Small Boys And Horny Women

(Incest - mother/son, brother/sister, bi, group, anal, pedo, masturbation)

A pornographic magazine - "Anal Cum Bitches" - sits under a bush alongside a field somewhere in the New England countryside. Some man had clearly not wanted to risk it being found in the garbage by his wife, or daughter, or mother, and so, after being obliged to get rid of it, had hurled out of his car window and sent it fluttering into the vegetation. With it's glossy cover crumpled by wind and rain, the magazine lay under the bush. If it had feelings, the explicit publication would not be sad, for it would not be alone for long. Young boys would surely be playing around this area soon, and the magazine would be far greater than a winning lottery ticket to a boy old enough to jack off but far to young to buy a porn-mag for himself.
That magazine, as it happened, only had to wait for a month until it's explicit title in bold red letters, situated above the cover shot of a busty blonde being triple-penetrated, caught the attention of two young boys.

A bright but cold day in late November 2001. Kevin Jackson and his best friend Philip Wilson had been walking in the fields near the town in which they lived. They'd tramped through fields, climbed trees, thrown stones into a duck pond (to the annoyance of the ducks) and generally larked about as small boys do the world over. Now, the pair of them were heading back to Kevin's house. They were both best friends and had been for years. They lived down the same street here on the outskirts of a small town, attending the same school and partly united by both being children of divorce. They both lived with their single-mothers, Philip an only child but Kevin with an older sister.
Kevin was the younger of the two friends at 11-years of age. Skinny and 4-foot-9 , Kevin had dark brown hair, and as usual the hair was scruffy and wild-looking as the boy arrived at his house, his friend Philip in tow.
Philip was 12, a little taller than Kevin but with the same slim build. He was slightly effeminate looking, some would say, with a cute little face, freckles and blonde hair that was slightly overlong, almost reaching his slender shoulders.
"Want a drink?" Kevin asked Philip as they closed the back door and walked into the kitchen, "Before we er...peruse our new-found literature."
"Yeah, why not," Philip replied.
Kevin poured them both out a big glass of milk and they guzzled it down, feeling thirsty and tired after their long walk. It was now 5:20PM.
"Have you still got the mag?" asked Kevin.
"Of course!" answered Philip, and took from a carrier bag the battered magazine - "Anal Cum Bitches" - that they'd discovered in the ditch.
"Not here!" gasped Kevin, looking about, "My mum might be in!"
"Relax," Philip smiled, putting the magazine back in the plastic bag, "You said she's out all day."
"Yeah, but my sister might be about."
"Oh yeah. Well, check if she's in!"
"Okay," Kevin said, and walked into the hallway of the small house, "Kate!" he called, "Kate!! You in?"
"No-ones here dude!" grinned Philip, "Come on, lets get upstairs and read this mag!"
The two lads scampered up the stairs and into Kevin's room. It was large, at the back of the house and decorated with posters of rock-stars and footballers. A couple of big posters of Pamela Anderson in a bikini were above the double bed. It was a sizable house and Kevin's mother - Naomi Jackson - had been divorced for a decade now and, with a fairly good jon in the town center, she made enough cash to comfortably support her two children, Kate and Kevin.
Kevin's big sister Kate had recently graduated from College and had returned to live at home with her mum and little brother, because it happened to be convenient. She worked for an I.T. company on the same block as her mum's office and so they could commute to work together. Kate paid her mum board money and the situation seemed to keep everyone happy. Kate had lived her wild years at college a few years ago, and had now grown out of such things and returned to her love of the quiet suburbs within walking-distance of the countryside in which she had been bought up in. On this particular Saturday, Kate had gone to see a friend who lived a few streets away, whilst her mother Naomi was at work putting in a bit of overtime.
"Here it is!" Philip announced, taking the magazine from the plastic bag and laying it onto the bed with some kind of holy reverence, him and Kevin now looking down at the battered porn-mag that sat in the middle of Kevin's Pokemon bed-sheet. The two boys got onto the bed and started flicking through the magazine, turning the pages as they looked through the glossy - but crumpled - images of a variety of young women being fucked, buggered, sucked, licked and cummed on.
"Whoa," the boys said together with every new page-turn.
"Look at that," Philip spluttered, pointing at a woman getting two cocks into her cunt at the same time.
"And that!" gasped Kevin, a few pages later, at the sight of a different woman - only about 18 years old - being fucked in the arse by a guy with a foot-long cock.
"Fucking hell!" Philip observed on the final page which depicted a black lady seemingly drowning in sperm as three guys ejaculated all over her pretty face.
"That is so fucking cool!" Kevin concluded, "Let's read through it again!"
"Okay!" Philip agreed.
"Shall we take turns to read it?"
"How do you mean?"
"Well, in the bathroom. I wanna jack off man!"
"Me too. I'll go first."
"Aw, I wanna go first."
"I found it Kevin!"
"This is my house though. mum's house. You know what I mean."
"Let's jack off together over it," shrugged Philip after a moment's thought.
"Together?" quizzed Kevin. He'd only been jacking off for a few months and didn't think it was something you'd do in the presence of someone else, especially another boy.
"Why not?" Philip shrugged. A year older than his friend, he'd been jacking off for a good 12-months now and didn't think there was anything wrong in doing it - alone or otherwise - at all, "Come on," he urged his friend, "What are you worried about? You 'aint got nothing I 'aint got."
Philip stood and began undressing, and after a moment's hesitation, Kevin did likewise. They were shortly naked, briefly eyeing up and comparing each other's bodies. Being younger, Kevin's cock was the smallest and totally devoid of any hair whatsoever. Erect above a small, bald nut-sac, his prick was a sturdy 4-inches. Like his friend, Philip was lacking in any body hair - he'd yet to grow any pubic hair either - and he was also slim and pale. His prick was about 5-inches in length, and like Kevin's, it was rock hard and jutting out, the end swollen and purple.
They got onto the bed and began to whack off their cocks whilst flicking through the magazine again, both more curious at the proximity of each other's nakedness than the magazine's sordid images.
"Shall we jerk each other off?" Kevin asked after a moment.
"Er...okay," Philip replied. It hadn't occured to him, but it seemed like a fair idea.
They held each other's pricks as they knelt side-by-side, stroking each other's youthful little pricks, both losing interest in the magazine completely as they felt the alien feeling of a foreign hand on their own genitals whilst stroking the prick of another boy.
"Is that cool?" asked Philip.
"Yeah," Kevin replied, both of them surprisingly casual and at ease, "It's pretty nice."

The pair of horny boys were so busy jacking off each other's cocks that they hadn't heard Kevin's big sister, Kate Jackson, enter the house. Dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, she kicked off her sneakers and went into the kitchen to make herself a glass of orange juice. Though fairly average in most respects - 5-foot-5, medium build, tits that were sizable but not huge, an arse that was plump but cute and shapely - Kate did have an exceptionally pretty face. Her skin was perfectly smooth, her nose small and cute with a lovely smil, and deep brown eyes. Her hair was a rich chestnut-brown and was cut short and wavy.
Kate was 21-years-old. During her teens she'd looked after Kevin whilst their newly-divorced mother had gone to work, so she was very close to her little brother.
Needing a piss, Kate strolled up the stairs, hearing the sounds of slight giggling from her brother's room. She knew her brother's companion was Philip - the boys were inseperable - and she decided to play a gag and sneak up on them. The door was slightly open to the bedroom and Kate sneaked up to it, but before she could burst in and shock them, she took a glimpse inside.
Her big dark eyes widened in fascination as she caught sight of her little brother on the bed, nude, mutually masturbating with Philip.

Oblivious to Kate's presence, the boy's carried on jacking each other's cocks. They were kneeling opposite each other know, watching each other's dicks as they frigged each other.
"I wish we had a girl here," Philip commented, "One we could fuck."
"Yeah," Kevin agreed, "Anyone would do!"
"Even your sister," laughed Philip.
"Hey!" Kevin retorted, though he then grinned, he and his friend still stroking each other's hard little dicks.
Outside, still peering through the crack in the door, Kate heard every word, and blushed a little.
"She's hot!" Philip insisted, "I think Kate's the hottest chick in town! If she were here now I'd fuck her!"
"She is nice I guess."
"Damn right! Hell, if she weren't your sister, I know you'd fuck her!"
"I'd fuck her, even though she is my sister!" laughed Kevin, feeling so damn horny that he meant it too.
Kate smiled as she watched in secret from outside, feeling herself grow horny. She'd had a lot of guys at college but now, with no-one to interest her at work (mostly old guys or computer geeks more in love with hard-discs than hard-sex) she did feel admittedly restless when it came to sex, continually promising herself a night out on the prowl for some hot studs but never getting round to it. She watched, fascinated, as the two small boys in the bedroom continued to masturbate each other before, after a few more moments, things developed further.
"Let's try this," Philip said, taking his hand from Kevin's cock and turning over the page of the porn magazine nearby. It depicted a young woman being fucked in the arse.
"What?" quizzed Kevin, "Fuck a woman in the arse?"
"No, fuck each other in the arse," said Philip.
"Er...isn't that a bit gay?"
"Aw, who cares man? C'mon, I'm so damn horny, I don't give a shit. Look, all the girls in our classes aren't gonna fuck us, and neither are older chicks, so it's either fucking each other or fucking our own fists for the next few years."
"Okay," Kevin said with resolve, "Let's do it."
Kate watched from outside, still peering through the crack in the door, unseen, as the two naked youngsters hunted around for "some greasy stuff". Kevin found a tube of hand-cream from his desk and he and Philip got back onto the bed.
"Shall I go first?" Kevin asked, smearing some of the cream onto his hard little prick.
"Okay," his friend replied, "Go careful though."
Philip then got down on his hands and knees, thrusting his pert, bare arse at Kevin. Putting the cream to one side, Kevin got up behind his friend and placed the head of his slick prick to Philip's bald anus.
"Ready?" he asked.
"Ready," Philip confirmed.
Kevin pushed, slowly squeezing the head of his dick into Philip's arsehole until the boy's sphincter relaxed, Philip groaning as the hard little dick of his young friend pierced his bottom.
"Whoa," gasped Kevin, "It's all up there!"
He began fucking his hips a little, watching his prick slide to and fro in Philip's tight arsehole.
"Is it good?" asked Philip.
"Yeah!" Kevin nodded, humping faster, "Yeah,'s much better than jacking off. How does it feel for you?"
"Okay I guess...yeah. I thought it'd hurt but it feels pretty cool!"
Kevin gripped his friend's hips and began sodomizing the boy like a veteran fucker, shafting the tight anus before him. His sister Kate was seeing the boy's side-on and she felt incredibly horny viewing this. It was fantastic! She'd never fantasized about such things - she'd assumed that it was only men who liked young girls and enjoyed lesbian shows - and it was a bit of a surprise that the sight of two small boys fucking could be such a turn on! She'd lost her virginity at the age of 15 and in the intervening 6-years had enjoyed quite a lot of sexual exploits, from a college gang-bang to a threesome with two middle-aged men on holiday a couple of years ago. She's even fucked a girl in her class at High School when they'd gotten drunk and horny whilst watching a porn movie during a sleep-over. But this was the most erotic thing she'd seen and she felt her cunt grow moist at the sight of these two youngsters.
Inside the room - and still not knowing they were being watched - Kevin was fucking Philips arse hard and fast now, Kevin feeling his tender balls boil with sperm that threatened to shoot up. Wanting to conserve himself, he tugged his cock free and he and his friend swapped positions.
Kevin now thrust his bare bum as he got on all fours on the bed, Philip using the handcream to grease up his prick, which he'd found had grown as hard as steel during his own buggering. He carefully inserted his dick into Kevin's arsehole, the younger boy brave as his anal-maidenhead was taken. Wedged up Kevin's bum to the hilt, Philip fucked the kid at a steady pace, feeling the heat of Kevin's shitter clasping at his cock. He'd started out fantasizing that this was a woman he was arse-fucking but now he didn't care. The reality was good enough.
Philip was unable to hold his orgasm back when it rose after a few moments, and he hunched over Kevin, grunting hard as his prick began to spew forth semen. His cum shot up into the back of Kevin's rectum, and after retrieving his breath, Philip wiped some of his wild golden hair from his face and tugged himself out of his friend.
It was now Philip's turn to get back onto his hands and kness whilst Kevin re-inserted his dick into Philip's arse. He fucked the other boy quickly, taken over with lust and over-awed at the novelty of sex, even if it wasn't with the girl's of his imagination. His climax was hard, his cock exploding his youthful sperm into Philip's tight arsehole.
The boys broke apart, satisfied but still horny as they sat back, Kevin with his eyes closed, Philip flicking through their pornographic magazine, looking at the bum-fucking pictures and thinking 'I know what that feels like' - referring to both the guys doing the buggering and the girls receiving it.

