Christmas Presents: Part Two

(Incest - mother/son, brother/sister, oral, anal, teen, les, threesome (Fmf), felching)

Me and my sister, Tracy, screwed each other on a daily basis following the Christmas evening when I'd fucked both her and our mother.
Tracy - who at fifteen was two-years younger than me - was as horny as I was, and we fucked like randy rabbits, humping at nearly every opportunity. Sadly, my mother did not share the enthusiasm for incest. Or rather, she did, but refused to allow herself to submit to her desires for such antics. She'd been a wild and wanton slut on Christmas Day, drunk and horny, eagerly demanding that I fuck her cunt and arse, which I did. She'd felt guilty afterwards though and refused to let me fuck her again. She said me and Tracy could continue to fuck - so long as we were discreet and made sure Tracy didn't get pregnant.
Tracy and me were discreet, at least first, fucking quietly in my room in the early morning or late at night. We got some condoms but although it was fun to fuck her to completion in her twat, using a rubber lessened the pleasure, and we agreed that we should stick to sodomy; partly because it was a simple and effective method of avoiding pregnancy, but mainly because we both found ourselves preferring anal sex. I loved the tight feeling of her arsehole, and she loved the feeling of severe impalement at having her big brother's cock rammed in her narrower orifice. Both of us got off on the taboo nature of such a method of fucking too.
Mum used to listen in on us fucking. Tracy and me would be humping away, my cock sawing away in her tight shit-ring, and we would hear mum outside the closed door, softly moaning, quite obviously masturbating as she listened to us. Once I'd cum up Tracy's arse - or, sometimes, all over her face (she loved facials) - we would hear mum's quiet footsteps as she sneaked away. She clearly wanted to join in but felt too guilty at the idea. We would later start fucking with the door open, letting our cries of pleasure resound throughout the house to let mum know what she was missing.
Tracy was a mischievous minx. She would enjoy teasing mum when all three of us were in the living room watching telly. Tracy would sit close to me and grope my crotch or whisper lewd suggestions in my ear, clearly to make mum cast dissaproving (but envious) glances at us.

On New Year's Eve mum went out to a party with some friends. Tracy and me had the house to ourselves and we fucked in the living room. I ejaculated twice in her bowels before Tracy, somewhat tired and tipsy on the vodka we had pinched from the drinks cabinet, retired to bed a few minutes after midnight. I had a cup of tea, watched a bit more television, then I retired to bed myself.
At twelve-thirty, half-an-hour into 2005, I was about to nod off in my bed when I heard mum coming home. After a few minutes she came up the stairs. I wondered if she was drunk; I hoped so. Maybe I could get out of bed and fuck her, as seen as she was somewhat tipsy when I fucked her on Christmas Day.
I could hear mum stagger into her room, humming a merry tune to herself.
A minute later, I heard a soft rapping at the door. Without waiting to be invited, the door opened, and my mother stepped in. My room was dark, but the light from the hallway came in though the doorway, in which mum was silhouetted. I could tell she was naked. She came in to the room, leaving the door open, staggering a little.
"Hi mum," I said, quietly.
"Shhh," she whispered. She grabbed the bedcovers and flung them aside, leaving my naked body exposed as I lay there on my back. My prick was rapidly stiffening.
"Mum?" I began, smiling.
"Mummy's feeling horny again," she said, slurring her words a little. She knelt on the edge of the bed, reached out and gripped the base of my hardening cock in her warm hand, then leaned over and started sucking on my cock. I moaned with pleasure and lay my head back on the pillow, enjoying this slurpy blow-job from my mum. Her arse was raised in the air so I reached round behind her and slid a finger into her wet twat. I fingered her for a moment, then removed the digit, slick and juicy, and inserted it up her bum. She gave a muffled moan as I anally finger-fucked her. She sucked deeper on my cock.
After a moment more of this, I took my finger out of her arse, which she took as a signal to get down to businses. Mum raised up and swung a leg over my hips so she knelt astride my throbbing erection, onto which she impaled her hot wet snatch.
