Family Orgy

(Incest - whole family, teen, pedo, anal, oral, facials, WS, 45-way-orgy (all combinations))

"Are you looking forward to tonight Joe?" my girlfriend, Jenny, asked me.

"Absolutely," I replied, "I've been looking forwards to it for ages!"

"It'll take a while to get there," replied Jenny's father, driving the car we were in, "It's about forty-miles."

"Bet you've got a hard on Joe," Jenny's mother, Susan, commented.

"I sure have," I replied, "I've not cum all day. I've been saving it up."

I was sitting in the back of the car, sandwiched between Jenny and her sister, Lisa. Jenny was my girlfriend of six-months. She was the same age as me, fifteen, and a real cute chick. She was only five-foot-two, slender and with small perky tits and a superbly shaped bottom. Her hair was medium-length and deep brown. We contrasted a little; I was almost six-foot with broad-shoulders and short blonde hair.

Jenny was incredibly pretty with an almost innocent face; big blue eyes, freckles, a cute button-nose and braces on her teeth. For some reason the braces turned me on! She was not the sexiest, hottest girl in school but was certainly pretty, and when she had started at our school last year after her family moved into the area I had instantly developed a big crush on her. Best of all, Jenny was far from the innocent adolescent she appeared to be! Within a week of me asking her out we had fucked, and continued to do so regularly. We often fucked at my parent's house because my mum and dad were frequently out. Soon we barely even bothered with dates, we'd just find somewhere - anywhere - to screw. Jenny was not the sort of shallow girl who only fucked as a reward for gifts and attention, or because she knew of no other way to show affection, she fucked because she enjoyed it. She didn't do things by half either. She would swallow when she sucked me off, would enjoy having me cum on her face or tits, and on only the second occasion we'd had sex she implored me to fuck her in the arse. I loved her bum and I soon got off on anal-sex a great deal, as did Jenny, who was more than happy to take my pulsing cock in her rear orifice very frequently.

It wasn't long before I was soon let in on the secret of her family. I was bum-fucking Jenny on her bed one afternoon when we were alone and suddenly her mother, Susan, came home and, having slipped in the front door, had burst into Jenny's room.

"Oh fuck!" I had stammered, pulling my dong from Jenny's bowels. I was panicking but Jenny was giggling. Susan then laughed and complimented me on giving her daughter an evidently good time.

I was surprised at this reaction, and even more surprised when Susan came over, knelt down and started sucking my cock! Susan was thirty-nine and still very hot, taller than Jenny but with the same sweet face as her daughter, long brown hair and fairly hefty tits. As her mum sucked me off, Jenny had sat on the bed and told me that she, her mum, her dad and her younger sister Lisa all fucked together as a family. I was more than welcome, Jenny told me, to join in.

"I've got to have this beautiful cock in me," Susan had then declared, standing up and undressing, referring to the rock-hard seven-inch pole of steel-hard teen prick she had just left off sucking.

I was too surprised to make much comment so I let Susan and Jenny direct things. They lead me to the bed where I lay down, and Susan impaled her juicy wet cunt onto my prick and then proceeded to ride me. Then, Jenny had casually fitted a ten-inch strap-on-dildo to herself, got behind her mum and fucked it up her arse! Susan climxed twice with my cock in her cunt and her daughter's strap-on up her bum, and I soon spurted my sperm into her cunt.

My prick had re-stiffened almost immediately thanks to Jenny and her mum slurping on it. Then they got into a sixty-nine, Susan sprawled on top of Jenny, mother and daughter lapping noisily at one another's cunts. I enjoyed watching their lesbian fun for a moment but soon tired of the role of spectator. I had pushd my prick into Susan's arse and it was in that mature babe's rectum that I fired my second load of teen cum.

Soon enough, Jenny's father, Duncan, had come home, along with Lisa, Jenny's sister. Duncan was a tall and handsome guy of forty, very laid-back and easy going. Lisa was thirteen, a sweet little brunette, just as pretty as Jenny. That evening I joined them in a big family orgy; I enjoyed fucking Jenny, as always, but I certainly got off on the novelty of fucking her mum as well as Lisa. Young Lisa was just as slutty as Jenny, taking my cock in her arse and at one point begging me to cum over her face, which I gladly did. It was a turn on watching Duncan lustfully fuck his two daughters as well as his wife, and Jenny, Lisa and their mum sucked and fucked each other with as much passion as they did with Duncan and me.

That had been a month ago. Since then I had enjoyed orgies with the family of four several times a week. I still spent times alone with Jenny, of course, and we were very much in love. However, there was no denying how great it was with the rest of her family.

Then I had been let in on another secret; all of Jenny's extended family had the incest bug too!

Both sets of her grandparents had enjoyed incest with their children and, later, grandchildren. Susan's parents were now quite old and had retired to Australia. Duncan's widowed mother lived alone in a big cottage in the country and it was there, on the first Saturday of each month, that Jenny's family, her Aunts, Uncles and cousins all got together for a major fuck-fest. Occasionally a trusted guest could come along, and I was invited! There was no way I would turn this opportunity down. I was damn lucky, as a horny fifteen-year-old boy, to have a girlfriend who was a hot nympho, and I was even more lucky to be having the chance to attend a major orgy!

That was where were off to tonight, to Jenny's grandmother's cottage for a big family orgy.

Duncan drove along the motorway, humming to himself. Susan lay back with her eyes closed, the window slightly open on this warm June evening and the wind blowing her hair sexily across her pretty face. In the back, I sat and listened to Jenny and Lisa excitedly tell me about this evening, about who would be there.

Incidentally, my own family didn't know about this. Not yet anyway. My parents had figured I was sleeping with Jenny and didn't mind; my mum had even given me some condoms to ensure I didn't become a father before leaving school, although they were uneccessary as Jenny was on the pill. However, neither my mum, dad or my sisters knew about the incestuous secrets of Jenny's family.

The incest bug was certainly contagious too; I had recently begun to have serious desires of fucking my own mother. She was very attractive and I fantasized a lot about screwing her. Once I went to Jenny's house but everyone was out except for her mother, Susan. She had invited me in and we had fucked for several hours. Knowing of my increasing lust for my own mother, Susan had let me pretend she was my mum. Although it was not as good as it would be to fuck my actual mother, I nonetheless really got off on referring to Susan as "mum" whilst I fucked, sucked and buggered her throughout the afternoon.

My incestuous designs had spread to include my two sisters aswell. My elder sister was seventeen, a petite and sexy minx, very pretty and with short blonde hair. Last week I had burst in on her in the shower, pretending it was an accident. She had laughed it off, niavely believing it was just a mishap, and I had obtained a lovely mental picture of her delicious body. My younger sister was eleven, but I figured that was ripe enough for fucking. After all, Jenny said that she and her sister, and all their cousins, were traditionally deflowered when they were eight, and at that age they also began attending the orgies. It was fucking turning me on, the idea that tonight I would be able to fuck some children as well as teenagers my own age and women in their twenties, thirties, forties...there was just so much variety to look forward to!

Eventually we arrived at Jenny's grandmother's house. It was a huge, six-bedroomed tudor cottage set back far from the road by a gravel drive. It had a large and very neat lawn, with plenty of flower beds and rose bushes. The vast garden was bordered by high bushes, and with dense woodland flanking the garden it appeared that the cottage was light-years from civilization, even though there was actually a town just a couple of miles down the road.

Jenny's grandmother, Helen, was fifty-nine and lived alone here. Her wealthy husband, who had been twenty-years her senior, had passed away a few years ago, but Helen's widowhood was far from lonely. She saw her fuck-happy family regularly, not just at these monthly orgies. She also had a couple of strapping young gardeners who came three times a week, and in addition their horticultural duties they happily fucked their mature employer. Helen also gave piano lessons to local youngsters and she had seduced and fucked a dozen teenaged pupils (ten male, two female) in the last few years. The orgy was only for family and trusted guests like myself, so neither the gardeners or the teenagers Helen regularly fucked were present.

Duncan parked the car near several others in the gravelled area at the front of the house and we got out, stretching our limbs after the long drive. It was past nine o'clock but being summer the sun was still up, hanging bloated and red above the horizon and lighting up the cottage and the beautiful English countryside in a warm orange glow.

I followed Jenny and her family to the front door. I caught a glimpse through a window and saw squirming naked limbs. Even outside I could hear moans of pleasure! Evidently they had already started in there.

We entered through the main door and into a large hallway. It was a very classical looking cottage; oak floors and panelling, a big grandfather clock next to an antique table holding various ornaments, and a big oil-painting of a nude woman. The sounds of moaning and orgasmic yelping was even louder in here.

"In here," Duncan told me as he opened a door to the right, "we all get changed into our birthday suits before we enter."

With everyone else, I went into the side-room. It was large and spacious. Coats hung on coat-stands and shoes - men's, women's, children's - lined one wall. Neatly folded piles of clothes lay around the floor.

"Just strip and put your clothes next to ours," Susan instructed me.

We all undressed. Soon we were stark naked, our clothes neatly stacked on the floor.

"Off we go!" Duncan smiled, and he went out the room, the rest of us following.

We entered the main room and I was confronted by the sight of over forty naked men, women, teenagers and children fucking one another's brains out.

There were a total of forty-six people at the party.

Jenny's widowed grandmother was the eldest attendee and was like the matriarch of the whole set-up. She was still good looking and a very active participant, despite being almost sixty.

Aside from Jenny's grandmother, there were two generations; adults and youngsters. There were eighteen adults and consisted of Jenny's mum and dad and her mum and dad's siblings together with their spouses. There were nine husband-and-wife couples in total.