Kate, meanwhile, sneaked down the hallway and crept downstairs. She felt so turned on that she'd have allowed herself to be fucked by any man - or boy - had one offered that moment. But she had to keep in control, and after she sneaked back outside, she returned into the house via the backdoor, ensuring that she slammed the door and called "I'm back, anyone in?!" loudly enough to be heard.
It had the desired effect. Kevin and Philip leapt up as if their arses had been stung by a bee, tugging on their clothes and hiding the magazine. They both came downstairs, dishevelled but attempting to look innocent.
"Hi sis," Kevin said as he came into the living room, his friend behind him.
"Hiya Kev," Kate responded, "Hi Philip. What you two been up to?"
"Nothing," both boys said at the same time, their eyes wide with feigned innocence.
"Just reading," shrugged Philip.
"Okay," said Kate, trying not to grin at what she'd seen up there, "I'm gonna make dinner, mum won't be back until about 8PM tonight, another few hours yet. Do you want to stay for dinner Philip?"
"Sure, thanks Kate."
"I'll make something in a minute," the young lady said, getting up and heading upstairs to the toilet. In there, she took a piss and considered masturbating, but a new idea shortly formed in her head.

After dinner, Kevin and Philip went upstairs, declaring that they were going to 'play computer games' throughout the evening. They'd asked Kate if she planned on going out at all and seemed dissapointed when she said no.
At about 7:00PM, Kate put down her magazine and left the living room, quietly sneaking up the stairs. She was wearing just a tight red jumper, low cut and revealing cleavage, and a pair of white denim cut-offs. In bare feet, she made no sound as she ascended the stairs. The door to her little brother's room was firmly shut now, but placing her ear to it meant that Kate was able to just about hear what her brother and Philip were doing, which was just what they'd been doing earlier!
After a deep breath, Kate combined her courage with her extreme sexual arousal from the previous incident she'd voyeuristically witness, and then she opened the door and strode into her brother's room.
Kevin and Philip, as Kate had predicted, were nude. Philip was bent over on the bed, Kevin kneeling behind his friend and in the middle of energetically bum-fucking the boy.
"Hi boys," Kate grinned, mischievously.
"Fuck," Philip stammered.
"Er..." began Kevin, slipping his greased dick from Philip's arsehole, "er....Kate. Hi...can't you knock!?"
"Oh, don't act so scared," Kate reassured the boy's, "I'm not going to bite."
"Don't tell mum," Kevin pleaded.
"I won't," Kate said, now standing next to the bed and ruffling her brother's hair, "Stop panicking! I must confess, I saw you earlier, fucking like this. Don't be ashamed, most boys - and girls - try stuff out with their friends. Not quite to this extent, but nevermind, that's just indicative of your enthusiasm."
"So you won't tell anyone?" asked Philip, relieved.
"No," Kate confirmed, "On one condition."
"What?" asked Kevin.
"You let me join in," his sister replied, and immediately began undressing, "Don't look so shocked!" she smirked, tugging down her shorts and lacy white panties in one go, "Girl's have needs too, especially me! I haven't had a good fuck in months, and besides, I heard you earlier, saying how you wanted to fuck me."
"You heard that?" asked Kevin.
"That's right," confirmed Kate, now taking off her jumper then undoing her bra, the boy's eyes bright and fixed on her exposed charms, "I'm very complimented, I must say. Well, you've got your wish now, your big sister here to fuck you. And you too, Philip."
"We can fuck you?" asked Philip, still remaining bent over on his hands and knees during this discourse.
"Damn right!" Kate said, now naked, "But I want to watch you two continue for a moment. Come on Kevin, stick that hard little dick back up Philip's arsehole. You have no idea how arousing it is to see you two little buggers get it on!"
Obligingly, her brother pushed his stiff little member into Philip's loosened sphincter, fucking the boy whilst he and Philip looked at Kate, who stood nude and frigged her cunt. She had quite a bit of cunt hair, dark brown and fuzzy, and her tits wobbled a little as she fingered herself, the nipples atop those round, firm breasts erect and prominent. She was not plump, but neither was she slim - just a nice average build, with reasonably lithe limbs and a flat belly, but with a plump, round arse and a cheery round face.
"Now let me suck your dick," that horny young woman panted, lustily, and once Kevin had pulled his prick back out of Philip's arse, Kate leaned down and suck her brother's cock. The boy's had used butter this time for lubrication, and Kate savoured the sweet taste of both the butter and Philip's arse, combined with pre-cum, her arousal level's reaching critical point at all this taste and smell and sight of sex. She ordered the two boy's to get up off the bed and she quickly took their place, laying on her back with her legs spread.
"Come and fuck me," she begged, "You first Philip, come on. Come here honey, get on top and fuck my cunt!"
The 12-year-old did so, a big smile on his face as he mounted Kate and guided his stiff cock up into her cunt. It was a tight and hot hole, the warm moistness inside that slit clasping his prick as he gradually lay down. Kate's flesh was warm against his body, and the two of them grinned at each other.
"Isn't that nice?" Kate asked.
"Yeah!" Philip replied, "What do I do now?"
"Just fuck me! Follow your instincts, fuck your cock up into me...that's it...that's it honey...oh yeah. Yeah. Oh Philip, God you're a hot little stud aren't you!"
Philip was fucking Kate quiet fast now, his pert arse rising and falling between Kate's spread legs, the woman beneath him a little taller than himself and squirming with pleasure. Kevin, meanwhile, stood nearby and jacked his prick as he watched his best pal fuck his big sister.
"Are you almost cumming?" asked Kate a few minutes later.
"Almost," Philip replied, "What shall I do?"
"Pull out honey. Save yourself for a second time around."
Philip summoned the willpower to dismount Kate, and he got off the bed and watched as Kevin now got onto the bed.
"Fuck it up me," Kate asked the boy, and Kevin mounted his sister with great eagerness, pushing his tender young prick up into the young lady's cunt. He was quite a bit smaller than his sister, and looked a little odd with his skinny frame atop the curvacous woman beneath him. The boy fucked his sister as hard as Philip had done, riding her as they kissed lustily. Kate reached round and fingered Kevin's arsehole, finding that it'd already been penetrated by Philip's cock before she'd come in and allowing her to push two digits to the knuckle into the loosened bum-hole. This spurred on Kevin further, and soon he was grunting into his sister's ear, his chin lodged in her shoulder, as his body humped and thrust on top of Kate.
"I'm gonna cum sis!" he gasped, "Oh yeah, shit! Oh!"
"Cum up me!" Kate urged the boy, "Fuck all your sperm up me!"
"UUuunh! Kate...oh, fuck...yeah!"
The boy's cum exploded forth flooding Kate's gripping cunt as she in turn ground her hips against her brother's thrusting groin.
"That was so cool!" Kevin grinned as he got off his sister, his prick wilting, slick with cum and cunt juice, "Wow! I lost my cherry at the age of 11. And to my sister too!"
He leaned forwards and gave Kate a warm kiss on the mouth, then remembered his friend was yet to finish, so he moved out the way and watched as Philip got back onto the bed. The boy re-mounted Kate and fucked her cunt hard, he and Kate crying out with pleasure as their orgasms occured at the same time. Kate almost fainted with pleasure as the randy child fucked her cunt, whilst Philip stammered out with ecstasy as his cum boiled up and flooded Kate's cunt.
When Philip had dismounted, he sat at the end of the bed, joined by Kevin, Kate sitting up before them.
"That was fantastic fun," Philip concluded, "I wanna do it again. When's your mum back?"
"In about an hour," Kate replied, "So we've got time to do it again."
"I'm gonna be hard again in a minute," Kevin observed, jacking off his prick which was indeed semi-stiff.
"You young boys," Kate laughed, "Perpetually hard! I'll give you a helping hand kids."
And with that, she got down before the boys and stroked their pricks, sucking them off in turn until, within 5-minutes, both boy's were rock hard once again.
"Now," Kate announced, "Did you enjoy bum-fucking each other earlier?"
"Yeah," Philip said, "It was fun."
"I thought so too," Kevin agreed, "Do you want to watch us do each other in the arse again sis?"
"Maybe later. I want you to do me in the arse now. Right, you first Kevin."
"Okay sis."
"Philip?" said Kate,
"Kneel in front of me kid. I'll suck your penis whilst Kevin stick's his in my shitter."
Things were quickly arranged. Kate got on her hands and knees and thrust her shapely round buttocks out. After using some butter to grease his prick up once again, Kevin squeezed his dick into his sister's arse.
"Holy fuck it's nice up there," he commented to Philip, "Really tight and hot!"
He clasped his sister's plump buttocks and began fucking her arsehole deeply, Philip meanwhile kneeling at the other end of the bed whilst Kate sucked his prick. She gave damn good head, licking the boy's shaft, sucking his nut-sac or just deep-throating him. She was able to get the boy's cock entirely in her mouth, the bulbous little head pushing against her tonsils.
"I think I'm close to cumming again," Philip said a few minutes later, pulling his dick from Kate's sucking mouth.
"Better swap then," Kate advised him, "I want you both to try my bum out."
Albeit reluctantly, Kevin pulled out from his sister's anus and switched sides with Philip. He now fucked his sister's mouth whilst Philip pushed his saliva-dripping member into Kate's crapper, the woman now sandwiched between the boy's once more, the Pokemon duvet beneath them crumpled up as they strained the bed-springs with their humping action.
Kate had the two children withdraw from her before their sperm had flowed.
"Give me a double-fucking now," she said.
"You mean me and Philip fuck your cunt and arse at the same time?" asked Kevin.
"Yeah," Kate confirmed, "Lie down on the bed Philip."
The boy did so, Kate then mounting the boy and taking his cock into her cunt. She leaned forwards and spread her arse-cheeks for her brother. Kevin planted his dick into his sister's bum-hole and worked with Philip to fuck that young lady hard, sandwiching Kate between their humping young bodies. The time on the digital-clock nearby read 7:41, not long until their mother would return, and they finished off in the position. Philip thrashed and humped Kate from below, gushing his cream into Kate's cunt, whilst at the same time Kevin began to climax, gripping his sister's shoulders and crying out as his sperm fountained up into his sister's tight rectal chute.
They all broke up, their lust now spent and turning their attention to clearing up. They all dressed, went downstairs, and pretended to be all innocent when their mother returned.
"Evening kids," Naomi Jackson said as she entered the living room, Kate, Kevin and Philip sitting on the sofa. They all said hello to her, Kevin asking if Philip could sleep over that night.
"Sure," Naomi said. She was an easy-going lady and had known Philip for years so never had any objections to his frequent stop-overs.
Naomi had a shower and got some supper for herself, whilst Kate watched TV for the evening and Philip and Kevin sat upstairs, playing computer games.
When everyone in the house had gone to bed, Kate sneaked out of her room. She listened at her mum's door and heard just quite snoring, so she carried on her secret mission. She softly knocked on Kevin's door and opened it.
"Hey," she whispered, sticking her head into the room, "You busy?"
"Yeah," Kevin replied, softly. He and Philip were naked. Philip's makeshift bed on the floor was unused, Philip instead up on the main bed, bent over naked, his younger friend fucking his arse slowly.
"Mum's asleep," Kate said, sneaking into the room and closing the door behind her, "She's a real deep sleeper. Fancy if I join in?"
"Come on over," Philip grinned, under the sodomistical thrustings of his friend.
Kate wore just a T-shirt and a pair of pink panties, and after she removed them, she got on the bed.
"Wanna fuck?" asked Kevin.
"Yeah," replied Kate, "Philip, move over will you, I want some of my brother's cock!"
Philip eased forwards, Kevin's prick popping from out his arse, and he clambered off the bed and watched as his place was taken by Kate. Kevin pushed his prick up into his sister's cunt from behind, whilst Philip knelt behind Kevin and squeezed his prick up into the boy's arsehole. Kevin was thrilled, fucked in the arse whilst he in turn fucked his sister's cunt doggie-style. He bucked and thrust in this sandwich until his sperm flew, stimulated by the cock in his bottom and the clasping cunt of his sister.
Philip remained in tact, and after his friend had briefly retired, he edged up to Kate and thrust into her cunt, banging her quick and hard until his cum joined Kevin's in Kate's cunt.
With her skilled tongue and mouth, Kate had her brother and Philip hard once again in moments. Philip wanted the thrill of a sandwich now, and he cunt-fucked Kate from behnd once again whilst Kevin got in behind him and fucked his own arse. Humping between brother and sister, Philip was wildly turned on, but like his companions he kept his pleasurable cries down to a soft panting.
The trio broke up shortly, Kevin and Philip still erect and ready for action. Kate had Philip fuck Kevin's arse whilst she watched, frigging her wet cunt as the two lad's went at it, Philip holding his pal's hips as he shafted his bum. Kate had the boy's part, eager to have the sperm in their little testicles for herself. She had the children spitroast her, Philip shafting Kate's cunt from behind whilst the young woman sucked her brother's prick. Kevin shot his sperm first, Kate gulping down the salty fluid, whilst a moment later Philip exploded sperm in Kate's cunt.
They got their breath back before Kate put on her panties and T-shirt, kissing the boy's goodnight before leaving the room. She sneaked back to her room and clambered into bed, falling asleep and feeling thoroughly fucked.
In Kevin's room, Kate's younger brother and Philip sat up watching the TV quietly as the time approached midnight. They discussed the days events, both keen on fucking Kate further in the future.
"She is very hot," Kevin said.
"Too right!" agreed Philip, "I love fucking her. Let's fuck her tomorrow if we get a chance. She'll be up for it, don't you think?"
"Of course she will! You've seen how horny she is!"
"She's as eager as us two for sex!"
"And that's eager! I feel horny all the time these days."
"Shall we fuck each other again? I'm stiff yet again!"
So, on the bed, Kevin bent over and Philip got behind him, planting his prick into the boy's behind. He quietly and enthusiastically sodomized Kevin for 15-minutes, eventually ejaculating hard. He felt tired once he'd pulled out, but nonetheless willing to bend over for Kevin to take his turn. The younger boy fired his prick into Philip's arse, and for another quarter-of-an-hour the room was filled with the soft, quiet pants of pleasure of the young boys. Kevin fired his sperm and the boys, finally, went to sleep.