"Mmmmm," she moaned, gleefully, settling down with my prick buried right up her cunt. She then began riding me, up and down, up and down, both of us grunting in the semi-darkness. I wished the main-light was on so I could have seen her body better, but I sensed that she wanted to do this in the darkness, to perhaps disguise the reality of what she was doing; fucking her own son. Still, there was some light coming in from the hallway through the open door to my bedroom, which partly illuminated her delicious body.
Mum continued to bounce on my cock, panting lustfully, and I thrust my pulsing erection up into her cunt, matching her rythm. I also reached up and clapped my hands to her big firm tits, fondling and groping them. They felt wonderful, as did the grip of her tight vagina.
"Uh, Patrick, darling," my mother groaned, almost dreamily, "Mmmm."
"You're so hot mum," I told her.
"I'm a slut aren't I?" she asked, and though I couldn't make out her face too well in the semi-darkness, I could sense by the tone of her voice that she was grinning, "I'm a fucking whore and a slut aren't I Patrick?"
"You are mum," I told her, in barely a whisper, "A lovely, sexy, wanton fucking slut. A sonfucking cunt. I love you. Ride me mum, take my motherfucking cock. Uh. Uh, yeah."
"Oh Patrick, yes, that's good. That's so good. Fuck me darling, fuck your slut-bitch mummy."
She then leaned over, continuing to ride up and down on my cock but with her upper body bent over mine, her big tits squashed against my chest. She nuzzled at my neck, nibbled on my ear-lobes then clamped her lips to mine and snogged me lustfully. Our tongues slid over each other as we frenched like rampant lovers, mum riding me faster and sighing pleasurably into my mouth. I reached behind her and popped a finger up her anus.
"Cheeky!" she giggled, raising her head a little, then she resumed snogging me. I pumped my finger in and out of her rectum as we cunt-fucked.
Mum evidently grew a little tired after a few more minutes, and sensing this I told her to flip over. She dismounted me and lay on her back, legs apart. I mounted her, driving my cock deep into her furry snatch and began to fucked her in the missionary position, snogging passionately as we did so. It felt so damn horny to be fucking her in my own bed.
"Oh Patrick," she gasped a moment later, taking her lips from mine, "I'm cumming darling. Oh fuck, I'm cumming. Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck my fucking slutty cunt motherfucker. NNNG!"
Her body tensed and shook under me as I pounded her snatch, driving my cock far into her womb. Her orgasm was prolonged and once it was over my own orgasm rose up. With a long sigh of satisfaction I began spewing hot gouts of slimy cum into her womb. I kissed her once more, sliding my tongue far down her throat, thrusting my cock one final time into her cunt and shooting the last couple of wads of spunk into her.
Finally, we both relaxed, me laying on top of her, both of us out of breath.
After I'd recovered, I dismounted mum, rolling to oneside.
I lay there, naked and sweaty, feeling damn good and wondering if, despite buggering Tracy twice that evening and now having just cunt-fucked my mum, I would be ready for an encore.
Whether my cock would have been ready for more action or not, I would not get a second chance to fuck my mother that night. I soon heard her snoring softly beside me, having fallen asleep through a combination of wine, the late hour and the energetic fucking she'd just been given. I smiled to myself and allowed myself to slowly drift off to sleep next to mum.

I woke up at nine-thirty the next morning. I was despondent as I turned and saw I was alone, mum having obviously woken during the night and sneaking back to her own room.
I dressed and went downstairs. Mum was making breakfast, clad in a dressing gown.
"Morning mum," I grinned.
"Hi Patrick," she said with forced cheerfulness, "I've just made some breakfast. Want some?"
"Yes please."
She began heaping scrambled eggs onto a plate.
"Last night was..." I began.
"Patrick," interrupted my mum before I could get to the word 'cool'. She gave me a stern look, then glanced away, looking guilty. "We...I shouldn't have done that. What I did last night...I'm...sorry."
"Don't be mum, it was..."
"Patrick," she snapped, once again cutting me off before I could say the word 'cool'.
"Sorry mum."
"It's...okay. Anyway," she continued, brightening up, "Do you want bacon too?"
"Sure mum," I said.
