Mum's Discovery

(Incest - mother/son, teen, anal)

Though I'd been on a few 'dates' in my early teens, they weren't proper dates really. Nothing serious. I never got more than a few kisses with the girls, except perhaps that occasional grope. Now I was eighteen-years-old and I was going out on a date with a chick called Claire from my class at school, and I hoped I'd get a bit more than just a kiss!
I was a fairly tall youth, just over six-foot, and after combing my hair and spraying on deodorant, I looked at myself standing naked in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom. Thanks to working out in the gym at school, I had a good, athletic build, a sculpted torso and strong limbs. The one thing that managed to draw any attention away from my slim, toned body, was my cock which, without wanting to boast, was pretty big! Even flaccid, it hung down between my legs to a length of almost seven-inches and when erect it reached a more than a foot in length, and I had to jack-off with two hands because one wasn't enough to encircle it's girth. Women supposedly liked big dicks so I figured that I wouldn't be remaining a virgin much longer. Maybe I'd pop my cherry tonight!
I put on a pair of smart black jeans and a silk blue shirt, along with my sneakers, before splashing on some Armarni aftershave and going downstairs. An only child, I lived with my divorced mother, who was sitting downstairs in the living room watching TV. She'd given me some condoms earlier before I went out, mom being a fairly open and liberal woman who didn't feel it necessary to shy away from the idea of sex. She'd told me about the facts of life when I was very young.
"You do look nice James," mom said when I entered the living room as she sat on the sofa reading a magazine.
"Thanks mom," I responded. I could have probably said the same thing about her, even though she was just sitting about in an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt.
My mom was aged forty-three and worked as a nurse at the local hospital. She had medium-length, golden blonde hair and a very pretty face; big blue eyes and a sweet smile. She was tall - about five-foot-nine - and slim, and I'd often seen here sunbathing and had noticed that she was in good shape.
"You've got those rubbers I gave you haven't you?" mom asked.
"Sure," I said, "They're in my pocket."
"Good boy. I don't want to be a grandmother just yet! Well, have a nice time James. Drive safely."
"Okay mom. Bye."
"See you honey."
I gave her a kiss on the cheek then left the room, moments later leaving the house and driving off into the warm August night.

It was after eleven when I returned home, entering the house quietly in case mom was in bed. However, mom was still in the living room, fairly fresh from a shower with her hair damp as she sat on the sofa in a pink dressing gown.
"Hi mom," I said as I entered.
"Hi honey," my mother said, looking up from the TV, "Did you have a nice time?"
"Sort of," I shrugged, sitting next to her on the sofa, "Yeah. I guess."
"Aw, you don't sound to sure honey. What happened?"
"Nah, I'm okay," I insisted, lying like a typical teenage boy.
"Come on sweety, what's up? You can tell your mom? Things not work out?"
"Yeah, they did, but I just feel a little rejected. I mean, I'm still going out with Claire, I'm taking her out next weekend in fact, but..."
"But what?" mom prompted me.
"Well," I began, "We went to her house after the movie, with her parents out and, you know...kinda got down to it in the bedroom. You know?
"I know."
"Well, she didn't want to sleep with me, basically. She said she couldn't."
"Maybe she wasn't ready to sleep with you. Not all girls are at eighteen."
"Yeah, but it wasn't that. She was prepared to, it was just...when I undress she said know. That, er...."
"Come on son, don't be embarrassed."
"Well she said I was too big," I admitted, feeling glad I'd been able to finally spit it out, "Claire said she didn't think I'd be able to have sex with her. Like I said, it's no big deal."
"She thought your dick was too big?" mom smiled, prompting me to grin a little.
"Yeah," I shrugged, "Seems like a stupid boast or something, doesn't it? But that's what she said."
"Oh, I don't think she should worry. No man has ever been too big for a woman! Come on, let me take a look."
"Come on! I'm not just your mom, I'm a nurse. I've seen loads of men's bits! And yours too, remember."
"Not since I was eight though."
"Well, stand up anyway!"
I did so, getting slowly to my feet whilst my mom put on her spectacles and sat up, taking on her nurse's demeanour. She may have been a fairly relaxed, liberal-minded mother, but showing her my dick was not something that I usually did! I unzipped my jeans and let them fall to my knees.
"Shorts too," mom urged me, and I slid my shorts down, my long, flaccid dick now in view.
"What's the verdict doc?" I asked with a smile, trying to inject humor into a situation that I found a little strange.