The following morning, things seemed normal in the Jackson household. Naomi, her offspring and Philip had breakfast together in the kitchen, the day outside overcast and miserable, rain beginning to spatter against the window pane.
Naomi announced that she was going out to a friend's that morning, and Kevin, Kate and Philip tried to contain their excitement at the prospect of being alone again.
Once their mum had left, Kevin and his sister hurried upstairs, Philip close behind. They went into Kate's bedroom, all undressing and barely able to contain their excitement. The room was bright and spacious, the bed large and underneath the window that looked over the large back garden.
"What shall we do?" asked Kevin, jacking off his bald little dick that was incredibly stiff in his fist.
"Shall we double-fuck you Kate?" asked Philip, "One of us up your cunt and the other up your arse?"
"Okay," the young woman agreed, "That'll do for starters. Then I want to watch you two fuck each other in the arse."
This was agreed upon. Philip and Kevin greased up their cocks and sandwiched Kate between them, Kevin fucking his sister's cunt from beneath whilst his friend took Kate up the arse. The young woman moaned with pleasure as she was fucked in both holes by those eager young pubescent boys, but was careful to ensure that the kids pulled out of her before they climaxed.
Standing next to the bed now, Kate frigged her cunt as she had a ring-side view of her little brother bending over and getting arse-fucked by Philip. Working hard and starting to sweat, Philip roughly buggered Kevin, shafting his stiff cock in and out of they boy's bum. With Kate still watching and frigging her cunt, the boy's switched, Philip now bent over and being fucked in the arse by Kevin. Once again, the boy's finished with their sperm still unspent.
Kate ensured she was at the center of the action again, standing at the foot of the bed and bending over like a slut, her legs slightly bent to ensure her arse was at the right height for the two small boys. Philip came up first, planting his prick into Kate's cunt and holding her lower back as he roughly cunt-fucked her from behind. Kate cried out with pleasure, her tits jiggling beneath her and shortly Philip spurted his cum up into Kate's wet slit. Once Philip had pulled out and moved to one side, his place was taken by Kevin, who eagerly got in behind his sister and pushed his prick into her anus. The 21-year-old slut sighed in pleasure as her rectum was then shafted quick and fast by Kevin, who reached underneath Kate and groped at her jiggling breasts. Grunting with youthful pleasure, the boy's legs quivered as he approached climax, his sperm now boiling up and shooting up into his sister's fudge-tunnel in hard pumps.
"Holy shit that was good," Kevin sighed, happily, pulling out of sister's anus. Kate turned and kissed both boys lovingly, getting onto the bed and catching her breath, both her holes burning with pleasure.
"You two will be stiff again won't you?" Kate asked, "I'm insatiable at the moment! I can't get enough fucking!"
"Neither can we," Kevin said, stroking his semi-hard dick.
"Shall we fuck again?" Philip asked Kevin, "That turns your sister on a lot."
"Okay," Kevin agreed.
Kate shuffled up to the top of the bed to give the boy's enough room in front of her.
"Why don't you lay down," she asked Philip, "Lay down with your feet pointing towards me, and my brother can sit on your lap."
This was done to specificiations. Philip lay with his head at the foot of the bed, Kevin squatting over his friend and reaching down to hold Philip's prick upright. He lowered himself, taking Philip's cock in his arse, Kate with a perfect view of her brother facing her, bouncing up and down on Philip's prick which was lodged in his anus.
Kate frigged her cunt for a while before leaning forwards and kissing her brother on the lips, jacking off the boy's stiff prick. Wanting to join in once more, Kate had the boys part before she spun round and thrust out her bum. Philip got in behind her and planted his little rod up Kate's arsehole whilst Kevin bum-fucked Philip, the daisy-chain humping and grinding together.
"Don't cum yet," Kate told the boys after little while, "I want a facial. How do you fancy that kids? Cumming all over my face?"
"Sound's good to me," Kevin said, popping his cock from Philip's arsehole.
"And me," added Philip, withdrawing from Kate's bum. The woman turned and knelt up, both boys standing on the bed with their pricks in their pumping fists. The two friends were good at timing their climaxes to occur at the same time, their sperm launching out simultaneously over Kate's face. The cum was thick and plentiful, spraying over Kate's pretty face and running down her cheeks and chin. She caught a big dollop in her mouth and swallowed.
"I'm hungry," Kevin casually announced as he stepped off the bed.
"I'll clean up and make lunch," Kate said.

