Mum's Party

(Voyeur incest - 13yo son watching mum, oral, anal, group (MMM/F), mast, bukkake)

"Are you having another one of your parties mum?" Jason asked.
"I am honey," replied his mother, Julie.
"Could I watch this time?"
Julie, who was sitting at her dressing table combing her long brown hair, turned to her son Jason, who was standing in the doorway to her bedroom. Jason was thirteen, a slender child who was small for his age at only four-foot-ten. He had a cute little face, with freckles, big blue eyes and short, scruffy brown hair. He wore jeans and a black T-shirt as he stood casually watching his mother getting ready.
"Well," began Julie, "If you...want to. Are you sure you want to?"
"Yeah, it'd be fun. I've always wanted to know what you get up to exactly."
"I think you know honey."
"Yeah, yeah, you have sex," grinned Jason, "Or rather, several guys have sex with you. I've done all about sex-ed at school. I just think it'd be...instructive, to watch."
Julie thought this was a rather odd suggestion but found herself turned on by it. She had fallen pregnant with Jason when she was just nineteen, and the father hadn't stuck around because he himself was much older than Julie and had a family of his own. Julie had bought Jason up on her own whilst working full-time, doing quite well for herself. Despite being very attractive she was still single and had decided that long-term relationships weren't for her. Most guys didn't want to stick around with a woman - even a beautiful, busty brunette like Julie - once they found she had a thirteen year old son. So, Julie had 'parties', little orgies with guys she met at bars or in contact mags, who'd come round and fuck her senseless. It was great fun and a few months ago Julie had finally let her curious, pretty little son in on what she got up to. Jason was mature for a boy just entering his teens and he'd taken it quite philisophically. His mother had asked him if he masturbated, and when Jason casually confirmed that he did, Julie told him that she also had such 'needs' and that being an adult she didn't have to just frig herself, she could get other adults to come round and satisfy her. Jason said he understood and didn't seem bothered that he was often required to go out round friends houses on Saturday or Sunday afternoons whilst his mother was 'entertained' by various guys.
"You sure you want to watch?" Julie asked.
"Absolutely," Jason confirmed with a grin, "Like I said, it'd be instructive. And fun. You're very pretty mum, I think you'd look really good having sex."
"Thanks," Julie smiled, and felt a tingle of pleasure at the compliment. Lots of men - especially those studs who came round to gang-bang her - commented on her attractiveness, but it was something else for her son to do so.
"When will the guys be here?" asked Jason.
Julie looked at the clock by her bed. It read 12:02PM.
"Any minute now," she replied, "We'll be doing it in the living room. You can sit on the sofa and watch us."
"Okay mum. You do look really nice."
"Thank you," Julie smiled again and she stood up in a smooth, elegant movement. She was five-foot-three, slender with prominent 34DD tits that were currently straining to pop out of her lacy black bra, her cleavage long and deep. Her limbs were slender and toned, her belly flat and she wore a pair of lacy black panties that hugged her nice round arse. Julie had an intensely fresh and attractive face, big blue eyes, a small nose and a sweet smile. Julie was thirty-two years old but her fair skin and radiant, pretty face made her look a good few years younger. More than once a guy had thought Jason was her kid brother, rather than her son!
"You look nice too honey," Julie smiled, stepping up to her son and ruffling his dark hair. Jason liked seeing his mum walking around in her panties. Julie was not quite a naturist, but she didn't see anything wrong in the human body - especially one as attractive as hers, she thought with justified pride - and so often strolled around in just her underwear whilst Jason was about. Sometimes she wondered if the boy got a stiffie (which he did, all the time!) whilst look at her. This thought often turned her on!
The doorbell rang.
"Here they are," Julie said, "I'll let them in. You go and wait in the living room honey, I'll let the guys know you're here and that you're gonna watch. I'm sure they won't mind."
"How many men are turning up?" Jason asked his mother.
"Three. I've met them before, they're a decent bunch."
"I can't wait to watch mum!"
Julie felt so excited at the prospect of not just being fucked by three guys, but having her own thirteen year old son watching! She leaned down and gave Jason a peck on the cheek then went downstairs. Jason followed and ducked into the large living room at the back of the suburban house. The large window that overlooked the leafy back-garden was open to let some air in, it being a Saturday in July with the temperature reaching the nineties.
