Model Sister: Part I

(Incest - brother/sister, Fb, enemas, mast)

Chris found himself tiring a little as he walked to his sister's place. He lived with his parents in the suburbs whilst his sister, Helen, lived in the city centre. He could have got the bus but they weren't very regular on Sundays, and besides, it was a warm day and Chris figured he might as well get some exercise. He was fifteen and, for want of a better word, a bit of a nerd. At least that's how some of his classmates regarded him. It didn't matter that that tall and slim boy was - certainly in the eyes of several girls - quite a good looking youth, the fact was that he wore glasses, was interested in computers and always got straight A's. That marked him as a nerd. Not that anyone gave him a hard time over it, he was quite popular, especially when it came to helping others with their homework, but finding it far more pleasurably to be tinkering about with computers than playing football or trying to get into clubs with fake ID badges meant he fell into the category of nerd.

Chris didn't mind. He was quite proud really. Besides, he was off to his sister's, and she had recently bought a brand new computer that was even better than the custom built one Chris had put together in his bedroom, and he was keen to try it out. The boy walked along the main road towards the city centre, the high-rise office and apartment blocks glimmering in the mid-day sun ahead, with a slight spring in his step.

His big sister, Helen, was a model. Not a supermodel, not yet anyway, but a reasonably successful one. She had done a few catwalk jobs for a couple of mid-level fashion houses and quite a few shots for women's magazines, the sort where she would be lounging around on a sofa or standing next to a tree, looking all serious and sultry, with a caption listing the details of the absurdly expensive designer clothes she was wearing.

Chris still found it difficult to think of his sister as a model, even though she'd been doing it for a few years now since dropping out of school. To him, models - at least, judging by their serious facial expressions in photos, and the occasional details of cat-fights and bitching that cropped up in gossip columns - were all very humourless, snooty women, refusing to get out of bed for anything less than a trillion pounds or something. His sister Helen, though, was - and always had been - very cheery and pleasant, and quite down-to-Earth, even now that her career was taking off and she was earning a fair bit of cash. She had, after all, moved into an expensive new place since recently moving out of the house she had previously shared with her (now ex) boyfriend.

Eventually, Chris reached the ultra-modern apartment block his sister lived in, ten-storeys of glass-and-steel just down the road from all the designer shops and office blocks. Only wealthy and professional people lived here, mostly middle-aged management types or yuppies, and Chris was concious of the glances he got from the smartly dressed people he encountered in the air-conditioned lobby as he plodded through, wearing a Half-Life T-shirt, jeans and his old white trainers. His dark brown hair looked ruffled and spikey, as if it had been carefully sculpted to look as if he hadn't combed his hair since getting up that morning, although the effect had been achieved by the less-time consuming method of just actually not combing his hair since getting up that morning.

Chris buzzed the intercom in the lobby for Apartment 42.

"Hi Chris," came Helen's voice. This had freaked him out the first time it had happened, wondering how his sister had known it was him. He had recently solved the mystery by spotting the CCTV camera pointing at this part of the lobby, broadcasting images to little screens in every apartment.

"Hi Helen, can I come up?" he asked.

"Sure," came the cheerful voice from the intercom.

There was a buzz and the large door nearby clicked open. Chris walked through into the area where there were several lifts. He got in one and was swiftly and silently whisked up to the eighth floor, where he stepped out and went to the smart white-oak door with the number 42 on it. He knocked.

"Hiya," Helen said as she answered it, "Come on in."


Chris slipped into the apartment and his sister shut the door behind them. They went into the large living room, which was quite minimalist with white oak floors, pale pink walls with just a few arty black-and-white prints on them. In the centre of the room there were two identical red sofas facing each other, a glass-topped coffee table in between them, and a big Plasma Screen TV nearby. Chris' eyes floated to the steel-and-chrome desk that sat in between the two large floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out onto the city-centre. It was a magnificent view, but Chris ignored it and looked at the fancy new PC sitting on the desk.

"Whoa, cool, is that the new computer?" he asked strolling towards it.

"Yeah, I managed to get it working," Helen replied, "But it's not on the internet. It won't connect. The modem is plugged in and so is the phone line. Dunno what's wrong."

Chris was in his element here. He had a quick look, grinned at his big sister's niavety, then explained something about software drivers, usernames and passwords and then set to work sorting the PC out.

"I really need to get on the internet," Helen explained as her brother worked away, "There's a portfolio of pics that I did for the website of a new magazine."

"It'll be fixed soon enough sis."

"Fancy a drink?"

"Sure, thanks."

Helen went to the kitchen and to fetch some refreshements. She had an ideal figure for a model. She was tall at five-foot-eight (an inch taller that her brother), slim, and she had nice shapely breasts and a pert bum. Helen, who had turned twenty just last week, had a very pleasing face too, not just with regards to the gorgeous, big blue eyes, the cute little nose and the sharp cheekbones, but she had a delightful and sincere smile as well, and her features were framed by medium-length strawberry blonde hair. Although she didn't really look like her, she did resemble Britney Spear's original image in her sexy/virginal look and demeanour. In one go, Helen looked - in real life and photos and on the catwalk - like a curious, paradoxical mix of sweet innocence combined with sultry suggestions of being a completely randy minx.

That last theory, at least, is what the outragously camp head of the fashion agency she was with had told her a couple of years ago, and Helen just figured that, whether it was true or not, she did get quite a bit of work and it suited her just fine to be paid to pose around looking pretty.

Helen strolled into the living room with drinks; Pepsi for Chris, a glass of white-wine for herself. Because she got freebies from the fashion designers she worked with, Helen had a wardrobe stacked full of designer clothes, so many that she ended up wearing them just around the flat. Right now, although padding around in bare feet, she had on a pair of jet-black, arse-hugging jeans by Armani, and a shimmering emerald-green blouse that cost more than what some people earned in a week. She pulled up a chair and set next to her brother at the computer.

"I think I've fixed it," Chris said, "Oh ta," he added, taking the drink from his sister. He sipped it and clicked the mouse a few times, and soon enough the infernal machine obediently connected to the internet.

"Excellent," smiled Helen, "You're a genius." She took a gulp of her wine. She didn't normally drink at lunchtime, but she thought she might need a bit of dutch-courage given the non-computer-related favour she had to ask of her brother shortly.

"Where are these pics you want to see then?" asked Chris.

Helen at first wasn't sure if she wanted her brother to see them. She had previously never done any form of nudity in her photos - at least, nothing more than a hint of cleavage, or a thin peek of her knickers creeping over a pair of designer jeans - but these shots were a bit more revealing. She wasn't sure which ones would be there. Then she just thought, what the heck, and told Chris the appropriate website. It was for a relatively new and ultra-hip magazine, a mix of fashion and gossip. The boy navigated there and looked around the homepage.

"There you are!" he triumpantly called, pointing at a small box down the side of the screen, which had a portrait shot of his sister. He clicked on it, always finding his sister's fame - albeit minor, for now at least - quite a novelty.

Helen took another gulp of her wine.

On the screen there was her name across the top and a brief introduction, talking about Helen as the "rising new star in the world of modelling" (they conveniently ignored the fact that she'd been modelling for three-years, hoping most viewers would not recognize her) and spoke of the "sultry, yet innocent beauty of" blah blah blah, some pretenious twaddle that most people would - as Chris was doing now - ignore and instead click the "Browse Pictures" button at the bottom.

"Nice," Chris said, nodding approvingly at the first of twenty-pictures. Like all of the images, it was in black-and-white, moodily lit with lots of shadows and featured Helen posing in an abandoned factory. In this image she was standing against the wall, looking somewhere off camera, wearing a flashy expensive dress that was clearly meant to contrast with the dusty, rusting surroundings.

"Is that a real abandoned factory?" Chris asked his sister, "Or a studio?"

"It's a real factory," shrugged Helen, "Some old steel mill I think. The photographer thought it would be super-hip to take photos of me all dolled up and wearing fancy clothes whilst standing around a dingy old factory."


"I dunno. Who knows how the minds of photographers work? They weren't my clothes so it didn't bother me if they got grubby."

"It's a nice shot," Chris concluded, then he clicked for the next photo.

"Why do photographers have an obsession with taking photos of my arse?" groaned Helen with mock-embarrassment as she saw the next photo. In it, she had her back to the camera, standing in front of some long-abandoned machinery and looking over her shoulder with a faked look of surprise on her face. She was wearing a simple white T-shirt and a pair of very tight black jeans, over the top of which her stark white knickers could be seen peeking over, enough to see the words "Calvin Klein" written across the back of the waistband in fact.

