My Depraved Niece and Nephew

(Incest - uncle/niece/nephew, brother/sister, pedo, oral, anal, facials, fisting, group (Mfbg), bi (Mb fg), double/triple-pen)

My name is Billy and I'm a fairly affluent stockbroker in New York, with a job on Wall Street and a flashy apartment on the Upper East Side.
I'm twenty-four years old and already earning a good salary. I have a girlfriend, Jenny, but she doesn't live with me. I see her several times a week, and spend a great deal of time in bed with her, but otherwise during my evenings I can get a bit lonely in my two-bedroomed apartment.
I'm therefore looking forward to looking after my niece and nephew, who I haven't seen for quite a while. My sister is a full ten years older than me and she settled down to marriage and motherhood young. She and her husband are visiting friends in Canada for a few days and as it's a school vacation, the kids are going to stay with me.
I pick up my sister's kids, Sandy and Bobby, at Grand Central on a Friday evening, the chill of the winter biting in now that it's mid-November. They're very pleased to see Uncle Billy and hug me enthusiastically. They're not materialistic, but nonetheless being a rich bachelor Uncle they probably have some hopes of being spolt. I don't dissapoint. I take them to fancy restaurant then to do some shopping on Fifth Avenue. I haven't seen them for a while so I don't know what they're into, so I just let them buy their own presents, lurking in the background with my American Express whilst they pick out clothes, toys and CDs.
My niece, Sandy, is eleven years old, blonde and incredibly pretty. She was always really cute when she was young and now that cuteness is mixed with a bit of womanliness that was shaping her as she entered pubertly. About four-foot-eight, she was very slender, her budding breasts small in the tight pink T-shirt she wore. She had on tight white jeans which showed her legs to be slim but her arse slightly plump and round, very pert and mouthwatering. I know I shouldn't be eyeing up my own niece, especially as she's only eleven, but I couldn't help it. I was an oversexed young man and even though I had a randy girlfriend who leapt into bed with me whenever we were together, I was still horny a lot and my niece's affection towards me - Sandy hugged me often and wanted to hold my hand as we walked around Manhattan shopping - gave me rather lewd ideas.
Her brother Bobby was twelve, and though he was eighteen months older than his sister he was an incher shorter than her, slim, very little evidence of puberty in his cute young face. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, like Sandy, and seemed quite confident compared to most boys his age. He strode around the shops with a rather cute little swagger and he seemed very close to his sister, holding her hand a lot and whispering things to her that made them both giggle. Things that evidently my humble self, Uncle Billy, was not allowed to be let in on.

At six-thirty that evening, loaded down with shopping bags and the kid's suitcases, we arrived at my apartment, nineteen floors above the darkening city. I let the kids in and they went to explore whilst I shut the door and dumped the bags on the floor.
After taking off my tie (I had come straight from work to pick the kids up) I took the kids into the spare room. It had two single beds, side-by-side.
"This is where you'll be sleeping kids," I told them, "I know you have seperate rooms at home but I'm sure you don't mind sharing here."
"We'll be fine Uncle Billy," Sandy said, casually, hopping onto one of the beds by the window, "I'll have this one. I can look out the window from here and admire the view. Hey, is that the Empire State Building over there, in the distance?"
Bobby looked out the window with his sister, peering at one of the tall, glittering structures out across the skyline against the backdrop of gorgeous winter sunset.
"That's the Chrysler building," he insisted, "Dummy."
"You're a dummy," Sandy pouted.
"You're a dummy."
"Come on kids," I told them, "I'll show you the living room."
"Okay," Bobby said, him and his sister following me.
The living room had a huge black leather sofa with a couple of armchairs and a big flatscreen TV with DVD player and VCR set into a black cabinet against the wall. There was a huge white fur rug in front of the fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooked Third Avenue.
"This is cool," Bobby said, sitting on the big sofa.
"Look at all these videos," Sandy said, admiring the video tapes. Most of them were various movies, mostly comedies. I'd had the sense to hide all my hard-core porn movies.
Sandy then sat next to her brother on the sofa and I made us drinks, a glass of Pepsi for my niece and nephew and a Scotch for me. I caught up things with the kids, listening to their tales of school and their friends, and I bored them with details of my job. I asked them where there parents had gone in Canada, and who they were visiting, but the two children became strangely quiet and evasive.
"Have you got a girlfriend Uncle Billy?" asked Sandy with a curious smile, her brother also grinning and exchanging a glance with his sister.
"Yeah," I replied, "She's called Jenny."
"Is she nice?" Bobby asked.
"Very nice, yeah. She's a student at the University."
"Is she really young then?" Sandy asked.
"Not especially. She's nineteen."
"That's really young," Bobby said, matching his sister's curious smile.
"It's only five years younger than me," I shrugged, sipping my Scotch, "So, either of you got significant-others? A bofriend or girlfriend."
The pair of them just looked at each other and started giggling, so I just shook my head, smiled, and finished my drink. The subject then turned on to what was on telly. We channel-hopped for a while and at nine I ordered a Pizza. My sister lived in some tiny town upstate and the kids were amazed at the simple things big-city folk like me take for granted, such as having a Pizza delivered to your door. We stuffed our faces and the kids went off to bed.
"G'night Uncle," Bobby said, giving me a kiss on the cheek, which puzzled me as I wouldn't kiss a man - Uncle or otherwise - when I was twelve.
"Night night Uncle Billy," Sandy said, and she gave me a big kiss on the other cheek, my prick faintly stirring at the nympette's touch.
"Goodnight kids, don't forget to do your teeth," I told them, feeling all responsible at this paternal phrase.
The two of them went off to the bathroom and I could hear them brushing their teeth together, then they went into their bedroom. I was bemused that they would have to change into their pyjamas in the room together. I'd assume they would have taken turns in the bathroom rather than undress in front of each other. Then again, they were brother and sister and, I guess, probably not old enough to feel the same embarrassment about nudity as us adults do. Once again my mind wandered to Sandy's nubile young body and how pretty she was. I didn't consider myself a pedophile, or child-lover, but certainly I didn't think there was anything wrong in appreciating the evident sexual attraction I and many others had towards girls entering puberty. It was probably why I liked Jenny, my girlfriend, wearing her hair in pig-tails because it made her look even younger. I felt horny and considered jacking off, but instead I decided to have another Scotch and watch some TV. There was no work tomorrow and I'd maybe take the kids sight-seeing.
At eleven, with five whiskeys in me, I went to bed, tired.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I wasn't hungover, but I did feel a little thirsty. Sitting up in my big double bed I looked at the clock on the VCR which read 1:02AM. At least I didn't have work in the morning, I figured, sliding out of bed and standing in just my shorts.
I went into the kitchen and made a glass of orange juice and sank it in one go. Heading back down the hallway to my room I heard noises from the spare room, and in my sleepy state I had to think for a moment to remember that Sandy and Bobby were staying. There seemed to be movement and a mixture of gasping noises and slight giggles. Surely they shouldn't be awake and doing...whatever it is they're doing, at this time at night. Entering 'Responsible Uncle Billy' mode, instead of 'Light-Hearted Easy-Going Uncle Billy' mode, I got ready to open the door. I turned the handle and slowly opened it. It was dark inside and I heard hurried movement under some covers from across the room.
Flicking on the light I saw that Bobby's bed was empty and, indeed, still freshly made and unslept in. The boy in question was in his sister's bed, by the window, with, I might add, his sister. They were snuggled up together, lying side by side and looking at me with a mixture of fright and childish amusement. Sandy's little hands were holding the duvet up to their necks as they lay side-by-side.
"Hi Uncle Billy," Bobby smiled.
"What are you up to?" I asked, genuinly perplexed.
"Nuthin'" Sandy replied in a tone of voice that indicated the complete falsehood of that statement.
"Just sleeping," Bobby replied, yawning to emphasise the truthfulness of that statement and, therefore, to reveal it's complete falsehood.
I blinked at them, puzzled, the kids seemingly comforted by the fact that I wasn't angry.
"We usually sleep together at home," Sandy explained, finally realizing the source of my confusion, "Especially when it's cold."
"Oh," was all I could think of to say.
"It's okay isn't it?" Bobby asked, "We're not doing anything."
"I didn't say you were doing anything," I said, "But er...if you want to sleep like that it'"
I glanced at the floor, catching sight of both kid's clothes in a semi-tidy heap. Next to them, neatly folded, were their pyjamas. And underwear. I figured they were naked under the covers and, deciding this was far too much to take in whilst in my rather sleepy state of mind, I just sighed.
"Well, try and get some sleep instead of er...mucking about," I told them, "We can go sight-seeing tomorrow so, you know, we need to be up early."
"Okay Uncle Billy," Sandy smiled.
"G'night kids," I sighed, closing the door and hearing the muffled giggles as I walked back to my room.
Of course, I wasn't totally stupid. When I say I was puzzled by catching them sleeping nude, I had a good idea that sex might be involved in someway. It's only natural for a boy and girl to figure out what's what with each other. But playing doctors-and-nurses or you-show-me-yours-I'll-show-you-mine was the limit wasn't it? Getting naked into bed with your brother or sister was a bit excessive.
I felt wide-awake sitting in my room with the lamp on, figuring out those kids. I also had one hell of a stiffie. Just thinking of them nude, their tender young bodies and whatever they were getting up to, turned me on like anything! I didn't feel any disgust. I was an enlightened guy and though that if something gave you a hard-on then it clearly wasn't something to be disgusted about. Still, thinking of my own pre-teen niece naked wasn't something I'd done often. For some reason my nephew entered my head as well, Bobby being such a cute little blonde kid, almost feminine in his graceful youth.
Eventually I went to bed and turned out the lamp. I was considering jacking off but sleep crept up and gripped me before I could decide.