The youngsters were the sons and daughters of all these Aunts and Uncles. Two of them were just past twenty-years of age but the majority of them - sixteen in total - were aged thirteen to nineteen. Of course these included me, Jenny and her sister Lisa. Us teenagers comprised of seven boys and nine girls. Sometimes other girls bought trusted boyfriends and boys bought trusted girlfriends along, but tonight I was the only non-family guest at the orgy. All the other youngsters here tonight were Jenny and Lisa's cousins.

The remaining participants in the orgy were the younger children, aged between eight and twelve. There were nine in total - six boys and three girls. Only kids aged over eight were allowed into the orgy; Jenny had a few cousins aged seven and under who were with babysitters, and who would be able to attend once they turned eight.

Forty-six people! Aged eight to fifty-nine, both sexes, all fucking the night away!

We were standing in the vast living room, which held a lounge area with two red-and-gold patterned chesterfield sofas, several armchairs, oak coffee table and an enormous mantlepiece holding a real fire. There was also a dining area complete with a massive table that could seat two-dozen people. There were many floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the neat garden, the privacy afforded by the isolated cottage meaning there was no need to close the curtains. In contrast to the cold oak floor in the hallway, this whole main room had a luxurious deep red carpet. The walls held various oil-paintings in grand frames, mostly depicting nudes. The furniture was all quite old-fashioned but standing in contrast to this was a large television near the sofas. It was currently turned off but a wall-mounted sleek, silver Hi-Fi was playing classical music, just quietly as a background noise.

A wide archway lead to the kitchen, where there were tables overflowing with bottles of wine and a buffet. There were naked people everywhere, getting it on in the lounge and dining area, and more people popping into the kitchen for food and drink. There were six bedrooms upstairs but these were not used for the orgy either; although there were no explicit rules as such, it was nonetheless considered polite to fuck in full view of everyone else, rather than in the privacy of a bedroom.

Duncan and Susan told me to "Have fun!" before they wandered off in seperate directions. Lisa did as well, leaving me standing there with Jenny. I had felt a little conscious of being naked in front of all these strangers at first, especially as my cock was rock-hard, but suddenly I felt very relaxed. In fact I was proud of the way my seven-inch pole stood upright in salute to the wonderful display of naked fuckers in front of me. Hell, it would have been abnormal to be standing there without a hard-on.

Besides, not many people paid too much attention to us newcomers. They were all busy humping. A few people did glance at us and one pretty woman in her late-thirties smiled and blew me a kiss, before she resumed sucking a teenaged boy's cock.

"Impressive, eh?" smiled Jenny, proudly.

"Sure," I said, quietly, utterly awe-struck and hornier than I'd even been in my life, "It looks great! Shit! I feel a bit odd though, I don't know anyone here really. Apart from you and your parents and Lisa."

"Well, I can't introduce you to everyone," Jenny said, "but don't worry, you'll get to know people as you go round fucking them all. They will all know who you are though. It's not often that there's a new guest here. They'll all know your name and the chicks will be queueing to fuck you!"

I was still amazed at all the sights around me. I saw a woman taking two men's cocks in her cunt at the same time, a girl of thirteen riding the cock of guy in his thirties, a twelve-year-old boy sodomizing a nine-year-old boy, two teenaged girls in a sixty-nine whilst the one on top was buggered by a teenaged boy, and then there was Lisa already getting into the fray, bent over the coffee table whilst a man eased his prick into her twat from behind.

"What do we do," I asked her, "just...go up to someone and fuck them?"

"That's it," Jenny smiled, reaching out and stroking my erection, "Just plunge into the fray! Fuck who you want. It's considered impolite to decline a fuck with someone so no-one will turn you down, and you shouldn't turn anyone down either."

"Why would I turn anyone down?" I grinned, admiring the mouthwatering beauty of some of those nearby, including an incredibly hot teenaged girl who was on all fours on the floor as she lapped the cunt of an older woman who sat on the sofa in front of her.

"However," Jenny continued, "people can turn down an offer of sex if it's with someone of their own gender. Most of the women and girls hear happily get it on with other, and nearly all the young boys like being buggered, but most men often don't like the idea of getting it on with guys their own age. One or two might. But basically you can turn down - and be turned down by - another guy. But no women and none of the younger kids will turn you down. It's the same with sex acts," my knowledgable girlfriend continued, "It's considered very rude to turn down an offer of most sex acts - straight sex, oral sex, anal - everyone likes anal here! - facials, tit-fucking and so on. However, with the more extreme stuff, like spanking and pissing and fisting, there's a few people who aren't into them so you might get turned down if you ask for something along those lines. But not many people will. I think every act of kinkiness will take place in this house tonight, at least if it's as successful as all the previous parties."

"Cool," was all I could say. I was awestruck. And fucking horny!

"Let's mingle!" Jenny chirped.

"Let's mingle!" I repeated, and I gave her a kiss before we got ready to seperate.

My girlfriend then turned and strolled off towards the dining area where she embraced another teenaged boy who was temporarily unoccupied. The boy had Jenny bend over the dining table and prepared to enter her cunt from behind.

I looked around and wondered where to begin. All these naked bodies! Writhing and humping under the bright lights. At first I wondered if I could have the nerve to just barge in on some strangers and start fucking, given that everyone seemed to have a partner already. However, it soon occured to me that there weren't just people screwing in pairs, but threesomes and foursomes, all connected by cock, cunt, tongue or arsehole.

My eyes alighted back on the teenaged girl I'd seen a moment ago, the one who was on her hands and knees in front of the sofa, on which sat an older woman whose cunt the teenager was slurping. The girl, who was about fourteen, was blonde and slim, but had reasonably big tits that hung beneath her. Her arse was mouthwatering, slightly plump but superbly shaped, and the way her anus hung open, yawning and slick, indicated someone had been up that beautiful bum already this evening. The woman she was cunt-lapping, who was slumped back on the sofa panting lustfully, was also slender, blonde and had big tits. She was very hot and in superb shape, and appeared to be in her late-thirties.

I sauntered over and knelt behind the teenager and stroked her bottom. We were near the crackling fire which cast a beautiful flickering orange light over this girl's behind.

"Mmmmm," she grinned, taking her head from the crotch of partner, "Am I going to get a nice arse-fucking from this handsome stranger?"

"You sure are," I told her, pleased at the evident friendliness and accommodating atmosphere of all these wonderful people. "I'm Joe," I added, "Jenny's boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you Joe," the girl continued, looking over her shoulder, her face slick with twat-sauce, "I'm Claire, Jenny's cousin. And this here, this beautiful horny slut on the sofa, is my mum."

"Hi Claire's mum," I smiled at the older woman.

"Hi there handsome," she smiled back, then she licked her lips lewdly at me.

"Get back to licking mummy's cunt Claire," the older woman then told her daughter, "Lick me out deeply whilst that handsome young Joe sodomizes you."

"Yes mum," Claire replied. She plunged her face between her mother's spread thighs once again and began slurping at lapping at her cunt.

I placed the tip of my cock to Claire's gaping shitter and pushed. Slowly my cock began to enter her. It was tight but did not offer a huge amount of resistence. This girl may have been fourteen but she had no doubt been fucked in all her holes for many years. My cock-head popped into her sphincter after a moment and the nubile young babe shivered with delight. I pushed onwards and my shaft slid deeper and deeper into Claire's rectum until, finally, I was buried to the hilt.

"Oh yeah, that's the spot," I panted, holding Claire's hips and keeping my prick firmly lodged in her rectum, savouring the heat and tightness of her shitter, "Uuuuh!"

I held her hips firmly as I began to slide my dick back and forth in her anus, buggering her steadily. I wanted to take things slow because, although I was certain I could manage a good three or four ejaculations tonight, I didn't want to go sperming up in the first person I fucked!

"Fuck her Joe, fuck her arse," Claire's mother was urging me whilst her daughter cunt-lapped her, "Fuck my horny motherfucking daughter in her shitter! Deep and hard! The harder you fuck her the better she'll lick my cunt out."

"Yes ma'am," I smirked, increasing my pace just a little. I slammed my prick repeatedly into the depths of Claire's rectum, my pelvis clapping against her buttocks. As I bum-fucked the delicious hottie, it occured to me to listen to all the background noise. There were moans, groans, slaps, slurps and even squelching. Quite a few people were fairly talkative too. Some seemed quite lighthearted, laughing merrily as they indulged in some enjoyable sordidness or other, whilst others spluttered out profanity-laden cries ("Fuck me daddy, harder, fuck my cunt, I'm fucking cumming! AAAH!" squealed one twelve-year-old girl nearby) whilst some were in such ecstasy they could only splutter and cry out incomprehensable wails of delight.

After a few minutes of bum-fucking Claire, the girl's big-titted mother invited me to pull out of her daughter's arse.

"I want to suck that beautiful cock," she told me.

I eagerly complied, popping my prick from Claire's anus and stepping up to the sofa. Whilst her daughter continued to eat her snatch out, Claire's mum sucked deeply on my cock, moaning happily as she no doubt tasted some shit upon my steel-hard shaft.

Having had a good suck, Claire's mother then invited me to resume buggering her daughter, which I did with great enthusiasm. I fucked Claire good and hard, which inspired her to lick her mother's twat out even deeper. Soon enough her mum climaxed, that beautiful blonde yelping with ecstasy as she had a prolonged climax.

