Christmas Presents: Part I

(Incest - mother/son, brother/sister, oral, anal, teen)

My Uncle's Christmas parties were always well attended. He filled his suburban home with tonnes of food and drink and invited his friends, family, extended family and the friends of anyone in those three categories (and their friends too) and the whole place was rocking until late into the night.
2004's bash was no exception. I had recently been dumped by my girlfriend ("I need some space Patrick," she'd somberly told me, even though we'd only been going out for a month), which put a downer on the situation. But what the fuck? I'm seventeen, tall, dark and handsome, and there were plenty of girls at the party.
We'd had a white Christmas at last and the snow still fell outside as it passed midnight. My Uncle's house was packed out with people aged from eight to eighty. I lived with my divorced mother and my younger sister, just up the road, a short walk away.
My mother was dancing away in the living room with several other merry makers. I sat on the sofa, smirking at the sight, sandwiched between a friend of mine who had passed out and my sister Tracy. Most teenagers would have perhaps been embarrassed by the sight of their mum boogying away, but it didn't bother me and Tracy. Our mum had had us when she was only in her late-teens, so not only did that mean she was still relatively youthful at thirty-four, but she had missed out on some of her adolescence by raising me and Tracy, so was obliged to make up for lost-time and let her hair down. She was merry on several gin-and-tonics and was dancing with two of her brothers. I was surprised my mum had not had another long-term lover since she and my dad had divorced five-years ago. My mother was pretty, with long black hair, a youthful fresh face and she had a superb figure. Most of my mates commented on it and told me she was the sexiest mother around. Her big firm 36DD boobs proved to be something of a magnet for my friend's wandering eyes. And mine, sometimes.
Being seventeen, I was constantly horny, and eyed up every female around, which sometimes included my mother. Perverse as it may have been, at times like now, as she danced in her little black dress with those hefty round boobs almost spilling out, I couldn't help but glance at her deep mouthwatering cleavage. She occasionally glanced at me and flashed a grin, holding a bottle of beer in one hand with her thumb over the top to prevent it spilling over, and I'd grin back at her. This would encourage her to continue dancing even more energetically, albeit rather drunkenly.
My sister, Tracy, sighed a couple of times as she sat next to me, evidently not getting into the spirit of things and wanting to leave. Having failed to get the attention of any girls at the party, and quite frankly wanting to go home for a nice wank, I was feeling it was time to head home soon to.
"You okay sis?" I asked Tracy.
"Just tired," she sighed. Tracy took after my mother physically - medium-height, slim, big tits, black hair (albeit Tracy's was cut short) and the same deep green eyes that ran in our family. She had a sweet face, a cute little nose lightly freckled, and she wore dark red lipstick and matching mascara.
"Just tired, or bored?" I asked her.
"Both, a bit," Tracy shrugged. She was normally like my mum, really easy-going and relaxed, but occasionally - like any normal fifteen-year-old - she was prone to grumpy phases. They never lasted long though.
"I'm a bit tired too," I said, "Fancy heading home?"
"I can go on my own if you want, it's okay. Stay if you want to Patrick."
"No, it's fine, I'm honestly a bit bored too. I don't feel into the swing of things much."
"'Cos you got dumped recently?" Tracy suggested, giggling.
"Yeah, like you did," I retorted, remembering my sister had been dumped by her boyfriend last month at about the same time I did.
"We're both dumped and unloved," Tracy grumbled.
"Well, we've got each other," I said with a flourish as I stood up, "C'mon, let's split."
I held out my hands and Tracy took them, and I helped haul her up off the sofa. It was impossible for me not to notice that she was wearing an extremely low-cut white top, from which her firm melons - approaching my mother's in size already - were almost spilling forth from. I could make out her black bra through the cotton material of her top too. She also wore tight black jeans.
"We're off mum!" Tracy yelled in the direction of our mother, barely managing to be heard over the din of the music.
"Okay," mum shouted back before she resumed dancing with my Uncle.
Me and Tracy headed into the hallway.
"Piss break," Tracy abruptly declared. She sprinted upstairs and I waited for her, saying goodbye to a few friends as I did so. Tracy came back down a minute later and we waved a collective farewell to the place before putting on our coats and stepping outside.
"Fuck me it's cold," Tracy said, rather unladylike, as I shut the front door. She rubbed her hands together, her breath condensing in the freezing temperature.
"Did you have a good time tonight?" I asked her, concerned about Tracy's slightly delorous demeanour.
"Yeah, it was cool," she shrugged, "Wish I could get smashed out my face properly. Mum only let me have a couple of drinks."
"You don't need booze for a good time," I told her, "I only had a few beers tonight. Besides, we've got some drinks at home. Let's pinch some vodka."
"Cool," Tracy said, "All I need now is a guy?"
"A guy?"
"Sure. A handsome, fit guy. Or more specifically a fuck."
"Indeed," I commented, rather stoically.