We ate breakfast together, soon joined by Tracy (she padded down in just a pair of skimpy knickers and a bra - mum gave her a dissaproving look but did not comment on the girl's provocative manner of dress.) I figured that, if mum didn't want to talk about last night, then fair enough.
I promised myself - and Tracy, after breakfast, when I took her to my room and sodomized her - that mum would join us sometime. Most of all I wanted to fucked her when she was sober. That would be a challenge.

That evening, Tracy had gone out with friends. I was alone in the house with mum.
At seven o'clock, my mother was in the living room, watching television. She was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts and a low-cut yellow top that revealed plenty of cleavage. I had noticed her dressing more sexily around me, and I knew that sometime I'd get her to finally cave in and give in to her incestuous desires. It would just take time.
I strolled in to the room, wearing just a pair of boxer shorts.
"Hi mum, what you watchin'?" I asked, plonking myself down on the sofa next to her.
"It's a movie, just starting," she replied, then she looked at me. "You should put some clothes on Patrick. Don't just walk around in your shorts."
"It's hot mum."
"No it isn't Patrick," she said, glancing over my firm torso with obvious admiration, "It's January. It's not hot."
"You're dressed scantily," I told her. She didn't reply, merely pretended to be paying attention to the film. "You have great legs mum," I said. No response. "Superb tits too!"
"Patrick!" she snapped.
"What?" I gasped, all innocent, "They are great mum. They're almost poppin' out of that top too. Nice cleavage."
"I'm glad you like them," she sniffed, "Now please just...stop making suggestive comments. I'm not your sister."
"Is it okay if I jack off mum?" I asked, whipping off my shorts and slumping back on the sofa, stroking my long thick erection.
"Put that away."
I just grinned at her, stroking my cock and looking at the way she struggled - and failed - to tear her eyes away from my erection.
"I'm so horny mum!"
"How can you still be horny? You must have screwed your slutty sister four times today."
"Five times."
Mum looked away.
"Five times," I repeated, "Up the arse, naturally. Plus we love anal. I love fucking women in the shitter, and Tracy loves being fucked in the shitter. Just like you mum. You told me the other day you liked anal."
"I was a bit drunk then Patrick," she said in a flat voice, gazing at the television, "I said some things I shouldn't have. And I did things I shouldn't have."
"What about last night, should you have done that? Y'know, when you came into my room and fucked me?"
"Look, we've been through this Patrick. Just...drop it."
I continued pumping my cock in my fist as I lay back on the sofa.
"Get dressed," mum said a moment later without looking at me, "Or go up to your room that."
"I'll cum in moment mum," I cheekily told her, "I can't stop now." I began jerking off faster. "Gee, I hope I don't spurt jizm all over the sofa. It'll stain it! I wish I had something to spunk up on, like a big pair of boobs. That'd be cool."
Mum turned and glared at me. She then sighed and sat up, quickly tugging off her top and slinging it aside. She was not wearing a bra and she now sat in just her denim shorts, her lovely big juicy tits on display. Her nipples were visibly hard.
"Fine," she huffed, getting off the sofa, "if it'll keep you happy." She turned and knelt down in front of the sofa. I sat up, grinning, and perched myself at the edge of the sofa, pulling on my erection that was aimed right at her tits. She laid her hands on my parted thighs and looked down with obvious lust as I pumped my rigid cock. She shuffled a little closer so that my swollen cockhead was almost touching her massive tits.
"Cum all over them," she whispered, "Drench them." She glanced at me, then quickly glanced back down, seemingly embarrassed that she'd spoken out loud.
"Lovely tits," I panted, whacking off hard, "You have such great tits mum. Oh it is! UUUUH!"
My cock exploded in my pumping fist, jets of sperm blasting out and splashing over my mother's tits. I heard her groan with desire as she watched carefully as her melons were steadily drenched.
"Oh fuck, yeah!" I groaned, shooting a seventh and final wad of cum out of my cock. I'd given ber breasts a good drenching, big dollops and streaks of sparkling white cum all over them. I wiped my sperm-leaking prick-head over her left nipple.
"Happy now?" she asked me.
"Sure mum," I grinned, "Thanks."