I began to feel my orgasm hovering on the horizon so, to cool down, I slipped my cock out of Claire's rectum. Before I could ask Claire's mum if I could sodomize her, I felt an arm reach round me. I turned to my side and saw that a pretty young woman had just slipped up to me and placed an arm round my shoulders. She was gorgeous; quite petite with tiny tits and a beautiful face, with lovely dark eyes and short, jet-black hair.

"Hi handsome," she smiled to me, eye twinkling with lust, "You're Joe yeah? Jenny's boyfriend."

"That's me," I replied.

"I'm Teri," the newcome introduced herself as, "I'm one of Jenny's cousins. My mum is her mum's sister. How old are you Joe?"

"Fifteen," I replied.

"I'm twenty-one," said Teri, "I must say, you look as if you're just as skilled in giving a woman a fucking as a guy my age. Now that we've got to know each other a bit better," she continued, her face very close to mine, "shall we fuck?"

"Absolutely," I smiled. I felt a bit silly due to my blatant enthusiasm, but Teri seemed quite turned on at my obvious eagerness to fuck her. I glanced round, hoping that Claire and her mum would not be offended that I was about to depart, but mother and daughter had already moved off; Claire was getting into a sixty-nine with another teenaged girl whilst her mum was just going down on a boy who couldn't be more than ten-years-old.

"Let's do it on the sofa," Teri said, "Sit down Joe. I'll ride you."

I got onto the leather sofa, just where Claire's mum had been sitting a moment ago. I lay lengthways along the sofa, my prick throbbing and hard as it lay over my belly. Teri knelt astride me, facing me, and reached down to hold my cock upright. That tasty young lady impaled her shaved snatch onto my firm erection, her face a picture of joy as she slid down.

"Mmmm, what a nice cock," she purred. She placed her hands on my chest, leaned over me and smiled, her face close to mine.

"You're so pretty Teri," I told her, "So hot and with a nice tight cunt too!"

Charmed at my compliments, Teri planted her lips onto mine and started to kiss me. We slid out tongues into one-another's mouths and snogged like passionate lovers, despite having met just thirty-seconds ago. As she tongued my mouth, Teri began to ride me, lifting herself up and down, up and down. I did not have to do any work, I just lay there whilst she rode my cock. Her bum-cheeks smacked against my thighs everytime she dropped down. I reached round and ran my hands over her back.

A moment later, I heard male voice ask; "Is your arse open for busines Teri?"

Teri took her lips from mine and we both glanced round and saw that there was a handsome youth, aged about seventeen, standing next to the sofa and stroking his stiff cock. He had short black hair and dark eyes and I could immediately see the family resemblance between him and Teri.

"It sure is Steve," Teri smiled, "Get that big cock up my arse and give me a good bum-fucking whilst this handsome young man cunt-fucks me."

"Aren't you going to introduce me to the boy you're currently sprawled on top of?" Steve asked Terri.

"Oh yeah," Teri giggled, "Steve? This is Joe, Jenny's boyfriend. Joe? This is Steve, my younger brother."

"Hi Steve," I nodded, thinking how surreal it was being introduced to a guy whilst I was fucking that guy's sister's cunt.

"Hi Joe," Steve smiled, "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"I sure am!"

Steve then got on the sofa, kneeling astride my legs and directly behind Teri.

"Up we go," the randy youth declared, and I could see by the way Teri winced that her brother was entering her arse.

"Oh yes, oh yes," Teri gasped as Steve made progress. She was laying motionless on top of me, hunched over me whilst my dick remained stuck deep in her cunt. We waited for Steve to make his way into his sister's rectum. Soon enough he had done so.

"Let's fuck my sister Joe," he said, "Let's fuck her to orgasm!"

"Yes, yes, fuck me," Teri encouraged us, "Give it to me you horny fuckers! Make me cum! Fuck my fucking holes motherfuckers."

Turned on by the sheer filth coming from the mouth of such a pretty and petite young lady, I immediately began to thrust my cock up and down in her tight cunt whilst her brother began to pound her rectum. We soon got into a good rhythm, pumping our pricks into Teri's holes alternately.

"Uuuuh, uh, fuck me," the slender beauty sandwiched between us was soon squealing, "Fuck me...fuck me motherfuckers...I'm cumming. Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming! AAH! AAAAH! FUCK!"

The naked dark-haired slut descended into wild groans and cries of ecstasy as she came, neither myself or Steve relenting in our hard pounding of her holes.

Finally, her orgasm died down, and Steve and me slowed our humping.

"That was great," Teri giggled, her hair stuck to her sweaty face, "Wow! Fantastic! Cheers boys."

"You're welcome sis," Steve grinned. He pulled his cock from Teri's rectum and then casually strolled off to find someone else to fuck.

"I shall see you later my dear," Teri said to me. She gave me a kiss then dismounted my cock. Then, like her brother, she went off to find someone else.

I was initially disheartened at the way Teri had abruptly departed, but then I remembered that this was, after all, an orgy. You can't stay with one person all night.

I sat up and wondered who to approach next. My cock was raging hard and I figured it was time to shoot some spunk!

Nearby, on the floor, I spied a cute eleven-year-old boy. He was kneeling up and lapping at the hot furry cunt of a big-breasted woman who appeared to be about forty. The boy was very sweet, with short blonde hair. I could see his hairless little prick which flaccid but slick with something; either cum, saliva, cunt-juice or a combination of all three. He had a delicious bottom, round and pale and sweet. I suddenly had an urge to fuck him, despite no previous inclination towards young boys. I figured I should try it at least once. I got up and stepped up to them.

"Lick me, lick my cunt Chris," the big-breasted woman was panting. She had long blonde hair and a soft, pleasant face.

"Hello," I said, hoping that I didn't sound like an idiot intruding on these two!

"Hi there honey," the woman said, smiling at me. The little boy took his face from the woman's cunt and looked at me.

"I couldn't help but noticing that this young boy," I explained to the woman, stroking the child's hair, "has a delicious bum."

"Will you fuck my bum?" the boy asked me, enthusiastic. He reached out and unashamedly gripped my dick and stroked it.

"Sure kid," I told him.

Introductions were quickly made. The woman was called Emily and the boy was Chris. They were Aunt and Nephew.

"Chris has blown his little nuts just recently," Emily explained, "but I'm sure a good arse-pounding will give him a fresh stiffy. Whilst you bugger him he can continued to eat me out."

Emily, evidently taking control of the temporary threesome we had formed, sat on the sofa and spread her legs. Chris obeyed his Aunt's instructions to get on his hands and knees before her and lap at her twat. Finally, I knelt behind the boy and spent a moment admiring his bottom. It was delicious, two firm little round cheeks with a rosy-pink puckered hole in the middle, it's slickness and slight gape indicating that a cock or two had made a journey up there already this evening. Below his arsehole hung his tiny hairless nut-sac and his soft prick. The idea of buggering a child so young was turning me on, and the fact that the child was of my own sex made it seem even kinkier and therefore even more exciting.

I tongued Chris's anus for a moment, pushing my tongue past his sphincter and into his rectum. He shivered with delight at this oral attention although by the sounds of slurping and sucking I could tell he was not relenting in the cunt-licking of his lustful Auntie Emily.

After licking the boy's bum I prepared for entry. I knelt up and placed the head of my dick to his anus before pushing. Slowly but firmly, I squeezed my cock-head into the eleven-year-old's arsehole and I heard his muffled cries of pleasure as I entered him.

"Fuck him, fuck him right in the arse," Emily urged me whilst Chris sucked her furry twat.

I slid my dick further into the child's arse until I was buried to the hilt. His rectum was heavenly in it's tightness and despite his tender age the pre-teen boy-slut had not uttered any cries of discomfort. In fact, as I began to pump my cock back and forth, Chris was soon actively bucking her cheeks up against my pistoning cock. I fucked him faster and harder, knowing that there was no way I could retreat from such a tight bottom without spilling some sperm. Emily was soon spluttering out further lewd cries as her nephew's tongue wriggled further into her cunt. Her big tits wobbled as her body shook with a climax from Chris's oral attentions.

"Uh, uuuuh, I'm gonna cum," I panted a moment later, holding Chris's narrow hips as I slammed by cock repeatedly into the boy's arse, "Oh yeah! FUCK! NNNNNG!"

My sperm exploded forth, a supernova of jism. I kept pumping my cock back and forth as I squirted out great wads of slimy jism into the bowels of the beautiful boy I was buggering.

"I can feel it, I can feel all the cum," Chris yelped, raising his head from his Aunt Emily's steaming crotch, "UUUH! Fill my bottom up. Mmmmm."

"FUCK!" I spluttered, ramming my cock one last time into the boy's rectal passage and shooting out a final couple of of squirts of jism. I felt exhausted but I knew it was only the first of several orgasms I'd have that night.

I eased my prick from Chris's rectum. The boy turned round and gave me a lewd kiss.

"That worked," he told me, proudly gripping his re-stiffened cock, "I've got a new hard-on! Hooray!"

"Well done kid," I told him, noting how Emily had drifted off to look for more people to fuck. I was getting used to the way people just departed so abruptly and it no longer had any chance of offending me.

"Is that a river of spunk I see running from my little brother's bottom?" came a girl's voice.

I turned and saw a slightly chubby but very pretty girl in her late-teens coming up. She was obvously Chris's big sister.

"It sure is," Chris told the girl, "Wanna felch it out."

"Mmmm, yes please," the girl said. She gave me a glance and smiled "Hello," before the took her brother to the sofa. She lay down and Chris - now barely acknowledging me - squatted over her face. I watched with amusement as the girl began to noisily slurp my sperm from her kid brother's bum, Chris masturbating his fresh erection during this.

