My Daughters

(Incest - whole family, teen, first, anal, scat, WS, group)

My name is Stephen, and I'm a wealthy man who owns his own business, a big house and three cars. I'm a divorced father of two adolescent daughters who are in my care.

Bearing in mind such a status, it may come as a surprise to find out that I'm only 31-years-old.

I achieved a lot of things when I was young, not all of them intended. I was just 14 when I lost my cherry to an 18-year-old girl called Selina, but in our eagerness to fuck that Spring day in 1981, we didn't use precautions. The following year, my first daughter Helen was born. I married Selina as soon as I was old enough and I dropped out of High School to put my knowledge of computers to good use by teaching myself all the technical stuff and becoming the archytypal young whizz kid. I was only in my teens but earning a shit-load of cash by being more knowledgable of computers than the old guys around me.

Selina and myself had our own house soon, and a couple of cars when I was in my late teens. Our second daughter Melissa was born in 1986, when I was 19 and Selina 23. Everything seemed to be going fine. However, our marriage began to break down. It was the usual thing - we'd married too young and we seemed to drift apart. We split up in 1994 after almost a decade of reasonably good marriage, and Selina moved out of our large home in New York and moved to her parents house. Luckily it was very amicable, and I paid Selina a lump sum from my considerable savings and agreed to look after our young daughters. Selina went exploring the world, travelling the globe as she'd intended to do before unintentionally falling pregnant with Helen, and she occasionally kept in touch with me and the kids. I took over the computer company I worked for and earned even more money that I'd dreamed of.

It's now the beginning of Summer 1998. As I mentioned previously, I'm 31 and doing pretty well for myself.

My ex-wife Selina is now living in Canada with her new husband and their young son, and an occasional letter comes through promising to visit us at Christmas but otherwise making it clear that I'm on my own with our two daughters, Helen and Melissa. I'm not bothered though. I earn $150,000 a year from my I.T. company because it largely runs itself I can spend most of my time at home, tinkering with computers or just relaxing. I like to be at home at the weekend and evenings especially to look after my daughters. To be fair the girls were old enough to look after themselves - Helen was now 16-years-old and Melissa had turned 12 recently - but I did enjoy being around the girls anyway, helping them with homework, taking them out shopping or just hanging around with them. They were great company and bought a lot of warmth to the our big home in suburban Queens, New York.

It was Saturday night, about ten o'clock, and I was sitting at my computer in the office I have at the back of the house. The drapes were open, looking out on the large garden which was bathed in silvery moonlight that contrasted with the warm glow of the lamps in the office. Most of the furniture is deep oak, giving it a very grand appearance.

"What ya doin' daddy?" came a sweet girly voice from behind me.

"Aren't you in bed yet?" I asked Melissa, not needing to turn around to know that it's her.

"I'm just going," she sighed, "It's Sunday tomorrow, no school."

"You should still be in bed by now honey. Even if there's no school tomorrow, you're still only 12 and shouldn't be up half the night."

"Oh alright then...but if I go to bed early I'll only be awake at dawn, running about, watching TV loudly and preventing you from lying in. That's not a threat daddy, just, you know...a warning."

I turned and smiled at Melissa. She was an exquisitely pretty girl, with a delicate doll-like face, very pale with sandy blonde hair cascading loosely down past her shoulders. Her eyes were big and brown and her smile always held a mixture of mischief and childish affection. She wore a bright pink T-shirt and just a pair of yellow panties with embroided pink edges. Her legs were slim, the toes of her bare feet wiggling impatiently on the plush beige carpet. I'd bathed her as a child, told her about the facts of life and all that, but it still felt a bit strange to see her dressed so scantily, especially as she'd recently had a bit of height spurt and was now up to 5-foot and, as one could see through her tight T-shirt, sprouted the tiniest hints of little breasts on her chest. My little girl was clearly starting her journey through puberty. It felt odd to see her scantily clad before me because I had a big stiffie in my jeans. I'd been idly thinking about sex - primarily how much I missed it! - whilst surfing a few porn sites on the computer, closing the browser-window down when I'd heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Having an erect cock in the presence of my 12-year-old daughter, especially when she was so pretty and wearing just panties and a T-shirt, was a little unerving.

"Shouldn't you be wearing pyjamas?" I told her, averting my gaze from her body and instead looking at her big dark eyes.

"It's too warm," Melissa pouted, "It's gonna be about 70-degrees during the night, according to the forecast."

"Well, just as long as you're comfortable," I told her, turning to my computer screen and pretending to look up something technical on a computer web-site.

"Do I have to go to bed now daddy?" Melissa continued, standing behind me and wrapping her slender arms around me, "Come on daddy, don't be an old scrooge!"

"Well," I began, smelling the lovely aroma of soap and shampoo from my recently showered daughter, her limbs loosely hanging round me shoulders and her breath on the back of my neck whilst all the while my prick stiffened in my pants, "You can watch TV for half-an-hour with Helen. Then it's bed."

"Thanks dad!" Melissa said, and after giving me a kiss on the cheek she was gone from the room.

I took a deep breath, my prick showing no signs of softening. I left the computer-related web-sites and headed back to the porn in my Favorites folder. I'd recently been looking up Lolita sites, those featuring nubile girls in their teens or even younger. A lot of them were pay-sites, but I'd been working with computers since the late eighties when most people didn't even know about the internet, so I never had to give my credit card details. I just ran a few scripts and hacked my way through to the 'members' area without having to pay any cash. I had almost a gigabyte of pictures, artistic and professional shots of young lolitas in the nude. I used to believe that my faint lust for my pubescent daughters was a result of spending so much time looking at .jpegs of naked girls of their age, but I now accepted that it was the other way round - I looked up the pictures because of my increasing physical interest in Helen and Melissa.

It suddenly occured to me to look around and see if there were any sites dedicated to incest, my heartbeat rising and my cock stiffening as I excitedly found that there were plenty of places on the 'net dedicated to the forbidden acts of inter-family sex. After all, it was 1998. The internet was exploding and doubling in size every few months, and there was stuff dedicated to every interest, every lifestyle and every desire!

I found one site which boasted of 'gigabytes' of 'hot incest action'. It must be good because it was $80 a month, though naturally I ignored the payment request and sneaked into the members area like a thief, using codes and scripts to grant myself access to the full range of galleries. I got up and went to the office door, which was closed. I could hear my daughters giggling down the hallway in the living room as they watched TV. I put the lock on the door and hurried back to my computer and unzipped my flies, pulling out my 8-inch cock and stroking it.

First off I checked the brother/sister galleries, but these didn't interest me too much. The mother/son area was quite interesting - shots of mature ladies being fucked by their sons, including one gorgeous Latino lady who had submitted over 200 pictures of her with her twin sons. In the first pictures, the (identical) twin boys were about 12, their hard little cocks stuffed into their mum's cunt and arsehole with the trio all smiling happily. In the later pictures the sons were in their late teens, fully grown and with big swinging pricks that filled their mother's holes. There was also a home movie from another series, a short .mpeg that I ran in the media player on the computer-screen with the sound turned low. It depicted a mature blonde lady with the biggest tits you'd ever seen, being fucked vaginally, anally and orally by her three teenage sons. A second clip showed the same woman surrounded by her three sons, who all masturbated over her, covering their mum from head to toe in sperm.

Finally, I moved on to the father/daughter area, excitement building as I perused the many pictures. There seemed to be no element of abuse involved, all the participants happy and willing. In some the daughters were in their 20s and their fathers middle-aged. In many, though, the girls were in their teens. I fell in love with plenty of these shots, home-made pictures of young girls merrily fucked by their daddies and enjoying it immensely, including one series of a girl being fucked by her father in a garden on a bright sunny day. They were professionally done, the lighting perfect and showing up the girl - who's bald cunt and flat chest indicated she was no more than 12 - being deeply fucked in her cunt and arsehole before her father ejaculated on her face. The father's face was blurred out (but not the girl's) so I had little difficulty in imagining myself as that man, and pretended that the girl was Melissa.

There were father/daughter video clips here too, including a grainy one from the 1970s. It was from France and showed a lovely 11-year-old girl being fucked by her dad. A recently submitted movie from the same girl showed her being fucked once again by her father, the 'girl' now 35 and her father silver haired and in his 60s but still capable of giving his daughter's hot cunt a good seeing to. The wild incest that took place behind some people's closed doors turned me on a great deal and I was jacking off hard as I looked through these, but I hadn't ejaculated when I caught sight of what time it was. The clock on the computer's desktop read 11:32 and I though it might seem suspicious to still be here when it was bed-time. I put my cock away, shut down the computers and, once my prick had finally softened, I unlocked the door and walked off to the living room.

Melissa, mischievous child that she was, had not gone to bed after 30-minutes, but was still here in the living room. Fatigue had caught up with the girl, however, and she was curled up on the sofa in just her T-shirt and panties, fast asleep. The TV was still on, Helen nowhere to be seen.

I stepped up to the sofa and looked down on Melissa, my eyes drawn to her cute little buttocks, her cotton panties running up her arse-crack just a little. My prick was about to stir again so I snapped out of it and leaned down and picked up Melissa. She stirred a little but otherwise remained slumbering as I plucked her from the sofa in my arms. She weighed no more than 90lbs and, unlike the stereo-typical computer-geek, I worked out at the gym and my 6-foot-2 frame was strong, my shoulders broad and my limbs muscular. I turned and spotted Helen just coming into the room.

"Oh hi dad," she said, carrying a glass of milk and wearing a pink dressing gown, "I was going to find you shortly and ask you to carry her to bed. She fell asleep a little while ago."

"Yeah," I smiled, "She thought she'd be clever and stay up past her bedtime, but bedtime has caught up with her."

"She's silly sometimes," Helen smirked.

I loved it when she smiled. Like her little sister, Helen was very attractive, and took after her mother in terms of height. She was 5-foot-7 and slim, her long hair a dark shade of brown, and she had the same big dark eyes that ran in our family. Helen had a very pretty face, especially when she smiled. Her dressing gown was open slightly at the top, revealing just a hint of cleavage from her plump young tits, and with some of her hair hanging seductively in her face, she looked slightly sluttish, which contrasted with her innocent demeanour as she sipped her glass of milk.

"That dressing gown looks a little battered," I commented to end the brief silence as I appraised my daughter's appearance, "It's a bit small too"=."

"I guess," Helen admitted, looking down at the gown who's sleeves ended before her wrists, the hem reaching only half-way down her slender thighs and revealing her lovely toned legs, "You bought if for me for Christmas four years ago and I still love it! I don't know why. It's like a favorite teddy bear or something, it has...sentimental value. Besides, it still does the job of a dressing gown in that it covers up my naked body."

"It sure does," I laughed, enjoying the sight of Helen also giggling like a little girl, whilst still so fantastically desirable.

Melissa yawned and I realised that my arms ached a little.

"I'll take sleeping beauty here to bed," I told Helen.

"Okay daddy," my eldest daughter said, "I'm going to watch some TV for a short while. Wanna watch TV with me?"


Helen sat down and I went to Melissa's bedroom, a large room at the back of the house that was predominatly pink in it's decor. I carried my youngest child into the room like a bridegroom carrying his new wife over the threshold, and lay her in bed and pulled the duvet up to her chest.

"Night night daddy," Melissa said, sleepily, her eyes still shut.

"G'night," I responded. I gave her a kiss, turned off the light and went to the living room.

Helen was sitting in the middle of the sofa, watching Seinfeld, and I sat down next to her.

"I poured you a drink," she told me, nodding to the large glass of Chardonnay on the coffee table.

"Is this to distract me from your wine?" I asked, taking the glass and having a sip.

"Not at all," Helen insisted with a grin, holding a glass of wine for herself, "Besides, you said you don't mind me drinking an occasional glass."

"Yeah, it's okay. Just don't have more than one glass though. You are only..."

"...only 16, yeah yeah, I know dad."

We watched the TV for a short while before we went to our respective bedrooms, Helen giving me the usual kiss goodnight beforehand.

The next day I was subjected to persistant demands to take my daughters to Manhattan to go shopping, and after I'd relented we then went to a beach on Long Island. The temperature hit the upper 90s and I enjoyed laying on the towel on the beach, watching as Helen and Melissa, in new bikinis they'd bought on their shopping sprees in the city, splashed about in the sea. I lay on my stomach so that my erection could not be detected as I watched my young daughters play in the warm waters of the Atlantic.

I was tired that evening and went to bed shortly after my daughters did.

It wasn't until Monday that I was able to get back to browsing around the incest sites I'd started hunting through on Saturday evening. With my daughters at school, I sat naked in my office at the computer, stroking my cock and determined to make the most of this week. The following week it would be the start of the long summer vacation, and I wanted to get in some solitary one-handed-surfing done before-hand.

I found some more sites as the week progressed which I hacked into in order to obtain vast quantities of lovely incest pictures and movie-clips. I burned them onto CD-Roms, and I had to nip out to buy some more on Tuesday as I quickly filled them up. I had a safe in the office that contained a few important documents, along with plenty of CDs packed with lolita porn, and would now be home to my incest collection.

More and more pictures were hunted down as I sat jerking my hard cock, and after I'd ejaculate I'd have a glass of water or something and just get back to surfing for more. There were soon plenty of pictures for my onanistic attention, primarily father/daughter ones. I enjoyed the whole-family series of pictures, where couples would have themselves fucked by their children. I had a great movie-clip of a teenage girl being licked out by her mother whilst sucking her father's cock until he spewed cum in her throat. Another of my favorite movie files was a long clip of a middle-aged man giving his 15-year-old daughter a good fucking in her cunt before he jacked off over her tits. The man's 13-year-old son then came in and fucked the girl, this time in the arse, and his cum soon joined his dad's all over his sister's pert breasts. Finally, the teenage girl's mother came in and licked all the cream from her daughter. I also had a long series of photos showing two sisters licking and sucking each other's pubescent cunts out, also employing dildos on each other.

On Thursday afternoon I entered a chatroom on an incest site with an Australian guy who boasted of fucking his teenage daughter. He was called Walt whilst I was content to just use 'Steve' as my handle and I also saved and printed the transcript of our chat for future reference. I started by asking him about his daughter:

STEVE: What's she like?

WALT:She's got deep brown hair and nice pretty titties, almost fully developed. Her cunt is nice and tight and bald - she sprouted hair a while back down there, but she likes to shave it off! A nice firm arse too.

STEVE: Is she hot dude?

WALT:Damn right! The finest looking girl in the Southern Hemisphere! Which country are you in mate?

STEVE: I'm in the USA.

WALT: Cool. I've been there a few times on holiday. I wouldn't mind coming over again sometime.

STEVE: How old is your daughter?

WALT: She's 13. I started fucking her a year ago after her mother died. We started doing it as mutual comfort - she's an only child by the way - and then we got to like it! I fuck her in every way imaginable - up her cunt, up her arse...I suck her cunt and titties, she sucks my dick. And swallows! She's a brazen little minx!

STEVE: You're damn lucky Walt!

WALT:You say you fantasize about fucking your daughters. How old are they?

STEVE: The older one is 16. The other is 12.

WALT:Go for it dude. Seduce and fuck the older girl, then fuck the younger one, then fuck em both in a nice 3some!!

STEVE: Shit, I'd be so happy just to fuck either of them. Both at once.... that'd be heaven!

WALT:Seriously, stop looking at just pictures of it or reading stories about incest. It's nice to fantasize but it's nothing like the real thing. Believe me!

STEVE: How would I go about it?