"Nice knickers," giggled Chris turning to his sister, and Helen stuck her tongue out at him and giggled. They turned back to the computer screen and Chris clicked on to the next image.

They continued browsing through the photos, most of them relatively similar but just with Helen in different clothes.

Image number thirteen, though, showed an open space on the factory floor. To the left of the shot sat Helen, on a battered old office-chair, looking off to the right, smoke curling upwards from the cigarette that dangled from her lips, the smoke lit by the sunlight that moodily slanted through the dusty cracked skylights in the roof above. Helen was dressed like a secretary, at least from the waist down; high-heeled shoes, dark tights and a smart black skirt. She was, however, naked from the waist up, her breasts on display. They were nice tits, by any standards, 36B in size, not too big but a good handful each and very firm and pretty looking.

The moment of uncomfortable silence was broken when Chris simply said "I didn't know you smoked."

"I don't," Helen replied, noting how her brother stared at the screen, clearly right at her tits in the photo, "They er...just asked me to in the photo. I did a Bill Clinton though, I didn't inhale."

"Oh," nodded Chris, "Er...nice boobs."


Chris grinned at his sister, glad she wasn't self-conscious. He clicked the "Next Image" button.

In this one, Helen was wearing the same clothes as the last - skirt, tights, shoes, but topless - but it was a profile shot of her standing sideways, looking down as she ground the cigarette out on the floor with her shoe. Chris clicked on to the next image. In this, to Chris' dissapointment, Helen was fully dressed, in a smart suit and blouse, and she was sitting in what was clearly the old office of the factory. She was at a desk, and unlike in the other serious-looking photos, she was smiling with amusement in this image as she looked inside a drawer that was opened in the desk she was sitting at.

"What's in that drawer that's so funny?" asked Chris.

"You'll see," his sister told him.

Chris clicked on to the next pic. In this, Helen was sitting back in the chair, still grinning, reading from a porn magazine.

"Cool," sniggered Chris.

"They actually found that in there," Helen explained, "The factory had been closed for years but some worker's dirty magazine was still sitting in the desk drawer. I'm surprised now teenaged boys had found it and spiritied it away."

"Us teenaged boys don't need to hunt down old porn mags," Chris said knowledgably, "We have the internet!" He suddenly regretted this info, given that he had effectively admitted that he looked up porn on the computer he had in his bedroom at home. Then he figured that his sister would hardly be surprised at this revelation which, indeed, was the case.

Chris suddenly made a mental note to memorize the URL for the site he and his sister were currently looking at, so that he could browse through the pics in his own time. Not that he was going to jerk off to them, he mentally told himself, no way, not at all, no. That would be pervy. This was his sister. He was, he further explained to the rising feeling of guilt in his mind, just going to look at them and appreciate the...artistic values of the pictures. Yes, that was it, he would just admire the aesthetics of the technical aspects of the photos. Of his sister. With her tits out.

They browsed on. The nineteenth and penultimate picture made Chris blush a little bit more. It was of Helen wearing nothing but a pair of lacy black knickers (they were actually dark blue, but they looked black in the black-and-white photo) and high-heeled black shoes. She was standing with her feet slightly apart in the doorway leading outside of the factory. The sunlit day behind her meant Helen was somewhat sillhouetted, although enough of her could be made out to show the fine contours of her tits, her firm flat belly and her long toned legs.

After an appropriate amount of time that indicated he was not embarrassed nor too interested in the shot, Chris clicked onto the final picture. The others had stirred his cock but this one began to make his prick grow fully erect in his jeans, given that his sister was totally naked in this one.

Not that you could see much of her. It was a side-on shot of her laying on her stomach on a desk in the middle of the factory floor. She was resting up on her elbows and looking towards the camera, a cigarette dangling in her mouth once more. Her fine body looked very pale and starkly naked in it's contrast with the dark and crumbling surroundings.

"Um, a nice set of photos there Helen," Chris concluded, getting one more eyeful of his sister's bum in the final photo before he clicked the Homepage of the site.

"Thanks," Helen smiled, finishing off her wine with a final gulp, "I hope mum and dad don't see them, they might freak because I got my boobs out."

"It'll be okay," insisted Chris, hoping that he wasn't blushing too much, "They were all er...tasteful and stuff. Arty. Anything in black and white is artistic. It's only porn if it's in colour."

"Hmmm, interesting philosophy," giggled Helen. She had another favour to ask of her little brother, but wasn't quite sure about how to approach the topic. In order to give herself a bit more time she stood up and said "Come on, I'll treat you to lunch."

"Okay," replied Chris, and he stood up.

"I'll get some shoes on," Helen said, and she left the room and went down to her bedroom.

Chris looked and saw that his erection was quite obvious in his jeans, his crotch bulging, and he suddenly worried whether Helen had noticed it before she'd left the room. He rapidly tried to will it to go down. It was difficult, he just kept getting images of his sister's photos going through his head. Fortunately, by the time Helen returned with a pair of shoes on, his cock had finally gone back to sleep.

"Let's go then," Helen chirped as she grabbed her keys.

Brother and sister had a nice lunch downtown in a small but trendy cafe, Chris feeling rather out of place being only fifteen and dressed like...well, like a fifteen-year-old nerd, whilst everyone else was, like Helen, older and dressed all trendily.

Chris scoffed down a hamburger and chips for lunch, along with two glasses of Coke, whilst the very health-conscious Helen had a salad and mineral water.

By one-thirty, the pair had finished and, after Helen had paid for the meal with her credit card, she and her brother went back to Helen's apartment.

Back at Helen's place, Chris was eager to hop onto his sister's PC and see what else he could find to fix, or in failing that, to see what he could improve upon. His sister had other ideas.

"Want a drink?" Helen asked her brother after inviting him to sit on the sofa.

"No, I'm okay thanks," Chris replied as he settled into the comfortable seat, "I'm full."

"How about wine?"

" I allowed?"

"Sure. One glass won't hurt."

"Okay then. Cheers."

Helen went to the kitchen and soon returned with a glass of white wine for her and her brother. Chris accepted his glass and sipped it, wincing a little but enjoying the novelty. He hadn't really tried alcohol before.

Instead of sitting on the opposite sofa, as her brother had expected, Helen sat down next to Chris. She took a long gulp of her wine. Someone more perspicacious would have detected the young lady was up to something, but Chris was more in tune with computers than other people, and he didn't really notice anything odd about the way Helen was sitting close to him and, seemingly, working up the courage to ask something. That was unusual in itself. Helen was a rather forthright person who didn't often hold much back.

"Chris?" she began.

"Mmmm?" her brother prompted, turning and suddenly noticing how close his glamorous big sister was sitting to him.

"Er, I've got a favour to ask," she began, "It's a little...unusual."

"Fire away," urged Chris, suddenly curious. Helen had taken on a rather conspirital tone, and aside from fixing computers, there wasn't much he thought that his sister would need him for. After all, he was just a fifteen-year-old schoolboy, and his sister was a sophisticated, affluent and glamourous twenty-year-old model. What favour could she want from him?

"Well," Helen began, talking fairly quickly as if to get it all out before she lost her courage and backed out, "the thing is, I need you to help me do something. It's a health thing. Do you know what enemas are?" She paused whilst her brother nervously shook his head. "Well," she continued, "Um...basically it er...involves squirting liquid up the bum. Y'know...into the rectum. It's done for a variety of reasons. Anyway, often it's for health and beauty reasons. It purifies the insides, it makes you feel better and stuff. Supposedly. I got an enema kit the other day off a friend, she recommended I try it but, y'see, the thing is, although I know how it's used, it's a bit awkward to do it by myself. It's meant to be one someone can use by themselves, but I can't do it. It a bit of a mess. So, the thing is, I was wondering if you'd, like, help me administer it."

Chris sat there taking this in. He did, in fact, know what an enema was, he'd just claimed he hadn't to make sure his sister was definitely talking about what he thought she was talking about. The main thing that occupied his mind was that his sister was, basically, asking him to administer an enema to her.

"Umm..." he began, a little nervous. This made Helen quite pleased. She'd been worried her brother would laugh or something, but it was clear he was more embarrassed about being asked this favour than Helen had been to ask it. "Er..." Chris added, "Okay," he finally said.

"Thanks," Helen smiled, standing up, suddenly her usual confident self, "We'll do it in here I think, it's better lit in the living room."

"You want to do it now?"


Helen sauntered out of the room, leaving Chris to quickly finish off his wine. He winced a little, but then suddenly felt grateful for the warm sensation of the alcohol swishing round him and making him feel just a little light-headed.

