Model Sister: Part II

(Incest - brother/sister, Fb, enemas, mast, facial, thigh-fucking, anal, oral)

The rain had stopped by the time Helen woke up, lying in bed in just her bra and knickers, next to her fifteen-year-old brother, Chris. The boy, wearing just his boxer shorts, was laying on his back and breath softly as he slept.

Helen was laying on her side, head snuggled against her brother's shoulder, one of her arms idly draped over his chest. She was briefly shocked at this position she had adopted in her sleep, but pleased. It was nice to just be close to her cute kid brother. She may have been an attractive twenty-year-old model who could have most men she wanted, but she'd grown tired of shallow guys who only regarded her as another notch on their bedpost and, having been single for a few months now, it was nice to just be lying here with her brother, who held genuine affection for her.

She lay there for a few moments, enjoying being just half-asleep this Saturday afternoon. Eventually she moved aside, yawned, and got out of bed. She walked to the wardrobe and opened it, but after a minute of trying to decide which of the plentiful supply of designer clothes to put on, she suddenly decided it would be nice just to stay in her underwear. She wasn't sure why it would be nice; she certainly was aware it would probably inflame her brother's hair-trigger erection! Perhaps that was it, she thought, perhaps she just got a perverse little thrill out of giving Chris a hard-on! There was - less lewdly - the simple pleasure of just feeling the freedom of strolling around in her bra and knickers in the presence of someone else.

Helen closed the wardrobe doors then opened the curtains. The sun was shining and it streamed into the white, minimalist bedroom. Chris stirred then slowly opened his eyes. He looked across and saw a tall, slim and very attractive woman sillhouetted against the window, and for a few seconds his sleepy mind wondered where he was, and who this gorgeous woman in just her underwear was. Then he remembered it was his big sister and that they'd both had a nice mid-day nap in bed.

The boy stretched and yawned.

"Morning," Helen brightly chirped, turning to the boy, the sun warm on her back as it shone through the window behind her.

"Morning," Chris said as he sat up, his firm, developing torso getting a brief glance of admiration from Helen, "Or rather, 'afternoon'."

"Oh yeah, it's afternoon. I guess we slept a little longer than I expected. Nevermind. Say, how about a glass of wine?"

"I'd love one," smirked Chris, "Let's get smashed out of our skulls on booze!"

"Erm, I don't think so," giggled Helen, "Mum would kill me if I got you drunk. We'll have a glass or two though."

Helen strolled out the bedroom. Chris clambered out of bed and followed her, deciding that if his sister was going to stroll around in her underwear then he would too. Like Helen, he thought it was nice the way the pair of them - being siblings and not, therefore, lusting after one another, at least not consciously - they could comfortably walk around in just their underwear.

Chris went to the living room and sat on the sofa, flicking on the TV. Helen came in with a glass of white wine for each of them, and she sat next to her brother. They sipped their wine whilst Chris channel-hopped, finding nothing of interest to watch on the big plasma screen TV.

"Nothing on," he sighed, "Just sport, and that's boring."

"You should take up sport," Helen told him, "Do you do much at school?"

"No. I often get out of P.E. because the teachers let me go to the computer rooms instead where I help maintain the computer network."

"Yeah? That's impressive, do they pay you to do that?"

"No. Which is why they let me do it I suppose. I don't mind, it's better than sport."

"You should get into a bit of sport though," Helen told him, and she reached out an ran a warm hand across the boy's firm chest, "You have quite an athletic figure."

"I do a bit of weight-training," the boy admitted, voice quivering a little as his sister's elegant fingers ran across his chest, "I just started recently. To er...get in shape."

"It looks like it's working," Helen told him. She took her hand from his chest then took a gulp of wine.

"So," Chris began, "What have we got planned for this afternoon?"

"Not sure," Helen shrugged, "We've got dinner tomorrow of course, with some of my friends. Are you still up for that?"

"Yeah, definately."

"Nothing planned for this afternoon though," Helen sighed, slumping back in the sofa, "Except," she added, remembering something, "I was going to do some Yoga."

"Yoda?" asked Chris.

"Not Yoda," giggled Helen, "you Star Wars obssessed geekm, I said Yoga."

"Ah right. That thing where you get in silly positions."

"It's not silly! Well...maybe a bit. It's fun though. It helps your posture and gets you fit. A bit like weight-training, but not as intense and it's more relaxing. Wanna try it?"


"Sure. I haven't been doing it that long, so I'm not much more than a beginner as well. It'll be fun."

"Um...okay. I guess. Do we need any equipment, like sports outfits or something?"

"No, we can do it in our underwear. I'll get the mats."

Helen put down her glass of wine and she hurried out the room, returning a moment later carrying two six-by-two foot black mats. She lay them down on the floor in an empty area in the living room, in front of one of the large windows that overlooked the city.

"I'll have this one," she said, kneeling on one of the mats and pointing at the other, "You take that one. Oh, and shove some music on will you?"

Chris turned off the TV then put some ambient dance music on the stereo, then he joined his sister.

They did their Yoga for an hour. It was quite good fun, Chris found, trying to bend his body into new positions. He wasn't all that good at it though, he kept falling over, and he foolishly insisted on keeping his glasses on, which constantly fell off. Helen's claim that she wasn't much more than a beginner herself had been bit of a lie, she was very good in fact. She stood on her head, got into the crab-position, and generally bent her limbs and body into a variety of unusual positions. Naturally, as the slender blonde was doing this in just her bra and pants, Chris enjoyed watching his sister, her beautiful skin lit up by the sun shining through the window. The best one was when she touched her toes, her legs straight, her body bent right over and her fingers hooked under her toes. She asked Chris to steady her hips, as they kept swaying, and Chris had tentatively stepped behind his sister and placed his hands on her hips, careful not to step forwards and bump the semi-hard cock in his boxer shorts against is sister's knicker-clad bottom.

They both felt quite refreshed afterwards, Yoga having the curious result of making you feel energized rather than tired, which most other physical activities did.

"I fancy," Helen grinned to her brother once she'd put the Yoga mats away, "a bit more beauty treatment."

Chris smiled. He knew what that euphemism meant, and he added "Me too."

"I'll go first," Helen said, "You go get the enema equipment. It's in the bathroom."

Chris went about gathering the items; the enema kit, the baby-oil, a basin full of warm water with a bit of body lotion thrown in to make it slightly soapy and fragrant.

Although access to her anus was all that was required, Helen took her bra off as well as her knickers, so that she was nude. She sat down on the sofa.

"Is it okay if I do it in this position d'you think?" she asked Chris as he set about filling the enema bag with warm soapy water. He looked over and watch as his naked big sister slumped back on the sofa and spread her legs before pulling them up. She hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled her long legs up to her chest, her thighs parted, her arse thrust over the edge of the sofa. Chris gazed for a few seconds at his sister's anus, and also at her vagina, which he had not seen in this position. It was a neat, wet looking pink slit, with a triangle of golden pubic hair above it.

"Um, that position's fine sis," he told her.

"I'll see if feels any different doing it like this," Helen explained.

Chris finished filling the bag and then he knelt down in front of his sister, both her lovely orifices there in front of him. It was an interesting new view of his sister, and his cock grew stiff in his shorts once again. He applied baby-oil to the nozzle at the end of the pipe running from the enema bag.

"Put a bit on me too," Helen instructed him, "Just a little bit round."

"On you?"

"Yeah. On my er...bumhole."

Chris smiled, still getting some little childish amusement from the word 'bumhole'. Then he turned his attention to the little new part of the operation. He put some baby-oil on the tip of his forefinger and then placed it gently on his sister's hairless pink anus. Helen shivered and giggled, the oily tip of her brother's finger cold against her most intimate hole. With a look of concentration, the boy ran his finger round in a circle, gently greasing up his sister's arsehole. It was the first time he'd really intimately touched his sister, and he had a sudden desire to pop his finger up her bum. Just briefly. Just to see what it was like.

Chris went for it, gently sliding the tip of his finger to the first joint into his sister's slick arsehole. Then he popped it back out, acting casual, as if somehow he hoped his sister hadn't noticed. Certainly, she didn't give any indication that she had.

Finally, Chris took the lubed nozzle and inserted it fully up Helen's arsehole, the young woman gently sighing with pleasure. This almost shocked her brother, who had thought his sister found the sensation of the enema itself pleasurable, and he hadn't realised that just being pentrated gave her a thrill. He suddenly wished he'd spent a little more time fingering her arsehole to see if she'd like that, although it was too late now. Maybe next time.

Although Helen was in a different position, and Chris was obliged to kneel on the floor, the procedure was the same. Chris held up the bag in one hand, untwisted the cap at the top of the pipe with the other, then watched the water gurgle out of the bag, down the pipe and into Helen's rectum. In this position, though, the boy could see his sister's face, and he watched as she shut her eyes and smiled, breathing softly, evidently enjoying the sensation of warm soapy water filling her guts. As he usually had to, Chris squeezed the bag to force the last remaining water down the pipe and into his sister's bowels.

Helen sighed softly, eyes still closed, feeling the lovely warm liquid filling out her colon. Chris sat there, content just to admire his sister's beautiful vagina and her nozzle-plugged anus. He waited a couple of minutes before he asked his sister if she wanted to released the enema.

"Okay," she replied, "Just bring the basin over here and hold it under my bum."

Chris slid the nozzle from Helen's anus and put the enema equipment on the table. Then he reached over and grabbed the basin, which he held just in front of where his sister's spread bum was jutting over the edge of the sofa. She had been holding her anus tightly shut, but now she released it, and with a sigh and a giggle, she sent a small torrent of frothy water from her arsehole. Chris hadn't viewed this operation this close up, and he was fascinated at the way Helen's circular anal ring distended a little as the water ran from it like a tap, splashing into the basin. The flow ended after a moment and Helen grunted as she squeezed her shitting muscles. A brief but fairly powerful squirt of water shot from her arse at a speed that meant it overshot the basin and splashed against Chris's bare torso.

"Ooops, sorry," sniggered Helen.

"It's okay," shrugged Chris, feeling the warm soapy water - that had been running round his sister's rectal passage and beyond - running down his belly and to his shorts. Helen squeezed out the last of the water, hitting the basin this time, and Chris put the basin on the floor.

"Do you want one now?" she asked her brother, sitting up, putting her feet on the floor.

"Yes please."

"Get ready then, I'll fetch some fresh water."

Whilst Helen emptied the basin in the bathroom and filled it with more warm soapy water, Chris took off his shorts in the living room. He was wondering whether to adopt the same position as his sister had done, facing forwards, but he still felt a little self-conscious about his throbbing erection, so he just got into the old position; kneeling backwards on the sofa, holding the back-rest and with his arse thrust out. He had only a small amount of pubic hair around his hardteen cock, and none on his arse. His anus was as pink and as neat as his sister's anus.

Helen returned soon enough, stark naked like Chris, and she filled up the enema bag. After applying some baby-oil to the nozzle at the end of the pipe, she placed a bit of the oil on the tip of her finger, which she pressed to her brother's anus. She ran the fingertip in a circle, round and around Chris's arsehole, the boy getting a nice thrill out of this intimate touch. As her brother had done with her, Helen popped the tip of her finger into his arse, except she slid it in to the second-joint and kept it there a moment longer. Chris sighed with pleasure and vowed to be more brave next time and see if he could get away with pushing all of his finger up his sister's bum.

Helen took her digit out of the boy's greased anus and then replaced it with the nozzle. She held up the enema bag, released the water, and soon Chris was murmering joyfully at the unusual but sweet feeling of his bowels filling with warm water.

Naturally, his cock was throbbing underneath him, as stiff as it had ever been, and he only just resisted the urge to reach down and jerk himself off. He wondered if his sister would mind if he did that sometime, jerk off whilst getting an enema, and he figured that she'd probably be okay with it. However, he refrained from doing this as he knew his sister would obligingly jerk him off afterwards.

Helen soon unplugged her brother's arsehole and bought over the basin. She held it just under her brother's arse and he squirted out all the water.

"That was nice sis," he said, getting off the sofa and standing facing her, not ashamed but actually proud of his erection, which gave his sister's nudity a throbbing salute.

"You're welcome," Helen smiled, "I fancy another one. Do you want to give me another enema?"

"Sure, I'll get some more water."

Chris took the basin into the bathroom and emptied it down the sink. As he refilled it, he though about jerking off into it again, knowing his cum would be in the mix of soap and water to be squirted into his sister's bowels. Then he decided against it, once again recalling that his sister would jerk him off afterwards, and that furthermore she might be suspicious if he came out of the bathroon without an erection. She might know what he'd done.

So Chris just filled up the basin with nothing more that warm water and a little body lotion, then he returned to the living room. Helen had opted for the reverse position this time, and she was already kneeling on the sofa backwards, looking over her shoulder casually, arse raised, thrust out and spread, ready for attention.

Using the jug, Chris filled the enema bag with the steaming, soapy water, conscious of his erection and the fact that this was the first time he'd given his sister an enema whilst he was nude.

He stepped up to his sister and, as before, he put some baby-oil onto the tip of his finger. He placed it to Helen's anus, which was already slick and gaping very slightly, and he ran it in circles. He was wondering whether he was brave enough to try and put his finger up there again, when his sister said "Put your finger in me."

"Should I?" he asked, hardly able to believe this delightful invitation.

"Sure. It'll...make the nozzle go up easier." This was obviously a bit of an exaggeration, as seen as her anus was already lubed up enough. "Put it all up me."