WALT:It depends. With my daughter, she was just comforting me after my wife had died and I ended up kissing her. We slept together and had a talk about it the next morning. She enjoyed it, so did I, so we decided to fuck as much as possible.

STEVE: Do you have a girlfriend then?

WALT:No. No need. My daughter is good enough for me and she's content with my cock!

STEVE: You've got a super life dude!

WALT:Yeah! Incest rules! LOL

STEVE: I wanna fuck my daughters so much. I started out by idly fantasizing about it, occasionally. Now I know I want to fuck them.

WALT:Well, as I said, it's a matter of how to approach the girls. Just seduce them as you would a potential girlfriend. That might be the best way.

STEVE: Or maybe wait and see if they seduce me first!

WALT:That'd be fucking heaven! Think they will?

STEVE: I don't know. I'm not sure if I can wait to see! I'm a good-looking guy though maybe my daughters WILL fall for me! Heh!

WALT: It's good being young - relatively young anyway - and having a young daughter to fuck. You should go for it. Here, have a couple of pics of me and my daughter. I'll upload them now.

There was a pause of about 10-seconds whilst his Jpegs transferred to my machine from across the world.

STEVE: They're good! I like them! You and your daughter's faces are obviously blurred out though.

WALT: Yeah. I censor them when I transmit them over the internet-highway, just to be on the safe side. You can see the main bits though!

STEVE: I sure can. Her cunt looks nice and juicy in the first one. I like the second one too with her bent over. Her tits are quite big for a 13-year-old! Are you taking her anally there?

WALT:Yeah, she's got a tight little arsehole. I love cumming up there! I've another good picture where I'm sperming up all over her breasts. I'll find that next time we meet. I better go now, it's early morning here in Australia and I got fucking work to go to - after I've given my daughter a good fuck first! I'll see if she's awake.

STEVE: Okay dude, have fun! Thanks for the pics and the advice. Take care.

WALT:Later my friend.

That week I almost masturbated myself into a coma over such a wide array of fantastic, forbidden porn.

It was Friday and both my daughters were excited about the summer vacation.

I took the girls to a restaurant where we had a nice dinner, me dressed in a suit for once, Helen and Melissa in pretty dresses I'd bought for them that afternoon, after finding more incest porn to jack off over tomorrow. My porn-hunting may be slightly hampered by the two girls being at home for six weeks but nonetheless I would be happy to have them around.

At home, Melissa went to bed early whilst I sat watching TV in the lounge. The sofa and armchairs were black leather, the furniture expensive and modern looking, a huge plasma-TV against the wall in a chrome and smoked glass cabinet, along with a DVD player and VCR. I was sitting on the sofa in jeans and a T-shirt, sipping a glass of water and watching the news with growing boredom. The room was lit warmly with the two standing lamps on either side of the sofa.

Just then, the door opened and in came Helen, fresh from a shower. Her long brown hair was damp and, dressed in her favorite pink dressing gown, she padded towards me whilst rubbing her hair with a fluffy white towel.

"Hiya dad," she greeted me, slinging the towel to the floor and sitting on the sofa next to me.

"Hi honey," I responded, the joy of my eldest daughter sitting up against me, warm and damp, stopping me from saying anything about the way she'd just flung the towel to the floor. She smelt of soap and apples, probably from the fruit-scented shampoos and body scrubs that she favored.

"Is Melissa in bed?" Helen asked.

"Yeah," I replied, "There's not much on. Do you fancy a movie or something?"

"How about a fuck?"

As one would expect, I turned and blinked with surprise at my daughter, who just flashed a wicked grin.


"I must confess," Helen began, "I've found about all the web-sites you've been on this week. And for the last few months. You see dad, there are nine computers in this house that are all networked together. Though you've configured the server in your office to hide internet activity from the different machines, I found a way round it. Growing up with a computer-obsessed father rubbed off on me! With my computer I found out what sites you'd visited from the PC in your office."

"Right," I nodded, slowly, "I'm...impressed."

"Anyway," Helen continued, her affectionate grin making it clear that at least I wasn't in for blackmail or anything, "I used to get pretty horny when I saw that you were visiting Lolita sites. Then, when you started going to incest sites - in particular father/daughter porn - I was sure that you wouldn't deny me my little request."

"What little request?"

"For a fuck. I was serious you know!"

"Honey...this..." I didn't really know where to go with this line.

"Come on dad!" Helen continued, sitting up, her eyes alight with adolescent horniness, "I've been fucked before but no guys are particularly good for me, they're crude and over-eager. You're my loving father, still fairly young and clearly pumped up on testosterone and incestuous fantasies about me and Melissa. I know what I'm doing daddy!"

"Well," I shrugged, puzzled at my initial hesitation, "if you put it that way honey!"

Helen wrapped her arms around me and kissed my lips, our mouths sealed as we passionately snogged. I reached down and pulled apart her dressing gown, her breasts coming into view. I briefly pulled away from her mouth and looked down at her tits, average sized, firm and shapely, and I stroked them before kissing her hard once again. Our tongues squirmed over each other in our mouths whilst my hands squeezed and groped her hard titties.

"You're the sexiest dad in the whole world," Helen said after a moment.

"And you're the sexiest 16-year-old girl in the world," I told her.

"Even more sexy than all the lolitas on your CD-Rom collection?"

"Damn right! Let's go to my bed."

We hurried up like a horny pair of newly weds and went to my bedroom. It was spacious and situated next door to the office downstairs. The bed was huge with black bed-covers, and after locking the door, me and Clarissa undressed.

Kneeling opposite each other on the bed, we explored each other's bodies, my hands roving over Clarissa's lovely young body, her lovely breasts, her slender legs and her wet slit, topped with furry dark hair. She in turn kissed and stroked my body, my sculpted torso and my strong limbs. To my delight she bent over and took my 8-inch cock into her mouth, sucking with skill and passion and taking over half of my throbbing shaft into her throat.

"Lay back," I told her after a while.

Helen did so, spreading her legs and revealing a hot wet cunt, it's lips pale pink and moist and awaiting my attention. It'd been a while since I'd slept with a woman but I remembered the important skills, and I licked out my daughter's cunt. She was soon panting in pleasure, her firm thighs clamping my head as she stroked her tits and gently climaxed, the sound of my daughter having an orgasm a true delight to behold.

Then, I knelt up, stroking my long hard cock.

"Fuck me daddy," Helen begged me, "Come and fuck you daughter's cunt!"

I did so, carefully mounting her and pushing my raging hard dick into her clasping cunt. It was hot and wet, Helen's body firm and warm beneath mine as I lay atop her.

"You're so beautiful honey," I told her, thrusting slowly.

"Fuck me daddy," Helen urged me, "Mmmmm! That's it. Yeah."

I increased my speed a little, going faster as we kissed hard, overcome with lust. Soon I was driving my dick up into Helen's cunt hard, both of us grunting and panting in pleasure. Helen climaxed again, wrapping her lithe limbs around me and breathing hard and deeply into my ear. My orgasm followed shortly, my sperm flooding my daughter's cunt, her moist cunt clasping my pumping prick in it's wet grip as my jism shot forth and flooded her young womb.

I lay on top of her as we slowly recovered our breath, and after kissing we parted, lying next to each other, naked and tired.

"That was as fantastic as I'd hoped," Helen said as we both stared up at the ceiling.

"Likewise," I added, "I've fantasized about fucking you for so long honey. I love you. You're the most gorgeous girl on the planet."

"I've wanted to be fuck by you for ages too daddy. What about Melissa? Do you fancy fucking her?"

"I guess. Hell yeah, I wanna fuck her. She might be a bit too young though."

"Oh who cares about that dad! She's old enough, I'm sure. She occasionally asks me about sex, if I've had sex, what it's like and so on. She shows a lot of curiosity. Melissa doesn't know about the incest sites you've visited - I've never told her about any of that - but she does seem very curious about sex. I think she's ready. And she is pretty! Even I fancy fucking her. It'd be nice to try a bit of girl-on-girl and I'm sure you'd like to watch."

"I sure would. We should ask her or seduce her together. Tomorrow perhaps."

"Yeah! How great would it be, dad, to take Melissa's virginity?"

"That would indeed be fun! You weren't a virgin before I fucked you just then were you?"

"No," Helen confirmed, "I lost my virginity at 14, the same as you did. I've slept about a bit, just enough to have fun but not enough to get a repuation as a slut! Sex is fun. It's great! But like I said, boys my age are over-eager and too clumsy. We should fuck regularly daddy! It would help my schoolwork?"

"How do you figure that?" I asked, laughing.

"Well, if I sleep around and fuck loads of guys, I'll get called a slut and I'll get depressed, I'll skip school and so on and so forth. But, now I can ignore boys at school. I'll pay them no attention and get on with my schoolwork like a diligent student, and know that I can get all my sexual fun at home with you dad!"

"That's logical I guess."

"Have you slept with any women since mum left?"

"No," I admitted, "Your mother was the only women I've had sex with...until tonight. I hadn't been laid for four years! That's why it's so good to face the prospect of fucking you honey!"

"Did you have a good sex-life with mum?"

"It was okay," I shrugged, hardly able to believe I was having this delightfully forthright conversation with my daughter, "We fucked a lot because we were both young, but your mum didn't go for too much in the way of variants. It was fairly simple fucking we were content with."

"Well," Helen said, sitting up, "I've learned a few tricks in the last couple of years, but there's plenty we can still learn from each other. Let's fuck again, you're stiff once more dad."

"So I am," I smiled, stroking my hard cock proudly.

"Did you ever fuck mum in the arse?" Helen asked.

"No. I never asked her though."

"Well, wanna try it dad? I've been bum-fucked before. Remember that guy I went out with? David?"

"The skinny one with the glaseses?"

"Yeah. I dated him for a few months after I'd turned 15. He introduced me to anal-sex and I loved it. So have a few other boyfriends who've fucked me in the back entrance. You'll love it too dad. I do!"

"Okay. Do we need lubrication?"

"Just use your tongue," Helen said, casually, getting on her hands and knees with her lovely arse thrust out. I knelt behind her and stroked her lovely pale buttocks, running my hands of those firm round cheeks and admiring the hairless, puckered anus between them. It was a tempting little hole, very tight looking. I began licking it, gently at first and then like a thirsty dog, running my tongue over the twitching anus of my teenage daughter who sighed with pleasure as she was subjected to this treatment.

Then, I knelt up, my prick raging hard, the end purple and throbbing and the veins potruding along the shaft. It was still slick with cunt juice and I placed it to the well-licked arsehole of Helen and began to push.

"Ooooh daddy," she crooned as she arched her back, her sphincter beginning to give way, "Oh fuck yeah! YEAH!"

The head of my cock abruptly squeezed it's way in, the anal-ring's grip tight on the head of my shaft.

"Is that okay sweetheart?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's fantastic! Oh, uh...daddy. Push it all in! Push it right up my arse!"

I did so, clasping my daughter's hips in my strong hands and easing the remaining length of my sizable cock into her bum. Soon, the entire shaft was wedged up Helen's clasping shit-chute, my pubic hair bristling against her arse-crack and my heavy balls resting against her wet cunt that hung beneath her pierced anus. I fucked her steadily, running my prick back and forth in her gripping rectal passage, both of us aware of Melissa asleep upstairs and thus keeping our moans of pleasure to a low volume. Helen was in heaven, her head to oneside on the pillow as she panted in pleasure, whilst I was assailed by intense waves of ecstasy. It wasn't just the thrill of fucking a hot young teenage girl in the arse but also the delight of incest, my deepest fantasy coming true as I engaged my own daughter in an act of buggery.

I lasted half-an-hour, fucking Helen's arse thoroughly and hard until my orgasm arrived. I slammed my hips against her firm arse, both of us crying out softly in climactic pleasure as my cum boiled up and launched out of my pumping prick. The foamy wet liquid exploded into the depths of Helen's colon, her sphincter spasming round the base of my cock as she had an orgasm of her own.

After I pulled my member from my daughter's anus, I lay on my back, breathing hard, Helen turning and taking my softening cock into her mouth and sucking on it.

After sucking my soiled cock clean she kissed me hard on the lips and lay alongside of me, her head resting on my chest, my arms around her. I leaned over and turned off the lamp by the bed, plunging the room into darkness before we drifted off to sleep.

We awoke at 5:00AM with the dawn sunlight streaming through the thin drapes and lighting up the room. Me and Helen stirred as we awoke together.

"You'd better go to your own room soon," I told Helen, "Otherwise Melissa will catch us!"

"Okay. Let's fuck again though!"

Before I could reply, Helen moved down the bed and sucked my cock until it was pounding and erect in her sensuous lips. I repaid her by licking her tight young cunt before fucking her hard. I went on top first but we switched over shortly, me laying back with Helen on top and riding me quick and fast. I spurted my thick sperm into her cunt as she bounced on my pumping cock.

We kissed and stroked each other until I was erect once more, and I cunt-fucked her doggie-style for 30-minutes, hunched over her back and pounding her clasping cunt with my prick. Before I came, though, I pulled out and Helen turned round and sucked me off, gulping down the sperm I fired into her gullet.

Then, Helen kissed me and left the room, tip-toeing up the stairs to her own bedroom.

Meanwhile, I put on my boxer-shorts and made a coffee before going to my office, sitting at the computer and entering the chat-room where I'd met 'Walt', the Australian guy I'd chatted to the other day. He was there again.

STEVE: Hello again dude.

WALT: Hey, Steve, my American friend. How are ya?

STEVE: Pretty good. I fucked one of my daughters the other night!

WALT: Yeah? Excellent. Which one?

STEVE: The 16-year-old. She found out what web-sites I've been going to, all the incest and lolita sites and all but seduced ME last night. She simply wanted a fuck and decided that, because daddy did too, it was only logical to fuck me!

WALT: What a daughter!! You're lucky mate. How is she?

STEVE: VERY HOT! I fucked her cunt and arse last night. I've only fucked one other woman before, my ex-wife, and it was not only fantastic to finally fuck a girl but it felt just so good to fuck my own daughter. She's got a lovely tight cunt and an even tighter anus. She gives good head too. It's early-morning here and I've just finished getting a blow-job off her.

WALT: Did she swallow?

STEVE: Damn right!!

WALT: Good. You gotta good girl there! What about the younger one?

STEVE: I might seduce her today. Her sister will help. Either one is good enough on their own but if I can end up fucking the pair of them I'll be over the moon!

WALT: Well, just give them one from me eh? heheheh!

STEVE: Hows your daughter?

WALT: She's in bed waiting for me. It's night-time here. Once I log off here I'm gonna go and fuck her into the early hours.

STEVE: Well give her one from me!

WALT: I will dude. Gotta go. Hey Steve...send us some pics sometime will you? I don't need the faces on them or anything, it's safest to blur them out. But get the rest of them in! I wanna see your daughter's cunts and I wanna see em being fucked!

WALT: Speak to you later mate.

A little later, I showered and dressed and went to the living room. It was eight o'clock and Melissa was up, sitting in a yellow nightgown and watching TV whilst hungrily shovelling cornflakes into her mouth.

"Morning dad!" she hollered across the room to be heard over the cartoon on telly.

"Morning honey," I responded, "Turn the TV down will you sweetheart."

Melissa used the remote-control to turn the volume down.

"Where's your sister?" I asked, sitting down.

"I'm here," Helen replied from the doorway, wearing a pair of very high-cut denim shorts and a tight white T-shirt with "Babe" scrawled across in raised pink lettering. Her hair was loose and wild, indicating she'd gone back to sleep since we'd fucked at dawn, but she had put on ruby-red lipstick and a some pink blush on her cheeks. She looked stunning, a lovely mixture of virginal lolita and teenage slut.

