Holiday Incest

(Incest - brother/sister (bg), teen, mast, pedo, first, anal, oral)

Part I
Two Siblings, Only One Bed

It was holiday time for Jessica and Jack, and their two children, Gareth and Wanda.
The family of four were a little dissapointed when they turned up at the holiday site. They were staying at a park by the beach, the park being a about forty quaint little log-cabins, with one, two or three bedrooms, all linked by gravel paths flanked with flower beds and neatly mown lawns.
However, the family hit a snag when they arrived - the large three-bedroomed cabin they were scheduled to stay in had been double-booked. The camp-site manager informed them that they could stay in two smaller cabins, each with a single double-bedroom, which sounded pretty cool to the kids, Gareth and Wanda, who sensed a chance to escape their parents a bit by having their own house to themselves (albeit a small wooden house!)
"I'm not sure," Jessica said, "We're not to keen on being split up as a family."
"It'll be fine," her husband, Jack, reassured her, "It's only at night we'll be split up, and the two cabins are right next to each other."
"Well, how will we do this?" Jessica asked, "Shall me and Wanda stay in one, and you and Gareth stay in the other? I'm not sure about the kids staying on their own each night, they might...I don't know, stay up all night watching TV. Accidentally burn the place down. Whatever."
"Oh, don't worry about us mum," Wanda said, brimming with excitement at the holiday ahead of them, "We'll be fine! Gareth and me can look after ourselves. You and dad don't want to be split up anyway, do you?"
This was true. Despite approaching their eighteenth wedding anniversary, Jessica and Jack were still very much in love in a physical way and couldn't imagine not sleeping together for a whole fortnight!
It was settled. The parents would stay in one cabin, Wanda and Gareth would stay in the other.
"It's got just a double-bedroom," Jessica told the kids, "You'll have to sleep together, so I don't want any bickering over who's on who's side, who's taking all the blanket."
"We'll be fine mum," Wanda reassured her mother.
"Just as long as Wanda doesn't snore," said Gareth, receiving a light elbow in the ribs from his smirking sister.
They went off to their accomodation, two small, neat little log-cabins near the sandy beach. Jessica and Jack went to their cabin and their children strolled of to their's.
Wanda was eleven years old. She was sometimes rather girly but mostly a bit of a tom-boy, especially as she spent so much time hanging around with her brother. Four-foot-six in height, Wanda had chestnut brown hair cut fairly short. She had a cute round face, her eyes were deep blue and she had a sharp little nose and the sweetest of angelic smiles. Wearing jeans and a yellow T-shirt, Wanda entered the cabin, eyes wide with awe as she admired her small little home for the next two weeks. She had no bra on, her breasts only just hinting at beginning to grow. She had a cute little round bum though, hugged tightly in her jeans.
Gareth entered the cabin behind his sister. He was twelve, three-months shy of his thirteenth birthday, and had the same brown hair (albeit shorter) and blue eyes as his sister. He had a charming face that was both handsome but distinctly cute and boyish, and being a bit of a late developer in terms of growth, still a good four-inches short of five-foot, he looked a bit younger than his age. Sometimes he and Wanda were mistaken for twins. He was wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans.
The front door to the cabin opened up into the large living area, with a sofa, TV, cupboarsd and a fitted kitchen area in the corner. Gareth joined his sister in ooh-ing and aah-ing as they prowled the living room area of the cabin flicking on the TV, admiring the little ornaments on the shelves, looking in the cupboards in the kitchen area in the corner and dumping their suitcases on the floor.
"Let's check out the bedroom," Wanda said.
"Ok," her brother agreed, "Wherever it is!"
Against the far wall of the large living room area, there was a panelled wall with two doors. Gareth opened one and found that it was a small bathroom with just a sink, toilet and a shower.
"Nice," Gareth commented.
"This must be the bedroom then," Wanda declared, going to the other small door and swinging it open.
The bedroom was tiny, a square-shaped room about twelve-feet down each side, most of it taken up by the double-bed. The bed was flanked by small cabinets on which were lamps and a picture of a medieval sailing boat hung above the bed. A large window looking towards the beach ensured the cozy little room was well-lit.
"Hmmm, nice," sniffed Wanda.
"It's cool," gareth said, joining his sister in the room, "A bit small, but what the heck. We'll be on the beach most of the holiday."
The double-bed had bright blue covers and soft looking pillows. gareth sat on the side by the window.
"I'll take this side," he declared.
"Oh, don't get so terratorial," laughed Wanda, who then sat on the other side of the bed, "I'll take this side! And don't move onto my side brother, stay on your side!"
"Who's being terratorial now!" laughed gareth. He got up on the bed and sat back, sitting up against the headboard. Wanda did likewise, both getting a small but barely conscious thrill out of laying on a bed with someone of the opposite sex. They sat in silence for a moment, both thinking secretly of that night, of what it would be like to be under the covers in just their pyjamas, sleeping next to someone. Being eleven and twelve respectively, Wanda and Gareth didn't have any sexual experiences to speak of so even just the innocent (supposedly) act of sharing a bed with a sibling was a little bit thrilling.
They were lost in their own thoughts a moment later when Jessice entered the cabin and walked into the bedroom.
"You okay kids?" she smiled. She was a tall woman with long black hair, wearing a short skirt and tight T-shirt that showed off her slender figure.
"Fine mum," declared Gareth, "We're just admiring the bedroom."
"It's a bit small," Wanda commented.
"Oh, don't worry, it's fine," Jessica said, "Your dad and me have a room the same size of this. You kids are lucky, you're both small. Small kids, small room. It suits you."
"The rooms cool mum," Gareth insisted, not wanting his fussy little sister unintentionally clouding the first day of the holiday with her minor complaints.
"Are you kids going to explore later?" Jessica asked.
"Yeah, soon," Wanda said, "We'll go to the beach I think. What time is it?" She looked at her little pink watch. "Half-past-two. It'll still be hot for a while. Hey, fancy a swim Gareth?"
"Sure," her brother replied.
"Let's get our swimming cozzies. Are you coming to the beach mum?"
"Maybe later. Your dad and me will unpack first. You kids go and enjoy yourself. Just be careful, remember to put some sun-tan lotion on and be back here at four. Keep an eye on each other too, don't get split up and lost."
"We'll be fine mum," Gareth said, hopping up off the bed, unable to understand why mothers worry so much when their kids are perfectly capable of looking after themeselves, thank you very much.
Jessica left the cabin and Gareth and Wanda went to the living-room area of their cabin. They opened their suitcases and fished out their swimming costumes.
Gareth began taking off his T-shirt.
"Go and get changed in the bedroom sis," he said, fingers poised to undoe his jeans.
"Why?" demanded Wanda.
"Cos I'm getting changed here. You get changed in the bedroom. Go on, hurry!"
"Why can't you get changed in there?"
"Because I said so. Go on, go into the bedroom. Unless of course you fancy getting changed in front of me."
"Well, so what if I do," grinned Wanda.
"Doesn't bother me," Gareth insisted, "But I'm getting changed in here too. I'm going to take off my jeans in ten-seconds whether you're here or not....ten, nine, eight, seven..."
Wanda grinned and stood there.
"...six, five, four...are you going to clear off or not sis?"
"I want to watch you get changed."
"Three, creep," laughed Gareth, "Stop mucking around and go and get changed in the bedroom. Then we can go to the beach."
Wanda hesitated a moment then flashed her brother a grin before she wandered off into the bedroom. There, she removed her clothes. Briefly she admired herself as she stood nude, running her hands over her tender flesh. Her body was approaching puberty but it was not in any hurry. Her breasts were pretty much non-existent, just a tiny hint of budding flesh. Her nipples were dark red against her pale skin. Wanda had no pubic hair and she ran her hands around her pubic area, feeling the smooth skin and wondering what it would be like to have a fuzzy patch of hair there like some of the girls in her class at school, some of whom had loads of hair there when Wanda had caught a glance as they changed after Physical Education lessons. Wanda let her hands wander (pun intended) around her hips, feeling them still narrow but fleshing out a tiny bit. Her hands roamed round to her bottom, which she was proud of in that it was fairly plump, sticking out a little, not enough to be prominent or chubby but still nice and shapely, something to be proud of. One of Wanda's friends at school had fairly big boobs for a girl of thirteen and liked wearing low-cut tops to show off her cleavage. Wanda may have been flat-chested, but she knew she had a nice round arse so she showed it off by wearing tight jeans or shorts that attracted the eyes of many boys (including her brother Gareth, she'd noted recently)
"You almost finished?" called Gareth, knocking on the bedroom door impatiently.
"Almost," said Wanda, shaken out of her thoughts. She picked up her bikini. It was a two piece one, bright pink. She pulled on the panties, feeling them hug her shapely bum. Then she put on the top half, a little peeved that she didn't really need it on account of her lack of tits, but nonetheless proud that she looked good. Her small legs were nice and slim and her pale belly was flat. All in all, she thought justifiably, she was a hot little eleven year old!
She ran her hands through her hair and left the bedroom.
"All ready?" the boy said, grabbing a towel and trying to hide his obvious appreciation of his sister's tender young body in the tight bikini.
"Yeah," Wanda smiled, eyes briefly appraising her brother's lean, firm young torso. She grabbed her towel, some sun-tan lotion and sunglasses and they left the cabin, locking the door before hurrying off to the sandy beach.

Ten-minutes later, the siblings were at the beach. The sand was fine and light, the children's bare feet sinking smoothly into the fine white grains. It was reasonably busy, but not packed, with other bathers and sun-seekers. The sea was light blue and calm, just like the cloudless sky.
"This'll do us," Gareth said, laying out his large blue towel on a random patch of sand twenty-feet from the lapping waves.
"It's as good a place as any," Wanda said. She lay out her pink towel and threw her sun-tan lotion onto it along with her pink-framed sunglasses. She sat down and took the top off the sun-tan lotion. Gareth remained standing, idly looking around. There was a woman sunbathing nearby in a skimpy, two-piece red bikini. She was about thirty, with a slim, sexy body, bronzed in the sun and glistening wetly from a recent dip in the ocean. Her breasts were very big and Gareth licked his lips as he looked at them. Worried he might be spotted perving at the woman's tits, he looked around elsewhere. Splashing in the sea were a couple of young women, also in skimpy bikinis, and nearby a father stood up to his knees in the water whilst keeping an eye on his daughters, who were about ten and seven, splashing and swimming about in just bikini bottoms, neither having any tits to require covering up. Then Gareth looked back to the big-breasted woman laying nearby, and more specifically at her cleavage.
Realizing he was beginning to get a stiffie, Gareth looked away. He was trying to memorize those images for a nice wank that night when he remembered that he wouldn't be able to - he'd be sleeping with his sister! He figured he'd have to do it in the shower.
"Gareth?" said Wanda, "Could you do my back?"
Her brother looked round. Wanda had slathered some lotion onto her skinny legs and arms, also her belly, her tender young flesh glistening wetly.
"Do what?" asked Gareth, the images of female flesh still dancing in his mind.
"Do my back," repeated Wanda, "Put some sun-tan stuff on it."
"Oh, right," Gareth smiled, and he knelt down on his sister's towel, Wanda handing him the bottle and kneeling up, facing away from her brother.
Gareth squeezed some of the white lotion into the palm of his right hand, put the bottle aside, and rubbed his hands together, greasing them up with the lotion. The back of his sister's bikini-top was thin, most of her back exposed. Not having much experience with physically touching female flesh, Gareth savoured this moment as he placed his slick hands to his sister's bare shoulders. He began rubbing, feeling how firm his sister's skin was. Her ran his hands over her upper back and was grateful that his swimming shorts were farely baggy and would disguise his semi-hard-on. The boy ran his hands down to Wanda's lower back, rubbing in the lotion, aware that - kneeling up and sitting on her calves - Wanda's bikini bottom had slid down ever so slightly, just giving a tiny hint of the cleavage between her cute round buttocks. Gareth looked down, his hands back up rubbing his sister's shoulders as he tried to get a better look, admiring Wanda's bottom and the slight rise of flesh of her buttocks above the tight waist-band of the bikini-bottoms.
"All done?" Wanda asked after a moment.
"Huh? Oh, yeah," Gareth said.
"You'd better put some on too. I'll do your back."
Gareth applied the lotion to his arms and legs, then his torso, wanting to hurry up and have his sister touch him. When he'd done the parts he could reach, he knelt up and faced away from his sister, Wanda dutifully squeezing some lotion into her small hands and rubbing them over her brother's shoulders. She admired the boy's smooth skin, the toned muscles of his shoulders and upper back. He was still very boyish, not being far into puberty, but there was a nice hint of manliness hinted at in his frame. Wanda spent a long time running her fingers over her brother's back, rubbing in the lotion, unaware of how Gareth breathed deeply and savoured this moment forever, his eyes closed as he felt his sister's gentle touch. He didn't notice his sister savouring this moment, or the way she spent twice as long as was necessary applying the sun-cream. After a couple of minutes though, Wanda finished up.
"Fancy a swim?" she said, bounding to her feet.
"Race you there!" Gareth said, leaping up and sprinting towards the sea.
"Hey!" called Wanda, laughing as she ran after her brother. They splashed into the sea, hurrying in to where it was deep enough to dive in.

The youngsters swam about for half-an-hour before they tired out and trudged out the water, their young skin dripping wet. They lay in the sun for a while on their towels. Wanda lay on her back and put on her sunglasses, semi-dozing with her hands behind her back.
Gareth lay on his front, propped up on his elbows and casting sneaky glances to the side to catch sight of the big-breasted woman who was now laying on her front. She'd taken off her bikini, and though her tits were hidden beneath her Gareth still found it fantastic to lay with his cock stiff in his pants and lightly rubbing it by grinding his hips a little as he admired the woman's bare back and the way her thong rode right up her arse-crack. Not long afterwards, a young husband and wife set up their gear about ten-feet ahead of Gareth. The woman sat down and brazenly took off her top. Her tits were average in size but a nice shape, and Gareth glanced repeatedly at them as often as he dare.
Eventually, Wanda sat up and declared it time for another swim. Gareth joined her, and they were still in the sea when their parents arrived, laying out their towels and a picnic by the children's towels.
Jack was tall, slim and had short black hair and dark eyes. He was wearing just swimming shorts, proud of his body which he kept in shape at the gym, determined not to let himself go like a lot of guys when they reached forty. He waved to his children before sitting down, whilst his wife Jessica strolled into the sea.
Wanda and Gareth stood in the sea, the water up to their chests, when their mother waded in. Gareth couldn't help but admire his mother's body. Jessica was thirty-six years old and had a body as beautiful and as mouthwateringly sexy as it had been when she'd married Jack fifteen-years ago. She was slim and elegantly slender, with breasts that were big but still very firm and shapely, currently held in tight yellow bikini top, her cleavage deep and drawing Gareth's eyes magnetically.
"Hi kids," Jessica smiled, "Havin' fun?"
"Yeah mum," Wanda replied, "The sea is relly warm!"
"It sure is," Jessica agreed, "You kids put sun-tan lotion on didn't you?"
"Yeah mum," Gareth said, his mind flicking back to the wonderful act of rubbing lotion into his sister's flesh and the way she'd reciprocated.
"Is dad coming for a swim?" Wanda asked her mother.
"Not yet, he's probably going to sunbathe a little. I'm up for a swim though!"
Jessica leapt forwards, diving down into the blue-green water, her arse - hugged by her yellow bikini - surfacing and vanishing as she dived down. She then emerged, grinning, and her children dived forwards too, following their mother as she swam further out.

