'd first 'cum' a few months ago, when his mother had been sucking him off in the bath. At first he didn't really shoot out any cum, it was more of a dry-orgasm, but that had felt nice enough of course. After a few times though, he'd begun to shoot out cum, small but delightful squirts of pre-teen jism. Anne was very proud of her boy's ability to spunk up, and she knew that Sammy would be shooting a much bigger load of delicious sperm in three or four years time.
However, Anne didn't want her son to shoot his cum over her. Not right now. She wanted him to cum inside her.
"Do you want to wash my holes?" she asked him, taking her hand from his cock.
"Yes please!" Sammy smiled, kneeling back down in the bath, "Shall I do it like normal? With my finger and then my willy?"
"Yes honey. From behind."
Sammy shifted to the end of the bath and watched as his beautiful mother turned round and got on her hands and knees, her delicious bare arse raised and spread above the water level, steam gently rising from the hot soapy water that glistened wetly across her cheeks. Her cunt was slick, pink and tight looking, and it was bordered by damp brown pubic hair. In contrast, her anus was hairless, a dark pink puckered hole awaiting attention.
Sammy knew what to do. His mother had taught him how to do this ages ago. He slathered some shower-gel onto his right forefinger so it was nice and slippery and soapy. Then he placed the tip to his mother's cunt which hung wetly between her slightly parted thighs.
He gently pushed the digit into his mum.
"Mmmmmm, yeah," Anne purred as her son's forefinger slid into her snatch, "That's good honey."
"Does it feel nice mummy?"
"Yes. Yes it does. Clean me Sammy. Clean my vagina out nicely with your finger, and then your willy."
Sammy liked putting his willy up his mum. It was nice when she played with his willy or sucked it - which she'd done since as long as he could remember - but he especially loved the recent new activity his mummy had introduced him to ever since he'd had his first orgasm, whereby she let him put his willy into her vagina or anus and shoot his stuff.
His cock was very hard and throbbing as it poked it's purple head from the soapy bathwater, and Sammy busied himself pumping his slick finger in and out of his mother's cunt, Anne gently moaning at this treatment. It felt so nice and relaxing, and she looked forwards to her anus being treated in the same manner. First, though, there was her son's little cock to look forwards to.
"Shall I put my willy in there now?" asked Sammy, politely, removing his finger from his mother's cunt. The digit was very slippery and wet, and not just from soap either.
"Yes honey. Put your willy in there. Remember not to cum though. My bottom needs doing next."
"Okay mummy."
Anne looked straight ahead as she remained on her hands and knees, her upper-body raised above the water level but her heavy tits dangling down with the nipples under-water. The nipples were very stiff and her cunt ached for further attention from her charming young son.
Soon enough, Sammy had shuffled up a little so that he knelt behind his mum. He held the base of his penis and guided the throbbing tip to his mum's snatch. Anne no longer had to guide her son into her; he was growing skilled at this. Swiftly, and with a cheerful and triumphant yelp, Sammy slid his three-inch erection into his mother's slippery hot cunt.
"Uh, mummy, it's in there," he gasped, clapping his little hands to his mum's bottom.
"I know darling," breathed Anne, "I can feel it. Mmmmm. Work it back and forth sweetheart, there's a good boy."
Sammy began doing just that. He eased half of his small rod from his mum's cunt and jabbed it back into her. Anne quivered with indescribable joy.
Sammy caused the bathwater to splash around him as he began thrusting back and forth quicker and quicker, humping his mother's beautiful cunt.
He could feel himself approaching his immature orgasm, and remembering his mother's demands that he do her bottom next, he held himself back. The boy slowed his thrusts, then stopped. Finally, he moved back, his iron-hard little member slipping out of his mother's cunt.
Sammy then turned his attention to his mother's other hole. He slathered some shower-gel onto his forefinger again and then placed the end of the slick digit to his mother's hairless pink anus. Then he pushed, quickly slipping the tip into Anne's arse.