After a moment, Helen returned, and she placed on the coffee table the enema kit, and then she left again. Chris inspected the equipment on the tabe. In addition to a thin tube of KY-Jelly and a small fluffy towel, there was a transparant rubber bag with a plug at one end. From the other end ran a two-foot long thin, flexible tube. At the end of the tube was a nozzle which, Chris correctly assumed, was the bit that went up the patient's bum.

Up his sister's bum.

It still hadn't fully struck him what he was being asked to do; stick something up his sister's anus and flood her insides with...whatever you used in enemas. Water? He wasn't sure.

The answer came when Helen came back into the living room. She was carrying a small basin of water, which was reasonably warm and from which steam gently rose from. She placed it on the floor then left one final time, returning with a small glass jug.

"I think that's everything," Helen smiled, "'re okay doing this aren't you Chris?"

"Sure sis."

"It's just that you look nervous."

"I'm not nervous, not really. It's just...a rather odd thing to be doing. I'll do it though," he quickly added. It may have been odd and he may be a bit anxious, but otherwise Chris really couldn't think of anything he'd rather do than, well, stick something up his sister's bum. The little nagging guilt that arose when he'd sprang a hard-on looking at his sister half-naked in the photos earlier rose once more, but quickly vanished when Chris silently lied to himself that he was not going to get any erotic thrill out of this. He then told himself a big whopping mental lie by insisting to himself that he most certainly wasn't going to jack off about this tonight.

"Right," began Helen, leaning over the coffee table and taking the main equipment - the bag with the pipe running from it - "This plug at the top of the bag is where you put the water in. This nozzle at the end of the pipe is what you put up er..."

"Up your bum?" helpfully interjected Chris.

"Yeah," Helen grinned, then continued with her instructions. "Put that in me, securely. Then you hold up the bag so that the pipe runs down as much as possible. The water won't flow if there's like a u-bend in the pipe. Then you twist this plug thingie," she continued, pointing to the plug that connected the pipe to the bottom of the bag, "and that's like a tap, it'll let the water from the bag flow down the pipe and into my...well, for want of a better word, into my bum. You have to keep the plug at the top of the bag open so air can come in to replace the water and help send it down the pipe. Simple?"

"Sounds simple enough," Chris nodded, trying to keep the excitement from his voice. There was one thing that he felt compelled to ask. "What's the benefit of all this then?"

"It just cleans out the system," Helen shrugged as she stood up straight, looking very tall and sexy in her tight black jeans and the slim-fit green satin blouse, "Keeps you regular or something." She giggled. Then she abruptly began undoing her jeans.

Chris suddenly felt a gentle surge of excitement. Obviously he knew that his sister would have to strip, at least from the waist down, for this operation, but it was only now that the reality of this struck him as Helen undid her jeans.

Without looking at her brother, Helen casually began tugging down the jeans. They were very tight, and despite being slender Helen had to wiggle her hips rather amusingly in order to get them down. She stepped out of them and put them on the floor. She had taken off her shoes and socks when she'd come back from lunch, so now she was wearing just her green blouse and knickers. Her knickers were lemon-yellow and had 'DKNY' stamped over the crotch in orange blocky letters.

Helen turned round, Chris gulping with excitement as he saw how gorgeous shapely and pert his sister's delicious behind was. It suddenly felt quite silent in the room, except for the distant sound of traffic in the street below, and also the soft whirring of the PC which was still on and displaying a screensaver.

With a swift motion, Helen hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the knickers and slid them down, stepping out of them and flinging them aside. Now naked from the waist down, the leggy blonde got onto the sofa across from where Chris sat. She knelt on the edge of it, backwards, and she leaned over and rested her elbows on the back-rest. Her arse was thrust out, thighs slightly apart, and Chris was frozen as he gawped at this rather intimate view of his sister, one that totally blew away the artistic topless shots he'd seen earlier on the computer. Helen's firm round cheeks were spread, and between them lay a perfectly hairless, unblemished, light-pink puckered hole. It looked tight and as neat as a pin. Under it, of course, hung her cunt, lightly framed with blonde pubic hair.

It was the anus to which Chris' eyes were primarily drawn. He hadn't seen a naked woman in real life before, not this intimately anyway, yet as exciting as his sister's vagina appeared, he was more fascinated with her anus. It was just so much more private and intimate a part of her body and, of course, it was the one to which he was obliged to operate upon.

"You okay?" Helen asked, looking round over her shoulder.

"Yeah," smiled Chris, getting to his feet, "'s just a view I've not seen of you before sis." He giggled, as did Helen. The tension broken, he then set about carrying out the instructions he'd been given. He took the plug off the top of the enema bag and held it upright, whilst with his other hand he used the glass jug to scoop warm water from the basin and pour into the bag. He filled it with about a litre and replaced the plug.

"Doing okay?" asked Helen.

"Mmmm, fine," replied Chris.

"We never did play the proverbial sibling game of 'Doctors and Nurses' as kids did we?"


"I guess it's never to late to start. Dr Chris."

Chris smiled. Then he picked up the nozzle at the end of the pipe and, although he hadn't been instructed do this, he instinctively used the KY-Jelly to lube the nozzle up. Then he picked up the bag with one hand and the greasy nozzle with the other and, finally, he stepped up to his sister. Or rather, he stepped up to her bum, which was thrust over the edge of the sofa on which she was bent over on, awaiting patiently for her brother.

"Let me know if it hurts or anything," Chris said.

"I will."

The boy then placed the tip of the nozzle at the end of the pipe to his sister's anus and he gently pushed. As expected, there was a little resistance, but it didn't last long. Helen had relaxed her sphincter and the nozzle was well greased with lubricant, and suddenly half of the two-inch long nozzle popped up into her anus.

"That okay sis?" asked Chris, noting that his sister had shivered a bit.

"Mmm, yeah, I'm fine," Helen replied, "It's just a little cold. It's okay. You have to push it in a bit deeper though I think."

Chris pushed a bit more and the rest of the two-inch long nozzle eased into his sister's arse. It was slightly bulbous at the end then grew slender again, and once that bulbous part was past the sphincter it meant it would not easily pop out again, meaning Chris could take his hand from it. He had to admit, as he stood there holding the bag in the air and looking at the pipe that ran from it and down and into his sister's arsehole, that this wasn't what he had expected a visit to his big sister's this sunny Sunday afternoon would have entailed. He was glad though. His cock certainly was. Because his sister couldn't really see him, Chris hadn't even bothered with the futile exercise of trying not to get a hard-on. His erection throbbed and pulsed in his jeans.

"Okay, now let the water flow out the bag," Helen instructed Chris after she'd spent a few seconds getting used to the rather alien feeling of a slender piece of plastic in her anus.

Chris took off the plug from the top of the bag and then twisted the little cap round the plug where the pipe ran from the bottom of the bag, which Chris held high in the air as instructed, to make sure the pipe ran downwards. Immediately, the water began to run out and and down the pipe. Although it could not be seen, it was also evident that the warm water was rushing out the nozzle that was buried up Helen's anus. The young woman let out a soft gasp, then a sigh. It was clear that it felt nice, Chris concluded.

The boy watched as the bag grew increasingly empty.

"How much should you need?" he asked his sister.

"Just let it all run in," Helen replied, soothingly, "I've read up on this, the colon can take quite a bit of liquid. Let it all run in, there's only about a litre in there, so it'll be fine."

Chris did so, watching as the bag eventually ran empty, the last of the warm water having flowed down the pipe and up into his sister's intestines.

"Mmmm, it feels nice," giggled Helen, "A bit weird...but nice."

"So what happens now?"

" just leave it up there. I guess."

"Okay. How long for?"

"A minute or two."

Chris lowered the bag so his arm wouldn't get tired, just holding it by his side, standing there looking at his sister's plugged-up bum, imagining all the water that was sloshing around in her guts. It was so arousing it was unreal. His cock felt like it'd explode, as if he was about to cum without touching his prick.

"That should do it," Helen announced after a minute, "Slide the nozzle out of me and I'll get rid of it all."

Chris dutifully removed the nozzle from his sister's anus and he stepped back, watching Helen clamber off the sofa, a look of concentration on her face as she evidently tightened her anus to prevent the water from running out of her arse. She hopped over to where the basin was lying on the floor and she squatted over it, facing away from Chris. She let out a long sigh and, from her slick, delicate little arsehole, ran a long stream of warm water into the basin.

Chris was about to ask whether his sister wanted him to leave, as seen as this seemed a rather private act, but Helen did not seem to mind his presence. She continued evacuating the water from her bowels whilst letting out a sigh, and then a giggle.

"It feels very funny," she commented, "It's like taking a pee, but out the wrong hole."