Knees trembling with excitement, Chris eased the tip of his finger into Helen's anus. It felt slick, but tight. He pushed it further in, to the second to joint, paused, then eased the rest of the digit in. His whole finger was in his sister's hot rectum, and he let out a soft gasp of joy. It felt so wonderful, so intimate and arousing. Helen's rectal walls were hot and slick and clammy, and they flexed gently around his finger. After a moment, he began removing his finger, but when just the tip of his finger up there, he pushed it all the way back in. Helen let out a soft sigh, which encouraged her brother to repeat this. Slowly and tentatively, the teenager ran his finger back and forth in Helen's arsehole a dozen times, neither bothering with the pretense that this was somehow necessary for the coming enema operation. Helen softly panted in pleasure and Chris held his breath, his cock so hard it ached.

Finally, Chris slid his finger out of his sister's arsehole. The digit was slick with baby-oil, although - with his sister having just received an enema - there was no shit on it, something which almost disoppointed him. Chris was standing up straight, and just for a moment, his cock was pointing at his sister's arsehole. His penis was thrust straight forwards, like an arrow, and the throbbing purple head was wobbling just six-inches away from Helen's slightly yawning, greased anus. He thought that, if he just stepped forwards, perhaps holding his prick to guide it a little, he could have sank his whole shaft into his sister's bowels.

He took a sharp breath as he felt himself gripped by a sudden urge to this, then he stepped back, fearing that he'd just lose his self-control and obey his desires and bugger his sister. Shaking his head a little to clear it, the boy resumed doing what he was meant to be doing; giving Helen an enema. He slid the nozzle into her bum, held up the bag, released the water and filled his sister's bowels with warm soapy water. Once again the young woman gently purred with pleasure, her body writhing slightly, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the back-rest of the sofa.

"Mmmmmmm, nice," she murmered.

As he stood there, holding the drained enema bag in one hand, his other hand dangling by his side, Chris looked down at his cock, which was still thrust out, solid and throbbing, and pointing at his sister's plugged-up bottom. He took a step forwards and, gently, hoping Helen might not notice, he nudged her left bum-cheek with his cock-head.

Helen did notice, but she didn't say anything.

Growing braver, Chris did it again, just thrusting his hips a little, nudging his sister's buttock a couple of times with the tip of his pulsing erection.

"Rub it against me," Helen said, softly, not bothering to look round as seen as she knew exactly what it was her brother was poking her bottom with.

"Mmmm?" Chris responded.

"Rub it against me," repeated Helen, "Go on. Just rub it up and down my cheek if you want."

Chris felt a little shocked at being caught, then it sank in exactly what his sister was inviting him to do. He stepped forwards right up to his sister's out-thrust arse and, gently, he pressed his cock to her left buttock. Helen pushed back a little, and suddenly Chris found his erection pressed upwards, sandwiched between his lower belly and his sister's left cheek. He gently thrust a little, running his cock upwards, the foreskin peeling back, the glowing head of his cock appearing from the flesh sandwich it was in. He dropped back and down slightly, then thrust again. Gently, he repeated this, still holding the enema bag from which the pipe still ran from and up into Helen's anus.

Chris's cock was so hard, so throbbing, and his orgasm had been straining for release for so long, that he began cumming when he thrust his cock upwards for the eighth time.

He let out a gasp, taken by surprise, and he looked down as his cock squirted an abundant wad of semen into the air, which splattered down over Helen's lower back. Chris grunted again as his cock throbbed powerfully, and he shot a second load of sperm over the base of his sister's lower spine.

"Uuh, uuh," he gasped, his cock still pressed to his sister's behind, and pumping out another couple of squirts of semen. These reached a few inches into the air and rained back down, landing over Helen's cheek. Then the remainder of Chris's sperm oozed out and ran down his cock.

Not sure how his sister would react, Chris took a step back once his climax had died down. His spermy cock peeled away from Helen's cheek, although there was a long string of semen that connected his leaking cock-hole and his sister's creamed left buttock. He stepped back again, the cum-string finally breaking.

"Sorry sis," he replied. He wasn't sure what else to say. Helen had invited him to rub his cock against her arse, but that didn't necessarily entail an invitation to shoot fuck-sauce over her back and bum-cheeks.

"It's okay," giggled Helen, "That's what I thought would happen! Did it feel nice?"

"Um, yeah. It did."

"Mmmm, good. Okay, take the enema plug out honey."

Chris had almost forgotten about the enema aspect of this operation. He slid the nozzle from Helen's anus, put the equipment on the table, then held the basin under his sister's bum and she evacuated her bowels. Chris did not stare at his sister's anus as it flexed and squirted out the soapy water, his eyes were instead fixed to the slashes and splatters of his sperm across the young woman's flesh. He was glad Helen didn't mind, and he wondered if she had been hoping he'd shoot over her. If so, he'd be more than happy to do it again!

As casual as always, Helen got off the sofa once she'd expelled the enema. She gave Chris a peck on the cheek, thanked him, then she grabbed some tissues from a small box on the coffee table.

"Wanna wipe your DNA off of me?" she giggled, handing the pink tissues to her brother.

"Okay," he grinned. Helen turned and her brother obediently used the tissues to wipe his sperm off of her lower back and her arse-cheek. When he'd finished, he stood and flung the tissues into a bin.

"I'm a bit hot now," Helen commented, standing up straight, "Fancy a bath?"

"Not half!"

They hurried to the bathroom, still naked. Chris ran the bath and once it was full he stepped in and knelt down.

"I need a pee first," Helen said, and she raised the toilet seat and sat down.

"Do you want me to leave?" asked Chris as he sat in the water.

"No, it's okay," Helen smiled. She hummed casually and Chris soon heard the sound of piss hitting water. He grabbed the spongue and some soap and he looked down, pretending to concentrate no soaping up the spongue. He glanced up briefly. Helen was looking over at him as she sat there urinating, and the siblings exchanged nervous, cheeky grins. Chris looked back down.

Helen enjoyed the feeling of taking a pee in the same room as her brother, a nice feeling of intimacy, as with taking a bath together or all the mucking about with enemas. When she'd finished, she flushed the toilet and stepped over to the bath. She hopped into the tub and sat opposite her brother.

"Wanna scub my back again?" she asked, turning round.

"Sure, if you scrub mine afterwards."

Chris soaped down his sister's back, both of them enjoying this relatively innocent activity. It became slightly less innocent when Helen cheerfully asked if her brother wanted to wash her bum.

"I'm sure it's clean enough," the boy replied, "But I'll scrub it anyway."

He expected his sister to stand up or something, but instead she leaned forwards and got on her hands and knees. It was a big tub and she was able to accomplish this with ease, arms and legs underneath the water but her head and torso raised above it. Kneeling behind Helen, Chris had his sister's sparkling wet bum in front of him, rising out of the bubbly water. He soaped up the spongue and ran it around and over his sister's cheeks, then ran it up and down her arse-crack, leaving her pink anus shiny and glistening.

Chris's cock was naturally erect again. Once more he began to think that he could easily just shift forwards and glide his erection into his sister's bowels, but once more he resisted such an urge. Instead, he used one hand to rub the frothy spongue over his sister's sparkling buttocks whilst with his other he lightly masturbated his cock.

Helen murmered contentedly as Chris scrubbed her bum clean with one hand and slowly pumped his cock with the other.

After a good few minutes of this, Chris stopped and sat back, his sister's behind perfectly clean. Helen turned round and took the spongue from her brother.

"I'll do you know," she said, and Chris obligingly turned round so that his sister could gently wash his back. She soon knelt up straight, lifting herself out the water a little so that she could run the spongue over her brother's shoulders, sending a cascade of soapy water running down his chest. Then she spongued down his arms. As she was doing this, Helen's taut, stiff nipples nudged a few times into Chris's upper-back, a sensation that gave him a real thrill in it's delicacy and the way it seemed unintentional but clearly wasn't. The boy's cock was raging hard, the purple head breaking the surface of the water and shining in the bathroom light.

Once she'd finished, Helen rinsed her brother's upper body down then she got up and hopped out the water. Chris did likewise and they dried off.

"Do you want me to take care of that?" Helen asked, very casually, stepping up to Chris and reaching down to his groin. She ran the tip of her finger along the underside of the youth's erection, making him shiver.

"Yes please," he replied, softly.

"Let's go then."

Helen turned and Chris followed her out the bathroom, his eyes fixed to her lovely wiggling bottom. Helen did not turn to go to the living room but instead headed the other way down the hallway. Chris realised she was going to the bedroom and he felt even more thrilled at this, the idea of his sister 'taking care' of him in the bedroom, rather than the living room, suggesting an even greater intimacy, an even greater step away from the pretense of their little activities being nothing more than an innocent by-product of giving each other enemas.

In the bedroom, Helen knelt on the large bed, flashed a cheeky grin and patted the centre of the bed. Chris eagerly hopped on and lay down, head propped up against the firm pillows, looking down the length of his clean, firm body.

"You are excited aren't you?" Helen smiled, cheerfully, as she knelt alongside her younger brother and reached out, taking hold of his erection in her hand. She gripped it firmly and began to jerk him off, a much greater familiarity in her touch.

Chris just sighed and felt his body relaxing as his big sister gave him a sublime hand-job. He felt very fatigued, but he kept his eyes open so that he could admire Helen's naked body; her firm thighs, her flat belly with just a single fold across it as she knelt there next to him, and the way her pretty boobs jiggled as she wanked him off.

Helen stared, fascinated, at her brother's cock as she pumped it in her fist. She had slept with several men, but contrary to her brother's unspoken assumption, she had not done a huge amount with regards to sex. Perhaps a little more than just missionary-position-humping, but nothing too exciting. For starters, she'd never fucked a guy unless he was wearing a condom, and she'd never witnessed an external orgasm. Until she'd jerked off Chris the other week she had never seen a cock spurt it's load before. Chris may have been the virgin of the siblings, but Helen was discovering things too. She licked her lips and looked forwards to her Chris's orgasm. Giving her dear little brother - so polite, charming and endearingly loyal to her - a real thrill was another addded pleasure for her, and she did not think that it was in anyway perverted to be doing this to him.

Chris did not have such profound thoughts or opinions on this matter. His cock was, right now, the centre of his entire being, and it's impending eruption all that mattered. He gazed lovingly at his sister's naked body as she picked up the pace of her actions, her fist blurring as it went up and down, up and down, the elegant fingers encircling his shaft in a firm grip.

"Oh, oh, uuuh, Helen," he gasped, his climax starting to rise up from his balls.

"Let it all out," purred Helen, pumping away.


"Oh yes," gleefully declared Helen as the cock in her fist began spewing it's hot load. She angled the cock up slightly as she jerked it off, the cum squirting upwards and raining down on Chris's stomach and chest. The boy's toes curled and his body tensed up as he shot wad after wad of sperm over himself.

"Oh yes, oh yes," the boy cried, and he was a little more pro-active than he had been on previous occasions. He clenched his tight buttocks and effectively fucked his sister's pumping fist, helping to strengthen his orgasm and send the sperm shooting higher and further. One of his hands gripped the bed-sheets in a tight fist but - without thinking - his other hand instinctively reached out and clapped to his sister's leg. He rubbed Helen's toned thigh, delighting in the sensation of her delicious bare flesh whilst she jacked him throughout his orgasm.

Chris spurted the last of his cum out - that particular wad landing on Helen's forearm - and then he let out a long sigh. His body relaxed and he took his hand from his sister's thigh. Helen stopped jerking him off, the penis in her fist softening, although she kept hold of it for a moment, gently squeezing and rubbing it as it wilted.

"Was that nice?" she asked, needlessly.

Chris nodded and smiled.

It was time for Chris to go after that He kissed his sister farewell and got the bus home, feeling cheerful and upbeat after the interesting activities with his sister.

He jacked off as soon as he got home, doing so whilst in the bath, recalling the events of the day and wishing it was his sister's hand pumping his cock.

He had the next day, Sunday, to look forwards to as well of course. He couldn't wait to go round, although the fun would be interrupted by dinner with Helen's friends. Still, that might be interesting in itself.

After he made his plans for the next day clear to his parents, Chris's mother commented to her husband how nice it was that their son and daughter - who had had more than their share of squabbles when they were kids - were getting along so well and hanging out together now that they were older.

It was one-thirty Sunday afternoon. Chris had only arrived at his sister's at one, but he and Helen were already naked.

They were going out to dinner soon, and had decided that a nice enema or two would make them feel 'refreshed'.

Wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton socks and a lacy white bra, Helen knelt on the sofa, backwards, bent over and with her bum thrust out, and Chris prepared the equipment. The fifteen-year-old boy was already nude, his cock naturally erect and wobbling stiffly in the air.

He filled the enema bag, applied some baby-oil to the nozzle and then to his sister's anus. He eased his finger into Helen's rectum, all the way to the knuckle, making the young lady sigh happily with pleasure. Her arsehole was obviously loose enough, but Chris spent a minute just easing his finger back and forth in Helen's arsehole, enjoying it as much as she did. Then he removed his digit and replaced it with the nozzle of the enema pipe. Soon enough, he filled Helen's bowels with warm soapy water, and after a couple of minutes he held the basin under her bum and she evacuated the enema.

"Your go," Helen said as she hopped off the sofa.

Her nude brother took up position, bent over, arse thrust out. His big sister applied some baby-oil to his hairless pink teen arsehole with her forefinger, then gently eased the digit into his bum. She pushed it in to the knuckle, this anal titillation providing as much pleasure to Chris as it had his sister.

Helen went another step further. As she continued anally masturbating her little brother with her forefinger, Helen reached round with her other hand and gripped his cock.