"Gently darling," Anne told him.
Sammy held just the tip of his finger in his mum's anus and waited as he felt her sphincter relax a little.
"Shall I continue?" he asked.
"Yes," replied Anne, her voice shaky with pleasure, "Yes. Push it right up me. It's okay now. It just takes a bit of getting used to each time, but it's okay, just slide it right up me. All of it."
Sammy grinned to himself as he pushed forth, sliding his whole forefinger into his mum's shitter. Anne let out a long groan, and Sammy had long since realised that these noises she made when he was putting either his finger or willy up her cunt or arse meant she was enjoying herself. The first few times his mother had made those noises, he thought he'd hurt her!
"Mmmm, Sammy, that's nice," Anne murmered.
Sammy's cock was feeling very hard. The boy knew he'd get his chance to stick it up his mum's bum in a minute. Right now it was his finger's turn. He worked the digit back and forth in his mother's anus, never failing to enjoy the funny feeling of this activity, the warm, slick sensation of his mother's rectal walls against his finger.
"Now put your willy in me," Anne begged a moment later.
"Right away mummy!"
Sammy slid his forefinger out of Anne's bottom and knelt up to her, ready for the final part of this regular activity. He placed the tip of his soapy pecker to his mum's slightly yawning anus and pushed his way into her.
"That's it," grunted Anne, "Yes! Work it up me. Right up me darling."
"UUUUUH! Mummy, it's up there," Sammy declared. He'd done this quite a few times now but he still felt a great sense of accomplishment when he saw his hard dick slide right up into his mother's anus. "It's in you mummy. It feels nice. It always does."
"Now pump it back and forth," Anne urged her young fucker, "Clean mummy's anus out good. And cum up me too. I need you to cum in my bottom, you know it makes mummy feel good, and it cleans me out back there."
"I will mummy!" Sammy joyfully announced as he held his mother's hips and began to sodomize her, "It makes me feel good too!"
The eight-year-old began to thrust his cock backwards and forwards in his mum's clutching anus, both of them grunting and panting with innocent pleasure. The boy's tight hairless nut-sac banged against his mother's furry wet cunt. His cock shaft was obviously slender but his mother's anus gripped it tightly nonetheless.
Sammy had a look of concentration on his face as he fucked his mother's anus. He tired quickly, being so young, but he never liked to stop half-way through doing this with his mother. He knew it would dissopoint her as much as it would him.
"Mummy, mummy, I'm about to cum," Sammy cried after a minute of buggering his mother, "I'm...gonna squirt...up your bum!"
"Do it son," Anne cried, "Squirt it up me!" She usually tried to stay calm, not wanting to scare her son with wanton and obscene cries of lust, but often it was hard to keep her voice down. "Cum up my arse honey, NNNNG!"
Sammy shoved his hairless pecker up his mother's arse to the hilt and, with a long childish yelp of ecstasy that echoed off the tiled walls, the child squirted his pre-teen sperm into his mum's rectum.
"Oh, honey, that feels nice," Anne groaned, tightening her anus round the boy's throbbing little pecker.
"Mum...mum...uuuh," Sammy stammered, holding his mother's hips to support himself, his slender naked body shaken by a climax that was quite powerful for one so small and young. Finally, after his throbbing erection had squirted a small but appreciable amount of seminal fluid into his mother's bowels, the boy let out a long sigh. He felt suddenly tired. "That was nice mummy. Did you like it?"
"Yes honey. It was wonderful! You always make mummy feel good when you do that."
"Do you think the insides of your bottom are all nice and clean now?"
"Yes honey," Anne replied. She'd originally told her son that squirting his young 'stuff' into her would 'clean her insides'. She knew that she wouldn't have to keep up such a silly little white-lie for long; the boy got enough enjoyment out of fucking her to require such invented motives for their activities.
Sammy finally slid his wilting penis from his mum's bottom. He knelt back down in the bath.
