Malcolm's Sisters

(Incest - brother/sisters, anal, teen, threesome (FMf), facials)

Without any shame whatsoever, I can confess that the girl I lusted for most in the world was my big sister, Sabrina. She was beautiful, a cute blonde chick who featured heavily in my sexual fantasies.
My name is Malcolm and like any nineteen year old guy I'm permanently horny, always thinking about sex and imagining fucking every female I encounter. Despite being fairly experienced sexually - I lost my cherry at thirteen - I'm still looking for a chance to see if I can ever fulfill my fantasies of seducing and fucking Sabrina.
I have two sisters, the other being called Pearl. I'm the middle child, exactly half-way between the ages of my sisters - Sabrina is five years older than me at twenty-four, whilst Pearl is five-years younger than me at fourteen.
Sabrina, Pearl and myself were very close. Our father had left us shortly after Pearl was born and mom worked a lot, so as kids being raised in Smalltown, USA, we spent nearly all our time as kids together. I had a big crush on Sabrina throughout my teenage years, though I never thought I'd get to consumate my lust for her.
In 2001, at the age of eighteen, I went to college. It didn't work out though, and in June 2002 I dropped out and was going to move back home. Or at least, I would have moved home if my mother hadn't decided to emigrate to Australia with her new boyfriend. The only one of her three children still living at home was Pearl. Sabrina worked for a big bank in Manhattan and her flatmate had recently left, so Sabrina had a room spare in her two-bedroom apartment. Pearl went to live with her big sister whilst mom and her boyfriend packed up and went to live in Melbourne, Australia.
I was going to find a place of my own somewhere in New York but Sabrina insisted that I move in with her. She'd loved it since Pearl had come to live with her and she hadn't seen me in person for almost a year because I had been at college on the other side of the country, and Sabrina liked the idea of us siblings all being together under the one roof. I agreed, and packed up my stuff and got on a coach, heading out from Los Angeles on the long journey to the Big Apple.

"Hi sis!" I called as I stood at the doorway to her apartment, a big suitcase in each hand.
"Hiya Malcolm," Sabrina smiled, "Want a hand with those cases?"
"I'll be fine, thanks."
"Strong enough to carry a huge suitcase in each hand eh? Wow, it's gonna be great having my big strong brother around, you can help me bring in the groceries!"
"Big strong brother? I'm your little brother, remember?"
"Oh yeah," Sabrina laughed, looking up at me. At six-foot-three I was almost a foot taller than her, my shoulders broad and my indulgence in weight-lifting for the last few years making my frame firm and muscular. Sabrina stepped up to me and placed her hands on my firm chest, "My big, little brother!"
Sabrina gave me a kiss, and I savoured the momentary touch of her lips on mine, the warm feminine smell of my sister - Calvin Klein perfume mixed with some sort of citrus-scented shampoo.
My sister went back into the apartment and I followed her, nudging the door shut with my foot whilst I hauled in my suitcases. I dumped them on the floor in the living room and admired the place.
Though Sabrina was not super-rich, she certainly made a good living, judging by the quality of the apartment. It was on the thirtieth-floor of a huge apartment block overlooking Central Park, a glorious view of greenery outside the large windows. The floor was polished oak, the furniture elegent and mostly black to contrast with the perfect white walls. Two doors at the left of the big living room lead to the kitchen and bathroom, whilst two doors on the other side lead to the bedrooms.
After admiring the place I then admired my sister, who opened a bottle of wine and poured out two glasses.
Sabrina was twenty-four years old. It was fair to point out that to some guys she may not have appeared as anything special. Five-foot-four in height, Sabrina was fairly slim, with average sized tits and a nice, firm looking arse. Her hair was shoulder length and blonde. She undoubtedly had a good enough figure, but nothing that would make her stand out in a nightclub necessarily. To be though, she was perfect, especially regarding her facial features. Sabrina had big blue eyes and cherubic little cheeks that gave her an innocent, impish look. Her smile was warm and was almost enough to make me faint with desire, and in all she was just the most angelic and pretty young woman imaginable. It was matched by her cheerful and charming demeanour.
"There you are," Sabrina said, handing me a glass of white wine.
"Cheers sis," I replied, taking the glass. We both sipped our drink.
"Not much of a wine drinker are you?" Sabrina laughed after noticing me wince.
"I guess not. I prefer beer."
"I've got some in the kitchen if you want."
"No I'm fine. I'll drink this, I don't mind. Where's Pearl, by the way?"
"She's at a friend's place, she'll be back soon. Pearl can help you unpack."
"Is she okay going out on her own? She's still only a kid."
"She's fine," Sabrina insisted, then smirked.
"What?" I asked.
"It just seems funny, you fretting a bit about Pearl and me reassuring you that she's a big girl now. It's almost as if we were married and she's our daughter or something!"
I smiled and drank some more wine, simply in love with how pretty Sabrina looked when she laughed. "Are you going to start looking for a job soon then?" my big sister asked.
"I've got one," I smiled, triumphantly.
"You didn't tell me?" Sabrina said, sitting down on the sofa. I joined her.
"Well, it's a surprise! I went to the interview last month and they want me to in a week. It's in an office, nothing exciting, but it'll pay my way through life anyway. Until I figure out what to do with it."
We chatted away for a while, getting through a couple of glasses of wine. I certainly wasn't inexperienced when it came to women, but most of the time it had just been one-night stands, screwing in a single-bed in the college dorms or in a car. It felt good to be sitting here, all civilized, with Sabrina, sipping wine and chatting with me secretly getting a kick out of imagining we were a married couple, as Sabrina had suggested with her remark earlier.
"What about the sleeping arrangements?" I shortly asked, "There are only two bedrooms aren't there?"
"Well," Sabrina began, "Pearl was reluctant to give up her room, naturally, and I don't want you sleeping on the sofa, so how about you sleep with me?"
My heart fluttered. My God! Sleeping with her? How cool would this be?!
"Have you got single beds or something?" I asked, pouring a third glass of wine for us both.
"No," Sabrina casually replied, "Just a big double one. Don't worry, I'll stay on my half of the bed."
"It's no big deal though is it? You don't mind sharing a bed with your sister?"
"Not at all! No, no I don't mind."
I handed my sexy sibling her glass and we both took a big sip each. Sabrina seemed very casual about this and I had to remind myself that she would be viewing this plan as perfectly innocent. With my long-lived desire for my sibling's cunt, it was only fair that I wouldn't see this plan in quite so innocent a light.
"We used to sleep in the same bed as kids didn't we?" I recalled, "When I was about six and you were eleven. Mom couldn't afford the extra bed so soon after dad had left."
"I remember! You were always moving over to my side in your sleep and I'd have to shove you back carefully without waking you! We had to share a bed for a couple of years didn't we?"
"Yeah...hang on? Was that the door?"
"It sounded like it," Sabrina replied.
The front door had just opened and now we heard it shut. There were footsteps before our little sister, Pearl, entered the room.
"Hi Malcolm!" she called, dumping a sports bag on the floor and hurrying over. I didn't have time to stand and remained sitting on the sofa whilst Pearl leaned down and hugged me, giving me a big kiss on the cheek. She stepped back, brushing some of her golden hair from her face.
I hadn't seen Pearl for over a year, and she had certainly developed since I last set eyes on her. She was no longer a skinny kid any more, but a cute adolescent nymph. Pearl's breasts were well developed, as I could tell through her tight orange T-shirt, a good handful each. She was a bit taller than Sabrina, about five-foot-six, slim and very attractive. Her face was just as pretty as Sabrina's, her eyes the same sparkling, crystal blue, her smile just as pretty. Her hair was much longer than her big sister's though, reaching her waist. I'd rarely paid too much attention to Pearl previously because I was too busy lusting after Sabrina, and Pearl was just a little kid I had to take care of in our single-parent family. In my year away at college, though, Pearl's hormones had been working overtime and my kid sister had bloomed into a fourteen year old honey that captivated my attention from Sabrina, at least for a moment or two.
"Will you help Malcolm unpack?" Sabrina asked Pearl.