A little later, Philip had to return home, so he left the Jackson household. Meanwhile, Kate fancied going into town to do some shopping and her brother decided to go with her.
Consequently, the house was empty that rainy Sunday afternoon when Naomi returned.
Naomi Jackson was aged 44, slim with the same deep brown hair as her daughter Kate, albeit longer and with blonde streaks. She'd stopped at the grocery store on the way back and put the food away before going upstairs for a shower. After scrubbing herself clean, Naomi stepped out, put on a fluffy pink gown and went to her room to dry her hair. However, her hair-dryer was broken, so she went into Kate's room to use her's.
Before she found the drier, Naomi sensed something. She sniffed the air, looked about, and generally had a sense that sex had taken place here recently. She was sure of it. The faint smell of cum hung in the room and the bed was dishevelled with the activity of surely more than one person.
Naomi was curious, but not in anyway dissaproving. She wasn't a prude, having had a fairly wild time in her youth before marrying at 22 and quickly giving birth to Kate the following year. Naomi had had a good sex life with her husband, giving birth to Kevin when she was 33 a couple of years before her husband ran off with another woman. Naomi's stress of abruptly becoming a single-mum of two was relieved in that her daughter Kate was then in her early teens and thus able to help look after young Kevin, who, as a toddler, seemed to think that he had two moms! Since then, Naomi had only had a couple of boyfriends, neither of them too active in the bed department, and she'd long since been meaning to go and find herself a man to satisfy her sexual urges which grew more powerful as she approached middle-age. She didn't think she'd have too much trouble. Like her daughter, Naomi was about 5-foot-5, but she was slimmer than Kate, her tit's not quite as round and plump though still a good handful anyway. Her legs were good and firm, thanks to workouts at the gym, and her face, like Kate's, was bright and pretty with big dark eyes and an engaging smile.
Just then, the doorbell chimed. Naomi, her hair still damp, walked downstairs and answered it.
Standing on the doorstep, in the rain, was Philip.
"Oh, hi Mrs Jackson," he smiled, "Is Kevin in?"
"," Naomi replied, suddenly finding it odd to be faced with this handsome pubescent youngster so soon after thinking about sex. She was still wondering who exactly her daughter had been having sex with in her room - assuming she'd had sex and this just wasn't a randy mother's imagination, she thought to herself. Either way, she felt horny and urges tugged at her as she suddenly thought how nice looking this pubescent boy was. She'd always thought that Philip was a sweet looking lad, with his dainty, girl-like face, his nose topped with freckles and his shoulder-length blonde hair now hanging damply in his face from the rain.
"Will he be back soon?" Philip asked.
"Probably," Naomi smiled, "Er...listen, why don't you come in? I don't know how long Kevin will be, to be honest, he's gone out with his sister. But come on in out the rain anyway, or you'll catch a cold."
"Thanks Mrs Jackson," Philip said, entering the house. Naomi shut the door, her loins tingling with lust.
She took Philip's jacket, noting that it wasn't waterproof and thus the boy's jumper, like his jeans, were wet from the rain that continued to hurl itself from the gray sky above.
"You should change out of those clothes," she said, "You'll freeze! Here, come upstairs and have a shower or something, warm you up."
Philip, who'd felt a little dissapointed at Kevin and Kate's absence, decided that he might as well take a shower. He was feeling cold after all, and he spent so much time at Kevin's house that Mrs Jackson was almost like a second mum to him and so obeying her maternal instructions wasn't too unusual.
Naomi lead the boy upstairs and stood outside the bathroom whilst Philip undressed inside, the door open just an inch so that he'd be able to pass his wet clothes through. Naomi thought about the naked young flesh behind the door, feeling horny as she stood in just her dressing gown.
"Here you are," Philip said from behind the door, a wet, bare arm poking through the ajar door and holding out some wet clothes.
"These will be dry when you've finished," Naomi told the boy, taking the wet clothes.
"Thank's Mrs Jackson," Philip's voice said, and he quietly shut the door, the sound of the shower turning on coming from the bathroom as Naomi went downstairs to the kitchen. She opened the washer/dryer door and stuffed the damp socks, jeans and jumper there. The boy's Simpsons boxer-shorts were there too, even though they weren't actually damp. After a sneaky glance around the empty kitchen, Naomi held the shorts to her face and sniffed deeply, taking in the aromo of young boy-sweat. She sniffed a few times before stuffing the shorts into the washer/dryer and setting it to a 15-minute tumble-dry. She felt horny still, impatient for cock and wondering whether she should go and frig herself in bed whilst Philip was in the shower.
Naomi had considered seducing the boy, wondering whether it was something she could honestly have the nerve to do. Still trying to decide between seducing Philip or just frigging herself in bed, she slowly walked up the stairs. She noticed that the sound of the shower had stopped and the door opened a little by the time she'd reached the top of the steps. Philip poked his head through the door.
"Hi Mrs Jackson," he said, still wet but this time from the hot water rather than the rain. Only his face, one shoulder and one arm could be seen through the gap in the door but the soft, clean, youthful skin pricked at Naomi's lust incredibly.
"You've finished," she said, "You're clothes aren't ready yet."
"Oh. Do you have any more dressing gowns?"
"No," Naomi lied.
"I could wear some of Kevin's clothes. They should fit."
"They might be a bit small," Naomi said, stammering a little. The boy peering through the door looked so young and pretty that any reservations she had were pushed aside by her libido. "Do you want to step outside Philip?"
"Naked?" the boy asked, smiling.
"Yeah, with no clothes on. You don't need them and...I want to see you...nude."
If he hadn't fucked Kevin and Kate yesterday and that morning, Philip may have been a little shocked by this, but right now, whilst he hadn't expected any seduction from Naomi, he knew straight away now that the woman was in heat. She was in heat bigstyle!.
Smiling proudly, but attempting to appear ignorant, the naked boy stepped through the door way, his skin glistening with wetness, his hairless cock semi-stiff from the fantasies he'd entertained about Kate in the shower.
"You're such a handsome young man," Naomi said, looking the boy's body all over, "So...lovely."
She stepped up and held Philip's shoulders, stroking his arms, running her fingers over his flat chest and noting that the boy had no body hair at all. Steam still rose off his recently showered body.
"I bet you look fantastic in the nude too Mrs Jackson," Philip commented in a low whisper, "I bet you're so sexy under that gown!"
Naomi blushed a little. The mature woman was a little taken aback by the explicit comments from the 12-year-old boy in front of her.
"That's up to you to decide," she said, and slipped out of the gown which fell to her feet. Philip reached out and stroked Naomi's tits, her shoulder and her belly, admiring the fuzzy brown hair between her legs.
"You're very pretty Mrs Jackson," he commented, looking into the eyes of the attractive woman (who was half-a-foot taller than him).
"Thank you," she smiled, glancing down and noting that the boy's tender young dick was hard and pointing at her.
"Let's fuck!" Philip said.
Naomi didn't care how this youngester seemed so confident, she instead just lead him into her room. At the front of the house, the master bedroom was big with one wall taken up by mirrored wardrobes that reflected the naked couple - with a 32-year age difference - scampering onto the huge King Sized bed. Naomi lay down and was showered with kisses from Philip, who kissed the lady hard on the mouth before moving down, nuzzling at her neck, sucking on her tits before reaching her hot, moist cunt. He licked it passionately, inexperience overtaken by enthusiasm as he buried his tongue into the warm confines of that slit. Soon, he was mounting his friend's mother, pushing his young cock into Naomi's cunt and proceeding to fuck her hard with skill that belied the fact that he'd only lost his virginity yesterday.
"Fuck me Philip," Naomi panted, "Oh yeah, that's good. I haven't been fucked for so long! YEAH!"
Philip shafted the elder woman energetically, loving her firm body beneath his, her cunt tight round his prick. His orgasm was rising pretty fast thanks to having jacked himself off to near-orgasm in the shower, and his sperm exploded up a few minutes later, discharging into Naomi's cunt in a thick, gooey white fountain. He lay on top of the woman for a moment or two before rolling off her.
"You're a good fucker," Naomi said, smiling and propped up on her elbows.
"Thank's," Philip replied, grinning back, "You're a damn good lay yourself."
"I'm out of practice," Naomi shrugged, "But you're a bit young to be shafting girls with such experience. Who taught you? Anyone I know?"
"Well," Philip began, " might not want to know."
"Is it Kate?" asked Naomi after a moment's thought, putting two-and-two together.
"I saw her messed up bed earlier and just detected, by 6th sense or something, that she'd been fucked in there this morning. Don't worry, I don't dissaprove or anything. I'm jealous in fact! Do you think Kate will be jealous if she found out about you fucking me?"
"Not at all. Don't worry about that, she's a liberal girl."
"What about Kevin?" Naomi asked, "My son must have been around this morning if you fucked Kate. Where was he?"
"He joined in," Philip admitted, "It's a bit er...unusual, you might be thinking, but basically...well, the thing is, me and Kevin fucked yesterday. We found a porn-mag and tried bum-fucking each other for fun. Kate caught us and joined in, and most of last night and this morning, Kevin, Kate and me have all been screwing each other."
Naomi was a little stunned by these revelations.
"In this little threesome," she began, "is there room for one more?"
She gave a big sexy grin, which Philip returned.
"Sure," he said, "Do you fancy joining in later? We can all fuck when Kevin and Kate return."
"Okay. Boy, I can't wait to have a go at fucking Kate. She's very pretty and I know she's fucked another woman before. I haven't, but I've always wanted to try it."
"What about Kevin?"
"Oh, don't worry, I'll give him a lot of attention too, that randy little rascal!"
"I'm ready to fuck again," Philip announced, kneeling up and stroking his hard cock, "I want to fuck you in the arse Mrs Jackson. Have you ever taken it up the bum?"
"Not since I was married," the woman replied, getting onto her hands and knees, "But I'm prepared to make up for lost time."
Philip stroked Naomi's firm buttocks and licked her anus, rimming her sphincter with his wet tongue until it was nicely lubed up with phlegm. Then, he got up and squeezed his cock into the tight anal entrance between Naomi's round arse-cheeks, fucking all 5-inches into the mature lady's rectal passage.
"Oooooh," Naomi crooned, arching her back, "That's nice. Uuunh, yeah. Fuck it up my arsehole Philip. Fuck it up me!"
"You're arse is fantastic!" commented Philip, "Just as good as Kate's and Kevin's!"
The horny youngster began buggering his friend's mum hard, pumping his hips and driving his dick into Naomi's shitter. His pelvis clapped against her bum-cheeks, his cock growing stiffer in the gripping anus.
"Pull out a moment," Naomi asked the boy, "Get in front of me, I want to suck your cock!"
Philip obeyed, shuffling round so that Naomi could suck on his soiled prick. She deep-throated him before releasing him, Philip returning to Naomi's arse and sodomizing her once again. His orgasm approached shortly, boiling up from the testicles that banged against Naomi's cunt. Without pausing his thrusts, Philip shot his gooey jism up into Mrs Jackson's buttery shit-chute, the horny woman frigging her clit as she received the youthful sperm in her bowels.
"Pure heaven," she gasped once the boy had withdrawn from her arsehole, "Absolute heaven!"

Kate and Kevin arrived home an hour later, the rain still pouring down as they hurried into the house. Once the front door was shut and the two siblings had removed their sneakers, they entered the living room to find, to their shock, Philip and their mother sitting naked on the sofa.
"Hi there," waved Philip.
"Ah," Naomi said to her two offspring, "My horny children are back! Take a seat."
Kate and Kevin sat down and were soon enlightened on the developments that day.
"I felt so horny for so long," Naomi explained to Kevin and Kate once she'd told them of her afternoon of fun with Philip and also of her plans to join in the illicit fucking that had started yesterday.
"Me too," Kevin said, "And Philip. We've been talking about shafting chicks for ages."
"Ah, but only for a few years," Naomi said, "Since your hormones kicked in you've been dying for a fuck, but before then you were content to play with toys and to hardly ever think of sex. But for me, it's been over a decade since I had a regular fuck and I'm burning up with desire, with horniness! Let's go upstairs!"
The foursome headed on up the stairs to Naomi's bedroom, the drapes shut and slightly muffling the sound of rain hammering against the window. They all stripped, Kevin and his mum admiring each other's bodies. Kevin thought his mum was just as sexy as his sister, her body firm and arousing regardless of her maturity. Meanwhile, Naomi fell in love with her son's body which was even more fresh, pale and youthful than Philip's, Kevin's 4-inch prick seemingly glued to his belly and as hard as a little steel pole.
"What shall we do then?" Naomi began, "So many combinations, so many desire! I don't know where to begin."
"Well I want to fuck you mum," Kevin suggested, jerking off as he now knelt on the bed, "I've never thought of you sexually before hand, I don't think, but now, seeing you naked, you're the joint hottest chick in the world! Along with Kate! I want to fuck you hard mum, in your cunt and in your arsehole!"
"That'll certainly be done," smiled Naomi, turned on by her son's explicit talk, "And I want to fuck you too Kate. I know you've fucked a woman before but I haven't."
"We'll fuck too," Kate reassured her mum, "You look just as sexy to me as you do to Kevin."
"First off," Naomi began, turning to Kevin and Philip, "I want to see you two fuck each other. I can imagine why Kate felt the need to join in when she saw you, the idea of you horny little boy's buggering each other turns me on so much!"
"Well, enjoy the show mum," Kevin smiled.
"Wanna lube up our dicks first?" asked Philip. Kate quickly got down and sucked on Philip's cock, Naomi providing the same service to her son. Then, Kate and her mother sat on the bed and frigged each other's wet pussies as they watched Kevin bend over and present his young bum to Philip, who penetrated the puckered hole before him. Mother and daughter were masturbating each other vigorously now as they watched Kevin being arse-fucked. Ensuring he did not cum yet, Philip withdrew from Kevin's arse and the boys switched position. Kevin now fucked Philip's bum, also restraining himself from orgasm by the time he withdrew.
"Come here honey," Naomi said to Kevin, stroking the boy's hair, "I want you to fuck mummy now!"
They kissed lustily before Naomi lay back and was mounted by her son, Kevin pushing his firm young cock up into his mother's cunt. He humped her hard, his pale bum rising and falling as he drove his dick up into the cunt from which he came from. Neither mother or son paid much attention to Kate next to them who was laying back and being cunt-fucked by Philip.
"I'm cumming mum!" announced Kevin shortly, "Oh fuck yeah!!"
His sperm geysered out, thick and creamy, up into Naomi's cunt, his mother gripping the lad's tender buttocks as he came.
"Fire it all up my cunt!" she gasped, climaxing herself, and they both orgasmed together, Kevin eventually resting his head upon his mother's breasts as his dick wilted in her spermy cunt.
By the time they seperated, Philip had dismounted Kate, but his prick was still hard.
"I haven't cum yet," he proudly announced, "Hey Kevin? Want a fucking? Nothing like a bum-fucking to get you stiff again."
"Okay," his friend agreed, and Kevin bent over and received Philip's rigid prick up his bum.
Kate left the room briefly, hurrying back in with a strap-on dildo fitted to her groin. It was bright pink and about 6-inches in length. Kneeling behind Philip, she guided the plastic cock up into the boy's arsehole, sodomizing him deeply. Meanwhile, Naomi reached under her son and stroked Kevin's cock until it soon felt nice and stiff once more. Being fucked in the arse by Kate whilst he in turn arse-fucked the girl's little brother aroused Philip no end, and he lost control, crying out with pleasure as his prick fountained sperm into Kevin's arse, his own rectum bunged up with the strap-on Kate fucked him with.
The daisy chain now dismantled, the four naked people lay across the bed, getting their breath back.
"Fancy a double-fucking mum?" Kevin asked shortly, his prick proudly re-stiffened, as was Philip's.
"Go on mum," urged Kate, "It's fucking fantastic!"
"Okay," Naomi grinned. She mounted Philip, who lay on his back reaching up and gripping Naomi's tits as she sank her cunt onto his prick. Then, Kevin got in behind his mother and pushed his prick into her bum-hole. It was lovely and tight and the two boys began fucking Naomi hard and fast from their respective positions. Kate, meawhile, stood in front of her mum and Naomi sucked on the dildo presented to her, tasting Philip's arse on the plastic prick. Then, Kate went round and knelt behind Kevin, pushing the strap-on dildo up into her brother's tight arse. It excited Kevin a great deal, causing him to fuck his mum's arsehole harder, Naomi crying out with pleasure as Philip also increased his pace.
The foursome remained in such a position for 10-minutes, Kevin and Philip still unspent as they all took a breather. Naomi took the dildo from her daughter and fitted it to her own loins. She had a go at cunt and arse-fucking Kate whilst alonside her Kevin buggered Philip. Then, Naomi withdrew the dildo from her daughter and arse-fucked her son whilst he continued to give out the same treatment to his friend. Then, the lad's switched positions and Kate got involved so that they formed a daisy-chain, Naomi buggering Philip who in turn buggered Kevin who, finally, fucked the arse of his sister.
Once again, the boys were miraculously unspent when the chain broke up after another 10-minutes, but they were evidently close. They opted to both cum in Naomi, but this time Philip would take her mouth. Kate strapped the dildo on once more and lay back, her mother mounting her and taking the plastic penis into her cunt. She then sucked on Philip's prick and finally Kevin slid his dick into his mother's rectum. They humped away in that compact foursome until Philip shot his load first, his sperm squirting into Naomi's throat. She didn't spill a drop, gulping down the lot whilst her offspring continued to fuck her other two holes. Moments later, as Naomi still sucked on Philip's wilting prick, Kevin reached his climax, pumping his semen deep into his mother's arse-guts whilst he clenched her shoulders in his small hands, almost passing out with pleasure as his cum squirted and pumped forth into his mum's bum.