"Uuuuh," sighed Chris, surprised and delighted at this move. Gently, Helen frigged her brother's cock whilst fingering his anus, her brother's slender, adolescent body quivering pleasurably. She could sense Chris was getting close to orgasm after just a moment, so she released his cock and took her finger from his arse. The boy was briefly disappointed at this, but he knew that he'd get a chance to finish off and shoot his load shortly. He hoped Helen would let him rub his cock against her bum again.

Helen refilled the enema bag, pushed the nozzle up her brother's greased arsehole and filled his bowels with warm soapy water. Once again, whilst the enema was swishing around in his colon, Chris was given the thrill of his sister - without uttering a word - casually reached round and jerked him off. It afforded him intense pleasure, although once again his sister did not frig him until he came, instead releasing his cock, hard and unspent, after a moment or two. She took the nozzle from his arse and held the basin for him to squirt the water from his bowels.

As was traditional, once Chris had got up, Helen took his place for seconds. She knelt backwards on the sofa - still in just her little white socks and black sexy bra - with her bare bottom raised. His penis so erect it almost hurt, Chris applied some more lubricant to his sister's anus. It was unneccesary of course, but neither of them cared or bothered to say anything, Helen just gently purred with joy as her brother worked his finger in and out of her slippery puckered sphincter. In fact, neither of them said much at all, they were now so comfortable with this intimate operation - and the barely concealed sexual connotations of the little side-activities - that they did not feel the need to ask and check with each other that they were okay. They had established a comfortable level of intimacy and knew what one another liked, although each was still harbouring unspoken desires to go a step further.

Chris fingered Helen's arsehole for a full three-minutes before he removed his finger and set about giving the delicious blonde an enema. He jerked himself off slowly as he stood there holding up the now-empty bag, looking at the nozzle buried in the little pink hole between his older sister's firm and shapely buttocks.

Eventually he removed the nozzle, put the enema equipment aside and held the basin in place for Helen to squirt all the water from her arse. It looked so sexy, Chris thought, to see Helen's anus dilate and yawn as it shot forth a long flow of warm water, and it was curious the way that rear hole seemed to suck itself in and revert to a puckered, tight-looking pink hole once the enema evacuation process was complete.

Chris put the basin on the floor and stood up straight behind his sister, happy that she had remained bent over. His cock was thrust straight out, achingly hard, the head pointing straight at Helen's greased anus.

"Can I rub myself against you?" he asked Helen, a little tentative but not too nervous in his request, "Erm...up against your bum-cheek?"

"Sure," Helen chirped.

Chris stepped forth and pressed his cock to his sister's left buttock so that his stiff member was sandwiched between the cheek and his own firm lower abdomen. He gently thrust, rubbing his cock against Helen's lovely bare arse-cheek, not wanting to go too quick in case he shot his load too soon.

After a moment, Helen looked over her shoulder with a glint in her eye.

"I've an idea," she began, "Put your willie between my legs."

"Between your legs?" asked Chris.

"Yeah. Just between my thighs. Y'know...under my vagina."

Chris did so, shifting aside a little and bending his legs slightly, so that his erection wobbled in the gap in Helen's slightly parted thighs. His prick pulsed stiffly and as it did so it moved slightly, tapping the flesh of the long firm legs it was now framed by.

"Move up," Helen ordered Chris, "Just up slightly, so you cock is kinda pressed to my thingie."

Chris knew that 'thingie' meant cunt - he hadn't really expected his sister to say such a crude word, although it would have thrilled him if she had - and he obliged, raising slightly so that his cock was between the uppermost part of her inner thighs, the topside of his erection pressed along her cunt-lips, his purple cock-head nudging the underside of Helen's lower belly. He could feel his shaft tickled by her golden pubic hair.

Helen then shifted her knees to one another, bring her thighs together and effectively clamping her brother's cock between them. The boy gasped slightly, suddenly realising what his sister had effectively done. She was going to let him thigh-fuck her!

"Is that okay?" Helen asked, still looking ahead, bent over, prepared to allow her brother to fuck her lovely firm thighs - and not just for his enjoyment either.

"That's fine," Chris said, quietly, excited, "It's cool."

"Now just run your willie back and forth."


As instructed, Chris moved back, his cock in the firm grip of his sister's thigh, his foreskin rolling over his cock-head which was thrust beyond Helen's legs and just under her stomach. Then he pushed forwards, letting out a murmer of delight. It felt like jacking off only with thighs instead of fingers gripping his shaft. He began to thrust back and forth at a steady rate, realising that his sister was enjoying this too. Then he realised why; his cock was rubbing against her cunt lips, and those lips felt quite slippery against the top of shaft. In fact, he could feel the grip of his sister's thigh grow ever so slightly greasy and slick as things progressed, Helen's twat oozing juices. She moaned with unashamed enjoyment of the activity, and Chris began to pick up speed.

His arms had been dangling by his side, so Chris decided to do something with them. His hands hovered over his sister's bum-cheeks for a moment, not sure whether to touch her. Then he figured that it was no more intimate than what they were doing. He placed his hands flat against Helen's buttocks, fingers splayed, and he spread her cheeks even further so that he could look down and look at her gorgeous anus whilst he fucked her thighs. He breathed deeply, in seventh heaven, noting how his sister was quivering with delight too as his cock ran to and fro between her thighs.

It's just like I'm fucking her, he thought to himself.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," Helen softly moaned.

"I'm gonna shoot soon," Chris soon announced, suddenly realising that he was going to squirt all over the sofa under his bent-over sister. He knew Helen was keen not to get the furniture stained with evidence of her brother's virility!

"Pull back before you do," Helen instructed her brother, voice straining to remain calm and collected but nonetheless shaky with pleasure, "Just squirt over my bottom."

This sounded fine to Chris! He loved the idea of saluting the beauty of his big sister's heavenly rear with a baptism of spunk. He thrust a few more times and then felt his climax rising. Abruptly he pulled his cock from between Helen's thighs - his erection visibly slick from the juices oozing from the cunt it had been rubbing against - and the horny youth began pumping his prick in his fist. Helen remained bent over, prone and willing in the forthcoming shower of sperm that was to be aimed at her arse.

"Uh, uh, uuuuuuuh!" grunted Chris, jerking off furiuosly, and his semen suddenly began spraying out. He thrust his hips, fucking his busy fist, watching eagerly as his fuck-sauce sprayed forth and splashed across Helen's bum. He coated her cheeks quite thoroughly, getting a good dollop in the top of her arse-crack, and a rogue squirt flung high into the air and landed on Helen's upper-back. The young woman seemed to gently writhe with pleasure as her brother's spunked rained down on her.

His climax finally over, Chris stepped up and obscenely rubbed his wilting cock against Helen's spermy bum-cheeks.

"That was great," Helen finally said, her brother moving back so that she could get up, "That felt nice."

"It sure did," Chris replied. He felt an urge to ask if they could do it again sometime, baseless paranoia rising up and making him think it may have been a one-off, even though all their other activities had all been repeated. "It was really good," he simply added.

"I wouldn't mind doing it again," Helen commented, "but we have to get ready to go out soon."

"Oh yeah," Chris nodded, recalling that they were to go out for dinner with some of Helen's friends.

They set about getting ready. They had a quick shower together - nothing lewd occured, unless you count the obvious attention each paid to washing one another's lower halves - then dressed. Chris looked quite handsome in his black trousers and black shirt, whilst Helen looked naturally elegant once the slender tall blonde was in a pair of tight white jeans and a light-cream silk blouse. She had her hair pulled back in a tight bun.

"Let me do you hair," Helen told Chris, noting that the boy had, as usual, not bothered to do much with the unruly dark hair that sat on his head like an untendered garden. She took him to the bedroom, sat him in front of the dressing table, and took some hair-mousse and played hairdresser with her brother in the same way she had with dolls a kid. She did a good job too, sculpting Chris's hair into a rather trendy, spikey look, and had to admit that, without his glasses on, Chris looked a lot different than he normally did. He was still cute when he was in his usual guise as a speccy computer nerd, but he looked even nicer after a bit of glamourisation.

Chris agreed with this too, and he stood and inspected himself in the mirror.

"I look cool," he smugly declared.

"You sure do," said his big sister. She certainly did seem to be his big sister. At five-foot-eight Helen was an inch taller than Chris, but in her high-heeled shoes she now wore boosted her up by a couple more inches. She bent down slighty and gave the boy a kiss on the lips; not a lewd, passionate one, but nonetheless a rather lingering, tender kiss that - like their other recent activities - somewhat crossed the boundries between normal brother-sister affection.

"Let's go," she brightly declared as she grabbed her designer handbag.

Dinner was an enjoyable occasion, and Chris enjoyed the fuss that was made over him. His sister had three friends who accompanied them to some trendy restaurant uptown. They were all models, and all elegant and glamorous young women who - like Helen - seemed to find it a novelty to be in the company of a charming young boy rather than the lecherous and/or snooty older men they were usually surrounded by in both work and on night's out. One of the women, Zoe, was a sexy brunette with rather large breasts which threatened to burst out of the tight dress she was wearing. The swell of those lovely big mounds of firm tit-flesh rose high above her dress with plenty of cleavage on display, and Chris could barely keep his eyes off of them. His cock had throbbed stiffly in his pants - yet again - as he kept stealing glances of Zoe's cleavage.

The eldest of the women, a twenty-six-year-old blonde named Sarah, fussed the most over Chris ("What a cute face, he could be a model," she enthused, ruffling Chris's hair as if she was some sort of frisky Aunt.)

Chris almost freaked when he heard that the bill was 130, but none of the four ladies he was with batted an eyelid and put it on their credit-cards.

Once they'd left, Helen and her brother said goodbye to the three women - Zoe giving Chris a peck on the cheek and saying "See ya sweet-cheeks" - they went their seperate ways.

Chris had loved looking at the three lovely women during dinner - or four women if you counted his sister - and especially Zoe, the brunette with the huge tits, and the boy's cock was rather stiff.

He accompanied his sister back to her apartment.

"Would you like to do that, erm, thingie again?" Chris asked Helen once they were in his sister's apartment.

"Interfemoral intercourse?" Helen smirked.


"That's what it's called was you run your penis between a woman's thighs. Interfemoral intercourse. I was trying to think of the term earlier and it suddenly came to me during dinner."

"Oh. Cool. You learn something new every day I guess."

"So...shall we do it?"


The siblings hurried into the bedroom and removed their clothes. When they were naked, Helen and Chris got onto the bed.

"Let me play with you first," Helen said, almost as if here were brother were a full-sized (and very aroused) doll. Chris was more than happy to lay back, his cock stiff and throbbing as it lay across his belly. Helen knelt next to him and grasped his cock in her firm grip. She held it upright and slowly but firmly stroked up and down, Chris instantly feeling ripples of pleasure running up and down his body from his elegantly manipulated erection.

"Did you like my friends?" Helen asked after a moment, continuing to masturbate her brother.

"Hmmm? Uh, yeah, they were cool," Chris replied.

"Did you think they were hot looking?" his sister further enquired with a cheeky grin.

"Yeah," admitted Chris with a slight blush, "They were hot."

"You liked Zoe's boobs didn't you?" Helen smirked, referring to the rather top-heavy friend of her's.

"I guess."

"You guess!? You couldn't get your eyes off them."

" you think she noticed?"

"Probably. But don't worry, she's used to guys looking at her boobs."

"I hope she didn't mind me looking at them all the time!"

"She probably liked it."

"You think so?"

"Maybe," shrugged Helen, "I'd told her you were coming along today and she probably wore that low-cut dress on purpose to show her best assets off."

"Why would she do that?" Chris asked, part of his mind thinking it was funny the way he could indulge in a conversation with Helen whilst she jacked him off, as if it were no big deal. Helen was pumping his tool quicker now, his cock like steel in her fist.

"Most women like to have their bodies appreciated," Helen explained, "Zoe's no different. I bet she got off on you looking at her tits. She probably thought you were cute."

"No way. She wouldn't think that."

"Why not? You are cute."

"Yeah, but I'm fifteen. Zoe was, like, dead old and stuff."

"She's only twenty-two! Besides, some 'older' ladies kinda like teenaged boys. They like the idea of, y'know...showing them the ropes. Teaching them about sex. It's a nice gender-reversal, the older woman seducing and deflowering the tender young boy, instead of older guys doing it do tender young girls."

Chris lay there whilst his sister jacked him off, the comments Helen had made about adult women showing teenaged boys 'the ropes' and of 'deflowering' them hanging in the air.

"Your boobs are nicer than Zoe's," he commented after a moment of summoning the courage to say so.

"Thank you," Helen smiled, charmed, "They're not as big though."

"That doesn't matter. Big is nice, but uh...I dunno...yours just look nicer. Really shapely and firm looking and, er, stuff. They're gorgeous sis."

Helen flashed a smile at her brother.

"What would you like to do to Zoe?" she asked him, "If she was here now, naked, and begging 'Oooh, I'm horny Chris, come and give me one!'" She and her brother then laughed at this rather silly scenario. "Seriously though," Helen continued, "What would you like to do most of all."

"Well," Chris began, suddenly feeling compelled to share his innermost desires with his sister, "I'd like to with her tits. Feel them and suck on them. Then I'd lick her out. I'd lick out her snatch. Then I'd bend her over and finger her bum and maybe give her an enema."

"Would you fuck her?" Helen asked, slightly shocking her brother with the use of that word. He'd never heard her say 'fuck' before, and it turned him on to hear it!