"It's okay," I insisted, "I don't have much. I sold my TV and stereo before I came over so it's just a load of clothes, some know. Stuff. General things."
"Porn mags?" Pearl asked, then giggled.
"Pearl!" gasped Sabrina, also laughing.
"Not at all," I declared, solemnly, "I have no need for pornographic magazines. Not since Sabrina said I can borrow her's."
My two sisters giggled away, Sabrina especially after the wine she'd drunk.
"So will you be sleeping in Sabrina's bed?" Pearl asked me.
"Yeah," I shrugged, "It'll be better than the sofa."
"I'll probably by a new sofa," Sabrina said, "One that folds out into a bed, then you can use that. But for now just share my bed, it's no trouble at all."
"No hanky-panky though," giggled Pearl, and she skipped off to the kitchen with me playfully slapping her arse before she went. She had a very good bum, nice and round and firm looking in her tight black jeans. My cock was stiff thanks to the undercurrent of seriousness I felt in the atmosphere of silly flirtatious behaviour. Crossing my legs, I sat back and had some more wine, Sabrina flicking on the TV and Pearl soon coming in with a load of sandwiches for us all.

I had soon packed my clothes into the spare bedroom in the master bedroom. My hopes of catching a glimpse of Sabrina nude getting ready for bed were dashed when she went to the shower and emerged in a dressing gown. Not to worry. She had on underneath a red night-gown, and whilst it wasn't particularly revealing, I did see her nice legs and a bit of cleavage as she got into bed next to me. It was a huge bed, underneath a big window, and I sat up reading a book. Sabrina got into her side, flicking through a magazine and seemingly still very casual about this little arrangment. I seriously hoped it would take a long time for her to get this sofa-bed for me. Even though we just sat up next to each other in bed, brother and sister, all innocent (supposedly) I felt extremely horny and excited, my cock pulsing erectly in my boxer shorts as I savoured the simple presence of Sabrina nearby.
After the travelling that day, I was tired, so I turned off my lamp and settled down at 11:20PM. Sabrina offered to turn her lamp off but I insisted it didn't matter, and so I lay on my back, my eyes closed, resisting the urge to stroke my hard cock as I listened to Sabrina flicking through her magazine. Eventually, she got her head down too, flicking off her lamp and settling down to sleep next to me. It was just like when we were kids, sleeping alongside my sister. However, now my dick was throbbing hard as I listened to Sabrina quietly breath next to me. I could tell when she was asleep by her breathing, the room faintly illuminated by the lights of the city through the thin drapes and I could make out the shape of my sister's prone body under the duvet, her face serene and slightly lit up in the red-digits of the radio/alarm clock on the bedside table.
Quietly, I reached down and stroked my cock whilst listening to Sabrina's quiet snoring, my extreme arousal meaning I spurted cum within seconds of carefully masturbating. My sperm leaked over my stomach and I carefully reached to a small box of tissues next to the bed to wipe it up. Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I woke up before Sabrina and watched her sleep for a short while. Even slumbering with her hair in dissaray, she looked extremely pretty, and I briefly had the amusingly sick idea of masturbating in her face. She might be a bit freaked out though! Maybe I should do something more subtle, like perhaps waking her up by kissing her. That would freak her out too probably.
Sabrina began to stir so I lay down and pretended to be just waking up myself.
"Morning," my sister smiled as she sat up, rubbing her eyes.
"Morning sis," I said.
"Sleep well?" she asked, turning to me.
"Yeah. Fine. You?"
"No problems. You stayed on your side this time, unlike when we were little!"
"Cool. I don't snore do I?"
I sat up the duvet down to my waist, my chiselled, muscular torso on display and my sister's eyes wandering appreciatively over it.
"Fancy some breakfast?" Sabrina asked.
"Okay. I'll cook it though, you stay here."
I slid out of the bed and padded out the room. It still seemed impossible to imagine that this arrangement would last very long without me getting my wicked way with Sabrina, but at the same time I had frequent reality checks. She was my sister after all, and whilst that didn't bother me, in practical terms it would make it a bit far-fetched to imagine having a sexual-relationship with her. I'd just have to see I guess.
I made a cooked breakfast and went back into the bedroom. Sabrina was sitting up and watching the flat-screen TV that hung on the far wall, some Saturday morning chat-show on. We had breakfast and chatted, still catching up on each other's lives. It suddenly occured to me that I didn't know if Sabrina had a boyfriend, but some subtle queries soon provided me with the welcome information that she was unattached at the moment. She seemed a bit forlorn about this and bemoaned the disadvantages of the singles scene in New York, which apparantly meant hanging around expensive bars avoiding 'weirdos'. Sabrina seemed to take some interest in my love-life at the moment, and I told her that I too was unattached at the moment.
We eventually got up and Sabrina went off to the shower, taking some clothes in with her (damn! Why couldn't she just get undressed in front of me in the bedroom? I'm her brother, I'm hardly likely to lewdly perv at her am I? Heh heh!!)
Still in just my shorts, I went out into the living room where I stood and admired the view out the window. Then I heard the door from Pearl's bedroom open, and in came my little sister.
My eyes widened a little as I turned and caught sight of Pearl strolling out of her room in just her panties. Little pink panties with a big heart embroided on the front in red silk. Otherwise, she wore nothing. Her pert, plump little tits were on display, glorious little mounds of flesh topped by red nipples the same rich shade of strawberries.
"Hi Pearl," I greeted her.
My little sister smiled and was about to return the greeting when she stopped, muttering "Shit!" and leapt back into her bedroom.
Moments later she came back out wearing her panties with a T-shirt on this time, a white one, tight and with "Chic Hot!" written over it in sparkly green letters.
"Hello," I smiled, "again."
"Morning," Pearl replied, grinning sheepishly, "Sorry, I er...forget that you're here now. Normally it's just Sabrina about and we don't mind seeing each other's bits."
"Ah, right. Fair enough. Well, I promise to wear clothes around the house if you do then."
"Okay. Watch out for Sabrina though. When it's really hot Sabrina likes to cool down by sitting nude in the armchair, fanning herself seductively with a magazine whilst rubbing ice-cubes over her nipples."
Pearl burst out laughing, and I did too, having wanted her little joke to be serious that I almost forced myself to believe it.
"Not really," Pearl sniggered, "Sabrina would never do that. I would though."
We laughed again, and once more I found myself simultaneously frustrated and excited by the flirting between me and my sisters, even if was all just supposedly in jest.
"Fancy some breakfast?" Pearl asked me.
"I've had some thanks. I'll have some coffee though."
Pearl went into the kitchen, my prick stirring as I watched her cute behind wiggle in the tight pink panties she wore. Once she was in the kitchen, I saw that Sabrina now left the bathroom, dressed casually in a pink jumper and jeans.
"Is Pearl up?" she asked.
"Yeah, she's in the kitchen, making coffee. Have you finished in the bathroom?"
"Sure. Help yourself. If you have any laundry, just throw it in the laundry basket."
"Okay sis."
I went into the bathroom and locked the door. In the laundry basket I found a pair of white panties Sabrina must have been wearing yesterday. I took them out, stripping off my shorts and jerking my hard, eight-inch cock whilst sniffing the underwear. Not caring if I must have looked like the biggest perv in the world, I masturbated whilst sniffing my sister's panties, my sperm eventually squirting out. I directed the cum into the shower. Then it occured to me that I had no idea if the panties were Sabrina's or Pearl's. They could have been either's. It didn't bother me, I wanted to fuck them both!
I showered whilst fantasizing about screwing both Sabrina and Pearl, having to masturbate a second time after I'd finished.

The second night was similar to the first. Me and Sabrina slept soundly next to each other, me masturbating silently when Sabrina was asleep. Sometimes I edged over towards Sabrina through the night, thrilling at the feel of her warm skin if our legs or arms connected, no matter how slightly.
On Tuesday I started work, and it felt good to be earning a wage and able to pay Sabrina some rent (she'd tried to tell me not to bother, but I didn't want to be a charity case so I inisted she accept the money).
