Lisa, Mum & Me

(Incest - mother/son, teen, group (FFm), oral, anal, chubby, facials, first, big-breasts, felching)

"Hi mum," I said as I entered the living room.

"Hi Steve," my mum smiled. She was sitting on the sofa in the spacious living room, which was at the back of the single-storey house she and I lived. "How was school?" she asked.

"The usual, boring," I replied, dumping my schoolbag on the floor and kicking my trainers off. I didn't do too badly at school, and was an ace at sports, but like most fifteen-year-old boys I didn't exactly find it terribly thrilling. It was nice to be home.

My mum, Helen, was thirty-eight-years-old, and had been divorced from my dad for a decade now. She had not remarried, and to my knowledge had not even dated since becoming a divorcee, which was odd because she was attractive; average height, long jet-black hair, big dark eyes and a pleasing face. Yet she did not seem to bother with seeking out another husband, or a boyfriend. She was content to put her efforts into raising me and working at her job as a nurse. She often hung out with her best friend, Lisa, an unmarried woman who lived down the street.

Speaking of Lisa, the woman in question then strolled into the living room from the kitchen, holding two wine glasses in one hand and a bottle of red wine in the other. She often acted like she was at home here, which was understandable; Lisa was single and lived alone, and spent a lot of time around our house with my mum.

"Hi Lisa," I greeted my mum's best friend.

"Hi Steve," she responded, cheerfully. She was such a close friend of my mum's, and had been for a good six-years or so, that she almost seemed like an auntie to me. In fact, when I was about nine and Lisa first became friends with my mum, I used to refer to her as 'Auntie Lisa.' I'd grown out of that now though.

Lisa worked as a librarian and, to be fair, she looked the part. Without wanting to sound mean, she was...well, rather nerdy. A bit of a bookish spinster. She was twenty-nine-years-old, five-foot-five in height and a little plump. She had short, straight black hair, and although her round face was fairly cute, it was somewhat obscured by the big geeky spectacles that she constantly wore. She currently had on a pair of plain, light-grey trousers and simple white jumper, one that hugged her fairly large round boobs snugly. (In contrast my mum was wearing a snazzy pink-and-black striped jumper and bright red trousers.)

I must confess that I occasionally glanced at Lisa's cleavage, as her chubby tits were quite a fair size and the jumpers she wore - whilst rather dowdy- were often quite low cut, and her round boobs often looked to be fighting to spring free. Otherwise though, Lisa was one of the very few women I'd ever fantasized about sexually. Besides, like I said, the plump bespectacled spinster was almost like an Aunt. It felt wrong to think of her in a lewd way.

"Ooh, I forgot the corkscrew," Lisa said as she put the bottle of wine and the glasses on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

"I'll get it," I said, helpfully, and I strolled into the kitchen. I stopped by the fridge to grab a can of Coke, and picked up the corkscrew before heading back to the living room. Mum and Lisa were sitting on the sofa together, my mum fiddling with the DVD remote. I took the bottle of wine and uncorked it.

"Thanks sweetie," mum said, "You're a star."

I poured a big glass of wine for each of the ladies. They often did this on Saturdays; have a bottle of wine or two and watch a girly flick. Or two. I was often out on Saturday evenings, but I assumed Lisa and my mum just got tipsy and talked about...I dunno, girlie stuff. I figured I wasn't missing much.

"How do you get this thing to work?" my mum was asking, still struggling with the DVD remote. It was a new player we'd only bought a few days ago.

"Here," I said, and I took the remote and managed to select the 'play' button, which was tucked away amidst dozens of others. At that point the men screen for some romantic-comedy came up on the television in the corner of the room. I smugly put the remote down on the coffee table. "Easy," I bragged.

"Thanks son," mum smiled, "I don't know what I'd do without you."

I smiled, enjoying the feeling of being the 'man of the house' even though still a teenager.

"Are you off out tonight?" mum then asked me.

"No, not tonight?"

"Really? You usually go out with your friends on Saturdays."

"Yeah, but not tonight. I'm tired. I'll just play video games or something. Catch you later."

"Are you sure you don't want to join your mum and I in watching some romantic movies?" Lisa asked me.

"I'll pass, but thanks," I grinned, cracking open the can of Coke, "Catch you later."

I strolled out the room and into my bedroom.

I contemplated jacking off when I got to my room and shut the door. It was what I usually did when I got home. But I elected against it as I'd bought a new game the other day, and I was dying to play it. I fired up the PC and figured I'd maybe wank off later.

At nine o'clock my eyes were aching slightly from playing computer games for three-hours straight. I got up from my computer desk in the corner of my bedroom and strolled out into the hallway. The living room was to the right of me and I could hear Lisa and my mum giggling and chatting, clearly not paying attention to whatever was blaring out from the TV.

I went into the bathroom across the hallway from my bedroom and took a piss. Afterwards I washed my hands and face and felt the beginnings of an erection. There was no reason why I was getting a boner, except for the fact that I was fifteen and hadn't wanked off since that morning before getting up for school.

Spontaneous hard-ons were a regular occurrence for me, as anyone who has ever been a teenaged boy can confirm.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I was a good looking lad, I thought; five-foot-nine, short black hair, dark eyes like my mum's, and an athletic build. I was on the school football and sprint teams and I was proud of having a decent physique. As I stared into the mirror I took my T-shirt off and posed in my jeans, admiring my six-pack and lean but toned shoulders and arms. Then I put my T-shirt back on, grinning at my own narcissism, and strolled back out into the hallway.

Feeling hungry, I decided to grab something from the kitchen. To do so I'd have to brave the living room, and I could hear my mum and Lisa giggling and nattering away. I felt a bit funny about invading their 'girlie night' space, but fuck it, I was starved. I opened the door and strolled in.

"Well hello," my mum grinned at me as I entered the living room.

"Don't mind me ladies," I declared, dismissively waving at them, "I'm just passing through."

I saw that there was a movie on the television, whereby Hugh Grant was acting all nervous in front of a woman. I went into the kitchen and hunted around the fridge. I made myself a quick cheese-and-pickle sandwich and strolled back into the living room, aiming to get back to my bedroom; I'd only been away from my computer for a few minutes but I was eager to get back to my game. Unfortunately, thanks to it being only a single-storey, going anywhere in mine and my mum's house usually meant passing through one or two other rooms.

"How's it going honey," my mum said as I strolled through the living room.

"How's what going?" I asked, pausing and munching on my sandwich. Mum and Lisa were not drunk, but the bottle of red wine before them was empty, and it was clear that they were a little tipsy. Mum looked quite funny slumped back on the sofa in her pink-and-black striped jumper and her hair slightly dishevelled. Lisa still looked like the nerdish librarian she was, but she had a more relaxed look on her round face. Her blue eyes seemed to swim in the lenses of her thick spectacles.

"Care to join us?" Lisa invited me, pointing at an armchair, "Come and join us."

I shrugged and decided to do so. Playing videos games was fun, but I had been a bit deprived of human interaction for a few hours, so I thought I'd join my mum and Lisa, at least for a bit. Besides, they appeared a little merry on wine. I figured it might be kinda funny.

"What are you watching?" I asked them.

"It's called..." Lisa began, before trying to consult her memory.

"Some crap with Hugh Grant," concluded my mum.

"What have you been up to this evening?" Lisa asked me, picking up her glass of wine and draining the last remnants of crimson liquid from it.

"Playing video games," I replied.

"Which one?" Lisa asked.

"Half Life 2," I responded.

"Not heard of that," shrugged Lisa, looking forlonly at her now empty wine glass.

"It stars Hugh Grant," I joked. Lisa looked at me and broke into a fit of giggles. She actually looked fairly pretty when she laughed. Big fish-bowl glasses and all. Best of all her big heavy tits jiggled in her brown jumper when she laughed.

"There's a sex scene," promised my mum, causing me to flinch, as would any teenaged boy when his mother utterered the word 'sex'.

"What have you been giggling about?" I asked my mum and Lisa, trying to change the subject from sex. I sat down on the armchair.

"Dicks," Lisa declared, before laughing heartily. My mum started laughing too.

"Well, there was one in the film," mum said, "A erm...dick, I mean. In all it's glory! And, well, Lisa and me started chatting about dicks."

"Mmm, yes," nodded Lisa, still smirking. "A fine, intellectual discussion then," I concluded, sounding a bit snotty but really rather perversely fascinated at what my mum and her friend genuinely nattered about when they were alone and a bit drunk.

"Then we talked about porn," Lisa began, " and your mum was wondering..."

"You were wondering," my mum corrected her friend.

"We were wondering," Lisa restarted, and then she broke into giggles. My mum followed soon after.

"Wondered what?" I asked, knowing the answer would be a bit rude but perversely wanting it confirmed.

"We wondered," Lisa began, pausing to look at my mum before returning her bespectacled gaze onto me, "if you...erm...I can't say it!" She giggled and slapped my mum's shoulder playfully. "You ask him!"

"Lisa wants to know," mum said, "if you surf for porn on that computer you're so frequently glued to."

My natural instinct was to deny this outrageous accusation, but I didn't because (a) it was true and (b) Lisa and mum were giggly and half-drunk and I kinda felt like getting into their mood and fooling around. "Of course I surf for porn," I snickered, "Why else was the internet invented for?"

My mum and Lisa giggled. They weren't drunk; the sole empty bottle of wine attested to that. But they were tipsy, and although I was stone-cold sober, I felt myself bizarrely descending to their silly level.