"Yeah," Chris replied, voice slightly shaky as Helen frigged him throughout this lewd discourse, "I'd fuck her from the front so I could play with her tits, then I'd fuck her from behind." He was gazing lovingly at his sister's nude body, and although he was supposedly referring to this hypothetical situation with Zoe, he was actually saying what he'd like to do with Helen; "I'd fuck her for ages from behind, in her tight snatch, and then I'd put my cock in her bum. I'd fuck her in the arse for ages, and maybe I'd pull out and lick her arsehole. Then I'd put my cock back in her arse and shoot my load in her."

Helen was breathing deeply, her face flushed, looking clearly aroused. She'd been secretly imagining her brother had been talking about what he'd like to do to her - which he secretly had been of course! - and she felt incredibly turned on. She stopped jerking off her brother and asked him to move aside.

Once Chris was out the way, Helen got on all fours in the bed, her nude body looking beautifully lithe and slender. Her pert rear was raised in the air, thighs slightly apart, her cunt lips glistening with moistness.

"Shall I put my cock between your thighs again?" Chris asked.

"Sure, but I want you to put your finger up my bum too. Y' when you're greasing me up before an enema."

"Okay. Where's the baby-oil? I'll need to grease my finger up."

"It's okay, just give me your forefinger. Put it to my mouth."

A little tentatively, Chris reached round and pointed his finger at his sister's mouth. Helen parted her lips and clamped them down on her brother's digit, and she sucked deeply on it. It was an unusual sensation, but pleasant, and Chris enjoyed it.

When she'd finished, Helen took her lips from Chris's finger and smirked at him.

"Stick it up my arse," she giggled.

Chris grinned as he knelt behind Helen. He edged up to her so that his erection wobbled between his sister's upper thighs, the top of his shaft pressed up against her cunt, which felt hot and slick. Helen clamped her thighs shut on her brother's prick. For the next part of the operation, Chris placed his forefinger - slick with warm saliva - to Helen's anus and pushed. The tip popped in easily enough, and he paused for a moment before pushing in further. Slowly, his finger disappeared up Helen's bottom until it was buried to the knuckle.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," Helen sighed.

Chris agreed. His sister's sphincter clamped his finger nicely and her rectal walls felt slick as they flexed around his digit. The physical sensation was equalled by the thrill of having his finger slotted up the most intimate part of his sister's body.

Then Chris began to thrust his hips back and forth, gently at first, then a little faster, running his cock to and fro between Helen's firm thighs. His swollen cock-head brushed against Helen's pubic hair and also her clit, which made her slightly shudder with joy.

"Frig my arse," Helen instructed her brother after a moment.

"Okay," Chris said. His finger had just remained buried up Helen's anus, so he then began to work it back and forth.

"Oooh, that feels so good," his naked sister murmered, dreamily.

Chris worked his finger and cock in a matching rythm, thrusting his prick between her thighs whilst pumping his forefinger back and forth in her anus. His other hand was clapped to Helen's hips. Being a virgin, he did not know what it felt like to have your cock in a woman's cunt or arse, but Chris did instinctively know that it would feel better than just thigh-fucking. However, this was still superb and good enough. He and Helen were soon dropping what inhibitions they had about displaying their lustful enjoyment and were both moaning and grunting with pleasure, Chris thigh-fucking his sister faster and faster whilst finger-fucking her arsehole with greater urgency.

"Oh yes, oh yes," Helen was wailing after a moment or two, her body shaking with ecstasy. Her brother's cock was furiously rubbing her cunt-lips and her clit, and the ecstasy was heightened by the boy's finger working in and out of her rectum. "OH CHRIS! I'm gonna cum...oh...oh, don't stop little brother, don't stop....uuuuh! UUH!"

Chris had honestly not expected Helen to climax, but he felt a surge of pride and delight that she was doing exactly that! He thigh-fucked and finger-fucked her faster, wanting to give his dear big sister as much pleasure as she'd given him when jacking him off.

"Oh GOD! Oh yes, Chris, don't stop, uuuuh!"

Helen's body shook with ecstasy as her orgasm rocked her. She tensed, groaned, and then flopped forwards, Chris' prick sliding from between her cunt-juice-slick thighs. Out of breath and grinning, Helen looked incredibly sexy with her blonde hair hanging over her pretty face.

"Wow, I didn't know that was gonna happen," Chris said as he remained kneeling up, prick sticking up straight in the air.

"Me neither," Helen laughed, "Mmm, that was nice. I liked it."

"I'm glad," Chris commented, still feeling full of pride that he'd made his big sister cum, "Did it feel really good?"

"Definately! No guy has ever made me cum that hard, I don't think."


"No. That was great. Thanks."

"It was my pleasure. Want me to make you cum again?"

"I've a better idea," Helen grinned after a few second's thought. She got up and knelt opposite her brother. "Why don't you pretend my boobs are Zoe's? They're not as big, but they're nice boobies anyway, I reckon. Go on. Pretend they're Zoe's. Do to them what you'd like to do to my big-chested friend."

"Can I?"


His cock raging hard, Chris licked his lips as he knelt there, having been given a free reign on his sister's delicious firm round tits. He raised his hands - which were shaking a little - and gently placed them over his sister's breasts. He'd soaped them down with a spongue in the bath and shower, but that was not the same. This was the first time his hands had fully contacted the lucious globes. He gently stroked and fondled them, marvelling at the feel of them. Helen looked at her brother, Chris's eyes meanwhile just glued to the charms he was fondelling. He briefly looked up and made eye-contact with his sister. She just grinned at him, an unspoken confirmation that he really could do whatever he liked to her tits.

Chris licked his lips again and leaned down, taking his hands from Helen's breasts. He gently ran his tongue of the right nipple, finding the strawberry-red stub incredibly hard. He licked it up and down a few times, then swirled his tongue in a circle. Then he did the same to her left nipple. Growing more confident, and stroking his erection in his right fist, Chris placed his lips right over Helen's left nipple and sucked on it.

"That's it, suck it," Helen purred. She ran her hand through her brother's hair softly, and then she reached down and found his cock. Chris took his own hand from his prick and let his sister take over, Helen now masturbating Chris's erection whilst he sucked on her left breast. Both boy's hands were now free once more and he took his mouth away from the nipple and fondled Helen's tits. Then he leaned in once more and sucked on her right breast, his other hand remaining clamped over her left. He murmered happily, suckling away, his cock tingling and pulsing in Helen's gently stroking grasp.

After another minute of this delightful activity, Chris began to feel an incredibly urgent need to cum. His balls felt like they were about to explode and his prick ached with stiffness. He took his mouth from Helen's boobs.

"I gotta cum," he told her, "Shall I thigh-fuck you again?"

"Cum on my boobs," Helen said, her voice - like her brother's - quivering with lust. She lay down on her back and propped herself up on her elbows, looking down her fine long body, her tits quivering atop her chest, nipples slick with saliva. "Cum all over them," she urged her brother, "Drench my boobies!" She had dropped the pretense of asking Chris to imagine her tit's were those of Zoe's. In fact, Zoe had been the last thing from Chris's mind; he was more than happy to fully realise these had been his big sister's tits he'd been fondling and sucking on, and that he was now being invited to sperm over.

The boy knelt astride his sister's stomach, his balls dangling over her flat belly, his throbbing erection jutting from his sparsely haired groin and directly over Helen's tits. He gripped his cock in his right fist and began to pump it, stroking quickly, never having felt a more desperate urge to shoot his fuck-sauce.

After just half-a-minute of jerking off, Chris's orgasm assailed him. He let out a long groan as his cock exploded in his pumping fist, shooting a hot jet of sperm that shot over Helen's tits. It landed and formed a long unbroken string that ran Helen's left cheek - just below her eye - down past her jawline and down along her neck. Chris angled his prick downwards as he pumped it, a second blast of sperm erupting quickly and splashing between Helen's firm tits.

"Oh yeah, oh fuck," gasped Chris, masturbating hard and moving his cock slightly from side to side, so that the rapid sprays of semen splattered over each of Helen's breasts. He resisted the urge to close his eyes throughout his strong climax so that he would be able to memorize every detail of his actions.

By the time his orgasm had finished, Chris had coated his sister's tit's in cum. He wiped his wilting cock-head over her left nipple. He thought Helen might be annoyed that he'd shot his first cum-squirt across her face, but she simply smiled and said; "What a load!"

"Yeah," giggled Chris, "That was ace!"

"Fancy a bath and a nap?"

"Sounds cool!"

The naked siblings went off and had a relaxing bath together, spongueing each other down, totally at ease with each other's bodies. After a quick bite to eat they went to bed, laying naked under the covers and having a pleasant mid-afternoon snooze.

When they awoke, Helen got on her hands and knees on top of the covers and invited Chris to thigh-fuck her again (she didn't bother with her technical phrase of 'interfemoral sex'; Chris was glad. It felt fantastic to hear his sexy big sister invite him to 'fuck' her, even if it wasn't really fucking.) Helen climaxed again thanks to Chris's cock rubbing between her thighs and against her sopping cunt, the boy pushing a finger up her bum in the meantime. As soon as his sister had finished cumming, Chris tugged his prick from her thighs and masturbated over Helen's rear, coating her cheeks with spunk. He squirted a couple of big wads at her anus, which was yawning open slightly, and he loved the sight of some of his cream leaking into Helen's open, twitching arsehole.

Then they cleared up and, tired out from their fun-packed day, they bid each other farewell and Chris headed home.

There was no fun to be had the following weekend. Helen had to go down to London for a modelling shoot, and consequently Chris did not have a chance to visit her. However, during the following week, on Tuesday, Helen came round to her parents' house. She just popped in to say hello but ended up staying for dinner.

It was the first time Chris and his sister had been in each other's company with their parents since they'd begun their fun and frolics, and both tried hard not to give sly little grins at the memories of their funny little activities with each other. Their mum and dad didn't suspect a thing.

When the weekend arrived, Helen was busy once again, but she was free on Sunday morning. Chris came round and the pair gave and received enemas and then Chris thigh-fucked Helen in the bedroom. He pulled his prick from between her firm thighs before he came and spurted his cum over her bare bottom. A bath followed, and then Helen let her brother play with her tits. Chris took advantage of this licence, and he groped, fondled, teased and sucked Helen's firm tits, his sister then laying him down and jerking him off, Chris spurting a fresh load of sperm, this lot landing over his belly and chest. He and Helen then parted, the siblings eagerly agreeing to get together the next weekend for some more 'fun'.

It was, in fact, their parents that lead to Helen and Chris getting together the following weekend. They were going away and wanted Chris to stay with Helen on Friday night. Helen was more than happy at this plan, although she was going out that evening.

After school on Friday, Chris went straight round to his sister's apartment.

"Could I come out with you tonight?" asked Chris. He was still in his school uniform - white shirt, green tie and black trousers - and sitting at the glass-topped table in the kitchen. He and his sister were both having dinner, and Helen sat across from her brother wearing a shimmering silk dressing gown.

"I'm afraid not Chris," Helen repled, "Me and the others are going to a nightclub. You won't be able to get in."

"Maybe I could pretend I was eighteen," Chris suggested, hopeful.

"No, I'm not sure if that'd work. They'd ask for ID. Don't worry about it, it's not that exciting. It's more of a work-do, me and the others are meeting with a few people for a fashion magazine. We'll just end up talking about work and things. You won't be missing much."

"Okay," Chris shrugged, he wasn't too fussed, but he was a little glum at the idea of being left out.

"Tell you what," Helen chirped a moment later, "You can help me get ready. I think a nice enema will make me feel refreshed. Then a nice long soak in bath. You can help scrub me down. Oh, and my toe-nails need doing as well. And I need a shave."

"A shave?" giggled Chris.

"Yeah," Helen replied, also sniggering, "You know...down there."

"You're er...bikini-line?"

"That's right. I don't need it doing, not tonight, but these fashion magazine dudes we're meeting might want me an the others to do a shoot next week. We're trying to impress them tonight y'see, making it clear that we're the most glamorous chicks in town! Anyway, I'll er...need shaving if I'm going to be photo'd in skimpy bikinis."

"Yeah, I'll help do that," Chris replied, acting as if it was just a regular favour asked by his sister. Although he mainl saw her arse, he'd caught plenty of glimpses of her cunt, and she did indeed have a fairly thick - but neat - triangle of golden pubic hair at her crotch. The idea of helping shaving her pubes sounded thoroughly arousing, as well as intimate, although not really anymore intimate than giving her enemas, that particular operating being almost routine.

"Better start getting ready now," Helen said after dinner.

"When are you going out?"

"About nine."

"You've got two-hours yet."

"Yes, but us girlies take hours to get ready! Anyway, you get the enema equipment, I'll get some water."

Soon enough, the siblings were in the living room. Chris removed his clothes, quite casually, his prick getting stiff already as they prepared for the enema fun they enjoyed indulging in. Helen slipped out of her silk robe and got down on her sofa, bent over, bum bared, spread and ready.

Chris applied some baby-oil to his finger and applied the greasy fluid to Helen's hairless pink arsehole, working it round and greasing it up. Then he eased the digit up there, to the knuckle, gently workign it to and fro and listening to his sister's gentle murmers of pleasure. Then he replaced his finger with the nozzle at the end of the enema-pipe and he was soon filling Helen's bowels with the soapy warm water.

"It feels so nice," Helen purred, feeling the water glug around in her colon, the nozzle still stuck up her arse.