Siwmming builds up a big appetite, and the family had a big meal that evening in Jack and Jessica's cabin. The kids felt bloated afterwards and were content to have a brief walk round the park, admiring the sun-set, before they went back to their cabin.
"This is so cool," Wanda said, still in just the pink two-piece bikini she'd been in all day, "having a place to our own."
"It's like we're a couple," Gareth laughed. He was still in his shorts. Gareth closed the door behind them, locking it, and they dumped their towels and things on the sofa.
"What time is it?" Wanda asked.
"Almost nine," her brother replied, glancing at the clock on the wall, "Mum and dad said we should go to bed at ten."
"Oh boo, that's too early," Wanda complained, "We're on holiday, we should stay up all night." Briefly, she thought about how she'd been titillated at the idea of sleeping in the same bed as her brother, and she backtracked: "But we do need some rest. It's been a tiring day."
"Mum and dad might see the light is on and that we're still awake," Gareth explained. He knew that the bedroom window was on the side facing away from their parent's cabin next door, but he too was looking forward to going to bed, to laying next to his sister. Not that the boy expected anything to happen of course. He just liked the idea. It was like rubbing lotion into his sister's back that afternoon - an innocent and minor act from which a secret thrill could be obtained.
"I'm thirsty," Wanda piped up, "Want a drink?"
"Sure," Gareth said, and he sat down on the sofa, shovelling the towels onto the floor with a sweep of his slender arm and grinning at the way there were no parents to wander into the room at any time and demand that he clear them up. He watched his sister stroll into the kitchen area across the room, the way her bikini was riding up into her arse-crack a little. He admired the girl as she stood facing away from him, taking two tumblers and filling them with milk. Gareth flicked on the TV and prepared to be engrossed in the business news on CNN so his sister, as she walked over to him, wouldn't know he'd been staring at her.
Wanda sat next to her brother, handing him the milk, and they sat and drank whilst channel-surfing. They found a re-run of some old sitcom and sat and giggled their way through it until nine-thirty.
"I'm off for a shower," Gareth said, dying for a wank, his cock semi-stiff thanks to having Wanda sitting close to him (so close as to touch bare shoulders) through the course of the TV show.
"Don't leave it messy," Wanda called to her brother as he got up and walked off towards the bathroom, "I want one afterwards."
"Okay sis."
Gareth went into the bathroom, locked the door and ran the shower. He slid off his shorts and stepped into the jetting water, reaching down to play with his young boner immediately. His cock was utterly bald, no body hair whatsoever on the twelve year old youth. His prick was almost five-inches long and appeared fairly big on his small, five-foot-one frame. He was proud of it, especially the way it felt so stiff that he imagined he could swing his hips and crack the wall-tiles by hitting his cock-head against them! Well, maybe his cock wasn't that stiff, but it sure felt that way. He pumped his fist, closing his eyes as he thought of Wanda.
He thought of how pretty his younger sister was, the delightful round arse she possessed, the feel of her skin when he'd rubbed lotion into her back. Then his mind drifted off to the topless bather in front of him that afternoon, then the woman with the big tits, briefly his mother, then to the pre-teen girls splashing about topless under the watchful eye of their father...but approaching orgasm, Wanda forced herself into Gareth's mind. He recalled the gentle way her fingers had fluttered over his shoulders, the way she'd slathered the sun-tan lotion of his back, and he imagined those hands gripping his cock now.
"Wanda," he whispered as he stood in the shower, beating off furiously. The image of his sister's cute bum in those bikini-bottoms was in his mind when he hit his climax, his young sperm shooting out and splashing against the tile wall. It was a powerful cum, the first that day (he jacked off five times a day at home!) and Gareth's legs were shaky as he shot his load.
Sobering up once his climax was over, Gareth angled the shower head to wash away his sperm from the wall so it gurgled down the plughole. Then he got back to washing himself, lathering down his body and rinsing off.
He stepped out the shower and tied a towel round his waist before opening the door.
"All yours sis," he called as he strolled out the bathroom.
"Thanks," Wanda said, leaping up and strolling across towards the bathroom. Gareth went into the bedroom and threw on his clothes for bed - a white T-shirt and blue shorts. He usually slept naked at home but he knew that was out the question here! Well...maybe not, he thought. He could protest some sort of aversion to sleeping with clothes on and demand that he be allowed to sleep naked in bed. The problem was, he figured, his sister would think him a perv! Plus, he'd only end up with a big stiffie and end up nudging Wanda with it and making her squeal.
Gareth was aware, as he stood in his T-shirt and shorts, that he had another stiffie. He heard the shower running through the thin wooden wall between the bedroom and bathroom, and he even heard Wanda's liliting voice as she sang merrily to herself in the shower. Gareth reached into his shorts and played with his erection as he placed his head to the wall, listening to Wanda's singing. It was almost hypnotic, the voice so sweet and tuneful. Gareth though of his sister naked with just a thin wall between them. He began to masturbate again, wondering if he could ejaculate again before Wanda finished.
But he couldn't. He heard the shower turn off after a few minutesand quickly took his hands out his shorts and willed his cock to soften whilst hearing his sister brush her teeth. His cock flaccid, Gareth then took a deep breath before leaving the bedroom and strolling out through the door.
Just as he left the bedroom, Wanda was exiting the bathroom, a white fluffy towel wrapped round her waist, leaving her upper body exposed. Gareth glanced at the girl's nipples on her flat chest.
"Oi, stop perving," Wanda shrieked, grinning despite her supposed protest at her brother's stare. She raised her hands and placed them over her flat chest.
"You've got nothing to perv at," Gareth smirked.
"Yeah well...stop looking anyway."
"Who's looking?" sniffed Gareth, strolling towards the sofa, all cool. Wanda hurried into the bedroom. There, she took the towel from around her waist and put on some white panties and a baggy pink T-shirt. She strolled out the room and sat next to Gareth on the sofa, both watching a bit more TV, sitting close together.
"Almost ten," Gareth later sighed, "Bedtime."
"I guess," Wanda said, using the remote to flick the TV off. Gareth turned off the mainlight, just the silvery moonlight streaming through the main window lighting up the room dimly and allowing the youngsters to make their way to the bedroom.
There, with the bedroom door closed behind them, Wanda turned on both bedside lamps as Gareth shut the drapes, both briefly thinking back to Gareth's earlier comment that they were like a married couple. Here they were, preparing for bed.
Gareth hopped into his side, pulling the covers up to his waist and sitting up against the plump pillows, Wanda doing the same next to him.
"I hope you don't snore," Gareth smirked, repeating his earlier joke to try and cover his titillation at sitting up in bed next to his sister.
"I hope you don't snore either," responded Wanda.
"Shall we go straight to sleep?" asked Gareth.
"What else are we going to do beside sleep?" asked Wanda.
"Read," replied her brother, quickly, "I meant, do you want to go straight to sleep or read a book or something. What else did you think I'd suggest?"
Wanda just grinned, both of them briefly imagining 'doing it'. Like a married couple would in bed before going to sleep.
"I'm wasted," Wanda replied, yawning dramatically, "Let's go to sleep."
"Okay sis."
They both turned out the light. It was a full moon outside and the thin drapes let in a small amount of ghostly silvery light that, once the eyes had adjusted, allowed the siblings to make out things dimly in the room.
They both lay there, on their backs, eyes shut, trying to appear completely casual and unfazed but both concentrating on their situation. The bed wasn't especially large and their bodies were fairly close, just a six-inch gap between their shoulders. They could sense the warmth from the other's body heat.
After a few minutes, Wanda turned over, laying on her side, facing her brother, eyes slightly open and spying Gareth sillouhetted against the dim, silvery square of the window beyond. Gareth yawned, shifting his legs slightly, one of his feet nudging one of Wanda's feet.
"Sorry," he said quietly.
"S'okay," Wanda responded.
Gareth lay there, feeling tired but unable to sleep as he sensed his sister's breathing. It was shallow as she approached sleep. Wanda was titillated at being in bed next to her brother but she was exceptionally tired and felt herself drifting off. Soon, she was fast asleep and Gareth lay listening to the girl's breathing. She didn't snore though, not that Gareth would have cared. In the stillness of the dark room, Gareth could sense Wanda's breath - warm and tinged with the minty tang of her toothpaste.
Gareth's cock grew stiff and he gently slid a hand down his shorts, gripping his cock but not stroking it, feeling it grow to full erectness. He'd never had a stiffie whilst laying next to a girl before. He'd got a stiffie sitting in class more than a few times sitting close to a girl, but this was different. He wished he could jack off here, right next to Wanda, but he knew he couldn't risk waking her. He just lay there, holding his dick.
After a few minutes, Wanda moved a little in her sleep, letting out a little sigh as she adjusted her position, moving a bit closer to her brother. Her head lay on the pillow just an inch from her brother's shoulder and she bent one of her legs so that her knee was pressed lightly against Gareth's thigh. The boy remained in a state of titillation at the proximity of the girl, but fatigue was catching up with him. He took his hands from his shorts as he felt himself drift off.
Gareth's adolescent cock remained firmly erect for a long time after he fell into a deep sleep.

At six in the morning, the sun already climbing above the horizon and promising another blazing hot day, Wanda woke up.
She was laying on her back and she spent a few seconds blinking and reorientating herself. The room was bright, the thin drapes allowing in the bright sunlight.
Sitting up and rubbing her eyes, Wanda yawned then looked to her side. Her brother was still asleep, Gareth laying on his back with the duvet just up to his waist. Wanda admired her brother's slumbering face, the way he looked so charmingly handsome, unlike the boys in her class. She reached out with a hand then stopped, her fingers hovering over Gareth's chest. He was still wearing his T-shirt and Wanda was trying to wonder why she'd reached out with her hand, realizing that it had just been an involuntary urge to touch her handsome brother.
Wanda grinned as she remembered a naughty phrase she'd sometimes heard, 'Morning Wood' - boys having stiffies when they woke up, especially if they'd been having an erotic dream. Judging by the look of serenity on Gareth's face, it was likely he was having some sort of pervy dream, thought Wanda. She licked her lips and grinned some more as her hand hovered over the top of the duvet, wondering whether to pull it back. She took hold of the duvet and she raised it, sliding it down a little, right down and letting it fall to Gareth's knees. He was wearing his black shorts and they were fairly baggy so it was impossible to make out any shape under the material. Sitting up - still in her white panties and long pink T-shirt - Wanda wondered how brave she really was, whether she could go for it and try and cop a feel of Gareth's crotch. What if he woke up? Would he shriek at her for being a pervert? Or would he laugh at her and poke fun of her for groping her own brother? Wanda wasn't sure. She didn't want to find out either, but she also had a tremendous urge to try and find out if her brother's cock was hard. She thought it would be so nice to feel or see a real erection - preferably her dear brother's.
Wanda sat pondering what to do for a moment. She then flexed her fingers before carefully gripping the front of the waistband of Gareth's shorts between her forefinger and thumb and lifted.
Wanda paused, looking at Gareth's face. He remained fast asleep. Slowly, Wanda pulled front of the shorts down a bit, letting out a silent gasp as the purple head of her brother's cock came into view. She pulled the waistband lower, the veiny penis coming into view, clearly erect as it lay sticking straight upwards across Gareth's lower abdomen like a flesh swollen rod of flesh.
Wanda had seen a few stiffies in porn mags that friends had shown her during giggling sleep-overs, but it was the first she'd seen in real life! She's seen her brother's dick before, but only when they were toddlers in the bath. Now, it was fully erect and - if no full sized - certainly more like a man's cock than a little boy's.
Wanda sat there and admired Gareth's five-inch erection, wondering whether she would be bold enough to reach out with her other hand and perhaps touch it! Before she could make her mind up though, she panicked when Gareth shifted a little. She quickly hoisted up the waistband of her brother's shorts over his cock and lifted the duvet back up. Then Wanda lay down, pulling up the duvet and snuggling down, looking all innocent.
It was a false alarm. Gareth turned onto his side, facing away from Wanda, and resumed sleeping. The girl lay on her back for a while, staring at the ceiling, thinking back to the sight of her brother's erection. It had looked so great and fascinating! This fine hard tool that could - going by what Wanda was lead to believe - give a girl such pleasure! It was there, in her brother's pants, all hard and throbbing. She sighed, despondent that it was ridiculous to think that her darling brother would return the crush Wanda had on him. She reached down under the duvet and lifted the hem of her T-shirt up to her belly, then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her little white panties. She slid them down to her knees, feeling liberate at her bald cunt and arse freed from her underwear (although still under the covers) as she lay next to her sleeping brother. Wanda placed her hands at her groin, her forefinger quickly and skillfully finding her budding clit. She played with it, as she had done almost every night for the last few months since discovering the pleasure to be had down there. She eased the tip of her other forefinger into her slit, pushing it in slightly, feeling her bald lips slippery with moistness. Wanda stroked her clit whilst lightly fingering her cunt, closing her eyes, her breathing becoming deeper.
She'd started masturbating five-months ago, not long after her eleventh birthday. She'd done it just for fun in the bath once, wondering what the fuss was about after a girl in her class had bragged of doing it and 'cumming'. Wanda didn't expect to 'cum' the first time so was somewhat surprised when she did, sploshing about in the bath and gasping in pleasured shock as she climaxed under her amateurish but energetic fingerwork. Since then she frigged herself in bed before going to sleep nearly every night, and if she was awake early enough, before she got up in the morning too. It felt so nice masturbating here next to her brother, recalling the way her and Gareth had applied sun-tan lotion to each other's backs the night before and also the more recent act of sneakily grabbing a look at Gareth's dick. She helped justify her actions by remembering that Gareth had got a brief glimpse of her 'tits' last night when she came out the shower with the towel just round her waist, although she had to admit her brother was right in that there was 'nothing to perv at', her chest being flat.
For ten-minutes Wanda played with herself, skilled now at the tender age of eleven at friggery, rubbing her clit and sliding a finger or two in and out of her slit in unison. She didn't climax everytime she masturbated, but she did so quite often. She wondered if she would now! She though back to Gareth yesterday on the beach, his firm torso glistening as he paddled about in the sea. Then she thought of his cock, so proudly erect, riddled with veins, the head so shiny and purple, sleek and smooth so it'd glide up into a girl's vagina, then out again, then in, slamming in and out and in and out making the lucky girl receiving the hard fucking scream out in pleasure as her brother fucked her...
"Gareth!" gasped Wanda, involuntarily, taken by surprise by her orgasm. It came upon her suddenly, the duvet around her crotch whapping around as her hands speedily moved about under there, rubbing and fingering her cunt. She screwed her eyes up, all the muscles in her vagina contracting and spasming, the ripples of pleasure rushing up her spine and spreading through her body. It was the most intense orgasm she'd ever had and she almost fainted, rubbing her slit and clit until the pleasure began to die away.
It was only after the intense heat of her climax had passed that Wanda opened her eyes and realized she'd called her brother's name! She took her fingers (now slick and slippery) from her cunt and she turned, eyes wide with alarm, to her brother, fearful of him having woken.
Luckily, Gareth had not awoken. He still slept, peacefully. Wanda licked her dry lips and pulled her panties up and tugged her T-shirt down. She spent a moment recovering, getting her breath back. She still felt horny.
Gareth turned over at that point, laying on his back once more, eyes shut and still slumbering. Wanda sat up, wondering whether to have another look at her brother's dick, when she sensed him shifting about a bit more. Gareth yawned and began to slowly open his eyes.
"Mornin' Wanda," he said once he'd finished yawning.
"Morning Gareth," Wanda said, casually as she sat there, looking down at her brother, eyes wide with innocence, "Fancy some breakfast?"