Anne turned and kissed Sammy gently on the lips.
"Let's get the rest of us cleaned," she said.
She soaped up and then rinsed down her son's tender young body and then, despite his fatigue, Sammy did his mum the same favour. Just because he was very familiar with his mother's body didn't mean he didn't still get a thrill out of spongueing down his mother, paying predictable attention to her furry cunt, her freshly-fucked arse and her already sparkling clean tits.
Finally, mother and son hopped out the bath. Anne stood whilst Sammy - without being asked - dutifully towelled her dry, as usual concentrating on her 'rude bits', as he still liked to refer to them as. Then Anne dried off her son, making the ticklish child giggle and squirm as she did so, before she helped him into his Spiderman pyjamas.
Anne then lead Sammy into the one and only bedroom in the small house that Anne had moved into when her husband had deserted her just before Sammy was born. Ever since Sammy had outgrown a cot when he was a toddler, Anne had always shared her double-bed with her son.
"G'night mummy," Sammy said as he snuggled under the covers.
"Goodnight honey," Anne smiled, warmly, and she kissed him on the forehead.
"Are you coming to bed soon?"
"Yes. I won't be long. Maybe an hour. Will you still be awake then? If so, you can play with mummy in bed again."
"Can I?" grinned Sammy, eagerly. He'd been doing things with his mum in the bath on a daily basis for a long time, but only in the last few weeks had he and his mum started doing similar things in bed. "That would be cool," he continued, eyes twinkling with excitement, "Can I do that thing where I get on top of you with my willie in you and I kiss your boobs and stuff? We can play that other game where I push my fist right up you, in your bum or snatch. I wanna do that other position too where you get on top of me and bounce up and down and I shoot my stuff in you and your big boobies are hanging in my face and..."
"Yes, yes," giggled Anne, silencing her son before he got too over-excited, "If you're still awake, we can do such er...'things'. You can do me in the bottom again," she added in an almost conspirital whisper.
"I like doing you in the bottom mummy," sniggered Sammmy, "You're dead tight there. And it's funny 'cos you pooh from there and sometimes I have pooh on my willy when I pull out after shooting my stuff up you." He giggled, then he yawned.
"If you're asleep when I come to bed, would you like me to wake you?"
"Yes please."
"You sure you're wont be too sleepy?"
"No mummy. I'll be okay. I'd rather play with you in bed than just sleep."
"Okay. Well...I shall see you later."
Anne gave the boy another kiss and stood up. She was still stark naked and her gorgeous, slender, big-breasted figure was lit up warmly in the bedside lamp. She turned the lamp off and turned to leave the room. She heard Sammy yawn.
"I think," she told the child as she paused in the doorway, "I might not stay up too long. In fact, I'll come up to bed in about ten-minutes."
"Okay mummy," Sammy replied. He was playing with his penis under the covers. It was getting stiff again.
"You'll still be awake when I come up won't you? To play with mummy?"
"Yes! Definately!"
He was.

"Hi darling," Anne whispered as she entered the bedroom shortly, "Are you awake."
"Yes," Sammy replied. He'd been almost drifting off to sleep but he felt wide-awake when he saw the sillhouette of his beautiful naked mummy in the doorway.
"Do you want to play?"
"Good. Because mummy is feeling very horny!"
Sammy giggled in the darkness. He knew that when his mother said that she was 'horny', it meant she wanted to play their special games.
"Can we do it with the light on?" Sammy asked, "I like it with the light on so I can see you mummy."
"Sure honey. I like to see you too."
Anne flicked the lamp on and Sammy squinted as his eyes got used to the brightness.
"Shall I take off my pyjamas?" the boy asked as he sat up in bed.
"Yes honey. Take them all off. We both have to be naked to play our games."
"Can I put my willy in you again," Sammy asked as he pushed the covers off the bed and began removing his pyjamas.
"Sure. But I want you to clean my bum with your tongue first. You know, like we did the other night? Are you okay to do that Sammy?"