"I'd best clean up," she said, standing, and left the room quickly. I heard her scamper upstairs.
I grinned to myself and put on my shorts.

The following morning I woke up with a serious case of morning wood. I crept into Tracy's room where she was peacefully sleeping. It was early, and when I opened the curtains in Tracy's room I could see that the sun was not yet above the horizon, the snow covered rooftops of the houses across the road illuminated only by the cold silver moon.
I shooked my sister's shoulder with one hand whilst jerking off my erection in the other.
"Wake up sis," I whispered.
"Huh?" Tracy mumbled, opening her eyes. She sat up. "Oh, morning Patrick."
"Fancy a fuck?"
Tracy grinned. She obviously liked my forthrightness.
"Damn right," she giggled.
Tracy got out from under the covers and assumed the position, on her hands and knees in the centre of the double-bed. I flicked on the lamp, illuminating the pretty dark-haired girl now willingly presenting her arse for attention. We both loved anal-sex so much that it was pretty much considered the default option when it came to sex. Cunt-fucking, if indulged in at all, was never more than a bit of foreplay.
I knelt down behind Tracy and stroked her sublime buttocks. Then I leaned down and started licking her arsehole, swirling my tongue around that puckered hairless hole.
"You love my bum-hole don't you Patrick?" giggled my fifteen-year-old sister.
"Damn right," I replied, lifting my head from her bottom, "It's truly superb." And with that, I resumed rimming her out, pushing my tongue up into her rectum, my head shoved between her cheeks. I could hear my sister moaning softly. She really enjoyed having her arsehole licked out, although not as much as she enjoyed having my big cock rammed into that orifice.
After thoroughly eating out Tracy's arse I knelt up straight, my erection pulsing stiffly. Tracy's shithole was gaping slightly thanks to my oral attention, slick with saliva and ready for impaling.
"There we go sis," I grunted as I pushed my cockhead past her sphincter, "Aaaah, yeah. Do you like that, my darling slutty sister? Do you like it?"
"Oh yes, yes," Tracy cried, her body quivering, "UUUUUH! Fuck it up me."
I shoved more of my erection into her tight arse, holding her hips and pulling her towards me as I thrust forwards. Tracy shooked and moaned as I plunged deeper into her intestines. With a final thrust, I buried the rest of my shaft in her hot rectum.
"Fuck yeah, there it is," I panted, triumphantly, "What an arse. What a fucking arse!"
"Uuuuh, God that's good," Tracy gasped, "There's nothing better than a good bum-fucking to wake me up in the morning. Mmmm. Yeah."
"I plan on spending most of today up your arse Tracy," I told my horny sister as I began to hump back and forth, "I'm going to flood your bowels so full of spunk my cum will start leaking out your mouth and nose."
Tracy giggled at this image, then resumed her gentle sighs of pleasure as my erection slid to and fro in her clutching sphincter. I began to pick up my pace, sodomizing her hard and fast. I panted as I energetically bum-fucked my sister, the bedsprings squeaking.
"Oh yes, oh yes, Patrick, yes," Tracy began to cry, "Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Oh FUCK! UUUUH! FUCK!"
"Yeah, slut, take it," I grunted, ramming my cock hard into her bowels, my pelvis thwacking noisily against her arse cheeks, my hands gripping her hips to stop her from involuntarily squirming away as she began to quake with an impending orgasm, "Uh. Take my cock in your arse sis, you beautiful slut!"
"I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me...AAAAH! YEAH! Fuck my arse motherfucker, I'm cumming!"
"Yeah. Yeah, that's it sis. Cum you horny cunting whore."
"FUCK! AAAAAH! I'm cumming so fucking hard!!"
"Could you keep the noise down if you're going to do that?" came my mother's voice.
Me and my sister halted as if someone had pressed a 'pause' button. I was in mid-thrust, all but an inch of my prick buried in Tracy's bowels. We looked round and saw our mum standing in the doorway in a red dressing gown. "You woke me up," she commented, "It's only seven o'clock."
"Sorry mum," Tracy said, grinning.
"We got carried away," I added.
