Lessons In Incest

Part II: Higher Education

(Incest - whole family, teen, oral, anal, group (MMFmggg), double/triple pen)

Over the first few months that Colin and his wife Stella had seduced their children, the family's lustful sex-sessions continued unabated. They were insatiable. They would fuck in big foursomes on the living room floor during the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and continue humping in their rooms together at night. Twelve year old Maria would usually sleep with her brother Eddie, who was thirteen, but often Eddie would be joined in his bed by his mum and Maria would sleep with her father.

It was all great fun. Colin and Stella had known each other since childhood and started dating in their mid-teens, Stella giving birth to Eddie when she was seventeen and Maria when she was eighteen, forcing her and Colin to flee from the prudish mentality of their small hometown and move here to New Jersey. The couple were now both age thirty and had a great sex-life which had only improved when they'd involved their pubescent son and daughter in it. However, they were still hungry for more sex and it wasn't long until, in between their incestuous orgies, they began to think about trying to make contact with like-minded families.

Browsing around the internet on his PC in his office, Colin soon found a huge cyberworld of incest-advocates. Pictures, stories, forums, personal ads, articles, everything!

Stella encouraged her husband to trawl through the contact ads, to find another couple who enjoyed sex with their children, so that they could all meet up.

"Like wife-swapping," Stella said, "but with the kids swapped too!"

So Colin had set about his quest, usually with his kids helping as he hunted through the internet. It wasn't as easy as they'd thought. Many people who hung around forums were single men and women who lied about their incestuous-activities to get attention or fulfull their own fantasies by proxy of other people's awe. Others were just eager to fuck someone else's kids without giving anything in return, simply because they didn't dare fuck their own children or because they didn't have any. Some were just out to make a quick buck, offering money for pictures that they wouldn't pay even if the pictures were provided.

However, there were also plenty of genuine people out there, Colin was sure. He found a couple of families who were eager to meet up, but after tentative exchanges of some personal details, it turned out the first family were from England and the other from Brazil. Colin really wanted a regular family to meet up with so continued his search for a family in the States. There was no real rush so he continued his search at a leisurely pace.

"Got one!" Colin triumphantly declared, "I think I've found a family we can get in touch with."

"Cool!" his kids said. Maria and Eddie were sitting on the sofa in the living room. It was early evening, a Thursday, and dinner had just been finished. The brother and sister were casually dressed in jeans, Maria wearing a T-shirt but Eddie topless. They sat in their barefeet, knowing that fucking was on the agenda and therefore not having bothered dressing fully.

"Are we meeting up with them then?" asked Stella. The beautiful thirty year old mother was sitting in the armchair wearing just a white silk blouse and pink panties. Stella was tall and slim with plump round tits and a fantastic body. She sipped a glass of wine, her lovely long legs stretched out in front of her, savouring the lightheaded feeling of the alcohol as she geared herself up for the evening's orgies.

"We can do yeah," replied her husband, Colin sitting on the arm of the chair next to his wife. He'd been on the computer upstairs since finishing dinner half-an-hour ago.

"What are they like?" asked Eddie, "Have you got any details of them?"

"I have," his dad replied, producing a piece of paper, "I've been exchanging e-mails with them for a few days but I didn't tell you lot in case it came to nothing. However, we've concluded that each of us are genuine and we've all agreed to meet up. On Saturday."

"Saturday?!" the kids excitedly cried.

"That's right," their father confirmed, "No time like the present. So, in a couple of days, they'll be coming round here and we'll be having a great orgy together! Good eh?"

"Damn right it's good," Stella said, "Wow! This'll be great. Give us details then honey."

"Yeah dad!" nagged Eddie, "Come on! Have they got some nice daughters I can fuck."

"And some nice sons!" added Maria. She and her brother loved each other greatly but natural sibling rivalry meant they often liked to pretend otherwise. Besides, variation was what made sex so fantastic and the pair, whilst happy to screw each other in the throes of incestuous, adolescent lust, were eager to try out some new partners.

"Well," began Colin, "It's actually a divorced guy with two daughters. The father is called Steve, he's a bit older than me and used to be a porn-star in his youth so I'm sure he'll satisfy you, Maria, and your mum!"

"What about his daughters?" asked Eddie, eagerly.

"The elder is called Tammy. She's eleven, just a year younger than you Maria. The other is called Pippa and she's just seven years of age. He's been fucking the girls since they were both very young so they're hot little sluts, apparantly, who can take cock with ease and enthusiasm. I've got the e-mail from Steve making arrangements. He'll be here Saturday morning."

"Have you got pictures of them daddy?" asked Maria.

"I have honey but I won't let you see them, it'll be a little teaser for you. Let's leave it as a surpise. Suffice to say that Steve is a handsome guy and his daughters very pretty."

"This is making me fucking horny," Stella said, "Eddie? Maria? How about you two little darlings give your dad and me a nice little show! Why don't you fuck on the floor whilst your dad and me sit on the sofa and frig each other."

"Sounds like a good idea mum," said Eddie, standing up and swiftly removing his pants.

"Couldn't agree more," agreed his sister, also standing and stripping.

Colin and his wife were undressed in no time at all, sitting alongside each other on the sofa and masturbating each other whilst their nude children moved the coffee table aside and prepared to fuck.

Thirteen year old Eddie was a five-foot-one with short black hair like his father. He was slender with a nice young body, a small amount of dark pubic hair around his cock which, at the moment, was stiff and jutting out, five-inches long in it's erect state.

Maria, aged twelve, was almost the same height as her brother. She was slender with long brown hair, big doe eyes and a beautiful little smile underneath her cute nose. Her skin was pale and smooth, her tits small and budding and her cunt completely hairless. She lay on her back, spreading her legs, whilst her brother obligingly knelt next to her and began stroking Maria's little breasts with his tentative hands.

He leaned down and began sucking on her nipples, Maria sighing softly.

"Suck my titties Eddie," she panted, "Lick them! You suck my tits well! Ooooh! Oh yeah. Eddie...mmmm. Now lick my cunt. Move down and lap my cunt!"

Eddie gave his sister a kiss on the lips before he went down between her legs, sliding his tongue over her clit and twirling it around. Then he began burrowing into the girl's slit, working his way up there, hungrily eating out his own sister's cunt. Maria were in the throes of ecstasy, rubbing her stiff nipples and flinging her legs as wide as they'd go whilst Eddie licked her out. The boy's prick was throbbing stiffly and he soon had to fuck his sister. He could stand it no more. The boy mounted Maria, sliding his rod skillfully into her tight cunt in to the hilt.

"Isn't that nice Maria?" he panted in her ear, "My dick up your twat!"

"It's lovely brother dear!" Maria replied, wrapping her legs round Eddie's hips, "Mmm! I love your dick in me. I love it up my cunt! Uuuuh! Fuck me now. Fuck me, fuck my cunt whilst our parents watch! Come on dear, oh yeah!"

Eddie began humping his sister with a steady pace, pumping her bald twat with his stiff young cock. He kissed the girl's neck, nuzzling at her soft warm flesh then moved up and kissed her on the mouth. Their tongues slid into each other's mouths as they humped.

On the sofa Colin was working a couple of fingers into his wife's wet cunt whilst Stella in turn gripped her husband's pulsating nine-inch prick and jacked him off swiftly. They loved watching their kids get it on. A few months ago they'd had to be taught everything step-by-step but now they could just go for it alone, bring each other to multiple-climaxes with their screwing actions.

They didn't want Eddie shooting his load just yet though. Being thirteen the boy hadn't yet perfected the art of self-control. So after ten-minutes, when the boy was clearly struggling to hold back his sperm, Stella interjected.

"Come on kid," she said, standing up and walking over to the screwing children, "Come on, time to give your mum some of the same treatment."

"Okay mummy," the boy smiled, sliding his dick from his sister's tight twat. He was as happy fucking his mother as he was his sister.

"I'll take care of you little lady," said Colin, walking over to Maria as the girl still lay spread-eagled on the floor. He lay down and pushed his big long cock into the girl's pre-teen cunt, causing her to shiver with delight and hug her father close. Colin started fucking the girl with slow but powerful strokes.

Stella lead her randy young son to the sofa where she had him sit down. She knelt before the teenager and sucked his cock, tasting Maria's cunt-juices on the hard little rod as she slurped on it. Stella and Colin had began fucking when they were both just fourteen so Stella was skilled at this sort of thing, deep-throating her son in a way that ensured he was in the throes of ecstasy but just beyond the threshold of orgasm. The horny woman wanted her son's sperm to be fired up a different orifice. She took her lips from the boy's cock and stood up.