It was seven in the morning when I awoke, and it was still dark outside. I got up, feeling refreshed compared to my nocturnal waking, with a big morning stiffie. I waited until it had gone down before, wearing just my shorts, I stepped out into the hallway. I was intrigued by what the kids had been up to in the night and I was gripped by the desire to go and see them again, to see if they were still in bed naked together, to see if perhaps the covers had slipped and I could catch sight of their tender young flesh...
Deciding to go for it, my libido and secret lusts leading the way, I walked to the spare room door. I could hear noises that indicated my niece and nephew were awake, but not anything audible enough to give me an idea as to what was going on.
I opened the door, without any warning, and was somewhat taken aback to see Sandy giving her brother a blow-job.
Bobby was laying naked on his sister's bed, on top of the covers, on his back with his hands folded behind his head. Sandy, also naked, was kneeling between the boy's legs and sucking on his stiff twelve year old cock, her blonde hair hanging down and draped over the boy's groin but not totally obscuring the view of her lips wrapped around her brother's erect shaft.
Bobby emulated my look of shock and, a second later, Sandy did too after taking her brother's dick from her mouth.
"Hi Uncle Billy," Sandy said after a second.
"Hi kids," I said, unable to think of anything else to say. "What..." I began, before deciding that asking 'what are you doing' would sound stupid. 'Why...' I began, before deciding that asking 'why are you doing this' would sound even more fucking stupid.
"Don't get mad," Bobby said quickly, "Mum and dad let us do it."
"Yeah, we do it all the time," Sandy said, casually. She smiled at me and my shock abated a little as I admired her slender, nude eleven year old body, her cute little pale arse in the air as she remained bent over her brother's groin, Bobby's four-inch pecker still very stiff and slick with his sister's saliva.
"Your mum lets you do this?" I asked doubtfully.
"Yeah," Bobby replied, "She encourages it. Seriously, don't get mad..."
"I'm not mad," I quickly pointed out, genuinely, "Just...shocked."
"Well, get used to it," Sandy smirked, "We do it a lot. Like I said, mum and dad let us do it. We do it to them too."
"You don't know our family too well do you?" Bobby smiled as I attempted to grasp the idea of my sister and brother-in-law encouraging their kids to do this.
"Evidently I don't," I said, smiling a little. This relaxed the kids.
"You don't mind?" Sandy asked me.
"No, I guess not."
"I must point out Uncle Billy," Bobby smirked, "That you'll just have to wait your turn!"
"For what?"
"For a blow-job," the boy said, "You look as if you're ready for one."
I looked down. My shorts were almost bulging thanks to my prick which, without me knowing it, had pumped itself up to be as stiff as it had ever been. Eight-inches of iron-hard cock flesh straining away in my shorts.
"Fancy one Uncle?" Sandy asked, "Go on! I give good head. Bobby thinks so. So does my dad."
"I definately," I began, stepping into the room, "don't know my sister and her family as well as I thought."
"Watch Sandy suck me off," Bobby said, "She's a real hot chick! Then you can have your go."
I sat on Bobby's bed as Sandy got back to fellating her brother. My shock had been pushed aside by a level of horniness that I'd never experience before. I slid off my shorts and started stroking my cock, all thoughts of the illegality of this pushed aside as I watched Sandy suck Bobby's cock.
It wasn't long until the boy came, panting lustily and fucking his hips slightly, evidently spewing his young sperm into his sister's mouth. Sandy swallowed the lot with noisy, slurpy gulps. Then she took her brother's soft cock from her mouth and Bobby staggered naked to his feet. I found myself admiring his body as I'd done his sister's. He was slender and had no body hair whatsoever, his body pale and hairless, his arse almost feminine in it's cute roundness.
"Come on Uncle Billy," Sandy said, patting the bed in front of her.
I walked over, incredibly excited, and lay down in front of her. I'd had plenty of blow-jobs before, but not from my eleven year old niece, so unable to draw back on experience for how to handle this situation I just decided to relax and enjoy it. And boy did I enjoy it! Sandy clamped her little lips over my thick cock and began sucking down a good few inches into her warm wet mouth. She bobbed her head and sucked my dick whilst Bobby sat on his bed and watched with enjoyment.
"I give good head too," the twelve year old told me.
"Yeah?" I asked, busy gently fucking his beautiful sister's mouth.
"Yeah, at least dad says so. I lick mum's cunt out and she reckons I make her cum a lot more than when Sandy licks her out. I'm the oral-master!" he laughed.
This little flurry of further revelations were almost lost on me as I felt my orgasm rising. I warned Sandy but she had no desire to take my cock from her mouth when I blew (as most girls do). Instead she just sucked harder and deeper and began swallowing all I pumped into her mouth. It was an intense orgasm, thoroughly beautiful, and even after I'd shot all my sperm - every drop gulped down by Sandy - the youngster kept sucking me and swirling her tongue round the head of my dick.
Finally she took her mouth from me and moved up to give me a gentle kiss on the lips.
"I'll suck you off next time," Bobby insisted, standing up, "Then you can see which one of us is best."
He grinned at me and I couldn't help but grin back.

Ten-minutes later we sat at the breakfast table. I was wearing my shorts and the kids wore dressing gowns.
"So," I began, "this is a little er...much to take in. Let me get this straight, your mum - my sister - and dad encourage this with you kids?"
"Sure," Sandy said, as if it were a daft question, "Mum and dad are swingers. They go to wife-swapping parties, have orgies and shit. That's what they're doing in Canada, having a big swinger's party at some remote cabin with their horny friends. Anyway, Bobby and me found some home-made porn movies of mum and dad fucking each other and different people. We figured we'd try it. This was a year ago, Bobby had only just begun to jack-off. It had been him who'd found the movie in mum and dad's room whilst hunting for porn or something. Anyway, him and me tried it when we were on our own. We lost our cherries to each other."
"Mum and dad caught us a few weeks later," Bobby said, taking up the story, "We were humping in bed and mum came in. She wasn't mad, and neither was dad. We explained that we knew about the videos and they said that as long as we didn't tell anyone Sandy and me could fuck each other. Then dad said he fancied fucking Sandy and she let him. Not to be outdone I declared I wanted to fuck mum, so she let me! Then dad wanted to fuck me in the arse and mum wanted to get it on with Sandy and...well, nothing was out of bounds. We do everything, have big family-orgies together, sleep together. It's great! I told mum that I wanted to get you involved Uncle Billy, but mum and dad were cautious. They thought you might dissaprove. From the pleasurable look on your face when Sandy sucked your dick it's clear you do approve!"
"I guess I do," I laughed, slowly taking this all in whilst the kids set about demolishing the pile of waffles in front of them.
"So you wanna fuck after breakfast?" asked Sandy, casually, a few moments later, "I want to fuck you Uncle Billy. I reckon you're really handsome, plus you have a nice big cock."
"I would like to fuck you honey," I said, delighting in being able to just brazenly say this.
"Then you can fuck me," Bobby said.
"Well, er...I've never fucked a boy before."
"It'll be fun," my nephew insisted, "Dad hadn't ever thought about going with a boy until I suggested it to him. He likes it. After all, he likes fucking mum and Sandy up the arse, so what's the difference doing it to me?"
"I guess," I shrugged, "Let's one thing at a time."
"Let's finish breakfast," Sandy declared, "I'm horny. I want to fuck. Come on, eat up Bobby. You too Uncle Billy."
We obeyed and soon finished up our meal. I cleared away the dishes whilst the kids took off their gowns, throwing them to the kitchen floor, and scampered naked into the living room.
I took off my shorts, my eight-inch prick rock-solid and nodding in the air ahead of me, and followed them.