"Morning Helen!" said Melissa next to me.

"Hi Melissa, hi dad," Helen smiled with a glint in her eye as she looked at me, our little secret hidden from Melissa.

The phone rang and Melissa put her bowl of cereal aside and sprang up to answer it. The phone sat on a desk near the window.

"Hello?" she said when she picked it up, "Hi...Yeah, it's me...I should be...Hang on....Dad?"

"Yes sweetheart?" I responded.

"Can I go to Claire's house today?"

"Sure honey."

"Thanks!" Melissa said, and turned back to the phone, "He said yes...As I expected, he's a cool dad!...Yeah...I'll be there in about half-an-hour...See ya Claire!"

She put the phone down and strolled out the room, calling back to us that she was going to get dressed.

"Well," I smiled to Helen as she sat down next to me, "I guess our plans for her today are out the window."

"Doesn't matter," my eldest daughter shrugged, "We can wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, my dear daddy, we've got the house to ourself."

"So we have."

I embraced Helen and kissed her lips.

"I want your cock in me dad," she whispered to me.

"And I can't wait to shoot my spunk into you," I whispered back, lewdly, "Up your cunt, up your arse and in your mouth."

We kissed again, my hands stroking Helen's tits, until a moment later we broke apart as we heard footsteps returning.

"I'm off then," Melissa said from the doorway, now dressed casually.

"Okay, have fun honey," I told her.

"Bye Melissa," Helen said, brushing some hair from out of her eyes.

Melissa left the doorway and then went out the house, walking down the path. Her friend Claire lived just a couple of blocks away and I trusted my youngest daughter in this safe suburban neighborhood.

"All alone," Helen began, standing up.

"Yeah," I grinned, "Turn around honey, I want to check out your arse."

Helen did so, facing away from me as I sat up on the edge of the sofa, placing my hands on her bare legs, stroking them up her thighs and to the ragged hem of her denim shorts. I reached around and undid the button and zip then pulled the shorts down to her ankles, revealing white panties with little red hearts on them in embroided in red silk.

"What a fantastic arse honey," I told my daughter, pulling her panties slowly down and revealing her bare bum.

"Thanks dad," Helen giggled, and then let out a soft sigh as I stroked her buttocks. I ran my hands all over them, cupping them, lightly kneeding them before finally parting those firm white globes and revealing her anus. The puckered hairless hole looked so lovely and tight so that you wouldn't have imagined that I'd pushed my thick cock up there last night.

I leaned in and kissed her sphincter, running my tongue over it, licking it thoroughly and managing to push my tongue up there a little.

When I'd finished licking her bum out, I moved away from Helen and allowed her to step out of her shorts and panties and remove her T-shirt so that she now stood nude.

"My turn daddy," she said, "Let me see your cock!"

She sat down and I stripped naked and stood in front of her, my big nodding prick in her face. Helen treated that organ like some sort of holy artifact, her eyes wide with awe and lust as she gently stroked it, peeling the foreskin back and exposing the bulbous purple head which she kissed. Then she began to suck on my prick, her head bobbing as she deep-throated me, her tongue warm and wet on my cock.

"You give good head," I told her lustily, stroking her soft brown hair, "I've raised a good daughter! A good girl who gives good head."

Helen took my prick from her mouth, a string of saliva connecting my knob-head to her smiling red lips.

"I bet Melissa will suck your dick as well as me," she said, "Right now," Helen continued, "I need fucking!"

My eldest child stood and turned round, kneeling on the edge of the sofa, bent over and gripping the back-rest with her bum thrust out. Her lovely, loosened anus winked at me, level with my nodding prick. I held my cock steady and moved up to Helen.

"Shove it in my cunt first," Helen requested, turning me on with her harsh language, "Get your big cock nice and juicy first. Then pull out and push it up my shitter."

"Whatever madam desires," I smirked, then eased myself into her clasping wet cunt. It was lovely and tight and I fucked my prick in there for a good few minutes before remembering my daughter's horny request to be bum-fucked. I slid out of her cunt and then eased into her bum. Her sphincter bloomed open and Helen moaned in pleasure as my cock-shaft steadily sank into the tight hole between her buttocks.

"That's sooo good," she purred.

"Do you like that honey?" I asked her in a hoarse whisper, my entire prick lodged in Helen's rectal chute.

"I love it daddy! Fuck my arse! Fuck me in the shitter hard dad!"

I gripped Helen's shoulders as I increased the strength and pace of my thrusts, buggering her crapper deeply and hard. It was so hot and tight in there that I didn't want to ever leave it. We both worked up a good sweat as we fucked, the sound of early-morning cartoons still running in the background from the TV. Soon, my orgasm rose up and, my legs quivering, I ejaculated powerfully into the depths of Helen's arse. I flooded her anal-tract with frothing white cum before I eventually tugged out of her bum and sat on the sofa. Helen sat next to me, kissing me hard and stroking my semi-hard cock. She soon worked her way down, kissing my neck, my chest and stomach before taking my cock - slathered in spit, sperm and shit - into her inviting mouth and hungrily sucking me.

My cock awoke immediately, slowly pumping itself into full hardness once more. Helen knelt up and mounted me, swinging round one of her legs and sitting astride my lap. She reached down and held my cock upright, rubbing it against her wet slit before sinking down, letting out a long moan of ecstasy as she took my full length into her wet cunt. She then began to ride me, my lovely naked teenage daughter bouncing on my dick and panting with joy. We occasionally made eye contact and exchanged big smiles of delight, and kiss like rampant lovers, my cock sliding in and out of Helen's cunt. Her buttocks made SMACK SMACK noises at they whacked against my thighs.

Before my orgasm arrived I had Helen dismount me and get on the floor on her hands and knees. I knelt down and licked out Helen's lovely orifices from behind, running my tongue up and down her wet cunt and then rimming her anus. I pushed my tongue a good couple of inches into her rectum, her anus nice and loose from it's earlier fucking. I could taste some of my sperm up there.

Kneeling up, I then presented my prick to her arsehole and slid myself up that yawning hole, Helen's hot shit-tube parting as my cock glided up into my daughter's bum. She grunted animalistically underneath my sodimistical thrusting.

After a few minutes I eased my cock from Helen's twitching sphincter and pushed it up her tight cunt. I fucked her good and hard for a few more minutes until my sperm began jetting out, hard pumps of creamy jism that filled her womb.

When I pulled out, Helen fell forwards and lay on her stomach as she recovered from her hard fucking. I leaned down and kissed her buttocks before lying alongside her, both of us idly watching the silly cartoons on the TV as we lay next to each other.

Me and Helen had a big cooked breakfast, sitting on the sofa in the nude. We'd locked the front and back doors in case Melissa came home early. After eating, we lay in each other's arms in front of the TV, watching a couple of movies on DVD and enjoying being close to each other.

By mid-day my prick was beginning to restiffen as I fully recovered from the earlier fun.

"Wanna fuck again honey?" I whispered in Helen's ear as the credits rolled at the end of the film on TV.

"Sure daddy," Helen replied, "I have to go to the toilet first."

"Can I watch?"


I meant it as a joke but Helen was quite serious as she stood up, taking me by the hand and leading me into the big bathroom upstairs.

The bathroom was very bright with stark white tiles, a plush beige carpet and a huge white jacuzzi.

"I need a shit," Helen announced as she sat down on the toilet, "I'd better get rid of it before you fuck me in the arse again."

"Good idea," I smiled.

"Come and give me your cock daddy. I want to suck you off whilst I take a shit. I don't know why but I've often thought it'd be really great to do that!"

I was happy to oblige, stepping up and offering my heavy cock to my daughter who took it in the mouth and sucked greedily on my stiff shaft. Whilst I'd never actually pondered the idea of toilet-sex in real life, I had enjoyed some pictures of young girls pissing and shitting that I'd found on the internet. My arousal levels increased as I heard the splashes of Helen's defecating on the toilet as she continued to deep-throat me. Being present during this most private of acts sealed my sexual union with Helen in a pervese way, and I fucked her mouth tenderly as she finally urinated.

"All done," Helen announced, taking my prick from her mouth. I stepped back and allowed her to get up and flush the toilet.

"Let me clean your arse honey," I said.

"Okay dad."

"With my tongue. Come on, get down on your hands and knees, I want to lick your shitty arsehole spotless!"

Clearly turned on by such a wild and kinky suggestion, Helen got down on all fours with her bum thrust out, her lovely pale buttocks contrasting with her anus, normally clean and as neat as a pin, now gaping slightly and besmeared with shit. Though I'd had no previous lust for scat-sex, I had little hesitation in kneeling down and licking her arsehole. My tongue ran up and down her crack, her shit tasting neither pleasant nor unpleasant, just an earthy taste which was rendered neutral by my lust for Helen and anything associated with her, including her waste.

Soon, I pulled back, her anus now spotless, yawning open and twitching.

"That was fantastic dad," Helen told me over her shoulder, "God I feel so turned on! Now fuck me! Fuck my arsehole!"

Before she finished her sentence I was up and placing my saliva-slick prick to her anus and pushing it in. Helen shoved her bum back to meet my invading prick, letting out a long, pleasurable moan as her anus - so recently emptied of shit - was now filled with my throbbing member.

I fucked her with hard, rapid thrusts, leaning down and gripping Helen's shoulders with my head low so I could speak almost directly into her ear.

"I love your arse honey," I told her in a hoarse whisper.

"I love your cock dad!" Helen panted, "Fuck my arse hard, ooooh. That licking has made me so fucking horny. I love it when you fuck my arse dad!" she continued in a lustful voice, emphasising every syllable, "I love your cock in my shit-hole. Mmmm!"

"You horny little slut!"

"Yeah daddy! I love it up the shitter. Oh, uh uh...pull out. Pull out a minute dad I want to suck your dick!"

I did so, shuffling round so that my soiled prick was in Helen's face.

"I love the taste of my own shit," she purred, "Especially served up on your nice big cock!"

And with that, the depraved teenager started sucking my prick, taking all but a couple of inches of the hard rod into her wet mouth and fellating me.

When Helen took her mouth from my dick I got back in behind her and thrust my meat into her bum.

"That's it dad," Helen grunted as I resumed sodomizing her roughly, "Uuunh, uh uh uh...cum up me!"

I cried out with pleasure as my orgasm began my cock twitching and fountaining forth hot sticky cum into her bowels. My climax was powerful and mine and my daughter's moans of pleasure echoed in the big bathroom.

Finally, my flow of semen finished and I eased my half-hard dick from Helen's rectum. Helen turned and sucked my shit-and-sperm smeared prick clean.

"Let's have a bath," she suggested, and I agreed.

Soon, the room was steamy and the large jacuzzi - big enough for three people - was filled with hot soapy water. Helen climbed in but I nipped out the room and returned with a silver tray bearing a freshly opened bottle of expensive Champagne and a couple of tall flutes. Sitting in next to my daughter in the bath, I poured us out a flute of champagne each and we sat up next to each other, sipping our drinks and idly stroking each other's bodies under the bubbly water.

"I've an idea," Helen announced after a while, "Fancy some more Champagne daddy?"

"Sure," I replied, noticing that my glass was empty.

Helen got on her hands and knees in the bath, her bum thrust out over the water's surface, bubbly bath-water lapping at her sparkling clean buttocks.

"Fancy drinking it out of something other than a boring old glass?" she said, and I cottoned on to her idea.

"You have a fantastically depraved imagination my dear!" I grinned.

I took the Champagne bottle - two-thirds full - and carefully placed the open neck to her sphincter. I pushed the first couple of inches of the bottle neck up her bum then raised the bottom of the bottle so that the sparkling liquid glugged out into my daughter's rectum. With a good glass worth emptied, I lowered the bottle and pulled it out of Helen's arse with a 'pop', placing it to one side.

"That feels great," Helen laughed, "A nice sparkling enema."

"That bottle cost me $120," I told my daughter as she got to her feet, "That's one expensive enema honey!"

Standing before me, Helen bent over and placed her hands flat on the tiled wall with her bum thrust out. I clapped my hands to her bum-cheeks and sealed my lips to her anal ring. Helen relaxed her sphincter and the Champagne began to run out into my mouth. I guzzled it down, my daughter tightening her arsehole and cutting off the flow to allow me to get my breath back. The we resumed, but when the last of the Champagne-enema was running into my mouth, I held it in my bulging cheeks so that I could stand and kiss my daughter, both of us sloshing the sparkling alcoholic drink back and forth in our mouths until we swallowed about half each.

"You are such a dirty little girl," I told her with a big approving smile.

"And you're a dirty old man!" Helen laughed.

"Hey...less of the old! I'm only thirty-one."

"I've got a real sexy imagination haven't I?"

"You sure have sweetheart," I agreed kissing her, "Imagine how much fun this will be with Melissa!"

"Yeah! That was great fun, and it'll be even better we get that little minx involved."

"I feel a little light-headed," I announced.

"Me too," Helen giggled, "Let's get a bit drunk and have an afternoon nap."

"Okay. I'm horny again though. Let's fuck!"

In a flash, Helen was back on her hands and knees, her soapy bum thrust out towards me again. I knelt and eased my stiff prick into her cunt, fucking her steadily, the water splashing around our humping bodies. After 10-minutes I eased out and inserted my cock into her arsehole, burying myself fully into her hot rectal chute and fucking her slowly but deeply. After another 10-minutes my orgasm rose and I shot my sperm into the depths of her anus whilst reaching round and pulling on her stiff nipples.

When I pulled out of Helen we washed each other's bodies with frothy sponges and body-scrubs before we both got out the bath and dried each other off. Wrapped in big white dressing gowns we went into the living room, curling up on the sofa next to each other as we finished off the bottle of Champagne, albeit using the glasses this time.

We both fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at about four in the afternoon. Myself and Helen slowly got up, stretching and yawning, slightly hungover.

We removed our gowns and fucked on the floor, Helen on her hands and knees and purring with pleasure as I steadily fucked her cunt from behind. The pair of us incestuous fuck-fiends went at it for a good half-hour before I ejaculated deep into my daughter's wet womb.

Just as we were recovering from our activities, the phone rang. It was Melissa, who asked me if she could stay overnight at her friend Claire's. I said it was no problem and turned back to Helen with a sly grin. We kissed long and hard.

We showered together, washing each other's bodies down, before we got dressed. I told Helen to dress formally for a night out, and she went into her bedroom to emerge later in a lovely pink satin dress, her hair pulled up elegently with a silk red ribbon. She had on a pair of glittery high-heeled shoes.

"You look fantastic!" I told Helen as she gave me a twirl.

"So do you," my daughter said. I was wearing a tailored tuxedo.

I kissed Helen before I escorted her out to the waiting taxi and took her to a posh restaurant in Manhattan. With her glamorous appearance making her appear a few years older than her 16-years, Helen seemed like my young bride, and we were regarded as a couple. I even asked for more wine for my 'wife', a passing waiter obligingly pouring another glass of Chardonnay for Helen..

We returned home at 10:00PM and I took my eldest daughter to my room where, naked, I fucked her on the bed in a rampant marathon session. I fired one load of sperm into her cunt, another load down her throat and a final load in her arse before we fell together in a sweaty, exhausted heap at 2:30AM. We fell straight to sleep.

"Hey guys," Melissa giggled, "Dad? Helen? Morning!"

The youngster giggled again.