"Move aside dear," she said, "I want you to fuck me up the arse."

Eddie got up and watched as his gorgeous mother knelt on the edge of the sofa, arms folded on the backrest. Elegantly arching her back, Stella thrust out her arse, her beautiful cheeks spreading and revealing a tight little arsehole.

"Shall I lick you first," Eddie asked, "to get you wet?"

"Yes honey," replied his mum, "Lick mummy's arse! Stick your tongue up my bum and work it around, then shove your cock up there!"

Kneeling, Eddie performed the required operation, rimming his mother well and sending shivers of delight through her body as his hot tongue squirmed past her arsehole and into her buttery rectum. That accomplished Eddie now stood up and placed his slick cock to his mum's pooh-hole.

"Here it comes mum," he said, and pushed.

"Oh son!" wailed Stella as her son's cock-head squeezed into her arsehole, "Oh that's good! Oh fuck I can feel it sliding up there! Push it all up, right up mummy's shitter!"

Eddie held his mother's hips and thrust forward, pushing his entire five-inch prick deep into his mum's rectum. It felt lovely and tight, as always, and he soon began fucking her arse hard and fast. His orgasm was still hovering on the horizon and he knew he wouldn't be able to put it off for much longer. For five-minutes he banged his mother's bum, screwing her solidly and making her moan with pleasure, until his sperm finally shot forth. Young Eddie clasped his mother's shoulders and bent over, letting out a long moan of pleasure as his salty jism erupted out and flooded his mum's shitter. Stella reached under herself and frigged her cunt, urging her son on with breathy obsceneties as she received his ejaculate in the depths of her rectum.

With his climax finished, Eddie slid his softening cock from his mum's arsehole and sat on the sofa. Stella knelt next to her son, bending over and taking his limp dick in her mouth and sucking on it, tasting sperm, cunt-juice and shit on that lovely young prick.

On the floor, meanwhile, Colin was hitting his climax too. He was stil on top of Maria, in the missionary-position, his arse blurring as he drove into her cunt rapidly. Maria was crying out with joy as her father's dick pistoned in and out of her twat, flooding her womb with sperm. Finally, Colin slowed down his thrusting and stopped, his cum overflowing his little daughter's cunt and leaking out, running down her buttocks. The horny father kissed his daughter and finally pulled out from her, kneeling up and delighting in the sight of Maria still sprawled on the floor, naked, sweaty and thoroughly fucked.

There was no chance that the four of them would be satisfied with a single fuck that evening, especially with the prospect of what was to happen on Saturday. So, after a couple of hours of relaxing in front of the TV, the family went off up to bed ready for more.

Though they usually split into couples, tonight they went to the master-bedroom together and romped naked together. It was a schoolnight but that didn't bother them too much as they humped heatedly until one in the morning, the night climaxing with some double-penetration of the girls. Stella was first, taking Colin's cock in her cunt and Eddie's in her arse, and whilst she was fucked like that she sucked her daughter's tight little cunt. Maria was next up and received the baptism of sperm that bought the night to a close, her father shooting his cum into her womb, her brother shooting his into her arse, Maria all the while licking hungrily at her mother's slit.

Steve arrived, as planned, on Saturday morning, accompanied by his daughters, Tammy and Pippa.

The two families warmly welcomed each other in the hallway of Colin and Stella's home, the couple leading their guests into the living room where Eddie and Maria sat. The brother and sister were naked and sat on the sofa, their flesh warm in the bright lights, the drapes shut closed. Steve and his daughters came in, the father kissing both Eddie and Maria hello, his girls doing likewise. Eddie's youthful prick was stiff as he surveyed little Pippa and and her older sister Tammy, who were both dressed, but not for long. In fact, their father asked them to strip which the girls did so happily.

Seven year old Pippa was a real little darling. She had dark hair and huge brown eyes, a sweet little cherubic face and a big smile. Her body was slender and delicate looking, her cunt bald and her bum round and cute.

Her sister Tammy, aged eleven, was four-foot-nine, slim with small titties that had just recently begun to bud. Her cunt was a bald slit between her slender legs. She had a charming smile, polite and warm, and her eyes were deep blue. Tammy's hair was brown, like Maria's, but whilst Maria's was left loose and hanging down, Tammy's was pulled back in a tight bun giving her a very neat appearance. Both Eddie and his sister admired the girl's naked bodies.

Steve and Stella sat on armchairs and after fetching drinks for everyone - wine for the adults, Pepsi for the kids - Colin sat on the floor near Tammy and Pippa. They began chatting, Steve explaining about his background.

"I was a porn-star from when I was eighteen," he explained, sipping his white-wine, "For twelve years I fucked hundreds of women on camera. It was fun. Sometimes a chore, but mostly good fun. My wife was a porn-star. She was twenty-two when I married her and I was twenty-eight. We had Tammy and then Pippa, then finally we split up. I was wanted to quit the business but my wife was still enjoying it and earning a fair amount of cash, spending a lot of time in LA filming movies. So we split up and I settled down in upstate New York with the house, my savings and my two lovely daughters."

The two girls hugged their father, proud of his obvious affection for them.

"When did you start fucking your daughters?" asked Eddie with the typical honesty of a child.

"I fucked Tammy three years ago," explained Steve, "She was eight years old then. I was divorced, in my late thirties and feeling horny. I mean, I used to fuck chicks for a living and had plenty of sex with my wife, and now I was living on my own with two girls. It was a natural thing to do, especially as Tammy was so affectionate to me. I'd enjoyed screwing teenage girls in my career, including more than a few who were underage but claimed they were old enough to star in the movies. I'd never been attracted to kids before but Tammy was so sweet that I just had to make a pass at her. It worked and I fucked her cunt and arse and mouth every night. Pippa had know about this relationship for a while and last year, when she had turned six, I started fucking her too. Good eh?"

"Sound's like a fantastic set up," Stella agreed.

"What about you two?" asked Tammy, referring to Colin and Stella, "How did you seduce your kids?"

Colin and Stella took turns in explaining the story, Steve and his daughters getting very turned on as they were informed of the events last December. How Colin and Stella taught their son and daughter the delights of sex, the lessons in foreplay, oral sex, anal, double-penetration and so on.

"I can't wait to start fucking," Pippa said, the nude seven year old stroking her cunt and looking hungrily at Eddie, who's hard cock was being delicately stroked by Maria sitting next to him.

"Then let's start!" Colin announced, "As seen as your youngest daughter is clearly impressed with my son's dick she should get a taste of it. I take it your daughters have no restrictions with regards to fucking."

"Not at all," Steve replied, "'Aint that right girls?"

"That's right!" Tammy confirmed, also keen on being fucked.

"We do everything," Pippa said, standing up, "We take dad's dick up our pussies, in our arses in our mouths."

"Pippa and me fuck each other too," Tammy said, "There's nothing like a bit of cunt, even for us girls. Would you like to fuck me Maria?"

"I certainly would!" Maria replied, "Cocks are best but it's also nice to be fingered and tongued by another girl. Let's get it on Tammy, whilst my brother fucks your hot little sister. Then we'll swap."

"What will you do dad?" Pippa asked her father.

"I think," Steve replied, standing and undoing his jeans, "that Colin and me should fuck Stella. We'll fuck both her holes whilst we watch you kids fuck."

This plan was heartily agreed by all. The adults stripped naked, just like the children had already done so. The floor was cleared and soon was host to the seven incestuous people.

First off, Colin lay on his back, his wife mounting him and taking her husband's cock into her cunt. Steve meanwhile greased up his eight-inch prick and got in behind Stella, easing his prick into her arse with all the fine skill of an ex-porn star. Double-fucked, Stella was ecstatic.

"Eddie honey," she said, "Come here and let me suck your dick. You can fuck Pippa in a minute, first off I just want a little taste of triple-penetration. Come on sweethert, fuck my mouth whilst your dad fucks my cunt and Steve fucks my arse."

As eager as he was to screw Pippa, Eddie obeyed his mum, giving her his prick to suck on. Stella deep-throated the boy, all her holes plugged and firing her up for a good hard orgy even more than she already was, were that possible. After a moment Eddie then moved aside and went back to Pippa, leaving his mum grunting with pleasure as her cunt and arsehole were shafted.

The boy sat down with Pippa, stroking the pre-teen child's nice young body. She stroked Eddie's cock which looked bigger in Pippa's little fists. He kissed the little girl, finding her thoroughly receptive to his lewd affections, their tongues silding into each other's gullets as they played with each other's privates.