I thought my mother looked so incredibly sexy. Having just got out of bed, obviously woken by the cries of ectasy by her humping teenaged offspring, her long black hair was dishevelled, and she obviously had no make-up on. It was a testament to her beauty that she still looked so supremely hot moments after dragging herself out of bed.
Despite having made her protest at our noise, mum did not depart. Instead she remained standing there, looking a bit uncertain.
"You should..." she began, "keep...the noise down. Or do it in Patrick's room. That room is right down the hallway, not next to mine like this one."
"But Tracy's bed is better to fuck on mum," I declared, cheekily, and to prove it I resumed humping Tracy, fucking her arse with long and slow thrusts.
"Mmmm, that's good Patrick," Tracy moaned, quite obviously for mum's benefit more than for me in a clear attempt to make our mother envious and, perhaps, inspire her to join in.
"Is that nice Tracy?" I asked her, needlessly, "Is it nice having my big hard rod up your arse?"
"Mmmmm, yes it is," replied my wanton little sister, "Your cock feels so good in my arse. I can feel it probing right in the depths of my bum-guts. Ooh yeah."
Our mother took a step towards us, then stopped, watching us with barely concealed lust but still held back by whatever part of her kept her from flinging herself back into the incestuous fun she clearly desired.
"Fancy joining in mum?" I asked her, "There's plenty for you and Tracy. C' know you want a good arse-fucking."
"No Patrick..." mum began, sternly, before suddenly shaking her head and saying "Oh, alright then." She undid her belt and slipped off her gown. She wore no underwear and stepped forwards, nude, her body utterly beautiful; slim and toned, illuminated softly in the warm bedside lamp, her tits big and firm looking, her nipples stiff. "If you really want to be a perverted young man and fuck your own mother up the arse, then that's your lookout," she sniffed as she reached the bed, trying to make it out like she was being bullied into this, "Move aside Tracy. Your filthy brother wants to stick his big prick up his own mother's bottom, the perverted motherfucker, so I'm going to let him. Perhaps that'll stop him from annoying me with persistant requests to bugger me."
"That's the spirit mum," giggled Tracy, and she pulled herself forwards so that my throbbing erection slid out of her arse with a 'pop'. The teenager shifted aside and knelt at the edge of the bed, gazing at our mother. This was the first time, of course, Tracy had seen our mum naked.
Mum got onto the bed and onto her hands and knees, doing a poor job of trying to disguise her enthusiasm. Her gorgeous round arse was raised and spread before me.
"There's my bum Patrick," she said, trying to sound stern but her voice beginning to quiver with lust, "Do what you want with it you over-sexed filthy young man."
"And what a bum it is," I sighed, happily, stroking my mother's buttocks, "What a fucking truly delicious arse. Look Tracy, look at mother's arse. Isn't it superb? Isn't is perfectly shaped? And look at this lovely hole," I continued, briefly sucking on my forefinger then inserting the tip of that digit into mother's anus, "What a tight looking arsehole."
"That's a nice arse," Tracy agreed, next to me, obvious lust in her eyes as she admired our mother's behind. I could sense our mum softly murmering with pleasure as I fingered her anus, and I could somehow tell she was getting off on hearing her daughter show evident lust towards her body. I could also tell that Tracy was hot for our mum, that she had been keen on mum joining in our fuck-fests so she herself could fuck her too.
"Let's lick our mother's delicious looking slut-holes," I said, taking my finger out of mum's arsehole, "Tracy? You tongue her arsehole. I shall feast on her cunt."
Without hesitating, Tracy leaned down and started lapping at our mum's arsehole. I got down as well and thrust my head under Tracy's so that I could slurp at our mother's cunt. The busty slut was soon attempting to stifle increasingly loud groans of pleasure as her son and daughter licked and tongued her vagina and anus. I ate her out thoroughly and drank her juices. I could hear Tracy making osbcene slurping noises as she feasted on the narrower orifice just inches above the one I was enjoying.
For several minutes me and Tracy tongued our mother's holes before we switched over, so that I could lick her arsehole whilst Tracy slurped on her cunt.
I knelt up, jerking off my achingly erect cock. Tracy shifted aside too.
