Horny adolescents who are eager to lose their virginity leave themselves open to heartbreak or unfulfilled promises. A boy may find himself frustrated if his teasing girlfriend proves unwilling to spread her legs, or he may be too young to even have a girlfriend. Likewise, a girl may find her boyfriend wants to give her his cock but not his respect or love.

What better candidate for a first love, therefore, than a brother or sister?

Aside from his mother, a boy's best friend is his big sister. If she takes her sisterly duties to their natural limits she may bring her little brother to his first orgasm, either in her pumping fist, her slurping mouth, her hot vagina or her tight anus. Similarly, a young man whose little sister has a crush on him, or who is simply keen to see what all the fuss about sex is about, should do the brotherly thing and show her what pleasure a throbbing cock can give a young lady, such as in Our Little Sisters Are Anal Sluts.

Some ladies and gentlemen can get plenty of sex from outside the family, but simply decide humping a brother or sister makes for an interesting side-dish, such as the heavily pregnant heroine of Expecting Anal. Some people enjoy the best of both worlds, such as in Big Sister's Anal Cravings, where a young man has a depraved threesome with his girlfriend and his sister, or in Sharing My Sister's Arse, in which an 18-year-old boy is invited to hop into bed with his older sister and her lesbian lover.

In the stories on this page, brother/sister love gets very intimate indeed.

Punk Slut Sis

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(Incest - brother/sister, oral, anal, gang-bang, public sex)

When 18-year-old Billy reluctantly agrees to accompany his wild big sister, Jenny, to a punk bar, he doesn't realise the wild fun in store for him.

Fucking Nina

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(Incest - brother/sister, threesome (MFm), gang-bang (FMmmmb), first, oral, anal, voy, facials, double/triple penetration, big tits)

Nina is a 22-year-old nympho who lives with her equally randy boyfriend, Danny. The pair have a steamy sex-life, one that gets steamier when they end up inviting Nina's 13-year-old brother, Jack, to join in. Being a generous boy, Jack decides to share his sister with a few of his friends.

Dirty Little Boys, Filthy Big Girls: Part II

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(Incest - brother/sister, les, pedo, group (FFbb), oral, anal, double-anal)

Yesterday, 11-year-old twins Mark and Aaron engaged in some anal fun with their 21-year-old sister Judith and her busty housemate 23-year-old Karen. Now the two boys are back round for more naughty activities, and things are going to be even hotter now that Karen and Judith are as keen to get it on with each other as well as their randy pubescent guests.

Masochist Sis

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(Incest - brother/sister, teen, rape fantasy/roleplay, oral, anal, spanking, bondage)

For a 15-year-old, Crystal is a very kinky little slut. She has extensive masochistic fantasies and masturbates to the idea of being whipped and raped. One day her older brother, Joe, finds Crystal's sordid notebook outlining her depraved desires, and being a kind-hearted big brother he decides to make his slutty sister's fantasies come true.

Dirty Little Boys, Filthy Big Girls

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(Incest - brother/sister, first, mast, breasts, pedo, group (FFbb), anal, WS) )

Super-sexy college girls Judith (21) and Karen (23) receive a visit one sunny morning from Judith's brothers, 11-year-old identical twins Mark and Aaron. Those pubescent rascals are determined to get an adult to buy them a porn magazine. Karen - to Judith's initial shock - naughtily decides to show the two cheeky little boys what a nekked lady looks like...in the flesh!

Deflowered By Sis

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(Incest - brother/sister, threesome (FFm), les, anal, first, toys)

Sensing mischief in his big sister's voice, 13-year-old James is curious as to what Lynda has invited him round to her house for. He soon finds out. Lynda, 19, and her lesbian lover Jenny, 23, have a wild and kinky new idea that they want to try out after seeing it in a porn movie. They want to employ strap-on dildos to sodomize a boy, and young James's arse is firmly in those kinky lady's sights.