It seemed very surreal, striding naked into my living room with a big stiffy with my niece and nephew, also naked, getting onto the sofa in preperation for sex. But they were totally at ease.
"Come here Uncle Billy," Sandy said, sitting back and spread her legs, "Come and stick that nice big dick up my twat."
"Whatever you say sweetheart," I said, kneeling in front of her. Her cunt was a bald little slit, two puffy lips between her slender thighs. I rubbed my cock-head over her young lips then began to enter. Sandy moaned with pleasure as my cock began to fuck my prick up into her. I checked she was okay and she insisted she was, reaching round and clapping her little hands to my arse-cheeks and demanding I shove all my cock into her. I obliged and pushed all of my meat into her tight pre-teen cunt. It was heaven, a lovely tight sheath around my prick. I leaned in and gave her a long kiss then moved apart so I could gently fuck her whilst stroking my hands over her body, her flat little belly and budding young titties.
Bobby was all the while sitting next to his sister and watching this with great interest and arousal. His prick was very stiff and he abruptly stood up.
"Wanna suck me?" the cute little kid asked me, thrusting his hard, hairless little penis at me.
I replied by simply turning and clamping my lips to his cock. I'd sucked a prick before, when I was thirteen and me and a friend were mucking about and blew each other simply to try it. It was fairly instinctive, I just sucked away and he was soon enjoying himself, running his little hands through my hair. All the while I drove my dick into his sister's cunt. The girl climaxed after a few minutes, spewing out a string of obsceneties that sounded quite shocking from a girl of eleven! Then again, a girl that age asking me to fuck her was fairly shocking, though my capacity for being surprised was being pushed to it's limit this morning!
My own climax rose shortly afterwards, a very strong one. I took Bobby's dick from my mouth and gripped Sandy's thighs as I drove myself up into her womb. My cum exploded out and I was almost spasming with the strength of my orgasm.
"Holy shit!" I gasped as my cock pumped out my jism.
"Fire it all up me!" Sandy panted, spreading her legs further to allow me to drive into her as deep as possible. Finally, my sperm flow ended, though my prick remained fairly stiff when I withdrew.
"My turn," Bobby cheerfully declared. He took my place, kneeling in front of his sister, and he slid his prick into her leaking cunt. He fucked her fast but with a sense of control, making it evident he wasn't lying when he boasted of his sexual experiences with his sister and parents. His cute arse-cheeks tightened as he fucked his sister's cunt.
"Give me your dick Billy," Bobby asked me.
I stood and, as I'd done to him, the twelve year old sucked on my dick whilst fucking Sandy's cunt. He did indeed give fairly good head, slurping on my prick which steadily stiffened in his mouth. He gave a muffled sigh and groan of pleasure and his body tensed as he ejaculated his semen into his sister's cunt, but unlike me he endured his climax without taking my cock out of his mouth, sucking deeply whilst he finished cumming in his sister's twat.
I slid from his mouth and Bobby in turn withdrew from his sister.
"You two kids are so depraved," I laughed, "I love ya!"
I knelt and kissed Bobby, ruffling his hair, then did likewise to Sandy. They hugged me, very affectionate, making it clear they enjoyed this as much as I did. I didn't like the idea of being a child-molester but there was no doubt these randy little pre-pubescent rascals were having the time of their lives.
"You're almost hard again Uncle Billy," Sandy said, looking at my cock which was almost fully erect, "Let's help you get it up again."
She got onto her knees and sucked on my prick. Bobby got down behind her and started licking out her twat from behind, clearly licking out mine and his sperm and eating her out. A shiver of pleasure evidently ran through the young girl's nude body as her brother performed oral on her whilst she paid me in kind. My cock was soon fully hard again, standing up proud and eager to plunge into my niece's hot young body.
Sandy turned round, remaining on her hands and knees on the floor. As she sucked on Bobby's cock I was faced with her lovely little arse, those tender young buttocks so beautiful and sweet, in between them a little arsehole as pink and delicate as a rose. Her cunt hung beneath, slippery with her young cunt-juice, two loads of sperm and her brother's saliva. I slid the head of my dick into her cunt and held her slim hips before driving myself in right to the hilt.
When I'd first fucked her I'd gone fairly gently but now I knew she was a little slut who could be treated as such. I fucked her with long powerful strokes, Sandy emitting more muffled moans of pleasure as she sucked on her brother's cock.
A few minutes of this and Bobby's dick was nice and stiff once more. Sandy took it from her mouth and spoke to me over her shoulder.
"Wanna lie down Uncle?" she asked me, "Then I can ride you."
This sounded fine to me. There was a big deep fur rug in front of the fireplace and I lay back on this whilst holding my cock upright. Sandy knelt over me, my big prick looking outsized compared to the slender girl. Nonetheless she had little difficult in impaling herself on it, taking me in her cunt to the hilt.
"Come up behind me," Sandy said to her horny younger brother, "Come and take me up the arse whilst Billy screws my cunt."
Bobby wasted no time in getting astride my legs behind his sister, Sandy leaning forwards so her titties were pressed against my chest. I could feel her tense before releasing a long sigh of pleasure as Bobby pushed his slippery prick up into her arse. Once her brother's pecker was wedged in her shitter to the hilt, Sandy rose up a little, her hands resting on my shoulders as she began to ride me. Bobby fucked his sister's arse fairly hard, lifting the girl up a little and causing half my prick to slid out of her cunt, though when Bobby pulled back it caused Sandy to fall down onto my prick which would be once again buried to the hilt in her cunt. This delightful set-up continued for a good ten-minutes until Sandy climaxed hard, panting lustily as her brother and me fucked her hard between us. She almost swooned in my arms, collapsing onto my chest. My cum began to boil up and I fucked her cunt relentlessly and exploded in her womb, spewing my thick semen into her pre-teen body. Bobby was evidently climaxing at the same time, holding his sister's waist and pumping his hips rapidly, a look of ecstasy on his face as his shot his sperm into Sandy's rectum.
We finally stopped and Bobby pulled out of his sister, allowing her to dismount me. The three of us lay back on the rug, the kids on either side of me and cuddling up to my body.
It was a while before we summoned the energy to sit up.
"Hey kids," I smiled to them, "Wanna watch some porn?"
"Yeah!" the pair of them grinned.
I went to my stash of videos that I'd stuffed under my bed for safe-keeping, having thought I'd best keep them out of sight from the kids, an idea that now seemed very niave!
In the living room the three of us lounge back in each other's arms with a glass of Pepsi each, watching the hard-core action. It was a fairly typical film, a long string of explicit sex-scenes featuring loads of blonde bimbos being fucked by a variety of well-hung guys. After it had finished I made us a sandwich each. We were all still naked and Bobby and me were beginning to feel ready for some more action.
"Mum and dad star in their own movies with us," Sandy told me, "Wanna watch 'em?"
"You've got some here?" I asked.
"Yeah," Bobby replied, "We smuggled a couple here, just for the hell of it. I'll get one."
Bobby went off to the spare room where his luggage was, and he returned with a video tape with no markings on it. He slotted it into the VCR and we sat on the sofa again, the kids either side of me.
"This is a collection of scenes," Sandy explained, "filmed a couple of months ago."
The first shot was of my sister's living room, and there, on the sofa naked, was my sister Claire, still as gorgeous as ever. I'd never thought of her sexually but my recent activities this morning had dissolved my inhibitions against such incestuous thoughts. Claire was petite and blonde, and her heavy 35D tits looked big on her delicate 5'2" frame. Claire's husband John was in good shape too and had a dick the same size as mine. He fucked Claire in the cunt in the first scene and pulled out to cum on her face, like a real porn movie, the camera moving around to catch the action, a little shaky and evidently controlled by one of the kids. The next scene took place in the same living room but this time Bobby and John were both there, Bobby dressed but John naked. My brother-in-law helps Bobby out of his clothes then sucks his dick until he came on his face. Then John, with his son's sperm glistening on his face, bends Bobby over and fucks the twelve year old's arse and shoots his seed up there. In the next scene it's my sister and Sandy. They sixty-nine then my sister fucks her daughter's cunt with a strap-on dildo before Sandy returns the favour.
The next scene has Sandy on all fours being fucked in her cunt from behind by John whilst she sucks Bobby off. Her father unloads in her cunt whilst her brother pulls out and gives her a sticky facial. Next up Bobby and John are present once more, this time with Claire, John fucking my sister's cunt whilst Bobby fucks her arse. They both unload in her at the same time. Bobby is then bent over and his mum fucks his arse with a strap-on dildo, after which John gives the boy the same treatment with his own very real prick, shooting his jizz and standing aside so Claire can felch the cum from her son's arse. John takes over controlling the camera to allow Sandy - who'd previously been holding it - to enter into shot. She bends over and Bobby buggers her, and after he's shot his load, Claire sucks her son's cum from her daughter's arse. The camera is stationary and obviously just set-up on a tripod for the final scene as it has all four family members in it. John fucks Sandy whilst Bobby fucks Claire. They change positions a few times, all sweaty and breathing hard. John cums in his daughters cunt whilst Claire receives her son's sperm in her cunt.
"What a hot fucking family," I comment. Throughout this I've been stroking Tommy's prick which has rapidly become hard, whilst with my other hand I've been fingering Sandy's cunt. My cock is soon throbbing and hard too and the home movie has inspired us all to some pre-lunch fun.
"Let's go to your bed," Sandy suggests, "We can fuck on there! It'll be fun."
"Okay," I said, "Let's go."
We hurried off to my room, me and Bobby with our pricks sticking upright.
Clambering onto my bed, the kids laid me down and started going over me with their mouths. It was a thoroughly pleasurable experience, Sandy fixing her lips to mine and slipping her tongue into my throat whilst Bobby sucked on my cock, fitting a good few inches down his hot young gullett.
Soon it was time for more involving activities.
"I want you in my arse Uncle Billy," Sandy said, hugging me.
"Will I fit?" I asked, "I don't wanna boast kid, but my dick's a fair size compared to Bobby's and..."
"Oh don't worry about her," Bobby said, dismissively, "As you saw on the video our dad's dick is about the size of yours and both Sandy and me can fit him in our arses."
"We'll need some lube though," Sandy says.
"Wait a minute kids," I said, hopping off the bed and going into the bathroom. I return with a tube of KY-Jelly. Back on the bed Sandy is on her hands and knees with that lovely little arse of hers thrust in the air. I kneel behind her and paste some of the lubrication on her anus, pushing a digit up into her rectum. Bobby enthusiastically took the KY-Jelly and slathered some onto my cock. All prepared, I got behind Sandy and placed the head of my dick to her loosened arsehole, pushing myself forward slowly. Her sphincter resisted for a moment then began to open up, slowly blooming open and allowing in my swollen purple cock-head. Sandy braced herself, gripping the duvet, but soon her arsehole grew to accommodate me and I slid in some more.
"You okay Sandy?" I asked.
"Sure," she said, "Just go slow and I'll be fine."
Little by little her stretched anus swallowed up my prick until I was finally in to the root. Sandy let out a long moan of pleasure, my cock fully wedged in her bowels. I slid halfway out of her then pushed back into her, repeating this and watching my niece begin to pant with joy as I buggered her.
"Can you do this to me next?" Bobby asked, kneeling nearby.
"Sure kid," I told him, ruffling his hair and looking round at his cute young bum, "I'll fuck your arse just as deeply as I'm fucking your sister's."
He grinned with anticipation and gave me a kiss.
"I'll fuck her mouth whilst you fuck her arse," he said, kneeling in front of Sandy who took her brother's cock into her mouth without delay. She sucked him to the root and slurped on his meat whilst I continued to pound her arsehole. I was very tempted to unload in her arse but I'd promised Bobby to fuck his bum too so, after a short while, I slid from her rectum.
Bobby wasted no time in taking his sister's place, bent over with his bum thrust at me. It was just as cute as his sister's, his ivory white buttocks flanking a hairless pink anus. Me and Sandy lubed up Bobby's arse and applied a bit more of the grease to my prick. Then I placed my cock-head to his arsehole and applied the pressure slowly, treating him as I'd treated his sister, Bobby's anus slowly parting and allowing in my prick. Like Sandy, Bobby tensed up as I entered him but soon relaxed and moaned with pleasure as I worked my cock into his rectum to the hilt. I began fucking his bum steadily whilst Sandy busied herself sitting in front of Bobby, lying back and spreading her legs so the boy's face was in her cunt. Bobby dutifully ate out his sister's cunt, working his tongue into her and giving her a great thrill, my prick all the while sliding to and fro in his arsehole.
My climax finally rose up and I hunched over me nephew, holding his hips and letting out a long sigh as my sperm exploded out and filled his bowels, my cock twitching as it ejected it's thick load.
"What a good arse-fuck," I grinned, sliding from my nephew's bum. I sat back on the bed, Bobby raising his head from his sister's legs.
"I was going to say the same thing," he grinned, "I haven't cum yet though. Uncle Billy? Want to suck me off?"
"Of course kid," I replied.
Bobby lay back and I took his dick into my mouth, sucking him deeply until he spurted his seed. I swallowed the lot then kiss the two randy children and hugged them close to me. Tired out, we took a lunchtime nap on the bed in each other's arms.