"Yes! I like cleaning you with my tongue. Especially your bottom. It feels funny. And nice."
Sammy was now naked, his pyjamas joining the the bed covers on the floor. The eight-year-old child sat up with his small erection stabbing in the air. Anne sat down on the bed and ran her hands through Sammy's dark brown hair, admiring the boy's beauty. She gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.
"Lie down honey," she said to her son, "I will squat over you."
They had done this a few times before, and Sammy knew what to expect. He eagerly lay back, licking his lips as he watched as his mother stood up on the bed. Anne placed her feet either side of Sammy's head and lowered herself, so she was squatted over his face and facing his feet.
"Are you okay sweetie?"
"Yes mummy. I can see your hole, it's right above me. Could you lower yourself a little? My tongue won't reach there."
"Sure. Here we go."
Anne lowered herself slightly, her arse descending towards Sammy's excited face, and as soon as it was within reach the boy began licking his mum's anus. Anne shivered, her heavy breasts jiggling, as she felt the child's warm wet tongue flicking over her arsehole. She was looking forwards to more advanced anal-fun in the future, such as enemas. She found herself incredibly turned on at the idea of filling her rectum with milk or orange-juice and squirting it into Sammy's mouth. Right now, she enjoyed the more simple thrills of her dutiful boy running his tongue around her arsehole.
"Mmmm, that's it darling," she purred, placing her hands on the mattress to support herself as she squatted over Sammy's face, "Lick mummy's bottom."
"Shall I put my tongue up there mummy?" came the child's piping voice from below.
"Yes darling. Stick it up there."
Sammy did so, pushing his small, wriggling tongue up into his mother's anus, past her sphincter and into her anus. He removed his tongue after a moment, then slid it back into her. Anne shivered and let out a long groan. She reached to Sammy's crotch with one hand and encircled his erection, and proceeded to gently masturbate him as the boy slobbered on her arse. Sammy had been a bit grossed out when his mother had invited him to lick her bum at first, but now he thought it was really great, and he merrily tongued her arsehole, inspired by the way she gently frigged his cock.
After a few moments, Anne stood up, Sammy laying there naked on the bed, wondering what fun his mummy had planned next as she moved aside.
"That was cool," he declared.
"It certainly was darling," Anne agreed, kneeling next to Sammy and stroking his hair. She gave him a kiss, sneakily slipping her tongue into his mouth briefly. "Now," she continued, pulling away, "what do you want to do with mummy?"
"Up the bottom!" he replied, decisively, and giggled. "That's cool. I like to put my willy up there after I've had my tongue up there."
"Mummy's snatch needs a bit of attention first darling. Can you play with me down there? And lick me?"
Sammy moved aside and his mother laid back. The beautiful naked brunette parted her legs, and Sammy knelt between her flung open thighs, eyes full of awe as her surveyed her lovely hairy cunt. It was wet and it glistened in the lamp-light. Sammy licked his lips then bent down, sweeping his tongue over his mother's vaginal lips. Anne murmered delightfully, and this encouraged Sammy to repeat his actions. He lapped at his mum's slick furry quim, placing one of his small hands on her quivering left thigh whilst with his other hand he stroked his hairless little penis, which was incredibly stiff. He was proud that, in the last few days, he'd started being able to cum twice in a single evening, although it did tire him out a lot.
"Oh Sammy," moaned Anne, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples, "Ooooh, that's good! Mmmmm. You're making mummy feel very nice!"
"Shall I put my tongue up there?" Sammy asked, raising his head from Anne's crotch, his lips and chin slick with vaginal fluids, "Shall I mummy? Shall I?"
"Yes darling. Of course. You don't have to ask me before you do things. Just do what you like. My body is as much yours as it is mine."
Sammy loved the concept of having a free reign with a woman's body, which was a mysterious and adventurous place and one which he never tired of exploring. He plunged back down into his mum's steaming crotch and wriggled his tongue up into her cunt, Anne immediately letting out a long groan of ecstasy as her son's tongue slithered up into her womb. Sammy burrowed up her twat, her thick pubic hair tickled his nose.