I had a nice thrill on Thursday. Coming home from work I was about to walk down the hallway into the living room when I heard the sound of rather passionate grunting. I stopped, listening hard. A girl was panting in pleasure, along with a young man, and a brief stab of jelousy hit me as I thought of Sabrina being screwed in there. However, I realised that the girl I was hearing was not Sabrina. It was Pearl!
Tip-toeing quietly along, I was able to sneak up to the slightly ajar door to the living room, and peering in I spotted what was going on.
Laying back on the sofa, fourteen year old Pearl was stark naked and had her legs spread. On top of her young, naked body was a dark-haired boy. He was about Pearl's age, perhaps a year or two older, and was shafting my little sister with great enthusiasm, albeit clearly a novice. His pale arse rose and fell rapidly as he fucked Pearl, the girl clutching the boy's shoulders as she wrapped her bare legs round his hips. The boy soon ejaculated, his face a picture of youthful ecstasy as he shot his sperm into Pearl's cunt. He withdrew, his prick wilting and slick with cunt juice and cum.
"Was that better than last time?" he asked Pearl.
"Yeah," my sister replied, "I'm pretty sure I climaxed. I think. It was cool!"
The boy smiled, proudly.
I figured it was too risky to stay. I sneaked back down the hallway and silently left the apartment. After strolling to a Burger King for a milkshake, I returned and found that the boy had left and Pearl was dressed and acting all sweet and innocent as I made a start on dinner, knowing Sabrina would be back soon. I couldn't help but look at Pearl's arse as she strolled around the apartment in her tight jeans. My God I wanted to fuck her! I'd come here wracked with lust and desire for my elder sister and now I had the same feelings for my younger sister! My cock would explode if I didn't get my end away with one of these hot minxes!

On Friday evening, Pearl was tired and went to bed at ten o'clock. Sabrina and myself opened a bottle of wine and snuggled down on the sofa, shoulder-to-shoulder, watching TV.
I had wondered whether to mention what I'd seen of Pearl's seemingly active sex-life to Sabrina. After all, I had been the nearest thing my little sister had to a father, and Sabrina was her legal guardian. I figured it would be pertinent to mention it, and furthermore it might be a little springboard to screwing Sabrina! Well, maybe that was a bit far-fetched, but who knows?
Anyway, after clearing my throat, I told Sabrina about what I'd seen the other day, how I'd secretly spotted Pearl being fucked. In my slightly-edited version, though, I didn't mention that I had watched for several minutes and that I'd silently masturbated over the thought of the scene I'd witnessed whilst lying next to a sleeping Sabrina that night!
"Well," Sabrina sighed, looking at her half-full glass of red wine, "I guess there's not much we can do. I know that sounds apathetic, but kids start early these days."
"Yeah," I shrugged, "Does she know all about making babies and stuff?"
"Sure, I went through it with her a few years ago. She knows to be careful."
"Pearl is a fairly responsible kinda girl."
There was a pause as we sipped our wine.
"When did you start having sex," Sabrina asked me, "If you don't mind me asking."
"When I was thirteen," I admitted. This was true, incidentally. I found it hard to tell a blatant lie to my sister.
"Yeah? Thirteen?"
"That's right. Me and a girl of fifteen were a little tipsy at a party after someone smuggled in some beer. I screwed her in her parents bed. We didn't use protection so we fretted for a few months until it was clear she wasn't pregnant. I didn't really have sex on a regular basis throughout my early teens though, just occasionally. I did get a regular lay with my first real girlfriend at sixteen though."
"I remember her," Sabrina said, "She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes didn't she? You went out with her for a year."
"That's right. She was cool. I had a few chicks at college too, though no long-term relationships."
"Still waiting for Miss Right eh?"
"Yeah," I replied, watching her take a delicate sip of wine, "Yeah," I repeated, "So er...what about you? Sabrina? Don't tell me you're actually a wild, demented pervert with a cupboard full of vibrators and gimp suits, and a thousand past-lovers already!"
"No, no," laughed Sabrina, "I waited until I was sixteen like a good girl. He was fifteen, but acted dead mature. We did it in a hotel though, which wasn't quite so innocent, checking in under false names."
"Mr and Mrs Smith?"
"No. Mr and Mrs...Jackson, I think it was. I can't remember why."
I licked my lips and drank some more wine, seriously excited by this talk but not sure how far I could take it. Sabrina did seem relaxed with this chatter.
"What about at college?" I asked her.
"I did have some good fun there," Sabrina continued, "A couple of threesomes!"
She laughed, but I realised my older sister was serious.
"Who with?" I asked, "Two men or a man and another woman?"
"Sure. Once I had two guys and...well, you can imagine what we did."
"No," I lied, smiling, "I'm too innocent. What did you two with these two men? Play Monopoly."
"No," Sabrina giggled, "We got into bed together and, you know..."
"Oh, I know," I said, "I get the picture. Dear oh dear, shame on you Sabrina. Getting double-plugged by two guys!"
Sabrina laughed even more, whilst I felt my dick stiffen as I imagined her being fucked in the cunt and arse at the same time. Fucking hell, I was surprised I'd got her to admit this, even if we were very close and a little tipsy on red wine.
"Double-plugged," Sabrina repeated, "I haven't heard that expression before."
"What about the time you went with a guy and a girl at the same time?" I prompted her.
"That wasn't as much fun, I must admit. It was still cool, but I did have to share the guy with this chick."
"Who were the couple? Friends?"
"Yeah. They were engaged to be married and were both about thirty, a decade older than I was at the time. It was fun. I got it on with the woman too."
That was it, I almost ejaculated in my pants at this revelation! My head was now full of the image of Sabrina screwing another woman. Fuckin' hell what a thought!
"I've never had such a pleasure as three-in-a-bed," I sighed, "I'm not quite as wild and perverted as you sis."
"Oh, you're young, you're handsome, you'll have loads of chances to indulge in such shocking, pervy things."
We both giggled and poured some more wine for ourselves. I wanted to ravish and fuck Sabrina right now, especially as she was sitting up close to me during this conversation.
Sabrina's favorite programme, Friends, was now coming on. The conversation driften to TV programmes before we sat and viewed the show, my dick slowly softening as I had some more wine, my head light and tipsy.

That night was very hot. The temperature in New York City was over 75-degrees at night.
Sabrina and myself were not drunk when we went to bed, though we were nice and lightheaded and fell asleep very quickly.
I awoke in the middle of the night. The drapes and window were open to let in the fresh air, the full moon hanging high in the sky above the city and bathing the warm room in a silvery glow. The red digits of the alarm-clock read 02:28AM. I felt very hot, in just my boxer shorts, even though the duvet was now off the bed having been slowly pushed off during the night. Next to me, Sabrina lay on her side. She'd gone to bed in her nightdress but I noticed she'd taken it off during the night, presumably having woken briefly sometime earlier. Sabrina lay with her back to me in just a pair white panties and nothing else!
My cock was instantly erect and I quietly flicked the lamp next to the bed on, it's warm glow illuminating Sabrina and myself on the bed. I couldn't see my sister's tits, of course, as she still lay to one side, but I could make out the elegant line of her spine and her cute round bum-cheeks in her tight panties. My dick felt fit to burst.
I noticed Sabrina's breathing alter a little, and she wiggled her toes. She seemed to be waking up slowly, drifting in and out of sleep as you do when it's so stuffy and hot at night. Perhaps it was because of the lamp being on. Or maybe it was just too hot. Either way, I wondered whether to take a book or something and pretend to read in case Sabrina woke up fully and saw me laying here. However, there was the case of my dick stretching the material of my shorts. There was no duvet to hide it.
Suddenly, I decided not to give a shit and just go for it!
I'm a teenager, at my sexual peek, almost constantly horny. I'm laying next to a beautiful young woman wearing just her panties. The fact that she's my sister should surely be negated by my intense horniness, though of course I thought that Sabrina being my sister was an arguement for fucking her!
I rolled over and lay on my side behind Sabrina, feeling the warmth of her body near mine. I reached out and placed one of my hands on her thigh, rubbing up and stroking her buttocks through her cotton panties. Sabrina's eyes flicked open. She was certainly awake now!