"Found any good porn recently?" Lisa asked, picking up her wine glass, before noticing that it was empty and putting it back down on the coffee table with a grumpy look on her face.

"Yes," was my simple reply.

"What was it?" my mum asked, gazing at me rather intently.

"Some woman having about a dozen guys cum on her," I casually replied, barely able to accept that I was indulging in this conversation with my own mother.

"Oooh, bukkake eh?" my mum said, once again shocking me by her having knowledge of this term.

"More wine ladies?" I asked, slightly amused at the naughty turn of the conversation and also eager to fit my role of the man-of-the-house, namely the provider of intoxicating liquors.

"White please," my mum declared, "if there is some."

In the kitchen I found a bottle of Californian white wine. I uncorked it and took a big gulp, wondering what all the fuss about alcohol was. It tasted a bit funny but I immediately felt my head lighten a little, just with one gulp.

Eager to get back to my mum and Lisa's increasingly rude conversation, I strolled back into the living room and poured big glasses of wine for them both.

"You're a star," Lisa said, gulping down half of her glass and sighing happily.

"A real star," added my mum, sipping some of her wine delicately, before gulping down a big mouthful.

"Not a porn star though," I snickered, making my mum and Lisa giggle.

When I usually got home after going out with my mates on a Saturday evening, Lisa had usually gone home and mum was usually watching TV or in bed; she may have had some wine but by then was usually just chilled out. I'd not really realised that her and Lisa had silly and rather rude drunken conversations like this. Then again, a lot of what girls at my school talked about was rather shocking, and I figured that mum and Lisa were also girls; older ones, actual grown women in fact, but still girls. I suppose it was foolish of me not to think that they would talk about sex.

"So," I began, "how do you know about porn Lisa?"

"Oh, so just because I'm a girl you didn't think I'd surf for porn myself?" she sniffed with mock annoyance, "I'm single and have been for a good few years, and like you said, porn is what the internet is for. I quite like a good porn flick to break up watching romantic comedies."

"Fair enough," I said.

"You need to get laid," mum said to Lisa, before looking at me, "Both of you. Watching porn eh? Dear oh dear, it's not healthy."

"I'm working on it with Emma," I insisted, referring to my girlfriend of two-weeks, a girl in my class. She was a nice girl, fun to be with, but we'd only kissed so far. I was still a virgin.

"Well, keep at it kiddo," mum smirked, "I know what you teenaged lads are like. You need to get your end away! Get her to put out!"

At this point in the conversation I had ceased to be shocked by my mother's risque comments like that.

"Well I've not got any one to work on," grumbled Lisa after a big gulp of wine, "and haven't had a date in four-years."

"That's because you spend all your time working at the library with a load of old people or hanging around with me watching crappy films," my mum wisely stated to her friend, "You need to get glammed up, get out there, go to a bar or club and shout 'I need cock!'"

Lisa and me burst out laughing at my mum's remarks.

"I mean it though," mum continued, "It's 2007. You don't have to wait for Prince Charming to come along, go and find him and ask him out."

"I suppose," sighed Lisa, and I suddenly felt a little sorry for her. She was a fun lady, but although she was far from over the hill, she was not in the bloom of her youth any more either, and though she got points for having big boobs, she was rather chubby and her round face somewhat plain and perpetually adorned with her big nerdy spectacles. I doubt if many guys sprang hard-ons for her.

Admittedly I was springing a hard-on right now. As I sat there on the armchair, my prick had taken it upon itself to stiffen and thicken, due to the stimulation of seeing Lisa's boobs jiggle heavily in her jumper every time she laughed and also at the excitement of the lewd conversation I was having with two women, one of them my own mum!

"Join an online dating agency," I helpfully advised Lisa.

"No way," mum interjected, "Aren't they mostly peopled by oversexed young men just looking for a casual screw?"

"Probably," Lisa said, suddenly brightening up after another long gulp of wine, "If so, I'll join! An oversexed young man looking for a casual screw is just what I need."

"You want a toyboy eh?" mum said.

"I want cock," bragged Lisa, before sniggering and drinking more of her wine.

"Well, my son has cock," my mum alarmingly observed, and after a sip of wine she added, "and it looks rather hard! Erecting a tent in your jeans are you Steve?"

I looked down. I hadn't realised my boner was so evident! The crotch of my jeans was bulging. That wasn't what was shocking me the most though, not compared to the fact that my own mum seemed to be offering my cock to her friend Lisa.

Lisa giggled.

"He sure has got cock," she observed, and then she promptly fell silent when she realised what my mum was implying. "You trying to matchmake me with Steve!"

"No," mum insisted, "not really. Just suggesting you let him fuck you. He's a fifteen-year-old lad, he's always horny and clearly wants to get rid of his virginity. And you, my dear friend, are clearly gasping for cock. Young cock!" She then looked at me. "You're ready and willing aren't you Steve?"

I certainly was ready. The lewd conversation had given me a major hard-on and I'd been contemplating making a getaway so I could go to my room and jack off. Was I willing? Well...sure. Lisa was no drop dead gorgeous babe, but she was female, she had big boobs, she no doubt had a cunt. And she was gasping for it!

"Yeah, why not?" I said, although I tried to sound only half-serious, so that I could have pretended was joking if Lisa didn't go for it.

Lisa gazed at my bulging crotch for a moment whilst taking a long sip of wine, before shrugging and saying, "Screw it, let's do it!" She put her glass on the coffee table. "Your room or your mum's?" Lisa giggled as she got to her feet, her big boobs jiggling once again as she did so.

"No no, you'll do it in here," mum insisted, "I don't want to feel left out and have you wild young things humping away whilst I'm in here on my own. You'll fuck right here, in front of me. I like the idea of watching the show!" She then moved the coffee table out the way, clearing the space before the sofa.

Obviously it occured to me that it was rather outlandish and perverse that my mum was going to watch me have sex...but then it was rather outlanding and perverse for me, a fifteen-year-old boy, to be talked into (by his own mum) servicing a sex-starved twenty-nine-year-old friend of his mother's!

"I'm game," Lisa sniggered.

"Me too," I added.

"You undress first, I'm shy," Lisa said, standing there.

I felt a bit shy too. I'd not been naked in front of a woman first. There were the times when I was a little kid and my mum bathed me, but that was different. I hadn't hit puberty then. Still, I'd have to be naked at some point, and clearly the wine hadn't given Lisa the confidence to be the first to undress, so I just stood up and removed my T-shirt.

"What a hunk," mum smirked, admiring my lean torso. I just continued undressing, taking off my socks and jeans, and finally my boxer shorts.

I stood nude before my mum and Lisa, sporting an erection so damn strong that my cock wasn't just sticking up at an angle, it was pretty much sticking straight up, vertically, the upper-side of the shaft pressed up against my flat lower abdomen.

"Oh my!" Lisa gasped, admiring my long teen prick in all it's rock-hard glory. The sight of my erection - the first hard cock she'd seen in real-life for more than half-a-decade - spurred her on. She quickly began to remove her own clothes. First her jumper came off. Then her bra, revealing those hefty melons in all their glory. They were wonderfully large, round and heavy. Even with no bra to support them they had a lovely deep cleavage. The nipples were large and dark, and quite stiff.

Lisa sat back down on the sofa to remove her socks. Like I said before, she was somewhat plump, and more than a few folds appeared in her belly as she sat down, but nonetheless, she wasn't fat, just plump in a kinda cuddly way.

"Nice boobs," I said, encouraging Lisa to smile and stand up again in order to unziped her trousers. She slipped them off and kicked them away. My mum was sitting on the sofa and watching quite casually, sipping her wine as she did so. She gazed quite often at my cock, which I decided to start stroking, getting off on obscenely masturbating with my mum watching. I couldn't believe it was turning me on to do so!

Lisa took off her large, Bridget-Jones-style white cotton knickers, and flung them aside. Still showing signs of shyness, she did not pose or anything once completely nude, but sat back down on the sofa, suddenly looking a little self-conscious. She still wore her glasses and her eyes looked out of them with a mixture of excitement, nervousness and slight drunkenness.

"What now?" she asked my mum.

Mum just laughed.

"You should know Lisa! You're not the virgin here, my son is."

"It's been so long since I got fucked," Lisa blushed.

"Sit back, spread your legs," mum advised her, "and take my son's prick in your cunt before the horny lad ends up cumming in his damn fist!"

Lisa smiled, sat back on the sofa with her arse on the edge, and spread her thighs. Her hairy cunt, whose pinks lips were slick and glistening, lay between her parted legs, an inviting target that compelled me to kneel down on the sofa before her.

"Stick it up there," my mother urged me, sitting next to us and watching rather intently, "Slide it up her cunt honey. Give her the fuck she wants and the fuck you want."

"Okay mum," I said as I held my cock and pushed it down so that it pointed straight forwards, aimed like a dart at Lisa's snatch. I was surprised at how calm I was, bearing in mind I was about to lose my virginity with my mother watching and instructing me!

"Oooh, I need that cock," Lisa suddenly blurted, slumped back on the sofa before me, her bespectacled face gazing down over her heaving fat tits at my long young prick which was all but nudging against her wet hairy twat. "Uuuh, slide it in me Steve, do it, do it!"

I needed no further encouragement. I pushed my prick-head into her cunt, gasping at the heat of the slick orifice I was entering. I let go of my cock and planted my hands on Lisa's chubby thighs, and then slowly pushed inwards, my seven-incher sliding swiftly into her cunt.