Chris smiled, and then sat down on the sofa, hoping to hide his bulging crotch. He tried to tear his eyes from his sister's behind, but it was impossible.

Eventually, the flow of water slowed down. Helen strained a couple of times and fired out a couple of remaining squirts of water. Then she got to her feet, a little tentatively. She had originally planned on making it to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet to evacuate her bowels in privacy, but when she'd gotten up from the sofa it was evident she could not make it, that she could not hold the water up more than a few seconds before it began running from her arse. It had not been her intention to expel the enema in the presence of her brother. It was not so much out of her own modesty - it was a hard to be modest about much when you're a model - but because she thought Chris would be embarrassed.

Helen turned, Chris getting a glimpse of his sister's blonde furred cunt, and then she sat down, hands clasped over her groin.

"That was great Chris, thanks," she smiled, sweetly, "It felt...weird. But nice."

"That's good," Chris nodded, smiling, not sure what to say. What he wanted to say was Do you want to do it again? but he felt too nervous, as if it would seem that he was getting some pleasure out of it too (which he was of course, but as the only possible pleasure a boy could get out of giving big sister's enemas was sexual, he did not want that to show.) However, unusually for him, Chris then decided to be brave and say what he wanted. "Do you want to do it again?" he asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Okay," Helen replied, "I read that you're best to have a couple in one session really."

"I'll get more water," Chris said, "I er...need the loo as well." He got up and picked up the basin and walked off to the bathroom, trying to hide his obvious erection from his sister.

In the large, spacious bathroom, Chris emptied basin down the sink and he filled it again with fresh, warm water. He placed it down on a small chair, made sure the door was locked, then undid the zip at the crotch of his jeans. With a soft sigh of relief he pulled out his prick, which felt like an iron bar. He stroked it slowly, breathing deeply as he felt some of the enormous tension lifting. His mind had made an attempt to keep cool in the last ten-minutes, concentrating on giving Helen the enema correctly, and furthermore the fact that Helen was his sister, but his cock hadn't care one whit about that and had simply grown as stiff as it had ever been.

Chris wondered how long he could stand here stroking his prick before his sister became suspicious - he was only meant to be refilling the basin and taking a leak after all - but as he wondered about this, he was still jerking off, and suddenly his orgasm hit him.

"Uh, uuh," he softly panted, still pumping his prick, unable to stop as he felt the familiar and wonderful sensation of his sperm begin to rise up. He looked to see where he could squirt it, saw the basin of warm water sitting on the small chair in the corner of the room and, without thinking, he stepped up to it and unloaded his balls. The first squirt of hot cum just left his prick when he reached the basin. With a long sigh of incredible relief, Chris jerked his cock and spurted away. It was the best wank in his life, a significant achievement given that he had jerked off an average of three times a day in the last three years. It was so urgently needed and followed such wonderful stimulation.

It was an abundant ejaculation, and with Chris pumping his cock in his fist, he squirted eight thick wads of hot spunk into the water in the basin. With a final sigh of happiness, he put his cock back in his jeans and zipped himself up. He then looked down at the gloopy spunk which was swishing around in the warm water.

He suddenly had an idea, a rather naughty one.

Chris put his hand in the basin and swished it around until the sperm had completely dissolved and mixed in with the water.

Almost shaking with excitement - and a bit of fatigue after the strength of his orgasm - Chris picked up the basin and strolled back to the living room.

Helen had taken up the appropriate position, kneeling backwards on the red sofa, her lovely bare bottom thrust out. Helen had evidently found the silence of the room as awkward as Chris had found it, so she had put the stereo on, some soft ambient dance music floating quietly from the wall-mounted speakers.

"Okay?" she asked her brother.

"Yeah, fine," Chris replied, putting the basin on the floor, "I just had to go to the loo."

"It's funny getting an enema," Helen giggled, "It feels like you really need a pooh, even though you don't."

Chris repeated his earlier actions of filling the enema bag, using the small glass jug to scoop up the warm water. Soon the bag was filled with a litre of water and, of course, some of his cum. He applied a bit more KY-Jelly to the nozzle then swiftly pushed it up into his sister's anus. It went in easier this time and was soon firmly wedged up there. Chris held the bag up with one hand and then, with his other hand, which was trembling slightly, he twisted the cap where the pipe joined with the bag. The water (and cum, he reminded himself with a wicked thrill) flowed down the pipe and into his sister's rectum. He stifled a moan of pleasure at the thought that his cum was now in his sister's guts. There was a tiny hint of guilt too at this underhand perversion, but mostly he just felt intense pleasure. Certainly his cock did, and even though he was as perpetually horny as any normal fifteen-year-old boy, he was surprised at the strength of his erection so soon after ejaculating.

The bag soon emptied. Helen softly hummed to herself, unaware that it wasn't water sloshing around and purifying her colon, but fifty-parts-water and one-part spunk. Chris stood there with his crotch bulging yet again, admiring every inch of his sister's behind, the young woman looking forwards and thus meaning her brother did not have to conceal his intense gaze.

What an arse! he thought to himself, trying to think of this as just a 'normal' woman and not his sister, Those round...fuck! And that anus! Lovely and hairless and pink and...

"That should do it," Helen brightly announced after a minute.

"Okay sis."

Chris slid the nozzle from his sister's anus and, as before, Helen got off the sofa and hurried to the basin, over which she squatted and expelled the enema. Once she had finished she stood, let out a sigh of satisfaction and then put on her knickers and jeans. Helen then took the basin and, whilst humming pleasantly to herself, went the bathroom and emptied it down the sink.

When she returned to the living room, Chris was sitting on the sofa, looking quite casual, trying to will his erection to go down.

"That was great, thanks Chris," Helen said as she sat next to her brother.

"You're welcome," the boy told her, "It was fun." He suddenly realised that that could have been taken the wrong way. "I mean, y'know, it was interesting. Not what I had in mind to get up to when I came over here but, er, interesting anyway. Do you...feel better? In anyway?"

"I think so," Helen shrugged, "I feel cleaner, inside, I think, although it might just be a placebo effect. I dunno. It can't have done any harm."

Chris nodded whilst feeling a little infuriated that his sister was so casual about this, that she could keep so cool whilst taking about how she felt after receiving enemas, whilst Chris felt nervous and had a big stiffie in his pants.

"I read that you can have herbal enemas and stuff," Helen further explained, "They sound odd. I might try one."

This excited Chris. The idea that his sister might want to repeat this episode!

"Well, I'm always on hand to help," he said, smiling, trying to look casual.

"Thank's sweetie," Helen smiled, "You'd make a good doctor. long as your only duties were giving women enemas!"

That'd be a fucking great job, Chris thought, imagining being paid to stick pipes up women's lovely bottoms all day, although he decided, on reflection, he might come across as a pervert if he articulated such feelings. He cleared his throat.

"What else shall we do today then sis?" he asked.

It turned out that Helen just wanted to go shopping, to get some make-up and potter about shoe stores like most normal women. Usually, Chris would have been bored at the idea and perhaps would have asked if he could stay at Helen's flat and played on her computer. But this time he insisted on tagging along.

It was indeed boring hanging around with his sister as she browsed around girly shops, but he just liked being with her, feeling suddenly much closer in the light of the rather intimate activities that afternoon...even if they were innocent activities. At least, they were supposed to be innocent. Chris kept looking at his sister's nice bum in her tight jeans as they went round the shops, finding it a wonderful novelty to think that he'd seen that arse bare, in all it's glory, including the private little hole between those firm looking cheeks. A little nagging feeling of guilt occasionally crept up when he thought of his little piece of wickedness of adding his sperm to the enema solution he'd squirted up his sister's rectum, but he didn't think it was wicked. It hadn't harmed his sister of course, and besides, what she didn't know wouldn't hurt.

In a shoe-store, Helen encountered some of her friends. They were all tall and attractive and dressed in expensive clothes. They all waved at Helen and hurried over, air-kissing her and exchanging gossip. Chris lurked in the background, all shy, but Helen dragged him over and introduced him to her friends, who - against Chris' expectations - were not all snooty and arrogant but, in fact, very pleasant.

"Were they models too?" Chris asked his sister when the trio of loud and exuberant women had departed, and Helen and Chris were walking down the busy street.

"Yeah," Helen replied, "They're all with the same agency as me. They're quite a nice bunch."

"Mmmm. Very loud too."

"Did you think they were pretty?" Helen asked, grinning, enjoying this little tease of her brother and half-expecting him to go 'Ew, girls are horrible' as he used to as a kid.

"Yeah," Chris merely shrugged, then added "Not as pretty as you though sis."