Next to them Tammy and Maria were doing the same thing, kneeling opposite each other on the floor and kissing each other hard, the eleven and twelve year old girls stroking each other's small tits and bodies. They fingered their pussies, sometimes giggling with each other, other times just french-kissing lustily like the little bisexuals sluts they were. It wasn't long before things went further. Tammy lay back and Maria sucked her cunt, pushing her tongue up into her guest's slit. Tammy then returned the favour, eating out Maria until she climaxed.

Meanwhile, Eddie had advance things with Pippa. The child was laying on her back whilst the teenage stud licked out her cunt before mounting her, pushing his stiff cock into her bald little slit. Steve's cock was a fair size so despite Pippa's age she was well used to getting cock in her tight young holes, Eddie posing no challenge to her. The boy was in to the hilt and he fucked the girl steadily whilst kissing her.

This was all a delightful sight to the three adults, Stella hitting a very noisy climax as she viewed the child sex taking place before her, Colin's cock continually driving into her wet cunt whilst Steve sodomized her.

"Let's switch over," Tammy later said to Eddie, "I want to fuck you Eddie. Your sister can fuck mine in the meantime."

"Okay," Eddie replied, sliding his dick from Pippa's cunt. Maria came over and lay alongside Pippa, the two girls stroking each other's bodies and mutually frigging each other whilst kissing.

Next to them, Eddie and Tammy got acquainted. Heavy petting quickly lead to some oral sex, Eddie skillfully licking Tammy to a climax before she in turn sucked the boy's prick. Eddie came close to cumming in the girl's hot mouth but he pulled out beforehand, eager to shoot his load up her cunt. He sat on the armchair and Tammy mounted him, taking the boy's prick into her bald cunt and gripping his shoulders as she began to ride him. She was adept at this position, having used it with her father, and bounced on Eddie's hard pole whilst kissing him deeply. The boy in turn stroked Tammy's budding breasts, his hands running over her body, sometimes round behind her to squeeze her cute round buttocks.

Pippa and Maria were meanwhile in a sixty-nine. Maria was down below, the younger girl on top, both of them slurping at each other's pussies.

"I gotta fuck that daughter of yours," Colin told Steve, "Here Stella, dismount will you? I have to fuck Pippa's arse, that girl's bum is so cute."

"Go for it buddy," Steve said, sliding his dick from Stella's arsehole so that the woman could dismount her husband.

His long prick wobbling ahead of him, Colin went over to Maria and Pippa, leaving Stella to lie back whilst Steve mounted her and drove his hard cock into her cunt.

Pippa was obliviously licking out Maria's cunt on top of the girl, in the sixty-nine, when she felt Colin's prick nudging at her tender arsehole. She squirmed with delight, guessing what would happen.

"Such an adorable arse," Colin said, stroking the seven year old's buttocks, "Maria?" he continued to his daughter, who was under Pippa and licking her bald cunt, "Suck my cock will you. It's nice and slick with your mum's cunt juice but a bit of saliva from you will help it enter little Pippa easier."

"Okay dad," Maria replied, and she took her tongue from Pippa's cunt so that she could suck on her father's meat. That done, she went back to performing oral sex on the girl on top of her whilst Colin pushed the head of his prick to Pippa's arsehole. The girl had taken cock in her arse many times before but she still tensed a little when Colin's prick began to slide into her. He was careful though, well aware of how delicate and young the girl who was the subject of his sodomistical attentions was. Steadily, his cock worked it's way into her, gliding up easier once the child's sphincter was loosened. Eventually, he was all the way in.

"Holy shit!" he gasped, gripping Pippa's tiny waist as he buggered her with short, fast strokes, "I can't believe it! This seven year old child has taken all nine-inches of my dick in her arse! Oh what heaven, what an arse! Such tightness! Such a grip! Maria? Keep licking Pippa's cunt. Lick her out good. I'm going to bugger her deeply and shoot my load up her guts."

Pippa was loving this, shivering with pleasure on top of Maria. She licked Maria's cunt throughout all this whilst her own cunt was licked by the girl and Colin's prick pounded her arse without mercy.

It was Eddie who shot his load first amidst all this incestuous coupling. Tammy was bouncing wildly on his cock and the boy sucked on one of her stiff young nipples whilst he began to ejaculate. His sperm erupted into the girl's tight twat, exploding forth into her womb whilst Tammy's continued to rise and fall, her bum-cheeks smacking Eddie's thighs. Eventually the boy shot the last of his cum and Tammy kissed him affectionatly whilst remaining on top of him, Eddie's prick barely softening in the girl's cunt despite it's seemingly exhaustive expenditure of semen.

Not long afterwards Colin lost his seed. He fired his sticky load deep, deep into the depths of Pippa's clutching young arse, flooding her bowels whilst he held the child's waist. As he fucked away Maria was sure to suck Pippa's cunt so that the girl was wracked with pleasure, a tongue squirming up her cunt whilst all the while Colin's thick meat hosed down her rectum with semen.

Steve, being a porn-star, was able to hold back the longest but even he eventually had to let himself go. He fucked his cock hard and fast into Stella and squirted his semen into her womb, the horny woman grabbing the man's arse-cheeks to help pull him into her cunt to the root and blast his load.

Finally, the couples split up, breathing hard, smiling and reaching for their drinks to refresh themselves.

"What next?" asked Eddie, sitting on the armchair whilst Tammy sucked his prick back to stiffness.

"Well," began Steve, finishing off a glass of wine, "I think there's no point in repeating coupling just yet. We should vary things as much as possible and ensure we all fucked each other."

"I agree," Colin said, "Steve? It's about time you got acquainted with young Maria. Take my daughter and fuck her hard! That's how she likes it. Stella? You and me will see to Tammy, we'll suck and fuck that little lady to a good climax between us. Eddie? You've fucked Pippa already but you haven't cum in her. You haven't sampled her lovely arse either, so whilst her bum-hole is nice and loose from the hard fucking I've just given it, I suggest you come over and sodomize her."

Everyone agreed with ths plan and it was put into affect.

On the sofa, Maria sat back whilst Steve knelt between her legs and licked her out, tongueing her bald slit whilst Maria ran her hands through the ex-porn stars hair and moaned softly with pleasure under his experienced tongue lashing.

On the floor Colin was laying on his back with Tammy astride him, his prick in the eleven year old's tight cunt. Stella stood nearby, rubbing her cunt into Tammy's face, the girl hungrily eating out Stella's cunt whilst bouncing on Colin's prick.

Finally, little Pippa was on her hands and knees on the floor, Eddie behind her, fucking the girl's arse and displacing his dad's sperm from the child's rectum with every hard thrust, Pippa panting with childish pleasure at the treatment.

Steve soon took his tongue from Maria's cunt and replaced it with his cock. He fucked the girl as she lay back on the sofa, driving his dick into the tight depths of her cunt whilst he kissed her neck, her shoulders and her tits, both of them moaning with pleasure. Steve's ejaculation occured after ten-minutes, his sperm erupting and flooding the young girl's cunt.

Back on the floor Colin shot his load too, humping up and firing his sticky jizz into Tammy's cunt, as his son had done earlier, Tammy all the while french kissing Stella who was kneeling and sticking her tongue into the pre-teen girl's mouth.

Then, finally, Eddie came. His orgasm was powerful and he spluttered wild cries of lust as he banged Pippa's tight shitter and shot his thick cream into her rectum. He hung in there for a moment, getting his breath back, his prick softening in the child's cum-filled shit-chute.

A rest was certainly in order for the group. They showered in pairs and dressed, sitting in the living room until called to the dining room by Stella who served up a huge meal.

Then they sat and watched telly together in the living room, snuggling up to each other and all looking forward to the afternoon's fun.

When it was time to re-commence things, they all stripped off what few clothes they'd put on and got ready. Stella declared that it was time for some triple-penetration.

"Have your daughter's ever had triple-penetration?" she asked Steve.

"No," he replied, "You're the first family I've got together with so it's only ever been me fucking them. They haven't had double-penetration yet."

"Can we do it now daddy?" asked Pippa, "I've heard about it. It sounds cool!"

"Yeah dad," said Tammy.

"We'll do it honey," her father reassured her, "We'll do triple-penetration. A cock in your cunt, your arse and mouth. Like Stella had earlier."

The two girls were very happy at this promise. Maria was excited too.

"I'll take the cunt," Steve said, laying on the floor, his long prick rock hard.

"I'll be on arse duty," Eddie smirked.

"I got the mouths then," concluded Colin, "Stella honey? Want to go first? You've had a brief taste of taking three pricks at once so you can demonstrate to the girls how to handle such a task."

This pleased the sexy brunette a great deal. Stella got down and mounted Steve, sliding her cunt down onto the man's prick. Eddie greased his dick with KY-Jelly and entered his mother's bottom, his father meanwhile standing in front of Stella so that she could suck on his cock.