Wanda stood in the kitchen area of the main room a few minutes later, still in just her T-shirt and panties, the hem of the T-shirt reaching half-way down her bare thighs. It was already warm that early in the day and the coolness of the tiled floor in the kitchen felt pleasant against the girl's bare feet.
She'd poured a big glass of milk for herself and Gareth (who was in the bathroom) and was busy making some waffles. She felt nice and grown up, having slept in a bed with a boy and now standing here making breakfast, her parents nowhere to be seen (albeit actually only next door). Feeling very happy indeed - and fresh from one seriously fantastic onanistic climax - Wanda hummed to herself as she made breakfast.
In the bathroom, meanwhile, Gareth stood naked in front of the toilet, eyes shut as he pumped his hard cock. He'd waited until his sister had got out of bed to make breakfast before he'd slipped out of the bedroom and here into the bathroom. He'd woken up with a serious case of morning wood, having had a fantastically vivid dream about a girl (anonymous in the dream, but definately the same age as his sister) masturbating him in bed. It'd been great and he thought back to the memories of last night, Wanda laying so close to him as she slept, and also to the memories of her spending all day in that skimpy bikini that showed off her cute round bum so well. Gareth thought back to a few weeks ago when Wanda had accidentally left a pair of her panties in the bathroom. He'd taken them into his room and, after hesitating with feelings of guilt, he masturbated into them. His memory of that incident was tinged with anxiety though, because he'd stuffed the cum-stained panties under his bed and the next day - planning to jerk-off into them again - he'd found them missing! He looked all over the place but couldn't find them. Eventually he convinced himself that he'd thrown them out by mistake, but a part of his mind worried that his sister had found them and taken them off, probably to wash them and no doubt wondering why they were in her brother's room.
Gareth pushed those worries out his head and just thought of Wanda, of her lovely young body.
Mastubating furiously, it didn't long for Gareth's sperm to rise from his full, hairless nuts, and the randy youth pointed his cock downwards and stifled a groan of lust he spurted his cream into the pan. He shot a good five or six pumps of semen into the toilet whilst imagining Wanda was kneeling next to him and jacking him off. Then he wiped himself off with a tissue, took a piss and flushed the toilet. He splashed some cold water on his face, put on his shorts then left the bathroom.
"Oooh, waffles," he smiled as he saw Wanda standing and pouring some maple syrup onto the two plates of waffles.
"You hungry?" Wanda asked her brother.
"I sure am. That looks nice sis. You're a good cook."
"You'll make a good wife someday," Gareth said, casually, and he took one of the plates and a glass of milk.
Wanda smiled, glad to be appreciated, and took the other plate and milk and followed her brother to the sofa. There they sat, stuffing their little faces whilst watching early morning cartoons.
After breakfast, they showered in turn and put on jeans and T-shirts and sneakers before padding over to their parent's cabin, knocking on the door and waking their parents up with excited requests to head down to the beach.

Part II
Onanism With A Partner

The events of last night for both siblings (completely unaware of the other's activities and thoughts) didn't intrude much during the day. They went to the beach again - rubbing more lotion on each other and getting a secret thrill each - then swam about. Their parents joined them later, Gareth briefly getting a hard-on as he watched his mother's big boobs jiggled about whilst she swam. But mostly it was an innocent day - a big lunch at a fast-food joint in the nearby seaside town, a trip to the beach again in the afternoon, dinner at Jack and Jessica's cabin then the evening at a fun-fair down the road.
At nine o'clock, feeling tired (or at least claiming to be), Wanda and Gareth said goodnight to their parents and wandered off to their cabin.
"Was it okay last night, sleeping with me?" Wanda asked her brother. They were dressed for bed and sitting on the sofa munching chips and watching TV. Wanda wore a white T-shirt, this one a little smaller than the one last night, the hem only reaching her waist and showing off her cotton panties, which were pink and had a smiling teddy bear on the crotch. Gareth wore the same pair of black shorts and a baggy Nirvana T-shirt he'd had handed down to him from an older cousin.
"How do you mean?" Gareth asked his sister.
"I dunno," shrugged Wanda, sipping her milk, "I didn' know, snore or anything did I? I didn't steal the covers or move about?" What she really meant of course was 'you didn't hear me frigging myself next to you did you, or detect me pulling down your shorts to look at your willy?'
"No, it was fine," shrugged Gareth, "You didn't snore. You didn't nudge me under the covers or nuthin'." Of course, his sister hand nudged him with her leg briefly, but that had actually excited Gareth. Any physical contact did. He was having difficulty that evening keeping his eyes from Wanda's panties that were on display thanks to her T-shirt not being as long as the one she wore last night. "Nice T-shirt by the way," he commented, hoping it would encourage Wanda to wear it again. He had a semi-boner at the moment, despite masturbating in the shower a little while ago.
"Thanks," Wanda smiled, even though it was just a plain white T-shirt she'd had for ages. She decided that she'd wear it again tomorrow! It was no coincidence she was wearing it now. She knew it'd show off her panties. She'd noticed Gareth glancing down at her panties a couple of times that evening and she liked to think it was more than just the natural urge of any twelve year old boy to look at any girl's underwear. She liked the idea that Gareth had a crush on her. She wanted to fall asleep that night imagining Gareth confessing his love for her, shy but confident, Wanda responding wordlessly by just kissing him and stroking his...
"Want to watch anything else?" Gareth asked, dragging his sister out of her thoughts.
"Huh? Er...not really. I'm tired. Fancy going to bed?"
They turned everything off and, after taking turns brushing their teeth, were both sitting up in bed. Wanda bought a magazine with her to bed this time and Gareth had a book (a science-fiction novel) and both once again thought to themselves how much they seemend to be like a married couple, sitting up in bed, reading next to each other in silence, comfortable in each other's presence. Gareth wondered if that's what their parents were doing next door, sitting up in bed reading (which wasn't the case - next door, Jack was roughly cunt-fucking Jessica hard, his wife urging him on with obsceneties, Jack finishing off by whipping his cock out of his wife's twat and masturbating his hot semen all over her beautiful face, knowing how much she loved a good facial).
Things in the kid's bedroom in this cabin were, naturally, a little more innocent. The siblings read for a little while before Wanda yawned and put her magazine aside. Gareth put his book aside and they agreed to settle down. The lamps were turned off. It was cloudy outside so the moonlight was in short supply, the room pretty much pitch-black.
Brother and sister lay in the darkness, the silence interrupted by their breathing, the occasional tired sigh or gentle cough.
Neither of them fell asleep as they were both trying to remain awake. Gareth wanted his sister to fall asleep so he could hold his cock (or maybe, if he dared, rub it until he came) whilst laying next to his slumbering sister. Wanda wanted her brother to fall asleep so that she might play with herself, maybe even flicking on a lamp and seeing if she could slip down his shorts and see if he had another hard-on.
Ten-minutes later, both were awake and waiting for the other to fall asleep.
"Wanda?" said Gareth, softly.
"Yeah?" replied his sister.
"Are you awake?"
There was a pause.
"No, I'm fast asleep so stop talking to me," whispered Wanda, then burst out giggling, as did her brother.
"Can't you sleep?" asked Gareth, still sniggering at his silly sister's humor, although he had to admit it was a dumb question he'd asked.
"Not really," Wanda replied, "What about you?"
"Nah, I don't feel that tired."
"You wanna read some more? Turn on the lamp. I don't mind."
"No, I'm okay."
There was a bit more silence. Gareth's cock was fully erect. He hadn't been thinking about sex, but he'd just sprung a hard-on anyway laying there next to his sister in the darkness, once again the warmth of their bodies, particularly from their bare legs, circulating under the duvet and reminding each other of the other's presence.
Wanda felt a real urge to masturbate, desperate to play with her clitty, to rub herself to another orgasm that would surely have been as fantastic as the one she'd had that morning. She was sure it was due to the presence of her brother, being so close to him, having just seen his hard cock, that had made her cum so hard. She shifted her legs a bit, feeling slightly restless despite her tiredness.
Gareth's cock was so hard it ached. He also fidgeted.
"Gareth?" Wanda began after a moment..
"Yeah?" her brother replied.
There was a pause.
"What?" asked Gareth.
"I got a question."
"Fire away sis."
"Do you"
"Oh it's nothing," Wanda said, wondering why she'd been so bold as to even think about asking the question she was about to ask.
"What?" demanded Gareth, wide awake now, his curiousity awakened, and feeling excited because - though he had no idea what his sister was about to ask him - he sensed it was something really serious and personel.
"Nothing," Wanda said, feeling another urge to ask the question - not because of the answer she sought but because of the subject it would raise - but once again put off by a part of her mind that says she was going to get laughed at or worse!
"You have to tell me," Gareth insisted, "I'm all curious now. If you don't ask me what you were about to ask, I'll die of curiosity in my sleep. How will you explain that to mum and dad eh? Me lying here dead in bed, having passed away in my sleep through a fatal attack of unsatisfied curiosity. You'll be in big trouble. Grounded for months!"
Wanda giggled, the tension diffused.
"It's..." began Wanda, " promise you won't laugh. Or freak out."
"I won't, I promise."
"Well," the girl began, feeling a little braver because of the darkness this conversation was held in, "Do you's, for girls with themselves?"
Some silence.
"Gareth?" Wanda asked the darkness towards where her brother lay. Like her he was laying on his back, looking upwards. Their shoulders were just about touching as they lay side-by-side.
"Hmm? Yeah, I'm here," Gareth replied, "I just...didn't expect that question. Why do you ask?"
"That doesn't matter. Do you think it's weird though?"
"You mean, do I think it's weird that girl's play with themselves? You mean masturbate and stuff?"
"No. No, it's not weird."
"Oh. Cool. It's just, I dunno, I heard boys did it but girls didn't, not normal ones anyway. Probably nonsense."
"Yeah, everyone does it, boys and girls, at least to my knowledge."
"Do you do it? Masturbate I mean."
Gareth was about to say 'no' instinctively, because no right-minded teenage boy would admit to it. However, his sister had clearly (by implication) admitted to doing it herself. The least he owed her was honesty. Also, like Wanda, Gareth found honesty was much easier in the darkness.
"Sure, I do it," he admitted, "Do you?"
"Yeah," Wanda admitted, happily, feeling so liberated to admit to this. She felt braver. "Have you er...done it since we came here?"
Gareth sniggered.
"What?" asked Wanda, giggling.
"It was your pun there," her brother explained, "Since we 'came' here." He sniggered some more.
"Don't divert the conversation," Wanda said, petulantly, burning with curiosity about her brother and what he'd admit to. She decided he'd be more open if she was. "I have," she said, "I' know, masturbated since we arrived her in this cabin."
"Me too," confessed Gareth, his cock throbbing even harder in his shorts now.
"How many times?" asked Wanda, trying to sound light and humorous despite the intense arousal she was feeling. Her cunt was tingling and felt wet, her legs instinctively parting a little. Her arms were by her side and she fought the urge to stuff her hands down her panties and frig herself furiously.
"I've done it twice," Gareth confessed.
"When? Come on, tell all."
"How many times have you done it?"
"Once. Now come on Gareth, tell me when you've done it. When you've...spanked your monkey!" She giggled.
"Well," began Gareth, "I er...did it in the bathroom that first night, when I went for a shower. Then again when I went for a shower yesterday. No, wait, I've done it three times actually, I jerked off yesterday morning when I went to take a pee before breakfast."
"I hope you washed your hands!" giggled Wanda.
"Now what about you, when did you masturbate here?" Gareth asked.
"This morning," Wanda replied, wondering how much to admit to her brother, "Early this morning."
"Where? In the bathroom."
"In here."
"The bedroom?"
"In bed."
"Was to you?"
Wanda nodded. Then she remembered they were laying here in the darkness and her brother couldn't see her nod!
"Yes," she admitted. You were asleep."
"I'd imagine so," giggled Gareth, "If I were awake with my little sister jerking off next to me, it might stick in my memory."
Wanda giggled too.
There was a pause, Wanda feeling so pleased that she was talking about this with her brother. Having discussed such intimate things with his sister, Gareth's cock was pulsating with stiffness, desperate for manipulation, but he was now a little unsure where this conversation was going. Was Wanda just having a laugh? Were they to fall asleep now? Surely not.
"You still awake?" Gareth asked after a moment.
"Sure," Wanda replied. She was thinking about anything but falling asleep!
"When er... when is the next scheduled masturbation for you then Wanda? I'm beating you, three-nil." They both laughed.
"Why? Why do you want to know when I'm going to frig myself?"
"I dunno. Just curious. Er...listen Wanda, this conversation is between you and me right?"
"Yeah sure, sure. Don't worry. You think I want it broadcast to the world?"
"Just checking. Er...listen, Wanda. Something else. Er...I really need to jack off. My dick's gonna drop off it's so hard it's just...I dunno, all this talk of jerking-off." He didn't mentioned that his cock had been rock-hard pretty much since getting into bed with Wanda.
"You don't need to ask my permission," laughed Wanda, "Beat yourself off! Knock yourself out. Go for it. Just try not to get too much stuff on the duvet!"
"Yeah I can't do it here."
"Why not? I did it next to you this morning. I really need to do it too, I need to jerk off. Seriously! I don't know what the girlie equivilent of a hard-on is, but I've got one! I feel really...horny. Let's do it together."
"Hmmm," pondered Gareth, "I guess. No wait, that's...weird."
"What's weird," asked Wanda.
"Jerking off next to you. With you awake and stuff."
"Hey, you agreed earlier it's not weird for girls to masturbate. And it's not weird for boys to masturbate."
"I guess."
"So there's not much weird know, doing it together. Next to each other. You can go the bathroom and do it if you want, but you'll be all cold standing there in the nude on the tiled floor!"
"Okay," Gareth said, brimming with excitement, "let's do it in here then."
"Righto," Wanda said, also excited.
"We should push the duvet down."
They both sat up, pushing the duvet far down the bed until it was bunched up at the foot of the mattress.
"You gonna strip?" asked Gareth.
"I'll take my panties off, yeah. What the heck, and my T-shirt! If you do too."
The removed their underwear and T-shirts, no need for modesty as it was too dark to make out much of each other but dark, fuzzy shapes in the small amount of moonlight that got through the clouds and the drapes. They lay side-by-side, on their backs.
Gareth reached down and felt such relief when he encircled his hard penis with his hands. He began to stroke it.
"Have you started?" he asked Wanda.
"Yeah," his sister replied, softly. She'd placed the tips of her right forefinger and index-finger to her little clit whilst the respective digits on her left hand were lightly stroking her cunt-lips, which were wetter and warmer than they'd ever been. She began stroking and rubbing herself, breathing softly. She could here the soft 'thwap thwap' as Gareth pumped his cock. She wished it was light enough to see, to be able to watch her brother stroking that proud and beautiful hard cock he had. She could turn on the lamp of course, she felt no real shame in herself being on display, but she thought it might be pushing her luck, that her brother might have an attack of nerves. It was nice enough, she thought, just to be jerking off alongside her brother in the darkness whilst he did the same.
They masturbated in silence, breathing together, delighting in each other's presence.
Wanda thought she might outlast her brother as she'd heard that teenage boys often shot their load quickly. However, after just a few minutes she felt her climax rising. Her breathing grew heavier and faster. Her fingers were working fast between her crotch and she began to lift her little arse off the bed and grind her cunt into her fingers.
"Oooh, oh, oh," she gasped, "Mmmm."
"Are you cumming?" asked Gareth, pumping his cock in his fist, his own orgasm not far off.
"Yeah," replied Wanda, "Oh normally takes...longer...oooooh!"
It was a powerful cliamx, Wanda could tell! It burst upon her, her whole groin burning with electric pleasure that ran from her manipulated clit and lips and up into her young body. She jerked her hips, rubbing hard, moaning softly and without inhibition, her thoughts fixed on her brother jerking off next to her.
"I think I'm about to cum too," Gareth explained, matter-of-factly, breathing harder as he began to reach the apogee of pleasure. " it is...uuuuuh!" His cock exploded in his fist, his wrist aching as he jerked of hard. His cock spat out a wad of sperm that arced through the air with such force that it splattered onto his chest. Groaning, Gareth whacked off throughout his climax, more sperm pumping out and splashing onto his stomach. He began to slow down, breathing deeply, his remaining sperm oozing out his piss-hole and running down his hands. Eventually he stopped his wrist action and lay there, his cock wilting in his hand.
"You finished?" Wanda asked, casually.
"Yeah," Gareth replied, then took a deep breath, "That was nice. It was nice doing it next to you. Did you cum then?"
"Yeah, I came! Really hard too. A good one." She was still idly stroking her cunt, which felt wet, her fingers now very sticky.
"I'm er...a bit messy. I'm off to get some toilet tissue." He began to get up.
"Get me some too," Wanda called in the darkness.
"Why? You don't...squirt any stuff when you cum. Do you?"
"Not really, but there is...stuff. Juices. Just get me some tissue anyway."
Gareth left the room and went into the bathroom. He stood naked in front of the mirro, cum splattered over his young torso and dripping from his fingers. Ee couldn't believe what he'd just done! It had been fantastic, masturbating with his sister. It had been the most erotic experience of his life. Admittedly he hadn't had any others really, and nothing anywhere near sex apart from a game of you-show-me-yours, I'll-show-you-mine with a girl of seven when he himself had only been nine. Tonight had been great! Wanda had clearly enjoyed it too, she'd been the one to bring up the subject and who'd insisted that they masturbate together!
Gareth grinned at his reflection, narcissistic in the warm after-glow of his orgasm. Then he remembered the reason for being here. He took some tissue and wiped himself down and washed his hands. Then he took soem more tissue and turned out the bathroom light before going back to the bedroom.
The duvet was still at the foot of the bed when Gareth returned to the darkened bedroom, getting onto the bed and holding out the tissue.
"Here you are," he said.
"Thanks," said Wanda, fumbling about and finding the clump of tissue her brother held out. She wiped her crotch and fingers then put the crumpled tissue on the bedside cabinet.
"I might not put my clothes on," Gareth said, "I'm hot," he lied, "You don't mind do you?"
"No. Of course not. I'll sleep nude too."
More excited shivers ran up each child's spines. Gareth tugged the duvet up over his and Wanda's nude bodies and they lay back. After a moment Gareth edged up to his sister so their shoulders touched. Fatigue crept up quickly on them and, despite the thoughts running through their minds, they were fast asleep in moments.