"Aaah," I gasped once I was lodged to the hilt in her hairy snatch.

"Oh God, oh fuck, uuuh," Lisa moaned, her body quivering and jiggling with lust at the feeling of my dong buried in her. It gave me a real confidence boost to be able to give a grown woman such pleasure at simply shoving my eager cock into her.

I eased half my prick out of Lisa's furry twat and then slammed it in, making her splutter forth a load more obscene cries of pleasure. Then I repeated my actions, humping back and forth, fucking my thick dick in and out of her slick womb.

"Oh yes, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Lisa stammered, turning me on by the sheer novelty of seeing this woman - who I'd called 'Auntie Lisa' when I was little - naked, swearing her head off and in the throes of ectasy thanks to my cock.

I merely grunted as I worked up to a good pace, pounding my meat in and out of Lisa. I obviously couldn't say whether her cunt was any better or worse than any other cunt as this was the first I'd fucked, but objectively it was undoubtedly a great cunt; tight, hot and slick. Infinitely better than my fist, which previously had been the only thing I'd pumped my erection into.

I was so lost in the pleasure of giving Lisa a good seeing to that I didn't notice my mum get up and undress until after she was down to her underwear. She removed her lacy red bra and then her matching thong, then sat back down on the sofa next to where Lisa was sprawled. Mum didn't say anything and neither did Lisa and me. It didn't really seem odd at all, really, that my mother had decided to get nude whilst watching us fuck. I concentrated mostly on pounding Lisa's cunt but I couldn't help but glance at my mum's body. She was average in height, slim, had reasonably big boobs (but certainly not as big as Lisa's) that were topped with pale stiff nipples, and her cunt was bordered by dark brown hair.

Mum eventually spread her legs and started masturbating, actually fingering herself whilst sipping wine and watching me fuck Lisa. I couldn't help but look at my mum's crotch as she frigged her twat.

"I never realised I was such a voyeur," she declared, "but fuck me if it isn't damn arousing to watch you two fuck!" She was working two fingers in and out of her vagina. She had lustful fire in her dark eyes as she watched me and Lisa fuck.

I turned my attention back to Lisa, picking up my pace further as I shafted her cunt. My hands were still on her thighs and I decided I simply had to cop a feel of her big tits, which rather amusingly were rolling up and down atop her chest, matching the pace of my thrusting. I clapped my hands to her chubby boobs and eagerly groped them, Lisa by now gasping ecstatically. I figured she was close to orgasm and I felt compelled to ensure I gave a good cum before I blew my nuts. I fucked her harder and groped her boobs.

"You're a hot minx Lisa," I told her, feeling my confidence rise as I saw how much pleasure I was giving her, "Damn hot! Oh yeah, what a lovely tight cunt. Lovely big boobs. Uh, uh, uh!"

"Fuck me, fuck me, I'm gonna cum," Lisa wailed, and suddenly she tensed up and let out a series of sharp gasps. "Ah, ah, aaaah!"

"Make her cum Steve," my mum urged me, still obscenely frigging her twat, "make her cum you fucker! Oh yes!"

Lisa's panted orgasmically for a moment or two, after which I suddenly felt my own orgasm upon me.

"Oh fuck, oh yeah," I stammered, hammering away in Lisa's twat, "I'm gonna...cum...fuck...FUCK!"

I slammed my prick home into Lisa's cunt, burying it right to the hilt in the wet depths of her cunt, and blasted my sperm forth. Lisa continued to gasp and pant lustfully as I ejaculated into her. I closed my eyes and sighed with relief as my pent up cum shot forth in no less than nine powerful squirts, my fuck-juice jetting into the depths of Lisa's cunt.

Finally my orgasm was over. Lisa and me were breathing heavily as I remained lodged in her. We exchanged grins and I noted for the first time that our naked bodies were slick and shiny with sweat.

"What a show!" my mum concluded, smiling, taking her fingers out of her steaming snatch and licking them.

I eventually slid my half-hard prick from Lisa's furry, cum-leaking snatch and sat back on the floor.

"That was pretty cool," I concluded.

Lisa just sighed with satisfaction.

"Happy now?" my mum asked Lisa.

"Happy!" confirmed Lisa, sitting up, "Very happy."

"Is it nice to have a good fuck from a young lad?" mum enquired.

"Very nice!" her friend declared.

"Then having two good fucks from a young lad," mum continued, "can only be better. Come on Steve," she said to me, "you're a teenager. You should be up for an encore!"

Holy shit! I figured fucking Lisa would just be like a one-off. Now I was being urged to do her again!

"I'm sure I will be soon," I bragged, and indeed my cock had only half-softened since ejaculating. I was suddenly surprised at how little I was bothered by the fact that, in addition to having just shafted Lisa - and was being urged to do so again - my mum was nude as she sat there encouraging me to prepare to fuck Lisa for a second time. It suddenly seemed bizarrely natural that my mum was nude with her tits and furry twat on display. It was no big deal.

"Sit up here," she invited me, shifting up on the sofa.

"Sure mum."

I got up and sat down on the sofa, sandwiched between my nude and mother and the nude - and freshly fucked - Lisa. It was a two-seater sofa so we were a bit squashed, my bare hips pressed against my mother's on my left and Lisa's on my right. My cock was already getting hard again and I wasn't sure how much of that was due to the twisted pleasure I got out of being in such close proximity to my nude mother that I could feel her body heat.

"That was such a fantastic shag," giggled Lisa, running her hand over my chest, "Thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine," I assured her.

"Come, Lisa," my mum stated, reaching out and casually encircling my cock in her hand, "let's resurrect my son's dick so he can give you a second fuck!"

To my alarm, my mother then leaned over and slid her warm wet lips over my cock. I just stared and licked my lips as my own fucking mum started sucking my dick.

I didn't protest though. It felt good. I'd never been given a blow-job before. I actually looked to Lisa to see if she registered the same surprise as I did, but Lisa didn't seem at all fazed at what was virtually incest occuring before her. She just idly watched and then sat up and said to my mum, "Let me have a suck."

Mum took her lips off my cock and sat up.

"It's all yours," she said to Lisa, and the latter promptly leaned down into my lap and began sucking on my rapidly stiffening tool.

My mum was sitting up next to me, at a slight angle towards me, as she casually watched Lisa's head bob up and down in my lap. I found myself aroused at my mother's nice firm boobs and I felt compelled to fondle them. Given that she had sucked my dick without asking my permission, I figured that I could just could go ahead and grab her tits without asking permission!

I did so, clamping my eager hands over her firm boobs and squeezing them softly. Mum responded my closing her eyes and sighing pleasurably.

"Mmmm, it's been a long time since a horny guy squeezed these!" she smiled, eyes still closed.

"Nice hooters mum," I said, feeling it necessary to take the tinge of guilty I felt at feeling up my mum by adding a light-hearted tone into things.

"This cock is already hard," Lisa then announced, raising her head, sound quite tipsy and cheery as she stroked my freshly hard prick.

"Let me see," my mum giggled, and - forcing me to release her tits - she leaned over and started sucking my cock, which grew even stiffer in her hot mouth. Lisa was idly sitting next to me, watching my mum go to work. Feeling confident, I just reached out and fondled her boobs.

"You've got great hooters too Lisa," I smirked.

"Why thank you!" she giggled.

I cupped her hefty melons and raised them, then let go, getting off on watching them jiggle and swing when they were dropped.

"This cock is so hard," my mum then announced, taking my cock from her sucking gob, "you could hammer nails with it! Climb aboard Lisa."

My mum shifted aside and Lisa swiftly turned round to face me, swung one of her chubby legs over my hips, and then reached down to hold my cock upright, the swollen tip at the entrance to her steaming hairy cunt.

"Uuuuuh," she geeky looking slut groaned as she promptly impaled herself on my cock. She sat fully down, her plump bum-cheeks pressed to my thighs, her big jiggling hooters in my face.

"Oh yeah," I sighed, happy to be buried nuts-deep in Lisa's snatch once more.

Lisa placed her hands on my shoulders and began to rise up and down, bouncing on my cock, her tits right in my face.

"Ride him cowgirl!" my mother cheerfully declared, giving Lisa a playful smack on the bum. Lisa giggled and humped up and down on my cock. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked away, utterly thrilled at the sensations of this horny twenty-nine-year-old lady using me as her fuck toy. Despite having already shot my load earlier, my prick was rock hard in Lisa's cunt, which glided up and down my shaft.

I saw out the corner of my eyes as my mum sat back on the sofa, flung her legs apart, and started fingering her furry cunt. She moaned with pleasure as she watched Lisa ride me.

"Oh yes, oh yes," Lisa was soon gasping as she bounced away whilst I sucked her tits, "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum again...I think...I...fuck! FUCK!"

She began riding me even harder and soon flung her head back, gasping ecstatically as she was wracked by another climax thanks to my stiff prick which she was very enthusiastically impaling herself upon.

I took her nipple out of my mouth and began to thrust my prick upwards to meet her repeatedly ascending and descending cunt. I reached round and clapped my hands to her quivering buttocks as they rose and fell.

Her orgasm finally over, Lisa stopped bouncing on my cock. She looked down at me, grinning.

"You love my boobies, don't you?" she asked.

"I sure do Lisa. Lovely 'n big!"

"Why don't you cum on them?" suggested my mother, still fingering her sopping twat as she watched us.

"Yes, yes, cum on them," Lisa slurred as she dismounted my erect prick, "I haven't felt sperm on my skin in years!"