In the hallway, Julie, still just clad in her underwear, opened the door and greeted her guests.
The men had fucked Julie a few times before, all together and individually, having met her through a contact mag. They were called Steve, Ian and Mick. Julie explained that her young son wanted to watch and whilst the guys thought this was a bit odd, they were all comfortable with it. They said it would be no problem.
Julie lead the men into the living-room, where the coffee table had been moved aside to leave a bit clear space in the center of the room. Jason sat on the dark blue armchair, smiling with excitement. Julie introduced him to the men, Jason standing and feeling like a grown up as he shook Steve, Ian and Mick's hands.
"Like I said, Jason is just here to watch," Julie repeated, "Just for a bit of fun."
"Fine with me," Mick said, speaking for his two companions.
Jason sat back on the sofa as if he were about to watch a movie or something.
"Undress guys," Julie said to the three men. She herself slipped off her bra then her panties. Jason loved looking at his mum naked. He'd seen her in her underwear plenty of times, and topless a couple of times on holiday at the beach, but never totally nude! He admired her neatly trimmed cunt, the hair dark brown. He lovingly appraised her arse, round and firm looking, and he couldn't tear his eyes off her exposed boobs, they were so big and shapely! The nipples were deep red and looked incredibly stiff. Jason felt his own cock stiffen in his jeans.
The three men undressed too. Steve was the eldest at thirty-eight and he was also very tall, six-foot-four, slim with dark hair and dark eyes. He already sported an erection and Jason was quite fascinated at the sight of a grown-man's cock, especially Steve's which was nine-inches in length and very thick.
Then there was Ian, aged thirty-one, average in height and build with blond hair and blue eyes. He very tanned, his body bronzed and shiny, and he'd shaved off all his pubic hair so his groin was completely bald and smooth. From it jutted an erection that, like Steve's, was nine-inches in length. Jason was quickly realizing the qualities his mum looked for in men - size!
Finally there was Mick, the youngest of the trio at just twenty-two years of age. Fresh out of college, Mick was a slim, fresh-faced young man, dark-haired and packing a thick seven-inch cock.
"Okay, let me suck you guys off," Julie said, kneeling down, "Then we'll move onto the more exciting events!"
The three men stood in a semi-circle around Julie. The beautiful brunette sucked on each man's prick in turn, masturbating the other two. Jason watched and smiled as his mother bobbed her head, slurping on those big dicks and pumping the unattended one's in her delicate fists. Jason had seen a hard-core porn movie once but it was something else to watch a woman sucking pricks in real life. Julie made sure her tongue worked on each of the big erections jutting into her face. She slurped noisily, wanting to put on a good show for her son, getting a thrill out of Jason watching. The room was full of the sounds of the three men panting with pleasure and the slurping and smacking noises of Julie's lips on their hard dongs. When the cocks were as stiff as iron rods and slick with saliva, Julie moved back.
"Okay men," she said, getting onto her hands and knees, "I want one of you to fuck my twat from behind whilst one of you fucks my face. The other can hold back until one of the others has cum."
Julie was on all fours in front of the sofa, on which sat Jason with a serious boner in his pants as he had a side on view of his mother. Julie flashed a grin at Jason then looked ahead as Ian knelt in front of her, his long tool wobbling in front of the young mother's pretty face. Julie took it into her mouth in an instant, sucking half of it down and sucking noisily, moaning inwardly with pleasure. She loved the taste of cocks.
In the meantime, Mick knelt behind Julie and rubbed his swollen cockhead against her slippery cunt lips. Then he eased his way in, Jason watching fascinated as the young man's long cock slid all the way up into Julie's cunt. Julie gave a muffled moan of pleasure as she was now spit-roasted, a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. Mick began fucking Julie's cunt steadily, humping back and forth, Julie all the while bobbing her head as she deep-throated Ian. Steve was jerking off as he stood nearby, watching as intently as young Jason. The man and boy exchanged glances and smiled at each other.
"Having fun kid?" Steve asked.
"Yeah!" Jason grinned, "It's fun watching!"