"Hi sis," I whispered.
"Malcolm?" she said, quietly.
I reached round and cupped one of her breasts, gently stroking it in my hand, feeling it's softness and how her nipple instinctively stiffened under my touch.
"I can't bare lying next to you but not touching you Sabrina," I told her in hoarse words, "I fancy the hell out of you Sabrina, I want to fuck you!"
With me continuing to fondle her breasts, Sabrina didn't seem to know what to say. I was nudging her buttocks with my cock that strained erectly in my shorts, desperate to fuck my beautiful sister but not wanting to be forceful in anyway.
"Malcolm," she gasped, "I'm your sister."
"And therefore I love you more than any young woman off the street! I've lusted after you since we were teenagers Sabrina, I want to make love to you."
Sabrina began to move and I edged back, wondering what her reaction would be. She turned onto her other side, facing me, and smiled.
"Well," she began, "if nothing else, a good fuck will help me sleep."
She smiled, then kissed me on the lips in a very passionate way that made it clear she wasn't taking this as jokingly as her previous remark suggested. Our tongues squirmed over each other as we kissed, hard. Then I had Sabrina lay on her back and I moved down her, kissing her neck, her shoulders, and then her tits. I sucked on each nipple in turn, Sabrina stroking my hair and sighing with pleasure.
Shortly, I was on the move again, kissing Sabrina's flat belly and swirling my tongue round her naval. Finally, I knelt up and removed her panties, sliding them down her legs and tossing them aside. I got down and stroked Sabrina's cunt with my hand, running my fingers through her golden pubic hair whilst noting how glistening her vaginal lips were. It was a hot, tight looking cunt indeed.
I fell to eating Sabrina out hungrily, pushing my tongue up into her cunt and licking her wet cunt. Sabrina's slender thighs clamped my head as she squirmed under my tongue-work, cunt juice running down my chin as I licked her out thoroughly until she climaxed, keeping her moans of pleasure quiet, aware of Pearl sleeping next door.
Like a big sister should, Sabrina took control next, laying me on my back and helping me off with my shorts.
"What a nice big dick," Sabrina smirked, stroking my eight-inch member, "You're certainly not my 'little' brother in every way!"
"Don't be lewd," I laughed, enjoying the way Sabrina retained her silly demeanour even as we got down to a heated sex session.
"I'll show you how lewd your sister can be," she said, then knelt between my legs and bent over, taking the swollen head of my cock into her mouth. The feeling of getting a blow-job is fantastic, as any man will agree, but when it's your own beautiful sister sucking on your old fella it's true heaven! Sabrina blonde hair tickled my lower abdomen as she bobbed her head whilst sucking on my dick, taking more of me into her mouth. I fucked her mouth a little, thrusting my hips silghtly as Sabrina gave me the best head I'd ever received.
My sperm was threatening to launch itself and Sabrina seemed to sense this. She took my cock from her mouth and mounted me, taking my long dick into her hot, tight cunt.
"That's fantastic sis," I sighed, reaching up and clasping her breasts, "I've wanted to fuck you for so long.
"Well, you've caught my eye for a while," Sabrina admitted, flashing me that wonderful smile of hers, slowly riding my dick.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"I guess I haven't consciously lusted after you like you have me. But I've always thought you were such a nice looking boy and I'd found myself feeling almost jelous when I saw you with girlfriends. At the time I assumed it was just being protective of you, but now I guess there might have been a little bit of envy when I imagined you shafting them!"
"I was probably thinking about you when I was fucking those chicks."
I laughed, Sabrina doing likewise, riding me a bit quicker as I began to match her rythym, thrusting up into her cunt. My hands now clasped her hips as her bum smacked against my thighs, a look of sheer ecstasy on our faces as we began screwing hard. The bed springs began to squeak as Sabrina bounced on my prick, both of us sweaty very quickly as we humped in the humid room. Sabrina leaned over shortly, resting her hands on my chest and kissing me hard on the mouth whilst I drove up into her clasping cunt. There was no chance of holding my climax back and I soon ejaculated deep into my sister's womb, my cock throbbing and pulsating as I launched my cum up into her. Both of our lips were still clamped together as I came, drinking in each other's sighs of pleasure as I flooded her with my sperm.
Sabrina finally parted from me, falling off from my body and laying next to me.
"I'm even hotter now," Sabrina sighed after a few minutes, taking a book from the bedside cabinet and fanning herself with it.
"Me too," I agreed, "But I feel better."
"Same here! That was fun! Let's do it again later."
"How about now?" I said, and I got up and knelt between Sabrina's legs and began to lick her out again. She was delighted with this attention and soon gasped with ecstasy as I licked her sperm-filled cunt just as thoroughly as before, making my sister climax again.
Sabrina repaid me in kind, giving me a good blow-job, my prick already stiff when she began to suck on it. This time, when we came to fuck, I elected to go on top and "do the hard work." I mounted Sabrina, sliding up into her wet cunt and deeply fucking her. She shivered with delight in my arms and we kissed and fucked and wriggled together in the moonlight. I held back a bit better this time, lasting twenty-minutes before my sperm erupted into Sabrina's womb, adding to the spunk I'd pumped up there earlier.
I withdrew and once again we lay side by side, out of breath and hot. Just as Sabrina had suggested earlier, though, it did help us sleep, and we slumbered together as the sun began to rise above the skyscrapers on the horizon outside the window.

It was Saturday, and upon waking, Sabrina and myself had to think for a few seconds to figure out why we were naked. Events that take place at two in the morning have a knack of appearing slightly dreamlike, and both of us were happy to realize that our late-night sex had not been a dream.
It was 8:30AM and I had a serious case of morning wood. Sabrina was pleased to see this, and after a little kissing and fondling, we got down to business, me on top and pushing my dick deep into Sabrina and making her groan lustily. I fucked her hard and fast, feeling energetic in the early morning, which was cool with a clouds appearing in the sky. Shortly, I came once again, firing my cum up into Sabrina whilst we kissed.
Then, we both put on our underwear and dressing gowns before leaving the room.
Pearl sat on the sofa in her white panties and a blue T-shirt, chatting on the cordless phone and sipping a coffee like a right little socialite! She was chatting to a friend and she nodded a hello as me and Sabrina came in, my elder sister heading to the kitchen to make breakfast.
Pearl finished her phone conversation, seemingly unconcerned about being dressed so scantily near me, and told me of how she was planning on meeting a friend later downtown.
"Which friend is this?" I asked as I sat on the sofa next to her, remembering how Pearl, the little blonde minx, had been fucked on this very sofa the other day.
"Clarissa," Pearl replied.
"Not a boyfriend then?"
"No. I don't have a boyfriend."
"I did have but I dumped him yesterday. He was wanting to see other girls and stuff so I told him we're finished."
She gave a little shrug and sipped her coffee. I smiled, realizing that the boy's demand to 'see other girls' was his way of dumping Pearl, so in fact, he had done the breaking up. Pearl was old enough to fuck but wasn't too hot on the intricacies of relationships! I admired her slender legs and her cute little panties, looking at her through the corner of my eye whilst pretending to watch TV. I was wondering whether it was possible for me to ever satisfy my sexual appetite. I'd achieved my ambition of screwing Sabrina, and now, despite fucking Sabrina just a little while ago, I was all eager to seduce and fuck my kid sister.
Just then, Sabrina entered the room with some plates of waffles for us all, her and me swapping glances as we gave little grins regarding our secret. My dick was stiffening as I sat and ate breakfast in between my two sisters.

After breakfast, Pearl went to her room to get dressed, after which she left the apartment saying the she'd be back mid-afternoon.
As soon as she'd gone, me and Sabrina turned to each other on the sofa and began snogging, running our hands through each other's hair and thrusting our tongues down each other's throats.
Our dressing gowns were soon removed, along with our underwear.
"You're so gorgeous Sabrina," I told her, stroking her tits, "You're the hottest chick in the whole world!