Model Sister : Part II

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(Incest - brother/sister, Fb, enemas, mast, oral, anal, first, thigh-fucking)

Helen and her horny little brother, Chris, continue their intimate little escapades. Enemas and hand-jobs are one thing, but the drunken love-making session they indulge in one night is quite another. Things settle down soon enough, back to their more 'mundane' - but highly titillating activities - until one evening, whilst giving his sister an enema, 15-year-old Chris summons up the courage to see if his big sister will let him enter her bowels with his raging hard cock.

Model Sister : Part I

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(Incest - brother/sister, Fb, enemas, mast)

Being a glamorous model, 20-year-old Helen is quite dedicated to all manner of health and beauty techniques. The latest fad she's into are enemas, although she's not that good at administering them to herself. So, she enlists the support of her helpful, computer-nerd of a little brother, Chris. Being 15 and used to only seeing naked female flesh on a computer screen, Chris can't help but get a little excited as his delicious big sister bares her bottom in all it's sublime glory and invites him give her an enema. Soon Helen offers to give her brother one in return, and events gently lead their relationship to grow significantly more intimate.

Kate, Her Brother, Her Anal Itch And His Lover

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(Incest - brother/sister, gay (MM), 3some (FMM), anal, oral)

Just because her older brother is gay doesn't mean that 22-year-old Kate is going to take 'no' for an answer when she makes an obscene request for him to pop her anal-cherry. The plan reaps even greater rewards for Kate when her brother brings his boyfriend along next week for a bisexual threesome with nothing but sodomy on the menu.

Seduced & Deflowered Siblings: Part II

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(Incest - brother/sister, teen, pedo, first, oral, anal, mast, 3some)

Tracy's plan is finally put into action. She lures 12-year-old Sammy over to her house, telling the boy that he'll be given the honour of deflowering a pretty virgin, but not letting the boy know (until the last minute) that the virgin in question is his 17-year-old sister Mandy.
Although she accepts there's a risk that this set-up might backfire, Tracy is sure that it'll all go okay, and that the afternoon will be packed with the most sublime fun and frolics.

Seduced & Deflowered Siblings: Part I

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(F/b, pedo, first, oral, anal, mast)

Mandy is an incredibly pretty teenager, but sadly she's very shy and lacks self-confidence. Luckily she has a very considerate friend, 21-year-old Tracy, who secretly takes it upon herself to find a boy who'll spirit away Mandy's virginity. Tracy soon concludes that the ideal boy for Mandy is Mandy's very own brother, 12-year-old Sammy. Before arranging the incestuous union, however, Tracy has the sublime task of taking Sammy for a 'test-drive' to see if the cute child is up for the task of fucking his sister.

Massaging Joey

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(Incest - brother/sister, mast, first, group (FFfb), anal)

Upon finding out that their friend Natalie is studying massage techniques at college, 20-year-old Demi and her 18-year-old sister Emma decide it'd be fun to give it a go themselves. First of all though they need a willing subject to work their massage skills on. Stumbling onto the scene comes Demi and Emma's cute 12-year-old brother Joey, who is quickly cajoled by the three mischievous ladies into undressing. The boy is reluctant at first, but soon gets to like the feeling of these females rubbing and stroking his body, especially when things get a little steamier.

Our Little Sisters Are Anal Sluts!

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(Incest - brother/sister, aunt/nephew, teen, pedo, oral, anal, WS, double-pen, felching, group (mbgg, Fmg))

One evening, 14-year-old Ken is seduced by his randy 9-year-old sister, Zoe. Ken arse-fucks his sister in the bath and, from then on, they fuck like rabbits on a daily basis. The pair of them are soon joined by their incest-loving friends, 12-year-old Larry, and his sister, 10-year-old Emma.
Zoe and Emma are addicted to being sodomized and their big brothers have to work hard to satisfy them during their marathon anal-orgies.