As he so frequently did, Philip stayed round at the Jackon household for tea that night. Still smirking to each other about their shared secret, Naomi, Kate, Kevin and Philip ate their dinner in front of the TV, watching sitcoms and anticipating the evening fun.
The dishes cleared away, the four of them remained watching telly until 6:00PM when, fully recovered from the afternoon's activities, Philip and Kevin suggested going upstairs.
"Why not just fuck here?" suggested Kate, getting up and removing her clothes.
"Good idea," said Kevin, and followed his sister's lead in stripping naked. Naomi undressed too, as did Philip, the two boys soon naked and stroking their erect pricks as they faced the two naked females before them.
Naomi knelt down in front of her son and began sucking the boy's cock, deep-throating him whilst her daughter indulged in the same oral activity with Philip. The boy's loved getting sucked off, and half closed their eyes and moaned with pleasure as the two women sucked their cocks for several minutes.
Considerate little boys that they were, Philip and Kevin wanted to give the same treatment to their womenfolk, and soon Kate and her mother sat back on the sofa with their legs spread. Kevin knelt down and licked his mum's cunt, Philip licking out Kate next to him, the two females soon panting lustily with pleasure. The boys followed their instincts, rubbing the women's clits as the ran their tongues up and down the moist cunt lips. They both licked and sucked away until Kate and Naomi had climaxed, their thighs clamping the boy's heads as they both moaned and sighed with ecstasy from the tongue-work between their legs.
"Right then," Naomi began shortly, her orgasm finished, "Let me see you two boys warm your cocks up in each other's arses!"
"I love watching the boys fuck," Kate added, whilst her brother got down on the floor on his knees and elbows. Naomi lubed up Kevin's arsehole by licking that bald puckered hole, rimming the lad thoroughly before moving aside and watching whilst frigging her wet cunt as Philip got into position. The boy pushed his cock into Kevin's arsehole, sinking his length into his friend's arse whilst Kevin's mum frigged herself quicker and reached under her son to masturbate the boy's hard prick. Kate, meanwhile, knelt behind Philip and, after sucking on a forefinger, pushed the slick digit into Philip's arsehole, spurring him on to fuck Kevin faster.
"Pull out Philip," instructed Naomi after a while, "Kevin, fuck your friend."
The boy's obediently and enthusiastically obeyed, Philip now bent over and receiving Kevin's prick into his tight bum-hole. Kate remained in position, fingering her brother's loosened arsehole whilst Naomi crawled underneath Philip so that she was in a 69, sucking the boy's prick whilst he in turn licked the older woman's cunt, Kevin all the while sodomizing Philip. This enjoyable excercise lasted for 10-minutes before the naked foursome moved apart.
"I'm ready for a fucking," Kate announced, "Kevin? My dear little brother? Would you like to fuck big sister's cunt?"
"How could I resist?" replied Kevin, kissing his sister on the lips. Kate then sat on the armchair and spread her legs, hooking them over the armrests with her wet cunt fully exposed. Kevin knelt in front of his sister and guided his stiff rod into her hot slit, clasping the woman's plump breasts as he cunt-fucked his randy sibling.
Nearby, Philip was laying on his back and, after a brief suck on the boy's prick, Naomi had mounted the youngster. Philip's cock slotted neatly up into her cunt and she gently ran her fingers over the boy's smooth chest as she rode him slowly.
"You're a fuckable babe!" Philip commented.
"And you're a sexy little stud," responded Naomi, riding her sexy little stud with her firm tits jiggling, "Just like my son! Fuck your cock up my cunt to match my rythym Philip...that's it...fuck it up me. Oooh yeah! A little faster now...mmmm!"
Philip was matching Naomi's speed, thrusting his cock up into her slit with his arse bouncing off the ground.
"I wanna cum in your face Naomi," Philip later said, "I'm almost shootin' my fuckin' load, can I spurt it over you?"
"Sure!" Naomi grinned, and she leaned down to kiss her young fucker before dismounting. She knelt up and Philip stood before her, pumping his stiff prick in his fist.
"Here it is!" he triumphantly gasped, "Oh...shit, yeah!"
His sperm flew out, gooey gobs of white fluid that splashed over Naomi's face. She caught some in her mouth, swallowing it, whilst more cream coated her face.
Across the room, Kevin was crying out in ecstasy as his own climax arrived, his cock spasming at it pumped out cum into Kate's cunt. Receiving the sperm in her womb, Kate leaned forward and kissed her brother on the mouth, their tongues thrashing together as the boy's prolonged orgasm faded away at last.
"You boys won't take long to re-stiffen will you?" Kate asked once Kevin had pulled out of her.
"Not at all," replied Kevin.
"Just give us a moment," Philip added, "In fact, why don't you two chicks put on some strap-ons and bum-fuck us? That'll get us ready."
This idea was well received by Naomi and Kate, who retrieved and fitted about their groins a 7-inch strap-on dildo each. Kevin and Philip got on their hands and knees on the floor and the two women speared their tight butts, Kevin being buggered by his mum whilst Philip was receiving similar treatment from Kate. This had the desired of effect of rendering the two boy's pricks as stiff as iron rods. The women cast aside their dildos and bent over, Kevin cunt-fucking his mother from behind whilst Philip pushed his prick into Kate's cunt. Kate and Naomi grunted with pleasure as they were fucked doggie-style alongside each other, their young fuckers thrusting hard into their tight slits.
Kevin grew slightly fatigued after a short while and slowed down.
"Why don't you pull out and fuck me up the arse sweetheart," his mother instructed him.
"Okay mum," Kevin responded, finding renewed energy from this demand from his horny mum, and he slid out his dick from his mum's cunt and pushed it into her arsehole. Naomi quivered with joy as her son began to bum-fuck her. Next to them, Philip was inspired to do likewise, easing out of Kate's cunt and re-inserting himself into that hot young lady's anus. Both women resumed panting with lust and pleasure as their bums were swiftly fucked.
"Fancy switching over?" Philip later suggested to his companion.
"Sure," agreed Kevin.
There was a brief pause as the boy's popped their stiff little dicks out of Kate and Naomi's behinds and switched posts. Moments later the room was once again filled with the sounds of energetic fucking - the sound of flesh slapping on flesh, women and children groaning in pleasure and hard little penises pumping tight anuses.
Kevin fired his load first, spewing his creamy load up into his sister's rectum. Next to him, a moment later, Philip let his orgasm take him over, his body tensing with ecstasy as he emptied his balls into Naomi's arse.
The boys withdrew and lay back, breathing hard and grinning happily. Kate and her mother turned round, sitting up on the floor and admiring the naked youngsters before them.
"Who'd have thought two little boys could turn us on infinitely more than grown men," Kate commented.
"They're gorgeous," Naomis said, infatuated with the sight of the slender youths before her, "Shame their dick's are soft once more. Shall we get them hard once again Kate?"
"Okay!" agreed her daughter.
Kevin and Philip were once more required to bend over and be buggered by their female companions. Kate took her brother's arse whilst Naomi took responsibility of buggering Philip. The two women reached under the youngsters and jerked off their dicks until they finally re-hardened under their anal assault. Mission accomplished, the strap-ons were once again put aside and the two boys stood up, masturbating their hard cocks.
"What now?" asked Kevin, "Anyone fancy a double-fuck?"
"Me!" replied Kate.
Philip lay on his back and Kate mounted him, sinking her wet cunt onto the boy's prick and leaning forwards with her round buttocks spread apart and revealing her anus. Kevin knelt behind his sister and slid himself into her arse, contriving with his friend to fuck Kate hard. She squirmed between her young fuckers, moaning in pleasure until Naomi stood before her, Kate quickly gripping her mother's thighs and licking out that woman's cunt whilst her own holes were deftly fucked. Mother and daughter switched round after a while, Naomi now taking Philip's cock in her cunt and her son's in her arsehole whilst she licked out Kate's cunt.
Kevin could not hold back his orgasm and shot his sperm up into his mum's rectal chute. He retired, exhausted, whilst the trio before him broke up. Philip's cock was proudly erect.
"You two lovely ladies," he said to Naomi and Kate, "all to myself for my final climax!"
"Aren't you a lucky boy?" Naomi said, stroking the lad's blonde locks.
"Kate?" Philip began, "Bend over, I wanna fuck your cunt. Naomi? Would you care to stand before me and give me your tits to suck?"
Kate was soon bent over and being fucked in her cunt doggie-style by Philip, whilst Naomi knelt alongside the humping pair so that the boy could lean forward and suck on her stiff nipples. Philip's orgasm was hard, and he thrust deep inside Kate's womb and deposited his sperm there whilst sucking Naomi's tits, the woman stroking the boy's hair and panting with pleasure. The climax over, Kevin and his female-companions of them joined Kevin in sprawling on the floor, breathing hard from their exhertions.
"It's almost eight o'clock," Philip shortly said, "I better get home. It's school tomorrow."
"Okay," Kevin said, "but we'll do this again tomorrow, yeah?"
"Sure," Philip replied as he dressed. His parents didn't get home from work until about seven or eight o'clock each weekday evening, so Philip always came round to Kevin's after school for a few hours - sometimes more. Philip's parents had offered Naomi money for babysitting their son, but she'd declined. Naomi always enjoyed having her son's best friend round and would do so more now!
Dressed, Philip kissed Naomi and Kate goodbye before leaving. Kevin and his mum and sister, meanwhile, went up to the bathroom and had a long shower together, scrubbing themselves clean and emerging in fluffy white dressing gowns for supper.
When they all went upstairs to retire for the night, they did so together in Naomi's King Sized bed. As tired as he'd been earlier, Kevin felt refreshed after the big cooked supper his mum had served up. Naked on the bed, the incestuous trio fucked until midnight. Kevin fired two loads of sperm - his first up his mum's arse whilst his own bum was being fucked by a strap-on worn by his sister, and his second over his sister's tits, his sticky jism coating Kate's breasts before Naomi licked them clean. Then they climbed under the covers and fell asleep, naked in each other's arms.

There was no time for sex in the morning. Kevin got dressed and went off to school, whilst his mother and sister got ready for work and left in the car for the city center.
At school, Kevin and Philip hung around together as normal, easily keeping their secret to themselves but often exchanging knowing glances in class and discussing, quietly, in the bathroom about what they're going to get up to with their new-found willing lady-friends that night.