Our nap lasted a little longer than anticipated. It was after two when I finally sat up, my niece and nephew waking up at the same time as they'd been intwined with my body.
I went to the loo to take a piss and when I got back to the room I was feeling horny again. So were the kids. Bobby was lying on his back whilst his sister kissed him hard on the mouth whilst reaching down to stroke his cock, which was slowly growing stiff. My prick grew stiff as well as I stood and watched from the foot of the bed, jacking off as I enjoyed the sight of the brother and sister kissing and playing with each other. Sandy lay on her back next and her brother frigged her cunt whilst sucking on the hard little nipples atop her tiny budding breasts.
I wasn't content to play the spectator anymore. I got onto the bed and the kids instantly made a room for their Uncle Billy. Sandy spread her legs and I got down and started sucking on her cunt, finding her tiny clit with my fingers and rubbing it whilst pushing my tongue into her slit. I was skilled at this, so my girlfriend Jenny said, so after a few minutes I bought her off to a climax, her moans of pleasure muffled as her brother french-kissed her throughout this. When I knelt up my cock was standing out rigid, as hard as steel.
"Let's double-fuck again," Sandy grinned, "You can take my arse this time Uncle Billy. Bobby? Lay down dear."
Bobby did so, holding his dick upright so his sister could mount him. She lowered herself and took her brother's prick into her bald twat. I greased my cock with KY-Jelly and, using the same care I had earlier, I worked my long hard organ into her arsehole. Snugly wedge up my niece's rectal passage to the hilt I began sodomizing her with a rythm in time with Bobby's thrusts into her cunt. It didn't take us long to make the eleven year old slut between us cum.
"Oh fuck me," she panted, "God yeah, you two, fuck my holes. Mmmmm! I'm cumming. Ram it up me, drive your dicks into me. Yeah, yeah!"
The intensity of Sandy's climax caused her sphincter to spasm round the base of my cock and I was pushed over the brink, spurting my thick seed into her rectum whilst I spluttered out my own lustful cries. Bobby's cum erupted at pretty much the same time and he kissed his sister hard on her mouth whilst shooting his jism into her cunt, his hands meanwhile gripping her shoulders so he could help lever himself up, driving his dick into her cunt to spew it's load.
I slid out my niece and fell to oneside, Sandy just slumping over her younger brother with his wilting cock still in her.
"Hey Uncle Billy," Sandy finally said, "Shall we go sight-seeing now?"
I grinned at her.

We showered together, soaping each other down, before we got dressed for the first time that day. All fresh and wrapped up warm, I took them out into the Big Apple and lead them round a cliched tourist trail - Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, etc. We had a dinner in a nice restaurant near Central Park and Bobby seemed to get a strange kick out of riding the yellow cabs. I guess the cabs were a tourist attraction, but getting one everyday meant people like me didn't pay them a second thought.
The three of us arrived home at eight o'clock. We were fairly tired and we slumped onto the sofa. I treated the kids with some snacks and a can of Pepsi whilst I had a big Scotch. Sex was on the menu tonight but it was left unsaid. First off we watched some TV and just rested our poor aching feet.
After a couple of sit-coms, we were all horny. Bobby had stripped naked earlier and now sported a stiff little boner as he sat next to me. I masturbated him casually whilst Sandy, shortly, put her hand down my jeans and felt me up. I was still in no time and soon I flicked the TV off and Sandy and myself hurridly removed our clothes. All naked, we went into my bedroom. I had a big set of wardrobes with mirrors on the door running along one wall at a right-angle to the bed, which the kids thought was great as it enabled us to get a good view of our actions.
I lay Sandy down first and got between her legs, licking and stroking her bald little cunt. I rubbed her clit and squirmed my tongue into her tight pink slit whilst Bobby knelt next to his sister and fed his cock into her mouth. She sucked him off, taking all four inches into her mouth whilst I performed oral on her. I made the youngster climax, her thighs quivering alongside my head as my tongue did it's work, but throughout her orgasm Sandy kept dutifully slurping on Bobby's prick.
My own cock was in need of attention so I lay on my back in the center of the bed with my legs spread. Sandy mounted me, taking my long organ into her well-licked cunt to the hilt. With me buried in her womb Sandy had her brother squat over my face which enabled me to lick his hairless little pink anus whilst she leaned down to suck on his prick. The boy was in ectasy at this, squirming on top of my whilst I licked his arse and his sister, whilst riding my prick gently, fellated him.
My probing tongue helped trigger my nephew's climax and I heard him moan with pleasure as he shot his load.
"Let me pull out," I heard him gasp to his sister, "Take me out your mouth so I can cum on your face sis....uuuh...that's it....yeah! Uuuuuh!"
Sandy was humping me harder too and my own sperm rose and squirted forth, my cock pumping my thick fuck-sauce into her tight young cunt. I held her waist and pulled her down onto me to ensure I left my seed as far into her cunt as possible, Sandy crying out with her own climax at this point.
I breathed deeply as Bobby finally got off my face. Sandy got off my cock and I now saw that her brother's discharge had been fairly impressive, Sandy's face slimy with Bobby's jizz. She had a big grin on her face as the white fluid ran down in uneven globs and drips.
This sexy sight made me aroused once more, though first we needed a break. First off Bobby and me licked Sandy clean, lapping at her cum-splattered face and kissing her in turn to feed Bobby's jizz to her mouth-to-mouth. After that I went to the kitchen and returned with a glass of wine for us each. We had our drink and relaxed naked on the bed whilst watching a porn-movie on the video. It was one of mine, a standard fair of bimbos being fucked in all their holes and cummed on. It did the job in that Bobby and me soon sported proud erections. His four-incher may have been half the size of mine but the randy twelve year old boy certainly matched me in terms of stiffness.
"I wanna watch you fuck Bobby again," Sandy said, stroking my cock, "He loves being arse-fucked! Do him Uncle Billy!"
"Yeah, fuck me," Bobby encouraged me, getting on his hands and knees with his cute arse thrust out, his anus slightly loose and greased from my tongue earlier.
"How could I refuse," I responded, getting in behind the little guy. I placed my cock-head to his arsehole and gently worked my way in. Well used to this treatment - both from his dad and his strap-on wielding mum and sister - Bobby took me fully in his bum in no time at all.
Holding his slender hips I commenced buggering the boy, Sandy making herself useful by sliding under her brother, inverted, so that she could suck his cock. They were now in a sixty-nine, Bobby having his sister's cunt to suck on, and he dived in and licked her out with noisy slurps. Sandy was paying the boy in kind, deep-throating Bobby's cock, whilst I continued to pull my slick penis half-way out of Bobby's arse and then push it right back in again with a slow but steady pace.
As tempting as it was to let myself go and unleash my sperm in Bobby's arse, I wanted to make this last. I slid out of his bum and the kids moved apart. With me laying on my back, Sandy knelt between my legs and sucked my cock whilst on her hands and kness. As the girl gave me a great blow-job, her arse was thrust in the air, and Bobby got behind his sister and slid his stiff prick into her cunt. He fucked her doggy-style whilst she deep-throated me.
Climaxes were shortly reached. Bobby shot his sperm into his sister's cunt, banging her hard from behind. Just as he finished and slid out, I shot my cum into the back of Sandy's throat. Naturally, she swallowed the lot, gulping down my jizz whilst moaning with muffled delight.
We showered after that, once again taking pleasure in soaping down each other's bodies and drying each other off with big fluffy white towels. Then we headed back to bed and sat up together, me in the middle with the kids snuggled up to me, watching a late-night sitcom. My niece and nephew fell asleep before it was over so I quietly turned the TV and lamps off and snuggled down to sleep myself, both of them still cuddled up to me, their flesh warm and tender against mine.

The good thing about sleep is that it fully returns a gentleman's sexual capabilities and appetite. Upon waking in the morning my prick was very stiff across my belly. Further more it was being stroked and fondled and I realized this manipulation of my erectin was what had woken me. Looking either side I saw that Bobby was sleeping next to me with his head against my shoulder. The other side of the bed was empty. I lifted the duvet up and saw, down below, Sandy was eagerly stroking my cock. She gave me a cheeky grin then clamped her lips over the head of my prick. I just dropped the duvet again and grinned, laying back and enjoying the feeling of my niece sucking my cock. She slurped and sucked under the covers until I was almost shooting my load, but she skillfully stopped before the critical point was reached. I felt her moved aside, the mound under the duvet moving to the other side of me. I heard her muffled sucking noises and I realized she was giving Bobby the same wake-up call.
It worked and Bobby's eyes were soon fluttering open. Unlike me he didn't have any confusion in his face, making it clear he was used to this method of being woken by his older sister.
"Morning Uncle Billy," he smiled at me.
"Morning kid," I smiled.
"Morning Sandy," he called, louder.
"Mmmmf mmfmmmf," replied his sister from under the duvet, still sucking Bobby's dick.
I grinned then gave Bobby a lingering kiss. Then I flung the duvet off the bed, revealing Sandy bent over Bobby and deep-throating him continuously. With my cock incredibly stiff, I sat up and began fondling my niece, stroking her lovely slender young body. She was on her knees and elbows as she sucked her brother off so I got behind her, stroking her tender buttocks. I kissed them, running my tongue over those firm and pert globes of tender arse-flesh. Then I licked her anus before moving down to wriggle my tongue into her cunt. Licking the girl out, I jacked off my cock in the meantime. Finally ready to fuck Sandy, I knelt up behind her and guided my thick prick into her cunt.
In moments I was in to the root, fucking her with a steady pace, Sandy giving muffled moans of pleasure whilst she sucked Bobby's prick, the boy running his hands through Sandy's golden blonde hair.
After a short while I slid my raging hard pole from my niece's cunt, slurping out of her slit with wet pop. Bobby was eager to fuck his sister now and he got up, jacking off his little dick. Sandy went to the center of the bed on her hands and knees. Bobby got behind her pushed his cock into her cunt and began fucking her from behind with a very energetic pace. Meanwhile I knelt in front of Sandy and fed her my cock, the girl sucking me down into her throat and deep-throating me. Bobby and me fucked the girl from each end until we climaxed, Bobby shooting his seed into Sandy's tight cunt whilst I ejaculated down her throat. As always the hot little nymph gulped down my salty outpourings.
To repay the attention she'd given us, Bobby and me lay Sandy down and kissed her all over - on her lips, her nipples, her stomach and thighs and, most of all, her cunt. We took turns sucking her cunt, frigging her clit and stroking her nipples too until the child came under our actions. She hugged us both and kissed us, looking so beautiful, this eleven year old girl naked and fresh from a climax as well as a good vaginal and oral fuck. Bobby and me were stiff again so breakfast was just going to have to wait.
Sandy put a pillow under her arse and flung her legs apart so that Bobby could kneel up in between her thighs. He pushed his prick into her cunt and began fucking her whilst I stood next to them, offering my cock to Bobby. Whilst fucking his sister's twat the pre-teen boy sucked me off, giving me just as good a blow-job as Sandy without breaking his fucking rythm.
Bobby fired his second load of the day into Sandy's cunt after a few minutes of this activity. He disengaged himself from me and Sandy and dragged himself aside to the bed to catch his breath. My niece remained laying back, spread-eagled, so I got down and pushed myself deep into her cunt. Her cunt was already slimed with two loads of her brother's cum as well as a fair amount of saliva, so I was soon wedged right up into her womb, her puffy hairless vaginal lips clamping the base of my cock. I fucked her hard whilst stroking her barely-developed tits and, soon enough, I hit a good climax. My spunk blasted out and flooded her cunt, Sandy climaxing under my strong thrusts.
Finally, after I'd caught my breath, we all staggered up off the bed, heading off to the kitchen with hearty appetites for breakfast.