"Aw, thanks," Helen replied, charmed, and she gave Chris an impromtu peck on the cheek.

Chris blushed, but suddenly felt quite amused that a few of guys nearby, sitting at the tables on the pavement in front of a trendy bar, looked across with some jealousy.

Chris suddenly felt proud that - in front of envious eyes - he, a mere teenaged boy, had been kissed by a glamourous model! Even if it was just his sister.

The siblings went back to Helen's place where Chris showed his sister a few things on her new computer. At five o'clock, Chris went home, getting another little thrill when Helen gave him a kiss goodbye.

Chris had a hard-on virtually the entire walk back to the house he lived at with his parents. As soon as he returned he hurried upstairs and jacked off. He tried to take his time, pumping his cock and thinking of the events of the day, picturing his sister's beautiful behind and thought of him secretly adding sperm to the mix of water he squirted up Helen's arse. However, these thoughts conspired to make Chris shoot his sperm over his belly after just a couple of minutes of jacking off.

Then he had something to eat and hurried back to his room where he jacked off again, this time whilst sat at his computer and flicking through the black-and-white artistic shots of his sister on the website he and Helen had been at earlier. He shot his load whilst looking at the final picture of the set, the one of Helen lying naked on her stomach atop a desk.

Chris ended up jerking off a further three times that evening, and it was a wonder he had any strength to go to school the next morning.

Chris didn't have much chance to see his sister during the week. Normally he wouldn't be that bothered of course, but the week following the curious Sunday afternoon he'd spent giving Helen enemas did, naturally, change the boy's perception of his sister, and his eagerness to get together with her again and repeat Sunday's activities as soon as he could.

Visiting his sister was not possible during the week though, Chris got home too late from school to be able to get all the way into the city centre and be back in time for bed. However, he phoned Helen up on Tuesday evening for a chat.

Helen was quite delighted. She did have plenty of friends, but some could be a bit tiresome and some even a little bitchy, whilst most men she encountered just wanted to get into bed with her. Helen wasn't exactly prudish, but she didn't want to just be another notch on some guy's bedpost. Besides, men she met during her modelling were usually photographers or fashion designers, and the former were often a bit pervy and the latter were often totally up their own arses and did not deign to give to much attention to their models. Consequently, Helen found it charming to chat to Chris, her little brother who's friendly affection was genuine.

Chris called Helen on Friday too, and after a long brother-sister natter, Helen asked Chris what he'd hoped she'd ask; whether he'd like to pop over the next day.

"I need a bit more beauty treatment," Helen had giggled on the phone as she sat, naked and damp from a shower, on her sofa.

"Ah, I see, fair enough," Chris had giggled, sitting in his bedroom three-miles away on his mobile phone, realising that 'beauty treatment' was his sister's euphemism for an enema.

"Be here at about ten," Helen had cheerfully instructed her brother.

At ten-to-ten the next morning - a rather damp, drizzly Saturday - Chris turned up at Helen's flat.

"It's a bit wet out there isn't it?" Helen chirped as she lead her brother into the living room.

"I got the bus this time," Chris informed her. He had, for once, taken a bit of care with his appearance. He'd slicked back his dark hair, had a good wash, even splashed on a bit of his dad's aftershave, although not enough to be really noticable. He didn't want to make it appear as if he was grooming himself to look good for his sister, after all. The youth wore a pair of smart black trousers and a black short-sleeved shirt.

"You look nice," Helen told her brother.

"Oh, cheers," he shrugged, all casual, "So do you."

"Thanks," Helen smiled. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied back in a pony-tail, held in place with an elaborate pink silk ribbon. She had on a very slim-fitting pink T-shirt and faded blue jeans. "Drink? It's a bit early for wine but I've got Coke or something."

"Yeah, cool," replied Chris. He sat on the sofa as his sister left the room and she returned with drinks for them. Helen went to move a couple of magazines from the sofa opposite the one Chris sat on, and in doing so she bent over with her butt thrust out. The jeans she wore were low-slung at the hips and Chris got a glance of the top of his sister's thong peeking over the back, enough to see that they were bright pink with red lacy trim. It gave him a thrill, even though he figured that he'd soon see a little bit more of his sister's knickers if today was anything like last Sunday!

Helen sat down across from Chris and they chatted for a short while, just general gossip and what they'd spent the week doing, respectively, in their jobs and at school. The stereo was on in the corner, quietly playing classical music, which made Chris feel dead sophisticated.

After a short while, the boy asked his sister what she had planned for the morning, eager for it to be confirmed that she wanted another enema.

"Same as we did last week," she replied, "Y'know, an enema. Or two." She giggled, then tilted her head slightly, a curious look on her pretty face, "You're okay doing it though aren't you Chris."

"Yeah, sure," he replied, trying not to sound tooeager, "It's cool. I's kinda fun. In a way."

"That's okay. I just wanted to be sure> You're such a sweet kid, I know you like to do people favours, I just don't want to be seen to be taking advantage of you like some bullying big sister."

"You're not a bullying big sister," Chris reassured her, "Like I said it's...kinda fun, y' you an enema."

"Well, I like getting them," giggled Helen, "They feel nice."

This slightly surprised Chris. He though his sister primarily liked the health aspect of an enema, knowing it was purifying her or whatever. He had thought she had been a little uncomfortable during the actual process of having warm water squirted up her anus, but it seemed she enjoyed it. Chris felt a thrill knowing that this fact increased the chance of his sister asking him to do this favour quite often.

"Shall we do it now?" Helen abruptly asked, standing up.

"Okay," replied Chris.

Helen sauntered out the room and soon returned with the enema equipment. Chris went and fetched the basin, filling it with warm water, before he went back to the living room. There, his sister had just finished taking off her jeans and her sexy pink thong. Wearing just her tight T-shirt and a pair of knee-length white socks, Helen flashed a cheeky grin at her brother before she got onto the sofa. Just like last Sunday, she knelt on it facing away, arms resting on the backrest and her delicious bare bum spread and ready, the anus a lovely puckered target.

Helen had bought through some baby-lotion instead of KY-Jelly, and it was this that Chris put on the nozzle to lube it up. He filled the bag with warm water then, employing the same technique as he had last Sunday, he proceeded with the operation. He was getting quite good at it, and was soon holding up the bag as it emptied, the water flowing down the pipe and out the nozzle that he had lodged in his sister's anus. Chris could actually sense Helen's enjoyment of this, the way she gently murmered pleasurably as her insides were flooded with warm water. After a minute, Chris unplugged his sister's bottom and she hopped over to the basin, squatted, and evacuated her flooded bowels. Chris was amused that his tall and beautiful sister managed to still look elegant and glamorous, even when squatting over a basin with water squirting out of her bottom!

"Another one?" asked Chris.

"Yup, why not?" grinned Helen, her eyes briefly glancing down to Chris' crotch. She wasn't daft, and figured that her brother might get a bit aroused during this operation - and especially as she was then unashamedly standing in front of him in just a T-shirt and socks, the triangle of neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair at her crotch on display - but she was quite surprised at the size of obvious outline of an erection in the boy's pants. She looked away then got back on the sofa, bum thrust out.

"I'll get more water," Chris said, and he picked up the basin.

"Put a little soap in it this time," advised Helen, "Just a bit of body lotion."

"Which one?"

"Just anything from the shelf in the bathroom."

"Okay sis." Chris went to the bathroom and emptied the basin into the sink. He refilled it with warm water and plucked from the shelf a bottle of Calvin Klein Obsession body lotion. He poured a bit of this into the basin and the water was slightly frothy and smelled beautiful. His cock remained stiff in his pants but he decided against jacking off into the basin this time.

Shortly, Chris returned to the living room, refilled the bag and, within minutes, the warm soapy water had flooded Helen's bowels.

"Mmmm, that does feel good," she purred, showing not one ounce of anxiety or modesty in this position; bent over the sofa, bare bum raised and a tube running from her anus to a now-empty enema-bag her brother was holding. Chris waited for a moment or two, happy just to gaze lovingly at his sister's bare arse and finding himself wondering just how good it would feel if his pulsing erection were to be in the place of the nozzle at the end of the pipe, lodged in Helen's tight looking sphincter. He could see her lovely cunt too, from behind, although not in too much detail as the enema pipe obscured his vision. He wondered whether the slight moist glisten to those fleshy pink lips was just a trick of the light or whether his sister's vagina was rather wet! He knew enough about sex to know that women's vaginas got moist for only one reason! She was horny.

"That does feel good," repeated Helen, "It must be the body lotion in there or something."