"And I can't think of a guy better looking than you, little brother," Sabrina told me, gripping my cock. It was rock hard in her pumping fist.
"I wanna fuck you all day," I told her.
"There's nothing stopping us!"
"Whaddya wanna do sis? Any requests or shall I just ravish you on the floor?"
"How about fucking me up the bum? You ever taken a girl anally Malcolm?"
"A few times, yeah. You're arse is something I've gazed at so frequently, I can't wait to shove my cock up it!"
"Then don't wait!"
Sabrina gave me another kiss then turned round, kneeling up on the sofa and bending over. She placed her elbows on the arm rest and arched her back, her nice, shapely rear thrust outwards. Sitting behind her, I stroked her buttocks and admired the smoothness of her lovely, fine flesh. Her cunt hung, sopping and wet, underneath a pretty little pink anus. The puckered hole captivated me and I knelt forwards to kiss it. Sabrina flinched and giggled, her anus twitching involuntarily at the touch of my lips. I kissed it again, then ran my tongue over it. Soon, I was kneeling up and bent over, my hands clapped to Sabrina's arse-cheeks as I rimmed her bum-hole. My sister moaned in pleasure as I pushed my tongue up her arsehole, her sphincter loosening as I tongued her. When Sabrina's arsehole was nice and dilated, glistening with saliva, I got up and nudged that tight hole with my heavy prick. Sabrina braced herself as I began to slowly push my cock into her arse, the head squeezing past her anal-ring and my sister gripping the armrest as my dick, inch by inch, slithered up into her bottom.
"OOooooh, that's nice," Sabrina panted, "Fucking hell, that's good....uuuh!"
"I've wanted to do this to you since I was thirteen," I said, then with a final heave I shoved the remainder of my shaft into Sabrina's arsehole. All eight inches were wedged in her shit-canal and it was pure delight.
"Uuuh fuck my arse," my sister panted, "Drive it up me, fuck my arsehole. Nnnnh!"
I pulled half my dick from Sabrina's arse then drove it forward again, to the fucking hilt, repeating this action at a steady pace. This was so fucking fantastic! I couldn't believe I was fucking my big sister in the bum! And to top it all off, the sofa was alongside the huge window overlooking Central Park, so I had a great view to accompany my post-breakfast incestuous sodomization!
My thrusting pace increased, driving my dick deep into Sabrina's bowels. Soon, my prick twitched and spewed forth my sticky jizz. With Sabrina thrusting her arse back at me, I hunched over her, gripping her shoulders in my strong hands as I pumped her shit-chute full of my salty love juice.
"Fuck," I gasped once my orgasm had finished, "Aah, yeah, that was good."
I slid my dick from Sabrina's bowels, falling back onto the sofa, Sabrina's winking anus - loose and dribbling sperm - still on view whilst Sabrina remained bent over. Then she fell back into my arms and we got our breath together.
"Malcolm?" my sister later began, my prick re-stiffened and pressing against her lower back as she lay up against me.
"Yes sis?"
"Do you know earlier, you were saying about me being the sexiest girl alive?"
"Well, how does Pearl figure in this? Is she the second sexiest?"
"Joint sexiest!" I replied.
"I saw you admiring her earlier," Sabrina said, "Looking at her legs as she sat there in her panties! You sly devil you! You came here to seduce both your sisters didn't you?"
"No, just you my dear. But Pearl would be a bonus. She came out of her room topless the other day, having forgot that I was here."
"I know, she told me. She has commented that you're very handsome, that you're the kind of guy she'd love to have as a boyfriend when she's older."
"Well, why should she have to wait until she's older? Let's throw her into the mix!"
"You think we should?" asked Sabrina, twisting round and looking at me with her lovely big blue eyes.
"Why not," I shrugged, "The more the merrier. Besides, you've had a threesome before but I haven't! And she's no virgin anyway."
"Right then," Sabrina said, "Let's fuck her. But we'll wait until tomorrow. I want you all to myself today, dear brother of mine."
Sabrina got off the sofa and knelt down in front of me, taking my hard prick into her mouth. She sucked me off deeply, stroking my balls with her fingers whilst swirling her tongue over my cock-head.
"I want to drink your sperm," Sabrina told me, briefly taking my dick from her lips, "I want to gulp it down! I love the taste of cum"
"Sure thing sis! Let me fuck you first though, then I'll pull out and cum down your throat."
"Okay," Sabrina agreed, "Sure thing honey." She turned and bent over the coffee table with her arse thrust back at me. "Fuck me in the arse will you dear? You buggered me beautifully earlier."
I got down behind her and sank my dick into her arsehole, both of us grunting with pleasure as I buggered my sister once more.
For fifteen-minutes I bum-fucked Sabrina, but as promised I withdrew before my climax. Sabrina turned and knelt up whilst I stood and offered her my soiled prick. My sister took it into her mouth and greedily sucked my cock until I ejaculated. My third climax of the morning was powerful, my legs trembling as I squirted my spunk into Sabrina's mouth, the horny young woman thirstily drinking down my semen.

We went for a walk afterwards, a pleasant stroll around Central Park. When rain threatened to spoil the Saturday lunchtime stroll, we headed back to the apartment.
Both of us were horny once again and we hurried into the master bedroom, undressing hurridly like randy youngsters. Clambering onto the bed, Sabrina lay down and I began bestowing kisses all over her, kissing her lips, her neck, her breasts, her belly and finally her cunt. I spread her thighs and ate out her cunt whilst Sabrina ran her hands over her tits and arched her back, moaning in pleasure.
"Lick my cunt," she purred, "Lick it out, Malcolm. OOoooh, fuck! No-one's licked my cunt out as good as you. Oooh, yeah."
I continued to drive my tongue up into her wet, hot cunt, her sparse blonde pubic hair bristling against my nose as I noshed her cunt.
"God, Malcolm," Sabrina continued to cry, now holding my head in her hands, "Ooh, I'm gonna're gonna make your sister cum...AAaah, fuck! Fuck, yeah! I'm cumming!!"
She panted and wailed obsceneties as she clamped my head in her juice-slathered thighs, her nails slightly raking my scalp as she bucked her arse up and ground her cunt into my face. I waited until she'd finished her climax and fallen limp before I raised my head, cunt-juice slathered over my lower jaw.
"You've got a great tongue Malcolm," Sabrina laughed, sitting up and giving me a long, lingering kiss on the lips, "Lay back, I'll return the favour!"
With no hesitation, I lay on my back whilst Sabrina knelt next to me. She took my big, hard cock in her delicate fist and leaned over, clamping her lips over the purple bell-end, and began sucking noisily. My sister was kneeling alongside me as she sucked my dick, her arse in easy reach, so I was able to gently probe and finger her cunt from behind.
"Oh sis," I crooned, "What a cocksucker you are! Get it all in...try and get as much as my dick in your fucking throat!"
Spurred on by my language and two of my digits sliding into her cunt, Sabrina took a few more inches of my dick into her mouth. She couldn't get all eight inches in, but more than half was in her wet mouth.
"Sabrina, darling, ooooh. Yeah...suck me...suck my fucking cock."
With one hand I ran my fingers through her golden hair whilst with my other hand I probed her orifices, now able to nimbly push my thumb into her arsehole whilst two fingers remained in her cunt. I worked the digits into her cunt and rectum, digging around and making Sabrina squirm with delight, emitting muffled moans of pleasure whilst giving me head.
I was approaching climax when Sabrina took my cock from her lips, kissing my lips and smiling sexily.
"Let's fuck," she said, "I want you to fuck my cunt and arsehole then cum all over my face!"
"Now there's an offer," I announced, pulling my thumb and fingers from her holes and kneeling up, "no thoughtful brother could decline! Lay back sis, spread your legs!"
Sabrina did so and I mounted her, elegently sliding my long dick up into her cunt, our bodies pressed together.
"Aaah, fuck," Sabrina gasped into my ear, "Such a lovely thick prick you've got brother, such a nice big dick! Fuck it up me, fuck my cunting cunt!"