"Hi Joe," Jenny's mother, Susan, said as she strolled up to me just as I stood up.

"Hi Susan," I said.

"Having fun?" she asked.

"I sure am!"

"No hard-on?" she asked me, glancing at my softened cock, "Just blown your nuts darling?"

"Yep! First orgasm of the night! But not the last."

"I should hope not. You got plenty of other people to meet, greet and fuck. Whilst your getting your strength back why not pop into the kitchen for a bite to eat."


"Catch you later honey," Susan said, and after giving me a quick peck on the cheek the horny mother of my girlfriend turned and got onto the sofa, evidently eager to indulge in some sordidness with Chris and his sister.

I wandered off to the kitchen, my cock showing signs of life already as I glanced around at the acts of depravity taking place all around me.

In the kitchen there were about half-a-dozen people helping themselves to the snacks sitting in elegant dishes on the two buffet tables. Amongst those taking a break in the kitchen was Jenny's sister, Lisa. Stark naked - like everyone else of course - and with her nubile body glistening with sweat, the thirteen-year-old babe was standing in the corner of the room and munching away at a plate of cocktail sausages.

"Hi Joe," she said to me, her eyes lighting up as I approached her.

"Hi Lisa," I said, pinching a sausage from a plate and popping it into my mouth.

"Having fun?" Lisa asked.

"Definately," I replied.

"Blown your nuts yet?"


"In who?"

"In Chris. The eleven-year-old boy? He's your cousin isn't he?"

"Yeah, a cousin. One of many! Sometimes I wish I had a brother as well as a sister, just so I could indulge in a brother/sister combination."

"Well, your mum could still pop a little brother out for you someday. She's not yet past whelping age."

Lisa giggled.

"I suppose," she smirked, "If not, I'll just content myself with fucking my daddy, uncles and cousins. And my mum, sister and Aunties of course."

"You sure have a lot of choice," I told her.

"Plus if you marry Jenny, you'll be my brother-in-law," explained Lisa, "Which is like a brother I guess."

"I guess," I thought. It had not occured to me whether I would marry Jenny; after all, we were only fifteen and at school. Now that Lisa had bought the subject up, though, it seemed like a good idea. I loved her, and I sure loved her family! However, such thoughts of a romantic nature seemed a little out of place in this orgy, so I resolved to consider it later.

"Who wants wine?" asked a pretty twelve-year-old girl - another one of Jenny and Lisa's cousins - who came up to us. She was slender, with budding titties and a hairless cunt, and her long blonde hair was tied in pig-tails with big silk silver ribbons.

"I'll have some," Lisa replied, "Just a little bit."

"I'll have a bit too, thanks," I told the pig-tailed girl. I noticed that she held two glasses but no bottle of wine.

"Two small glasses of Italian red, coming up," the blonde darling told us. She turned, squatted on the floor, and put one of the wine-glasses under her bottom.

"This is her party-trick," Lisa informed me as I watched with some bemusement.

The girl squatting before us relaxed her anus and, soon enough, squirted red wine from her arsehole. She soon half-filled the glass. She then put the other glass under her bottom and shot more wine from her rectum into it.

"Here we are," she said, turning and standing, holding out the glasses.

"Thanks," me and Lisa said, taking our wine.

"You're welcome," the girl chirped, and then she strolled off towards a middle-aged guy (who I later found out was her dad) who was busy refilling an enema syringe with wine. The girl then bent over a table and her father gave her a fresh enema of wine. I would later see the girl strolling around the place, filling glasses with wine from her rectum and handing them out to the thirsty orgy-goers.

"Now there's a serving suggestion you won't see on a wine label," I joked.

Me and Lisa giggled then sipped our drinks. The wine tasted good and I was turned on by the knowledge that it had been injected into and then squirted out of a twelve-year-old girl's bum. I soon emptied the glass, as did Lisa. I did not want to get drunk and end up being unable to perform, but the small amount of wine did go straight my head and made me feel a little light-headed and relaxed.

"Are you going to get back to the humping?" Lisa asked me, "You're just about recovered."

She nodded down at my dick which was indeed semi-hard and growing in stiffness with every pulse.

"I think I might be ready for another fuck, yes," I told Lisa, "Care to join me?"

"Sure," my girlfriend's little sister said. I took her hand and lead her into the vast living room, past humping and squirming people. I spied Jenny being cunt-fucked by her dad and arse-fucked by a teenaged boy I didn't recognize. I caught Jenny's eye briefly and we exhanged smiles.

Lisa and myself soon found a small clear area of floor near the fireplace.

We knelt down opposite each other and spent a while just kissing, tongueing one another's mouths, our hands straying over each other's bodies.

"Let's sixty-nine," Lisa eventually told me.

"Okay, I'll go down below."

I lay on my back and Lisa mounted me. Her lovely, lightly-fluffed cunt was soon pressed to my mouth and I began sucking and slurping on it. Meanwhile, the horny girl sucked down deeply on my cock. It was now fully hard and grew even stiffer thanks to her skilled blow-job skills.

After about five-minutes, a twelve-year-old boy came over. He knelt near my head, his hairless pecker nodding stiffly and pointing right at Lisa's anus. I hoped he would bugger the girl on top of me and, sure enough, he did. As I lapped at Lisa's twat, I had a beautiful close-up view of this pre-teen fucker working his cock into Lisa's anus. The girl sprawled atop me gave a muffled moan of delight but she did not relent in sucking lovingly on my cock.

The young newcomer began to fuck his cock back and forth in Lisa's rectum. His hairless nutsac was just about bouncing on my forehead. For some reason I suddenly felt an urge to suck his cock. I didn't know why but just as I had felt a previously hidden desire to fuck a little boy earlier - when I sodomized young Chris - I know felt a sudden desire to suck a little boy's cock. I took my mouth from Lisa's cunt and slipped my mouth over the young boy's hairless sac. I could hear him moan with delight which encouraged me to suck his balls thirstily, rolling those two tiny plums around in my mouth.

After a few moments of this I took my mouth from his nutsac and got back to sucking Lisa's juicy cunt. She was still deep-throating me and her sucking was so intense that it was only my recent orgasm that prevented me from blowing my nuts down her gullet.

"Fancy a suck," the twelve-year-old boy said a moment later, taking his slender pecker from Lisa's rectum. He pointed it down towards my face and, without hesitation, I took my mouth from Lisa's cunt and sucked on the boy's pre-teen erection. It turned me on to be indulging in such rampant kinkiness, sucking a little boy's dick that had just been up a young girl's rectum. I could taste Lisa's shit but that just turned me on even further. After I'd had a good suck, the boy took his prick from my mouth and plugged Lisa's bum up with it once more. I resumed eating Lisa's cunt.

Us three youngsters indulged in this fun for another ten-minutes, the little boy often giving me his shitty prick to suck upon. As fantastic as Lisa's blow-job skills were, I was eager to fuck a different orifice, and I suggested we shift positions.

We moved apart. Lisa introduced me formally to the twelve-year-old boy whose named was Billy; he was another cousin, the son of Lisa's father's brother.

"What shall we do now then?" Lisa asked.

"I want a cock in my arse," Billy declared, "Joe's in particular."

"I can satisfy that request," I proudly declared, eager to bugger this darling boy-slut. He had spikey, light-brown hair, a soft freckled face and a slender, pale body.

"I want some more arse-fucking," Lisa said, "although I'm in a mood for sucking cocks too."

"Any spare cocks around?" Billy asked. He looked about, as did Lisa.

"Hey, dad!" called Lisa, spying her father, Duncan, nearby and temporarily unoccupied.

"Yes darling," Duncan said, strolling over, his cock wobbling erectly in the air.

"Can I suck your cock?" Lisa asked.

"Suck away," Duncan grinned.

Lisa took charge of arranging us. She had her father lay down on his back. Lisa then got on her knees and elbows and slipped her mouth elegantly over her father's long erection. Whilst Lisa deep-throated her dad, Billy got behind the girl and pushed his young cock into her arse once more. Then I got behind Billy and pushed my pulsing erection deep up into his arse.

We were soon all humping together as a sordid foursome; I was buggering twelve-year-old Billy, he was buggering thirteen-year-old Lisa, and she, finally, was sucking her dad's dick. We were all moaning and groaning with lust.

After five-minutes, I could sense Duncan was about to blow his nuts.

"I haven't cum all evening," he declared, his breathing growing rapid, "and I'm about to now!"

"Gimme a facial Uncle Duncan!" cried Billy, "I'd like a nice gooey facial!"

"Well, Lisa might like a drink of cum," Duncan said, "What do you say honey? Do you want to drink my sperm or can Billy have it?"

"Go for it dad," Lisa said, taking her mouth from her father's prick, "I've drank one load of sperm already this evening, go and give that horny little boy what he wants. Shower him good!"

Duncan got up and stood astride Lisa so that his cock was wobbling right in Billy's face. The horny father gripped his cock with one hand and vigorously pumped it. Billy - still eagerly sodomizing Lisa whilst I, in turn, sodomized him - tilted his head back and awaited his baptism of sperm from his Uncle.

"Here it is Billy," Duncan soon declared, "I'm gonna cum...right in your horny little motherfucker, YES!"

His fist a blur as he furiously jacked off, Duncan began spurting his hot sperm all over Billy's cute freckled face. There was a mirror - one of many in the room - nearby, which enabled me to get a view of the cute twelve-year-old boy I was busy sodomizing as he got his desired facial. Duncan came in buckets and once he'd finished shooting his load, Billy's face was utterly pasted.