The thoughts of last night were running through Gareth's head when he woke up at seven in the morning. He was laying on his back, nude, his morning-wood erecting a tent under the duvet. Wanda lay beside him, facing away, snoring quietly.
Gareth needed a piss so he slid out of the bed and crept out the room. In the bathroom he had to force his erection downwards to pee. That done, he went to the bedroom and got back into bed. For a while he just lay there, staring at the ceilling and stroking his hard cock under the duvet. Wanda shifted a little in her sleep, mumbling something unidentifiable. She shifted back a bit, still on her side facing away from Gareth, and the boy got such a thrill when his sister's bare bottom pushed against the side of his thigh. He let out a soft sigh, stroking his cock, thinking back to the noises Wanda had made when she'd climaxed next to him whilst they were masturbating together. Thoughts of his mother's body when she'd been on the beach in her bikini - those big boobs, that fine arse, the long toned legs - intruded on his mind a little but mostly it was Wanda he thought of.
Gareth was wondering whether to masturbate to completion when he noticed his sister beginning to stir. He took his hands from his cock instinctively, one of his hands brushing against Wanda's arse. The girl shifted away, turned onto her back and opened her eyes. She yawned, stretching her legs and flexing her toes.
"Morning Gareth," she smiled.
"Morning sis," he replied, "You okay?"
"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"
"Dunno. Just thinking back to...last night."
"Oh yeah. That was kinda cool. You don't regret it do you?"
"No! No, not at all. I was worried you might have regretted it."
"I was the one who suggested it, remember," Wanda grinned. "It was nice. I liked it. Shall we do it again?"
"Now?" asked Gareth.
"Why not? We won't have a chance until tonight otherwise. How often do you prefer to jack-off?"
Gareth was about to clam up but he had to remind himself of how open he and his sister had been about onanistic activities last night.
"Well, about four or five times a day if possible," Gareth said.
"Whoa, you horny little rascal," giggled Wanda.
"How about you?"
"Well...only about once. Or twice. In the morning and then the evening. But I guess girls are different. We take a bit longer to cum, usually anyway. It takes a bit of time. You boys just spring stiffies, beat off, shoot your load then go and grab a pizza or something!"
"Yeah" Gareth grinned.
"You got morning wood under there?" asked Wanda.
"Huh? Oh, yeah. A nice morning boner!" They both giggled.
: "Let's jerk-off again then," Wanda said, "I feel the urge."
Gareth nodded and was about to push the covers down, like they'd done last night, but he remembered that it had been dark last night. The room was fully lit now, the day outside cloudless and bright. He realized he and his sister would see each other completely.
"You wanna push the covers down?" he asked Wanda.
"Sure," his sister replied, "If you want to, that is."
"We'll see each other nude."
"Does that bother you?"
"No. Not at all. Just...whatever. Doesn't matter. Okay, here goes." Gareth shoved the duvet down, Wanda helping him, both sniggering childishly when the duvet slid off the bottom of the bed. Both glanced briefly at each other's nudity then lay back, staring up at the ceiling. Gareth gripped his hard cock and began stroking it. Wanda stroked her slit with one hand but was unable to concentrate. She glanced over at Gareth's cock, sticking up straight in his pumping fist, the boy breathing softly. Gareth glanced at his sister's groin, then looked away. Then he looked back, watching his sister's fingers work between her legs. He looked up at Wanda's face and they made eye-contact.
"What?" he queried, noticing his sister's intense gaze at him, noting how pretty and adorable her charming face was.
"Nothin'" shrugged Wanda, "Just...lookin'. You don't me looking at your willie do you?"
"So long as I can look at yours."
"I don't have a willie," giggled Wanda.
"I'm glad to hear! You know what I mean. You don't mind me looking at your...cunt."
"Go for it," grinned Wanda, "What do you think about when jerking off?"
"The usual," Gareth replied, him and his sister playing with themselves whilst looking into each other's eyes, "Naked women. And girls. Pussies. Boobs. What about you?"
"Big cocks," Wanda laughed, "Seriously! Nice hard tools, randy young boys...and men, I mean...doing 'it' to women and girls. I was thinking," she continued, "if you think about naked girls and pussies and that, why bother just imagining them when you've got a naked girl with a cunt in front of you? Namely me? You can look at me whilst beating off, and I can look at your dick whilst playing with myself. Does that sound okay?"
"It sounds fine sis. I can't get a good look here, shall we kneel up or something?"
They both sat up and adjusted their positions, so that they knelt in the center of the bed, facing each other, knees touching. They made eye-contact and grinned before Wanda looked down, admiring her brother's young, slim body and more specifically his hairless groin, his hard tool which he was pumping slowly in his fist. Deciding that if his sister was going to eye him up without any shame, Gareth appraised his sister. Even though she didn't have any tits, he still felt fascinated by her chest, her little stiff nipples mainly. Then he looked down, past her flat belly to her cunt. Wanda's thighs were parted and she had her right hand over her slit and working two fingers into it, whilst her left hand rubbed her clit.
"I can't see properly," complained Brett, "Your hands are in the way of your cunt."
"That better?" asked Wanda, taking her hands away, revealing her bald slit in all it's glory.
"How do it?" asked Gareth, slowling down his fist as he gazed down at his sister's groin, "Do you just finger it?"
"Not quite," Wanda explained, "I rub the lips mainly, these things." She pointed with a finger to her bald lips which were pink and glistening with moistness. "Then there's this thing, the clitoris, or clit," she added, pointing to the budding little bean above her lips.
"Oh yeah, I've heard of that," nodded Gareth, "It's like, an erogenous zone or something."
"Yeah, it feels nice rubbing it. I rub it with one hands and run my fingers over the lips. I push a finger or two in, but that's not the main activity. How do you do yours? Do you just grip it and rub up and down?"
"Pretty much," Gareth confirmed, taking his hands from his erection, his sister looking down at it, examining the proud five-inch tool that pointed heavenward, "It shoots stuff when the blood pumps fast enough. Thinking of naked girls makes enough blood pump around the willie so it gets hard, then friction - with your fist or er, putting it in a girl's thingie - makes the cum eventually rise up. And it shoots out the hole here, in the glans, the same hole I pee out of."
Wanda nodded, fascinated. "We touched on that in sex-ed," she explained, "But we had just diagrams! No practical demonstration. I want to er...see you cum this time. Does it all spurt out, the cum?"
"How far? Does it shoot out, like...across the room or summat?"
"No," laughed Gareth, "Not quite. It can shoot out a foot or two sometimes, up to my chest if I'm laying back. Other times it just oozes out. So, you wanna see it?"
"Sure! Whack off to completion, it'd be cool to watch."
"As long as I can watch you cum."
"It's not that spectacular, nothing spurts out like with you boys. But you can watch anyway. Let's do it together, facing each other."
"Okay, sounds good."
Gareth gripped his erection in his fist and began stroking, looking down at Wanda's crotch as she bought her two hands into play, stroking her slit and rubbing her budding clitoris. Wanda meanwhile gazed at her brother's cock as he pumped it, the siblings occasionally making eye-contact and smirking at each other before looking back to each other's groins.
"Are you near to climax?" Gareth asked after a couple of minutes.
"Not really," Wanda replied, her fingers working quicker, "Not yet. I don't always cum when I masturbate, us girls are different like I said. Sometimes I just play with myself for a while and though I don't climax I'm still quite satisfied."
"I couldn't do that. I couldn't jerk-off without cumming, not without feeling frustrated."
They carried on jerking themselves off in front of each other for a while, Gareth finally realizing that if he shot his load in this position he'd spurt over his sister! Kneeling opposite, Wanda's crotch and belly were about two-feet from him and he was aware that he was probably more than capable of hitting her! The idea of splashing his semen on his sister turned him on a great deal but he thought Wanda might freak out. His climax was beginning to approach, the semen in his little nuts beginning to rise.
"Wanda?" he said, jerking off quicker, "I'm about know... shoot."
"Oh. Right. And?"
"What do you mean 'and?' I'll end up squirting over you!"
Wanda sniggered. This didn't bother her unduly.
"Here, I'll lay down," Gareth said, laying on his back as he did last night. He pumped his cock with his fist, Wanda remaining kneeling up next to her brother as she frigged her cunt, looking down at her brother jerking-off.
"I can't wait to watch you shoot your load," she giggled, "It'll be cool! I've never seen a guy shoot his load."
"I'm glad to hear it at your age!" laughed Gareth. His orgasm was rising quickly now and he closed his eyes, pumping his fist.
Wanda was buzzing with pleasure she slid two fingers up to the second knuckle in her cunt whilst rubbing her clit, eager to see her brother fire his sperm. She didn't have to wait long. Gareth let out a long gasp as he jerked his cock hard, a sticky wad of semen firing out his cock-head and splattering across his torso. He grunted as he fisted his prick, firing a second spurt, then a third and a fourth.
"Whoa, shit," the boy gasped, "It's...quite a lot!" He continued beating his prick, as a couple more squirts of sperm arced up into the air and landed on his belly.
Wanda just looked in awe, fingering her cunt slowly but giving most of her attention to her brother's cock as it fired out his lovely fresh cum. It was white and creamy looking, landing over his youthful skin. The flow ended finally, Gareth himself in awe at the amount of semen he'd shot out.
"Wow, there was a lot," Wanda said.
"Yeah! It's not normally that much! Like I said last night it', a bit messy."
"I'm not quite as messy."
"You haven't cum though have you?"
"No, but I'm not that fussed. I don't climax everytime. I liked watching you cum though, that was great. Can I again sometime?"
"Sure. Tonight?"
"Absolutely, we can do it before bed."
"I want to watch you cum though, you'll have to masturbate to climax so I can watch you."
"I'm a bit sticky anyway," Wanda commented, taking her hands from her crotch and examining them. The digits were slightly slick with juices, but there was no doubt that Gareth was messier, sperm on his sticky fingers and lots of slashes and dots of cum over his belly and chest.
"I'll get some tissue," said Gareth.
"No, I'll get it," Wanda said, hopping off the bed, "You got it last night." The nude girl scampered out the room, buzzing with excitement at what she'd just seen. It had been so exciting seeing Gareth firing his load and seeing him nude. She went into the bathroom and washed her hands. She dried them on a towel and grabbed a load of tissue before returning to the bedroom.
"Cheers," said Gareth, taking the offered tissue and wiping all the cum off his torso, Wanda kneeling next to him and blatantly watching her brother with delight. All cleaned up, Gareth put the tissue onto his bedside cabinet. Wanda turned and noticed that the tissue she'd used to wipe her cunt and fingers last night was still on her cabinet.
"We'd better throw these tissues away," she sniggered, "Mum and dad might come in here sometime and wonder why we've got sticky tissues by the bed!"
"Yeah," Gareth laughed, "Although if they came in now they might be more concerned as to why we're here nude together, all sweaty!"
After grabbing the duvet from the floor and pulling it back over the bed, Wanda lay down next to her brother, shifting up so their shoulders touched. They lay together, a little tired from their activities. Gareth half-dozed for a while and Wanda just lay with her eyes closed, re-running the sight of her brother's orgasm through her mind. She felt horny again and reached between her legs, idly stroking her cunt under the duvet.
At seven-thirty there was a knock at the front door of the cabin.
"Shit, it's mum and dad," Gareth said, sitting up.
"Oh," Wanda commented, not sure what the fuss was before remembering her and her brother were naked! She leapt up out of bed and joined her brother in dressing. Wanda soon had on her panties and T-shirt whilst Gareth pulled on his shorts and T-shirt.
"I'll get rid of these," Gareth said, grabbing the crumpled tissue by his bed and then leaning over to grab the one on Wanda's bedside cabinet.
"I'll get the door," Wanda said, there being another couple of knocks.
Gareth went to the bathroom and flushed the tissues away whilst Wanda padded through the living area to the door. She opened it.
"Hiya sweetheart," Jack said, the father standing in jeans and a black shirt, "Didn't wake you did I?"
"Not really," Wanda smiled, "Come on in, into my little home," she giggled. She stood aside and Jack strolled in. Wanda shut the door and noted her father glancing down at her quizically, probably wondering why she was so scantily clad, her T-shirt tight round her slim torso, her panties on display with the material running up her bum-crack a little owing to them having been hauled on in a hurry. Though she loved her brother and harbored a major crush on him, Wanda also liked her father. He was six-foot-one and had such a handsome, sculpted face with the same huge dark eyes as Gareth.
"Sleep okay?" asked Jack.
"Yeah fine, the bed's nice and comfy."
"Gareth doesn't keep you awake does he, pinching the duvet?"
"No, no, not at all."
"Good, because I do that, your mum is always complaining when I drag the duvet over to my side and uncovering her!"
Wanda giggled, liking the comparison between her parents sleeping together and her and Gareth doing so.
"Hi dad," Gareth said, strolling out of the bathroom, "Where's mum?"
"Making breakfast. I thought you kids might like to join us."
"Okay," Gareth said, "I'll chuck some jeans on."
"Me too. We'll be over there in a sec dad," Wanda said. She and her brother went to the bedroom whilst Jack left the cabin and went back to his own.
Jack strolled through the front door to his cabin. It was like the children's, in that the door opened into a big living area, with a sofa, TV and fireplace in the main area with afitted kitchen, breakfast-table and chairs in the corner. The far wall held a door leading into the bathroom and another door leading to the bedroom.
"Are they okay over there?" asked Jessica, standing in her dressing gown as she fried up some eggs.
"Fine honey," Jack replied, walking over to his wife and placing his hands on her shoulders, "They're fine! Never seen them so happy." He nuzzled the back of his wife's neck.
"Good," Jessica smiled, feeling horny.