Eventually Chris removed the nozzle and held the basin just under his sister's arse to enable her to evacuate her bowels. Helen then returned the favour, Chris bent over and his sister injecting warm water up her arse. She also reached under her brother and masturbated him. As usual, once Chris had discharged the enema, he gave his sister another one.

"Aaah," Helen sighed with satisfaction as she squirted the water from her arse into the basin.

Chris put the basin on the floor, then stood up. The fifteen-year-old's cock stood up, erect and stiff.

"Fancy a bath?" Helen said as she got up and ruffled her brother's hair affectionately.

"Sure," Chris replied, "Shall I shave you afterwards?"

"Yeah. Do you shave yourself?"

" pubes?"

"No silly!" giggled Helen, "I mean, your face. Do you shave that?"

"No, not yet," Chris shrugged. Normally admitting such a thing would make him feel young, emphasising that he was little more than a kid. However, Helen was so easy to get along with that he never felt uncomfortable in her presence, and besides, he got a little kick out of his role as adorable little brother. Adorable and horny little brother at the moment!

The naked siblings hurried to the bathroom and were soon sitting in the tub of hot water, scrubbing one another clean. Chris was content to do most of the scubbing, and Helen was content to kneel there whilst her brother spongued down her boobs, her back and her shoulders. The boy asked Helen to stand up at one point, and she did, Chris's eyes full of awe and barely concealed desire as he washed his sister's long toned legs, the golden bush he would be trimming later, and, of course, the part of her body that he found so jaw-droppingly beautiful; her arse. He lovingly scrubbed down her lower-half, then Helen returned the favour, soaping down then rinsing off his throbbing erection

Out of the bath and dried clean - and still nude - the pair went back to the living room. Helen bought with her a fresh basin of water and a tube of shaving cream and a pink woman's razor.

"Okay, here's what to do," Helen said as she sat on the sofa, "You apply the cream to my snatch and then, basically run the razor around the edges. So I'm left with a neat triangle. You shouldn't need to remove much."

"Sure sis."

Chris followed the instructions. He knelt between Helen's parted legs and applied the cream lovingly to the edges of her golden triangle. Then he used the razor to gently trim it, a look of concentration on his face as if he were making a sculpture. He also did the stray-hairs that borded Helen's vaginal lips, which glistened, pink and wet, and held his attention, making his prick pulse even harder and stronger. Helen was confident enough in her brother's abilities to busy herself filing her nails.

"All done," Chris eventually declared, kneeling back and admiring his work after wiping off the excess cream with a towel.

"Very nice," Helen smiled, looking down and admiring how neat her trimmed bush appeared, "Could you apply some moisteriser please?"


Chris hurried to the bathroom and returned with some fancy designer facial cream. He knelt back down and applied it to his sister's crotch, loving the feel of her smooth skin as he worked his slick fingers over them. On a few occasions he 'accidentally' ran his fingers over Helen's vaginal-lips, and she gently sighed at such an intimate touch.

"Perfect," Helen concluded, "Could you file my toe-nails honey? If you don't mind."

"No, I don't mind," Chris insisted, "It's fun."

Helen smiled. She didn't like the idea of taking advantage of her dear little brother, but Chris made it clear he was enjoying pampering her.

The tall naked blonde stretched her legs out and rested her feet on the sofa. Chris took a nail-file and filed Helen's nails, painting them with red varnish afterwards.

"You look gorgeous sis," he declared afterwards, standing up.

"Thanks," Helen smiled, sweetly, and her eyes couldn't help but be drawn to her brother's cock, looking so achingly stiff and eager for relief. "Let's take care of that big erection there Chris!"

"Can I thigh-fuck you again?"

"Sure. Why don't we do it from the front, just to see what that's like?"

Helen stood up and stepped in front of her brother in the middle of the living room floor. The long-legged beauty was an inch taller than her brother, and briefly Chris's upward-pointing cock nudged her trimmed pubic-area.

"Bend your knees a little," she instructed the boy as she adjusted her position so that her feet were slightly apart, "Then put your dick between my thighs."

Chris did so, bending his knees and stepping forwards, his cock sliding between Helen's gorgeous thighs, the firm rod of stiff meat nudging against her flesh.

"Right in honey," Helen urged Chris. The boy stepped forwards a little and soon his own sparse pubic-hair was bristling against his sister's groin, his cock right between her thighs, the swollen purple head emerging from the other side just under Helen's arse-crack. Helen bought her feet together, firmly clamping her brother's erection in her thighs.

"Is that okay?" she asked him. Standing face to face like this, it was even more intimate than when they thigh-fucked in the normal doggie-style position. Their bellies touched and Helen's boobs were lightly mashed to Chris's chest, their faces just inches apart, albeit Chris's slightly lower down as he had to keep his legs slightly bent to fuck his sister's upper-thighs. They grinned at each other, Helen noting how gorgeous her brother's bright young lust-filled eyes were, and Chris inhaling the French perfume his sister had applied to her neck after they had got out the bath.

Chris felt so horny and he knew he wouldn't last long as he gently pumped his prick back and forth, his sister's firm thighs pressed together with his cock in between. The feel of his sister's torso against his turned him on too.

Both sibling's arms were just hanging by their side. Helen soon reach round and clapped her hands to Chris's buttocks, admiring how firm and taut they were as he thrust away. Chris smiled again at this touch, and he emulated his sister, reaching round and placing his hands on her bum-cheeks.

"Mmmmm," Helen sighed, eye-lids fluttering.

"Is that nice?" Chris asked. He realised that, just as was the case when he thigh-fucked his sister from behind, as he thigh-fucked her from the front his prick was gliding over and against Helen's cunt-lips.

"It's nice," confirmed Helen softly.

"I'm...gonna cum soon," Chris announced, a moment later, thrusting a little faster, unable to hold back the enormous cum-load that had been building up for the last hour of bathing, cleaning, cunt-shaving and giving enemas to his divine big sister.

"Where do you want to shoot?" Helen asked her randy little brother, taking her hands from his arse and stroking his cheek with one of them.

"I dunno," the boy panted, "Where can I do it?"

"Anywhere you want," Helen told him, "Anywhere! You've pampered me enough this afternoon, you've earned the right to cum on my body. Anywhere!"

"How about," began Chris, voice shaky as he thigh-fucked Helen with his orgasm approaching rapidly, "your face?" It was only his intense arousal that gave him the confidence to suggest such a thing.

"Okay," Helen replied without hesitation. She parted her legs and stepped back, and then she knelt down.

Chris had regretted suggest cumming on Helen's face as soon as the words had left his lips, because he thought she'd be grossed out or something. Now, however, he felt such a thrill that she'd gone along with it, Helen kneeling naked before him, head thrown back, eyes sparkling beautifully, her face a pretty cum-target.

"Here we go," Chris declared, triumphantly, gripping his cock in his fist and pumping it furiously, the fiery tip just inches from the tip of Helen's cute nose.

"Go for it," she urged her brother, a hand going to her cunt. She slipped a finger into her dripping snatch as she watched her brother jerking his erection right in front of her face. "Spray it all out little brother!"

"Uh, uh, uuuuuh, fuck," gasped Chris as his orgasm overwhelmed him.

Suddenly, the youth's cock-cannon went off, and a powerful spray of gooey white-cum blasted out and lashed over Helen's face. A second squirt followed, then a third and fourth.

"Oh fuck, yeah, ooooh!" Chris panted, legs shaky as he continued jerking off, his cock spraying out more sperm.

"Mmmmmm, what a lovely shower," Helen murmered, fingering her cunt. Her eyes were closed and her face was utterly pasted.

"Ah yeah," Chris sighed as his climax ended. He pumped his cock a couple of times and sperm welled up from his piss-hole and dripped down, the thick splodge landing on Helen's left thigh. He looked down at his big sister and saw just how much cum he'd sprayed out. There were four great long slashes of sperm than ran right across her pretty visage, one of them running from the middle of her forehead and stretching right down her nose, mouth and ending at her chin, almost dividing her face in half. The other slashes were diagonal, and there were plenty of stray squirts and a couple of big dollops too.

"Wow, that was a heavy load," Helen said, grinning. She stood up, the sperm on her face running down obscenely.

"Ooops, I got some in your hair," Chris giggled.

"That's okay, I need to wash it anyway. Do you want to clean up in here whilst I grab a quick shower?"


A little later, Chris was dressed and slumped on the sofa, watching TV, when Helen answered the door as her friends arrived. The sound of excitable young women greeted could be heard from the living room, and it got louder as they approached.

"Is that cute little brother of yours here?" came the voice of Zoe, Helen's big-breasted friend.

"Yeah, I'm babysitting him," replied Helen. She and her friends - Zoe and two other glamourous women in their early-twenties Chris hadn't seen before - came into the living room. Obviously, Helen had washed herself again, after her brother had showered her in sperm.

"Hiya Chris," Zoe smiled as she spotted Helen's brother.

"Hi," Chris replied, blushing, eyes instinctively going to Zoe's enormous tits, thse big firm melons threatening to burst out of the tight, low-cut black dress she wore.

"Helen?" asked one of the other women, a cheerful looking blonde who must have been six-foot-one in her high-heels, "I don't think you've got the knack of babysitting right. You're meant to stay in to look after your young charge!"

"Oh, you'll be okay won't you Chris?" Helen asked her brother. He nodded. "Mum won't let him stay in on his own," Helen further explained to her friend, "She's all over-protective. But I know he'll be fine whilst we're out."

"Shall we bring him along?" Zoe asked, sitting next to Chris on the sofa and holding his hand, "He's so adorable! He can be our mascot."

Chris blushed. He figured Zoe was only jokingly flirting with him, but it was still nice to be referred to as 'adorable'. He did feel confident about his appearance for once. He'd gone from being content to wear scruffy old clothes and to never bother combing his hair, but since his sister had given him a little make-over when he'd gone out to dinner with her and her friends the other week, he'd started smartening up, and right now he wore black jeans and a smart white short-sleeved shirt. His dark hair was gelled up and spikey.

"I wanted to come along," Chris insisted, "But Helen said I wouldn't get in to the club because I'm only fifteen."

"Aw, shame," Zoe pouted, "Nevermind, if I ever fulfil my ambition to get a nightclub of my own, I'll let you come in. Although," she continued, "by the time I have my own club you'll be over eighteen anyway."

"Well, at least I've got the place all to myself," Chris declared.

"That means you can have fun going through your sister's underwear drawer," giggled Zoe.

Chis blushed and glanced at Helen, who merely grinned.

"Zoe's little brother used to go through her knickers and things when she was living at home," Helen explained to Chris.

"He'd do it all the time," Zoe added with a grin, "I'd come into my room and catch him rifling through them, with a stiffy in his pants! I swore he wore them. The little tranny!"

"Are we all ready?" Helen asked her three friends. They all nodded. "Then let's get going. See you Chris!"

"Bye," the boy called from the sofa.

"See you sweetie," Zoe said as she patted Chris's thigh and stood up, and she strolled away, her firm round arse wiggling in the tight dress she wore.

"Bye all," Chris called, "Have a nice time."

The four ladies all hustled out the room, Helen waving goodbye to Chris, Zoe blowing him a kiss and grinning at him. Chris grinned back, eyes taking in a good look at Zoe's deep cleavage.

Then the four of them were gone, their excitable lady-chatter ending when the front door was closed, the apartment suddenly seeming quiet.

Chris felt horny, but he decided not to jack off. Maybe his sister would have time to let him thigh-fuck her when she got back. Or cum on her face again!

He went over to the computer and flicked it on.

Chris was still at the computer at midnight when he heard his sister arrive home. He had wondered if she might return with Zoe but instead she was alone. Helen sauntered into the living room.

"Hi sweetie," she called, grinning, as she strolled across the room towards where Chris sat at the computer. She was in her sexy red dress and matching high-heeled shoes. Her blonde hair hung loose and ruffled and, although she wasn't smashed out of her face, she certainly seemed to be rather merry.

"Hi, did you have a nice time?" asked Chris.

"Very nice," his sister replied. She stood behind her brother and placed her hands on his shoulders. She gently rubbed them, glancing over his shoulder and seeing that he was on some website. "What site are you on?" she asked him, her lilting, sing-song voice slightly slurred. "Not surfing for porn are you?"

"No, just looking at boring technical websites. Although I did look up some porn earlier."

"You are naughty," Helen giggled, "Looking up pictures of bare ladies!"

"You're drunk," sniggered Chris, enjoying the way his sister massaged his shoulders.

"Only a bit," Helen insisted, "I had a few glasses of champagne. And some vodka. And some wine too." She hiccupped, and giggled.

"You're just as naughty as me," Chris said as he began shutting the computer down, "You've been drinking, and I've been surfing for pictures of naked ladies."

"Such mischief we've both been up to," tutted Helen, "Anyway, you don't need to look up pictures of naked ladies anymore. I'm back now, and you can look at your big sister's bare bum anytime you like."

"Oh yeah?" said Chris, cock twitching in his pants, as he turned to look at Helen, an eyebrow raised, "Okay, how about now?"

Helen - looking so sexy in the bright lights that burned in the spacious apartment - giggled as she kicked off her high-heeled shoes. Then she stepped back and, with her brother sitting and watching, she began doing a strip-tease. She gently teased the straps of her dress down from her shoulders. Then, still grinning, she began easing the garment down, slowly peeling it past her boobs - she wore a very skimpy, lacy white bra - and past her flat stomach. Helen then cried "Ta-daa!" as she let the dress go and it fell down her legs to her ankles. She stepped out of it, wearing just her lacy bra and knickers.

"You look gorgeous sis," Chris told her.