I began to hump her hard, silencing her by kissing her lips and thrusting my tongue into her warm throat.
Sabrina was a damn good lay, wrapping her legs around my hips (the same way Pearl had done to her young fucker the other day), thrusting her groin up to meet my long, deep thrusts. My orgasm was close, thanks to Sabrina's blow-job, so after a short while I kept myself in check by disengaging from Sabrina. I cooled off a little by gently sucking and stroking her tits, my prick still pulsing erectly but my climax ebbing away.
Once I moved away from Sabrina, jacking off my hard cock menacingly towards her, my older sister quickly flipped over, lying on her belly with her legs parted. She reached behind her, clapping her hands to her firm buttocks and parting them to reveal her twitching anus.
"Fuck my shitter," she begged me, "Show no mercy, fuck my pooh-hole with your cock!"
Deciding to lubricate the way first, I dived down between her bum-cheeks and licked out her anus, thrusting my tongue into her rectum and wiggling it around so that her sphincter was nice and loose, slick with phlegm. Then I got into position, Sabrina still keeping her buttocks parted with her hands as I got on top of her, guiding the head of my thick dong to her anal ring. I began to lower myself, looking down and watching the head of my cock push through my sister's sphincter, Sabrina tensing and moaning as my thick cock-pipe slid into her. Slowly, my shaft began to vanish into Sabrina's bum, my pubic hair soon bristling against the crack of her arse, her clenching anus snugly holding the base of my cock.
Sabrina took her hands from her buttocks and thrust them under her body, frigging her clit and gasping with pleasure as she pushed her arse up onto my cock. I lay flat on her, propped up on my elbows with my torso pressed against her back. I dug my knees into the bed and raised my hips so that only the head of my dick was held in my sister's arse, before I plunged back down, sinking the whole shaft up her rectum. I repeated this with long, deep strokes, Sabrina driven wild and crying out with ecstasy.
For ten long minutes I kept this up, giving my randy sister another powerful orgasm, the twenty-four year old blonde sex-pot almost fainting with ecstasy, her anal ring spasming around the base of my prick as I continued to deeply penetrated her shit-guts with my rampant member.
By some miracle I was still unspent when I dismounted Sabrina, my cock sliding from her anus with a squelchy, shitty 'plop'.
"Turn over Sabrina," I asked her, stroking my prick, "I'm gonna whitewash your pretty little face!"
Sabrina did so and I knelt astride her, by heavy balls dangling over her firm titties. I pumped my prick in my face, my sister's azure eyes wide with lust and desire as she watched my swollen cock being masturbated right before her. She licked her lips and opened her mouth as she saw that my climax was approaching.
"I'm cumming sis," I stammered, "Fuck...oh, it is! Uuuuh!"
My cock was a geyser of sperm, fountaining forth my sticky white jism which splashed all over Sabrina's face. She caught what she could in her mouth, swallowing it, whilst the ropy strings of sperm slathered across her rosy red cheeks and in her hair.
"Drink it up," I panted, continuing to masturbate over Sabrina, "Drink all my cum up! Nnng!"
Finally, the volcanic eruption of semen finished and I dipped my slimy cock-head into my sister's mouth so that she could suck out the remaining cum. When I finally dismounted her, I stroked her hair and kissed her lips, Sabrina looking so fantastically sluttish with her own brother's sperm running down her face and hanging in her hair.
When I moved away from her, Sabrina had me lay down so that she could suck my cock. It wasn't long before she had my dick standing proud and erect once more.
My sister mounted me, swinging her legs round and taking my dick deep into her tight cunt. She began to ride me, energetically, bouncing on my groin and grunting with pleasure whilst I held her hips and drove my prick up into her womb. He firm round tits wobbled as she rode my cock, and I cheekily reached round and pushed a forefinger up into her arsehole.
"WOooh, that's nice," Sabrina laughed, "You're an imaginative stud aren't you?"
"Sure am sis," I grinned, working my finger up into her anus to the knuckle. Sabrina leaned down and kissed me as we fucked, her lips still slightly salty from all the cum that still slathered her face.
After a while, my sister dismounted me and got on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her and licked out her cunt, working my tongue up into the sopping, hot slit. Then I moved up and licked her loosened anus, shoving my tongue up her hot bottom and finger her slit as I did so.
Finally, I knelt up and sank my stiff cock deep into her cunt and proceeded to fuck Sabrina from behind. She gripped the duvet and shook with pleasure as I drove into her cunt deep and hard, slamming my cock into her womb.
"Fuck me," she grunted, "God, yeah, Malcolm fuck my cunt! Fuck your sister's hot cunt!"
"You're the hottest chick I've ever fucked," I told her.
"Damn right, you little slut! God, you're the best sister in the world! Uh, uh, yeah, you like your brother's big fat dick up your cunt?"
"Yeah, yeah. Shove it up me. Nnng, fuck me! Make sure you fuck me up the arse again afterwards, honey, I love it in the arse."
After a few minutes of cunt-fucking Sabrina, I slid out from her and re-entered her immediately, this time taking the rear entrance. My cock slid easily into her rectum, her anus clasping my prick as I buggered Sabrina with as much enthusiasm as I had just fucked her cunt.
"I love being fucked in the arse," my sister moaned, like some sort of erotic chant, "I love it when you fuck me in the arse! Fuck me, fuck my shitter Malcolm!"
"Nothing I'd rather do Sabrina!"
"God, uhhhhh, harder...harder...fuck me arse! Nnngg, GOD! Get my shit on your dick, fuck me, fuck my DIRTY fucking SHITTER! OOOH, fuck I'm gonna cum soon!"
"Me too! Uuuh, fuck...cum at the same time as me...we'll orgasm together...shit! I'm about to blow my fuckin' load up your motherfucking crapper...YEAH!"
"Cum in my bowels, NUUUUUH! JEEEE-SUS motherfucking buggered CHRIST! Bugger my arsehole Malcolm, bugger your sister's arse!"
When my climax came it was a good, powerful one, and I cried out in ecstasy as I spurted my hot sperm into Sabrina's rectal passage, Sabrina frigging her clit and making herself cum at the same time. In the heat of her orgasm, Sabrina banged her bum onto my dick, her anus tightening round the hilt of my cock whilst I shot my semen into her guts.
After I pulled out, we got our breath back, then finally got round to making some lunch.

We took a trip to the grocery store shortly, coming home at about two in the afternoon whilst the rain began to pour down.
"Looks like we missed the rain," I commented as me and Sabrina packed the groceries into the fridge.
"Yeah," agreed Sabrina, the rain now hammering against the window, "I hope Pearl doesn't get too soaked out there."
"She'll hopefully stay at her friend's a bit longer," I said, coming up behind Sabrina stroking her arse, "Then we can have a nice afternoon fuck."
"When are you going to make a move on Pearl?"
"Tomrrow. Maybe. I might do tonight, I can't wait to fuck her."
"You randy rascal!"
"Come on, let's go to bed. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you sis."
We scampered off to the master bedroom once more. My cock was rock hard, as if I hadn't engaged in any sex for months, let alone five fucks earlier that day. Sabrina and I were soon nude on the bed. We licked and sucked each other off for a while, after which Sabrina got on her hands and knees. I pushed my heavy prick into her cunt, deciding to take it slowly this time around. In long, sweeping strokes, I pulled my prick to and fro in Sabrina's moist slit, my sister panting softly as she was steadily fucked.
Though we were not as noisy or as rampant as we were earlier, me and Sabrina were somewhat lost in our passionate sex, so much so that we didn't hear the front door open and close.
We didn't hear the bedroom door open either, and Pearl had been standing at the end of the bed for a good few seconds when I noticed Sabrina looked over her shoulder and her eyes widen with shock.
I stopped in mid-thrust, half my dick still in Sabrina's cunt, and looked around also.
Pearl stood, wet from the rain, looking at us in a pink jumper and tight white jeans. Her hair was wet and clung to her soft face and she looked rather soaked, and incredibly sexy. That was not something I particularly paid too much attention too, though, as my heart race.
"Good afternoon you two," Pearl smiled, a wicked glint in her eye.