"That's what I'd like best for Christmas," Tracy explained, "A good hard fuck"
"Fair enough," I sniggered, not especially shocked at this comment. I knew my sister wasn't a virgin, and as I'd been thinking constantly of sex since I was eleven and had lost my cherry by the time I was fifteen too, I didn't think that Tracy would be any different.
"A nice..." repeated Tracy, grinning at me lewdly and emphasising her words, "long...hard...fuck!"
"Yes, yes, I get the picture sis," I laughed, "If it'll make you happy, I'll give you a nice hard fuck."
And with that, I reached round and rudely pinched her bottom through her tight jeans. She giggled.
"Let's go," Tracy said. We set off down the garden path and head on up the suburban road to our house, crunching through the snow as we did so.

At home, I raided the drinks cabinet and made Tracy and myself a nice big vodka and Coke. We sat and drank as we chatted idly on the sofa.
After half-an-hour - the time by now approaching one in the morning - Tracy got to her feet.
"Come on," she said to me.
"Where?" I asked, finishing my drink.
"Upstairs. C'mon. Chop chop."
Tracy left the living room and, for want of anything else to do, I followed her. I wondered what she was up to.
Me and my sister went up the stairs and Tracy went into her room. I went in after her and, with rather a shocked expression on my face, watched as Tracy immediately whipped off her top and slung it to the floor.
"Strip then," she ordered me as she began undoing her jeans.
"What are you up to sis," I asked.
"Undressing," Tracy smirked, "You have to do it to if we're gonna fuck."
"Fuck? Whaddya mean?"
My sister had now removed her jeans and had taken off her socks. She now stood in just her sexy black knickers and bra. She really had a nice figure; five-foot-three, slim with pale skin, slender limbs, a lovely flat belly and hefty tits straining to be released from the bra she wore.
My cock had gone from snoozing flacidly in my pants to raging stiffness in the space of ten-seconds.
"You said you've give me a fuck for Christmas," Tracy giggled, "A nice hard one too, if I recall correctly."
"I was er...joking sis."
"So was I," Tracy admitted, "at the time anyway. Now, however, I'm serious. I'm just so damn horny. So, big brother, are you going to fulfil your promise? That Playstation you gave me for Christmas was superb, but your cock would be an even nicer present."
She unhooked her bra and took it off. Those lovely teen titties emerged into view. My sister had quite pale skin, meaning the dark pink nipples stood out prominently atop her 34DD breasts. My cock almost exploded in my pants!
Part of me was still a little freaked out by this, at my sister's invitation (or rather, her demand!) to be fucked, but I realised that she was only a bit tipsy, not drunk enough to not know what she was doing, and really was deadly serous. Furthermore, what seventeen-year-old boy wants to be bossed around and taken charge of by his younger sister? It was about time I asserted myself. And what the fuck was I still doing dressed?
"Okay," I said, hurridly unzipped my jeans, "If my darling sister wants a fuck for Christmas, she'll get one!"
"That's the spirit," giggled Tracy. She took off her knickers and hopped onto the bed, now naked.
I was soon naked myself, my six-inch cock nodding in the air, jutting upwards and throbbingly erect. I looked at Tracy, at her juicy, tight-looking pink cunt, lightly framed with black pubic hair.
"Let me suck that lovely looking cock," the big-titted fifteen-year-old said, sitting on the edge of the bed, "Give it to me. Let me suck you off Patrick, I love sucking cocks."
I couldn't help but oblige. I stepped up and offered her my pulsing prick, which she gripped by the base with one hand before unceremoniously cramming half of it in her mouth.
"Oh yeah Tracy," I moaned, feeling her hot wet mouth smother my cock, her tongue flicking over the head, "Uuuh, yeah."
Tracy gave muffled moans of pleasure as she sucked my dick.
"Suck it sis," I ordered her, Tracy doing so with greater enthusiasm, evidently turned on by me swiftly putting aside my initial reservations and snatching the dominant role from her. "Suck my cock sis you horny little slut. Ah, yeah."
After a moment, Tracy took my dick from her mouth and lay back on the bed. "Come and fuck me big brother!" she moaned, writhing on her back, quite obviously as desperate for a good seeing to as she had made out earlier! What a nympho I had for a sister.
I got onto the bed and knelt between her spread thighs, my prick rock-solid and slick with saliva, aiming like a dart at Tracy's glistening cunt.
"Shit, have you got any rubbers?" I asked Tracy.
"No," she replied, "Bollocks! Have you?"
We paused, our lust temporarily halted by this dilemma. We wanted to fuck, but there was no way Tracy could get pregnant to her own brother!
"Fuck it," Tracy then said, casually, "Just fuck me and pull out before you shoot your load."
Satisfied with this solution, I mounted Tracy, sinking my erection to the hilt into her delicious cunt.
We both let out a long groan of pleasure as we lay in each other's arms, her body feeling firm and warm beneath mine, her big tits like cushions against my chest.
"That's nice Patrick," purred Tracy, "Oh yeah! What a lovely present! Your big cock. Uh!! Give it to me."
I withdrew my prick halfway out of my sister's snatch before shoving it in to the root.