"It sure is. I hope one of these guys blows his nuts in your mum soon, I wanna fuck her next."
Jason looked back at his mother, her huge breasts swinging back and forth under her as she was mouth and cunt fucked.
Mick was fucking faster now, his long shaft glistening with cunt juice as he slid most of it out of Julie's cunt before slamming it back in. His pace increased and he soon was grunting with orgasmic pleasure.
"Ah, fuck, I'm cumming," he gasped, "Oh yeah, uuuuh!"
He drove his dong up into Julie's cunt and shot out his sperm. He flooded the single mother's womb with hot fuck-sauce, his prick pumping out a half-dozen squirts. Mick finished cumming and, after a satisfied sigh, he eased out of Julie. He staggered back and sat on an armchair. Steve now got behind Julie, stroking his hard nine-incher.
"Fuck my arse next," Julie said, taking Ian's dick out her mouth momentarily, "I want all my holes serviced! Ram that nice big cock up my shit-hole."
"Okay honey," smiled Steve. He placed his knob-head to Julie's puckered, pink, hairless arsehole and began pushing his way in.
"Ooooh yeah," Julie purred, then she resumed sucking Ian's cock. Jason was watching, fascinated, as Steve's cock-head pushed up into Julie's arsehole. He was amazed his mum was able to take such a large penis in her bum. Steve held Julie's hips and slowly worked his way up into her arsehole. Soon, he was lodged in to the hilt, his entire cock buried up Julie's rectum. He began fucking her arse, his long tool sawing back and forth in Julie's tight clutching anus. Julie had accepted this anal-invasion without pausing in the fantastic blow-job she was giving to Ian. The man was getting close to his orgasm, holding Julie's head with his hands and fucking his cock into her throat. Julie liked being roughly mouth-fucked, the taste of a big prick ramming down her gullet. She sucked hungrily, eager for the lovely tasting sperm to fill her mouth. She already had a big load of cum up her twat and would soon get one up her rectum too.
"I'm about to cum," warned Ian, "Uuuuh, fuck! Yeah, here it is!"
His prick spurted out sticky spunk by the bucket-load, Julie gulping quickly whilst sucking hard. She felt the slimy jizz slide down her throat and she savored the taste, swallowing the powerful spurts. Her lips were still wrapped around Ian's cock-shaft and she swallowed every drop of jism he shot into her mouth. She even continued sucking once Ian's prick had begun to grow flaccid, wanting to drain his balls completely. Finally, Ian took his dick out of Julie's mouth.
"What a great blow-job," he smiled, and he shuffled back, kneeling on the floor.
"Fuck my arse," Julie cried to Steve, who was dutifully sodomizing her, "I love getting fucked up the arse. Oh yeah, that's so good! Uuuuh! Fuck me, fuck my shitter!" She could see out the corner of her eye that Jason was licking his lips and clearly loving this show. Normally Julie was vocal in her slutty fuck-talk but she realized that she was being even more vocal than usual for Jason's benefit. "Fuck me Steve, fuck my shitter. Ram that dick up my arse! Oh yeah, yeah! Uuuh!"
Steve began shafting Julie's arse harder, ramning his dong right up into her bowels.
"I'm cumming, I'm cumming up your arse! YEAH!"
Steve rammed his dick home, right in Julie's shitter to the hilt, and he unleased his sperm. It was a powerful climax and he hunched over Julie, his cock pumping out a huge load of boiling sperm up into the woman's rectal passage.
"Aaah, I can feel it filling my arse," Julie purred, "Mmmm, a nice sperm enema! Now all three of my holes have had cum shot into them. Oh yeah, that was good!"
"You up for an encore?" asked Steve, sliding his semi-hard dick out of Julie's sperm-leaking anus, "I'll be hard again soon."
"Me too," said Ian.
"And me," Mick added. He was jerking off, his cock pretty much erect already.
"Okay, just let me get my breath back," Julie said. She got up and sat on an armchair. "I'm shattered! Wow! Hey, Jason sweetheart? Are you enjoying the show?"
"Absolutely mum," Jason said.
"You gotta a big stiffie?" asked Julie.