I stirred, slowly opening my eyes, wondering where I was, my blurred vision revealing my bedroom, the way the sunlight shone through the window at a certain angle against the big oak wardrobe indicating it was mid-morning. I sensed I was naked and that furthermore that I was embracing Helen who was similarly nude. The wonderful memories of the previous night's sex-session briefly entering my consiousness before they were rudely barged aside by realising my youngest daughter had just spoken.

"Dad?" Melissa asked again.

My eyes opened and I sat up.

Helen was next to me, sitting up and scratching her head. At the foot of the bed stood Melissa, the 12-year-old child wearing the same white jeans and tight black T-shirt covered in pink polka-dots that she'd gone out in yesterday. Her light brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail, her head tilted a little as she peered at her big sister and father lying naked on the bed, her pretty face full of curiosity.

"Melissa?" I began, my heart fluttering as I attempted to figure out what to say, "Er..."

"Hi sis," Helen smiled to her little sister, sounding more confident than me.

"Dad?" Melissa began, "How come you and Helen are naked and sleeping together? Were you having sex?"

"Yeah," I replied, almost grinning inwardly at my honesty. I guess there was fuck all else I could say.

"Cool," Melissa shrugged, then clambered onto the bottom of the bed, me and Helen pulling up our bare legs to give Melissa room. She knelt up, beaming at us.

"Wanna join in?" Helen asked.

"Sure," her little sister replied, "Have you been doing this for long?"

"No," I replied, "Just for the last couple of days."

"Oh, cool," shrugged Melissa, "I was worried you were doing all this behind my back for ages and I was missing out on the fun. So, you guys were gonna let me in on this soon eh?"

"Yeah," I answered her, "We were a little worried how you'd react."

"Don't be," Melissa smiled, and leaned forwards and kissed me on the lips. Her breath smelt of candy. "Sex sounds great," Melissa continued, "I mean, I 'aint never had sex of course, but I've been curious about it for a while ever since we did sex-education at school and my friend Claire had found this porn-mag in her older brother's room. It was full of pictures of people doing 'it'. Really cool stuff, not just the normal, boring things they tell you in sex-ed. They just made out that sex was for making babies and ignored the fact that it's supposed to be fun. I'm assuming it's fun anyway otherwise grown-ups wouldn't go on about it so much!" Melissa took a breath, then continued, "Anyway in this magazine that Claire's brother had, there were women having sex with other women, licking each other's boobies and stuff. There were girls with men's willies in their mouths and in some of them the guys were squirting their stuff - you know, sperm - all over the women's faces and in their mouths. There was a picture of a woman with three men having sex with her at once, including one who put his dick in her bum! Can you believe that! His willy up her bum where she poohs out of. Claire said it looked gross but I thought it was really cool looking. Anyway," Melissa paused to take another breath, "can I join in then?"

"Sure," I said, and smiled. Melissa gave me another kiss then kissed Helen too.

"Where do we start?" my youngest daughter asked.

For starters Helen and myself went to freshen up a little bit. Groggy from sleep, we staggered into the kitchen, me in boxer-shorts and Helen in just in one of my T-shirts that hung down below her buttocks, where we stood and had a cup of coffee. Melissa had gone off for a shower.

"Helen!" called my youngest daughter as she then appeared at the doorway after a short while, "Can you help me get done up?"

We turned and saw Melissa, fresh from her shower, standing naked and clearly very casual about it. She was adorable - her chest flat but for a couple of tiny, barely-sprouting titties, her cunt bald and her torso and limbs slender and lithe. Her skin was pale and sparkling clean, her hair damp, some of it stuck to her pretty little face.

"I'll help, sure," Helen smiled, and put down her nearly-empty coffe cup and left the kitchen, Melissa flashing me a sexy little grin before she followed her sister.

My cock stiffening in my shorts, I poured another cup of coffee for myself, wondering just how many divorced fathers were able to stand around in their kitchen on a bright Sunday morning and contemplate the glorious prospect of spending the day fucking their beautiful young daughters.

At 11:00AM precisely I finished my second coffee and put the cup down.

"Come on dad," Helen called from down the hallway from my bedroom.

"Okay honey," I called back. I left the kitchen and walked into my bedroom, my cock reaching full erectness as I contemplated the scene there.

On the bed, which was illuminated by the main light and also the lamps on the bed-side tables (the drapes were shut), were my daughters. Melissa was kneeling up, her hair now dry and tied up in pigtails with lovely long pink ribbons of the finest silk. She had a little make-up on too, clearly that Helen had helped her kid-sister put on. There wasn't too much make-up on Melissa's pretty young face, just a little red lip-stick and some pink blush on her cheeks. Her body was intoxicating in it's arousing effect on me. He tiny budding breasts and her 5-foot frame indicative of her recent approach towards womanhood, but otherwise her body still youthful - her cunt hairless, her hips skinny and her bum pert and dainty. She had a lovely look of excitement on her face.

Though her sister was the center of attention, Helen was still as beautiful as always, her breasts full and pert, her legs long and slender and her hair hanging down casually. Helen's tall, curvacious frame and Melissa's cute, slender body contrasted against each other nicely.

"Come on dad!" Melissa called, excitedly, "get nekked! I want to see you big dick dad!"

"Okay honey," I said, removing my shorts, my long hard cock pointing towards the ceiling.

"Wow!" Melissa responded, "That's cool!"

"It's never been described as cool before," I laughed.

"I told Melissa about all we've been getting up to recently when I put on her make up and did her hair," Helen explained.

"It's gonna be great fun!" Melissa continued as I got on the bed near her, my little girl's wide brown eyes fixed on my nodding prick, "Helen told me that you do all kinds of things! That you've fucked...can I say fuck?"

"Sure honey," I grinned, and kissed Melissa.

"Anyway," the girl continued as my hands began to rove over her body, "Helen said you fucked her in the arse as well as the cunt. I want to try that. Plus, she said you squirted wine, or Champagne or something, up her bum! That sounds cool. Also, Helen said you've cum in her mouth and...all sorts of stuff."

"We have indeed done all those things," I continued, "now I'm gonna do them with you."

I kissed her long and passionately on the mouth, my hands reaching down to between her slender thighs were they met up with Helen's hands. Me and my eldest daughter conspired to finger Melissa's cunt, our fingers exploring that virginal cunt.

We lay Melissa down and Helen now kissed her younger sister, their lips sealed as they tongued each other's mouths. It turned me on to watch my daughter's kiss so passionately, but I moved onto other things meanwhile, placing my hands on Melissa's thighs and parting them. I licked the entrance to her cunt, wetting it up before I pushed my tongue up into the tight confines of her neat little slit. Melissa quivered with pleasure under my careful tongueing of her cunt, Helen still kissing her younger sister until she moved down to join me between Melissa's legs. Both me and Helen worked together to lick out Melissa's cunt, also covering her thighs, lower abdomen and bald pubic area with kisses.

This was kept up for quite a while until I finally knelt up, Helen moving aside and Melissa looking up and licking her lips with anticipation.

"Fuck me daddy," she urged me, her legs fully spread, "I want to lose my virginity to you dad!"

I carefully mounted the child, slowly easing my cock into her cunt. In more time than one would expect, my prick was sunk into Melissa's cunt fully, the girl wrapping her arms round me.

"Is it done?" she asked.

"Yes honey," I told her, "You're no longer a virgin."

Melissa kissed me hard on the mouth and I began to fuck her cunt, my hips rising and falling as I drove my cock slowly but steadily into the depths of her womb. Her body felt good beneath me, skinny and firm, her tender young legs wrapped around my hips as I fucked her. Helen watched from the sidelines, fingering her damp cunt as she watched us.

My orgasm was hovering on the horizon after just a few minutes, and despite my best efforts I was unable to hold back. I increased my speed, fucking quickly, Melissa panting with pleasure beneath me as I began to ejaculate. My sperm exploded out, flooding Melissa's juvinile womb.

I kissed the girl once more before I dismounted her, sitting back and watching Helen come over to Melissa and kiss her, stroking her younger sister's body and fingering her sperm-filled cunt. Just watching this, I began to become aroused again, my prick stiff in my pumping fist.

Helen moved aside and Melissa sat up.

"Thanks daddy," she said, hugging me.

"My pleasure sweetheart," I told her, "Now I'm all ready for action again my little darling! Now it's time to lose your anal-maidenhead."

"Okay," Melissa smiled, casually, and I instructed her to turn over. She got on her hands and knees with her pert posterior thrust out. Above her bald cunt was her anus, a pink hairless hole between buttocks slightly rounded with puppy fat, contrasting with her otherwise slender frame. Helen and myself quickly got to work on that dainty young arsehole with our tongues.

Once Melissa's tight bum-hole was nice and greased up with saliva, I got up and placed the bulbous head of my cock to that previously uninvaded orifice. Steadily, I pushed forward, Melissa gritting her teeth as her sphincter resisted at first before parting.

"Oh daddy!" she wailed.

"Are you okay honey?" I asked, concerned, the head of my cock stuck up her arsehole.

"Yeah," gasped Melissa, "Just...a bit first. Phew! It feels good now though. Oh yeah, daddy. Push it all in! Mmmm!"

"Helen?" I said to my eldest child, "Reach under your sister will you and frig her clit. That'll help negate any further discomfort."

"Sure thing dad," acknowledged Helen, kneeling next to her sister and stroking the girl's cunt. Melissa was suitably soothed by this as I slid my long hard shaft into her bum, inch by inch of my cock dissapearing up that juvinile anus.

"Mission accomplished!" I announced once my whole prick was snugly lodged in Melissa's rectal chute.

"That's fucking fantastic daddy," the girl panted, looking over her shoulder with her sweet young face full of pleasure, "It feels great!"

"Prepare yourself for more pleasure honey," I told her, pulling half of my cock from her tight bum before plunging it in again, repeating this motion and sending Melissa into gentle fits of shivering ecstasy. She lay her head on the bed covers, her cunt still frigged by Helen, whilst I deeply sodomized her.

"Pull out a moment dad," Helen shortly asked me, "I wanna suck your cock!"

I did so, my soiled prick emerging from Melissa's tight arsehole with a sucking noise. Helen licked my cock hungrily, lapping at the beslimed knob-head and running her tongue up the shaft. Then, she moved aside and I sheathed my rod once again in Melissa's bowels.

After a while I began to realise Helen may be feeling left out, so as much as I was enjoying buggering my youngest daughter - who was still squirming in pleasure under my thrusting - I withdrew from her.

"Move aside Melissa," I told her, "It's time to give your sister's bum a nice fucking."

Melissa dutifully moved to one side, sitting up against the headboard with a lovely smile on her sweaty face as she watched her sister get on her hands and knees. I rimmed Helen's anus with my tongue until it was nice and wet before I carefully inserted my cock up into her rectum. Planted fully in Helen's anus, I fucked her quickly and hard, Melissa shortly coming over to repay Helen the favour from earlier, masturbating the older girl's clit from beneath whilst my prick sawed away in her clasping shitter.

Melissa also asked me to pull out so she could 'lick the pooh of my dick'. I did so, my long dong slick with a fine brown sheen as it wobbled in front of Melissa who, with no hesitation, took into her mouth.

"Suck it honey," I panted, "That's it Mel, suck all your sister's shit off my dick. Lick it clean honey!"

After Melissa took my prick from her mouth, it was sparkling clean and dripping with saliva. I pushed the throbbing organ back into Helen's bumhole for a few more minutes of fucking, then withdrew once again. Helen moved aside and Melissa got into her original position. Her anus was nice and loose now and I had little difficulty in easing my member back into her bum. It was still tight though, her buttery poop-chute wet and snug around my dick. Helen knelt in front of Melissa and the younger girl licked her cunt out, driving her tongue up into her sopping cunt. All the while, I bum-fucked Melissa hard until my second climax of the morning finally arrived. I cried out, wracked with ecstasy as my sperm flowed in a creamy flood.

Tired and happy, the three of us split up, lying back across the bed, breathing hard.

"That was great!" Melissa concluded.

"It sure was," her sister agreed.

"I'm so glad you joined in Melissa," I added, "We're going to have some fine times us lot! "

"Most of the boys in my class are dull," Melissa said, "I don't want to date any of them, and I don't have to now! Daddy can give me all my sexual needs."

She kissed me and giggled, smiling as I stroked her hair from her face.

"I love you honey," I told her, "And you two Helen. I love you both so much. You're my little darlings!"

"We won't get caught or anything will we?" Helen asked, "It's fucking stupid, but this is actually illegal. God knows why. But either way, we ought to bare that in mind."

"We'll be fine," I reassured her, "As long as no-one tells anyone else..."

"We won't," Helen and Melissa said simultaneously.

"And I won't either," I added, "I have told someone on the internet of my plans, but that's fine because he doesn't know who I really am. Also, he lives in Australia and furthermore he helped put me up to this. He's a widower with a teenage daughter who he fucks. He's been fucking her for over a year but he's never had any trouble because it's kept a complete secret between him and his girl."

"And our secret will be kept just that," Helen stated, "a secret!"

"Yeah," agreed Melissa.

"Right now," I began, sitting up, "I'm fuckin' starved. Who wants waffles and pancakes for breakfast?"

"Me!" the two girls declared.

I got up and, helped by my lovely children, I cooked us up a big breakfast.

Once we'd eaten and relaxed in front of the TV, we went back into the bedroom and fucked through the afternoon. I fucked my daughter's three orifices thoroughly, driving them through furious orgasms and ecstatic and prolonged bouts of physical ecstasy. For my first ejaculation of the afternoon I spermed up in Melissa's mouth, kneeling astride her and masturbating into her open mouth. She swallowed without hesitation and declared it to taste so lovely she'd drink a gallon of it were she presented with such a quantity! More varied fucking bought me to a second orgasm in Helen's cunt, and even after discharging there my cock was bought back to life through a little oral attention from my girls. After yet more fucking I squirted a third load of ejaculate into the depths of Melissa's bum.

We slept for a couple of hours, and upon waking we carried on where we left off. I had my girl's get into a 69, Helen on top, both of them eating out each other's cunts. I knelt behind Helen and eased into her cunt, fucking that tight cunt whilst her clit was lapped by Melissa from beneath. I pulled out after a while and fucked Helen anally, but before I ejaculated I pulled out once more and masturbated my spurting cock. Helen's spread arse, her sopping cunt and Melissa's pretty face were all presented to me in a compact mass, and I sprayed them with semen. Thick globs of spunk rained down on Helen's lower back and parted buttocks and Melissa's face, running down in thick drips as I dipped my wilting, spermy member in Melissa's mouth for her to suck me clean.

We had a long bath together, all fitting easily into the huge tub. We soaped each other down before getting out, drying off and dressing in just our underwear. The three of us ate dinner in front of the TV, relaxing together on the sofa in each other's arms. Melissa had a big glass of milk whilst me and Helen shared a bottle of wine. Finally, we went to bed at eight o'clock where I fucked the two lovely little ladies once again, depositing a load of cum in Melissa's cunt and another load in Helen's shit-cute.

It was midnight by the time we fell asleep. In total I'd ejaculated 8-times that day and I'd lost count of how many times my daughters had climaxed.

I awoke just before dawn, snug under the covers and flanked by my nude daughters who snored quietly. Slipping out of bed, careful not to wake my girls, I put on my boxer shorts and peered through the gap in the curtains. The first hints of daylight were creeping up over the suburban street and the digital-clock on the bedside table read 04:52 in red digits.