"What a tight cunt you've got," I told her, "Oh yeah sis, you are hot!"
"Fuck me, fuck me," she urged, "Oh yes, fuck me hard brother!"
I began to do just that, sliding my cock back and forth in her clutching snatch. She squirmed beneath me, shuddering with pleasure. I clamped my lips to hers and gave her a lewd kiss. I wasn't sure how she'd react at first, as if kissing was more intimate than fucking, but Tracy was quite happy. She responded by sliding her tongue into her mouth. I emulated her and we tongued one another's mouths as we humped together in the missionary position.
After five-minutes, Tracy took her lips from mine and began yelping out in ecstasy as she climax.
"Oh yes, oh yes, Patrick, Patrick, yes!" she wailed, hooking her slender legs round my humping pelvis and gripping my shoulders in her small hands, "OH FUCK! I'm cumming, oh fuck. Yes! Fuck my cunt Patrick, fuck me!"
I shafted her cunt harder, turned on by her widly slutty talk. Her climax was prolonged and it took a moment before it ebbed away, although she continued responding to my rapid fuck-thrusts, holding onto me and bucking her firm adolescent body beneath mine.
"Oh yeah sis, you sure are a good fuck!" I grinned at her in between pants of exertion.
"Better than any of your girlfriends?" she asked, smiling.
"Damn right."
"I've only been fucked by one boy, and he wasn't as good as you."
"I'm glad to hear it."
"It's 'cos he probably didn't love me as much as you do," Tracy theorised. She then started kissing me again, and as we resumed humping and snogging, it occured to me what Tracy had said. In avoiding incestous activity, were we all missing out on the best sex of our lives? Were teenaged girls best fucked by their brothers, who love them, rather than by some boyfriend who was only interested in a quick lay? Who cared? I was fucking my lttle sister and I was having damn good fun. So was she. That was the important thing.
"I'm gonna cum soon," I stammered a few minutes later, taking my tongue from Tracy's mouth, "Any second now in fact."
"Pull out Patrick," Tracy urged, "I can't get preggers!"
"Okay," I said, reluctantly dismounting her, my slick throbbing rod from her slit.
"Cum on me," Tracy urged, "all over me!"
I could sense the glee in her voice as she had said this. It wasn't just out of practicality that she wanted me to spill my sperm over her, instead of on the bed-covers; she really wanted to be drenched.
"I'm gonna hose down these fine looking titties," I declared as I knelt over my sister, kneeling astride her flat belly, my cock hovering over her breasts.
"Yes, yes, do it," Tracy urged, propping herself up on her elbows and looking down her body that was soon going to be hosed in incestuous spunk. "Get some in my face," she added.
I jerked off furiously, my pent up sperm rumblng up from my balls within second.
"Uh, uh, uuuuuh, yeah!" I cried, pumping my cock in my blurred fist as my sperm began to spray out, "YEAH! FUCK!"
My first spurt of cum hit Tracy in the face, splashing across her left cheek, to her obvious delight. The second spurt hit her chin. Then I pumped four hefty pumps of sperm over her tits, giving them a reasonable coating, those lovely adolescent tits dotted, splashed and streaked with steaming cum. With a long sigh, I finished my orgasm, pumping my cock at a slower pace. I shuffled back and watched as the last of my semen oozed out from my piss-hole and then fell, landing with a splat on my sister's belly, just above her naval. I wiped my spunky cock-head over her stomach, leaving slimy silver trails.
"Wow," Tracy giggled, "that was so cool!"
"It sure was," I agreed. Tracy was pretty drenched! Big streaks and puddles of cum over her face, tits and belly. "You look gorgeous Tracy. Even more than usual."
"Mmmm, I'm all sticky," Tracy grinned, and she idly ran the tip of a forefinger through the cum on her tits, then sucked on the digit. "Nice!"
"You'd better get cleaned up."
Tracy grabbed a tissue from a box near her bed and wiped herself down. I got up and put on my clothes.
"That was a great present Patrick," Tracy - now cleaned of cum - commented a moment later as she got under the covers.
"It was a great prezzie for me too sis. Anytime you're horny, just pop in and see me."
"Oh, I will. But I'll drain you dry Patrick! I'm horny all the time."
"Me too," I smiled. Holy shit I thought, How cool is this? A horny big-titted girl under my own roof, inviting me to fuck her anytime I wanted! Christmas couldn't get any better. Or so I thought.
Tracy let out a big yawn.
"I'll let you sleep m'dear," I told her, "Goodnight."
"G'night Patrick."
I turned off the light and left the room, heading downstairs. I wasn't feeling tired any more. In fact I was buzzing from the strange but incredibly erotic thrill of just having fucked and cummed on my younger sister. I decided to have another drink then perhaps a bite to eat.

It was half-an-hour later when my mum came home.
"Anyone still awake?" she called as she kicked off her shoes and took off her coat.
"I am mum," I replied. I was in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil. I'd had another vokda and felt nice and merry, but I was still mostly sober.