Stella began to emit muffled moans of pleasure as the three cocks began to drill her holes, Steve, Colin and Eddie picking up a good pace of thrusting that complimented each other, the hot lady stuck on their cocks humped and shafted roughly like a rag-doll.

Watching from the sofa, Maria sat in between Tammy and Pippa, masturbating the sister's pussies with each hand whilst Tammy and Pippa in turn frigged the girl between them.

Stella had been ravaged to the point of a powerful climax by the time she was finally released. She dragged herself to the sofa, grinning, whilst Pippa hopped up and ran to take her place. The sexy little prepubescent slut swiftly got astride her father and took his cock into her bald cunt. Eddie meanwhile pushed his cock into the girl's arse. Pippa then sucked on Colin's prick, having to open her little mouth as wide as possible just to fit the head of that impressive weapon into her throat. She gave good head, Colin sighing softly with pleasure, Steve and Eddie meanwhile pumping their hips and fucking the holes of the child between them.

Pippa had a good ten-minutes in the sandwich before she tired out. She moved aside and now it was Maria who took her place. The slender twelve year old babe had taken double-penetration many times from her dad and brother so was quickly able to fit Steve's cock into her cunt and then take Eddie's in her arse. She deep-throated her father whilst her cunt and arse were soundly penetrated and drilled, the two men and young Eddie all bravely holding back their pent up sperm to see out this rota. It was Tammy's turn to be triple-fucked next and she was laying back on the sofa, legs flung wide and her cunt and arsehole being licked and fingered by Stella and Pippa to prepare the girl for the most esquisite of pleasures.

After Maria had been rocked by an orgasm that almost made her pass out she was released from the sandwich and she staggered to the sofa. Tammy, finally, eagerly stepped up and clambered aboard her father. As always it was wonderful to feel her father's cock slide fully into her tight cunt, but her pleasure was doubled when, behind her, Eddie pushed his erect penis deep into her rectum. As if this wasn't fantastic enough Tammy then had Colin's dick thrust right at her face for her to suck on. She fellated him deeply, slobbering on the hard tool. Down below Steve was reaching up and stroking his daughter's little titties and pulling on the nipples whilst thrusting his cock up into her cunt. Eddie gripped Tammy's waist and was having a great time driving his hard teenage cock into the girl's rectum. The other females were watching from the sofa, frigging and kissing each other but mainly paying attention to the sight on the floor.

Tammy climaxed powerfully, hit by an orgasm just as strong as the one Maria had endured. She couldn't say anything though with Colin's prick still in her mouth. Her body was almost convulsing with joy and she rode the three cocks hard, meeting their thrusts by bucking her slender pre-teen body. Eddie climaxed first, finally releasing his spunk in a glorious explosion of sticky fluid. He held onto Tammy's waist and pushed his dick up into Tammy's bum as far as it would go, ejecting his load into her rectum. He was just finishing his climax when his father began spewing his semen into the girl's mouth, Tammy swallowing the salty fluid thirstily. Steve's sperm flowed a moment later and he pumped his seed into his daughter's womb, completely filling her twat until his spunk ran out down his shaft. All elegance to the rythym of fucking had gone by the time the three guys were shooting their loads, just humping wildly and flooding the eleven year old between them with their thick jism in all three of her holes.

Colin stepped back and flopped into the armchair, Tammy's pretty young face a picture of exhausted ecstasy.

"That was fucking great," she panted. The taste of sperm was thick in her mouth.

"It sure was!" said Eddie, kissing the back of the girl's neck. He finally withdrew his dick from the girl's ravished, gaping arsehole, Tammy then dismounting her father.

The triple-penetration experience was, clearly, a great success!

The seven of them all went out for dinner that evening at a fancy restaurant in town. They sat and ate like a couple of civilized families, dressed in their best clothes and all slightly amused by the secret of what they'd been up to as they sat surrounded by rich and prudish looking couples and families.

It was past nine o'clock when they arrived so they elected to head off for an early night.

"We've made up the spare room," Stella told Steve, "There's a nice big double bed up there. Maria will join you won't you sweetheart?"

"Yeah!" Maria smiled, flinging an affection arm round Steve.

"I'll go to bed with my son and Pippa, and my dear husband will take Tammy to bed with him," continued Stella, "Everyone cool with this?"

There were nods all round.

Kisses goodnight were given all round and they went to their respective rooms.

Eddie's room.

"Wahay," the thirteen year old stud declared, whipping off his clothes, his erect dick jutting upwards, "Two gorgeous ladies all to myself!"

Stella and Pippa, aged thirty and seven respectively, grinned at each other as they removed their clothes.

Eddie had a bigger double bed in his room now, bought for him at Christmas so he and Maria would have more room to fuck at night. It was big enough for three people, luckily, as was demonstrated when the boy clambered onto the bed and was promptly joined by his mum and Pippa.

"Let's suck his cock," Pippa said to Stella.

"Sounds like a good way to start," Stella agreed, "Lay back son, let us lick that fine young tool of yours."

Eddie naturally had no opposition. He lay on his back and watched as his mother and Pippa knelt either side of him, bending down and working on his cock. Stella held her son's prick by the base and Pippa placed her lips over the glans and suckled. She'd fellated her dad hundreds of times so was skilled at this, lightly sucking whilst swirling her tongue round the head which Eddie really enjoyed.

"Wow mum," he gasped, "Pippa sucks cock really well! Just as good as you and Maria. Go for it Pippa, suck it down, suck my cock kid!"

Pippa took half of the five-inch organ into her mouth and sucked deeply, her little head bobbing. Stella was fascinated by the naked young girl and left her son's prick for a moment to move down the bed behind Pippa, who was bent right over as she sucked Eddie's cock. The child's bum was thrust out in the air and Stella gently parted the buttocks and started licking Pippa's cunt from behind. She ran her tongue up and down over the bald slit, giving the girl a thrill. Then she swirled her tongue round Pippa's cute arsehole which was nice and tight looking despite her having been arse-fucked numerous times that afternoon by her father, Colin and Eddie. Then Stella moved to the buttocks themselves and ran her tongue all over the smooth pale buttocks and kissed them repeatedly. All the while Pippa sucked Eddie's prick and made the youth incredibly horny.

"I wanna fuck you two now," he declared.

"Be patient," Stella said, taking her lips from Pippa's bum, "You're so eager! I've given Pippa's cunt and arsehole a suck but it's my go now. You two kids, if you'd be so kind, can lick my cunt out."

Stella lay on her back, spreading her legs, Eddie and Pippa getting down between her thighs. The children licked Stella's cunt out, taking turns to plunge in. Pippa licked her sister's cunt out a lot so she was just as good as Eddie and providing oral pleasures to a woman and in no time at all the pair of them had Stella moaning in the throes of a prolonged, gentle orgasm. Eddie moved up and started sucking on his mother's right nipple which was stiff and red.

"Wow, breasts," Pippa smirked, stroking Stella's left tit, "I don't get to play with women's fully developed boobs! I haven't got any myself of course and my sister's are only just beginning to grow. These are nice tits Stella. Shall I suck on them?"

"Yes honey. Do what Eddie is doing, suck on my nipple."

Pippa did so. She was a natural and afforded great pleasure to Stella who now had a child suckling on each breast. Eddie moved up further next and kissed his mother on the lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth, Pippa frigging Stella's cunt whilst she continued to suck her tit.

"That's the foreplay done," Eddie insisted, gripping his hard young prick, "I wanna stick you two sluts. Come on, let's fuck."

"Okay kid," Stella laughed, giving her child another kiss, "Get on top of me honey. Fuck that prick into my cunt and get it warmed up ready to fuck Stella." Her son mounted her, sliding his cock into her cunt in to the root and humping her quickly. Pippa was kneeling aside, rubbing her little vagina as she watched the mother/son coupling before her.

"Fuck me Eddie," moaned Stella, "Drive it up me, fuck my cunt! Oh yeah, that's good. Mommy likes it! Uh uh!"

Eddie banged his mother's slit for a few minutes before, with his orgasm approaching, he slid out and moved aside to cool off. Stella then moved over and Pippa lay down, spreading her little legs.

"Fuck me Eddie," giggled the girl, mimicking Stella.

"I will honey," the boy promised, mounting the girl and easing his stiff member into her cunt, his shaft dissapearing between her puffy bald lips. He kissed Pippa on the mouth whilst he fucked her, going at a slow pace but driving in deep into the girl's womb. Stella stroked her son's arse, running her fingernails lightly over his pale little buttocks as they tightened whilst he fucked Pippa beneath him.