Dressed is in jeans and T-shirts, Wanda and Gareth came over to their parents cabin ten-minutes later. Jessica hugged Gareth and gave him a welcoming kiss, a display of affection that surprised - but did not alarm - the boy. Then they sat down and had a big breakfast. Soon, the kids popped over to get changed into their swimming costumes and they joined their parents in trekking off down to the beach.

Part III
You Touch Mine, I'll Touch Yours

After a day of swimming and sunbathing, with a picnic on the beach for lunch, the family returned to the park at four o'clock. They were tired and Jessica and Jack declared that they were off for a lie down. Gareth briefly thought that his parents might mean they were going off to have sex - the boy wasn't stupid and did not hold the prejudice of most children who didn't think their mum and dads had sex. Gareth was briefly jealous of his dad. After all, his mum was very sexy and Gareth couldn't help but look at his mum in her swimming costume during the day and imagine what her big boobs would be like to play with or how good it would be see what her cunt and arse looked like, maybe to penetrate them...
Then he remembered that he had Wanda! His little sister who he'd seen nude and masturbated with. His mother left his mind as he followed Wanda into their cabin, closing the door behind them.
"I'm starved again," Wanda said. She was in a one-piece yellow bikini.
"Me too," Gareth said, dumping his towel on the sofa. He was wearing blue swimming shorts. "Mum and dad said to go over to their cabin in about an hour and they'd take us out for dinner."
"Not sure if I can wait that long. Fancy a sandwich?"
"Okay. I'll put the telly on."
Gareth tuned the TV into some cartoons and sat watching them whilst Wanda singed happily to herself, making peanut-butter sandwiches for her and her brother. She came over and sat next to her brother, both eating hungrily whilst watching Road Runner.
Afterwards, still with a long time until dinner, Gareth began to feel horny, sensing that Wanda might be too.
"Hey sis," he said, trying to sound all casual, "Shall we er...go for a lie down?"
"Like mum and dad you mean?" sniggered Wanda, "I know what they mean when they go for a lie down. They're off to have it off."
"Yeah! Shall we go to bed and, y'know...jerk off? Like this morning?"
"Sure! I've been feeling kinda horny all day. I need to finger myself! Let's go."
They hurried into the bedroom, Gareth closing the drapes before turning and spying his sister removing her bikini. She looked so pretty and sexy, standing nude, her hair still damp from all the swimming that day. Gareth took off his shorts, feeling no embarrassment at being nude in front of his sister with an erection. Indeed, he felt proud of his five-inch jutting from his hairless groin, knowing how much it fascinated and charmed Wanda. They got onto the bed.
"Shall we do the same as this morning?" asked Gareth.
"We could do," said Wanda, "But we could do something different."
", lets leave that. I'll leave it as a surprise. Let's just do what we did this morning to start off, kneeling opposite each other."
So, that's what the youngsters did. Brother and sister knelt opposite each other, thighs apart, knees touching. Gareth gripped his erection and masturbated away, no self-consciousness at all, whilst Wanda stroking and fingered her clit. They exchanged glances and grins but paid most attention to each other's bodies, both drawing sexual pleasure from having a naked member of the opposite sex in front of them, mirroring the onanistic activities.
"Do you think you'll cum this time?" asked Gareth after five-minutes of silent mutual masturbation.
"Dunno," shrugged Wanda, "Hopefully I will. What about you, are you close to squirting your juice?"
"Yeah," grinned her brother, "It's not far off. It's quite close actually. What's this surprise you mentioned earlier?"
"Well, it's more of a suggestion. How about I jack you off?"
"Huh? you mean?"
"Well, you can lie back like you did this morning and I can, y'know, stroke your willie, just like your doing know."
"Are you sure you want to?"
"Yeah! Of course! I want to touch it, your thingie. Do you want me to?"
"Sure, it'd be nice."
Gareth shifted about and lay on his back, head on the pillow, looking down his slender body as his naked little sister took her fingers from her crotch and shuffled to kneel next to his hips. Wanda licked her lips as she examined her brother's cock. He'd taken his hands from it, Gareth's tool sticking upright, throbbing and stiff.
After a moment of hesitation to get her nerve, Wanda reached out and took her brother's cock in her small hand. She encircled it in her fist.
"Wow, it's so hard," she commented, "I didn't think it was this stiff!"
"That feels nice. No-one's ever touched it before."
"What do I do, just stroke it up and down."
"Yeah," Gareth replied, and his sister began pumping his cock, a little clumsily but soon getting the knack. Her brother gave her instructions: "That's it...grip it a bit firmer...that's nice...a bit faster...faster...oh yeah....yeah."
He began lifting his arse a little off the bed, fucking his sister's pumping fist. Wanda had a mixture of curiosity, fascination and lust on her pretty round face as she masturbated her brother.
"Are you going to shoot soon?" she asked, casually.
"Very soon," panted Gareth, "Not long...keep stroking it...faster....uuuuh, oh Wanda, oh WANDA!"
Gripping Gareth's cock and pumping her fist faster and faster, Wanda watched with delight as her brother's sperm shot out of his cock, splattering down onto his chest. A second and third squirt flew out and landed on his belly, a couple more wads squirting just a few inches and landing on Gareth's smooth, hairless pubic area. The boy's face was a picture of ecstasy, his eyes closed. His legs were stiffening and his toes curling, then the boy's body relaxed and he let out a long sigh as his orgasm faded away. Wanda slowed down her wrist action until she'd stopped, left holding a softening cock that leaked out some finaly sperm that ran down onto her fingers.
"Wow," Wanda gasped, "That was so cool!" She felt so happy at having caused her brother such pleasure, at having used her own physical presence and actions to bring about her beautiful brother's climax and the way she'd personally caused his hard willie to spurt on this lovely baby-making gunk over his torso. Gareth sat up, Wanda shuffling back a little and taking her hand from the boy's cock.
"That was nice, thanks," Gareth smiled. He leaned forward a little, hesitated, then leaned forward some more and planted a kiss on Wanda's lips. He moved back, smiling shyly.
"My pleasure," Wanda chirped, "Now you do me." She lay on her back and spread her legs.
"Come on, it's only fair. I masturbated you, now you do me."
"I don't know how."
"You think I knew how to jerk you off? You told me what to do and I did it. Now I'll tell you what to do. C'mon."
Gareth looked at his sister's spread legs, her neat bald cunt on display, her lips clearly wet. He was bit anxious at doing this wrong, but he figured that it was only fair as his sister had masturbated him, and further more it felt so erotic to be able to touch his sister so intimately! He knelt between Wanda's spread-eagled legs and flexed his fingers.
"Right," he began, "Er...what now?"
Wanda giggled.
"First off, take your forefinger and index-finger of your right-hand and place them on my clit. See it?"
"Yeah, I see it."
"Put the tips of the fingers on it and start to rub."
Gareth did so, touching his sister's budding little clitty and making her shiver with pleasure at someone else's hands touching her most private area. It felt delicious.
"Now," she continued, "use the forefinger of your other hand to touch my lips."
Gareth grinned and reached forward, placing his left forefinger on the lips of his sister's mouth.
"No," she squealed, giggling, "My...cunt lips."
"I know, I know, I'm jokin' sis."
Gareth placed his left forefinger in the correct place, feeling his sister's puffy cunt-lips, delighting in the sensation of their smooth moistness.
"Do I stroke them?" he asked.
"Yeah. stroke the lips and occasionally slide the fingers in, to the second knuckle, whilst rubbing my clit with the other hand." Gareth did so and his sister instructed him appropriately, her young voice growing more breathy and lustful: "That's it Gareth...mmm...a bit faster with the fingers on my lips...slide them in a bit...a bit deeper....ooooh, that's it....yeah....rub my clitty still...keep it up....mmmm." She began breathing faster, her eyes fluttering, her little round cheeks blushing. Her brother had only been doing this a minute when she felt her climax approaching. She couldn't believe it was approaching so quickly! It was clearly because someone else was doing it, and more importantly it was the most handsome boy in the world, her brother! She tossed her head, her toes flexing as her brother's had done when he'd climaxed. "Ooooh, I'm cumming....oh God Gareth...OH GOD! Faster...finger me....rub me....aaaah."
Gareth rubbed his sister's clit with the tips of his fingers furiously whilst sliding two digits from his other hand into her slit, feeling it so warm and moist in there. Like his sister, Gareth discovered the sheer delight in making someone else climax with simple actions. He fingered Wanda throughout her climax, which lasted almost a minute! She panted and gasped, uttering her brother's name repeatedly, Gareth working hard between her legs.
When his sister's orgasm had died away, the girl seemingly exhausted, Gareth took his fingers from his sister's crotch. He only just noticed that throughout all this he had thick gobs of sticky sperm on his chest and belly, drying slowly in the hot room.
"Oh wow, that was good," Wanda said, sitting up. She knelt in front of her brother and embraced him, kissing him on the mouth. She moved back and realized that, because their torsos had briefly pressed together, she had sticky semen over her own bare torso from her brother's.
"Oops," smirked Gareth, "I got my juice all over you."
"S'okay, my juice is on you!"
Gareth looked at his fingers which were shiny with pre-teen cunt juice from his sister. They giggled to each other. Gareth kissed his sister again, letting his lips linger briefly, before he moved back.
"We'd better clean up and go to mum and dad's cabin," he said, "I'll take a shower."
"Let's have one together," Wanda suggested, "It'll save time. Plus it'll be fun."
"Fair enough. C'mon."
They scampered naked out the room and into the shower, turning on the hot water and stepping in. They giggled as they washed themselves in front of each other, totally at ease with one another. Once they'd finished they dried off with fluffy towels and went back to the bedroom. They made the bed, straightening the duvet, then got dressed. Finally looking respectable, the affectionate brother and sister shared a couple of hesitant little kisses before they left the cabin and went to their parent's.
Jack was dressed smartly for the evening in a black suit and white shirt, and Jessica wore a sexy black dress that showed off a lot of her impressive cleavage that drew the attention of Gareth's eyes (Wanda feeling a stab of jealousy when she noticed this). They went off out to town to a restaurant and had a nice family meal, the siblings sitting closer together than they normally would at the table, almost shoulder-to-shoulder (albeit squabbling as much as they usually did - who ordered what, who had ordered more than their fair share of soft-drinks, who was unfairly stealing who's dessert spoon because they'd foolishly lost their own, etc). Not that it mattered. It was a nice meal and the family went to the cinema afterwards.

It was nine o'clock when they got back to the park. Wanda and Gareth went to their parent's cabin for a moment to say their goodnights before they went to their own.
Soon enough, Wanda and Gareth were sitting on the sofa in their own cabin, watching telly.
"Not much on," Gareth complained, flicking through the channels.
"Fancy an early night?" Wanda suggested.
Gareth grinned and flicked the TV off. Wanda turned out the lights and they went to the bedroom.
"Shall we do each other again?" Gareth suggested as he closed the drapes and began to strip.
"Of course," Wanda said, taking off her clothes, "It's more fun that way, don't you think?"
"Definately! It's cool."
They removed all their clothes and got onto the bed, Gareth's little erection nodding in the air.
As they'd done earlier that afternoon, they played with themselves whilst kneeling opposite one another. Gareth wanted to masturbate his sister first and Wanda was more than happy to lay back, spreading her legs. With a bit more instruction, Gareth was quickly getting the hang of this, and he frigged his sister well. She took longer to climax this time but it was worth it, Wanda almost swooning with delight when her brother's digits bought her off to an orgasm that shot through her young body. Then it was Gareth's turn. Masturbating his sister had been such a turn on that on the twentieth flick of Wanda's wrist the boy's cock began firing sperm all over his body.
They lay next to each other, catching their breath, then wiped themselves down with tissues that Gareth fetched from the bathroom. Then they got under the covers and turned out the light.
"Gareth?" Wanda said into the darkness after a moment.
"Shall we...hold each other? Whilst going to sleep? Y'know, kinda hug and stuff."
"Okay, sure," Gareth said, liking this suggestion.
"You lay back and I'll kind of...drape myself over you. I like touching you, our bodies together. It's cool."
"I like it too," Gareth said. He lay on his back as his sister shifted, Wanda laying on her side and resting her head on her brother's chest, draping an arm across his belly, one of her knees pressed against his thigh. They snuggled together, enjoying the warmth of bodily-contact, before falling asleep.