"Show me how much I turn you on," the tipsy babe purred.

Chris knew what his sister meant. He stood up and undid his jeans, sliding them down, along with his boxer shorts. He stepped out of them and took of off his socks, so he wore just his white cotton shirt. The fifteen-year-old's prick stood to attention, and he gently stroked it.

"Want me to take off my underwear?" asked Helen, seductively.

Chris nodded.

"Well," Helen chirped, reaching round to unhook her bra, "even if you'd have said no, I'd have taken them off anyway."

"I'd never have said no," Chris told her.

Helen removed her bra and slung it aside, then she removed her knickers. When she stood naked, she slung the knickers at her brother, who caught them and put them on top of the computer monitor. He turned to see Helen strolling towards him until she stood right in front of him. She undid the buttons on his shirt, smiling merrily, her breath carrying the sweet aroma of a cocktail of champaign and wine. Soon she was helping Chris out of his shirt so that he was, like her, naked.

Helen stepped right up to Chris, the boy's erection nuding against her upper-left thigh. The boy thought his sister was going to let him thigh fuck her like this, as they'd done earlier, but instead she leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. It took him by surprise, as did the fact that his sister's lips lingered on his. Soon she was pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Chris hadn't engaged in a lustful snog like this with anyone, so he just followed his instincts and - inside his mouth - he played with Helen's tongue with his own. Then he grew more confident and slid his tongue into Helen's mouth. The young woman placed her hands on Chris's shoulders, sighing inwardly as she frenched him like a passionate lover, the sibling's wet tongues squirming over each other. Chris reached out and placed his hands on his sister's hips and he gently rubbed his erection against her pubic area, the golden hairs down there tickling his shaft.

Helen moved back after a moment, and did so with some abruptness, making Chris panic and think he'd done something wrong. However, Helen simply grinned.

"You're a good little kisser," she said.

"You too," Chris gulped, a little overwhelmed by this. He knew his sister's inhibitions had dropped thanks to her being rather drunk, although he also knew that she wasn't so drunk that she had lost control of herself. He didn't want to take advantage of her after all.

Helen took her brother by the hand and turned, walking away, Chris allowing himself to be lead by the hand out of the room.

They went down the hallway and into Helen's bedroom, where the young woman released her brother's hand and turned on the soft lamps at each side of the bed.

"Shut the door," she told her brother.

Chris did so. Then he watched as Helen jumped into bed. She smiled - half-drunkenly, half-lustfully - and beckoned him over with one of her slender fingers. Chris strolled over, cock waggling in the air like a stiff club, and got into bed with Helen. He lay back, not sure exactly what his sister was going to do, and then Helen pretty much showed him! She leaned over and kissed him again, even more passionately, snaking her tongue down his throat and unashamedly moaning with lust. One of her hands went under the duvet and she stroked Chris's cock.

"Mmmm, so hard, so stiff," she purred, taking her lips from Chris's for a moment. She smiled at him, reassuringly, licked her lips, and then kissed him again. Chris reached across and began stroking Helen's tits, gently fondling them and stroking the nipples, which were as stiff as his prick.

After a moment of tongueing her brother's mouth, Helen took her lips from Chris's and slid down the bed, disappearing beneath the bedcovers. Chris's head was propped up against one of the firm white pillows, and he watched with some amusement - and a lot of excitement - at the woman-shaped mound under the covers shift as his sister moved around down there. He felt his sister released his cock from her grasp and suddenly he felt something warm and wet over his cock. He let out a gasp as he realised it was Helen's mouth.

"Oooh, uuuh," he gurgled, head spinning with delight. It was incredible, even better than any of the multitude of enjoyable activities that he'd indulged in with Helen previously. He felt Helen's lips slide down his shaft, felt the hot wet insides of her cheeks clasping his cock and the energetic tongue that had previously been sliding into his mouth now working over his cock. The boy's erection throbbed stiffly, and he was amazed that he hadn't blown his nuts yet. The bump in the covers over his pelvis began rising and falling as his sister bobbed her head, and he felt Helen's clasping lips pumping up and down his shaft.

As she gave her brother a Grade A blow-job, Helen ran her hands over the boy's thighs, and then his lower-belly. Her cunt itched as it oozed cunt-juice, her head swimming with overwhelming desire and horniness, as well as a fair amount of champagne! After sucking her brother's cock for a couple of minutes, Helen took her mouth from the throbbing shaft. She moved up the bed once more, shuffling to one side so that she lay on her back, next to Chris.

"Would you like to return the favour?" she asked him, voice quivering, "My cunt is so horny and itchy Chris, I need it sucking and fingering. Would you eat me out sweetie?"

"Sure," Chris said, then he thought that it sounded it a bit of an apathetic response, so he added "I'd love to eat your cunt out sis."

"Lick me out," Helen moaned, eyes closed as she spread her legs under the duvet, "Come on Chris, I want you to tongue my dripping snatch!"

Chris slid under the duvet, getting down between Helen's legs. He would have liked to have seen what he was doing, but it didn't matter too much. He was just damn grateful that he was going to get a taste - and not just a look - at his sister's charms. Working in the darkness under the covers, the boy placed his hands to his sister's pelvis and leaned in to her crotch. He could sense her cunt before his outstretched tongue reached it, as if it were surrounded by an aura of hot moistness. Then his tongue made contact with her cunt lips. He felt Helen shudder and he heard her tipsy moans of pleasure as he began to run his tongue up and down her cunt.

"Ooooh, Chris, that's it," she murmered, eyes shut, hands clamped over her tits and pinching her nipples, "Lick me Chris, lick your big sister's juicy hot cunt!"

Chris was soon hungrily lapping at Helen's slick twat, slurping down the plentiful juices. Her trimmed bush tickled his nose but he didn't mind. After slurping the lips of his sister's cunt he worked his tongue up into her, as deep as possible, and he felt Helen's thighs tense in his grasp. As he burrowed into her twat, he felt his sister humping her arse up a little, grinding her cunt into his face. The sensation of Helen's cunt-channel against his tongue felt superb, so tight and slick and hot, and couldn't get enough of it. He licked, slurped, sucked and tongued Helen's twat thoroughly, wanting to make her cum. He succeeded! After a few minutes, Helen began yelping a bucking her hips, hands clamped to her brother's head as it bobbed between her thighs.

"Oh yes, oh yes, Chris, Chris, I'm fucking cumming," she lewdly cried, "Oh fuck! FUCK! Eat me out, lick me. Suck my cunt sweetie, uuuuuuuuh!" She almost fainted with ecstasy. Her head was spinning. She had felt so randy when she had got home, partly because of the drink, partly because she was happy that she and her friends had won the modelling roles they had been after from the magazine editor they'd been out with that evening, but mostly because she was beginning to feel horny all the time, especially in the company of her adorable, devoted little brother.

However, even when her climax had ebbed away, Helen wasn't satasfied.

"Get on top of me," she urged Chris.

The boy was still between his sister's legs, under the covers. He hadn't heard Helen properly, so he moved upwards, placing his hands on the mattress on either side of Helen's chest so that he was effectively astride her.

"Sorry?" he asked her.

"Get on top of me," Helen repeated in her slurred lustful voice, "Stick your cock in me. I need you in me Chris, I need your cock in my cunt, I'm so fucking horny!"


"Do it Chris, please. Fuck me. Fuck your sister!"

Chris wasn't going to argue with this. Without any time to contemplate this rather extreme act of intimacy, he shifted up slightly and began lowering his pelvis, his erection stabbing at his sister's cunt. Helen reached down and gripped her brother's penis and helped guide him into her.

"Slide it up me," she purred, releasing his cock now that half of it was wedged in her twat, sounding less forceful than she had a moment ago, "Right into me."

Chris lowered himself right down, his prick easing into Helen's slick, tight cunt. The boy was propped up just on his elbows, his body pressed to his sister's beneath him, her tits against his chest. Helen reached round and placed her hands on her brother's back.

"Oh fuck," Chris panted, barely able to take it in that he was actually having sex, "That's good sis, that feels good."

"Uuuuh, yeah, it does," Helen groaned, the drawl in her voice now more out of unrestrained, desperate lust than alcohol, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard Chris. Fuck me!"

Chris was glad his sister had said his name. For a moment he thought she might have been so drunk she might have forgotten that this was her brother she was urging to fuck her. The boy raised his arse, his cock sliding halfway out of Helen's snatch, and then he thrust it in again.

"Uh, ooh," he spluttered, the sensation of this simple act making him almost delirious with pleasure, "You feel so good sis."

"So do you," Helen purred. She reached down and clapped her hands to her brother's tight buttocks. The boy began to ease his cock back and then he thrust into her again. He did this again and again, steadily building up pace. He felt a little embarrassed because - with his face hovering just a few inches above Helen's - he wasn't sure where to look or what to do. So, after a moment's hesitation, he kissed his sister. She responded immediately, both of them sliding their tongues over one another as they snogged, their bodies pressed together under the covers. Chris fucked his throbbing erection back and forth in Helen's tight snatch, both of them drinking in one another's moans and sighs of ecstasy.

"Uuh, fuck me, fuck me," Helen began gasping a few moments later, her brother's prick pistoning in her clutching cunt as she nuzzled her face into his neck, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum again. Aaah! Oh Chris, oh yeah!" Her body tensed under her brother's humping form, her fingernails digging into his arse-cheeks. The boy fucked her harder and faster, getting a kick - and not to mention a feeling of pride - as he made his big sister climax, and climax fucking powerfully. Helen squirmed, wriggled and cried out ecstatically as her body was shaken by her orgasm.

Suddenly, with little warning, Chris began to feel his orgasm as well.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he gasped.

"Cum in me," Helen begged him, "Don't worry, I'm on the pill, shoot your wad up me little brother. UUUUH!"

"FUCK!" cried Chris, and he rammed his prick to the hilt in his sister's tight cunt and blasted out his thick sperm into her womb. He let out a long groan which was cut off when Helen clamped her lips to his and slid her tongue into his mouth. She snogged her kid brother whilst his prick remained buried to the hilt in her cunt, twitching and pulsing as it spewed out hot pumps of sperm. Chris's body tensed up whilst he shot his load, and then he began to relax. His balls were empty, but his cock was still hard and still buried in his sister's spermy cunt.

Helen took her mouth from Chris's and she grinned. So did he.

"That was so cool," Chris said, a little nervously, wondering whether Helen would regret this now that the heat of the moment had passed.

"It sure was," she said, dreamily, "Mmmmm. I needed that. Oh boy, did I need that."

"Me too."

"Was it good fucking me?"

"It sure was. You're first."

"I'm honoured," Helen said, sweetly, and she gave her brother a gentle kiss on the mouth.

Chris finally eased his prick from Helen's snatch and he rolled off of her. He lay on his back, breathing deeply, suddenly overcome with fatigue. Helen rolled onto her side to face her brother. She was also tired, incredibly so, and not to mention still rather drunk. She idly draped an arm over her brother's chest, let out a satisfied sigh, and she almost immediately fell asleep, followed shortly by her brother.

Helen woke up first the next morning, at a little after eight. She was still snuggled up to her younger brother.

Ow, my fucking head, she thought, realising that her hangover was somewhat worse than normal because of the mix of drinks she'd gotten through last night. The memories of what she'd done with her brother were reasonably fresh - she hadn't been so smashed that she was unable to recall the events - and she felt a little strange at what had happened.

The naked blonde slid out of bed and padded nude into the bathroom. She had a piss then splashed some cold water onto her face, before strolling to the kitchen where she guzzled down a big glass of water.

Helen then padded back into the bedroom, which was illuminated by the morning sun coming through the large windows. Chris had just woken up and he was sitting up, yawning.

"Morning," he said when he saw Helen in the doorway, looking a little sheepish.

"Morning," Helen smiled. She strolled over and climbed back into bed, sitting up next to Chris. There was a rather awkward pause. "You okay?" Helen asked.

"Fine," Chris smiled, turning to his sister, "You?"

"Yeah, fine. Just er...I think we might have gone a tiny bit too far last night."


"I think so," shrugged Helen, "It was fun, don't get me wrong. Shit, it was great! You erm...made me cum damn hard little brother! Twice. But I think, y'know, it was a little bit too far."

"Maybe you're right," Chris shrugged. He did feel a little bit strange at having actually fucked his sister, although he didn't really have any regrets. Hell, he'd fuck her again right now if she asked him, although did feel a strange queesy feeling at the thought of it, but necessarily an unpleasant feeling. "Maybe we did go a bit too far," he conceded.

"Mmmm. We'll try and restrain our urges next time," Helen giggled.

Chris smiled, glad his sister wasn't in anyway freaked out by what they'd done. I'm no longer a virgin, the fifteen-year-old computer nerd thought to himself, Just a shame I can't tell anyone at school about it because they'd want to know who I did it with!

"Shall we still do the other stuff or not?" Chris said to his sister a moment later, "Y'know, the baths and enemas and...things."

"Oh sure, yeah," eagerly replied Helen, "That's no big deal. Baths, you handjobs. And thigh-fucking of course. I like that, and that's cool, 'cos it's not really fucking. Do you want to it now? Do you have morning wood?" she asked with a giggle.

"Yeah," grinned Chris.

"Lemme see," said Helen. She dragged the covers from her brother and exposed his nude body. His cock lay across his firm lower belly, throbbing hard. "Mmmm, nice 'n stiff," she purred, and she reached out and gripped it in her fist. She pumped it up and down, Chris laying back and sighing happily as his sister jerked him off. He'd perhaps prefer to fuck her, but getting jerked off by her was fine.