That evening, after the boys had finished school, they went round to Kevin's house - as they always did - where they had about half-an-hour to kill until Naomi and Kate came home. They flicked through the hard-core porn mag they'd found at the weekend that had started the orgies on Saturday. Feeling horny, they stripped and bum-fucked each other on Kevin's bed. They didn't ejaculate, merely fucked each other and switched positions every few moments or so, warming themselves up until, to their excitement, they heard the car pull up outside. Shortly, in the living room, Kevin and Philip were nude and sitting on the sofa. In front of them, the coffee table moved aside to clear space, Kate and Naomi were in a 69. Kate was on top of her mum, both ladies sucking each other's pussies. They were having damn fine fun licking each other out but it was also for the boy's benefit, Kevin and Philip jacking off their hard dicks.
When mother and daughter had climaxed under the attention of each other's tongues, they parted and the two same-sex couples now switched places. Sitting on the sofa, Kate and Naomi frigged their wet cunts whilst on the floor before them, Kevin and Philip had a 69, sucking each other's hard little cocks.
When they boys parted the women joined them on the floor.
"Now for the main course," Naomi purred, kissing her son on the lips, "I want to be double-fucked by you two studs. Which hole do you want honey?"
"You're arse," her son grinned.
Lying back, Philip held his little dick upright as Naomi mounted him, taking the pubescent prick into her hot cunt. Kevin got behind his mum and pushed his prick into her anus. Finally, Kate stood in front of her mum with her legs apart, Naomi able to tongue her daughter's dripping cunt whilst the two boys began to drill both her lower holes.
"Yeah lick my cunt mum," Kate urged Naomi, running her hands through her long dark hair, "Stick your tongue right up there."
"Mum's good at oral isn't she," grinned Kevin, fucking his mother's arse.
"Damn right," his sister agreed, beginning to shudder as faint ripples of climactic pleasure ran through her body, "Oh mum, lick me. Lick my cunt! Yeah!"
"I'm gonna cum down here!" Philip announced, thrusting up to meet Naomi's rythym, "Shit yeah! Uuuunh!"
His boy-cum spurted out, creamy jism flooding Naomi's hot cunt.
They all moved apart, Kevin's prick still standing erect and proud.
"Want a fuck sis?" he asked Kate, jerking himself off.
"Sure!" Kate replied, "My cunt is all hot for a good fucking!"
She sat on an armchair with her legs spread, her brother kneeling in front of her and pushing his prick into Kate's cunt. He fucked her quickly and hard, leaning down to suck on her titties. Meanwhile, nearby, Naomi bent Philip over on the floor and licked and fingered the lad's arsehole It wasn't long until nearby Kevin had shot his load into Kate's cunt.
Both boy's were erect after a little oral attention from Kate and Naomi, and the fun recommenced almost immediately.
"My turn to be the center of attention," Kate announced. The other three agreed, and Kate was soon sandwiched with her brother fucking her cunt from beneath whilst Philip took her up the arse. Naomi stood before her daughter and presented her cunt to be licked. Having had a few flings with women at college Kate was a good cunt-licker and soon bought her mother off to an orgasm.
However, Philip and Kevin restrained themselves from cumming, emerging from Kate's hot orifices with their pricks still throbbing and erect.
"I fancy a double facial," Kate announced, "How do you two boys fancy sperming up all on my face at the same time?"
"Sounds good to me," Kevin said.
"And me," added Philip.
"Is that alright with you mum?" Kate asked.
"I guess," replied Naomi, "Though I was hoping one of these lads could shoot his load up my bum! My arsehole is itchin' for another fuck."
"I tell you what," Philip said, "Why don't me and Kevin cum up your arse Naomi. We'll both shoot our loads up their and then you can squirt the cum out onto Kate's face, and she'll get her facial. Everyone's happy!"
"And what we could do," Kevin suggested to Philip, "is both fuck my mum in the arse at the same time! Double penetration!"
"What a cool idea!" Kate responded.
"If you want ideas for the most depraved and obscene sexual acts," Naomi began with a grin, "leave it to a couple of naughty little boys to come up with the best suggestions!" She laughed and kissed her son and Philip, ruffling their hair.
Then, the plan was put into action.
Philip lay down and Naomi mounted him, lowering her arsehole onto the boy's prick. Then, Kevin got in behind his mother and pushed his prick into her already-penetrated anus. Though their pricks were still sizable for their ages, Kevin and Philip were still preteen boys and their cocks were not the thickest in the world. However, with both of their dicks squashed together and wedged up Naomi's anus, they formed quite a thick girth.
"Holy shit that's good," panted Naomi, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuckin' do this a lot! Oooooh, oh yeah!"
The two boys fucked that horny woman's anus together, driving her wild with pleasure, before they hit their own orgasms. Their usual impecceble timing paid off and together they spurted their cum into Naomi's clasping anal canal at the same time. Once they'd withdrawn and moved aside, Kate lay on her back whilst her mum squatted over her. She pushed her arse-muscles, her sphincter gaping open above Kate's face before it suddenly farted out a long stream of white jizz which splattered over Kate's face. The younger woman laughed, but also fingered herself, receiving another blast of brownish-sperm in her face. The cum then ran out in a little trickle, and once that had stopped, Kate sealed her lips to her mum's anus and sucked out the remaining semen.
This wild little show had prompted the two boys to begin to re-stiffen, and their womenfolk sucked and masturbated them for several minutes until they'd successfully resurrected Kevin and Philip's hard little poles.
Kate wanted a bit of double-penetration next and the two boys were only too happy to provide her with the experience. On the floor, nude and sweaty, Kate was fucked by Kevin and Philip in the cunt, both pubescent cocks thrust into her hot slit at the same time. After the boy's pulled out of Kate's cunt, they got a quick breather before resuming their double-fucking, this time with both their cocks stuffed into Kate's anus. Kate was bought off to a good climax throughout the attention to each of her holes. Throughout all this, Naomi kissed the young participants of the threesome in front of her, kissing their lips and their nipples and arseholes, frigging any spare orifices that presented themselves to her.
"What now?" Kate asked as they finally broke up.
"I wanna fuck you up the arse Kate," Philip said, stroking his prick.
"And I want to fuck your arse," Kevin said to Philip, "I want to cum up your bum at the same time as you cum in my sister's. It'll be well cool!"
"Okay," Philip agreed.
"And I'll fuck your bum sweetheart," Naomi said to her son, strapping on a dildo.
Kate got on her hands and knees and willingly took Philip's hard little prick into her anus. Kevin then knelt down and squeezed his erect member into Philip's anus whilst he in turn was fucked by his mum.
Moaning with pleasure, the train of bodies humped and thrust against each other, their flesh slick with sweat in the bright lamp-light. Once again, the two boys pulled off a marvelous feat of timing, Kevin spewing his semen into Philip's rectum whilst the latter boy simultaneously squirted his seed into Kevin's sister's rectum. Naomi all the while used the dildo to fuck her son's arsehole whilst Kate, at the front of the daisy-chain, frigged her cunt and moaned in pleasure as youthful boy-sperm flooded her bowels.
Once they'd recovered from their efforts, they all dressed and had dinner. It was getting late already and Philip went home whilst the Jackson household went about it's normal, innocent business. At least, until ten o'clock. Kevin and his sister went to bed with their mum and fucked until midnight, the previous orgy not preventing Kevin from shooting two more loads of sperm before settling down, one load into his mum's cunt and the other into his sister's mouth.

The weeks progressed with an enjoyable pattern setting in. The boys would go to Kevin's house - as they always had done previously - after school and usually watch TV, get something to eat or jack off in preperation for when Naomi and Kate returned home. They'd fuck for at least an hour or two then have dinner before Philip went home. Kevin would usually sleep with his mum and sister and fuck them before time for bed. At the weekend, Philip would sleep over at least one night, usually Saturday, the four of them fucking until the early hours of Sunday.
"Do you think your mum would be into this?" asked Kevin as he fucked his sister's cunt from behind.
"I don't know," Philip pondered as his prick was sucked by Naomi, "I don't know how I'd approach her to ask. I mean, she is sexy!"
"I agree," said Kevin, "She's very fuckable! Just as fuckable as my mum!"
"Thank's honey," Naomi said, briefly taking Philip's prick from her mouth, "I could always approach your mum! I've been friends with her a long time. It'd be great fun to get her into the mix."
"Damn right," Philip laughed, Naomi resuming sucking his prick. Philip moaned in pleasure, running his hands through the mature woman's hair as his sperm began to rush up from his balls. The sticky fluid began to pump out, Naomi frigging her cunt hard as she swallowed the lovely tasting boy-cum.
"Holy fuck!" Kevin cried out nearby, a look of ecstasy on his face, and he quickly slipped his prick from Kate's clasping cunt and jacked off. His sperm arced out, raining down in white spatters across Kate's back, the young lady squirming in pleasure in the little creamy shower.

Mid December. The Christmas holidays had just begun. It was a Saturday, over two weeks without school, and Kevin had gone to Philip's house to pick up his friend for a walk in the fields. It was cold and both boys were wearing thick coats as they prepared to leave the house.
"You've got your coat haven't you Philip sweetheart?" came the voice of Philip's mother, Jessica Wilson from the living room.
"Yes mum," replied Philip.
"Good," said Jessica as she stepped out of the living room and into the hallway, standing before the two boys, "Make sure you keep it on, and don't stand in any puddles or your socks will be wet and cold and your feet will be cold all day. It's freezing out there."
"No mum," sighed Kevin, who, like a typical young boy, was unable to appreciate his mother's worries.
"Morning Kevin," Jessica smiled to her son's friend, who she'd known since he was knee-high.
"Morning Mrs Wilson," Kevin said, grinning back.
Jessica Wilson was in her early forties. Her hair was bright blonde and wavy, looking similiar to her son's hair, albeit a little bit longer. She was average in height, medium build with a plump but firm bottom and tits that, whilst not large, were shapely and nice looking beneath the tight jumper she currently wore, along with tight jeans that hugged her arse. She had a very pretty face, warm and maternal with big blue eyes and a loving smile. Like Naomi, Jessica wasn't necessarily going to get on the cover of Vogue magazine, but she had a good body and a charming prettiness that had long since earned her a place in Kevin's masturbatory fantasies, as well as those of her son's.
"Take care now," Jessica said, and gave her boy a kiss on the cheek. Philip had used to shy away from such shows of affection, especially if delivered in the presence of a friend, but increasingly he liked it, and savoured the feeling of his mother's lips on his skin and the smell of her rosy perfume.
"I will mum," he said.
"Bye Kevin," Jessica added and then, without really knowing why, kissed her son's best friend on the cheek also. She flashed the boy a grin to mask her shock at her own actions, then ruffled the boy's hair.
"Bye Mrs Wilson," Kevin said, and he and his friend then left the house.
Jessica went to the living room and watched the boy's walked up the road through the window, wondering how she could have given in to that brief little urge to kiss Kevin. He was such a handsome little boy, and it was so pleasant to kiss him. She'd wanted to do it for ages, to plant her lips - even briefly - on his tender young skin. She liked doing it to Philip also, but, of course, taking pleasure from it was wrong. After all, he was her child. She felt a little confused at her feelings, the frustration of half-a-decade of celibacy following her divorce piling up every day, less and less tempered by using her vibrators when she was in bed at night. She sighed, watching the two young boys dissapear up the road. Then, she turned and went upstairs. Her vibrators may not be as good as a real man (or boy) but it was all she had. For now.

Walking up the road, Kevin and Philip talked about Jessica, both reiterating their fondness for her. Fucking Naomi and Kate was still great fun, but Philip really wanted to indulge in the pleasure of incest and consumate his growing fondness for his mum. Kevin, quite simply, fancied fucking the shit out of Jessica Wilson because she had just as nice an arse as his mother or sister.
Later, after their walk, they went to Kevin's house. Kate was out for the day, and Naomi cooked the boys up some lunch. Afterwards, Philip told Naomi that he wanted to take her up on her offer to 'approach' his mother. Naomi was only too pleased, and she left the house, Kevin and Philip remaining at home, indulging in a spot of mutual-masturbation as they contemplated the fun to be had later, if all went to plan.

"You've been masturbating," Naomi smiled as she sat on the sofa in the living room of the Wilson household.
"What?" asked a stunned Jessica Wilson as she placed the two cups of coffee on the table.
"You have, I can tell," Naomi insisted, "Here, sit next to me Jessica."
Still a little shocked, Jessica sat next to her friend on the sofa.
"Well," Jessica shrugged, "A woman has needs." She smiled, a little nervously. She'd been friends with Naomi for a long while and they'd revealed a lot each other, but this was a rather forthcoming statement.
"I used to look like that after a session with the vibrators," Naomi continued, "when my kids came home unexpectedly and I'd been in my room with my buzzing-friends! My hair a mess, my jumper untucked - as yours is now - and the slight aroma of sweat around me. Don't worry Jessica, my dear, I've done it before. Every little girl does!"
"Like I said," Jessica shrugged, feeling more at ease, "a woman has needs. Any reason why you bought it up? It's not your normal way to start a conversation."
"Well," Naomi began, "the thing is, I don't need to use vibrators anymore. I haven't used any for ages. At least, not on my own anyway."
"Got yourself a man have you?" Jessica grinned, sipping her coffee.
"Yeah. Well, more of a boy really. In fact...your son."
"He's been fucking me, and my daughter Kate and son Kevin, for the last few months. And so has Kevin."
"My...God. I've been er...missing something for sure there." Jessica gave a nervous laugh.
"Yeah. The thing is," started Naomi, and she told her friend the whole story - Kate catching the boy's fucking each other, Kate joining in, Naomi seducing Philip (or Philip seducing Naomi; she didn't know exactly how it worked out) and so on. Jessica seemed shocked at first, but became visibly excited, her azure eyes bright with curiousity and fascination.
"Like you just said," Naomi concluded, "you've been missing something!"
"I sure have," gasped Jessica, "So you fuck Kevin too?"
"Certainly. Nothing like being fucked by your own son. Anyway, the reason I've told you all this Jessica, is that Philip wants to fuck you."
"Me? But I'm his..."
"Mother? Of course, but that's no reason to deny him. Or yourself. Come on, I've spotted you a few times in the last months, kissing him every time he leaves your sight for even the shortest amount of time, stroking his hair and generally wanting to be physically close to him. All mother's do of course, and all son's want to reciprocate this. Why not take it further and have sex with each other?"
"It seems logical," pondered Jessica, "But I don't know if I'm perfectly comfortable with it. I mean, sure, incest isn't any real big deal. I can dig that. However, even if our son's are old enough to jack-off and fuck, the little rascals are not yet in their teens! However I'm 42-years-old for heavens sake. And you' old?"
"I'm 44," replied Naomi.
"It seems like a great idea, and I feel so horny thinking about it. But it's also, kind of...wrong. Sort of."
"But it being 'sort of wrong' is why it's so great!" Naomi explained, "It's great because it's surreal, because it's not normal, whatever the fuck that means! 'Normal' is boring. 'Normal' sex, for us two, would be finding ourselves a dull, middle-aged man of our own generation, with high blood-pressure and a mortgage, and being fucked a couple of times a week when he's not too drunk from coming home from the bar. Fuck that! Let's help ourselves to some tender young cock that really appreciates fine, ripe ladies like us two! And as for Philip being your I said, that makes it even better! Having a youthful young prick sliding into your cunt, pushing into your bum or down your throat, is thrilling in itself. But if the prick belongs to your own child, it's so much better. Philip put me up to his. I wanted to do it of course, as does Kate, and even Kevin is eager to fuck you...but Philip was the main driving force behind this plan. He came to my house earlier with Kevin and asked me to do this. They're waiting over there now, these two pubescent little studs, with hard pricks and rampant libidos. What do you say Jessica? Do you want to go upstairs and frig yourself alone whilst I get fucked by those two boys? Or do you want to join me in draining their little balls of sperm?"
Jessica smiled, stood up and began looking for her shoes and coat.