"Yes Sammy, lick me, lick me," Anne urged her son, reaching down to run her hands through his hair, "Suck me dry darling! Oh yes! Yes!"
Sammy tongued his mother's cunt thoroughly and made his mother climax after a few moments. He loved making her cum. It was only fair because she made him cum too. Anne yelped and moaned as she orgasmed, her thighs quivering alongside her son's head which was merrily pressed to her hairy cunt as he thrust his tongue far into the womb from where he'd come from.
"That was nice darling," Anne smiled when Sammy eventually raised his head, "Whew! You made mummy have a climax."
"Cool!" giggled Sammy, playing with his erection with one hand and and wiping his juice-slathered face on the back of the other, "Shall I cum now mummy?"
"Of course darling! Where do you want to cum?"
"Erm..." pondered the eight-year-old motherfucker, eyeing up his mother's delicious naked body, stretched out before him, "Um....not sure. There's so much I can do! Erm....I want to do you in the bottom, I think, but I might cum in your mouth. That feels nice when I do it in your mouth. And you like the taste don't you mummy?"
"I do darling. Tell you what, why don't you put your willy in my snatch first, then up my bottom, then in my mouth. Could you do all three of mummy's holes?"
"I'll try!"
"Remember not to squirt in me too early darling. I want to taste your spunk. You have to cum in my mouth."
Sammy enthusiastically mounted his mother, guiding his pecker into her hot cunt. Because he was so small compared to his long-legged, big-titted mother, Sammy's head was level with her breasts as he lay on top of her. He exchanged a grin with his mother before he began kissing her tits. He kissed them all over whilst he began fucking her snatch, his pale bottom humping up and down between Anne's spread thighs.
"That's it darling," Anne urged her son, stroking his slender bare back with her warm hands, "You're making mummy feel sooo good! Pump your willy in me! That's it! Oh yes! Suck on my boobs. Suck them darling, on the nipples, just like when you were a baby."
"Mmmmph," murmered Sammy, happily clamping his lips over his mother's big stiff left nipple. He sucked on her teet as he continued to fuck her hot hairy cunt. Anne moaned with delight as her energetic pre-pubescent son mashed his face right into her big cushion-like breasts. His hard cock felt so good in her cunt.
Sammy transferred his attention to his mother's right nipple after a moment, and he sucked eagerly. After a few moments, he felt the familiar feeling in his cock that signalled the imminent arrival of his climax. His prick throbbed and pulsed harder and harder as he pumped it in his mum's twat.
"I'm almost cumming mummy," he announced, raising his head from Anne's breasts, "Shall I do you in the bottom now?"
"Yes honey. Climb off me a moment."
Sammy dismounted his mother and played with his slick erection as he watched his beautiful mummy flip over. She got on her hands and knees with her big bare bum raised in the air (actually her arse wasn't really big as such, but it seemed big to eight-year-old Sammy and his small cock!)
"Lick me again darling," Anne told her son, "Lick my bottom some more so it's nice and wet."
Sammy loved licking all parts of his mother's body. She had got him to lick and kiss her naked body ever since he was little, even when he was only four or five and not yet able to cum, and he'd been more than happy to use his tongue on his mother; on her tits, her arms, her feet, her thighs, her ears and, of course, her nice hairy cunt. Quite often he woke up before his mother, lying in bed next to her, and he would start sucking or licking her boobs if they were on display, or he'd slide under the covers, giggling mischievously as he found her cunt and started licking it. Anne absolutely adored being woken up that way, drifting out of her slumber to find her beautiful child suckling, lapping or nibbling her naked body.
Sammy liked licking out his mother even more now that he could put his cock in her afterwards! It made him feel like a big boy to be able to give his mum pleasure with more than just his tongue.