I felt slightly intruiged by this comment; it implied Lisa had felt sperm on her in her youth. Maybe she had been a little fuck-hungry slut in her younger years and had gotten up to all sorts of lewdness. That could be explored at a later date though. For now, I just wanted to cum, and I wanted to cum on her tits!

I got up and Lisa sat down, her big wobbly melons presenting a very inviting target. I stood before her, legs slightly bent, and reached towards my cock. Before I could grip it though, my mum reached in and wrapped her forefinger and thumb around my pulsing shaft.

"Let me direct the flow," she said, and began to briskly snap my foreskin back and forth.

My head swam with pleasure! I was getting wanked off by my mum and my mum's best friend's big heaving sweaty tits were in the line of cum-fire!

"Aaah, aaaaaah!" I was soon gasping as my sperm rose swiftly from my heavy balls. My mum's fist was a blur as she pumped my pulsing prick with a vengance!

My first blast of cum splashed obscenely over Lisa's left tit, and my mum angled my cock slightly to ensure the second blast hit the right tit. A third blast followed, and hot on the heals of that was a fourth, then a fifth, a sixth and, finally, a seventh. Mum wanked me off perfectly whilst moving my prick slightly from left to right and back to left to ensure both the vast breasts before me got an equal share of spunk. Once I'd finished cumming my mum let go of my wilting cock and I stepped back.

I surveyed the mess I'd made of Lisa's heavy swollen tits. They were splattered and dripping with my gooey hot teen cum!

"Mmmm," grinned Lisa, running her hands over her wobbly jizz-slathered boobs. My mum giggled. I plonked myself down in the armchair, my cock soft and spent. I was shattered!

"Well that was a nice end to the evening," my mum concluded.

"Indeed," I agreed.

"I'm going to clean up," Lisa said, getting to her feet. Whether her chubby legs were shaky due to how hard I'd fucked or due to the amount of wine she'd imbibed hitherto was open to debate. She staggered out the room and off to the bathroom.

My mum just poured herself some more white wine and guzzled some down. I sat there, as naked as she was, wondering what to say.

"Did you enjoy that?" my mother eventually asked.

"Yeah," I replied, truthfully.

"Then that's all that matters," mum concluded, simply.

A moment later, Lisa returned, still naked and a bit dishevelled, but having wiped clean her boobs and spunk-sopping cunt.

"I'd better be getting home," she cheerfully declared, "I'm so tired out!"

She began dressing, but neither me nor my mother made any moves to do so.

"Goodnight sweet prince," Lisa giggled once dressed, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"See you again, sweet princess," I joked.

My mother got up and left the room with Lisa, and showed her friend out.

Mum soon returned to the room.

"Fancy some wine?" she asked me.

"Sure, why not?"

She poured me a glass and topped up her own. We both drank in silence. I wasn't used to wine and it felt funny feeling my head start to spin as I guzzled the intoxicating liquor. I barely noticed the fact that me and my mum were still nude.

"I'm tired," I concluded shortly, "I'm off to bed."

"Okay sweetie," mum smiled at me.

I got up and leaned down to give mum a kiss on the cheek, just as Lisa had done to me earlier.

"G'night mum."

"G'night Steve."

I left the room, feeling light-headed from both wine and orgasms. In my bedroom I lay back on my bed and slowly fell asleep with the light on whilst replaying the extraordinary events of the evening in my head.

I woke up the next day, Sunday morning, with a big hard-on. This wasn't unusual of course, but as soon as I awoke my mind was flooded with the memories of yesterday evening's events.

Swinging my legs over the bed, I got up, naked and with a big teen bone-on, and stretched and yawned.

According the clock by my bed, it was almost nine. I opened the door and, deciding that the events of last night meant it wouldn't matter if I strolled around the house nude, I left my bedroom and entered the hallway.

I heard my mother's voice. She was clearly on the phone.

Naked and with a very hard dick, I brazenly strolled mischievously into the living room.

"Here's the man himself," my mother - wearing a creamy-coloured silken dressing gown - said down the telephone.

"Mornin' mum," I declared, before adding "Mornin' Lisa." It was easy to guess who my mother was on the phone to.

"Steve say's good morning," my mother said down the telephone, "So does his 'morning glory', apparently! Yes...yes..." she continued, as Lisa evidently waffled on at her down the phone, "He's fine...Don't worry Lisa, don't daft girl! Steve is fine...Don't worry...I'm sure he will...Most definately!...Absolutely...stop worrying...mmmm, yeah...okay, sure...come round soon and you'll see...yeah. Okay...just come round you dizzy little minx! Okay...See yah! Bye."

Mum hung up and I just stood there with my big erection waving at her.

"That was Lisa yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah," mum replied, casually putting the handset down, "She was a bit erm...worried...about last night. She was worried about you, think she'd drunkenly seduced you or something."

"That's daft, if anything, you seduced me on her behalf mum!"

"I guess."

"It was cool anyway. I enjoyed it."

"So did Lisa, evidently. Despite her reservations she had the time of her life. She's coming round later."


"How rude!" my mum jokingly gasped, pretending to notice my erection for the first time, "Waving a big hard prick at your mum! You're threatening to lead me into temptation."

"Sorry mum. I'm off for a shower."

"I'll make breakfast. Lisa said she'll be round in about half-an-hour."

I ducked into the bathroom, only briefly considering the implications of my mum's comment that parading before her with my erect dick was threatening to lead her into temptation, and had a long shower, somehow managing to resist the urge to wank off. I was so damn horny! I couldn't figure out whether I was horny because of the thoughts of fucking Lisa last night or because of the way I'd brazenly showed off my stiffie to my own mother this morning.

Once I got out the shower and slid myself into a pair of boxer-shorts, Lisa was round. The chubby bespectacled spinster I'd lost my cherry to last was sitting on the sofa next to my mother when I strolled into the living room in just my bright blue boxer shorts.

"Hi Lisa," I greeted our guest.

"Hi," she smiled, rather shyly. She was dressed in plain black trousers again but with a rather flashy pink top. It was rather low-cut and a good amount of her cleavage was on display. I sat down, not bothering to hide the fact that I had an erection in my shorts, and glanced at Lisa's cleavage, still finding it hard to believe that I'd fucked her and actually blown my jizz all over her boobs.

"You were all embarrassed when you called this morning," my mother - still in just her silk dressing gown - taunted her friend.

"Only a bit," Lisa confessed, still looking a little self-conscious; far from the cheery fuck-happy drunken minx she had been last night!

"It was cool fucking you Lisa," I declared, finding it rather empowering to be more confident and more brazen than Lisa, bearing in mind she was more than twice my age. "Did you enjoy it too?"

"It was great," blushed Lisa.

"You should make it a regular thing," my mother stated, "You two have what the other wants. Steve, you want a woman with a nice hot cunt and big tits to fuck, and Lisa is a woman with a nice hot cunt and big tits who wants fucking. And you, Lisa, want a young man with a hard cock to fuck you, and my son is a young man with a hard cock who is most certainly capable of fucking you."

"Sounds fair," Lisa smiled.

"I'm quite horny now," I stated, casually.

"Show me," my mother insisted.

I happily stood up and slid my boxer shorts off so that, like last night, I was standing nude before my mum and Lisa with my thumpingly hard prick stuck upright.

"Oh my," Lisa gasped, "I almost forgot how nice and hard your dick is!" She giggled, a little shyly.

"Come on," my mother said, turning and reaching out to start tugging Lisa's jumper up, "get naked my dear horny friend! My son is eager to fuck, and so, no doubt, are you!"

Lisa giggled again and let my mother take her top off. Then Lisa removed her bra, freeing her big juicy fat tits, before she stood and removed her socks, trousers and knickers. Soon she was nude.

So, too, was my mother. Whilst Lisa undressed, my mum slipped out of her robe and stood naked and proud. All three of us were starkers and not in the least bit modest about it all.

"I'm so horny," Lisa confessed, almost startling herself in brazenly admitting this, "I need cock!"

"You heard the lady," my mother smirked at me, "Give her what she wants!"

Lisa sat back on the sofa, legs apart, same position as last night.

"Wait," my mother said, just I knelt between Lisa's parted thighs, "It's time you learned foreplay my son! Try eating Lisa out."

I glanced at Lisa's furry snatch, which was clearly wet already. I was eager to fuck it but I decided that, if mum suggested I lick it, then I would!

"Okay," I smirked, and I leaned in and started slurping at the hairy snatch that lay between Lisa's thick thighs. I could sense her tense and moan with pleasure almost as soon as I began. I had obviously never done this before, but I figured it was just a case of being as enthusiastic as possible, so I ran my tongue up and down the slick lips with glee, the pubic hair around them tickling my nose a bit. Then I worked my tongue into the hot depths of Lisa's snatch, increasing her pleasure, and root around in there. The inside of her cunt was quite narrow, even for my tongue, and very warm and moist. I slurped away, really getting into it.

"Ooh, that looks like fun," I heard my mum purr enviously a moment later.

"This is fun!" Lisa confirmed.

"It sure is!" I added, raising my head, before I plunged back down and resumed eating out the furry cunt before me. I slurped, licked and tongued Lisa's hot twat whilst she quivered and moaned with pleasure.

After a few more minutes my cock was so stiff it felt like it'd just explode, so I decided to replace my tongue with my prick. I knelt up straight and guided my cock towards the hairy twat I'd just thoroughly licked out.