"Sis?" he asked after a minute, "Can we do, like...oral sex? Would that be cool?"

"If you want," Helen replied casually, "I liked sucking you last night. It was good. And I liked it when you licked me out, you really did a nice job. Would you like to lick me out again?"

"Definitely. Can I do it without the covers over us this time? Then I can, y'know, see what I'm doing."

"Sure. You are a good little brother!" She gave him a kiss, just a gentle peck on the lips, then she shoved the covers off the bed and onto the floor. Helen then lay back, legs parted, her neat pink slit winking from between her firm thighs.

Licking his lips, his cock pulsing hard, Chris knelt at the bottom of the bed, between Helen's spread-eagled legs. He leaned in, admiring her cunt the way he had last night when he'd shaved her pubes. He ran his tongue up and down her glistening lips, tasting her delicious juices. Helen moaned pleasurably, thrilled at the way her brother had such instinctive skill when it came to eating pussy. He was a thorough cunt-licker, and unashamedly he lapped at her juicy twat.

"Mmmmm, eat me out Chris, eat my snatch out deep," Helen purred, her elegant slender body writhing slightly as Chris began to work his tongue up into her cunt-channel. Her snatch was soon slick and oozing with juices and saliva, her brother pushing his face right into her crotch, as if he was trying to shove his whole head, and not just his wriggling tongue, up into her womb. "Oh Chris, uuuuuh. Oh that's good, it's good, eat me. Eat my cunt, lick it. Oh fuck yeah!"

The young fucker did not need any encouragement. With his hands clasped to Helen's firm thighs, he alternated between shoving his tongue into his sister's snatch and licking the outer lips.

"Stick your finger up my arse," Helen begged, rather lewdly, a moment later, "Stick your finger up there, right up my shit-hole. Do it Chris, please."

Without interrupting his cunt-lapping activities, Chris moved one of his hands into the appropriate position, sticking his forefinger out and easing it between Helen's bum-cheeks just below the tasty vagina he was slurping. He easily found Helen's puckered tight arsehole, which was slick thanks to the juices and saliva that had run from her cunt down to that nether hole.

"Uuuuuuuh, God that's good," Helen wailed as her brother popped the tip of his forefinger past her sphincter. The boy paused for a moment, then pushed his finger right in. "Aah, fuck, oh GOD!" Helen yelped. There was no denying the amazing sensations she'd realised anal penetration - even if it had been just with enema pipes and fingers - could give in the last few weeks, and it was truly sublime when coupled with some enthusiastic oral attention. Delighted to be once again giving his sister such pleasure, and getting a lot himself, Chris pumped his finger back and forth in his sister's clasping anus whilst he lapped at her slippery cunt like a thirsty dog.

A few moments later, Helen began to climax, humping her cunt into her brother's face, pinching her nipples between her forefinger and thumb. "Oh fuck, yeah, yeah, oh Chris! Oh Chris, I'm cumming I'm fucking cumming. NNNNG! Aaah!"

Her elegant nude body shook, writhed, tensed and, finally, grew limp.

Chris ran his tongue up and down Helen's cunt a couple of times before he raised his head, his beaming face slick with juice. He also popped his finger out of his sister's rectum.

"I'm getting good at this," he smiled, proudly.

"You sure are," Helen grinned, "Oh wow, you can eat my cunt out anytime, my dear little brother. Now, I bet your dick is nice and hard isn't it?"

"It sure is!" replied Chris, kneeling up and pumping his throbbing erection in his fist.

"Let me suck you off," Helen said, getting up, "Lay down."

Chris did so, laying on his back, head against the pillow so that he could look down the length of his slender adolescent body. Helen knelt between her brother's legs and bent down placing her lips over his cock.

"Oh God," Chris gasped as his prick disappeared into his sister's warm wet mouth. It felt as good as it had done yesterday, only now he could see what was going on! With her strawberry blonde hair hanging over Chris's pelvis, Helen sank her head down and gobbled up most of her brother's throbbing rod. She slurped and sucked on him, bobbing her head, running her lips up and down the shaft whilst her tongue swirled over the head. She was determined to give her brother as much oral pleasure as he'd given her.

"Mmmmmphh," Helen murmered, sucking harder on her brother's cock, already sensing the boy was approaching orgasm. She suddenly felt excited at the thought of drinking the boy's cum, it would be even better than when he jerked off on her face, arse or tits as he'd done in the past.

"Oh yeah, oh shit," Chris was soon gasping, "UUUUH! I'm gonna blow sis!"

His cock did indeed blow, shooting out a torrent of salty sperm. Helen gulped it down and continued to bob her head over her brother's pelvis, sucking and sucking, eager to drain the boy's balls dry. Chris humped upwards, fucking his sister's willing mouth, firing jets of sperm down her throat. Helen swallowed it as fast as it came.

"Oh wow," Chris gasped when he'd squirted the last of his sperm, "That was great!"

Helen licked the boy's wilting cock clean, slurping down the last of his sperm and adding it to the abundant supply of that delicious, pure boy-cum already in her belly.

"You taste delicious," she grinned, kneeling up.

"So did you," Chris smiled.

"Did you like that blow-job?"

"I sure did. Did you, er, like me licking you? Down there I mean?"

"Definately! Now, how about a bath and then some breakfast?"

Having been worried that morning that his fun with his sister might come to an end in the light of last night's activity - which they both agreed had gone somewhat too far - Chris was delighted that Helen was still very much enthusiastic about their other little activities. The boy got a chance to blow his load three more times during that day.

He had gotten another stiffie in the bath, so after drying off he and Helen had gone to the bedroom where Chris had thigh fucked his sister. Like yesterday, the did it from the front, both alternately giggling and tentatively kissing each other, still a little unsure how far they could push the boundries with each other. Just before his climax had risen, Chris had pulled his prick from his sister's thighs and - at her request - he'd stood on his tip-toes and masturbated with his cock-head nudging Helen's firm lower belly. He'd spurted his thick cum all over her abdomen, the sperm running down and mingling with her pubic hair.

Later, after going out for breakfast, the siblings played around with enemas which naturally ended with some mutual masturbation. Chris finger-fucked Helen's anus whilst she rubbed her clit until she came, squealing with unrestrained joy as she did so, then Chris frigged himself against Helen's bum and coated her firm peach of an arse with gooey spunk. That meant it was time for another shared bath.

That afternoon, Helen did some Yoga whilst Chris watched from the sofa, Helen opting to do this particular Yoga session stark-naked, and trying to make it appear just a coincidence that many of the positions she bent herself in tended to involve her bum being raised and pointed at her brother. She loved teasing him, sensing the way the boy drank in the sights with his wide-eyes, and Chris had unashamedly stroked his erect cock whilst he watched. Helen had eventually asked her brother to join her on the Yoga mat and lick her out, which he did with great enthusiasm, pushing his tongue into her juicy cunt whilst popping his forefinger up her rectum. He'd made her cum, and Helen then knelt before her dutiful little brother and rewarded him with a nice slurpy blow-job, although she took Chris's cock out of her mouth before he came, not because she didn't want to swallow his delicious cream, but because she found it even more exciting to have him spurt his steaming load over her face, which he did in great abundance.

Chris went home that afternoon having concluded that his sister was a great babysitter!

For the next two weekends, Helen was away doing some more modelling work down in London, whilst Chris himself took the opportunity to hang around with his mates. Chris's friends were rather surprised at his seemingly newfound confidence, the way he talked with greater authority and seemed just far more happy with himself, compared to the shy, slightly nervous, computer-obsessed kid he had been just a couple of months ago. On top of that he ditched his glasses and got himself contact-lenses, wore flashier clothes and, astonishingly, at a youth-club, even started trying to chat up a girl of seventeen. He didn't get too far, the girl had a boyfriend already, but even as she turned Chris down, she had seemed quiet charmed by the younger boy's quiet sense of self-confidence.

Of course, he was still frustrated that he couldn't brag of losing his cherry - to an older woman, and a glamarous model to boot! - as seen as the awe his friends would show would probably turn into something rather more freaked out if he mentioned who the glamorous model had been! Then again, it was nice to have a secret, one only he and his sister knew, it made them seem even closer to one another.

Three weeks after their last get together, the frisky siblings ended up with a whole weekend to themselves. Their parents were going away on Friday evening and wouldn't be back until Sunday evening. Chris was horrified when he heard his mother say that 'Helen is probably busy, I'll see if you can stay at your Auntie Gemma's' and he was unable to come up with an innocent excuse as to why he was so determined to stay with his sister. Fortunately, Auntie Gemma was ill, and so Chris's mother phoned up Helen and asked, if she wasn't busy, and if she didn't mind, would she look after her little brother.

"I'd love to," Helen had told her mum.

So, after finishing school, Chris got a lift from his mother, who had a bag packed with some of his clothes ready, and she dropped him off at Helen's apartment building.

"Not keeping you from anything am I?" Chris asked as - still in his school uniform - he plonked himself down on the sofa in Helen's living room.

"No, not really," Helen replied. She had been modelling all day and, having been putting on dozens of different outfits and dresses, was happily padding around the place in her underwear, a lacy red bra and a matching thong. Although it was hardly a novelty to see his sister scantily clad like this, Chris still found it damn exciting.

"I thought you might have planned on going out or something," Chris said, accepting the glass of wine his sister passed to him.

"Well," Helen shrugged, sitting on the sofa next to Chris, sipping her own glass of wine, "I did have vague plans to go out, but I cancelled them. I'd rather stay in with you."


"Sure. Why wouldn't I?"

"Dunno. Just thought you preferred to be out partying and all that."

"I do that during the week, and I need a break from partying with my mates. It's nice to have a nice evening in. Just us two."

"Mmmm," Chris nodded in agreement, loving the affection his big sister showed towards him.

"What do you fancy doing?" Helen asked her brother.

Chris shrugged and sipped his wine. "The usual," he said after a moment with a grin, "If you're up for it."

"Definately," grinned Helen, "I'm up for a bit of 'the usual'. Fancy a bath? I love having a bath with you, it's so nice and relaxing."


"Let's finish our wine then we'll hop in. Then we can have a bit of enema-fun."

Chris grinned and gulped down half of his glass.

Soon enough, they were sitting in the tub of hot bubbly water, chattering and giggling happily as they took turns washing the other's nude sparkling bodies.

"I wanna clean your arsehole," Chris told his sister, the single glass of wine not making him tipsy but just giving him that little edge of extra confidence.

"I'm sure it's clean enough," Helen giggled as she turned round in the bath and got on her hands and knees, her bottom spread and peeking from out of the water, "but it can never be too clean."

Chris soaped up his forefinger and gently eased the tip into his sister's hairless pink anus, the young woman quivering at the anal entry.

"Mmmm, put it right up me," she urged her brother, "Slide it into my shitter."

Chris hadn't heard his sister refer to her arsehole as 'shitter' before, and it made his cock grow even more erect at this wanton and accurate description of this most delicious part of her body, a lewd reference to it's primary function. He pushed his soapy digit further into her shitter until it was buried to the knuckle. He felt Helen's rectal walls flex around his finger and he heard her gently murmer happily. He found it curious the way she didn't just find such anal play to be an arousing accompaniment to frigging her cunt, but his sister found just being anally penetrated by his finger intensely arousing in itself. The boy eased half of his finger out of Helen's behind, then he thrust it back in. With his sister still softly groaning, he worked his finger in and out, in and out of her rectum. With his free hand he gently jacked off his cock.

"Do you like that sis?" Chris asked, rather needlessly but he just wanted to hear her articulate it.

"Yes, yes, I love it," she panted, actually humping her arse back onto her brother's digit, "I love it. Frig my arsehole Chris, frig it. Oh yes."

Chris did so, whilst pumping his cock faster. He didn't want to cum just yet though, so when his sperm threatened to boil up and launch itself, he slowed his fist action. He did not slow his fingering action though, sliding his soapy digit in and out of his sister's rectum faster and faster. Helen moaned louder, her voice echoing off the tiled walls.

"Oh yes, yes Chris, oh God that's good, uuuh."

She shuddered, her body writhing on all fours, the hot water splashing around her glistening nude body.

"Are you cumming?" Chris asked.

"Oh yes, yes I am Chris, oh fuck," Helen gasped, then she let out a long moan of ecstasy. Chris removed his forefinger then slid it back into Helen's bum, but this time it was accompanied by his index-finger. He buried both fingers into his sister's tight rectum to the knuckle and this helped prolong Helen's climax, and she sighed again. "Oh yes, uuuuh," she panted, "Holy shit."

"Was that good?" Chris asked, proud to have made Helen cum again. He was getting good at this!

"Fantastic," Helen grinned, looking over her shoulder.

Chris slid both his slick digits from Helen's bowels. His sister turned round, brushing her blonde hair out of her damp smiling face. She gave Chris a lingering kiss.

"Thanks little brother," she grinned.

"You're welcome."

"Fancy a nice hand-job?" Helen lewdly asked, and she grasped the throbbing erection that jutted from her brother's crotch, "Or a do you want me suck that lovely hard cock of yours?"

"I fancy giving you an enema first," Chris said.

"Mmm, sounds fine with me."

Helen gave her brother another kiss, then the pair of them hopped out the bath. Giggling mischievously, they dried one another off and hurried nude out the bathroom. They stopped to gather the enema equipment.

Helen was soon on the sofa, in her usual position, kneeling on it backwards and gripping the backrest with her sublime arse thrust out, the sparkling clean arsehole twitching and awaiting some attention. With his erection sticking straight up, Chris readied the enema equipment.