It would be evening in Australia so, tip-toeing quietly, I sneaked out the room and went next door into my office where I turned on the computer. Shortly, I was in the private chat-room of the incest site I'd become such a regular at recently. To my delight, good old 'Walt' was there, and as usual I used my simple nick-name of 'Steve':

STEVE: How's it going Walt?

WALT: Fine dude. I'm getting ready for bed here - Debbie is in the shower.

STEVE: Is that your daughter, Debbie?

WALT: Yeah. Sorry, I hadn't mentioned her name before.

STEVE: Are you planning on fucking her tonight?

WALT: Naturally! What about you? Did you seduce your younger daughter?

STEVE: Sort of! Melissa found me and Helen - Helen is the elder daughter - asleep naked. She guessed what we'd been doing, asked to join in...and did! It's dawn now and I'm pretty shattered still. I fucked both girls so much yesterday.

WALT: It's still worth it though!

STEVE: Listen, we should meet up sometime perhaps. If you want.

WALT: I was just thinking that myself! I was planning on a holiday soon.

STEVE: I'm in New York by the way.

WALT: I could manage that. Me and Debbie will come over if you want. I've mentioned you to her and she was actually the one to suggest it. You can fuck her and I'll fuck your daughters!

STEVE: Sounds fair dude!

WALT: Always nice to have some variety.

STEVE: You've got my e-mail address. Let me know soon. It's the school holidays so we might as well do it in the next few weeks.

WALT: Good idea.

STEVE: Let me know soon dude. You can stay at my house so don't worry about hotel bills and shit.

A brief message informed us that a third user, 'Judy', had entered the chatroom.

JUDY: Hey all! Hi Walt.

WALT: Hi Judy. Steve? This is Judy, from England. I speak to her a lot here in the incest chat-rooms. She's cool, she's having sex with her own son, so she 'aint gonna get all prudish on us two rascals for fucking our daughters! Judy? This is Steve, from the USA.

STEVE: Hi Judy from England.

JUDY: Hi Steve from the USA.

WALT: Well, I'm all horny and my daughter is out the shower and waiting for me in bed! Time to fuck! Bye you two.

STEVE: Bye Walt.

WALT: Later.

A message confirmed Walt had now left the chatroom, leaving just me and Judy.

JUDY: Just me and you then Steve.

STEVE: Yeah. What time is it in England?

JUDY: 9:00AM, Monday morning. It's the school vacation here too. Great eh? I got my son all to myself!

STEVE: Must be fun, having a young stud to take care of you eh?

JUDY: It sure is! He's called Simon. He's tall, and like me he's blonde. He has a nice long cock too, for his age, and like most boys in their teens Simon is constantly horny!

STEVE: Is his dad around? Does he know? I'm just curious.

JUDY: Fuck knows where his dad is. I married him when I was 19 and gave birth to Simon the year after. Not long afterwards I was divorced and bringing up my son on my own. I couldn't be happier though! I seduced and fucked Simon when he was 12 and we've been fucking ever since! He's now 15.

STEVE: You're a damn lucky woman Judy! I bet there's a lot of divorcees who'd love to be serviced by a young stud!

JUDY: Well they can go and seduce their OWN son's! Heh heh! Simon is great, I love him to bits and he loves me.

STEVE: He sounds like the best son a sexy mother could possibly have!

JUDY: Walt told me that you have two daughters who you fuck. Tell me about them Steve, I want to know all about you honey.

STEVE: Well, I'm 31, divorced, run my own business and live in New York. I'm blessed with two girls. Helen is 16. Melissa is 12. I only started screwing them this weekend. I'm getting a quick break before we resume again. It's been fantastic, we've done so much kinky shit in just a day or two!

JUDY: Oh, you'll think of more sexual activities to do. There's no limits! If you're free enough to throw aside stupid restrictions placed by society and consumate your physical love of your own offspring, then you're free do to anything! The novelty of being fucked by my lovely son still hasn't worn off.

STEVE: I was thinking about meeting up with Walt and his daughter sometime.

JUDY: Go for it if you want! I've met him before, when I went to Australia last year. I went with Simon. My son fucked Walt's daughter and Walt fucked me! It was good fun, nice to meet someone who indulges in the same activity as yourself. There are warnings about meeting people on the 'net, but trust me. Walt is cool. Hey, we should meet sometime too.

STEVE: That's a possibility.

JUDY: Yeah. Me and you can fuck and then let Simon have his way with Helen and Melissa.

We discussed these plans for another 15-minutes before we said our farewells and left the chatroom. I climbed back into bed and fell back to sleep with my girls laying close against me.

I awoke again later with a warm wetness on my cock. There was movement beneath the duvet I lay under. Slowly, opening my eyes, I realised that Melissa was to my left, propped up on her elbows and smiling at me. Helen, I quickly realized, was under the covers, sucking my cock which was fully erect.

"Morning dad," Melissa smirked, "I wondered how long it would take til you woke up with Helen sucking your cock."

"How long did I last?" I asked, smiling back.

"She's been sucking you for almost five-minutes! Now, as you're surely all ready to fuck again, let's do it!"

"Sure thing sweetheart," I said, kissing Melissa and pushing the covers aside. The heavy black duvet slid off the bed, revealing Helen naked and laying sideways along the bed, my prick in her mouth. She took it from her lips and smiled at me.

"Hi daddy," she greeted me, moving up the bed and giving me nice warm kiss on the lips.

For starters, I had Helen on her knees and elbows so that I could ease my nice stiff cock into her wet cunt. With me in her cunt, Helen had Melissa lay before her with her legs spread so that she could lick her younger sister's nice bald slit. She did so with great zeal, driving her tongue up into Melissa's cunt and causing the little minx to writhe in ecstasy, whilst all the time my heavy prick thumped up into Helen's cunt.

Shortly afterwards I pulled out and turned my attention to my younger child. I had Melissa lay on her back with her legs apart, and I mounted her, sinking my cock into her well-licked cunt whilst Helen, kneeling nearby, fingered her cunt and watched us.

Five minutes later I eased my prick from Melissa's cunt and had both girl's lick the shiny shaft and bulbous head before we moved onto other things. I had Helen get onto her hands and knees and instructed Melissa to fist her sister's cunt from behind. Helen's slit was fairly tight but Melissa's hand was fairly small and delicate, and after a bit of effort Melissa had her whole fist and a good few inches of her skinny forearm sunk into her big sister's hot cunt.

Kneeling at the other end of Helen, I pushed my prick into her warm and willing mouth, the girl sucking me deeply and intensely. Melissa worked good and hard to fist her sister's cunt, bringing Helen off to an orgasm after a while. Just as my eldest daughter was cumming, I slid my dick from her mouth and pumped the shaft in my fist. The sperm soon fountained forth, my creamy jizz splattering against Helen's face and into her open mouth as she cried out with pleasure under the attention of Melissa's fisting. Soon, Helen's face was dripping with semen and she licked my cock clean whilst Melissa withdrew her fist, moving round to the other end of the bed and licking off my sperm from Helen's pretty visage.

I nipped to the kitchen to make us all a strong cup of coffee each, which we drank on the bed and discussed the exciting and kinky things we wanted to do, Helen admitting her growing desire for 'scat sex'. Not understanding the term 'scat', Melissa looked rather puzzled, then was delighted in a mischievous way once I translated it to 'playing with shit'. Once we'd finished our coffee, my prick was as erect as it had been upon waking, and we carried on our pleasure.

For starters I lay each of my daughter's down in turn and licked out their cunts, not finishing with each until I'd made her climax. Then, I had them in a 69, Helen on the bottom so I could push my prick into Melissa's tight bum-hole and arse-fuck the child whilst her sister licked her cunt out from below. My prick and Helen's tongue soon made Melissa climax hard, the youngster raising her cunt-juice slathered face from her sister's legs and crying out in ecstasy. With a lot of willpower I managed to hold my own climax back, my cock still nice and stiff when I tugged it free from Melissa's clasping anus.

"Give me an arse-fucking now," Helen asked me once her sister had dismounted her.

"I'm only to pleased to do so," I told her.

"I need a shit though," Helen warned me, "But I think it'd be cool to be fucked in the bum when I'm full of pooh down there."

Also turned on by this suggestion, I had Helen bend over before me and I entered her arsehole. I could indeed feel shit up in her rectal chute, the soft warm poop moulding itself to the shape of my invading cock, and it felt even tighter than normal. After a moment I eased out, my prick messy with brown-smears, and Melissa - without being asked - came in and sucked my dick perfectly clean. That done, I slid back up Helen's shitter, sodomizing her deeply for a few more minutes. When I withdrew, it was Helen who turned round and sucked me clean.

"I really need to take a shit now dad," Helen told me, "Want to watch?"

"Sure," I said, "Gonna join us Mel?"


The three of us hurried up the stairs into the big bathroom where Helen got up onto the toilet. Instead of sitting on the rim in the conventional manner, she squatted, her feet on the rim and her legs spread. Her open, wet cunt was thrust out at me and Melissa, who knelt before the toilet to watch, Helen's anus visible between her parted buttocks. That lovely teenager relaxed her sphincter and a long brown turd slid out and sploshed into the toilet below. Me and Melissa were frigging each other, laughing a little but also turned on by the sight. Like the other day when I got a blow-job off Helen whilst she took a shit, it somehow unified us in being witness to such a private act.

Helen also took a piss, and because she was squatting up on the toilet, her stream of golden urine shot forth and splashed over me and Melissa. We loved it! I frigged the girl's slit and she jacked off my hard cock as Helen's piss sprayed over us.

Finally, Helen had finished. She flushed the toilet and got we hurried back to the bedroom, me and Melissa still dripping with urine.

On the bed, Helen got on her hands and knees and me and Melissa licked her beshitted arsehole, rendering it perfectly clean in minutes. Then, I knelt up and heaved my long cock into her bum, Helen moaning in pleasure as her recently voided rectum was packed full once again, this time with hard man-meat. Vigourously sodomizing Helen, I had Melissa stand and bend over before me so that I could licked her anus. I drove my tongue into the younger girl's bum-hole whilst fucking Helen's, my sperm eventually rising and spurting out in a dozen hard pumps that flooded Helen's arse-guts with frothing white liquid.

After we all fell back on the bed we took a few minutes to recover in silence. Eventually, I staggered up and, as would become our post-sex ritual, we all had a bath together, soaping each other down.

Dressed casually, we shortly went to the living room. With nothing planned for the day, we sat back on the sofa and had a nice breakfast in front of the TV.

Our sexual appetites only grew over the next few days. We fucked frequently, sometimes enhancing our activities with different variations, new positions or imaginative kinkiness, or just content with simple fucking on the bed.

I chatted on the internet to Walt a lot, both of us exchanging stories of our daughter's. I also conversed with Judy who was inspired by my tales of scat-sex with my daughters to try out similar things with her teenage son, Simon.

Walt asked for a few pictures and I was only too glad to comply. I snapped some of Melissa and Claire posing nude on the sofa. Then, Melissa took some of me fucking Helen in the cunt and arse, then the girl's swapped over. Before I e-mailed them to Walt, I took care to use a photo-manipulation programme to blur the faces of me and my daughter's, Walt having insisted that it was safest to this. He was delighted with them, as was Judy, who in turn sent me pictures (again, with the faces blurred out) of herself being fucked by her son. She looked tall, blonde and had nice big tits. I increasingly spoke to both Walt and Judy about meeting up together.

It was a Monday afternoon, a fortnight after me and my daughters had begun our sexual relationships. Helen was out, shopping in Manhattan, whilst me and Melissa were on the sofa, the drapes shut on the overcast day.

Myself and my daughter were naked, Melissa laying back with her legs spread whilst I knelt in front of her, licking her cunt and running my hands over her slender torso. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue dug up into her pubescent cunt. We'd just started this foreplay, my prick already rock hard as I worked between Melissa's legs. As I usually did when cunt-licking the girls, I placed a finger at the entrance to Melissa's arsehole and inserted it slowly. The girl sighed with pleasure and I noted that I quickly encountered a soft turd up in her rectal-chute.

"You feel as if you're about to lay a nice brown egg honey," I smiled from between her thighs.

"Any minute now dad," Melissa grinned back, "Wanna watch?"


"Shall we go to the bathroom?"

"No, just do it here."

I moved away from Melissa and asked her to squat on the floor. Whilst she did so, I briefly left the room and returned with a big white plate from the kitchen, along with a two knives and forks. I placed the plate under my daughter as she squatted, the plate directly under her arse.

"Shit," I instructed the pre-teen minx, "Shit my dear!"

Melissa relaxed her arsehole and, with me behind her watching intently, her turd squeezed out of her tight anus and landed on the plate, about 5-inches long. The smell didn't affect me at all, it being completely neutral to us since we'd begun such scatological activies. From the drinks cabinet nearby I retrieved a couple of wine glasses and knelt in front of Mel, who still squatted.

"Piss now honey," I asked her, holding one glass at an angle before her bald cunt. She did so, her urine filling the glass. She ceased the flow of urine instintively and I placed the other glass into position, Melissa relaxing her bladder once more and filling it up.

My prick rock-solid with all this depravity, I took the plate and put it on the coffee table, using the silver knife-and-forks to carve up the turd of my daughter into bite-sized chunks. Her eyes alight with lust and fascination, Melissa joined me in kneeling on the floor in front of the table as I jabbed one of the forks into a piece of her shit and gave it to her. Without hesitation, Melissa took the fork and, with a sexy grin, shovelled the piece of pooh into her mouth and chewed before swallowing. She grimaced a little then giggled. I joined her, using my own fork to stab a piece of turd and put in my mouth. I honestly didn't taste a thing as I swallowed it, the sheer sordidness of this activity - me and my own pre-teen daughter eating one of her turds with forks - turning us both on. Steadily, we worked out way through our unconventional meal, sipping the glasses of piss to wash down Melissa's turd.

With the plate and glasses empty, I had Melissa get on her hands and knees so that I could push my long cock into her arsehole. She hadn't been cleaned since defecating, the child's sphincter beslimed with shit as it clenched my shaft, the excrement acting as a fairly good lubricant. Panting with pleasure, we fucked on the floor like dogs in heat, my cum not taking more than a few minutes to explode forth in the depths of Melissa's rectum. I flooded the girl's arsehole with sperm, after which I hung in her bum. I could feel my bladder was heavy and, relaxing, I managed to urinate in Melissa's arse, my cock semi-stiff as it remained lodged in her tight bum whilst gushing forth urine. When I pulled out I took a glass and held it to Mel's anus. She relaxed and let flow from her shit-hole a fair amount of piss, mixed with sperm. Turning round, the dishevelled minx took the glass and guzzled it down in one go, finishing off by kissing me lustfully.

Deciding to clean ourselves up for the encore fuck, we tidied up the living room before going up to the bathroom. There, we sank into a big soapy hot bath, washing each other down and finishing off by fucking in the tub, Melissa bent over with her arse raised out the water, me kneeling and fucking her from behind, first in the arse, then in the cunt, where I ejaculated.

When Helen got home a few hours later, we eagerly told her of the new heights of depravity we'd attained. Luckily, Helen needed a shit at the time, and the three of us feasted on her turd and drank down her piss before we fucked through the evening.

We all agreed that scat-sex was more of a novelty, something that was enjoyable but somehow so extreme that it wasn't to become the norm. We remained content to keep it as an occasional activity - to be indulged in every few days.

In mid-August, Walter (or 'Walt' as I'd usually known him as) came to visit. Naturally, he was bringing his young daughter, Debbie.