"Uuuuuh," I groaned as I slotted my tool deep into Lisa's snatch.

"Aaaaah, oh yeah," she murmered happily.

I grabbed Lisa's big boobs and began to fuck her, sliding my dick back and forth in her narrow cunt-channel whilst squeezing her tits. My mum remained seated next to us, flinging her own legs apart and wantonly masturbating her furry twat as she watched me pound Lisa's cunt.

"Fuck her hard, fuck her hard, that's it," mum ordered me, "Oh yes honey, yes, I like to watch you fuck!"

"Uh, uh, uh, uuuuh," I was panting as I repeatedly slammed my prick into Lisa's cunt. The chubby, bespectacled bitch before me was soon yelping with delight as she hit a solid orgasm courtesy of my efforts.

"Fuck, I'm cumming," she wailed, "OH FUCK! Ooooh, oh God, oh yes, oh fuck!"

"I'm cumming too," I spluttered moments later, "Oh yeah! AAAAH!"

I continued to pound my cock repeatedly into Lisa's cunt as I began blasting hot torrents of cum deep into her welcoming womb. I squeezed her big heaving tits as I unloaded in her, my cock pulsing furiously as it disgorged the contents of my balls into Lisa's chubby body via her hairy cunt.

"Oh wow, that looked like fun!" my mother grinned as Lisa and me finished our orgasms.

"It was!" Lisa confirmed with a naughty grin.

I slid my wilting prick from Lisa's twat, cum obscenely leaking from both my cock-head and the cunt I'd just left off fucking.

I sat back on the armchair, feeling tired out, but my mother wasn't going to let me take a breather! She hurried over, got down on her knees, and started sucking my cock, slurping noisily on my dick. I didn't bat an eyelid; after last night's lewdness and after the way my mum hadn't even bothered to try to conceal the fact that she'd fingered herself whilst watching me fuck Lisa, it didn't seem necessarily weird or anything for my mum to suck my dick.

Lisa soon got her breath back and swaggered on over. She sat on the armrest of the chair and presented her big swinging tits to me, and without hesitation I fondled and kissed them, Lisa purring contentedly as I sucked on her nipples in turn and squeezed her melons in my hands. In the meantime my mother sucked deeply on my prick, which was soon raging hard once more.

Lisa begged me for another fuck and I was more than happy to comply. This time we did it doggie-style on the floor. Lisa got on her hands and knees on the rug before the fireplace, her big bare bum raised and her wobbly hooters swinging beneath her. I got behind her and worked my prick into her twat before proceeding to fuck her hard. I held her broad hips as I pounded her furry snatch, delighting in the obscene cries of lust the horny bitch spluttered forth as I screwed her nice and deep. My mum sat on the sofa, frigging her twat and watching with glee, and soon she climaxed under the attentions of her busy fingers. It was a real shock to see my own mum orgasm, but it turned me on too.

I eventually unloaded into Lisa once more, hammering her cunt with my cock as I pumped my hot cum into her steaming snatch. When I pulled out of her, Lisa slumped forwards, shattered and breathing hard, but clearly quite satisfied!

"I don't know why I didn't suggest you two fuck sooner!" my mum observed as she got up and, stark naked, strolled off to the kitchen, adding "I'll make us all some lunch."

After lunch I fucked Lisa twice more. First I fucked her in the missionary position on the sofa, and when I was about to hit my orgasm I pulled out and had my mum wank me off all over Lisa's tits. I utterly covered those big globes of female flesh with steaming cum, and I delighted at the sight of my mother licking all the fresh sperm off of Lisa's tits and swallowing the lot! When I was hard again I fucked Lisa on the floor, doggie-style, and filled her womb with a fresh load of my teen cum.

It was a very dishevelled but very happy Lisa that eventually left our house!

The Sunday proceeded as normal after that. Mum did some housework, I mowed the lawn then played video games, and then we had dinner.

In the evening, I was sitting in the armchair whilst my mother was sat on the sofa reading a magazine. I was feeling horny.

"Mum?" I began.

"Yes Steve?" she responded.

"Do you know...whilst I was fucking Lisa sucked me off a bit?"

"Yes sweetie."

"Well...could you erm..."

"Suck you off now?" my mother grinned.

"Yeah," I smirked.

"I was wondering when you'd ask! I liked sucking your cock and I'd like to do so and have you actually cum in my mouth."


"Let's do it."

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my rapidily stiffening prick from them. My mother tossed her magazine aside and scampered over, getting on her hands and knees before me. Her top was low cut and as she leaned into my lap I could see down it and catch a glimpse of a firm round tits hanging under her, held by a lacy white bra. Then she slid her warm wet lips down my cockshaft.

"Uuuuuh," I gasped, feeling overcome with pleasure as my mother's mouth encased my erection.

My mum was a fantastic cocksucker! She slurped and sucked deeply and within a few minutes my orgasm was beginning to boil up from my balls.

"I'm gonna cum!" I spluttered, not sure whether my mum was going to really swallow my jizz - although she had been happy to swallow it earlier after she'd licked it off of Lisa's tits!

My mother sucked away as I began to ejaculate, swallowing my cum noisily. She sucked for all she was worth and I almost fainted with the strength of my orgasm as I blasted my thick spunk right down my mum's throat. She gulped down the lot and continued to suck me even as I grew flaccid, keen on drinking every drop of my jism.

Finally, she raised her head and smiled wickedly at me.

"I don't want you wanking off any more," she told me, "When you get a hard-on and feel horny, you just let mummy know and I'll suck you off. Unless Lisa's round, in which case you'll fuck her."

"Sure mum," I smiled.

And with that, my mother calmly got up, sat back on the sofa and resumed reading her magazine, whilst I put my dick away and zipped myself up.

I got my mum to suck me off again that evening, before bed.

The following morning was Monday, which meant school, but before I got dressed I went and found mum in the kitchen and politely asked her to blow me. She did so, right in the kitchen, kneeling on the floor in the silk dressing gown whilst I stood there naked with my dick in her hungry mouth. I shot so much cum down her throat she actually emitted a spermy burp after she'd gulped the lot down.

After that I went to school, but when I got home I was fucking horny again. My mother asked me if I wanted a blow-job before I even mentioned it. I wanted to try something different so I asked I could wank off over her nice firm titties. Mum was more than happy to comply, and lay back nude on her bed whilst I busied myself jacking my cock until it spurted forth hot torrents of cum all over my mum's boobs. I watched with amusement as my mother proceeded to scoop the sperm up from her tits with her fingers before sucking on her beslimed digits.

That evening my mum asked me if I wanted another blow-job, and repeated how much she enjoyed sucking me off. I requested that I please her first - "You know, down below," I'd modestly explained - and she was quite delighted at this offer. We went to my room and undressed, and I soon had before me the bizarre and highly arousing sight of my own mum on my bed, nude and legs flung apart. I plunged my head between her thighs and ate her cunt out so thoroughly that she climaxed after just five minutes. I was so turned on at this that when mum sucked my dick afterwards I blew my nuts down her throat within seconds.

We repeated this mutual bout of oral-sex the next morning before school.

When I got home from school that evening I asked if I could give her facial.

"Of course you can you horny little fucker!" my mother insisted, dropping to her knees before me as we stood in the living room, "You cum on me wherever you want."

I whipped my erection out, pumped it for two-minutes, and then coated my mother's smiling face with steaming cum. It was so enjoyable seeing her pasted with my fuck-juice. After dinner I asked her to strip and lay back on the sofa, and after she'd willing done so, I sucked her tits and cunt for ages, making her climax twice. Then I knelt astride her and masturbated all over face and tits, splattering them with sticky fuck-juice. There was no shame or guilt in what we were doing, it was damn good fun and that's all that mattered.

I really didn't have to wank off alone again! My mum was a happy cum-junkie who was content to suck my dick and swallow my cum, or just let me wank over her face, tits or belly whenever I wanted!

As fun getting blow-jobs from my mum and cumming on her was, I really enjoyed actual proper fucking! I didn't ask my mother if I could fuck her as I really didn't think that that'd be right and proper, and in any case she certainly didn't invite me to do so. But I could fuck Lisa, and I really wanted her to come round soon so I could bury myself in that plump lady's cunt again!

Lisa telephone on Thursday evening and asked if she could come round. My mother heartily invited her to do so.

Within five-minutes of that telephone conversation ending, the doorbell rang. It was Lisa, with a wicked grin on her face and with a bottle of wine.

"Ah, our guest arrives," my mother said as she ushered Lisa in, "To the boudoir!"

The three of us went to my mother's bedroom. I was only in my boxer-shorts and my mother wore just her dressing gown. We soon shed these sparse items of clothing and Lisa swiftly undressed too and, stark naked, we all clambered onto the bed. Lisa looked fairly confident, more than that last Saturday when she'd appeared somewhat shy and self-conscious when she'd first stripped. She looked quite horny and eager too, her plump naked body almost quivering as she eyed up my prick, which was naturally sticking straight up and throbbing so hard it fucking ached!

"You sounded very keen on the phone," my mum said to Lisa as we knelt up on the bed, "Eager my son's cock are you?"

"Yeah," Lisa admitted, still blushing despite her confidence, "I would have come round the other day but I was working late."

"My son's all ready, aren't you Steve?" my mother asked, reaching out and wrapped her fingers round my cock.

"I sure am," I gasped, the wonderful sensation of a woman's hand on my cock still a real novelty.

"I'm just so horny!" Lisa moaned, laying back on the bed and parting her legs, "Damn, I'm just so horny!"