"Hello darling," my mother said as she came into the kitchen, staggering a little, snowflakes in her black hair, "It's bloody cold out there."
"Not surprised in that dress," I commented, regarding the little black dress my mum wore. It was very little indeed. Her slender, toned legs were almost entirely on display thanks to the hem barely reaching half-way down her thighs. It was sleeveless and, like I mentioned earlier, very low cut, with plenty of cleavage on display.
"Nice and warm in here though," mum said, standing next to me, shoulders touching.
"I'm boiling the kettle. Fancy a cup of tea?"
"Sure. Where's Tracy?"
"In bed."
"Ah. I see. Did you, ahem, give your sister her present?"
"Her present?" repeated my mother, a cheeky grin on her face, her words slightly slurred from the beers and gin-and-tonics she'd guzzled her way through that evening, "The prezzie you promised her earlier, after you left the party."
Mum giggled at my puzzled expression.
"I heard you," she explained, "I took a break from dancing and sat down near the window. The curtains were shut but the window was open, and I heard you talking to Tracy and her saying she wanted a nice hard fuck for Christmas, and your promise too give her just that!"
"We were only joking mum, we didn't really do it," I told her, although I knew my mum would be able to tell I was lying.
"Oh, I don't believe you," mum giggled.
"Why not?" I asked, only slightly defensive as I noticed my mother's amused demeanour regarding the accusations she was making.
"Because I can just tell you're lying," mum added, stepping close to me, "Mums know these things." She hiccuped and giggled. "Plus, Tracy probably takes after me in being a complete nympho, a total nympho slut who can't get enough sex. And no youthful seventeen-year-old boy like you could turn down the offer of a screw, even with your younger sister."
I wasn't sure what to say. There was no point in denying it.
"Mummy would like a present too," my mother continued, voice lowered, and she reached out and stroked the crotch of my jeans. My cock was stiffening rapidly with the way mum was standing right next to me, her barely concealed tits almost nudging me.
I was slightly hesitant at what was happening, that an hour after my sister had secuded me my mother was trying to do the same! But then, I suddenly realised that I didn't want this to be like with Tracy, with me shocked and caught off-guard. I decided I would take control and speedily steer this scenario towards it's inevitable conclusion.
"What would mummy like as a present?" I asked her, going along with her lewd flirting, an obvious preluded to yet more incestuous fun.
"This hard cock is what I want," she purred, squeezing my erection through my jeans.
"By a lucky coincidence," I said, voice quivering with lust, "I want my mummy's hot body."
"Yeah?" she grinned. She then stepped back, reached behind herself and undid her dress. She let it drop and stepped out of it. She wore just a very skimpy, white lacy bra and a matching thong. She whipped these off in an instant, and my mother then gave me a twirl, amusingly almost losing her balance thanks to her tipsy state.
There she was, my mum, totally naked. A gorgeous thirty-four-year-old babe with enormous firm tits and a beautiful lust-filled face. Although she was slim, mum had a slightly plump bottom, very firm and shapely, it's roundness contrasting with her slender limbs and narrow waist. Her cunt was framed with a neat triangle of black pubic hair.
"Oh wow mum," I gasped.
"Do you think I'm hot son?" she asked.
"Fuck yeah! Very hot. Those fine looking. Your arse...oh mum, that's one heck of an arse...beautiful. So lovely I could eat it! You're so hot mum, I want to fuck you."
"By God, what a perverted and wonderful son I have," my mother said, her voice shaking and slurring at the same time.
She suddenly dropped to her knees and eagerly unzipped my flies, not able to get to my cock fast enough. She pulled it out, hard and throbbing, from my jeans and started sucking on it. She moaned as she stuffed it down her throat, slurping noisily on my prick.
"Oh yeah mum, yeah," I gasped, running my hands through her long black hair, "Suck my cock mum. Suck your son's cock."
"Mmmmphh, mpphhhh," mum just groaned, sucking away. She was soon deep-throating me, all of my dick down her hot throat.
"Holy shit mum, you give a good blow-job," I murmered.
A moment later, my mother took her mouth from my cook and stood abruptly, her tits wobbling as she did so.
"Let's fuck," she panted, heatedly.
"Yes. In the kitchen, I can't wait to go all the way upstairs. I want you to fuck me Patrick. I want you to give mummy her present of your nice hard cock in her dripping cunt and fill me with cum."
This sluttish talk from my normally easy-going and pleasant mother turned me on even further.
"Let's do it," I agreed, "Let me undress."
For the second time that night, I quickly removed my clothes. By the time I was naked, my erection throbbing so hard it ached, my mother had sat up on the kitchen worktop, next to the microwave, her legs apart and her glistening pink cunt winking out at me. Her cunt was at the same height as my cock and I eagerly stepped forth ready to fuck her. I paused, however, and decided that it would be nice to repay her the oral attention she'd given me.
I dropped to me knees and pushed my head into my mother's steamy crotch.