"I'm gonna cum soon," Eddie announced, "Shall I shoot my load mummy? Shall I spurt my load up Pippa's cunt, it's your call! Hurry mum it's almost here."

"Pull out honey," Stella said, "Whip your dick out and cum on her face. Spray it all over her pretty little face!"

Eddie slid his prick out from the girl's cock and stood up. Pippa knelt up in front of the boy as he began jacking off his cock. The girl tipped her head back and opened her mouth, gleefully bathing in the sudden shower of sticky white fluid. The spunk was thick and hot, shooting out of Eddie's cock as he pumped his fist.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming! All over your face Pippa! Holy shit, uuuuh! It's still flowing. Open your mouth wider Pippa, let me get it in there! Swallow it. That's it, oh yeah! YEAH!"

His jism continued to explode out until, finally, the prodigious flow turned to a trickle. Pippa had swallowed a lot of cum but there was an equally large amount dripping down her face. Eddie sat back, exhausted, his arm aching from whacking off so hard. Stella sealed her lips to Pippa's and kissed the girl, swapping sperm between their mouths. Then she used her fingers to rub all the sperm into the child's face until her skin glistened beautifully.

"You take that facial well honey," Stella congratulated the child, "Just like a real slut like me!"

"Daddy gives 'em to me a lot," Pippa explained, "I guess it's because he used to be a porn star. He likes squirting his load over girl's faces and chests and stuff. I like it too. It feels nice and sticky. Tammy and me often 'snowball'."

"What's that?" asked Eddie, stroking his flaccid cock."

"Snowballing?" Pippa said, "It's where two women or girls exchange cum after a facial. Just like me and your mum have just done. It's cool. Do you ever do it with Maria, Stella?"

"Yeah," the mother said, "A lot. I didn't know it was called Snowballing though."

"Well now you do," Pippa proudly smirked, and gave Stella a kiss, "Now I'm sure your son will soon be stiff again. Shall we help him get it up again? Then he can fuck us."

"Good idea. Let's pounce on him."

Eddie lay back, helpless and giggling, as his mum and Pippa worked on his prick. They sucked, licked, stroked and kiss his prick until it stood proud and stiff.

"Lovely," Stella concluded, pumping her son's erect prick in her hand, "All ready to fuck us again. Do you want a go first Pippa?"

"Okay," the girl replied, "I want to go on top. I like riding pricks, I have some control that way."

"Good, I'm tired," Eddie said, laying back in position, "You can do the work honey."

Pippa held the boy's prick as she got astride his hips, placing the cock-head up into her tight pre-teen cunt and lowering herself until she was fully impaled. She rocked gently at first, placing her little hands on the boy's smooth chest, then she began to go a bit quicker. Despite his claims of being exhausted, Eddie got into the swing of things, thrusting upwards in time with Pippa's rythym and holding her waist to help pull her down onto his prick. The youngsters were soon panting with pleasure, grinning with joy as they fucked.

"Hey mum," Eddie said to Stella, "Squat on my face will you? I want to lick your cunt out whilst I fuck Pippa."

This was an offer no mother could resist. Stella stood over her son and lowered herself, squatting and facing Pippa, so that her cunt was over Eddie's face. Her son licked hungrily at her cunt, driving his tongue up into her moist slit whilst Pippa continued to ride him. Pippa was also able to reach out and stroke Stella's tits, the females leaning in to french-kiss each other whilst Eddie licked and fucked them from below.

The compact trio moved apart after a few minutes, Pippa having tired a little with all her riding of Eddie's cock. She was only young and it was already past her bed-time. She wasn't finished yet though, she just needed to get her breath back.

"Your turn for a fuck mum," Eddie said to Stella, "Bend over, I wanna fuck you from behind."

Stella got onto her hands and knees and her son entered her cunt, gripping her hips and driving his cock into the depths of her cunt. He started humping quickly, slamming himself into the cunt he himself came from, making his mum grunt with delight. Pippa, recovered from her exhertions, knelt nearby and reached under Stella to frig her clit. It enhanced Stella's pleasure even more and made her climax after a few minutes. Always aroused further by his mother's climaxes, Eddie unleashed his second orgasm. He pounded his mum's cunt with his dick and shot his sperm into her womb.

When he withdrew he was wasted. The three of them decided to turn out the lights and go to sleep. There was much to do in the morning...

Earlier, on his huge King-Sized bed, Colin had lain down Tammy and licked her cunt out. Their clothes were scattered untidily over the floor nearby.

Wanting to take his time with this lovely pre-teen babe, Colin spent a good ten-minutes eating out Tammy's cunt, lapping thirstily at her slit before working his tongue into her moist depths, Tammy's toes curling as her body tensed with pleasure. She was bought to orgasm eventually, rubbing her tits and moaning delightfully, Colin rubbing the girl's clit as he tongued her cunt.

"Let me suck your cock now," Tammy said to her older partner, "Lay back. I'm going to give you some fantastic head, just like I give to my dad."

"You are considerate," smiled Colin, kissing the girl and laying on his back. Kneeling before him, Tammy knelt over and took Colin's prick into her mouth. It was a nine-inch monster, an inch longer than her father's prick, but Tammy was able to get almost half of it down her throat as she sucked hungrily. She stroked Colin's nuts as she blew him, making wet slurpy noises as she did so.

"You suck me well honey," Colin said, running his hands through the girl's long, wave brown hair, "You have a hot little mouth.Mmmm. That's it, run your tongue up and down the shaft. Holy shit that's good."

Tammy sucked down more of Colin's prick, savouring the taste of this lovely solid meat and feeling her cunt moisten at the thought of it entering her. She shortly took it from her mouth and got astride Colin.

"That's it," the man said, "Impale your hot little cunt onto my prick. Slid down and stick yourself on me."

"Okay Colin," the girl repsonded, and sank down, the nine-inch prick steadily sliding up into her to the root. "Oh yeah that's good. I love your cock up me Colin. It's fantastic. Just as good as dad's! I'm gonna ride this big dick, I'm gonna bounce away. I love getting fucked by big pricks like this."

She rode Colin, her tiny budding titties wobbling as she bounced away, the man below her reaching up and stroking her firm pre-teen body.

"Your twat is so tight," Colin grunted, "It's so lovely and tight! That's it honey, bounce on my prick. Fuck me like you fuck your dadddy. Yeah honey!"

Tammy increased her pace, feeling her twat tighten round the humping shaft wedged in her young womb.

"I'm gonna cum," she panted a few moments later, "Holy fuck, I'll cum in a minute, keep fucking me. Uuh uh uh uh! Ooooh! FUCK!"

Colin gripped the girl's waist and pulled the child down onto him, driving his cock deep into her slit and sending her over the edge. A powerful orgasm ripped through Tammy's slender body and almost swooned, sweat forming on her forehead as she hunched over Colin with her hands splayed on his firm chest. Finally, the humping came to and end, both of them breathing hard.

"What a good fuck," Tammy concluded, kissing Colin.

"Well I haven't shot my load yet," he told her, "So I'm going to fuck you some more honey. Here, clamber off and bend over. On all fours. I want to fuck you from behind."

"Excellent," grinned Tammy, giving Colin another kiss before she dismounted him. The naked girl got on all fours with her cute little arse thrust in the air. Colin knelt behind her and stroked her bum cheeks, admiring the smooth firmness of those round globes of delight. Then he leaned in and kissed her arsehole, then licked her bald cunt, the girl sighing with pleasure.

Getting up, Colin then placed the head of his fat cock to the entrance to Tammy's cunt and began to push. His glans slid into the girl's tight cunt and, with a single stroke, he buried the rest of his steel-hard shaft into the girl to the hilt.

"Mmmmm," sighed Tammy, "I love getting dicked in my cunt! I never tire of it. Fuck me again Colin, fuck me hard! I want you to cum in me! Flood my twat with sperm."

"I will honey, I will!"

With long, deep thrusts, Colin fucked the girl with his hard meat, driving himself in to the child's cunt. She was almost limp with fatigue after ten-minutes of this treatment, her hair wild and her face a picture of serene pleasure as her well-hung fucker pounded her cunt.

"I'm about to shoot my sperm into you," Colin finally announced, humping harder and faster, "I'm going to cum right up your twat! Oh yeah, fuck! Fuck! OH GOD!"

His climax had been put off for a long while and it a powerful release when it finally hit him. Colin gripped Tammy's shoulders as he hunched over her, driving his cock right to the hilt into the girl's cunt as he squirted his hot seed into her. Over a dozen pumps were needed to fully unload all his cum into the girl. When it was over, Colin remained in Tammy's cunt for a moment as he recovered, after which he finally withdrew his pole from her cum-leaking young cunt.