Helen decided to stay at home and tidy up the house whilst me and Melissa went to JFK Airport to meet Walter and his daughter. Me and Walt had sent through our passport photos to each other so we would know what each other looked like, and me and Melissa now sat in the lounge waiting for our guests. The Summer was turning out to be very hot, and it was another bright and sunny day in New York, and with the time approaching 2:30PM it was quarter-of-an-hour since the flight from Melbourne, Australia had flown in.

Scanning the passengers coming from the depature lounge, I eventually spotted Walter. He'd noticed me first and smiled a greeting at me as he strolled over to where me and my daughter were.

"Here he is," I said, standing up.

"Oh goody," Melissa said, also standing, having become somewhat impatient as most youngsters do at airports.

Because he lived and worked on a farm, Walter was a strongly built, outdoors kind of guy. He had short dark hair and his skin was tanned bronze in the Australian sun, and his T-shirt showed off his broad shoulders and muscular arms. Being an average 5-foot-8 only served to emphasise his bulky build. A decade older than myself, Walter looked very strong and fit as he gripped a heavy suitcase in each of his hands with little difficulty.

Next to him was his 13-year-old daughter and lover, Debbie. At 5-foot-2, the sweet young girl was only a couple of inches taller than Melissa, and her tight black jeans hugged her slim hips and pert arse. Through her thin white T-shirt one could make out the shape of her pert tits, no more than a small handful each but perfectly shaped beneath the cotton material of her top. I'd seen her nude in photos, of course, but I was dying to see her in the flesh. I'd never seen her face either - it'd always been pixelated in the photos - and I was delighted to see her properly at last. Like any rosy-eyed father, I'd argue to the ends of the Earth that my own daughters were the prettiest girls in the world, but Helen was certainly not far behind. Her deep brown hair was pulled up in a bunch that cascaded down and reached past her shoulders. She had lovely, warm-toned skin, a full mouth with a small amount of ruby-red lipstick, a cute nose and eyes as big and dark as Melissa's. I made eye-contact with Debbie and the charmingly pretty girl flashed me a warm smile as she and her father now stood before me and Melissa.

"Hi there Steve," Walter said, putting down his suitcases and shaking my hand.

"Hi Walt," I said, "Good to meet you dude."

"Likewise," the Australian man said, "This is my daughter, Debbie."

"Nice to meet you Stephen," the teenage girl said, her accent sweet and novel, as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek as if she knew me. Thinking about it, given that her dad had told her all about me, she knew infintely more secrets than any of my friends or work-associates.

"And it's good to meet you sweetheart," I said, "And Walter? This is Melissa, my daughter."

Walter kissed Melissa on the cheek and said hello in very friendly tones of voices. Then, Debbie and Melissa shook hands and greeted each other.

"Helen's at home," I explained, "Shall we join her?"

"Certainly," Walter agreed.

At home, more warm greetings were made as I introduced Walter and his daughter to Helen in the living room, all of us acting like we were being re-united with old friends.

Dressed in white denim shorts and a skimpy white bikini top, Helen looked very sexy with plenty of flesh on show. She sat on the sofa, next to Walter, Melissa on the other side of our guest, Walter looking even more muscular flanked by my slender young daughters. Meanwhile, I sat on the armchair nearby, Debbie sitting on the arm-rest next to me. She draped an arm loosely around my shoulders whilst Helen and Melissa stroked Walter's thighs, the shared secrets of forbidden incest uniting us. Before we'd settled down, I'd made us drinks. Me and Walter had a bottle of Coors beer each, Helen had a big glass of red wine whilst the youngest girls, Debbie and Melissa, had a glass of white wine each, albeit diluted with lemonade.

We soon skipped past the small talk - the airplane trip, the weather - and discussed our plans for the 5-days Walter and Debbie were here. Naturally, it solely consisted of sex.

"Well," I concluded the briefing, "I think our guests will be hungry after the long plane ride, but we can work up an even better appetite by getting stuck into the orgies!"

"Here here!" agreed Helen.

"Sounds good to me," Walter said, "Hey Steve? You know I said me and Debbie had followed your lead in scat-sex?"


"Well, how about we start of with a little?" continued Walter, "I for one could do with an appetizer, as I'm sure you probably could, and I know for a fact that Debbie complained of being dying for a shit just before we landed."

"That's right," Debbie said next to me, finishing off her glass of wine/lemonade, "I hate using toilets on planes!"

"I need to go to0," young Melissa said, and her sister made a similar announcement.

"I can't think of any better way," I said, putting my empty beer bottle on the floor, "to get intimately acquainted with each other's lovely daughters than to indulge in the most kinky little peccadillo imaginable! Helen? Be a sweetheart and fetch a couple of plates will you?"

"No need," Walter said, placing a hand on Helen's thigh before she could get up, "I like to eat it straight from the scource!"

"Me first," Melissa called, and she stood and casually and quickly pulled down her jeans, tugging off her socks and removing her white cotton panties so that she stood naked from the waist down, wearing just her pink T-shirt.

Walter got up and lay on his back, Melissa squatting over the man's face as she'd done often for me. Meanwhile, Helen got up and knelt between Walter's legs, unzipping his flies and pulling from out of his jeans a rock-solid cock 7-inches in length and extrordinarily thick in circumference. Opening her mouth wide, Helen bent down and sucked on the throbbing purple head of Walter's prick, a sight that made me highly aroused. Debbie still sat on the arm-rest of the chair and I stroked her back with my hands whilst she in turn reached out, unzipped my flies and sprung out my hard cock which she masturbated in her dainty fist.

Squatting, Melissa's arsehole hovered right above Walter's mouth and she steadily relaxed her sphincter. Her slender pooh slid from the girl's bum and into Walter's mouth. He guzzled it down quickly, catching another smaller turd that followed up the first, gulping down this one too. Then he licked Melissa's anus clean.

"Lovely!" he declared once Melissa had stood up and moved aside.

Helen continued to suck Walter's cock whilst he watched as his own daughter now removed her jeans, panties and socks. Now Debbie, like Melissa, was nude from the waist down, standing in just her white top. She had lovely firm legs and compared to Melissa, a pair of buttocks slightly plump with puppy fat. Her cunt was hairless, though I recalled Walter admitting that Debbie shaved her pubic hair since it'd started to grow a few months back.

I remained sitting on the armchair, Debbie standing right in front of me and bending over. I parted her arse-cheeks with my hands, revealing a beautiful, dainty anus. I sealed my lips to it and felt it flex, Helen relaxing her sphincter. She did indeed need to defecate quite badly, for I only had a few seconds to prepare myself when suddenly a long pooh slid from the anus I had placed my mouth too. Once a mouthful had pushed out of her, Debbie nipped her sphincter and sliced off the first half of her shit. I swallowed it quickly, then received the remaining half of it into my mouth, which I also gulped down. Helen had emptied her rectum and I now licked her anus clean before finally allowing the lovely youngster to moved aside.

"That's the best appetizer for sex around!" I announced, patting my belly, Melissa coming over and kneeling in front of me and taking my cock into her lovely wet mouth.

"I still need a shit," said Helen, "Either of you gentlemen got room for seconds?"

"Oooh," I pondered, "I don't know...I don't know if I can manage two."

"Me neither," said Walt.

"I'm hungry," announced Debbie, "There's nothing to say that only men can indulge in a bit of shit-eating is there?"

"Certainly not!" I smiled, "Go for it sweetheart!"

Helen was excited about this idea, as were me and Walter, watching as our teenage daughters got themselves ready, Walter jerking off his own cock whilst I was given a nice leisurely blow-job from Melissa. After removing her T-shirt and bra, her firm little breasts popping out, Debbie knelt down naked on the floor near her father. Helen whipped off her shorts and bikini-top, now also naked as she stood in front of Debbie. She bent her knees and leaned forwards, her arse in Debbie's face, the younger girl reaching up and spreading my daughter's bum-cheeks with her hands.

To give her father and myself a good view, Debbie kept her face a few inches below Helen's bum. Slowly, my daughter shed a large brown turd, which dropped down into Debbie's gaping mouth. She chewed forcefully, moving aside as she realised it was quite a hefty pooh she'd taken on. Her cheeks bulged as she set about masticating my older daughter's shit before swallowing.

"There's still some more," Helen announced.

Melissa took my cock from her mouth and went over to her sister like a shot, kneeling down and opening her pretty mouth beneath Helen's twitching anus. Slowly, Helen excreted another turd, a smaller one, and Melissa caught it perfectly and gulped it down. Nearby, Debbie finally swallowed the sizable turd of Helen's that she'd had for her starter meal and Walter gave her a deep and passionate kiss. After this, me and Walter removed our clothes, and Melissa finally took off her T-shirt and bra, so that us two men and three adolescent girls were all nude.

"I need a piss now," Helen announced.

The other girls did too, so I fetched a large glass jug from the drinks cabinet and placed it in the middle of the room. First, Helen squatted over it and emptied her bladder. Melissa stepped up next and added her piss to her sister's, and finally Debbie relieved herself and left the 3-pint jug over half-full of golden liquid. I took five expensive wine-glasses and poured out the urine equally, half-filling each glass, which all of us incestuous and depraved individuals drank as if it were the finest of wines.

"Well," I began, standing up with my cock feeling as stiff as a bar of solid metal, "I must say that I've never been in need of a fuck more than this moment. I say we split up, take my daughter's to Helen's room and Debbie shall accompany me to mine. We'll fuck each other's offspring and reconvene here at, say, five o'clock? It's four now."

"Sounds good to me," Walter agreed. The girls did too, and Walter hurried off to Helen's room with both my daughter's in tow, all naked and horny.

"Let's go!" Debbie smiled to me, bright eyed and sweet looking. I took the 13-year-old minx by the hand and swiftly escorted her to my bedroom.

In my bedroom, I closed the door and followed Debbie who had taken the initiative and clambered onto the bed.

"You're such a hot young girl," I told Debbie, kneeling in front of her and kissing her lips.

"And you're the second hunkiest man in the world," she gleefully told me, "After my dad of course," she added.

I kissed her again.

"I had intended to perhaps fuck your cunt first," I told her, "But all that scatological activity has rendered me fixated upon your anus. Would you mind bending over and letting me fuck your bum honey?"

"Go for it!" Debbie replied, getting onto her hands and knees with her pert posterior thrust out, "I love being arse-fucked just as much as being cunt-fucked!"

I gave the girl's anus a good licking and rimming before I got into position, pushing my cock-head up against the loosened hole. Thanks to her recent defecation, Debbie's bum-hole was fairly loose, and with a bit of pressure my swollen prick sank half-way into her rectal passage. I hung half-way in the girl's bum for a moment or two as she sighed and panted pleasurably, after which I shoved the remainder of my shaft in.

"That's good!" Debbie purred, pushing her arse back to meet my accelerating thrusts, "Oh yeah, Steve, fuck me! Uuunh!"

I held her hips as I vigorously sodomized her with my raging hard cock. Her anus was nice and tight, despite probably getting a daily invasion from her father's cock, her rectum hot and clasping.

My climax hit me after just a few minutes, my cock gushing out long pent-up sperm into Debbie's bum.

After I pulled out, Debbie swung round and sucked my soiled prick, which remained stiff and hard with no sign of wilting.

"Hard again already?" the girl smirked, taking my erect penis from her mouth.

"I am indeed," I nodded, "I think it would be difficult to imagine being flaccid in your presence."

After kissing Debbie I lay her on her back and proceeded to dish out some of the same treatment she'd given me, licking her wet slit and digging my tongue up into her womb as her thighs quivered. She soon was bought to orgasm by the attention I lavished on her cunt, my hands reaching up to cup her firm young breasts whilst I ate out her cunt, Debbie moaning in pleasure throughout the apogee of her ecstasy.

I then moved up and mounted the hot young minx with ease, sinking my throbbing member deep into her cunt, the two of us embracing and kissing hard as we fucked on the bed. For a good half-hour I fucked her good and hard, Debbie climaxing beneath me at one point, digging her nails into my upper back as she came hard, bucking her arse off the bed to meet my pistoning prick.

Dangerously close to my own orgasm, I pulled out of the girl to cool off for a few minutes. Then, I had Debbie on all fours again. I briefly entered her arse once more, driving my cock deep into her willing shitter and fucking her bum for a few minutes, before withdrawing and carrying on where I'd left off with her cunt. From behind, I fucked Debbie's cunt deeply, holding her hips and pulling her onto my prick with my forward thrusts. My second climax hit me hard, and I almost passed out with pleasure as my prick spasmed and emptied the sticky contents of my nuts into the teenager's womb. We were sweaty and out of breath when we fell beside each other on the bed.

Later, Walter, myself and our daughters met up in the dining room where we had dinner, sitting in our dressing gowns.

After dessert, we went into the living room, the drapes shut and all the lamps on brightly. Our dressing gowns were all cast aside and the coffee table moved aside to clear a space on the floor.

First of all, me and Walter sat on the sofa on either side of Melissa, who grabbed a cock in each small fist and masturbated us.

Before us, on the floor, Helen and Debbie knelt opposite each other. They kissed and explored each other, their hands running over each other's young bodies whilst their tongues squirmed in each other's mouths. Whilst Helen had plenty of experience fucking her sister, Debbie was a little less confident, but my daughter took the lead and lay Debbie back on the floor. She licked out the girl's bald cunt, working away with her tongue until Walter's daughter was panting and moaning in pleasure, her legs quivering and her toes curling up. Debbie wanted to eat out Helen's cunt next and Helen decided to get into a sixty-nine, turning round and mounting Debbie. Both girls now slurped at each other's cunts now, barely paying attention to us fathers on the sofa, me and Walt being skillfully masturbated by Melissa.

After Helen and Debbie had licked each other to a climax in a sixty-nine, they moved apart and looked up at me and Walt with cock-hungry lust in their bright young eyes. Erect and hyper-horny, me and Walt got up and moved to the floor, Walter turning his attention to Helen whilst I went to Debbie. Melissa joined me and Debbie too.

Whilst Walt got his prick sucked by Helen before fucking her cunt, I had Melissa and Debbie lay back so that I could lick and finger their tight cunts. I mounted Melissa first, driving myself deep into her cunt whilst kissing Debbie's tender lips. After dismounting Melissa, I lay on my back on the thick rug in front of the TV and had Debbie mount me, impaling her tight slit onto my long prick. Meanwhile, my youngest daughter squatted over me and gave me her hot cunt to eat out. I drove my tongue up into the little girl's cunt and licked her juicy little cunt out whilst Debbie rode me hard and fast until my sperm welled up and shot forth. My cock exploded in Debbie's womb, sloshing that tight orifice with sticky jizz.

The girl's dismounted me and I looked aside as Walt fucked Helen in the missionary position. After a moment or two he ejaculated inside my eldest daughter's cunt whilst kissing her hard.

Walter and myself were erect once again fairly quickly and there was an exchange of partners. Debbie and Melissa went over to Walt and began stroking, kissing and sucking him, whilst Helen came over to me and got into a sixty-nine with me. I lay on top, fucking Helen's mouth gently with my throbbing prick whilst I licked and fingered her cunt. She climaxed under my hard-working tongue and I loved the way her thighs shook and clamped my head as she bucked with orgasmic ecstasy under me.

After getting off Helen, the girl got on her hands and knees.

"Lick me out dad!" she urged me, "Tongue both my holes then fuck 'em!"