After breakfast we dressed and went out round Manhattan once more. Some sightseeing, some shopping and a nice stroll round Central Park. It was quite an innocent day, at least until the evening.
Before dinner we fucked on the living room floor. Naked and randy, myself and my niece and nephew indulged in a great deal of oral sex to start us off. Bobby lay down first and his sister and me licked and sucked his hard young cock and his hairless nut-sac. We were careful not to make the little rascal shoot his load though, as Bobby and his sister were with me when it was my turn ten-minutes later. Finally Sandy had her go, the little lady climaxing twice under the tongue-work of Bobby and me. We licked that babe until she was moaning loadly and shuddering with delight.
My nephew and me were incredibly stiff by then and eager to fuck! I let the boy go first and he mounted his sister and planted his prick right into her cunt and he began fucking her in the missionary position, Sandy wrapping her legs round his hips. I masturbated whilst watching, running my hands over the children's bodies. With good self-control, Bobby withdrew before climaxing and Sandy got up. She asked me to lay down, after which she clambered astride me and impaled her twat onto my cock. With me lodged in her cunt she bent over and invited Bobby to fuck her arse. He didn't waste any time, sliding his cock -slippery with cunt-juice, pre-cum and saliva - into Sandy's anus. We fucked her in a sandwich there on the floor, the room full of our moans of pleasure. Bobby and me kept to a matching rythm which helped us climax together, my sperm spewing up into Sandy's womb whilst Bobby drove his prick into her rectum and shot his load. Sandy climaxed herself, a great triple-orgasm that united us, Sandy gasping and almost fainting with pleasure whilst her cunt and arse received her brother and Uncle's sperm at the same time.
We remained together until we all got our breath back, Sandy finally released from the sandwich and laying back on the floor, sweaty and exhausted but still smiling. She wasn't left alone for long though. I started kissing her and stroking her hair whilst sliding my tongue into her throat whilst she slid her tongue into mine. Bobby got between the girl's legs and started sucking my cum from her cunt, slurping away between her thighs whilst I frenched her.
Bobby and me were soon stiff once more and Sandy, as always, was eager to have us in her pre-teen body. We put her in another sandwich, this time Bobby laying down on the big fur rug and fucking Sandy's cunt from below whilst I knelt behind my niece and fucked her in her tight little arse. We fucked her, hard, for twenty-minutes and made her climax twice, before our sperm flowed once again. We pulled out and, after another breather, we finally got to our feet on shaky legs and freshened up and dressed. It was early evening and we put on our best clothes. I had a fancy designer suit whilst the kids had their own smart clothes that I'd bought from them at a posh department store on Fifth Avenue that day. Then we went out and had a fancy dinner at a restaurant down-town. One of my work colleagues spotted me as he walked past with his wife. They were both middle-aged and very rich and posh, and I got a kick out of exchanging pleasantries and introducing my niece and nephew with the knowledge of my little secret activities with those very kids. The colleague and his wife said hello to Sandy and Bobby, who said hello back very politely, before the couple went on their way to their table.
At home, approaching ten o'clock, we were tired. So, off we went to bed. We didn't go straight to sleep of course. Sandy was spit-roasted, sucking my cock whilst Bobby fucked her cunt from behind. My nephew shot his load into his sister's womb but I hadn't cum yet so, with Sandy laying back, watching and frigging herself, I fucked Bobby deep in the arse and gave him a jizz enema. Finally, after a long day, we settled down to sleep in each other's embraces.

When we awoke in the morning, it was Monday. I had booked this week off work to look after the kids but, lying in bed at eight o'clock and getting a nice dual blow-job from my niece and nephew, the phone by the bed rang. I picked it up. My boss informed me that I had to go in for a couple of hours, something important. Despite my protestations he whined and insisted that I had to be there. I sighed, said I'd see him in an hour and hung up. Throughout all this Bobby had been sucking my nut-sac whilst his sister licked the head of my prick.
"Bad news kids," I told them, "I gotta go to work."
"Aw," they both moaned, taking their mouths from my cock and balls.
"Not for long though," I reassured them, "Here, finish up where you left off, then I'll have to go."
Sandy started deep-throating me and, seeing his sister getting on fine on her own, Bobby got up and knelt to the side of me, offering his hard young pre-teen cock. I sucked him down and, for a while, I forgot about work as I lost myself in this little oral threesome. Bobby shot his load first and I swallowed his sweet young sperm, this helping to trigger my climax. My spunk erupted from my hard cock and my niece gulped it down expertly.
I got up and had a quick shower, then I selected and put on a white shirt, a red silk tie and a smart black suit.
In the hallway I laced up my shoes whilst the kids stood naked before me, sipping a glass of milk each.
"My girlfriend, Jenny, said she might come round this morning," I told them, "She has her own key. I told her you'd be here but, as you might expect, she'd probably be surprised if she let herself in and found you rascals naked or fucking in here! So be darlings will you and put some clothes on?"
"Okay Uncle Billy," Bobby giggled.
"I'll hide the porn movies too," his sister added, responsibly, before giggling too.
"Behave, seriously," I told them. Then I kissed them both goodbye, grabbed my leather briefcase, and left my apartment.
I hailed a cab outside, sliding into the backseat and telling the driver to take me to downtown. Being eight-thirty on a Monday morning, in Manhattan, the roads were gridlocked. Only the thought of further fun that afternoon with my sister's kids helped me remain cheerful as I settled in for a sluggish paced journey to the office.