"That was good," he concluded, laying back, "You're such a hot little babe Tammy."

"Thank you," the girl smiled, sweetly, giving Colin a kiss and laying alongside him.

The spare room was host to Steve and Maria.

The ex-porn star sat naked on the edge of the bed, jerking off his eight-inch rod as he watched Maria slowly strip. The skinny pre-teen babe was a bit of an exhibitionist and got off on doing a little strip-tease, slowly pealing off her clothes until finally she stood in just her white trainer bra and a black thong. She swaggered up to Steve asking him to remove the bra. He did so, slinging it aside, then followed Maria's instructions to slide off her thong. Finally, the girl was naked.

"Lay down honey," Steve told her, "I want to kiss you all over, suck on your titties and eat out your cunt."

Marai flung herself on the bed, opening her legs and watching as Steve knelt alongside her. He kissed Maria's mouth deeply, then moved down, nuzzling her neck and kissing her shoulders. Down to her titties and he sucked on her stiff nipples before continuing his journey, kissing her flat belly.

Finally, Steve was kneeling between Maria's legs and he sucked on her tender clit, licking her cunt then driving his tongue into womb.

"Lick my cunt out," Maria panted, "Drive your tongue up my twat! That feels so good. Yeah. Mmmm."

Steve held the girl's thighs in his strong hands and parted them further, wriggling his tongue further into the girl's hairless cunt and making her moan louder with ecstatic pleasure. He finally mounted Maria, sliding his hard meat into her young cunt to the hilt and laying flat on top of her. Steve fucked the girl, making her shiver with pleasure. She wrapped her legs round his humping pelvis, kissing his mouth hungrily and loving the feeling of his hard organ thrusting up into her cunt.

For fifteen-minutes Steve humped the girl's tight cunt, feeling the need to cool off eventually and withdrew. He knelt up, in front of the girl, stroking his hard cock slick with juices.

"Turn over honey," he said to Maria, "I want to fuck your cunt from behind."

"Fuck my arse," Maria requested, getting on to her hands and knees, "It's all exposed for you Steve. Push that nice big dick into my shitter."

"You got it honey!"

Steve leaned in to the girl's bum and started tongueing and fingering her tight little arsehole, running his tongue all round the ring then pushing into her arse. He also worked a finger into her bum, then two, working the digits in a circular motion until, after a few minutes of this treatment, Maria's arsehole was yawning open a little.

"All ready," he declared, getting up and placing the head of his prick to the pre-teen slut's anus, "I'm coming in."

"Fuck it up me Steve. Right up my arsehole!"

With a quick little thrust, Steve squeezed the head of his sizable member into Maria's arse and caused the girl to tremble. She was brave though and soon got used to the invasion of her bum.

"Work it in further Steve," she moaned, "Shove it in!"

With another thrust the ex-porn star had shoved a few more inches of cock into the girl's arsehole so that half of it was buried into that tight shitter, the other four inches remaining outside, but not for long. He held Maria's hips and pulled her onto his prick whilst thrusting in one more time, finally driving his entire length into the girl's pale little bum so that her tight sphincter clenched the base of his shaft.

"I'm all up there," he said, "In to the hilt! What a tight arse you have Maria! So lovely and tight even though I know your father and brother have marched into this breach many times."

He started thrusting gently, his cock sliding back and forth in the girl's nipping arse, Maria gripping the bed covers and moaning with joy.

"Fuck my arse," she sighed, happily, "Drive it up me! I love being fucked in my arse! Pump it, pump that cock, drive it into the back of my shit-chute and give me a jizz enema!"

"Coming right up," Steve laughed, humping a bit quicker now, "I'm going to fuck this tight shit-hole of yours and I'm going to unload my nuts in you, right up your bum!"

He fucked quicker now, a look of concentration on his face as he dedicated all his thoughts and efforts to humping this delightful pre-teen slut's bum. His balls swung and smacked against the girl's hairless twat that hung, wet and hot, beneath her stretched arsehole. Her bum looked very tender and delicate compared to the thick pole of veiny meat rammed up into the pink little hole. Steve's buttocks tightened and relaxed rapidly as he drove himself into the girl's arse. His climax was not far off now and he fucked Maria's shitter faster and faster.

"Here it is," he wailed, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming, I'm cumming up your arse Maria! FUCK!"

"Squirt it up me," the twelve year old panted, looking over her shoulder, "Shoot your thick jizz right up my arsehole. Uuuh! Oh, oh I can feel it, I can feel your juice filling my rectum. Aaah, yeah!"

"Fuck!" gasped Steve, giving a last couple of thrusts and shooting out his remaining cum into Maria's bowels. He was, finally, spent, his cum leaking out from his prick into Maria's overflowing crapper.

He slid his dick from the girl's arse and fell to oneside, laying on his back. Maria lay next to him, feeling thoroughly fucked from the activities of both that evening and the whole day.

He may have been a former porn-star and still possessed of a great sexual appetite, but Steve was aged forty, not fourteen. He was drained from the day's actions and in need of sleep and soon he and Maria settled down to sleep in the darkness, in each other's arms.

Maria woke up at nine in the morning. Next to her, Steve was fast asleep under the covers, snoring peacefully. Maria, as always, felt very horny but she didn't want to wake her partner for the night so she slipped carefully out of the bed.

Naked, the girl padded out the room, sneaking down the hallway and putting an ear to the door of the master bedroom. She could her her father and Tammy in the throes of fucking so, with a grin, Maria opened the door.

Colin was laying on his back in the center of the bed. Astride him was Tammy, the pretty youngster facing Colin's feet with her legs spread and sitting on the man's lap. Colin's prick, hard and thick, was wedged up the girl's arsehole. Tammy was frigging her cunt and bouncing on the organ rammed up her arse.

"Hiya you two," Maria said, closing the door.

"Morning," said her father, thrusting his hips and fucking Tammy's arse.

"Hi Maria," said Tammy in between lustful grunts, bouncing away.

"Join in," Colin added, "Come on honey, throw yourself into the mix."

"I've got an idea," Maria said, and she went to a big chest of drawers from which she produced a strap-on dildo. It was eight inches in length and very thick, made of carefully moulded black plastic. Maria fitted it to her groin and clambered onto the bed, in between Tammy's spread-eagled legs. Her tight slit was moist and inviting above her impaled arsehole and Maria rubbed the head of the plastic phallus against the other girl's slit.

"Fuck it up me," Tammy begged, hotly, "Right up my twat!"

Maria did so, sliding the dildo up into Tammy's cunt until it was thrust in to the hilt. She wrapped her arm around the girl as she fucked her, the young ladies kissing hotly, Colin all the while continuing to thrust his prick upwards.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming," Tammy shortly declared, "Fuck yeah, fuck me harder you two. That's it...uuuh! I've got a big nine-inch dick in my arse and a plastic cock in my cunt...sandwiched between father and daughter...uuuh! UH UH! I'm cumming!"

Maria thrust harder, gripping Tammy's tits with her hands and groping them, pummeling the girl's cunt with her strap-on. Everytime Maria thrust the dildo up into Tammy's twat, the girl was raised slightly, half of Colin's prick sliding from her bum. When Maria pulled back Tammy would fall back onto Colin's cock, taking him in to the root. it was a perfect rythym, designed to drive Tammy wild with lust.

"Fuck me," panted Tammy, her young body wracked with ecstasy, "Both of you, yeah! YEAH! Colin, ram your dick right up into my arse, right up me! Maria! Kiss me, kiss me honey, ram your tongue down my mouth."

Maria did so, the pre-teen girls kissing hotly, Colin beginning to climax from below. He reached up and gripped Tammy's shoulders and drove his arse of the bed, pumping his prick right into the depths of Tammy's clenching shitter and spewing his cum.

"I'm shooting up your arse honey," he panted, thrusting hard, "Right up your shitter. Oh fuck your arse is good. Fuck! Uuuh! Tammy, yeah. my sperm's filling your rectum! Maria? Fuck the girl, fuck her cunt hard with the strap-on."

Tammy took her lips from Maria's and let out a long sigh of pleasure, Maria and Colin finally slowing down their thrusts, the latter's cock discharing the last of it's sticky load.

"My God that was good," Tammy grinned, "What a good fuck! Fucked anally by a well-hung stud, fucked in the cunt by his pubescent daughter, and here I am, just two months past my eleventh birthday. I'm drunk with lust. I'm fucking shattered too but I'm up for more later."

"Let's rest," Colin said, "Dismount me children, I'm wasted. We'll get our breath back and ponder what to do next."