"It's big..." mom said, absently, now removing her glasses, her eyes seemingly full of awe, "It's...certainly big, compared to your dads. I thought he was well-endowed. How about erect? How long is it then?"
"I dunno, I haven't measured it."
"Try getting an erection now," mom said, and then added, "Here, I'll help."
She held my cock with one hand and started stroking it, still staring right at my manhood whilst she jerked me off. There was little doubt that this had anything to do with any curiosity or attempt to reassure me, either in her capacity as my mom or a nurse. However, it felt good, and I didn't have any real anxiety about being masturbated by my attractive mother. Under her skilled attention, my cock was soon fully erect, mom still rolling my foreskin back and forth as my dick pointed straight upwards.
"Jesus!" she exclaimed, "I can see why Claire was a bit...freaked out! It's...massive. I can't encircle it in my finger and thumb. It must be a foot in length!"
"Thirteen inches," I boasted, my mom looking up at me and making eye contact, "Okay, I lied," I admitted, "I have measured it."
"Wow," my mom said with arched eyebrows, looking back down at my cock, which she continued to stroke, now using both hands.
"So," I said after a moment, feeling more horny that I ever had done in my life, and desperate to get up to bed and jack off, "I'll still be able to have sex with women, right mom?"
"Sure honey. It shouldn't cause any problems, you should just expect some girls to be a bit shocked at first."
"I still can't imagine being able to fit the damn thing into a girl's vagina though," I laughed.
"Well, want to try with mine?"
"Sorry?" I asked, a little taken aback.
"Come on, it'll be fun. I'm feeling very horny indeed, and so are you! Want to try it?"
I thought for a moment. This may have been my mom, but she was also very attractive, and I'd considered her as much a friend as a mother.
"Okay," I shrugged.
"Let's go upstairs," mom said, quickly, standing up, "We'll use my room."
I fully removed my pants and followed mom upstairs into her large bedroom. She had a double bed, despite being single.
I closed the door and took off my remaining clothes, my enormous prick sticking straight up against my firm abdomen, the swollen head just about reaching my chest. Mum slipped off her dressing gown and tossed it over a chair, now standing naked. Her tits were average in size but firm, her body slim, toned and very attractive.
"You look very hot mom!" I commented.
"Thank you," mom smiled, giving me a twirl, clapping her hands to her firm buttocks with a 'smack', "Not bad shape for a forty-three year old divorcee eh? And you look good too son."
"Shall we get down to it?" I asked, stroking my hard prick, "I've never been this horny!"
"Lay down on the bed son."
I did so, stretching on my back with my arms by my side, watching as my mom casually clambered onto the large bed. She knelt by my side and used both hands to stroke my long prick, her eyes still full of awe and admiration. She attempted to give me a blow job, but couldn't get her mouth over the head! Instead, she ran her tongue up and down the shaft then swirled her tongue over the purple cock-head.
"Let's give this a go," she announced after a few minutes, standing up and astide my hips. She lowered herself into a squatting position, reaching down and holding my cock upright. As she bent her legs and moved lower, the head of my cock pushed against her moist pussy lips. She came ever lower, my prick pushing her slit apart a little, edging a little of the way in, my mom's face grimacing with the effort.
"Fucking hell," she gasped, "This is going to be tight."
She shut her eyes and pushed herself down a bit further, the head of my dick pushing up into mom's cunt finally.
"It's up there mom," I observed, proudly.
"Fuck me that's good!" mom crooned, and it sounded strange to hear her swear! She lowered herself further, my lengthy shaft steadily swallowed up by her hungry pussy until my mom was kneeling astride me, my prick fully wedged up in her cunt.
"You feel great mom!" I said as my mother began to ride me in a gentle rocking action, "Really great!"
"This is heaven!" mom said, triumphantly humping up and down on me, "Oh shit, yeah! Oh fuck this is good!"
I held onto my mom's waist and started fucking up into her, building up a good rythym together as we fucked on the bed. I stroked mom's body, running my hands over her firm tits, her long, slender thighs and her flat belly. Mum's hair was whipping round her face as she bounced away, ecstasy in her big, crystal-blue eyes, her cunt hot and tight as it clenched my throbbing, hard dick. Mum climaxed twice and it was fascinating sight to see her almost faint with orgasmic joy as my prick pounded into her pussy. My own orgasm began to rise after five-minutes and there was no way of stopping it.
"I'm cumming mom," I cried as the geyser began, "Oh fuck, yeah!"