"I'm gonna cum too," Billy cried, humping Lisa's bum with short and fast thrusts, "Uuuuh. I'm gonna cum. Bugger me Joe, bugger my arse! MPPPPH!"

He was silenced when Duncan rammed his semi-hard, cum-leaking prick into his mouth. I fucked Billy's tight boy-bum hard and, dripping with sperm and with a cock in his mouth and another in his arse, Billy shot his pre-teen sperm into Lisa's rectum. I could hear the girl urge Billy on with lewd cries of pleasure. Billy's climax lasted a good twenty-seconds and I thought the horny rascal would faint. It was only through great willpower that prevented me from losing my sperm in the boy's arse.

When Billy had finished, we all moved apart. My cock was pulsing, stiff and unspent when it emerged from Billy's ravished bum-hole. Duncan padded off to the kitchen for a break. Billy lay on his back, out of breath. The horny youngster was sweat, dishevelled and his face was dripping with steaming cum.

"Joe?" Lisa said to me, "Could you felch Billy's cum out of my arse and spit it into my mouth?"

"Of course darling," I said, still surprised at times at the way everyone here could so casually indulge in such rampant sordidness.

I soon sealed my lips to Lisa's anus and sucked all of Billy's pre-teen sperm from her rectum. I did not swallow but instead held it in my cheeks. Lisa turned round, tilted her head back and opened her mouth. I spat and dribbled the long oozing gobs of cum into her mouth and the horny slut gulped down the whole lot. Clearly hungry for more sperm, Lisa then crawled over to Billy and lapped his face clean of her dad's sperm. I spent a moment sucking Billy's flaccid, cum-and-shit-smeared cock but soon I was eager for fresh partners. It was fun humping teenagers and kids but I felt that it was time to enjoy an older lady.

Just then, the matriarch of this wonderfully horny extended family, Jenny's father's mother, came over. She was called Helen and for a woman who was a year shy of sixty she was in good shape. She had long red-hair, large boobs and a nice hairy snatch. Obviously there were plenty of indications of her age - she had a few wrinkles around her eyes, her boobs sagged a bit and there was an extra few pounds around her bum and thighs - but otherwise she was fine looking and just as fuckable as the most nubile of girls here.

"Hi Joe," Helen said, walking up to me just as I stood up. She gripped my cock and lightly masturbated me. "Are you going anywhere in particular? Or just looking for someone to fuck?"

"I was looking for someone to fuck," I told Helen, "but I guess I've found someone."

"Excellent! I love to fuck newcomers to these orgies. Only outsiders we trust are allowed to join us so it's not often we have a newcomer."

"Just tell me how you'd like me to fuck you Helen and I'll do it!"

"My my, you are eager! Tell you what, I want to enjoy your cock in every orifice."

"Sure," I shrugged, "No problem. In what order shall I fuck 'em?"

"Cunt, arse and mouth," Helen replied, "I like sucking cocks but I prefer them to have been in my other two holes first. Just to give them a bit of flavour."

Helen lead me to an armchair in the corner of the room. As always, the room was filled with humping people and the incessent noise of flesh-on-flesh and people moaning and crying with pleasure. I was growing used to it and hardly noticed all the activity around us.

Helen sat down on the armchair and spread her legs, her red-furred cunt juicy between her parted thighs.

"Fuck me," she urged me, "Fuck me good and hard in the pussy."

I knelt in front of this horny lady and swiftly planted my long cock into her hot cunt. I immediately began to fuck her hard and fast which was evidently what Helen wanted. She moaned and panted with joy. As I cunt-fucked her I fondled her big soft tits and pinched her nipples.

The best thing about the orgy, of course, was the sheer variety of things. So far I had arse-fucked a fourteen-year-old girl (Claire), cunt-fucked a twenty-one-year-old woman (Teri), arse-fucked an eleven-year-old boy (Chris), had a sixty-nine with a thirteen-year-old girl (Lisa), sucked the cock and arse-fucked a twelve-year-old boy (Billy) and now, with Helen, I was cunt-fucking a fifty-nine-year-old woman. And the evening was barely half-way through!

After fucking Helen's twat for five-minutes, she asked me to pull out. Once my erection had slid out of her juicy snatch, the middle-aged red-head pulled her legs up to her chest, her hands hooked behind her knees, so that her big bare arse was spread and thrust out over the edge of the armchair. Her anus was dark, puckered and showed signs of heavy use, both in the short and long-term (Helen would later tell me she had been vaginally and anally deflowered by her dad when she was six and had not stopped fucking in the fifty-three-years since then.) He arsehole hung open obscenely.

"Stick it up my arse," Helen lewdly demanded, "Right up me! Bugger me you horny stud."

"Right away," I said, and I easily slid my cock-head into her gaping anus. "UUUUH!" I grunted, planting my full length up into her rectum. Despite the ease in which I had anally impaled this veteran sodomite , her shitter offered a fine grip. I began pumping my prick to and fro in her arse, Helen moaning with delight as I pounded her bum.

For another five-minutes I buggered Helen, after which I pulled out and stood up at her request. Helen then sat forwards and took my soiled cock in her mouth and deep-throated me. She gave damn good head and I stood there with my legs shaky as she slurped me to heaven.

"Are you about to cum?" Helen asked me shortly, taking her lips from my dick.

"Almost," I told her, "Not long now. Shall I cum in your mouth?"

"Well, I love the taste of sperm but I like to lick it off of something. Like a cunt or a pair of tits. Here, I've an idea." Helen then turned and beckoned over a woman nearby. "Come here Zoe honey."

Zoe came over. She was about thirty-five, tall and slim with a nice pair of firm, juicy tits and a delicious arse. She had long straight red hair with matching cunt-hair, and bright green eyes that sparkled with lust. Helen introduced us both. Zoe was Helen's daughter, meaning Zoe was also Duncan's younger sister and Jenny and Lisa's Aunt. Taking in all these people's relationships with everyone else was getting difficult to keep track of so I made a mental note to get Jenny to draw me a up family tree sometime!

"Now then," Helen said, getting off the armchair once I'd been introduced to Zoe, "Joe? I want you to fuck my daughter's pussy, but pull out at the last minute and sperm up over her cunt and lower belly. Okay?"

"Sure Helen," I smiled.

Zoe was eager for this plan as well. She sat on the armchair, leaned back and spread her thighs.

"Come and fuck me Joe," the horny red-head urged me. Her cunt was pink and wet-looking and peeked out from a triangle of ginger pubes.

I knelt down and guided my cock into Zoe's cunt, making her moan with pleasure. Like everyone in the room, Zoe, Helen and me were all somewhat slick with sweat as the rampant orgy continued.

I fucked Zoe's tight cunt whilst she panted with joy.

"Oh yeah, yeah, I'm gonna cum soon," I grunted, humping the horny slut hard, "Not long now!"

"Fuck me, fuck me you horny stud," the thirty-something babe urged me, "Oh yes, fuck me!"

Helen was standing nearby, unashamedly masturbating her cunt as she watched me fuck her daughter. A moment later a slender red-headed boy, who was about thirteen, came over and pinched Helen's arse, making her giggle.

"Hi Jake," Helen said to the boy, "Have you come to watch your mummy being fucked?"

"Sure," Jake replied, "I wanna fuck you grandma."

"Okay honey. Just wait until Joe has spermed up on your mum," Helen said.

I made another mental note of this branch of the family-tree, that Jake was Zoe's son and therefore Helen's grandson.

"I'm gonna blow," I gasped as my orgasm suddenly began to grip me, "Oh fuck! FUCK!"

"Pull out and spunk over me!" Zoe begged, "Shower me in sperm!"

I whipped my cock from Zoe's hot cunt and furiously masturbated, pumping my shaft furiously. Zoe, Helen and Jake all watched as I spurted my cum all over Zoe's slick furry cunt and her lower belly.

"Uuuuh, yeah," I gasped, my cock exploding in my fist, my supply of sperm seemingly endless. After about ten hefty squirts the flow ended and I wiped my sticky cock-head over Zoe's glistening cunt-lips. Her whole vagina, pubic area and lower belly were slashed and dotted with my cream.

"Mmmm, that looks tasty," purred Helen, "Move aside Joe. I'm going to slurp all the lovely fuck-sauce up. Jake? Be a darling and fuck grandma's arsehole in the meantime."

"Sure," Jake said.

I got up on shaky feet and stood to one-side. I felt like another break but first I wanted to watch the conclusion to this little episode. Zoe remained slumped back on the armchair whilst her mother, Helen, knelt down between her spread thighs. Helen then began eagerly lapping at Zoe's cum-soaked crotch and belly, slurping up my jism. In the meantime, Jake got down behind Helen and planted his prick right up that mature slut's rectum. He bum-fucked his grandma good and hard.

Just before he came, Jake tugged his prick from Helen's gaping arsehole and hurried over to the armchair and masturbated in the face of his mother, Zoe. The horny youngster spurted a good amount of hot sperm over his delighted mother's face. Having lapped my cum from Zoe's cunt and belly, Helen soon moved up and licked her daughter's face clean of her grandson's cum.

In the kitchen once more, I attacked the buffet table, munching various nibbles whilst chatting with a few other people in there, including Jenny (who looked even prettier given that she had some guy's sperm running down her tits) and Claire, the teenaged girl who had been the first person I'd fucked that evening.

After about ten-minutes of chatter, and with some food down me, I was feeling revived. My cock was growing erect once more. I soon fell into conversation with one of Jenny's Aunts. She was called Sarah and was thirty-six, average height, slim and with big juicy tits (big breasts seemed to run in this family!). Sarah had lovely long black hair, a seductive and well-proportioned face and a thick triangle of black pubic hair at her crotch. She was soon asking me if I'd ever been fucked in the arse.

