Whether you've read everything there is to read here or if you've decided it's not for you and want to hunt elsewhere, these following paths should lead you someplace exciting.

Story Sites

Chaos Grey

A relatively new and growing site, also hosted at The stories are great for fans of scat-sex, and many other themes are covered too, from anal to domination.

Sodom Tales

An impressive and rapidly growing site by my good friend, Tom. It includes stories from Tom himself and his girlfriend Emma, all naturally with a strong emphasis on anal sex.
There's also a collection of stories by other authors, all featuring sodomy and often in conjunction with other kinky activities, e.g. scat, incest, bi-sexual, etc. Highly recommended!

Mr Double

Although sadly no longer free, this enormous site does have an impressive collection of erotic literature from hundreds of different authors. The primary themes are incest and underage sex, but there's pretty much every category of kinkiness covered in these countless words of depravity.

The Nifty Archives

A huge collection of gay and bisexual erotic literature, some good, some not so good.


Apart from it's prudish refusal to include stories involving characters under the age of 18, this is generally a very good archive of erotic literature.

Gallery Sites

Free TGP sites with a variety of categories:

XXX Webs
Free Amateur Zone
Wahoo Thumbs
Granny World


Believe it or not, there are a handful of non-pornographic sites out there on the internet.

Spyware Info

Information and free tools to get rid of irritating spyware programmes like Gator.

Online dictionary and theasurus


The free HTML editing programme I used to create this site

HTML Goodies

Free and simple guide on web-page construction

Google News

Google's searchable news service


Free, open-source encylopedia