"Oh Patrick," gasped my mother, surprised at this attention, "Oh yes. Mmmm, baby, lick my cunt! Uuuh!"
I slurped thirstily on her slick twat, lapping at her slippery vulva before pushing my tongue into her cunt-channel.
"Aaaah, yes, eat my cunt," my mother urged me over the wet smacking noises my actions were making, "Eat mummy's cunt out you horny motherfucker! Suck me dry you perverted darling!"
I lapped, slurped and tongued my mother's cunt for several minutes before my cock could take no more and demanded to be shoved into my mother's body. I stood up straight, stepped forwards and swiftly buried my six-inches of steel hard meat into my mother's cunt. We both groaned with unashamed, incestuous ecstasy. Her cunt was hot and slick, but very tight. I began to fuck her, thrusting my cock back and forth in her gripping vagina. I fondled and groped her tits and delighted in the look of ecstasy in her face caused by my pistoning cock.
"Fuck me, fuck me," she panted, "Oh fuck. Oh yes. Yes! Oh GOD I'm gonna cum."
I fucked her even faster and harder, pleased that I was making my mother orgasm already, thanks to having heated her up a bit with my tongue. I shafted her twat with fast hard thrusts.
"That's it, cum," I urged her, "I want you to orgasm on the end of my cock mother. You beautiful fucking slut."
"Yes, yes, fuck me Patrick," my mum cried, "Fuck me motherfucker. UUUUH! Oh yes. Nnnnng."
I continued pumping her cunt as her climax died down, keeping her on the brink of a second climax which soon erupted, accompanied by another bout of horny dirty talk. My mother gripped my shoulders, tossed her head about with her hair whipping all over the place, and drunkenly called me a "motherfucker" repeatedly. It turned me on, so I hurled some good natured (and accurate) accusations at her.
"You slut, you wanton fucking whore," I gleefully told my mother as I fucked the shit out of her, "Oh yeah, you love it mum, you love being fucked by your own son."
"I do, I do," moaned my mother, her second climax finally fading, "Yeah, I'm a whore. Uuuuh! Oh fucking shit, yeah. Fuck me, Patrick, fuck your whore mother in her slutty cunt. Uh. Uh. Uh."
I was beginning to tire a little after ten-minutes of this. My orgasm was still not yet ready to arrive, but my legs were aching. I slowed down.
"Tired honey?" my mother asked me with a grin.
"A little," I replied, out of breath, "Gimme a minute to get my breath back."
"Pull out darling, let me do the work."
I withdrew my cock from her cunt and my nude mother daintily hopped off of the kitchen worktop.
"Sit on the chair," she directed me.
I sat down on a kitchen chair after turning it so it faced away from the table.
My mother stood in front of me, facing away, her delicious bottom presented to me. Then she sat down, slowly lowering herself, reaching down to hold my cock upright and guide it into her cunt.
"Uuuuuuh, mum," I moaned as she impaled her steaming twat onto my prick.
"Yes, that feels so good!" mum gasped once she was sitting right in my lap, my erection wedged fully in her snatch. She placed her hands on her knees and began to rise up, half of my cock sliding from her vagina, before she lowered herself. She repeated this, slowly at first, before building up pace.
"Uh, uh, uh, uh," she grunted as she bounced on my dick.
I was content to let her do the work and just sit there as she fucked me. I was fascinated at the sight of her beautiful bum-cheeks, the way they clapped against my pelvis each time she dropped down. Deciding to get a bit more active, I reached round and squeezed them.
"You have the best tits in the world mum," I told her.
"Thank you darling," she replied, in between grunts, "and you have the best cock in the world. Mmmm. It feels so nice in my cunt."
"That's because you're a slutty sonfucking whore," I told her, pinching her nipples, really getting off on speaking to her like this (and I knew she liked it too), "You're a slut, that's why you like cock, you're own son's cock."
"Yes, I'm a slut and a sonfucker, and you're a stud and a motherfucker. We're perfect. Mmmmm. God, I love your cock in me!"
After five-minutes of riding me, mum dismounted my cock. She turned and knelt down, jerking off my throbbing, slick cock in her fist.
"What a beautiful prick," she moaned, "I've gotta suck on it. Mmmm." She opened her mouth and engulfed all but an inch of my erection, slurping deeply on it.
"That's it mum you cocksucker. Oh yeah. Fucking suck it."
After a moment, mum took her lips from my dick.
"Just out of interest," she asked, "did you and Tracy take precautions earlier? Y'know, contraceptives?"
"No," I replied, "we didn't have any rubbers. But don't worry, I pulled out before I came."
"That's good," mum replied, relieved, before asking "Where did you cum? On her?"
"Yeah! All over her. Over her face and her tits and her belly. She was drenched."
"Oh wow, that is so horny! What a sight that must have been. Of course," my mother continued as she stood up, "you could have fucked her up the arse."
"Up the arse?"
"Sure. The perfect method of birth-control. Up the arse, no babies. One up the bum, no harm done." We both giggled.