Sammy knelt behind Anne and bent down, tickling her anus with his tongue. It was already wet, thanks to him having licked her shitter earlier. The boy pushed his tongue deep into his mother's rectum, his small hands clapped to her spread-cheeks. He could hear his mummy moaning with pleasure.
Sammy's dick was achingly stiff and desperate for attention. After tongueing his mum's anus for a couple of minutes, he finally raised his head and knelt up straight.
"I'm going to put it up you mummy," he told Anne, nudging her slick anus with his erection.
"Do it sweetie," begged Anne, "Put it right up mummy's bottom!"
Employing his growing skill in these matters, Sammy guided the tip of his penis into his mother's anus. Anne shivered with delight at the penetration. Sammy pushed forth, swiftly burying his stiff three-inch pecker into his mum's rectal passage. He let out a groan as he savoured the wonderful feeling of his mother's hot, tight, clammy shit-chute. Then he held onto her hips as he began to bugger her, running his erection to and fro in her anus.
"Uh, uh, uuuh," he grunted as he arse-fucked his mum. He was feeling tired with all this activity, but he knew there would be time to rest and sleep later. He wanted to cum and he knew he'd be unable to sleep until he'd emptied his little balls.
"Yes darling, yes, that's it," purred Anne, resting her head to oneside on the pillow, "Faster. Oh yes...faster...oh honey, that makes mummy feel good! Mmmmm!"
Sammy began panting with exhertion as he sodomized his mother at a quicker pace, his belly clapping against her cheeks, his knuckles turning white as he held onto Anne's hips.
"I'm almost cumming," he gasped, moments later, dutifully whipping his erection from his mother's arse.
"Okay Sammy," Anne said, moving aside, "Lay down, I'll suck you."
Sammy practically flung himself onto the bed, laying on his back and looking forward to reliving himself of the pre-teen boy-juice that was desperate to spurt forth. Anne knelt alongside her son and leaned down, taking his erection in her mouth. She was easily able to fit it right into her mouth, her lips round the base of that lovely hairless penis. She sucked and slurped, looking forwards to drinking the child's juice.
"Uh, uuuuh, it is," Sammy stammered shortly, "Yes! I'm going to cum! Uuuuuh!"
His erection throbbed in Anne's mouth and suddenly it began to spurt warm salty juice. Anne let out an inward moan of sheer joy as she felt her son's delicious cum squirt from his pulsing erection. Sammy's slender body tensed as he came in Anne's mouth. He did not pump a great deal of spunk, barely a third of a mouthful, but Anne was nonetheless grateful. She did not swallow though, not yet. When her son's climax was over, she raised her head, Sammy's limp cock sliding out of her mouth and the child's semen in Anne's cheeks. The busty mother then spat the cum onto Sammy's belly, the boy giggling at the obscene sight of his mother drooling cum and saliva onto his pale flat tummy.
"Mmmm," purred Anne, as she licked it up. Her warm wet tongue swirled over Sammy's stomach for a moment, working around in the fluids she'd deposited there. Then she licked it all up, lapping away and swallowing. Soon she'd cleaned Sammy's stomach perfectly and his cum was in her belly rather than on his.
"Delicious," she smiled.
"That was fun mummy!" Sammy announced, "Wow! I did you in all three holes and I didn't cum until the end. Wasn't that great?"
"It was darling! You're better than a lot of grown men at these games! You make mummy feel very good. You're a wonderful son!"
"You're a wonderful mum!"
"Do you want to sleep naked again?"
"Okay. I don't need those pyjamas anyway, I'm warm enough after all that playing."
Anne reached down and clutched the bedsheets which lay on a heap on the floor. She dragged them onto the bed and over her and her son, against whom she snuggled. Sammy cuddled up to Anne, playing idly with her boobs as he yawned, the pair of them loving the physical closeness of the other.
After such a tiring evening, Sammy fell asleep very quickly, and he had pleasant dreams of playing with his mother some more tomorrow.