Minutes later, both Jessica Wilson and Naomi Jackson were entering the Jackson home. The door was shut on the cold morning behind them and the two women went into the living room.
As blue as the clear sky outside, Jessica's eyes lit up as she saw her beautiful young son naked as he sat on the sofa. Next to him Kevin, leaning over and sucking his friend's dick. Spying the welcome guests, Kevin sat up, Philip's hard little prick slipping wetly from his mouth as he did so.
"Glad you could make it mum," Philip grinned.
"Hi Mrs Wilson," Kevin smirked as, like his friend, he stroked his hard prick with his hand.
"Well," Jessica began, "looks like your mum wasn't fooling me Kevin. Philip? If you wanted a should have just asked."
She almost wept with joy at the beauty of her young son, blonde and blue-eyed like herself, naked, his body slender his flesh pale and so unblemished. She leaned forward and kissed Philip sensuously on the lips. The boy was pale compared to his mother, Jessica being a fan of tanning-salons and her skin bronzed in comparison to her bright, sunny hair and her white teeth and crystal-blue eyes.
"Get undressed Mrs Wilson," Kevin urged her, standing up and patting her bum through her tight blue jeans, "I wanna see you naked. So does Philip! We've fantasized about fucking you a lot!"
"How can I deny such lovely boy's as yourselves that request?" smiled Jessica, and she removed her jumper then her bra, her round breasts popping out. She slid off her socks next, then her jeans, and finally her black panties. Nude, she was worshipped by the two little boys, standing in the middle of the living room as Kevin and Philip stroked her, kissed her, ran their hands over her charms and squeezed her tits, thighs and buttocks. Naomi undressed too, content not to be the center of attention as she sat on the armchair and watched the activities before her.
"You're so sexy mum," Philip gasped as he clapped his hands to his mum's buttocks, "Really sexy!"
"Couldn't agree more," added Kevin, then suckled on one of Jessica's tit's.
"I want you to fuck me," Jessica purred, lustily, "Son? Kevin? Will you fuck me?"
"Yeah!" said the two children together.
"Do you want to go first Philip?"
"Why not both of us together," her son replied, "You never heard of double-fucking mum?"
"I have," Jessica admitted, "Though I've never indulged in it! Okay then, both of you together. You don't mind, Naomi, if I monopolize these boy's pricks do you?"
"Not at all," Naomi said from the armchair, stroking her wet cunt, "Indulge yourself!"
Philip lay down and watched as his mother mounted his prick, Jessica sighing with pleasure as she felt her own son's member slide up into her wet snatch. Incestuous pleasure gripped them both, Jessica leaning forward and kissing Philip hard, enjoying the firmness of the youngster's body beneath her, both of them writhing in joy. Kevin had his mother suck his dick until it was nice and wet, then he went over to the mother-son couple on the floor. He knelt behind Jessica, her cunt impaled on Philip's prick, above which lay her big bare arse, her buttocks spread and revealing a lovely puckered, hairless hole. Kevin pushed the head of his wet cock to Jessica's anus.
"Oh yeah!" Jessica wailed, taking her mouth from her son's lips, "Oh, go slow Kevin, it's a tight fit...ooooh!"
"Is that good?" grinned Kevin, pushing forward, "It fucking feels good from here!"
He jabbed the remaining length of his rod into Jessica's anus.
"Christ that's fucking lovely," that hot woman gasped, "Mmmm! My son's cock in my cunt, his friend's cock in my arse! What pleasure! Oh, God!"
"You're not regretting this then mum?" asked Philip with a grin.
"Don't be silly," his mother smiled, and kissed him, "This is heaven! Shit, yeah...start fucking my arse Kevin! I haven't been fucked in my arse for years but I remember how great it feels! Don't show my bum any mercy! Fuck it hard! And Philip, fuck your cock into mummy's cunt. That's it, thrust up me...Kevin, you too...fuck me...fuck! God...uuuunh!"
She collapsed, quivering orgasmically, onto her son, resting her head in his shoulder as the boy shafted his mum's snatch from below, Kevin meanwhile hunched over Jessica's sprawling body as he bum-fucked her. Whilst waiting for their mothers the two boys had sucked each others dicks to warm themselves up. It meant that their long pent up orgasms were not far off, and it took only a few minutes before the two boys ejaculated, Kevin spewing his seed up Jessica's rectum whilst the randy mother's cunt was flooded by her son's gooey outpourings.
Once they'd broken up, Jessica kissed and stroked her son, licking his tender prick and finding that it became hard pretty quickly. Naomi had also moved onto the floor, giving her son the same treatment and ressurecting his cock.
"More fucking?" suggested Jessica.
"Of course," Philip replied.
"Let's see the boy's fuck," Naomi suggested, "That's how they started before Kate joined in."
Naomi and Jessica retired to the sofa for the time being, frigging each other's cunts as they watched as Philip bent over and took Kevin's cock in his arse. After a while, they switched positions, Kevin's bum now impaled on his friend's thrusting prick.
Turned on by this show, the two women quickly got down and covered the boy's in kisses, sucking their dicks and fingering their arseholes.
"I want to drink your sperm," Jessica told her son, "Fancy squirting your jism in mummy's mouth?"
"Sure mum! I wanna lick your cunt first, then fuck it."
And so, Jessica sat on the armchair with her legs apart, Philip kneeling in front of her and sucking her cunt lips. Naomi lay on her back on the floor, Kevin getting over her in a 69.
After bringing his mother to a tongue-induced orgasm, Philip knelt up and pushed his prick into his mother's cunt and fucked her hard, Jessica's tits wobbling with her body as she was delightfully fucked by her young son. Before he shot his load, Philip stood up and his mother sat forward, taking her child's cock into her mouth. She sucked hard and enthusiastically, Philip moaning with pleasure as his sticky sperm launched forth from his pumping cock. Jessica swallowed it with joy, frigging her cunt as she gulped down the slimy cum, sad when the flow finally finished. On the floor, meanwhile, Kevin had mounted his mother and fucked her in the missionary position, firing his sperm deep into her womb.
"What a great session," Philip sighed as he sat on his mother's lap sideways, wrapping his arms round her and nuzzling her neck.
"It was lovely," Jessica agreed, stroking her young son's back.
"You haven't seen nothin' yet," Kevin laughed as he lay on the floor next to his mother, "You should see what me and Philip get up to with my mum and sister. Double-penetration, daisy-chains, enemas, felching...shit, we do stuff they probably don't have words for."
"We've all that to look forward to," Naomi said, "Right now, I think I shall make us some lunch to get our energy back. Then, Philip, you should take your mother home and fuck her all afternoon. We can have group sessions later, with Kate too. We've got all Christmas holidays, and then the new year! Right now, Jessica, you should have your lovely son all to yourself."
"Yeah mum," Philip agreed, "Let's fuck together in your bed!"
He kissed Jessica on the lips, his mother agreeing heartily with the suggestion.
So, they all dressed and Naomi made a nice big lunch for them all. Their energy repleted, Philip and his mother dressed and left the house, hurrying to their own where they soon undressed.
"That went well," Naomi told Kevin in the living room.
"It was great," her son agreed, "Jessica is very hot. She'll be a good addition to our secret little sex-club."
"You feeling horny sweetheart?"
"Of course," Kevin grinned, his mother stroking his crotch through his pants, feeling his little hard-on, "Lets go upstairs to your bed. I want to fuck you all afternoon too!"

Down the road, Jessica stood naked in front of her bed, Philip standing behind her. They'd just removed their clothes, which lay across the floor, and the boy was admiring his mother's body again.
"You've got a lovely arse mum," Philip observed, squeezing her round buttocks, his prick hard and thrusting upwards, "I want to fuck it! I haven't sampled the deilghts of this lovely back-entrance."
"You're more than welcome," Jessica sighed, feeling so highly aroused, "Why don't you lick my arsehole to lube me up?"
She stepped up to the bed and bent over, placing her hands on the mattress parting her legs. Her son knelt behind her, placing his hands to his mum's arse-cheeks once again and parting them, exposing her puckered, hairless anus, still a little loose from Kevin's penetration an hour or so earlier.
Philip placed his tongue in between his mum's bum-crack, running his tongue over the tight hole, rimming it, slowly getting it wet so that he could squeeze his squirming tongue up into that tight anal-ring. Jessica moaned in pleasure, ripples of ecstasy running up her spine as her son's tongue pushed into her rectal chute.
"Lick mummy's arsehole," she urged him, "Oh yeah Philip, sweetheart. Mmmm! Lick my arse! Lick it! Then fuck it!"
Finished with the preperations, Philip stood up, his prick as hard as steel. His mother was 5-foot-6, a good half-a-foot taller than himself, so Jessica had to bend her legs at the knees so that Philip's nodding prick was level with her loosened anus. Philip slowly squeezed the purple head of his rod into his mother's sphincter, Jessica groaning in pleasure as her anus parted and allowed in the invading member. With a few skilled thrusts, Philip had buried all 5-inches of his throbbing cock into his mother's shitter. Her dung-canal was tight and clasping, her sphincter affording a good grip, and Philip held his mother's hips and began to bang her bum hard with his pelvis clapping against her buttocks.
"Oh mum your arse is good," he panted, "Yeah, this is great! Aren't you glad with the way this day is turning out mum?"
"Of course honey," gasped Jessica, pleasure wracking her body, "I never imagined, when I woke up this morning, that by mid-day I'd be getting fucked in the arse by my own son! Oooh, but it's so fantastic! Son, sweetheart, yeah! Fuck me!"
Philip increased his pace, breathing hard as his sodomized his mother over the bed, his balls banging up against her cunt. With his orgasm on the horizon, however, he stopped and pulled out. Jessica turned round and sucked on Philip's shitty dick for a moment before she got onto the bed on her hands and knees, her bare arse thrust out. Philip knelt behind his mum and gave her anus another rimming before he got up and re-inserted his dick into her rectum. Once again, mother and son filled the room with the sounds of panting and grunting and flesh smacking flesh, mixed with the musky odor of sweat. Philip's orgasm, when it came, was long and hard, his prick twitching as it spewed forth young sperm into Jessica's rectal passage. They collapsed next to each other, Philip's soiled prick wilting over his belly, both of them tired but happy.
"Fancy paying me back the same service mum?" asked Philip, shortly. He produced a strap-on dildo, a white one 6-inches in length, that Naomi had leant him. Jessica was happy to strap it on whilst her son bent over with his cute little arse thrust out. Jessica leaned over and licked Philip's bald arsehole. She rimmed the child's anus thoroughly until it was nice and loose and slick, at which point she got up and began to push the dildo into Philip's bum. Used to such treatment, Philip held up against his mother's invasion of his bum, Jessica impressed with the way the tender bum of her son bore up against the dildo's insertion. Soon, it was entirely wedged up there, and Jessica sodomized her son whilst reaching underneath him and jacking off his cock. It was a pleasurable experience for both of them, but Jessica was sure to pull out before Philip had ejaculated, as she didn't want her boy's sperm wasted by squirting all over the duvet.
With the dildo removed, Jessica lay on her back and Philip mounted her, pushing his prick into his mother's wet slit and fucking her hard. They kissed hard, their bodies pushed together, Philip's cock thrusting up into Jessica's tight cunt. Faster and faster, Philip fucked his mother, fucking her to a good solid orgasm. His own climax still not yet reached, Philip withdrew and knelt up between his mother's spread thighs. Jessica raised her legs, gripping her knees and pulling those bronzed limbs up to her chest with her arse spread and thrust out. Her anus winked at Philip who, unable to resist such a tempting target, pushed his hard cock into his mother's bum-hole. He fucked her hard once again, driving his prick up into her hot shitter whilst considerately frigging Jessica's cunt. After buggering and fingering his mum to an orgasm, he withdrew, still erect, and Jessica lowered her legs, stretching them out and opening her arms to her son.
"Fuck my cunt again honey," she invited the boy, "Shoot your load up my cunt now."
Philip did so, getting into the missionary position on top of his mother. The two of them fucked whilst grinning at each other, realising that their primary motive was just to have damn good fun. And fun they were sure having! Philip was soon screwing up his eyes and crying out with triumphant ecstasy, his cock pumping out thick semen into his mother's cunt.
"God that was good mum!" he panted, finishing his thrusting but remaining on top of his mother.
"You're a damn fine son," Jessica said.
Philip rested his head on his mother's upper chest, Jessica stroking the boy's hair as they drifted sleepily away, the boy's young cock softening inside his mother's sperm-filled womb.