"Hi sis," I greeted her, deciding to match her casualness.
"Watchya doin'" my kid sister asked us.
"We're..." began Sabrina, thinking, "playing bedtime poker." She laughed, as did I.
"No you're not, you're fucking," Pearl giggled, "I'm just a little pissed that's all, that my big brother is having sex with my big sister."
"Hey, it's no big deal," I shrugged, "We're just having fun."
"Just because we're brother and sister," Sabrina began, "Doesn't mean..."
"Oh I'm not pissed at that," Pearl laughed, untucking her damp jumper from her jeans, "There's surely nothing wrong with a bit of incest, not at all. No, I'm a little annoyed that you didn't invite me to join you! I got needs too!"
She tugged off her top, revealing a lacy black bra that was swiftly removed also, her lovely titties coming into view. Her ruby red nipples were stiff atopd those plump little breasts.
"I'm not stupid," Pearl explained, now kicking off her shoes, "I've noticed you two this last week, the slight air of sexual chemistry. Malcolm's being eyeing you up, Sabrina, all week, and I've noticed how you seem to look at Malcolm longingily, even if you weren't aware of it at the time. Also, the walls aren't quite so thick in this apartment, I heard some sort of activity going on in the small hours of this morning, and it certainly sounded more energetic than a game of nocturnal poker or something."
"Well," I shrugged, again, my dick still in Sabrina's cunt, "It's impossible for a young man to lay in bed next to a woman and not want to fuck her!"
"Don't blame you," Pearl said, removing her socks and now undoing her jeans, "Sabrina is nice and pretty. And you're a damn fine looking guy yourself Malcolm! I can join in with you two can't I?"
"Most certainly," Sabrina quickly said.
"I'm not a virgin you see," Pearl explained.
"I know," I laughed, "I came home early the other day and caught you being fucked by that boy. I wanted to join in, it must be said, but I decided not too."
"I dumped that boy anyway," Pearl shrugged, sliding her jeans down, "He came too quickly. I only lost my cherry the other month and I'm already addicted to fucking! I need a real man though, an older guy to do the job properly."
Pearl removed the last item of clothing, her black panties, so she now stood nude.
"You are gorgeous sis," I told her.
Pearl smiled and did a little twirl. Her body was slender and toned, her cunt topped by a small amount of blonde pubic hair, her arse shapely and mouthwatering. Her skin had the soft, golden glow that only teenage girl's possess.
"Are you gonna budge up?" Pearl said to Sabrina as she got on the bed, "It's only fair we share our brother's cock!"
Sabrina moved forwards so that my dick slid from her cunt, then she got to one side and watched as Pearl lay down on the bed. My little sister spread her legs and I went straight down to her cunt. I ran my tongue over her lips, nuzzling at her young cunt and stroking her inner thighs with my hands. I was particularly excited to sense that there was no hesitation between the girls to get it on, Sabrina quickly edging over to Pearl and kissing her passionately. I continued to eat out Pearl's cunt, digging my tongue deep inside her tight cunt whilst Sabrina moved down and sucked on Pearl's stiff nipples.
I was very eager to get inside this hot little cunt, so I moved up and eased my dick into my little sister's slit, Pearl wrapping her arms round me and letting out a long sigh of passion as I buried my member right up into her. Sabrina moved to one side and frigged her clit as she watchd the proceedings, Pearl an energetic little minx as she reacted favorably to my passionate humping. Slowly, I drew my cock back and forth in her tight cunt.
"That is soooo good!" she panted, "I've been fucked by four boys and none of them were as big as you Malcolm! I can feel my fucking cunt lips stretched by your dick! Uuunh, yeah!"
"You and Sabrina are the sexiest girls in the world," I told them, fucking Pearl steadily, "God, I'm so lucky!"
"We're lucky!" Sabrina insisted, stroking my buttocks as I humped our little sister, "You're gonna service me and Pearl good and proper aren't you?"
"Damn right!"
"You'll have to work some overtime in the bed department," Pearl grinned up at me, "From what I could hear last night Sabrina needs some serious fucking before she's satisfied. And as for me! I've been friggnig myself silly since I was twelve and in the last two years I've built up one hell of a sexual appetite."
"Don't worry your pretty little head about it," I reassured her, deeply fucking her at a quicker pace now, "I'm gonna fuck you both to exhaustion each night then wake you up with another fuck!"
"Excellent," Sabrina said, giving me a kiss, then Pearl. I was fucking my little sister harder and faster now, Pearl burying her head against my chest as she squealed in delight. She hit an orgasm, climaxing powerfully under my hammering prick. My orgasm hit me shortly too.
"I'm cumming!" I cried, pumping hot semen into Pearl's tight cunt, "Oh fuck, I'm cummin', shit YEAH!"
"FUCK ME!" panted Pearl, "Oh fuck me Malcolm, fuck your little sister's cunt! Fuck my CUNT! Oooooh!"
My cum continued to boil up and shoot into the depths of the girl's womb, Sabrina meanwhile edging in and thrusting her tongue down Pearl's throat, both sisters kissing hard as I finished off my orgasm, running my dick in and out of Pearl's sopping, spermy cunt, her tight lips squeezing the last drips of jism from my prick.
Finally, I dismounted and knelt to one side. I took a deep breath, Sabrina moving away from Pearl and coming over to me, kissing me hard on the lips now. Pearl was already up and behind Sabrina, bending down and licking Sabrina's cunt and arsehole from behind whilst me and my elder sister continued to snog like a honeymooning couple. Pearl's tongue was clearly working hard down there, for even with her tongue down my gullett I could sense Sabrina moan and tense as her little sister's tongue squirmed it's way up her cunt and then her anus.
We moved apart after a moment, my prick quite clearly as stiff as an iron pole.
"More fucking!" Pearl insisted.
"Damn right," I agreed, "I want to cum over both of your faces! I want to fuck you both then cover you both in sperm. Everyone up for this?"
Sabrina nodded her head gleefully whilst Pearl replied by simply giving me a kiss then bending down to suck on my dick. Though a little clumsy compared to my other sister, Pearl gave fairly good head, sucking down four inches of my pole and fellating me with great enthusiasm. Returning the earlier oral favour, Sabrina got down behind Pearl and licked the girl's cunt and arse out from behind, the room filled with wet slurpy noises. Pearl rolled her tongue over my cock head whilst cupping my balls in her warm little hand, my hands running through her hair that was still damp from the rain she'd been caught in. All the while, Sabrina was busy behind her little sister, and from my angle I could view the fantastic sight of Sabrina licking Pearl's hairless, pink anus, lapping at it like a thirsty dog before pushing her tongue up into that puckered little hole.
I was in urgent need of penetrating these girls, so I pulled my dick from Pearl's mouth and lay on my back. Sabrina quickly mounted me, sinking her cunt down onto my cock. Pearl knelt to oneside and kissed Sabrina hard on the mouth, me humping my cock up into my older sister's cunt whilst stroking her stomach and tits. All the while, Pearl kissed her sister's lips then moved down to kiss her neck and shoulders. Her hand went behind Sabrina and I could sense from the young woman's facial expression that Pearl, clearly a fast learner, was pushing a finger up her big sister's bottom. This enhanced Sabrina's pleasure as she continued to ride my dick.
After ten-minutes I had the ladies switch over. Pearl now rode my cock, taking me fully into her sparsley-haired cunt. She rode me good and hard, like a kangaroo on a trampoline, her face a picture of youthful ecstasy as I worked with her to fuck her cunt from below with my thumping great dick.
Sabrina knelt astride my chest and pushed her cunt into my face so I could lick her out. I had great fun, driving my tongue up into one sister's cunt whilst driving my cock into the other's.
"Lick my cunt," Sabrina ordered me, rubbing her slit against my lapping tongue, "Ooooh, yeah, lick me! Lick my cunt! Oooh!"
I tongued her to an orgasm, after which Sabrina moved aside. Pearl was still riding my dick.
"Stick your finger in my arse!" she asked her older sister, "Just like I did with you!"