"No, never," I told her.

"Wanna try it?" Sarah asked, casually.

"I suppose," I said, "I've not thought about it before. I love giving it up the arse, that's for sure."

"Well, you gotta try taking it in the arse as well kid," Sarah smiled, "Come on, let's go and find my son. He's sixteen with a cock that's long but reasonably slender. He can bust your anal-cherry. You have to try everything at least once. You can fuck me in the meantime, your cock is nice and stiff again."

We finished our drinks and headed back into the main room. The room was heaving with squirming, humping people, their flesh glistening with sweat in the bright lights. Sarah lead me over to the armchair - on which I had recently fucked Helen and then Zoe, of whom there was no sight - and then she called over her son. He was a slim and handsome youth with the same black hair as his mother and a soft, almost effeminate features. We were introduced - he was called Kevin - and then his mother related the plan; that Kevin was to bum-fuck me whilst I fucked his mum. Kevin was more than happy with this plan but he insisted that I fuck his arse first.

"Sure," I said. I knew I would always prefer women and girls but I had soon come round to enjoying a boy's arse.

Sarah sat down on the armchair, legs flung apart and hooked over the arm-rests, her furry cunt pink and slick between her spread thighs.

"Fuck my cunt son," she said to Kevin, "whilst Joe fucks your arse. Then you two handsome young men can switch over."

Kevin eagerly got down on his knees before his mother.

"Let me suck this beautiful pussy mum," he declared, and plunged his head into her crotch and began to lap and slurp away. I decided to take the opportunity to stand next to the armchair and feed my pulsing erection into Sarah's mouth. She sucked me beautifully.

After a moment, Kevin knelt up straight and guided his slender six-inch prick into his mother's hot twat. I slid my cock from Sarah's mouth and knelt down behind Kevin. He hunched over his mother with his arse thrust out a little. He had firm round cheeks and his anus was pink and hairless, almost like a girl's, which turned me on. His slight effeminancy excited me.

I guided my saliva-slick cock to his anus and pushed. Kevin let out a groan as I entered him.

"You okay?" I asked him, just the first two-inches of my prick in his tight boy-arse.

"Sure," he told me, "I'm cool. I've been taking dicks in my arse since I was eight. Fuck it up me Joe!"

I obliged, pushing my cock further into his tight arse. Soon I was in all the way and I immediately began to thrust my erection back and forth in the sixteen-year-old boy's bum. He squirmed with delight as I fucked him and he then began to fuck his mother, Sarah moaning with delight as her son fucked her. The harder I buggered Kevin, the harder he fucked his mother's cunt, and we were soon panting and grunting with lust.

For five-minutes we screwed together in a train, after which Kevin declared he was about to cum but he wanted to give his sperm to me. I removed my cock from his bowels and he withdrew from his mother's vagina.

We switched over. I knelt in front of Sarah and glided my stiff prick into her cunt, which was hot and wet. Then I hunched over her, Sarah reaching up and holding my shoulders firmly, almost as if she were ensuring I didn't get away, which I had no intention of doing!

Kevin got behind me and I soon felt his cock - slick with cunt-juice - pressing at my virgin fifteen-year-old arsehole. He pressed his way in and I gritted my teeth at the alien sensation.

"Almost there," Kevin grunted, and he suddenly popped his cock-head up my arse.

"Oh yeah," I panted.

"Is it good?" Sarah asked me.

"Yeah," I replied, feeling Kevin working his shaft up into my bowels, "Yeah, it's cool! Fuck!" The initial discomfort wore off and I felt an incredible feeling of intense pleasure rising from my pierced arse. Kevin soon shoved the remainder of his slim six-inch rod up my arse and I could feel his cock-head tickling my prostate.

"Now fuck my mum," Kevin ordered me as he began to sodomize me with fairly firm thrusts.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me," Sarah begged.

I began to do just that, sliding my cock back and forth in the mature beauty's gripping cunt.

"Fuck me, that's good," I commented, lustfully. It felt so fantastic to have the familiar feeling of fucking someone whilst simultaneous with the novel and intensely pleasurable sensation of being buggered. We soon established a good rhythm, Kevin pumping my arse with his prick whilst I slammed my erection repeatedly into his mother's twat. Sarah soon climaxed, spewing forth obsceneties. As I cunt-fucked her hard, I groped her big juicy tits and pinched her stiff red nipples.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, I'm cumming," Sarah wailed, "OH FUCK! Yes!"

I shafted her hot cunt furiously, inspired to pick up my pace with the vigerous arse-ramming I was getting from Kevin. The energetic youth buggered me with great passion and I swore that, whilst I knew would I would always prefer giving rather than receiving, I would undergo this treatment again sometime.

"Fuck, here's my cum!" Kevin spluttered shortly, "Oh yeah! YEAH! UUUUH!"

He shoved his slender teen cock to the root in my previously virginal arse and spurted his cum into me. I tightened my arsehole round his pumping cock and savoured the sensation as he filled my bowels with his sperm. I continued to fuck Sarah throughout Kevin's climax, although I was nowhere near cumming yet due to having only recently acquired a fresh hard-on after my second climax.

"Uuuuuh, yeah," Kevin groaned as he finished off cumming in me, "That was great."

"Fucking fantastic!" I agreed.

"It sure was," Sarah grinned. I leaned down and kissed her lewdly.

We all moved apart after getting our breath back. Kevin departed for a break whilst his mother lay down on the floor and had me squat over her face. I did so and underwent the pleasure of having sperm felched from my arse. As Sarah sucked her son's jism from my bum I played with her hefty tits. My prick was rock-hard and one would not have guessed I had shot two loads already. I felt so damn horny it was like I hadn't cum in weeks!

Sarah soon departed, hungry for new partners. I looked around. I was suddenly desperate to suck a little boy's cock, and ideally have him cum in my mouth. It had been so pleasurable to suck young Billy's prick earlier and I wanted to repeat it. Naturally, at this orgy, you did not have to look far to get what you wanted, and soon enough I spied a sweet, freckle-faced, blonde haired eleven-year-old boy who, like me, was idly looking around for a new partner. We made eye-contact and he walked over to me.

He introduced himself as Sammy.

"Would you like to fuck my arse?" the boy casually invited me, "That's a nice hard cock and I want it up my bottom."

"Sure kid," I told the adorable pre-teen child, "So long as I can suck your cock. Could you cum in my mouth?"

"Definately!" he giggled, "I'm about to cum I think. I must've fucked a dozen girls without cumming. My nuts are gonna blow!"

"Well, I'll fuck your arse first and then I'll blow you."

Sammy eagerly got down on the floor, on his hands and knees, his delicious pale boy-bum raised and ready to be speared. His hairless, beautiful little anus hung open, which was not surprising; a sweet little sodomistical boy like this would have a fair number of guys - even ones nominally heterosexual, like me - queueing to bugger him.

I knelt behind Sammy and guided my cock to his arsehole. I soon squeezed the head into his rectum then pushed the rest of my shaft in afterwards, planting it to the root in his hot tight arse in a single, elegant stroke. The dainty eleven-year-old boy barely squirmed or moaned. He took my cock in his bum like the veteran little bugger-fuck he was.

"What a lovely arse you have," I told him, holding his narrow hips and lightly thrusting my cock back and forth in his shitter, "Uuuuh! It's lovely Sammy. What a lovely arse."

"Fuck me hard," he begged in his high little-boy voice, "I love being buggered hard! Don't show me mercy just 'cos I'm little!"

"Okay honey," I told him, and I began to thrust deeper and harder into him.

Sammy was soon yelping with delight and bucking his arse against my humping cock. I shoved my prick repeatedly into the depths of his bowels, savouring the heat and tightness of his rectum. My own arsehole burned pleasurably from my own recent arse-fucking and I vowed to someday have myself buggered by one boy whilst buggering another.

After ten-minutes, I felt my orgasm begin to raise it's head, and not wanting to cum just yet (I feared I could only manage one more, and the orgy showed no signs of ending, despite the time approaching midnight) I slid my dong from Sammy's bowels. It emerged, slick and shitty, with a pop.

Sammy turned and sucked on my prick, lapping it clean. Then it was time for me to suck him off. He stood up, his beautiful hairless pecker sticking straight up, barely three-inches in length but nice and stiff looking. However, I paused before sucking it. It suddenly occured to me that I had now sodomized three pre-teen boys so far but no pre-teen girls.

"What's up?" Sammy asked, noting my hesitation.

"I was just wondering if there were any little girls around," I explained, "I haven't fucked a little girl yet this evening, just women and teenaged girls."

"How about my sis?" Sammy chirped, "She's only nine." He turned and called "Hey! Julia!"

I turned and saw Sammy's little sister, Julia, stroll over. She was a beautiful child, with long blonde hair, a sweet angelic face and, being a pre-teen, had a flat chest, a slender body and a hairless cunt. It was so excitingly novel to see a girl so young with the unmistakable sweaty and dishevelled look of someone who had been obviously fucked almost constantly for several hours.

"This is Joe," Sammy said to Julia, "He's our cousin Jenny's boyfriend. Joe? This is my sister, Julia."

"Hi honey," I told her, "Wow, you're a hot little minx aren't you?"

"Thanks," Julia said, quite brazenly slutty for one so young, "Nice to meet you." She gave me a nice kiss, slipping her tongue briefly into my mouth.

"Joe wants to fuck you whilst he sucks me off," Sammy explained to his sister.