The siblings woke up in the morning early again. It was Tuesday, eleven full days of holiday still left to go. The masturbated each other again, Wanda climaxing twice under her brother's enthusiastic fingering and stroking. Then she jerked off Gareth, who shot a bucket-load of semen all over his torso. they showered together, getting all horny again and rushing into the bedroom to frig each other for a second time!
Another shower was required before they dressed, had breakfast, then settled into the innocent routine of the day, which was mostly spent at the beach.
That night, they masturbated each other once more before sleeping in one another's arms.

Wednesday morning. Gareth woke up before his sister at six-thirty and he slipped out of bed (nude, like his sister) and went to the bathroom. He took a piss, washed his hands and returned. The act of getting back into bed, with his dick stiffening already, woke up Wanda.
"Mornin' sis," he said, snuggling up to the girl.
"Hi brother," Wanda said. They lay together for a moment before Wanda sat up. "Hey, I've an idea. Shall we try kissing?"
"Yeah! I mean, we've touch each other a lot and we've kissed a couple of times...just pecks on the mouth or cheek. But how about we try snogging. It's er...practise, I guess. For when we get boyfriends and girlfriends." Of course, what she really meant was that she simply wanted to kiss her brother - she couldn't imagine any other boy capturing her heart more than he did. Likewise, Gareth was excited at this suggestion as he wanted to snog his pretty younger sister so much. He tried to keep his cool though.
"Let's snog then," he said casually. He sat up and knelt on the bed, Wanda kneeling opposite him.
"You ever snogged a girl before?" Wanda asked.
"No, not really. Have you?"
"Snogged a girl? No, lesbian encounters have been few and far between."
"You know what I mean," giggled Gareth.
"No, I've not snogged a boy. Not properly. Aren't you supposed to use your tongue or somethin'?"
"Yeah, you shove your tongue down the other's throat. Apparantly. I dunno. Let's just make it up as we go along shall we?"
"Sounds good to me."
They moved their heads towards each other, a little hesitant and nervous but very keen. Their lips touched and they opened their mouths, breathing through their noses as the sealed their lips. Gareth's tongue probed into his sister's mouth, encountering her tongue. Their tongues moved to the side to let each other pass, like pedestrians through a tight alley, and they explored each other's mouths. Amateruish as their efforts may have been, the kids managed to get on quite fine. They snogged heatedly, sliding their tongues into the other's mouth. They parted after a minute.
"How was I?" asked Wanda.
"Good," replied her brother, "I think. I don't really know how to do it myself. But it was nice."
"Well, you were good. Shall we do it again?"
"Okay. Then we'll frig each other. This is getting me all horny!"
"I can see," snickered Wanda, looking down at her brother's cock, which jutted upwards, rigid. They sealed their lips together once more and kissed, but this time their was more passion. Both realized the other was injecting a lot of lust into their efforts, that this wasn't just a bit of 'practise'. It was a loving and heated snog, Gareth reaching out with his hands to gently hold Wanda's waist. Wanda reached out her right hand and gripped her brother's cock, stroking it lightly as she stuck her tongue down his throat. They continued to kiss as Wanda jerked off her brother, Gareth's hands running up and down her side, along her ribs then stroking forwards across the front of her thighs.
Gareth moaned into his sister's mouth as he felt his climax rising quickly. His sister's rapid manipulation of his organ was wonderful in itself, but breathing in her sighs and sliding his tongue into her warm, wet mouth was increasing his arousal. Before he could pull away, his sperm began to squirt out. The first shot of semen fired out powerfully and splashed against Wanda's stomach. She was delighted! This was what she wanted. It had seemed such a waist to see her brother's cum fire over his own body, she wanted it on hers!
Whilst still kissing him, Wanda pumped her brother's cock in her fist, feeling a second shot of sperm blast out and land on her belly. A third squirt hit her left thigh whilst the remaining pumps leaked out slowly and ran over her fingers. She slowed down her wrist action and finally pulled her lips from Gareth's.
"Hmmm," Gareth smiled, "I er... got a bit on you."
Wanda looked down, delighted at the sight of the big white dollops of cum on her belly and thigh. It felt nice and warm.
"I don't mind," she said, "It's nice! Kissing is just as nice as frigging!"
"I'll frig you now," Gareth said as his sister finally released his wilting cock.
"Kiss me whilst you do it," Wanda instructed her brother.
Gareth leaned forwards and began snogging his pretty sister, sliding his tongue into her throat whilst he bought both hands up between her legs. He groped blindly but the last few days had given him a good knowledge of his sister's bald cunt. He found her clit and her moist lips and began frigging her. He worked fast and hard, Wanda's climax rapidly approaching thanks to the stimulation of kissing her brother (something she'd fantasized about so frequently) and also at having his sticky cum still on her stomach. She climaxed, hard, moaning with delight into her brother's mouth. The orgasm was too powerful to contain though and she took her lips from Gareth's.
"Oh Gareth, oh, oh," she wailed, "Frig me...that's it...uuuh!"
Gareths pushed three fingers up Wanda's slit and pumped them in and out, prolonging the girl's climax. Wanda's eyes were tight shut as she came and Gareth felt so in love with the girl, finding her so unbelievably pretty as she came under the deft actions of his fingers.
Wanda's climax ebbed away. She was tired, as was her brother. Gareth snogged Wanda some more before they parted and cleaned themselves up. They had a nice shower together, snogging some more under the jetting hot water, before they hopped out, dried off, and went back to bed. They lay in each other's arms and semi-dozed until eight, when they finally got up and dressed. They were hungry after their dawn antics, and thoughts of kissing and masturbation went out the window as they padded into the kitchen in their underwear to make breakfast.

On the beach, Gareth lay on his stomach in his shorts on the towel. He was gazing towards the beach. His mother, Jessica, knelt on her towel nearby, sitting up and rubbing sun-tan lotion into her arms. Gareth was busy watching his father dive around in the sea, showing off to Wanda, who stood in the shallows in her tight two-piece pink bikini and giggled and applauded her father. Gareth was almost feeling jealous of his sister's awe at their dad when he was shaken out of his thoughts by his mother.
"Gareth?" Jessica said.
"Hmmm?" the boy responded, turning to look at his mum. She was kneeling up, wearing a two-piece yellow bikini, the top barely holding her big firm tits.
"Could you rub lotion into my back?" she asked.
Gareth thought back a couple of days to when he first did with this Wanda, and then to all the wonderful things that had indirectly lead too...briefly he thought of a hypothetical scenario of his mother later asking him about masturbation, wanting to masturbate next to him, then wanting to jerk him off...Gareth snapped himself out of these thoughts.
"Sure mum," he said, kneeling up.
"Just rub it into my skin, around my upper back and shoulders," Jessica instructed her son, giving him the sun-tan lotion and turning to face away from him. Gareth knelt behind his mother and squeezed some of the lotion into the palm of his hand. He applied it to his mother's skin, rubbing it into her shoulders and her upper back, feeling his cock grow semi-stiff. He forgot about Wanda for a while, instead just savoring the feel of his mum's body as he rubbed the lotion into her. He barely noticed how his mother sighed with pleasure at her twelve year old son's touch, how she shivered with delight as the boy's hands slathered the lotion into her flesh. Gareth did his mum's back then moved aside.
"All done," he grinned.
"Thanks honey," Jessica said, "I'll do you know."
"I've got some sun-tan stuff on me," Gareth replied, "Wanda put some on earlier."
"Yeah, but you might need some more. Lay on your belly honey."
Gareth decided not to complain. He lay on his stomach, propped up on his elbows, his cock growing stiff in his shorts as he gazed at Wanda's cute bum as she splashed about with their dad in the sea.
Jessica knelt next to her son and held the sun-tan lotion bottle up and squeezed a big blob onto Gareth's back, making him shiver.
"That's cold," he giggled.
"Don't be a wimp," smirked his mother. She put the bottle aside and began rubbing the lotion into her son's back. Her fingers were warm and skilled, her actions more of a massage than simply rubbing lotion into her son's back. Gareth enjoyed it, his cock throbbing under him as he lay and felt so lovely and relaxed as his mother's fingers worked over his back. Jessica surprised her son by leaning in and giving him a kiss on the back of the neck once she'd finished a couple of minutes later.
"There, finished," she said, shifting back to her own towel.
"Thanks mum."
"You're welcome," Jessica smiled. She lay back and closed her eyes, soaking up the son. Gareth remained laying on his belly, closing his eyes, feeling tired in the heat of the mid-day sun.
Wanda and Jack soon trudged up the beach. Wanda lay on her belly next to her brother, joining him in dozing in the sun, whilst their father knelt next to their mum, the parents kissing briefly before laying back together. The family sunbathed together in silence for a while, then shortly had a picnic for lunch.

Part IV
Taking Cherries

It was late afternoon, before dinner. Jessica and Jack were in their own cabin (having some seriously hot sex in bed) whilst Wanda and Gareth were naked and kneeling on the bed in their own cabin next door.
"More of the same then?" Wanda smiled to her brother, glancing down at his throbbing erection.
"Yeah, I guess," Gareth said, "Though I was thinking"
"I don't know if you'd like it. It's just a suggestion..."
"What?" repeated Wanda.
"We could,", "do it. Y'know, have sex."
"If you wanted too," Gareth shrugged, "I's a bit of big step from just playing each other to have full sex, especially as I'm only twelve and you're only eleven. But, it seems kinda natural."
"I'd love to!"
"Yeah! Definately. I've been thinking about it. It seems a natural...progression. Shall we do it then?"
Wanda smiled and leaned forward and gave her brother a loving kiss, no tongues involved but nonetheless a nice lingering kiss on the lips that they both savoured, anticipating what would take place next.
"Well," Gareth began, "Do you want to er...lie down? I'll go on top."
"Why don't I go on top?" suggested Wanda, "I'll feel more comfortable being in control. Then you can go on top next time."
Next time, though Gareth. He was so delighted at the idea of this being regular! He lay on his back, his cock feeling stiffer than it had ever been, whilst he watched Wanda kneel astride his hips, her puffy cunt-lips glistening wetly above his erection. Wanda reached down and gripped her brother's cock, holding it upright and rubbing the bell-end against her lips. Gareth had never had anyone else even see his hard dick before this holiday, now it was almost normal to have his sister touching it, and now he was preparing to slide it up into his sister's vagaina. He licked his lips and looked up and Wanda.
"Ready?" she smiled, sweetly.
"Go for it Wanda."
The girl lowered herself, both looking down and watching as the purple, mushroom-head of Gareth's young tool pushed up between Wanda's bald lips. One the first inch was in her twat, Wanda took her hands from her brother's cock and placed them on her knees as she knelt over her brother, his penis upright, the head clenched in his sister's lips. She lowered herself a bit more, paused, then held her breath and impaled herself down.
"Oh God!" she gasped, eyes shut, all five-inches of her brother's dick in her cunt.
"You okay?" asked Gareth, concern for his sister overtaking the joy of feeling his penis firmly lodged in her cunt.
"Yeah," replied Wanda, opening her eyes, breathing deeply, "It's just...a little sore. At first. It's okay now though. Is it in?"
"It's in. All the way in."
"Whoa, I'm no longer a virgin!"
"Neither am I!"
They giggled. Wanda leaned forwards, placing her hands flat on her brother's smooth, firm chest. She kissed him delicately on the lips then knelt upright again. She raised herself, half of her brother's cock sliding out her cunt, the lowered herself again. The mild pain had vanished and she just felt light ripples of pleasure eminating from her pierced cunt. She began lifting herself up and down, Gareth feeling a little guilty that he wasn't doing any work. He began pushing his hips upwards a little when his sister lowered herself whilst bringing his hands up to lightly grasp her waist. The muscles in his slender arms tensed as he helped push the girl upwards and then bring her down. They grinned at each other as they hit a good rythm, working in unison as they fucked.
Gareth's climax didn't take long to rise. He tried to will himself to hold on but after just a couple of minutes his sperm was ready to shoot. He began thrusting up hard, pulling his sister onto his cock.
"I'm cumming sis," he announced, "Oh yeah...I'm gonna cum!"
"Do it," Wanda panted, riding her brother faster and faster, "Shoot it up me, up my cunt."
Gareth drove upwards, sticking his cock far up into his sister's cunt and spurting his young sperm into her womb. Gareth filled her snatch with his semen then slowed down his thrusting, Wanda ceasing riding her brother. She remained astride him as they stopped their humping, both out of breath. Gareth grinned up at the girl.
"That was fantastic!" he said.
"Yeah! Wow, that just felt so...great!" She leaned forwards again and kissed her brother. Then she dismounted him, Gareth's limp cock slipping out of her cunt, slick and shiny. Wanda lay next to her brother, both looking up at the ceiling.
"I think I came a bit to quickly," Gareth said, "Sorry."
"That's okay! It doesn't matter, it was fun."
"Yeah, but I wanted you to cum."
"Don't worry Gareth! Seriously! It's your first time...and mine. We're not experts. It'll take a bit of practise before we get to do it properly, when you can last for ages and we can try different positions and things."
"Do you want to do this often?"
"Sure. Do you?"
"Absolutely," confirmed Gareth, who then turned on his side, propped up on an elbow and looking at his sister, "You know earlier, when we were kissing? When we said it was just...practise?"
"Yeah," replied Wanda, looking up at her brother.
"Well...I don't really think of it as practise. I mean...I don't want to just kiss and have sex and stuff then go off and use all these...skills, as it were...on another girl. I just want you. I want to have sex with you a lot and for you to be...well, my girlfriend."
"Are you going all mushy and romantic on me?" giggled Wanda.
"No!" Gareth retorted, defensively, "I mean...not really. Well...basically, I love you Wanda. I don't want any other girl. No other girls are as pretty as you."
"Thanks," smiled Wanda, "I love you too. I've had a crush on you for a while. When I masturbate - on my own or with you - it's you I think about. I don't want anyone else, it's you I really love and I've always thought to myself that it's far more natural to love a brother than someone else, given that we've known each other all our lives. Of course, it'd be hard for us to be, like...boyfriend and girlfriend! Mum and dad would freak out if they saw us holding hands and kissing. And having sex! But I think we should, y'know...have sex and kiss whilst we're here with this cabin to ourselves, like we're a couple. And we can do this when we go back home, but out of sight of everyone else."
"Sounds good to me...honey," Gareth smiled. Wanda giggled, but she was delighted at her brother's affection. Gareth kissed Wanda lovingly, snaking his tongue into her throat, his hands running over her flat chest.
It wasn't long before his cock re-stiffened, his arousal levels so high being so close to his sister and exploring her mouth with his tongue. Wanda felt her brother's stiff rod nudging her thigh.
"Do you wanna do it again?" asked Gareth.
"Absolutely! You can go on top this time." Wanda spread her legs and Gareth mounted her, reaching down and guiding his erection up into her tight snatch.