"You'll have very clean bowels," Chris informed her, "And er...nice smelling ones too."

"I guess," Helen giggled, "Best take it out now honey."

"Sure sis."

The boy slid the nozzle out of his sister's behind and, once again, she went and squatted over the basin and squirted out the warm soapy enema. Then she stood and used a small towel to pat her bum-cheeks dry from the water that had splashed up onto them whilst expelling the enema.

"All done," she declared, then she gave Chris a curious look, "Do you fancy one?"


"An enema. Do you want one?"

"Erm...not sure. No, I'm fine sis. Thanks."

"Sure? They feel nice."

Chris thought about it. His sister did insist that enemas indeed felt great, and the idea of Helen fiddling around with his bum sounded more arousing than it did embarrasing.

"Um...I guess so," he eventually shrugged, "Okay."

"You don't have to if you don't want to," Helen continued as she put on her knickers.

"I want to," insisted Chris, "although...I a bit excited. Y'know." He nodded to his crotch.

"I see," grinned Helen, pulling on her jeans and zipping them up, "You got a big boner eh?" She giggled, light-heartedly. "Don't worry, it's no big deal. You'd be a very unusual fifteen-year-old boy indeed if you didn't get a hard-on at the drop of a hat! Don't worry at all kiddo." Fully dressed, Helen clapped her hands together and declared "You're turn to bare you bum Chris."

"Uh, okay," the boy said, a little nervously.

"I'll get the water replaced," Helen said. She picked up the basin and went off to the bathroom.

Chris took off his jeans, socks and boxer-shorts so that he just wore his black short-sleeved shirt. He felt shy when his sister returned to the room and held his hands over his cock, which was semi-erect, having soften slightly as his mild anxiety threatened to replace his horniness.

"Okay darling?" Helen asked.

"Sure," shrugged her brother, "Just a little shy."

"Aw, I forget, you're not used to being undressed in front of people. Here, I'll do it in my underwear if you want, if that makes you feel more at ease." Helen then casually took off her T-shirt and flung it onto the sofa, so that she just worea bra from the waist up. "Get into position," she told her brother.

Chris obediently adopted the position Helen had earlier, kneeling on the sofa backwards, bent over, bum thrust out. He kept his thighs together though, hoping to at least hide his erection. His six-inch cock was fully erect once more and he suddenly felt less anxious. He looked round and saw that Helen had taken off her socks and jeans. She now stood in her skimpy thong and a lacy pink bra. She looked incredibly sexy, and seeing her in her underwear turned Chris on further, even though he'd obviously seen her even more intimately than that.

Helen grinned at her brother then set about preparing the equipment. Chris looked straight ahead, arms folded and resting on the back of the sofa. He felt quite at ease, partly because Helen was cheerfully humming to herself as she filled up the enema bag with warm soapy water.

"Just let me know if it hurts," she said a moment later, applying some more baby-oil to the nozzle at the end of the pipe.

"Okay," Chris responded. He flinched instinctively when he felt the slick piece of plastic nudge his anus as his sister prepared to insert the nozzle up his bum. Then he held still. He expected it to hurt, but the nozzle was slender and slippy with lube, so before he knew it, his sister had slipped the two-inch nozzle into his hairless tight arsehole.

"Is that okay?" she asked.

"Mmmm, it's fine. It didn't hurt."

"Good. Okay, here comes the water."

Still looking ahead, Chris waited, listening as his sister sent the water flowing from the bag with a muffled gurgle. Then he suddenly felt the warm water flooding his bowels.

He had to admit, it did feel good, just like his sister had said. He let out a soft groan as he felt himself fill up. It was incredible, both arousing but also superb in a non-sexual way at the same time. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Soon the whole bag, a litre's worth, had emptied, and Helen continued her cheerful humming as she stood there.

"Feels nice doesn't it?" she asked after a moment.

"Yeah," Chris replied, "Weird...but nice."

Helen waited a minute before she popped the nozzle out of her little brother's arse. Feeling the water threatening to burst out of him, Chris got up and hurried to the basin. Without feeling any embarrassment, he squatted and emptied all the water from his bowels. Then he stood and turned, grinning.

"That was great," he grinned.

"It feels so good, doesn't it?" asked his sister.

"Sure does," Chris agreed. He was suddenly concious of standing naked from the waist down, his cock sticking up straight, rock hard and throbbing. Furthermore, his older sister stood across from him in just her skimpy thong and bra.

"Fancy another one?" Helen asked.

"Mmmm...maybe later," Chris said. He tried to cover his hard-on with his hand.

"We could go for lunch if you want," Helen said as she put the enema equipment on the table, "Then maybe do so more of this er...stuff, when we get back."

"Yeah. Yeah, that sounds cool sis."

"You er...can't really go out in the state," Helen sniggered.

"Oh, well, I'll get dressed of course."

"No silly," Helen laughed, "I mean, in that rather, ahem, aroused state." She nodded at the boy's crotch. He took away his hand from his cock and tried to act surprised to see it jutting out from his sparsely haired groin, raging hard and pulsing.

"It'll go away," he blushed.

"I doubt it, I know you teenaged boys, you get a stiffie and it won't ever go away. Not until, relieve yourself."

"I guess that's true," Chris smiled, not sure what else to say.

"Do you fancy a bit of...relief?" Helen asked.

"Um...okay," Chris said, blushing further, having to admit that if he didn't jack off soon his cock and balls would just blow up or something. "I'll go to the, uh, bathroom I guess. Is that okay?"

"Now what sort of host would I be if I made you do that?" Helen tutted, a wicked glint having suddenly entered her bright blue eyes, "I mean, you've done me a nice intimate favour, and so I should do one in return, especially as it was probably my bare bum that gave you that nice stiffie in the first place. Why don't you let me do it? If you want."

Chris was good at understanding and fixing computers, but when it came to people, and female ones in particular, he was at a bit of a loss, especially when it came to picking up hints or subtle suggestions. He just blinked in confusion.

"Um..." he stammered, "What?" he added.

Helen just smirked. The long-legged blonde elegantly turned and sat down on the sofa. "Sit next to me," she instructed.

Finally getting what his sister had meant, Chris did so, sitting on the sofa next to Helen, conscious of his erect cock and of Helen being in just her underwear.

"Take your top off," Helen said, sweetly, "We don't want that getting stained."

"Oh, sure," Chris said, again trying to sound casual but almost trembling with excitement, scarcely able to believe what was happening. He tugged off his shirt and put it aside, now sitting nude, cock even stiffer than it was a moment ago, if that was possible.

Helen took the bottle of baby-oil from the coffee table and poured some of the clear liquid onto the palm of her right hand. She clenched her hand a few times, then flexed her fingers, the palm and digits of the hand slick and glistening with the lovely slippery oil.

Helen then turned so that she sat at a slight angle and reached out, encircling her fingers and thumb around her brother's erection.

Chris let out a slight gasp at the alien feeling of a hand other than his own on his penis. His toes curled and he gripped the edge of the sofa, his knuckles turning white.

"Is that nice?" Helen asked, quite needlessly, seeing the way her brother's eyelids fluttered as he was quickly transported towards unheard of heights of ecstasy.

"Mmmm," nodded Chris.

Helen looked down at her handiwork, at her slick fist pumping Chris' cock. It was average in length, slender and as stiff as iron. She had obviously handled cocks before, but there was some unimagined thrill in doing this, in being in control and dictating this intimate little activity. The fact that the youth she was jerking off was her own brother added to the pleasure, in that - in the same way she just enjoyed chatting with him and having him over to visit - he was unconditionally devoted and caring towards her, not like some guys who only be interested in her body. Also, it couldn't be denied how honoured she felt in being the first girl to get hold of Chris' quite delightful prick!

Chris was soon breathing faster, his toes curling up and his head beginning to swim. His eyes darted around, not sure whether to look at his cock in his sister's blurred, rapidly pumping fist, or at Helen's body. The bra she wore was fairly skimpy, and the lacy pink cups barely covered much more than her nipples. Then there was the recent memory, of course, of giving his sister an enema and of her giving him one in turn. He was trying to will his orgasm to stay down, to prolong this pleasure, but it was no use. The stimulation of his scantily clad big sister masturbating him in her oily fist was too pleasurable for words, and his sperm had been straining for release for the last half-hour.

Sensing her brother's climax approaching already, Helen pumped harder and faster.

"Let it all out honey," she soothingly whispered, barely able to keep her own excitement from her voice, "Let it all explode!"

"Uuuuuuh," groaned Chris, and suddenly his cock shot out a slimy spurt of thick cum. It leapt a foot into the air and rained down across his chest in gooey splodges.