Sabrina did so, reaching behind Pearl and pushing a forefinger up the youngster's bum whilst kissing her hard on the mouth. I was all the while fucking Pearl from below and we soon made the adolescent slut climax hard.
My dick was still hard when the girl's finally moved aside, but my climax was very near. I had Pearl and Sabrina sit on the edge of the bed next to each other, pushing their faces together, cheek-to-cheek. Standing in front of them, I was thus able to masturbate my swollen prick with the purple head level with their charming little faces.
My right bicep bulged as I jacked off, quick and hard. Soon, the flow began, a nice thick fountain of sperm that exploded in my sister's faces. They didn't want to miss a drop, both Sabrina and Pearl almost jostling for position to get the most amount of cum, their mouths open as I coated them in cum, moving my dick from side to side to ensure a fair coating of ejaculate over them both. When I had finished, I slumped back on the bed, out of breath, watching as the girls turned and licked each other's spermy faces clean.
"What a fucking fantastic afternoon this is!" Pearl said afterwards, laying next to me.
"We've got more fun ahead," Sabrina said, getting down on the other side of me, "We've all evening, every evening during the week and then whole weekends to do little more than have a nice big sweaty threesome together."
"I must say," I began, "I'm so fucking glad I moved in here."
"I'm glad you did too," Pearl agreed.
"And me," Sabrina added.
We lay in silence for a moment or two, then I knelt up.
"Well," I announced, "I'm all ready for another fuck. How about you two?"
"Don't you ever stop?" laughed Sabrina, "I'm worred we'll wear you out or something!"
"I'll be fine," I insisted, "I'm nineteen years old! I could fuck you both a dozens times and still have a dick as hard as a baseball bat."
"It's almost as big as a baseball bat!" declared Pearl, sitting up and gripping my hard dick in her hands, "I love being fucked! Oh, if only you'd moved in here with us a few months ago before I first had sex! Then you could have had my virginity!"
"I could always take your anal virginity right now honey," I announced.
"Yeah, there's an idea," Pearl said, stroking my hard dick, "I've not taken a prick in my bum yet. I've wanted to because I've always thought it would be great. Even when I was twelve and first masturbating, I always fingered my arsehole and even shoved bananas and cucumbers up my arse whilst frigging my cunt, desperate to feel what getting taking in the back entrance would feel like. I never trusted any of the guys I've fucked to be careful enough to do it properly though. You're clearly a considerate and skilled bum-fucker though Malcolm. What better gift can a little sister give her brother than the chance to be the first to sample her arse? Okay, brother dear, I want you to pop my bum-cherry!"
"It'll be my pleasure kid. Sabrina? You can assist."
Pearl got into position, on her hands and knees with her lovely bum spread and on display, a vulnerable little teenage arse ready for invasion.
Me and Sabrina gave Pearl's arsehole a good licking, both of us taking turns to run our tongues over and into Pearl's tight anus. A finger or two found it's way up there also, so that soon the hairless little pink orifice was nice and dilated, ready to be deflowered. Sabrina moved to oneside and watched as I nudged our little sister's bum with my thick prick.
I pushed the head of the prick to her anus and began to push, Pearl gripping the duvet and gritting her teeth.
"It's going in," I told her, "Slowly...but surely..."
"Ooooh, I can feel it," wailed Pearl.
"Just say if you want me to stop," I told her.
"No, continue," she begged, "Push it up me...I can take much is in?"
"Just an inch," I announced, the head of my prick now lodged in my little sister's bum, "Another seven to go. Ready for more?"
"I'm ready for it all Malcolm! Shove it up my shit-hole!"
I pushed some more, my shaft steadily being swallowed up by Pearl's arsehole, girl bravely remaining calm as her bum was steadily invaded by my thick organ. Half of my prick was soon in her arse, and after a breather, I continued on until, finally, success! The last of my shaft slid through Pearl's tight sphincter. My whole eight inches was buried in my fourteen year old sister's tight arsehole!
"Oh, this is heaven," she cried, "That is utter HEAVEN! Oh fuck, yeah!"
"Is that good?" I asked her, easing my cock backwards and forwards in her shitter, "Do you like that sis?"
"It's FANTASTIC! Nnng, God, it's even better than being fucked in the cunt, I swear! Mmmmm! Fuck me, fuck my arse! Oooh!"
"That's a good girl," I panted, sodomizing her steadily now, increasing my pace as the teenager shook with pleasure under the long strokes of my cock in her arse.
"Sabrina?" I said to my older sister, worrying the she felt left out, "Come and frig Pearl will you? Rub her clit, lets see if we can give her a third climax!"
Sabrina came over, eagerly, and reached under Pearl to frig her clit. The younger girl was driven to even greater heights of ecstasy.
"Do you like that?" Sabrina purred in Pearl's ear, her voice low and passionate, "Do you like being FUCKED in the arse by your brother?"
"Ooooh, I love it," Pearl panted, "I fuckin' love it! YEAH!"
"Do you?" continued Sabrina, working hard to frig her sister's cunt, my dick all the while pounding Pearl's arsehole, "Do you like it Pearl? Your own BROTHER'S cock up your SHITTER? Good huh? Like being MASTURBATED by your own whoring sister? Huh?"
"God, fuck me I love it," Pearl cried, hit by another solid orgasm, "Fuck me I love it, I love being fucked in the arse! I love getting frigged, I love being seen to by my brother and sister...OOOOOH! I'm cumming, fuck, I'm cumming...fuck my shitter harder Malcolm! Frig my cunting slit Sabrina, fuck me, frig me. FUCK! Aaaaah!"
She was wracked with ecstasy, flailing under my sodomistical thrusting and Sabrina's clitoral stimulation. Once Pearl's orgasm had subsided I pulled out of her arsehole. After collapsing, she summoned the energy to move to one side and Sabrina took up her position with horny zeal, on her hands and knees. Sabrina's arsehole was already loosened from being licked and fingered by Pearl ealier, so it took me only a moment or two to push my rampant cock into her rectum. Wedged in to the hilt in Sabrina's rectum, I fucked her hard and fast, Pearl watching us as she regained her breath.
"Fuck my shitter," Sabrina egged me on, "Fuck me, Malcolm, fuck my arsehole! OOoooh, shit, GOD YEAH!"
"You're arse is just as tight as Pearl's," I said, "A good, hot grip! Fuck...yeah...Sabrina, squeeze your asscheeks together. Tighten your motherfucking shitter round my fucking cock! Oh, uh, aaah, uh!"
"Fuck me," Sabrina continued to cry, "Drill my dung-tunnel! Aaah, motherfuck! That's fantastic"
I sodomized her lustily, but I held back my own orgasm. I was determined to fire my sperm into Pearl's guts so shortly I pulled out of Sabrina's clutching anus and she shifted aside so that Pearl could retake her position, bent over in front of me. Swiftly, I planted my pole into my little sister's arse and I proceeded to bum-fuck her fast and hard. Sabrina came over and resumed frigging her younger sister's clit, driving the horny little lolita wild with ecstasy.
"God, yeah," Pearl panted, "You're cock feels so GOOD in my arse Malcolm. Ooooh! Uh, uh, drive it up there, drive it HARD up my fucking bum!"
Pearl humped backwards to meet invading member, grunting in pleasure whilst I held her shoulders and approached my climax. Soon, it arrived, my sperm exploding out in a thick geyser.
"I'm cumming," I announced, my pelvis smacking up against Pearl's buttocks, "I'm cumming up your motherfucking arse sis! YEAH!"
"I can feel it," wailed Pearl, "I can feel your sperm filling my bowels! That's good, yeah! Ohh! Frig me Sabrina!"
My orgasm was prolonged, my sperm squirting up into the depths of Pearl's tight young bottom. When it was over, I pulled out and fell back, truly exhausted from my trio of ejaculations. Sabrina kept Pearl on her hands and knees so she could get behind the younger girl and felch my sperm from her arsehole.

I was fucking glad I'd moved in with my two sisters, I thought, just before I drifted off to sleep, knowing my prick would be ready to perform once again after a nice nap.