"It didn't occur to me to suggest it," I admitted, "She'd probably have been grossed out at the idea of being fucked up the arse, like most girls would be."
"I doubt it," replied my mother, "If she takes after me she'd have suggested it herself! I love getting fucked up the arse. I don't suppose you'd like to..."
"...try it?" I grinned, pre-empting my mother's question, "Sure! I'd love to fuck your arse mum. Bend over and bare your bottom." I stood up, my cock wobbling erectly in the air like a club.
My mother smiled at me.
"Now there's a sign of a dutiful son, one who is eager to satisfy his mother's anal-itch. Since tonight I hadn't been fucked in ages, and I haven't been fucked in the arse for years. Not since your dad and me divorced. Come on, let's do it. I want your cock up my arse so bad."
My mother opened the fridge and took out a tub of butter. She handed it to me then turned round and bent over the kitchen table, her feet apart and her superb bottom thrust out and spread.
"Butter me up, buttercup," she giggled, merrily.
I opened the tub of butter and scooped some of it out onto my forefinger. I guided my greasy digit between my mother's buttocks and began lubing up her anus. Although her cunt was trimmed with black pubic hair, her arsehole was totally bald, a pink puckered ring winking between her mouthwatering cheeks. I pushed my finger up her arsehole, making her moan. She felt so tight and hot up there and I couldn't wait to sodomize her.
After greasing up my mother's arsehole I applied some butter to my cock to make it nice and greasy. Then I put the tub to oneside and stepped up behind my mother, my greasy cock wobbling menacingly between her buttocks, the swollen head aiming right for her twitching anus.
"Shove it in me," my mum urged, "Right up my arse. Go for it."
I held the base of my cock and guided the head to her anus. I pushed and pushed, feeling some resistance at first before her sphincter gave way, yawning open and allowing my thick teen cock to plough forth.
"Nnnnnnggg," gasped my mother between gritted teeth, "Holy shit."
"You okay mum?" I asked, pausing, half of my cock buried up her arse.
"Oh yes darling, more than okay. Keep going, fuck it right up there. Right up mummy's arsehole."
I placed my hands on her lower back as I thrust forwards a few more times, eventually ramming the entire length of my greasy shaft into her rectum.
"Fucking hell that's good," I panted, "Holy fuck, it's so hot and tight mum. Your arse is amazing."
"Now fuck me darling," my mother urged, her voice almost animalistic with wanton lust, "Fuck mummy up the arse motherfucker. Bugger me."
"I will mum, don't you worry," I told her as I began to thrust my cock back and forth in the grip of her anus, "I'm going to bugger the shit out of you."
"Oh, Patrick, darling, that is so good. It feels so good to have you cock pumping my arse. Uuuuh. Oh yeah."
"Take it you slut," I grunted, buggering her steadily, "Take my cock in your arse. You wanted fucking and buggering and you're getting it. Oh yeah. Fuck yeah! What an arse!"
My mother wasn't exaggerating when she'd said she loved anal-sex. She was soon uttering barely comprehensible cries of ecstasy as I sodomized her.
I thrust faster and faster, eventually feeling my orgasm begin to approach. I wanted to slow down, to hold it off, but I couldn't. I didn't have the willpower. My balls were ready to erupt and I was desperate to finally unload myself in my mother's hot body.
"I'm gonna cum," I grunted, humping the shit out of her, "Almost...there...fuck."
"Cum in me motherfucker," my mum urged, looking over her shoulder at me with a twisted look of obscene desire in her pretty face, strands of her long black hair stuck to her sweaty forehead, "Shoot it right up my shitter. UUUUH!"
"Ah fuck, mum," I cried as my sperm erupted from my cock, "Here it is. FUCK!" I shoved my cock to the root in her rectum and exploded in her, spurting hot cum deep into her rectal passage. My dick pulsed and throbbed as it pumped forth it's sticky load.
"Uuuuh, cum in my arse," my mother spluttered, pushing her arse back into my pelvis, her anus spasming round the base of my spurting erection.
Finally I shot the last of my sperm into her guts. I was exhausted, my legs weak, my chest heaving.
"Wow," was all I could say.
I finally slid my wilting cock from her gaping, sperm leaking anus, my shaft slick with butter, cum and shit. There was no guilt or shame in what'd I'd done. It had been great fun, and that's all that mattered.
My mother stood up straight and turned.
"Well," she began, a slight hesitation in her voice indicating her attitude had changed somewhat, "That I suppose." She appeared to have suddenly sobered up.
"It sure was," I smiled. I was worried at her sudden change in demeanour. "Are you okay mum?"
"Yeah, sure," she said, brushing her hair out of her face. She coughed and looked around to her clothes. She went and picked them up; her dress, her thong and her bra. She faced me, holding the clothes to her chest, hiding her tits. "I think," she began, " carried...away. A bit."
"I guess," I shrugged, "It was cool though."
"Partick," she began, "I think we shouldn't have done that. Not really."
"Why mum?"
"It's...wrong. I'm a bit drunk and..."
"Horny?" I suggested.