"Then pull it out honey," Julie said, feeling an incredible urge to see her little boy's dick, "Let's see how stiff you've gotten watching mummy getting fucked."
Jason stood and whipped off his jeans, then his underpants, not in anyway embarrassed at doing this in front of his mum and three strange men, especially given that they were all nude too! Jason stood there in just his little white socks and his black T-shirt. The thirteen year old's groin was hairless and his cock stuck straight upwards like a little flag-pole, four-inches in length and red with stiffness.
"A fine boner," Julie laughed.
"Why don't you jerk-off when we fuck your mum again kid," Mick said to Jason, "No point in just sitting their watching and doin' nothing."
"Can I mum?"
"Of course," Julie reassured Jason, "Feel free to do so!"
Jason smirked like a naughty little boy and sat down, gripping his cock lightly in his small fist and gently stroking himself. Julie wanted to sit and watch the boy masturbated but the three men were all ready for a second round.
"Me first," Ian said, "I'll fuck your cunt whilst you sit there in the armchair."
Julie spread her legs and welcome Ian with open arms, and thighs! Ian knelt in front of Julie and guided his thick cock up into her juicy pink twat. He rammed his shaft right up into her and began fucking her at a reasonable pace. Julie panted with pleasure, her big boobs rolling up and down as she was humped up and down on the chair. She placed her hands on the man's flat chest as he shafted her cunt.
Jason was watching this whilst jerking off. His mum often looked over at him and at first Jason thought it was a bit odd, whacking off in front of his mum. Then he realized that it was no big deal, not after his mother had gotten fucked in all three holes in front of him! Also, when his mum looked over at him she'd give him a sweet, approving grin. Jason would grin back and find that he was actually turned on at masturbating in front of his mum, the way she would glance down at his cock whilst he pumped it with his fist.
Ian was humping Julie hard now, driving his dick into her twat.
"Don't cum yet Ian," Julie said, "I want a cum shower."
"I'd better retreat then," Ian smiled. He gave Julie a kiss then slid his dick out of her cunt and moved back.
Steve came up next, kneeling in front of Julie and sliding his pole up into her twat. He began fucking her hard and fast immediately, ramming his cock into her cunt.
"Fuck me, fuck my cunt," urged Julie, "Yeah, yeah!"
"What a tight cunt," Steve panted, thrusting hard.
"I'm gonna cum," cried Julie, "Oh fuck...uuuh, God! Yeah!"
Julie was hit by a powerful climax, her big tits wobbling as her body shook with the force of her orgasm. Steve fucked her cunt hard throughout, Julie crying out "I'm cumming, aaah, fuck me".
"Wow," whispered Jason.
"That's a woman climaxing," Mick said from nearby to the boy, "Good eh?"
"Yeah," Jason smirked.
Julie's climax finally ebbed away. She took a deep breath and grinned over at Jason.
"I just love being fucked," she told him.
"I can tell mum!"
Steve slid his cock out Julie's cunt, still unspent. Mick stepped up next.
"Time for another good fucking," he said, kneeling between Julie's parted, slick thighs.
"Good," she grinned.
Mick pushed his hard member up into Julie's cunt, ramming it home. He fucked her steadily, Julie once again panting and grunting with lust. She was growing sweaty, her hair ruffled, her tits glistening with sweaty slickness. Mick was humping her hard, his prick feeling so good to Julie as it pumped in and out of her tight twat.
Jason was still jerking off and he felt his orgasm beginning to rise. He didn't want to cum just yet. He heard his mum say that she wanted a 'cum shower' and he thought it'd be fun to keep hold of himself until that point. He'd never heard of a cum-shower before but he had a good idea of what it was! He wanted to jerk-off to orgasm at the same time the guys did over his mum.
Mick shafted Julie's cunt for a few more minutes then quickly slid out.
"I'm about to cum," he announced, standing up, "Sit forwards Julie, I'll cum all over your face!"
Julie did so, sitting on the edge of the armchair. Mick pumped his cock in his fist, his swollen prick-head thrust out level with Julie's nose.
"Coat me in it," she urged Mick in a hoarse whisper. She loved getting cummed on and wanted her son to watch this in all it's sticky glory.