Maria slid the dildo from Tammy's cunt and unbuckled it, placing it to oneside. Tammy got off Steve's lap, his soft prick sliding from her bowels, soiled and leaking jizz. The three of them lay in one another's arms and relaxed.

Shortly after Maria had slipped out of the bed, Steve woke up. His prick was rock solid, his morning wood desperate for attention. Seeing Maria gone he shrugged and got up, deciding to see if there was anyone, Maria or otherwise, to fuck.

Down the hallway he knocked softly on Eddie's door and opened it up.

Eddie was laying down, his mother astride him, his young prick up Stella's cunt. Pippa was kneeling nearby, stroking Stella's tits and kissing her on the mouth.

Steve wandered in, greeting everyone.

"Join in," Stella said, "My arse is exposed for you Steve. Fuck my arse whilst my son fucks my cunt."

"Go for it Steve," encouraged Eddie, "I don't believe you've sampled the pleasurable grip of my mother's arse. It good and tight. Fuck your big dick up there, I'll screw her cunt in the meantime."

"That's an offer I can't refuse," Steve said, "But first I need my dick wetting. Pippa? Come here you lovely little slut, suck daddy's dick so it'll go up Stella's arse easier."

"Sure thing daddy," the seven year old said, and got off the bed and knelt in front of her father. She took the head of his cock into her dainty little mouth and sucked, Steve stroking his hands through the girl's hair and closing his eyes, lost in the pleasure of being fellated by his own daughter. Pippa was sure to run her tongue up and down the shaft so that it was soon slick with spit. Steve then got up onto the bed, behind Stella, his eyes fixated on her puckered little anus.

"Get ready," he said, "I'm going to fuck this big prick up your arse you horny slut. I'm going to bugger you whilst your own thirteen year old son fucks your cunt."

He pushed his cockhead up to Stella's anus and thrust forth. The purple glans squeezed into Stella's bum, the randy woman moaning with pleasure.

"Fuck it all up there," she begged, "Ram it right up me. Nnnng!"

Skillfully, Steve drove onwards, driving six inches of his cock into the woman's arse. Then he fired in the remaining two inches, Stella fully impaled on both Steve and Eddie's pricks.

"Is that good mum?" asked Eddie, stroking his mother's firm tits as he fucked his prick up into her womb, "Is that nice having an ex-porn star fuck your bum?"

"It is honey," panted his mum, "It is. Oh fuck yeah! Yeah! Double-fucked! What pleasure. This cock of Steve's, it's nice and big and thick. It must have been up the cunts and arseholes of hundreds of women on film! Now it's up my arse. Fuck me Steve, fuck me good and hard! Uuuuh!"

Pippa got onto the bed and went back to her original position of kissing Stella, the double-fucked lady in turn pushing a couple of fingers into the child's cunt and frigging her. Steve was in heaven, in love with this tight arse he was fucking. It was a good grip, just as Eddie had promised, and the rectal chute felt even tighter with Eddie's prick shoved up her other orifice at the same time.

"This is heaven," gasped Stella, "Such heaven! What more could a woman ask for? A big hard dick thrust in my shitter and my son fucking my hot twat! Finally a beautiful little girl to kiss and frig! If only Colin were here so I could have his dick to suck on."

"He's fucking my daughter at the moment," Steve said, sodomizing Stella, "He's probably fucking her right now as we speak, and Maria will be joining in."

"I'm about to cum mummy," Eddie shortly announced, "I think I should give my sperm to Pippa. She hasn't been fucked this morning and it wouldn't be fair for you to get both cum-loads in you. Beside's I can spy Pippa's little arsehole from here as the charming minx bends over to suck on your tits mum. I can see that tight orifice between her bum-cheeks and it's calling out for dick. That little slut wants sodomizing I can tell! Dismount me mother. With my prick still slick with your cunt-juice I'll bugger Pippa's shitter and Steve can get back to enjoying your arse. It'll be the finest way to start a day, sodomizing a little girl whilst watching my own mother being buggered next to me."

"Fair point," agreed Stella, "Okay Steve, pull out of my craphole. Let my son get out from under me and fuck your daughter."

He did so. Stella dismounted her son and Eddie got up.

"Bend over kid," he said to little Pippa, "I'm going to fuck your tight little arse. I will fuck your shitter whilst your father fucks my mother's."

Pippa got on her hands and knees, Stella doing likewise alongside the child. Eddie sucked on his fingers and worked them up into Pippa's hot bum, loosening her up ready for entry. That quickly accomplished, he guided his cock up between her little buttocks and slid his way in, working his meat further and further into the child's anus. Soon he was wedged to the hilt, little Pippa squirming with pleasure with Eddie's prick jammed right up her arsehole. Next to them Steve had slid his pole up into Stella's arse. The two couples began humping together, Eddie sodomizing Pippa whilst Steve dished out the same treatment to Stella.

Orgasms were quickly approaching and soon they were reached.

"I'm cumming," cried Eddie, "I'm shooting my load. Uuuh! What a tight arse Pippa's got. Such tightness. Look how she squirms! Steve, look at your daughter, the little bitch is loving it! She's getting my cream in her arsehole and she's fucking loving it! Has there ever been a seven year old more in love with having a cock in her arse! UUUUUH! Shit! Oh God, my prick feels like it's bursting, it's spewing my sperm into the kid's arse. UUUUH!"

"I'm cumming too," Steve said, grunting and thrusting, "My sperm's filling your mummy's arse Eddie! Uuuh! UH! Stella, you slut, have my sperm! Right up your arse. I'm ejaculating in your shitter whilst your son does likewise to my own daughter."

"Fuck," gasped Pippa, "That's good Eddie, shoot it up my bum! I can feel it filling me."

Stella was also at the height of pleasure, squeezing her arsehole tight around the fountaining cock wedged in her bowels.

Eddie finally slid his softening dick from Pippa's bum and Steve also withdrew from Stella. The Pippa hurried round behind Stella and sucked on her arsehole, felching her own father's sperm from Stella's bum. It was an incredibly arousing sight, even more so when Stella returned the favour, sucking her son's cum from Pippa's arsehole.

"Don't know about you Eddie," said Steve, "But I'm ready for more. Look, my prick is nice and stiff. So is yours. Let's fuck these charming ladies again."

"Good idea Steve," Eddie said, "Let's fuck their arseholes again. This time I'll sodomize my mum, you sodomize your daughter."

"Let's do it kid."

Stella and Pippa had heard this and were only too happy to obligingly get on their hand and knees again.

Stroking his long pole, Steve edged in behind Pippa and entered her arse. The tight hole between the charming child's buttocks had been loosened thanks to Eddie's activities there moments ago and, with just a few judicious heaves of his hips, Steve had his cock wedged right to the hilt in Pippa's arse.

Next to them Eddie had fucked his hard adolescent cock into his mum's arse, planting it fully into her rectum and, like Steve, he began to hump away. The pair of them grunted and shafted, the bed springs squeeking as was again the room was full of moans of pleasure and the sounds of flesh slapping on flesh. Pippa looked so delicate as she bent over before her father, her child eyes sparkling with joy as she took her dad's thick cock in her bum. Stella was frigging her cunt and urging her son to fuck her arse harder, which he did.

Twenty minutes passed until Eddie eventually had his second climax of the day, spewing his thick sperm into his mother's rectum. He pulled out and was recovering whilst Steve began to cum. He gripped Pippa's shoulders as he drove his pulsating dong deep into his seven year old daughter's rectum and discharged his sperm. It took a dozen good squirts until he'd finally ejected all his cum into the girl's bowels after which he finally slid his prick out of her arse.

It was only then that someone finally mentioned something about breakfast.

The members of the incestuous families met up in the kitchen for breakfast. They ate heartily then went to the living room to relax and build up their strength.

Steve would have to leave at noon with his kids so, as soon as everyone had recovered from the morning's activities and let their breakfasts settle, they hurled off their clothes ready for one last blow-out orgy before the guests would depart.

Eddie was sitting on the sofa, his prick stiff.

"Come here Tammy," he said, beckoning the naked girl over, "I haven't fucked you since yesterday afternoon. Maria is very hot, sitting their naked and frigging herself, but I can fuck that little slut anytime. You're only here for another few hours. Come here, I want to screw you."

"Let me suck your dick first," Tammy said, "I want taste the hard young prick that'll soon be driving into me."

She knelt down in front of the sofa and took Eddie's cock into her mouth. She deep-throated him whilst Eddie sighed with pleasure.

Stella, sitting on the armchair, invited Maria to come over and suck her cunt, the girl scampering over eagerly.