"Oh yeah," grinned Helen, amused and aroused at the sight, and she kept frigging her brother. Soon enough, a second wad of sperm shot out of the erection she was pumping, and it, too, shot high into the air and landed on Chris's chest, one stray dollop even hitting his shoulder.

The boy let out a long sigh as he fired a third and fourth squirt of sperm from his prick, these slashing down onto his firm belly. The fifth squirt went off course and landed on his left thigh. Helen just kept on pumping, determined to drain the boy dry, watching as a sixth bolt of jism squirted from her brother's iron bar of a prick and, after reaching a height of six-inches, dropped straight back down, landing on Helen's already slick fist. She kept stroking her brother's cock, but slower now, and the remaining jism oozed out, thick and white and warm, running from his piss-hole and down Helen's fingers.

Finally, having drained her brother's balls, Helen took her slick messy hand from the boy's wilting cock.

"Nice?" she asked.

"Very," nodded Chris, feeling fatigued but incredibly joyful. He hoped he would be able to recall every detail of the previous activity so that he could jack off over the memory that evening.

"Quite a load you had there," giggled Helen, indicating the amount of sperm that Chris had spurted all over his body and, to a lesser extent, over Helen's hand.

"I guess I'd better clean up," he smiled, determined to act all light-hearted about the incident as seen as that was the attitude his sister had adopted.

"Fancy a bath?"


"Let's go then."

Helen stood up.

"Um, you're having one too?" asked Chris, not sure if he'd be so lucky as to receive an invitation to join his sister in the bath.

"Sure. It's a big bath. It can hold both of us. Come on! Don't be shy. We used to bathe together when we were little and, besides, we're both a bit er...sticky." She giggled, as did Chris, who eagerly stood up.

They both padded out the living room, down the hallway and into the bathroom. Whilst the bath was filling up, Chris took some tissues and wiped himself down from all the sperm he'd shot over himself, and Helen washed her hands in the sink.

"That'll do us," Helen said shortly, turning off the taps, the large oval-shaped bath full of bubbly hot water. Acting as casual as if she was on her own, the young woman then removed her bra, then her thong, flung them into the laundry basket in the corner of the room and then hopped into the bath. "Come on, the water's lovely," she giggled, splashing about in the hot tub like an overexcitable little girl.

Chris eagerly clambered in, sitting opposite his sister. The bubbles hid their lower bodies, but their torsos were visible. Helen briefly admired her brother's chest and belly, noting that they were quite firm and sculpted. It had not occured to her that her rather nerdish (but cute) brother had a reasonably impressive figure under the battered old T-shirts he usually plodded around in. Chris, likewise, gave his sister's upper body a going over with his hungry eyes. He'd seen her arse - rather intimately of course - but this was his first look at her tits, at least outside of those black-and-white photos he'd seen on the web. They were lovely and firm looking, the nipples bright red.

"Here, scrub my back Chris," Helen said, and she turned round, facing away from Chris.

"Okay," he said, and he grabbed a spongue, frothed it up with soap and then lovingly rubbed down his sister's back, noting the elegant curve of her spine and the way her delicious flesh sparkled when it was soaped down.

Once he'd finished, Chris shuffled back. Helen turned, the water sloshing as she did so.

"Wanna do my boobies?" she asked with a grin.

"Sure thing," Chris smirked, and he licked his lips then began soaping down Helen's firm breasts, delighting in the way they wobbled slightly when he spongued them down. Helen smiled, then closed her eyes, breathing softly, evidently getting pleasure out of this. So was Chris. Despite ejaculating not long ago his prick began to stir under the water, and it was fully erect by the time he'd finished cleaning Helen's tits, those firm globes of flesh sparkling in the blazing bathroom light.

"I'll do you now," Helen told her brother.

Chris knelt there whilst his sister soaped down his chest and shoulders, then she asked him to turn around so that she could wash his back.

It was, on the whole, a rather innocent affair. Chris may have sprang a hard-on, but they didn't bother doing each other's lower-bodies, merely contented themselves with washing one another's upper-bodies. Helen plunged her head into the water then knelt back up, and Chris obediently followed her request to shampoo and rinse her hair. In doing so, he knelt up, his crotch out of the water. Helen had her back to him, and as he ran his hands through her shampoo-frothed hair, the tip of Chris' erection nudged a few times into his sister's back. Both of them noticed, but pretended not to. Chris then rinsed Helen's hair thoroughly, then he knelt back down and turned whilst his sister washed his hair.

Finally finished, the siblings got out the bath and dried themselves off, both pretending to not notice Chris' raging hard-on, which he all but lost by the time he'd dressed. Helen went out the room and went to her bedroom to put on some fresh underwear. She joined Chris in the living room where she put on her jeans and T-shirt.

"Fancy some lunch?" Helen asked her brother as she stood there, looking even sexier with her hair damp, "Or rather, a late breakfast?"

"Sure, sounds cool," Chris replied, "Shall we eat out?"

"Absolutely! I can't cook to save my life. Let's go that place we went to last week."

Chris smiled. The idea of being out with his sister was fun, as was the idea that some strangers who saw them might mistake them for boyfriend-and-girlfriend.

It was after twelve by the time the two of them returned to Helen's flat. Just as they entered, the phone rang, and Helen picked it up.

"Hello?" she said, brightly, whilst slumping down in the sofa and kicking off her shoes, "Oh, hi mum. I'm fine...sure...yeah, he's here, do you want to speak to him?...Okay, sure...we're fine....Just, er, up to stuff." She nodded as she listened to her mother on the phone for a moment. "He's fixing my computer...yeah, it broke again...okay. Yeah. Love you to...bye."

She put the phone down and looked at Chris, who plonked himself down on the sofa next to her.

"Was that mum?" he asked.

"Yeah," replied Helen, "She was just wondering where you were. She knew you'd come over here but wasn't sure why you were taking so long. She was wondering what we were up to."

"Ah, hence the lie about me fixing your computer then."

"Yup. Mum's quite a laid-back woman but, um...I don't think she'd be too happy if she found out we were giving each other enemas and having baths, and I was jerking you off."

Chris grinned, blushing slightly at his sister's reference to jerking him off. He so desperately wanted her to do it again, but he wasn't sure how to approach the subject without sounding like a pervert. He decided to have a go.

"Do you want," he began, a little nervously, pausing to summon up courage, "another enema? At all?"

", I'll be fine," smiled Helen, "I think two a day is good enough."

"Fair enough. Um...could you give me one?"

"Do you really want an enema?" asked Helen, slyly, "or do you just want me to jerk you off afterwards?"

"Well..." shrugged Chris, blushing further, "Er...yeah. I mean...I just wanted you to jerk me off. If that's okay. Sorry, that sounds a bit rude of me to ask."

"Not at all, it's fine," said Helen, placing a hand on her brother's thigh, "I kinda liked doing it, so, sure, it's no problem. Although," she suddenly said, as if remembering something, "there is one favour you could do for me before hand."

"Fire away," urged Chris, eager to please.

"I need a pedicure," Helen explained, "I can do them myself, but sometimes I go to a beauty parlour to have it done. But you could do it for me if you want."

"Sure," Chris agreed, before asking "What's a pedicure?"

"It's like a manicure, but for toe-nails instead of finger-nails."

"Ah. I see. So I just...file your toe-nails."

"That sorta thing."

"So long as you don't have smelly feet, I can go along with that sis."

"I do not have smelly feet. I hope not anyway. So, do you fancy doing that?"

"Sounds cool," nodded Chris. File his sister's toe-nails, and in return she'd wank him off. It definately sounded cool!

Helen took her hand from Chris' thigh (she'd been gently rubbing it for the last moment or two) and strolled out the room. She returned with a little black leather case, which she placed on the coffee table and unfolded. It was a pedicure kit, with a variety of little nail-clippers and files and a small jar of nail varnish.

Helen then tugged off her socks and then undid her jeans, which she soon swiftly removed and flung aside. Of course, she didn't exactly have to remove them to provide access to her feet, but Chris wasn't about to question this action. Wearing just her pink T-shirt and a pair of plain white cotton knickers, the tall slender blonde sat down on the sofa then stretched her long legs out, resting her feet on the coffee-table.

"There we go," she declared, wiggling her toes, "All yours dear."

Chris got up and knelt next to the coffee table, his sister's feet in easy reach.

"So what do I do?" he asked.

"Take one of those nail scissors first," Helen instructed, "and just trim them. Then use the different files to smooth them all down. Then you have to put that stuff on. It's like nail-varnish, but it's clear."

"What does it do?"

"Just strengthens the nails."

"Sheesh, you women sure are vain."