Mick's orgasm rose up and he cried out climactically as he spurted his sperm all over Julie's pretty face. His cum was sticky and came out in thick slimy wads that slashed across Julie's face. She grinned and sucked Mick's cock when the flow of semen had ended, milking out the last of his jizz. Finally, Mick stepped aside, fully spent, Julie sitting there with cum running down her face and hanging from her chin in sticky, oozing drips.
"Me next," Ian said, "How about your tits, do you want them coating?"
"Absolutely," Julie said. She got onto the floor, kneeling up, and Ian stood in front of her. He bent his knees so that his cock was thrust out over her big boobs.
"Here it is," Ian grunted, jerking off furiously. His sperm erupted out and Jason watched in awe as Ian shot forth a truly impressive amount of semen. It spewed out in a dozen thick pumps, spraying over Julie's large wobbly tits. At the end of Steve's climax Julie's tits were completely splattered with fuck-sauce, globs of sperm running down them, hanging from her nipples and dripping down onto her thighs.
Ian moved aside and finally Steve stepped up.
"Cum all over my cunt," Julie asked him.
"Whatever you say!" Steve said.
Julie lay back on the floor, spreading her legs, between which Steve knelt. He jerk-off his long cock, pointing it down so that the swollen cock-head was nudging Julie's swollen, slippery pink cunt lips. His sperm shot forth and Steve aimed his powerful pumps of semen over Julie's cunt, inner thighs and even her anus which was visible between her slightly parted buttocks. When he moved back, Julie had just as much sperm splattered over her cunt and arsehole as she did over her tits and face.
"Wow, what a lovely cum shower," she grinned.
"Only your belly is left uncovered," Mick said, "If only we had another guy here to shoot over your stomach so you'd be completely covered in cum." He flashed a grin over at Jason, the adolescent boy busy masturbating.
"Huh?" he said, aware that the adults were looking over at him.
"Do you fancy it honey?" asked Julie.
"You mean...cum on you?" Jason asked.
"Yeah," his mother smiled, "You don't have to if you don't want to. But it'll be fun. No point in wasting all that lovely young cum building up in your little nuts! Come on over and cum on mummy's belly."
"Okay," Jason grinned. He got up and went over to his mother. The three men were on the sidelines now, spent and exhausted, watching as the cum-drenched Julie lay back on the floor. Jason knelt to oneside of her and began masturbating, his hard pecker over his mother's belly.
"Do I just...spurt over you?" he asked, whacking off, feeling his orgasm rising quickly.
"Yes honey," urged Julie, "Just like the men did. Whack off like you normally do and aim your sperm over my belly. Make sure you spurt all over me and not the floor. I don't want it going on the carpet!"
"Okay mum...I'll cum in a moment...uuuh, uh! Oh yeah, here it is....uuuh!"
He began spurting his young seed, careful to angle down his cock as he pumped furiously, aiming the jets of saltly jizz over his mother's belly. Highly turned on by this, Julie was breathing deeply, her flat belly rising and falling with her breath. Onto that stomach splashed Jason's semen, his teenage cum glistening white and fresh on Julie's warm flesh.
"Oh God, yeah," panted Jason, reaching the end of his orgasm. He took his hand from his cock, kneeling there with his semi-hard, slick penis hanging over his mum's stomach which, like her pubic area, tits and face, was smeared with sperm.
"You missed a bit," said Julie, reaching up and taking Jason's cock into her hand. She stroked it a couple of times, a last dribble of sperm oozing out Jason's piss-hole and dripping down into Julie's naval, forming a white puddle.
"Thanks mum," grinned Jason. His mother took her hand from his cock and Jason shuffled back, out of breath.
"Well," Mick smiled, "I wish I'd had a mum like yours Jason!"
The adults laughed whilst Jason smiled and blushed. It had felt so weird having his mother touching his cock. No-one had touched his dick before. It had felt nice. He looked at his mother, who sat up, dripping with spunk.
"Can I observe these parties more often mum?" he asked.
"Of course honey," Julie said to her son, "Though you don't have to just be an observer next time, if you catch my drift."
She grinned seductively at Jason who quickly cottoned on to what his mother was suggesting.
He grinned back at her.