Shortly afterwards, the kids were over at their parent's cabin. They were all dressed smartly and they went out for the evening to the nearby town. Back at the park at nine, with the Summer sun going down, they strolled along the beach together. Jessica and Jack, naturally, held hands. Strolling behind their parents, Wanda reached out and held Gareth's hand. They smiled silently to each other, their parents unaware that behind them their children were strolling along hand-in-hand like a couple. They daren't do it for long though, the siblings letter go of each other's hands after a short while. It was a brief thrill though.
By nine-thirty, they'd returned to the park. Goodnights were said along the gravel path between the cabins before Jessica and Jack went to theirs and Gareth and Wanda went to their cabin.
"Shall we go to bed early?" Wanda asked her brother as they stood in the living room, putting her hands on his shoulders.
"Why don't we it here?" suggested Gareth.
Wanda smiled and kissed her brother. Then she stood back and began taking off her clothes. Gareth did likewise, glancing aside to ensure the drapes were shut. Soon they were both naked.
"Let's do it on the sofa," Gareth said, sitting down, his cock sticking upright and throbbing. Wanda strolled over and knelt in front of her brother on the floor. She reached out and took his cock in her hand and licked her lips.
"I wanna try oral," she said, "Can I?"
"Of course sis! Go for it."
Wanda smiled then leaned forwards, delicately placing her lips over the crown of her brother's penis. She took her hand away from it so she was holding the cock upright in her mouth, then she lowered her head some more, taking all but an inch of Gareth's tool into her mouth.
"That's good Wanda," breathed Gareth, overjoyed at the sensation of his sister's warm, wet mouth round his prick. Wanda bathed her brother's cock with her tongue, slurping softly on it and bobbing her head a little. Her brown hair was fairly short but it was long enough to hang down and tickle her brother's lap. Gareth closed his eyes and sat back, enjoying his first ever blow-job.
The boy expected this to just be a bit of foreplay but his sister sucked him off for several minutes. Wanda loved sucking her brother's cock, feeling his stiffness in her mouth and licking it, savoring the taste of the firm flesh. She bobbed her head a little quicker, feeling Gareth's shiny cock head sear her tonsils. She could sense her brother's climax begin to approach and she had the overwhelming urge to drink his cum. It had looked so sensuous and pure and white when she'd watched it spurt over Gareth's belly. She wanted it in her mouth, sliding down her throat.
"Oh Wanda, that's good," Gareth was sighing, "Yeah. Mmmm."
Wanda sucked harder, glad that her brother was enjoying this. She needed his sperm urgently, her throat thirsted for it, as did her pre-teen libido.
"Wanda, I'm gonna cum," Gareth warned his sister, "Oh shit...oooh, oh, oh!" He could tell Wanda could hear him but she was simply sucking harder and deeper on his prick, clearly having no intention of dodging the flow! "Aaaaaah, yeah," Gareth gasped, thrusting his hips a little and jamming his cock into the back of his sister's throat and firing out a thick blast of semen. Wanda gulped it down, sensing that the salty fluid wasn't as nice tasting as she'd expected but simply wanting to drink it down anyway. She swallowed the second spurt, and the third, and the shots of cum in all which all slid down her gullett and into her belly. Gareth slumped back, shattered by his powerful climax, whilst Wanda sucked and licked his wilting cock. She took it out her mouth eventually and grinned, her lips shiny with sperm, Gareth's cock slick with saliva.
"Was that nice?" she asked, casually.
"It was fantastic sis," Gareth said.
"Good! I liked drinking your stuff. It was a bit salty, but kidna nice. Warm too."
She knelt up on the sofa next to her brother and gave him a kiss, running her hands over his chest.
"I'd like to return the favour," Gareth said to his sister, "I'd like to lick you now."
"Okay, get on the floor my dear brother."
Gareth did so, kneeling in front of the sofa whilst Wanda got into position, sitting back with her arse on the edge of the sofa, legs apart. Her bald cunt looked mouthwatering to her brother, the pink slit glistening with wetness thanks to how horny Wanda had got whilst fellating her brother.
"Here goes," he shrugged, undaunted by the fact that he didn't really know what to do. He dived in between Wanda's thighs, sticking out his tongue and bringing it into contact with Wanda's cunt lips, making the girl flinch with delight at the sensation. Gareth ran his tongue up and down his sister's wet slit, tasting the warm juices there. He then began pushing his tongue into her, working it up Wanda's vagina, wriggling it up as far as it would go.
"Gareth, ooooooh, that's nice," Wanda sighed, running her hands through the boy's short hair, "Mmmm. Lick me. That's good."
Gareth began making sucking noises as he worked between his sister's legs, sometimes taking his tongue out of her to lick her lips and clit, then pushing it back up into her. Whilst his actions were not terribly skillful they were good enough for Wanda, who felt a warm feeling of pleasure eminating from her groin whilst her brother's slurped away between her thighs.
After a few minutes Gareth took the initiative of bringing his fingers into play, pushing a forefinger up into Wanda's cunt. The girl clearly enjoyed this so Gareth pushed a second finger up into her, running his digits back and forth whilst slurping on her budding clit.
"Oh Gareth, I think I'm cumming," Wanda was panting a couple of minutes later, "Oh Gareth! Ooooh, oh God! Uuuh."
Her legs shook, her thighs clamping her brother's head, Gareth taking his finger's from his sister's twat and replacing them with his tongue, pushing it up and into her womb. He slurped up her juices as Wanda climaxed, his tongue squirming around whilst his fingers found her clit, which he rubbed hard.
After a moment, Wanda finished cumming. Gareth got up from between her legs and knelt on the sofa, kissing Wanda and reaching down to stroke her wet young cunt. Wanda slid her tongue into her brother's throat whilst reaching for his penis, delighted and finding it as stiff as a little iron pole. She encircled it with her fingers and pumped it lightly.
"Let's go to bed," she said, taking her lips from Gareth's, "Let's have sex! Full sex. I want you to cum in me Gareth."
They got up, turned out the lights and hurried to bed.
There, Wanda lay on her back, parting her legs. Gareth mounted his sister, pushing his erection into her tight twat. Propped up on his elbows, his torso pressed to hers, Gareth began shafting his sister's cunt. They kissed passionately, Gareth able to take his time thanks to his earlier efforts. Wanda's toes curled and her spread legs flexed as she was fucked by her brother, Gareth's hard pole giving her such pleasure.
"Yeah, faster, faster," she urged her brother, digging her chin into his shoulder, "Oooh, that's good!"
"You've got such a tight cunt sis, I love fucking it. Oh yeah....uuh, uh."
"That's it Gareth, oh that's it! Mmmm!"
The boy shafted away, feeling his sister eventually tense underneath him as she began to climax.
"I'm cumming Gareth, oh I'm cumming. Aaah, oh! God, God...uuuh!"
Gareth fucked Wanda hard, banging his cock deep into her twat. When Wanda's climax finished, her brother's began.
"I'm shooting in you sis," he panted as he began squirting his semen into her juvenile cunt, "Oh yeah, yeah. UUUUH!"
He finished emptying his nuts into his sister's womb. They stopped and lay together in each other's arms for a while, breathing hard. After they moved apart they elected to have a shower. It was getting late and they were tired, but they still had the energy to shower and wash each other down. Once they were dried, they made a midnight snack which they ate nude whilst kneeling up in bed whilst chatting.
"Do you think dad's sexy?" Wanda asked her brother.
"Er...what?" queried her brother in between munching a peanut-butter sandwich and scattering crumbs over the duvet.
"Well," began Wanda, "I think he is. Not as sexy as you of course Gareth, I don't want you getting jealous! But I was just thinking today whilst watching him swim that he's like...really handsome. He's got a nice body. Well built, for a guy his age."
"I guess it's cos he keeps in shape at the gym."
"Mmmm. I guess. He's handsome. Not like're really nice looking and youthful, but I guess dad has a chiselled...mature look. What's the word? Distinguished! That's it. A look of a distinguished, mature, handsome guy."
"What point are you making here sis?" sniggered Gareth, "That you want to snog dad!"
"No...I'm just saying, he's kinda nice looking. Is that weird, do you think? For a girl to think her dad is sexy?"
"Not really. It's the same as fancying your brother or sister...which we do!"
"Yeah," giggled Wanda, "I guess. What about mum? Do you think she's hot? I've seen you eye her up in her bikini."
"Mum's fairly hot, I guess."
"You guess? You stare at those lovely big boobies all the time! Especially in that skimpy top she was wearing today. I saw you putting lotion onto her back then she put some on yours. Bet you enjoyed that didn't you?"
"It was nice, yeah. Mum is pretty hot."
"Not as hot as me though?"
"Of course not sis!"
They munched their sandwiches some more. Once they'd finished they swept away the crumbs from the bed and got under the covers. After a few moments of kissing his sister, Gareth had another erection. They opted to have sex in the dark, both siblings turning off their lamps. In the darkness, Gareth mounted his sister and slid his cock into her tight quim. They fucked slowly, Gareth lasting a full half-hour before he shot his sperm into Wanda's quivering cunt. Then they fell asleep in one another's arms.

They woke up a bit later the next day, the time approaching eight o'clock by the time they sat up in bed, rubbing their eyes and yawning.
"Morning sis," Gareth said.
"Morning honey," Wanda grinned, and she leaned over and kissed her brother. "Got morning-wood?" she sniggered.
"Of course, Gareth smiled, pushing the duvet down and showing off his hairless little hard-on. It throbbed erectly over his lower abodmen.
"Let's screw again," Wanda said, kneeling up, pushing the duvet off the bed, "I feel so horny!" She leaned in and kissed Gareth, then went down and took his cock into her mouth. She slurped it down into her wet throat and bobbed her head, fellating her brother with increasing skill. She wasn't going to blow him to completion though, she wanted her brother to fuck her.
Shortly, Wanda sat up, licking her lips and smiling.
"Hey sis," began Gareth, "I've an idea. Why don't I fuck you up the bum?"
"Up my bum?" giggled his sister.
"Yeah! You have a really nice arse sis, nice and round and cute. I'd like to stick my dick up it."
"You are crude," laughed Wanda, then gave her brother a kiss, "Okay, let's try it. I can't imagine it making much difference which hole you use."
Wanda got on her hands and knees, her cute bum thrust out, her cheeks spreading giving her brother a view of her intimate parts. Between those cute white buttocks was her arsehole, pink and hairless.
"It looks tight," Gareth observed, assessing the situation as he knelt behind his sister, stroking his erection, "I'd better get some lubrication."
"Get some from the bathroom," Wanda said over her shoulder, feeling impatient, eager to feel her brother's dick in her arse.
"Have we got any Vaseline?"
"Not that I'm aware of. Shampoo or soap will do."
"I'll see what I can find."
Gareth hopped off the bed and strolled into the bathroom, looking around amongst his and his sister's toiletries. His eyes fell upon a jar of face-cream that his sister used. He took it and hurried into the bedroom, finding Wanda still on her hands and knees in the center of the bed, her beautiful little behind in the air.
"This'll do," said Gareth, getting on the bed and kneeling behind his sister. He took the top off the jar and scooped some of the cool white liquid up with his fingers and began rubbing it around Wanda's arsehole.
"It's cold," giggled the girl. Gareth slathered it around his sister's anus and even slid a forefinger up into her, just the tip. He held the tip of the digit in his sister's bum for a moment.
"Is that okay?" he asked, "It's not sore or nuthin' is it?"
"It's fine."
"Cos my cock's a bit thicker than my finger."
"I'm sure I can handle it, so long as you're careful and go slowly. Come on Gareth! I want you in my bum."
Gareth removed his finger from his sister's anus and scooped up some more face-cream. he greased up his cock with the substance then put the jar to oneside. All ready, he knelt up behind Wanda and held the base of his slippery penis, nudging the cream-slathered arsehole before him with his swollen purple tip.
"Oooh, it tickles," giggled Wanda.
"Here I come sis," Gareth announced, pushing his hips forward. His cock encountered resistence, as he expected, but soon Wanda's arsehole began to bloom open. The girl tensed and gripped the duvet in her little fists as she felt her brother invading her pooh-hole.
"Nnng, careful," she gasped as the mushroom-head of Gareth's cock squeezed into her arsehole.
"You okay?" Gareth asked.
"Yeah. I'm cool. Work it up me, slowly."
Gareth pushed forward a bit more, pushing two more inches of his cock into Wanda's arse.
"Oh wow, this is good," he commented, "It's so tight! Mmm."
"I can feel myself getting used to it," Wanda said, her taut sphincter tingling with pleasure, "It doesn't hurt anymore. It feels good! Aaaah! Yeah!"
"I'll shove the rest in," Gareth announced, and he held his sister's hips and drove the remaining couple of inches of his throbbing erection into his sister's arse.
"Uuuuh, that's so good," Wanda panted, "Oh, oh...that's nice, that's good. Oh wow, I didn't think it would feel this good!"
"You like it sis?" grinned Gareth, sliding half his five-incher out of the girl's anus and pushing it back in.
"I like it, I like it! Uuuuh! Go a bit faster Gareth."
"This good enough?"
"Yeah, that's it! Mmmm. Oh Gareth, shaft me, screw my little bum! Uuuuh."
Gareth was picking up pace quickly, having the time of his life fucking his sister's tight anus. He humped steadily, feeling his orgasm approach after five minutes but slowing down his thrusting to ensure this lasted. He knew straight away that he'd want to fuck his sister's glorious arse on many other occasions and he could sense that his sister would permit this, as Wanda was grunting and moaning with delight.
"Harder, faster," she was urging her brother, "You're dick feels so good in my arse. Ooooh, oh yeah! That's good. Uuuh."
Gareth held on for another five-minutes before he felt his climax was too urgent to put off any longer.
"I'm gonna cum Wanda," he declared, thrusting furiously, "Right up your arse....uuuh...aaah! Yeah!" He rammed his tool to the hilt in Wanda's arse and shot out his sperm, firing thick wads of cum into the clasping depths of his sister's rectum.
"Fill me with it Gareth, that's it, that's so good!" the girl panted, feeling her bowels fill with her brother's cream. Gareth emptied his nuts and let out a satisfied sigh before finally slipping his wilting cock out his sister's arse. Wanda turned round and lovingly kissed her brother, the siblings embracing.
"It's getting late," Gareth said, "It's time for breakfast, we'd better get dressed."
They kissed once more before they got up and put on their clothes, Wanda still feeling pleasure from her anus which continued to buzz from it's recent penetration. They'd just finished putting on their clothes when there was a knock at the front door.
"Just in time," smiled Wanda. The siblings walked out the room and went to get the door, their parents standing and offering to take the kids into town for breakfast.

Unlike previous days, it was a bit chilly after lunch. The family of four had sat on the beach and had a picnic, but in the afternoon like the other sun-bathers they watched the clouds draw in over the sky with a look of mild despair.
"It might rain," Jack suggested, "Do you think we should go back to the cabins?"
"It'll be okay for a while I think," Jessica said, "What do you two kids think?"
"I'd like to go back to the cabin," replied Gareth.
"What about you Wand?" asked Jessica.
"I'd like to go back too. I'm a bit tired, I might have a...lie down."
"Okay honey," Jessica smiled, "you kids go off to your cabin, your dad and I might go find a bar along the beach, have a drink or two."
"Catch you later," Jack said to his children, standing up along with his wife. He peered into the distance down the beach where there some small cafes and bars overlooking the shore.
"Let's go Gareth," said Wanda, as innocently as possible, gathering up her towel and things. Gareth grabbed his towel and the youngsters walked hurriedly up the beach to the gravel path that wound it's way through the dunes to the cabin. Their parents meanwhile held hands and walked towards the bars, most of the other adults on the beach having had the same idea.