"Sure," Julia said, "How do you want to fuck me Joe? Cunt? Arse? I could suck you off whilst you suck off my brother."

I almost fainted with sheer joy at this; a nine-year-old girl inviting me to fuck her however I wanted, with her eleven-year-old brother ready to let me suck on his beautiful little cock.

"I'll cunt-fuck you doggie-style," I told Julia.

Without hesitation, Julia got on her hands and knees on the floor. I knelt behind her and admired her beautiful slender bottom and her delicious bald cunt. I placed my prick to the entrance of her juvenile cunt and pushed my way in. It was very tight - despite her obviously not being a virgin! - and it took a moment to push my whole length into her snatch. Once I was there I had Sammy stand astride his sister, facing me.

"What a beautiful cock Sammy," I told him, admiring his hairless pecker.

I placed my hands to Sammy's hips and slipped my lips over his little erection. He sighed lovingly as I began to suck him off, bathing his cock in my tongue as I slurped deeply on it. I was able to get all three-inches in my mouth in one go without gagging.

As I gave her brother a blow-job, I began to fuck Julia's tight pre-teen cunt. I could hear her moaning with joy, something her brother did too thanks to my amateurish but enthusastic cocksucking.

I could soon hear Sammy breathe deeper as his orgasm approached. I sucked him harder and also fucked Julia harder.

"Uh, uh, uuuh," Sammy groaned a moment later, "Oh yeah...aaah. AAAH!"

He thrust his prick into my mouth and began cumming. I sucked his whole cock into my mouth and felt it pulse and spurt his pre-teen sperm. It was warm and salty, but although I did not especially like the taste I was immensely turned on that this was little-boy cum I was drinking. I drank the lot, continuing to slurp Sammy's throbbing pecker as he shot several more squirts of cream down my throat. He was practically crying out with pleasure, his tiny hands resting on my shoulders and he fired his cum.

Throughout this, of course, I fucked Julia deep in her tight little pussy.

Even after Sammy had finished cumming I sucked his dick for another few minutes. Finally, I took my mouth from his wilting cock and then eased my own throbbing erection from Julia's snatch.

"That was fantastic," Sammy grinned, "Thanks Joe!"

"It was my pleasure," I told him.

"That was a good fuck," Julia added, still on her hands and knees, "Could you fuck me in the arse now Joe? Please!"

"Sure sweetie."

"I'm going to get a drink, I'm thirsty," Sammy told me, "See you later Joe." He gave me a kiss and then gave another to his sister, saying "Bye sis. Enjoy your arse-fucking!"

Sammy then left. I turned my attention to Julia's lovely bottom. I bent down and stroked it. I kissed it, licked it, stuck my finger up her anus and then my tongue. Having thus displayed my complete devotion to this dainty blonde child's arse I prepared to sodomize her.

"Uuuuuh," I groaned, pushing my cock swiftly into her rectum, finding little resistence despite her tender age.

"Oh yes," Julia gasped, arching her back and pushing her bum back onto my invading weapon, "Oh yes, Joe, stick it up me! Right up my bottom. Ngggg!"

"Fantastic," I muttered, happily, once I had slid my whole length into Julia's rectum. I was just about to start buggering her when Jenny abruptly made an appearance.

"Hi Joe," she grinned at me.

"Hi honey," I said to my sexy fifteen-year-old girlfriend, "Wanna join in the fun? My cock is currently occupied at the moment though."

"Doesn't matter," Jenny said, "I've bought my own cock." I suddenly noticed that she wore a strap-on dildo, one that was seven-inches in length and of polished chrome. "I saw you getting buggered earlier," she said, "by my cousin Kevin. I want to fuck your arse now. Whilst you fuck Julia's!"

"Go for it," I told her, "Ram it in!"

Jenny giggled then got behind me. I hunched over Julia, my cock stuck right up the nine-year-old's tight arse, and then Jenny eased the long strap-on dildo into me. Slowly the plastic phallus filled my rectum. I moaned with pleasure when it was fully buried up me.

"Fuck me Jenny, fuck me," I urged my girlfriend.

She held my shoulders in a firm grip and then began to fuck the strap-on in and out of my rectum. I then matched her rhythm as I dished out the same sodomistical treatment to my darling little-girl-slut.

"Yes, yes, harder," Julia squealed, delightfully, "Fuck me harder in the bum!"

I grunted and panted as I deeply bum-fucked the child, all the while Jenny buggering my arse with the dildo. We formed a compact trio of sweaty young flesh, a train of sordidness and sodomy.

Julia eventually climaxed with my big cock pounding her little arse, but through an amazing amount of willpower I eventually emerged from the girl-sandwich I had been in with my sperm unspent. I had been desperate to cum in Julia but I wanted to fuck some more.

"Thanks Jenny," I told my girlfriend as she had pulled out the dildo from my arse, "That was great!"

"You're welcome," she said.

"Do you want a fuck in return?" I asked.

"Well, normally I wouldn't turn down a fuck from you honey," Jenny told me, "but I will now. After all, we can fuck anytime. These orgies are only once a month. Go and find a nice girl - or boy - to fuck, and I'll catch you later."


I gave her a kiss goodbye.

"Fuck my arse Jenny," Julia urged my girlfriend.

"Sure thing kid," Jenny responded, and she shuffled forwards and eased the strap-on into Julia's bum.

I turned and looked about for someone else to fuck amongst the groaning humping people all around me. The air was sweet with the heady aroma of sweat, cum, cunt-juice and even piss. I spied the source of the piss smell from a few indulges in watersports, including a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl kneeling on a towel near the fireplace with a boy of twelve and a man in his thirties standing either side of her and pissing all over her. The girl, who was slim, had small tits, a shaved cunt and short blonde hair, was loving it, masturbating her cunt with one hand, frigging her anus with the other and catching urine in her mouth. Her whole body was soon dripping in golden liquid.

I suddenly felt desperate for a piss so I strolled over. The man finished urinating and stepped aside, then the boy finished a moment later.

"Need a piss?" the blonde babe asked me.

"Sure," I said, "I'm gasping for one!"

"Then use me as a urinal honey," she urged me.

I stepped up in front of her and, as she remained kneeling, I let my piss flow. I showered her in my golden stream, adding to the good soaking she had already received. She looked vaguely similar to my older sister and that's who I pretended she was as I pissed in her face, her mouth, her hair and over her pert titties. When my bladder was empty I stepped aside, amused that I had just peed all over a girl whose named I did not know.

My place was taken by another teenaged boy who, without ceremony, began pissing over the girl.

My cock pulsing hard and eager to be rammed into someone else, I turned and looked about. I then spied Teri, the beautiful dark-haired twenty-one-year-old who I had cunt-fucked earlier on. She was astride Jenny's father, Duncan, and Duncan's prick was buried up Teri's cunt. Teri's anus, gaping deliciously from between her parted cheeks, was vacant. I figured it might be a bit silly to fuck someone I had already fucked that evening, given that there were so many other people around that I had not yet become acquainted with, but I decided I simply had to sodomize Teri. She was so hot! I promised not to cum yet though.

I knelt down behind her and lightly fingered her arsehole. Just below it her cunt was filled with Duncan's prick.

"Hello again," Teri said, looking over her shoulder at me.

"Hi Teri," I grinned.

"Back for more eh?"

"I simply must fuck this arse!" I explained.

"Then do it!"

I did it! I pushed my pulsing dong into her heavenly behind and proceeded to arse-fuck her whilst she was cunt-fucked by Duncan. We both fucked that beautiful slut hard, bringing her off to a powerful climax after a few minutes.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Teri shrieked, "Oh yes, I'm cumming! Fuck my cunt Uncle Duncan...fuck my arse Joe...fuck me, fuck me...NNGG! I'm cumming! Ah!"

Duncan rammed his prick up into Teri's cunt whilst I slammed my erection into her rectum. Her holes spasmed round our shafts and she almost fainted with pleasure. Although my sperm was eager to blast forth, I kept myself in check, and when I left Teri's bowels after ten-minutes, my prick was still hard and my balls still full.

I left Teri still impaled on Duncan's cock and looked around for someone to shoot my load into.

"So you like watersports eh?" asked a woman who slipped up behind me.

I turned and saw a busty woman who was about forty. She had a gorgeous figure, long black hair and gorgeous eyes.

"Yeah, they're cool," I smiled.

"You're Joe, yeah?" she asked.

"That's me!"

"I'm Diane."

"You look a little like Teri," I commented.

"I'm her mother," Diane replied, casually, "I saw you bum-fucking her earlier. She obviously enjoyed your cock."

"I hope so," I smiled, proudly.

"I need a piss," Diane continued, "Fancy a shower?"


"Lie down," Diane instructed me.

I did so, my prick stiff across my belly.

Diane squatted over my pelvis and relaxed her bladder. Almost immediately a stream of warm piss ran from her hot black-furred cunt, splashing over my erection and balls. I sighed with pleasure as the lovely fluid drenched my cock.

"All done," smiled Diane after she had finished emptying her bladder.

"Fancy a fuck?" I asked her, casually.

"I sure do," Diane replied. She knelt astride my pelvis and reached down to hold my urine-soaked cock upright, onto which she impaled her snatch. With a sigh of pleasure the mature beauty sank down, taking my rod deep in her hot wet twat.

"Oh yeah, that's good," I gasped, "Uuuuh!"

Diane impaled herself fully on my cock then hunched over me, her hands resting on the floor beside me. She began to ride my prick, bouncing up and down, slowly at first and then faster. We were soon grunting with lust as we humped together. I reached up and played with her lovely big tits that jiggled above me.