"Shoot it up me!" mom wailed, riding me faster and faster, "Fuck mommy's pussy full of cum! That's it! Oh God, yeah my son! Ooooh!"
"YEAH!" I shouted, at the height of my climax, "Mum! Yeah, GOD!"
My sperm continued to pump up into mom's pussy until it eventually died down, mother exhausted as she dismounted me, her cunt leaking juice and cum.
"Claire doesn't know what she's missing!" she concluded, "That was heaven! I've never, ever been fucked that good!"
"It was my first time," I commented after a few minutes.
"That's right."
"Well, I feel priveliged to have taken your cherry James!"
"It was great. It really felt great! You want to do it again sometime? Like, tonight? I'm still horny."
Mum sat up and looked at my cock, slick with juices as it pulsed erectly over my stomach, as hard as steel despite it's previous efforts.
"I'm still horny too," mom grinned, "Wow, I'd forgotten how you teenage lads re-stiffen so quick! Hey, son, do you fancy taking me up the ass?"
"The ass?"
"Yeah," mom smiled, "You've heard of anal sex, yeah?"
"Sure mom," I replied.
"Have you ever wanted to do a woman in the butt?"
"Sure, but I'd written it off as something I couldn't do though."
"Well, you can do it to me honey."
"Will I fit up your butt though? It's going to be tighter than your pussy."
"Hey sweetheart, your mommy's not as innocent or as delicate as you may think! I've had anal sex a lot of times, though admittedly none from a guy as well hung as you! But I'm sure I can fit you in! We'll have a good try anyway."
Mum reached over to the bedside table and took some hand-cream, a dollop of which she squeezed into her hand. She then rubbed the cold, slippery cream over my prick, underestimating my size and having to get more cream to ensure my prick - and especially the bulbous head - was nice and slippery with cream. Mum then got up onto her hands and knees, thrusting her firm, mouthwatering ass out at me. Following mom's instructions, I slicked up her pink, hairless anus with the cream and then placed my greased cock-head to that little hole.
"Here goes mom," I announced, slowly applying pressure. The purple head of my dick was the size of a child's fist, and I really wasn't sure whether this would be successful. However, my prick began to make progress, mom tensing as her sphincter slowly began to bloom open.
"Oh fuck!!" mom wailed as suddenly the head of my cock sank quickly into her ass, "God, son...fuck!"
"You okay mom?" I asked, concerned.
"I'll be fine," she panted, "It's BIG! Uunngh!"
She breathed hard as I eased in an inch more, mom getting used to accomodating me in her ass, her puckered butthole now stretched wide to almost three-inches in diameter.
"Push it in honey," she urged me, and I began to slide my shaft into her rectum, "That's it...all the way...the discomfort is turning into ecstasy! Fuck me, oh GOD! Yeah! Fucking hell, it's heaven!"
A few moments later and I was all in there. I couldn't believe it! My enormous cock, over a foot in length, totally buried in mom's asshole. Her sphincter gripped me tightly and he shit-canal was incredibly tight and snug.
"That feels good," I gasped, "Oh yeah! Fucking hell your ass is tight!"
"Mmmmm," mom just moaned, pleasurably, "Oooh, son that's good for me too. Start fucking my ass now! Start shafting me."
I did so, sliding some of my cock backwards until seven-inches emerged from her sphincter (with a good six still buried in her ass) before I plunged back in. Mum was shaken with joy as I did this several times, after which I began using short, deep strokes, fucking her fast and hard. Mum hit a hard climax shortly, and another one a little later. It was a fantastic feeling, mom's asshole so lovely and tight. For over forty-minutes I buggered her before I came, a long, powerful climax that drove me wild! I gave mom a thick, gooey sperm enema, mom fingering her clit and urging me on as my massive cock pounded her rectum and flooded her with jism.
Afterwards, we lay side by side, naked and satisfied, before drifting off to sleep.

I fucked mom's pussy twice the next morning before breakfast, then fucked her in the ass twice more afterwards. We had great fun, promising to keep up this little, mutually pleasurable arrangement.
The next weekend I did indeed have sex with Claire, and we grew closer together as our relationship went on. However, I continued screwing mom because we both had such fun. Additionally, unlike Claire, mom took my immense dick up her ass, anal sex something that we both began to enjoy a great deal.
My relationship with Claire did not last forever, but when we'd split up, rumours about my cock had been exchanged in the female circles at school, and I found myself with a nice line of girlfriends who were all more than willing to see for themselves in the rumours about me were true. Throughout it all, though, mom still got priority treatment almost every evening.