I obeyed like the good father I was, digging my tongue into her wet cunt once more before moving up and dishing out the same oral treatment to the puckered hole between her soft, pale buttocks. Kneeling up, I then pushed my prick into her cunt and fucked her hard. Helen moaned in joy as I cunt-fucked her doggie-style, holding onto her firm arse whilst riding her. Meanwhile, I had a good view of Walter, who was sodomizing his daughter, Debbie on her hands and knees over Melissa, kissing my daughter passionately whilst her father's prick burrowed in her dung-hole.

Concentrating on my own activities, I drove my cock repeatedly into Helen's cunt before I shortly withdrew. I placed my knob-head against Helen's anus and applied pressure, steadily sinking my pole into her arsehole to the hilt. Helen frigged her cunt and urged my on with obceneties as I roughly fucked her arsehole. Eventually, my second climax hit me and I pumped Helen's bum full of my scrotal-soup.

Withdrawing from Helen, I slumped back and the horny girl turned and licked my semi-stiff cock, cleaning the shit and sperm off with her tongue. During this I watched as Walter tugged his cock free from Debbie's anus. He had his daughter turn round, still on all fours, so that he could fuck her mouth whilst Melissa got down and licked out Debbie's cunt from behind. Soon, Walter pulled his prick from his daughter's mouth and jacked-off.

"Here you go," he grinned as he sperm erupted from his thick cock and splashed over Debbie's face, "Have my sperm! Have the stuff that you came from!"

His climax finished, Walter lay back whilst Melissa licked his sperm off of Debbie's face, both youngsters swapping spunk between their mouths and running their hands through each other's hair. Then, Melissa and Debbie got down and started working on Walt's wilting cock, sucking it hard, Melissa taking half of Walt's prick into her mouth whilst Debbie sucked her father's nuts and pushed a finger up his arsehole. Last month Walter had celebrated his 41st birthday, but he might as well be two decades younger given that - despite two orgasms this evening - his prick responded well and began to stiffen once more. I guess that was just the effect of pubescent girls sucking your cock, which my own penis could confirm as it too re-hardened in Helen's warm mouth.

There was a further switch of partners, Debbie hurrying over to me whilst Helen joined her sister with our guest. Walter wasted no time in pushing his freshly erect cock into Melissa's tight young bum whilst sucking on Helen's pert tits.

Nearby, I had Debbie mount my cock as she'd done earlier, pushing my prick into her hot cunt and banging my arse off the floor to meet Debbie's rapid rythym. She smiled and cried out with joy as she bounced on my dick, my hands clasped over the little round breasts as I drove my cock up her cunt. I later had the girl dismount and get on her hands and knees. After rimming her anus I entered it, marching swiftly into the breach that had been loosened by her father's cock a short while ago, my prick wedged tightly up her shit-chute. I sodomized Debbie deeply for a good 15-minutes, my previous ejaculations holding my third in check.

Walter hit his climax before me, flooding Melissa's cunt with sperm whilst he drove his tongue down Helen's throat and stroked her breasts. When the trio broke up, Walter and Melissa were tired out, but Helen still had the energy to stagger on shaky legs over to me and Debbie. My daughter's hair was dishevelled, her smiling face sweaty and her lithe adolescent body shiny with sweat. Whilst I uninteruptedly fucked Debbie's arse, Helen stood astride the girl and bent over, presenting her bum to me. I thrust my tongue up Helen's anus, licking her rectum out whilst buggering Debbie.

Before climaxing, I switched the girls over, but this time directed my efforts at their pussies. I penetrated Debbie's cunt from behind and eventually fired my cum into that tight fleshy orifice whilst burying my tongue up Debbie's cunt as she stood next to me.

Debbie, Helen and myself joined Walter and Melissa in laying back on the floor, feeling very fatigued by the afternoon's fun and frolicks. Eventually I summoned up the effort to pour us all a big glass of white wine each and we sipped our drinks whilst watching TV, naked and sprawled across the floor.

It took a good hour before we'd fully recovered, and as we'd lost track of time during our previous orgies we noted with some surprise that it was almost nine o'clock in the evening. We had some supper as we sat naked in the living room before preparing for bed. Walter would sleep in Helen's room with Helen and Melissa, whilst Debbie would join me in my bed. Walter had a bath with my daughters before they headed off for the night. Debbie and myself did the same thing, sitting in the bath and reserrecting our libidos as we soaped each other's wet bodies down, drying each other off with the big fluffy towels before scampering into my bedroom.

After a long session of oral sex to fire us up, we fucked under the covers with just a single, dim lamp on. On top of Debbie, I fucked her tight cunt in the missionary position, both of us kissing as we screwed together. Under my thrusting, Debbie climaxed hard, gripping my shoulders in her small hands. Shortly afterwards my orgasm arrived, long and hard, my cock pumping a great deal of sperm into the child's cunt. I dismounted and we fell asleep in each other arms, the covers pushed down to our waists and the flesh of our upper bodies illuminated by the warm lamp-light nearby.

In the morning, Debbie sucked my cock for a while then I licked her cunt, but I refrained from cumming. We got up and went into the living room, it being about nine in the morning. Walter was already up and sitting naked on the sofa. Helen and Melissa were also nude, and knelt in front of the middle-aged man, sucking his cock and jacking him off.

We said our good mornings and I sat on the armchair whilst Melissa came over to suck my dick, Debbie meanwhile joining Helen in sucking off her dad.

"I think it's time we subjected these little sluts to some double-fucking," I shortly announced.

"Good idea," agreed Walter.

Our daughters looked very excited as they quickly guessed what the plan was.

Walter lay on his back whilst Helen, who'd elected to go first, got astride him, sinking her tight cunt down onto the thick prick that jutted up from Walter's groin. Deeply penetrated in the cunt, Helen now leaned forwards and reached round to spread her arse-cheeks. Debbie and Melissa got in there first, licking the girl's bum-hole until it was wet and loose from their tongue-work. After the younger girls had moved aside, I knelt in behind Helen and eased my cock past her sphincter and deep into her rectum. The teenager went wild with pleasure, bucking and writhing in ecstasy as two cocks began to pound her cunt and arse at the same time. Me and Walt got into a good rythym, fucking Helen hard and fast and sending her up to a very loud orgasm.

More than willing to share the cocks that had given her so much pleasure, Helen tugged herself off from mine and Walt's pricks. Debbie came up next, finding as much delight as her predecessor in the double-fucking she got from her father and myself. Walter drove his cock upwards into his climaxing daughter whilst I drilled her shitter with my stiff long prick. After Debbie had hit an orgasm, she dismounted and moved to one side. Finally, Melissa stepped up, the pre-teen minx finding little difficulty in taking two big pricks into her two holes. Her slim body was shaking with pleasure within minutes, Melissa spluttering out cries of pleasure in her sweet voice.

With difficulty, Walter and myself had restrained ourselves by the time Melissa retired.

For the second round, me and Walter decided to swap holes. I lay on my back and fucked the girl's pussies whilst Walter penetrated the girls anally. The girls came in the same order - Helen first and then Debbie. Melissa was last and it was into her young body that Walter and me finally shot our semen. Our orgasms occured at pretty much the same time, my cum squirting up into Melissa's womb whilst her rectum was flooded with Walter's sperm.

Once our girls had sucked us back to stiffness, Walter and I continued to fuck them. I eventually fired a my second load of sperm into the slick depths of Debbie's arse whilst Helen received Walter's cum in her cunt.

This had given us good appetites, and we dressed and went out to a nearby cafe for a big cooked breakfast.

The next few days were full of more sex. Sometimes me and Walt took our daughters - in varying combinations - off to fuck them seperately, whilst other times we all screwed in the living room in a big five-some.

Scat-sex remained only an occasional event, but I was in the mood for some on the final evening of my guest's stay. Walter was with Helen in her room that night, whilst I was in my bed with Melissa and Debbie. It was a great bit of extreme foreplay, stroking my hard dick whilst watching Debbie and Melissa defecate into each other's mouths, giggling and enjoying themselves as they indulged in this shit-eating event. When I plunged into the fray, I was in a very sodimistical mood and I fucked those young girls nowhere except in the bum that evening. Both had two loads of my sperm in their bowels when we finally fell asleep as dawn approached.

Walter and his daughter finally left. We'd had a great time and resolved to meet again, contacting each other over the internet as soon as Walter had arrived home. Debbie started frequenting the chat-room, as did my daughters, and more pictures were exchanged.

I talked to Judy a lot too, and at the beginning of September it was arranged for the Englishwoman and her son, Simon, to come over and stay with us.

September 5th, 1998.

Judy and Simon were coming to visit for a few days, myself and the horny son-fucking woman having expressed our excitement about it in chat-rooms for the last few weeks, looking forward to finally meeting. The inecstuous couple insisted on making their own way to the house by cab, and my daughters and myself eagerly tidied up the house and prepared for our visitors.

The doorbell rang at 10:30AM, and I went to answer it, greeting Judy and Simon and helping them bring the suitcases into the hallway before I shut the front door on the sunny morning outside. I hadn't seen either of them fully of course, merely their bodies in the photos that were sent over, their faces blurred out. It was therefore nice to see them properly.

Simon was fairly tall for a 15-year-old, and at a shade over six-foot he was almost the same height as myself. He was slim, handsome and had short blonde hair. He seemed polite with a quiet but confident manner, briefly reminding me of Prince William in appearance when he smiled, fixed his crystal-blue eyes on me flashed a friendly smile.

His mother, Judy, was also blonde, average in height and slim with lovely big bouncing tits almost straining to pop out of the white blouse she wore. Her face was pretty, with soft fine skin and a loving smile. Judy was 35-years-old and though I'd become very fixated on young girls recently I certainly didn't have any less desire for women of my own generation. With her fresh face and good figure, Judy aroused a lot of lust in me. I'd only ever 'talked' to her in the chat-rooms - I'd never heard her voice - and I was turned on by her charming, clipped English accent.

After shaking Simon's hand and greeting his mother with a kiss, I escorted them to the living room where further introductions were made between our guests and my daughters. Simon captured the attention of Helen and Melissa, who sat the youth on the sofa and flanked him, sitting up close to the boy. Meanwhile, Judy sat on an armchair and I poured us all a glass of wine each. After handing them out, I knelt on the floor in front of Judy. She wore a short black skirt and I stroked her calves and lower thighs as we chatted together, primarily on the subject of sex.

"So you two have been fucking for a few years now?" I was shortly asking Judy and Simon.

"That's right," Simon replied, "It's great fun, I really can't understand why 'motherfucker' is an insult!"

"Thanks to society's perceptions," Judy added, "we'd never reveal our activities to the outside world, naturally. But together we have no shame, and even feel pride in what we do. It's fantastic! It's only natural I think."

"Yeah," her added, flanked by my daughters who sat affectionately close to him, "My mother taught me to walk, how to talk, how to read, how to do pretty much everything when I was a kid. It's just the sign of a great mum that she's now teaching me to fuck!"

Judy smiled with pride.

"We have fun too," Helen said, "My sister, dad and myself. We've only been fucking for a few months, but it feels like we've been doing it for longer!"

"We've got plenty of fun to go in the future," I pointed out.

"You're mum is sexy," Melissa observed to Simon, "I want to fuck her."

"Well you're more than welcome," Simon laughed, "Do you fancy a bit of girl-on-girl mother?"

"Certainly!" smiled Judy, who, like myself, was charmed by the brazen, lustful language of our children.

"I bet all the girls at school would be jelous of me," Helen pointed out, "They're stuck with boys there own age, emotional entanglements, petty rivalries and bitchiness over who gets to be asked on a date by the jocks, and all that nonsense. I've got my lovely daddy to fuck me and keep me happy, and that's all I need."

"It's great, isn't it?" Simon said, "I love it at school, knowing the secret of what I get up to in the evenings and weekends with mum. It's like the one time all my friends were chatting about anal-sex at lunchtime at school. There was a big discussion amongst all these boys, about whether fucking a woman in the bum would feel nice, whether it was dirty or if women liked it and such things. It was funny because they were all virgins and it was all pure speculation. They really had no clue about real-life sex beyond fucking their own fists. I smiled secretly to myself because only the previous weekend my mum had introduced me to the delights of anal-sex. I didn't announce my 'insider' knowledge to my friends though, I just kept quiet and looked forward to going home and fucking my mother. In the bum of course!"

"I remember you telling me about that," Judy said, "That was a year or two ago wasn't it?"

"Yeah," confirmed Simon, "About two years ago, I'd just turned 13."

"Oh yeah," laughed Judy.

"I think," Melissa began, "that everyone should be inducted into sex with their opposite-sex parent. All girls should be devirginated in both the cunt and arse when they're 12, and all boys should be encouraged to fuck their mothers at 12. It would perhaps solved a lot of adolescent problems concerning relationships and sexual worries."

"Absolutely," agreed Judy, "The emotional pleasure of a woman being fucked by her own son or a man fucking his daughter is surely the greatest in the world due to them being so closely related, and this in turn magnifies the physical pleasure. Mother-son and father-daughter sex should be legalized, providing the participants are willing and as long as the child is over the age of 8 or thereabouts."

"That'd be an interesting idea," I said, "but it'd be hard to get it advocated by politicians! You're right, such activity would reduce a lot of anxiety and neurosis amongst youngsters regarding sex, but I don't think it'd ever be practically implemented! Let's just get on with out own orgies! I'm beginning to stiffen with this talk."

"Have you fucked any other girls Simon?" asked Melissa.

"A couple," the English teenager replied, clearly enjoying my daughter's hands now stroking each of his thighs, "There was one girl my age who I fucked at a party a few months ago. It was fun, but she had a boyfriend so it was a one-off fuck. I'm dating a girl a couple of years older than me at the moment. All my friends think it's great because most girls go out with older boys, so me being 15 and having a girlfriend of 17 makes me appear to be a real stud! She's impressed with my sexual techniques, totally unaware of where I learned them of course!"

"You're not monogomous I take it?" laughed Helen.

"Not at all!" Simon replied, giving my eldest daughter a kiss, "I want to fuck you and your sister as thoroughly as I fuck my mother! In fact, my cock is already stiffening. Hey Steve? If I can fuck your daughters then you have permission to fuck my mum!"

"Sounds fair to me!" I laughed.

"And me!" Judy added, the lust-filled lady giving me a lingering kiss on the lips and delighting me with the aroma of expensive Ralph Lauren perfume that she carried.

"Right mum," Simon called, seeming more confident now that we'd all got to now each other, "Why don't you undress and show off your charms?" Judy smiled with pride once more then stood up. I finished off my wine as I watched the horny mother remove her clothes, soon standing nude. Her tits were nice and sizable - not huge but certainly big and juicy looking. Her cunt was a neat, wet looking fleshy slit, the blonde pubic hair neatly trimmed. She had nice firm legs and a flat stomach with a mouthwatering pair of round buttocks. Putting my empty glass aside I stood and undressed to, enjoying the way Judy looked admiringly at my lean, sculpted body. My prick was rock hard and standing to attention.

As Judy and myself mutually masturbated each other, we watched the children undress. First Helen took off all her clothes, then Melissa and finally Simon. The boy was in good shape, his prick 8-inches long like mine and raging hard. The youngsters kissed and frigged each other whilst us parents did the same.

After a while of spontaneous foreplay, we got down to more organized fucking. I sat on the armchair and Judy mounted me, sinking her hot cunt onto my pole and riding me slowly whilst I kissed her hard on the lips and stroked her big titties. On the sofa, meanwhile, Helen and Melissa lay back and Simon fucked first one, now the other, in the missionary position, pounding those tender vaginas with his hard dick.