"That's it," Stella said, "Lick my cunt Maria, work your tongue up into me. Yeah. Steve? Come over here. See Maria? See my daughter? She's on her hands and knees as she sucks my clit, a very convenient position eh? Her bum is thrust at you."

"Which hole do you propose I penetrate?" asked Steve, kneeling behind Maria, stroking his eight-inches of stiffness, "I have both in front of me, exposed and inviting. Any requests Stella? Maria has her mouth full of your cunt so you'll have to speak on her behalf."

"You fucked my arse wonderfully this morning," Stella said, flushed with joy as her daughter ate out her cunt throughout this, "why not give Maria the same pleasure. Drive that pole up her shitter."

"It'll need lubrication. Pippa love? You're unoccupied at the moment, even though Colin is clearly lusting after you. Come here honey and lick Maria's shitter and suck daddy's dick."

The adorable little girl hurried over, licking Maria's anus and swirling her tongue round it. Then she sucked on her dad's cock.

"Good work honey," Steve said, "Now hurry over to Colin will you. My accomplice in incest is clearly in need of a blow-job himself."

So, Pippa went to Colin and sucked on his dick. Steve meanwhile place his cock-head to Maria's arse and entered her, sliding his long rod up into her arsehole with such skill that Maria felt almost no discomfort at all. Steve's hard dick was fully sheathed in her bowels and afforded her a lovely secondary pleasure to that she was gaining from sucking her mum's cunt. Stella was gripping the armrests of the chair, her daughter's tongue working into her cunt whilst she had a good view of Steve sodomizing the young girl.

Back on the sofa, Tammy was now sitting back with her legs parted. Eddie knelt on the floor, sucking the girl's clit, lapping at her vulva and generally giving her a wild time.

"Suck my cunt," panted Tammy, "That's it Eddie, oh yeah! Oh, your good at this. You clearly suck your mother's cunt a lot, you're so good at this. MMMM! Aaah, yeah! Lick my cunt. This is fantastic! Plus I have this panorama of activity around me. Shit, there's my dad, he's bum-fucking your sister Eddie. Fucking her tight arse whilst she licks out your mother's cunt. There's your dad Eddie, he's getting his cock sucked by my little sister Pippa. Wow! Eddie? Eddie love, you've sucked my cunt long enough, now it's time to fuck me. Come up here and FUCK me!"

"Right away you dear slut," Eddie said, kneeling up, "I'm going to fuck your hot cunt!"

He pushed his dick up into the girl, driving himself in to the root.

"Such tightness," he sighed, "Yeah! You've got a lovely tight cunt Tammy."

Eddie fucked her, picking up speed quickly and stroking the girl's budding titties whilst driving his prick into her bald twat. Tammy was in heaven, purring with delight, whilst Eddie fucked her at speed.

Across the room Colin was doing the same thing to Pippa as his son was doing with Tammy. Pippa sat on the armchair, her legs spread, Colin kneeling and fucking her tight cunt. He would pull back so just a few inches of his thick meat was up in her cunt then he would drive forward and stick his entire nine-incher into the child, making her squeal with delight.

Finally, Steve was busy fucking Maria's arsehole whilst the girl continued to lick out Stella's cunt. It was Steve who lost his sperm first. He banged hard at Maria's arse and exploded his sperm into her.

"Yeah, yeah," he grunted, "Holy shit, I'm cumming! What a climax, I'm almost fainting. FUCK! Fuck Maria, your arse is tight! I fucked your mother in the arse this morning and I dare say my cum is still sloshing about in her bowels. I fucked Pippa in the arse next and now I'm cumming in yours. What a delight. HOLY SHIT! Finally, finally my sperm is spent. Aaah. Fuck! FUCK! What a climax!"

He pulled back, his prick peeling out of Maria's tight arsehole. Steve collapsed on the floor, Maria meanwhile finally rising from between her mother's legs. She was out of breath but happy, giving her mum a big kiss before turning to Steve and kissing him.

Eddie was shooting his load nearby, gripping Tammy's thighs and driving his prick into her cunt. He leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips, the two youngsters moaning joyfully into each other's mouths as Eddie's youthful jism erupted into the girl's womb. He'd withdrawn and sat on the sofa next to Tammy by the time they noticed Colin ejaculating.

The thirty year old father was humping little Pippa with hard, fast little strokes, in contrast to the slow thrusts he'd started out with. He moaned with pleasure as he shot his sperm.

"I'm cumming honey," he panted, "Into your little cunt! Uuuuh! Fuck, what a tight cunt I'm cumming in! Yeah, holy shit."

He lunged forward one last time and emptied his nuts into the child's womb, Pippa grinning happily and savouring the feeling of sperm filling her prepubescent womb.

When Colin had finished and pulled out, all seven naked people were out of breath but already thinking about the second course for the morning session.

The girls went round the guys, sucking their pricks and raising them, bring them back to life.

"I wanna fuck you again," Eddie told Tammy, stroking her bum, "I want to fuck your arse this time."

"Hang on son," Stella said, "I wouldn't mind fuck her now. I haven't fucked Tammy much."

"Strap on a dildo and fuck her cunt then," Maria suggested, "Eddie can fuck her arse at the same time, like dad and me did this morning."

"Yeah," Tammy said, "Good idea! Stella? Fit a nice big dildo to your loins and lie down. I'll impale my cunt on it. Your son can work his prick up my bum in the meantime."

This was arranged. A big eight-inch pink strap-on was soon fetched and fitted to Stella. She lay on the floor, Tammy mounting the woman and taking the phallus into her tight cunt. She leaned forward and exposed her arsehole to Eddie who gave it a few licks and kisses before entering it. Tammy, that delightful eleven year old, was sandwiched between mother and son, Stella's big strap-on buried in her cunt whilst Eddie began humping her arse, driving his stiff dick into her rectal sheath.

Steve turned his attention to Maria once again.

"I've fucked your arse," he said, "Now I want your cunt. Lay back honey, I'll fuck that slit of yours."

"Don't be gentle," Maria asked, laying back with her legs flung open, "Ram it in and fuck the shit out of me!"

Steve obligingly pushed his prick into the girl's hairless twat, driving himself right into her and humping hard and fast. Maria kissed the man lustily, like a rampant little slut, taking his cock with real delight.

"Well," Colin said, stroking Pippa's hair, "I've fucked your cunt so I'm going to fuck your arse Pippa. Bend over honey."

"Right away sir!" the girl giggled. She got onto her hands and kness, her cute little bum pointing directly at Colin. He placed the tip of his fiery prick to the girl's anus and began to enter her, steadily, inch by inch. Within a couple of moments he'd fully planted his cock into the seven year old's arsehole. He fucked her powerfully, having to hold the little girl in his powerful hands to keep her in position. Not that Pippa was trying to escape. She loved getting buggered. However, Colin was not holding back, his thrusts deep and powerful, and her slender frame was being humped up the living room carpet under his shafting. Colin held her still though, driving his meat into her rectum.

For fifteen-minutes the various couplings continued, humping away in ecstasy.

Colin fired his seed first, blasting Pippa's arse with his cum, flooding her bowels.

Then Steve shot his sperm, humping Maria beneath him and filling her womb with semene, the girl's legs wrapped round him as she cried out with her own climax.

Tammy was cumming at that point, double-fucked to perfection. She leaned down and kissed Stella, exchanging spit with the woman as she humped the dildo up into her cunt. Behind her, Eddie hit his critical point, driving his pole right up into Tammy's rectum and firing his sticky sperm. His cock squirted out his cum in the depths of Tammy's bowels whilst he was able to watch the girl kissing his mum like a pair of lesbian sluts. It was with some reluctance that he finally slid his semi-stiff cock from the girl's clutching anus, sperm leaking out from the freshly vacated sphincter.

The families were unrecognizable at noon compared to the rutting, naked, sweaty people they'd been earlier. They were washed and dressed, looking perfectly respectable. On the driveway they all hugged and said their goodbyes, Steve's car sitting with the engine running, the father behind the wheel.

"Come on kids," he said.

Tammy and Pippa gave a few more hugs to Eddie and Maria, and their parents, then got into the car with their dad.

"See you next weekend," Stella said.

"Absolutely," Steve confirmed, "You've got the directions?"

"I sure have," Colin said. He was taking his family up to Steve's house on Saturday and everone was looking forward to it.

Everyone waved as Steve reversed the car then drove away, dissapearing up the suburban street.

Stella and Colin went back into their house, Maria and Eddie following them through the door into the welcoming hallway.

"I'm hungry," Colin said.

"I'm horny," insisted Stella, and shut the front door on the unknowing world outside.