Boyfriend For The Night

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(Incest - brother/sister, teen, orgy (MMmFFf) anal, bukkake, triple-pen)

Carol is single but to impress her friends the 19-year-old has lied and claimed she has a boyfriend. Invited out for a triple-date, Carol is obliged to talk her 17-year-old brother John into tagging along and posing as her boyfriend. The evening goes well until the other two couples turn out to be sex-mad, partner-swapping swingers who plan on ending the evening with a steamy six-way orgy. How far will Carol and her brother go to keep up the pretense that they are lovers?

Big Sister's Anal Cravings

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(Incest - brother/sister, anal, facials, threesome (MFF))

Steve and Anna are a horny pair of young lovers who absolutely adore anal-sex. Steve's sister, 29-year-old Clare, also loves anal-sex, but sadly her prudish husband is reluctant to plug her shit-hole with his dick. On discovering this, Steve thoughtfully lets his sister know that his cock is at her disposal to sooth her itchy arsehole. Clare takes up the offer and soon Steve gets to indulge in a steamy session of anal-love with both his girlfriend and his big sister.

Claire And Fay's Place

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(Incest - brother/sister, father/daughter, pedo, teen, oral, anal, toys, cum, fist, group (f+/Mmm/g/b) Bi (Mb mb FF Ff Fg))

Claire and Fay are college students - both 19, bisexual, gorgeous and ultra-horny. At their little home, they indulge in steamy orgies with various neighborhood kids, like 14 year old Diana and her 11 year old brother Tommy, as well as a pre-teen father-fucking slut named Kate.
Stumbling into this household comes Fay's younger brother, Billy, and his best friend, both boys soon realizing just how much fun is to be had at Claire and Fay's place.

Sharing My Sister's Arse

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(Incest - brother/sister, lesbian, threesome (FFM), anal, oral, interacial)

18-year-old Paul is off to live with his bisexual sister and her girlfriend for the duration of his college years.
There's just no way a teenage lad is going to keep himself properly in check with two brazenly nymphomaniac women under the same roof.

Our Sister, Our Slut 2: Schoolgirl Sodomy

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(Incest - brothers/sister, teen, oral, anal, group (mmff), slut, facials)

Daisy decides to share her horny big brothers with one of her friends, Celeste, who she invites over one afternoon for an orgy. Like Daisy, Celeste is aged 13, very pretty and a complete fucking slut who's only happy when her holes are plugged with cum-spurting cocks. Kurt and Jeremy will have their work cut out to satisfy these wild nymphomaniacs.

Our Sister, Our Slut

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(Incest - brothers/sister, teen, oral, anal, threesome (mmf) gang-bang (m+/f) slut)

Daisy is a depraved 13-year-old slut who is hopelessly addicted to sex. To keep her away from boys, Daisy's mother sent her to an all-girls school, but Daisy isn't bothered. Her two older brothers, Kurt and Jeremy, babysit her every evening whilst their mother is at work and the boys are more than happy to satisfy Daisy's libido each evening They fuck the shit out of her and later decide it would be fun to invite their buddies round to gang-bang their slutty kid sister.

Expecting Anal

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(Incest - brother/sister, pregnant, anal, oral)

James is initially reluctant to spend his time doing chores for his pregnant sister, but things look up when she asks for a massage. With a few items of clothing removed and some massage-oil in easy reach, it's not hard to guess where this adventure will go from here.

Up My Sister's Bum

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(Incest - brother/sister, teen, anal)

A randy young man, Stephen can't help but admire his 12-year-old sister's arse. When lust takes over and his cock rules his actions, will his sexy little sis resist? Let's hope not!

Malcolm's Sisters

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(Incest - brother/sisters, threesome (FMf), anal, teen, facials)

After dropping out of college, Malcolm is excited about moving into an apartment with his two beautiful sisters, Sabrina and Pearl. A highly-sexed young man of 19, Malcolm has always lusted after 24-year-old Sabrina, but soon 14-year-old Pearl enters his lustful ambitions of incestuous seduction.