"Well...yes, when you put it like that. Or lonely. I don't know...I was just drunk and I"
"So you think we shouldn't have done it?" I asked, my heart sinking.
"There's no point in regretting it Patrick, we can't changed the past. It's done. We did it. But perhaps we shouldn't have. We shouldn't do it again though."
"But it was fun."
"Yes. That one time."
"What about...Tracy?" I asked.
"How do you mean?" quizzed my mother.
"She...wanted to do it again with me. Have sex I mean."
"If you two want to do it, then you can. But be discrete. You two are the same age at least, so if you use precautions's not that bad. But I'd rather, perhaps, that you didn't. Not for long. Just experiment with each other."
My mother sighed, looking confused, tired and a bit drunk.
"I'm sorry mum," I shrugged.
"No, it's okay son. We got carried away, it's both our fault, it's okay...we just can't do it again." She cleared her throat and tried to put on a brave face. "Right," she said, with false cheerfulness, "I'm going to bed. I shall see you in the morning."
"Okay. Goodnight mum."
She turned and left the kitchen, my eyes fixed to her beautiful bottom, a horrible feeling of loss in me. I honestly thought I'd get to regularly fuck her. There was Tracy of course; I knew she'd be up for more sex, she wasn't the sort who would regret things. But I wanted my mum as well.
I made a cup of tea and drank it in the living room, idly contemplating things. What had happened to mum? Was it just post-coitel guilt or something? It was like when I started jerking off when I was eleven; I would spank the monkey and blow my nuts to all sorts of lewd thoughts, then afterwards feel somewhat guilty. I'd soon realised there was nothing to be guilty about, but perhaps with my mum it was something similar. All horny and urging me to fuck her hard with all sorts of obsceneties and profanities, and then, once it was over, her enthusiasm vanishing.
I eventually went to bed, feeling horny again already, thinking of the arousing events of the evening, of fuck both my sister and mother, but depressed the latter had freaked out once the passion was over.

I woke up late, past eleven in the morning, on Boxing Day. I had a hard-on and I jerked off to the thoughts of last night's activities. I was about to cum when I heard a knock on my door.
"Yeah?" I called.
"It's Tracy," came my sister's lilting voice.
"Come on in," I said, pulling the covers up to cover my naked body.
Tracy came in, all smiles, wearing just a tight fitting Powerpuff Girls T-shirt and a pair of light pink knickers. She shut the door and sat on the edge of my bed.
"What's up with mum?" she asked me, "I went downstairs and she's acting a bit odd. Not depressed...just a bit strange. Distant. Like she's got something on her mind."
"She's probably a bit er...guilty," I began, "About something me and her did last night."
"Oh, you mean fucking each other," giggled Tracy.
"How'd you know?"
"I heard you! I'm a light sleeper. I could hear two people humping the shit out of each other and given that the female kept saying 'Fuck me Patrick' and the male kept saying 'Take it mum you horny slut', I kinda figured it was you two." She giggled, and I grinned too.
I explained to Tracy what had happeed, how mum had known about my supposedly light hearted promise to fuck Tracy as a Christmas present, how she'd seduced me, and how we'd fucked. Tracy looked visibly aroused at this, and she gasped with awe and amusement as I told her how I'd fucked mum up the arse. Then came the rather weepy bit, of mother's guilt-trip and sudden dissaproval of her own actions, and of mine.
"Why would she do that?" Tracy wondered.
"Like I said, just guilt I s'pose," I suggested, "She said it was okay for us two to fuck, if we were careful. Y' avoid you getting preggers. She said she'd rather we didn't do it too often and for too long..."
"Well that sounds like a pretty vague set of restrictions," smirked Tracy, patting the tent I'd visibly erected with my erection under the duvet as I had recounted the tale of last night's sex-session with mum, "Let's fuck as much as we want. So long as mum doesn't totally ban us from our, ahem, fun, we can hump away!"
"I thought for a moment you'd be all regretful of last night," I smiled.
"Of course not," Tracy tutted, getting off the bed and removing her T-shirt, "I don't regret nuthin'!"
She slung her T-shirt to the floor then took off her knickers. The busty little fifteen-year-old nympho was just as gorgeous as she had looked last night. I shoved the bed-covers onto the floor and knelt up, stroking my throbbing hard-on.
"Fancy taking me up the arse?" Tracy asked, getting onto the bed with me, "Like you did with mum last night?"
"That's just what I was about to suggest!" I grinned, then remembered my mother's lewd little proverb; "Up the bum, no harm done!"
"Damn right! I've never taken it up the bum. Go careful!"
My sexy sibling got on her hands and knees, unashamedly presenting her spread arse. Above her tight cunt was her beautiful, hairless, pink puckered anus, laying between two beautiful, shapely, lily-white buttocks.
"What an arse sis," I said, kneeling behind her and fondling her cheeks.
"Don't we need some lube?"
"Oh yeah. Me and mum used butter last night. That worked fine."
"Damn. I think mum is in the kitchen. You'll have to sneak in there."