"Fuck her arse," she urged me, "Fuck our mother's shitter. That slutty whore obviously wants to be buggered as much as I do. Give her what she obviously fucking wants. I wanna watch you do it."
I gave Tracy a kiss, delighting in how beautiful she looked, especially with cunt-juice slathered over her face from cunt-lapping our mum.
"I shall fuck mum's cunt first," I declared, "before I fuck her arse." With that, I shoved my cock deep into her hot cunt with one single thrust.
"Uuuuuh," mum groaned, "Uh...Patrick. Oh yes. Oh yes, darling."
"That's it mum," I said as held her hips and began to fuck her doggie-style, "Don't deny it mum, you love it. You love being fucked don't you, you beautiful slut."
Mum just panted with lust, banging her arse back into my thrusting pelvis.
"Pull out," Tracy said a moment later, leaning down, "I want to suck your cock. I wanna taste mum's cunt on your cock."
"Uuuuuh," our mother moaned, turned on by hearing this wanton suggestion from her slutty, incestuous and obviously bisexual daughter.
"There we go," I said as I tugged my thick erection from mum's snatch and tended it to Tracy, "Suck it bitch."
Tracy, who took after mum in getting off on being referred to in lewd and degrading terms, grinned before she took most of my glistening, juice-slathered cock into her mouth. She sucked me thirstily, moaning inwardly with pleasure.
When Tracy had sucked me off for about a minute, mum looked over her shoulder.
"Put your cock back in me Patrick," she said, in a voice that was harsh with both authority and lustful impatience, "Tracy's sucked it enough. Stick it back in my cunt. Hurry. Fuck me Patrick you randy motherfucker."
"Sure mum," I chirped, and I pulled my rampant teenaged cock from Tracy's hot mouth and shoved it to the root in mum's cunt, "There we are you beautiful slut. Right up your fucking cunt, you slut, you beautiful whore. Aaaah, yeah. What a hot tight cunt!"
"Fuck me Patrick, fuck me," mother groaned, bucking and squirming ecstatically, "Fuck my cunt! UUUUH! I'm gonna cum. Ah! AAAAH!"
I fucked her furiously throughout her orgasmic crisis, delighting in making my mother climax.
"Oh fuck yeah, yes, yes," she panted as her climax ebbed away. I began to slow my thrusts and then I pulled my meat from out of her twat.
"Have another suck sis," I said to Tracy, and the horny minx eagerly slurped on my erection for a moment. Then I took my cock out of her mouth and pushed the swollen head to mum's anus. "Time to sodomize our cunting slut of a mother," I said, applying pressure and soon squeezing the fiery tip of my erection into mum's anus, "Aaaah, there we are."
"Right up me Patrick, you horny motherfucking bastard," mother demanded, lustfully, "Fuck my arse. If you want a dirty anal-slut for a mother then you've got one! UUUH! Aaah, yeah!"
"There we are," I groaned, victoriously, as I buried my rod fully up her fudge tunnel. I began to fuck her, running my cock back and forth. Tracy knelt next to me, watching me bugger our mum and occasionally kissing me.
I was soon working up a sweat as I pounded mum's arse. rampantly buggering her, slamming my cock repeatedly into the depths of her rectal passage.
After a few minutes I slid my cock out of my mother's shit-ring and, before I could even ask her, Tracy leaned down and sucked me off, slurping on my soiled prick. It turned me on seeing her indulge in such depravity, such her mum's shit off her brother's dick. I felt my climax might arise, thanks to Tracy's skillful cocksucking, so I tugged my dick from her greedy lips and pushed it back into my mother's rectum. She began crying out ecstastically again as she was re-buggered, and I fucked her arse with as much energy and passion as I had done a moment ago.
"Do you like being arse-fucked mum?" I asked her, humping furiously, "Do you like it you delicious fucking slut?"
"Oh God, yeah, yeah I do," she admitted with a cry, "Oh yes! You were right Patrick, you were right, I am a slut and a whore and I love to be fucked in the arse by my own son. Fuck me. Go for it. Don't hold back motherfucker. Fuck me Patrick, fuck your whoring slut of a sonfucking mum. Fuck my arse. Oh yes. Oh yes."