I finished up at work at eleven. It had been easy enough, just covering a meeting for a sick colleague. I hopped back into a cab and, with the streets a little clearer, I was whisked back up to my apartment on the Upper East Side.
Outside the apartment I detected a slight smell of perfume in the air that my girlfriend Jenny like to wear. I was sort of hoping she wouldn't come round because I wanted to have a good lunchtime-fuck with Sandy and Bobby. Not to worry, I thought, Jenny was nice company and she liked kids. We'd maybe go out to lunch and, when Jenny had gone, I'd fuck my niece and nephew all afternoon! I was feeling horny and had done all morning.
Opening the door I put my briefcase on the floor and kicked my shoes off.
I gently closed the door behind me and strolled into the living room. The TV was on, showing some news broadcast, but there was no sign of anyone. I shrugged and went off to my bedroom to get changed, figuring that maybe Jenny had been pestered into taking the kids to McDonalds or something.
That was not the case.
I strolled into my bedroom and instantly saw Sandy and Bobby on the bed, naked, with Jenny. I wasn't sure at first if it was Jenny because she was bent over Bobby and sucking his cock whilst Sandy watched and frigged her cunt. But after I'd been standing there in the doorway for a couple of seconds, the naked lady fellating my nephew sat up and look at me. It was, indeed, my sexy young girlfriend Jenny.
"Oh, hi," she smiled. The two kids giggled.
"I see you've er..." I began, my cock stiffening, "met my niece and nephew."
"Yeah," Jenny replied.
"We corrupted her Uncle Billy," Sandy sniggered, still fingering her cunt.
"Right," I nodded.
"I must say," Jenny began, "When I arrived an hour ago they were all very civilized, dressed and watching TV. Then they started talking to me and quickly turned the topic to sex. Anyway, when they had me figured for a er...liberal lady - sex-mad if you wish - they revealed all! I was as shocked as you surely were Billy, but I must say that little Bobby charmed me, as did his sister. Remember when I told you, Billy, that I'd lost my cherry at fourteen but I wouldn't say who too? It was to my older brother. We only did it a few times before he got a girlfriend and then joined the Navy, but nonetheless I'm no stranger to incest and I very much enjoyed it. These cute little kids had me all moist and horny so we undressed and hopped into bed to have a damn fine time! Which is when you've just come in."
I nodded, then grinned.
"What a pair of seductive little rascals," I said, stepping to the bed and ruffling Bobby's hair as he lay back nude, his prick still hard and slick with Jenny's saliva.
"Come on Uncle," Sandy said, "join in! Let's have a foursome!"
"Okay kids," I said, undressing.
As I stripped I admired Jenny's body. I'd been going out with her for a year and had fucked her in pretty much every way imaginable. But though I'd seen her nude so many times I still loved appreciating her body. Jenny, who was nineteen years old, was 5'3" and slim. Her tits were round and pert, a good handful each, and she had light brown hair that was shoulder length. She was very pretty with big blue eyes and a charming, sparkling-white smile, and a love of tanning-salons meant she had light bronze flesh, contrasting with Sandy and Bobby's pale pre-teen bodies.
Naked and with my prick standing out very stiff, I got onto the bed.
"Take care of your Uncle," Jenny said to Sandy, "I'll continue with your brother."
I lay down next to Bobby and whilst my girlfriend sucked the boy's hard young cock, Sandy clambered over to me and started sucking me off. Us two guys were soon panting with delight, looking down our bodies and watching our female friends slurping down on our meat.
After a while the girls asked to be treated likewise and we didn't dissapoint. Jenny lay back and spread her lovely toned legs and Bobby got between her legs and started to lick her neatly trimmed cunt, my girlfriend gasping with delight almost immediately, clearly reaping the benefits of Bobby's lessons in eating cunt from his mum. Sandy meanwhile lay in front of me with her legs apart and I fell to licking her cunt. I ran my tongue up and down her cute pink slit before wriggling it in, deeply, all the while frigging her clit. Bobby used the same technique on Jenny, frigging her clit whilst working his tongue into her cunt. Jenny climaxed after about five moments and I made Sandy cum shortly afterwards.
Bobby didn't wait to be invited to fuck my girlfriend in front of me! He got up and mounted her, sliding his young cock into her moist twat and fucking her in the missionary position, his little arse humping between her parted thighs. It turned me on no end to see Jenny being fucked by my own twelve year old nephew and I channelled this arousal into fucking Sandy. I mounted her and drove my dong deep into her bald twat and proceeded to fuck her. The bed-springs squeaked as we humped alongside each other, grunting and panting with lust, the girls gripping our arses as we drove into their cunts. I spurted my sperm into Sandy's cunt after a while, humping deep into her and letting loose a torrent of cum whilst letting out a long sigh of pleasure.
Next to us Bobby fucked Jenny hard whilst kissing her hard on the mouth, their tongues exploring each other's throats and Bobby tensing up as he spurted his sperm into the teenage babe's cunt. Jenny held the boy close to her as he finished his orgasm, taking his mouth from hers and releasing a deep breath, smiling as his cock finished oozing jism into Jenny's womb.
We dismounted the girls and all lay together, four naked and sweaty people - a man, a woman and two children - all sexually satisfied. At least for now. Sandy soon got up and went to her brother and began sucking on his soft cock whilst Jenny came over to me. Those lovely girls soon used their tongues to good effect and within minutes their tongues were working over freshly-stiff dicks.
"Let's try some double-fucking," Jenny said, "I've done a lot of things, as you know Billy, but I've never had two boys at once so I've never had the joy of a double-penetration! Sandy has told me how great it is!"
"It is!" Sandy said, "It's fantastic!"
"Let's go then," I said, "I'll lay back here whilst you, Jenny, get astride me. Sink your cunt down onto my cock. Bobby, be a dear and get behind Jenny will you? Stick your cock in her arse! I've fucked her arse many, many times and it's just as nice and tight as Sandy's."
"Okay Uncle," Billy said.
So, with me on my back, Jenny got astride my hips and took my cock deep into her cunt. Bobby got astride my lower legs, behind Jenny, and he shuffled up towards the girl's mouthwatering, firm bum. His prick was slippy with saliva and cunt juice and it didn't take long for him to spear Jenny's arse with his pecker. When he was wedged in to the hilt he began fucking Jenny's arse whilst I fucked her cunt.
"That is so good!" my girlfriend gasped, "Holy shit! What a fantastic feeling! Oh yeah! Billy, darling, fuck my cunt, drive yourself up me. Bobby? You randy little kid! Be a dear and fuck my arse good and strong, like you said you do to your sister and mum. Fuck me! Both of you! UUUUH!"
Sandy wasn't going to be left out of this. She knelt nearby and stroked Jenny's tits, pinching her nipples lightly before leaning in to suck on them, me and her brother all the while fucking our cocks up into Jenny's holes.
I'd sometimes contemplated working up the courage to ask Jenny if she wanted a threesome, either with another guy or, even better, a girl who she'd get it on with. I'd never thought I'd get her in a foursome with my niece and nephew! This was great! We screwed together on the bed and within ten minutes or so Jenny was climaxing, hard. She fixed her lips to Sandy's and thrust her tongue into the girl's throat whilst frigging her cunt, her fingers working into Sandy's slit whilst sighing with pleasure into her mouth. I was shafting Jenny's cunt hard whilst holding her waist, driving into her, Bobby putting as much energy into buggering my girlfriend from behind.
Jenny was considerate and disengaged herself from me and Bobby before we shot our loads. Sandy didn't need to be asked twice to get aboard. She knelt over my cock and lowered her cunt onto it to the hilt, then leaned forward so her brother could slide his prick into her rectum. Jenny, recovered from her powerful orgasm, squatted over me so that I could lick her arse. Her rear orifice was loose from Bobby's attentions and I slid my tongue into her rectum and licked her out. Sandy, cunt-fucked by me and arse-fucked by Bobby, leaned down and licked out Sandy's dripping cunt. Once again the room was filled with moans and slurps and slaps as we humped in a compact foursome. The two girls hit a climax each before Bobby hit his. He exploded his sperm into Sandy's arse, sliding his dick right up her rectal sheath and unloading in her bowels. He slid out and Jenny abruptly got off me.
"Hey Billy," she said, smiling wickedly and frigging her cunt, "You haven't cum yet! I wanna watch you fuck Bobby. He's said you've fucked him in the arse. I want to watch! That would be so horny! I'm sure Sandy will frig me whilst I watch."
"Sounds fine with me," I said as Sandy dismounted me.
Bobby clearly loved this idea too, being a great fan of being fucked in the bum. He was soon on his hands and knees with his bare little bum in the air. Jenny lubed him up with her tongue, licking out the boy's arsehole until it was slick with her saliva. Then she moved aside and knelt next to Sandy, both of them reaching across and finger each other's cunts. Meanwhile, I pressed my cock to Bobby's arsehole and began to enter him, steadily working my way in until my entire eight-inches was buried in his arsehole. Jenny clearly got off on this sight, climaxing shortly under Sandy's busy fingers whilst she gave the same treatment to my niece.
I didn't last long in Bobby's arse and after just a couple of dozen thrusts I spewed out my cum, planting my tool to the hilt in his rectum and shooting out my thick semen into the boy's bowels.
I let out an appreciative sigh and slid out of his bum. Jenny came over and kissed Bobby then me, before Sandy did likewise.
Fatigue, naturally, approached us and we all had a glass of wine whilst slouching across the bed and watching some TV. Soon we slept in each other's arms with the TV still on.