I could believe it! She started frigging her pussy, almost appearing as if she wasn't fully in control of herself! It turned me on to think that my cock, and the promises it could bring, could do that to this big-boobed lady!

"Fuck her," my mother ordered me, shifting out the way.

Without a word - just an eager grin on my face - I mounted Lisa and pushed my seven-inch prick right into her furry cunt. We both grunted lustfully as we slotted together. I could sense the delightful relief Lisa felt as my prick burrowed into her snatch. This bespectacled spinster (she was still wearing her glasses incidentally!) had clearly been in need of a fuck! It was like she'd become addicted to my cock the other day, which was a rather nice thought! Likewise, I was awashed with a warm feeling of ecstasy as I felt my cock gripped by Lisa's tight hot cunt. It had truly been great getting blow-jobs from my mum and wanking over her face and tits these last few days, but it couldn't beat being balls-deep in a nice vagina!

I began to fuck Lisa, working my cock in and out of her womb as I fucked her in the missionary position. Her body felt nice and warm and soft beneath me, her big round boobs like fleshy cushions as they pressed against my torso.

"Yes, yes, oh yes, fuck me," Lisa begged me as I shafted her, "Fuck me hard! I love it, oh yes!"

"Uh, uh, oh fuck, uh yeah," I grunted as my arse rose and fell beneath Lisa's chubby spread thighs.

My mother was kneeling along side us, working three fingers deep up her hairy cunt and moaning with obvious pleasure as she watched me feed Lisa's starved libido.

I had been humping Lisa for five-minutes when she hit her first orgasm, I was both amused and shocked by the horny librarian's foul language as she climaxed!

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck!" she wailed as she writhed beneath me, "Fuck me Steve, fuck my cunt you fucker! Oh yeah, gimme that cock! Aaaah!"

I pounded her snatch throughout her orgasm, prolonging it a good moment or two, before I had to slow down.

"Out of breath honey?" my mother asked me.

"A bit," I grinned, breathing hard as I fucked Lisa at a slower pace.

"Then let Lisa do the work! Climb off of her and get her to ride you."

"Yeah, I'll go on top," Lisa grinned at me.

This sounded like a fine idea! I dismounted Lisa and lay on my back. Before anything else, though, my mother insisted on sucking deeply on my cock, slurping off the cunt-juices and the pre-cum.

"All yours," she said to Lisa once she'd finished sucking.

Lisa mounted me and sank her hairy cunt down onto my cock, her slick cunt-lips clasping the base of my prick, my cock-head buried right in her womb. She then began to happily bouncy away, her hands on my chest as she rose and fell, her bum-cheeks slapping against my thighs. She had a look of real delight on her face! As I lay beneath Lisa, I thrust my cock up an down to match her rythym, and I also reached up to fondle her heavy tits as they wobbled and jiggled right above me.

"I know something you'll like," my mother shortly said, taking two slick fingers from her cunt, where they'd been rooting around for sometime. Mum then reached round behind Lisa and did something made Lisa yelp and then sigh with pleasure. "Do you like that Lisa?" mum asked her.

"Oh yeah, that's nice," giggled Lisa.

"What are you doin' mum?" I asked her.

"I've got two fingers up her arse," my mother grinned at me.

This was rather perverse! My mum shoving a couple of fingers up Lisa's bum. And for that reason, it was rather a turn-on!

Lisa rode my cock heartily whilst my mother finger-fucked Lisa's arse. After ten-minutes of this Lisa climaxed, spluttering forth another torrent of obsceneties.

"Ah, aaah, I'm cumming, oh fuck...oh FUCK! Fuck me Steve, fuck me, fuck my cunt. Stuff those fingers up my arse Helen, finger my arse whilst your son fucks me...oh FUCK YEAH!"

Lisa's obscene and heated language and the rate at which she was riding my cock cause my sperm to boil up.

"Ah, aaaaah, fuck yeah!" I gasped as I slammed my prick upwards and began spraying my hot cum deep into Lisa's cunt. It was a good orgasm and I blasted a shitload of spunk into Lisa's twat, the busty bitch atop me grunding her cunt down onto my spurting prick to ensure I ejaculated far into her. Throughout it all my mum had been obscenely working her two fingers up Lisa's butt.

Finally I was spent. Lisa got her breath back before raising upwards, my semi-hard cock slipping from her sperm-filled twat and my mum's fingers sliding from her anus. Lisa rolled over and lay alongside me, breathing and panting hard.

My mother shortly got up and left the room, returning moments later with the opened bottle of wine Lisa had bought round and three glasses. She got back on the bed and poured us all a glass of wine. We chatted for a short while, mum eagerly explaining to Lisa how, in the last few days, she had sucked me off and received facials from me. Mum urged Lisa to tell me about her University days, and it turned out Lisa was hardly the innocent lady she appeared. Back in her late teens and early twenties she had received quite a bit of male attention; admittedly, she confessed, it was only because she got a bit of a reputation as an easy-lay, but she wasn't bothered. She'd always liked being fucked and was happy for guys to hook up with her for some hot, no-strings-attached sex. She'd even been in threesomes with two guys before.

"Several times I had two guys shag me at the same time," she bragged, in between sips of her wine, "One cock in my vagina, the other in my anus."

"Wow, you did anal?" I asked, quizzically. I'd seen anal in porn movies but didn't really think women did it in real life.

"Sure," Lisa confessed, blushing a little and grinning naughtily, "Quite a lot. I generally liked guys to do me anally, it was a real turn-on. I had one boyfriend who only ever wanted to do me up the arse, and I was happy to let him. I loved anal!"

"You shouldn't talk about it in the past tense," my mother chided Lisa, "You're not retired from sex yet! Not with my son here anyway. Say Steve," my mother continued, casting a wicked glance at me, "fancy doing Lisa up the arse?"

"Erm..." I began. I wasn't entirely sure. I'd never been all that bothered seeing anal in porn movies and I honestly had never really fantastised about doing it. It seemed a little kinky, fucking a woman in her shithole.

"You don't have to," Lisa quickly said.

"No, it's okay, I'll give it a go," I insisted. I still wasn't too sure but I could see Lisa had been excited at the prospect of me doing her anally and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She had quickly looked self-conscious again when I'd expressed reluctance to fuck her arse.

"Try it at least once," my mother urged me, "I'm sure you'll like it."

"You don't have to," Lisa repeated, evidently not wanting to be a burden.

"No, it's cool, I'll do it," I said, stroking my freshly-erect cock. I sounded enthusiastic but I still wasn't sure. Fuck it. As my mum said, I had to give it a go at least once to see if I liked it.

We all put our now empty wine-glasses on the bedside cabinet. Lisa got onto her hands and knees with her fleshy rump raised in the air. She still appeared a little shy, despite my attempts to reassure her I was cool with this.

"Part your legs Lisa," my mother instructed her friend, and Lisa did so, placing her knees further apart so that her bum-cheeks were nicely spread. I knelt behind the plump busty woman, my prick raging hard, my eyes fixed on her dark puckered anus which lay between her broad buttocks and above her sopping twat.

"You'll have to prepare the arsehole before you fuck your cock up there," my mother said, casually, "Use your tongue. Like this."

To my shock, mum then leaned in and started licking Lisa's anus! She ran her tongue up and down her friend's bum-crack and then swirled it around her anus, making Lisa quiver and giggle.

"You try it," my mother implored me.

"Okay," I said, and leaned in and emulated my mother, lapping at Lisa's anus. It felt rather perverse licking her arsehole, but was kind of a turn-on.

"Push your tongue up there," mum urged me, and I did so, pushing my tongue up Lisa's shitter. Her sphincter was loosened thanks to mum having fingered it earlier, and I was able to squeeze a good inch or two of my tongue up Lisa's rectum. It was very hot up there. I figured that it might actually be quite pleasurable to stick my cock up there, although my doubts still remained. Otherwise, with a good show of enthusiasm, I tongued Lisa's anus whilst she moaned and squealed with pleasure.

"That should do it," mum said, her voice heavy with lust, clearly keen on spectating the impending sodomistical display, "Now work your prick up there."

I slid my tongue from Lisa's arse and knelt up, my prick pulsing, thick and hard. I held the base of it and pointed my prick outwards, aiming it at Lisa's well-licked rear entrance. I shuffled up until my cock-head nudged that puckered hole.

"Ease it in," mum urged me, and I obeyed her orders, slowly squeezing the head of my cock into Lisa's sphincter. "That's it, ease it in. Go slow but be firm."

I worked my prick into Lisa's arsehole inch by throbbing inch, the busty brunette bent over before me moaning with obvious pleasure. It was slow going as her anus was obviously far tighter than her cunt, but soon I had most of my cock up there. I held Lisa's hips and, with a final thrust, buried the rest of my tool in her shitter.

"Aaaah, oh that's good, that's good," Lisa moaned, "Uuuuh. That's so gooood! It's been so long since I had a nice cock up there."

She was clearly in ecstasy.

As was I! I felt like kicking myself at having been stupidly reluctant try anal out. It felt so fantastic having my cock up her bum! Her anus gripped the base of my prick in a tight rubbery grip and the slick walls of her rectum hugged my shaft snugly. The obscene sight of my cock obscenely stuffed up the tight hole between Lisa's chubby buttocks was divine!

I eased half of my prick from her anus and slid it back in to the hilt, groaning lustfully as I did so. I repeated this action, and then again and again, quickly speeding up.