"Heh, you'll be vain soon too," Helen laughed, "When you discover girls anyway."

Chris felt like pointing out he had discovered girls, in the form of his sister, but decided not too. Instead, he took the appropriate equipment from the little pedicure set and began to work on his sister's toe-nails. He was quite good at it, and was soon happily trimming and filing away. Helen used the remote to flick on the TV, and she half paid attention to some old Marylin Monroe movie.

Chris felt his cock get hard in his jeans as he gave his sister a pedicure. He didn't necessarily find feet arousing, but it was still nice to be in contact with part of a female body, and furthermore his eyes frequently glanced up his sister's long, smooth, toned legs. The knickers she wore looked so sexy, even though they weren't as skimpy as the ones she'd been wearing earlier, and the T-shirt was quite small so there was a gap of several inches between the bottom of it and the knickers, and a fair bit of her firm flat lower abdomen was on display. Chris glanced up and along his sister's body quite frequently, although tried not to do it too often. If she'd been stark naked, it would have been fantastic, but in a way it was just as exciting in that she had at least some clothes on.

"All done," Chris declared eventually.

"Very good," observed Helen, wiggling her toes and admiring the good job Chris had done, "Very smooth...very nicely trimmed. Superb! You'd make a good beauty parlour worker Chris. Giving pedicures and enemas."

"Sounds like an ideal job," the boy smirked, putting the pedicure tools away.

Helen noticed the bulge in the boy's crotch.

"Do you have a foot fetish?" she asked him with a giggle.

"Huh? No, not really."

"You've got a bit, er, excited there Chris. Is that from just playing with my feet?"

"I guess," Chris shrugged, "I suppose I just have a fetish for all parts of women's bodies. Y'know...feet, legs, arms...bums."

Helen giggled and took her feet from the coffee table and placed them on the floor.

"You have damn nice legs sis," her brother told her.

"Thank you," Helen said, getting up off the sofa, "Take off your clothes and lie down honey. I intend on giving you a very nice reward for such a good job of doing my toe-nails."

Unlike earlier, Chris had no anxiety or shame this time. He stood and removed his clothes then lay naked on the sofa, stretched out, feeling very horny. His prick was rock hard and lay stiffly across his lower belly.

"Would you like me to remove my T-shirt and bra?" asked Helen, looking even taller than usual as she stood next to the sofa, looming elegantly over her brother.

"Yes please," the boy nodded.

With a sweet smile, Helen took off her T-shirt and bra, putting them on the floor. She stood in just her lovely white knickers, her firm boobs on display and begging to be looked at.

"You have such nice breasts sis," Chris found himself compelled to say.

"You have such good taste," Helen purred, smiling, kneeling next to the sofa on which Chris was laying across. She reached out and ran her fingernails softly down from his chest to his belly. She did this a few times, driving the boy wild, although he didn't articulate much other than to shiver and gently moan with pleasure.

Soon enough, Helen got to her brother's groin, although she continued to tease him. She ran a fingertip along the pulsing shaft of his erection a few times as it lay there, rock hard and throbbing. She tickled his balls, gently cupped them, then moved down a bit further and ran her fingernails lightly down his thighs, using both hands to do each thigh at the same time. Chris lay there, head turned slightly, eyes half closed but peeking intently at his sister's firm breasts which were just a couple of feet away. He wanted to reach out and touch them but he daren't ask. In fact, he hadn't got to touch his sister's body. He'd placed the enema nozzle up her anus, soaped her down with a spongue, but he hadn't laid his bare hands on her. He hoped he'd get a chance to correct that sometime. For now, though, he just lay with his hands down by his side.

Helen, finally, took her hands from Chris' thighs. She grabbed the bottle of baby-oil that still sat on the coffee table and squirted some into her right palm, clenching her fist a few times to get her hand nice and slick and oily.

Then Helen gently took hold of her brother's stiff cock in her right hand, encircling it in her small fist. She smiled sweetly at the look of pure pleasure that softened Chris' face. All the gentle teasing had done it's job, and Chris was so fantastically relived that, after all the stimulation of his sister stroking and tickling his nude body, she'd finally gripped his cock.

Helen began to jerk Chris off, pumping her fist up and down at a firm but steady pace, still astonished by just how hard the boy's prick felt. It was like iron! Then again, most of Helen's lovers had been older than her, some even in their thirties, so it should not have surprised her that a boy of fifteen, like Chris, was so youthful, full of energy and bursting with hormones should possess a cock so fucking hard. And one that was so energetic too!

Chris' orgasm did not take too long to hit him, in the light of the intense stimulation of his virtually-naked sister jacking him off so firmly in her tight grasp. He gazed at her boobs, the way they jiggled with the action of her pumping fist. He thought back to earlier, to giving her enemas, and also to soaping down her delicious nubile body in the bath.

"Uuuh, I'm," he gasped, his sperm rising up quickly from his balls.

"I'll try not to get any stains on the sofa," Helen commented, grinning. She kept pumping her fist and, soon enough, her brother's erection began to blast out it's messy load. The boy's toes curled, he clenched his fists and he let out a long groan of pleasure as his prick squirted thick wad after thick wad of spunk. As she jerked him off, Helen kept her brother's erection pointing straight up, and the sperm flew straight upwards and rained down over his thighs, his lower belly and his groin. Quite a few big dollops landed on Helen's fist and her forearm, but this was what she wanted. It felt so nice to feel her brother's sweet warm cum land on her flesh. She pumped away until the salty geyser had ended, Chris' body suddenly going limp. He took a deep breath and released a satisfied sigh.

"Did Sir enjoy that?" she asked him, still holding his wilting prick, sperm oozing from the end and running down over her already cum slathered fist.

"Sir did enjoy it," smirked Chris, feeling very tired, "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Helen replied, finally taking her hand from the boy's softened penis, "You give me pedicures and enemas, I give you hand jobs. Seems like a fair little deal we have."

"Mmm, yeah," agreed Chris, slowly sitting up. He yawned.


"A bit."

"How about a lie down?"

"Um, okay. I could do with a nap."

"Me too," Helen said, standing up, "Fancy hopping into bed? Just for a kip?"

"Sure," Chris shrugged, deciding that getting into bed for his sister ('just for a kip', she'd said, but that sounded nice enough) was no more intimate than what they'd just been up to. Besides, they'd had a bath together.

Chris sat up and decided he couldn't really go around naked, so he put on his boxer shorts. Helen put on her bra, so she just wore that and her knickers, but she made no other move to put on the rest of her clothes. Helen grabbed some tissues and wiped down her hand, whilst Chris used some tissues to clean himself from sperm.

Brother and sister, in just their underwear, went down to the one and only bedroom in the apartment. It was large and minimalist, virtually everything - the walls, furniture, carpet, curtain and the sheets on the King Sized bed - were all stark white. In contrast to the clinical whiteness of the room, two huge framed pictures - one above the bed, another above the dressing table - depicted glorious airbrushed sunset scenes. One was all in shades of red and orange, the other in blues and greens.

"Ah, nothing like a nice, lazy, mid-day nap," Helen said as she swished the curtains shut on the rainy day. She turned and clambered into bed, Chris getting into the other side.

"This is nice and comfy," he commented, snuggling down in the covers.

"Mmmm, it's lovely and warm," Helen agreed, and she let out a long yawn, "Don't go nicking all the covers Chris."

"I don't need to, they're as big as a football pitch."

Helen yawned again, surprised by her fatigue. She shifted up slightly and, with both of them laying on their backs, the sibling's shoulders and hips touched. Chris felt excited at the small but significant physical touch, and both enjoyed the the merging of their body heat under the covers. It seemed so sweetly innocent in it's intimacy.

"Chris?" Helen asked, voice already growing sleepy.


"Fancy coming out to dinner with me?"

"Er, sure. When?"

"Tomorrow. Me and a few other girls are going out, just an informal get-together. We're going to a place downtown. I just thought you might like to come along."

"Yeah! Sounds cool. Won't I be a bit out of place or something?"

"No. Not really. Well...maybe a bit. It doesn't matter, it'll be fun. Besides, the other girls are models too, so like me the males they're used to meeting are either randy buggers who want to get into their knickers, lecherous photographers, arrogant editors and gay fashion designers! Actually, that's exaggerating a bit, but it's not far off the truth. They'll probably think it's nice to meet a charming and polite young man like you."

Chris felt a surge of pride at being described as a 'young man'. The charming and polite bit was nice too.

"I'll come along then, it sounds like it'll be fun."

They lapsed into a comfortable silence and soon drifted off to sleep at about the same time.

To Be Continued...