On waking the four of us put on a few clothes and went into the living room. We ate snacks and Jenny had a couple of glasses of wine. She even lit up a joint - typical student! - and I allowed Sandy and Bobby to have a toke. They coughed a bit but enjoyed it, sitting with silly grins on their faces. I had some too which I didn't normally. None of us were stoned but we did feel pretty chilled.
We scoffed chips and sank some cans of Pepsi and another glass of wine or two, slumped back on the sofa. Bobby and me wore just shorts, Jenny had on her panties and bra whilst Sandy sat in just a pair of white knee-length socks and blue panties. It may have been freezing outside but my apartment was beautifully warm as we watched some silly lunchtime sit-coms.
"Do you want to watch some porn?" Sandy shortly asked Jenny.
"Sure," Jenny grinned, "Billy and me often watch it before fucking."
"Or during," I added. "Yeah, it's cool," Sandy added, "It's my parents, Bobby and me! Take a look!"
The semi-nude blonde girl got up and scampered to the VCR and put the tape on. She joined us back on the sofa and we watched the same video we'd seen the other day. I enjoyed my second viewing of it and Jenny was very excited too. She was sitting next to Sandy and the put their hands down each other's panties and frigged each other's pussies. Bobby and me slid down our shorts and kicked them off then took hold of each other's stiffening cocks.
On the big flatscreen we watched intently as my sister and brother-in-law fucked with their kids.
Once it was over Jenny and Sandy stood up and stripped their underwear off. We were all now naked - except for Sandy who wore her white socks - and we got onto the floor to fuck with the home porn-movie playing again in the background as we set about indulging in our own foursome down on the floor.
Bobby attended to his sister whilst I sought out Jenny. I had her on her hands and knees whilst I licked her out from behind, knowing how much she liked this treatment. I slid my tongue up and down her sopping cunt then licked her pink arsehole, working my tongue up into her bum as her sphincter loosened. At the same time I worked to fingers into her cunt in such a way that I was able to frig her clit with my thumb. Bobby was meanwhile in a sixty-nine with his sister, him beneath Sandy, licking her cunt out whilst she sucked on his prick. The hot little siblings didn't forget their nether-holes either, Sandy pushing a finger up into her brother's arsehole whilst she deep-throated his cock, Bobby doing likewise to Sandy whilst he tongued her cunt.
Eventually I knelt up and slid my heavy stiff cock into Jenny's cunt, driving in to the hilt. She shuddered with delight and began to work with me as I fucked her, humping back and arching her spine whilst I drove into her womb. Her cunt was nice and hot and tight, despite the paces I'd put it through during our relationship, and I was soon engrossed in fucking it. Next to us Sandy had spun round and mounted her brother, taking his prick into her cunt and riding him. Her little arse slapped on his thighs as she bounced away, Bobby holding his sister's waist and pulling her onto to his thrusting young cock.
I shot my load first, pumping my thick sperm into Jenny's cunt whilst pounding into her, my girlfriend bucking and thrashing with her own climax. She lay her head to one side on the floor, panting lustily "Fuck me, uuuh, uh, fuck it up my cunt! Yeah! God, oooh! OH!"
Finally spent I slid from her cunt and sat back on the floor. Jenny turned and kissed me then we looked over as our young companions in fucking hit their climaxes too. Sandy was rising her brother fast, crying out as she came, Bobby thrusting up into his sister's bald twat and squirting his seed. Once they'd finished they moved apart. I went to Sandy and kissed her, stroking her titties and fingering her moist young cunt. Jenny went over to Bobby and kissed him hotly, running her delicate hands over his slender pre-teen body.
"I've got an idea," Sandy grinned, "Why don't you shave your cunt Jenny?"
"Er...I could do," my girlfriend replied, "Any reason you want me to?"
"You'd just look cool," Sandy shrugged.
"Mum's done that a few times," Bobby chipped in, "She shaves her cunt and looks like Sandy! Like a little girl."
"Okay," Jenny smiled, won over, "Let's do it."
I went to the bathroom and returned with a razor, some shaving-gel and moisterizer. Bobby and Sandy had done this to their mum so Jenny trusted them to do the job, sitting on an armchair with her legs flung apart over the arm-rests. The kids were very skilled and soon Jenny was shaved and rinsed. She stood up with her pubic mound glistening and bald, her slit completely hairless.
"That looks great," I said, very turned on. Like Bobby I sported a fresh erection.
"It feel nice too," Sandy commented, stroking Jenny's freshly shaved pubic area.
"I really like it, I'll have this done more often," Jenny concluded, "Hey, I know. I'll complete the schoolgirl look!"
She went to her handbag and produced two elasticated hair-ribbons. In a moment she had her short hair tied in pig-tails. Being petite and, of course, only nineteen anyway, she looked like a sexy young schoolgirl.
Sandy and Bobby hugged Jenny, kissing her and sucking her tits before leading her to the floor. Jenny lay on her back and spread her legs, Bobby mounting her and sliding his prick into her cunt. I did the same to Sandy, getting on top of her and burying my hard pole in her cunt and fucking her on the floor. Us two couples screwed together for a short while but soon split up, eager to make the most of each other's company and indulge ourseles in an activity that involved the four of us together. More accustomed to foursomes that Jenny or myself, the two youngsters directed things.
Sandy sat on the armchair with her legs spread wide. Jenny got on her hands and knees before the girl and licked out her cunt, getting to work with her tongue whilst Bobby got behind her and slid his stiff little pecker into her arsehole. Following instructions I knelt behind Bobby and worked my prick into his young arsehole, then we commenced fucking. As I fucked hard into my nephew's bum he thrust into Jenny's, her arsehole clinching his young prick and affording him great pleasure. Sodomized deftly by young Bobby, Jenny ate out Sandy's cunt. She frigged the girl's clit and was delighted when Bobby, whilst humping her bum, reached under her and frigged her clit too.
Jenny had a pleasant climax after ten-minutes, Sandy following shortly afterwards. Bobby and me had not shot our load yet and Sandy insisted we have a change of positions. We obeyed, confident in the imaginative little slut's ability to set us up in the most erotic manner.
Laying on my back, I held my prick upright, eight-inches of throbbing and erect meat. Jenny squatted over me, facing my feet, and lowered herself whilst Sandy guides my cock so the head is pressing to Jenny's arsehole. Jenny sank down, taking my prick in her tight arse, until she's on her tip-toes, legs fully bent, her arsehole clenching the base of my cock with my shaft fully lodged in her greasy shit-chute. Sandy then gets on her hands and knees between my legs, in front of Jenny, and works her fingers into my girlfriend's cunt. She digs in deep, working her hand up and into Jenny until she's in to the wrist. Jenny moans with pleasure as Sandy fists her cunt to the wrist. I hold Jenny's waist and start buggering her from below, working my cock into her arse and feeling, through the thin flesh between her womb and rectum, Sandy's wrist squirming around. Bobby is not left out either, he gets behind Sandy and fucks her doggy-style, humping her cunt.
Jenny has a resounding climax soon, my prick pumping her arse whilst Sandy fists her cunt and sucks on her nipples. Bobby fucks his sister's but, on her orders, he withdraws before he orgasms. He slides out of Sandy's cunt and stands next to Jenny, masturbating his young prick in her face. His sperm splatters over her, Jenny catching some in her mouth whilst the rest rains down on her face. It sets of her own climax and she splutters out a string of obscene cries whilst I fuck her arse from beneath and Sandy continues working her hand into her cunt and sucking on her tits. Bobby, though spent, gets behind Sandy and holds her in the 'bowling ball-grip', working a thumb into her anus and forefinger and indexfinger in her cunt. He manipulates her two holes until she too climaxes. Finally it's my turn and I thrust up deep into Jenny's rectum and spurt my thick semen, washing down her bowels with my outpourings.
Bobby and me retire to the sofa and watch as Sandy and Jenny kneel in front of each other and kiss each other hard on the lips. Sandy then licks her brother's cum from Jenny's face and kisses her once more, swapping spit and sperm between them whilst they frig and stroke their cunts. Eventually they join us on the sofa and we get our breath back.
Sandy was the quickest to recover. She hopped up and put on another video she had bought over, one I hadn't seen before. She comes back to the sofa and starts frigging herself, as does Jenny. Bobby strokes his soft cock whilst sipping a can of Coke whilst I make a double Vodka and Coke as we all enjoy the feature.
On screen comes my sister's living room. She is there, naked with her big tits oiled up and glistening. Bobby is there too, also naked. Claire sucks her sons prick, on her knees and giving him slurpy blow-job with the camera coming close to get the action. Then Claire gets on hands and knees so Bobby can fuck her cunt doggy-style. His thrusts are fast and energetic, Bobby sitting next to me on the sofa smiling with pride as we all watch him fuck his mum on the big TV screen. Before ejaculation he pulls out and the camera comes in close to catch him flip his mum onto her back and masturbate all over her big wobbly tits. The next scene takes place in the master bedroom. On the double-bed Sandy is in a sixty-nine with her dad, the camera going round to either side, first showing Sandy (on top) sucking her father's cock and then at the other end John licking out his daughter's cunt. They move apart shortly and John lays on his back whilst Sandy mounts him, taking his dong into her tight twat and riding him. Claire enters the shot wearing a strap-on dildo which she fucks up into her daughter's arse, Sandy climaxing as she's sandwiched between her mum and dad. The scene ends with Sandy and Claire lying side-by-side, mouths open as John masturbates onto their faces, spreading his cum evenly over mother and daughter. Next up, John fucks Bobby's tight arse whilst Bobby in turn fucks Sandy's arse, the three-way chain humping together until John cums in his son's arse whilst Bobby in turn shoots his seed up his sister's arse. After that we have Sandy spit-roasted by her brother and father, Bobby fucking her cunt and John fucking her mouth. They pull out in time to lay Sandy down on the floor and masturbate all over her naked pre-teen body.
The action continues and despite our earlier efforts Bobby and me are soon stiff once more. When the video ends we once again screw together on the floor, Bobby eventually shooting his sperm into his sister's cunt whilst I choose to fuck Jenny and withdraw at the critical moment squirt my cum over her tits and watch Sandy and Bobby run up to greedily lick it off.

Jenny has a lot of University work to catch up on so after dinner she has to go. She kisses my niece and nephew goodbye and promises to come round tomorrow. Then she heads on out and gets a cab to her University dorms.
I join the kids on the sofa and we have a fairly quiet night in, watching TV. At eight o'clock, the phone rings and I sit between Bobby and Sandy on the sofa after picking up the cordless phone.
"Hello?" I answer.
"Hi Billy," comes my big sister's voice, "It's Claire."
"Hi, how are you?"
"Fine, we're coming back tomorrow. We can pick the kids up."
"Did you have fun?" I ask with a smirk, "Screwing your way through the weekend at your big orgy party."
"Oh, right," Claire begins, then laughs, "I did actually. So did John. I er...guess the kids told you all about us eh?"
"They did," I confess, the kids in question grinning either side of me, "They let me in on your family secret."
"Well, I thought they might," Claire continued, "I'd been considering letting you in on it a while ago but I wasn't sure how I'd approach it. Maybe I unconsciously sent Bobby and Sandy to stay with you to do the dirty work for me. Did they take long in seducing you?"
"No. I caught Sandy sucking Bobby off on Saturday morning and they just invited me to join in, so I did. It's been fun! I've fucked both of them almost non-stop. You obviously don't mind, do you?"
"Not at all! Not at all, dear brother. The more the merrier! I've had the hots for you for a while, Billy, I've been wanting to fuck you for ages and to involve you in our incestuous hobby. That's what it is, basically, a hobby. We all have fun! You sound like you've had fun."
"I have! My girlfriend Jenny got involved too. Plus the kids showed me your videos. You are one hot sister! When you come to pick the kids up tomorrow I want to fuck you!"
"That's the plan! John and me will stay for the afternoon and we can get down and have a nice big orgy!"
"Sounds good sis," I grin, "When will you be here?"
"About twelve," Claire replies, "I can't wait! See you then."
"Okay. Bye Claire."
I put the phone down and notice that my cock is stiff in my pants. The kids notice too.
"I can't wait until mum and dad come round," Sandy says, "You can fuck mum and we can watch! I bet you're looking forward to fucking your own sister Uncle Billy."
"I am! Right now I'll be more than happy to fuck the pair of you. Come on, it's bedtime. Let's go!"
We got up and, after I switched off the TV and lights, we hurried to the bedroom.
Clothes were hurridly stripped off and I got onto the bed with my niece and nephew. We took turns being the centre of attention, Sandy first laying down whilst her brother and me kissed and licked her all over, frigging her cunt and eating her out. Then the kids did the same to me, sucking my cock but not to the point of orgasm. Finally, Sandy and me lay Bobby down and we sucked, kissed and fondled him for ten pleasurable minutes.
Bobby and me were very stiff thanks to this treatment, and my niece was as horny as a rabbit in heat, looking at our dicks and desperately wanting them in her body. We didn't dissapoint either. Sandy lay back and spread her legs so Bobby could lay on top of her, sliding his penis into her cunt whilst I knelt nearby and thrust my cock near both of their faces. As Bobby fucked Sandy, both of them took turns in sucking on my prick, their hot little tongues turning me on considerably. Bobby eventually pulled out of his sister, unspent and eager to be fucked himself. I had him get on his hands and knees so I could lick his arsehole, slicking it up with my tongue until he was loose enough for me to get up and enter him. In a single stroke I planted my stiff dick into his hot, clasping anus, buried to the hilt in his rectum. Bobby panted with delight, humping back onto my cock as I began arse-fucking him with long slow strokes. Sandy reached under her brother and lightly frigged his cock whilst I was able to bugger Bobby whilst reaching round behind Sandy to play with her cunt and arsehole, inserting a finger and thumb into them at the same time and working both her holes and giving her a real thrill. Eventually my niece got in front of Bobby, pointing her arse back at him, and she reversed until she was in the appropriate position for Bobby to stick his cock up her arsehole. We emulated the scene from the home movie earlier, with me taking the role of John, sodomizing Bobby whilst he sodomized his sister. It was a really pleasurable experience and I considered myself restrained for holding out five whole minutes before I shot my load. I increased my humping pace, fucking my cock deep into Bobby's arse and squirting my hot seed. His sphincter spasmed round my cock-shaft as he in turn climaxed, his sperm blasting out deep into Sandy's rectum.
We pulled apart but we weren't finished yet. Sandy got behind Bobby and felched my sperm from his arse, slurping it down as it oozed from the her brother's anus. Then I got Sandy to bend over so I could give her the same treatment, sucking Bobby's fresh young cum from Sandy's arse. This excites Bobby and myself back to stiffness.
I was in a sodomistical mood that evening so I have Sandy get onto her hands and knees so I can push my cock deep into her arse. It's slightly loosened from Bobby's attentions, but my cock is much bigger than his of course. This does not worry my niece though, the eleven year old girl easily accepting my thick member in her shitter. Reaching under Sandy to frig her clit, I commence fucking her in the arse whilst she lets out little squeals of delight. Bobby stands next to me and I suck his hard young cock whilst buggering his sister. Fifteen-minutes pass until Bobby shoots his sweet pre-teen sperm into my mouth, and I swallow it gratefully whilst my cum spews out of my cock and floods Sandy's rectum.
We were then very tired and had a big day tomorrow with the arrival of their parents. We crawled under the covers, flicked out the lights and went to sleep.