"So, you like it then?" my mother asked, grinning as she knelt next to me.

"It's fantastic mum," I panted, buggering Lisa at a healthy rate, "It's fantastic! Holy fuck I can't believe I wasn't sure about this. UuuuuH!"

I was lost in utter pleasure I pounded Lisa's arse, ramming my cock repeatedly into her tight shit-chute, my pelvis clapping against her wobbly cheeks. The anxiety I'd caused Lisa by my initial reluctance rapidly vanished and she was soon confidently urging me on with heated obsceneties.

"Oh Steve, that's so good, that's so good. Fuck my arse. Fuck it deep. Oh God yeah, bugger me, bugger me you fucker!"

I held her hips firmly as I sodomized her, really slamming my prick into her guts deep and hard. My mother then reached under Lisa and frigged her twat, which helped bring Lisa off to her third orgasm of the afternoon!

My own took place soon afterwards. It was an absolutely incredible orgasm! I slammed my prick to the hilt in Lisa's arse and exploded inside her with such force that I almost fainted.

"Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK!" I cried, blasting a veritable tidal wave of jizz into Lisa's rectum, her anus spasming tightly around my cum-spurting prick. "AAAAAH!"

I must have shot a dozen squirts of cum up into Lisa's shit-chute before my orgasm began to die down. Finally spent, I hunched over Lisa, my hands resting on her sweat-slick back, my softening cock still buried in her sperm-filled rectum.

"That was cool," I casually concluded when I finally had the strength to slide my wilting prick from Lisa's arse.

"Damn right," Lisa cheerfully agreed, slumping forwards, breathing hard.

Anal was definately something I wanted to try again!

I was too tired out for a third fuck, and Lisa eventually dressed and went home.

The evening continued fairly innocently until just before bed, when I asked my mum for a favour. I said I wanted to lick her arse, and then wank over it.

As cheerfully compliant as always, my mother was happy to oblige. She stripped in the living room got on all fours on the floor. I knelt down behind her and licked her delicious rear, lapping at her dark shaved anus and sliding my tongue into her rectum. Mum got off on it and moaned with pleasure. I felt a real urge to fuck her arse but I daren't even ask; that was clearly off limits, otherwise mum would have offered.

In any case I was content to eat mum's arse out and, once I'd thoroughly tongued her anus, I knelt up and frigged my throbbing cock. My dick soon exploded in my pumping fist and I blasted a hefty load of steaming cum all over my mother's behind, managing to spurt a nice big wad of it right at her anus.

I then innocently bid mum goodnight, gave her a peck on the cheek, and then went off to bed.

I went straight to football practice after school on Friday and it was approaching nine o'clock when I got home. I slung my sports bag in the corner of the hallway, having already dutifully left my muddy football boots outside. I was in my kit of white socks (albeit rather darkened with mud), black shorts and a white football top.

I heard female voices in the living room - clearly my mum's and Lisa's - and I felt the beginnings of an erection as I imagined the naughtiness that would no doubt occur.

"Ah, here's our little future David Beckham," mum giggled as I entered the room. Her and Lisa were both dressed casually and sat on the sofa. A bottle of wine sat open before them, already half empty. My mum and her friend were clearly a little light-headed already.

"Hi ladies," I said, and feeling a surge of confidence at the look of idle lust in both of their eyes, I cheekily took my top off, declaring, "Don't mind me, I'm just all hot and sweaty."

Mum and Lisa giggled.

"What a hot bod!" Lisa smiled. I remember my mum telling me that morning that the events of the last week - specifically my enthusiasm for fucking her - had given the previously rather self-conscious Lisa a big confidence boost. It was that and not the glass of wine she'd had that gave the chubby big-boobed librarian the confidence to say such brazen things.

"Thanks," I said, sitting down on the armchair.

"Fancy some wine?" mum asked, getting up, "I'll get you a glass."

"Just a can of Coke or something will do mum," I said, partly because I didn't really like wine but also because I didn't want to get a case of 'brewers droop'; the prospect of fucking hadn't been mentioned yet, but there was no need to.

"Is that a new top?" I asked Lisa whilst mum was in the kitchen. Lisa was wearing a jumper I'd not seen her in before, one that was bright pink and more low-cut than the others. Plenty of cleavage was on display.

"Yeah, like it?"

"Nice. Nice 'n sexy."

"Here you go," my mother said, wandering into the room and handing me a can of drink. She sat back down with Lisa.

We made idle small talk for a short while, my mum and Lisa asking me how football was and me asking Lisa how work had been that day.

"We've been making plans," Lisa replied when I got round to asking them what they'd been talking about before I'd come in, "about what to do this evening."

"Does it involve me?" I asked, in mock-innocence.

Lisa giggled and nodded.

"It involves your cum," my mother lewdly declared with brash confidence, "Lisa wants you to fuck her arse again. I want to swallow your cum. We've made an interesting plan, albeit one Lisa stole from some porn movie she once saw, that basically involves you buggering Lisa, shooting your cum up her arse as normal, and then me slurping it all out."

"From my arse," Lisa added.

Holy shit!

Even after the events of the week I could scarcely believe the sordidness of this plan. And it turned me on. My prick was rock hard within moments.

"Sounds like a fine idea," I said, calmly. Then I stood up, pulled my socks off, and then whipped off my shorts and pants so I was nude, my seven-incher standing rigidly to attention.

Lisa was swiftly on her feet and removing her clothes. I could see what my mother meant about her friend being more confident; a week ago, Lisa had removed her clothes with some apprehension, but now she was whipping them off quite eagerly, her lovely buxom, big-breasted, big-bottomed body soon bared and ready for attention. My mother, in the meantime, had swiftly removed her clothes too.

Lisa's confidence showed in how brazenly she proceeded to get on her hands and knees on the rug before the fireplace too. She got down, quickly and eagerly, and wiggled her big bare arse.

"I need that cock in my shitter," she lewdly groaned, her heavy tits jiggling beneath her as she shook with anticipation.

I got down behind Lisa and, remembering the preparations required for the forthcoming event, I proceeded to lick her arse, sweeping my tongue up and down her deep arse-crack before fine-tuning my butt-licking attentions by concentrating on the all important hole. I licked her puckered dark shitter then slid my tongue into it, making her shiver with lust. Steadily, I pumped my tongue back and forth in her anal-ring, actually fucking her arse with my tongue.

"Uuuh, oh, that's so good, that's so good," Lisa was soon moaning as I tongued her bottom.

"Let me take over," my mother soon said to me, stroking my back, "You give your cock to Lisa. Let her get it wet. I'll tongue her anus some more."

"Sure mum," I said, raising my head from Lisa's plump behind. I shuffled round and offered my cock to Lisa, and she swiftly slid her lips over it, sucking deeply on my shaft, her eyes closed with sordid desire.

In the meantime, my mother knelt behind Lisa and took over where I left off, licking the anus of the big-boobed, black-haired woman between us.

I'd asked mum the other day if she actually had bisexual inclincations, but she denied it, and Lisa was apparently the same, as far as my mum knew. I guess women were just a little less bothered about doing such lewd things with each other.

My mum did admit, however, that she really enjoyed licking Lisa's anus out the other day, for reasons she couldn't explain. I could tell! My mum was really digging her tongue up Lisa's shitter, more than was necessary just to lube that orifice up. I don't know what Lisa's opinion of having my mum lick her arse out was, but she certainly wasn't complaining - although having my rock-hard dick down her throat pretty much precluded that option.

"All ready," my mother finally declared, shifting aside, "Come and fuck this arse!" She playfully slapped Lisa's bottom, making it wobble.

I slid my dick out of Lisa's mouth and shuffled back round so I was kneeling behind her.

"Fuck me, fuck my arse," Lisa commanded me, clearly a bitch in heat.

I got into position and began working my cock into the saliva-slick hole that lay between the wobbly bum-cheeks before me.

"Uuuuh, in we go," I gasped as I squeezed my thick hard teen erection into Lisa's shitter, screwing it in steadily.

"Ah, ah, ah, fuck!" Lisa gasped as I entered her. She grit her teeth and held firm as I plowed on, until finally I was buried to the balls in her fat arse.

"Fuckin' hell it's as good as I remembered it to be," I grinned at my mother as I knelt there with my dick wedged in my mum's best-friend's bottom!

"Oh, uuuh, ah," Lisa was spluttered, clearly all but fainting with lust. This was a lady who liked her sodomizing!

"Fuck her arse, fuck her arse," my mother ordered me, sitting back on the floor next to us and fingering her furry twat with wild abandon, "Let me see you sodomize her. Fill her shit-guts with cum so I can suck it all out!"

Like a good son, I obeyed my mother. I began to work my cock back and forth in Lisa's tight shitter, soon building up to a steady pace. My prick was as hard as an iron bar as it pumped obscenely to and fro in Lisa's clutching sphincter.

I was soon grunting with lust as I pounded away, my pelvis slapping against Lisa's chubby buttocks and making them wobble. Lisa was in ecstasy, spluttering forth more obsceneties as my cock repeatedly slammed into the depths of her bowels.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck me, oh fuck me, fuck my arse Steve. Fuck my shitter, oh GOD! I need this, I need it sooo bad, you fucker. UUUUH!"

"I love to fuck you in the arse Lisa," I declared, proudly, both in sincerity and also with the awareness that my plump bum-fuck bitch liked such declerations as a boost to her ego, "Your shithole feels so good."