"I don't need to sneak in there," I declared, getting off the bed, "I'll just saunter in and get what we need."
I opened the door and left my bedroom before strolling downstairs.
As promised, I strolled boldly into the kitchen. Mum was there, dressed in jeans and a chunky red sweater, peeling potatoes for dinner.
"Morning mum," I said, walking towards the fridge, my erection glued to my belly.
"Morn..." she began, turning, and her face dropped. "Oh Patrick," she sighed, "You shouldn't walk around like that."
"Like what?" I asked, all innocent.
"Like...naked. And aroused."
"Why not?" I replied, opening the fridge, "You saw me in this state last night."
"Patrick," she warned me, drawing the word out, "I told you last night that what we did is not something we should really mention again. Let's just forget it happened."
"Well, it did happen," I said, casually, "You said yourself we can't change what happened. Why deny it? Anyway, you said me and Tracy could continue fucking, even if you didn't want to join in."
Mum just looked at me in silence. She didn't look mad, just a bit puzzled as to how to react. Her eyes kept flicking down to my throbbing hard-on.
"Yes," she finally admitted, "you two can continue...doing stuff..having sex, fucking, whatever you wanna call it. But be, y'know, discreet." She took another look at my erection, briefly licking her lips, before she abruptly turned and got back to peeling potatoes. "Be discreet, Patrick," she repeated, "Don't...walk around like that. We could have had visitors round for all you knew."
"Sure mum. Any butter left? Or did we use it all last night?"
My mother cast a dissaproving glare at me then got back to preparing lunch.
I grabbed the tub of butter and, humming merrily, I closed the fridge door and left the room.
Upstairs, in my bedroom, Tracy was were I had left her, on her hands and knees on my bed, arse raised, spread and ready for fucking.
I shut the door and hopped onto the bed. Whilst greasing up my cock and Tracy's anus with the soft butter, I briefly described my encounter with mum downstairs, which amused my sister a great deal. All lubed up, I then put the tub of butter on the floor and knelt up directly behind Tracy, my greased cock pulsing and throbbing stiffly. I guided the head to Tracy's pink arsehole and began to push my way into her.
Tracy tensed, but held firm, gripping the pillow in her little fists as my thick cockhead began to spear her arsehole.
"It's going up sis," I told her, triumphantly, as my cockhead popped into her anus, "Almost there."
"Nnnnng, fuck," gasped Tracy, "Is it up there yet?"
"Just the tip. Hang on."
I thrust, and both of us grunted as I sank half of my prick into Tracy's rectum. I held her hips steady as I paused for a moment before carrying on, working the rest of my erection into her bowels.
"Uuuuh, there it is," I moaned, "Fuck!"
"Oh GOD I can feel it up me," spluttered Tracy, "I can feel it right up my arse. Fuck!"
"You're so tight sis. It feels fuckin' ace! Does it feel good sis?"
"Damn right! Wow! No fuck me, fuck my arse brother!"
I eased half of my erection from Tracy's arse then slammed it back in, Tracy shuddering as my prick re-filled her rectal passage.
"Uh, uuuh, fuck me Patrick, fuck me," panted Tracy, "Give it to me! Up the arse. Oh yeah!"
I slammed my cockmeat repeatedly into her shitter, loving the way Tracy quite clearly enjoyed this activity. I was looking forwards to cumming in her as well. It had been great to cum on her last night, spurting my cum all over her big juicy tits and her pretty freckled face, but it was going to be even better to actually shoot my load into my sister's sweet body.
For ten-minutes I built up a sweat, buggering Tracy hard. She climaxed twice, frigging her slit as my thick meat plouged into her shit-chute.
Then it was my turn to cum. I fucked her hard and fast, our cries of lust loud and almost certainly filling the house, then began spurting my fuck-sauce. Throughout my hard and prolonged orgasm I thrust my erection back and forth in her nipping tight sphincter, shooting hot wads of sperm into her rectum. I emptied my nuts completely into her bowels before I slid my dick from her twitching shit-ring.
"Did you enjoy that sis?" I asked Tracy, politely.
"I most certainly did," she smirked, turning and flinging her arms round me. She gave me a passionate kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth before she parted. "It was great! I can't wait to do it again later."
"Me neither."
We heard shuffling outside, then the faint sound of footsteps going downstairs.
"That must have been mum," Tracy whispered, sniggering.
"Yeah, she must have been listening in on us," I added, "I guess she can't disaprove of us that much if she's doing that! What a pervert she is!"
"I reckon she wants you Patrick," my sister said in a teasing voice, "I reckon she obviously wants you to fuck her again but just can't bring herself to do so. After all, why else would she say me and you could fuck if she was so against incest and stuff?"
"There's hope yet we can get her to join in then."
"Damn right. We'll have to seduce her or something. It'll be so much fun for us all to fuck. A nice threesome!"
"We don't need to seduce her," I explained to my dear sister, "We just have to make it obvious as to what fun we're having and she'll soon come round. I think."

To be continued...