After another moment of sodomizing my profanity-spewing mum, I could detect my orgasm approach. I wanted to draw things out a bit so I began to slow down. Then I tugged my cock from mum's arse."
"Move aside mother," I told her with a playful slap to her buttocks, "I'm going to bugger Tracy again. But don't go far mum, I shall want to give you another arse-fucking."
My mum shifted aside, looking even prettier now that she was further dishevelled and sweaty. Her firm tits glistening with sweat, strands of black hair were stuck to her shiny forehead. She knelt next to me, unashamedly fingering her sopping furry cunt.
Tracy got on her hands and knees in front of me, her butt spread, her back-passage gaping from it's previous plugging. I went to fuck her arse but mum suddenly leaned down and started lapping Tracy's shitter, returning the favour of arse-licking she had received from her daughter earlier. Tracy yelped with delight at the sensation of her mum's tongue squirming up her bowels.
After eating out Tracy's arse, my mum then turned and sucked on my cock even though it was soiled slightly by her own shit. Then she took it out of her mouth, smacking her lips.
"Sodomize your sister you horny fucker," she urged me, her voice hot with passion, "I want to see you bugger your horny slut of a sister just like you buggered me."
"I will mum," I promised, pushing my cock deep into Tracy's rectum and making her cry with delight, "I'm going to sodomize this bitch, then I shall sodomize you once more. If I have a slutty whore for a sister, and a slutty whore of a mother, both with insatiable addictions so being anally fucked, then it's my duty as a brother and son to satisfy them."
I began to fuck Tracy's arse, ramming my cock deep into her bowels with every thrust, making the big-titted teenaged slut groan and wail with pleasure. My mother knelt close to me and watched, licking her lips. I pulled my cock out of Tracy's rectum after a few moments and my mum, without needing an invitation, sucked on my erection. Then I re-fucked it up Tracy's arse and happily sodomized her.
My mum flung an arm around me and lewdly kissed me on the mouth, rudely shoving her tongue into my throat and moaning inwardly like a total slut. I snogged her back whilst uninterruptedly buggering Tracy.
"You beautiful, horny motherfucker," my mum said, pulling back after a moment, "What a gorgeous stud I have for a son, and what a delightful slut I have for a daughter."
"And what a fucking horny slut we have for a mother," I told her, and I kissed her again, then leaned down to suck on her tits. I reached between her legs and fingered her dripping cunt whilst I sucked on her left nipple. Tracy soon began to climax as I continued drilling her shitter, crying out loud and wanton cries.
"Fuck me Patrick, fuck my arse," she wailed, "Oh yes, oh yes, fuck my shitter! UUUUH! Holy shit I'm cumming! UUUH! Mpphhhh...." She was silenced as mum took her lips from mine, scooted up the bed and leaned down to snog Tracy. I bum-fucked my younger sister whilst watching her and mum kiss passionately. My sperm was threatening to rumble up from my balls, but although I was desperately eager to finally blow my nuts, I was good at self-control and I willed myself to pull my prick from Tracy's arse unspent.
"Time for another arse-fucking mum," I said, "Tracy? Turn round and flip over. Mum? Get on top of Tracy, in a sixty-nine. You two lesbian bitches can eat one another's cunts whilst I bugger mum."
The two ladies eagerly complied. I enjoyed bossing them about, and I could they enjoyed being bossed about. Tracy was a laid-back girl and always content to be lead rather to to the leading herself, and looked to me for guidance and orders in many matters, not just sex. Mum, on the other hand, was normally quite authoratitive, and indeed in her job as a senior administrator in a bank spent most of her days bossing people about; I guess she liked to be able to let someone else take charge and boss her about. Plus it meant she was able to calm the guilt she had about all this sordidness by divesting responsibility to me.
Tracy was soon laying back, her head towards me as I knelt there on the bed, my cock jutting erectly over her face. Our mum mounted Tracy, inverted, lowering her cunt onto Tracy's face whilst she in turn thrust her head into Tracy's cunt. Mother and daughter, in a sixty-nine, then proceeded to eat out each other's cunts, slurping noisily and writhing against each other.