I continued to ram her fat bum with by hard cock, my hands clasped to her hips, watching her short black hair fling around as she writhed with pleasure.

"Fuck her shitter good!" my mum instructed me with a sordid moan as she sat on the floor near us, pushing no less than four fingers into her sopping furry twat, "FUCK HER. Oh yes!"

Mum promptly climaxed, her eyes rolling up as she was wracked with a powerful orgasm purely thanks to frigging herself to the sight of me sodomizing her friend.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm gonna cum," I soon blurted out, my sperm boiling up from my heavy balls with little warning, "Ah, aaaah, fuck! FUCK!"

I rammed my tool to the hilt in Lisa's shitter and blasted that horny bitch's rectum full of cum. I closed my eyes and swam in delirious ecstasy as my pulsing prick blasted steaming sperm into Lisa's bowels. That plump cunt's rubbery shit-ring clasped tautly around the hilt of my spurting prick, as if to milk it of every drop of cum.

"Oh fuck!" Lisa gasped, "I can feel it flooding me, oh fuck!"

"UUUUH!" I grunted, thrusting my cock a couple of times into her rectal passage to shoot the last of my jizz into her.

Finally, after an almighty fucking orgasm in Lisa's bum, I was spent. Temporarily at least. I eased my semi-hard prick from Lisa's spunk-filled shit-chute and grinned at my mum, recalling what her plan was to do next.

"There's a fair amount of cum up there mum," I told her.

"Good," my mother declared, laying on her back on the floor, "I'm thirsty! Lisa? Squat over me. Plant that arse on my mouth. I want to taste my son's cum fresh from your rectum."

Lisa giggled, and as always, her big tits wobbled as she did so.

She then squatted over my mother's face, lowering her plump bottom towards her mouth, a slimy string of cum oozing from her anus as she did so. My mother caught the cum in her mouth and slurped it down and then, just as Lisa's reached touchdown, my mum sealead her lips to Lisa's anus and began sucking noisily. All I could hear was obscene slurping and gulping.

It was the most fucking outrageous sight ever! My mum laying on the floor, nude, Lisa squatting over her face, also nude, her big tits hanging heavy and sweaty, her arse on my mother's face...and my mum literally feeding from her arse, pulling and sucking my cum from Lisa's shithole.

"All done?" Lisa asked my mum a moment later, standing up.

"I got most of it," mum replied with a sigh of pleasure, licking her lips, "Oh fuck, that was the most horny thing I've ever done! Mmmm. Steve's cum tastes so nice, especially fresh from a freshly fucked shitter!"

"Suck my cock and I'll give you an encore," I grinned, and before I could blink, my mum and Lisa descended on my prick, licking and slurping on it, lapping my cockhead, my shaft and my balls with their tongues.

These ladies were insatiable!

So was I, to be fair.

"Damn, this cock is hard again!" my mum concluded, correctly, stroking my pulsing erection.

"Time for a second round!" I declared.

"Absolutely," Lisa said, with a wicked grin, before turning to my mother and declaring, "It's all yours Helen."

"What?" giggled my mum.

"Oh don't be a prudish simpleton," Lisa sighed, rolling her eyes for comic effect, "You're in love with your son's cock. You've sucked it, you've let it explode all over you and you've slurped it's steamy outpourings from my fuckin' rectum! You want this," the bespectacled (yes, Lisa was still wearing her big nerdy glasses!) librarian continued as she gripped my thick boner, "in you. Take it in your arse and have done with it. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure."

This was a big step, but it was conquered with a little step. My mum had a nice arse and, bearing in mind I didn't mind her sucking me off and letting me wank over her face and body, it didn't seem much of a big step to sodomize her. I looked at my mother with a casual look of acceptance.

"I'm game," I shrugged.

My mum's response was to just grin and get on all fours with her delicious bum thrust at me. She had a nice arse. Nicer than Lisa's (although I'd never say so; I didn't want to instigate rivalry or envy between them); reasonably slim but curvey, with a nice pink shaved anus winking out from her cheeks.

"Let me return the favour," Lisa said, and she promptly plunged her head into my mum's bum-crack and slurped at her anus. I watched for a moment before I went to the other side of my mum and waved my erection at her lips. She immediately took my cock into her mouth and sucked me with great intensity, clearly turned on at knowing that this teenaged dick of mine would soon be shoved up her via the other end.

"Fuck her, fuck your mother's arse," Lisa urged me a moment later, raising her face from my mother's rear-end. I took my dick out my mother's mouth and looked at her for approval.

"Fuck my arse," she commanded me, simply.

Within seconds I was kneeling behind my mum, who was on her hands and knees and quivering with anticipation at the feeling of a dick up her shitter.

I was so damn horny I could barely restrain myself. The beauty of my mother's slim cheeks, her pink little anus and the sheer depravity of the unspoken lust between us all conspired to make me forget all sodomistical-etiquette, and I just pushed and shoved my throbbing prick into her anus. My dear mother did not try and stop me at all; in fact she urged me on.

"Oh FUCK son, oh yes, uuuh, yes, fuck it up me. Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse as good as you've fucked Lisa's!! UUUUUGH! Right up me motherfucker, right up my shitter!"

"Aaaah, fuck!" I gasped, triumphantly, finally buried to the root in my own mother's rectum. I surveyed the sordid scene before me; me kneeling there, my dick buried up my mother's shitter, Lisa gleefully frigging her sopping wet twat and stroking her fat tits as she watched us. I grinned and proceeded to begin to sodomize my mother.

"I'm fucking your arse mum, fucking your arse," I panted, thrusting away.

"Uh, uh, uh, oh yeah son, fuck me, fuck my arse."

"Feels so good mum...feels so good...fucking your shitter...UUUUH!"

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me. Aah, oh God I'm gonna cum soon. Keep fuckin' me son, fuck my arse."

"Yes," urged Lisa, literally fingering her sopping twat at us, "Fuck your mother, oh yes! I've fantasised about this all week! Fuck her Steve, fuck your mum. Fuck her arse!"

"I am, I am!" I cheerfully declared, wantonly ramming my raging hard prick repeatedly into my mother's crap-hole. I slammed away, urged on by my mum's wails of pleasure. It was especially pleasurable as the last barrier had been broken, and I knew instinctively that mum and I were free to indulge in pure, unadulterated sex for pleasure, above and beyond the enjoyable oral pleasures we'd been restricting ourselves to. I had the brief idea of pulling out of her arse and fucking her cunt, but I decided that there would be plenty of time to sample that orifice. Right now I concentrated on fucking her shitter, and quite frankly I didn't feel I had the willpower to pull my prick from that clutching hole!

"I'm cumming!" mum was soon spluttering, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm...fuck...FUCK! I'm fucking cumming with my son's dick in me! UUUUH! FUCK ME! Fuck me my son, fuck mummy's shitter, fuck mummy, sodomize mummy! UUUH! You fucker, you motherfucker, oh fuck...GOD!"

I held my mother's hips hard as I screwed her tight arse with all my lust, with all my unrestrained pleasure. Sweat dripped from my brow as I watched my cock furiously saw away in my mother's sphincter. Her disgusting language was really turning me on!

"You're shitter is so good mum," I gasped, "So slick...I wish I'd fucked it sooner!"

"I'm glad you like it son, I want you to fuck it often from now on! Oh yeah, oh God, pound my shitter!"

"I'm poundin' it, I'm poundin' whore whore....fuck! I never realised what an anal-loving slut you are! UUUH!"

"UUUUH!" my mother just groaned as she built up to another climax.

"I'm gonna cum in your shitter mum!"

"FUCK!" my mother wailed, hitting a second orgasm hot on the heels of the first.

"Ah, mum, shit, I'm...gonna...cum!!" I stammered, suddenly feeling my sperm rush from my balls. I didn't think I'd cum this quick!

"Nnnngg!" I grunted, pounding my mother's bum furiously as I began to spray my cum into her. "AAAAH! FUCK!" I was overwhelmed with pleasure, my cock throbbing furiously as it gushed forth torrents of steaming jism into my mother's shit-chute.

"Fill me, fill my guts you motherfucker, uuuuuh, AAAH!" my mum gasped, arching her sweat-slick back and tossing her head around as she felt the contents of my balls enthusiastically empty into her intestines.

"Oh fuck!" I cried, spurting one last bolt of jizz into my mother's bowels.

"Fuck," I repeated, "That was so cool!"

I sighed, deeply, then slid my leaking prick out of my mother's raw anus.

"We're not finished yet!" Lisa snickered, lying on her back.

My mother giggled and got to her feet on shaky legs. She squatted over Lisa's face and slowly descended. As before, but with the roles reversed, an obscene felching show was promptly put on; Lisa sucked and swallowed all the steaming cum I'd just dumped up my mother's rectum, fresh from the source. My mother fingered her sopping cunt and moaned with pleasure as her friend felched my cum from her anus.

"You're pretty cool mum," was the only thing I could think of to say as her friend felched my sperm from her shit-chute. I meant it sincerely.

"Thanks," my mum said, also with utter sincerity. She wiped her hair from her sweaty face.

Lisa finally took her mouth from my mother's yawning, cum-slick anus. My mum dismounted her and shifted aside. Lisa and sat up. She rubbed her tits and belched rather rudely, droplets of cum spraying from her throat.

"This is so much fun!" that chubby lady declared, my mother and I smiling and agreeing with this appraisal with the events of the last week.

The weekend was only just beginning, and so, no doubt, was my depraved antics with my horny mum and her (previously) sex-starved busty friend!