Though us three are all very horny upon waking we decide to refrain from fucking to save ourselves for my sister and her husband's arrival. We spend a half-hour engaging in some light sex, fondling, frigging and suck each other, but Bobby and me ensure we don't ejaculate.
Showered and dressed, we go out for breakfast and take our time strolling back to the apartment.
Approaching twelve, Bobby and Sandy stripped naked in the living room.
"Are you not going to meet your mother clothed?" I ask them, laughing.
"No," Bobby replied, "We want to get down to fucking straight away! Me and my sister usually go round the house naked anyway, even when we're not fucking."
I decide not emulate them just yet, remaining in my black Armani jeans and a plain white T-shirt. I haven't been to the gym in a few days though I feel fitter anyway thanks to all the exercise I've been getting with my niece and nephew!
On time, my sister arrives. I let her and John in, leading them into the living room and listening to their idle compliments on any new furniture or decorations I've acquired since the last time they visited.
"Hi kids," Claire said to Bobby and Sandy, not batting an eyelid at their nudity.
"Hi mum," they called back. Claire and John kissed their children whilst I made us all a drink.
"Cheers Billy," said John, grinning, as I handed him a glass of wine, "Those kids not been wearing you out too much have they?"
"No," I smiled, "Not yet anyway."
"Good, good," my brother-in-law smiled.
I turned to Claire who was undressing already! In moments she was naked and in the flesh it was confirmed to me what I'd discovered in the home-videos, namely that my sister was gorgeous! Blonde and petite, thirty-four year old Claire had always been attractive to me but only now so in a sexual sense. Her big, firm tits - which looked very big on her small, 5'2" body - wobbled slightly as she sauntered over to me and put her arms round me.
"I've wanted to fuck you for so long," she said, "Ever since John and me started fucking Bobby and Sandy, I've wanted to cast aside what few inhibitions I had and consumate my incestuous urges completely and fuck you, little brother!"
"Little?" I laughed, "Not so little anymore."
I soon strip naked and my sister is pleased when I stand naked before her, stroking my eight-inch erect.
"What a prick," she grinned, kissing me with her heavy breasts mashing against my lower chest, "A fine prick indeed! I want it up me! Let's fuck Billy, John can indulge himself with the children in the meantime."
I kiss Claire hotly on the mouth and we get down onto the fur rug on the floor, barely paying attention to John who, now stripped naked, was standing in front of his son and daughter who eagerly sucked his prick and balls.
Claire and myself frigged each other, exploring each other's bodies. I sucked on my sister's tits, her nipples big and stiff, whilst working my fingers into her wet cunt. She in turn gripped my hard cock and jacked me off. Claire soon lay on her back, legs apart, and I mounted her and planted my pole into her tight cunt. It felt so good fucking her, thrusting my cock into my own sister whilst we kissed, her cunt moist and tight and her tits crushed against my chest. We soon became sweaty as we energetically screwed on the floor, whilst nearby Bobby was fucking his sister's cunt from behind whilst fellating John.
"It's so good fucking you," I said to Claire, "I love you sis!"
"I love you too Billy," she said, "I love you, John, Sandy, Bobby...everyone I fuck! Fuck me hard!"
"I'm gonna cum soon," I grunt, thrusting harder, "Right in your cunt sis! Uuuuuh!"
"I'm cumming too! Fuck me, fuck me Billy....aaaah! YEAH!"
Claire and me cried out ecstatically as we came together, my sperm shooting deep into her quivering cunt. I filled my sister's womb with cum whilst thrusting my pelvis. When our orgasms died away we remained in each other's arms for a few moments, watching nearby as Bobby came in Sandy's cunt whilst swallowing his father's sperm, John fucking his son's mouth as he ejaculated powerfully. Soon we all pulled apart and sat around on the floor, drinking wine and recovering for more action.
Sandy came over and sucked my prick, still slick with sperm and her mother's cunt juice, and my organ soon pumped itself erect in her cute little mouth. Claire stroked John and Bobby's cocks until they were stiffened once more. I declared my intention to fuck my sister in the arse and Claire was only too obliging, first getting John to lay down so that she could mount him. With her husband's prick lodged in her cunt, Claire leaned forwards so that I could get behind her and insert myself into her bum. Clearly used to this manner of fucking, my sister's anus offered little resistence to my hard cock and I was soon wedged to the hilt in her rectum. She was in heaven, with two big cocks in her holes. Her joy increased when Bobby stood in front of her so that she could suck him off, Sandy finding a spot nearby to kneel and stroke Claire's tits, pinching and sucking her nipples. With a cock in her mouth, cunt and arse, Claire was bought off to a resounding climax within a short while, bucking and squirming in her sandwich with ecstasy. John fired his sperm from beneath soon after, pumping cum up into Claire's cunt. My orgasm occured at pretty much the same time and I drove my cock into my sister's anus to the hilt and ejected my spunky load in the depths of her greasy rectal passage. As John's cock and mine wilted in Claire's body, Bobby ejaculated down his mum's throat, Claire gulping thirstily all that her son fired into her mouth, Sandy all the while sucking on her big tits.
When released, Claire slumped to the floor, grinning but exhausted, declaring that she'd never had a more enjoyable fuck!

I take my sister and her family out to dinner that afternoon, all of us dressed up as we headed downtown to a fine restaurant.
I give Jenny a call and tell her about my day. She's excited and keen on meeting my sister and brother-in-law and says she will be round at six o'clock. Sandy and Bobby tell their parents, in hushed tones in the restaurant, about Jenny and how much they enjoyed fucking her these last couple of days.
By the time Jenny arrives, we're all at my apartment. Claire, John and their kids are nude in the living room when I bring in Jenny, my teenage girlfriend with her hair tied up in bunches again like a schoolgirl. She wears a yellow T-shirt with 'Sex + drugs = happiness' written on it in neat red letters, and a pair of black arse-hugging jeans. I introduce her to my sister and brother-in-law, who stand naked and hug Jenny, meeting for the first time but somehow united and bonded in our love of incest. Jenny strips naked, her body clearly arousing both John and Claire, and I do likewise before making us all drinks. We chat, discuss sexual histories, Jenny informing my sister about the time she lost her cherry to her older brother.
Pricks were soon very hard and pussies grew moist. Jenny sat next to John and frigged him whilst they kissed. Sandy knelt on the floor whilst Bobby stood in front of her and gave his sister his cock for her to suck. Finally, I stroked my sister's breasts, feeling her nipples very stiff whilst I kissed her and slid my tongue into her throat, Claire reacting lustily and sticking her tongue into my throat whilst she jacked off my stiff member.
The action heated up further in a little while. John got onto the floor and encouraged Sandy to come over and sixty-nine with Jenny. His daughter gladly did so, laying down whilst Jenny got on top of her so that their faces were between each other's thighs. John was presented with the beautiful sight of Jenny's fantastic behind, spread and willing, below which hangs her dripping cunt which Sandy was eating out, whilst at the other end Jenny was licking Sandy's cunt. John greased his prick with KY-Jelly and got behind Jenny, his swollen cock-head knocking at her back door. Steadily he entered, Jenny's sphincter parting and my girlfriend moaning into Sandy's cunt as my brother-in-law's prick began working it's way into her, inch by inch, until he was wedged to the hilt in Jenny's arsehole. He fucked her fairly slowly at first, letting the girl get used to him, before he increased his pace. Jenny is thrilled at this, being fucked in the arse by John whilst she sixty-nines with John's pre-teen daughter.
Across the room Claire told me she is eager to watch me fuck her son, the boy in question being just as enthusiastic as his mum at this plan. So, I grease up my prick whilst Bobby got onto his hands and knees on the floor with his tender young bum raised and ready. I shuffled behind the boy and Claire helps me spear his arse, guiding my cock into her own young son, Bobby shivering with delight as he feels my prick fill his arse until, soon enough, I'm buried to the root in his bowels. Claire reached under Bobby and frigged his cock whilst kissing me hard on the lips, our tongues intwining once more as we drank up each others moans of pleasure, Bobby meanwhile encouraging me to fuck his arse harder whilst his mum's fist pumps his little dick.
John releases his orgasm after ten-minutes or so, hunched over Jenny and driving his dick up her arse and shooting his sperm, Jenny receiving the sticky enema whilst she exchanges oral pleasures with Sandy. John lets out a satisfied sigh as he empties his nuts before easing out of Jenny's anus, Sandy quick to felch her dad's sperm from Jenny's arse.
Not long afterwards my critical moment is approaching. I yank my prick from Bobby's arsehole and flip him onto his back so I can masturbate over his face, my thick sperm splattering all over him. Bobby grins, enjoying this facial, especially when his mum sucks his prick, Claire receiving her son's cum in her throat whilst I finish oozing my own cum on the child's sticky face. I move to one-side, getting my breath back, whilst Claire falls to licking my discharge from her son's face, both of them spitting in each other's mouths and exchanging saliva and cum.
Moments later we all have a drink each and lounge around the floor, all naked and steadily recovering.
"So," I finally began, "How long are you able to stay here today sis?"
"We were planning on leaving for home at six," Claire replied, "But we could stay the night if you want."
"Go on Uncle Billy," Bobby said, stroking his father's prick whilst his own was fondled by Sandy, "Let us stay!"
"Sure," I replied, "Stay the night!"
"Can Jenny stay too?" asked Sandy.
"Of course," I tell my niece, "You're not busy tonight are you Jenny?"
"No," Jenny replies, "I had a party to go to with some friends but that can wait, I'd rather stay here!"
"And," John began, "the kids are on holiday in a few weeks again. You and Jenny are more than welcome to come and visit Billy."
"We might just do that," I smile, stroking my sister's tits, my cock already showing signs of life.
It was going to be a tiring but enjoyable night!