My mum's yawning anus was presented before me, hanging open above her cunt which Tracy was slurping at thirstily. I eased my erection into my mum's shit-hole and slid it in with a long, smooth stroke. Mother shivered and moaned but continued to lap at Tracy's twat. I then proceeded to bugger mum, working my pulsing erection back and forth in her hot clammy shit-canal.
"Ah yes, nothing better than fucking a nice tight arse," I murmered to myself, merrily fucking my mother in her tight shitter. She and Tracy were temporarily silenced as they dug their tongue's into each other's cunts, just wet smacking and slurping noises emerging from where their heads were pushed into each other's steaming crotches.
After a few minutes of buggering my mother, I pulled my thick cock from her twitching shit-ring and thrust it down into my sister's face. She took her mouth from mum's cunt and sucked on my soiled prick. I then tugged my cock from her mouth and shoved it back up my mum's rectum, and Tracy resumed cunt-lapping the big-breasted whore atop her. For ten-minutes I steadily buggered my mother, taking my prick from her arse every few minutes and feeding it - slick with pre-cum, saliva and shit - to Tracy, who would lick it clean before I would ram it back in our mum's rectum.
"Uh, uh, uuuuh," I began grunting as I eventually picked up my pace, my orgasm approaching, "Oh fuck.'re tight. I'm gonna fucking shoot my load in it soon!" Like my mother and sister, my naked body was slick with sweat.
"Fuck me, I'm cumming," my mum suddenly wailed, raising her slick face from Tracy's cunt, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! UUUUH! Lick my cunt Tracy, fuck my arse Patrick. Aaaah!"
She shivered climactically then plunged her head back between Tracy's spread thighs.
"I'm gonna cum too mum," I announced, furiously bum-fucking my mother, "I'm gonna cum up your fucking arse. Uh! Take it you cunting slut!! AAAH!"
I shoved my prick to the root in her shitter and began pumping out hot cum. My orgasm had been delayed for so long that it was incredibly powerful, and I had to clap my hands to mum's sweat-slick back to hold myself up as my body was shaken by my orgasm.
"Oh fuck, oh yeah," I panted, my cock pulsing as it spewed thick sperm into the depths of my mother's intestines. I could sense her anus tightening as she flexed her sphincter to milk me dry. She was still eating out Tracy's cunt as she received my sperm in her bowels, whilst Tracy had taken her lips from mum's cunt and was sucking on my balls, adding to the intense stimulation I was already undergoing as I came in mum's shit-chute.
"Cum in me motherfucker," groaned mum, "Aaah."
"Oh wow," I sighed, once my balls were empty, "Holy shit."
I slowly slid my cock from my mum's anus and fed it to Tracy, who sucked it clean of shit and cum. Then I shuffled back, exhausted, my prick not even softening thanks to my youthful vigour; I was going to be ready for an encore, just as soon as I got my breath back anyway.
To my delight, my mother and sister were not yet finished. Whilst mum continued to lap Tracy's cunt, Tracy raised her head and sealed her lips to mum's yawning anus and began to noisily slurp my sperm from out of that well-fucked hole.
Eventually the two cunt-lapping sluts moved apart, their bodies slick with sweat, faces dripping cunt-juice.
"Up for a second-round?" I asked them, stroking my erect teen cock in their direction.
Both of them nodded and grinned.
"What do you want us to do?" asked mum.
I smiled. I was seventeen, perpetually horny and instatiable, and now I had my sexy little sister and horny big-breasted mother both ready and willing to indulge in any lewd and sordid sex-act I cared to think of. It was almost too much. My mind was temporarily blank! Would I sodomize Tracy whilst I stuck my tongue up mum's arse? Or cunt fuck my mother whilst lapping at Tracy's cunt. Or perhaps I could lay back and let them take turns riding my cock. It would also be nice, I thought, to end the next session by cumming on both their faces, pasting the pair of them in jizz.
I then clapped my hands together as I finally made up my mind on what lewdness to indulge in with these wanton sluts.
"Right then," I began, before proceeding to give them their orders.