"Uh, uh, fuck yeah, fuck yeah," I panted, thrusting up repeatedly into Diane's cunt, "Oh fuck me, yeah!"

"Oh God, I love teenaged cocks, yes," spluttered Diane, riding me even faster, "Yes! Yes! Uuuuh!"

A few minutes later, Billy - the sweet twelve-year-old boy I'd buggered earlier whilst he'd received a facial - came over. Without ceremony he got behind Diane and pushed his stiff pecker into her bowels.

"Oh yes, yes, another cock!" panted Diane, "UUUUH! Fuck me Billy, fuck me."

"Right away Auntie Diane," Billy said, and the horny young boy began buggering Diane lustfully.

"Uh, uuuh, fuck," I spluttered, overwhelmed with ecstasy at the tight heat of Diane's lovely furry cunt. I groped her big tits whilst I thrust my cock up into her cunt, all the while her nephew Billy sodomizing her with energetic thrusts of his pecker.

"Fuck me, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Diane soon began wailing, the busty forty-year-old slut bucking and squirming between me and Billy. She tensed up, squirmed then tensed again, her orgasm prolonged. I raised my head and clamped my mouth over her stiff right nipple and sucked hard whilst continuing to cunt fuck her.

After a moment, Diane's climax died away. She collapsed on top of me, out of breath. Billy idly buggered her for a moment longer then slipped his pecker out of her arse.

"I'm wasted," Diane said, grinning, hauling herself off of me, "I'm going for a break. Catch you two later sweethearts." She kissed me and Billy and wandered off to the kitchen.

"What do you fancy doing Billy?" I asked my young companion as I sat up. He showed no signs of wanting to go off and find someone else.

"Fucking, of course," he grinned, "Shall we find another girl to do? We can fuck another one at the same time. We work well as a team, huh?"

"We sure do," I replied, "I'm just about ready to cum. Shit, I just gotta blow my nuts in the next person I fuck."

Just then, Claire - the big-titted fourteen-year-old girl I had sodomized right at the start of the orgy - came over.

"Hi boys," she smiled, ruffling mine and Billy's hair, "What are you up to?"

"Just wondering who to fuck next," I replied.

"You'll do sis," Billy said, and then he turned to me and asked, "Have you met my sister Claire?"

"Yeah," I replied, "She was the first girl I fucked tonight. You can be my last, too, Claire."

"What an honour!" Claire smiled. She gave me a kiss.

"Let's spit-roast my big sister," Billy suggested, "I wanna fuck her mouth. You can fuck her cunt or arse from behind Joe."

"I'll do the arse," I said, "Nothing like a bit of anal."

Claire was quite happy with this plan. The naked and sweaty fourteen-year-old blonde got on her hands and knees on the floor.

Billy knelt in front of Claire and slipped his pecker into her willing mouth. I got behind her and saw that there was some sperm bubbling out of her gaping anus. It had obviously been pumped up there recently by one of the many, many men and boys all around us. For the second time that evening, I pushed my pulsing dong into Claire's bowels.

I held Claire's hips firmly and began to bugger her, quickly picking up my pace. My prick was rigid and throbbing and I knew I could not put off my climax any longer, that I could not leave this superb rectum without emptying my nuts.

Billy, meanwhile, fucked his older sister's mouth, holding her head in his small hands and pumping his throbbing little cock to and fro in her slippery red lips. Me and Billy exchanged grins from either ends of Claire.

"Holy fuck, I'm gonna blow so fucking hard," I panted a moment later, energetically sodomizing Claire.

"Me too, I can't wait to cum," bragged Billy, fucking his sister's willing mouth with his pecker.

"Uh, yeah," I grunted, feeling my orgasm rumble up from my balls, "Oh yeah...yeah...holy FUCK! UUUUH!"

I rammed my cock hard into Claire's shitter, right to the root in the teenager's rectum, and spurted forth my cum. I shot wad after wad into her intestines. I could feel her anus tighten round my pulsing shaft as she sought to milk me dry of sperm.

"Here comes a facial!" declared Billy whilst I was busy spurting the last of my sperm, "FUCK YEAH!"

The horny twelve-year-old slid his dick out of his sister's mouth and jerked off, pumping his prick with his right hand whilst he placed his left hand on top of Claire's head to keep her facing forward. Not that there was any chance of this horny minx ducking her brother's sperm!

"UUUUUH!" Billy cried as he began spurting his cum. He pumped his prick hard in his small fist and shot his jism over Claire's willing face. I hunched over Claire, my prick wilting in her cum-filled bottom, and watched her get a faceful of her brothers hot spunk. The boy managed a good half-dozen squirts before he was drained dry. Claire sucked her brother's wilting dick for a moment, slurping any remaining drops of fuck-sauce.

"Fuckin' hell I'm wasted," I grinned, easing out of Claire's bum. My prick was flaccid and tired out.

"That was lovely," Claire said, kneeling upright and grinning, her face dripping with her brother's sperm.

"Let me clean you up," I told her.

"Okay, but first, Billy, you lay down."

Knowing what was being planned, Billy eagerly lay back. His sister squatted over his face and the boy began to noisily suck my sperm from her anus. Meanwhile, I lapped Billy's fresh pre-teen cum from Claire's pretty face, sharing it with her, both of us lewdly french-kissing, swapping sperm and spit back and forth.

Once that fun was over, Claire and Billy declared a need to piss.

"Do it over me," I begged the horny young siblings. I lay on my back, ready for a shower.

Claire squatted over my chest and began pissing right in my face. I caught plenty of it in my mouth. Meanwhile, Billy knelt between my legs and aimed his piss over my softened cock.

With that accomplished I felt a need to urinate myself. Billy and Claire knelt face-to-face and snogged each other whilst I stood and peed all over them. The horny brother and sister loved it, tonguing each other's mouths as I hosed their nubile young bodies down in piss.

We then got up and slumped onto one of the sofas, tired out and lounging in each other's arms. I could sense the orgy was coming to a close. A few others were relaxing too, the men and boy's nuts drained dry, the women and girls tired out and glutted with cum.

Not everyone was finished though. I saw Teri - the lovely dark haired girl whose cunt and arse I had sampled this evening - being buggered by her younger brother, Steve, and by the ecstatic look on the young man's face I could tell he was unloading his sperm into his sister's guts. I saw Jenny being cunt-fucked in the missionary position by a teenaged boy. They climaxed together in one another's arms, their pleasure increased when, at the height of their orgasms, a mischievous looking Chris - the eleven-year-old boy whose arse had received my first cum-load of the evening - came over and pissed all over them. A mini-bukkake party was going on in the dining-area, with Jenny's mother, Susan, sitting on a chair whilst two men and a young boy cummed over her face one at a time. She was dripping with jizz afterwards, although a teenaged girl soon came up and lapped her clean. Not far from the sofa I was sitting on I saw Lisa on all fours. The thirteen-year-old was sucking the cock of one of her Uncles whilst one of her Aunties cunt-fucked her from behind with a big strap-on dildo. Lisa soon got a big bellyfull of her Uncle's sperm.

This was not your average family get-together!

Things soon began to wind down. Everyone was getting tired. There was a big bathroom downstairs with a huge shower, and people washed two or three at a time, dressed and began to leave. Goodbyes were said all round and I noted a few attractive women and girls - and one or two little boys - who I vowed to get round to fucking next time.

Eventually I left with Jenny and her family. Dressed and washed, we got in the car outside. It was after midnight and dark, with all the stars out in the clear sky. Duncan drove us home and the rest of us felt sleepy. I had told my parents I would be sleeping round at Jenny's tonight, which is what I would eventually be doing.

When we got home, despite our fatigue, Duncan and I were feeling horny, as were our ladyfolk. Duncan went to be with Lisa and I went to bed with Jenny and Susan.

Jenny wanted to sodomize me witha strap-on dildo, as she had done at the orgy, and I gladly let her fuck my arse with a nice long strap-on. Whilst being buggered, I planted my cock in Susan's arse and dished out the sodomistical treatment I was receiving from her daughter.

We switched over after ten-minutes so that Susan merrily fucked me in the arse with the strap-on whilst I buggered Jenny. I soon climaxed deep inside my girlfriend's bowels.

Finally, we turned out the lights and clambered under the covers, me in the middle and flanked by the two lovely naked ladies.

As I drifted off to sleep I promised to achieve a few things in the future. First off I would propose to Jenny; I was madly in love with her and her wanton family was a real bonus! I wanted to marry her as soon as we turned sixteen and left school next year, and then we would start having kids...and fuck them as soon as they turned eight!

Secondly, I would seduce my mum and my two sisters. I wasn't sure how but I knew I would manage it some way or other. I would fuck my gorgeous mum, my pretty older sister and my sweet kid sister, and then I would talk my dad into joining in the fun and then, finally, I would bring them along to the monthly orgies at Jenny's grandmother's house. How fantastic it would be to have my own family there! After all, although I had indulged in countless perversion tonight I had not been able to enjoy the one fetish everyone else had been indulging in, that of incest. I so desperately wanted to fuck my own mum and my sisters then bring them and dad to Jenny's house for a two-household incest orgy, then bring them along to the main orgies at Jenny's grandma's house. That would be fucking ace!

I knew I would do it somehow. I had no doubts at all.

On that thought, with Jenny and her mum cuddled up to me, I finally fell asleep. It had been one hell of a tiring evening and I looked forwards to waking up refreshed. I knew I would have a big case of morning wood too, and I knew that Susan and Jenny would be able to put it to good use.