"All ready?" he asked Helen as he stood behind her, holding the enema bag and the slender pipe than ran from it.

"Stick it up me," Helen invited him with a lewd wiggle of her posterior.

Chris slid the baby-oil slick nozzle at the end of the pipe into Helen's anus. It slid up easily because that rear orifice was still slightly loose from the thorough fingering it had received in the bathtub. Chris then released the water and squeezed the bag, the warm water flowing up into Helen's bowels. She purred and murmered with delight at this most delicious of sensations.

"That feels so nice," she said once all the water had been pumped into her colon, "I've still not got the hang of giving myself enemas. It's been a couple of weeks so I had this pleasure."

"I love giving you enemas sis."

"Yeah? Well, I love receiving them! We're well matched."

"We sure are."

"Mmm, I just loved that feeling, all that nice water swishing around my insides."

"I love watching you squirt it all out," Chris said, holding the enema bag in one hand and stroking his erection with the other.

"Wanna grab the basin?"


Chris took the nozzle out of his sister's anus, put the enema equipment on the table, then held the basin to the back of Helen's thighs. She relaxed her anus and squirted the water out, sending it spurting into the basin. Chris licked his lips as he watched his sister's anus distend from the force of the water. The flow ended, and with a bit of flexing of her rectal muscles, Helen shot a last few squirts of water.

"All done," she announced, "Do you want one now?"

"No, I'm fine for now," Chris said, his prick achingly stiff. He put the basin on the floor. "I wanna play with your arsehole again sis. Can I frig you again?"

"Oooh yes, frig my arsehole," urged Helen, remaining bent over the sofa, "Finger me good and deep, then we'll see about emptying your balls next!"

Her horny brother pushed his forefinger up into her anus. Chris worked it right up there, into her rectum, and he ran it back and forth slowly, watching his sister's beautiful body shiver at this most intimate of invasions.

"Oh fuck," she gasped, her normally elegant and lilting voice almost gutteral in it's heavy lust, "Yeah, yeah Chris, finger my shitter. Fuck my arse with it. Uuuh."

A moment later, Chris slid his forefinger from his sister's slick anus and then he pushed both his forefinger and his index finger up her rectum. Helen quivered with greater joy. Again and again her brother lovingly thrust his two fingers into her shit-chute, whilst he jerked off his throbbing meat in his other fist.

"You have such a gorgeous arse sis," he told Helen whilst he sodomized her with his two digits. Helen barely heard him, she was too busy moaning with pleasure. Chris wondered if he could fuck his sister again. His cock was so damn hard it felt like it had a life of it's own, that it was eager for something more than just to be jerked off or rubbed between Helen's thighs. It wanted to go into this beautiful woman before him, deep into her fine nude body. Chris let out a moan of frustrated pleasure, wondering whether he could fuck his sister in her arse, in her beautiful fucking arse, even though they'd agreed that intercourse - at least vaginal, so perhaps that meant anal aswell - was a little bit too far down the line of mutual masturbation and other such frolics. He could barely contain himself though.

Abruptly, Chris slid his fingers out of Helen's anus. It yawned open, slick and dilated, it's owner silenced at this unexpected withdrawal. Then Chris stepped up to Helen, his cock thrust straight out as he held it by the rigid base, and he nudged Helen's gaping arsehole with the fiery tip.

"I wanna fuck you Helen," he told her, "I need to fuck you, in the arse. Can I do it sis? Please? I would love to fuck you up the arse, even just once."

"Do it," Helen panted without hesitation, "Oh fuck, go for it, do it. Ram it up me. I want your cock in my shit-hole little brother, NNNNNGG!" That last exclamation came when Chris impatiently thrust his hips forwards and sank his swollen purple prick-head past Helen's greased sphincter. He thought he may have hurt Helen at first, but his naked big sister merely let out a strangled cry of ecstasy and cried "Oh God Chris, that's good, oh that's so good. Push it right up me, I want you in me, right to the hilt, right up my shitter!"

"Oh yeah, uuuuh," grunted Chris as the fifteen-year-old youth thrust once again, sliding his entire throbbing shaft into his twenty-year-old sister's hot rectum with one elegant stroke. Both of them remained motionless for a moment, bathing in the glow of such sublime pleasure that was, for both of them, as new as it was pleasurable. Then Chris eased back, his hands clapped to his sister's rosy bum-cheeks as he watched half of his erection withdraw from the tight hole between those cheeks. Then he rammed it back in, hard, and both of them yelped with delight.

"Bugger me, fuck me, do it, do it," Helen urged through gritted teeth. Chris began to fuck her, as instructed, pumping his cock back and forth in her arse. Helen had never indulged in anal-play before, and it was only after her brother had started giving her enemas - which had, genuinely, been originally motived by nothing more than the supposed health benefits - that she had discovered how many new sensations were to be released from the multitude of sensitive nerve endings in her anus and rectum. She'd not slept with a guy since she'd begun the various fun with Chris, and as such had not yet fulfilled her promise to lose her anal-cherry. She'd had various opportunities of course, guys were always chatting her up, but since things had taken a more intimate turn with Chris, Helen felt in no way attracted to many other guys, at least not for now. Chris was charming, sweet, devoted to her, and she couldn't deny the thrill of teaching the quiet shy and (reasonably) innocent boy the fun to be had with a woman!

Chris was in heaven as he sodomized his sister, ramming his prick harder and faster into the depths of her shit-chute. Helen writhed under the boy's thrusts, humping her arse against his thrusting hips. Having her anus fingered earlier had bought her to the brink of an anal-orgasm, and Chris's cock quickly propelled her over the edge. The pretty blonde began crying out barely comprehensible cries of ecastasy as her body was wracked with pleasure, all of it centred round her stretched and impaled sphincter.

"OH FUCK, I'm gonna cum," Chris spluttered at the height of his sister's climax, his own catching him by surprise, "YEAH, UUUUUUH!" He shoved his cock to the root in Helen's bowels and emptied his balls. His cock felt like it was exploding and he reached up and rested his hands on his sister's sweat-slick back to support himself as his legs threatened to buckle under the strength of his orgasm. He'd not jacked off all day and his orgasm had been further delayed this evening - he'd held back whilst in the bath with his sister, when he'd frigged her anally in the bath, when he'd given her the enema and when he'd frigged her anally again - and his orgasm made up for lost time, lasting almost half-a-minute, in which he shot at least ten powerful squirts of hot cum into Helen's bowels.

When it was over, he let out a long and satisfied sigh. He hung in Helen's bum for a moment, savouring the sensation of her sphincter clamping his cock - which showed no signs of softening despite it's expenditure of sperm - in case he did not get another chance. Finally, he placed his hands on Helen's buttocks and pulled back, his cock sliding obscenely from her anus and emerging with a wet 'plop'. Tired out, the boy sat down on the sofa, Helen getting up and turning in order to plonk herself down next to her brother. Both of their nude young bodies were glistening with a fine sheen of sweat, their hair dishevelled. It took a moment for them to get their breath back.

"That was cool," Helen concluded, simply.

"Yeah," agreed Chris, "Erm...." He really wasn't sure what to say.

"Wanna do it again sometime?" Helen asked, casually.

"Yeah. Definately! I wasn't er... sure you'd want to. Y'know, I thought we may have gone too far again."

"Nah, don't worry about it," Helen said, and she spent a couple of seconds getting her thoughts together. "That's wasn't going too far," she explained, "I don't think so anyway. We can't really have, y'know, normal sex...vaginal intercourse I mean...that's going a bit too far. For both of us. But we can do anything else."

"Doing you up the bum isn't like proper sex, is it?" suggested Chris.

"Not in my opinion," Helen nodded, "It's just mucking about. It's cool. It felt good too, and I liked it. Did you?"

"I sure did! I kinda wanted to do that for a while."

"Me too! I wasn't sure if you'd want to go for it." She gave Chris a quick sisterly peck on the cheek.

"Well, that's that cleared up. We both enjoyed it!" He beamed with pride and joy. "Wanna do it again then?" he added.

"Now?" Helen said, and she looked down and saw that her energetic little brother sported a fresh erection. In fact he'd not even lost it. Even for a teenaged boy he had impressive recovery skill, thought Helen. "Okay, let's do it in the bedroom."

"Righto!" Chris smiled as he stood up, as did his sister.

"I get to be on top," Helen declared, grabbing her brother's hand and leading him to her bedroom.

Chris eagerly hopped onto the bed, lying in the centre of it and stroking his erect cock. He couldn't wait to sodomize his sister again, and Helen couldn't wait to be sodomized by her brother.

Helen clambered onto the bed and mounted her brother, swinging her leg over him and kneeling astride his hips. Chris held his erection by the base, so that it pointed straight up, Helen's anus hovering a couple of inches above it. The young woman lowered herself, the mischievous look on her face turning to one of delicious pleasure as she steadily impaled herself on her brother's cock. Chris let go of his erection and looked down his torso, at the wonderful sight of his sister's anus sliding down his pole. He had a good view of her slick pink cunt, and though it looked like a fine pussy, he honestly was quite content that his sister's arsehole was the only lower-orifice he could fuck. If he'd been given a choice of which he could fuck at the expense of the other, he'd have chosen her arsehole over her cunt anyway.

"Oh yeah," Helen gasped once she was sat down fully on her brother's cock, kneeling astride him with her cheeks press to his pelvis, Chris's pubic hair bristling against her shaved, cock-plugged arsehole. She looked down at her brother who lay beneath her and the horny siblings exchanged grins. Helen began lifting herself up and dropping down, steadily and firmly, her brother humping his pelvis up in time with his sister, his prick sawing to and fro in her tight anus.

"That feels so good sis," he told her, "Oh yeah, so good!"

"Play with my boobs Chris," she told him.

Chris licked his lips and reached up, clamping his hands over Helen's jiggling tits. Her nipples felt so hard against the palms of his hands. Helen's bum-cheeks began clapping against her brother's pelvis as she bounced faster on his cock. She placed one hand on her brother's firm hairless chest and with the other she slid two fingers into her dripping cunt. She moaned and stammered obsceneties as she was propelled to further heights of ecstasy, fingering her cunt whilst her brother's cock pumped her arse and, finally, Chris did a good job of fondling her firm tits.

"Oh yes Chris, oh fuck, that's good," she panted, "YEAH! Your cock feels so good up my shitter."

"I love it when you call it that," Chris grunted from below.

"My shitter?" Helen giggled.

"Yeah! It sounds so kinky."

"My shitter!" Helen obligingly repeated, bouncing up and down faster, "Mmmm, yeah. I never thought taking a cock in my shitter would feel so good! I always thought it'd hurt. But it's great, it feels good to have your big hard cock up my shitter Chris, my horny little brother! Uh, uuuh! Fuck my shitter, fuck my shit-hole!"

The pair of them humped together for another fifteen-minutes, Helen's frequent visits to the gym paying off with the way she energetically rode Chris's rigid prick without tiring. After quarter-of-an-hour, her brother's sperm began to boil up again.

"I'm gonna cum sis," he panted, "Right up your shitter...UUUUUH!"

"Oh yeah, fire it up me," Helen groaned, humping her arse down onto Chris's erection and impaling herself fully on that throbbing shaft, "Fill my guts with your cum!"

"FUCK YEAH!" the boy cried in triumph as his prick geysered thick sperm into Helen's bowels. He kept mashing and fondling his sister's beautiful tits as he came in her bum, tightening his arse-cheeks as he humped his cock up as far into Helen's bowels as it would go. Helen in turn ground her arse against Chris's crotch, the rigid penis lodged in her colon eject it's load. She could actually feel the slimy sperm coat the walls of her shit-pipe.

Chris's naked young body grew limp when the last of his spunk had shot into his sister's intestines. Helen was also exhausted. She slid her fingers out of her cunt, where they're been pumping away throughout her sodomizing, and she flopped over her brother, nuzzling her head into his shoulder and enjoying being pressed against his young, barely adult body. Chris reached round and hugged his sister, his cock wilting in her cum-filled rectal passage.

It was five-minutes before they peeled their slick nude bodies apart. They were starved, so they went into the living room and ate pizzas and drank some wine in front of the TV. They chatted happily together, although curiously neither saw fit to mention or comment on their sodomistical activities. There was nothing that needed to be said, now that they'd worked out the limits of what they felt comfortable indulging in; bascially anything except vaginal intercourse.

At eleven o'clock, Chris had a hard-on, which signalled time for bed. They went to the bedroom where Helen got on her hands and knees with her arse raised high. Chris knelt behind his sister and was about to stick his prick in her arse, when he suddenly felt the urge to lick it. Without bothering to ask permission, he bent over and ran his tongue over Helen's anus. The young woman loved it! She yelped with surprise at the feeling of a wet tongue rimming her delicate rear-hole, then sighed with pleasure as she grew accustomed to it.

Chris ate out his sister's arsehole with intense desire, rimming her for five-minutes, then sticking his tongue into her rectum as far as it would go for another five-minutes. Eventually his cock had to get up that delicious hole, so he withdrew his tongue, knelt up, and swiftly pushed his prick past his sister's saliva-slick sphincter and deep into her clasping rectum.

Chris began to bugger his sister, and thanks to his previous expenditure of sperm, he lasted for almost an hour before he finally blew his nuts, and the pair fell asleep in a sweaty heap, Chris's semi-hard cock still stuck up his sister's cum-filled rectal passage as they drifted off.

It was only Friday night and the randy brother and sister had all weekend - and others to come of course - to refine and improve upon their lewd activities.