Shortly, Judy dismounted me and we switched positions. The woman sat on the armchair now and spread her legs so that, kneeling, I could guide my cock into her clasping cunt and fuck her once more. Nearby, Helen was on her hands and knees and Simon knelt behind her, fucking the girl in the cunt doggie-style whilst Melissa stood nearby and presented her cunt to be licked. I shot my load first, deep inside Judy's cunt, and after I'd withdrawn and set about licking Judy's cunt, her son Simon meanwhile fired his seed in Helen's womb whilst licking Melissa's slit.

In no time at all me and Simon were ready for fucking once more.

I wanted to taste the delights of Judy's anus, so I had her get on her hands and knees on the floor so that, after licking her anus thoroughly, I could slowly push my lengthy cock into her rectum. Her bum-hole was hairless and as tight as either of my daughters and it was a true delight so fuck. The woman's son had turned to similar things, fucking Melissa in the arse whilst the girl was bent over the coffee table, Helen frigging her younger sister throughout. Both us males were unspent when we'd withdrawn from the females we were buggering.

"Have you ever been double-fucked Judy?" Helen asked.

"No," Judy replied, "But I've always wanted to."

"It's your lucky day mum," Simon announced.

The set-up was quickly arranged. I lay on my back with my cock thrusting upwards, Judy sinking her cunt down onto it. She leaned forwards and Simon edged up to his mum's bum, slowly easing his member into her rectum.

"Oh fuck that's good!" the woman cried, "Holy shit, that feels so good!"

"Fuck your mother's arse hard Simon," Helen urged the boy, kneeling nearby and stroking his firm chest and stomach, "Fuck her arse whilst my dad fucks her cunt. She'll cum in no time!"

Simon did so, drilling his mother's shit-canal with his rampant rod whilst I humped my arse off the floor and drove my cock up the slut's cunt. Judy was soon climaxing, bucking and thrashing with ecstasy with the two cocks pounding her holes.

After Judy had reached a second orgasm, she dismounted and moved aside, exhausted and happy. Melissa had a go next, the lovely pre-teen slut reacting with similar passion and joy as she was double-fucked. Helen stepped up last, taking my prick in her cunt and Simon's in her arse and, after a few moments, receiving both Simon's and my sperm. The white fluid shot up into her, flooding her cunt and shitter at the same time.

Me and Simon relaxed on the sofa afterwards, still naked and drinking a bottle of Budweiser each. On the floor, Judy was seen to by my daughters. She'd never had sex with a girl before and so she was therefore the pupil and Helen and Melissa the teachers, laying Judy back and licking her cunt, her tits and kissing her mouth. Judy got into it quickly, giving similar treatment to the pubescent sluts before her, the trio having a good half-hour lesbian session the floor. Needless to say, Simon and myself were erect and ready for more action at the end of all this.

Melissa went to Simon and mounted the lad's cock, taking it up into her tight bald cunt. On the floor, I had Judy get down on her knees and elbows so that Helen and me could lick her cunt and arse out from behind. I then sank my prick up into the woman's cunt, Helen kneeling in front of her so that Judy could suck my daughter's cunt whilst my prick pounded into her own slit.

I switched the ladies over after a while so that I could fuck Helen's cunt whilst she ate out Judy. My sperm remained unspent once we'd finished with that activity and so I had them get into a sixty-nine, Helen below and Judy on top. They ate out each other's cunts with great enthusiasm, and as they indulged themselves I knelt behind Judy and eased my dick into her anus. I was soon wedged in her rectal chute to the hilt and I fucked her arse hard whilst she in turn continued to give and receive a slurpy cunt-sucking with Helen. When my orgasm arrived, Helen took her mouth from Judy's cunt and stuck her tongue up my arsehole, which was very thrilling and enhanced the supreme pleasure as my cock spewed slimy jism deep up Judy's shitter.

We all broke apart and just had time to watch the two youngsters on the sofa finishing their activity. Melissa was on her knees and bent over, resting her arms on the armrest, whilst Simon deeply fucked her arsehole. He pulled out at the last minute and flipped the young girl over, frigging his cock and spewing hot cum over Melissa's delighted young face and neck. When the sperm fountain had finished Judy went over and licked Melissa's face clean and also sucked her son's spermy prick as it began to soften.

After our initial orgy, sex was pushed aside for a while as we dressed and bathed before going out. Myself and my daughters showed off our city to Judy and her son, whizzing round Manhattan and seeing the sights, doing some shopping and having a fantastic meal in a 5th Avenue restaurant.

We were horny when we arrived home at four o'clock, and as we set about the orgies in the living room, Judy expressed a desire to simply watch me fuck my daughters. Witnessing incest was as much a thrill as indulging in it, and understanding perfectly, I was only to happy to get on the floor and fuck Helen and Melissa.

Watching this from the sofa, Simon and his mother mutually frigged each other as I screwed my daughters, eventually ejaculating over their faces, moving my pumping prick from side to side as the two lolitas knelt and received their daddy's cum all over their pretty cheeks and in their mouths.

I then sat on the sofa and was sucked and frigged by my daughters whilst Judy and Simon put on a similar show. The teenager fucked his mother's cunt in a variety of positions before moving onto her arse. First off, though, Judy needed a shit. In our chat-room discussions, I'd detailed my adventures in scat-sex to Judy and she'd been inspired to try out with her son. This is what they did now, Simon stroking his hard cock as he lay on his back, his sexy mother squatting with her beautiful bottom hovering over her son's face. She excreted a nice turd into his mouth, Simon swallowing it hungrily before having his mother bend over. Simon licked Judy's anus clean then slid his dick into her rectum, pounding her arse hard and making his mother climax before he did, almost passing out with ecstatic joy as he thrust his hips and fired his sperm deep up his mother's bum-guts.

By then I was re-stiffened, and Melissa and Helen's tongues soon had Simon in a similar re-activated state. We all mixed freely on the living room floor, humping and fucking, 90-minutes passing before I fired my second cum-load of the evening, in Judy's mouth. She swallowed my sperm thirstily. Simon, meanwhile, chose to ejaculate in Helen's cunt whilst during his climax he ate out Melissa's wet cunt.

We had a big meal at eight in the evening before resuming our fuck-session. We fell asleep together on the living room floor, naked and loosely draped with blankets dragged in from the bedrooms.

The next evening we decided that, as Simon could fuck his mum anytime and likewise with me and my daughters, it would make sense if we swapped partners, as I had done with Walt. So, for the next few nights, Simon slept with Melissa and Helen in my older daughter's bed whilst Judy slept with me. During the day, though, we swapped around freely and indulged in all sorts of combinations.

Because our guests had not visited New York before, we did find time to indulge in some non-sex related activities, shopping around the city. But a lot of the time - and certainly each evening - we spent fucking.

One evening, we were all screwing on my bed, naked and sweaty. Simon ejaculated into his mother's rectum and announced he was going to give her a golden-enema. His piss ran forth from his semi-hard cock which remained in his mother's bum. It was a fantastic sight to see Judy's eyes light up with pleasure as her son's piss filled her bowels so soon after his sperm had done likewise. After Simon had retreated from the breach, Helen came up, sealed her mouth to Judy's arse and had the elder woman squirt all the urine into her mouth. I sodomized Helen throughout this, my daughter climaxing as she drank Simon's piss and sperm from the boy's mother's bum. Eventually I ejaculated into Helen's rectum and, feeling my bladder heavy too, I released my piss and gave my eldest daughter a nice golden-enema of her own. Judy drained Helen's arse, drinking my piss from my daughter's bowels whilst all the while having her cunt frigged by Melissa. In fact, Melissa needed to take a shit, and whilst Judy and Helen masturbated our semi-stiff cocks, Simon and I lay back and had Melissa squat over us in turn. That little girl shed a turd into each of our mouths, pissing on our faces as we chewed and swallowed her crap. All these events had the aim of stiffening the cocks of Simon and myself and the night wore on with further fun activities.

It was the final evening of Judy and Simon's stay and we were naked on my bed, the drapes shut and the lights all on and illuminating the room. The bed was King-Sized and more than big enough for us 5 naked fuckers to frolick on. We'd had a glass of wine each before hand and were ready to make the most of our last night together. We'd spent most of the afternoon sight-seeing in Manhattan and not having fucked since this morning we were all fired up.

I first fucked Melissa in her tight cunt in the missionary position, Simon doing the same to Helen next to us. Judy watched and frigged her cunt before replacing Melissa under my humping cock.

That accomplished, me and Simon lay back next to each other and the ladies mounted our pricks, taking us in their pussies and riding us hard, taking it in turns so that each of them got a go on each prick.

My teenage companion and myself were so stiff our cocks were like steel following this treatment, and we now took control of matters. Simon wanted to sodomize his mother, but she needed a shit. Helen announced that she was hungry, and quickly she was laying down and opening her mouth, Judy squatting over the teenager and defecating into her mouth. Helen swallowed the lot and was soon climaxing as I mounted her and fucked her cunt, whilst next to us Simon achieved his goal of fucking his mother in the arse, Judy meanwhile licking out Melissa's anus. Simon's sperm eventually rose and blasted into his mother's tight rectum. A moment later my own climax arrived, my pounding cock flooding Helen's womb with sperm.

Melissa needed the toilet too, and I was only too happy to eat her shit straight from the scource. I buggered the child's beshitted anus straight afterwards, briefly pausing to lick her arsehole clean before I resumed my fucking. Simon occupied himself by urinating all over Helen and his mother before fucking their cunts in turn.

Simon and myself switched partners, the youth fucking Melissa's tight bum deep and hard whilst I lay back and had a double-sucking from Helen and Judy. My sperm rose up eventually, Judy jacking off the base of my cock whilst Helen sucked the swollen end and drinking every drop of salty sperm that I fired into her throat. At the same time, Simon hit his climax, filling up Melissa's rectum with cum. Judy hurried over and felched Melissa's bum, sucking out and swallowing her son's cum from my daughter's anus with noisy slurps.

I poured a glass of wine for us all and we relaxed, sweaty and tired, watching a porn-movie on the big TV in the corner of the bedroom as we recovered. It was a DVD I'd ordered from Russia on the internet, depicting an incestuous family fucking. The mother and father were a middle-aged couple, and they had a son and daughter in their late teens. They indulged in all sorts of hard inter-family fucking - double-penetration, cock-sucking, buggery and fisting being just some of their delightful activities. The final scene showed the mother getting drenched in piss from her daughter then drenched in sperm as her husband and son jacked off all over her body.

Viewing this had me and Simon stiff again and the orgy continued. We all needed to relieve ourselves of the wine we'd drunk, so before we continued me and Simon urinated all over the ladies as they lay back on the bed. Then, me and Simon lay back and had the girls step up in turn and piss over us. Suitably hosed down, we resumed our fucking, continuing for a further hour until I had my third climax of the night in Judy's tight bum whilst Simon masturbated all over Helen's tits, Melissa licking the boy's sperm from her sister's breasts. Finally, we fell asleep.

In the morning, after a final fuck, our guests left and flew back home to Britain. We were soon back in touch again, discussing things in the chat-rooms, also talking with Walter and Debbie.

Helen didn't want to return to school in the new year, and because I figured she was a bright girl who didn't need to bother with High School, I let her quit. She turned 17 that November and I had more than enough money for myself and my daughters to live on. My computer business was still pretty much running by itself and I increasingly intefered less and less with it. In December Judy and Simon flew over to visit us once again, and more incest fun was had by all.

The year soon closed and the new one began. In February 1999, myself and my two daughters flew to England to visit Judy. She and her son lived in a lovely cottage in a picturesque village just south of London. We spent the whole time fucking, and one day we met up with one of Judy's friends, a man named George from London who she met in the internet chat-rooms. A widower in his fiftes, George was a former soldier who lived with his daughter, Diana, an attractive woman of 24 who had been having sexual relations with her father since her mother died 11-years ago. George and Diana spent a day with all of us at Judy's house and joined in the mix - I fucked Diana several times (she was very petite with a tight cunt and disproportionately large breasts) whilst George in turn obtained a great deal of pleasure from Helen and Meliss. My daughters had great fun too, and with three males there - George, Simon and myself - we were able to dish out some triple-penetration to all the ladies. Helen literally fainted with pleasure during her turn, passing out with exhaustive ecstasy as Simon fucked her cunt, I fucked her arse and George fucked her mouth.

Such fun was repeated when I took my daughters back to England for a repeat visit in June of that year. We also visited Walter and his daughter Debbie on their farm in Australia.

There remains a lot to tell - and a lot to be told - but to conserve space I shall constrict the last few years of my tale.

In early 2000 I decided to dedicate myself to my interest in incest and my lust for my daughters. Judy invited me to move to England to join up with her, Judy similarly deciding to abandon the boring remnants of her life outside of sex. I sold my business and house, finding that I was a bit wealthier than I thought when my liquidized assets topped $3.2 million! Judy made a fair amount of money too from selling her old house and cashing in various investments, and together, in May 2000, we bought a big farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful but isolated moorland in the north of England. It was great there. The few locals minded their own business and we remained anonymous in our enjoyable lifestyle. Walter and Debbie visited sometimes, as did George and Diana. Through the internet we made contact with a French couple who fucked their children - a daughter aged 15 and twin sons aged 13, all as beautiful as each other. The family had a big house in the South of France, and our respective families had enjoyable orgies there. There was a very private garden there and Judy and myself - and our children of course - had plenty of outdoor incest-orgies together with our French friends, us 4 adults and 6 children, on the green grass under the azure skies. We spent a whole month there in mid-2001. The French couple spoke English, but the teenagers didn't, but if anything this just made it more enjoyable and fun, watching our respective sons and daughters having to communicate in vague, spontaneous sign-language as they orchestrated their orgies, fucking and crying out profane exclamations in their respective languages.

Some may think life may get motonous for us, but that wasn't the case. Work was boring. Sex was fun. Incest was best. So, we didn't bother working and instead spent most of our time screwing, which equated to a great lifestyle, occasionally accompanied by long walks in the gorgeous countryside around us or visits to quaint little pubs, acting like a big happy family (which we pretty much were. In fact, our incestuous activities made us happier than your average family). The sizable assets of Judy and myself were invested wisely and were more than enough to ensure that not only did neither of us need to work again, but our children would never have to either. Like I said, work was shit and sex was great, so why bother spending so much time doing the former that you couldn't find time for the latter? It seemed logical to us to retire and indulge in our family-love.

I write this now in mid-2002. Aged 35, I'm as horny as ever, and at the start of this year I married Judy, who at 39 is just as sexy as she was when I first met her four years ago. Both Judy and myself didn't necessarily need marriage to unify ourselves, but we nonetheless found that becoming husband-and-wife was a nice way to strengthen our union. It didn't effect our relationship with our children of course.

Helen is 20 and recently married Simon, who's 19. There was no law against step-brothers and step-sisters marrying, and so now they were united together too. Naturally, these official unions were merely symbolic - they didn't stop us from continuing our inter-family sex, and Simon fucked his mother (who was also his mother-in-law) as much as I continued to fuck Helen (who was both my daughter and daughter-in law)

Melissa - now a sweet-sixteen - was not in anyway left out because she is still single. She was content to be the independent baby of the family, swapping sexual partners in our family of five just as frequently as the rest of us did.

There's a lot I've skipped over in the last part of this story, and there's a great deal to tell, but I'm sure your imaginations, dear readers, can fill in the gaps and carry it on. Whatever you come up with will surely be just as exciting and titillating as the reality.