Kate arrived home late that afternoon and entered the house. Whistling merrily to herself, she found no-one about downstairs so went up the stairs and into her mother's bedroom. As she expected, her mum and brother were there, Kevin on his back with Naomi astride him, her cunt impaled on the boy's pubescent cock.
"Hi Kate," Kevin cheerfully greeted his sister.
"Hi there," Kate replied, undressing.
"We've got a new addition to our little circle of incest," Naomi announced as she rode her son's prick, "Jessica Wilson, Philip's mum."
"So you went ahead and seduced her eh?" Kate laughed, stepping out of her jeans and pulling down her silk panties, "Good! I fancy a new lady to fuck. Not that I'm bored with either of you two though."
Now nude, Kate strapped a big black dildo to her groin and greased it up. She mounted the bed and knelt behind her mum, steadily pushing the fat plastic prick into Naomi's arsehole, Kevin fucking his mother's cunt from beneath all the while.
"So when do we get to fuck Jessica then?" Kate asked.
"Tomorrow," her mum replied, double-fucked by her son and daughter, "She's spending the rest of the day fucking her son, but they'll be round tomorrow and the five of us can have a great time together! This is going to be a fantastic Christmas Holiday, don't you think?"
"It sure is mum," Kevin answered, groping his mother's tits as he drove his prick up into her cunt.
Naomi was fucked in the sandwich for a while until her children withdrew from her tight holes. Kevin remained in position whilst Kate now got astride him and took her brother's prick into her hot snatch. Wearing the dildo that had just been up her arse, Naomi buggered her daughter, driving the strap-on up Kate's rectum and causing the wild young lady to squirm and moan in pleasure. She was double-fucked to a good couple of orgasms before the three of them split up. Kevin was still hard and looking for a place to deposit his semen. The two lovely ladies before him suggested their faces and Kevin was only too happy to oblige.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kate and Naomi opened their mouths and closed their eyes as Kevin stood in front of them, frantically masturbating until his sperm flew. The white gobs of jism struck his mum and sister in their faces, running over their soft skin, the two of them catching some in their mouths and swallowing. Once his climax had finished, Kevin had his cock sucked by each of the two women he'd just spermed over then got onto his hands and knees on the bed.
First of all, Kate strapped the dildo on and, after licking her brother's arsehole thoroughly, pushed the dildo into the boy, buggering him deeply. Naomi, meanwhile, knelt in front of her son and had the boy lick out her cunt. Kevin did a good job, lapping his mother's cunt until she climaxed.
Erect once more, Kevin returned the favor to his sister. The dildo cast aside, Kate bent over and took her brother's prick into her tight young bottom, Kevin fucking her with quick and hard thrusts whilst Naomi reached under her daughter and frigged her sopping cunt. Once his sister had climaxed, Kevin pulled out and watched as his mum and Kate got into a 69 with his mother on top. He was thus able to squeeze his dick into his mum's anus and bugger her whilst his mum and sister got on with eating out each other's cunts. Both women were mutually licked to a further orgasm each before Kevin's finally arrived, his sperm firing deep into his mum's shitter whilst to his delight his sister took her mouth from her mum's cunt and pushed her tongue up Kevin's arse. Kate's tongue squirmed up her brother's rectal passage whilst his sperm pumped into their mum's.

The following day, as planned, Jessica Wilson and her son Philip came round to the Jackson household where they were greeted by Naomi, Kate and Kevin.
Almost immediately, they were all stripped naked in the living room. Jessica and Kate got it on together, licking and finger each other's pussies whilst nearby Naomi was put in a sandwich by the two boys. Things progressed with all sorts of combinations - employing strap-ones, the women were gleefully fucking each other whilst Kevin and Philip shafted each of the women's holes, spunking up occasionally and being buggered with the lady's strap-ons until they were stiff enough to resume. Jessica was introduced to double-penetration, getting both cocks up her cunt at once where they squirted their cum. Jessica meanwhile explained a trick her ex-husband used to carry out with her. He'd squat over her with his cock in her mouth, one clenched fist pushed up her cunt and the other clenched fist buried in her arse. Naomi quickly tried this out with her son, whilst Kate had Philip perform the one-man (or one-boy!) triple-penetration. Both boy's fired their seed into the warm mouths that sucked them throughout these enjoyable performances.
The five of them dressed and went out to lunch at a restaurant in town, and upon return to the house they continued their fucking until the mid-afternoon when they all slept in Naomi's big bed, their naked bodies sprawled up against each other. They got up in the early evening and after dinner they proceeded to fuck late into the night, all of them drained, exhausted but utterly satisfied when they finally fell asleep.

Sunday was spent together in a similar manner, everyone fucking until they were exhausted, then resting until they were ready to fuck once more.
When the women had gone to their respective workplaces on Monday morning, Philip went round to Kevin's house where he showed him a present his mother had given him that morning.
"It's a porn movie," he gleefully informed his friend, holding up the tape, "It's a hard-core one with tonnes of sex in. Let's watch it!"
They stripped and sat on the sofa, side-by-side, jacking off as they watched the 60-minute display of rampant sex on the TV, women getting fucked and cummed on. Once it was over, the boys went to the floor and began arse-fucking each other. They swapped every few minutes for the half-an-hour it took until Kevin, unable to hold back his first orgasm of the day any longer, fired his cum deep into Philip's arse. They switched for a final time and Philip now pump Kevin's bum with his sperm.
Similar actvitity filled the day, the boys repeatedly watching the movie and fucking each other's arses, occasionally pausing to play computer games or have something to eat. They ensured they didn't cum after 3:00PM so that they were ready and horny by the time Kate, Naomi and Jessica got home some 3-hours later, at which point they engaged in a good orgy together.
Jessica asked to 'borrow' Kevin for the evening, and this suggestion was agreed. That randy, mature blonde thus had two little studs to herself that night and in her bed she made every use of the boy's perpetually stiff pricks. She had plenty of double-penetration in both her cunt and arse, and also managed to suck both boy's pricks at the same time. She eventually had her son ejaculate in her cunt whilst Kevin squirted his hot seed all over her face. After the briefest of rests, they resumed, and the night ended with both boys in a 69 with Philip on top. Jessica strapped on a dildo and fucked her son in the arse, buggering the lad whilst hunched over the inverted bodies of the sucking children, both boys eventually cumming in each other's mouths.
They settled down to sleep, thinking that that was the end of the night's fun. However, at 4:00AM, when the winter night was at it's darkest, Jessica got up to go to the toilet. When she returned, both boys had awoken and had partly illuminated the room by just opening the drapes and revealing the full-moon hanging high and shining quite brightly in the black winter sky. They had pushed the duvet down, revealing their hard little knobs, their swollen cock-heads glistening in the crips moonlight that bathed the room through the window. Without any spoken instructions necessary, Jessica was put into a sandwich, her son fucking her cunt and Kevin fucking her arse. They grunted and panted during their nocturnal fucking, the bed-springs squeeking, flesh becoming glistened with sweat. Kevin shot his sperm first, deep up the back passage of his best-friend's mother. He retired, laying to one side and watching as Jessica continued to ride Philip, kissing the boy passionately until he had pumped her cunt with his cum. The mother dismounted and, without any words actually having been spoken during this session, they all drifted to sleep in one another's arms.

On Tuesday morning, Kate and Naomi drove onto work whilst, seperately, Jessica did likewise. Kevin went round to Philip's house where, up on Jessica's big double bed, the boys stripped and fucked.
"Our mum's and your sister are great," Philip insisted, bent over and gripping the duvet.
"They sure are," agreed Kevin, holding Philip's slim hips and fucking his tight arsehole.
"I love fucking mum in the arse," Philip explained.
"Yeah, you're mum's got a hot bum! So's mine. And Kate in fact!"
"My mum prefers it up the arse, I think. She asks me to bum-fuck her a lot when we fuck on our own."
"My mother seems to be addicted to sperm," Kevin added as he sodomized Philip throughout this conversation, "She's loves swallowing it and oftens gets me to pull out before I cum in either of her holes so I can ejaculate in her gob!"
"I've noticed that too!" added Philip, his bum nice and electrified with it's pounding from Kevin's slender prick, "It's great when either of the women felch our cum from each other's butts. Remember on Sunday when you came in my arse and my mum sucked it all out!"
"That was cool!"
Kevin was approaching orgasm now, and he fucked faster and faster. His sperm rumbled up and shot forth, foaming cum pumping up Philip's bum.
Once Kevin had pulled out, he obligingly bent over and Philip greased his dick before pushing it into the twitching, hairless anus of his friend. He bum-fucked Kevin swiftly, his cock-throbbing with pleasure as it soon squirted out the hot seed in his bald nutsac.
The boys pulled apart and lay alongside each other on the bed, yawning and stretching out.
To their surprise, there was the sound of a car pulling up outside, then the front door opening. They sat up, still naked, and heard footsteps coming upstairs.
"Who the fuck is that?" Kevin asked Philip, quietly.
"Dunno," his friend replied.
The door opened, and in stepped Jessica.
"Hiya kids," she beamed.
"How come you're not at work mum?" asked Philip.
"I'm on holiday," Jessica explained, "I've organized it so that I'm off for the next fortnight. Kevin, your mum and sister have done the same! None of us used up all our holidays at work this year, so all five of us will be lazing around together, fucking, each and every day for the next fortnight!"
"Excellent!" concluded Philip and Kevin.
"Naomi and Kate are coming over in a minute," Jessica continued, "So whilst we're gonna be fucking in the new year once we're all back at school and work, we can make the most of all these days ahead of us, free to fuck! A fortnight of orgies, lasting into the start of the year 2002!"
Jessica was now undressing, Kevin peering out the window and spotting his mother's car pull up into their driveway up the road. His mum and sister got out and began walking towards here, the Wilson household.
"Here comes mum and Kate," he observed.
"Better get ready for more fucking then," Philip said, stroking Kevin's stiffening cock.
"You two are going to be pushed to the limit in seeing how truly tireless your libidos are!" said Jessica, now naked and getting onto the bed.
Moments later, the front door opened and shut, and Kate and Naomi entered the room to find Jessica having successfully prepared the two boy's for a resumption of sexual activity.