The sky was completely overcast by the time Wanda and her brother were in their cabin. They dumped their things aside, shut all the drapes and turned on the lights. Thunder could be heard rumbling in the distance outside.
"I'm horny," Wanda giggled as she removed her bikini.
"Same here," Gareth said, slipping off his shorts, his stiff erection bobbing in the air. Wanda was now naked too, and the siblings admired each other's bodies for a moment. They both were a little more bronzed than usual thanks to a few days of sunbathing. Not much chance of that this afternoon though, given that rain had begun to tap at the windows, suggesting a summer storm was approaching.
"You look nice Wanda," Gareth said, a little shyly.
"So do you," smiled his sister, stepping up to him and giving him a kiss. She reached down and stroked his hard penis.
"Shall we do what we did this morning?" the boy said, "You know, bum-fucking?"
"Okay. I liked that, it was cool. Let's go to the bedroom. You get that face-cream you used as lubricant."
"I think it's still in their."
They went off to the bedroom, Wanda cheerfully hopping up onto the bed and getting onto her hands and knees. Gareth took the jar of face-cream from where he'd left it on the bedside cabinet and knelt behind his sister.
"I've an idea," he said, "Why don't you lay on your back? You can pull your legs up and I'll enter your bottom whilst kneeling in front of you."
"Yeah, that sounds cool, we can see each other that way," Wanda said. She turned over and lay on her back, lifting her legs up and hooking her hands behind her knees. She pulled her legs up to her chest, parting them a little, her cute bum thrust out and spread. Gareth used the moisterizer to grease up his sister's bum-hole before slathering some on his cock, which was rock-hard.
Putting the jar aside, Gareth guided his cock-head to Wanda's anus, pushing carefully, looking down and taking a great delight in watching his progress. Steadily, he squeezed the tip of his penis into Wanda's arse, the girl looking up lovingly at her brother, only feeling a fraction of the discomfort she'd initially felt when her bum was deflowered that morning.
"It's going in," Gareth said, triumphantly, the first couple of inches of his dick sliding into his sister's rectum. He looked at her face, Wanda's expression one of lust and pleasure.
"Work it right up me Gareth, do it," she begged. Her brother jerked his hips and sank the rest of his rod up his sister's arse.
"Oh yeah, that's it, yeah!"
"That's good Gareth! Uuuh, it's right in my arse. I can feel it. OOOH! Shaft me, shaft me harder. Fuck your little sister's bum!"
Gareth began humping away, ramming his cock in and out of Wanda's tight shitter. He placed one hand on Wanda's belly and with his other he frigged her, pushing two fingers up her tight wet cunt whilst he drilled her anus. His cock made slippery, sucking noises as it pumped Wanda's arse. Her rectum was so tight and hot, gripping his erection like a clammy, slippery fist.
Gareth steadily fucked his sister's arsehole, both growing a little sweaty as they humped on the bed, the room still warm despite the howling wind and hammering rain outside. Wanda was in ecstasy, her eyes fluttering as she was riding a crest of a wave of pleasure that lasted for the entire time her brother's dick was up her bum, the boy deeply fingering her twat in the meantime.
After ten-minutes, Gareth began to climax. He thrust faster and faster then let out a long cry of pleasure as his prick spurted hot sticky cum deep up his sister's arse. He filled her rectum with his boy-juice, Wanda urging the boy on as she felt her bum fill with his juice.
Eventually, Gareth slowed down, out of breath. He leaned forwards and kissed Wanda before he tugged his prick out of her well-fucked bottom.
"That was so good," Wanda purred.
"I'll lick your cunt now sis," Gareth said. Wanda let go of her legs and let them fall, stretching them out and flexing her toes. Gareth knelt between his sister's thighs and shuffled back so he could lean down. He licked his lips then began to eat her cunt, his hands on her quivering thighs.
"Mmmm, Gareth," sighed Wanda. This was pure heaven, her brother sucking and licking her wet cunt whilst her arsehole still burned pleasurably from it's good hard shafting. Her brother was getting good at eating cunt, knowing where to lick and soon remembering to bring his fingers into play, rubbing Wanda's clit whilst he slid his tongue in and out of her slit.
It didn't take too long for the boy to bring his sister to a climax.
"I'm cumming, I'm cumming Gareth! Oh yeah, yeah...oooh...uuuh! Lick me, eat me out! UUUH!"
Gareth slobbered between his sister's legs, making obscene slurping sounds as he lapped at her slit and drank down her juices.
Once his sister had finished her prolonged orgasm, Gareth raised his head, grinning, his chin and lips shiny and wet. His cock was stiff again and he moved up and mounted Wanda, easing his erection into her twat.
"Shaft me, hard," ordered his sister, kissing Gareth's lips, "Really hard and fast! Then cum up me, I want more of your cum in my body."
"Whatever you say sis," grinned Gareth, and he began shafting the girl. His little bum rose and fell between Wanda's spread thighs and their bodies were pressed close together as they coupled incestuously. He drove his cock far into Wanda's cunt, occasionally kissing her and at other times just burying his chin in her shoulders and concentrating on ramming hard into Wanda, the girl squirming with pleasure under his body.
Wanda had a second climax under her brother's attentions, crying out with lust as her whole body was wracked with sublime physical joy. Then it was Gareth's turn, the boy clamping his lips to his sister's and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He frenched his sister lustily throughout his orgasm, his cock pumping Wanda's womb full of the same hot cum that still sloshed around her rectum.
"Wow, we're getting good at this," Wanda smiled when her brother had emptied his nuts into her.
"Yeah! Practise I guess," agreed Gareth, "That was wonderful!" He kissed his sister once more then slid out of her, dismounting Wanda and laying alongside her.
"I'm tired," Wanda yawned, "Shall we have a nap?"
"Good idea. Then we can have more sex then grab some dinner. It it's going to rain all afternoon then that'll be a good excuse to remain in here for the rest of the day. Mum and dad shouldn't bother us if they're happily drinking at a beach-bar."
They snuggled up together, on top of the duvet, their pre-teen bodies slightly slick with sweat. Soon they dozed off.
After an hour, Gareth woke up. He yawned and looked down, glad to see his cock had certainly woke up a long time before he had! The twelve year old's penis was rock hard, as usual, probably due to laying next to his nude sister as well as having had a vivid dream that was little more than a recreation of his recent activities with Wanda, except in his dream he'd been fucking her on the beach. He'd been shafting Wanda's tight arse and making her cum whilst their parents and all the other sunbathers had sat around in a big circle, watching and applauding when Gareth fired his load up sister's rectum. Jessica had sauntered over sexily, removing her bikini and standing nude as she bent down to kiss her son, congratulating Gareth on fucking his sister so well. "Thanks mum," dream-Gareth had said as he played with his mother's tits, pulling out his still-erect dick from his sister's anus, his mother reaching down and stroking his erection and asking if she could suck it. Naked and with a big hard-on, Jack was meanwhile with Wanda, kissing his daughter, stroking her hair and asking if he could fuck her next!
Gareth sat up and smiled as he thought of this dream, finding it amusing that the last thing his mum and dad would do if they caught Gareth and Wanda having sex was to congratulate them. They'd go mad, Gareth figured, probably sending him and Wanda to seperate Institutes for the Criminally Horny! Gareth sniggered to himself, but he reminded himself to remake the promise between him and his sister to keep this a complete and total secret.
Wanda began to stir and Gareth watched her wake up, finding his eleven year old sister so charmingly pretty the way she yawned before her eyes fluttered open.
"Rise and shine...darling," grinned Gareth.
"What time is it?" asked Wanda, sweetly.
Gareth looked at the small clock on the far wall. "Only ten-to-three."
"Oh. I'm hungry. Fancy something to eat?"
"How about another hump?"
Wanda giggled. Gareth leaned down and kissed his sister passionately. His reached down and ran his fingers gently over her chest, stroking her stiff nipples. He went down lower, rubbing her flat little belly, before finally reaching her cunt. He ran the tip of his forefinger over her clit for a while, pushing his tongue into her throat and drinking in her moans of pleasure as he rubbed her bean. Wanda spread her legs a little, Gareth taking the hint and moving his finger down, running it over her lips which grew wetter as he lightly fingered her cunt for a minute or two.
Wanda decided to go on top this time. She gently pushed her brother onto his back then moved down the bed to suck on Gareth's cock. The boy sighed with pleasure as his sister slurped on his erection, Gareth briefly thinking back to his dream. It had ended just as he'd been telling his mum that, yes, she could indeed suck his cock! He imagined this was his mum now, sucking him off. Then he got back to reality and found himself more than content with it being his sister.
After a moment or two of fellating Gareth, Wanda knelt up and swung a leg over the boy's hips. She knelt astride him and lowered herself, Gareth holding his cock upright, Wanda impaling herself slowly onto it. In no time at all, Gareth's prick was buried in his sister's hairless snatch. He put his hands on Wanda's waist as she began to ride him, the girl putting her hands flat on her brother's chest as they grinned happily to each other. Wanda started bouncing on her brother's dong, picking up speed, both panting with pleasure.
"Ride me sis, ride me," grunted Gareth, helping to lift his sister up then pull her down by holding her waist tightly.
"Uh, uh, this is so good," gasped Wanda, "Oh yeah, drive up into me Gareth, in time with me. That's it...ooooh! Aaah!"
She began to climax, her young body shaking with pleasure. She collapsed onto her brother, resting her head on his chest and breathing rapidly.
"Wanna dismount?" Gareth said once his sister's climax had finished, "I haven't cum yet, so I'll get on top and do the work."
"I want to suck you off," Wanda said, getting off her brother, "I want to drink your juice again."
She moved down the bed, Gareth spreading his legs, Wanda kneeling between them. She bent over and took Gareth's erection into her warm mouth and bathed his slick cock with her tongue. Her lips clamped his shaft as she bobbed her head, sucking noisily and deeply. It didn't take long for Gareth's sperm to boil up.
"I'm cumming sis, aaaah! Yeah! Here it is!"
Wanda placed her lips on the base of her brother's cock, the whole shaft in her throat, and she moaned with delight as flow began. The cum spurted right into the back of her throat and she gulped it down quickly, savouring the taste of Gareth's beautiful, pure boy-cum. Gareth let out a long sigh as he emptied his balls into his sister's mouth, Wanda swallowing the lot and even sucking on her brother's wilting cock after the sperm-explosion had ended, sucking out every last drop. Eventually, there was no more cum. She took the cock out her mouth and knelt up.
"Mmmm, tasty," she giggled, wiping her sticky lips on the back of her forearm.
"You give good head sis," smiled Gareth, sitting up. He kissed Wanda and ran his hands through her hair before they parted.
"I'm starved," Wanda said, "Let's grab some din-dins!"
"Have we got much in? It's just sandwiches isn't it?"
"We've got pizzas. Fancy pizza?"
"Sure do!"
"Let's get dressed."
"No, let's have dinner in the nude!"
Wanda liked this idea. The siblings got up and went to the kitchen area. The drapes were all shut on the rainy outside world so they comfortably strolled around naked as they cooked up a big cheese-and-tomato pizza to share. They stuffed their faces whilst laying on the floor in front of the TV, watching The Simpsons, their cute bare bottoms side-by-side.

Jessica and Jack had returned late the previous evening, tipsy from their trip to the bar, seeing the lights on in their children's cabin and assured that they were probably happy spending the rainy evening in. Of course, behind those closed doors, Gareth and Wanda had been humping like rabbits. After dinner, Gareth had fucked his sister on the sofa, shafting her snatch for half-an-hour before cumming in her womb. They'd showered then spent a while back on the sofa trying out oral on each other. Wanda had climaxed under her brother's busy tongue and Gareth had cum in Wanda's mouth. She'd swallowed it all, finding out that she was quickly falling in love with the taste of semen.
After some TV and supper, they went to bet and screwed heatedly for a long time. They tried out a number of positions before Gareth shot his load into his sister's cunt. Once he'd recovered, Gareth bent his sister over and sodomized her, driving his cock deep into her arse. Wanda climaxed before her brother finally pumped her rectum full of cum, after which they finally fell asleep in a sweaty heap.
The storm had ended overnight, and the next morning the sky was utterly cloudless as the blazing sun rose above the horizon.
Gareth and his sister woke up at the same time. They kissed and fondled each other, snogging sleepily and enjoying each other's bodies. Soon things got heavier. The duvet was pushed off the bed and Gareth went down on his sister, slurping her cunt for ten-minutes, then laying back whilst Wanda returned the favour, sucking her brother off but ensuring he didn't blow his nuts. Then they had sex, Wanda going on top again, riding her brother fast. Gareth soon shot his load up his sister's tight quim, filling her womb with sperm.
After a long shower, the pair dressed and skipped out the cabin into the warm summer morning, going over to meet their parents (who were cheerful despite hangovers), and the four of them went into town for a big slap-up breakfast at a cafe.
"Did you two find enough to do yesterday evening?" Jessica asked her children as they sat at the table by the window.
"Mmmm," nodded Wanda, her mouth full of waffles.
"Yeah, we were cool," Gareth said, sipping a glass of milk, "We...occupied ourselves."
"Good, we thought you might have been bored stuck indoors with it pouring with rain outside."
"We were fine, we watched TV and stuff," Gareth said, grabbing his knife and fork and getting stuck into his breakfast. Not only was he thinking of what he and Wanda really got up to, he was also thinking of the dream yesterday during the post-coital nap, about his mum and dad watching him and Wanda having sex, then his mum stripping and asking to suck him off. Jessica wore a low-cut T-shirt this morning, lots of cleavage on display. Gareth eyed up his mum's boobs slyly as he ate.
"How was the bar you went to?" Wanda asked her parents, changing the subject.
"It was okay," Jack replied, "It was quite friendly. All the other people at the beach went there too when it started raining, so it was packed with people in bikinis, all drinking whilst it poured down with rain outside."
"You and mum must have got soaked getting back to the cabin," Wanda giggled.
"Yeah, we did," Jessica said, "But we didn't mind, we were a little...merry." She laughed which made her boobs jiggle in her tight top, Gareth watching them, fascinated, before averting his eyes and grabbing his glass of milk.
"Well, eat up," Jack said with a sly grin, "You kids need to get your energy up for later."
"Why's that dad?" asked Wanda. She was suddenly very curious. Her father was smiling like he had something wickedly naughty planned.
"It's a surprise," added Jessica, with the same smile as her husband. Her and Jack exchanged glances.
"What surprise?" asked Gareth, also wondering what was going on.
"Eat your breakfast kids," Jessica smiled, reaching out and stroking her bewildered son's hair, "You'll find out. This holiday is about to get even better."